Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 9, 2010

Facing the Difficult Potentials of a Transit

©2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Donna Cunningham, How to Read your Astrological ChartNote: The following is an excerpt from my hardcopy book, How to Read your Astrological Chart, available from RedWheel/Weiser at http://www.RedWheel/

Many in our field insist on being terminally positive, refusing to acknowledge that bad things regularly happen to good people. They recite a glowing litany of evolved expressions of the transiting planets, neglecting to mention that pain and struggle may be involved in ascending to those lofty places. Clients who then experience the transit as agony blame themselves for not achieving such elevated results. They wind up concluding they are among the metaphysically challenged.

Considering a transit’s potentials, a balanced approach would be to include a range of manifestations, from the best to the more difficult. How would you know whether the worst, indeed, might be about to happen? A classical rule is that nothing happens during a transit or progression that is not promised in the birth chart. Scrutinize the birth chart to see whether its placements suggest the kind of situation you are concerned about.

Suppose that Pluto is transiting the Moon. What if this is a young child’s chart, and you–the mother, grandmother, or uncle–are worried that the child may lose its mother. Check the birth chart to see if it suggests the loss of a mother figure at an early age–not just one way but several. Adopt the classical Rule of Three–if the chart shows something once it’s potential, twice it’s possible, and thrice, it’s highly likely.

Suppose there is a lovely, untroubled Moon, such as Moon in Taurus trining Jupiter in Virgo. If so, the transit must represent another major shift in family life. It could show an ailing grandparent moving in, a new and not entirely welcome baby on the way, or a temporary time of stress in the life of the child’s mother–e.g. grief over the loss of someone she loves.

When a difficult transit sets off an already difficult natal combination, assess whether the person has learned to use those placements well or whether they are acting out the more negative expressions.

Suppose a woman has a Mars/Pluto conjunction in the 7th house, suggesting a controlling, aggressive, or even abusive mate. Now transiting Pluto is beginning a series of squares to that conjunction. Should you worry about this transit?

Begin by looking into her history. Ask about the relationship she is involved in and what happened in other committed relationships. Is she involved now with someone abusive or who has a history of abusing women, or has she been involved with such men?

Suppose she has never been harmed by a live-in lover or husband, and she instead has gone for dynamos who are highly successful. She has obviously not gotten entrenched into a pattern of abuse and is not likely to evoke it now. I’d relax a bit, but if the reverse were true, I’d be extremely concerned and would talk to her about getting help.

The historical perspective can be a powerful preventive tool. In my days as a mentor, an astrologer submitted work done for a consultation with a mountain climber who was preparing for a dangerous climb. His birth chart had a difficult combination of planets on the angles, and transiting Saturn was setting them off. Being a positive person, her take was that he would succeed in his goal, but she did not consider the possibility of a fall.

Noting that Saturn set off the same difficult group of natal placements seven years earlier, I asked what happened then. Indeed, he had suffered a terrible fall that required years of recovery. We would have to conclude that the coming Saturn transit was anything but a good time to tackle a challenging peak. This example shows how important it is to ask pertinent questions about the history, rather than jump to conclusions about what a transit will bring.

While the terminally positive might find this approach a downer, we have a responsibility to present reality checks when people act self-destructively. By warning a person about the worst outcome, though not in an alarmist fashion, we may help avert it. Honest confrontation can stimulate people to grow away from negative expressions, given the objectivity the chart can provide. Seek a balanced perspective–neither the most negative expression, nor the terminally positive.

Explore natal patterns being set off by transit. If a pattern proved troublesome in the past, it is an opportunity to master the difficulties, rather than to fall blindly into self-sabotage. Look at past transits to the same part of the chart to spot times when critical zones were active. This line of inquiry provides clues to the dynamics of any pattern that is periodically evoked and to how the person is likely to respond.

We’ve been through a period of human history in which more self-help, recovery and personal growth materials are available than ever before. It’s good to know about those materials so we can recommend them. People’s work to become more conscious can alter the nature of any transit. I would never want to be accused of being 100% accurate–if I am, I’m not doing my job of waking people up.

Readers:  Where do you stand on this issue?  Would a warning about possible dangers of a transit scare you or help you be prepared?  Has an astrologer’s warning ever helped you avoid a problem? Let us hear from you in the comment section?


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  1. ThankYou Donna Cunningham!!!

    Deep Great Insights so we can take Care and Take advantage of !!!

    Best Wishes !!!!

