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A Few Last Insights into Stelliums from Readers

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We started a dialogue a few days ago with The Incredible Vulnerability a Stellium Creates. Then I couldn’t resist sharing what was going on in the comment section with Readers’ Insights into their own Stelliums. That was supposed to be the end of it, but the new insights we’re coming up with as readers continue to share their experiences are too important not to preserve.

This, folks, is the way you really learn astrology—from direct observation of people who have the chart features you want to know more about. And you never stop learning, not even if you’re an astrologer for many, many years, because you keep running into more people with those chart features, all expressed in different ways. So here are a few more delectable tidbits about stelliums from readers’ comments.

Ellen Longo of made an especially astute observation:  “Those planets outside the stelliums remind me of the angry fairy godmother in Sleeping Beauty, the forgotten one that caused all the trouble while everyone was oohing and ahhing over the baby. Now you’ve got me thinking about this in terms of stelliums and the planets that are outside – perhaps these parts of ourselves may make more trouble because they feel left out!”

Stelliums in the Rest of the Houses

We covered eight of the house stelliums in Readers’ Insights into their own Stelliums.   As the comments continued to accumulate (100 as of this morning), people with the four other houses emphasized were heard from.  Here’s what they had to say:

Leo summarizes his stellium this way: “The stellium shows up in my 4th house, with Venus, Saturn, Moon, and Mercury. What’s more the grouping forms the base of my bowl, while leaving houses 1 & 7-12 empty. Talk about ‘all the eggs in one basket’! This has brought joy in my work with Mother Nature, training in family counseling, etc. The challenges, well, those emerge in the same areas above!”

Natalie, a fellow writer, portrays her stellium vividly:  “I have a stellium in the 9th house (Virgo): Uranus, Sun, Pluto And Moon. Opposite Jupiter conjunct Chiron in third. I find the stellium hard to grasp. Which planet is the stronger, which is the dominant – all four are powerful planets – It’s easy to get lost in the details.

“I’m a writer – very 9th – and despite all my published books have not had a real breakthrough. Everything I do is focused on writing and getting published. It’s all I ever wanted and with a strong Pluto there’s lots of ambition, but with a Virgo heart, there’s also lots of worries. And every time I get a rejection, I have to ask the same question: what if I fail? What do I do instead? And every time it’s the same answer: There’s nothing else to do.”

Suzanne explains her 10th house stellium this way:  “In the 10th , I’ve got Sun, North  Node, and Venus in the late degrees of Cancer, and Pluto and Mercury conjunct in Leo. ALL my planets are contained within an exact trine between Gemini Uranus conj. Moon in the 9th and my Ascendant in Libra. So I have 8 empty houses!  No wonder I’m so mission driven and focused, I guess. For a long time, I didn’t have a private life at all. I didn’t even own clothes I could relax and hang out in. BTW, I’m a nonprofit/NGO kind of gal, never worked for a corporation. But leisure? What’s that?”

And, finally, mysticskye talks about the final house of the chart, the all-too-easily ignored 12th: “I have a stellium of Mars, Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and North Node all in Scorpio the 12th house, starting with mars conjunct my ascendant. I have always been highly emotional and I view my emotions as a gift. Not everyone can tune into others so easily. I have a lifelong fascination with the occult which actually arose out of catholic school. I had my first tarot deck and Ouija Board before most kids knew what that kind of stuff was; all of my friends were not into that stuff anyway.

“This is where the negative side plays out. I have always been anxious and have had many periods where I had to take time to rest and find my center. Periods of isolation, in various manners, have been a part of my life since childhood. I have also had to deal with increasing restrictions, both psychological and physical, as I have a square of the Sun and Mars to Saturn in Leo in the 9th house. I have had existential meltdowns concerning my changing (Scorpio) abilities and where I can provide something concrete to the world, not just empathy.”

Stelliums in Signs—Scorpio Unveiled

There were several people with Scorpio stelliums, and what they had to say was quite revealing.  We haven’t talked much about effect of the sign a stellium is placed in, but it’s fully as important as the house.  We could spend a whole other week talking about that subject, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll stick with Scorpio.

