Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 25, 2010

Relocating under Fire? Help from Astrology and Essences

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On one list that ranked stresses and the level of difficulty in living through them, relocation was listed at 4 out of 5 possible points—and that study was done in times that aren’t nearly as challenging as they are right now. Our current economic crisis is forcing many families to move quickly under intense pressures like job loss, forced cross-country transfers due to branch closings, and even foreclosures.

A series of tough aspects between Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto that will culminate in a cardinal t-square are the signatures of this global and personal crisis. As you’ll learn here, astrology can help you make wise choices as to location and timing for a move, and flower essences can help you weather the storm.

Locational Astrology—Making the Right Move at the Right Timerelocation astrology, Donna Cunningham, Skywriter

Relocation is serious business and can cost a great deal financially, emotionally, and even physically. Fortunately astrologers have tools to use to help you select optional locations and optimal times to move there. Let me emphasize that astrolocality is a specialty and one that requires study and preparation to advise clients in a responsible manner.

A primary tool,  Astro*Carto*Graphy takes the chart from the heavens, lays it over a map of the world, and draws lines showing the places on Earth where each planet of the chart is on one of the four angles of the chart. You can find a list of those certified in this specialty at Continuum, along with an online library of over 50 articles on this topic.

Especially if you have no idea where you want to live, this map can help you find optimal locations for business, love, home life, health, and travel. It can also help you avoid really serious relocation mistakes, like moving to a place where Neptune or Pluto falls on an angle.

When considering a move based on your map, it is important to refer to the birth chart for interpretation and timing. Timing is also important when moving to a positive location. Don’t move when nothing is happening to your Moon, IC, or fourth house planets, or when Neptune or Saturn is aspecting them. If you do, you could just sit and spin your wheels for a costly year or two.

Donna Cunningham, Skywriter, flower essence ebookFlower Essences to Make your Move Less Stressful

My observations of people who make major moves suggest that it takes about a year of concentrated effort to get your feet under you in a new location. A major geographic change generally requires a big readjustment for everyone in the household, one that may take as long as a year. In times of upheaval like these, the adjustment may be even more stressful.

There are a number of flower remedies to keep you on an even keel as you cope with the stresses of moving. For those of you who aren’t familiar with flower essences, I’ve uploaded the introductory chapter of my ebook, Flower Remedies—How Plants’ Energies Can Heal Us here: flower essence information-ch1. (You can order the book itself here:

A Bach Flower Remedy that is practically a lifeline in that disorienting month before and up to six months after the move is Walnut, available in health food stores almost anywhere you go. It clears the brain and seems to grounds you at a point when the very earth seems to be moving under their feet. If you find yourself spacing out and having a hard time functioning, refresh your dosage bottle of Walnut, and you may be amazed at how much clearer you feel.

Bach himself saw Walnut as a remedy for those who are too vulnerable to outside influences in times of change. When we move, we are bombarded with new people and surroundings. In our uncertainty about how to operate in a new territory, we are prone to losing our boundaries, no matter how solid they are in normal times.

Packing for the move and then unpacking as you settle in can be overwhelming–so many details to consider. What should you keep, and what should you get rid of? Did you remember to shut off all the utilities in the old place, and will they be turned on in time in the new? Did you notify everyone who ought to know, and have you sent change of address cards to all threlocation, Skywriter, Donna Cunninghame right people and places?

The chaos can fairly make your head swim! The Flower Essence Society’s Filaree helps put petty details and worries in perspective, so you keep track of what’s really important. Their Dill can smooth out a brain bombarded with stimuli and choices, and their Blackberry can help you focus long enough to get the job done.  However, the premier remedy for overwhelm has got to be Bach’s Elm a.k.a. Over-Elm. Seldom would anyone in the throes of resettling lose by having a bottle of Elm handy!

Though handling the details of the physical move can be both physically and mentally challenging, by far the hardest part of a move has to be the folks we leave behind. We can miss our friends, relatives, neighbors, and even coworkers a great deal. Even if we know some people in the new location, they don’t replace close and continued contact with those we loved in the old place.

If some members of the household are homesick, especially to the point of having difficulty getting involved in new activities, Honeysuckle may be indicated. For heartache over losses, you might want to use our on-site search engine to find the numerous articles we have already published on loss and on healing the heart.

