Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 6, 2010

How Strong is your Uranus? Here’s the Score!

©2-6-2010, revised 1/2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Would you be considered a Uranian type?  You would if Uranus, the sign Aquarius, and the 11th house are strong in your birth chart. Below is a test to give these chart features a score, followed by a description of what a strong Uranus says about you.

This test is one of a series of similar tests for the outer planets.  The test assigns point values to various chart features related to that planet. (In order to find them, you’ll need to be at least an intermediate student or know one who can do it for you.)

In each of the categories below, add the total score of all the factors that apply to that item. (For instance, if Uranus is conjunct the Midheaven and trine the Moon, that would be a total of 20 points right there!) Then write the total on the blank. Then add all the items up to find out how your Uranus ranks.

Here are the orbs I use for aspects: 8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for the minor aspects. The only exception would be a conjunction to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin system, that is 10°. Minor aspects include the sextile, septile, semisextile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, and sesquiquadrate.

Here’s the test:

____ Uranus conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.

____ Uranus conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each.

____ Uranus in minor aspect to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven or other planets, 2 points each.

____ Sun, Moon, or Midheaven in Aquarius, 5 points each. Ascendant (chart ruler) 10 points.

___ BONUS POINTS: For Uranus in Aquarius, Uranus in the 11th, or Aquarius on the 11th cusp, 5 points each.

____ Other planets in Aquarius, 3 points each.

____ Sun or Moon in the 11th house, 5 points each.

____ Other 11th house planets, 3 points each.

____BONUS: Part of a major configuration like a stellium, T-square, or Grand Trine, 5.

____ Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider important, such as Uranus aspects to the nodes or having a Node or Part of Fortune in Aquarius or the 11th. Specify.

____Total. 0-15 low, 16-25 moderate. 26-40 strong. Over 40 off the charts!

What a high score says about you: You probably have many if not most of the qualities

NOTE: If you were born in the 1960s with Pluto and Uranus conjunct, your scores for Uranus and Pluto will probably be similar.  The blend of energies of these two planets are a major part of what distinguishes your generation.   By taking both tests and comparing the scores, you can see which of the two is stronger in your basic nature.

However, if your chart strongly features the sign Aquarius or the 11th house, Uranus will be stronger. If your chart strongly features Scorpio and the 8th house, Pluto will be stronger.

If your chart strongly features both Aquarius AND Scorpio, then heaven help you!! IMHO,  these are possibly the two signs that are least compatible–the squarest of the signs that are square one another. When they’re both strong in an individual chart, there’s a great deal of inner conflict.

Uranus Poster Child— Johnny Depp: His newest movie, a sequel to Alice in Wonderland, came out on March 5th.  As you can see, he’s mad as a mad hatter.

His AstroDataBank record gives the following information: John Christopher Depp, II, born June 9, 1963; Owensboro, KY;  37 N 46; 87 W 07; 8:44 AM CST;  rated AA,  BC/BR in hand. (See the chart here: Depp’s Darker Roles—Where Do They Show in his Chart?)

His high-focus Uranus has the following scores: trine Midheaven 10, conjunct Pluto 5, conjunct Mars 5, square Venus 5, square Mercury 5, opposite Saturn 5, quintile Neptune 2, Saturn in Aquarius 3, Sun in 11t  5. Total: 45. Pretty impressive, right?

Can You Beat Johnny Depp?

I just know some of my readers can beat Johnny Depp’s score. We’re ASTROLOGERS, for Pete’s sake!  Astrology is ruled by Uranus, and we’re a quirky, contentious, counter-culture of mavericks, eccentrics, and astro-tekkies!

UPDATE:  Skywriter readers are sending me scores in the 50s to 70s. We’ve got Johnny beat so bad, he’ll creep on home to that island he owns in the Caribbean in defeat!

Just for comparison’s sake, here’s how the Plutonians did. When I published the article on Pluto scores, the Plutonians among my readers ran an informal competition in the comments section to see who could run up the biggest, baddest total score for Pluto. (See How Strong is your Pluto? Here’s the Score!)  The Pluto poster boy, Matt Damon, had a score of 50, which seemed impressive at the time. However, Skywriter’s Super-Plutonians thumbed their noses at him in passing, and the top scores were 72 and 73. Can you beat Johnny Depp AND the Plutonians?

Interpreting your Score—ARE you a Uranian?

No written interpretation can fully explore your individual chart, but briefly here are some qualities you might find in someone who has a strong Uranus vs. one with few supporting chart features.

Johnny Depp, Jack SparrowUranian people (and people under Uranus transits) have little choice but to strike out on their own—they are impelled to action by restlessness, a creative itch, and a discomfort with the status quo. 

The Uranian type can be in perpetual conflict with society. The more they express their individuality, however, the more starkly they stand out against the con­forming masses, and the more vulnerable they become to society’s fear of people who are different.

It can be an achingly lonely position, and  one typical solution is forming an in-group with people who share the same ideals and concerns. We can observe the tendency to form in-groups in many kinds of Uranians—from teen­agers, to creative people of various sorts, to active radicals, all the way to astrological associations. More extreme examples would be gangs of Goth street kids or computer hackers with their closed and secret chat rooms.   (You’ll find sources of more detailed interpretations below.)

Uranus Issues: Individuality, finding one’s uniqueness and where particular fit into groups, friendship, eccentricity, inventiveness, technology, independence, freedom, breaking with the past, becoming your own authority, adolescence.

Worldly matters associated with Uranus and Aquarius: Social and political movements, especially radical or extremist ones, freedom, equality—and elitism, revolution, rebels, counter-culture, splinter groups, sudden social change, divorce, earthquakes, lightning, and electricity, science and technology, pop trends and fads, especially those designed to shock, computers.

Examples of Uranian occupations: astrologer, astronomer, aviation, computer programmer, engineer, group leader, electronics specialist, industrial design, inventor, scientist, telecommunications worker, x-ray technician, webmaster.

What a high score says about you:  You probably have many if not most of the qualities described above–the rebel, non-conformist, and maverick who feels a constant need to prove oneself and constantly fight authority.Donna Cunningham's Email Astrology Course

What a low score says about you: If your score is down in the single digits, you may be a follower and conformist  who’s afraid to express individuality and seldom takes a risk on anything new and iffy. Until you’re challenged by Uranus transits—like the Pluto-Uranus-Saturn cardinal t-square of 2010-12–you might not give a rat’s behind about being unique and self-reliant.

On the bright side, this probably makes you a team player and someone that the boss and your loved ones know they can count on.  (Besides, I don’t have to keep on making up nice things to say about you–you probably wouldn’t be visiting an astrology blog if your score was that low!)

So, folks, how did you do?  Were the test results accurate about you and your loved ones?  Tell me how it went in the comments section. 

Finding out More about Uranus

To Read more about Uranus: Several of my ebooks at Moon Maven Publications contain chapters about Uranus, and you get a $15 discount when you order three at once:

  • There’s a chapter about Uranus in the career houses—the 2nd, 6th, and 10th—in The Outer Planets as Vocational Indicators (The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.1)
  •  There are separate chapters about Venus-Uranus and Mars-Uranus aspects in Outer Planet Aspects to Venus and Mars. (The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.2)
  •  Aspects between the Outer Planets: (The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3) has chapters devoted to Uranus-Saturn and Uranus-Uranus aspects.
  •  My classic text, An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness, completely updated in 2004, contains a long chapter about Uranus.

  This test is part of a series of similar tests. When you’re done with Uranus, you might also enjoy the others:

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About the Author:  Donna Cunningham is an internationally-respected author of books, articles, and columns about astrology, flower essences and other metaphysical topics. Her insights reflect her dual background in astrology and psychotherapy. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University and over 40 years of experience in working with people. Her ebooks can be found at Moon Maven Publications ( Visit her blog at

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  1. 39! Though not as high as Mr. Depp.

  2. A mediocre 20 score for me. Thank goodness!

    • Aha, there you are! I was going to have to go hunt for you. At least I presume you are the same Inaness who scored 73 on your Pluto test. How many could there be by that name? I have a surprise for you. (Drumroll!)

      Did you read the part of the Uranus article where it said I was going to award prizes to the high-scoring Pluto people too? You were the highest scoring person, at 73, who reported their score. The prize to the top 3 scorers is a free ebook from my ebook site, (There are chapters about Pluto in all 3 of my Outer Planets and Inner Life volumes.)

      The one thing I am asking is for you to send me your birth data and how you got the score of 73. There will be a followup post next Sunday with the birth data and scoring for the top winners of both the Pluto and Uranus tests. No name or email will be published–it’s confidential. The reason for doing it is a tutorial on what factors make these planets strong in a chart.

      So, Inaness, are you in? Donna

  3. I think I came in at 9. BUT–My Uranus in Gemini in the 10th is the apex of a yod involving VE in Scorpio conj. the IC and the Moon in Capricorn in the 5th.

    What’s this all about, Alfi? I’ve been told I’m eccentric, but don’t have the cold, aloofness of a pure Uranian type. Also, I’m independent, but very attached to my family (husband and son).

    I think the yod plays out more in my career (10th house apex) than anywhere else. Right now, I work for a micro-managing boss, and it is driving me CRAZY. I’m the type that works best by knowing what the problem/situation is and solving it myself.

  4. Aw Donna thanks! Count me in. I will email you the details.

    • Hooray!! I doubt that anyone could beat you. I do have one fellow who scored 72, so I’m looking for him, but heaven knows it might take a private detective! And after that, the next closest were in the 50s. Donna

  5. Hi Donna – I love the idea of scoring the various aspects and coming up with a total. It’s fun and gives you a certain amount of objective perspective, so GREAT idea! Thanks.

    While I don’t think I’ll win any prizes, I did score a 42, which is 2 points higher than my Pluto score (and I wasn’t even born in the 60’s). I’m one of those lucky people who have a 3 planet conjunction in Scorpio that forms a pretty tight square to my Aquarius Moon. When I was younger, this contradiction was tough to reconcile, but now that I’m older (and hopefully wiser), I’d like to think the combination has given depth and compassion to my humanitarian idealism. I’ve learned the hard way over the years to trust my instincts (and insights), not my imagination. Just because I want to believe, doesn’t make it so.

    I’m also lucky that I don’t have a problem with authority figures so much (Uranus trines my Saturn, quintiles my Sun and sextiles my Venus), but I do have huge issues with hypocrisy (and incompetence) on an individual as well as systematic level (my 6th house Chiron in Aquarius opposes my 12th house Uranus in Leo), and I won’t let the fact that someone happens to be in a position of authority convince me otherwise.

    I’ve never been comfortable with the group think and try hard to get to the truth, which usually puts me at odds with popular opinion; often times, I end up feeling like the little boy who shouts out in the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. I’m not a “go alonger”, and I don’t know anyone who thinks quite like me or sees the world quite the way I do. And of course my artistic talents are expressed just as uniquely; fortunately for me though, people do at least seem to appreciate my art. Maybe this is the result of Pluto and Uranus being more or less in equal balance, I don’t know.

    So when do we get to add up our scores for Neptune?

    • HI, LB. “when do we get to add up our scores for Neptune?” I’ll give you a Neptunian answer: when the Spirit moves me! I want to do Saturn first (so we have the t-square trio of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto) and that won’t be until I whittle down my list of writing commitments.

      It’s interesting to hear how you live out the Pluto/Uranus balance. And interesting to see the Scorpio/Aquarius combination lived out in a degree of comfortability. I’d say that the Sun trine Uranus makes the difference–you are comfortable with who you are, and thus don’t have to prove anything to anybody. Donna

  6. I love these Donna! So fun.

    I scored a 34, which is fairly high but lower than my Plutonian score of 54…

    Next life, I want low scores in both…seriously.

  7. I got 37 uranus and 34 in pluto. (I have the conjunction close to MH and they aspect everything except the sun). Being officially a Jupiterian, I keep attracting Uranus/Pluto vibes and thats kind of stressful. Last neptunian crush was a 61uranus-48pluto aquarius, scorpio rising. My partner scored 59pluto!

    I really would like you to expand on “If your chart strongly features both Aquarius AND Scorpio, then heaven help you!! IMHO, these are possibly the two signs that are least compatible–the squarest of the signs that are square one another. When they’re both strong in an individual chart, there’s a great deal of inner conflict.”

    I wonder how I can help heaven help me!

    • Ok, Bluemarine. I use the example of Whoopi Goldberg in my correspondence course, because she has Sun and Moon conjunct in Scorpio and they square her Aquarius Ascendant. She comes across as extremely Aquarian in her humor, her dress, and her fearlessness about expressing her Uranian side. And yet, I have a feeling her private and reserved Scorpio side cringes at the things the Aquarius blurts out fairly compulsively or impulsively for shock value.

      But that sort of tension is exactly the wellspring that creates humor–the incongruities, the juxtaposition of things that don’t fit together. I knew better than to say “heaven help you!” It wasn’t meant as a negative thing, just a way of saying what strong characters the people who have it can be–like Whoopi. Donna

  8. Hehe, this is fun indeed. I’ve got a 48 score for Uranus. Much more than the 23 Pluto score. Sun is in 10 but right on the cusp of 11, so I counted that one too. 🙂 Ouch, miscalculation. -5 points = 43 score on Uranus. The trine to Mercury is out of orb (almost 8 degrees). Sorry!

    Don’t you think Uranus types are teamplayers too? I think they are great in teams.

    • Football teams, no; youth Gangs yes. The groups usually have to be of people who don’t fit into society at all well, and in fact delight in breaking the rules. Donna

      • Good example! I always think of Uranian people as the ones that take the lead in groups/teams or at least are not afraid to show their own opinions within a group.

        Well, got myself confused by the “rules” of astrology (about orbs and stuff). Always hated them. 🙂
        Depending on which rules one want to follow I come to a score of 38 to 53. The average is 45.5 so I consider myself to have beaten Johnny (must be my Plutonian competitive Mars, lol)

  9. My “UQ” (Uranian quotient) is surprisingly low (14), yet I feel quite Uranian. I think the reason why is that I have Sun square Uranus, but more importantly, Uranus is in my 2nd house. Therefore, I value everything that Uranus stands for. Maybe that’s a possible factor to add into the test?

    I have lived in Sacramento for almost 37 years, and it’s a Uranus/IC line in my Astro*Carto*Graphy. I have been more comfortable here than any place I have ever lived because of the friendships, freedom, and tolerance of uniqueness I experience here. However, I’ll be the first to admit that Johnny Depp is WAY more Uranian than I am :)!

