Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 7, 2010

The Cosmic Piñata #2: Treats from other Astrology Blogs

©2-7-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

A piñata is a party highlight in which a blindfolded guest whacks away at a paper mache object filled with candies and other treats. When it bursts, the goodies spill all over, to the delight of the other guests. I often feel I’m the birthday girl groping my way blindfolded through the internet world of astrology bloggers. 

 I try to get my readers in a bit of trouble on the weekend anyway, so today I’m presenting another edition of The Cosmic Pinata.   Here are a few of the treats that spilled out of that particular piñata in recent quests.

Skywriter cosmic pinata Donna is a gem of a site where her readers share their experiences and feelings on a wide range of astrological topics.  The questions Elsa picks for her boards are always followed by lively discussions.  I enjoy checking in from time to time to see what they’re debating.

 A fascinating recent discussion was Military Families- Are There Markers In The Chart?  It arose in response to a member who wrote, “I am 47 and it has taken me forever to settle down – that’s because I moved 20 times due to my father’s career (air force pilot). I lived on air bases till I was 15. Just wondering about the children of the military thing…

Other interesting topics on Elsa’s boards recently include Your experience dating spectacularly good looking men…,   Saturn, what are you conservative about? and Help And Advice For People In Crisis With The Saturn Pluto Square.

Libra animationDiane Lang, formerly blogging at now has a new blog—and a new focus—at Libra Seeking Balance.  I was especially interested in a recent post in her “Observations” series, Observations: Growing Up With Pluto Transits.

She says, “I woke up this morning thinking about the consequences of having Pluto conjoining your personal planets by transit as a child. Tough probably doesn’t even begin to describe it. I was in my mid-twenties when Pluto hit Libra and started slowly grinding its way towards my Moon. I emerged with a much better understanding of boundaries and how to mind my own business.

“Those who undergo Pluto transits to their personal planets and Angles as children must have an even harder time. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like, but I bet they turn into survivors one way or another. Another thing is their parents were very likely undergoing Pluto transits of a similar nature because in my experience, children often share at least one, if not more, planetary placement or parallel with their parents.”

C.J. Wright of Auntie Moon has a special knack for coming up with “to do” lists that suit the energies of astrological occurrences like the 12 New Moons, the passage of the Sun through all 12 signs, or the ingresses. She calls them Zodiactivities and describes them like this:

“Zodiactivities are specific activities that are well-suited for completing during the Moon’s passage through each of the twelve zodiac signs. Since the Moon spends several days in each sign, you can accomplish one or all of the suggested activities. You may also want to check out the 12 Things to Do category for a list of things to do during each of the signs.” Here’s the most recent: Moon Phases for February 2010 with Zodiactivities.

Joyce Mason’s unfailing sense of humor is one of the most appealing qualities of her blog, The Radical Virgo. Her current post, Valentine’s Quotes for the Signs, is typical. I especially liked the one for Aquarius: “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

Another funny blogger is Neeti Ray of Astrology Expressed. Even when we’re trying to be humorous, we astrologrs often miss the mark, but not Neeti.  Here are some gems from her hilarious—but all too accurate—post,  Humor: Astrologers in love:

  • If the horary doesn’t say what you want it to, you change the house that signifies them.
  • You sigh over the conjunctions and gloss over the squares.
  • Ptolemaic aspects are obviously not enough; you also look at parallels, asteroids, Arabic parts and anything else you have ever heard of.
  • Not only do you remember their major planetary degrees, you also know their cusps by heart.
  • You think south node conjunctions indicate that it was meant to be. You also think this about anything else that catches your fancy.

(Another of Neeti’s articles is on the top 10 list posts for Skywriter:  Saturn Transits the 7th House—a Rare Interview with Father Time Himself .)

Jude Cowell, Secret Moon Art

Love art?  How about Cosmic art?  Now you can go on a gallery walk without even getting dressed up.   Secret Moon Art–Jude Cowell’s Visionary Work is a special exhibit of beautiful images Jude created for Skywriter’s readers. The piece shown above is one of hers.   Be prepared to spend some time lost in space–and in forests and flowers as well.  Jude is also going to create a new exhibit for the International Astrology Day Blogathon, so if you love her work as much as I do, sign up for her posts.  I put Jude last on this list because if you go to her site(s), you won’t be coming back any time soon!

