Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 25, 2010

A New Look at the Astrology of Twins

©3-25-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

The astrology charts of twins have long fascinated astrology lovers.  We’re eager to hear about the ways their lives parallel one another—and the ways they don’t.  Except for c-section births, they’re generally born at least half an hour apart and sometimes considerably more.  Astrologers have studied their charts with a variety of techniques.

Date Twins—and How to Find Yours

 Would you like to know if anyone famous was born the same day you were?   One simple way is to go to Wikipedia’s main page, put your full date of birth into the search engine and add “births”. You may be surprised to see who is listed.

Among other notables, I found out that there was an Italian Archbishop born the same day I was. Thank God for the road not taken! I guess I know when my Jupiter is outclassed!

Digging into Twin Charts–Twin Funeral Directors

 The most fascinating set of twin charts I ever encountered were the identical twin morticians who arranged my father’s funeral.  We were all from out of town and spent days with these charming, kindly brothers, so I got to know them well. Their lovely wives cooked a delicious home-style lunch for our relatives and friends who’d traveled from our home town for the funeral.

Those of you who met my Dad in a post a few weeks ago can appreciate that I had a bunch of issues left to resolve about him, so I was quite verklempt at the time.  Nonetheless, Plutonian type that I am, I had the presence of mind to get the morticians’ birth data to study later. I also grilled them about the ways their lives were the same (other than working on embalming the same bodies together daily) and the ways they were different. That was a very long time ago, so I don’t have the data any more, but I do recall the major chart factor that showed the differences between their lives.

The parallels were that they were in business together, they’d both been athletes in high school, and they’d both married  sweet ladies named Jean who worked in the funeral business with them. Their oldest sons were born on the same date, and I’d wager they were born in the same hospital, since there’s only one in Newton, Iowa.

Both had Mars in Virgo in the first, one with Mars right on the Ascendant, the other with it a few degrees away.  The one with Mars closest to the Ascendant had these differences in life experience:

  • he’d been in the army while the other had not, and
  • he’d had cancer of the colon and had a colostomy bag.

If there ever was any doubt about which twin was born first and thus the elder, this set of factiods would resolve it.  His Mars was the stronger, and Mars is the indicator of the military and of surgery, while Virgo rules the intestines.  I don’t even recall their names, but I won’t forget that Mars!

More information here:

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  1. Great read! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Here’s a funny one for you: two of my uncles are identical twins. They both were intellectual, but what they chose to do with it was another story. I found very interesting that they both were interested in civics. One was interested in the courts and legislative process while the other focused on the military and presidents. Hmm, both were Libra sun signs, but the second twin seemed to have some Pluto/Scorpio tendencies (and also was thought of as The Bad One). The other twist: they married the same woman…

    • Oh, that’s funny, Krissy. Married the same woman? Makes you wonder about her chart–Uranus in Gemini in the 7th? Donna

    • That’s definitely movie material, Krissy.

      I went to the wikipedia births. I didn’t find a twin. 😦

  3. i am an identical twin; or i was one i should say. we we’re only three minutes apart (we were not a c-section birth) and as a libra sun i never had to look for my perfect other. i was born with it. she was easily the funniest person in the room and the most charismatic as well. i was the shy, quiet one. sadly, she passed away suddenly, from a rare disease, during our neptune square. it’s not the same without your twin. not to diminish the importance of my other relationships; she was one of the greatest people in my life and she left the planet a little less colorful when she passed. i do not celebrate our birthday anymore.

    • What a terrible blow, Janice. I’ve heard of people whose twin died in utero but they felt a lifelong connection to that twin’s spirit. Donna

  4. My twin, 7 minutes older, died of leukemia….I believe he took the radiation hit from a pelvic x ray…this is back in the 50’s….Uranus conjunct South Node, in Cancer, the womb , in the 9th.

    He lived and died well…the survivor is still journeying, but our charts are very twinned and “interesting” 4.38 am , Toronto, 1953, my brother’s would be 7 minutes earlier

  5. There’s a wonderful and informative book on twins ~ “Entwined Lives: Twins and What They Tell Us About Human Behavior” by Nancy Segal, PH.D… Not an astrology book but if an astrologer is interested in twins…its an amazing read…

    • Sounds really good, Patricia. I always say that we astrologers need to read outside our field, but in the areas our clients are bringing up. Donna

  6. Freaky, nearly all my famous twin are athletes (plus 2 actors) – I knew I had lots of energy! Maybe I’ve missed my calling 😉

    My mother is an identical twin, 20mins the eldest. She’s always suffered with worse health than her twin, but I don’t know a birth time to check this out.

