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How Strong is your Saturn? Here’s the Score!

Saturn, Skywriter, Donna Cunningham

©2-27-2010, revised 1/2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Would you be considered a Saturnian type?  You would if Saturn, the sign Capricorn, and the 10th house are strong in your birth chart. Below is a test to give these chart features a score and then a description of what a strong Saturn says about you. 

This test is one of a series of similar tests for the outer planets. It assigns point values to various chart features. (In order to find them, you’ll need to be at least an intermediate student or know one who can do it for you.) In each category used, add the total score of all the factors that apply to that item, and write the total on the blank. Then add all the items up to find out how your Saturn ranks.

Here are the orbs I use for aspects: 8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for the minor aspects like sextiles, semisextiles, semisquares, quintiles, and sesquiquadrates. The only exception would be a conjunction to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin system, that is 10°.

Here’s the test:

____ Saturn conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.

____ Saturn conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each.

____ Saturn in minor aspect to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other planets, 2 points each.

____ Sun, Moon, or Midheaven in Capricorn, 5 points each. Ascendant (chart ruler) 10 points.

_____BONUS: Saturn in the 10th (not conjunct the Midheaven) or in Capricorn, 5 points each.

____ Other planets in Capricorn, 3 points each.

____ Sun or Moon in the 10th house or within 10° of the Midheaven, even in the 9th, 5 points each.

____ Other planets in the 10th house, or within 10° of the Midheaven, even in the 9th, 3 points each.

____BONUS: Part of a major configuration like a stellium, T-square, or Grand Trine, 5.

____ Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider important, such as Saturn aspects to the nodes or having a Node or Part of Fortune in Capricorn or the 10th. Specify.

____Total. 0-15 low, 16-25 moderate. 26-40 strong. Over 40, off the charts—check your pulse!

 Interpreting your Scores—ARE you a Saturnian?

Saturn, Skywriter, Donna CunninghamSaturn Issues: Structure, discipline, desire for quality and accomplishment, maturity, age, passage of time, authority, perseverance, self-discipline, realism, accountability, learning from experience, ability to face and deal with reality, establishing limits/boundaries, raising the bar, standards, taking responsibility.

Worldly matters associated with Saturn and Capricorn: professions, career, big business, corporate sector, executives, bosses and our attitudes toward them, status, expectations and attitudes about success, conservative political eras, depressions and eras of contraction, crackdowns, cutbacks, reality checks.

Examples of Saturnian occupations: Chief Executive Officer, president, administrator or supervisor, urban planner, historian, archeologist, judge, disciplinarian, geologist, builder/architect, gerontologist, orthopedist, safety inspector.

No written interpretation can fully interpret your individual chart, but briefly here are some qualities you might find in someone who has a strong Saturn vs. one with few supporting chart features.  (You’ll find sources of more detailed interpretations below.)

Saturn, Skywriter, Donna Cunningham If you had a high score, you may be an over-achiever in the matters of Saturn–and probably just about everything else.  You probably are a steady, stable, reliable worker, and a comfort to your elderly parents.

What would it be like if you were TOOOOO Saturnian?  You’d be rigid, stodgy, perfectionistic, conservative, hypercritical, authoritarian; fearful, depressed and probably workaholic, and you probably wouldn’t be wasting your time on something as frivolous as this.

If you had a low score, you may be under-achiever in the matters of Saturn: What would you be like if you weren’t Saturnian enough? You’d lack self-discipline structure and planning; you might be irresponsible, immature and give up easily and have no solid long-term goals.

On the positive side, you’re probably flexible and easy going.  Until you’re challenged by Saturn transits—like the Pluto-Uranus-Saturn cardinal t-square of 2010-12, you might not give a rat’s behind about success, making a mark on the world, or your old age.

So, folks, how did you do?  Were the test results accurate about you and your loved ones? This is a new and simplified version of some older tests, so you’re my beta testers.  Tell me how it went in the comments section.

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Finding out More about Saturn

To Read more about Saturn: Several of my ebooks at contain chapters about Saturn, and you get a $15 discount when you order three at once:

  •  There are separate chapters about Venus-Saturn and Mars-Saturn aspects in Outer Planet Aspects to Venus and Mars. (The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.2)
  • Aspects between the Outer Planets: (The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3) has chapters devoted to Pluto-Saturn and Uranus-Saturn aspects.
  •  My classic text, An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness, completely updated in 2004, contains a long chapter about Saturn.

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About the Author:  Donna Cunningham is an internationally-respected author of books, articles, and columns about astrology, flower essences and other metaphysical topics. Her insights reflect her dual background in astrology and psychotherapy. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University and over 40 years of experience in working with people. Her ebooks can be found at Moon Maven Publications ( Visit her blog at

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Art Credits:  That would be me, in a rare moment of artistic flair.  I tweaked abd retweaked a photo of the four seasons of Saturn from the Astronomy Picture of the Day.


  1. 18 points. I think I can live with that. I have perseverance and stubborness in spades, and these are useful qualities in my book. It works as a nice counterweight to my otherwise very happy-go-lucky Jupiter (very strong).
    Saturn is a focal planet in a Yod – does that give extra points? Also Saturn is a co-ruler to Aquarius, no points for that?
    Will you do one for the Jupiterians as well?

    • Nope. Nope. And nope. (Smiley face). But yes, there ought to be perseverence points. At a puny 14 points and in flighty Gemini to boot, I don’t have that strong of a Saturn either, Natalie, but my Plutonian perseverence–some might call it obsessiveness–gets me through a lot of demanding endeavors like writing a book. Donna

      • Aw, that’s no fun. I would have scored at an olympic level with Jupiter – well over 60! Pluto is way stronger than Saturn in my chart, so perhaps what I think is Saturn, really is Pluto. Not that it matter. A stong Saturn or Pluto still produces a workaholic …

      • Yeah, Natalie, but in my experience, a person with a strong Pluto has a lot more fun in terms of a love life–at least until the person with the strong Saturn makes that first million. Donna, thankfully older and wiser

      • I agree totally, but when the Saturnian makes the million, we’ll just get even, right?

      • LOL! Have no doubt about it. Donna

  2. I have 42 points.

  3. damn. 47
    I have a “very strong” everything. that can’t be good. a ship with so many captains can’t float for too long, can it?

    • Not unless they all agree to row, Chris. But if you have high scores on the 3 tests so far–Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn–that qualifies you as being what is called an Outer Planet Person. And such people really begin to hit their stride with the midlife series of aspects of transiting Pluto square natal Pluto, tr Uranus opposite n Uranus, and tr Saturn opp n. Saturn. Read up on that, if you’re not familiar. Donna

      • thank you. I will look those up

      • Wow, that Outer Planet Person thing makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks!

  4. Donna, I love these “planet” tests you give. Thank you so much! I scored 30. Saturn is in my 11th house in Scorpio. Square Pluto and Sun, trine Mars, Venus and Uranus. My friends are a handful and almost always much older than I am.

    I work better self-employed and I have the tenacity and self-discipline to be my own best boss:) Depression used to be a serious, long-term issue for me. Then I evolved and got anxiety/fear issues.

    Since my Daddy died last October when Saturn left Virgo, my Sun sign, I have changed internally on a miraculous level. My anxiety switch is virtually non-existent now (thanks also for your info on Bach Remedy’s). I’m finally feeling mature and content. I intrepret that to mean that Saturn has been a tough taskmaster but I’ve applied myself and moved to the head of the class:)!ha!

    • That’s a interesting point you bring up, Trishia. Saturn does represent our authority figures, especially parents, and the death of a parent can bring grief, of course, but it also can herald a major shift in how we handle our Saturn issues, usually for the better over time. Donna

  5. I scored an 18. I have Saturn in Capricorn at 29 degrees Capricorn (which I know is a gateway degree). This Saturn is reversed. It lives in my sixth house, and Saturn is Trine my Sun. My sun is at 25degrees Taurus and lives in the 10th house. My dad has Saturn in Capricorn at 28 degrees, reversed also, and kind to his Virgo Sun. My uncle has Sun at 29degrees Capricorn, and this is dad’s brother.

    It is a family thing, we work our rear-ends off, and we are pretty decent folks. Scots-Irish and I am convinced a lot of this is ancestral. I am a project manager and an engineer with pretensions of being an artist and a writer. I set goals and see things through, and I try to be responsible and kind. To be honest, I feel better about myself in my 40’s than I ever did in my 20’s, and I started feeling a lot better about Saturn when I quit projecting it all over everyone, and started owning it in myself.

  6. 33 – square Sun, trine Moon and Ascendant. Mars in 10th. Extra points for Saturn being on the 5th house cusp? 😉

  7. Hi Donna – Love these quizzes! I only scored 21, which kind of surprised me since being responsible has been such a big theme in my life. I guess I should be grateful; I wouldn’t want to risk overloading my circuits — with Pluto/Uranus energies being so high.

    For twenty years, I managed an office where everyone depended on me – likewise, in my personal life, I was responsible for providing for the care of both elderly parents until their deaths. Of course, I do have my natal Saturn in the 4th, and transiting Pluto just finished pounding me there. And my Saturn does sit right in the middle of my Moon and Mercury, forming an exact semisquare to both – but I didn’t count that.

    I must admit though, I’ve never been overly concerned with prestige or “success” in the traditional sense; my Virgo Ascendant would much rather feel appreciated and valued for a job well done. If my efforts happen to bring me recognition and success – well, that’s just icing on the cake. Sometimes I think I could use a little more motivation in that area.

    Oops – forgot to count my Mars in the 9th (8 degrees from my Midhaven). This brings my score to 24.

    • LB, it sounds like you’ve underscored yourself, because the patterns you describe are Saturnian. I’d definitely count those semiquares to your Moon and Mercury. Donna

      • Okay Donna – I think you’re right, I did overlook some minor aspect. I recounted and this time included the semisquares (at 2 pts. each), which brought my total up to 30. I think my 4th house Saturn placement has been a strong influence in my life, making me super responsible, but also holding me back at times.

  8. Mine was pretty low until I added 10 pts for an out-of-sign Sun-Saturn square. That bumped it up to 30.

    Thing is my Uranus & Pluto scores were much higher & about equal. What this has translated into is a pattern of being a steady, reliable worker & partner for 2 1/2 yrs intervals. Yup, about the length of time it takes for Saturn to move through a sign. 🙂

    The exception being once I got married close to 20 yrs ago, I’ve been very married. That may have to do with his Saturn conjoined my Moon plus a number of other strong Saturn aspects in our synastry.

    Otherwise I do enough to show I can (Saturn), then move on to something new (Uranus).

    Love this series, Donna! I know I’ve learned a lot about my natal chart in the process. I’m a typical astrologer when it comes to my own chart – lack perspective and miss obvious stuff. LOL

    thanks! diane~

    • Easy to do, Diane. Since starting my series on aspects for TMA, I’ve discovered aspects in my chart that I never dreamed existed, after over 40 years of study. Donna

  9. I score 20.
    Saturn square MC
    MC in Capricorn
    Sun in 10 (on cusp 11)

    I thought my unaspected (to planets) Saturn would provide me with a low score, but it didn’t. Although unaspected, and in 12, and intercepted, I feel a big influence of Saturn/Capricorn througout my life. Lots of fear, few ambitions, lack of discipline and at the same time, lots of discipline. Structure??? What’s that? Oh geez, that’s what I have to create in my work to feel comfortable. Always judging and absolutely no concessions towards quality. My occupation? Software/Application tester.

    • What you describe is very typical of Saturn square MC, especially a Capricorn MC. Thanks for sharing this illustration with us, Marcel. Donna

  10. I score 12. Saturn is in 12, too boot. So I am not very Saturnian. Much more Uranian, PLutonian and Neptunian, am I

  11. Oh I scored a 40. Good thing I only have high scores for Pluto and Saturn, which makes me a stern, mysterious, vengeful workaholic? LOL Thank goodness Uranus is modest in my chart, although the Aquarius sun contrariness really showed up during my rebellious teenage years…hmm and much of my 20’s as well.

    I never really had a strong saturn figure in my life, so it became a force I had to generate from within myself…boy that was not a happy lesson. Whats interesting though is now that I am fully in my Saturn return, everything has been great! My Saturn return, dooms day predicting friend is very confused and somewhat disappointed that I’m not experiencing astrological stern daddy trauma. Rather I feel as though I’ve gone 360 and have rediscovered some long lost sides of myself. Saturn can be a real pain, but if you are honest with yourself and work through it the rewards are great…I would say for me its contentment.

    Thanks again Donna for a great post!

    • The Saturn return has a bad press, Inaness, but really can be a coming of age. It sounds like you and Saturn are making friends. Donna

  12. Wow, I got 35. But I feel this might be inflated by counting some weak (large orb) aspects, and some really minor aspects like septiles. But that still wouldn’t take me down more than maybe 4 points. It’s the sun and moon in the 10th, plus merc conjunct midheaven that really rack up the points. But oddly enough, I have no planets in Capricorn.