    • Hi, Joyce, it’s not easy to quantify the strength of different aspects without getting really complicated. (You should have seen the original test–it took up most of an Excel spreadsheet and caused more than one of my correspondence students to give up on the course!)

      If I were going to add anything, it might be to somehow factor in any ways that the relocated chart adds to the strength of the planets. EG your Uranus on the IC in your long-time home. (Astro*Carto*Graphy, for those not familiar with it, is a map that shows places where the natal planets move onto the four angles of the relocated chart: The Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant or IC).

      Maybe I’d give that a 10 just like you get 10 points for Uranus forming an angle to the Asc or MH in the test as it stands now. Or at least a 7, since it’s not quite as strong as a natal conjunction. Interesting point, Joyce. Donna

  10. Got a 24 if I include an opposition to Chiron. Not too large (my Pluto score was more than twice this) but not too shabby…I’m a bit of a looney! 😉

  11. Hello, Donna! I’m a newbie here.
    My score is 45 🙂 (If I’m right with orb and not taking to attention opposition to Chiron)
    I can say I’d like to differ from those who position themselves as different from average people.

    But I’m absolutely not average in many senses. It’s like a second stage of the same procees – to be not like those who are not like all. Deilf

    • Welcome, Deilf, I seem to suddenly have a lot of new subscribers from Russia. I must have gotten listed on one of the major websites for astrology in your country. I saw a link, but when I followed it, of course I couldn’t read any of it. Please give my regards to the people in your group and tell them I would welcome their observations.

      What you say about being different from people who are different from others reminds me of a joke I made up once:

      “What’s the worst thing you can say to an Aquarian? You Aquarians are all alike!” Donna

      • Donna, Thank you for the answer! I also send my data on your email 🙂
        To tell the truth I’m from Ukraine (not from Russia) and I’m alone. It’s very hard to find a group with the same views as mine 🙂
        Your joke is fine!
        But … I’m not Aquarius, I’m Cancer (with Pluto in the 1st house:)). For me my inner feelings are much more important than somebody’s opinion 🙂

      • With Uranus opposition to Chiron I have 50.
        And Mercury, the ruler of my Asc and MH is in 11th house, in sextile with Uranus and conjoining the ruler of 11th. How can I consider this moment?

  12. Well… what a plop (can’t think of a better word) I am!!! A score of 2 (at the most!!) for Uranus. Although, Uranus IS in my 6th house… just there… all alone…
    However, my natal Pluto/Scorpio is a DIFFERENT story!!
    I do have an Aquarian daughter though, Aqua, Gemini, Sag… who always “kept life interesting” and alive!! She’s really delightful though, overall… most of the time *ha, ha*

    • Is your Uranus perhaps conjunct the Descendent within 10 degrees, Leslie ? That would make it opposite the Ascendant and add a bit to your score.

      • Donna, actually now that you jog my memory… it’s within that conjunction to my gemini descendant… so I would also have the opposition to my Sag ascendant. I missed that one! Thanks!

  13. I got 45 points (not counting my uranus chiron opposition).
    My ruling planet mercury is also in my 11th house.

    • Hmm. so many ways a planet can be strong–that ruler in the 11th ought to be worth something, but I’m just trying to keep it uncomplicated.

      I’m mixed on the Chiron-Uranus opposition. Pretty much everybody born within that year had it, so I don’t think it should get full scores but ought to get something, like 2 points. Donna

  14. I may not have the highest number, but Uranus is at the top of my chart conjunct the MC at the apex of a grand trine in water with Mars and Jupiter. Its also square the ascendant. Although it just misses being trine the moon, the moon is conjunct Mars so some of the moon influence creeps in there. I also have Sun conjunct Pluto in the eleventh. Uranus is semi square the sun, square Neptune, quintile Saturn. Plenty of rebelliousness to go around, and plenty of feeling different and odd.

  15. I score 37 for Uranus (and 58 for Pluto). I certainly count my Uranus-Chiron opposition, as it is a significant part of my Grand Cross! By all means demote it — if you can tell me how to have it have less effect on my life (especially retroactively).

    Your blog gets better and better. Thanks!

    • LOL! Well, I’m not really qualified to do the demotion, Helen, as I’m not an asteroid person. I can ask Joyce Mason (of to work on it for you, as she’s a Chiron maven. Donna

  16. Uranus score 42, 47 w/ Chiron. Pluto score 47, 50 w/Chiron. Inner conflict…oh hell yeah!! Though I must admit this has only started to come about in the last 7-8 years. I’m a 60’s baby!!

    As a kid both sides, Pluto & Uranus (Pluto & Uranus are conjunct my ascendant in the 1st house) were suppressed so I for the most part was a good kid. That’s not to say I did not question what I thought was stupid. However I would not always openly do it because the few times I did, it was quickly squashed.

    • Ah, yes, MS, it’s much better being a Uranian type once you leave your parents’ house–much more autonomy that way to make our own decisions. I have a tight semisquare from Uranus to my Aries Moon, so you can imagine how I feel about housework. And in a certain sense, I’ve never outgrown my rebellion against it due to my mother’s way of handling our chores. I HAVE worked on it, but to no avail. Donna

      • I’m an Aries Sun, so I most definitely hear ya on the housework thing and the rebellion. I love my mom but our relationship improved once I left home at 19. Was counting down the days in high school to when I would be old enough to go.

      • I just thought of something while I’m doing one of my least favorite chores (cooking). From your experience do women labeled as “feminist” have Uranus prominent in their charts?

      • Yes, usually. Donna

  17. I got a 19, a midrange result. The big scorers were my Uranus square MC and Uranus square Neptune. That seems like an unsettling influence for a stability-seeking Taurus.

  18. I am very new to astrology but I believe I have 50 if you count Chiron, 45 otherwise.

    I used placidus chart. I have Uranus square Sun -10s, square Moon 6s, square AC 10s.

    Uranus square Mercury -2A, trine Mars 7A and square Saturn 1A.

    Uranus opposite chiron -2A

    I will have to try your Pluto test.

    • I’m not understanding the 2A and 7A notations. Here’s what I get:
      10 each for Uranus aspects to the Sun, Moon and Asc: 30
      5 each for Uranus aspects to Mercury, Mars, and Saturn 15
      Uranus opp Chiron, pesky aspect but to be uniform need to use 5 So yes, 50. Donna

  19. Perhaps the really big scorers for Uranus are too Uranian to participate in a group endeavor like this! I got 25 points, including a Uranus-Chiron opposition, like Dizzy. The other 20 points come from a Uranus-MC conjunction and a Uranus-ASC square. But I also have the Moon’s North Node in Aquarius, which I think pushes me to cultivate a more Uranian outlook as I grow older.

    • Hi, Margaret, I’d have expected more Uranus from you. I’d be inclined to give something for Node in Aquarius, but we have to score this uniformly for it to be a fair contest. Donna

      • I think the Uranian qualities in my horoscope have become stronger as I’ve grown older. While the influence was always there, I also have strong Saturn, Pluto and Neptune influences, which were more dominant over the Uranian when I was younger.

        Steven Arroyo says the Midheaven influence in a horoscope often isn’t felt until after midlife, and I would say that is more-or-less true in my own life, especially with a Chiron opposition creating a lot of interference. And then, the South Node is often more strongly expressed than the North Node in a person’s earlier life.

        I never expected to win the contest! It’s just fun to read everyone’s responses.

      • OH, I totally agree with you, Margaret. That whole midlife series of transits helps us grow into the ability to use the outer planets–Uranus included–in a more mature manner. Donna

  20. Uranus 35, Pluto 32
    I’ve always had an unerring instinct for trouble and getting out of it. Like to think that having Uranus as part of a grand fire trine with Saturn and Mars helps a lot 😉 Taurus moon part copes so long as I have regular good food and plenty of sensual baths.
    Scorpio-Aquarius unease comes with having a liking for privacy and solitude and finding myself in increasingly public positions. Latter not any ambition of mine but seems the right thing to do at the time. And pragmatic about what tools I use for negotiating such as being very fem with some powerful men who become unusually honorable.

    • Interesting that about getting out of trouble, Angi, and yes the grand trine. I always say that the Uranus trines get away with being different, not so hard edged about it, so people tend to find them interesting not abrasive. Donna

      • Donna, I’d have to say that depends on the rest of their chart and upon where they live. I have Uranus in a Watery Grand Trine and many times have been openly psychologically persecuted for being different. Although, it’s probably my Pluto/Sun in 11 and Saturn in Virgo in 12 that brings on the crapola, not the Uranus. Maybe if I hadn’t had that Grand Trine I’d have been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail by now!
        I do know Uranus brings a love of making mischief and loving the unusual, although with some (;>) maturity, I have learned to temper my weirdness a bit. My Libra Rising insists upon it!
        My old slogan in college was “I cause chaos for love and revolution.” Now my middle-aged self likes less chaos!

      • Yes, I’d say psychological persecution is much more of a Plutonian thing. Donna

  21. Hi Donna,

    First time poster, but a long time follower. My Pluto score was high (32) but my Uranian score is even higher (50 without Chiron, 58 with). I love the connection with Johnny Depp as I don’t live anywhere near my birthplace either and live a very 8th house Uranian life. I have the Uranus opposition to Moon, trine Jupiter and sun as the majors. Those who read my chart or and one astro/psychic reading told me of my need to really rebel with my home life to fill the Uranian needs.

    • Welcome, Luna. I think you get to count Chiron aspects because everyone else is and in order to be a fair contest, the scores have to be done uniformloy. So that’s about the high score for now. Donna

  22. 48 thank you. I didn’t realize I was so Uranian til now.

  23. My Uranus score is 56, my Pluto score was 29. I have 5 planets in Aquarius including Sun & Moon with a grand trine of Sun/ Uranus/ Asc. Sun & Moon are also opposite Pluto. All of the Aquarius is very well hidden in the 4th house.
    I have moved to the West Coast recently from the Midwest. My Sun/Moon/Jupiter conj moves from the 4th to the 5th by astrocartography. I really do feel more connected and visible here in California. Using the same criteria my Neptune score would be 40.

  24. OK,

    I guess after reading Donna’s previous response, Chiron is not the equivalent of a ‘real’ planet, so maybe only an extra 4 points for Chiron in Aquarius and opposite Uranus! So with that it’s a score of 54.

    As I’m in my Chiron return phase, I’m a bit more sensitive to the whole Chiron/Moon/Uranus review and influence.


  25. I just realized I forgot to add an exact semi-square from Uranus to Pluto. So that would bring my score to 58. I have a 9 degree square to Mars that I did not add in, would you?
    PS. I got confused, my score is actually 63 not 67.

    • Too wide, Sybil, on the 9 degree square. Donna

  26. Hi Donna,
    I have an unusually high score of 76.
    I also have Chiron in Aqu. conjunct my M.C. by 2 degrees but didn’t include that. I know that other people did include Chiron so that will give me an even higher score if you count Chiron. I can e-mail my birth data privately if you’d prefer so that you can check out my chart for yourself.


  27. URANUS conjunct the Moon +10
    Uranus directly Conjunct MC +10
    Uranus Square Ascendant +10
    Uranus Trine Mars & Jupiter +10
    Uranus Square Neptune +5
    Uranus Sextile Mercury & Saturn +4
    Sun in 11 +5
    Pluto in 11 +3
    Uranus conj. Moon tends to function like Moon In Aq.


    The local astrology club here in Richmond, VA once told me I was too Uranian to be accepted by the club members! THAT IS URANIAN!

    The eccentric film director John Waters once told me I was the oddest person he ever met simply because I seemed to fit in no group of type of people and he said most people, even the eccentrics are able to be typed.

    • That’s really something, when an astrology group thinks you’re too Uranian! Donna

    • Mel, your chart sounds a lot like mine. like maybe you were born the same day but at a different time? August 18,1950. If you get this I’d be interested in hearing more about you and your chart. Same grand trine in water, but my moon is in the first house. Shelley

      • Shelley, I just saw your comment. Sure, I’d be interested in chatting. I’m 08-10-50, so we are just about astro kissing cousins! MEL810

  28. I also have Uranus in contact with Ceres, Pallas, Juno & Eris.

    • there are no end to the number of asteroids, and if you add them all in, then we’d all have Uranus scores of over 100. And then we’d be really odd. Donna

  29. Uranus score: 48 or 38 – I’m not sure whether to count my Sun – it’s part of a grand trine with Uranus – doesn’t actually trine it directly.
    Pluto: 32

    Thanks for your great blog. I learn something new every time!

  30. So my final score, after much adjusting and readjusting is Uranus 58, Pluto 33, Neptune 40. No competetion for the score of 76 but still very Uranian. I have now gone to my files and am looking at charts of my clients. I think this is a very useful tool to add to my understanding of the symbolism in the chart. I have also added Saturn using the same criteria with some very interesting results which I will continue to asses. Thanks so much for this tool, Donna.

    • Sibyl, that’s exactly why I developed the original test for the planets–as a way for astrologers and students of astrology to measure how strong the major planets in a chart were and therefore to know what their planetary types were. It was much too complicated and math intensive–my friend Lynne Herlacher even created an Excel spread sheet for it. This is a simplified version, so it’s not nearly as precise, but it’s easy and fun for people. Donna

  31. ThankYou Donna Cuningham I am 40 and i Love It!!!

    I go through different ways if i can and i have found things that i never thought that could exist !!!

    I was against everything when i was a kid and as i grew up i start redirecting this energy to be productive in diferent Fields some of them Really Diferent now i am starting to see how to make other people get to this Fields !!!!!!!!!

    Thank You Donna Cuningham !!!!

    Best Wishes !!!!

  32. Hi
    As far as I can see, I’ve got a 45 score on Uranus and 48 on Pluto, but I think Jupiter might score about the same. Since I’m an early 1960, I’ve got a stellium (Uranus, Sun, Pluto, Moon) in Virgo, opposing Jupiter. And a Scorpio asc. The only Aquarius connection is Saturn. I’ve got the dark and broody, sure, but I am rather happy about the Uranus and Jupiter – it makes things both lighter and funnier. Quirky is good!

  33. I am tied with my buddy at 45…

    Uranus conjunct Sun at 10
    Uranus conjunct Mercury at 5
    Uranus trine Saturnat 5
    Uranus square Neptune 5
    Uranus semi-sextile Jupiter at 2
    Uranus opposite Chiron 5

    Moon in Aquarius at 5
    Chiron in Aquarius at 5
    Venus in the 11th House at 3

    Tah Dah…that is 45, not as high as some, but I wanted to toss my Uranian-ness in.

