Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 6, 2010

Uranus in Aries—a Heads Up for the Accident Prone

©3-6-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 How has your life changed with Uranus in headstrong, headlong Aries? If you’re the least bit accident prone, you may need to be extra cautious, especially if your chart has major placements in the early degrees of the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.

However, I’ve studied accidents over the years and have reached some conclusions about why people have serious accidents. As I’ll share here, I believe that they can be prevented, but that involves making changes and heeding warning signals.

Why Accidents Happen—Give Me a Break!!

Skywriter, Donna Cunningham, accidents I’ve always been fascinated with accidents, and whenever I encounter anyone whose life has been impacted by a serious one, I grill them. I want to know what was going on in their life before and how their life changed.

I’ve also looked into the lives of celebrities—people like Julio Iglesias, who was a soccer player before an accident so serious they said he’d never walk again. During the recuperation, he learned to play the guitar and sing, and that’s how his career began.

As the folks I interviewed pondered life before the event, many of them recalled that they felt stuck in a situation that no longer fit who they were, if it ever did.  Perhaps they had responsibilities to fulfill, or the opportunities they needed weren’t forthcoming, or maybe they were conforming to the expectations of family, a mate, or their profession. Their true self was getting lost. They felt more and more trapped, and yet there seemed no way out.

Unable to break free, they were restless, frustrated and rebellious. Then the accident happened, and in addition to broken body parts, there was a substantial break from the confining situation—an abrupt halt and the need for a new beginning.

The recovery period was a time of discovery, the opportunity to reflect on their true identity and their own particular genius. Convalescence gives them time to find their true path and the motivation to go ahead and make the change they need, so they can do more with the rest of their life.

 Research Studies about Accident Prone People

 So far as I know, there hasn’t been any astrological research into accidents.  I did find a number of medical and psychological studies whose results correlated with the qualities and behavior patterns of Uranian types or people under Uranus transits.

Divorce and separation are related to Uranus transits. Dr. Stanley Aronson of Brown University studied hundreds of traffic deaths and found that divorced, separated, and single people were far more likely to have fatal accidents.

Adolescence is a Uranian phase of life.  Dr. Flanders Dunbar found that more than half of all teen deaths are from accidents—and more than two thirds of deaths of boys in that age range.

Teens and technology are an especially lethal mix.  In 2007, driver distractions, such as using a cell phone or text messaging, contributed to nearly 1,000 crashes involving 16- and 17-year-old drivers. Over 60% of American teens admit to risky driving, and nearly half of those that admit to risky driving also admit to text messaging behind the wheel.

 Who are the Accident Prone People?

 A 2007 review of 79 studies involving 150,000 people led researchers at the University Medical Center Groningen to conclude accident-prone people do exist. One out of every 29 people has a 50 percent or higher chance of having an accident than the rest of us.

Uranian personality traits and behavior patterns do show up in accident studies.  The British Journal of Psychology reported that more accidents occurred to people whose qualities included “mild social deviance” and type-A behaviour patterns.

A study of taxicab drivers in Canada found that, compared with a control group of 100 drivers never involved in an accident, the group of drivers who had been involved in four or more crashes was approximately seven times more likely to have had contact with social agencies. These included adult and juvenile courts, social services, credit bureaus and public health. They concluded that ‘we drive as we live’.

Mental states that contributed to accidents included rushing, multitasking, and stress. They often happen when your mind is occupied elsewhere and thus you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing.

What qualities do people have who are NOT accident prone? A large research study by Scientists at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology identified two key personality traits of people who did not have accidents: ‘dependability’ (conscientious and socially responsible behaviour) and ‘agreeableness’ (a lack of aggressive or self-centered tendencies). Those whose personalities feature high levels of these traits are less likely to be involved in accidents.Donna Cunningham's Email Astrology Course

Astrological Indications: I found that people who were involved in serious accidents were strongly Uranian types, especially those with difficult natal or transiting aspects between Uranus and planets like Mars or Mercury, especially in the 1st, 3rd, or 6th. (Natal or transiting Uranus in the 6th may be prone to on-the job injuries.)

People with quincunxes from Uranus to those planets or the Ascendant or Midheaven can be major klutzes. How do you know for sure if a person is accident prone? Ask them—they’ve had repeated major and minor mishaps.

 4 Tips for Preventing Accidents

 In interviewing people who have had major accidents, I discovered several patterns that led up to them.  Here are things to watch out for:

  1. DO NOT argue when you’re in a car, not with the driver, fellow passengers, or drivers of other cars, especially if transiting or natal Mars aspects Uranus. Save it for later discussion, as road rage can lead to carelessness…and car-lessness.
  2. Observe yourself when walking or working at potentially dangerous tasks and notice when you’re not really in your body.  If you’re walking, let yourself feel your feet with each step and position them carefully. Keep pulling your mind back to the task at hand.  If you’re trying to sort out a weighty decision or upsetting condition, leave that for a time when you’re sitting quietly.
  3.  If you start having a series of minor accidents or near-misses, go on Red Alert and be extremely cautious. I’d found this pattern in several of the people who wound up having serious accidents and later read a scientific study that verified it.
  4.  Finally, if your instincts ever tell you not to get into a vehicle, DON’T GO. Park the car, cancel the social outing, or change your flight—no matter how much it costs or how much your decision might upset someone else. Those strong promptings come from our guardian angels, and we MUST NOT ignore them.

Uranus transits CAN mean an accident, but they don’t HAVE to mean an accident.  As we learned earlier, many people who have serious accidents felt stuck in a situation that no longer fit who they are. Look at the area Uranus is transiting, and if you’re either resisting making a change in that area or if the change you need to make seems impossible, dialogue with Uranus and brainstorm. Think of smaller steps toward making that change possible, or find out what else would satisfy your needs.

READERS:  Have you ever had a serious, life-changing accident?  Or are you accident prone?  So that we can all continue to learn about the astrology of accidents, would you mind providing your birth data and the dates, as closely as you possibly can, of life-changing accidents?   Leave it in the comment section.  We’re having quite a lively exchange about this information.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Uranus in Aries, “heads” up, indeed.

  2. I don’t consider myself a klutz exactly, but I do cut, scrape and burn myself all the time.

    I have:
    Aries Sun and Mercury in 8H
    Mars 10H trine Uranus 3H
    Mercury 8H quintile Mars
    Aquarius on the 6th cusp
    Uranus quincunx MC
    Mars square Pluto

    • HI, Michelle, the cutting, scraping, and burning sounds more like a Mars aspect, and you do have plenty! Donna

  3. I haven’t but my mom broke the same ankle twice on the same day two years apart, in early April. It’s pretty extraordinary.

    • It sounds like she may have been having a year-long Uranus transit to a natal planet that then got triggered by the transiting position of the Sun. Donna

  4. June 30, 1944, 7:53 PM (rectified by James), Council Bluffs IA… Natally I have 4 planets in the early degrees of Cancer (Saturn, Sun, Merc, Venus–7th house), and Neptune at 3 Libra (9th house). Natal Uranus is in the 6th, but I no longer work outside the home. I’m having some serious health issues with pets right now. Tx Uranis is in my 3rd house right now. My younger brother, only sibbling, passed away unexpectedly 2 weeks ago. I’ve had one car accident back in the late 80’s, but nothing significant since then. Right now, in this timeframe, I do feel like life is spiraling out of control around me. Many things coming up, a move to another state eminent probably around April. *sigh*

  5. I have Uranus inconjunct Mercury/Mars/ASC and even though I’m not accident prone in a big way (only one minor fender bender in over 45 yrs of driving), I usually have small bruises and banged up hands.