    Yeah, I probably deserve a high Saturn score, people have accused me of being a workaholic and too inflexible and serious about things generally.

  13. Thank You, Donna Cunningham Your Site and Insights are Superb !!!!

    Great 49 !!!

    I am a Plutonian an Uranian a Saturnian !!!

    I hope i can keep directing all this Energy and making it easy to understand to other people by giving good things, creating, focusing, etc. !!!

  14. Wowee! I’m a newbie both to your newsletter and to astrology, but I think, if I have done the calculations correctly I scored 41 points!
    I’m a gemini with gemini rising and have always felt quite ungeminian like – I’m quite serious and studious and some of the ‘flighty’ characteristics of gemini do not sit well with me (although my mind is ever on the run and I love to communicate lots of unrelated ideas!)

    I have always felt very responsible and ‘old beyond my years’. I had fun as a kid, but there was always a serious side to me. And now, as I’m getting older I really have to remember to laugh :/

    I feel my Dad was / still is, totally emotional unavailable to me; would this be part of it? Also, being the Grand master of fear, anxiety and depression I feel much of this has been learned from him.

    I feel I have workaholic tendencies and a need to be perfect (sigh). I also recognise the depressive, fearful qualities you talk about. But I have self discipline which I think is a good thing.

    How to lighten up I wonder when Saturn is sittin’ on my ascendant in my first house drumming his fingers all day long ….

    • Interesting, India. A planet conjunct the Ascendant will always override the Ascendant sign and make you more like the sign that planet rules. So you might as well be Cap Rising. Donna

      • Wow, this is fascinating!!

        When I look at my chart – ascendant is 6 gem,
        Saturn (in my first house) is 9 gem and
        sun (in 12th house) is 3 gem.

        So I seem to have 2 signs conjunct my ascendent? Is that right, or does the sign need to be bang on for it to be a conjunction?

      • A conjunction to the Ascendant or Midheaven is within 10 degrees, even if it’s in the 12th for the Ascendant or the 9th for the Midheaven. It means that in your case the Sun-Saturn conjunction dominates your presentation to the world, making you right out there and obvious with the Saturn, but less comfortably showing your Sun. The world sees you as Sun-Saturn not so much Gemini. Donna

      • makes so much sense! Thank you for your time and energy on this 🙂

      • Very interesting re a planet conjunct the asc. Is this true for the midheaven or other chart phenomena?

      • A planet conjunct the Midheaven (even in the 9th) is a very powerful signature, and can represent the experience with a parent or other authority figure, and also a signature of your career accomplishments or how you are regarded by the public as a whole. In the research by Francoise and Michel Gauquelin, planets on that angle were what distinguished notables in a variety of fields. Donna

  15. Aloha Donna I scored 40 on your Saturn test, and a mere 25 on Uranus test. These tests are great and quite fun to take! In my younger years, I looked and acted much older, worked very hard, kept my nose to the grindstone, and sometimes over-diciplined myself. Family and friends nicknamed me “the provider”, because whatever they needed, I provided! Well heck with that now, because I’m in my 70’s and look and feel younger, and much more playful. Although I still worry a lot, it’s mostly about whether my knees will hold up while dancing the Hula and fun stuff like that. I think my Uranus is gaining more strength in my senior years. Meleanna

  16. I got 20. No credit at all for my stellium with Saturn in the middle of it. I was a rather saturnian child, very obedient and I can be timid. And I’m good to my elderly parents 🙂

  17. 53. Yay, Saturn. I have a T-square involving the Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Pluto, and they linger close to the angles. Got a 40 on the Pluto test. Well, here goes. Hope I calculated right.

    Sat opp Sun: 10
    Sat sq Moon: 10
    Sat sq ASC: 10
    Sat conj Pluto: 5
    Sat sext Nep: 2
    Sun in 10th: 5
    Sun conj MC (8 degs): 5
    Mars in 10th: 3
    Mercury in 10th: 3

    • Big time Saturn, Rose! So far you’re about the highest score. I guess the Saturnians have better things to do than hang out with the likes of us. Those long to-do lists don’t stop on weekends, you know. Donna

      • Jesus… my score is 68… didn’t expect that, my ascendant in gemini fooled me alot .

      • Probably fooled a lot of other people too–Gemini can seem more lighthearted and less serious than that. Donna

  18. I scored 34 as Saturn is my ruler. I have the sun, mercury, Asc and Saturn in Capricorn.
    I am not a workaholic I have no mountain to climb I have spent a lot of my life trying to figure out Saturn. I came to the conclusion with Mercury conjunct saturn in the 12 does not help with ambition or automony. I will never forget a description I once read for the goat and that was there are two types…….the mountain climber and the domestic one that is tied to a post and goes round and round in circles……..hmmm
    one last note I do have the moon aries squaring those planets…….

    • Yes, I’d say that having it in the 12th does not incline one to worldly ambitions. At some time, you may become very disciplined in some form of spiritual practice, such as yoga. Donna

      • Thank you Donna for your reply. I am now of the age at 51 and still none the wiser lol however with transiting Pluto conjunct saturn and mercury in the 12th trining pluto in the 7th and saturn in the 8th squaring saturn and mercury I hope am I right in thinking that by the time Pluto crosses my ascendant I will be on the right path for the rest of my life

      • You’re deep into an exploration of the 12th house for sure, Keri! I’m actually quite comfortable and happy in my 12th house Sun, but you’re right in saying it’s a lifetime work to get to know how to use those planets. Donna

  19. 39 points, but my Saturn itself is Rx. is this a lessening factor?

    😉 – I am someone who feels 100% is much too low a percent to give.

  20. My Saturn score is 56 points. Uranus score is 54 and Pluto scored 50. And I’ve always kind of ignored my Saturn because, well, it’s Saturn AND at the very bottom of my chart. I’ve given more attention to my Uranus/Pluto/midheaven conjunction. And all this time my Saturn was kicking their butts! Who knew! Cool tests, by the way.

    • 160 points total on the three tests? You may very well be the Grand Champion! Seriously, I MIGHT be holding a contest for highest total score on the three planets in the Cardinal t-square during the International Astrology Day Blogathon, MaRCH 19-21, and you’d surely be in the running. Keep an eye out that weekend. The prize is a trio of my ebooks. (And first runner up gets a pass off the wheel of incarnation for the next round.) Donna

      • Thanks, Donna.
        I’d love to read more of your work.
        I noticed people talking about Saturn people looking younger. I do look younger than my age but figured it was due to my Venus/Mars conjunct my Sag ascendant.
        My Uranus/Pluto conjunct Virgo midheaven has caused me lots of problems with insecure bosses over the years (at least that’s what my astrologers have attributed it to). Although it seems to be getting better as I get older.
        My Saturn in Pisces on the IC seems to draw all kinds of mixed-up, depressed people who show up wanting a shoulder to cry on. I listen and try to give them the best advice, but they never seem to take it. I just shake my head and wonder why they can’t see their mistakes and stop repeating them.
        I have Neptune conjunct Mercury in 12th house Scorpio. Can’t wait to take your Neptune test! I wonder if anyone out there has high scores in all 4 planets. Now that would be something!

      • Well, the odd thing, at least for a Venus-Saturn person, is that we look too old for our age when we are young, eg in our teens, but then we seem very youthful as we hit the 40s and onward. Donna

  21. I love these tests, but yikes. I think 53? (low pluto and uranus) All of the Saturn issues definitely resonate with me. In the area of learning lessons, I may have compassion w/ self and others, but there is definite detachment and not as much real sympathy. I manage not to think of it as apathy b/c when people are thrust into difficult situations unjustly (to me), I will be very engaged and sympathetic.

    While generally very, very laid back, in the 5% of situations where this is not the case, I can be rigid and unfortunately imperious.

    Relationships are where I worry about this darn Saturn force and I’d love to hear thoughts about this. Mine have all been full of vital lessons in terms of necessary reorientations in life. Magic in that way, things I could not possibly ask for or expect. But, none I could fairly characterize as joyful, thrilling, etc. for any extended period of time … yet! 🙂

    • It sounds like Uranus is mixed in with the picture. To understand the relationship patterns you’re describing, I’d have to look at the whole chart to see how Saturn ties in with Venus or the 7th house or its ruler, but I’m retired from doing charts in order to focus on writing. Donna

      • Well, you are doing a great job with writing and that is enough for me. I love your grounded approach – helps me continue with this astrology interest, when at first I was pretty surprised (with some subdued concern) to be so drawn to this! Thank you for pointing me to Venus and the 7th. Saturn in libra is trine venus in aquarius, 7th house contains retrograte jupiter in scorpio. I’ve become a bit more aquainted with the venus, but the jupiter and 7th have been pretty fuzzy – I can’t see it. Perhaps time for me to look more closely.

      • A 7th house Jupiter (plus Saturn in Libra) doesn’t only refer to a marriage partner, it can refer to a teacher/mentor or other kind of partnership, such as a business partner or agent. Donna

  22. 45. Saturn rising–
    Like Meleanna I feel I began life Saturnian and continue to get younger…

  23. Yea, I would agree with Meleanna as well. Numerically I am aging, but spiritually I’m getting more youthful. Sometimes it feel like I’m suspended in a certain time frame while others grow older around me. Wondering if other Saturians feel this way as well?

  24. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for another great test and your ongoing enlightenment. I scored a 30 for Saturn, but because I have Saturn in Capricorn in the 1st house I’ve been told I come across very Capricornian/Saturnian.

    Typical Saturnian profile: Oldest child, overly responsible at an early age, looking younger now that I’m older, government job yada yada.

    Luckily my high Uranian score keeps them guessing and the unpredictability quotient means I won’t be in the same job or situation for longer than about 3-4 years. Even more so now that Pluto is conjunct my natal Saturn and I’m digging in to make some changes. Saturn is also conjunct my North Node so reviewing and realigning with my true direction.


  25. 41 points. My Saturn is also stationary direct in the tenth house, which may boost my score. I have enjoyed these quizzes and explanations. I was 33 on Pluto and more than that on Uranus. My wife is 55 on Pluto, which was surprising to me. She has a lot of Pisces planets in the twelfth house, so maybe the Pluto is like a backstop on a baseball diamond and just catches pitches that are wide of the plate.

  26. I have a Saturn score of 12. I am much more Uranian, Neptunian and Plutonian than Saturnian.
    My Saturn is in 12, making the energy even more obscure for me.

  27. Donna,
    Thanks for the article. As usual, your writing touched me and made me think (two of my favorite things!). I score really high on the Saturnian scale (Saturn opposition Asc, Venus & Mars; trine Moon; square my Capricorn Midheaven; and sextile Pluto) but I don’t think my life reflects those Saturnian traits as much as one would expect perhaps in part due to Saturn also being conjunct Neptune at the end of my sixth house, my Sun at 0 degrees Aries being in my 12, and Mercury in Pisces also in my 12th House and conjunct my Sun.

    As I look back on my life it appears to me that my Saturn and Neptune have frequently been at war with each other and my life has reflected that through periods of intense industry&responsibility alternating with periods when I reatreated from the harshness and ugliness of the world in a variety of ways (some healthy, many distinctly unhealthy).

    One of my goals in the coming years is to achieve balance between these energies rather than fluctuating so violently between the two…by the way, they are in Libra:)

    Thanks so much for your writings,

    lea aka creeping cynicism

    • Yes, Lea, a conjunction like Neptune to Saturn can vastly alter the nature of that planet. However, I do have a friend with that conjunction in the 1st square the Midheaven, and she devotes her entire life to volunteering in homeless programs, even won a prestigious award for her service. I guess I ought to do her scores! Donna

      • Sounds like she’s found a great way to unite the energies~that’s my goal!

        Thanks, Donna.

  28. 33 points. Very accurate in terms of hyper responsible, hard-working, former executive. Not stodgy (Sun in Aquarius trine Uranus which is conjunct ASC!!) but more conservative than people think I am – my hippie lesbian persona makes people think i’m an “anything goes” type of gal – SO not true.

    I’m good at business and enjoy it, which surprises my left-liberal friends.

    I love these tests, Donna – they’re fun and thought provoking. Want to read all the comments but my Saturnian sensibility tells me it’s time for bed so I’ll have to come back tomorrow!

  29. 44 and I did not count the Scorpio Saturn – SN cnj that is kind of important if we admit the significance of the nodes. Either way, I have no worries about my Saturn!
    I know that all that ‘goat climbing the mountain’ is nice and interesting but I can’t help ‘tasting’ the reality. And a Saturnian reality (maybe it is a pleonasm) is not fun from what I can tell(and it is no life): it sucks the life out of you, isolates you in the middle of people, usually buys love and everything connected with feelings.
    And say what you will but finding love at 80 years old after a grueling life is not that fun either, being rich when you have blatter control issues – not nice, … to be continued.
    I saw “Twilight” yesterday and the idea occured to me that Saturnians are similar to vampires: cold, souless (indeed, “at least untill they make their first million” – then they probably buy a soul from somewhere!)
    No offense, I am a saturnian myself, I try to be honest, to avoid projecting – 7th Saturn!