  7. It’s so weird- a couple weeks ago I read a chart for my first twin ever, and I practically had to sacrifice a chicken to find any decent information on how to read for a twin. Then immediately afterward, dozens of articles on reading for twins came out. What the hell?

    • Wow, that’s some hellified manifestation mojo you got going there, Lucy! Donna

      • Yeah, just a little! Luckily I’m not a terrible astrologer, so I was able to do a good reading regardless. I just said from the outset that she needed to tell me if anything wasn’t resonating with her, because if it wasn’t, it was probably better describing her twin. (And that ended up being the case a couple of times.)

        I just need to hone my manifestation mojo so that I get what I need WHEN I ACTUALLY NEED IT.

      • Did you ever read my post about Mars-Pluto aspects and manifestation mojo? I think I might have divulged my little secret about “pointing” the desired result…but never for selfish aims. The difference for me is that when I am ambivalent about something, I tend not to be able to manifest it, but when I am not ambivalent, the results are pretty swift. But we can’t insist on getting what we want WHEN we think we need it, just when it’s the right time. Divine right timing and all that dippety do dah.

        I liked the way you left the door open for the client to tell you if something wasn’t resonating. It’s more honest and also lets us learn from our clients about the multiplicity of ways a particular aspect can exrepess itself. Donna

  8. My current astro twin (same date, same year, same place, at least 2 hours apart) is one of my best friends and we have shared a lot of parallel experiences. We often get into and out of relationships around the same time, as well as jobs, and even travel around the same times. Obviously, we share the same aspects but because he was born a little later, the applying aspects are a bit tighter (especially moon quincunx uranus) and I think for that reason, he experiences things sometimes with a little more intensity.
    For example, last year merc went retro at 7 aquarius, directly on our South node. I had major mental breakthrough at a 10 day silent meditation retreat, he had a mental breakdown and wound up in the psych ward at a hospital. Same energy.. obviously different result.
    He has been a good source of observational astro research…

  9. I am a Gemini twin. 5 minutes apart. We are fateral twins.. We appear to be opposites.. She is left handed I am right.. She is nearsighted I am far sighted. She is taller than average 68″ I am 62″. She is heterosexual I am homosexual.. She is Republican I am Democrat. She has been more intellectual. I have been more physical. I have biological children she doesn’t. She has long hair I have short.. I find it interesting……

    • That’s really interesting, all those opposites–and funny! It sounds a lot like Uranus is prominent–that need to be as different as possible. Do you perhaps have Uranus on the Ascendant or in the 3rd house (house of siblings) or else in strong aspect to Mercury, the planet that represents siblings. Do tell us–we’d like to hear more! Donna

  10. Hi Donna – thanks for your input! My buddy the astrologer tells me that Uranus is just BARELY into my fourth house (Uranus is at 25 degrees Cancer exactly and the fourth house cusp is 21 degrees 38 minutes). Only connection to Mercury is a semisextile – my friend thinks you’re a genius and that Uranus is pretty close to the 3rd house. Interesting!

    Thanks again – Diane

    • LOL! It HAD to be Uranus connected to the 3rd/IC, from what you had written. Thanks for satisfying my boundless curiosity. Donna

  11. One of my astro twins is Tara Conner Miss USA 2006. She’s the one who got into some trouble for underage drinking and drugging. Lol, if her chart is like mine she has some strong Neptune theme and a rebellious streak…happy it wasn’t me 😉 At least not publicly. I wonder if she has Mars & Pluto conjunct in Scorpio in the 10th like me…curious if that would bring about such a public career or persona.

    My other twins are footballers! Funny cuz I’ve always wanted to play soccer!

  12. I am an identical twin Gemini. The youngest by 8 minutes.
    We are both highly creative
    My sis is an illustrator and artist.
    I am an art director and artist.
    But we lead very different lifestyles.
    She has been with her partner for 20 yrs has a child.
    Where as I am single and live on my own.

