Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 28, 2010

How Strong is your Neptune? Here’s the Score!

©3-28-2010, revised 1/2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 I’ve already published tests to measure the strength of Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn, and they’ve been hugely popular.  Would you be considered a Neptunian person?  You would if Neptune, the sign Pisces, and the 12th house are strong in your birth chart. Below is a test to give these chart features a score and then a description of what a strong Neptune says about you.

What makes Neptune strong? While there aren’t any scientific measurements of a planet’s strength, I’ve assigned number scores to certain chart factors, based on 40 years of doing charts professionally. (In order to find them, you’d need to be at least an intermediate student or know one who can do it for you.) In each category used, add the total score of all the factors that apply to that item, and write the total on the blank. Then add all the items up to find out how your Neptune ranks.

Orbs for aspects: 8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for minor aspects. The only exception would be a conjunction or opposition to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin research, that’s 10°. Minor aspects include the sextile, septile, semisextile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, and sesquiquadrate.

Here’s the Test:

____Neptune conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Midheaven or Ascendant, 10 points each.

____Neptune conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each.

____Neptune in minor aspect to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other planets, 2 points each.

____ Sun, Moon, or Midheaven in Pisces, 5 points each. Ascendant (chart ruler) 10 points.

____ Other planets in Pisces, 3 points each.

____ Sun or Moon in the 12th house, 5 points each.

____BONUS: Neptune in the 12th or Pisces on the cusp of the 12th, 5 points each

____ Other 12th house planets, 3 points each.

____BONUS: Part of a major configuration like a stellium, T-square, or Grand Trine, 5.

____ Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider important, such as Neptune aspects to the nodes or having a Node or Part of Fortune in Pisces or the 12th. Specify.

____Total. 0-15 low, 16-25 moderate. 26-40 strong. Over 40 off the charts! (Check your math.)

What does Being a Neptunian Mean?

 Neptune has a wide range of expressions. At the evolved level, the expressions can include creativity, inspiration, desire to transcend the self and surrender to something greater, seeing beyond apparent reality, compassion, selfless service, psychic abilities, and the urge to find spiritual meaning in life.

At the unevolved level, Neptunians can be prone to illusions and even delusions, can deceive themselves and others, be poorly grounded space cases, fall into the savior/martyr type, and struggle with a variety of addictions.

A huge issue for many Neptunian types is boundaries, and they can have great difficulties in setting healthy boundaries of their own and also with respecting boundaries of others.  This is in part because on the deepest–or maybe highest level–there is no separation.  We are all one.  But not being able to draw them in the “real world” can create all sorts of difficulties in relationships, such as codependency.

It should be noted that the suffering negative Neptune brings upon the Neptunian (and those who love them) can ultimately lead to redemption. On the other hand, even the most positive Neptunian with the highest intentions can gradually go down that slippery slope to deceiving themselves and others about their motives.  Only rigorous honesty with ourselves can keep the highest expressions of Neptune from morphing into the lower ones.

Neptune, at its core, is neither good nor bad.  It’s the part of us that yearns for spiritual awakening and to transcend this reality.  When you do awaken to the spiritual side of life, it may take many years—or even lifetimes—to deal with it in a bal­anced way. The novice seeker is prone to false trails, self-delusion, and ideas that are quite strange.

During many Neptune transits, an important task is to sort out, either by careful thought or bitter experience, what is of value and what is false among spiritual teachings. Since Neptune rules both psychic experience and fraud, there are many phony or misguided occultists and self-styled gurus. Using psychic powers and finding your way among spiritual teachers is like learning to walk all over again, only more difficult. With all that fog, who can see where to plant their feet?

Interpreting your Scores—ARE you a Neptunian?

 If you had a high score, you’re an over-achiever in the matters of Neptune: You’re probably a Neptunian and therefore extremely strong in some the qualities listed above—the positive ones, the negative ones, or both ends of the spectrum at once.

If you had a low score, you’re an under-achiever in the matters of Neptune: If your score is down in the single digits, you may be lacking in some of the qualities listed above like creativity, empathy, or imagination. Until challenged by Neptune transits like the long Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius that lasted most of 2009, you might not give a rat’s behind about saving the world—or, more to the point, yourself.

So, folks, how did you do?  Were the test results accurate about you and your loved ones? This is a new and simplified version of some of my older tests, so you’re my beta testers.  Tell me how it went in the comments section.

Tests for the other outermost planets:

Finding out More about NeptuneOPIL v3 2014 sm

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  1. I was thinking before I did this that I would not be very Neptunian at all. I am not prone to illusions or disallusions, I don’t wear rose colored glasses, have no addictions…other than enjoying food…strong Cancer, but I can control that if I put my mind to it. To my surprise I scored a 45! I have to go back over this and see if I messed up somewhere. LOL I had better start reading a little more about Neptune.

    • You were deluding yourself :)))

  2. Hi Donna – Using your orbs, I scored 40, which is my same score for Pluto and just a few points shy of my Uranus score. I think when I was younger, I tended to get disillusioned more easily – my saving grace has always been my relentless desire to uncover the truth and then learn from it. I’ve also learned (the hard way) to trust my psychic impressions and to follow my instincts.

    I’m still idealistic, I’m just realistic enough to understand that most people don’t share my values (Neptune, conjunct a stellium of 2nd house planets) — let alone look at life the same way I do — so I don’t expect much. For instance, I tend to put my faith in God, as opposed to politicians, if you get my meaning. I’m very compassionate, but I also pay attention to the details. And of course, I can be very inspired which is a lovely thing – I’m capable of feeling a deep, profound gratitude for the smallest of blessings.

    On the negative side, people tend to see me through a Neptunian fog, either viewing me in an overly idealized light which is not at all realistic, or else seeming not to see me at all (Neptune conjunct my Sun and chart ruler). I can also be a bit too empathic at times and suffer right along with someone. My outlets are that I love to dance and sing and paint – my creations tend to have an other-worldly feel, conveying either joy or angst.

    These posts are fun – thanks, Donna.

  3. I have many of these neptunian traits, positive and negative, illusional, disallusioned as well, empathy, confusion, have always felt ‘different’ or odd compared to others, I have no grounding whatsoever… Also suffer right along with others… I’m creative, no addictions (other than food, eat when I’m bored, depressed, sad, nervous)… yet I only have one serious aspect with Neptune Square Saturn from the 9th to the 7th. Go figure.

  4. Just did the test and scored 56 – yep, I am Neptunian I guess. 🙂

    Hopefully I am chanelling the energy positively these days, the main issues I have to watch with my 6th house Neptune are a ‘sensitivity’ both physically (foods, chemicals, drugs) and emotionally, I tend to ‘feel’ people (opposite my 12th house Moon).

    I always enjoy receiving your updates in my email, the only downside is that I forget to visit your blog and leave a comment, I shall have to remedy that!

    Thanks Donna, I enjoy your posts. 🙂

    • Glad you remembered this time, Susannah, as I love to hear how people do on these tests. Donna

  5. Nice and moderate score of 20 🙂

    A person I’m interested in scored 45. A Neptunian and a Plutonian together..not sure how that will work. Lots of delusional intensity? lol

  6. mmmm 58 points. I guess this little fishie would be regarded as being Neptunian. Interestingly, with Pluto opposing all my 1st house stuff) I scored over 50 on Pluto as well, but abig fat zero on Saturn. Now where did I leave my boundaries…they were here last time I looked? Begind the cases of wine perhaps?

    • LOL!! That sounds like a low Saturn indeed, Jo. But is it possible NOT to have any points for Saturn? Look for all sorts of out of sign aspects when a planet is in the last few or first few degrees of a sign. Pretend Saturn is at 30 Pisces, and see if there is anything in late water signs to trine it or late mutable signs to square or oppose. Or maybe late Libra or Leo for a quincunx. Donna

      • Well…. Saturn is at 0aries58 in the 1st house. It doesn’t aspect anything else (using major aspects & the rest of my chart is prettywell a great big watery grand trine coming into a kite with Uranus/Pluto in the 7th)… however, if I do count out of sign conjunctions it meets up with my Pisces Moon… so I can get a couple of points there. hey, I grab at any boundaries available!

      • mmm using out of sign conjunctions I will throw in a conjunction to the Moon at 27 Pisces & a quincunx to early Scorpio Mars. Nothing at all anywhere else. there, I do have some boundaries!

  7. Hi, Donna. I finally found a high score – 43! Creative, yes, lived in an ashram for 10 years, yes, have had a Guru for 27 years, yes, delusions/illusions, yes when younger especially about “love”, addictions, no thank God.

    I feel like LB about how people see me – either totally on a pedestal or I’m completely invisible. That part has always been hard and I never connected it to Neptune before.

    • Ellen… Your note rang a bell for me… I’m one who normally seems invisible. I guess that’s how you’d describe being ignored for the most part since forever, or simply seeming irrelevant. Perhaps that’s my Neptune squre Saturn exact? Sometimes it clears the fog away from things I’ve always wondered about, to see comments or writings by other people about them, in print.

    • It’s interesting, isn’t it, that even though these tests are anything but precision instruments, they do highlight the crucial planetary influences. (The orginal tests were on Excel spreadsheets and very long and math intensive.) Donna

  8. Well I have neptune in my 1st house with a scorpio rising. I also have moon in pisces in my 4th house. I smoke and drink to much and need a tremendous amount of alone time. Depression should of been my middle name but I have enough Saturn in me to readjust….I think….God help me….

    • With that Pisces/Neptune influence you probably would have been a more contented soul living in an ashram or a monastic sort of life. I have some similar aspects and need a great deal of solitude myself–my idea of hell would be a group living situation! Donna

      • 4peace and Donna,

        I scored 44 and also need *tremendous* solitude, which is perplexing to friends and family. I feel in good company knowing there are others like me. Group situations fill me with great anxiety; it’s as if a group’s combined energy is very overwhelming. How do you both handle inquiries from friends/family on the need for solitude and lack of desire to join groups? I like my own company and it confounds others. I’ve yet to find a good way to way to explain this without sounding anti-social.

        The invisibility mentioned above is interesting and so true mainly in the realm of communications! I’ve had numerous conversations with others where I’ll add a comment and it’s as if it doesn’t register physically, with no acknowledgement in facial expressions and body language. I have a strident voice (12th Mer Leo), so it’s curious. Either my voice is getting lost in a Neptunian mist, maybe it’s a blip in the cosmos, or I’m just a crashing bore! ; )

        People either notice me *very* intensely, ignore me, idealize me, or are unawareof me. (12th Ascendant, Sun, Mars conjunct in Virgo & Pluto 1st)

        Tremendous compassion for the elderly, children, homeless, animals, etc. Very creative years ago, but lost the mojo. Love to escape, daydream, and have issues with substances. Depression is ever present.

        Thanks for this Donna. It really and truly helps.

      • LOL! Jangle, I think this is the first time in my 67 years that anyone ever asked me for tips on how to handle a social situation. My main coping strategy is that I live alone and work at home–not an option for most people. And if I don’t want to talk on the phone, I take it off the hook–for a whole day at a time if need be. But friends don’t ever seem bothered by my need for solitude.

