Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 11, 2010

T-Square Championship—Total Scores for Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn!

©3-14-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW


Surprising Results of the Planetary Scores Contest

 Many of you have already taken the series of tests that’s been running on Skywriter for the past several weeks. You may know how strong your Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus are, and you’ve probably had thoughts of turning in a couple of your outer planets for a nice, mushy Venus or lucky Jupiter. Well, you may want to think again, because some of you out there are in the running for a prize for that whopping outer planet scorecard.  

Are YOU the Outer Planet Grand Poobah?Donna Cunningham, outer planet test

In celebration of International Astrology Day and the Blogathon next weekend, I am running a contest to see who has the highest total score on the three planets in the upcoming cardinal t-square of Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus. To enter, take the three tests below and keep track of how you got the score.

In the interest of fairness, there are some changes in the rules so that everyone scores their contest entry the same way. USE THE ORBS GIVEN ABOVE. Leave out Chiron, the Nodes, the Part of Fortune, Vertex and other assorted bodies and points or progressions.  Do not add scores for aspects other than those mentioned in the amended tests.  Rule of thumb: if you have to write to ask about it, the answer–for the purpose of this contest–is probably no.  (For your own entertainment you can score it any way that appeals to you, just not for a contest entry.)

Here are the orbs I use for aspects: 8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for the minor aspects. The only exception would be a conjunction to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin system, that is 10°.

Why isn’t Neptune included, you ask?  Well, it’s not in the t-square, for one thing, and for another, it gives Neptunian types one more reason to feel picked on. (Did I just write  that?  And more to the point, will I have the guts to leave it in this post?)

 How Do You Enter?

Donna Cunningham, outer planet test Start by downloading the worksheet here:  Contest Worksheet.   Fill it out, listing the outer planet aspects you found and giving scores on the individual planets and the total for the three planets.

 You are only eligible to enter if your total score tops 150 points. That’s because I already know from the comment section and emails that there are plenty of you out there that had Pluto scores and Uranus scores around 70 and many of you who had both scores in that range. They were mostly born during the 1960s with Pluto and Uranus conjunct. Saturn scores tended to run lower—I guess Saturnians had better things to do with their time than take tests like these!

Former winners of prizes for Pluto and Uranus are not eligible for this contest—give someone else a chance!  

 If you’re eligible, send a copy of the worksheet to me at moonmave@spiritone.comInclude your total score in the subject line of the email, as well as on the worksheet.  Winners, your birth data will be published, but not your name or email address.

The contest ends at Midnight on Friday, March 26th, 2010. Donna Cunningham, outer planet test

 What Do You Win?

The three top scores of Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn combined will win a trio of my ebooks, with values totaling $45. Most will want my outer planet trilogy, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, but winners may choose any three. (See them all at Moon Maven Publications.) You will also, of course, win the envy and undying admiration of Skywriter subscribers everywhere.

What about other top scores?  It’d be neat if we had a cardinal t-square t-shirt, but we don’t, so the prize for being a runner up is the opportunity to opt off the Wheel of Incarnation for the next round of lives. (Subject to approval by the Lords of Karma.)  

PS. Amendment to the rules: All of you that score as high are 100 points are automatic runners up. Don’t send me your worksheets, though, as it’s not my department. The Lords of Karma already know your score.

So now you’ve done the tests but you’re wondering what they mean?  See the interpretations in the posts that contain the original tests here:

  • How Strong is your Pluto? Here’s the Score! 
  • How Strong is your Uranus? Here’s the Score!
  • How Strong is your Saturn? Here’s the Score!
  • You can also find many articles about each of those planets in the category Natal Chart Analysis on the right hand side of this blog. 

    The article collection pages for the Blogathon can be found at the links below:

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    1. ThankYou Donna Cunningham !!!

      For Uranus I Get 38 !!! Really Love It!!!
      For Pluto I Get 33 Without Chiron 41 With Chiron!!
      For Saturn I Get 40 Wih Chiron & Node 47 & with Mars 11° from Midheaven in 9th House 52 !!! and I love these three scores !!!

      I am Waiting for Neptune Test because i have it in Scorpio !!! That is the One with Fog and Brigt insights In It !!!

      ThankYou Donna Cunningham for This Great Insights and how we can understand more about this Magic in Astrology and how to measure this great energies !!!!

      Best Wishes !!!

      • thanks, Jorge! Glad you enjoy. Pass it along to your fellow astrology lovers, because the blogathon next weekend is going to be an amazing permanent collection of articles on Pluto,Uranus, and Saturn. Donna

    2. I scored a mere 139 total:

      24 Pluto
      57 Uranus
      58 Saturn

      I did use Chiron in my counts but did not use the nodes.