    • If you’re a Uranian type, the most helpful thing you can do is to find friends who are Uranian too. It helps to lessen that feeling of being a weirdo who doesn’t fit anywhere. Donna

  34. Came up with 32 for Uranus and had to go back and check my Plutonian score (35). Even though those are pretty even, with Mars/Mercury conjunct ASC in Scorpio, I feel Pluto is the dominant energy.

    I do have an 11th house Moon trine Uranus & Sun conjoining the cusp of the 12th, also trine Uranus (Uranus is almost exactly trine the midpoint between the two). All my life my friends have been eccentric types who had/have trouble fitting in with the “popular” people.

    Equal parts Pluto & Uranus does make for marked independent personality though. 🙂 Good series, Donna! Looking forward to the rest of these fun quizzes. diane~

    • Thanks, Diane. I think having a strong Pluto AND strong Uranus makes you similar in makeup to the generation born in the 1960s with Pluto and Uranus conjunct.

      Congratulations, Diane, on your new website, Fun to have a new focal point–something like the boost and fresh start a name change gives you. Folks, Diane’s new site is one of the ones I’ve linked to in the current edition of The Cosmic Pinanta. Donna

  35. My Pluto score was only 13 (13!!!) which was so surprising to me because Pluto is actually my final dispositor, and I have a 3-planet stellium in Scorpio. Then again, it’s not very well aspected by much else, so maybe it’s just really, REALLY subconscious.

    However, my Uranus score was a 38. And I am pretty weird, but we knew that already.

  36. Do you use parallels and contra-parallels as minor aspects in this process?

    • Nope, too minor. No parallels, no converse directions, no midpoints, no TransNeptunian planets, no progressed relocated angles, no first cousins who acted in StarTrek movies. Donna

  37. Hi Donna! I just finished re-reading John Townley’s very interesting article on ‘the planet that precedes your Sun’ that you’ve linked on your blog, and how it sets the stage for everything that follows.

    Wouldn’t you know it, I have 9th house (28 deg)Uranus in Cancer conjunct my 10th house (4 deg) Leo Sun. Would this have any bearing on being a Uranian type? I scored 50 on the quiz, and don’t think I need more Uranus, LOL, but I’m curious. This actually explains a lot, thanks for the great articles and wisdom you share.

    • Oh, just another pointer towards you being a Uranian type, Sabut. Donna

      • Thanks for your response, Donna. I can’t get over how much more I understand now – you’re so good to share with us!

        Both the Plutonian and Uranian quizz scores and your information explain soooooo much that I never really put together before.

        Time now to learn to apply both energies in a more . . . evolved way.

  38. Hi Donna!

    I scored 42 points from the following aspects:

    Uranus conjunct the Moon, Ascendant- 20 points
    Uranus conjunct Jupiter, square Mars and Venus – 15 point
    Uranus sextile Mercury, semi-sextile Saturn – 4 points.
    Saturn in the 11 house – 3 points.

    My chart can be seen here:

    Because Uranus has to do with a different point of view and always has something to comment about the established system, allow me to make some observations about the algorithm used and to be in doubt that some people which scored more than me really have greater Uranian influence in the chart. My observations are:

    1. A conjunction or opposition to the Ascendant or Midheaven should have more points that a trine or square to the same points.

    2. The ruler of the chart in aspect with Uranus should receive more points than other planets with the same aspects.

    3. Planets, Ascendant or Midheaven in Aquarius have a smaller influence than Uranus conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, but receives the same points. I don’t think Uranus should be equated with Aquarius because there are a lot of differences between them like Aquarius is very sociable, friendly, interested in meeting people while Uranus is often isolated, asocial, lonely, Aquarius has to do with new rules while Uranus has no rules.

    4. House 11 receives too many points related
    with Uranus and other planets aspects.

    Have a nice day!

    • Hello, Cosmin, all good points. This was a much abridged version of a very complicated test with lots more categories that took up an entire spread sheet in Excel. It measured the strength of the planets much more precisely. The math was so daunting that more than one of my astrology correspondence course students students gave up on the course after a few lessons. So this version is “math lite” for people who just want to get an idea of how strong various planets in their charts are. Donna

      • Ok, I understand now what is the reason 🙂
        BTW, if you are interested, on the page with your chart at astrodatabank is not your picture, but one of an actress 😀

        Good day!

      • I know it’s not my picture. I have no idea who it is. But it’s a wee bit of revenge on my part to just let it stay there because they published my chart without my permission–in fact violating the agreement I had with AstroDataBank. Still, we owe them a lot for making this amazing collection available to all of us for study purposes. Donna

  39. hello, i have a 45 score at uranus type and a 49 score at pluto type, and i am aquarius

    • Respectable, Nemissis. Keep track of your total scores–another contest coming down the pike. Donna

  40. 57 for Uranus, I had a high Pluto score, too, but only somewhere around 30!

    I think I should get bonus points as Uranus and Venus are also in mutual reception, in addition to being trine 🙂

    • Well, I’d give 20 extra points just for the aspect alone–Venus-Uranus folks being some of the most fun around! (Have you seen my posts about that aspect?) Donna

  41. I scored a 57 on the Uranus test

    (Opposite – Sun, Saturn, Mars,Chiron; Trine-MC; Square-Jupiter; Minor Aspects to – Venus, Moon, Neptune; Venus in Aquarius, Moon & Jupiter in 11th house)

    I’m as dark as I am weird since my Pluto score was 58 (they are conjunct so no surprise there) and they are both opposing my planet-heavy 8th house.

    Do I get extra credit for going through a horrible transit of Uranus 🙂 through the 8th and opposite the natal uranus). Not fun at all!

    • No extra credit, Jill–Uranus wouldn’t like that at all, not FAIR to everyone else. And 57 is huge anyway.

      It’s interesting that you’re experiencing the Uranus opposite Uranus as horrible. Mine was fabulous–the time in my career that I was giving astrology workshops all over the world.

      But that’s exactly why the individual chart comes into play. It would depend on the house (8th not an easy one) and the aspects Uranus forms natally. Sounds like it’s part of a tough stellium. Bummer! Donna

  42. P.S. – In the Vedic system I am an Aquarius (tho a dark weird Pisces otherwise 🙂 )

  43. It’s been horrible in some ways (2 surgeries out-of-the blue the first time Uranus passed over my Mars). I’ve also lost my job of 9 years (but the silver lining is I hated it and now am back in school studying holistic medicine). It’s not ben entirely bad, but has definitely shaken me up a good bit! I think at the end of the day I’ll be a better woman because of it.

    Thanks for your blogs – they are helping me to learn astrology (an interest I picked up during this transit 🙂

  44. so I have a question about this strength question. It’s about unaspected and duets (2 planets that aspect only each other). If I took the strength test for Saturn, I’d have only 11 points precisely because my Saturn is a duet with Mercury sitting alone in the 12th house. But I feel it has a very powerful influence in my life. It’s possible that I’m mistaking it for my Sun conjunct Pluto for my tendency to dark and isolation, but I don’t think so. Seems like the very isolated character of this duet and it’s placement in the 12th house gives it undue power and strength in my chart. What do you think?

    • Shelley, I think it is easy to mix up the darkness of Pluto and the darkness of Saturn, especially when the current planetary currents are blending the two energies. You have strong Pluto and strong 12th, so you are a blend of the two, but I’d tend to trust the scores. Donna

  45. Hi Donna,

    I love your website, and I have told several people about it. I scored 31 which by no means makes me a high score, but I do feel this energy distinctly. Uranus is in my first house and it is sextile my 11th house Moon and Mercury conjunction in Gemini, and Uranus is also trine my Venus in Aries in the 9th house – so there is all this fire, air, electricity, and I find I am always trying to ground the vibe into matter. Jupiter is exactly conjuct my descendent -in Aquarius. So even though my score is lower – I feel Uranian – and I feel electric. My Taurus sun over there in the 10th is always trying to ground all this energy into the here and now. You did not mention Yoga as being an aquarian habit (at least I don’t think you did) but I have done it for 20 years. Now that it has hit the mainstream, people no longer look at me like I am nuts when I mention it.

    Scored low on Pluto – but Pluto is conjunct my north node in Virgo, so I guess it is a lesson.


    • Thanks Kathryn. I’ve always seen yoga as Saturn, for the positions are structured and it is a discipline that requires much consistency and can change the body. Donna

  46. Hello Donna,

    Congrats on your blog. Always very insightful thoughts. I scored 43 , with Uranus and 45, with Pluto. I remembered I read an article, of yours if I am not wrong, commenting on “outer planets people”. I was wondering if someone with high scores in more than one of the tests would qualify as an outer-planet-individual. Maybe we could test the scores for Neptune and Saturn to discover that!

    Thanks for your articles,


    • Hi, Syd, certainly you’d qualify for an OPP (outer planet person). We’ll get to Saturn “when the time is ripe” and Neptune some foggy, hazy day in the distant future. Donna

  47. Mel810, Your chart sounds exactly like my chart. I was born 8/18/50 9:39am in nyc. I have a water grand trine with Uranus in the 10th, Saturn in Virgo 12th house, Sun conjunct Pluto 11th house. If your chart is really that similar I’d love to email with you and find out more about your experience. How exciting! I hope I’m allowed to put my email address cause here goes.

  48. Hi Donna – you are right – yoga does have a strong Saturn connection. To me it is about the transformation of the structure – Kathryn

  49. Guess I am an outer planet individual too. My Uranus is 45, Pluto is 40, and my Neptune is 60!
    (I anticipated the next post in the series. Goes along with the Neptunian clairvoyance.)
    Thank goodness I worked with your Healing Pluto Problems book 20 years ago. It was very insightful. I still go back to it as transits occur. As an ACA I also worked with your wonderful book Further dimensions of Healing Addictions. Thanks so much. You made a difference in my life. Flower essences and further psychic training have helped me to discover the “right uses” of these potent energies in my life. With Uranus on my Asc, Neptune on the IC and Moon/Pluto/Jupiter conjunct in the 1st, transformation is my middle name.
    Yours in gratitude & amusement,

  50. Hm, I tried to post it on the astrodispatch website, but it never got approved. I’m pretty sure I did the math wrong since I was kind of drunk. Anyway, Basically, depending on the orbs, I have from 49 to 59. Hehe.

    Trine Sun – 10
    Conj MC – 10
    Square Asc – 10
    Square Venus – 5
    Conj Saturn – 5
    Sextile moon – 2
    Moon in Aqua – 5
    Semi-Square Pluto – 2


    Anyway, if used’s 10 deg orb, I also get
    Trine Mercury – 5
    Opp Chiron – 5
    Juno in Aqua – ? Ha
    Total: 59

    Might be a stretch.

    So that’s my total ! 🙂

    • It’s up there, but not cigar…er, no ebook. Unless I give you 10 points for being a Cunningham. The weirdness quota in the Cunningham family is fairly high. Donna

      • If I used 10 degree orbs, I would get a score of 48 rather than the 25 I gave myself. But if I used 10 degree orbs, almost everything in my chart would be in aspect to almost everything else – most of my planets are somewhere around 20 degrees of some sign. Less confusing to use smaller orbs. I usually use an orb of 2 or 3 degrees, except for conjunctions, where I go up to around 5 or 6 degrees. Of course, it depends on the individual chart I’m working with – if there are few really tight aspects, higher orbs become more meaningful.

  51. Okay, so I’m about a 35, but there’s more I keep missing. My Pluto was high too. I will send you my chart info – I was born just days after Johnny Depp – but here’s what I have so far:
    Ur conj MH
    Ur conj Mars
    Ur conj Pluto
    Ur square Merc
    Ur square Venus
    Ur opp chiron
    Ur Opp saturn
    Ur sextile Sun
    Saturn in Aq.
    Aq. decendant opp MH
    And I have Scorpio rising

    Inner conflict? You bet. Tough transits? You bet. Though Ur opp Ur by transit really did liberate me from some long standing past(and familial)karma. Now I’m working on my career and getting so I can really work the upcoming cardinal stuff(My sun will make a Grand Cross of the transit)- enough of the doom and gloom!

  52. Hi Donna,
    I scored anywhere from a 56-61 depending on your suggested orbs and whether or not you count the North node. I used a 6 degree orb.

    My Uranus is square the moon (10), square the ascendant (10), trine the sun (10), square Mercury (5), square Venus (5), conjunct the North Node (5), semisquare Mars (2) & my moon is in Aquarius (5), Mercury in Aquarius (3) and Venus in Aquarius (3), and Mars in the 11th house (3).

    I guess I’m a VERY strong Uranian

  53. 33 points here!!

    Add to that, Uranus is squaring my Sun at the moment!

  54. I think I have 38 which includes a cardinal grand square on the angles….all between 10-12 degrees. I won’t mention Pluto in 11th or moon and mars in scorpio, cuz, well – it’s just too upsetting. Add 4 planets in Aries and it’s all too much for me to handle.
    Love your blog – books, etc…. June
    4-11-1952, 5:17pm – Bridgeport, CT. :))))

    • HI, June, if your Uranus aspects the angles, you may have a higher score than you think, because there are points for Uranus aspects to the Ascendant and Midheaven. Donna

  55. 33 here 🙂
    but I also have strong Scorpio (Scorpio Moon conj Scorpio Uranus, Uranus and Pluto in the 8th, Pluto sq Sun-Venus, conj NN, etc) – so I guess I win :-)))

  56. Well, i’m one un-Uranian Aquarius.
    Score: 7 (Placidius), or 10 (Whole house).
    But if an orb of 10 degrees is allowed, Uranus is also trining my MC, which adds another 10 points.

    I’ve got an 8th/9th house Aquarius Sun and Uranus is sitting unaspected (making only one minor aspect) in intercepted Scorpio. Fun!

    The thing is, i feel i can be VERY Uranian, or maybe i just long to be, and am scared of it at the same time.

    • that is quite an unusually low score for an Aquarian, Maaike. Donna

  57. 30 points for Uranus- a bit higher than I thought it would be.

    If I used these score sheets for Neptune it would probably be the highest scoring planet- even with nothing in Pisces.

  58. Yes, it is, isn’t it?
    And frankly i have no idea how much or little of an Uranian i am compared to fellow Aquarians. In my expressions i mean.

  59. Lucky score 21 for me!

    Actually, moderate sounds about right. There are times to step up to the plate and work individually, and other times for me to work with others. I’m pretty normal looking with far-out thoughts and ideas… A fine balance :).