        If I had to come up with an explanation for why, it’s probably because I am perfectly comfortable with who I am and with this need for aloneness and quiet. I claim the right to it for my creative work, and they respect that. And possibly it has to do with the fact that when I am with them, I am 100% with them and listen to them intently and responsively.

        I learned something long ago about setting boundaries, and that is that when I am firmly convinced that I HAVE THE RIGHT to the boundary I need to set, no one objects to it, they just accept it.

        For instance, I used to do a lot of Sunday sessions to accomodate my working clients, but I hated it because I missed out on the best socializing time for my friends who worked during the week. When I finally decided I had the right to have a good, fun Sunday like anyone else, I started saying no to them. And very shortly, people–even brand new clients–somehow stopped asking for them.

        Boundaries–I suspect that’s what you’re really struggling with–have to get set on the mental level before they can work on the verbal level. There are a couple of articles about boundaries on this blog–put that into the search engine–including one by a guest blogger about setting boundaries in friendship. Donna

  9. Ended up with a score of 31 pts in large part because I have Moon conj Neptune & four planets in the 12th house.

    “Rescue Missions” and a need for boundaries have been my top Neptune issues over the years. I also consider myself an artistic, creative person w/a degree in Fine Arts.

    Interestingly enough [well, to other astrologers . . .] my scores for Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto were between 30 to 40 pts approx with Uranus scoring highest. Just your basic well rounded outer planet person I guess! 😀

    Very helpful and informative series, Donna. Thanks for coming up with them.


    • Well balanced, Diane, equally intense in all the outer planets! Donna

    • I have to smile on this boundary topic – at 58, after spending much of my lifetime ‘lost’ and floating around, I settled over 10 years ago in SE Arizona – with the American-Mexican boundary wall in my backyard (actually, there’s 2 very visible fences there now a Border Patrol street apart from one another).

      Past 2 days, and for a few in the future, I am creating an east boundary wall between myself and a neighbor (negative) – using anything not tied down I can put my hands on in my yard (low budget) – but feels really good, finally, to claim my back yard for gardening, peace, etc. (I am a huge fan of the movie, “The Secret Garden.”)

      I am going to dig up dirt ‘back there’ and make adobe blocks to add to the boundary-border making project. Definitely doing some defining and claiming here! Thanks for all the expressions here! Linda

  10. I came up with a score of 59.
    My Pisces Moon & MC figured in.
    Pluto = 27 points
    Uranus = 27 points
    Saturn = 49 Points
    Neptune = 59 Points

    Very high territory (> 25 pts) in all, and highest in SA & NE.
    Since these two planets are so disparate I guess this makes me evenly balanced?

    • Evenly balanced. I wish you could read my chapter on Saturn-Neptune aspects, especially the conjunction, and the high and low points of the combination and how they modify one another. It’s a chapter in volume 3 of the Outer Planets and Inner Life: Aspects between the Outer Planets. It’s much too complicated to try to explain in even an article. Donna

      • UPDATE: I just posted an excerpt from that chapter, called “Getting a Grip on Saturn-Neptune Aspects.” Donna

  11. 61, here. I have many of the positive (creative, spiritual, giving, compassionate) traits, esp. as I’ve aged.
    Some of the more negative traits have mellowed as I’ve aged: disillusionment, poor grounding, relationship issues, etc.
    I’ve never had addiction issues, although I did my share of substances in the 60’s & early 70’s.

  12. I also have the same problem as LB and Ellen Longo in that people either tend to highly idealize me or not notice me at all. (Neptune Ascending)
    That’s a p.i.t.a. when it comes to gaining any recognition and money for my creative pursuits.
    And yes, I can be a bit foggy as far as goal orientation. Between a very strong Uranus (56) and Neptune (61) and a not super strong Saturn, that sort of orientation ain’t my thing anyway.

    • Being a primarily Outer Planet person doesn’t make for an easy life or finding it easy to be understood by others. Donna

  13. I scored 48 not counting the mutual reception between mars iin pisces and neptune in scorpio.

    I have problems with magical thinking and being too trusting. And I deceive my self often. With a first house neptune I too am either invisible or people project things on me. Yes it is a p.i.t.a. getting any recognition but sometimes I use people delusions about me to my own advantage (well neptune is in scorpio).

    However the biggest problem with a first house neptune is I can never go to a doctor and get any help. They cannot even give me a diagnosis. There is always a lot of vague undefined disorders that don’t show on tests – and my body is really sensitive to drugs of all kinds I cannot even take adult asprin. Maybe I should see a fortune teller instead – probably be more cost effective.

    • Hi, Rox, that problem you describe about never getting a proper diagnosis and hypersensitivity to all sorts of medications is absolutely textbook for Neptune in the health houses (1st, 6th, 12th).

      And that goes for those long, long transits of Neptune in those houses as well. Depending on how wide the houses are, a Neptune transit takes 10 years, and often considerably longer. It’s long enough to build up sensitivities to a wide variety of things, from food allergies to environmental sensitivities to many medications. Donna

    • Yes, Rox….won’t begin to go into all the misdiagnoses and personal/financial losses from the lifelong stupidity/iatrogenia of the “medical profession.” Use muscle testing for most of my herbs, supplements and even some medications… incredibly sensitive to all….

  14. Folks, I kept wanting to tell you about articles on this blog that would give you a lot more information about Neptune’s issues. So it finally dawned on me to publish a list of all the articles in the archives about it, complete with links. See “20 Articles about Neptune on Skywriter” Donna

  15. Thank You Donna Cunningham!!!
    I was waiting for This.!!!

    Neptune is about entering my 8th House and later cojoin with my Jupiter and make a Trine to my Neptune so i am very interested in all this
    great info !!!!!!

    Best Wishes !!!!

    • hi, Jorge, whenever Neptune shifts houses, it’s the start of a new era, but it only moves so very slowly, that the shift in emphasis probably won’t be felt for a good while. The fog drifts in slowly! Donna

  16. Yo Jangle

    right there with you – I am totally into my own mind and people cannot understand my lack of interest and ability to tolerate other peoples energy all together in groups. Many social situations that sound “fun” to others overwhelm me. I have a poor ability to defend my boundaries on any level.

    This extends to odd areas. I cannot spend much time in thrift shops, antique stores because used stuff has a lot of energy from the original owners – now put it in a room altogether and my grandparents were antique dealers and I took be forever to figure out why I felt so wiped out all the time.

    Thanks for the discussion about boundaries Donna – much appreciated – taking the info home to my husband who has Neptune conjunct his sun.

    • Hi, Rox. I feel the same way. I also absolutely hate used clothing stores and won’t wear anything that belongs to anyone else except my closest family. I am also very sensitive to smells and sounds. I find it hard to be around certain people because I pick up what they’re feeling, even if they are in total denial. I also hate to go into hospitals because I start to feel every ailment, and forget about being around anyone with a stomach-ache. This is why I’m astounded with admiration by people who can be in healing professions – nurses and physical therapists and the like. It’s not that I’m not compassionate – I am, always – but I’ve learned I have to protect myself first.

      I absolutely love to be alone and I enjoy my own company immensely. I love what I call “floaty” days where I can just drift from one thing to another, whatever draws my interest. I used to hate being in groups but now I’ve learned to blend my energy with others when I want to and actually love being around compatible people. Even events like ball games are fun now, because I can “become” the people around me and have a blast.

      • Ellen, can you say more about how you learn to blend your energy with others? Or maybe write a piece about it on your blog? I think it would help a lot of us. Especially blending without getting too inundated by it. I unfortunately am toooooo good a blending my energies with others, and have to remind myself to put up shields before I go out. Donna

      • “I find it hard to be around certain people because I pick up what they’re feeling, even if they are in total denial. I also hate to go into hospitals because I start to feel every ailment, and forget about being around anyone with a stomach-ache.”

        Ellen – Wow, do I get this. When my mother was dying and needed morphine, I thought I was going to go out of my mind – prior to that, I’d faced numerous crises, but never once did I feel the need to self-medicate the way I did then, the urge was overwhelming. Once we got her that first dose of morphine, I felt fine. Her breath also had this strange, fishy smell, which to my horror, became the smell on my breath as well. It lasted for several days, finally disappearing on the morning she passed.

        I frequently feel my husband’s pain as well (we have mutual Sun/Neptune conjunctions), although it sometimes takes me a while to figure out what’s going on. I also can’t stand to be around negative, insincere, and/or passive aggressive energy – there are people and places I try hard to avoid, even when they’re on television! I seem to absorb the negative energy it takes to keep up the pretense.

  17. Even with a respectable score of 35 on Neptune I could work on getting more in touch with my Neptunian side. I have Saturn opposite Neptune with Saturn conjunct Midheaven plus Saturn had a score over 50 points so Saturn tends to squash and repress my more hidden Neptune side. Working on it as transit Neptune is currently conjunct my sun 🙂

    • Nikki, I’ve just published an excerpt from my chapter on Saturn-Neptune aspects from The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 3. Very complex aspect. I’m making this Neptune week on Skywriter. Did you see today’s post with links to 22 articles already existing on Skywriter? Donna

  18. Well that was a surprise, 29 for Neptune. I never would have guessed. So
    Neptune = 29
    Pluto = 34
    Uranus = 22
    Saturn = 19

    Thanks for all the links Donna, just another big chunk of learning. So transiting Neptune is currently trine with my moon and saturn (just another dose of natal chart pinball) which does explain some of my unusual (for me) thoughts of late. Cosmic soup and people pleasing were particularly telling…

    • lol i am so stealing natal chart pinball!

  19. Got 35 this time. A comment I have is that the number of points needed for a “high” score seems sort of low (more than 25). I scored as “high” for Pluto (which was the highest), Saturn, and Neptune, and as a moderate for Uranus.

    Or maybe I’m just not comfortable with all of these influences! I guess I am a more “weighty” person, people seem to have a hard time dealing with me. I never seem to recognize this and have a hard time understanding why people can’t relate (5 planets conj in libra; 7th house stellium) to me.

    Anyway, with Neptune in my 10th and conj my MC and Venus from the 9th, I’ve been able to express it I think through my career as a musician. It was a hard road to committing as such and I always feel the need to do a million different things. At first it was by being a scientist, a musician, a waitress, a teacher, a caterer all at different levels of part-time work. Now I just perform in many different genres of music- since I did this my work situation seems to have stabilized. Also some happy transits from Jupiter and Neptune (both trine) to my Sun, Merc, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto have helped for sure!

    I’ve also transiting Nep square Uranus and opp Mars. My Neptune trines Mars natally, so I think the effects will be moderated. I’d be interested to see if this transit somehow will kick off my natal Mars-Uranus square, which generally seems to be a very dormant aspect for me (not a bad thing, I guess!)

    • I totally agree that the scoring breaks are too low, Dizzy, but I didn’t feel I could reconsider and raise the bar once the series started. I’d say 35-40 is high, 50 is stupendous, 70 is off the charts. Donna

  20. Thanks for this test, provided an interesting way to look at myself!

    My score of 25 doesn’t directly include the fact that my stellium in the 12th house (Sun, Mercury and Venus in Virgo) is opposite my North Node in Pisces (1 degree into 5th house opposite Mercury-Sun). My Saturn is also 12th house, 2 degrees Libra.