    Perhaps Saturn sq Sun & sextile Moon have helped make me more cautious in general. I know for sure I am NOT an adrenaline addict.

    Have you noticed a correlation between “hard” Uranus natal aspects and those in risky professions? Firefighters, policemen, ER workers, electrical linemen, etc. Just curious . . . 🙂

    This post will be a great addition for the Blogathon. I’m looking forward to happily working my way through all the posts for that.


    • HI, Diane, I haven’t had the opportunity to look at charts of firefighters, etc. but I would imagine some Uranus there, maybe strong Aries/Mars as well. Yes, the blogathon collections of articles are really shaping up well, and I’m excited too. Donna

  6. Thinking about the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction coming up, it suddenly occurred to me that I had a huge accident the last time Jupiter was conjunct Uranus, at 6 degrees Aquarius in 1997. Transiting my second house. I was a pedestrian crossing the street, in front of a bus that was stopped at the light – so I didn’t see the car that came running the red light as I passed by the bus. Bounced on the hood (there’s still a dent in my thigh where it hit me), flew through the air, and hit the ground just far ahead of where the car managed to screech to a halt before nearly running me over. But here’s the thing: I wasn’t seriously hurt.

    I HAD been wanting to change my life (was uncertain about the relationship with the guy I was on my way to visiting that night; my accident was within a block of his home), and I’d had some premonitions of something dangerous associated with his home. But: Nothing changed afterward. I did not break up with him (though his reaction to the accident made me strongly want to). I wonder now if I missed an opportunity to change in the way I was deeply yearning to. Ah well. I was just grateful to be alive (and of course the premonitions immediately disappeared; as soon as the ‘bad’ thing I’d been dreading happened), life went on as before. (Though maybe that realization of gratitude was the only change needed? My friends were perplexed that everything was continuing along as before, and that I was not seriously re-evaluating everything in my life.) Not accident-prone in general…

    • Interesting that it happened with Jupiter/Uranus, perhaps why you weren’t hurt. Maybe nothing changed externally and much shifted internally…hard to say. Donna

  7. My husband broke his neck and I thought it would be something I could use to look at Uranus, but he says….he doesn’t remember the year! I thought anyone would remember something like that, and he says, who wants to remember something like that. 🙂 He was very lucky it wasn’t worse.

    He says it was 1973 or 1974, maybe in the summer months. Well, I am finding that Uranus would have been conjunct his Sun in the 5th house around the end of 1974, in 1973 it was getting close and then went retrograde. So….without some help from the husband, I can’t do much. The accident was at his work.

    His sun is at 28 degrees Libra and Uranus was at 22 degrees at the beginning of 73, went retrograde and then ended up at 27. In 74 it went retrograde again and in Oct it would have been exact…but I am sure he would have rembered if it happened near his birthday….but he is very good at forgetting anything. Not sure how he does it.

    What else could I look at to give me some indication of when the right timing would be? He was in a head brace and laid up for a while. He seems to get annoyed if I ask too many questions. Guess he really does want to forget it.

    He has had a few other accidents, but I am sure he won’t remember those dates. He is not an impulsice type, but rather pretty slow and methodical. His problem is that he feels nothing will ever go wrong when he is doing something…stupid. 🙂

    As for me I have Uranus conjunct Mars and my Asc. I am one who moves around quickly and can get clutzy at times. I have never broken any bones or had major accidents…thank goodness.
    I just have a tendency to move without thinking at times. I am not slow and methodical. 🙂 The worst thing I have had happen is to sew over my finger one time, and had one burn on my arm. Both my own fault.

    My big Uranus shake up was when Uranus went through my 5th house. I met my current husband at work, left my first husband, got divorced. Remarried again before Uranus left my 5th house. I also had my 1st Saturn return around the same time.


    • Well, Susie, the frustrating thing about trying to research accidents is that, like your husband, people often cannot pinpoint the exact date. Especially if there is some head injury component, there will be a disturbance to short term memory and dates all around the accident get confused. I had a serious car accident involving a head injury, and the upshot was that my life was changed forever because among other things, I suffered permanent short term memory loss.

      The other reason people don’t remember the date is because there’s a very strong tendency to minimize and underestimate the extent of the damage. And to go back to work and high pressure demands too soon. And so head injury symptoms can create personality changes and other stressors that are not recognized as related to the accident. Men especially want to deny any physical vulnerability, and so they struggle with after effects the best way they can. Donna

  8. I have mars conjunct uranus in cancer-H12

    I AM accident ptone- especially burns & scalds..

    This tendency worsens under adverse transits-

    so I keep an eye out


    • Oh, yes, Krista, do be careful!! Donna

    • Hi,
      Lot of smaller accidents. Many just about, too. Biten by a poisonous snake, a dog. Falls from trees, still (I´m oldish), when fixing appletrees. Falls in holes in the ground. Not allways my fault…somebody else causes them also. I´m aware of being distracted sometimes and then I´m very cautious.
      Had my right arm broken 1981? and the same arm got damages to nerves and senews 25.5.2008. by an accident, I fell and there was some glass that cutted my arm. 2 weeks earlier I got a straw in my eye, very painfull and went to a doctor. Some 2 weeks after the accient with my arm operated there was just about insident that could had cost my life. Something blow down from a roof in a storm. The day started with almost an accident with a bike.
      Cuttings…my daughter is ceasarian. I have had some smaller operations, too.
      I didn´t take a driving licens as the others when 18 yrs, had nightmares of accidents with me absentminded behind the wheel… Guess the guardian angel sent messages.
      It is also seen by Solar Arcs in my chart; also using midpoints to sensitive points. I´m also very sensitive to thunderstorms.
      Sorry for my lenghty post but I think these matters correlates.

      • That does correspond with the research about small accidents leading up to a major one. Thanks for sharing. That about being sensitive to thunderstorms is Uranian as well–electrical disturbance. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it can show up in sensitivity to seismic activity as well (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, even those that measure as little as 2.0) Donna

      • Sorry, the astrology: uranus quinconx moon and squares Asc.
        24.1.1958, 10:55. Åbo, Finland

  9. I secretly left high school one day, (Jan 15, 1965 after school) with my first love…we drove a friend home, left him off, and then we were in a major 2 car head-on collusion (slide on ice on a curve during a snowy blizzard). I was 16 years old. I was the only one hurt…went through the windshield. I needed a series of facial plastic surgeries to recover.

    I was living in a very strict/authoritarian and emotional/verbally abusive home. This accident has had an intense affect on my life – physically, emotionally, & psychologically.

    I am not an astrologer (but long time friend/client of Diana Stone) so I can’t tell you what the planets were doing on that day for your research. Perhaps you can shed some light.
    My birthdate Dec 23, 1948 1:55pm Gary, Indiana.
    Thank you.