    • Yeah, Deb, me too. I’m a fooler because I have the protective camoflague of having grown up in rural Iowa in the 1950s….can almost pass for ordinary as long as I don’t say what’s on my mind. Donna

  60. ever so late to the Party here, but I finally sat down to do the math.
    Uranus 42
    Pluto 30
    Saturn 28

    Now, if we added my Sun Conj Neptune and Mars Conj Chiron, I would be off the charts !

    Thanks for doing such a wonder Blogathon !
    and to all the other contributors too.


    • err, wonderful. I blame Neptune ! 🙂

  61. oh my. Well I have almost given up driving altogether, but I will be cautious. I have always been accident prone… and Have conducted lightning !

    Jupiter in Aries in 1987 erected a Grand Cross with my multiple Cardinal T-Squares and I ended up with Shingles in my head/ear/face/brain and an NDE. Very debilitating to say the least. And it was nice old Jupiter.. 😦 So I will start being Extra Careful.

    Thanks for the head’s up. I think I will take horseback riding off my Things I Want To Do List, I’ve already broken my back once doing that.

    Great public service Donna.

    Do you have any aviation accidents in your files ?
    I have a cousin born on my bd, same day/year different state, different time. Her dad died in a plane crash when we were teenagers. My Father was a Commercial Pilot for 38 years, a very Capt. Sully type. I guess it all has to do with what our rising signs were ?

    • Very interesting, the parallels between you and your cousin, Belle–the two fathers who were pilots. Yes, the Rising sign degrees and Midheaven degrees would be the active factor, especially with any natal planets closer to those degrees.

      It’s almost like twins and their charts. The issue of the Mountain Astrologer that is hitting the stands now has twin articles about the charts of twins–one from a Vedic point of view. Donna

  62. Only 31. Yes I do delight in breaking rules and being clever. I am a web designer. I’m a techie.

  63. I couldn’t resist, i did the other two.
    Pluto: 81
    Uranus: 49
    Saturn: 34

    • If you’ve scored it correctly (using only the orbs, points, and aspects allowed in the contest), you are probably eligible for a free ebook. See the post about the contest, but I am about to put up something different, because everybody so far has scored it way wrong. Donna

      • Yeah, i was wondering about orbs, but i didn’t see your note on it. Have you thought about re-wording that, so us less knowledgeable types clue in? lol
        So do i have to go to and fool with the orbs each time? I don’t know off the top of my head what orbs astro usually uses.

      • The orbs are given in the post about the contest, along with a worksheet to fill out. Donna

  64. Quick note: I scored a 5 for Uranus. I’m very interested in astrology, though. Perhaps I’m an exception that proves the rule.

    • Interesting, Beth. You may be missing things, like out of sign aspects (if Uranus were near the end of a sign or the beginning) OR it may be that you’ve been through a long series of Uranus transits that quickened your interest. OR, though I don’t use them much, it may be a progression to or from natal Uranus. Got to have Uranus involved there somehow! Donna

  65. Hi Donna,
    with leo sun opp.5th aq.moon 11/5, I so want to be a team player; I am good in team sports though;it seems to work better. Johnny Depp surprised me with Jack Sparrow and Chocolat( somehow, I think it had to do with him becoming a parent and all things french.)

    • It sounds like a combination for someone who knows how to have fun and enjoy life–so long as other aspects don’t interfere. Donna

      • yes, that’s true; he looks like he’s having lots of fun.

      • OH, Jonny is having tons of fun. I meant you, with the 11th/5th, Leo/Aquarius full Moon. Donna

  66. I scored only 30. However, I have Uranus conjunct South Node 1 degree-opposite Mars and North node. Love computers ==have 8: mostly Mac; Uranus is in 7th house, and many abrupt happening in the relationship areas! Wow. What a life. Maybe a score of 160 or so. I urge you to include the nodes.

    • Hi Pam, There are a great many mitigating factors that don’t appear in the test. The original test this series was based on was extremely complex, becoming an entire Excel spread sheet I created for my correspondence course. Alas, most students weren’t up to the math and a number of them dropped out of the course when they got to that lesson. So this particular simplified version is just for fun, not for science. The series merely alerts people to the stronger influences in their birth chart. Donna

  67. Ha! Barely a blip on the radar at 15. My primary Uranus experience is trine my Sun. It’s the only major aspect for either planet. So, I’m not particularly Solar or Uranian. Only other planet in Aquarius is Venus but Venus is conj my MC Capricorn cusp. I do feel my Aquarian Venus.

    I’m not counting Chiron in Aquarius opp Uranus (it would still only move me up to 23 – 5 for the opp and 3 for planet in Aquarius).

    So, so interesting! Thanks for the work in putting these together Donna!

    • You know what? I just need to give up and do embroidery like Mary Queen of Scots. 😛

      CORRECTLY my score here is 13. Absolutely no idea where 15 came from. Can’t even blame it on Chiron!

  68. My score for Uranus is 46 points; not counting Ceres & Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius 4th House.

    I have an inkling that this test can be used to prove astrology on scientific terms… Will have to think about it more.

    • Oh, I don’t think it’s very scientific as it stands–because how do you really measure precisely the strength of something in an astrology chart. But it’s based on a much more detailed version that had more precision. At least, if you take the whole series, you get the comparative strengths of planets in your chart. (Boiling icicle–intriguing handle!) Donna

      • Boiling icicle; yes, it’s difficult to explain to non-poetic people too.
        I have Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Rising.
        Saturn/Pluto conj in 12H square Sun.
        I think that’s where it came from.

        I wanted to know if I could find out Jupiter’s strength in my chart, using this test, only replacing Uranus w/ Jupiter, Aquarius w/ Sagittarius, 11H w/ 9H… I think Jupiter will blow King Saturn away from his throne… =)

        About the science challenge… Maybe an astrologer could be made to guess which planet is least/most dominant in someone’s chart… That probably would work better than having them guess the exact placements.

        I’m just being silly with the suggestions; I’m not pro at all or anything, lol

      • Oh, it’s not a silly suggestion for research at all. And you can, of course, make a new test on the model of the old ones–I’d get around to them eventually, but I commend your initiative. The only ones that don’t fit that mould are the Sun and Moon because they are such strong parts of the chart. Donna

  69. No, actually, it’s my Pluto score that’s 46;
    Uranus is 48.
    Saturn ranks highest with 54 points, Neptune last with just 18.

  70. Well, my Saturn was but 30, Pluto a piddling 12, but Uranus scored 42. I am an astrologer, totally individual, a total eccentric, inventive, independent, always have loads of group activities and friendships, and always push for my own and others’ freedom.
    Periodically I break with the past. It seems to cause friends/family a lot of grief, but when it’s time to go, it’s usually past time.
    A friend visited my home for the first time and started cracking up. She said I was “meticulously quirky.” A great description for a Saturnian with Uranus conj. NN/Asc. partile trine Jup/Chiron/Juno.
    Another friend said without my Sun/Sat. grounding me in the 2nd h. of values, I would have flown away with my Uranus, since it is the focal point of a t-sq. w/Moon in 10 and Mars in 4.
    It’s taken a lot of maturity not to resent my innate common sense[the Saturn 30 score]. But Uranus is hard on an immature person. I had many accidents and abrupt departures before I learned how to work in groups well.

    • Hi, Judy, dyed in the wool Uranian. There are a couple of articles on this blog that you might find informative. One is about Uranus as a career indicator, and one is about Uranus and accidents. Use the search engine., Donna

  71. My highest outer planet score is Uranus at 45 (keeping very strictly to the criteria). Fitting for a very Aquarian Aquarian.

    I went ahead and did all my planets using that scoring method (not counting minor aspects to the midheaven or ascendant, not counting aspects that were just 1 or 2 minutes beyond max orbs listed, not counting nodes, chiron, etc. — otherwise my scores would be much higher).

    Aqu Sun: 68
    Tau Moon: 65
    Aqu Ven: 55
    Leo Ura: 45
    Sco Nep: 42
    Sco Jup: 33
    Cap Merc: 27
    Sag Sat: 18
    Sag Mars: 13
    Vir Pluto: 12

    I see Pluto came in last. No wonder he’s the planet that causes all of the trouble by transit … or else since he’s in my 12th natally I just really can’t see the dark side of him coming in the form of psychopathic/sociopathic/criminal others (hidden enemies). I’ve been transforming and digging deep all of my life though!

    Pluto doesn’t seem to want me to be self-sufficient and independent though, something I’ve been my entire life. I’ve quickly let everything go that Pluto has taken (without any justification), but self-sufficiency and independence? For a strong Aquarian with Uranus heading into Aries?? What sense does that make? None.

    Interesting way to score things, Donna. Don’t think I’ve come across quite that method before. More traditional methods have my Sag Saturn and Sag Mars as my strongest planets.

    Thank you for all of the material and for making us think and then having more material to address what we’re thinking about.

  72. I scored 44. I am now 36 years old and starting to make peace with my uranian side… and my companion scores 38. We both have sun in aries (me in the 9th house, him in the 11th) so I guess Uranus coming into aries will affect both of us strongly. Better go with the flow, no matter what, I guess.

  73. Uranus 38
    Pluto 48
    Saturn 41
    Neptune 45

    I hope I calculated these correctly. I did add aspects to Chiron but even without these it was still above 25. Certainly an interesting life in interesting times. So happy to finally understand why I have always had the problem of seemingly being invisable, I could never get it until now. Certainly have what you have written about ring true for me, thanks Donna and everyone contributing. Wondering if anyone else also rated in the higher range for all four planets and if it has any particular meaning?

    • Hi, Crystal, impressive. You are what’s called an Outer Planet Person, when several of the outer planets are strong. Exceptional people with much to contribute but in no way fitting into the mainstream and traditional mold, so you tend to feel alienated and strange. Harder to work with when you are young, these planets start working together better during and after the midlife cycle everyone gets of transting Pluto square natal Pluto, Neptune square Neptune, and Uranus opposite Uranus. Google midlife cycle or midlife crisis, as astrologers (myself included) have written much about that. Donna

  74. Thanks Donna. I’m looking into those sites you refered to, though haven’t found anything to suggest Outer Planet People being exceptional as yet. Definitely do feel different and alienated.
    Soooo looking forward to these planets working better together. Everything to this point has mostly seemed a bit of a battle in some sense. Great site you have, thanks!

  75. I redid this one too Donna, and came up with 39 this time. Well, it’s probably better not to have too high of a score with Uranus anyway, lol.

  76. Hi Donna,

    I got a score of 42 for Uranus, which is my highest and doesn’t surprise me in the least. I am definitely a Uranian type, although a Capricorn! Mercury and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius, and Mercury Quincunx Uranus in Virgo and in Mutual Reception. I am curious as to how to make the calculations and what you include and don’t! Quendeciles 165 degree aspects, might be worth including. I included it here as I have a Quendecile between Uranus and MC which is also in Aquarius. Also, what about angular planets, do they not warrant a few points?
    My other scores are: Saturn 30, Neptune 36, Pluto 35.
    Fascinating stuff. I love your work and look forward to seeing ‘skywriter’ in my ‘Inbox’, always a thought provoking read.


    • Hi, Ruth, planets that are within 10 degrees of the 4 angles do get extra points (counted as conjunctions or oppositions to the Ascendant or Midheaven.) Sounds like your Mercury score is pretty high too. Donna

  77. I see a lot of people happy because they scored high due to squares or negative aspects in general but if this is the case they may express more the negative uranian traits like stubbornes and eccentricity plus i think the midheaven and maybe ascendant are given 2 many points and sextile is a major aspect i think can’t be given only 2 points the same as a quintile or maybe i;m just bitching because i scored a humble 19

    • I wrote a whole article on why a sextile is a minor aspect–the quincunx is actually a lot more powerful than the sextile in creating challenges for people to master. Whenever I go to pains to describe people’s sextiles, they say, “oh, that.” So I decided that “oh that’ was the keyword for sextiles. Minor benefit but no biggie like a trine. Donna

  78. plus by the score the best position to have uranus is conjunct midheaven square ascendant that gives the maximum i think in a chart with no regard to aspects so is this the best place to have uranus?i dont think so

  79. My Uranus is unaspected . No planets in Aquarius. No planets in the 11th house.


    • How does Jokerman get a score of zero? I demand a recount??? Donna

      • Well here is my birth data: August 7, 1981, 11:32 AM Grand Rapids (Kent) Michigan

        Maybe my Sun can be interpreted in the 11th house??

  80. Scenario A Score: 46

    Why: Uranus is:
    square moon = 10
    trine midheaven = 10
    trine orcus = 5
    opposition venus = 5
    opposition chiron = 5
    semi-sextile jupiter = 2
    semi-square saturn = 2
    bi-quintile eris = 2

    Also: moon in 11th = 5

    Scenario B score: Same as above, less:
    bi-quintile eris = -2
    trine orcus = -5

    Thus, score for scenario B is 39.

    How’d I do?

    • Trine Orcus and Eris?????? That’s reaching. Donna

  81. Oh, and Donna – I react to electricity. As in, I get shoccked by static (esp in winter) like nobody’s business.

    Uranians, this sound familiar?

    • Lostshoe – a humidifier will help tremendously with static. Using a fabric softener will too. If you have a cat, lightly and quickly run a *used* dryer sheet over it’s fur (not a fresh one and don’t rub it down to it’s skin). Use a good lotion on your feet and hands at all times.

      Those help me.

  82. Hi lostshoe – My Aquarius Chiron in the 6th opposes Uranus in the 12th and during my Chiron return I was constantly getting shocked by water. And various electrical appliances, including our microwave stopped working. The next two replacement microwaves we bought began smoking as soon as we plugged them in. For a time anything I touched seemed prone to electrical burn out. 🙂

  83. __10_ Uranus conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.
    __5__ Uranus conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 point each.
    __2__ Uranus in minor aspect (sextile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, or sesquiquadrate) to the Sun, Moon, or other planets, 2 points each.
    _0___ Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven in Aquarius, 5 points each.
    _0__ BONUS POINTS: For Uranus in Aquarius, Uranus in the 11th, or Aquarius on the 11th cusp, 5 points each.
    _0__ Other planets in Aquarius, 3 points each.
    __0__ Sun or Moon in the 11th house, 5 points each.
    __3__ Other 11th house planets, 3 points each.

    T=20 while 15-25 indicates a moderately strong influence.

    I come across as weird to many people.
    It’s interesting that I scored at a moderate level.