    At 58, I am finally realizing what a powerful force my Neptune in 1st house opposite Jupiter in 6th square Uranus in 10th has in focusing my ‘need for healing’ at the missing point to this T-square in the 4th house (Capricorn).

    • HI, Linda, yes there are lots of other features to be factored in–this is just a shortened version of the test I originally developed and is meant for fun. Still, people seem to be getting a surprising amount of insight from doing it.

      One really fascinating theme in the discussion is the various people who’ve written about what a 1st house Neptune has meant in their lives. I’m quite tempted to turn that into a post, and I’ve already decided to make this Neptune week. (National, International, and Galactic Neptune week.) Donna

      • Thanks. I’m always seeking to better understand (and cope with) chronic, seemingly perpetual sadness. Doesn’t make sense it ALL comes from a terribly abusive childhood – just doesn’t.

      • It sounds like what they call Weltschmerz, Linda. That’s a condition where you are melancholy because of the suffering in the world–so Neptunian. I often cry when I watch the terrible news, so much of it, about the terrible suffering people in 3rd world countries are going through, and in the wake of natural disasters. Donna

  21. People keep talking about disliking groups and or/having boundry issues.
    I dislike like certain groups but with Sun conj. Pluto in 11, dealing with groups is something I must learn to do in order to express that planetary energy. I was also an only child, so group energy does not come easily or naturally to me.
    However, I think that same Sun/Pluto conjunction in Leo (in the same degree) keeps me from having some of the boundry issues so many others with a strong Neptune mentioned.
    I am hyper-sensitive to smell and have many, many allergies and weird drug reactions and yes, it can be a bear for medical practitioners to diagnose my problems. It took the doctor over six months to come around to a diagnosis as to why I was suddenly so tired and achy all the time. I have Neptune Ascending and Pisces rules my Sixth House.
    However, unlike a couple of the ladies here, I adore used clothing stores. Must be those three planets in Cancer, including Venus and the Moon!

    • Hi, Melo, I identify with much of what you said. I didn’t know how to set boundaries until my mid-30s, when I joined the Adult Child of Alcoholics program. Since then, I set boundaries rather too well. Donna

      • Donna, I,too, did ACOA for awhile in my early 30’s. It was great for an “ahaa” moment. It made me feel less alone and less of a freak and identified the source of much of my emotional pain.
        However, after awhile, identifying myself as an ACOA became a problem because I didn’t always want to be an adult child of anything, much less of an alcoholic.
        I think the thing that helped me the most was the realization that, after my parents passed on, I did not want to be held emotional hostage by a ghost, so I had to let them go. Forget it? Never..But move on from the pain, yes, yes, yes!

      • Exactly, Melo. I worked that program hard for about 3 years, and got many good life lessons that I continue to apply. But I didn’t want to make a career out of ACOA. Donna

      • Hi Donna, just reading everyone’s comments. I have 3 planets in Pisces, in the 10th, 2 in Cancer, moon in Scorp in the 5th, Gem Rising & N node, Pluto in Leo in the 3rd & no earth. Definitely Neptunian, and I love having my Uranus in Gem in the 12th!

        Also did ACoA in the 80’s for a few years, & alanon forever, when I need it. I’m a GoA – grandchild, on both sides. Still identify with being an ACoA, but with 30 yrs of Recovery! So now I teach what I’ve learned & love working with ACoA clients. Get to use all my Water & Air for the best!
        Also have been doing Numerology charts for 25 yrs. I’m a 22/4 B/day with an 8 destiny. Hard, but with great benefits.

        I’ll be back to read more & take some quizzes.

      • Hello, I’m a fellow double ACOA, was in the ACOA program in NYC when it just started for 3 years. I’ve found that many astrologers and other metaphysical practitioners are ACOAs. One of the chapters of my ebook, Counseling Principles for Astrologers goes into codependency, ACOAs, and the implications for practicing astrologers in depth. Download it from this article:

        In my practice, I did find that grandchildren of alcoholics can have the complete syndrome and chart signatures. The grandparents’ problems mould the parents who mould the children. Donna

  22. I was surprised to get such a high score, because while I’m aware of Neptune influences, I didn’t think was so very high – 45! I do need lots of time alone, and like several other high-scorers mentioned, I have trouble with allergies and sensitivities (Neptune in the first house within a 6 degree orb of conjuncting my Ascendant). Also a bit of a rescuer. But I have Neptune and Saturn conjunct, and my Saturn score is 50 (the highest of any of my outer-planet scores), so that does tend to mitigate Neptune’s vagueness and give me more grounding (though I sometimes struggle with depression).

    I’m a very outer-planet person. I get impatient with superficiality.

  23. Donna,

    I scored 62 on this one–all my outer planets produced high scores but particulary Saturn and Neptune because I have that pesky conjunction at the end of my sixth house. My Mercury is in Pisces but conjuncts my early Aries sun in my 12th house. To quote Angelina Jolie (weird but it was right on), “I am familiar with addiction in all its forms.”
    Spirituality is important to me, and I’ve had numerous pre-cognitive dreams and other “knowings” but my search for a regular practice of spirituality has proven elusive and often left me feeling empty. Like most things of that sort, I find that I feel closer to God and “the answers” when let go of my earnest searching through the front door and allow the knowledge to slip in the back way.

    Unike some of the other Neptunians, I adore antique shops and vintage clothes, jewels and dishes. I learned long ago to protect myself from most negative energies (e.g. getting sick because someone sitting close to me was ill), and I love cherishing something that was cherished by someone who has passed to another world.

    What I absolutely despise, however, are circuses, zoos and aquariums. No matter how humane and wonderful they are supposed to be, the sadness of the creatures in them pierces my core.

    Interestingly (to me at least, and perhaps to you, also), I am not a vegetarian, and doubt that I will ever be. There seems to me a certain rightness in the food chain and a certain nobility in giving one’s life to feed another. (Or maybe that’s just the most blatant rationalization that my strong Saturn and double Aries self could come up with to excuse my fondness for a juicy rare steak).
    Aren’t we humans interesting bundles of contradictions?

    Thanks for sharing your great and meaningful work with me.


    • Impressive score, Lea, and an excellent description of the types of contradictions that so often are part of our natures. There’s always a list of “possibly related posts” that WordPress puts at the end of each post, and I often find wonderful things by following the links. The one for this one was “The Trouble with Categories, ” by a woman I would never have encountered any other way, and it was a perfect example of exactly what you’re talking about. Donna

    • “Unike some of the other Neptunians, I adore antique shops and vintage clothes, jewels and dishes. I learned long ago to protect myself from most negative energies (e.g. getting sick because someone sitting close to me was ill), and I love cherishing something that was cherished by someone who has passed to another world.”

      Me, too, Lea! I think most such folks as us either tend to have something strong on the Cancer/Capricorn axis (three planets in Cancer in 10, including the Moon & Venus) and/or a strong Moon and/or Saturn.

  24. Thanks for such a fascinating post, Donna! It’s really eye-opening to read about other people’s experiences. My life is populated with mostly Capricorns and Geminis, with a dose of Virgo & Libra. I had no idea that I was so Neptunian! My score was 39, which is considerably higher than the mid- to late-20s for the other outer planets.

    I also have Neptune in the 1st, with a Pisces Moon in the 4th. Invisibility is the name of the game for me, especially professionally, which is odd.

    {Or maybe not, because my Neptune is quincunx Saturn in the 6th. It’s the point of a yod with Uranus in Virgo. Hmm…}

    Anyway, I’ve often been in meetings where I’ve presented ideas, they’ve been vehemently denounced, and then a colleague re-presents the same idea…within minutes… to great hurrahs! Like, hello? can you hear me now?

    Finally I sort of gave up trying to get any recognition for my work. Like the frequency on a radio dial, outside a certain wavelength, the one can’t tune in the other. It was exhausting trying to catch and hold the attention of the powers that be. I teach at-risk youth, and the kids can see me – and I them. But the structures- principals, supervisors, evaluators, etc. – can’t. Does this make sense?

    Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Techniques and EFT have really made a difference for me. I always tried to set mental or verbal boundaries, but it’s the energetic work that has hit the mark. Kerrie

    • This is so fascinating to me, to have so many people with Neptune in the 1st sharing their experiences. I am going to turn some of these comments into a post, but have a few other things to write first, like the results of the t-square scores contest. Donna

  25. Boy, we Neptune types are a chatty bunch once the door opens, aren’t we? Nice to talk to kindred souls, I guess.

    Donna, yes, I’ll write more about blending without drowning soon.

    Oh, that reminds me – I seriously almost drowned once. I wonder if that runs in the Neptune family.

    • Odd, me too, I came very close to losing my life in an undertow at the ocean, and as much as I deeply love the ocean, I never again put so much as a toe into it. And in one healing session I retrieved a great many past lives as a sailor, many lives lost at sea, and I felt the power of the sea, the pull to be on it, so strongly it was all I could do to sit in the chair.

      Please let us know when you write about the way to blend energies with others safely. Donna

      • Hi, Donna. I thought I’d get this written before Neptune week is over.

        This post answers the question of how to blend energies with others safely, at least these are my thoughts on it.

      • What a beautiful article, Ellen! Folks with high Neptune scores, if you struggle with being overwhelmed by soaking up too much from other people, see Ellen’s helpful article at the link above. Donna

  26. 51 … i have my leo sun 2 seconds from exactly square neptune in scorpio; neptune is also part of a grand trine with venus, mars, jupiter conj in cancer and saturn conj chiron in pisces. i struggle to manifest anything despite having been blessed with great gifts. over the past couple of years while transiting neptune was squaring my natal neptune i’ve been working with my mutable-water chart, accepting that i am like a fish (susceptible to the temperature of the water i swim through) but choosing to be a tuna – amazing creature!
    20 uranus 26 pluto 32 saturn = 78

    • Ah, yes, Leah, that midlife square of transiting to natal Neptune is a huge life passage, learning how to do Neptune without Neptune doing you. Donna

      • thanks for neptune week, donna! i really appreciate what the other neptunians have written here and identify with a lot of it; neptune had indeed been doing me all along, but i am determined not to let it do me in…. i also had a pisces parent (mother) – it is easy enough for any acoa to become addicted to meetings, even a non-neptunian. best to finally become, simply, an adult – without the c-o-a modifiers.

  27. To LB. I had the same experience when my mother died. I spent her last few days with her and for a few days after she died I would have these fleeting but profound instants where I couldn’t tell if I was me or her. My boundaries with my mother were never that good, but this was really too much!

  28. LOL! Donna, I figured what the heckola, wouldn’t hurt to ask fellow Neptunians eh? Haha! 🙂

    You’re absolutely correct, it is indeed a boundary issue and still struggle with it at 37, but no more. 2010 is the year of firm boundaries!

    Your advice finally lit the dormant bulb in my head! It never occured to me that setting the boundary on a mental level *firmly* will then resonate and carry verbally. I’ll be goldanged.

    Thank you for answering my question, it’s GREATLY appreciated. YOU ROCK!!!!!