      I think I should get extra points for having 2 natal planets (Pluto and Mars) in early cardinal plus 2 more progressed planets (sun and Venus) who all together actually form a t-square exactly where the upcoming Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square is forming. 🙂

      • Read the rules, Nikki:

        “In the interest of fairness, there are some changes in the rules so that everyone scores the same way. Leave out Chiron, the Nodes, the Part of Fortune, Vertex, the 3000 asteroids and other assorted bodies and chart points and do not add scores for aspects other than those mentioned in the amended tests. Rule of thumb: if you have to write to ask about it, the answer–for the purpose of this contest–is probably no. The contest ends at Midnight on Friday, March 26th, 2010.”

        • Sorry, Donna, didn’t notice the rule change, just plugged my numbers in from previous posts. Doesn’t matter since I don’t have the required 150 to enter anyway.

          Having a hard time with details, transit Neptune is conjunct my sun, exact this coming Monday.

    3. 121 points – close, but no prize! I think the winner needs a lot of gooed wished and good luck!

    4. Even though my scores for all three are strong, the total score was only 104. Not necessarily a bad thing IMO. 🙂

      it gives Neptunian types one more reason to feel picked on.

      ROFL!! Laughing is far better than crying when it comes to Neptune says Moon conjunct Neptune person.


      • Well, if a card-carrying Neptunian like yourself thought it was funny, I’m glad I wrote it! Donna

    5. Total score: Only 100, but that’s o.k. — it’s a good number anyway.

    6. Hi Donna,

      I don’t qualify for the contest, but I’m curious why planets in their own house don’t garner extra points. My 10th house Saturn is not within 10* of the MC, but still solidly in the 10th.

      Thanks for any feedback.

      • These are an abbreviated form of an earlier test for my correspondence course that was so convoluted mathmatically that it required an Excel spread sheet and coursework in higher math to do the scoring. These are just simplified versions meant for fun. They do not replace chart interpretation, but are meant to alert the student to the stronger planets in a chart. Donna

        • Thanks for your response. Planets in their own house generally get higher points in my book. A Pluto/Uranus conjunction is a powerful aspect, and I would find it further striking if it occurred in the 8th or 11th house.

    7. Hi Donna

      Perhaps you have mentioned this in previous posts, but can you clarify what orb you use for determining aspects? At an glance, I’ve got a lot going on, but when I figure it out myself, not so much because I use a tighter orb.


      • Oh, good point, Tara!! I’ll have to go add something about the orbs to each post so everyone will use the same ones.

        8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for the minor aspects. The only exception would be a conjunction to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin system, that is 10° Donna

    8. Well, I only scored a 146 (39 pluto, 63 uranus, 48 saturn), so not eligible for contest, but this was fun!
      That said, my angles are all at 1 degree of the cardinal signs, so this t-square has been hitting my chart like a, well, like a nuclear bomb!

      • Hi, Heather, submit it anyway, it’s so close. We won’t know for a while if there are tons of 150s out there.
        So you’re in the bunch (I think maybe with Libra rising and also late Virgo) that has the chart angles at right angles to one another, and all in the late mutables or early Cardinals. That’s HUGE, and maybe I should write about that and ask people what is going on with the t-square in those degrees.

        Not to pile it on, but the issue of The Mountain Astrologer that’s just coming out has an article about Hades, a transNeptunian planet/point) and it’s about to hit 0 Aries as well. (In the Uranian system, there are a number of additional points–no one has the balls to call them planets any more, especially now that additional planets have been discovered and none of them is in any of the places the Uranian ephemerises put them.) And, though it’s been at least 3 decades since I paid any attention to it, I believe that Hades is exactly what it sounds like. Donna

    9. I havehad a ball with this! using an orb of 5 degrees I ended up with 35 ptsfor Uranus, 61 for Pluto (he is the point of a water kite) & a big fat Zero for Saturn. A little surprising for someone with as much 1st house Pisces as I do! By the way…loved the neptune comment…

    10. 110 total for me. I already have your trio of ebooks, so would not have entered the contest. For those who don’t have them, they’re excellent books, so it’s definitely worth entering! I already knew my Uranus score was rather modest for an astrologer (20 if I don’t count the Chiron opposition). I suspected my Pluto score would be fairly high – it’s 40 (people with higher scores have my sympathy). And it was a real surprise to have my Saturn score come out at 50! Not the high-scorer of those who commented on the Saturn post, but right up there. Yep, very responsible – in fact, I’m working on toning this down several notches, since it is not a plus in life to be over-responsible. And things seem to come slowly for me – married at age 32, still working (at age 57) on what I would consider to be real professional success in a variety of fields (there’s the Uranus kicking in – it’s conjunct my Midheaven).