  30. 32… i’m learning to embrace the fierce battle waging btwn flexibility & rigidity. my saturn is 28*51 pisces (retrograde) conjunct chiron, also square my out-of-bounds moon in gemini. midheaven makes a midpoint btwn moon and mars conjunct jupiter in cancer in the 10th, venus & mercury are in the 10th as well. my uranus scored 20; 26 for pluto. just for fun i’m having a saturn opposition and finishing my uranus opposition while transiting saturn and uranus are doing their opposition (with that pluto square coming up for good measure.) i just came up for air after my neptune square – 5 hits on my my leo sun square neptune in scorpio which is sitting on my south node; and pluto just transited my moon square saturn (5 hits there, too) the neptune/chiron conjunction last week was exactly trine my moon. lucky for me, jupiter is trailing blessings right on through – the lessons of this saturn return-into-opposition have been brutal but enlightening.

  31. Ouch..Owwwwie…..strong Saturn (45)…strong Pluto ( +)… driven….both on the IC opposite MC w/ Aquarius on MC…….This is why Neptunian folks drive me up a wall…..
    Nice blog as always.

    Molly K.

    • Keep track of your scores, Molly. You may be in the running for a prize at the Blogathon in a contest to find the highest total scores for Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto combined. Donna

  32. I got 58 and already knew I was Saturnian!

    If you add north node in Cap plus south node in the 10th I might get extra points, plus I think a couple of planets in Aquarius, traditionally ruled by Saturn, would bump it up even more. But 58 is plenty so I’ll stick with that!


    • Yup, Nikki, 58 is about all the Saturn a person would ever need. It would take me three lifetimes to round up that much Saturn–maybe one reason I’ve had so many! Donna

  33. Hi Donna

    I was horrifed to score 55points and also to be able to say ‘yes’ to all the characteristics of being ‘TOOOO Saturnian’. However I did not consider your qestionnaire to be a waste of time or too frivolous. It was great and made me think that just maybe I should lighten up! Hard with Pluto sitting on my natal sun but I can try!

  34. 22! Somewhat low, but I did not count Ceres, Pallas, and Vesta in Capricorn. Not to mention Capricorn is intercepted in my chart. Since my progressed ascendent is in Capricorn, I have my karmic work cut out for me.

  35. Hi,

    I have strong everything (Saturn, Uranus and Pluto) as Chris mentioned above…I am quite discipline person, but maybe my Moon in Sagittarius makes me a bit flexible…I don’t know. About Saturn-Venus (I have conjunction in my 5th), I though my young mind and outlook is because of my Virgo Asc and Gemini MC has something to with it.

    • Hi, Hilton, you’re another cadidate for an outer planet scoring prize. Watch for the contest in mid-march. Donna

      • Hi Donna,

        after several misfortunes during past years, prizes are more than welcome :). Thank you for your kind words. Hilton

  36. I’ve got to be in the running for the outer planet scores, not sure if that’s a good thing! Both Saturn and Uranus in the upper 50’s plus Pluto in the 30’s if I remember correctly.

    I also have an exact Saturn-Venus trine and never correlated that to looking younger, I’m anther Virgo rising so I always chalked it up to that!

  37. My “42 points” Saturn is on my MC in Gemini making a square to my Asc and still in my 37.5 I don’t know what to do with it. Especially if to talk about ambitions. I can not find any ambitions in myself.
    Additionaly it conjoins my Venus and makes me unhappy in love…
    Donna, have you any advise, please?

    • HI, Deilf, we have some similarities because I also have Saturn in Gemini conjunct Venus. Saturn in Gemini tends not to have long-term career goals to stick with because every couple of years a new career interest or direction comes up, and so we accumulate a variety of skills. Over time, that can be an asset, because we can diversify in difficult times like these. Donna

  38. Saturn score 37. Uranus was 47 with Pluto rounding things out at 50. Everything would be lowered by3 points if Chiron is not factored in.
    It’s funny, just today someone I had not seen in awhile said to me “you look younger every time I see you”. Another Virgo rising here with an Aries Sun so I thought it may be attributed to that. Wow, learning something new everyday and I love that! 5th house Capricorn cusp?

    Once I set my mind to doing something, I usually stop at nothing to get it accomplished. Even if that means going around, through, under, over but always using above ground methods. Got one too many knocks upside the head to know what goes around comes around to be doing any underhanded stuff . Loved jazz music as a kid and being around older people. On the one hand I’m conservative but on the other I find some traditions utterly stupid and I have zero interest in having power over someone. That creates dependency which interferes with my freedom. I guess what I don’t do is, throw the baby out with the bathwater just for the hell of changing something. It’s gotta make sense and solve the problem for good or at least a very long time before I make a move on it. I hate doing things just for makework purposes, doing them over because it was not done right the first time or my real pet peeve, because someone was immature and careless in their actions.

    • msfullroller — “I hate doing things just for makework purposes, doing them over because it was not done right the first time or my real pet peeve, because someone was immature and careless in their actions.”

      Your words could’ve come from my own mouth, and I would add to that my frustration with people who are clearly incompetent in performing their duties, generally because their talents lie elsewhere. When people don’t do their jobs well, the after effects can be more than just an annoyance, they can cause real harm. I also have a Virgo Ascendant (conjunct Pluto), with my Sun in Libra; Saturn score 30, Pluto 40, Uranus 42. I attributed my attitudes to Chiron in the 6th opposite Uranus in the 12th, with a bit of Virgo thrown in for good measure. LB

  39. I only had 8 pts on the Pluto test but 59 on the Saturn…definitely confirm a sense of being driven to succeed at my life’s work, which is unconventional and to which I take an unconventional approach. With Saturn in 1 degree Cancer conjunct 27 deg Gemini MH and Mercury, Sun and Venus all conjunct in early Cancer (5, 7, 8 degrees respectively) and conjunct Saturn there have also been issues with parents and authority figures, esp male, in general. But there is definite sense of life purpose and a calling which helps to lift the whole picture out of the mundane…esp with Neptune at 1 deg Libra conj 27 Virgo ascendant square the 10th house stellium. intense karmic payload.

    • Interesting mix, K. What the square to Saturn from a Neptune conjunct Asc does is to dilute that Saturn just a bit, or taken from the other side, that much Saturn might be needed to ground such a strong Neptune/Asc conjunction. Donna

  40. Heya… just found your blog and was doing the Saturnian test out of curiousity.

    Almost couldn’t believe I score 67 for the Saturnian. =O
    I can hardly imagine myself being someone successful or want to be someone in high position. Just wanna enjoy life. And I’m not organised at all nor I am perfectionistic, more like I get bored pretty easy.
    But I do take my job very seriously…

    Mercury in Pisces conjunct MC in 10th house, with Jupiter same sign in the 9th house. It’s T-square, with Gemini asc and Chiron opposite my moon, saturn and uranus in Sagittarius.
    Still don’t know what career I’m supposed to be in.

    Uranus 40, and Pluto 23. And can’t get away from Astrology… just wish to have the talent like you 😛

    • With that Mercury Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, you may be meant to work in the intuitive arts, maybe even teach or write about it. But you first need to study until you’re well-grounded. Donna

  41. Hi Donna!

    Thanks so much for these tests. So far I’ve scored Saturn: 33, Uranus: 40, and Pluto: 33.

    Interestingly enough, while I have Saturn/Pluto conjunct (they also have roughly the same score), their respective house ruler in my chart is Mercury with a Virgo MC and a Gemini 8th house. With regard to these tests, do you see a space for the influence of one’s natal house rulers?

    Mercury’s influence would definitely enhance the already strong Pluto/Saturn symbolism in my chart as it’s exactly conjunct my Sun and opposes BOTH Saturn & Pluto. Venus, the ruler of my 11th (Libra) also has a big impact on my chart so I’d imagine that I’d still have a dominant Uranian influence overall.

    I can relate to what many people experience of having a very sober childhood and gaining a greater sense of freedom later on. I imagine this is connected to how Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius. I was obsessed with rules and structure in childhood and overtime I’ve grown more critical of many of those which I’d adhere to so rigidly.

    Thank you for any feedback you may offer. I’ve got much to learn.

    Thank you, Icono

    • The conjunction blends the energies of the planets, so with Pluto and Saturn conjunct they are blended, and as they are opposite your Sun, it’s very much a part of who you are. I have a long chapter about Pluto-Saturn aspects in my book The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 3 (The Outer Planets in Aspect). There’s also an article about Pluto-Saturn natal aspects and how the current Pluto-Saturn square could affect them in the category A Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit at the right hand side of this blog.

      The tests are simplified and aren’t meant to replace chart interpretation. It’s just meant to give you a sense of what planets are a strong part of you. Donna

      • Thanks so much for the references, Donna. I’ve read quite a few of your books, and I do believe I’ve read that chapter you’re referring to, but it couldn’t hurt to look it over, again. 🙂

        I’ve read those blog entries you’ve mentioned … I’m quite a fan of your work.

        I apologize for the poorly worded question. I meant: do you think the influence of the natal house ruler can strengthen the influence of its respective natural house ruler, eg. can the Saturn of a Cap Asc strengthen the influence of the corresponding person’s Mars? In being more Saturnine, do they also become more Martian?


      • Only mildly Martian in a certain sense–by putting Capricorn on the first, the person is more out there about being Saturnian but not necessarily aggressively so. An actual planet in the 1st, especially conjunct the Ascendant, has more of a Martian thrust.

        Of all the sign/house equivalents, I find the Mars/1st equation the weakest. A 12th house planet is definitely Neptunian. Donna

  42. I did some other test that said Saturn is the strongest planet in my chart. My score here: 48.

    But the thing is, i’ve got serious trouble living a structured life…

  43. How could anyone who scored a 56 ignore their Saturn?! I only scored 45 and mine torments me! I may be an exceptional case though since my Saturn in Cancer is conjunct my Moon in the 3rd House opposite Venus & Mercury who are conjunct in yep Capricorn in the 9th… OUCH!

    Thanks for your sympathy! I enjoyed whining a minute.. 😉

  44. Hi Asraiya,

    I know what you’re talking about: i’ve also got Saturn in Cancer opposite Venus & Mercury conjunct in Capricorn. In my case Saturn is in the 1st, conjunct my Cancer ascendant. Ouch.

    Now i’m thinking: nothing i can do but start loving the old bastard.

  45. 25 points for Saturn- that’s about what I thought.

  46. 18. Not shabby. Work is work, but half of it feels like play to me.

  47. Certainly the Sun on my MC & Moon in Cancer are my strongest 2 planets but it’s convoluted by Mars on my AC & Neptune on my DC.. heh oh and then I left out that Jupiter conjunct Chiron form a double cardinal square with that Moon/Saturn opposite Venus/Mercury… I was Not fooling around when I planned this incarnation apparently 😉

    • oops that’s a double cardinal T square… only thing good about it is this T square we’re dealing with right now has Uranus trine to my 3rd house 🙂 I feel better! Just no more long term triple conjunctions on my Sun and I just may stabilize but it doesn’t seem likely lately since the illusion of money is disintegrating making it down right impossible to be “successful” if you no longer believe in the system… Thanks again for letting me astro-geek!

  48. 57. Six planets in the 10th & Saturn opposite them on the Nadir. I’m not “Saturnine” at all but I was until 20. Saturn is our soul & the gateway to the outer planets.

    • That’s a big score, Camilo. Saturn makes major aspects to its natal position about every 7 years, and if you started changing at 20, that would be the beginning of the 3rd quarter square to natal Saturn. Donna

      • That’s when Saturn crossed my Asc & began moving “down” my chart. Now it’s moving up again & I’m becoming more Saturnian again, at least I hope so. Btw, I like your positive take on Saturn. I really never thought of myself as a Saturn person until the last year. I have always thought I was more Uranian (Aquarius Rising, Mars trine Asc & conjunct Uranus) & Plutonian (Six planets in Scorpio & three others in the 8th), but your scorecard makes me a bit more Saturnian & that makes more sense. The strong Saturn balances me. Thanks for the great site. 🙂

      • Yes, Camilo, I do find that Saturn has both its assets and drawbacks, but we wouldn’t get anywhere or accomplish anything worthwhile without it. I’ve just had a lot more years to figure out what to do with it than you have! You’ll find lots of articles about Saturn on this blog–use the search engine at the top right hand side. Donna

  49. Hi… I am kind of new here and to astrology in general. So far I got a score of 50 for Pluto and 35 for Saturn. However I have a question… if Saturn is retrograde in your natal chart, how would that have an effect on the score? Also, Saturn is the “handle planet” in the bucket pattern. Would that be emphasized more than having Pluto conjunct with both the ascendant and the moon?