    Can having a strong pluto cause people to view you as weird I wonder?

    I get told that how changeable and difficult I am to understand all the time.

    Could just having Uranus in Scorpio in the 5th have anything to do with it I wonder?

    Anyway, thank you!=-D

    • Alas, yes, us folks with a strong Pluto are often seen as weird. It’s just a different kind lof weird than Uranians. Donna

      • Well, then that must be it.

        Thank you again Donna.

      • I figured it out. I missed something. I don’t know how I missed it,but I did… I have Uranus(scorpio) trine my Ascendant(gemini) and trine my Midheaven(Pisces).

        That explains it all for the wierdness factor, at least I think it does. =-)

        Thank you for your awesome tests Donna.


  84. Hi Donna
    thanks for the tests. they are lots of fun

    I just did this one, and my score is 58. Once I talked to astrologer and she called me Uranian girl, after she saw my chart.
    I’m also very Mercurian, score was 51 and Lunarian (78).
    You wrote about Scorpio and Aquarius being least compatible and I have both of those signs very prominent. I have Scorpio rising, with Moon and Uranus on the Asc. Venus and Mercury in Aquarius. I have my share of inner conflicts, but nothing over the top 🙂

    My Sun sign is in Pisces.

  85. Geez, I really really try not to rebel, but here’s a test making a fool outta me. I’m very mutable, so maybe that makes up for my 39 score somehow? I do feel vulnerable to the masses for what they seem to think is my insistance on being different, when I really just want to be invisible. Sad, sad little Uranus…

  86. Sun sq Uranus
    Moon sq Uranus (wide orb, so discounted)
    Mercury sextile Uranus
    Venus semisquare Uranus
    Jupiter sq Uranus
    Saturn conj Uranus
    Pluto semisquare Uranus
    Ascendant sq Uranus
    MC conj Uranus

    (btw, my Sun is opp my moon, so if wide orb included, I have Sun/Moon/Uranus t-square)

    Venus in Aquarius
    (Juno in Aquarius conj Venus-discounted)

    Total: 49

    I’m the black sheep of my family, has a spotty resume, enjoys electro music, mind expanding ideas and tech gadgets 😀

  87. Hi Donna!
    So nice to find you again! I love these tests.

    As for rewording the info on the orbs as one reader suggested: I missed that, too when I took Joyce’s Chiron test, and now have to go back and re-do it (Mercury Retro?). But it wasn’t because it wasn’t right in front of my nose. The information is there; and easy to understand…I just glossed over it and was thinking more about aspects than degrees and orbs.

    Again, wonderful tests!

    Kat Starwolf

  88. Hi Donna,

    Using the orbs you’ve outlined above, I score a 33 for Uranus, which is my lowest score so far:

    square sun – 10
    square MC – 10
    square mars – 5
    opposite chiron – 5
    chiron in Aquarius – 3

  89. Scored 71 but I used the asteroids and parallels. I think my Uranus conjunct Mars ( 9th house) parallel the MC. and Pluto in Leo and Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer are right on. They all portend Freedom over marriage. Have always been a fighter against injustice, artist , writer , esoteric astrologer and dancer. Love herbal healing , and camping in the wilds. I am the mother of two sons and am raising my grand daughter.
    Was born viewing pictures of the Thunder Being Chief ( Lightning and Thunder clouds, rain etc) being cut out by my grandmother who crossed over 12 years before my birth. It is our Clan. I was born knowing the martial arts and remembered my most immediate past life and see the one coming. I was born with unusual occult powers. Although some of this might be attributed to my Jupiter,Chiron, Neptune close conjunction on the Virgo Libra cusp ,in the 12th house but in 5 degree orb of a conjunction to the ascendant.. They quintile the Venus/ Saturn conjunction in the 10th. Uranus quintiles the Sun. I am a 29 Leo with an approaching full moon in Aquarius exactly trine Uranus in Gemini. Leo is NOT conditioned by the environment but conditions it to suit their highest moral calling. Leadership stands alone if they are understood or not understood. My Sun is in the 11th house. My life alternates between hermit periods and public times, comfortable as a loner but with strong family and various group ties. Within 1 degree orb I have 26 fixed star conjunctions. The one to Mars is Bellatrix , a warrior goddess and I was in the forefront in our area in the feminist movement in the 60’s. The most radical, activist spearhead were gay women who followed me. I am NOT a lesbian but this did not bother them.
    Thought you might find this interesting….using the parallels and fixed stars ads a dimension which helps me to astrologically understand many of the unusual experiences that I have had.

    • A fascinating–and very Uranian–life story, Barehand. Interesting, also, about the parallels. I used to look for them routinely, back in the day when we calculated the chart by hand, as we used the ephemeris, and it showed the declinations. I also used to routinely look at the speed of the planets (especially Mercury) and the Moon and also check for planets that were going into or coming out of retrograde, all things that were part of looking at the ephemeris. Now, there are many, many students of astrology who don’t even own an ephemeris, as no one calculates charts by hand any more.

      On the subject of parallels, the recent Mars-Venus conjunction was also closely parallel and appeared as a single bright light in the sky–wonderful to see. Then the other day, Mercury and Venus were conjunct but not parallel, and one of them was much higher up in the sky than the other. My new 8th floor apartment has a wonderful view of what goes on in the sky. Donna

  90. That’s great….to actually see the difference between a parallel and a normal conjunction in the night sky.
    Thanks for sharing.
    It reminds me . how neat it would be to have a place on the flat land of North Dakota. At night its like being inside a bowl of Stars….then to have a telescope or just by sight trace the constellations.
    In days gone by many Indian Tribes performed ceremonies in accordance to the movement of Fixed Stars. I always wanted to know them by sight!

  91. Hello Donna
    Well first of all I would like to thank you for these fun yet insightful tests. I understand that this was simplified for convenience’s sake. I have Uranus station (gearing up for direct) in my chart. This stationed Uranus of mine septiles Sun. Also, I’ve heard that septiles have a uranian/neptunian energy. Though I suspect the septile isn’t important here, I’m still wondering about Uranus station…

  92. I was a little disappointed to discover I’m not as Uranian as Johnny Depp, just under his score by 2 points. Still, 43 makes me a “strong” Uranian, so I’m satisfied with that, and I can always add my Chiron to beat Depp by 5 points. 😉 I like your joke about Aquarians, Donna, although the line that really gets me as an Aquarius is “you are unique, just like everybody else.” LOL Really puts things in perspective!

  93. Came in 33 on Uranus, I knew it!

  94. I just recalculated this; guess I missed some planets before. I got 48, or 56 if you include Chiron. Phew! I guess that’s pretty Uranian.

  95. 42 points! Not bad. I always wondered why I was the rebell in highschool even though I am a Virgo and we are not really known for being rebellious and different. My Saturn is stronger though…so what would that mean?

  96. I was born towards the end of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction.

    Pluto score is 52

    Uranus score is 30

  97. 49!

    beat mr depp, although I counted a trine to my moon which is just over 6 degrees…
    but you’d half expect a rebellious uranian to break the rules eh?!

    whoops! make that 47. used a sextile to the ascendant of 6 degress… silly me

    • I think an orb of 6 degrees for the Moon or Sun is okay. Donna

  98. Saturn score is 6 (I took that one because I have Saturn in the 7th house, in Aquarius, and unaspected so that’s why my score was so low.)

    Uranus score is 28.

    Neptune score is 30.

    I’m both happy and somewhat surprised with my Uranus score. I’m a Leo sun, but since I have unaspected Saturn in Aquarius and so many aspects of Uranus, in my case, Aquarius has the real control on me, not Leo.

    • Scratch that, I had retaken my Neptune quiz and turns out, I had calculated my Neptunian score wrong. My real Neptunian score is 27, not 30. That makes it a secondary influence on me, instead of primary. I got 28 on Mercury and Uranus.

  99. Wowee, I got 50! I knew I was different but not aware of so much Uranian influence.
    I have a cluster of planets in Aquarius, including Moon and Mercury and Pisces Sun.
    Uranus is in my 7th, and I have had dozens of craazy relationships with men, and others, but none that stuck. Uranus is also square my Neptune in Libra in the 9th, and opposes my Ascendant and Jupiter. I hope things move ahead with this Big Boy going into Aries.

  100. Hi Donna

    10_ Uranus trine Moon

    5_ Sun in Aquarius

    3_ Mercurius in Aquarius

    5_ Moon in the 11th house

    = 23

    I think it’s pretty low.

    “If your score is down in the single digits, you may be a follower and conformist who’s afraid to express individuality and seldom takes a risk on anything new and iffy. Until you’re challenged by Uranus transits”

    This is probably right now, uranus in aries?

  101. I got a 35. I’m an Aquarius sun exact square moon in Scorpio. Yep, inner conflicts all the time. 🙂 I was born in 1968 so yes, I have that Pluto/Uranus conjunction too. Haven’t done the Pluto strengh test yet….

  102. Hi,

    I scored 46, which is a comparatively modest score. Incidentally, I’m a Sun Sign Aquarian.

    I don’t view myself as ‘Uranian’ at all, although friends have told me I “stand out” (I don’t do that consciously). Some people see that as a good thing, but I don’t – life is easier and more peaceful when you go unnoticed.

    I really prize my freedom and independence though – they’re my lifeblood.

    When I look at Johnny Depp – the Uranus ‘poster boy’ – I see him as being very cool and cutting-edge. Conversely, I never feel like that.

    At the end of the day, you never really have to look too far to find someone more outlandish or, well, more stereotypically Uranian, than yourself. There’s always someone who’s more of a nutcase and who makes you feel really normal. God bless the nutcases.

  103. I am not sure what to make of my score. I don’t know if you include Chiron or the NN in this. But I went ahead and included it in my NN, and also added the bonus 5 points as my Jupiter is in Aqua and my Uranus is in Sag and they are sextile each other and in mutual reception (also part of a yod with my Sun/Mars Conjunction in Cancer).

    I have a score of 31 without adding the opposition to chiron and uranus in aqua pts.

    I have aspect wise:
    A square to mc/ic (which is terrible because I am a Cancer Sun/Mars/Asc and Cap Moon…so the 4th and 10th houses rule those two planets are are extra strong in me)
    Uranus Trine Mercury
    Inconjunct Sun
    Inconjunct Mars
    Sextile Jupiter
    Jupiter in Aqua
    Venus in the 11th
    SemiSquare Pluto
    Inconjunct NN (which I counted because my NN is also in the 11th)

    This above is equal to 31

    But with the Uranus in Aqua (due to mutual reception), and Opposition to Chiron that is 10 more pts and makes my score a 41

    • Hmm … CH, I’m not sure you can consider your Sadge Ur as being in Aquarius, just because it’s in mutual reception to Jupiter in Aquarius.

      My Sun is in Aqua, in mutual reception to Ur in Leo. That doesn’t make me a Leo Sun, though. (Although I have been called an “honorary” Leo. 😉

  104. Hi — I scored 79 on the Uranus test, I am an Aqua Sun, Venus, MC with Uranus in Libra and Gemini Rising.

    Moon 28 (sun square moon not within orb, otherwise it would have been 43)
    Mercury 19
    Saturn 40
    Uranus 79
    Neptune 38
    Pluto 38

  105. I was born on november12 1961 at 9:28 am . my pluto score is 85 and my uranus score 63,any advice?

    • Read my book, Healing Pluto Problems. I suspect you’ll find yourself in there any number of times and plenty of advice. Donna

  106. donna-i have sagg rising and jupiter in aquarius, is that worth more then 5 points? being jupiter in aquarius is supposedly the chart ruler .

    • Nope. There are numerous ways any planet may be strengthened, but if I listed them all, the tests would be ridiculously complex. These standard tests establish a baseline by which people’s scores could be compared. Donna

  107. Born January 4 1993

    Sun Conjunction 10
    Moon Trine 10
    Midheaven conjunction 10
    Venus semisquare 2
    mars opposition 5
    Jupiter square 5
    Saturn Sextile 2
    Neptune Conjunction 5
    Aquarius in 11th house 5
    Aquarius 11th house Cusp 5
    Saturn in Aquarius 3
    Other 11th house planets Saturn & Venus 6

    score 68

  108. Son scored 71. He has Mars conjunct Uranus in Aquarius, both conjunct Ascendant, and Sun in Sag in 11th house. He’s extremely bright and independent. He’s pretty easy to reason with so far at age 11. For the most part these planets receive trines and sextiles. The one thing that concerns me, however, is Pluto conjunct Midheaven. Just not sure what to expect from that, yet it is sextiling the Ascendant conjunctions. Venus in Scorpio squares the planets at the Ascendant. I suspect he might have a tumultuous love life we he grows up.

  109. Uranus

    20 = Uranus conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.

    5 = Uranus conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 point each.

    2 = Uranus in minor aspect (sextile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, or sesquiquadrate) to the Sun, Moon, or other planets, 2 points each.

    0 = Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven in Aquarius, 5 points each.

    5 = BONUS POINTS: For Uranus in Aquarius, Uranus in the 11th, or Aquarius on the 11th cusp, 5 points each.

    3 = Other planets in Aquarius, 3 points each.

    0 = Sun or Moon in the 11th house, 5 points each.

    0 = Other 11th house planets, 3 points each.

    = 35

    Aw man! Just 35??? 😦

  110. Interesting. My score for Uranus is 18. It conjuncts my Leo ascendent in the first house and sextiles my venus in Gemini. Aspect wise that’s it. In contrast I get 43 for Saturn and 35 for Pluto. Saturn aspects virtually every planet in my chart and is the common planet of my earth Grand Trine and my Cardinal Grand Cross. And yet, I achieved success and responsibility young and now in later middle age have become a low income (but happy) community worker. My person life and politics are more Uranian than Saturnian.

    • Uranus in Leo on the Ascendant probably should get bonus points for being high profile–no way could anyone who meets you ignore you! Donna

  111. This is so fun! I really liked my score here: 33 YEA!!!!!! I have always felt I was a “Capriquarius”

    Born on Jan 17th…and thank god..cuz with that Saturn score of mine we sure need some outside the box quirkiness. I really like this part of who I am. Freedom is a personal mantra and being unique is high on the egotrip list. Finally I feel gratified it lends me astrologer credibility. One teacher said I would make a mark here. I am enjoying this blog immensly Donna…thank you. Cannot wait to gobble up all these posts.