As you can see, flower essences are a major tool for people who are undergoing a move. No doubt about it, moving can be very stressful, but by using essences to ease the stress and by using astrology to help you plan well, you can keep the emotional wear and tear of a move under pressures like these to a minimum.

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This article is featured in Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future, a collection of articles about Uranus transits published March 21 as Part of the 2010 International Astrology Day Blogathon. The purpose of this web-based event is to create a permanent library of articles about how to deal with the stresses of the Cardinal T-Square of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus. The main page for the Blogathon collections is at The Cardinal T-Square of 2010: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto.

free astrology booklet by Donna CunninghamAbout the Author:  Donna Cunningham is an internationally-respected author of books, articles, and columns about astrology, flower essences and other metaphysical topics.  She now has an award-winning blog at and teaches writing seminars. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University and over 40 years of experience in working with people. Her ebooks can be found at Moon Maven Publications (

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  1. Thanks Donna, never ceases to amaze …
    very useful….

  2. Aloha Donna Your post about relocation has a lot of interesting information, and some good recommendtions for easing the feeling of crisis with flower essences. I’ve tried a few, and they really do help calm the inner spirit and clear one’s mind. I’ve never had an astro-cartology chart done, but I did cast several relocation charts before I made my move to Hawai’i many years ago. Lucky for me, natal Sun, Mercury and North Node all fall within the 4th house of Hawai’i chart, and that has made an enormous difference in my being able to really feel “at home”, calm, content, and happy here. However, since all these natal planets are in sign Capricorn, and my relocated ASC is now 28 degrees of Virgo, I am sharply on the lookout for problems that may arise with the present transits of Saturn in Libra, square Pluto in Capricorn, and soon to be aspected by Uranus in Aries. As I mentioned in another post, the Senior Citizens here are many times put in frightful positions, and added to that is a huge problem with folks who have lost jobs and homes with no where to go but the public parks, where they set up tents to live in, with little access to rest room facilities.
    Needless to say, the parks and beaches (even those in Waikiki) are becoming a hazadous place for locals and visitors alike. I think this is also an example of Saturn square Pluto, with the local officials trying to make effective laws (Saturn) that will get these destitute folks into shelters, and stop destroying (Pluto) places that are meant for all to enjoy. Each day that goes by, there are more and more in need of shelter, and unfortunately the parks and beaches, or even the sidewalks are where they end up. I’m wondering what turn this crisis will take as transit Uranus joins in, and hope that compassion overrides cruelty with regard to these homeless folks. Meleanna

    • It is a terrible situation, isn’t it? The most vulnerable people who don’t have resources or family to fall back on are likely to wind up homeless. Luckily the climate is mild there. Donna

      • Hello,
        Another wonderful artical. This is exactly what my husband and I did three years. We have done nothing but sit and spin. Work, repair, sit, spin. We are exhausted and our health, including our animals we brought with us are suffering. PLEASE, PLEASE tell me how you get out of the sit and spin mode. We moved from Wales, United Kingdom, and desperately desperately want to return. I can’t even get my house on the market. Delays, delays. All mowing equipement has broken down and I can’t even cut the grass. We have 15 acres. Hahahaha PLEASE can someone tell me how to fix the blunder.
        Thank you for such an incedible site.

      • I wish I had some answers for you, Deborah. Breathe and pray, breathe and pray, that’s all I know. Donna

  3. This is a timely article for me. That Cardinal Grand Cross will and is starting to stress the Cardinal Angles in my chart and several planets near those angles.
    I had an astrologer I very much respect advised me that the ONLY place in the world that I will be happy and successful in the coming years are two cities in Brazil. He said I will totally fail and probably end up miserable and maybe destitute and homeless if I remain in the US.
    Some problems: For health reasons, legal immigration might be a problem for me; the money and logistics of moving to Brazil, a place where I have never been and know noone, seem insurmountable; and finally, I have no desire or psychic calling to move to Brazil whatsoever.
    I can’t believe that there is only ONE place that I could be happy and that NO place in the US would work for me.
    I am not against other countries and cultures. I love to travel and am very multi-cultural in my tastes!
    But the US is home and I have been no where else (except for Canada for the day) and I speak no other language and I am getting older.
    How much weight should one assign such an astrological observation? Right now Saturn is starting to go over my ascendant and is aspecting my fourth house cusp. I am starting to get itchy to move but sense it will be a year or so yet.