    • So glad it helped, Jangle. Boundaries are a progressive project. Once you “get” it in one area of life, it reverberates to others as well over time. And it does get easier, though there are certain people I consider so central to my emotional survival that it’s harder to set boundaries with them. Or people whose problems are too close to ones I’ve struggled with myself. Donna

  29. Donna: I must repond to this blog without fear. I recieved a report two years ago from a reputable astrologer who scored my neptune at 100 % in the first house. As noted in my previous response, I am a scorpio rising with my moon is pisces in my 4th house.. I have saturn in the 5th house but my marriage is 25 years strong but without my own biological children. I raised 4 stepsons who made me feel like Goldie Hawn in the movie “OverBoard”.

    I have been the strength of my my biological family of 6. I have two sisters and one brother plus to parents. My mom has been chronically sick since I was 6 years old, my older sister was not strong enough to help the rest of my family, so my dad unwillingly asked me to grow up to quickly.

    I do not resent his actions as I know he is a faithful catholic and did the best he could. He was and is a loving father. I have been forced to learn boundaries as people know that my heart is so good that they abuse my goodness. I wanted to have children but honestly I am afraid to subject them to this world.

    However, on a positive note, I drink to much wine daily but exercise and mediatate to remember that God will always be with me. Love you all on this blog for letting me vent. Thank you Donna for this opportunity as I thought I was the only one who suffered great martydom.

    But I know now why I suffered the violation of boundaries, felt like the notorious “Enigma’ and chose to stop the brutal beatings I give myself for not being good enough. It took me 42 years to understand but I am on my way up…smile…Love always….

    • It IS amazing, isn’t it, and freeing, how much insight and clarity astrology can give us, when rightly used (not as an excuse, but a lightbulb).

      I would encourage you to take a look at the flower essences (aka flower remedies0 to help you work through some of those martyrdom/boundary infringement issues. I once made up a combination I called the Rescuer’s Remedy (not Rescue Remedy.) Some of the parts of it that are available at health food stores by Bach are:

      Pine for survivors guilt. Centaury to help stop letting people take advantage of you. Red Chestnut for not worrying too much about people who don’t take care of themselves.

      Check out some of the articles on this site about flower essences under healing tools. (they’re not the same as essential oils.) You’ll find a couple of free downloads there that tell you more about essences and how to use them. Donna

  30. Reading all of these comments from fellow Neptunians has made me realize how much we all have in common. It’s amazing how people just want to open up and feel accepted – not misjudged and not invisible. It’s kind of like hanging out at your favorite neighborhood pub, but without the alcohol – somebody’s always home and you’re always welcome (been there, done that!)

    It’s given me a new perspective and appreciation for Neptune’s role in my astrology. This was really a great post Donna!

  31. Hi Donna,
    I know that I have always felt like I was invisible on some level and had a hard time with a sense of direction, it seems I am often pulled by the winds of fate instead of will. I have 5 planets in Aquarius in the 4th but have often felt truly more Neptunian than Uranian but couldn’t quite understand my own chart. I now understand how strong Neptune is natally, just not by transit.
    I scored 40 with Neptune conjunct my Ascendant from the 12th & trine my Moon/ Jupiter in the 4th plus some other aspects. It is also conjunct my south node even though that is not one of your criteria. I think the energy for me is subtle but profound. I feel deeply spiritual but know how easy it is for me to get off track. I need to go to my heart and check in to see how something feels to stay on my path. And I don’t always do that.
    The big conjunction of last spring/ summer of Neptune/ Jupiter/ Chiron in Aquarius fell right on my Sun. I went to Mt Shasta for this really beautiful spiritual experience. What happened was a huge loss, a dark night of the soul experience which then led me to the beautiful experience that I was seeking and the beginning of a huge healing for me. I continue to find that I have to go deep within my own darkness to find the light. I also have Pluto opposite my Sun & Moon ( a little wide with the Sun but definitely in play.)
    Thank you for this tool. It has been very helpful for me.

    • Hi, Sibyl, what you say about your experience on Mt. Shasta is so remarkable. It illustrates the profound highs and lows that go with Neptune. How the Dark Night of the Soul can lead to a huge healing. Similarly, the addict/alcoholic may need to hit a terrible bottom before they are willing to surrender to recovery.

      Since I’m speaking of flower essences here, there are a couple of articles on this blog about the dark night (see healing tools). One more that might be something special for you, Sibyl, would be Shasta Daisy, made by the Flower Essence Society. It’s for the seeker who has gone from teaching to teaching and now needs to integrate all they’ve learned. Donna

  32. I scored a 36! I thought it would be higher, but that is my south node in Pisces talking.

    Neptune is trining my 27 degree Gemini moon, so I feel very intimately connected with Neptune right now.

  33. I guess it’s official. I am Neptunian. Scored a 45, and add that to a Uranian score of 37 I’m pretty dreamy & unconventional. I’m not aware of how I come off to others, I’m always shocked at how people perceive me, which is a lot more grounded & together than I actually feel! But if that’s what they pick up, I must be doing something right despite my fears & doubts of being completely out of sync with what I’m aiming for. Right now I’m training to be a healer (acupunture) and also training to develop my psychic intuition. So far the intuitive training has been awesome (its even taught me to put up boundaries, thank goodness)! My teacher believes that I may have a future in being a medical intuitive, and if I wanted I could hold two practices, one in acupuncture & one being a psychic reader. It sounds like fun to me!

    I got into astrology when I was about 12-13 years old and in reading my chart I made a promise to myself to never become an addict. So far, so good. I have had moments of indulging in marijuana but nothing harder than that. I’ve been blessed to be able to call uncle and walk away with no issue.

    Spirituality has been a big part of my life, but I’ve walked away from organized religion when I was about 14-15. At the time catholicism was not in support of me questioning my sexuality, I didn’t want the guilt or the shame, so I walked away and did my own searching. Found mostly the same basic ideas in every religion so right now I just enjoy God/Goddess/Universe on my own & in my own way. 🙂 I don’t think the Uranian in me allows me to stay with one group for very long. I get a little comfortable and something appears to make me walk away.

    • You’re really processing a lot of important life issues now, and I’d say you’re doing really well at it. I’ll bet as time goes on, you’ll blend the two abilities–acupuncture and medical intuitive–into one amazing practice.

      That’s one great thing about us lifelong seekers (some would dare to call us dilettantes–but that just goes to show you how narrow their view). We keep on learning new skills and concepts that we ultimately blend into an awesome whole as we mature. And it sounds like you started gathering skills at a really young age. (Did you see the two articles about bringing astrology to teens earlier this week?) Donna

  34. And another icky and frustrating and truly painful aspect of being strongly Neptunian (or perhaps my 12th house Sun), for me…

    People, particularly women, and often in work situations (6th house Neptune~in Libra~I know you hate that!) frequently seem to misunderstand me and to ascribe negative, malicious, and manipulative intent to my actions that are often just a result of my being in a blond and Neptunian fog.
    Even as I write this, I realize that it sounds like poor little innocent me (as well as sounding totally passive agressive, but I don’t think that’s it. I certainly recognize that I have my faults and am willing to accept them and work on them, but I have often been totally blindsided by the seemingly visceral and negative reaction some women have to me … and absolutely apalled by the malicious intent they attribute to me. Do you believe in hate at first sight? And can you tell that I’m dealing with this situation yet again?

    Am interested in the “Soul Mate” dialogue. I’ve often hoped to find my Soul Work but suppose that is as dreamy and delusional as searching for a soul mate. ALL relationships have their difficulties.

    Thanks for the chance to vent this morning as I try to get myself ready to face the day.

  35. As we are talking Neptune here, Ive taken the liberty of extending the orbs for trines and squares to 7 as both aspects are in major aspect patterns and my Neptune total comes to around 53…….please laugh here as I calculated it at work and cant remember the exact total. LOL!
    the reason I took the liberty of extended the orb to 7 is my moon in pisces in the 4th is in a grand trine with Neptune and my Jupiter is in a 7 degree T-square with Neptune and my Sun, and I do feel them as major sub-personalities in my make up. So excuse me for breaking the rules but we are talking Neptune here …… boundaries, Mmmmmmmmmmmm…..oh dear the bottle IS finished.

    • Hi, Lesley, the rules aren’t meant to be rigid, and I’d allow exceptions for 1)the Sun and Moon, and 2) when the planet is part of a major configuration such as the grand trine, t-square, grand cross, or yod. Tell your subpersonalities hi for me. Donna

  36. Hi Donna…I came up with 30 and the man that I love with 45!!! Was rereading your book “healing Pluto’s problems” since both of us are dealing with pluto right now…him, his moon and his sun…me my mars.. I thought him and I were both plutonic individual…but I guess I am going to have to define us as plutonic neptunians now!!! tough to deal with!!!lol.

    Did you write anything on Neptune? would love to read it if you did…I have had neptune sitting on my mercury for a while now…it is actually exact conjonction…don’t know what reality stop and dream begins!!!hope to hear from you…will take any help I can get lol…sincerely, Christine.

    • HI, Christine, the reason you may relate to both Pluto and Neptune is that they were traveling in sextile to one another for over 30 years, ending at some point in the 1970s. For instance, if Neptune was at, say, 5 degrees of Libra, then Pluto was at about 5 degrees of Leo. Therefore, any planet that was in aspect to Neptune was also in aspect to Pluto–but a different type of aspect.

      As for more information on Neptune, there’s plenty of it on this blog. The response to the test has been so eager I decided to make this National, Global, and Cosmic Neptune week, so there are several follow-up posts. One of them has links to all 20 past articles about Neptune. So, do come back and explore! Donna

  37. very late to the Neptune party here. I got a 39, which I consider Low but then again, I don’t remember my other scores.. they are on a slip of paper somewhere. I posted them on one of these repsonses too.

    With my Neptune Conj. Sun, I always thought my Father had another family ! He traveled so much.

    I had a terrible time with boundaries until I started working the Spiral Steps Recovery program. Things are improving…

    I am also an Empath and if I forget to shield myself, I get so overwhelmed. In fact this is one reason I prefer online meetings to face to face, I get so “stuck” in other people’s stuff.

    I wonder how many other folks with High Neptune scores have hard to diagnose sensitivities and illnesses ? I have been dogged with them all my life. Almost fatal every time, and every time, a diminished quality of life to adapt to. I think that is the impact of the Sun’s rays being all fogged up.

    Super series Donna, and once the Flooded House ;0 Is all dried out (horrible NE storm), I intend to educate myself more on these Neptune Issues.

    I admit I was enjoying the transiting Neptune trine to my Sun/Neptune until it opposed my Pluto. Well thank goodness that there is a trine for every square, etc.


    • Hi, Belle, this business of sensitivities on all levels is very Neptunian. There’s one person who comments here regularly–though I haven’t heard from her in a while–who is in a network for multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS)–and I believe Neptune is a major factor for her astrologically. It’s a blog called vardo for 2 plus 1, and her name is Mohicana. Donna

    • Belle – I laughed when I read that you thought your father had another family – I also have Neptune conjunct the Sun (Neptune in Scorpio/Sun in Libra), and for a long time, I was convinced that my mother’s former fiancé was my biological father! Of course, I was wrong.

      I also prefer the internet for the reasons you’ve mentioned, although I’m finding that I’m still sensitive to especially negative energies. And doctors are never able to diagnose me either, or else they misdiagnose me (the Sun is the ruler of my 12th) and I end up diagnosing myself. Nothing life threatening (that I know of), just very troubling and isolating. I’m always developing strange sensitivities or passing allergies (Neptune square the Moon). I can’t even drink coffee anymore.