  2. I respectfully disagree with you on this – the specifics, not the general idea.

    In my experience, astrology books and even astrologers are full of doom-and-gloom predictions. You were lucky to find so many ppl with positive attitudes, but generally, hard transits, from slow planets are interpreted in negative, fatalistic ways. And I see absolutely no gain in doing so.

    I agree with you about interpreting transits (or Solar Arcs, etc) in the context of a personal chart/personality and life-reality of that client. and in doing so, warning them about their no-so-productive ways of dealing or coping with difficult situations – loss, challenges, mistakes, etc.

    There may be a delicate difference between this and your pov, but I believe it is very important. why? people do not respond well to “threats”, even when they come as “advice”, “warning”, or some other nice helpful hand.

    So, when observing a transit hitting a difficult natal combination, I’d say it is more productive to discuss that client’s usual patterns of response – and NOT the trigger (ie the transit), thus putting the focus on the client, and their taking charge of their life, and not an outside influence, putting them in a helpless, poor-me state of mind.

    don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying this is what you would do. I’m saying that from my exp, a client would more likely see astrology as a “prediction” than a tool for self-knowledge.

    so, in rephrasing the point where I disagree, I’d say hard transits contacts may be times when people respond in self-destructive ways (as opposed to times when bad things happen).

    PS on a totally diff subject, in my opinion, your book Moon Signs is one of the best books ever written. I was surprised to not find it anywhere here. I triple-checked to make sure it is indeed your name on its cover. that is the book that convinced me astrology has value and showed me the way to link my psychological education with this “magical stuff”. I tell everyone they need to read that book.

    • Hi, Chris, I’m not sure we disagree on anything. I’m talking about astrologers who cannot talk to clients at all about the self-destructive ways they may be using the more difficult planetary energies but instead paint a rosy glowing picture.

      Believe me, they are out there–what I call the “terminally positive” astrologer. Like the astrologer I mentioned whose client was about to climb an extremely dangerous mountain and just thought it was a wonderful challenge without looking into the man’s past mountain climbing history.

      They don’t dialogue with clients at all to find out how they are using or have used those difficult placements in the past. If clients have done self-destructive things but have used them to learn and grow, that is one thing, and I would praise them for it but indicate that there is another interval coming in which it would be possible to be tempted to go back to the old pattern.

      I am certainly not advocating a negative, fatalistic approach. Only a realistic one that is grounded in a dialogue that evaluates how a client is using the energies of a difficult transit. We need to find out whether our clients are vulnerable in the areas of life being touched by a difficult transit like the coming t-square.

      Suppose there is a Mars-Uranus conjunction natally in early Libra in the 1st, and Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all about to set it off. Does that client have a pattern of taking dangerous physical risks…or perhaps of attracting dangerous people? And a history of difficult consequences in those situations.

      Would you then not be derelict in your duty if you did not explain to the client what the consequences could be at a time like that? And exploring exactly why they take risks of that sort, increasing their understanding of their own responsibility for the consequences. The terminally positive astrologer might phrase it in terms of “exhiliarating new freedom of expression” and miss the point entirely.

      So, no, I am not advocating dire warnings, only going deeper into the dynamics of any self-destructive patterns the client engages in that can create serious consequences. That type of dialogue, to me, is exactly what astrological counseling is about. Donna

      • I’m so keen lately to balance things away from the fatalistic side, that I forgot the other side needs some balance too. in a way, this post may be further into the future than the “astrological communities” I spend time with, and my mindset at this time. balance is the ultimate goal – like my Nodes always try to remind me – so I will do my best to learn as much as I can from you. thank you for your very insightful response. cris

      • You sparked quite a productive discussion, Cris, and I may turn the comments into a followup post, since most readers don’t look at the comments. Donna

  3. I also Think that there are other people around and we dont know their conduct patterns and Aspects so we can use Our Info and Aspects of the Day So we can have more chances to take care of a Situation !!!

    • Exactly what I am trying to express, Jorge–that until we know more about the person, we have no idea how they will handle a difficult transit, so we have to ask. Donna

  4. I agree with you Donna. I do not want someone to just gloss over a difficult transit. I too want balance about the good and the bad. I also want that if someone looks at my chart. I have read some books that just talk about how everything in a chart is always positive, when we know there are some difficult aspects.

    I don’t mind someone saying there is a difficult transit coming up so I can prepare for it, and maybe difuse a problem before it hits. If we don’t know something might be difficult how can we prepare for it?

