Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 16, 2010

The Long-Term Effect of Outer Planet Transits to Libra

©2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 We students of astrology today don’t have a true picture of what the sign Libra is like because most Librans born after 1942 are different from Librans born over the centuries before that. In 1942, the planet Neptune entered Libra and led a parade of the outermost planets—Saturn, Chiron, Uranus and Pluto—through that sign in fairly rapid succession.

 We don’t even really have a sense of what Saturn is like in Libra, because each of the last three times it’s been there, it has overlapped with the outer planets. The timeline below will show you what I mean.

 outer planets in Libra

  • When Saturn was in Libra in 1951-2, so was Neptune.
  • When it was in Libra in 1980-3, so was Pluto.
  • And now that it’s in Libra again, it will form aspects to Pluto and Uranus.

 Librans born in the last 55 years have to be different from Librans born before that because of the interference of the outermost planets. Relationships are the heart and soul of Libra, and yet these transits have radically and permanently changed what relationships are like for us. Before that time, divorce was practically unthinkable and considered a scandal. Now in many places 50% of marriages end in divorce.

 Because of this tendency for Saturn in Libra to overlap with the outer planets, we don’t even have a true picture of what it’s like for people born with Saturn in Libra to have their Saturn return, because when Saturn conjuncts their natal Saturn, it will also be forming aspects to the outer planets that were in Libra at the time of their birth. After all, Saturn is supposed to be exalted in Libra, meaning that it’s at its best, but how can you perform up to your best when you’re forced to hang out with the likes of Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto?

 To show you more of what’s happened to Librans and how they’ve changed, I’ve written a fable called “It’s Hell Being a Libra Nowadays,” and it’s at Sasstrology, the premier website focusing on relationships and astrology. See it here: It’s Hell Being a Libra Nowadays! |

 And while you’re at Sasstrology, check out my series of articles about men and their Moon signs on that site:

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  1. I read the fable on Sasstrology. Interestingly, isn’t Saturn exalted in Libra?

    I found it to be the strangest thing until I discovered something just before my own Saturn return. Relationships are agreements, and agreements imply some type of commitment is involved. Isn’t Saturn all about commitments?

    The other peculiar thing was many of my best teachers and others with strong leadership ability had Saturn in Libra with positive aspects, or had it come out when they came to grips with the more difficult ones.

    • Precisely the point, Kristy. I meant to say something about it, and since blog posts are never completely finished, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.–go back and add it in. Thanks! Donna

  2. lol, loved it, as one of those with Neptune on my Libran Sun, squared by Uranus/Jupiter in Cancer, which opposes Mars/Chiron in Cap, I thank you for the perspective. Most general, all about Libra descriptions, have never seemed like a proper fit.

    I would always read that I’d be married several times. Yet my Marriage (to a Pisces) is undergoing It’s Saturn Return ! Now that’s something I would love to read about. And we tied the knot in Capricorn !

    But the thing that folks Don’t get about me or Us, , is that there is ice in these veins, or we are just so pleasing that we really don’t let others know just how close they have come to hurting us.

    I have always assumed it had something to do with Librans being the only sign that isn’t represented by something Breathing !

    And we are Not balanced either ! Or at least I am not ! Solitude is the only salve that helps me get back to equilibirum. If I were to nominate any living organism to take the place of the Scales, I would go with a skunk. Just lovely to look at, but don’t get too close. 🙂

    Thanks for the chuckle, and yes it is Hel or Hades.

    • Glad you liked it, Belle. You’ve written a good description of that subgeneration with the square of Uranus to Neptune in Libra. There’s a chapter that talks about you in my ebook, The Outer Planets in Aspect (The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3) and it might shed more light. Donna

    • Belle, I love that skunk as the animal for Libra! I am married to a Libra and I can relate. I do feel they want a partner, but at times they are not sure why they want a partner….if that makes any sense. My husband also has to get away and be by himself a lot.

      And to me I think the Libras are able to point at someone else and say “this is exactly what you need to do” and never give it a second thought. I almost think this is where the scales of Justice come in. They are completely dispassionate when it comes to making a decision about someone else.

      But when it somes to themselves they are always going off the deep end and then turn around and go off the other end. Always a see saw.

  3. Wow, you could’ve been writing the story of my life’s journey, metaphorically speaking. Of course, having been born in the late 50’s, I missed that whole Neptune thing, unless you consider the fact that my natal Neptune sits in Scorpio, less than 8 degrees away from my Libra Sun. Achieving that Libran balance becomes almost an art form — it’s a tricky thing to love others as well as myself, and to learn to differentiate between the two.

    I remember when Uranus came to visit, although there’s much I’d like to forget. I think his visit was the hardest for me, maybe because I was too young back then to fully appreciate his lessons. I began to realize (and express) my uniqueness; others noticed it too and mostly wanted to squash it. I attracted a lot of unwanted attention, including a couple of junior-high school stalkers, who made my life hellish. I didn’t seem to fit in anywhere and no place felt safe, especially not home, where even the people I thought I knew grew suddenly cold and cruel, unpredictable in their affection for me.

    And you were spot-on when you described Pluto’s role in my coming of age tale, although I’d like to think that my dalliance with him forced me to transform my relationships into deeper, healthier ones more reflective of my inner values (Libra Sun/Venus/North Node conjunct in 2nd house).

    In defense of Saturn, I don’t think he’s such a bad guy either; his appearance in my life always seems to usher in some period of maturing, when I must learn to be more self-reliant and less dependent on others for security and validation. Usually this has included learning how to honor my commitments in a more responsible way. Because I‘m of a “certain age”, I suspect Saturn’s upcoming visit will (among other things) bring into focus the need to move beyond being recognized and admired for my more superficial qualities — even the most lovely of Libras (which I don’t claim to be) grows older — and instead put my energy into nurturing the more enduring gifts God has given me.

    Thanks, Donna. Your insights never cease to amaze me.

    • It’s remarkable to hear what those planets were like when they were actually transiting Libra planets–most of us just don’t have that good of a memory. Thanks, LB.

      • Actually it was your post that prompted me to go back and track the outer planets’ transits to my Libra planets, using the ephemeris as my guide. I’ve looked back before, but never from this perspective. It was really pretty amazing to clearly recognize the different phases in my life. So thank you Donna, for helping me to remember.

  4. That reading was interesting and oh so funny.
    I loved your use of planetary key words (“pluto died”).
    I have read it 5 times (so far) and still chuckle.
    Bookmarked and linked in my blogroll. ^^

  5. Having Capricorn Rising and a trine from saturn to venus in libra, I found this article very interesting. The word “venereal” (as in S.T.D.) comes from the word venus, giving us an indication as to the libran propensity to mate, Saturn on the other hand is more likely to “not mate” until married, and even then sometimes out of a feeling of responsibility to please the partner and be a good husband. Blend the two and fidelity is quite attainable! I think that the problem that we Librans face is what are the other planets are aspecting and how strongly are they placed in the natal and progressed charts. A strong Neptune influence can override the saturnian sensible approach, and a few too many glasses of red can lead to activation of Neptunes influence, deception (of self and others). Also as our Libran planets progress into scorpio, we become more sexual, which makes staying monogamous just that bit harder!

    • Excellent observations, thanks for sharing. Donna

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