    • Very interesting, Wendstar. Perhaps you are two halves of the Gemini duality? Donna

  13. the only person i know of , that has their birthday same day exactly as mine , and have known for awhile now is James Cameron ,the movie maker, i never could find out his birth time…i searched years ago…..and again recently…nothing…in my past searches i read all the tidbits of bio i could find on the net,trying to make associations correlate timings of life events..figured it would make me understand astrology better…would love to know what his ascendant is…the degree of his moon…and then sit down with him and talk…wow , what an astrology lesson that would be for me…

  14. my daughters are fraternal girls, born a minute apart and very different. They share identical astrological placements. The older is an athlete and gets excellent grades with very little work. The younger has had to struggle for everything in life and feels like she lives in the shadow of her sister. She has a learning disability and wouldn’t have had her high school diploma if she hadn’t appealed the results of a (very unfair) standardized test.

    They have different sets of friends and different interests. The older wants to be a sports announcer, the younger a nursery school teacher. The older is extroverted and the younger is introverted. And for twin sisters, they aren’t close, which to me is very sad.

    Both are Scorpios with the sun conjunct Mercury, Mars and Pluto. They are very intense individuals.

  15. My astral twin is Ram Dass, the writer of Be Here Now and other works. His ascendant is 18 degrees of Cancer conjunct Pluto, mine is 13.30 conjunct Jupiter. He is famous and suffered a stroke in 1967. I am not famous and my health is excellent. We will be eighty this April.

    • How interesting, Maryjane. Do you feel you are like him in any way?

      I have a famous twin, Elliot Feld, a highly regarded ballet corps leader and choreographer. I, alas, cannot dance–though I desperately wanted ballet lessons as a child–and am thoroughly ill at ease in my body. One of my astrology students was in his corps and brought in a timed chart on him, and the difference was clear. He had Pisces Rising, Neptune opposite in the 6th, and a quintile between Moon and Mercury that I do not have. Donna

      • Now 8/13, I recently had the urge to look up my famous astrotwin, Elliot Feld to see if the developments in his career as a ballet corps leader and choreographer in any way paralleled mine as an author and astrologer.

        We are both 71 and both still very active in our fields. I am writing what may be the most important book of my life, one on stelliums, and he recently debuted a highly acclaimed ballet that he choreographed. Donna

      • Oh, but Donna, I feel so strongly that you are “dancing” among the planets and stars when you do your sky writing.

        And maybe one needs to be ill at ease in one’s body when one does the kind of esoteric work that you do?

  16. I am one of a twin (identical) and my sister and I have almost ditto charts. There is only one minute difference between our births. Our rising and moon signs are same and even the majority but have some differences in outlook.

  17. Hi Donna I have just come across this post about twins and found it really interesting – thank you for your insight. I am a twin, although we are not identical. I do think we are very different people as I am very shy around people and my brother is not – he is also very confident and bold. I was the first born so I don’t know how it works.

    I have Uranus and Pluto conjunct the ascendant, so your comment about Uranus and differences between twins was really interesting and definately applies to us. We also have Saturn in the 6th House and it seems so far that I have been the one to have poor health and my brother has had diffuclties in getting promoted at work. I would be really interested to learn more about this Donna as I am fairly new to astrology – If you know of any links or books on how to read a natal chart for twins I would really appreciate that. Thank you Donna. Michelle

    • Thanks for adding your story to the mix. I can recall someone talking about twins at a lecture long ago, but don’t remember who. Regards, Donna

      • Wow! In researching the soul purpose of twins, I, again, am lead to you lol! I am a fraternal twin, born 5 minutes before my brother who weighed much less at birth and spent a few days in the hospital b4 coming home.

        WE ALSO have Uranus -and Pluto- conjunct the AC in the 12th.
        In the 3rd house is Venus conjunct Neptune (Scorpio) and a gently aspected Mars out of range (lol).

        We are Libra Sun Sag Moons and BOTH: We are gifted and much blessed having inherited many talents.
        Athletic (both with knee injuries), music and professional singers (specifically harmonizers!!) and directors, communicators, healing workers (he a medic in army, surgical tech, neuromuscular massage- he finally went holistic lol!)
        Ive always worked intuitively with the healing work. Also both have art skills, he character art. Mine: realism and portrait art at first.

        Honestly we are so much alike, EXCEPT our temperaments.
        There is plenty for an article/study, ( maybe we might collaborate?) but presently i am drawn to research more-and share an Insight into the function of twins as a REFINEMENT mechanism of polarities inside the conjunctions!!! Whooo hooo! Our disagreements are spectacular events heehee. Talk about fine-tuning our own mirrors! I’d love to discuss this with you and perhaps even have you as a call-in guest on my online astrology show! Much Love and Light!

