Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 9, 2010

Pluto Problems Got You Perplexed? Here’s What Helps!

The era of Pluto in Capricorn is a time of facing reality, getting grounded, paying the bills, and being accountable for our actions. It hasn’t been fun!  If you have planets in the early degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn), you’ve been feeling Pluto’s effects for a while, and no doubt you’ve faced plenty of personal challenges.

How this Article Collection Can Help: The articles below are designed to help you understand a variety of Plutonian difficulties from an astrological point of view and to find resources to sort them out. The authors are experienced astrologers, many with additional training in fields related to your problem.  The links on the articles will take you to the author’s own blog, so feel free to explore what else they have to offer, but do come back to this page on Sky Writer for more insights into Pluto.

Part 1–A Panorama of Pluto Problems

Sleepless in America—What’s Pluto Got to Do with It? Ivory Phoenix takes a humorous look at why Pluto is associated with insomnia, how sleep disturbances have become an epidemic since Pluto entered Capricorn, and what can help you sleep better.

The “We” Regeneration: The Pluto-in-Libra Group Faces the Pluto-in-Capricorn Challenge The Pluto in Libra generation, born 1971-84, is entering its midlife cycle. T.C. Gardstein, a member of that generation, writes ably about its special qualities and concerns and the challenges it faces under the square from transiting Pluto.

Pluto and Bullying: How to Recognize and Deal with It: A recent rash of front page stories have made us aware of bullying’s potentially deadly aftermath. Donna Cunningham explains the astrological signatures and links to resources for understanding and dealing with this problem.

Fertility Issues and Pluto in Capricorn: British astrologer, Nicky Smuts enjoys a successful practice in helping couples choose the best windows for conception. How fears related to the issues brought up by Pluto in Capricorn can inhibit fertility.

Erectile Dysfunction: what Astrology, Yoga, and the Chakras teach Us: Maggie Yanor gives a metaphysical and astrological view of E.D and why “miracle” pills only compound the problem.  

Astrology and Credit Card Debt | Victoria Bazeley ThirdAge Today: Professional astrologer Victoria Bazeley discusses the 8th house and patterns of debt related to it, natally and by transit.

  Part 2—Psychological Perspectives on Pluto Transits

 How Strong is your Pluto? Here’s the Score! If Pluto is strong in your birth chart, then Pluto transits are major transitions in your way of using Pluto’s energy. This test will help you determine whether you’re a Plutonian type or not and how you’re likely to approach Pluto transits. You can also participate in a contest for the highest score on tests for Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus, with a chance to win a prize. See: T-Square Championship—Total Scores for Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn!

 What to Tell Astrology Clients about Pluto in Capricorn Practical advice for practicing astrologers by John Marchesella on how to put this transit in perspective for clients. To look forward, he encourages us to look at how past Pluto eras worked out over the long range.

 Dealing with Pluto on the Angles:  If transiting Pluto forms an aspect to your Ascendant/Descendant or Midheaven/IC axis, your life is about to change profoundly.  Lawrence Grecco helps you understand what this life passage represents and how to cope with it.

The Depths Of Change: A Cup Of Courage In Times Of Tough Transits:  Written during a difficult passage in her own life, seasoned astrologer Joyce Mason shares the experience and wisdom she’s gained in how to get through the times that try our souls.

Part 3:  Healing Tools and Approaches for Plutonian Passages

 Healing Pluto’s Wounds:  Jungian Astrologer and therapist Elizabeth Spring outlines a series of specific steps to ease healing from a major loss during a difficult Pluto transit. Her compassionate counsel can help you consult the healer within and learn what will help you the most.

Healing Tools For Plutonians: Transforming The Self And Others: A variety of healing modalities help Plutonian people or people under Pluto transits, such as flower essences, energy work, and past life therapy; links to places where you can learn more about these methods.

 Pluto and Opal–The Gemstone of Transformation: Astrologer and gemologist, Shakti Navran shows how opals support transformation. Depending on the color, they help in letting go of past traumas, recover from sexual abuse, bolster personal power, and regenerate vitality.

 Pluto in Capricorn: Healing Ancestral Patterns:  Astrologer and shamanic healer Patricia L. Walsh finds that many enduring personal problems arise when we’re enmeshed with relatives who have passed on. By helping these spirits resolve unfinished business and cross over, we can be relieved of persistent patterns that get in the way of emotional freedom and inner peace.



  1. Totally awesome collection here Donna – you guys outdid yourselves! 🙂

    • Thanks, AarTiana. Glad you were part of the essences and astrology collection. Donna

  2. I agree! Congratulations :)!

  3. “If you have planets in the early degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn), you’ve been feeling Pluto’s effects for a while, and no doubt you’ve faced plenty of personal challenges. ”

    Those of us with Virgo Rising and planets in the 4th House have also been highly impacted by Pluto’s effects for quite a protracted period of time. In my case I have a tight natal conjunction of Saturn-Mars in my 4th. Though this conjunction is not “afflicted” by other planets, when Pluto crossed the IC, squared my ascendant, and even later conjuncted my 4th House Saturn-Mars in Sagittarius, I was required to stand up against the felony fraud and felony theft at the hands of criminal sociopathic “family” members. (“Family” is in quotes because they are not my blood relatives.) With the severe corruption of law enforcement, our judicial system, and all levels of government, my standing up against the sociopathic onslaught was for naught, and of course government assisted those who wish to commit crimes and refused to either enforce or practice the rule of law. After being targeted for many years (during the very long Pluto transit of the 4th) by sociopathics, having to watch while government gleefully assisted them in stealing nearly half a mil in assets/money that I alone earned through very hard work, then immediately afterwards being “dumped” into the worst recession (while living in Michigan, the sole state in recession since 2000) … no one was able to steal my soul or good character. Not once did I stoop to the levels of the criminals and the corrupt. And … here I still am through it all … like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

    But for those of you who are also Virgo Rising, I do understand some of the depths of trials and tribulations you have been put through at the hands of others secretly targeting you through no fault of your own. It’s not just those who have early Cardinal signs that are affected by Pluto.

