Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 5, 2010

Blogathon Coming–Sort out the Cardinal T-square and How it Affects You!

The coming cardinal t-square of Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto has many of you puzzled and worried. Astrologers everywhere are talking about its effects on the world at large—everything from the economy to climate change.

But what about the ways it will change the lives of you and your loved ones?  A special web-based event March 19-21 will help you sort out what this t-square means for you personally. 

International Astrology Day 2010 Blog Carnival

It’s one of many astrological gatherings around the globe to celebrate International Astrology Day, but for this one, you don’t even have to leave your house—it’s all happening on the internet!

Called a Blogathon, it hosts dozens of articles and multimedia features. Its purpose is to help you understand this complex astrological picture and the kinds of challenges it presents, as well as learning about specific things you can do to meet those challenges.

What’s a blogathon?  It’s an event where several blogs publish articles on a particular theme at the very same time. This one involves the blogs of several dozen professional astrologers. Each one will address a problem you may be facing under transits from Pluto, Saturn, or Uranus.  Here’s the line-up for the weekend:

Friday, March 19:  “So you’ve STILL got Pluto Problems?”
Saturday, March 20: Take Care of Saturn and Saturn will Take Care of You
Sunday, March 21:  Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future


  • Sasstrology’s Tips on Overcoming Relationship Challenges
  • A Gallery Opening of Cosmic Art by Jude Cowell
  • Astrology and Flower Essences Article Collection
  • The Astrologers’ Memorial Collection of Sound Bytes
  • Multi-Media Takes on the T-Square

The International Astrology Day Blogathon is coordinated by Donna Cunningham of Skywriter, C. J. Wright of Auntie Moon, and Mandi Lockley of Astroair Astrology, so watch their sites for more particulars about the event.   

Writers, Take Note of a great opportunity: Jeffrey Kishner is looking for authors to participate in the Sasstrology special collection of articles about Saturn in Libra and the challenges it presents for relationships.  See his call for articles here: and then write to him at


  1. Thank You Donna U are Guiding Light !!!!

    Best Wishes !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Exciting, Donna!

    • Well, you’ll be one of the highlights! I can’t wait to see the gallery showing. Donna

  3. WOOHOO!!!!!!!

  4. I echo Deb, “Woo-hoo!” It’s going to be great!

  5. Count with me!

    I have already wrote on this, but I will write then for those 3 days!

    And those are days when a New Moon conjuncts with Uranus!!! Couldn’t be perfect!!!

  6. I can’t WAIT Donna! 🙂

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