  18. I find this fascinating. I have identical twins (born last year) that were born on different days almost an hour apart. Also their older brother was born in the same week they were born. Birthday week!

    • A mixed blessing, having the birthdays all together. It will be interesting to find out how the two differ in personality and in the timing of events in their lives. Since the Ascendant and Midheaven change one degree every four minutes, in one hour, there would be 15 degrees difference. That could even make a shift in signs on those angles, and the timing for a slow-moving transiting planet’s effect could be as much as five years different. Quite a difference! Donna Cunningham

  19. I am a twin! I’ve always been curious about the astrology of twins, though I never bothered to look it up for fear I’d find a bunch of articles about Gemini. I once generated a synastry chart for me and my twin as a joke; I now realize that a composite chart would be amusing as well.
    I’m older by nine minutes. My ASC is at 20° Aquarius; my twin’s is at 23° Aquarius. My MC is at 5° Sagittarius; my twin’s is at 7° Sagittarius. Our charts are the same, except for the parts affected by our birth time: She has Pluto in the ninth(5° Sagittarius), while I have Pluto in the tenth within four minutes of my MC; I have a Saturn-ASC quintile she doesn’t have; and I have asteroid Ceres(6° Gemini) in the fourth while hers is in the third. In addition to these, my Uranus-Part of Fortune conjunction is tighter than hers (we have 10° Uranus in Aquarius).
    Our lives have been mostly the same so far. We both got into astrology around the same time(~5 years ago) and we both still adore it. Both into metaphysical things, both artists, both on the socially awkward side. When we were younger our older sister thought we both had Asperger’s(Moon-Mercury conjunction opposite Uranus, anyone?).
    I’ve tended to be more intellectual than her. I think my stronger Uranus-PoF conjunction has something to do with it. I’ve also tended to be more of an achiever, which is probably my Saturn-ASC quintile expressing itself.
    My twin experiences anxiety and I don’t; I experience depression and my twin doesn’t. I’m not sure how this shows itself astrologically.
    I’m very curious as to how our Plutos will play out, since it the Pluto-MC conjunction is the most powerful aspect in my chart and our Plutos are in different houses.

    • Very interesting, Mag. You’ve given me a look at twinship–never imagined before what it must be like. Donna

  20. i can’t get wikipedia to search the way it did when you wrote this article anymore. 😦 can anyone else do it?

    • Hi, Mimi, I haven’t been to WikiPedia in a long time either. Surely there has to be a way to find articles on a specific topic, because otherwise what’s the purpose of having all those articles on the site?


  21. My name is Casey and I’m a twin
    I’m a boy and my twin is a girl
    July 20th 1988 sometime between 3am and 4am we were born 14 min apart
    I am the elder of the two
    My twin excelled in school and went to collage
    Married a nice young man and is living happily
    She deals with high levels of anxiety
    I struggled and failed in school
    I struggled with drug use and addiction
    I have cyclic vomiting syndrome
    Anxiety and depression.
    Iv always wondered how our lives have been so different when we look ….at first glance, to have the same chart.

    • Hi Casey, I’ve heard it said that twins can live out two different parts of the same chart. The energy can be split and each twin lives out certain parts of the chart.

      It’s a bit similar even if one is not a twin: we don’t always live out all our chart or it is up to us how we use the potential of the chart. Especially as we grow older and more aware we can be more conscious about living out the higher potential in any aspect of the chart.

      What is striking is that you both seem to share a high level of emotional sensitivity since you mention you both suffer from anxiety.

      I would like to add the words of a wise man and astrologer I know: “You are the greatest force in the creation of your own life.”

  22. Hi I’m a fraternal twin
    i’d say my brother and i express ourselves differently but ok the end kind of want the same things in general

  23. I was born October 19, in Paris – France at 17:05 and I happen to have a very very similar sky chart to the one of Martina Navratilova who was born in Praha, CZ 24 hours earlier than me. Only the Moon and asc. are a little different. Can anyone tell me more about that ? THANKS

  24. Sorry I was born October 19, 1956 at 17:05 in Paris France and Martina Navratilova was born in Praha CS October 18, 1956 at 16:40. Our sky charts are very very similar. Who can comment on this ? I am a French astrologer, used to watch Martina at Roland Garros Open in France, and that’s it for similarities. Sorryf I had skipped year of birth.

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