Molly was able to articulate those qualities best:  “I have Venus, Jupiter, and Moon all conjunct with a side of Chiron in Scorpio in the 6th. It can be a major nightmare from hell….esp. when ol’ Mr. Pluto rode through in 1991….Never mind how intense it makes me seem to others….and “different “….instead of taking most things personally (Scorpio) I take Everything personally.

“I lose perspective frequently on things and fixate on one thing till I have whipped it to death….I frequently wonder “Am I the only one who sees this going on? Do others pick up the vibes I am getting?”….it’s like your nerve endings have nerve endings and on and on…..

“On the plus side – I have had an amazing amount of work in the live
music /entertainment industry….Sometimes I can just put it out there that I need an extra $400….and ZAPPO …up comes a job for that exact amount. Scorpio Moon is a passionate, crazed, deep, deep, well of a Moon…and it enables me to ‘bring it’ to my audiences….Venus and Jupiter add to the mixture.”

One Final Discovery about a Stellium

The last discovery I’ve made in this exploration is one about myself. I’ve always focused on my Gemini stellium—been quite proud of it, truthfully.  But what I didn’t realize until we started looking at stelliums on this blog this week is that I actually have two stelliums.  How, you may wonder, could I possibly miss a stellium?

Well, it’s because it involves Chiron, and in my early days as an astrology student back in the late 1960s, Chiron hadn’t been discovered—not until I’d been involved with astrology for 10 years. Yep, that’s how long I’ve been around. So what I’ve discovered this week is that I not only have an 11th house stellium in Gemini, I also have a 1st house stellium in Leo.  The Ascendant, Pluto, Mars, and Chiron are all conjunct within 10°.

What does that do?   It brings a lot of attention my way—people tend to remark that I have Presence.  It may even have made me famous.  But, you see, I never wanted to be famous and, in fact, heartily wish I wasn’t. It just happened as a by-product of my writing.

I spent years hiding in my room at astrology conferences because I was so painfully self-conscious, I couldn’t handle the attention. Oh, I’m way better now. My Leo can rise, and I can put on quite a show when it’s called for, but my most abiding wish still is for a cloak of invisibility.  How come Harry Potter got one and I didn’t?

To get more of reader’s insights about stelliums, read the first two posts in this series:

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  1. When I read Natalie’s comment (the lady with the 9th house stellium in Virgo who is a writer), I immediately saw that she tends to ‘put all her apples in one basket’, and because of this tendency (or compulsion), causes herself stress because she expects way too much from this one department in her life.

    This in turn affects the vibration she is putting out in this area, and the quality of the vibration we put out brings corresponding results back to us. If she were to relax her vibration in this area a bit, she would have a much better chance of attaining the success she dreams of.
    The only way to achieve this is to regularly invest energy in other departments of life in order to BALANCE one’s energy.

    And I feel that this advice applies to EVERYONE that has a stellium in their chart. I myself have a ‘splash’ chart, but with a strong Pluto aspect operating within it, I must constantly work at balancing my life in this way in order to get consistently successful results.

    So what must it be like for people who have stelliums in their charts? I would strongly advise them to use this method of balancing one’s energy for far more satisfying results.

    • Good advice, W., though sometimes easier said than done. I think the first step is awareness of where the energy imbalances are–that is, the stellium house vs. the empty houses or the houses ruled by planets in the stellium. And that awareness is the gift our astrology charts give us. Donna

    • Hello, wizron. You’re new here, I think, and so I wanted to share with you a bit of the philosophy of this blog. I see myself in you, the way I was when I’d only been an astrologer for about 10 years. I so much wanted to help people with the knowledge I’d acquired through astrology and social work school, that I’d rush in and try to fix everyone, whether they were asking to be fixed or not. With more experience and lots more work on myself and a few outer planets transits to my Jupiter, I changed.

      I came to understand that simply hearing someone out without rushing to fix them is the most profoundly healing gift you can give to another human being. Because rushing to fix someone who isn’t specifically in your office asking for help IS judging them. And the readers who share themselves so openheartedly on this blog aren’t doing it to ask for help.