      The t-square has not been giving me too much trouble. Mercury is the only planet in my birth chart that has been strongly affected, and I did have kind of a rough time when Pluto squared it just before entering Capricorn – but the overall result has been beneficial. I am learning to complain instead of just doing the stiff upper lip thing. I’ll be interested to see what happens when Uranus conjuncts my natal Mercury in May. I usually enjoy Uranus transits.

      • For a writer like yourself, Margaret, the cardinal t-square affecting your Mercury could be amazing! You’re doubtlessly going to enter a new era with your writing, even try something outside your genre. That’s exciting.

        I’ve had a foretaste of it myself, since my Mercury is at almost 22 Gemini and Neptune square it at 27 Virgo. Uranus and Saturn have both been square Mercury for much of the past year and now will be aspecting Neptune. (Not to mention that my progressed MH has reached natal Mercury as well.) I’ve retired from doing chart consultations and am now a full-time writer and have loved being part of the blogosphere. I have the freedom and the venue and the support to write anything I want instead of only by assignment.

        The only down side of the transit is that I no longer sleep, but I’m so energized by the Uranus transits that I don’t seem to be really tired. Donna

        • Maybe I will finally publish a novel! I hadn’t thought of that side of the transits. So far, I’ve mostly been conscious of the effects on my oral communication patterns. But it’s true that the Pluto transit involved a lot of interruptions to my writing and feelings of being blocked, which are now (hopefully) being resolved. And I’ve been working on a lot of new projects – probably too many – which does seem very Uranian.

          I love your blog! A lot of us have benefited from these transits to your chart.

        • I agree, Margaret. In every writer’s life there are fallow periods when you question if you have any more to say. After a period of “idleness” in our creativity, we come back with a fresh perspective and growth from having digested a new stage of life, and it becomes apparent that no time at all has been wasted. It’s probably true of other creative arts as well–as in those phases when an actor disappears for a couple of years and just lives their life, then comes back with a powerful new starring role. Donna

        • Oh, I have lots to say – what I was questioning was whether anyone else would care about it or support my need for extended silence and privacy while I tried to set it down. Family doesn’t always appreciate having to come second for extended swathes of the day. And writing can come across as very self-indulgent if one doesn’t have a big publishing contract. It’s hard to enter the writing space if you’re liable to be interrupted at any moment by someone who resents not having your full attention. But I think I’ve got this worked out now; I just have to regain my sense of momentum.

    11. Ha!

      What I LOVE about this is that there are folks out there with higher scores than me! (129)
      God Bless and Keep you all!!!
      Again, another uplifting blog experience.

      Molly K.

    12. I had a 100 altogether. However 56 of that was all Uranus.

      When you gonna do Neptune? I have a bunch of Neptune points just floating around out there in the ether waiting to be scored.

      • Ah, Melo, but out in the ether is exactly where Neptunians are happy to be. I would never take that away from them. Donna

    13. My total score: 134. Pluto is 38, Uranus is 45, and Saturn (ugh) is 51. Feels to me like these add up to one of the most up-tight, repressed, restricted, free-spirits out there.

    14. Darn you, Uranus! Only 114 since my Uranus has a very low (14) score. This whole thing was quite interesting to me, made me realize that even if I don’t feel necessarily Plutonian (have a score of 53), after some inquiry to friends and foes, I sure seem to come off as one! I always see myself as a heavily Libran (5 planets conjunct in 7th, ‘cept 8th house sun) and conflicted with a Moon in Cancer and Pisces ascendant. Really a good lesson to see how much aspects and house placements can affect personality/appearance- both physical and socially- to others.

      • That’s really interesting, Dizzy, how these tests–simplified as they may be–can show up some facets of our personality we really hadn’t connected with before but that are obvious to others. The tests can’t replace a skilled chart interpretation, but they can show us some blind spots. Welcome to Plutoland! (Have a look at the comment section of the Pluto test if you haven’t already. We convened a convention of Plutonians the weekend that one was published!! Donna

        • Yep, I definitely was there!

    15. 127!
      48 – pluto
      29 – uranus
      50 – saturn

      I learned that my 6th house stellium is in libra but “intercepted” by virgo … since it is pluto-saturn-mars, I thought this was interesting and will have to learn more about interceptions. If you have any quick thoughts, please let me know!