What about you, fellow treasure hunters?  Are there blogs that you bookmark for those moments when you need a lift or a laugh?  Blogs you go to when you need a bit of wisdom or inspiration to get you out of a stuck place? Share them with us in the comments section. 

For more treats from the Cosmic Pinata, Try these offerings from my Internet Find of the Week category:

An earlier post in this series:  The Cosmic Piñata, Part 1 — Saturn Transits and Insights into the Houses


  1. Thank you for the mention, DC! Astrology bloggers I enjoy for their wit are:

    Matthew Currie

    Michael Lutin



    • Thanks for sharing your faves, Neeti! I know all of them but Alice, but will enjoy visiting them all. Donna

  2. haha, you’re great. Don’t worry, I can entertain myself far far away from the superbowl. This year the guys are taking it to the hospital to be with my ill stepfather. That’s one visit i will enjoy missing.

    • A hospital based Superbowl party? That has to be the pits!!!! Donna

      • better than a funeral! Where there’s life there’s hope, even if you have crappy transits, you’re 82 and in a hospital.

  3. Thanks for these interesting links. European Champions League is also very boring…..

  4. Thanks for the mention, Donna, and for including me in the pinata party. OK, public confession. There is probably no one less into football than moi. Proof: I lived in Green Bay for 4 years and still couldn’t get turned onto it, even though I was in my 20s and pretty much turned on in general at the peak of my hormones! (In a Green Bay divorce, people fight over the custody of the Packer tickets more than the kids.) I did enjoy the Puppy Bowl and my nap during the Super Bowl. And even though the game doesn’t do much for me, I’m thrilled that New Orleans won for what it will do to the morale of that city. God knows they need and deserve a boost.

  5. Just wanted to say “Thank You!” for mentioning my new blog/website here. At some point in the near future I need to get serious about applying some of your excellent suggestions for promoting it.

    One project may be digging out my family list of birth dates to mine for more on Pluto transits in childhood. We have a rather high percentage of never marrieds in my generation. Just curious . . . an affliction of Mercury on the ASC. 🙂


    • That would be an interesting question, Diane. So you’re thinking early Pluto transits could be connected with a person never marrying? If so, it would be because the family atmosphere was anything but a good model for marriage, and also that there could have been early violations of trust that made it hard for the child to tolerate closeness. Donna

      PS. when you get ready to promote your blog–or even if not ready–one good way to start would be to subscribe to and just little by little reading the posts and thinking about the ideas. It took me several months to seriously think about doing the things Darren Rowse suggests, but the more I do them, the better the results and the stats keep growing.

      • Oh my God, Diane and Donna- transiting Pluto conjoined my natal Saturn for the first time when I was almost six, made an inconjunct to my Moon and AC and trined my Sun and Mercury when I was six and a half, conjoined my Mars and squared my Venus when I was almost nine, and opposed my Chiron just before I turned ten. Everything you say, Donna, about early violations of trust and bad modeling as far as relationships is absolutely right on.

        Ugh I am so not getting married ever I so knew it. I’m going to go drink hemlock now.

      • Lucy, you amaze me with your ability to laugh through the pain. I know I have to write a piece about Plutonians and their black humor, and I’ll probably have to link to you. BTW, I saw your article about Black Moon Lillith. IMPRESSIVE! And you didn’t drop the f-bomb even once. Donna

      • “Your ability to laugh through the pain”- ahhh, the curse of being a Plutonian with the Moon in Gemini. Damn my sparkling wit. Damn it to hell.

        Thanks for checking out my Lilith article! It’s true, I can actually make it through several sentences without saying the word “fuck.” Whoops.

      • Thank fuck for that! 🙂

  6. could you repeat the link to the article Observations: Growing Up With Pluto Transits, I cant open it.

    Pluto transited my ascendent when I was 6, it still seems to be the singular most dramatic ‘event’ that Ive experienced

  7. found it myself. didnt realise this was an older entry:)

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