      Neptune has also been trining my Sun/Venus/North Node, but will soon oppose my Pluto in the 12th. I guess I can expect more strange symptoms! Take care. LB

  38. My score is 48..

    I can so agree with much of what is said above- especially Yo Dangles post…

    We are a ‘different’ & ino Blessed lot- to see & feel the nuances, undercurrents- etc

    Being Neptunian ia a big part of me being an artist & no doubt played a role for my decades in modeling (illusion. glamour)

    An irony? I have a violemt allergy to shellfish !!

    Great test & subject- Donna



  39. Hello fellow Neptunians.
    I stumbled across this blog as I’m curious about my upcoming 10th house Neptune transit. I took the quiz and scored a 70, which is surprising, but not really once I look more deeply.

    I have Neptune aspects to all but two of two of my planets (moon and venus). 10th house is Pisces, with 4 planets there, plus sun right on the cusp\conjunct Midheaven.

    My current themes are finding a fulfilling career – I’m in IT and working towards making a change to healing\energy work as I’m very burnt out and disillusioned with the corporate\computer world. I don’t see a clear path yet, and wonder how I will make the financial shift. But know it will work out. Also, I seem to have a lot of work to do with boundaries and protection from unhealthy yang energy.

    I’ve certainly had to deal with many of the same struggles listed by others, fortunately I am in a place of balance and healthy personal power now. Certainly I’ve learned a lot along the way.

    Thanks for the good post. Sandy

    • HI, Sandy, a Neptune transit to the 10th is a big transit, and it’s also a long one. Look for an article on this blog about Neptune transits to the career houses. (You’ll find links to lots of articles about Neptune if you use the search engine for this site.) Donna

  40. Ok, so I’m a 38 on the Neptune scale. It’s conj Desc and Moon in my 6th House. Fortunately, I’m so dadgum sensitive that I’d never be able to consume enough “substance” to abuse it I don’t believe! I’m a 48 on the Pluto test. I expect I’ll score at least moderately on the Saturn scale as well. I believe all the Earth in my chart gives me good grounding and drives me to separate the metaphysical wheat from the chaff.

    I was a Secular Carmelite for some years before voluntarily withdrawing. Studying Celtic Christianity now. My poor family thinks I’m so far “out there” I’ll never find my way back. LOL

    My Mars is Rx Cancer 3rd House as well and I believe it contributes to my absolute requirement for solitude every day. Must have it or sensory overload squashes me.

    Very, very interesting!

    • Ok, using the CORRECT aspects I’m36 instead of 38. That passes Pluto at 31 now.

      On towards Uranus and Saturn! Uranus might not change at all. Don’t have much of anything happening with it in my natal chart.

  41. Here’s my scores for all 4 planets:

    Neptune 44
    Pluto 27
    Saturn 24
    Uranus 20

    And actually if I could have used Chiron in the scoring, I would have scored higher on most of these, since I have a Uranus-Pluto-Mars conj. opposing Chiron; I was born Dec. 22, 1964.

    Anyway, my Neptune score and interpretation inspired me to write about something I haven’t thought about in a while. I’ve always been very attracted to the planet; I just feel a lot of “sympathy” with it’s issues. My major addiction is junk food; I don’t eat much healthy food. At about the age of 10, I had a repeating dream where me and 2 or 3 others were on a spaceship going to visit Neptune. They were force feeding me healthy food, telling me something along the lines of that I couldn’t go to Neptune, or might as well not go to Neptune, or wouldn’t be able to make it there unless I started eating healthy. However, I’m still not doing that. Maybe I need to follow the message of the dream and start doing that…

    • Recurring dreams are very important messages,helping you to resolve conflicts that come from deep in the soul. I only recently understood–after replying to a comment on this blog–the meaning of one I had for years and years after I got out of school. Donna

  42. I think 34. I have Chiron in Pisces, but you never mentioned it, so I’m guessing it doesn’t count.

  43. I’m just now doing this test and it’s a shocker for me. 40 for Neptune?!

    However, when I look back at ages prior to 35 and I can see where I’ve looked at things and people with heavy rose colored tinted glasses. Pisces on the 7th here.

    I’ve never had the desire to abuse alcohol or drugs. Heck I don’t drink or smoke. It’s been 2 years since I’ve had one glass of wine and it was probably 5 years or so prior to that one glass. lol Maybe Saturn in Pisces and and a strong Plutonian influence helps with that. Saturn is also sextile Neptune in Scorpio. I grew up in a household where drinking was the weekend entertainment and sometimes during the week too. I hated it then and still do now. I’ve also been a victim as a kid of bad behavior by adults heavily under the influence of alcohol. Nothing as serious as some have been through, thank goodness. One of these days I’ll talk about it fully. But I think if folks had not been drinking they would have had all their faculties to not even do that from the start. I’ve always told myself that there is no way some lame a** dude was gonna be telling folks what I did with him on a date and I had to doubt or wonder if he just might be telling the truth because I was too drunk or high on drugs to remember what really went on. Hell to the nah on that!!

    I’ve struggled tremendously with boundary issues especially with those I care about.

    On the positive side though this has not come out until age 34-35, I’ve been much more creative and have been able to see what ever it is I want to do in my mind and then make it 3D. It’s not always completely clear but the version that comes out is pretty close to what I was seeing in my minds eye.

    • Hi, MS, that’s a poignant look at childhood in an alcohol-saturated household. Though you only have a Neptune-Saturn sextile, the Saturn in Pisces is a second tie between the two planets. There’s an article on Neptune-Saturn aspects on this blog, and you may identify with it and with the really deep sharing in the comment section. Donna

  44. First, this is a wonderful blog!

    Anyway, ,my score was a 68. I cannot tell you how much Neptune has influenced me over the years. As a child in grade school having the same kids in my class each year, I was nice to everyone. Though I have Sun, Mercury and Mars in Gemini (and Asc), I wasn’t real talkative but was quite shy and quiet. I daydreamed all the time (Moon in Pisces). As I got to 4th, 5th and 6th grade, the kids thought I was weird and started to ignore me. The girls made fun of me. The boys wanted nothing to do with me. This got worse in 7th and 8th grade. I was the most unpopular and lonely girl and only recently have I been able to see it differently and heal from it. Astrology helped greatly with that.

    It was a very strange time. Very lonely – I had no idea what I did to them to make them feel that way about me. I didn’t know it then but I can read people and maybe unconsciously I was understanding that the quality of these kids weren’t matching up to what I was about and maybe I kept to myself because of that. Maybe they thought I was stuck up because I was quiet – I don’t know! I’m always trying to figure out how the Neptune influence worked during that horrible time in my life. But I had no friends in school. However my home life was great – family and friends outside of school were a joy. That’s where I shone.

    Anyway, fast forward to the present and at age 42 I’m not Catholic anymore but very spiritual. And I have a very active dream world. My dreams are telling me more things than ever lately, and many dreams are precognitive. I get information on my neighbors, events in my life, I can dream lucidly, and recently I had an episode of sleep paralysis, which I believe is when your spirit leaves dreamtime and whooshes back into your aura and you’re conscious of it as it’s happening. It is the most amazing but uncomfortable experience ever.

    My 6th sense and clairvoyance is developing a lot (or I’m just more aware of it) and I suspect Neptune has something to do with it.

    My Moon is in Pisces and I feel that deeply. And it seems that sometimes I forget how Geminian I am. Sometimes I feel I am totally watery.

    My Nep is also biquintile North Node, trine Chiron, opposite Black Moon Lilith, trine Part of Fortune. My Part of Fortune is in Pisces.

    I know these aren’t planets but was wondering if these count towards a Neptunian influence?

    • Welcome to Skywriter, Kathy. You’ll find plenty of people like you here. You’ll also find plenty of articles about Neptune, so use the search engine on this site to find a list of 22 of them. As your psychic gifts and dreams are developing, I’d imagine you’re going through some Neptune transits. Your score is plenty high enough–you don’t need to bump it up with the list you mentioned. Donna

  45. 26. Low end of the high side:

    Stellium in 12th = 3 x 4 = 12
    Nep sextile Jup = 2
    nep semi-sextile chiron = 2
    bi-quintile MC = 2
    opposition sun = 10

  46. I know it doesn’t matter, I’m already at ‘very high,’ but just for clarity, does Chiron in Pisces count (3 points)? And what about a minor aspect to the MC?

    Thanks for these interesting quiz’s Donna. :o)

    • Hi, WG, glad you enjoy. Yes, I’d say 3 points for chiron in Pisces. And are you asking about a minor aspect from Neptune to the MC? Sure, a few points, if it’s within about a 3 degree range. Donna

  47. Hi Donna,

    Love your quizzes! Do you think Neptune in the 12th house makes it influence stronger?



    • Hi, Jana, yes I do, and I am moved to add 5 bonus points for Neptune in the 12th. Donna

  48. __20__ Neptune conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.
    ___5_ Neptune conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each.
    __2__ Neptune in minor aspect (sextile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, or sesquiquadrate) to the Sun, Moon, or other planets, 2 points each.
    __5__ Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven in Pisces, 5 points each.
    __0__ Other planets in Pisces, 3 points each.
    __0__ Sun or Moon in the 12th house, 5 points each.
    __0__BONUS POINTS: for Neptune in the 12th or Pisces on the cusp of the 12th, 5 points each
    __0__ Other 12th house planets, 3 points each.

    T= 32 More than 25? Very strong indeed!

    I can relate to alot of this. Almost all of it. That’s pretty amazing.
    I never thought my neptune was that strong, at least according to other astrologers.
    I could never figure out why I felt the way I did.
    Now I believe I know. =-)

    Neptune has a wide range of expressions. At the evolved level, the expressions can include creativity, inspiration, desire to transcend the self and surrender to something greater, seeing beyond apparent reality, compassion, selfless service, psychic abilities, and the urge to find spiritual meaning in life.

    be poorly grounded space cases, fall into the savior/martyr type, and struggle with a variety of addictions.

    A huge issue for many Neptunian types is boundaries, and they can have great difficulties in setting healthy boundaries of their own and also with respecting boundaries of others.

    This is in part because on the deepest–or maybe highest level–there is no separation. We are all one. But not being able to draw them in the “real world” can create all sorts of difficulties in relationships, such as codependency.

    On the other hand, even the most positive Neptunian with the highest intentions can gradually go down that slippery slope to deceiving themselves and others about their motives.

    Only rigorous honesty with ourselves can keep the highest expressions of Neptune from morphing into the lower ones.

    Neptune, at its core, is neither good nor bad. It’s the part of us that yearns for spiritual awakening and to transcend this reality. When you do awaken to the spiritual side of life, it may take many years—or even lifetimes—to deal with it in a bal¬anced way. The novice seeker is prone to false trails, self-delusion, and ideas that are quite strange.

    • Hi Donna, =-)

      What do you think about using parallel/contraparallel aspects?

      Have a good day!

      Thank you,

      • They’d be among the minor aspects. Donna

      • Thank you for putting up with me Donna.

        I can’t believe I didn’t think of them before.