      They do it because they know they’ll be heard and identified with without being judged. What I’m trying to create here this is a safe haven –a judgement-free zone. If you’ll notice, my replies are usually quite short.

      I’m just saying. Donna

  2. These articles were fascinating! I have a stellium of five planets in Libra – Mars/Moon conjunction, Saturn, Venus/Neptune conjunction. They’re in both the 11th and 12 houses; Saturn is on the cusp and, depending on house system, he’s either at the end of the 11th (Placidius) or beginning of the 12th (Koch). To tell you the truth, I haven’t had much trouble with it; no meltdowns or anything. I think maybe Saturn being on the cusp is keeping everybody else in line.

  3. This has been a wonderfully educational series of posts. By looking at the way stelliums in different houses manifest in people’s lives, it really brings across the meanings of the houses in a way that is not as clear when the planets are more evenly distributed through the houses, as in my chart. I’ve learned a lot!

    • I think we all are, Margaret. A great way to collect information. Look at all the different stelliums we got to see. I’m even thinking of a couple of research projects. Donna

  4. So what pulls my madly squared singleton 11th house Scorpion Neptune into the thread? I’m not a participator after all. It’s Donna. Specifically that she’s listening and responding.

    Oh, I’ve had my utopian ideals (was a communitarian for years), and oh, how they’ve been dashed! People are people after all (sniff). Yet, threaten a woman about being too emotional, especially in the face of grave illness of one’s dearest! My midheaven Mars exactly conjunct Ceres and Juno initial instinct upon first reading this post two days ago told me to jump in and protect defend; my 8th degree Leo moon (a Sabian symbol shared with Gloria Steinem) seconded it.

    But I saw so many had already replied, and I am a possessive creature and didn’t anticipate my voice as contributing to community, but rather as being lost in a crowd (Mercury conjunct that Leo Moon keeps company with a 3rd house Piscean Chiron — alas — opposing Pluto).

    That’s how it is on most blogs. Over on the latest Eve Ensler thread on TED 2010 regarding her talk on emotionality I find people battling to be heard, to make the most impressive point, and then those points heartlessly validated or rejected with anonymous “thumb” votes.

    My 8th and 9th stelliums seek a select audience. Donna is rare in her RESPONSEability as a blogger. I dare to contribute a lone voice to the many here and I stay tuned (gratefully discovering some soul kin taboot).

    Thank you, Donna.

    • You’re welcome here, Laura, this is Pluto-friendly territory. Donna

      • Nice to know of place to turn — even in Plutonian digression (sorry about that). But, yes, what a thread! The word count alone in its sheer volumizing of the topic of stelliums is illustrative.

  5. All your eggs in one basket.
    3 planets in the seventh and I realize during the rare disagreements with my partner how much I have invested in this area of my life. It’s his family I like, we share income, home, children and if it breaks apart there will be a huge hole.

    I have used the relationship as a mirror and have done tremendous work on myself through it. Pluto Uranus Mars Virgo seventh

    Little by little I work to develop the first house polarity self-reliance. Because I was and partly still am dependent on this person for my self-esteem, recreation, mental emotional physical support, it’s too much to put on one person. What happens when I depend on one person is I want to control them so we won’t break up, quite co-dependent, lucky he doesn’t play games, let me take over or loose myself. So now I have clients and that gives me my own income and they tell me I am doing a good job and we share ideas about life.

    The problem with one person being the be all and end all is that during disagreements you feel vulnerable to loose everything if it doesn’t work out, because so much is invested, rather than just having a simple disagreement it feels like life and death.

    This person that is my seventh house has a serious emphasis on Aries so I have learned from him how to be self-reliant and he has learned from me how to cooperate and consider the other.

    I also have three planets in the twelfth house
    I think I would go insane if I didn’t have time to meditate and ponder life.
    I have a sense of something bigger than me, synchronicity, grace, support from the unseen world I don’t know if it’s spirit guides or the universe or my higher self but I have a sense that I am not alone in all of this.
    I’d say I have a real need for surrender and giving it to God but know that I don’t mean God in the traditional grey bearded sense. I mean something that is running the show behind the scenes, that isn’t my little ego self, it’s something that knows better.