  112. i have 71 which actually ties with my sun (also at 71). everyone who’s come across me said i’m “weird, but in a good way”

  113. I am on a roll, this being my 4th test done with my chart not in front of me, I believe I score 50, the highest of Sun, Moon and Pluto. I am at home in the counter culture as far as there is a home for me. I live of course in another continent from where I was born and pride myself on being able to relate to people of a variety of cultures and social standings. My life changed as a teen attending an “under-intellectual gathering” which resulted in the taking on of a spiritual name. I am frequently at odds with Leos. Intellectual challenges seem to generate personal objections (love the Leo-Aquarius joke.) What stimulating fun these tests are, thank you very much.

  114. I got 69, very uranian 🙂

  115. Hi Donna, great site I took the pluto test and scored a 16. I took the uranus test and got 50. Very cool.

  116. I love your posts 🙂

    I’ve got 36 on the pluto test and 45 on this.. Pluto in scorpio ascendant conjunct mars and my soon moon and jupiter in the 11th house in libra do most of the work. You make me quite scared with the ‘pluto and uranus influence is not a good mix’ thing haha! It’s funny though that I’ve always been considered a hippie or a nice ‘weirdo’ who talks about sexual and taboo subjects a lot(mercury in scorpio). I wish I wouldn’t have venus in virgo which makes me more careful and critical towards myself and other than I wish to be.

    I want to fit in and be normal but another side of me really doesn’t want that all. I’d really love to start a new hippie revolution and my chart now tells me I’m born too late.. I can’t help but believe in astrology even though I don’t really want to. I don’t want to let it control my life.. And my chart is a beautiful but really hard one..

  117. I got an 87 on this, including parallels and contra-parallels under the conjunction and opposition categories respectively. I could’ve included a square from Chiron and got a 92, but I don’t think that’s legitimate.

  118. __20__ Uranus conjunct Ascendant, square Sun.

    __10__ Uranus square Venus, square Jupiter.

    __8__ Uranus sesquiquadrate Mars, sextile Saturn, semisextile Neptune and Pluto
    __3__ Pluto in the 11th house
    TOTAL = 41
    I do identify with a lot of uranian qualities. What you wrote about Uranians rhymes with me a lot.

  119. I did a comparison of Mercury, Pluto, and Uranus (born in 1964), as all three form a stellum in Virgo in my chart. I find it interesting — but unsurprising — that all are driving planets in my chart. Mercury, 40, Uranus 39, and Pluto 32. I’m going to go contra the score and say I’m perhaps more Plutonian than Uranian based on a couple other balancing factors. While Uranus is in the stellum, Pluto and Mercury form an EXACT conjunction, down to the second (I think they’re 1 second apart). Also, I have a planet in Scorpio which sextiles the three of them. I also have a planet in Aquarius, but it’s not in aspect to them. But I’d say that might give Pluto the edge, even so, it’s a close thing … so yeah, I’m one of those people who’s probably about equally Uranian AND Plutonian … and yeah, I’ll confirm they don’t blend all that well. LOL!

  120. (I should add that my best friend suffers a similar mix. He’s much lower on Pluto, and born in the early 70s, but he’s Scorp rising, but BOY his Uranian score is way up there at 40, like my Mercury. And he seems to have similar issues with conflicting urges between the two planets … probably not a mistake that the two of us hit it off as buddies almost from the first time we met. That rarely happens for me!)

  121. Born 19-02-1962 (Piscean).
    I’m Uranian with 65 score and Plutonian,40 score.
    My husband born 08-01-1964 (Capricorn) is Uranian-53 and Plutonian-50. We both are going through a big life changes lately,mostly positive ones. Like, we both quit (heavy) smoking, etc. We work together in our own business and for the last 23 years we really enjoy each others company.

  122. I scored a 60. I like it 🙂

  123. I got a 58.

  124. uranus trine moon——————————10
    uranus square midheaven——————–10

    uranus conjunct neptune———————–5
    uranus opposite mercury———————-5
    uranus trine venus——————————-5

    scorpio in 11th house—————————-3

    uranus-venus-moon grand trine—————5

  125. Uranus – 43 x)

  126. My son scored a 67. 5 planets in Aquarius, 4 in the 11th house. He says he is the weird kid (told me with a smile); he is happy in his skin and very kind. Pisces Jupiter conj ascendant. I hope he makes the world a better place.
    Thanks for a great post!

    • Hi, Itchy! You son has a stellium in Aquarius then. There are several articles on stelliums on this blog, and I am writing a book on the topic. Donna

      • That’s great- I love your writing. I look forward to your book! Thanks for all the wonderful information and insight you provide. It’s very helpful. 🙂

  127. I love this test i personally had one done in astrotheme and it said i was dominated by the Sun, Saturn,Pluto. Then taking the quiz here is making me have second thoughts. Either way my score was a 74
    Uranus trine MC——>10
    Uranus Conjunct Sun——>10
    Uranus square Moon——–>10
    Uranus Conjunct Mercury——->5
    Uranus Conjunct Neptune——->5
    Uranus Square Jupiter———>5
    Uranus Opps Mars ———>5
    Uranus Semi-Sextile Saturn—–>2
    Uranus Septile Venus—–>2
    Uranus Septile Pluto——>2
    Uranus Bquintle ASC——–>2
    Saturn Aquarius—–>3
    Mars in 11th house—–>3
    I have two tsquare:

    Hopefully i did it the correct way I personally not surprised of my results I always consider myself to be out of the box since i can remember. I feel i blend well with the characteristics of a Uranus.

    • Hi, Yvette, impressive score, but well balanced by your Saturn score. It sounds like you have the stellium in Capricorn that so many from 1988 onward have. We astrologers are just now getting to know your generation, and have high hopes for you. Donna

      • Yeah i have a stellium in Capricorn but i wasn’t born in 1988 but in 1993. I think i was just lucky i guess to be born in plain old January and have that stellium.

  128. scored 65
    i was born september 26, 1989 so i have the uranus, neptune, saturn stellium apart of my t-sqaure, opposing jupiter in cancer, squaring my sun,mars,merc conjunction in libra.
    out of neptune,uranus,saturn- i cant really tell which one is the strongest that i feel in me, although saturn scored a 76 since its in its ruling sign and my midheaven is in cap, but i dont really feel as restricted or dull cause of my strong neptune and uranus. the 3 planets scored the highest, neptune also being 60. i havnt taken one for jupiter but i know that will be really strong too since my stellium of saturn, neptune, uranus is in the 9th and it makes a lot of aspects as well. i think its the chart leader of my bowl chart as well.
    most of my planets actually scored above 40, so its hard to tell whats strong cause they’re all considered strong. except for pluto that got 38 points- lowest score, but its conjunct my natal chart ruler (venus) since my risings in taurus also, opposing the ascendent- so i feel like scorpio has a strong alteration to my venus nature. but, not so much aspects like the 7 planets in my t-sqaure which is what makes them so strong. i dont have so much the negative influences of pluto other than jealousy, and at times getting pretty intense.

  129. I scored 49 for Uranus.

    I am definitely what you would call an individual. I have never met anyone with a thought pattern and outlook on life quite like mine. My partner descripes me in two words as ‘loyal and free spirit’. I got bullied at school due to the fact that I looked and acted different from everyone else (got called a goth even though that’s not what I was, they just didn’t know any better. But I was able to rise above this ‘bullying’ because I was happy to be my own person and in fact to an extent I did it to annoy people to an extent. I have many areas of talent/interest. One of these is technology. I started free-writing HTML at the age of 12 and messing around with other programming languages such as C++ around the same time. At 14 I had family members and friends come to me when their computer broke. I also used to talk about astrology from about the age of 9 and began learning about charts aged 13. I am also strongly opinionated about pretty much everything and an excellent communicator. I love writing and debating and just talking in general.. sometimes I can’t keep my mouth shut and feel a bit embarrassed afterwards because I’ve talked to much. I am a political person but definitely not interested in mainstream politics – I have some very unique ideals and opinions.

    The greatest downfall for me when it comes to my Uranian personality is the fact that I have very few friends. I make accquaintences quite easily and am good in social situations and large groups however I only have a few true friends because when people get to know me I tend to be a bit too weird for them I think. My true friends are the ones who know me completely and love me for who I am. Actually I never associated this problem with being a Uraniun type until now, and it really does explain so much to me. So thank you 🙂

  130. I got 61 for my Uranus and 68 for my Pluto, both results excluding my asteroids. I’m an Aquarius, Mercury and Saturn are also conjunct my Sun. Uranus and Neptune are conjunct in the 11th House, and Uranus is opposite my Moon in Cancer. Uranus is also square and opposite nearly the rest of my chart, minus Ascendant and Midheaven. A lot of my friends think I’m too weird sometimes, but the “coming on really strong” weird. I feel a lot of that power in Scorpio (I have a hell of a sex drive), for I could be quite obsessive for your average, indifferent Aquarian. But I could still be nonchalant, I guess since I’m a skeptic, I know who to have near me and who I should detach from. I’ve read the Sun squaring Pluto is a truly tough position in matters of power, especially with the tight Aquarius/Scorpio Square. But with Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th, I don’t think I could hide from transformations so easily. Enough writing, you’re drowning in letters.

  131. My score was 39. I didn’t add Ceres and Lilith in Aquarius. Am I uranian then?

  132. Uranusscore 6,thanks to venus&saturn conjunct in aquarius. Empty 11st House,no uranus aspects except for a weak connection with my ascendant. No minor aspects either ,except for a weak semisextile with an equally unaspected Mars. But I do not recognise your low uranusdescription at all. Would you please

  133. I just discovered your web site! These tests are lots of fun! Thank you for all your efforts in constructing them.
    I scored an 82 for Uranus, I may be using wider orbs because of the particular chart that I am looking at, but I feel very connected to all things Uranian (especially astrology)!
    My Sun, Chiron, Mercury stellium is conjunct my Asc. and opp. Uranus square to my Moon in Aquarius which is conjunct my south node in Aquarius in the 11th house. My Uranus is also part of another T square with my Moon, and Mars/Jupiter conjunction!!
    I scored very high for Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus. The big surprise for me was how high my Saturn score was as well 59! That is what I love about astrology the many complex factors that make up each person. And I love every time I have an aha moment and gain deeper insight into my own dynamics and those around me. Saturn definitely helps keep me grounded and balanced, probably helps that I have lots of earth in my chart as well 🙂

  134. Holy cow! I scored a 75, but that isn’t much of a surprise. In highschool, I always overheard people talking about me and usually the one word that comes up the most is “weird.” Although I didn’t really dress weird in a way or tried to be weird, it probably was the vibe that I emanated from being too shy or awkward in social situations (it also doesn’t help when you are a tall, scrawny asian male who is gay and has a deep voice; I just draw so many looks, eck). My ascendant is Aquarius and my 11th has a huge stellium with uranus conjunct sun, saturn, neptune, and mercury. YIKES! 😮
    Right now my uranus is definitely acting up because I feel trapped in living in my parent’s house after moving back from college, and has had this constant urge to just break free and live my own life. I’ve already signed up to teach in Japan next year, and I think it is the only way out.

    I would really would like it if you guys had similar aspects in your charts that you can draw from personal experience how those aspects effected your life. Like for me, I’m also pretty emotional and I think it is due to my Pisces moon in the first house and have had success trying to read people’s personality types upon first meeting them.

    Well if you can be insightful with these aspects, I really appreciate it!
    Aquarius ascendant 23 degrees
    Capricorn Sun
    Pisces Moon
    Pluto & Mars in Scorpio in 9th house
    Midheaven in Saggittarius
    Jupiter in Aries (House 2)
    Venus in Aquarius
    And as above, I have Uranus on cusp of 10/11th house
    and mercury, neptune, saturn, and sun in capricorn 11th house


  135. Shouldn’t singletons earn you points, too? Say… 10?
    Pluto (20) and Uranus (19) have low scores in my chart, yet I feel them very strongly and consider them my greatest strengths. At least the strengths I am most in control and aware of. Pluto is the only planet in an air sign, though I have planets in air houses. But Uranus in Scorpio is the only representation of water in my chart and its very precious to me! 🙂

    • There’s a place on each test to add points for chart features that aren’t listed but that you consider important. Donna

  136. 49 on this test!( if I include Sun square Uranus, as some of my natal chart readings don’t always include it, but I feel it explains something about me) No where near Johnny Depp’s or any of the higher scores on here, though :). I can definitely identify with Uranian:

    being involved in social groups and commitments and ideals (Jupiter in the 11th house) ,

    being considered quirky, creative and eccentric ( venus in Aquarius in the 7?) ,

    independant/ independent thinker,

    becoming /evolving into one’s own authority

    valuing friendships.

    I think my score would be even higher if I include Juno, Pallas and Lilith, asteroids in Aquarius , in the 7th house . 2 points each?
    Juno trines my Jupiter though: Gemini and I think she conjuncts Pallas and Lilith ( but not conjuncting venus). 55 points?
    My Uranus conjuncts my Pluto ( I was born 1965), and I suspect Uranus is stronger than my Pluto. I’ll have to take the test and see 🙂

    Aquarius’ traditional ruler is Saturn, isn’t it? . How does Saturn fit in with Aquarian energies of revolution and radical change?

    • How does Saturn fit in with Aquarian energies of revolution and radical change? Far as I can see, it doesn’t! In fact, of all the next door neighbor (semisextile) signs, I think they are the most different. But some people cling to the old rulerships of signs assigned before the outer planets were discovered, defending a system that only worked by rationalizing it. Donna

  137. Uranus con Sun = 10
    Uranus trine Asc = 10
    Uranus sq Jupiter = 5
    Uranus semisq Pluto = 2
    Uranus biquin MC = 2
    Uranus trine NN = 2

    Part of T-Square = 5

    Uranus con Ras Alhague = 2

    Additional 5 points, because i have exact 0°0` conjunct with Sun which is ruler of Asc and both Sun/Uranus parallels

    Uranus = 43 🙂

  138. Uranus trine Sun, Moon, Mars, Asc and Midheaven and square Mercury, Mercury in Aquarius, Uranus is part of 2 grand trines so my score is 63 !!!!! HARHAR!!

  139. Oh I forgot Chiron in 11, so ot would be 66 points 🙂

  140. wrong. it’s actually 71, I forgot another grand trine Uranus takes part in Moon trine Uranus Trine Midheaven

    • edit: I got 71 points without using any asteroids and parallels 😉

      • ..nor have I taken those minor aspects into account (biquintile, semi square etc, )

  141. Wow, i had 77 Uranus score !

  142. My Uranus is 24. My Sun, 6th house and North Node are in Aquarius. My Uranus is trine to my Ascendant and in conjunction to Neptune. I thought that it would be higher because I hate authority and I am always trying to go out on my own. 24 is alright though at least its nearly strong. Maybe my Ascendant being Virgo has hindred this.