    • Yes, Linda, the whole pattern fits, as teens have really no power over their own lives in authoritarian/abusive home. And the after effects of a serious accident can change life forever. It’s like a personal earthquake. Donna

  10. B. 7-9-49 1:10 am Massachusetts with my Uranus in Cancer 3rd house with conjunct Sun. and Opp Capricorn. 11 years ago I was 49 and had 3 cervical disks blowout after going to a chiropractor. I’d been ib a job 24 years that I hated, and the 2 surgeries I had caused me to miss 6 months of work and I got laid off. I had to change my idea of who I was and became an artist, because I am disabled and had to find something i could do w/o hurting my neck. Check my website and see! Now I enjoy what i do! Albeit I don’t make much money.

    • HI, Kristy, your story of hating your job and then having an accident does fit the pattern so well. It’s just too bad it takes something so painful and debilitating to create the space to make the change. Donna

    • Kristy, your artwork is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your website.

  11. Donna,
    My husband was killed in a one-car accident on February 18, 1984 at approx 8 p.m. His birth info–July 23, 1952, Griffin, Georgia not sure of exact time his mother said it was around noon. If you look at his chart you will see a stellium in Leo and his personality was definitely large–outgoing, happy, loud, laughing, flirtatious, smart and widely read, could fix/build anything–but also wild, rebellious, liked to live fast and party hard.

    Many of the feelings that you mention people having before they themselves are in accidents are feelings I remember having before my husband was killed. My birth data is March 21, 1953, Bryan Texas, 7:50 a.m. If you look at my chart you will see that at the time of his accident, Pluto had recently crossed into my seventh house and was opposing my Asc, Mars, and Venus.

    As always, thanks for your wonderful writing.

    • Dear god, Lea, what a tragedy!! Such a vibrant man, gone in a second. And your transits were spot on. So sorry! Donna

  12. Hi Donna – I’m grateful I don’t have anything major to report — I don’t even know if you’d consider my incidents “accidents” or not, but they did affect the course of my life. When transiting Uranus was still in my 6th house, but within a degree of opposing my Ascendant – and transiting Neptune was almost exactly conjunct my natal Chiron in my 6th , which opposes my natal Uranus in the 12th, I broke my baby toe.

    No big deal, except for the fact that within a week, I received news that the business I worked for was closing, and not being able to stand, let alone walk (or wear shoes) made it difficult to look for work. Shortly after that – and just when I was able to comfortably walk again — transiting Saturn squared my natal retrograde Mars (in Gemini) in the 9th and joined my Pluto (in Virgo) in the 12th.

    It was then that I injured my wrist (while cleaning). To make a long story short, the wrist injury eventually led to a much more serious (and painful) medical condition which temporarily limited the use of both arms (for several years). While neither of these were major accidents, they did represent a series of life-changing incidents that affected my well-being and prevented me from looking for work, which in retrospect, ended up being a blessing in disguise.

    • Interesting, LB, that these “minor” accidents nonetheless served exactly the Uranian purpose I was talking about, of giving you a break to ponder where you were headed. Donna

  13. This also reminds me of an article I read about the bizarre and inconsistent symptoms lightning strike victims have after they are struck. The kinds of people who are struck in the first place are a unique bunch and their symptoms are entirely Uranian.

    I once knew a double Aquarian who couldn’t walk by a lightpost without it flickering. “I did that, I can do that!” she’d say.

    • Wow!!! That article is absolutely fascinating!! And, yeah, they are all certainly a Uranian bunch, and look like they were before the accident too. If I didn’t already have a million articles to write, this would be a goodie. Thanks, Charlotte. Donna

  14. I have Mercury square Uranus. Very uncoordinated, forever bumping into things etc. Fortunately no serious accidents (most serious was when I fell and nearly cut my ear off when I was 12 and having a Uranus transit to Venus and Saturn). Fortunately an even tighter natal square between Mercury and Saturn manifests as extreme caution, which probably keeps me safe and grounds me when I have that experience of getting lost in my head and not quite being in my body. I quit driving because I had a couple of near misses and it freaked me out. BTW, literally 30 seconds after reading this post, I accidentally knocked over half a cup of tea – will I ever learn!

    • I didn’t know that about you, Mandi, but yeah Mercury square Uranus could be a klutz. It’s great for astrology writing, though. Donna

  15. 3.5.66 Suffern, NY 19:25 UT. I seem to ATTRACT accidents- usually technically not my “fault” but i completely accept responsibility. Must be the stellium (including Chiron) in my 6th house?? I also “kill” electronics and have seizures. It’s been a great ride though–i’ve loved learning non-attachment and utter compassion.

    • Sounds Uranian to me. Thanks for sharng your data. Donna

  16. Female, 16 July 1948, 9:20pm CST, Drumright, Creek County, OK, USA, at home: 096W35’38”, 35N59’27” — Several accidents in my life. To name a few… October 1974 car accident, unconscious 12 hours. 1 February 2001, 7:45 am CST, West Des Moines, Iowa, USA: 093W42’40”, 41N34’38” — fall on ice caused injuries included head/brain injuries, split cartilage in sternum, torqued shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle, became unable to walk and to use hands/arms, disabled, unable to work. 26 May 2007, 2:45 pm CDT, Plano, TX, USA: 096W50’25”, 33N02’11” — car accident while had no income and no insurance, man hit my vehicle pushing it off street into construction area: set back healing from 2001 fall to point I have no hope to be able to work, 5 vertebrae with compression fractures, damage to pelvic floor, concussion, vitreous detachment in both eyes, lost crown on tooth caused need for dental implant. Do I hide under a rock?!

    • What a terrible series of accidents, Sandy. I am so sorry for all the pain and debility. There are helpful–but not curative–homeopathic remedies for accidents, so if you’re able, work with a qualified homeopath. Donna

      • Thanks, Donna. Any astrological insights?

      • Not at this time, Sandy. As fascinated as I am with accidents, I must put this post and the excellent responses aside in a to-do folder because the Blogathon for mid-March is commandeering my entire life for now…and has for the past six weeks, so there’s also a lot of catching up to do. Maybe even some time off!! Donna

  17. Hello All 🙂

    Birth Data: November 2, 1976 7:18 AM Hazlehurst, MS

    First let me say I have never been in any car crash more serious than a big fender bender; I feel i must state my luck on that issue, and my gratitude for that fact.

    My accidents have been broken bones/dislocated limbs, always on my own two feet. So I guess you could call me a klutz. The funny thing is, during all the years I was in dancing and gymnastics I NEVER so much as sprained a toe. I’ve been told I am graceful and ethereal when I put my mind to it. It seems as soon as I am not paying full attention to my movements, disaster strikes.

    I had two broken arms when I was a child, the first was either the end of Sept./beginning of October 1981. I was roller skating with my Mom and I fell and pulled her down on top of me, breaking both bones in my left arm.

    The second broken arm was either in the Fall of 1982 or the Spring of 1983. I fell off the monkey bars at school during recess, breaking my right arm near the wrist.

    The next major accident happened in March 1992. It was a Friday ( I don’t know which Friday). I was playing dodge ball when the ball hit me in the chest, knocking me down and dislocating my right knee and fracturing my right leg. This accident has always puzzled me, and that is an understatement. I was having a hard time understanding how so much damage could have occurred during a simple fall. I know it was how i was standing when the ball hit me, but still…
    If I remember correctly, Pluto in Scorpio was moving over my ascendant.