    • You’ve articulated so well the fine balance needed for a 7th house stellium Robin. Thank you. Donna

      • Donna thinking about stelliums was a great exercise I got a lot out of it, as I do with your blog! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great observations Robin. As an astrologer myself, I always tell my Libran clients that they need to spend at least two years alone without a partner in order to find and get to know their true selves, because I find that Libran’s tend to hop from relationship to relationship without much ‘downtime’ in between relationships. Also, Libra/7th house people tend to form a ‘second’ personality which is ‘what other people like’ or ‘what is socially expected – how I SHOULD behave’, which isn’t their true, authentic self.

    Having important planets in the 12th house myself I totally understand your need for time to meditate and contemplate, and this is a GREAT place to find and create balance for yourself, because you are communing with your own spirit and your true self. Your true self esteem, and discovering and strengthening who you really are, can only come from that place. And I see you have made many inroads to this area. Keep up the good work.

    Another place to look would be your Chiron; its sign, house, and aspects, because Chiron represents the bridge to your deepest, most authentic self, and your ‘source’.

    Also, don’t disconnect yourself from the “something that is running the show behind the scenes”, because the “True You” is very much a part of that awesome phenomenon.

    • Thank you so much!

  7. I don’t have any planets in stellium but of course often find them in others’ charts. Thank you so much for this insightful work Donna and all of you, it has given a new perspective to previously unexplored territory.

  8. Donna – thanks so much for mentioning my website in your post.

    I wanted to add that your response to me added alot to my understanding also; many planets outside a chart’s stellium may be connected to it by aspect so they are included in that way. It would be those planets not connected in any way to the stellium that may feel like the fairy godmother who got forgotten, and exert a bunch of trouble in the person’s life until that part gets recognized and integrated.

    You’re such a good teacher Donna!

    Thanks. Ellen at

  9. I can’t ‘fix’ anyone – we as human and spiritual beings can only advance ourselves through our own awarenessess combined with appropriate actions, but I do try to share what I hope is good advice with others from my own experience as a fellow human/spiritual being in the hope that it is of some value to them. I wasn’t trying to be judgemental with anyone – just compassionate. But I respect that this is your blog Donna with its own ‘feel’ and purpose, so I will try to keep my comments short and informative to fit in with your guidelines.

    • Wizron, thanks for understanding. I don’t mind if you share about your own concerns that you’re working on and what you’ve learned from them, because that’s coming from a deeper place of emotional honesty. It’s sharing as an equal, not as someone who holds themselves above. That’s quite different from giving people advice on how to fix themselves. Donna

  10. Hi Donna,
    Like you I also have an 11th house stellium. My Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Aries have always brought me some interesting experiences over the years. Mars is just shy of my ASC. ( opposing Saturn ) and Pluto in my 4th.

    This combined with an unusually strong Uranus influence can feel like a blessing some days and a curse on others.
    I haven’t lived with my husband or kids full time in 10 years. We see each other often but live at opposite ends of town.

    I’m famous for isolating. I’ll go M.I.A. for weeks at a time yet I always warn them. I have no contact with my family of origin except for a niece and nephew. My friends are my true family.
    I guess you can say I fit the mold of a stereotypical 11th house stellium.
    It’s a good thing I’m creative and enjoy my own company.
    I’m getting better at dealing with the loneliness that creeps in every winter.

    All of that said, life could certainly be worse. I’ve never once wanted to be anyone else.

    Oh, another irony is that I frequent Astro groups on line. Pretty typical of a strong 11th house.


    • Wow, Cine, maybe we 11th house stelliums ARE a breed unto ourselves. To combat that occasional loneliness, maybe we need to form a stellium group or have a buddy system like in summer camp to stave it off. Donna

  11. I have a 6th house stellium about which I am very curious: saturn, mars, pluto in libra. Saturn is 20 or 21 degrees which I think is its exhaltation. My first five houses are empty, so the chart begins with the stellium, and these planets are all retrograde, as are the next two (jupiter, 7th in scorpio and uranus, 7th in sag and that’s it for retrogrades in my chart.)