    • I cannot believe a “professional” astrologer would tell anyone they would wind up homeless and destitute unless they moved abroad. That is way beyond fatalistic and into freaky and twisted.

      For astrologers who are experienced and certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, go to the list at The certification test is HARD and you really have to know your stuff to pass it. I know, because not only am I certified by Continuum, I am one of the people that creates and scores the tests. (And, no, I don’t do relocation work any more, since I’m retired from astrological practice.) Donna

  4. Interesting article Donna. I may go get Walnut just because. I am a military brat and I have lived in 23 different places 12 of which before I was 18 years old. Yes it was hard – but there was good there too. I am just finding it hard as an adult (I am 48 now) to stay in one place.

    This last move relocated me to a place where Ascendent is exactly square my Sun – not so good. But Varuna seems to be midheaven, and Ceres and Vesta in Aries is exactly trine my ascendent. I have been here for 3.5 years and I am not inclined to move again as I do seem to be making a lot of friends who just don’t want me to leave – which is nice. With Moon and Mercury in the 11th house – it is nice. I moved down from Boston where Pluto was within 5 degrees of my ascendent and Chiron was within 5 degrees of my descendent. I went to grad school in Boston and learned a lot – but things could get pretty intense there.

    I wonder if I can overcome that Ascendent square Sun…(I live in DC metro).

    Moving so much when you are a military kid is compounded by the fact you usually find out one to two weeks before you go. The disadvantage is no roots. The advantage is most of feel like citizens of the world.

    • Interesting idea to try Walnut, Kate–perhaps as a single essence, since the effects are more powerful that way, and perhaps for several months on a regular basis. (You usually don’t need to take an essence for more than a few weeks.) I had no idea military kids had so little notice before they moved.

      Just from hearing that much, never mind the itch you have as an adult to keep uprooting yourself, I’d say that must have been disruptive to your root chakra–the part of the aura that concerns issues around having a sense of rootedness, belonging, and being grounded. It’s located at the tip of the tailbone. There are many forms of healing that work with the chakras.

      And it’s interesting to hear the up side of growing up in a military family as well–that feeling of being a citizen of the world. Very Uranian altogether. You’d never lose that benefit, no matter how much you nourished your root chakra. Donna

    • To Kate Your posting is very interesting, and enlightening for folks who do a lot of moving around, especially when young, and then feeling the “itch” to keep on moving later on in life. I think that in your relocated DC chart, having natal Sun square ASC could be a big bonus for you, depending on how you feel about being a center of attention in your personal relationships.

      In my relocated chart, natal Sun is within 4 degrees of square to ASC, and I’ve had experinces where strong male figures, even highly prominent ones, have been a beneficial influence in my personal interests and goals, and very protective or even paternal to me. Sometimes squares do bring very positive influences into one’s life, but we can become so overly concerned about the challenges they present that we miss out on the benefits.

      I’ll bet you have several male friends who think very highly of you, and want to keep you close to them because you radiate warmth, vitality and an honorable presence. Shine on! Meleanna

  5. Great article, Donna! And timely since I am getting ready to relocate from Detroit to San Francisco! I already take the flower essences and recently added Blackberry to help manifest this move.

    I laughed when I saw you say don’t move unless you have aspects to the moon, IC or 4th house planets. I have t-Pluto conjunct 4th house Mars. Of course this means t-Saturn is squaring 4th house Mars which may not be so good for a move right now. I also have t-Mars conjunct n-moon, and my progressed moon is about to cross my IC about the time t-Mars direct will conjoin n-moon again. And as for my 4th house ruler, Jupiter, he is receiving sextile from t-Uranus. Oh, and t-Jupiter is soon to cross my horizon and square my IC, too. So I have lots of moving transits! Most of them are positive but the Saturn-Uranus opposition plus the square to Pluto shows there are some challenges to work through, too!