      Aries is also intercepted (my sun is in Pisces, right inside the next house that Aries would open if it weren’t intercepted). Cancer leads into two houses (3rd and 4th) as does Capricorn (9th and 10th), I think.

      No nodes or asteroids and I learned to remove what I thought was a trine Saturn (only 7 deg). Fun stuff! Also the blogathon/cardinal t square kicks off on my birthday. I consider this to be extra points. 🙂

      Enjoy the tallying and blogging!

      • Your birthday, huh? Okay, give yourself a birthday bonus of 5 points. But your birth info has to tally on the worksheet! Donna

        • Thanks, Donna!

      • Interceptions are really interesting. I’ve found they’re often associated with a past life experience of making a poor choice that results in some kind of disaster in the past life. For the present lifetime, the soul chooses a horoscope with an interception, in order to essentially guarantee that the same poor choice will not be repeated. Thus, a person with an interception often feels a sense of guilt unrelated to any actions in the present lifetime, and bends over backwards to avoid anything that would allow a repeat of the past-life mistake. For example, someone with an interception in the second house might feel a lot of guilt over money, to the point of making choices that prevent him/her from enjoying it, despite being both generous and excellent at managing money in this lifetime. Interceptions always come in pairs, with the houses directly opposite each other both containing intercepted signs. With an interception in the 6th house, there might be sensitivity around issues of health and/or employment, and with Libra being intercepted, a subconscious reluctance to allow oneself to enjoy marriage or other partnership-type relationships. Problems with interceptions are not life-sentences – they can be overcome.

        • Hmmm… that’s very interesting. I think my interceptions may have been a benefit in my early life (this one) but that I now might wish to grow beyond the limitations it represents. Perhaps if a person were forced into a situation in a past life, or made a decision based on very limited options and then relied heavily on the now intercepted areas to make it work … and that situation turned into a life sentence of sorts. It’s odd, but I have intuitively (and quite privately) identified with a past life for a while and avoided any hint of the dynamics within it. Recently, I’ve thought it’s time to let that go. Thanks for your note! Re karma – I think my Midheavan-moon-south node conjunction square saturn-pluto-mars stellium has got to be that. 🙂 But it’s been good to me, so far, all things considered!

    16. Well, I have a combined score of 100.
      Pluto -33
      A runner up with an opportunity to get off the Wheel of Incarnation! What a great potential prize, I think I might like that.

    17. What a fun thing to do with such a tough aspect!
      My score was 58 Pluto
      57 uranus
      47 saturn
      162 total
      ( I didn’t include my Saturn conjunct the midheaven because its 11degrees from my midheaven on the 9th house side)

      I was born january 10, 1966 @4:30pm in Burnaby, B.C. Canada and my natal chart contains a tough t-square between Saturn-Chiron conjunction opposite moon pluto uranus conjunction all square jupiter at 23 gemini. Saturn at 13 pisces and moon at 13 virgo is an exact opposition. Also Chiron at 18 pisces and pluto at 18 virgo is exactly opposite.

      I just finished my Fine Arts degree and am having a really insecure tough time trying to launch out in the world as an artist.

      I know how tough its going to be and I’m not looking forward to the business side of being an artist!

      I feel like I couldn’t have picked a harder career! I just go on day-to-day faith in the universe.

      • Huge score, Katherine, but with a chart like that, you’re meant to do something exceptional. Donna

        • I’ve been reading Richard Tarnas work ‘Cosmo and Psyche’ where he delves into the historical cycles and evolutions of intense aspects.For example, the mid-sixties aspect was a continuation of cycles going back to the French Revolution in which oppressed people have risen up to demand more freedom and opportunity.

          In the mid-sixties we had the Civil Rights and Feminist movements for change and now in this new intense aspect cycle we have a black president elected to the most powerful nation on earth and all sorts of other changes in which previously oppressed peoples are really starting to shine with new power and glory.

          With this upcoming aspect I can see a revolutionary new social ideal being birthed that has to do with an evolution of an old uranian ideal – to whit – the notion that everyone is equal will be replaced by the idea that everyone is unique! Think what this could do to the school system!

        • The 60s were a fascinating era, and there certainly are some parallels now in terms of social unrest. I hope you are right about the education system, but I keep hearing on the news about entire school districts being closed. Donna

        • Yes I just read that Detroit is planning on closing about 40 schools. Also the mayor of Detroit was on the radio the other day because he has a big proposal to bulldoze large swathes of the city and convert them to farms and greenhouses! He’s getting alot of press and is very serious about this plan.