    I think some people take the position that they can only talk in positive terms, so they only attract positive energy. But, we all know that some of us have difficult times, no matter how positive we try to be.


    • Susan, you’ve obviously also encountered the terminally positive astrologer. By glossing over the potential difficulty, the client is robbed of the opportunity for self-examination of ways they could grow out of undesirable patterns.

      The terminally positive astrologer 1) doesn’t warn the client of some terrible potholes in the path ahead of them, and 2) when the potholes finally loom in the client’s path, they are left feeling even more powerless and incompetent at handling rough patches in their lives.

      Anyone who isn’t concerned about natal planets in the early degrees of the Cardinal signs that will be aspected by Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus this year and next is in denial. An example of one way to explore what the potentially vulnerable places in people’s lives are and the ways those transits might work is the post in the category A Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit: “Pluto-Saturn Preparedness 2: Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios.”

      But I share Chris’s concern that there are also all too many terminally negative astrologers who try to terrify clients into better behavior. Neither extreme is good astrological practice, and both are destructive in their own way.

      In practice, what I aim for is a balance of describing the best possible outcome of a transit while also exploring whether the person is currently using the aspect in a self-sabotaging way. I then explore with them the resources or healing approaches they could take to shift the outcome to a more positive one. THAT is astrological counseling; predicting an outcome as a surety–whether terminally positive or devastatingly negative–is fortune telling. Donna

  5. Great post and great debate in the comments. I agree it’s soooo important to talk to the client, get them to tell their stories and their background.

    I started by reading charts for friends and one friend had a background of being abused in relationships and I found this was very obviously depicted in her chart. She was in a new relationship and wanted to know if it would work out, so we discussed her past relationship patterns. However, she was to a large extent in denial, with rose-coloured glasses about the new person and only wanted to hear about having a happy ending, not about dealing with these difficult relationship issues.

    This was a big learning curve for me, the whole denial thing. However, I still feel it was my responsibility to at least try to discuss the issues with her, even though she was not ready to deal with them as it turned out. If I had just told her that it would all turn out wonderfully, which is what she wanted to hear, I would not have been doing my job.

    • Thanks for the example, Mandi. I’ve had lots of frustrating situtions like that. All we can ever do is open the discussion and point out the past patterns. When someone is in denial, it’s not our role–or our right–to hammer away at it.

      One of the reasons I never liked doing relationship questions was exactly that–people who are smitten are never going to listen, so why bother? And it’s doubly hard when it’s a friend (or a long-time client you’ve grown fond of). You want the best for them, want them to be happy. And you certainly don’t want to say later, “I told you so!” Donna

  6. This is something of a challenge. I am both positive and extremely Saturnian at the same time and it can be difficult to talk about both extremes of a potential transit without freaking a client out, but it is something I strive to do.

    I find that with my own transits they seem to correlate to both positive and negative happenings in my life. While I like to approach things positively and use negative experiences for positive growth I cannot deny that there are some negative experiences. Yet often those negative experiences do lead to positive future growth.

    For example, I had my progressed moon exactly oppose natal Saturn last week and had to say goodbye to my boyfriend who is moving three time zones away. Very hard emotionally but the plan is that I will follow him once the logistics are all worked out and we will create a new stable home together in the (hopefully) near future. Saturn-Moon. Good and bad.

    • Yes, it is a delicate balance between the two extremes, isn’t it, Nikki? I present both, then say that the ultimate outcome depends on how they use the energies of the planets. That’s all we really can do. Donna

  7. Hi Donna – Sorry, this is going to be a long comment (even for me), but I think it’s worth saying. I’m especially concerned with the popular concept of spiritual “blaming” — I’m grateful you brought the subject up.

    The first paragraph of your post pretty much sums it up. I’ve been commenting all over the astrological blogosphere trying to make exactly this same point, which I think has to do with spiritual humility. Some professional astrologers seem unaware of the wide range of unique manifestations of the planetary aspects within their clients’ charts or else end up spiritually blaming their client for every major negative situation the client encounters, which isn’t always helpful, nor is it always valid. Some people with powerful aspects (and planetary placements) project and some don’t. Just because some chickens lay eggs doesn’t mean all eggs come from chickens

    I’d like to be made aware of upcoming challenging transits, as well as the potential pitfalls based on my astrology, but in order to do this, the astrologer must first be willing to engage in an open-minded, mutual exchange which allows for my reality to enter in. In my opinion, good astrologers can always learn from their clients — there are some absolutely brilliant, well-meaning practitioners out there who have a lot to offer.