  50. Hi Donna,
    I just did the saturn test and I got a whopping 47! I am what you would call a “saturnian type”. However, I have an unafflicted saturn and it’s involved in a grand trine. I do not have loads of money, nor am I happy in my managerial position and I plan on leaving it soon. I think there are so many factors that go into each individual chart that scoring planets like this is inaccurate because I should be the Queen of the world according to this data (my saturn’s in Leo) :). Also, with my moon in Cap you would think I would be on the top of my game but it’s not the case. I just think every chart has to be looked at individually.

  51. Ok, scored 40 on this test, 44 Pluto and 38 Neptune. Not sure I’ll score especially high on Uranus but it’s next.

    I was with my mother and the hospice nurse when my father died here at home from metastasized prostate cancer. It was peaceful and beautiful. My daughters and I have lived in this one of my parent’s houses for a number of years since my divorce. Now it’s just my 76-yr-old Mom and me since younguns have all moved.

    My Saturn is conj Jupiter in 9th House Capricorn cusp (Capricorn/Cancer MC/IC axis, Aquarius and Leo intercepted in Koch). Both Saturn and Jupiter are opp Mars Rx in 3rd House Cancer cusp.

    Good show Donna! I love astrology! 😀

    • Amazing how things turn out when you’ve DONE THEM CORRECTLY. ;_;

      Saturn – 38
      Uranus – 13
      Neptune – 36
      Pluto – 31

      So I’m a boundary-less Saturnine. No wonder I’m so freakin’ conflicted. I’m gonna cry. How does one overcome something like this? I must come to terms with both of these things and now. I’ve got health problems that have now pinned me down in a house with no permission from a doctor to drive, disability retirement for income, no man, and no progress towards my goals.

      Poor Jupiter got counted 3 times: 7o conj, 10th House, and Capricorn.

      Maybe I’ll get lucky and Saturn will impose order on my Neptune. Ok, there’s the 2% inspiration. Now to figure out the work for the 98% perspiration.

      I’ve always been extremely grateful that I get off on hard work. It’s always been modeled and rewarded in my family. Hoping my daughters got it. So far, so good.

      Open for suggestions. 🙂

  52. I should say Thank You Donna, this service is so amazing and so selfless, it is truly a blessing. I have a question about moon square saturn in synastry. Would this combination make for a long lasting relationship or does it just depend on how much moon is willing to put up with? This is not a personal issue, just curiosity. I also wonder if it depends on how many contacts saturn makes in synastry charts that actually keeps people together. Is it harder to separate when there are 8 saturn contacts versus 2 saturn contacts? Or does it really depend on what planets are being contacted? And do people tend to stay together when the contacts are squares and opps or more often when they are harmonious?
    Thanks Donna

    • Sorry, Jen, that sounds like an article in itself! I’ll just answer the one question–tough aspects between Saturn and the Moon don’t necessary keep you from a long-lasting relationship, they just describe the types of conflict that make the relationship difficult. Donna

  53. LOL! well, thanks for the response. Maybe you could tell me what one aspect or planet aspected between synastry charts show absolutely that it will be a short term relationship or divorce?

    Thanks for all you do Donna!

    • Divorce cannot be predicted absolutely from chart comparison, I don’t believe. Uranus TRANSITS can suggest a separation IF the two parties cannot allow each other to breathe and grow as individuals, but again cannot predict it absolutely because the parties may opt to create a more Uranian type of relationship. Donna

  54. i scored a 50 for saturn, 33 for neptune, 26 for uranus, and 23 for pluto.. outer planet person indeed!

    thank you for your lovely website! 🙂

  55. btw, im getting my very first car tomorrow, SATURNday, and it is a *gasp* SATURN ion. whats the word for that, coincidence? fate? lol

    • That IS funny about the car. I’ve always had a good feeling about Saturn cars–one of my nieces sells them, and she says they are really well-made and durable. Donna

      • oh thats awesome to hear, (especially with the whole mercury retro thing going on, i dont let it get to me, but yeah..)

  56. My score for Saturn was 59 – the same as my Pluto score. Definitely have been workaholic, driven by work/ambition/succeeding in business/career . . . I had a major shift at my Pluto square Pluto transit . . . had to totally revise this emphasis and find another way. The positives of my Saturen include incredible ability to perservere and succeed at the “seemingly” impossible. Also the ability to manifest strongly in the material realm.

  57. What a pity I didn’t find this site earlier! I wouldn’t qualify for the “outer planet person” championship, since my Uranus score is miserably low (only 6). Saturn the highest of them all – 57 – not a surprise since it forms a part of the cardinal cross with Moon in Cap, Sun in Aries and Pluto in Libra and is close to the angles. I’m ambitious, driven and very uncomfortable with public display of emotions, especially when it is other people’s emotions I have to respond to.

  58. Hi Donna
    I scored 30. I’m a Sun/Sat conj. in Cancer, Sat sq. Jup., Moon in 10th trine the Sun/Sat. I am “a steady, stable, reliable worker, and a comfort to my elderly parents.” I teach college English-same college for the last 17 years.
    Glad to read your columns online~

  59. Donna, As a professional astrologer myself for 40+ years I have always known I was an outer planet baby… but, although I’ve been an admirer or yours for YEARS, I just applied your orbs and point system to my own chart for the first time.

    Since I am technically a Capricorn, I started with Saturn and was surprised to tally up 49 for the unjolly old boy. No, I’ve never fit the Cap mold; neither steady nor stable, not rigid, stodgy, conservative, fearful, or depressed. Never! I’m chipper and happy most of the time.

    Then I added up Neptune, a whalloping 53 points! That was closer: creativity, inspiration, desire to transcend the self, seeing beyond apparent reality, compassion, psychic abilities, and the urge to find spiritual meaning in life. And yeah, I can be a little spacey when I’m lost in thought, but… the lax boundary part is all wrong. I’m very much a Leo rising ME, MY, MINE type.

    I’ve always thought of myself as a Plutonian-Uranian, but those are 39 and 42 points. High, but not the guys in charge of the chart. I’m thinking that, regardless of points, my Saturn-Neptune conjunction shoves some boundaries into Neptune’s realm while Neptune’s illusion softens the grim grip of Saturn. You mention the conjunction of Pluto-Uranus in the Pluto section… any thoughts on Saturn-Neptune?


    p.s. I blew through three copies of Healing Pluto Problems as I raised my daughter. We used it as a focal point for our “issues”. I still recommend it to my clients.

    • TByrd, If you have a Neptune-Saturn conjunction, it may be why you don’t identify with Saturn…Neptune is hiding it. There’s an article on Saturn-Neptune aspects on this blog that will explain a lot—and the comments are amazing. You’ll feel like you just met your long-lost cousins. Donna

  60. PS – I have been trying to find out if daylight saving time was in effect when I was born in September of 1936. Some horoscopes list it one way and some the other. I thought DST didn’t start until later, but I could be wrong.

    So, I have either a 27*Libra ascendant or a 14* Libra ascendant. The former seems to be a better fit but I would like to know for sure.

    • It depends on the city and state you were born. In the early years, between the 1920s and about 1967, when the law about standardization went into effect, it was quite haphazard. There were whole reference books written about it for astrologers. The software finally included all the tables, so if you get it done by computer or online it ought to be correct. Donna

  61. OK, thanks. Then it is 14* Libra. I guess I’ll have to change my interpretation of my chart!

    • Kind of an identity crisis, isn’t it, getting a new Ascendant? I remember when I was first in astrology, I went to a lecture by a very forceful personality who claimed to rectify charts based on appearance. He insisted I couldn’t possibly have Leo Rising because I was overweight, that it was definitely Cancer. MY Leo should have risen on HIM, but I was new and awed and dutifully changed my Ascendant to Cancer. A couple years later, someone taught me progressions and I rectified it using all the events in my eventufl life and put it back to the original birth time. I was soooooo happy to get my Leo Rising back. Donna

      • Now I am sure that my ascendant is 27′ Libra. Everything else fits. The hospital may have been using EST instead of DST when I was born, but most of the sites that print out my horoscope wheel use the DST time. So when I submit my time of birth, I use 10:00 instead of 9:00. That way I get the right ascendant.

    • I’m trying not to intra-repond but I believe this is pertinent.

      My father was a Navy CPO. That Capricorn Navy man stayed on Daylight Savings Time year ’round in his head. He called it “sun time” or “chicken time”, telling us as we grew up that chickens roosted according to the sun and they didn’t know when the clock changed!

      He told me when I was little that I was born at 3:15PM. When I looked at a certified copy of my birth certificate (which at that time in Alabama history did not have a block for time of birth) I saw, handwritten at the top, the name of the doctor who delivered me and “2:18PM”.

      One made me a Gemini Asc and the other made me a Taurus Asc. My father had died by the time I discovered the difference so I wasn’t able to ask him if the time he had told me himself was Standard Time or “chicken time” but I suspect it was.

      I use the hand-written time and the Taurus Asc. I feel like I’m a real Taurus Asc – like the Holy Grail Black Knight who still fights even with no more arms or legs. lol!

  62. A score of 27 … I counted in the Nodes as a planet, as Saturn is within 1 degree of my South Node, in the 10th. With a Capricorn MC!

    Saturn a very potent influence. I’ve been finding I want to be seen as Saturn (which means my Venus/North Node, in the 4th, struggles to get out and be seen). Being known as mature, responsible and hard-working has been more important than loving and creative.

    It’s part of a partile t-square – Sun at 10 Aquarius, Neptune at 10 Scorpio, Venus at 10 Leo. And conjunct the South Node, it’s obviously been Saturn all the way for lifetimes. Started my working life in government, and stayed 22 years sacrificing a lot of family contact and love relationships, and I’m only in the last year or so beginning to redress the balance and see Saturn as part of that balancing act, not the the be-all-and-end-all.

  63. These are very interesting, thanks for the opportunity to understand our charts better. If I did it right, I got 34 points. I think my chart shows a lot of potential, which I’ve been trying to grow into.

  64. Just had to take the Saturn test, too, which scored a 40 and, yes, it tended to rule my chart for most of my life but now feel Uranus has taken over since my fears are subsiding and I find joy
    in being different. My parents were older when they had me and I was taught “What would the neighbors think”. Always an outsider I now feel
    it is okay to be who I am even though it might mean being alone.

  65. ZERO points if i keep your orbits. So I’ll cheat!!! According to my Astrodienst chart drawing (no ceres and stuff included) my scores are: Saturn 12, whereas: Mercury 89, uranus 39, neptune 40, pluto 37 (but because i’m waaay more plutonian than that, i retook the test including virgo planets- i’m a huge fan of the pluto exalt. in virgo “school”- scoring 56).
    Now that i see my score in print it makes perfect sense why i wasted my life. I mean, why bother making sth of your life when people treat you like you’re some kind of royalty anyway? Which is fine when you’re in your 20s, – i guess- but, before you know it, you’re heading 30, and that so changes your sense of priorities(and there’s no way to charm your way out of that, i tell you).
    Anyone care to trade some saturnian focus and discipline for tones of self-indulgence? I repeat- anyone?? (Didn’t think so…)
    My respects to all the Saturnians above. Cause life, after all, is about work, and achieving, and giving out sth solid and useful to the world, and you were wise enough to know that all along..

  66. Hi Donna,

    My score: 9

    I always knew I wasn’t Saturnian at all. By rights, My Saturn in Leo is unaspected. That is, the only aspects Saturn makes to other planets and points in my chart are two semisquares to Mercury and Pluto in Libra and a quintile to Uranus in Scorpio. My remaining points come from Neptune in Sag in the 10th house.

    The result? I have atrocious work habits — I won’t stay at any job longer than two years. I have no (realistic) plans for the future; no self discipline. And yes I could give a rat’s ass about “making it” and success. I might be flexible but I bend like reed in the wind. Once I get past my self-esteem issues, I’m pretty easy going.

    None of this helps me.

    I know I need help but I really cannot help myself. From what I understand, I have to rely on transits or synastry. I don’t want to do that but whatever gets the job done. I’m just tired of living without Saturn.

    • Hey Brian, people with strong Saturn influences can receive the negative influence of the planet as strongly as the positive. Cheer up- it’s not like we’re set by having a lot of Saturn- it’s just where we can pinpoint the influences affecting the issues as described.

  67. My saturn is in my 5th house of children and I have a handicapped daughter. Saturn is also opposite my sun and neptune in the 11th. Daughter has venus, moon and neptune in the 6th house.

    However, she has graduated college and is working as a reporter for our local Sunday newspaper so she has managed to overcome her disability. She has uranus, pluto, sun and mercury in the 5th and writes a sports column! Pluto is in conjunction with her sun and I thought she would overcome the rheumatoid arthritis, but it was not to be.

  68. I scored 34. Feel it pretty strongly.

    I’m surprised not to see points for Saturn in the 10th?

    • There are points for Saturn conjunct the Midheaven, but yeah, I ought to add in some bonus points for Saturn in the 10th or in Capricorn. Will do. Donna

      • Ok, my Saturn in Capricorn bonus now moves me up to 43.

        Natally I’ve got Pluto-Saturn trine. The Pluto-Saturn square has been extremely helpful to me with my Capricorn parental unit issues. Daddy was a Sun-Moon Capricorn and Mom’s a Sun Capricorn-Moon Taurus.