    The next major series of accidents happened to me during the end of August/ beginning of Sept. 2007. Right at the end of August, while trying to cross a creek on a fallen tree, I lost my balance and fell. I dislocated my left shoulder. I considered myself to be lucky that I didn’t hit my head on a rock (which were all around where I fell). Since then, my shoulder has dislocated eight times, all but two requiring me to go to the ER.

    In June 2008, one doctor decided to put me fully under to put it back my shoulder back in socket. Usually they would knock me out with out with less potent anesthetic, like Versed. Anyway, for reasons i am unsure of, I coded and I woke not being able to breath, with a CPR breathing thing in my mouth. That was very scary for me.

    The last shoulder dislocation occurred in July of 2009. I am trying to find a way to pay for a much needed surgery, as i didn’t have insurance at the time of the initial injury. Its a preexisting condition now, so that is endless red tape.

    I am sorry for the very long comment. I tried to be as succinct as possible.

    Thank you again for Sky Writer, Donna. Sky Writer, in my humble opinion, brings astrology down to a practical, usable tool for everyday, better than any other astrology blog i follow 🙂


    • It’s long because there are so very many accidents. Altogether they add up to a major amount of damage to the body/mind. Thanks, Jessica. Donna

  18. Hey, Donna, this article has really stuck with me and made me think, so … remember when Gerald Ford was president and the whole Chevy Chase portraying him as such a klutz? I’ve read that Ford was in fact quite an athlete. Anyway, I looked up his chart on Astrodienst…he has numerous aspects to Uranus…sextile Moon, opposition Mercury, trine Venus and Saturn. His Uranus was also in the 10th house and square his Ascendant…perhaps that would accunt for the public perception of him as a klutz?

    • Interesting, Lea. I bet the klutz factor is the opposition between Mercury and Uranus and the Uranus square to the Asc. Donna

  19. Donna, thanks for reminding me of the power of Uranus in aspect to Mars or Mercury. Over a year ago my partner and I were in a bad car accident in which we managed to walk away with only minor cuts and bruises. To this day I’m not sure if it was luck or spirit or what. Car got totaled when a car cut off another car causing it to swerve into our lane and t-bone us at 50 mph. Even our golden retriever, who was in the back seat, had only one scratch too.

    At the time of the crash, Uranus was sextiling Mars and transiting was almost conjunct the driver’s natal Mars.

    Crash data: January 17, 2008, 9:59 pm, Brooklyn, NY.

    • Ooops, make that January 17, 2009, 9:59 pm, Brooklyn, NY.

    • That’s so interesting, Katie. Two cars in an accident, and you with the transiting sextile and the driver with the conjunction to Mars. Thanks for the data–as I mentioned, I am loaded down with work for the blogathon, but I’ll get back to this post in time. Donna

  20. Me May 16 1955 10:56pm Gary, IN Elise Dec 23 1978 stillbirth. Started birth at home in Portage IN ended up in hospital in Elgin IL(backup for the homebirth docs out of Chicago).

    Had premonitions for months before but wasn’t alarmed, felt like I was being primed. Near death experience in recovery room(cool!) which started me on my serious search for enlightenment. Got serious infection from the hospital then that made me sick for months after.

    It was a very bad day all around as it wasn’t just her heart condition but other things that also contributed to the situation of her death nothing which had to do with the fact that we started her birth at home.

    Afterward we were asked if her heart could be used in a study being done to find out what was making athletes drop dead in midperformance. They needed a female fetal heart. Elise gave her heart to the world and now it knows that HyperTropicCardioMyopathy is the reason. And she gave her life so her mom would “get off her ass and get on her path”.

    Accident or karma? Hmmm, makes you wonder. On a happy note, almost 30 years later a Gbebe girl came to us, EllaGrace, Nov 06, 2008 5:21 am Valparaiso IN. Sun,Mars, Mercury in ScorpioRising! Oh, boy am I glad I’m just the Gma! Blessings to all

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it, how fully present these briefly incarnated souls can be in our lives. Quite a story. Donna

  21. Hi Donna – I’d mentioned in a previous comment that my dad was once on a Navy ship that was sunk, and your post on Uranus and accidents got me to wondering if Uranus and Neptune were involved.

    Sure enough, transiting Neptune was squaring transiting Uranus at the time (within 7 degrees), and both outer planets formed stressful aspects to my dad’s Pluto – transiting Neptune formed an exact square to his Pluto, and transiting Uranus was loosely conjunct it.

    It makes sense that my dad, having his Ascendant/Sun/Saturn/Venus conjunct in Scorpio would’ve been deeply affected, but what seems even more significant is that he served on a Navy ship with many other young men and women who, being of the same generation, would’ve likely had their natal Plutos affected by this stressful outer transit as well.

    Although there are some errors in the Time article (23 people were killed, and it was actually the hospital ship that sank, not the freighter) here’s a link that describes the accident: Hope it helps with your research.,9171,856657,00.html?promoid=googlep

    • thank you, LB. Yes, it’s interesting, but it would make sense that a generational placement would be involved in an accident that involved a lot of people. Donna

  22. when i was a kid, I was very accident-prone (minor stuff: bumps, bruises, cuts) and I surmise it might had been my mars square jupiter (the planet of “too much” squaring the planet of “let’s go!”). with time, i learned to slow myself down and voila, no more accidents!

    • WE do learn more about how to manage our Mars (and our bodies) as we grow and mature. We–at least some of us–tend to get better coordinated.

  23. Birth data: 9/22/64 8:29 am Chicago
    Accident: 12/18/84 approx. 8:30-45 pm Orland Park, IL

    A woman made an illegal turn and my car hit her going 45 mph. I was driving one of those old 1970s behemoths and that is what saved my life. I was a college student with no health insurance so the dr. fixed the obvious injury but didn’t do any x-rays or exam.

    The downside of this accident? My knees have never been the same and I can’t run or do strenuous hiking. The vertebrae in my neck are very unstable so I’m a regular at the chiropractor to manage the pain that can result.

    The good side of the accident? I got a small settlement that allowed me to move to DC to go to graduate school to study my passion, international affairs. I now help rebuild countries that have been wracked by war. Part of my job is traveling to places like Iraq and Somalia. It terrifies friends and family that I go to these places. But my perspective is I was almost killed in my “own backyard” so to speak coming home from Christmas shopping.

    • thanks for sharing the data, Jeanne. Yes, accidents can be life-changing physically, but it also sounds like the “impact” of the impact has been to set you on a postive Uranian mission as your life work. Donna

  24. my boyfriend is an aquarius and has these aspects to uranus natally: quincunx to mercury, square to moon, trine jupiter and opposing saturn. Transits to natal planets are semi-square mars, opposed to jupiter and trine pluto and the north node. while not a type a personality, he definitely is an independent sort, follows his own path. Love these articles as part of the blogathon!

  25. Donna, Thank you for this amazing blog a thon.
    In May 1975 Uranus went over my ascendant, I went through the windshield of my car, on the way to visit my husband in the hospital. Natal Uranus in 8th house, quincx. capricorn moon in the 3rd. August 1975 my husband died at home, tr.mars conjunct exact to my 8 house natal uranus with TR.uranus crossing my ascendant. Since then 84 Pluto crossed my asc. and I made a life altering move. Approaching T-square is 12th saturn, 6th uranus and my 3rd house singelton planet cap. moon..(an umbrella chart)..thank you again.