          If the sixties was also about back to the land for a relatively small group of young rebellious pioneers, could this era push that concept so that we’ll see much more of the mainstream connected to producing their own food.

        • I live in the Detroit metro area and they really need to do something! The situation is dismal! I hope the mayor can convert abandoned neighborhoods into farms and green space, I really like that idea, but the problem is that the abandoned homes are a legal mess and the city has to do something about the ownership of these abandoned homes before they can just bulldoze them. I hope they do something to make this process easier! And it is sad they need to close so many schools but the economy here is terrible and the population has decreased dramatically over the years, both ruining the tax base.

      • Katherine — I agree with Donna. I read your comment and immediately thought of Bjork, who has Chiron opposite her Pluto/Uranus conjunction. I’m sure your art has a unique appeal. LB

        • I’ve never heard of Bjork I’m going to have to look her up.

      • Hi Katherine — Here’s a Bjork link for you to check out:

        I hadn’t heard of her either until an artist friend told me my art reminded him of her music — I’ve been a fan ever since, although I like her greatest hits the best.

        • Thanks for the link. I did check it out and I’ll be checking out more of her work.

    18. Well darn it, since I first did these tests, I discovered my astro software didn’t account for Daylight Savings correctly, or perhaps it did and now I am doing it incorrectly. And I wondered about how wide to set orbs generally, my software settings were more liberal than Donna’s rules, I think I’ll use hers from now on. In any case, I recalculated.

      Now my combined score is a mere 90. But it’s pretty evenly split (with Pluto in the lead) so I’m above the 25 points that puts me into the high range on each planet. Not as high as some, hell, not as high as some people’s single planet scores.

      I might argue for bonus points under Uranus, since my 11th house is an intercepted sign. But I won’t press the point, unless it’s a tie for #1 at 90 points, in which case it should be a tiebreaker, in my favor of course.

      And yet, I am still skeptical of the people claiming insanely high scores. I assume that Donna will require officially authenticated birth data and will verify the winners scores personally. My skeptical nature assumes the high scorers either have bad software calculations or misinterpreted the rules, rather than cheating (like a rectification of their chart to pick an optimally scoring birth date and time).

      • Hi, Charles, I was just realizing the other day that there are mistakes creeping into the chart programs due to the way DST is arbitarily moved around.

        I won’t be calculating the charts and scores for every chart that gets submitted, only the highest ones, to determine if they are legitimate winners. The birth data has to produce the highest scores according to the orbs, aspects, and point set forward in the rules in order to ensure that for the purpose of the contest, everyone is scored the same.

        I’m not about to require that everyone send in their birth certificate or baby book or a sworn affidavit from their mother in order to be legit–they’re not exactly hitting the lottery on this contest, you know. Chill. Donna

    19. Oh, dear, I see for my newborn first grandson, premie Pisces, Aquarius ascendant conjunct his moon. Libra Saturn in opposition to Uranus and square Pluto, Uranus conjunct his sun. He has 37 pts for Uranus and 30 for Saturn. I can’t imagine life for your 150+ pointers!

      • I think the important thing to remember when looking at the chart of a baby or small child is that we have absolutely no idea what it means.

        The world is changing so fast and technology is evolving so rapidly that the world they live in as adults will have virtually no relationship to the world we grew up in. We have no comparable experience to judge it on.

        I am very opposed to having people do children’s charts because you freak the parents out. I especially don’t recommend giving a reading as a gift to the parent of a newborn. Self-fulfilling prophecy and all that.

        For some examples of why, see my post: “Awful Things Astrologers Say to their Clients.” Donna

        • Whew! Thank you!

    20. When I first posted my score here (139) I didn’t realize the restrictions on orbs. I tend to be an orb slut 🙂 and use the orbs on for my own chart even though I use solar fire standard orbs with most readings I do. I also included Chiron in my original calculations.

      So I finally say down and figured to scores using these more strict guidelines. The only thing I was unsure of was a biquintile to the sun from Pluto, I didn’t see biquintile listed in the minor aspects. If I include that my Pluto score would increase two points.

      10 – Pluto
      42 – Uranus
      48 – Saturn
      100 – total

      That is definitely plenty for me!

      • The restriction on orbs is just for the purpose of the contest, so everybody is scoring the same way. I have entries that score in the 160s. Donna

        • I saw there were entries that high and all I can say is Wow! 🙂

    21. Wow, sorry I missed this contest! Here are my numbers:

      Saturn – 81
      Pluto – 48
      Uranus – 43

      For a total of 172.

      And my Neptune is 62 without Chiron.

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