        I have sun parallel neptune and mercury parallel neptune. So, then I would add 4 points to my neptune score? I guess. That would be 36 points for my neptune.

        Thank you again =-)


  49. I got a 70. Please hide me.

    • Oh wait it is only 57. Unless I count Chiron in Pisces trine neptune, then it is 65. That is still higher than I expected, maybe more so than any other score I’ve gotten.

  50. Neptune sq Jupiter
    Neptune sextile Pluto
    Neptune conj MC
    Sun (third decan) and Mercury in Pisces, both in 12th house
    Pisces Rising (third decan)

    Total: 38

    Prone to self-delusion, fantasies and addictions. A little masochistic in relationships. 😛

  51. This is by far my lowest score, my Neptune only scores 19!

    square ASC – 10
    sextile moon, pluto, saturn – 6
    saturn in 12th house – 3

    I knew it would be low, but didn’t think it’d be that low:)

  52. Holy crap, I am not alone in the world! I want you all to come over to my house for coffee. It’s been so freaking hard to find people who get me. I can relate to so much of what’s been posted here.

    I have very strong Neptune, Moon and Mercury. I have a blog called, “Outlander: Self-development for Outsiders”. Looking at those strong planets, I think to myself, “Of course you do.” lol

    I have a hard time dealing with harsh realities. No, no, I’m a drifty person, I don’t do reality!

    I’ve had several addictions, but I’m down to caffeine and nicotine now

    I had a very stressful, extremely detailed job involving dealing with more than 50 department chairs with conflicting demands. It caused a major depressive episode.

    I’m very spiritually and psychologically oriented- I’m applying to a graduate program in Transpersonal Psychology, which blends psych with spirituality. How cool is that??

    I’m compassionate and empathetic in the extreme. I finally had to stop watching the news on t.v. because the images and commentary were too much for me. I would either become enraged or sob in the corner.

    I’m founder and President of a non-profit organization for victims of domestic violence and their pets.(Up to 60% of d.v.victims have delayed leaving their abuser out of fear for their pets)

    I’m also super idealistic. My partner and I have long discussions about the world as it is vs. the world as it could be. He’s way more of a realist and that seems low on hope to me. I believe in being the change you want to see in the world.

    I need lots of time alone to process and recover from all the vibes I pick up from the world.

    I also create and sell jewelry and art, so there’s the creative aspect.

    I have all kinds of chemical sensitivities, for example, fragrances give me migraines.

    Boundaries were a huge issue for me when I was younger. I can also relate to the ACOA thing.

    Also had a fabulous childhood (sarcasm font) – Neptune in the fourth. Crazy mother, alcoholic stepfather.

    I, too, almost drowned once. That seems like a metaphoric thing to me – almost drowning physically/drowning emotionally or psychologically.

    I’ve experienced sleep paralysis (horrible) and lucid dreams. I’ve had dreams that I believe were not dreams, but actual experiences on the astral plane.

    So, when are y’all coming over. 😉

  53. P.S. I am totally blogging about this!

  54. Donna, your planets strength series has been a true blessing.

    There’s no hiding this. I believe I need to investigate the ACA assistance that’s out there. My mother would probably be what one would call a functioning alcoholic herself.

    She’s participating in a long-term osteoporosis study conducted by the local medical teaching university. This year’s questionnaire arrived this week. It asked questions about depression and for the first time in her life, she stated that she believes she might be depressed. That’s a ground breaking statement for her, Donna.

    I could have hugged her. I will help her, do for her, participate in WHATEVER she determines she wants to do. I told her that I loved her and would petition God to move heaven and earth to help her accomplish whatever she desired. She knows that’s a promise she can take to the bank.

    She and I have been in the same abyss of suffering long enough.

    I doubt I would have had the wherewithall to make her feel supported enough to make the decision she’s made had it not been for you and your series.

    You’re tests have answered so many questions, made so much clear that has never before made a particle of sense, and I thank you. God’s got a special pearl for your crown for this series, dear one!

    Thank you again. 🙂

    • Glad it contributed to your breakthrough, Parin. Donna

      • This is how my fixedness manifests, Donna! Flowers and confetti and cupcakes and big glasses of cold milk for everyone!

        We’re going to make it, she and I. 🙂

  55. Well..i didnt do this test…but doing it as i had to calculate my Mutable Score 😀
    Alright…i scored
    5 pointer *2 (Venus, Mars) +
    2 pointer *4 (Mercury, Moon, Jupiter, Pluto)+
    5 pointer *1 (Moon in 12th) +
    3 pointer *1 (Pluto)
    = 25
    15-25 indicates a moderately strong influence
    On Extreme end!
    Back to Mutable Score now !

  56. ” Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” The Phoenix rises from the Ashes of the past. Ha Ha ha no matter how many times you go down to the crossroads to kneel with bowed head before Kali and rattle dem dar bones….there’s always more! The ring pass not is ever expanding. I vowed to the holy unknown when I was 16 and what a grand adventure it has been. It had its pain , be there no doubt but the rewards were worth it. I scored 41. A nova aspect. ha ha ha for some reason the memories make me laugh and in my elder hood have a good time warming at their fire. My Jupiter at 29 Virgo conjuncts Chiron at 2 Libra and Neptune at 5 Libra crawling up towards the ascendant at 9 Libra.
    Neptune has given the capacity to be one in consciousness with other people, creatures Trees , plants etc.and to be able to communicate with other life forms. Not only do I pick up on their feelings and moods but can hear the thoughts of certain others. Or project my thoughts to others. Its a two way street .Music, dance,( spiritual or mundane dance) art, healing are all of interest.
    I see the beauty and highest aspects of the 7 Races of humanity and their dark places too. The planets are living companions of Earth and our Sun loves its little children. Though they can sure be foolish sometimes! The Asteroid Amour conjuncts Chiron right on….amour past lives where I grounded one unasked, unwittingly and unexpected; it just happened and I became HER to the casual observer. I was 53 at the time but she died a young romantic, was at the beginning of the ballerinas( my legs even changed and I danced all the time) and now to the casual observer I looked 23 and had suitors after me from the nearby college,about that age. I was flabbergasted. What? I had to tell this young man I was really 53 and old enough to be his grand mother! This lasted about a year…long enough to put that past life to rest in a good way.It was one of my more peculiar experiences and explained a few of the connections I had with certain people in my life ! It sure confused an old Medicine Man up in Canada who got on the loud speaker at a pow wow to tell the young men there , that I was really an old woman! ha ha Ha

    • You’ve lived a very interesting and unusual life, Barehand, as might be expected since your outer planet scores are all strong. Donna

  57. Lets just say I’m more than grateful to the Creator Life Force for the experiences. The magic of life and its potential are incredible and amazing.
    I feel for those lost in darkness…not knowing their true purpose or who they really are. They say we are spirits trying to be human and NOT humans trying to be spiritual. That is so profound and true.
    We need to spiritualize matter by purifying our earthly sheath…physical, emotional and mental bodies and ground our true spirit for Earth and realize everything is Sacred. Then actually treat it as such.
    ” The earth is one of three non sacred planets, (along with Mars and Pluto ), because as one body… Earth has not realized its sacredness. The other Planets have Realized it.”
    So said Alice Baily and the Tibetan authors of Esoteric Astrology.
    Sounds feasible.If that is the case then the positions of Mars and Pluto in our charts bare looking at. If we can handle those energies in a good way then we aid those planets in their efforts. Its a two way street.
    Oh yes my Neptune squares the North and South Nodes ( forgot to count that) so my Spiritual insight is not appreciated in a materialistic society. Will I jump from 41 to 43? Nodes on the MC.

  58. An added note:
    I revisit for your comments as you seem an open minded and astute Astrologer. Thanks much for your time.
    Just re counted according to your specs and came out 47. That’s why Retro Mercury has to check and re check!

    • Darn it’ that’s Neptune for u! Forgot it squares the no/so nodes and is staged into an opposition to the part of fortune via its conjunction to chiron /jupiter. It’s also in a septile to pluto for a total 59.

      • Neptunian, for sure. Well, you’re doing a great job of expressing the finer qualities. All my best, Donna

  59. Wow, I can’t believe I never did this score. I needed it to complete the Water score.
    I scored a 29, which is pretty high I guess. But I knew I was pretty Neptunian, having Neptune opposition Mercury laying right across my lunar nodes.

  60. I got a score of 55 for 10th house Neptune.. (ignoring the minor aspects). Spirituality took my life like a storm while I reached 21 ; I have just begun my career phase and find it difficult to cope up with routine work, gets me into physical problems when the environment is not emotionally satisfying(Moon in 6th house). Just working on those areas to follow my heart and thought of sharing it here. 🙂

  61. I’m glad you did share that Praveen. It sounds very similar to my process.

    • Thanks Grace. Donna’s book on “Outer planets and Inner life(vocational)” largely helped me understand my situation. I feel delighted inside – as many people are coming forward to share their astrological patterns after studying them!

  62. I didn’t even bother to check my score. All I know is that Neptune is a Bitch! LOL! I mean, its a force to reckoned with! I have Neptune in the first house, scorpio moon in the 12th house, uranus in the 12th house. Its almost overbearing! I’ve always been a dreamer and a deep thinker since childhood. Ive always need to pour out my soul to the world in someway. I have never been satisfied completely because I love deep connections with people and I either creep people out or fascinate them. I attract men like a magnet, and mostly they fall deep in love or lust with me. I know I am pretty but I know its more than that! It has to be all that Neptune in my chart! People are drawn to me and dont know why! I am very open and loving yet qiuet a lot, and people are always judging me somehow! Its very annoying! Im also having trouble picking a career and deciding on what directions I should go in! I cry so much it hurts, I dont have much family and can not even find my mother! This is all overwhelming to me sometimes! Well, I am a capricorn so maybe that helps me keep sane!

  63. All the evaluated planets are above 28. Pluto = 30, Neptune=45, Uranus=28, Saturn=32, Mercury=45 and Moon=50

  64. I scored 62 – I guess the Pisces Sun and Ascendant didn’t help! I am very creative and live in my head alot. Love astrology, and anything to do with the metaphysical world, in fact I’ve always ‘known’ that we are ‘spirits living in a material world’. Hard reality freaks me out. I have always needed to escape in books or movies or just being alone. I can’t be in large groups of people or crowds for very long as it depletes my energy. I have to avoid sad news stories or I agonise over them for days. Wow until I wrote all this down I never realised how Neptunian I was!

  65. Well, depending on a few factors, I scored anywhere from 32-39 (maybe 44) on the Pisces test. If Neptune is in sextile to my Sun via Venus and Pluto, does this count as two points? What if my MC is at 29 deg 50 min Aquarius (squaring my natal Neptune)? Is my MC strongly associate with the sign of Pisces, as well? What does it mean if Pisces is intercepted in the 10th house? Lastly, what if Neptune is opposing a planet (Saturn) in the 12th house? Do I get points for a Neptune opposition to the 12th house?? LOL!! Can you tell that I have a strong Mercury in my chart, including Gemini rising?? Also, in about two weeks, Neptune will be squaring my natal Neptune, exactly, for the 1st time (and will be conjunct my MC), which is Neptune is so up for me, right now, and why I’m so curious about it. 🙂

  66. I’ve been reading through the other comments, and I would also like to add that I’ve almost drowned twice in my lifetime. The second time taught me about the process of surrendering.