    • What a devastating combination of events! Accidents can change your life in an instant. Thank you for sharing the information. Donna

  26. In 2004, I had Uranus traveling my 4th house (still do) and it began opposing my stellium in the 10th, which started with Mars. I had traveled to Thailand to rock climb, which had been my obsession for about 7 years, excluding a lot of other goals and interests in my life. When Uranus opposed Mars, I took a 30 foot climbing fall without a helmet (my bad) and went upside down and cracked open my head and hyperextended my knee. Luckily, I was not badly injured, but I no longer wanted to climb, and sold all my gear and gave it up. I knew then that I was being asked, in a way, to give it up. When I did, it made space for other things in my life. I just thought it was interesting though that Uranus was opposing a stellium in the 10th from the 4th, which feels top heavy sometimes, and I ‘fell’ back into dealing with some 4th house issues also, to get free of them, which also related to future career choices. And after that fall, I kept pulling ‘The Hanged Man’ in the tarot, hanging upside down, which I did, and which is a symbol of surrender, and looking at life from a different perspective. It was all so metaphorical at that point, it was wild! I also had Pluto squaring Mars from the 2nd, and Uranus opposing it from the 4th, when the tsunamis hit in Thailand, and I barely made it out of the water to higher ground. (transiting Neptune was also sextiling Uranus, and conjuncting my Aquarius moon). I volunteered in refugee camps for four months, and it was a life changer. I think there were some other Neptunian transits happening as well. Pluto and Uranus transiting Mars at the same time was the season of survival and near misses, but also greatly shifted my ideas about my life, and what I want to do with it. It was a season of letting go of ego pursuits (accomplishment through rock climbing), and orienting that will and drive toward being of service to the collective (relief work). I’m interested to see how the Uranus in Aries years play out for individuals, as well as collective efforts.

    • Wow, Grace, what a fascinating story!! You certainly have lived an adventuresome life. And the aftermath of your fall is so true to the ways serious accidents divert us from one path that no longer works and moves us onto another. Donna

  27. All the posts have being interesting! I’m mostly prone to small cuts, burns mostly in my hands (mars in gemini) and some bruising. Wen I was a kid I always had scratches in my knees and bruises, I think it was mostly because I grew really fast and my body didn’t have the chance to adjust to it’s new size (I suspect Jupiter in conjunction with mercury the ruler of my Asc, and uranus semisextile the Asc)
    The one very serious car accident I was involved was about 2 weeks before being born, a drunk driver hit my parents car and threw them to an avenue, were they (we) were hit a second time, thankfully we all survived physically intact (although I ended up in a complete different position in my mother’s womb).
    I didn’t find an uranian element there but I have pluto/moon in the 1rst and I tend to ‘smell’ dangerous situations, I’m rather cautious.

    • Good example, Sabrina. Rather than Uranus, Mars in Gemini or Mars/Mercury aspects would be prone to cuts and burns on the hands. I have many small scars and have Mars on the Ascendant. Donna

  28. Hi Donna!
    Great subject! I must admit I am a little leary about the upcoming early degrees of Uranus’ transit into Aries–it will square my natal Mars in Cap which is being transited by Pluto, and also squared natal Uranus in Cancer in 7th! Several months before my birth, my parents were in a terrible car crash and my Pisces Dad was killed. My Mom who was pregnant with me, had a broken back, crushed pelvis and all her ribs were crushed plus 19 other broken bones. They said she would not make it and if she did, I certainly would not. Well, my Mom’s family is very religious and prayed for her round the clock. Her broken back showed NO signs of being broken on x-rays and the Docs could not believe it! I was born right on time, but addicted to morphine (Mom thought it was very bad colic!). I am pretty sure I had a prenatal NDE. Birthdate 11/11/50 11:03 am Denver City TX. NN in Pisces in 3rd. I AM a klutz though! Merc sq Uranus. Hopefully my Cap asc will protect me during this transit…Thanks for your blog! I learn so much from it!

    • This is very, very strange! Did you read the story from Sabrina, just above yours, about how she suffered a serious accident in utero as well? There’s a writer named PMH Atwater who had several NDEs and has written and researched them for decades now. One of her books is about children who have had NDEs, and you might get quite a lot of insight from it. She has a website and a blog at and is currently conducting a research project of people who had NDEs as children. Donna

      PS And yes, be very,very careful during that whole transit. Follow all the rules given in that article, and be especially cautious when it’s being triggered by other transits, particularly transiting Mars or even the Moon.

      • Amazing story Cindi…is interesting how pluto squares your sun and trines your moon, is like you and your mother were protected and then this incredible ability for regeneration (sorry, I usually don’t peek too much on other people’s charts but this was way too interesting!)
        how is your 12th house? mine actually doesn’t seem to show the accident, it looks more related with what’s on my first: asc is 25 virgo and moon/pluto conjunction in early libra.

        on another note, any thoughts about uranus in transit going to square a natal mars in cancer ruling the 8th? I feel I should warn this person and stay alert.

      • I wrote to her already. Donna

      • I have the same transits coming up: Pluto is transiting my first house conjuncting Mars in Cap which Uranus in Aries will square also square natal Uranus in Cancer in the 7th. Uranus in Aries will oppose natal and transiting Saturn as well as Neptune in my 10th House ruled by Libra. I just accepted a job offer to counsel indigent and drug/alcohol addicted men and women. I’m a bit concerned that my office location will be downtown in a rather seedy area. Hours 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Should I be?

      • I am not the sort to predict dire outcomes on the basis of a single aspect when I have not seen the chart or interviewed the person about their history. For instance, I would want you to go back and consider what happened in the years that Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn were traveling through that very same area of early Capricorn where your Mars was placed.

        Were there any dangerous or harmful situations that arose under those transits? (You can download a Transit Tracking Table for 1990-2012 in the Free page.) If tough transits to your Mars in Capricorn in the past correlated with bad situations, then I would be more concerned about your safety.

        The reason I am concerned is that you are facing not one but several potentially dangerous aspects–the transiting Pluto conjunct Mars in the first house alone would give me pause even without Uranus in Aries. If you do take the job, at the very least you should hire a car service and make hidebound agreements never to leave that building alone or never to be in the building alone at night.

        I would strongly suggest you see an astrologer who is soundly grounded in reality, and who does not wear rose colored glasses and warble about the brilliant transformative opportunities you are facing. Yes, there are a variety of good outcomes too, but the very first rule would be to take care never to leave the door open for the less desirable ones. Donna

  29. Natal Data: 3/26/1968 15:04 Melbourne, Fl
    Moderate Car accident totaled car no injury July or Aug 1990 or 1991, Near Fatal Accident 6/9/2001 4 months in hospital, 3 years recovery, had to relearn walk, 29 surgeries, Ruptured my Heart, Lungs, Liver, Shattered pelvis, broke all arms legs, and back, 7/4/2001 had near fatal blood clot in lung from accident. I am terrified, that I will experience another accident, and not survive it. I rarely leave home now. I thought the accidents were karma for attempting a divorce during both times. I refuse to remarry now. lol. Safer. Would love if someone could tell me if I am at risk with Uranus in Aries now?