    The stellium is trine venus in aquarius and square moon-midheavan conjunct in capricorn (the moon opposite north node in cancer). The stellium is aspected in other ways, but I think these are primary. My sun is in pisces (close to aries) 12th house; taurus rising. The stellium and venus are almost the only planets in the middle of houses; all others but mercury are near borders.

    After years of negotiating and resolving the stellium, moon aspects, I think the next steps will involve better integrating venus. I’m not sure how. But, about about six years ago Saturn would have seemed rather unfamiliar and now we may be really good friends. 🙂 Also, with so much going on there, I do wonder what Saturn’s return will be like – and actually, it has just begun.

    Re the empty houses. My first love was ballet and I quit for a over a decade, decided that such early focus on work would leave me with no sense of self. I think that’s true.

    Over time, the difficult stellium-moon aspect has taught me emotional lessons (very much related to my mother) that defined a lot of my life between ages 13 – 26, albeit often indirectly. Through that aspect, I think I’ve developed a very strong and hard-earned sense of self and place and can provide for myself … I sure hope it sticks (houses 1 and 2?).

    I don’t remember the 3rd house meaning, but my room is always a mess; I have always lived in places where others supply all furniture, kitchen goods, house touches.

    I am really obviously lacking is this 4th house area and don’t really know that I have much capacity to change here. I wonder about building an integrated nuclear family – something I would love to do and would need a great partner to help. Interestingly, two of my roommates have 4 planet stelliums, including sun, in the 4th house (libra and scorpio).

    I feel like the 5th house is a fun place I kind of get in touch with in different ways over the years, in adulthood. I find great satisfaction with children and play and dance as fun and free that I never had, connected with or valued until recently.

    Re the 6th house. Work is very, very important to me. I’ve had to learn that this must be in line with core values, and intuitive pull, but not driven by striving toward external markers. In the case that this happens, or begins to happen, I’ve dealt with a lot of self-sabotage and generally been in the most debilitating times in my life. When in line with my goals and values, my capacity for work/work ethic is really high. I have several different and somewhat divergent professional interests, that only recently are beginning synthesize (for now, only in my head). I imagine this has something to do with the planets and sign, but not sure how.

    Although my political and spirtual beliefs are generally well outside the mainstream, I am in some ways pulled to (what seems to me) a moderate, middle path or approach. I’ve attributed this to strong libra, and saturn and venus working together from libra and aquarius, in addition to obvious influence from life experience.

    It’s important for me to allow the pisces, taurus, capricorn influences to integrate and catch up with the fire-y place from which I’m able to operate when working from/with the stellium. The effortless (or rather, naturally occuring high rate of effort) and efficiency is nice, but it gets air-y and ungrounded. Also, whatever brings me a strong intuitive sense needs a voice … the stellium often wants to ignore it.

    I do learn lessons, love that, and bounce back, which I think is related to the stellium.

    I’d love to hear what people think about this! I am very new to astrology and have much to learn.

    • Hi, Petals, you’ve come about a week late to the party, alas, because this joint was jumping a week ago. If you’re wanting to learn more about the house meanings, check out the many articles in the category houses of the horoscope, and especially the download of my book chapter on houses. You could also use a thorough natal chart interpretation, perhaps starting with one of those 30-page written interps from AstroLabe or other software companies, and then a session with a good astrologer. Donna

      • Hi Donna — thanks for the recommendations!

  12. A quick note – I checked out a sample interpretation from AstroLabe, which was of Bill Clinton’s chart. Talk about stelliums! 4 planets in Libra, 1st house, 3 form a stellium and two conjunct the ascendant, 4 planets in Leo, but split btw the 10th and 11th houses so I guess not a stellium. Sun is in leo, but not conjunct the other leo planets, square the moon. I didn’t look at how close the many, many conjunctions actually were, but the chart sure somehow looked and felt like Clinton.

    • Yep, that’s our Bill! Have followed that chart through his entire presidency and since. Donna

  13. I’m new to this blog and I know I’m late to the game but this topic is wonderfully fascinating for me since I have two stelliums so Ima just put it out there! I have Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in the 4th house and Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter and Venus in Pisces.