  143. Great articles! They really made me look my natal chart in bigger picture. I’ve been thinking that I’m Plutonian but after calculating I found myself rather Uranian!

    I scored 48. 56 if including more asteroids such as Ceres. It’s not distinguished comparing to others here but it’s surprising enough for me.

    Uranus itself is in the 12 house. I haven’t considered myself weird or strange or eccentric until very lately. My friends said that I was very ignorant for the matter. lol
    However, even I try to behave perfectly normal, I always feel that I’m different in some ways and never belong to any group or any place. Sometimes I really want to be like others but sometimes I want to be more unique. It’s quite confusing…

    In contrast, my Pluto score is only 17…
    But I think it will be quite problematic since two of those are Pluto conjunct Venus in Scorpio and Pluto semi-square Chiron. If counting more asteroids, my Pluto also square Eros and quintile Psyche in the 8 house…

    This is why I have to thank you. 🙂 I just realize that astrologically I’m a free-spirited eccentric who is serious and has power struggles in love relationship. lol

    • Ah, interesting, apeloph. You might want to have a look at our recent series of articles on the 12th house, as there are several places where Uranus in that position are discussed. Donna

  144. Hi Donna, been hoovering for a while in the background (that’s the Pluto stuff right?) But just added up my Uranus score = 69. Seriously, love my Uranian side and the life I’ve achieved – thanks to it I would say! The challenges in life have been delivered by Pluto (and Saturn) because of the demands they put upon my Uranian side I suspect. Anyway, am not a wild spirit – but a free spirit. I’m not a conformist, but am perfectly happy to let others conform, they become great staff and support structures to my business projects. At this stage in life (60 at my next Aquarian birthday) I still get angry at the likes of Monsanto and other planetary/human destructive conglomerates, but I don’t lead the cause anymore – I just quietly use social media to put out my viewpoints. Uranus has kept me alive – and I mean aware and open to new experiences, trying new things, staying young in heart and soul. Yep, Good to be an Aquarian (Moon / Uranus in Cancer keeps me connected) Aries rising (Uranus starting its transiting dance with both Ascendant and Moon soon – that could be interesting 🙂 Thanks for an absolutely superb blog. Linda B

    • I totally identify with your Uranian history, having also been a social activist in my young adult years. I guess it takes more fire in the belly and belief in change than I was able to sustain. Donna

  145. Hi! Thank you so much for all of this information! So I’ve taken all your planetary tests and here are my results:

    Sun- 13
    Moon- 28
    Mercury- 13
    Venus- 30
    Mars- 21
    Jupiter- 58
    Saturn- 37
    Uranus- 50
    Neptune- 13
    Pluto- 51

    So lots of outer planet action for me…I have always felt kind of alien and lost…definitely more of a loner, maybe it’s the uranus/pluto combo? I don’t know, but thank you!

  146. Love the test! My Results were:
    Uranus trine Ascendent:10
    Uranus trine Sun:10
    Midheaven in Aquarius:5
    Uranus Conjunct Neptune:5
    Uranus Square Mars:5
    Uranus Square Jupiter:5
    Uranus Quincunx Venus:2
    Uranus Quincunx Moon:2
    Uranus Sextile Pluto:2
    Saturn in Aquarius:3
    Uranus in the Yod:5

    This definitely makes a lot of sense as I’ve always felt like no one could understand me and have always had conflicts with authority and people telling me what to do (parents). My love life seems to be filled with Uranian energy as well as every relationship seems to end suddenly and usually because my situation or emotions change very rapidly. I have never felt very attached to my family and have struggled with belonging and wanting to be free of any attachments. I am also very prone to accidents and like to run everywhere (and drive a little to fast). I am still working on how to open up to people emotionally and get more in tuned with my own emotions because I react before I feel.

  147. 65 points! whoa! 🙂
    Uranus conj Sun, Mercury, Square Moon, Mars, MC, Opp Ascendant, and the focal planet for three T-Squares. Phew – it’s pretty exahausting, lots of nervous tension and emotional mood swings.

  148. I got 51 , that explains so much ! Most of my family never speak to me because they find me too different . Growing up ,my dad kept insisting that I needed to conform more ,but I always rebelled even if it got me in trouble ; I was always an outcast until highschool ,that’s when I found my “group” .

  149. Thanks for these! Super interesting!! So far, I’ve got 54 Uranus score, and a 46 Pluto score. About to check my saturn (it’s opp my sun, square uranus in my 12th, natally ruled by scorpio!) … let’s see. (if you want to have fun with a chart, born Jan 20th, 1976 @ 2:22am in Port Jefferson, NY). 🙂 Thanks again!

  150. Follow up: 46 in saturn. I must be doing something very wrong, is this even possible? Merc is conjunct my sun, exalted in Aq, opp saturn, can’t wait to see that score. 😉

    • Clearly doing something wrong — merc = 64??? No. Way. (? – esp in relation to all the other scores?) (FYI: in the “specify” section I gave an extra 2 pts for having Merc exalted in Aq in 3rd house), but otherwise think I got all the other aspects correctly scored …

      …so, to sum up:

      Merc = 64
      Uranus = 54
      Saturn = 46
      Pluto = 46.


    • It is absolutely possible–and not uncommon–to have several scores in the 40s and beyond. (You should see some of the Pluto scores!) What it means is that your chart is highly interconnected and probably has lots of aspects. Donna

  151. WOW my boyfriend is a double Aquarius with Scorpio stellium, he scored 38 on Uranus, and about 22 on Pluto. He is super Uranian, very rebellious, weird and just plain wild!!! I love it!

  152. I had a twenty eight but added fifteen points: My Uranus is in the first house, and the planets it opposes, Mercury and Venus, are part of a 7th house Stellium. Do you think fifteen points is an appropriate addition? Mercury, Venus, and the Moon (which trines Uranus from the ninth) are all in their ruling signs, so I think my chart looks very Uranian.

    The way it works for me is that meetings rarely go as planned and I am easily distracted in conversation. When I was younger I often dominated conversations, but now I wait to express my opinion until I have heard the other person’s. If I am compassionate and patient then I develop a very strong Uranian intuition. I wouldn’t say supernatural powers but certainly ideas and a much improved ability to be objective or creative.

  153. Oh, I had a twenty eight but added fifteen points, which resulted in a score of 43. My original reason for posting was to ask if a fifteen point addition seems appropriate, lol.

  154. With Uranus squaring the Nodes, I scored 35. ( I think a lot of us Uranian types have Uranus opposite Chiron, too). I was shocked (lol) to read about the conflict between Aquarius and Scorpio. I am a Scorpio with Moon in Aquarius. The placement that I really wanted to tell you about is this: Uranus at 11 Leo (detriment) in the 12th, squaring Sun, N. Node and Merc. in Scorpio in the 3rd. Neptune in Scorpio is 9 degrees away from square, so barely misses.
    You could call me a radical: My work is political, involved with Occupy and all it stands for: Environmental consciousness, promotion of peace, healthy foods, honest government. My inner work is transformation of the ego (Leo) to universal awareness (Aquarius). Scorpio helps me to dig deep to permit this work.

    • With Pluto and Uranus being somewhat of a keynote in your chart, you could consider yourself philosophically related to the 1960s revolutionary/radical phase that was signified by the conjunction of Pluto and Uranus throughout most of that decade. Donna Cunningham

  155. Yep…Pluto conj. ascendant. opposite Moon in Aquarius. “Let’s turn ourselves inside out, emotionally, until we find out what emotions really are.”

  156. Donna,
    Would you consider Uranus in the first house a strong position? What about the orb for an opposition of Uranus to the sun (I have 10 degree)?

  157. 76!!

  158. So far Uranus is winning in my planets with a score of 59! (or 61 if you give the Mars conj Uranus aspect a full five points – it’s a pretty loose 9 deg conjunction, though, so I gave it 3). The 10th house position explains why I’m a belly dancer, costumer, photographer, health coach, ski instructor, graphic designer, astrologer, and tarot card reader who’s applying for a Masters in Architecture at Harvard. (The Super-Cap stellium definitely makes an impact there too, I’m sure.)

    This also explains why I feel so out of place in everything (except a tight-knit group of friends from my youth) yet can fit in where-ever I want.

    These tests are fun!

  159. Uranus scores over 70% in my chart! No wonder I don’t feel I belong on Earth (‘cos humans seem so undeveloped)! Wow!

  160. 73… whoo?

    • That’s a high score, yes, but I’m hearing from a lot of Uranian types with scores like that–you should have your own forum, as you’d have a lot to share with one another. Donna Cunningham

  161. Uranus score: 45
    Pluto Score: 45

    I didn’t add the smaller numbers.

    I love Pluto and Uranus. Independent, eccentric, dark and passionate. Don’t forget mystical.

  162. Is it possible that my uranus score is more than 80??? maybe i miscaculated somewhere.
    Here’s my chart

  163. 64! And pluto 45. Why would this be so terrible exactly?

    • Every planet, Uranus and Pluto included, has both constructive and self-defeating uses. If we work on honing the good qualities and letting go of the self-defeating ones, we can make progress. Donna Cunningham

  164. Scored in the 60’s just like Pluto. Although, I think I should have added more (in the Pluto test) for having my Pluto on the ascendant .Anyway, Neptune test is next…

  165. Whoaa 53! I knew it was quite present in my chart but I’m definitely surprised. But I have to say it fits me. 🙂

  166. AC in Aquarius, 10p.
    Uranus in trine wirth Sun, 10p.
    N. Node in Aquarius, 2p.

    Total: 22.

  167. Hi, Donna, I know you don’t bother with declinations however I do and it explains much in my chart.

    I’m wondering if Pluto conjunct Uranus (4*56 applying) would change the nature of Uranus since Pluto is much stronger because of being parallel to BOTH angles (while Uranus is not angular at all). Also, Pluto falls in my 4th house and Uranus in the 5th.

    Would that combination be more overcome by Pluto, basically, is what I’m asking, since Pluto is so much stronger?

    • Hi, Kathy, it’s true I don’t work with parallels much, though back in the stone age, when we had to do hand calculations with an ephemeris, I did, because they were noted right there in the ephemeris. In my own stellium, Uranus, Saturn, and Venus are all conjunct and closely parallel, and I do think that strengthens it.

      If you’ve ever seen planets conjunct and parallel in the sky, they’re very bright because they REALLY stand blended together in the sky and look bigger than if it were a single planet. Planets that are conjunct but not parallel are at the same longitude in the sky (in an arc that crossed both planets) do not blend their light, they just look like two separate pinpoints of light, one higher than the other.

      But my interpretation of the Pluto Uranus conjunction after watching people with it for years is that neither of them overcomes the other–they are a blended unit with particular properties. It’s like blending two metals into an alloy–neither one “overcomes” the other. It’s the hallmark of the generation born in the 60s with that conjunction. Donna

  168. Thanks, Donna.

    Ok, yes I see what you’re saying. My Pluto/Uranus are not parallel, only conjunct in longitude. They are in the 5th house.

    I guess I thought that since Pluto (and not Uranus) was parallel both my angles – the IC and the ASC, as well as parallel my Sun and Venus, that Pluto was the stronger planet of the two and would dominate the conjunction, as I feel the Pluto waayyyyy more than Uranus energy.

    • Hi, Kathy. I was thinking today of an image to explain conjunctions, and what I came up with was the example of conjoined (Siamese) twins. Their individual selves are equally important, but they are forced to work as one, so long as they remain conjoined.

      I watched a reality series some time ago on these remarkable conjoined twin girls, Abby and Brittany Hensel. They’re bright and popular. They have very different personalities and can’t be separated medically. They’re leading very good lives–now in college and away from home–but part of the process has been working out how the needs and wants of each can be met. It often requires compromise and taking turns. Here’s a video about them:

      It seems to me that the lifelong process of making a conjunction work well would require conscious, ongoing work on compromising and taking turns so that the needs and wants of both planets in a conjunction are met. Donna

  169. Mine was 62 🙂 Wouldn’t think I have such a hogh scors with nothing in Aquarius! But I do love astrology, and most Uranian associated things…

  170. ..I did count the South Noda and Chiron in 11th house though…

  171. (5 points each)

  172. 47
    Rotate sideways

  173. 46-47 depending on how many points I give my Part of Fortune. 🙂

  174. Ive got a score of 76 +/- 3 points

  175. Can anyone explain what Chiron in sextile with natal Uranus means?

  176. 51 Uranus (add 2 for Chiron). 52 Pluto, 41 Neptune . . . . and 48 Saturn to keep it all in tow. Definitely a late bloomer. I never wanted to be anything when I was growing up. I just drew a blank to that question.

  177. I don’t agree with my uranus score, was too low, 8 points
    And I am a person that is very excited about new technologies, I like modern things, I had just finished my flights to get a pilot license, and I study astrology since my 18 years.
    I don’t know, but I think I am a bit Aquarius, but my chart doesn’t show anything about that.
    I had read something about parallel aspects, and I think that the solution is on this aspects. I had a sun parallel with uranus. Anyone could tell me something about that?

    • @Gabriel – Uranus in the 1st House can make you appear very Aquarian. I have a friend with Libra AC and I had her pegged as a rising Aquarius for years before I knew her actual rising sign! Take a look at what house and sign your natal Uranus is in and see if it is an area that is strongly expressed for you.

    • Lasso is right. Did you add points for Uranus conjunct the Ascendant? (If it also forms a major aspect to the Midheaven, that’s another 10 points or so. Donna

    • Yes I have all conjunctions in my chart that parallel each other and it explains things the ordinary conjunction cannot.

      • I’ve always felt that a conjunction is stronger when it is also parallel. See, any other kind of conjunction may be close to the same degree, but unless the placement north/south (up/down) is close, you can see in the sky that they don’t overlap. My Saturn-Uranus-Venus conjunction is all parallel, so it must have been something to see. Donna, astronomically challenged.

      • Donna, I’m curious as to how you see that Saturn,Uranus, Venus conjunction/ parallel working in your life….what house?