    • Dear Melissa, what a devastating experience. You are undoubtedly one of those 1968 people born during an opposition between Pluto and Uranus in Virgo and Saturn and Chiron in Pisces, perhaps tied in with more personal planets for it to affect you so directly. But it’s soooooo Virgo for you to conclude it was punishment for getting divorced. Enter “thought forms” into the search engine for this blog and read those articles so you can clear those thought forms out of your aura and not keep manifesting them.

      The data you give puts your Sun at about 5 Aries. You will be recieving transits from Uranus, among other things. I am totally burned out on doing indvidual charts, so I won’t volunteer, but you would do well to get a session with an astrologer who has a lot of Virgoan patience and attention to detail to give you precise dates that you’d do well to be cautious. One hint is this: of all the transiting planets, Uranus is the only one that tends to get reliably triggered when the aspect is exact to within as minute or two. Donna

      • Thank for your comments, I looked my chart up with W.O.W., and I have Uranus (Retrograde) in Virgo 2nd House, 4 Aspects in Natal and currently over 20 different transits, many overlapping with the peaks all in a short period, coming up very soon. There are some very serious warnings in there, some i am currently already experiencing, I seriously need an astrologer who can give me the exact days and times of these transits; can you recommend anyone? Please? (in just the last 30 days I’ve had 2 burglaries, one while we were home, and my Aquarius (Uranus) dgtr has had 2 car accidents) Please, anyone you can recommend? The clock is ticking in my chart. THanks

      • Those are very serous warnings, Melissa, and you’re wise to take them seriously. I will send you a list of astrologers whose work I know and trust by email. Also print out for yourself the warning signals and don’ts from this article. Donna

      • Thank you for your help, I do take this very seriously. More Evidence:

        More Proof the This is Serious!
        Actor Gary Coleman Born Feb.9, 1968 is in critical condition in hospital in Utah after a fall. Undoubtedly, another one of those 1968 people born during an opposition.

        Thank Heavens for Fantastic people like you Donna, that help us see it coming! Blessings!

      • Sorry to keep posting, I’m learning so much, I had no idea you could have NDE in utero, It just never crossed my mind. I am a twin, my mother fell (another accident prone person) and miscarried my twin in the early second trimester, she was on bed rest until I was born. I have only one Kidney, as a birth defect, always wondered if that was connected.

      • I had no idea either that there could be a NDE in utero, Melissa, and now you’re the 3rd example. It’s amazing the information that comes through in these discussions.

        I have heard many stories about twins where one of the pair died in utero or at a very early age, and the psychic bond endures for life, just as it often does in living twin pairs. Donna

  30. Hi Donna!

    Facinating stories. Sofar my experiences have not been life-changing but the strong potential was there last year.

    In October, during a 2 day period, I almost choked to death TWICE while eating an apple and almost burned the building down by forgetting the oil on the stove, causing full alarm and a black kitchen. I also tripped while running and twisted both my ankles.

    This all happened October 12-13 while transiting Mars conjuncted my natal Uranus at 28 14 Cancer in 12th house. My natal Mars is in 6th house, at 19 20 Capricorn.

    It was quite scary but I got the message and slowed down.

    At the moment I am looking forward to see what the conjunction at Aries Point will bring. My natal Mercury sits on 0 58 Aries and is part of several configurations in the chart.

    Natally, Mercury and Uranus are in trine.

    DOB 29 March 1956
    TOB 12:40 pm
    POB Mikkeli, Finland

  31. Ok. Deep breath here.
    DOB: June 5, 1954 at 9:09 p.m. Grundy County, Illinois
    Have Intercepted houses, so have 12th ruled by Sagittarius continuing into 1st house, which appears to be Capricorn rising (I’m always confused as to whether I have Sag or Cap rising, but there’s the tail end of Sag on ascendent and then mostly Cap so I assume I’m more of a Cap rising?)
    Mars is in Capricorn in the 1st house natally opposite a natal stellium of Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury in Cancer in the intercepted Gemini/Cancer ruled 7th house,
    preceded by natal Sun in Gemini in the Gemini ruled 6th house and
    followed by a natal Pluto/Moon in Leo conjunction in the Leo ruled 8th house.
    Natal Neptune in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio are conjunct in the Libra ruled 10th house.
    Transiting Uranus just entered Aries, which rules my 4th house.
    In the meantime, transiting Mars in Leo I think (?)hopefully just moved away from hitting my natal Pluto/Moon in the 8th and is more safely transiting my Virgo ruled 9th house.
    So Pluto is transiting my 1st house opposing the natal stellium in Cancer in my 7th and conjunct my natal Mars in Capricorn in the first.

    October or November of 2004: rolled truck on black ice, hitting head, diagnosed with concussion (other health issues came to light as a result of care received after this episode though not caused by it) No serious injuries.

    July 3, 2000: standing on sidewalk with bicycle at busy intersection. Idly moved bike and self away from intersection and traffic to sit on bike and lean against store wall awaiting my spouse who was inside getting us some water. Heard screeching brakes. An older Mercedes (thus lower to ground) had taken a last minute turn moving fast from busy street onto street I was on and careened out of control, hitting a vehicle on his left, bouncing off it and careening into me and my bike. I had just undergone (six months prior) the last of seven surgeries on my left leg (see below).
    Thus, with no time to think, I instinctively went to protect my left leg which the Mercedes was headed straight for and I THREW MY LEFT LEG UP OVER THE HANDLEBARS. Because I did this, I must have also raised my right leg, although not quite as high. Because the Mercedes was low to the ground (rather than SUV or other vehicle) AND because I threw my legs up, only the bicycle was CRUSHED against the brick wall, the seat was knocked off and out from under me by the force of the blow and I landed on the hood of the Mercedes and slid off, hitting my head and back when I landed, legs up and coming to rest onto the right front tire. I had multiple bruises and contusions, a slight concussion and suffer pretty serious PTSD from this incident to this day. I was lucky to be alive and the only reason my lower body and hips weren’t crushed was due to my instinct to save my just healed left leg from new injury. Of course, I had not time to rationally think – this was my only thought, “My leg!” That saved my life.

    January 5 or 6, 1998: Fell into awkward position while getting off a ski lift snow skiing and fractured my left tibia at the kneejoint, tearing the ACL as well. A two year nightmare of medical errors and falling through cracks followed in which, between Jan. 1998 and late December 1999 I had seven surgeries performed on the leg, five arthroscopic and two open surgeries (cutting open of leg, tissue, etc.) before learning of a surgeon in another state, Vail, Colorado, who performed the 7th surgery, the follow up physical therapy and treatment, upon which my leg was healed.

    Somewhere in that same time period, a tree fell on my roof and my car mysteriously rolled downhill from its parking place in front of our house, and down a slope, narrowly missing hitting a nearby house in which a daycare nursery with multiple children was sitting, landing instead against the pole of the next house’s upper deck. No one, miraculously, was injured.

    1973: severe anaphylactic shock reaction to penicillin and major NDE which profoundly impacted my life.

    Just adding my contribution. I’m quite worried about the Pluto transit conjunct natal Mars, Mars transit conjunct natal Pluto/Moon, and Uranus into Aries 4th opposing natal Neptune/Saturn and, I think, squaring the 1st and 7th house and it’s transiting and natal planets?

    Thanks. Love your work and all the contributions here.