  69. 38 – saturn trine venus, mars, asc, in 5th house, some other aspect to balance of planets… relationships have always been intense (scorpio moon to boot) and RESPONSIBLE. Integrity is everything to me in myself, family, friends and lovers… didn’t realize i was so saturn, thought it was more pluto and uranian (scored high on those too!) Great tests, love your website. thanks much.

  70. I have big scores in all the outer planets. Saturn 63, Uranus 53, Neptune 49 and pluto 34. I feel I act more like saturn but I think more like uranus.
    The big score is due to a Stellium of the outer planets (No pluto) plus mars in capricorn in trine with the ascendant, venus and jupiter which are all conjuncted. However, pluto is in scorpio conjuncted with the moon and in trine with the sun.
    You should post a test with venus, because i think my venus is also very powerful.

    • we’ll get there, Juan, perhaps during the sign Libra. Donna

  71. __10__ Saturn conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.
    __5__ Saturn conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each.
    _6___ Saturn in minor aspect (sextile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, or sesquiquadrate) to the Sun, Moon, or other planets, 2 points each.
    _0___ Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven in Capricorn, 5 points each.
    ___0__BONUS POINTS: Saturn in the 10th (not conjunct the Midheaven) or in Capricorn, 5 points each.
    _3___ Other planets in Capricorn, 3 points each.
    __0__ Sun or Moon in the 10th house or within 10 degrees of the Midheaven, even in the 9th, 5 points each.
    __0__ Other planets in the 10th house, or within 10 degrees of the Midheaven, even in the 9th, 3 points each.

    T=24 15-25 indicates a moderately strong influence.

    If you had a low score, you may be under-achiever in the matters of Saturn: What would you be like if you weren’t Saturnian enough? You’d lack self-discipline structure and planning; you might be irresponsible, immature and give up easily and have no solid long-term goals.
    On the positive side, you’re probably flexible and easy going. Until you’re challenged by Saturn transits—like the Pluto-Uranus-Saturn cardinal t-square of 2010-12, you might not give a rat’s , you might not give a rat’s behind about success, making a mark on the world, or your old age.

    That’s not true, I do care about success, making a mark on the world and my old age.
    I started later than someone with a strong saturn in caring about it though.
    I don’t stress about it as much as someone with a strong saturn might however.

  72. Trine moon = 10
    Square venus = 5
    Sextile neptune = 5
    Trine pluto = 5
    Minors = 8
    Cap Asc = 5
    Sat in Cap = 5
    Sun in 10th = 5
    Merc, Jup in 10th, Mars conj MC = 9

    Total = 57

    “What would it be like if you were TOOOOO Saturnian? You’d be rigid, stodgy, perfectionistic, conservative, hypercritical, authoritarian; fearful, depressed and probably workaholic, and you probably wouldn’t be wasting your time on something as frivolous as this. ”

    I’ve been accused of all of these things at different points and have always felt my Saturn. Probably why I feel guilty for being unemployed for the past 5 months, besides stressed.

    So my Sun = 64, Moon = 72, Pluto = 59 and Saturn = 57. I’ve always felt Saturn driving me and the intensity of my Pluto, which scares others away. Am surprised the moon ranks the highest because she gets the least of my attention or expression, besides being a clean freak and an organizational expert (Virgo).

    Haven’t done neptune or uranus but don’t think they’re as high …

    Supposedly those with Cap rising and Saturn in Cap are late bloomers … I did do everything late (got degree later, married later). And I’m still trying to figure it out …

    Truth be told, I think I try to avoid my Saturn as much as possible because it’s the big downer in my chart (in the 12th house to boot). Between that and Cap rising, is there a way not to be a workaholic and/or depressed half of the time? The irony is that my sun, mercury and jupiter in Sag all just want to have a good time. Half of the time I thank God for the Saturn because, as Donna wrote earlier, that’s how I’ve accomplished what I have in life. But if it all just goes away anyway, maybe lying on the beach isn’t a bad idea!!

    A woman I worked w/ who got laid off w/ me in mid March called me up in mid-May after I posted on Facebook that I went to the beach and said, “Where is the Karen I know? The Karen I worked with, I expected her to have a new job by now. You were always so driven; I was surprised to see you’ve been to the beach.”

    Even strong Saturns get tired folks. Rolling the rock uphill gets old.

    • Using orbs above: 8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for the minor aspects. The only exception would be a conjunction to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin system, that is 10°.

      Deleting square to Venus and 2 minors, so new total = 48.

    • I also scored high 58 pts. I am always working on that hypercritical thing and usually work to orient myself into “flexible and changeble patterns instead of rigid ones. I think my Aqur rising really jostles and lightens up all that bone hard saturn. Currently not employed. Thanks for your post. Now Im off to do my Pluto :))))))

  73. My God! My mother always calls me a Saturnian person, but I didn’t expect a score of 45! I’m a boring over-achiever in some ways, but I’m too wacky to be all that now! Mom always told me too that I would hit my stride past 30, and things do seem to be getting interesting. Hopefully better? I’ll settle for more my life being more efficient, and me being more resiliant.

  74. Oh-my-God. If I didn’t miss anything, I’m like no 1 here, with score of 80 points.
    Pretty surprising, because apart from some fear issues (dealing with them from early childhood, but I thought it’s just my Gemini-Sun-Cancer-Moon-Virgo-Rising thing), I’m not conservative, hypercritical, or even reliable, and I’m very sure I don’t like to work and will do only as much, as I have to (except for things that happen to lie in my area of interest, of course…). Where has all this Saturnian influence gone? I feel it from every other planet (26 p. Uranus, 36 p. Pluto, 47 p. Neptune, 48 p. Mercury, 58 p. Sun and 65 p. Moon, without any bonuses), but not from the strongest one? And with Sun, Moon and Mercury in 10th house?…

  75. Saturn
    sq Sun
    sq Moon
    conj Uranus
    sq ASC
    conj MC

    Neptune in Cap in 10th
    Uranus and Saturn in 9th but within 10 degree of MC

    Total: 44
    hope I got this correct..

    I also got a t-square between sun/moon/saturn.

    I scored 49 for Uranus as well. 😀

  76. Almost forgot to post this: 62 score.
    Yes…organized in my methods when something inspires me. Venus conjunct parallel Saturn , both at 20 Cancer and 8 degrees from MC.Parallel Pluto in the 11th and, parallel Mars/ Uranus. conjunction parallel in the 9th . Mars and Uranus are also semi sex-tile Venus/ Saturn.
    Freedom a mainstay. Organized planned overthrow of unjust situations. In my childhood, even if I didnt purposely set out to change the Boarding school programs, it happened as a result of my disagreement with their methods. I went so far as to attack the nuns when they prepared to brutalize a child.
    Relentless, fearless and was called an irresistible force when I ran for Governor back in 1990.Was called a Statesmen rather than politician.The Iron fist in a velvet glove. Do not believe in protest and is why I ran toe to toe for public office. Protest puts one at an automatic disadvantage when addressing entrenched evil situations.
    Ha ha when I first drove to the cities in my tattered old Dodge named Dirty Harry… from the wilderness and announced my candidacy I felt like a flea trying to address a group of Elephants.
    After a month of relentless pounding all hell broke loose and the glass ceiling cracked and then shattered.!
    Was one of the first in 1990 to use the internet for campaigning via the Wiccan s who were big cutting edge computer geeks.The quin tile to Neptune/Chiron/Jupiter brought help vis Native American Indians who whisked me into the Sweat lodge for purification or handed me sage for the same purpose. A psychic Jewish Grandmother council-ed me and gave me lodging across from the Governors mansion..The Rainbow Family gathering was in our State then and they gave me their July 4th Prayers.Sending waves of LOVE across the land and waters.They told me I was the first one who knew how to use their energy.
    The Venus/ Saturn also works out as an Artist with structure and form. I have a degree in Fine Art and studied one year towards a Masters with Tibetan teachers in the ancient hereditary Thanga painting. Venus/ Saturn quintile My Neptune Chiron Jupiter in the 12th gave me this opportunity. The martial Arts are tied up in this as well as other esoteric stuff.
    Venus/Saturn in Cancer gives no time or desire for marriage( knew this when I was 16 and there was a massive lineup in Aquarius in 1961. Just like a seed planted , it took time to grow into the Flower power of the 60’s. It all got railroaded by drugs and in my college years I remember how Marijuana,and other chemical highs showed up across the land over night and co-opted the movement. Drugs appeared on the Viet Nam battlefield at the same time. Kennedy was shot and Ladybird Johnson the main arms dealer stepped up arms to Viet Nam. A War Kennedy intended to end.
    With Venus / Saturn I have had my share of meaningful relationships and 2 sons. Once I love a man he is in my heart forever. Love being a mother and Grandmother. and all household duties. I look forward to being of use to the future generations.

    • awesome! so glad you mentioned the saturn/cancer connection.

  77. I have 64, and I didn’t count the influence of capricorn on my sun sign (29.52 sag). Umm, I waste plenty of time on this frivolity because… it isn’t! And also, Pluto be all up in my grill.

    • On an aside: Saturnians- workaholics on the responses, much? :D;D

  78. 58 points? Oh my g…… NOOOOO! D:

  79. I have 12 as score for my Saturn (moderate influence) and that makes sense.

  80. Wow I scored a 41…primarily due to the 6 planets in my 10th all w/in 8 degrees of my midheaven…guess this explains the anxiety.

  81. I got 40 on this.

    My Uranus score, at 46, was higher though.

    Saturn touches quite a lot of my chart though:

    Sun in 10th house square Saturn
    Moon conjunct Saturn
    Mercury – my chart ruler – in 10th house (widely) square Saturn
    Mars trine Saturn.
    Jupiter sextile Saturn

    It’s enough, to say the least.

  82. I got 53! pretty strong indeed!

    • OMG I got 58 pts. I knew it was strong but I am astonished and of course..recounted. Here I thought I would score higher with sun and moon but no! My sun was a 17 and my moon a 22. Well next is my big pluto..(savin it for last so I do not get depressed”. Thanks you Donna for this blog and the chance to “weigh in: hahaha

      hey Janice…wanna be friends?

  83. My score was …. 41. Saturn in sag conjunct sun and mercury in cap and uranus plus trine the asc. and jupiter. I think I have more of the negative saturn traits wishing I could have more of the positive traits. But I can believe 41 lol.

  84. 53- that’s really high but i’m not suprised. my saturn and jupiter conjunct but i scored slightly higher on the jovial side of 59. either way, i’m pretty balanced 😀

  85. 41 — I’ve experienced both sets of traits: fearful, rigid & self-sabotaging in career aspirations; stable, reliable and trusted in voluntary organizations. Quite successful in seeing a thing through, unless you threaten to pay me money.

  86. I totally don’t get this. I am the most undisciplined, unstructured, free-spirited, non-boundaried person one can meet, and yet I scored a 53 for Saturn! A good number of aspects come from having been born with Saturn conjuncting Chiron in Pisces and opposing the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo. My Saturn-Moon square is about six-and-a-half degrees, so I counted it but did not count a nine-and-a-half degree square between Saturn and the Ascendant. Still, I hate money, authority, and big business, and am a life-long hippie, so how can this be? My other outer planet scores are 25 for Uranus (28 if Eris is included), 48 for Neptune, and 37 for Pluto. I’ve always seen myself as Neptunian and Plutonian. Does the mismatch between my Saturn score and my personality traits come from the fact that my Saturn is in Pisces?

    • In large part, yes, also Uranus opposite Saturn.

  87. 35 points! Sounds high for this Pisces/Neptune person but not compared to some of the scores on here. I did have a sad, lonely childhood. I won’t go into it, I’m happy now : )

  88. I got 36. I wished I had my moon in Capricorn so I would be more disciplined. Not knowing that I am already Saturnine enough…and even more. Not good enough still? Very Saturnine indeed

  89. Well, I can’t believe I calc’d it correctly, but I came up, seriously, with 48. 10:52 am, November 9th, 1952, Asc 7-8 in Cap, MC 1-2 in Scorpio, Saturn/Neptune conj MC.

  90. i counted using the chart and got 64 and it fits well.
    Sun & Saturn & Mercury & Uranus & Neptun all in capricorn paints a pretty lonely picture. ive got all the bad saturn stuff being socially awkward but always coming across as a stuck up snob, boyfriends calling me coldhearted, major parents issues and health problems concerning skin & teeth. I even started studying geology even though its as far off from my previous career as one could imagine.

  91. I scored a 5. Really I did! Saturn conjunct Mars. This explains everything…lol.

  92. Donna why did you not consider the sextile in your test?

    • It’s listed under minor aspects–3 degree orb, and I believe it was 2 points.

  93. wow. just added up my super-Cap sister’s score and she got a 73! explains so much! i knew saturn was a big influence but i had no idea it was this much. just wow.

  94. 49 (vs. 44 for my Neptune).