  6. Hi Donna and Meleanna,

    Donna – you said :
    “I’d say that must have been disruptive to your root chakra–the part of the aura that concerns issues around having a sense of rootedness, belonging, and being grounded. ”

    It was extremely disruptive – and I don’t think my root chakra has healed yet. Thank you for the suggestion to focus on it – I have no sense of belong or rootedness – but I do get along very well with people from other countries who are here and don’t entirely fit in as well. There is an upside to the military – it was fully integrated in the 50’s and they would not tolerate a lot of what went on in civilian life – brats have a hard time seeing “color” though we do have a sense of heirarchy.
    there are lots of stories posted by brats – most positive – but with the same wistful sense of never finding home that I have. There is even a post by me and I am sure you will figure out which one when I tell you I am scots descent – I will try the walnut and let you know how it works. I will say the benefit of moving is you give other people and places the benefit of the doubt. Thanks again on the insight – I am going to pull out a yoga book I have and focus on what I need to do to try to heal it. They call us “Third Culture Kids” – Embassy kids have the same issues – and kids who moved a lot due to parental career or lived overseas part of the time have the same issue. We don’t belong to the home culture, and we don’t belong to the culture we are in (either overseas or living on a mililtary base) – but we are a blend of the two – and become a third thing. I think it is part of a culture shift going on –

    Meleanna – thanks so much for your post. You are right – I do have several male friends here who want to help me and who have been very good to me. I tried to leave last year (yes….moving again) and everyone got upset and put a stop to it (or tried to). I still think of moving a lot – but am trying to stay put…internal back and forth. Your post helped a lot – and thanks for putting a positive spin on that – Everything I read out on the net on that aspect – not so good.

    I hope you all have a good evening


    • Thank you for sharing more about the experience of a military kid, Kate. I am endlessly curious about the life experiences of people whose background or experience is very different from mine. If I’d met you elsewhere, I would have “grilled” you about what it was like, but you’ve given me so much to muse about. Donna

  7. Thanks Donna. I think there is this hidden subculture that has formed from this, but it is not a bad thing. Most of us that came up that way tend to be open and compassionate, even if we are a bit ungrounded and wounded. It is a paradox. I love your blog – thanks again.


  8. People have always had to pick up roots, but I am not sure it’s ever been with the frequency or scale we’ve seen in the past 120 years!

  9. Hi, Donna. Thanks for this post. I was also raised in the military and lived twelve places by the time I was eighteen.

    Lately, with transiting Uranus squaring my Moon, I moved from New York to Georgia in Nov 08, Georgia to Rhode Island in Dec 09, and now I’m moving to Texas in May! And during that time I spent three extended stays in London, nannying my first grandchild. A psychic told me I would be living my life like on a cruise ship – going from port to port and enjoying the cruise.

    I find that Rescue Remedy works during moves for all concerned, including cats and dogs.

    • With that transiting Uranus square I’d have to concur, there can be several moves, but I always sense an underlying healing purpose to them. Or God’s plan at work. Donna

  10. Would love some recommendations for astrologers who are especially skilled in relocations/astrocartography. Thanks!

    • There’s a list of certified practitioners at I’ve been hearing that the site is sometimes down, so I will write to her. Donna

      • Thanks Donna – I am still looking for someone and found this site today. Do you recommend anyone in particular from continuum?


      • Lots of good people on the list, Kelley, and I don’t know who would suit you best. I’d recommend that you zero in on the ones with websites (links on the list)–and also check the list by state to see if any are near you. Visit the websites and also have a look at the library of articles on Continuum as well, because that might help you pick one. Donna

  11. Donna, I have a couple of questions. First, what method is used to determine whether a certain city would be a good place to live?

    Second, what chart factors indicate a move for the individual?

  12. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for your astrocartography articles. They are incredibly helpful.

    ” Don’t move when nothing is happening to your Moon, IC, or fourth house planets, or when Neptune or Saturn is aspecting them. If you do, you could just sit and spin your wheels for a costly year or two.”

    Would you include a transit to the ascendant/descendant in this group?

    • Not as much, Sophia. It’s more that transits to the MC, even the relocated one, can signify career developments, and the IC represents our residence. Incidentally, you can find a library of more than 50 articles on relocation at Donna

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