    • Surrender is surely the answer to many of Neptune’s difficulties. I almost drowned once too, in an undertow with people not far away, and I never called for help, just swam for my life. That scared me more than anything–that I never looked for others to help me, just tried to cope on my own. The lesson was to open up my mouth and ask for help. I’ve never been back in the ocean once in the 40 years since, just admire it from the shore. Donna

    • 2 times here, too. At < 4, I dove into the pool trying to swim to my dad (who has Pisces Mars) to get his attention. I'd learned to kick but not to NOT breathe under water. Next thing I remember, I was waking up on the side of the pool with everyone around me. Someone saved me.

      2nd time: At 11, my cousin froze up in terror in the deep end of the pool. I jumped in to "save" her. She latched onto me and wouldn't let go, making us both sink to the bottom. I had to pinch her to get her to let go. Swam away. Got out. Irony: She was way more bouyant than me so as soon as we parted, she floated to the surface – where I threw her a REAL lifesaver.

      The rescuer/victim scenarios repeat…I've learned to handle them differently.

      • LOL! Great example, Jara!

  67. 51

  68. I’m sorry if i missed it somewhere.. How many points would a t-square pointing too (apex planet?) neptune rank?? What about sun in the 12th with leo on the cusp of the 10th? The sun isn’t located in the 10th but rules the sign leo. Could points be added for this as well?

    thanks donna

    • You didn’t miss anything–no test (yet) for t-squares. Donna

    • I think just the 5 points for being part of a major configuration, but also 5 for Sun in the 12th, but none for Leo on the MH. This new version just got posted today. Donna

  69. __10__ Neptune trine Sun.
    __15__ Neptune trine Venus, trine Jupiter, square Saturn.
    __6__ Neptune sesquiquadrate Mercury, semisextile Uranus, sextile Pluto.
    TOTAL = 31
    LOL, I was expecting an even higher score, since I’m such a dreamer… :)) It’s like I have this whole world inside of me, totally different from my reality, even if my reality is pretty satisfying (would Neptune square Saturn do that?).

    • Saturn would serve to ground Neptune, sure, especially in a square more than a conjunction, since it can get more perspective. There’s an article here about Neptune-Saturn aspects that would give you more insights. (Something like “Getting a Grip on Neptune-Saturn Aspects.”) Donna

  70. 40 Neptune conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.

    neptune trines my sun and conjuncts my moon; neptune square my AC, opposites my MC

    5 pts Neptune conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each.

    my neptune trines my mercury,

    4 pts Neptune in minor aspect (sextile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, or sesquiquadrate) to the Sun, Moon, or other planets, 2 points each.

    neptune sextile pluto and semisextile chiron

    0 pts Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven in Pisces, 5 points each.

    0 pts Other planets in Pisces, 3 points each.

    0 pts Sun or Moon in the 12th house, 5 points each.

    0 ptsBONUS POINTS: for Neptune in the 12th or Pisces on the cusp of the 12th, 5 points each

    0 pts Other 12th house planets, 3 points each.

    total= 49 pts

  71. I scored a 43, starting to notice a pattern…

    • i got 62 for pluto and 49 for neptune. i’m scared to do the uranus and saturn oy vey!

  72. These tests are very interesting 🙂 I received my highest score of 85 in mercury – I have 3 inner Virgo planets and a heavy 3rd house. But a close second in my Neptune score of 78 with my Virgo planets in the 12th house and Neptune heavily aspected everywhere and with my Pisces moon in my 6th house. Uranus with 57 and Venus with 56 are my 3rd place strongest planets. Also all these planets are involved with three separate T-squares in my chart. Thank you Donna for your wonderful Blog 🙂

  73. 44 I am!

    (Measured in points, that is… *Chronologically* speaking, I am 48 in Earth years,

    (BTW, I am *on* this Earth but I am not *of* this Earth. *Emotionally* speaking, I’m about 8 years old, and I don’t wanna grow up.

    (That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it…. Did you get all of that down? Thank you very much. 😉 )

    Counting my Neptune trine North Node but NOT Neptune, I came in at 42 (off the charts!).

    For all the gory chart details, use:

    Nov. 7, 1963
    5:35 pm EST
    Elizabeth City, NC, US

    Donna, I’m *lovin’* the TMA article and the new tool! Thank you for both. They’re so synchronous with things that are currently going on my way.

    From one MSW-astrologer to another, all my best…

    Paul Habit / Brian Habit

    (Some know me by my first name, Paul. Most know me by my second name, Brian. But you can just call me Bad Habit or Good Habit <– Habit your way! 🙂 )

  74. Excellent stuff! I’ve officially taken all your available planetary tests, Donna, and here are the results:

    Moon 76
    Pluto 60
    Neptune 55
    Saturn 48
    Mercury 29
    Uranus 21

    How do you like that?

    • Those are some high scores, Paul. Given the three top are rulers of the water signs (Moon=Cancer, Pluto=Scorpio, and Neptune=Pisces), I’d bet on your scores on the tests for the four elements, water would be off the charts. Donna

  75. neptune trine moon———————————–10
    neptune square midheaven————————-10

    neptune conjunct uranus—————————–5
    nepteun opposite mercury—————————5
    neptune trine venus———————————–5

    neptune sextile pluto———————————–2

    saturn iin pisces—————————————-3

    neptune-venus-moon grand trine——————-5

  76. 16 – Not very Neptunian I guess

  77. 60 pts (square Pisces MC, opp Moon/12th, sq Sun & Merc) making my Neptune score second only to Mercury 93 pts. Credibilty issues? Um, yeeaaaahh.

  78. Neptune Conjunct Sun——>10
    Neptune Square Moon——>10
    Neptune trine MC——–>10
    Neptune Conjunct Mercury—–>5
    Neptune Square Jupiter——>5
    Neptune Opps Mars—–>5
    Neptune semi-sextile Saturn——>2
    Neptune septile Venus ——->2
    Venus in Pisces——>3
    Neptune,Mercury,Sun,Uranus in Stellium in Capricorn-5
    chiron in 12th house-2
    My score- 64

    I wasn’t surprised that i got this score seeing how I have such love for fantasy and music and anything that is vintage. Something about vintage that hold a story that even by touching it you can feel its history, it evokes such feeling. I just love the meaning of Neptune even though its have it con, one thing for sure im not addicted to drugs or any negative that is tagged with neptune other that i do suffer from depression.

  79. 49 is my score, I’d say I fit the bill. I’ve worked in mental health, have struggled with my own addictions (food, drugs, men), explored all artistic media, struggled with depression and anxiety, need an amazing amount of solitude and have lost many friends because of it, talk to ghosts, and can read people very well. Neptune is on my ic now in Pisces. My latest endeavor, after having moderated my depression and stopped smoking pot, is designing clothes. If I can ever get it going, the name will be “Belle Neptune “.

  80. I am a Neptunian! It was very interesting reading your article. In fact it is helpful as I am being double whammied right now as Neptune is RIGHT ON MY SATURN (which is zero degrees Pisces) at the moment too! My score was 35. Natally I have Neptune right on my Midheaven, Sun in the 12th, and a bunch of other stuff. I even wrote an article about how I am a Neptunian before now. I have all the traits, ranging from psychic abilities, helping people with problems, to being very artistic, to previous on and off issues with drugs (marijuana and alcohol) neither of which have a hold on me now I am glad to say – I seemed to very Neptunianly phase out of using them as vaguely as I phased in! I have a very confusing relationship with reality and self assessment. Sometimes delusional, sometimes it turns out the fantastic thing I thought, was actually true. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the psychic energies of the environment around me, not always good. Sometimes the weirdest things happen to me that are indescribable in any way that would sound normal or sane. Things manifest in very unusual ways almost as if I was hallucinating a lot of the time. Or living in a weird dream. I’m not though. A prosaic example would be that I will play a computer game, and be driving in a particular make of car in the game, then next time I leave the house the exact same car will drive past, same colour everything – I mean an unusual sportscar by the way, one you would rarely see. Fortunately there is an earthy grand trine in my chart which is probably why I didn’t float off into the vapours already. I do suffer from depression however which is a downside. But the creative, dreamlike, magical aspects are amazing. The boundaries with people are sometimes very difficult to get right. I have a natural propensity to do the types of things counsellors do, but often this gets too weird in relationships and the boundaries get fuzzy and I often get blamed for being the symbol of deep patterns that emerged in a person’s communication with me – something I have an uncanny knack for – bringing up deep personal and psychological stuff. I get projected onto a lot. I am also a “chameleon”. Spooky stuff happens to me that others would run from too. I have channelled people who recently died and stuff. Because I am an artist and not a professional counsellor, or a career psychic, or whatever, it is not really taken into account that this is what I am doing and I have failed to be assertive enough to succeed in my art, or establish the proper boundaries in relationships/friendships to make it clear I do have some mystical gifts or abilities (certainly not something easy to explain), the caution I have ended up having to exercise has left me almost completely isolated.

    Vaguely exciting in a misty sort of indefinable way huh?

    Anyway, suffice to say reading your article was very helpful and made me feel something was confirmed and that gave me a sense of security. So thanks!

  81. scoring only a little higher than my uranus, 50 or just below, I am looking forward to my pluto scores 🙂 However, I guess my sun and moon are stronger, or why no tests for these?

    • There are already tests for the Sun and Moon on Skywriter–use the onsite search engine. Donna

  82. Yikes! I have a stellium- half in 9th house, half in 10th, Cancer and Leo – Mercury, Mars, Sun, Venus, Pluto, Uranus; Neptune in 1st house Libra ascendant, and Moon & Saturn in 2nd House Scorpio. Everything is being conjunct, squared and trined. My tests for all of them are off the charts, some by double the ‘over the top’ you give.

    I am an anomaly; both pragmatic and psychic. Am an Ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce, and saw a blue elf-man disappear on my lawn from the top of his hat down; two little skinny blue legs and shoes, then- gone!

    I care deeply about people and spiritual issues; I am also an inventor with patents. I shaved my head as a means to attain self-discipline; every time I feel the little hairs, it reminds me to complete my goals to finish the book I’m writing and become healthier. It’s working, non-permanent, (no tattoo for me!- My whole nervous system is too sensitive.

    Want to thank you for your site, and will leave to look for subscription info after signing off.

  83. So, uh, I scored a 75…

    …but only because I expanded the orb of squares and trines to 7 degrees.

    Heh, paradoxically, my decision to bend the rules is indicative of abundant Neptune.

    I am a multidimensional fish,
    swimming everywhere at once.

    • LOL! Or, more likely, you extended the orbs because of Neptune’s tendency to ignore boundaries. Donna

      • Right! Boundaries, schmoundaries. Lol

  84. I have often found that persons with sun conjunct neptune, while charming and often idealistic or spiritual, are also very deceptive and even can suffer from narcissistic personality disorder causing havoc in other people’s lives. They will often distort things and can be very caniving especially if mercury is in conjunction or in the same sign. You’d never dream they’d be this way at first. There can be great hypocrisy. (Sun equals the true self. Neptune equals deception, so self delusion can be total.) Of course there are all of the other good traits but be ware of certain malefic tendencies.