    • Given that you have several severe accidents in your past, be extremely careful, especially when something more is setting of the transits–even Mars or the Moon by transit. Memorize the cautions and warning signals in the article–print it out–and absolutely do not ignore that inner voice that says, “Today do not go there.” Donna

  32. Thanks Donna. I did have that intuition the day of the skiing accident, but went anyway. Btw, what do you mean by “when something more is setting of the transits”?

    • If the natal and transiting planet is also being aspected by one of the faster moving transiting planets like Mars or the Moon. Donna

  33. Interesting article. I am so glad I found this site. I have been going through some stressful situations the past 3 months or so.

    I am not exactly accident-prone, but I’m a klutz. I will bump into an object and then bump into it again later, forgetting that I bumped into it before. I seem not to be aware of what’s around me.

    I thought it was because I have neptune conjunct my Virgo sun.

    • That doesn’t sound like the right aspect, though it does tend to spacing out and not fully being in the body. I wonder what would happen if you tried the Bach fllower remedy, Clematis, which is for that sort of spaciness. (See materials under the Healing Tools category on this blog.) Donna

  34. Hi, I have never thought of myself as accident prone. Though I usually cut (mild) myself while working in the kitchen during full moons. In April, just after finishing my taxes, I started dropping things and falling down. Finally went to Doc, ended up in hospital w/a stroke(head). who knew? Uranus is in my 4th house. I’m a Libra, was told I have an Aries “signature”. I am now staying w/family, my Aries brother, in another state, learning to slow down. surprise, surprise.

    • Sorry to hear of the stroke, Jana. The medical term for that, interestingly enough, is a cerebral vascular accident. I do often see Uranus prominent in neurological difficulties. Donna

  35. Hello Donna,
    I loved your article. I can recognize myself as accident prone (1st House Mars in Capricorn and strong Uranus), and can identify accidents which have made me learn and grow a lot. I’d like to share more with you more privately, so I’ll appreciate if you can send me an email where I can send you my birth data and comments.

    • Hi, Patricia, I’m retired from doing individual birth charts, so wouldn’t calculate your chart or comment on it. I was only hoping someone wyuld turn this collection into a research project. Donna

  36. I have been in three auto accidents but was able to walk away. The last one was Nov. 2nd, 2009. My only son was killed in an auto accident on September 6, 2000 and the following year, my ex-husband’s only son was killed in an auto accident. My husband who is an Aries has had five wrecks, all his fault. My birthdate is 12/29/49 at 11:55 am in Albemarle, NC, my son is 12/7/87 (Pearl Harbor day), husband 3/21/42 at 2 am Ansonville NC.

    • So sorry to hear, Milo. You and your family have been through a lot. Donna

  37. Wow was this a great feature for me at this time of Uranus transiting the 6th. I have been feeling exactly as you describe…trapped in a location that no longer serves any purpose. Yes I have a plan but it seems impossible .
    Your recommended questions and steps to remedy this are clarifying.

    My early Cardinal signs are being impacted and will continue to be for some time , so I will get onto your blog on that. Thanks much for this heads up on the Saturn/ Pluto square and the Uranus, Jupiter square to Pluto!

    As far as being accident prone …not so much and those mishaps I have had while driving or hitch hiking are actually very interesting on different levels…some giving me great chuckles and others are occult ( cant get away from that) and always a great adventure.
    All Car accidents I was in, someone else was driving and these were all in my youth. No one was ever hurt. Indeed it was a shot in the arm from the insurance racket in some cases.

    I was attacked by mad men 11 times in my young woman hood but always escaped unscathed. This was due to diffident abilities or gifts , but mostly because of the spiritual protection I have enjoyed this lifetime.

  38. Thanks for your wonderful articles and for the warning about Uranus in Aries.
    I have had numerous accidents–when I’m driving and when others are. It’s amazing I’m not dead, actually, if I were to describe some of the near misses! I’ve got the Merc-Uranus square you mentioned. (Natal Uranus is square a natal Merc/Nep/Sat/MC stellium and my only opposition is Uranus-Chiron). Uranus is in the 7th and Chiron in the first. Here are some where I’ve got the date exact or close to it: serious car accident on 9/29/87, serious car accident on 8/8/08, broken wrist in June of ’08. Sometimes I wonder if I don’t have a super strong survival instinct?? (9/29/53, MPLS, 11:45 PM)
    I’ve also got Sun and Moon in early degrees of Libra and Cancer, respectively.

    • Thanks for the data, Sumitra. If you have both lights in early degrees of the Cardinals, it’s another interval to take extreme care. Be especially careful when a faster-moving planet like Mars or Mercury triggers them off. Donna

  39. Hi Donna,

    My DOB is 5/17/45. I was stunned what you wrote about accidents. I have no idea what was going on 7/4/66 when I was struck by a car under the full moon while standing in a field going home with a date. It gave me a stroke so I was no longer able to be a journalist which I realized at 20 was no longer what I wanted to be. Entry level jobs were too mundane I thought.
    Returning to college I got involved in the excitement of the late 60’s, influenced by a new love, a radical campus minister who gave me a global view and a direction toward social work which I loved for 30 yrs. The trauma also initiated a kundalini response which has arisen twice in my life doing private social projects to help the underdog, first the homeless and now the environment. My life has been a spiritual path as a result.
    This was first predicted by an astrologer in my late 30’s by the placement of Pluto. I had no idea what she was talking about, but its clear now due to all the info on the internet. What a life!!

    • I’m glad you found it, Jana, and that it illuminated your experience. Uranus transits like these accidents often open up radical shifts in the life path. Donna

  40. I’m Uranian. Uranus aspects my Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, MC and Chiron. Aquarius is on the cusp of my 3rd house and I’ve been in countless car accidents. Some minor, some major. During my last one that totaled my car and changed my life, transiting Uranus in Pisces was leaving my 3rd, trine my natal Sun, Moon and Uranus, square my Neptune and opposite my North Node. I became more politically aware/involved and traveled far to support a candidate. My capacity for giving was stretched way beyond anything I’d ever seen myself do before then. I still haven’t recovered financially but feel much wiser now. This is the longest that I’ve gone without getting into a car accident. 😉

  41. Oh and I am quite accident-prone. I always seem to have a run of the same type of injury. As a child, I had many sports injuries: jammed fingers, twisted ankles, hit with a bat by a teacher (by accident), balls, etc. For awhile, it seemed that everyone I knew had slammed my fingers in the car door. My mom once rolled the car window up on my neck. When I was 5, my dad left me in the car without setting the brakes and he had to run to jump back in the car as it rolled downhill backwards. Almost drowned twice. Both times saved with CPR and stomach pumps. Once I began driving, the car accidents began. People hitting me out of nowhere. Always their fault; always results in me getting $. I never needed physical therapy until my last one. While recovering from that accident, I slipped on stairs in a movie theater with a hole in the roof while it was raining outside. Another insurance settlement. So yeah, I’m accident prone.

  42. Hi Donna,
    I have one for ya! I had a major accident in 2004 where I ended up in a coma. Thankfully just for a very short time – not even sure if you COULD really consider it a coma – but that’s what the doctors called it.
    My date of birth is Feb 5, 1970. The accident was on Nov. 24, 2004 at about 9:45 a.m in Atlanta, Georgia.

    I’ve looked at the chart pretty hard and found a number of interesting things: i.e. transiting Mercury & Pluto were conjunct in my natal 6th house AND conjunct my natal Mercury. Transiting Mars (in my natal 4th) was trining transiting Uranus (in my natal 8th). Transiting Mars was also inconjunct my natal Mars.