      • Oh, it would take pages to delineate it. But suffice it to say that it’s in Gemini, with Mercury as the 4th planet in the group, and it’s a good part of what makes me a writer. And with 4 in the 11th, my friends mean so much to me, as I don’t have a partner or family. Donna

  178. Its interesting that Mercury grounds the energies of the 3 outer conjunct/ paralleled planets when it is not involved in the parallel. Must be because its the closest to the Sun , thus your innate character. Since you are a Cancer where is the moon? Whats its effect, if any?
    Each individual is so unique and there is the age of the soul which determines how planetary energy is grounded. So many variables. The Astrologer must be astute and a little intuitive about the client.

  179. I’m new here but, unless I’ve got it really very wrong, I seem to have a score of 86 for Uranus, 58 for the moon and 51 for Neptune. I think I’m grateful that my Pluto is only 31.

  180. 80
    Uranus conj Pluto square Asc
    Conj Pluto, Square Jupiter, Opp Saturn/Chiron
    Sex Neptune, sesqi Mercury/venus/sun Quinx moon
    sun aqua
    sun/merc/venus/mars aqua
    neptune 11th
    T-square, 2 yods & thor’s hammer

    Pluto is at 63

  181. Well, I knew that I felt different. After using the score scale, I got 27. It lands in the strong section, not bad. I don’t think I can beat Johnny Depp but at least I’m one of the Uranian babes. I am proud coz I hate convention and I loathe conformity. But with the love of God I learned to channel such energy to become something cool and appealing, to be just weird enough to let people come close to me and then show them different ways to doing things.

    • Good use of the Uranian energy, Maggie. Uranus is my strongest planet, and I found life in a big city (NYC, 50 years) most interesting and with more kindred souls. Donna

  182. Wow I’ve got 69! Sun, moon and jupiter in the 11th house and uranus is in aspect to all my planets etc.. I’ve also scored 56 at the Pluto test. Should I be concerned now? Or am I just born in the wrong era? Because I’m no sixties child. I’m a nineties baby.

    • Nineties babies are also entitled to high Pluto scores, as most have Pluto in Scorpio–it’s own sign–which is a potent combination. I’ve seen many scores in the 70s and 80s among that group. Again, I’d recommend my book, Healing Pluto Problems, available from RedWheel/Weiser available from the publisher or in paperback or Kindle. Donna

  183. Curious as to why you don’t take into account Individuals with Uranus in their 1st house, as any 1st House Planets are embodied and emanated physically. Shouldn’t that be 20 points right there??? It’s also the Persona as you know…

    • A planet in the first conjunct the Ascendant gets a big score. Donna

  184. I got the score of 60. All of my planets have a strong aspect with Uranus, which is in Aquarius so I guess the effect is even stronger. I don’t feel particularly Uranian like, though.

  185. Watch this interview with actress Megan Fox Talking About the planet Uranus :

  186. I have both really intense Pluto and really intense Uranus…and Neptune to boot!!! Weird hu? Strangely though even though these signs are supposed to be square I have no inner conflict with them. They are in relative harmony. I am pursuing a career as an artist an musician and my Pluto and Uranus work quite nicely together in this XD. Its my Neptune influence that really kicks me in the ass…

  187. 57 for my Kindergartener: Uranus conjunct sun (same degree; 21 seconds difference); in the 11th house as the tail end of a stellium that includes Mercury (in Pisces), Mars (in Aquarius), and Neptune (in Aquarius). Chiron, which I didn’t count in the score, is also in the 11th in Aquarius as part of that stellium. Jupiter and north node are in Aquarius in the 10th house. Uranus/Sun are opposite Saturn (which happens to have a strength of 58, btw) and sextile the Midheaven (in Capricorn).

    My child is intense and not ignorable: zany; defiant; charming; imaginative; creative; a constant blur of noise and motion until interested in a subject, then super focused; fiercely loving; and constantly complaining about being bored in school and there not being enough time to play or do art. I’m currently getting him assessed and reading literature comparing whether or not he is possibly ADHD, intellectually and creatively gifted, neither, or both.

    • He sounds like an exceptional being, and he’s so fortunate to have a parent who gets him. If you don’t already have it, my Stellium Handbook could help you sort out the pieces of his stellium. Donna Cunningham

  188. 30 points for moi..hmmmm..I think it’s important to be yourself yet not piss everyone off. Other than
    that, enjoy God’s gift to us uranians, which is the ability to see into the future and the ability to change and share our grander vision of love on social and humanitarian issues.

    • TOTALLY! Could not do a better job of describing it myself. Donna

  189. Ummm… What happens when you score 52 Uranus, 48 Saturn, and 45 Jupiter? With Scorpio MC? Someone who optimistically dives into compex challenges and then rebels against their own authority?? 😱

    • Hi, Mimi. When a person scores high on several planets, it usually means there are many aspects to those high-scoring planets and that those planets are aspecting one another (for instance, a number of conjunctions.) When I see someone with several high scoring planets, they are usually complex individuals–lots going on and lots of potentials–so to integrate those planetary energies and realize those potentials often becomes a lifelong process. In short, you have a lot going for you. Donna

  190. My scores for Neptune and Pluto were the same. 49.
    With Venus scoring a 50, Sun scoring a 59, and the Moon a 72!

  191. 54!

    Uranus square sun-10
    Uranus trine moon-10
    Uranus trine Jupiter-5
    Uranus trine Venue-5
    Uranus sextile Mercury-2
    Moon in Aquarius-5
    Uranus in the 11th-5
    Uranus in a t-square-5
    Uranus in a grand trine-5
    Uranus opposite Chiron-2

  192. 54! 🙂 Higher than Johnny Depp.

  193. 44 and i feel it much!!

  194. I got 76.

    Uranus-Moon-Lilith conjunct in Aquarius.
    Neptune (my chart ruler, so I gave extra points for that) in Aquarius and the 11th.
    The whole conjunction square my sun, trine Mercury-Jupiter, and sextile my Midheaven.
    Uranus is part of a stellium in Aquarius.

  195. I got 44 and I didn’t even add any additional points other than just standard aspects and planets. I have Asc and Moon both in Aquarius and Uranus itself is conjunct MC. I always knew I’m Uranian af. lol My Mars is conjuct Uranus and on the MC exact and I got pretty high score (30) for it, too.

  196. I got 43, which is pretty high. The thing is, I don’t like to shock people or do things for shock value. Maybe because my Uranus is conjunct my ascendant in the 12th house (not in the 1st) making me want to “hide” my “uniqueness”, but I’ve always just wanted to fit in. Honestly, it can be a bit lonely sometimes as I “feel” weird. I thought I was just normal until the people closest to me would say how much of an individual I was and that I was different and a bit eccentric. News to me!! I also have a lot of trines with Uranus, grand trine, and one opposition to the moon in Taurus.

  197. Oh..I’m also a Scorpio Rising, with a grand trine with my AC also. Maybe that has something to do with it? Not sure.

  198. 39!! I ALMOST got there! Damn, Johnny.

  199. 28 Sun
    78 Moon
    59 Mercury
    55 Venus
    39 Mars
    46 Jupiter
    27 Saturn
    55 Uranus
    55 Neptune
    50 Pluto
    Sorry about my poor Sun but I do not feel ‘lunar’ either -maybe due to emphasis on the transpersonal planets.

  200. I got 42. My Uranus is conjunct Jupiter in the 11th house. Almost in a grand trine with Mars and Venus. I’m not sure the Mars /Venus trine counts — it’s a bit wide (-6°11s). I would say I’m different.

    • A six degree orb in a major configuration is fine. There are articles abut Mars-Uranus and Venus-Uranus aspects on this blog. Use the search engine in ther top right hand corner of the front page. Donna

  201. Hi Donna:
    Off the chart. 78! Too tired right now to check my math. I think I got it right.
    Aquarius sun, Virgo ascendant, Gemini MC

  202. Just did some of the strength test… Uranus was 73 if I counted right. And if you count chrion and Juno.

  203. I got 58. Didn’t realise I was very uranian, given that I have no planets in aquarius. But my Uranus strongly aspects my ascendant, midheaven and sun (which is in 11th house) and it’s part of two grand squares that I have (yes, I have two grand squares in my chart, not sure if they’re good or bad).

  204. Hi Donna,
    I came in with a score of 45 and I’m a self-taught astrologer who struck out on her own and travelled solo through the U.S.A. and Mexico in my early 20’s in the 1970’s and 1980’s – unusual for a girl! I’ve always lived life the way I wanted to, peacefully and happily and have always disliked being tied down. Always like to have the idea that freedom is there, if I reach for it. Accidents yes – some close calls and wild experiences but there hasn’t been a boring moment so long as adventure calls.

    • Uranian to the core! And you have done a good job of finding ways of making a living that respected your Uranian side.

      Me, too. Last year, I found out belatedly that my Uranus made aspects to every planet in my chart except Mercury–and Uranus was in Gemini, Mercury’s sign.

      Donna Cunningham

  205. Well. There you go pointing it all out again.. I mean, the Aquarius sun square pluto in Scorpio in my first house. OH, and the Pluto square midheaven. By now you know I have the sun opposite midheaven. So I scored 33 without the semi, quintiles on Pluto and 50 on Uranus. And I guess Chiron add some extra spice from the 8th house, having aspects to almost everything else on the chart.

    Well, the 50 on Uranus is all about my moon, sun, mercury in aquarius and some Venus conjunctions with Uranus. I guess I should be happy having ASC in Libra before Libra leaves me for that stingy Scorpio (Do you wanna know how it feels to sting yourself in panic to survive – while you are trying to cut the Scorpio out as fast as fucking possible – realizing that without a body none will exist?)

  206. 74… Wow, born to change the world much?

    • Amazing score, Ashleigh! You are bound to make a difference in these troubled times. Donna

  207. I scored 64 but might have forgotten minor aspects as I don’t know most of them. Wow, I understand why things were so difficult in my teens as I was in a very conformist environment.
    I’m Capricorn with sun and Mercury in 11th house, moon and ascendant in Aquarius, Uranus in libra in the 8th house.

    Off to do Pluto now as I have a stellium there…

    • Actually, it’s 71 for Uranus and 47 for Pluto. I have a feeling that old resentments and wounds prevent me to express my aquarian energies and drag me down.
      It’s not an easy combination. I’ve read your book about Pluto last week and had a lot of aha moments. Still a lot of work to do.
      Thank you for this book full of insights!

      • Thanks for your kind words, elinor. The conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo was the signature of the 1960’s unrest. We’ve been revisiting some of the same issues and turmoil for the past few years, with the long-acting Uranus-Pluto square, but it feels like much of the progress toward equal rights we made during the conjunction is being erased, bit by bit. Donna Cunningham

  208. I got a score of 58, Uranus is at the top of my chart Conjunct MC by 1° in Aquarius and Sun at the bottom opposite by 9° and Pluto in 7th and Saturn/Moon 12th Aries which, to make things more interesting, I have a T-Square with Jupiter in Cap from 9th, Mars in Cancer in 3rd and Sat/Moon/South Node from 12th. Mercury is quincunx Uranus by 1° and MC by 2°. And I am ruled by Venus quincunx Neptune.

  209. “Uranus conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or” it looks like this was edited and cut off.

  210. 48 🙂 love these

  211. man i got 87 !

    • HOLY J. Kamoly!! That is HUGE!! Probably the highest or at least among the highest reported here. You have a great deal to contribute to this troubled world we live in. It’s in need of the complete overhaul of our social and political system. Hail, Warrior! Donna Cunningham

  212. Interesting quiz.
    Do Moon biquintile Uranus and Mars Semisquares Uranus count as minor aspects?

    I got 17 if I count those two aspects. I also have Sun square Uranus and Mercury in Aquarius.

    Weird thing is, I wouldn’t have expected a Johnny Depp score but I wouldn’t say I was conformist either. I don’t go around looking for trouble or anything like that but I always seem to be the person in the group who has a totally different opinion to everyone else, I don’t do this on purpose it just always ends up being the case and it is very annoying as I can’t seem to really connect with anyone very well. Maybe that is just because I have uranus in the 3rd house?

    I am also interested in anything alternative or things that involve having a different perspective, I often read the alternative news for instance.

    I would like to try and work out why I never quite fit or feel like I fit but maybe Uranus is the wrong place to look?
    I work in a field that involves technology and am interested in those sorts of things, well I am interested in a lot of different things really.
    I have also had people tell me that I am a bit eccentric but I don’t really feel I am and my low score would point to me not being so, but who knows.

    It is so hard to know how you really are as a person and whether the way you see yourself and how people see you is even accurate (as everyone has their own bias).
    Sometimes I feel like my personality is a bit of a mystery. I suppose one of the reasons I am interested in astrology is to try and figure out who I actually am and where I am supposed to be going because there are times when I really feel all at sea and it is hard to find somewhere to anchor if that makes any sense.

    • Yes, they count. 17? That’s amazing! Some years back, we had a project
      on Skywriter looking into the minors. Readers wrote in the comment section
      about their minor aspects and how they experienced them. You can find that
      series on Skywriter by using the search engine at the top right hand corner.

      I myself found a number of minor aspects that I didn’t know I had, and they
      gave me many new insights into myself. I think you will too by pursuing
      the articles.

      Regards, Donna

      • Not sure if I have got this right or not, my ascendant is Virgo, which means my chart ruler is Mercury, my Mercury is in Aquarius, that means my chart ruler is in Aquarius doesn’t it, which would be another 10 points? (I’m quite new to astrology really and do get a bit confused!)

        Great site by the way, been reading some of your other articles and they are helpful.

  213. Wow, thanks, I will look into that.

  214. I`ve scored 60 (I didn`t take in consideration the minor aspects though.) My 11th House has Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Mars, Uranus in it; 4 conjuctions and 1 square with Uranus and my Mercury is in Aquarius and bonus – I am in my cusp of Mistery and Imagination. (I`m born on 19th of January.) Even though I am a Capricorn that explains why I`ve always have been reffering to myself as a contradiction, a person that is granted with ideas out of nowhere, a rebel and sometimes really strange. 😀

  215. I think the association of Uranus with electricity / lightning is spot on!
    I have a strong Uranus – it’s 11th house conjunct North node & in a grand trine with Venus / Mercury / Mars.
    It’s also in a 1’00 sextile to my Ascendant…..i’ve been hit by lightning [in a car, while 2m from a power station which exploded] When i was a kid it was a family joke how often electric fences attacked me & as an adult i’ve had the weirdest accidents with electricity misbehaving…..i now refuse to do anything electrical even though logically it should be safe 🙂

  216. I made 61 with Uranus, my Pluto is clean and I had lived a lonely life in which I had struggled until today to find like-minded intimate relationships. Not fun at all.
    Thank you for such a revealing article.

  217. 76 here

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