    “They *were* neck-and-neck, coming toward the finish line…

    .. but then Saturn exerted himself just a tad more, even, than he had done until then…

    … while Neptune noticed that a particular cloud in the sky looked like a figure from a Van Gogh painting…

    … and it was all over.”

  95. 74
    saturn conjunct moon in the 10 conjuct the mc
    saturn square venus
    usranus in the 10th
    mars and neptune in capriconr
    saturn trine sun
    saturn trine mercury

  96. saturn trine sun—————————–10

    saturn square pluto————————-5
    saturn opposite mars———————–5

    saturn biquintile jupiter———————2
    saturtn sesquiquadrate midheaven——2

    ascendant in capricorn———————10

    neptune in capricorn————————3
    uranus in capricorn————————–3

    exact 40! haha.

  97. 25 – I wished it was higher D; I need saturn (can’t commit to my timetables =.=)

  98. Saturn – 74 (well, I kinda have 6 planets in Capricorn…)
    Pluto – 77


  99. 57- My mother always told me i was a very serious child and didn’t complain much and didn’t need much discipline because i already understood the rules. I always felt more responsible and more of the mother figure in the household then my mother.

    Saturn Trine Moon——->10
    Saturn Square Midheaven——>10
    Saturn Opps Asc——–>10
    Saturn Trine Jupiter——>5
    Saturn Semi-Sextile Mercury——>2
    Saturn semi-sextile Uranus——>2
    Saturn Semi-Sextile Neptune——–>2
    Sun in Capricorn—–>5
    Uranus in Capricorn——>3
    Neptune in Capricorn—–>3
    Saturn Sextile North-node——->2

    In your other test i scored a 74 in Uranus.

  100. Ok. Saturn Trine Sun and conjoined Asc in the sign of Capricorn with Jupiter and the ASC in Capricorn (Jupiter in 12th). Throw in Squares to Mercury and Venus, Sextile to Mars and Quincunx to Uranus and it is highly aspected. Top it off with Neptune in 10th and I am a very strong Saturn. Based on this, I get a score of 55. Well, I have been a failure all my life. From my youth I have been struggling hand to mouth, unable to save anything. Every time I thought I had a job where I could finally stay put, where the bosses loved me and I figured I could finally get myself settled down, I would get laid off. I finally got a job with a window company, climbed to the position where I could be running the whole company, and it folds in the Bush Recession. Blind luck got me my current job with the state (will not say where) but I am at the bottom again, earning way below poverty level income. So, I have no life, regardless of all that I tried to do.

  101. 30

  102. I got a 57! Wow, I was I have all the aspects in the 1st question. Then some minors. I didn’t know I had all of those until I looked over my chart for this “game” :). I always strived for the best while in school, but I suffer from very deep whole life.

  103. Aries Rising
    Scorpio stellium Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto.
    Capricorn stellium Moon, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

    I scored 90 for Saturn. Seriously haha. (only using normal planets and my AC and MC) I also scored 74 for Jupiter, though, which I *hope* counteracts all this Saturn influence on me!! I have a massive Capricorn stellium which includes my 10th house moon and they all square my Aries Ascendant god help me. As it probably figures I have had serious issues accepting authority throughout my life from my parents authority to school teachers and later on supervisors at work. I am a rebel in almost every sense of the word.

    Venus sits just to the outside of my Cap stellium (Sag/9th house) and I very often, almost ALWAYS, have a strong attraction to someone in positions of authority over me (sounds contradicting to my previous statement, what can I say I am a great big giant contradiction.. might I add that my boyfriend was my boss for 2 years)

    I am an amazing employee if I am overseen by a very strong manager. However I have had difficulty in my jobs because so many people are incapable of imposing authority over me (down to their poor management skills/my lack of respect for them). Once you get past my authority issues I am an extremely strong, reliable, dependable, innovative hard worker.

    I have always been an over-achiever and always got high grades without ever trying. I somehow manage to be good at pretty much everything I do. I ‘specialize’ in a lot of subjects/topics/industries etc rather than just one particular or the odd few. The Sag energy in my Cap stellium leaves me difficulty sticking to just one job or school/degree course as I like to explore my options (also my strong Jupiter comes into play here) and I despise the conventional education system (high school drop out but later went back to education) and working like a robot in jobs.

    However I do not take life too seriously like most Saturn types (thanks Jupiter). I did as a child though, and I had a very challenging childhood and was forced to become mature and independent at a very early age. My outlook on life changed dramatically though when transiting Saturn passed my natal Jupiter.

  104. I scored 45 and I don’t have planets in Capricorn except for my MC. My saturn is in the 6th house of Libra. They say it’s a saturnine. I am always worrying about things and everything. Hopefully, life will get better soon. I have just ended my saturn return today. I now have several gray hair (Saturn Square MC 0 degress). I quit my job and now plucking the grey hairs.

  105. I think I scored over 60 points: Saturn in tight conjunct (within 16 minutes) to the midheaven in Scorpio/Libra. Saturn is trining 3 planets in the 6th and 1 planet in the 2nd which is forming 3 grand trines I believe. Capricorn rising sextiling Saturn. North node in 10th conjuncting Saturn. This is my solar chart for next year and I’m hoping for a new job teaching. I would like to post my chart for you to see (I’d like a quick interpretation if it is at all possible) – is there a way I can do that?

    • Hi, Adam, looks like a really well-aspected Saturn. I don’t do interpretations on this site, but you’re welcome to submit it as a question to my advice column in Dell Horoscope Magazine. Include complete birth information and your questions, sent to Donna Cunningham

  106. Hi Donna, I am taking all the planet tests… Uranus 67/ Neptune 60/
    Saturn 65/Sun 65/Moon62 Mercury 43/ Venus 28/ Mars 30/ Jupiter 45… something seems wrong because they are all high scores… i h ave checked and rechecked…. is this possible to be correct? My info 10/29/53 5:35 Am Sacramento Ca..

    • Hi, Esther, I’m writing a book on stelliums and can’t do interpretations for readers, but I can tell you that scores like that are fairly common among people who submit their scores in the comment sections. Usually a high score goes along with a chart that has many aspects, and generally means they have the ability to integrate the diverse energies of the planets in their chart fairly well. Donna

      • Thanks for the response Donna, it helped my understanding.

  107. I scored a 55 on this , and a 50+ on Pluto. I have sun conj. pluto , mercury and saturn in the 4th house. sun-pluto cazimi 29 degrees libra. Saturn in scorpio….. ascendant Leo square sun, pluto, mercury and saturn. Moon opposite saturn. My closest friend calls me a Nucleus. I joke sometimes that my life is like one long climax in hiatus.

    • On an tangent, if you don’t mind…my mom, son and his father all have moon in the 8th. And the past few relations I have had with men have been scorpio or pluto dominant. MAJOR stelliums in scorpio. irrelevant for saturn but hey…im mercury conj pluto and sun..;)

  108. I also scored high, 52. I am a multiple Aries (Sun, Saturn, North Node, Moon in the 7th, with Mars in Taurus also in the 7th). My natal Saturn is conjunct all of the above except the Mars (inconjunct), opposes my ascendent and squares my MC. I also have Cancer on the cusp of the 10th, further relation my Moon with Saturn.

    I have long had serious self-esteem issues, fear of failure keeping me rather paralytic in fleshing out my dreams and skills. So often fearing too much to begin due to potential failure and thus further devastation of esteem.

    Yet, I’m quite intelligent, a fine worker and externally people assume and expect me to be highly productive as well as successful. People are often astounded that I am not as successful as they think I might be, I seem like a powerhouse energetically.

    I am also highly Neptunian. I have Libra ascendent, my Venus conjunct Mercury in PIsces in the 6th (Where my Aries sun is straddling cusp of 7th, so it feels still very much part of 6th too), in an opposition with Pluto-Uranus in the 12th. Uranus is in a tight sextile, forming YOD with Neptune to my Moon.

    Currently, next week, Saturn will be entering my 2nd House, where natal Neptune waits in Scorpio to be triggered in a few years.

    At 44, I’ve had a long time to listen to what I love to do. I am a natural healer and saying that doesn’t come easily. I’ve an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, and am well enough versed in mythology that my recent calling to be as astrologer is well founded, yet scares the hell out of me. And it does feel like a calling. An exact Jupiter-in-Leo/11th house square to my Neptune is a sure indication that I cannot give my skills away, yet seems to indicate a rich potential of success in being a Consulting Astrologer (as I’ve aged I have indeed become rather charismatic).

    The Saturn transit through the 2nd house is further agitating my nerves. I absolutely feel that this is a make-or-break time in my life. Oh have I mentioned Uranus transit conjuncting my Sun coming up the next few years?

  109. I scored 43. I’m a combination of strong Pluto, Saturn and Venus! How is it possible??

    • It’s entirely possible that all three could be strong, if they have several planets, signs, and houses associated with them. For instance, Pluto would score high if it had several aspects to other planets, if there were several planets in Scorpio, and several planets in the 8th house. Donna

      • Yes, they all have high scores.. I have Pluto in Scorpio in between 7th and 8th House. Moon in Sagittarius is in 8th House.

        But isn’t it strange to have Pluto, Saturn and Venus with almost same scores? I mean, Pluto&Saturn look like opposite.
        And Venus has Taurus-like features..

      • It doesn’t have to do with the essential nature of the planets or the scores for Mercury and Jupiter, for instance, would always be close for everyone. It has to do with how strong they are in your own individual chart, based on the date, time and place of birth. You could be born the same day, month, and year as another person, but hours different in birth times, so some of your scores would be fairly different, because different houses would be emphasized. Donna

  110. oh i forgot to mention i’m a pisces

  111. A score of 41. I expected that, somehow.

    I have actually made friends with Saturn( Mr. Saturn Pisces). , and really respect and appreciate him now. Not always, though. I lived in fear of Saturn, for a very , very long time.
    I was very shy and lacked so much social confidence when I was younger, everything felt so much like hard work, and so scary, and I was afraid of failure, ridicule and not being good at anything, and having to work hard to prove myself ( and this is with the Sun in Sag and Leo ascendant !).

    But fast forward, several years, now, I really appreciate that Saturn gives maturity, solidity, structure, authority, etc like fine wine ageing well, with time; plus I get to look very young for my age ( not necessarily a bad thing!)
    During my late 20’s and early 30’s ( Saturn return) , I did some inner work with a hypnotherapist and an astrologer. Both were great enthusiasts and practitioners of some alternative therapies, and the astrologer used flower essences in her practice.

    Once I started using flower essences, my fear of Saturn and other issues gradually disappeared.

    Moon square saturn
    mercury square saturn
    venus semi-sextile venus
    saturn conjunct chiron
    saturn opposite uranus
    saturn opposite pluto
    saturn trine neptune
    saturn quincunx/inconjunct ascendant
    Mars in Capricorn

    • It does take work to find an accord with Saturn, but at my advanced age of 70, I can say it is a friend and the saving grace of my 4 planet stellium in Gemini. Surely I never would have finished all these books without it. Donna

      • I’m totally with you, there. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading LIz Greene’s take on Saturn, which reinforces exactly what you’ve said. Without hard work, there is no reward; instant gratification is not the path, if you want real lasting success with firm foundations.

  112. Saturn con Mercury = 5
    Saturn opp Moon = 5
    Saturn squ Jupiter, Mars = 10

    Neptune in Capricorn = 3
    Moon in 10th = 5

    Part of T-Square = 5

    Saturn = 33

  113. I scored a 64. I am considered the “party-pooper”, the “downer” and the “doom and gloomer”….and that is just the nice things people say about me! 😉
    I scored a 43 on Neptune, a 44 on pluto and 36 on Uranus. Very interesting to take these tests. Thanks for taking the time to put these together, Donna. I really enjoy taking them.

  114. 47 for me. I have 6 Capricorn Planets including Saturn itself, it is Trine to my Ascendant and Sextile and in Conjunction to 2 other planets. Most other planets are in something with Saturn too and my Jupieter is in the 10th House.

  115. 52 Saturn, hmm… being a Capricorn, with Capricorn ASC and 4 other planets in Cappy, I was expecting a strong Saturn
    I wonder how this gets along with a 63 Mars, 40 Uranus, Mercury & Neptune, 37 Venus, 35 Moon, 30 Jupiter, 18 Sun and a 17 Pluto?

  116. I received a score of 89, which is baffling. Saturn greatly affects my confidence, insecurities, fears and the ever-present feeling of inadequence, but other than that… I am in no way disciplined, authoritative, conservative (I’m very, very liberal) or workaholic. I hate working, unless the job is writing (I’m a writer), which I don’t really see as a job. None of the occupations listed appeal to me even remotely, though I am highly ambitious and desire to achieve recognition for my work.My relationship with time is not the best. I have a constant feeling that time is running out, and growing old is one of my worst fears. I am not a responsible person but I always seem to find myself in positions where I have to take responsibility. Strangely, when that happens I always pull through. About realism… I hate being realistic. With a 12H Stellium, I’m the kind of person that prefers fantasy over reality, but I am very much aware of the fact that realistic is something I must be. I am good at being realistic, no matter how much I despise it.