    I’ve always found the fourth house to be incredibly vulnerable in anyone’s chart and in my life, I’ve had so many family issues it’s not even funny. I’ve found it very difficult to really “leave” home (I’m 24, lived with my parents for all but two years) and sometimes I even feel my development in other areas of life has been retarded because of my inability to disentangle myself from this. The situation at home is immensely complex, volatile, unusual and stressful, I think. Most people wouldn’t be able to handle what I have to at home. Maybe I’m a masochist, I dunno.

    On the other hand, if I needed help or support of any kind, I know I could get it in spades. This stellium does worry me though because I doubt my ability to start my own family independent of the patterns established in the here and now or even that I will be given the opportunity to. The 4th house goes deep.

    Anyway, great topic! I’ve added this blog to my toolbar, I’m excited to go through and read past comments!

    • Are you, by any chance, my long-lost cousin, Charlotte? (Daughter of “My Mean Aunt Bernadine”) Nope, she disappeared, never to be heard from again, about the time you were born. Just joking. I think?

      I think your 4th house stellium is far more difficult than most, because the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in and of itself can point to impaired authority figures, perhaps alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional, and also can suggest codependency with parents. Donna

  14. Dear Donna

    I have just discovered this treasure trove on stelliums in your blog. Your own stark honesty in ‘kicking off’ this series moved me to tears. I have a stellium of six planets in Leo, five in the twelfth, and when Neptune opposed them I had an energy meltdown ( triggered by a long family crisis) in 2001 which took me into the Underworld for seven years. However I emerged as a cyberbabe, having written two books and taught myself computing
    (with Susan Elena’s great help), the result being my blog “Writing from the Twelfth House.” I now understand what it has taken me a lifetime to face – I have to live both outwith and within the world simultaneously. And you are absolutely right. A stellium brings great gifts – but also profound vulnerability. It is very, very hard to face this reality, and usually only suffering succeeds in making one do so.

    Thanks again for your admirable honesty in opening up this tough topic for so many of us.


  15. Hi Donna,

    You asked me to talk about my experience with my stellium from the test on stelliums. So to catch up…I have a stellium of 6 planets…5 in Cap and 1 in Sag. The 5 Cap planets…Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Venus and Saturn are all in the 11th house, as well as my north node which is in my 11th/12th houses. Mercury is in Sag in the 10th house.

    Not only is there a stellium but there are two multiple conjunctions (Sun/uranus/Neptune) and (Uranus/Neptune/Venus). Also, each planet in the stellium is conjunct the next by at the most 7 degrees.

    I am only 20, and have recently begun studying astrology. It makes sense this is an 11th house thing because I am fascinated by it and have learned a lot in a short amount of time (slight obsession) although I know I have only scratched the surface of this field.

    Although Saturn scored the highest on the tests, Uranus seems to be the alpha dog of this stellium. My ascendant is Aquarius, and with my sun and uranus conjunct, Uranus/Aquarius seems to be much more than my personal image…it is fully a part of my identity.

    As for this stellium being in the 11th house and the vulnerability it creates..
    I am definitely friend oriented, my friend’s are like family, and my family are also some of my closest friends. It is very important for me to be friends with people that I am in an intimate relationship with and have remained friends with most of my exes. My partner and I only became more serious once we truly became friends. Having so much at stake in my friendships, loyalty and trust is huge for me, as well as “high ideals.” If people don’t have integrity in other relationships it is rare for me to remain friends with them even if they have done nothing to me.

    As for groups, I often feel isolated when I’m in groups. I don’t know if this has to do with such intensity in this house, or if its my pluto in scorpio in the 8th house…triple hit right there. I tend to see peoples intentions and motivations, and I think this makes people uncomfortable. Pluto sextiles Uranus, Neptune, and Venus and is also opposing Mars. I quite often sit back and listen/take everything in when I’m in a group…and when I’m at my most vulnerable I can feel as though I’m being ignored. Almost as soon as Pluto entered Capricorn, I began letting go of many childhood friendships. I could suddenly feel how detrimental these relationship were to me, and how superficial they really were. The friendships that survived this time period are a strong as ever. It wasn’t hard to let these people go, although looking back it affected me in subtle ways. I not only let go of friends, but limiting beliefs and various other things. Everyday I think of something new that I no longer need.