    After many years of hard hitting, life-changing transits, (involving, Pluto/Mars/Saturn/Uranus Chiron), I returned to astrology in order to gain some insight and to make sense of it all. I paid for two separate professional consultations and I was amazed. One young (and well-meaning) astrologer seemed particularly upset by my observations of an imperfect world – I sensed her impatience with any reality that did not allow for her idealized version of a non-dualistic Buddha type existence. Well, like my husband always says, “I’m just a working class slob, doing the best I can with what I have to work with.”

    In spite of the suffering I experienced during those transits, I do believe it served a greater purpose, even as I reject the idea (put forth by some astrologers and/or New-Agers) that I suffered because of my spiritual failings. I encountered real-life difficulties with people and situations in the real world, and I don’t believe that I projected (or created) those energies anymore than I believe the victims in Haiti projected an earthquake onto themselves through negative thinking. During the past few years, I’ve witnessed some pretty horrible things – people neglected, abused and unable to speak up or defend themselves against other, more powerful (and corrupt) human beings – I would never for a second presume that their suffering was an indication of some spiritual deficit, just as I would never presume to totally know the mind of God.

    • So many good points there, LB. I recognize the type of astrologer you describe, oh, hell I WAS the type of astrologer you describe, back in the day when I’d been involved with astrology less than 10 years. I was carrying the message, preaching metaphysics, thoughts creating reality, knew it all, and had personally invented it.

      I think Neptune might have been in Sag in those days, and so I was what I and my pal Deborah call a NAKIA. (New Age Know It All) MY Jupiter hadn’t been slapped around quite as much in those days. (See Hyperactive Jupiter Syndrome on this blog under the category Planets.)

      It’s so very arrogant to Blame the Victim. And causality is much more complex than we’d like it to be. We don’t just have our own karma, we have Group Karma, that shapes the kinds of events and social conditions we are starting to see. Donna

  8. I always try to “read” the person I’m advising, but that leads to difficulties. I myself would want to know the bad transits so I can prepare for them. I have a dear friend who is very upfront about wanting to know all the dirt in her chart; as she puts it, at least she can find out when the transit is going to wane and end!

    But what to do about innocents, like my brother, begging me to tell him when his problems would end, and what I saw in his chart was continued job loss with Uranus in his 6th and loss of his marriage when Uranus entered his 7th (and yes, all of these things came to pass) … I just couldn’t think of a way to tell him. How can an astrologer do this, with someone you know cannot take the news well?

    • Tough stuff, Millie. Better off not saying, because 1) they won’t listen and 2) when it comes to someone we love, it’s so easy to be wrong. Donna

  9. I wouldn’t go back to an astrologer who didn’t give me the correct predictive warnings about the future. I don’t see astrologers to hear them talk about my personality, for which purpose I have a therapist.

    • There you have it, folks, from a client’s point of view. Donna

  10. I like Astrology not an expert and i know there is more things that bother the way people act there is Psychology, Sociology, etc. but i think there are more things there that we still dont know about !!!

    It Is like the Universe I think there are other Beings out there even if i dont have the Facts !!!

    Open and Humble Open many Doors.

  11. One of my favorite sayings-“Fore-warned is fore-armed”. I want to be aware of all potentials.

  12. Forewarned is forearmed, as the old adage goes.

  13. What you said in your comment to Susan is key for me, Donna.

    “I then explore with them the resources or healing approaches they could take to shift the outcome to a more positive one. THAT is astrological counseling; predicting an outcome as a surety–whether terminally positive or devastatingly negative–is fortune telling.”

    I live by the “how do you want this to turn out?” motto because it’s ultimately our behavior that influences the results of a transit, whether that transit is good or bad.

    If we can see that a tough time is coming up for someone else or for ourselves–as an example, Uranus transits the 5th and a “stable” relationship might be broken as a result of an affair–we have to ask whether losing that “stable” relationship is okay. Is it better to strengthen the long-term relationship or end it and move on? In other words, what do we want to happen as a result of actions taken during that transit?

    So, yes, it’s our duty to ask tough questions in tough times AND tough questions in easier times, too.

    Fate brings us a test. Free will brings us the results. Either choice will be tough and will require work, lots of work–and even then, we can’t “predict” the outcome. I agree that our personal histories are best at predicting our future. If things haven’t gone well in a particular area of life, do we stay the same and get the same old, same old results? Or do we take a long, hard look at ourselves and our past behavior of failings and find the opportunity to create a more positive outcome?