  117. Hmm. I got score score 16. I don’t know if I have very serious face, but I guess I have pokerface. People tell me that I can be serious. I generally don’t like when people make jokes of me. They’re not mostly funny. But then again I have bad temper and I get pissed off easily. I have Sun & Moon sextile Saturn, Saturn square Mercury and Uranus.

  118. I scored 59!! Saturnian here. lol!

  119. 47: With Sun in Libra and Leo rising, I don’t *appear* Saturnian, but I also have Moon conjunct Saturn in the 10th and Saturn conjunct midheaven, with both Moon and Saturn in the Capricorn decan of Taurus and Saturn leading the chart…both opposing Venus and Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th. No planets in Capricorn, but it’s in my 6th house of health/work/service. “Higher” law (religious) was laid on heavy in childhood by my mother…abusive marriage in my 20s…always had (often submersed) issues with authority figures and bureaucratic systems. However, self-imposed order comes naturally and from very early childhood I believed in myself as my own highest authority and largely dismissed all attempts to convince me that [teacher, parent, husband, god, insert authority figure here] knew better. Left college because I couldn’t stand paying someone to dictate to me which classes I could take and when. Early jobs included teaching and a stint in the corporate world…way too much insistence on conformity in both cases. Finally found my niche and have worked from home for nearly 20 years now, self-employed and highly self-motivated 🙂

  120. I have a tiny Saturn but a Pluto off the scale and a very large Neptune. That all fits for me. I also had a low Uranus (15) and yet Uranus seems to be quite active on my chart, perhaps because it is opposite Mercury and nearly conjunct Pluto. I just didn’t pick up many points according to your system though. I often find my Uranian aspects among the easiest to identify in life. I get very strong impulses when there is a transit to learn new techniques or they come my way (and often electronic or computer related). I also won £10,000 when I had a Jupiter Uranus conjunction (on my mobile phone).

    • Thanks for sharing, Andre, especially that about winning big under Jupiter/Uranus aspects. The late Jim Lewis collected charts of big Las Vegas and Lottery winners and found transiting Jupiter/Uranus and Jupiter/Pluto aspects a big indicator. (Remember, however, Folks that a big win doesn’t always involve money–lotsa kinds of luck out there.) Donna

  121. Donna, I scored 19 on my Saturn chart! I am in shock. How can I feel all the Saturn stuff so clearly, and yet my Mars, which is the leader so far at 67 points, feels completely stopped by Saturn? I know they are in a tight opposition in my chart, but you’d think a measly 19 points couldn’t stop Mars! lol Except that with the Placidus chart, my opposition is intercepted….so I can’t get at these planets until they are triggered somehow. I certainly am not someone who appears to have 67 Mars points! I thought I had far more Saturn qualities…I must be using every one of those 19 points. And I have Sag rising, so no points for being on the Asc/MC, either. I think i am going to have to go read up on Mars in Leo. I am very uneasy with being the center of attention, though I am quite happy being strong and independent (prefer it, really).

  122. Forty-three. If I demote Chiron I’d lose a few points. (I’m never quite sure how much emphasis to place on Chiron.) My Saturn is in Pisces, which I find to be a heavy placement. Not much in my chart escapes Saturn’s notice, and I am of a serious bent. Guess it’s a good thing I have a 58 Mars to keep my pulse going.

  123. My mother is strong Saturn, score 64, is this why she is so tough with us? She is all about tough love!! She is not aggressive but very strong willed, tough childhood and came out strong! Is Saturn associate with being strong and tough?

    • Oh, you betcha, that would be tough love. But yes, strong, responsible, and reliable.

      • Thanks! Yes she is not the pushover type. Saturn is her strongest planet according to your tests.

      • I re-took the test a few times, and got something like 40. I also noticed that almost all my planets have a connection with Saturn, major ( squares: moon, mercury, opposition: Uranus and Pluto, conjunction: Chiron) and minor (semi-sextile : venus, semi-square: mars, quintile: Sun). Does that give the chart a saturnine signature?

        Only Jupiter does not have an any aspect with Saturn, and even Astrodienst gives me a Saturn trine with Neptune, with their wide orb calculation. I have often wondered if this has been the reason, when I was much younger, that I always felt had to work, prepare and study very hard, was always worrying or anxious about one thing or another, couldn’t quite let go, and always felt behind everyone else! Now I think I know why! 🙂

      • If Saturn is the most aspected planet, which it sounds like it is (I wouldn’t discount the minors), then the chart would surely have a saturnine signature. Donna

      • Thank you for that, Donna 🙂

  124. I scored a 67. Saturn in the tenth(part of a 5 planet stellium in pisces). I have saturn right on my midheaven and I definitely notice I’m more responsible than the average pisces. I reject the notion that saturn in the 10th indicates a stern father(as so many sites indicate. My dad has been the biggest influence in my life(he was the stay at home parent) but I have a great relationship with him. Anyway thank you for posting this! I’ve always wanted to gauge my saturn, and I knew she was strong but wow.

    • saturn conjunct moon + midheaven – 20
      saturn conjunct mars, mercury – 10
      saturn square pluto – 5
      neptune/uranus in cap – 6
      sun, moon in 10th – 10
      mars in 10th – 3
      venus in 10th – 3
      mercury within 10 degrees of midheaven(24 in 9th) – 3
      Part of a stellum – 5

  125. I got 40. I have saturn in my cancer asc conjunct sun. Saturn aspects my moon in my 7th capricorn. I dont know about outer planets. My mars venus and mercury are in leo with jupiter in Taurus. I have north node in libra and the south node in aries. With only the above aspects I have totalled to a 40.
    I am a workaholic and a never give up person largely.
    Could you throw some light on the mutual exchange aspects of moon and saturn?

  126. I got 40. I have saturn in my cancer asc conjunct sun. Saturn aspects my moon in my 7th capricorn. I dont know about outer planets. My mars venus and mercury are in leo with jupiter in Taurus. With only the above aspects I have totalled to a 40.
    I am a workaholic and a never give up person largely.
    Could you throw some light on the mutual exchange aspects of moon and saturn?

    • Actually, you wouldn’t have included it in the score as you didn’t know, but you have another important type of connection between the Moon and Saturn. It’s called a mutual reception. It occurs when the two planets are in the signs the other planet rules. Your Saturn is in Cancer, the sign ruled by Saturn, while your Moon is in Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn.

      This makes the Moon-Saturn connection even stronger. Much of the interpretation of a Moon-Saturn connection is similar to what you may have read about the Moon in Capricorn–working hard in order to feel safe and secure, focused on work possibly more than family, and a propensity for anxiety and depression, possibly of a hereditary nature. A dutiful parent who was tough on you and expected perfection, possibly unable to show you affection. Again, this is a fairly common pattern but not inevitable Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you! I am coming back to see this answer after years. I must disclose though that the houses and planets above were based on vedic astrology which is sidereal. According to my tropical set up, though the aspects remain the same, my planets have moved a house forward. I am a leo sun with saturn conjunct and a leo ascendant, the mars venus and mercury shift to Virgo. My moon is in aquarius.

  127. My score is 22. Mostly come from very minor aspects like semi-sextile, semi-square and planets in the 10th house.

    I don’t like authority and structure, have never entered big business. And on downside my self-discipline and maturity is low…

    However, I’m really appreciated and get along well with people whose Sun in Capricorn and have strong Saturnian influence. I also think I have quite strong 10th house with Venus and Pluto there. So it is still a wonder to me how those placements worked or will work out in my life…

  128. Dear god(dess), 53?! I’ve also been paying attention to my sexier Neptune (42) & Uranus (46) scores. It’s not exactly news to me that I’m a perfectionist/ overachiever, but it’s good to know the astrological superstructure behind all the self-critique & years of therapy. What is great is that I now know that discipline will always be the answer to what ails me. Not being hard on myself, but setting routines so that the big difficult tasks aren’t such a chore that I normally am scrambling at the last minute to complete. (I am a Gemini, after all.)

  129. 53 for me. Saturn aspects every planet in my chart except Uranus. It’s part of a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine and is opposite Mars in Cancer. I am very responsible but I feel burdened by that so I walked away from a successful career. Now in middle age I’m a low paid community worker and much happier. I’m also a writer with Saturn in the fifth house, although that remains a struggle.

    • Keziah, believe me, writing is alllllways a struggle–take it from someone who’s been at it since the 1960s! It’s especially hard if you take your work seriously and work hard to perfect it. For me, the hardest thing about my writing is the struggle to write simply. With Saturn in the 5th, I’d wager that the kind of writing you do is advanced and not the easiest of subjects. Donna

  130. 66 points… OMG! And yet I have achieved almost nothing in life!

  131. oh lord, I scored 26. I think my time of birth (midday) sun, mercury and north node in 10th and moon in Cap and other aspects tipped this into strong planet territory. Thank god it is not in 40’s/60’s like my other planets.

    • oh no it is even worse with moon in Cap it is not 3 points but 10- taking my total up to 33…. Oh well good to have some disciplinary factors I guess!

  132. Oh my! I got 38, hmmm that’s interesting, well to stay true to myself I have to say that I’m not annoyed, this planet is definitely misunderstood:) By the way, I liked that mention of saturn on the Libra post, It made me laugh a lot:)

  133. Hi Donna, thanks for putting the tests together. It’s been very helpful in learning about astrology. I have a few very strong planets, namely Saturn (61), Mars (57), Chiron (50). Those do quite stand out. But there are also Uranus (46), Jupiter (41), mercury (41), moon (40). That qualifies 7 planets as “off the charts” according to your scale. My sun (36) and Venus (32) are also strong. I have a similar experience to a previous poster in that I was extremely Saturnian until 21. But was able to channel it into an amazingly successful athletics career (Mars) then was injured (hello Chiron?) at 21 years and could never exercise again from that day on. At that time my Saturn also relaxed or was forced to relax, I don’t know.
    I have had a strong sense of fatefulness in most things that happened in my life, and feel the same about the injury. I feel there was a purpose for it. but now things are kind of falling apart (or perhaps have been since 21)and I can’t make sense of it. Might explain my new obsession with astrology 🙂

  134. HI Donna, I scored a big fat 0!! Unaspected Saturn, no planets in capricorn. No saturn in 10th (I have it in the 6th). I’m going through a Saturn square at the moment though and I can feel the saturn influence. I am easy going but I do value hard work. I’m more neptunian though and i’m very creative (scored 30). 🙂

    • Hi, Mr. C. A zero score has to be rare, I would think. It would make transiting Saturn aspects to natal more important, as it doubles the strength (no, wait, 0 x 2 = 0!) or at least strengthens you in Saturnian characteristics, though probably first challenging you to step it up. Donna

  135. 64! Yeeey!
    It might be very immature of me to say this! But- I really resent saturn square mc these days, (and almost pass on, for saturn square pluto., not that this one would not be painful enough)
    Saturn chart ruler+ moon in capricorn- +etc.

    I don’t know ( maybe other transits are at fault, like my mars square pluto , saturn conjunct pluto, and square natal saturn , plus -pluto coming to my ascendant- reaaaly soon) but I am so fed up to meet expectations: be good.follow rules. don’t cheat. don’t have a break. work harder than anyone else for your goals, still- receive no credit. what no credit? you are not doing it right”work harder! push harder. be good. no, good is not enough,. be the best. work hard for approval, “enjoy” people showing you the cold shoulder. no empathy for you, no support , ” you are on your own”. Don’t expect people smoulder you with affection. Saturn says. Approach people, be gentle- still, what?? someone comes along the way – someone more fluid, versatile, funnily open- and you no longer exist- easily invisible- loner-hermit.
    Working hard to prove that it’s not true, that responsibility, loyalty are important values, but who cares? I am honestly tired to be the pillar for when people are in difficult situations ‘to be the friend in need.
    but when there is smth to celebrate, to be happy, to enjoy- people just” forgets about you”.
    I hate that. I don’t want to be a candle in the light, I want to be the light !!!!

    Sorry** I am not yelling at anybody- it’s just a usual monologue for a saturn chart-ruler.

    • Hey, it’s my second Saturn return just passing and I have to tell you, I’m very tired of Saturn and Pluto. I have Jupiter transits this year, and even they aren’t a lot of help.

    • I know what you mean, Narina. Nobody cuts anybody any slack. I blame it on the combination of transiting Saturn in Scorpio (Pluto’s sign) plus transiting Pluto in Capricorn (Saturn’s sign). (That’s called mutual reception, and of course aspects between Saturn and Pluto add even more toughness.) Both placements are very hard on themselves and others… real hard cases. Donna

  136. Thank you Donna. It’s true and real what you are saying.
    I am even scared to think how a scorpio sun or a capricorn sun would actually feel with these transits. It’s scarry.
    But hey, even as a gemini sun, who says I can have it easier?
    These rough transits activated the most painful areas in my chart:
    tsquare saturn(aqua- 1st house) – mercury(taurus 4th house)- pluto(scorpio 10th house)
    tsquare saturn-venus(taurus, 4th house)-pluto ( hey, I think even my score would get bigger, since I have 2 tsquares, I aded only one) .