    My progressed sun (natally at 7 Aqu) reaches 00 Aries this month … just in time for the massive 2010 T-square this July consisting of 00 Libra Saturn-Mars opposite 00-03 Aries Uranus-Jupiter, square 03 Capricorn Pluto. If there’s anything more to possibly learn from Pluto, I guess this is it.

    Hang tough!

    • You’ve been through a terrible ordeal, and you make a good point. People with planets or the Ascendant or Midheaven in late Virgo or other mutable signs have had transits by Saturn and Uranus as they opposed each other from Pisces to Virgo, and of course they also had Pluto squares or oppositions as it finished its stay in Sagittarius.

      I also keep meaning to write a post about the people who have the last 10 degrees of Virgo rising through the first 10 of Libra, because depending on their place of birth, many of them have all four angles closely square/opposite one another by degree. For instance, those with that section of Virgo Rising have late Gemini on the MH, late Pisces on the DSC, and late Sagittarius on the IC. (Likewise Libra ASC/Cancer MH/ Aries DSC/ Capricorn IC)

      The difficulty with even one transiting planet going over one of those angles is that it aspects all four at once. So having the trio of outer planets transit even one of them–as this reader has had–means all four major areas of life is affected at once.

      For all of you with this chart feature, I highly recommend Lawrence Grecco’s article on Pluto transits to the 4 angles, which is part of the collection above about Pluto for the Blogathon. However, it would take a whole book–or a really good chart reading–to help you sort out what it would mean to have three outer planets in that area at once, as is happening with the cardinal t-square. Donna

  4. Happy Vernal Equinox, Donna and all dear readers! I have just begun reading the articles that comprise the Internat’l Astrology Blogathon and feel so honored to be one of the contributors. Rock on, Pluto in Capricorn!

    • Folks, TC is the author of an excellent article on the Pluto in Libra generation in the Blogathon’s article collection about Pluto transits. Donna

  5. Thank you very much for your input Virgo rising, your determination is very inspiring!!!

  6. dear Donna, I could really use some advice as I am having the worst time in my life right now. I am of the Pluto in libra gen born in 82, sun-moon conjunct in Gemini in the 8th, Libra ASC withSaturn-Pluto-Jupiter stellium on it. Pluto hit my IC exact last December and within days of it my grandmother died. Before then and worse now, I’m getting hit from all sides with pain and hardship. I am jobless and homeless right now, my mother helps me out financially but not withouth strings attached (8thhouse moon) and I have a lot of resentment towards her for her emotional abusie during childhood, but feel stuck as to what to do because I depend on her now again. My marriage is falling apart, me and my husband fight all the time, he doesn’t have a job either and we don’t even have a place to live, on top of that he wants to go live somewhere else for some time “to find himself” and because he needs so e time away from our fighting (he has a Scorpio moon and so hurtful to me whe we fight, as well as always thinking badly about him). I want to have children but he doesn’t right now, so basically I feel that life is just taking away everything I’ve ever wanted and people aroundme are just hurting me. I feel alone, depressed and powerless. I don’t know what to do. Pluto is crucifying me and I feel like I’m dying. If anybody has some advice or just simply comment, thank you. I feel so alone in this I just want to hear someone tell me it’s going to be ok.

    • That’s an important question you’re asking, and one that really cannot be answered in the depth it deserves without seeing where that planetary combination fits into your natal chart. To do it justice would go far beyond a brief reply in the comment section and would require a private consultation with an astrologer. I retired from chart consultations several years ago in order to focus on book projects, but can send you a list of astrologers whose work I know and respect.

      I would urge you, however, NOT to bring a child into this marriage, because that will NOT make things better but worse, and the child will have to pay for it.

      If finances are a consideration, you might consider submitting your question to Eileen McCabe, the advice columnist at Dell Horoscope magazine. Like myself, she has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and many years of experience in both astrology and counseling. Read more about her work and how to submit a question here:

      • Thank you so much for replying! yes please send me the list of astrologers, i would like to have someone look at my chart and help me out with all of this. i know you retired but if you could recommend me someone of your similar professional background ( and also plutonian) an who does counseling i would really appreciate it.

        I will also submit my questions to Eileen. By the way, through all this i have been reading and rereading your book on Pluto and I’ve been thinking about getting some Bach flower essences. Thank you for that book, and for alk your work. I wrote here some months ago to mention that I’ve been considering becoming a professional astrologer myself, and your books and blog have inspired me regarding that. Thank you!

      • Glad that it’s helping, Peccosa. Actually, the astrologer whose background is closest to mine is Eileen herself, and she does do private consults as well as her column. Will send you the information. Donna

  7. saturn transit my 1st house
    and pluto transit conjuct my moon, neptune, uranus in my 2nd house.

    suggestion ?

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