    Pluto is now beginning a conjunction with Uranus…I can already feel a restlessness for change inside me. I just don’t know what it’s going to hit. I’m just preparing to “expect the unexpected.”

    Being Uranian in nature, I have an eclectic assortment of friends for sure…I don’t really have one large group of friends…rather friends from various groups or places around the world. I form the closest ties with people who allow me the most freedom. I firmly believe that you cannot try to keep a friend near you, they will just run away. I go to school 3000 miles from home and have left everyone…Although I still went to a school where I had extended family nearby (that are also very close friends). I also tend to have friends that are older than me (Saturn in Capricorn), while also being quite strange (Uranus).

    As far as I can tell, these friends will be very important to me in the long run and will have a lot to do with my future endeavours. Who knows what this Pluto in Capricorn will bring for me…I just realized that during my Saturn return, pluto will also be conjunct.

    I am a Reiki practitioner which is very Aquarian in nature, and I use Reiki to help friends and groups of people find healing.

    Another note: Has anyone heard about Aquarians being able to turn street lights on and off just by being near them? I never thought it was me until I read it in a book somewhere. Just wondering if anyone else has heard this.

    Thanks for having such a great blog Donna, I am learning so much here.

    • Thank you so much–we have so much to learn about your group, born with Uranus, Neptune, & Saturn in Cap. I relate to much of what you say, as Ihave Uranus, Saturn, Venus in the 11th also, but in Gemini. Donna

  16. Hi Donna,
    I’d like to ask if a person can have 2 or 3 stelliums?
    Jupiter, pluto, North node in scorpio.
    Moon, uranus, neptune in capricorn in fifth house.
    Does sun conjunct mercury (leo – virgo) and chiron in virgo count? They are within four degrees.
    I also have a yod.
    Leo sun in twelfth house. Moon, uranus, neptune in capp fifth house. Saturn in pisces in seventh house. I am only twenty now. So I havent really suffered much id say except strained relations with both my parents, especially during saturn’s transit to libra in 2010 and a creativity block. Saturn is also opp mercury natally. (I write poetry and play music.)
    This configuration also leaves my career houses empty. Except venus in libra in the second house. (Mars in cancer in eleventh. )
    I took your test scores and I found that my strongest planets were sun, mercury ( virgo rising with mercury) and moon. Moon being the alpha dog of the stellium. But I feel nothing like the solar leo or my moon. I think neptune, pluto and saturn affect me more. Also I am becoming a doctor now and have practically lived in a hospital all my life. (Twelfth house?)
    I am particularly worried about saturn’s transit to capricorn in the coming years with transit pluto already there (full house!! Haha!!)
    Much love,

    • People can have more than one stellium, but a stellium consists of four or more planets, and does not include the nodes or asteroids. If you have three planets in one sign or house and they are each conjunct with the others within a 10 degree range, then it is a triple conjunction, and those can be as powerful as a stellium, because of the focus of energy in such a concentrated space.

      My ebook, The Stellium Handbook, would give interpretations of each piece of the stellium. Find out more about it under the “My6 Books” tab on the front page of Skywriter.

      As for your other requests, those are important question you’re asking, and ones that really cannot be answered in the depth they deserve without seeing where those planetary combination fit into your natal chart. To do it justice would go far beyond a brief reply in the comment section and would require a private consultation with an astrologer. I retired from chart consultations several years ago in order to focus on book projects. I could send you a list of astrologers whose work I know and respect, but I should explain that these are professionals and there is a fee for their services.

      If finances are a consideration, you might consider submitting your question to Eileen McCabe, the advice columnist at Dell Horoscope magazine. Like myself, she has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and many years of experience in both astrology and counseling. Read more about her work and how to submit a question here:

      Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you so much Donna. 🙂

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