    And uncommon sense, I know what you are talking about- this year, my jupiter is square my pluto and neptune is opposite my jupiter- ( I don’t even want to delve more into my transits and progressions- progressed moon in scorpio feels horrible as well ) ” feeling better?” what is that?

    I don’t look like Hercules, but somehow I have received a very harsh task- Now, change mister fixed saturn- because he is the apex of the t-square. Ok, and we know how fond is saturn of change. Thanks a lot.

    ( I am talking about the self- me- saturn 1st-) and what Is harder in this world, than changing yourself? 🙂 If you can do that, than you can actually change the world.

    Big words, right? 🙂

  137. I scored 26. I feel relieved it could have been worse xD. I have Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. But considering they’re slow planets it’s more of a generational thing, right?

    • It’s a HUGE generational thing and powerfully affects the lives of your generation born between 1988-91. Visit my blog on that topic on There’s also a FaceBook group dedicated to your group. Donna

      • Thanks. I’m gonna check it out 😉

  138. My score was 78 but I knew it would be high. Sun, Moon, Mars and ASC in Capricorn. Saturn (in Cancer) opposing Moon, Mars and Mercury. Saturn trine MC (Scorpio) and Venus (Pisces) and opposite ASC and square Neptune (Libra). Thus part of a t-square (Mars/Moon-Neptune-Saturn). Checked orbs twice so pretty sure of the score.

    • Huge score, Bob. And with so much in the Cardinals, that gives you great discipline to accomplish things that are seldom easy. Donna

  139. Hi, Donna,

    I have a question about India’s comment above (near to the beginning of the comments.)

    She said she doesn’t feel like a Gemini. Her Ascendant is Gemini, with Gem Sun and Gem Saturn conjunct it. You said people would see her as more Capricorn.

    In this Sun and Saturn in Gemini, would you say that Capricorn would be more obvious, and not much of Gemini? Could it be that Saturn remains more like Capricorn because Gemini is so different than Cap/Saturn, therefore Saturn can’t really express itself through Gemini?

    Would the same go for, say, Mercury in Gemini conjunct Saturn in Gemini, where it seems more like Mercury in Capricorn? Gemini Venus conjunct Gem Saturn is more like a Venus in Capricorn?


    • It’s hard to say in an individual case, but in my observation, in a conjunction, the planet is always stronger than the sign, especially the slow moving ones like Saturn and beyond. Also, a planet with a higher score than the other one in the pair often dominates. Donna

  140. Hi Donna, I was wondering here if you would add exaltations to this math. Also, if you don’t consider exaltations, why is it.

    Thing is, I love saturn. I do have a somewhat strong saturn (43 score) but still, it doesn`t explain. But let me explain: I’m averse to anything capricornian, specially the natives (hahaha). I’m gonna write “how to survive a strong capricorn dad” inspired by you haha! Yet, I do love elders, I find men with salt and pepper hair sexier than young muscle men, I strive to sow right to reap the best, and I absolutely love frostbite winters.

    I absolutely do not have any issue with authorities, on the contrary, authorities have a lot of issues with me. (sun/moon 10th/MC Scorpio, Mars conj Uranus near MC as well)

    I`ve always thought it is strange that saturn has no relation to Scorpio whatsoever. Think of it, saturn is the lord of time, aging and death. It is also the planet that makes us reap what we sow. A scorpian person would read it as “vengeance will come mwahaahahaha!”.

    But alas, somehow since Ptolemy, no astrologer claims any relation between Scorpio and Saturn.

    But back to my initial question, if you think of exaltations, librans have a thing with saturn too, no?

    • Use the part that says you can add bonus points for anything you consider important. I’m trying to keep the test simple, and if I listed every possible chart feature, it would be too complicated. Donna

  141. i get 50 points. perfectionist; definitely. disciplined and hard-working are like second nature. organized and serious-minded as well. i was often told, “you’re taking things seriously”, “such a perfectionist”, “stop being so pessimistic” and so on.
    in the other side, i have 41 points in jupiter. that’s probably the reason i’m like see-saw; i can back-and-forth from being a pessimist and optimist.

    – saturn square jupiter
    – saturn square venus
    – saturn square mars
    – saturn trine sun
    – saturn trine mercury
    – saturn sextile neptune
    – saturn inconjunct moon
    + capricorn rising
    + uranus in capricorn
    + neptune in capricorn

    thanks for the article, Donna.

  142. 55 here! it doesnt surprise me as I have Saturn right on top of my AC, it’s like my personal signature, and its conjunct Pluto and Jupiter.

  143. 15 – even less if I don’t count a fairly tight square to my NN. People usually perceive me as very disciplined, although I have to say that’s not exactly true x-) It takes me a good long while to get started on anything, though I consistently plod through (and finish whatever it was on time) once I do get started. I am very organized (could be because my Saturn is in Libra), very careful with spending and frightfully responsible, especially regarding other people (Saturn inconjunct Sun, perhaps?). As for not being ambitious and not having clearly defined goals, that describes me to a T. Given half a chance, I’d spend my life sitting quietly, smelling the flowers.

  144. Why capricorn rising doesn’t punctuate? in that case Saturn is the most significant planet in the chart.

  145. A very sad 10!

    Saturn trine Neptune-5
    Saturn sextile Node-2
    Pluto in the 10th-3

    I thought I had sun conjunct Saturn and moon opposite Saturn but the orbs are too wide at 10 (sun) and 9 (moon).

  146. I have Mercury and Jupiter (in Virgo), and Venus (In Leo), all in the 10th house.

    I also have Neptune, Uranus, North Node (All in Capricorn), and Saturn (In Aquarius) all in the 3rd house.

    Shall I consider the former two patterns to be stelliums?

    And I have another side question concerning stelliums, shall I consider Ceres to take part in a stellium? Since it is known as a minor planet. And I have Pluto, Ceres (both in Scorpio), and Moon (in Sagittarius, 1st decanate which is scorpionic) all in the 1st house.

    So, shall I consider the aforementioned patterns to be stelliums in my birth chart?


    • Essam, look under the tab on stelliums for more information on the topic. I also wrote The Stellium Handbook, so click on the link to a downloadable sampler of the material it covers. Three planets does not make a stellium, but if they are all within 10 degrees of each other, that is a triple conjunction, and it can be very powerful. Donna

  147. I got a score of 85, I seriously need to chill out and let-loose the amount of strategies and plans that I keep on creating in order to cope with life, lol. I would wake up stupefied in the middle of the night and say “I don’t know what I was planning, but hell, it was a pretty neat plan!”. Plus, my MBTI type is INTJ, so it makes sense. And Saturn is being Retrograde in my natal chart, so I had to learn to be this way the hard way. Everything feels like a chess-board to me, well, it has been this way for a while.

  148. I got 50.

  149. I’m a little confused by the lack of points for a planet in the first house. I have Pluto conjunct asc (in the first), yes. But I also have Saturn and Mars in my first house too. Saturn’s impact there is felt quite intensely. It’s funny how I have trouble distinguishing between the lessons of Saturn and Pluto, and I think this is because their energies are blended during my transits, often working in tandem. And now, I see events such as my Saturn return as the most rewarding parts of my life.

    Either way, my score is a 31, without adding the “other important factor” points I could tack on for first house placement.

    • If Saturn is conjunct Pluto, then the orb for the Ascendant would be larger, say 10 degrees.

      • It isn’t. But it is conjunct Mars in the first, with Saturn sitting superior at 16° Scorpio, and Mars at 23.

  150. I didn’t really relate to my moderate score on this one. I have Saturn in the 1st conjunct Pluto as part of a YOD with my Sun, Chiron and Neptune. Maybe the 1st house and quincunx Sun is why I relate to Saturn personally? Also having Capricorn on the IC I feel is important because it’s the sort of nurturing and stuff I received as a kid, so IMO a really big psychological impact. Also my Mom has a lot of Capricorn and Saturn stuff and Dad has some too so maybe that adds some.

  151. My score was already over 40 by the first item of the test. That can’t be good huh? At least I know why I’ve been living my entire life like I carry the world on my shoulders…

    • Mary, you said in another comment about your Saturn score that you’re screwed for life. That’s an extremely negative view of your chart, and you really need to get a chart interpretation by someone who doesn’t take such a bleak view of those placements.

      We can create our own reality through our repeated thoughts–negative ones or positive ones. You can wind up sabotaging yourself by viewing your potentials in such a dismal manner. I am retired from doing charts, but can send you a list of astrologers whose work I know and respect. Donna

  152. * sorry I meant second item of the test..

  153. I have a retrograde Saturn at 29º degrees Saggitarius in the 4th house (i’m 28 and currently in my 1st Saturn Return, I think) which is opposite to my Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Chiron; conjuct to my Uranus. it is also trine with Lilith and square Ceres ( don’t know if it’s relevant…).
    My Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury are in the 10th house, and Jupiter in the 9th. I also have 2 T-Squares with Saturn. My Neptune is in Capricorn.
    Saturn, Uranus and Chiron are at 29º degrees, which is Anaretic degree. Don’t know the meaning, just found out about it today…

    If I’m not mistaken, my total score was 72. I guess I am screwed for life :O

    • Hi, Kate, there an excellent discussion about the 29th degree going on in the comment section of an article on that degree. You also have a stellium, and there’s a lot about stelliums here too. To find the articles, go to the front page of this blog and use the onsite search engine at the top right hand corner. Donna

      • Will do, I’m interested in knowing more 🙂 thank you very much!

  154. Hi there, I’m late to the party, but thought it would be of interest that I scored 81 points.

    I have my sun, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn, and the stellium squares my moon and is opposite my Jupiter, creating a T-square (with the moon at the helm).

    I am le uber Saturnian alien construct.
    But also extremely Plutonian – scored 58 there.

    Anyone else have experience grappling with the Saturn-Pluto power combo?

    • Valkyrie, you are part of a special generation born with that Uranus-Saturn-Neptune conjunction in 1987-89. Having Mercury in that sign as well makes it a stellium. That triple conjunction is so rare that it only occurs at intervals of about 620 years. However, there were something like 438 million people born with it around the world in those years. That would be part of the reason your Saturn and other planets in Saturn-ruled Capricorn gives you such a high Saturn score.

      It sounds very active in your chart, creating that t-square with the Moon and Jupiter. To make it easier to analyze and sort out all the pieces, you might want to get my ebook on stelliums, available at Donna Cunningham

  155. Without counting minor aspects i scored 46.Is that bad?

  156. I got 60 & is one of my overall dominant planets. Even though I don’t have planets in Capricorn but I do feel more Capricornian/Saturnian than anything.

    “What would it be like if you were TOOOOO Saturnian? You’d be rigid, stodgy, perfectionistic, conservative, hypercritical, authoritarian; fearful, depressed and probably workaholic”… that resonates with me especially the perfectionist, authoritarian & hypercritical part I guess because I was born with Saturn in critical Virgo. My Saturn is exalted in 7th house, major aspects to Moon, MC, ASC, Mercury, Uranus & Neptune & minor aspect to Sun.

    My Saturn, Moon & Mercury are also battling neck to neck here with very close point margins almost a triple tie. Neptune has the highest score with 81 points (though I don’t feel Neptunian but maybe because its tightly aspected by guess who….SATURN!!) followed by those 3 planets & even then both my Moon & Mercury are also aspected by SATURN.

    • Correction: I got 64 on this one, I didn’t include the semi-sextile to Pluto & aspects to the Nodes

  157. 58 saturn, 47 moon … kind of opposite ?! Hard to balance goals and desires sometimes, part of having ASC oppose sun. With pinch of intensity from pluto score 33 and uranus score 30, makes a special mix ;).

  158. OooOh this was a good-time quiz 😂
    Going by your description, I guessed my Saturn might actually be weak (the other tests I have taken added to “off the charts/borderline…Also could have been anticipated).
    I feel better with this validation of your assessments 😉

  159. I scored 71 points.

    Saturn in the fourth house is ruler of my Asc Capricorn.
    Make an T-Square with Sun conjunct Midheaven and Neptune in first house.
    In addition, opposite Mercury in the tenth house and trine Mars in the eighth house.

  160. I got 6. 😦 However I did secure my retirement in 11 1/2 years and finally got used to getting up at 4 am to go to work. NOW? Free at last, Free at last thank God Al Mighty, I am free of that maddening prison workplace. Free 🙂

  161. i just scored 100 on the saturn one does that happen alot. ?

  162. I scored 65…very strong! Moon in Capricorn, 6 aspects to Saturn, 2 planets including the sun and north node in 10th house, 2 planets conjunct the Midheaven. I know Saturn is kind of a downer in astrology, but I am actually quite glad for it…I scored 100 on the Mercury strength test, so maybe this is why I sometimes manage to accomplish some things in life! Thanks Saturn, what a pal.

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