    At the time, I wasn’t fully aware of being “stuck,” but in retrospect… yes I was. I think the “powers that be” needed to reboot me. I ended up moving (in a typically Uranian sudden, out-of-the-blue decision) to another state 700 miles away just 5 months after the accident. Whole new life. And I still think there was more to that “accident” than I even fully realize!

    • Great example, Merryweather! I’m glad you found this post and used it to get a retrospective understanding of the part the accident played in “rebooting” your life. Donna

    • Wow! I will have to take a look at your charts.

  43. RE: “I’m Uranian. Uranus aspects my Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, MC and Chiron.”

    Holy Cow! That must be quite a wallop! I’m accident prone,too, but only have Uranus square MC/Merc/Nept/Sat, so the only personal planet it aspects is Merc. My only opposition is Chiron-Uranus, so maybe that’a a factor. Got Chiron in the first house which may relate to numerous head injuries.

    The biggie T-square hit my early cardinal sign sun and moon, too. To live in interesting times……..

  44. Good morning, Donna,
    Interesting times, indeed. C.E.O. Carter did extensive accident research and “The Astrology of Accidents” was published in 1932. Amazing stuff…I have a 2nd printing by the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society put out in 1961. Hardcover, 123 pgs. Maybe you can find a copy on line–if not I’d be happy to send you this one, with gratitude.

    • I recall the book from my earliest days in astrology, but don’t recall what it said. Will look online–may be available in the public domain since it’s so long ago. Thanks, B. Donna

  45. Cartr’s Astrology of Accidents via Amazon.con

  46. Hellooou

    December 27, 1978
    Mexico City, 2:30pm
    Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Sagittarius, Asc in Taurus
    — Don’t know how to see bad aspects in my chart.. 🙂
    Have had a few light accidents (Torn ligament left ankle when I was a kid, Dropped furniture on right ankle when I was in boarding school, Twisted left ankle? dancing ballet 2001, twisted right ankle walking down stairs 2002, mhh lots of ankle action – but nothing major luckily and no real accidents from my extreme sports (rock climbing, skiing, etc… I mean, scraped my back somewhat badly on the rocks while surfing 2010, and almost broke my ribcage surfing 2011.) But I have no good info on dates or transits on those for you.
    This last one is pretty interesting however :

    On November 21st 2012
    I broke all 4 metacarpals on my left hand
    Horse Jumping.
    Never fell off the horse. Never felt any trauma. Neither my 2 trainers on site nor I can tell you exactly how it happened, but i heard crack crack crack as I jumped and then finished the jumps. Got off the horse basically fainting. Surprise! (Uranus) Broken hand all the way through. No clue how.

    What did this mean? I had to know?!

    — I found out what planet is associated with the Metacarpals, now I have forgotten? it was Scorpio
    Scorpio is where I host Uranus, go figure
    My Mars is in Capricorn (ruler taskmaster Saturn) and my Aries in confinement (12th house)

    So, surprising unexpected (Uranus) event moving me to confinement through aggression and violation (Mars) (representing the task master: what are your responsibilities??)

    Did I know something could happen?
    In retrospect, yes of course, because I was nervous. But at the same time aren’t we always nervous when pushing our boundaries- the only way to ever master anything is through disciplining yourself to steadily push boundaries. So its hard as someone who likes extreme sports to know when its your intuition saying no! and when its just plain healthy fear. But i knew right before it happened, i just would have been embarassed with my coach to get off the horse. Now i know better.

    “Mars will be on a hard aspect to Uranus on November 22 2012”
    Super, ha? The worst part is that i KNEW this, but i FORGOT (aghh) to not do anything extreme that day

    Emotional Background for the Accident
    Yes, ok, so my husband and I had undergone a separation starting on the MONSTER 2009-2010 eclipses in Cancer-Capricorn, so it goes with the statistics, but rather central to this, is that i was both planning a month long trip to go surfing to Sri Lanka with new exciting French friends AND feeling guilty that i was not spending as much time with my children as I should.
    Should and Must, such Saturn words…

    The result:
    I ended up obviously NOT going anywhere for 3 months. Had MAJOR surgery.. I’m still here (meaning, not traveling). Being here has of course rendered fruits: I have rediscovered my gift for playwriting, my children and I are as tight as ever, and now due to the fact that I’m on a Tourist visa in the States, my lengthy recovery stay has caused problems and now to fix this i’m applying for a student visa therefore about to do a secondary bachelor’s in Theater Arts.

    Not bad, however: It seems that the result of this accident was to bring me BACK INTO THE FOLD. Which is something I resent as I worked hard for my freedom and it surprises me, as Uranus is supposed to be the planet of newness as well. But my Mars is in Saturn ruled Capricorn, therefore the meaning of this accident seems to Awaken due to Uranus but the leader seems to be Saturn and his teaching of responsibilities through limitations.

    My thoughts:
    First, one always KNOWS something is going to happen. But if you wait long enough to corroborate your fears, then its TOO LATE. It’s better to walk away from the situation with the doubt, than to persist in it until it fulfills itself. (note to self jaja)
    Second: It seems one must look at the planets in one’s chart to see why the planets in question are involved in the accident so that one can have clues to address those areas of life.
    Third: I think one of the main reasons that divorced, separated people fulfill the prophesy of the accident is because they harbor feelings of guilt about changing the situation. (It happened to my brother after his divorce)..
    In my case, my guilt was about my children, not my husband. This is an aspect that needs to looking into: What is the place of guilt? How does the feeling of guilt lead to the cause and effect of accidents?

    My questions:
    If indeed the energy of the planets needs to be released, then there must be healthy ways for both people who are accident prone and those suffering a transit to sublimate that energy into the positive aspects of the planet in order to give them controlled expression. Is this possible? Any idea how Elisabeth?
    What areas is one supposed to look at in the chart to understand where danger lies? Nataly my Mars trines Uranus.. so I dont see what the problem is. Can you direct us to an article that can explain how to find the negative accident aspects of one’s chart?

    Sorry about the long post.
    Hope it’s interesting or helpful to somebody,

  47. Sorry, I meant any ideas Donna?
    Elisabeth is my older sister!
    Freudian slip! haha

  48. Bday is 12/28/66. On 4/27/13 I was hit by a motorcyclist at highspeed. He died on impact. Im absolutely traumatized. My Virgo mother and two children were passengers. My mother is recovering from a bad fracture which she had surgery to repair. Uranus was square my mars, sun, moon, venus….I almost didnt take this trip..but had too as I was bringing my children to their Dads.. I also was recently separated.

  49. Oops meant to say uranus was opposition my mars, square sun and moon


    • You were probably born the day the Sun changed signs, and for that, please send your date, time, and place of birth. Donna

  51. Also,
    I’ve had lots of falls, broken, sprained, bruised feet and also cutting fingers when food prepping.

    With reference to my other msg I also have PBC. Is jupiter linked to liver disease?

    • Yes, Jupiter does represent the liver, in medical astrology. Donna

  52. I’m sure you would notice but, both my accidents happened on a Tuesday and the digits in the dates add up to 4…

  53. TeeHee! Mars @0.5 deg Aries in ruling 3rd house… just discussing my “clutziness as a lifestyle”- theory yesterday… 🙃

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