    As to pointing out negatives or positives, the Boy Scout motto is a good one: Be prepared.

    • Magnificent, CJ!! I love what you ask, “How do you want this to turn out?” It’s practically a Dr. Phil-ism. This has been such a fruitful discussion that now I’m thinking it ought to be turned into a post because most people don’t read the comments at all, and that is where we get to talk about things like this. Thanks for your wisdom. (Folks, CJ’s blog, Auntie Moon is a great source of commonsense information about living in the astrological rhythm of life.)

      CJ, et al, if you have a blog or a website, put that as part of the address you use for your comments, so people can go and see what else you have to say. Donna

  14. CJ summed it up exceedingly well for me too. I prefer not to work with transits except in a broad way anymore. I’m a worrier and it is much healthier for me to take each day as it comes and not worry about what the Uranus transit five years down the road is going to bring. “Be Prepared” is a good motto for me too.

    I wince when I hear someone saying things like “OMG! Mars is Rx on my DES! I’m going to have a fight with my SO!” If they do, is it self fulfilling prophecy or the transit?

    CJ and Donna, you both are offering all us little astrologers out here in cyber-space excellent advice! There is sanity to be found in the astro-blogosphere here and there. Thanks!


    • I’m like that myself, Diane–one big transit at a time is all I can worry about! The little day to day stuff, not at all. Donna

  15. No offense intended in anyway to anyone, but I think the average person seems to go to an astrologer for what I call a “cosmic blowjob.” Sort of a karmic pat on the back, where the astrologer points out where in the chart they have the possibility to “be all they can be.” Much like the Army, except without all that annoying commitment and sweaty bootcamp. As a Taurus, I’ll take the real BJ, but thank you.

    I also think the practice of astrology has degraded so much over the centuries (certainly during the 20th) and that there are so many bad astrologers out there, that people don’t even consider it to be a predictive tool anymore. And that’s to the average astrologer’s benefit, because they can’t predict the future anyway and wouldn’t want to if they could. It’s much more lucrative doing something which isn’t testable or in any way verifiable, cosmic blowjobs.

    I think there are other disciplines probably more suited to the practice of cosmofellatio than astrology, maybe aura gazing or phrenology, which completely eliminate all that icky math, (dratted computers had to come in and bring in the psychics didn’t they!) and they’ve never claimed to “foretell the future.” 🙂

    • I have to laugh, Earnest, because I have a much tamer, female version of what you said. I often feel that people who go for a lot of readings, it’s as deep for them as getting their hair styled or their patty nails done–a bit of pampering and tlc. Donna

      • Can you tell I have progressed Mars and transiting Uranus on my MC and progressed Venus on my Ascendant, the midpoint of my Sun and Moon? Perhaps not all that, but lately I’ve been enjoying being slightly confrontational and on the edge just to stimulate conversation from the comfortable moorings of sleepy conformity. But I apologize for offending anyone.

      • Mars and Uranus together are the very essence of edginess. You’re learning some valuable new skills in terms of edginess, and so it takes time. No offense taken. Donna

  16. oh wow, when pluto transited my moon, our elderly babysitter died ! (and i was worried about my own mother too)

    • She must have been like a member of the family, then. Donna

  17. Hi, Donna.

    The other day a client said to me, I almost didn’t call you because I didn’t want the astrology to affect my thinking on this. I had to admit I knew exactly what she meant. With Uranus natally on her Ascendent, she wants to be free from the cycles of nature. And she understands how much our thoughts create our experience of life, whatever it brings.

    It made me question, though, what it is we are communicating when we interpret someone’s chart and transits. And so much is up to the client: there are those who see us because they want help tuning in, and there are those who want us to tell them that their future is rosy. For those that want the “future is rosy” story, I try to be uplifting and tell them the best way to approach and use a difficult time that is coming. I agree with you, it’s not my place to burst the bubble of their world-view.

    There are also those who come in fear, in which case I try to lighten their load with the more positive interpretations. I get concerned that people’s fear of difficulty will tend to invite the difficulty.

    So it’s a difficult balancing act, subtle and demanding. Thanks so much for your post and to everyone for the comments. I do love the term, “cosmofellatio”.

    • Thank you, Ellen. You’ve given such wise advice and insight here that I can’t help but feel you must be doing it beautifully with clients as well. I salute those of you out there on the astrological front lines, trying so earnestly to help clients through this tough time. Donna

  18. dear Donna, born in November 11 , 1968 8am thessaloniki Greece i attract all the challenging aspects of my milldle life crisis
    i was fired by my job, i have nt find anything yet, i am broken , seperated with two kids …
    i alway have an interest in astrology but only recently i ve focused more deeply in it and realised these frightening aspects,
    tr Saturn conj Pluto, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, (in 10th house or 11th) opposes trUranus and Tr Jupiter in 4th or 5th) and tr pluto square from my second house,
    if only i knew about Saturn and these oppositions i would be less optimistic and lets say not in a hurry to move against the usual in order to find the unknown and the most interesting.
    now i am the victim of my uranius behavior and i do not know how to react…
    but if someone would ask me if i knew would i have avoided some type of my reckless behavior, i cant reply yes or no , you see these transits keep on affecting me..
    since 2009 is a period with no stability and i am feeling like moving in a sand…

    • Dear, Christina, what a difficult set of circumstances, and what a lot of challenging transits at once. Uranus is not so easy to resist–it calls us to break from the past, and it comes from so deep within, like an earthquake inside us, that we almost cannot help ourselves. When in a situation like this, we can only trust our wiser, higher self called the soul, for it knows what to do. Listen, keep the faith, and know that you’ll survive it all. Donna

  19. Suppose there is a Mars-Uranus conjunction natally in early Libra in the 1st, and Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all about to set it off. Does that client have a pattern of taking dangerous physical risks…or perhaps of attracting dangerous people? And a history of difficult consequences in those situations.

    by the way this is what exactly is happening to me…

    • Please be very, very careful. It is better to be alone at a time like that, if you have a history of taking these risks, than to look for something or someone you think will take you out of your difficult situation. Resist the impulse to hook up with someone charming but dangerous. You have your children to think of. Donna

  20. fortunately there is noone that i feel attracted to as far as my personal life is concerned,
    in terms of my carreer progress , there is a person that promise a job abroad but nothing has been done till now….??
    i cant see something dangerous as my situation is staying most of my time at home nothing moves and nothing is exciting …
    is that aspect so powerful and dangerous?
    thanks diana, i keep on following you

    • You mentioned a Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 1st, with transiting Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto all aspecting it, AND a history of being involved with dangerous people. Given the history and the combination of planetary factors, yes, I’d say you should be careful. Donna

  21. dear Donna, sorry to misunderstand, i have these conj but ive never involved with dangerous people , till now..
    a rather monotonous life i would say,

    • LOL! Monotonous is better than dangerous, though you couldn’t get most Mars-Uranus folks to agree. Okay, with no history, I’ll pass on the dangerous liasions part of what I said. There are some other possible conerns, though. Read the rules on accidents, for instance, and be cautious about that. Donna

  22. To be honest in terms of physical abuse i never played the role of the victim, but as phychological point of view, many times i was abused ( betrayed and left by my father, his family surrounding, friends, ex lovers) things like that ,
    so , if you refer to all kinds of abuse i could say that i was abused but no physically.
    i have natal Uranus 2 30 in Libra conj Mars 1 12 , and now Uranus is 0 in ARies ..
    depending on my poor knowledge of Astrology i assume that i am affected but this T-square
    i would be very careful
    which system is more accurate to examine? equal or placidus…

    • There’s an article called “Readers Ask: Q & A about the Houses” that explains that. Donna

      • maybe I m very late in commenting on this post considering the dates that the subject was discussed. however the issue has been my focus for quite some time and ı couldn’t stop myself saying a couple of things.
        1. for me there is no fixed recipee for the issue: it depends on the person we deal with. for the analytical people telling the negative possibilities could be very insightfull, while for the emotional sensitive ones it might create severe troubles.. serious fear and panic.. sleepless nights.. losing the life appetite-joy etc.
        2. mentioning negative possibilities may be something that helps the person to avoid certain dangers. but only if that information comes with remedies, only if it also includes some clear suggestions that help to deal with that difficult possibilities. otherwise it is just a piece of bad news, nothing more.
        3. I think people seriously need that kind of astro info: methods and clues that help to get rid of the destroying side of difficult astrological possibilities.

      • Welcome, F. These are all very good points and I agree with you. It very much IS an assessment of the person receiving the information and how much they can handle. And I do make suggestions to each client of how to handle the energies. Donna

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