  85. Hi,
    I score 60 for Neptune
    and 74 for Moon
    I often find my head in clouds, like to daydream
    but when it comes to actual dreams I can not remember them =(
    but if I had a problem, after a good sleep, I had a solution in the morning
    I do like to wear pink glasses, but my AC in Virgo, helps me to take them off,
    as often as I can, and that means I never wear them =(
    I don’t like drugs and alcohol- more find them boring, but I did started drinking very young, and stopped in my twenties.

    When I was younger ( 22), I wonted to define myself in one sentence if that is possible =)
    so it goes: “I’m like an ocean, blue and beautiful, but I can easily swallow you up, at the time you realize that, you are out of air.”

    thanks Donna for cool tests, and broaden our way of thinking

  86. I scored 56 for my neptune. I’m a leo stellium with Neptune in sag conjunct my moon. However never fear I’ve of the scale Sun at 94. yes I’m very good at deluding myself.
    I just ( 2months to the day and yes i’ve got a reminder on my phone calendar )broke up with a Piscesian bf of 5 years. Enough was enough. The relationship started going sour about 1 year in by 2 years it wasn’t the best but it beat being a alone. 3-4yrs it had gotten way worse. Then last year he hurt himself so i couldn’t leave him. this year I could as i made a snap decision.

    I think the Uranus in Aries in my 10th house no where next to my MC which is at 22 Pisces helped.

    I like to say i live in my own head.
    what do you think?

  87. I scored in the moderate range. If your orbs were larger, then I’d be in the high range. I think Nodes in Pisces and Neptune in angular houses are even more Neptunian than outer planets in Pisces. They describe constantly encountering the Neptunian experience…

    I have South Node in Pisces, Neptune in the 1st house, Moon-Uranus in the 12th, Pisces in the 4th, Neptune aspecting the 10th, the ruler of the 7th aspecting Neptune.

    I feel surrounded by Neptunian types who reflect my tendencies and help me mark my personal growth with setting appropriate boundaries.

  88. I scored 21, moderate score, which is probably about right! ( Neptune in Scorpio sextile Pluto, Neptune sextile Uranus, Neptune trine Saturn, Neptune trine Chiron , Neptune biquintile Jupiter , and two planets in Pisces (Saturn and Chiron). I’ve never really thought about how Neptune affected me. I have a lot of Saturn aspects( to moon, mercury, venus and to outer planets) plus uranus/pluto conjunct in Virgo, so perhaps it grounds the Neptune? ( with sextiles/trines in chart) I have Neptune in the 4th house. When I read descriptions about it about childhood in particular , I could definitely relate to having a strong , creative, imagination, being creative and artistic, drawing and writing, having pictures and paintings on the wall, creating an artistic atmosphere at home, learning to play musical instruments as a child ( I am currently learning to play Middle eastern percussion instruments) having psychic female relatives, being inclined to being psychic oneself ( inherited characteristics)
    but I couldn’t relate to living near the sea, or water , or wanting to live near the sea, or having an alcoholic /absent/depressed parent, or mental illness in the home,moving homes several times, feeling uprooted, alien, or confused about one’s roots/identity or having secrets in the home, etc, didn’t ring true. So I guess, it’s about picking up relevant parts of this planet. Not all will be relevant.

    I think having said that, I have read some very good advice regarding my own Neptune in the 4th, some of which Donna has mentioned , somewhere here: Not abusing alcohol, not abusing drugs, or getting into addictions, nor getting into gambling and certainly being careful about providing something for one’s retirement, if you want to be practical. With Neptune in the 4th, and the 4th is supposed to be the beginnings of life, and how the end of life is approached, I have thought about taking on the specific advice about doing voluntary /charitable work, as one gets older, to fulfill that house’s placement. Interestingly, I have been doing voluntary work since I was a teenager, (community, arts, teaching projects) and currently I do some voluntary work at a local theatre ( on some weekends)- customer care/usherette, giving out information etc, which I started, as my mid-life transits started. That really saved my sanity! So, it was interesting to read about doing charity work, years and years later! So, Neptune does work with me, but it’s more or less balanced, and I am definitely aware of it. I like it 🙂

  89. Thanks, Donna for writing this.It’s really important to know the beautiful things neptune has to offer you, but be mindful of having healthy boundaries, so people don’t take advantage of you, nor you forget your own limits…….

  90. Neptune total was 65.
    I, too, need a great deal of time to myself; get overwhelmed with too many people, noise, smells, etc. Looked up the ‘highly sensitive/gifted info on the net- sounds like many Neptunian people have the same issues. Very psychic; also had the experiences of being ‘invisible’. I will say something, and another person will say it as though I had never spoken. Ideas ridiculed, and a moment later someone will say the same thing and be a hero. Can be exasperating! Also, I have to keep boundaries tight; feel what others feel, somatizing into myself their ills.

  91. Neptune incon Moon = 2
    Neptune semisex Mercury = 2
    Neptune sextile Venus, Pluto = 4
    Neptune quin Jupiter =2

    Jupiter, Mars in Pisces = 6

    Neptune = 16 🙂

  92. I’m off the charts. Pisces Ascendant with Pisces in the 12th house cusp!Lord of my natal chart,Neptune on the midheaven (closely conjoin) and conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius and Conjunct my early Capricorn Sun. Trine my moon in Leo, Sextile Pluto, and directly squares my Piscean ascendant with Jupiter! No Planets in Pisces however or I would probably drown Lol! I have a strong dose of fire in my charts: Sagittarius Midheaven, Jupiter, Uranus in Sagittarius in the 9th house, with Neptune in Sagittarius in the 10th house on the midheaven and Moon in Leo. The moon trines my Midheaven, Jupiter, Neptune and Sun! I have a strong dose of Scorpio, Capricorn and the 8th & 10th house! Saturn/Venus conjunction in Scorpio in the 8th and Pluto in the 8th directly sexting my Capricorn Sun. I have Part of Fortune in Scorpio in the 8th conjunct Venus. Thank god for the Scorpio/Capricorn (Saturn & Pluto) to help ground me, balanced with my Mars in Libra. So yes I’m very intuitive, sensitive, psychic and can daydream. However I can also be extremely resilient, determined, detached and realistic as well.

  93. My score was 17. I have a Moon Pisces and my Neptune is trine to my Ascendant. My 7th House is in Pisces. I thought I would be slightly higher because I am like a proper Moon Pisces in regards to my personality but my Neptune being in Capricorn might have hindered me.

  94. Hello
    Once the score went passed the count of 40, I stopped doing the math. I have 12th house Neptune conjunct Asc and Moon all in Scorpio. I have a Pisces Mercury conjunct Chiron and my South Node. And a water trine that incorporates Mars in Cancer. Previous life included high tech marketing, a French-Intensive Biodynamic farm, party planning and catering – many hats. The t-shirt for this life is “Trust – you have no choice.” I have always been interested in anything to do with energy from homeopathy and vibrational remedies, astrology, fairy tales, magic etc.

    All of the water in my chart makes me a sponge for everything. So learning more about energy has been a path of healing and service. I used to have clients come to my home, but I now do all of my work remotely. I have started writing (Saturn in Capricorn helps with deadlines). I mostly write about grounding and shielding and tools to maintain sovereignty. ( I am currently hiding out on the Oregon coast after 8 grueling years in downtown Atlanta. Dreams are so much better here.

    Thank you for this web site and your blog.

  95. I have only 48…But I consider myseltf higly neptunian…

  96. Neptune, the Attention Junkie (how appropriate) of my chart, yielded a 53. (I checked my math several times and even used a calculator. If I demote Chiron I would lose three points.) Neptune is 1/3 of my water GT. It aspects everything in my chart except the sun, ascendant, Mars, or Midheaven. It conjoins my South Node and opposes my North. I also have two planets in the 12th.

    I’m fairly realistic. However, I’m also suggestible. I’m grounded enough not to fall down a Black Hole of Woo (and I think Mercury square Neptune may be helpful in that regard?), but I can become overwhelmed by others’ opinions and have a hard time trusting my own judgment. Budgeting my media consumption (particularly social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter) is paramount to my mental health. Beginning to understand Neptune is helping me to empower myself a great deal.

  97. And just to piggyback on that, because I meant to mention it: I’ve always been very careful about alcohol consumption and inherently distrustful of illegal substances. Most prescription meds affect me adversely (and if there’s a rare, non-life-threatening side effect, I am going to have it). Perhaps something in my inner makeup understood that I’d better not trifle with mind-altering substances? I don’t care if other people drink, etc., but I don’t care to do it myself and am not fond of being around it beyond the social glass of wine with dinner or out with friends.

  98. My score is 25. And I’m glad that the Neptune square Sun aspect with 7 orb isn’t influential enough to be counted!

    Thank you for creating the tests. Doing them surprised myself actually. They somehow indicated that my thought and standard is quite different. Since I have thought that my Mars score must be low but it is actually quite high. While I thought that I’m quite Neptunian, the score here is one of the lowest ever.

    But I guess, I don’t need any more Neptunian than the major aspect in my life: Neptune conjunct Ascendant in the 1st house. I feel like I’m dreamy and confused enough. Or perhaps, that’s why I feel that I’m Neptunian while the influence isn’t not that high…?

  99. with 3 planets in 12th house, part of fortune in 5th not to mention all the aspects-I am not surprised my score was in the 40’s. Not as strong as my Pluto/Uranus both in 60’s.

  100. I was sort of curious what the score would be for this one since I had many “Neptunian” problems through my life (daydreaming to a fault, bad reactions to drugs/drug problems, insomnia and sleep problems, feeling misunderstood, “Neptunian” aesthetics etc), which I thought was strange since Neptune doesn’t seem to be strong in my chart. I scored a 7. Is it possible that Neptune transits would manifest stronger in a chart with a poorly placed Neptune, as the “energy” isn’t familiar? For instance, Neptune passed over my Mars and my Moon and made strong contacts to Mercury, Venus and Asc, which might account for it.

    • Hmm, that is very odd, Forge. Perhaps you’ve pinpointed something in the transiting aspects of Neptune. I’m recalling a very long time ago, I taught astrology as a volunteer in an alcohol treatment center. Of course, I did all the student’s charts to see if I could find the signatures of alcoholism, and I expected I’d find lots of Pisces or Neptune influence. I was quite surprised when there were many Scorpios or people with several other planets in that sign.

      Of course, I was quick to justify what that was—all that pent up emotion, bitterness and resentment poisoning their lives, no wonder they drank! Pleased that I’d come up with a brilliant new finding, based on this “research,” I was quite proud of myself. It wasn’t until rather a lot later that it finally dawned on me that for a few years before I came to teach there and during the time I had my classes there, transiting Neptune had been traveling through Scorpio. DUH! Donna

  101. Scored 47

  102. I scored 60. Dosen’t surprise me though 🙂 I knew within me that, I am a Neptunian Person, but it’s always nice to be reinformed by someone else ehe ;D

  103. My score was around 52 (i think i lost my math on the road, but still was very high). And, in fact, i am REALLY neptunian – dreamy, imaginative, creative to the exageration, and very very very prone to martyrism. I’ve heard so many times, but i had to check it here.
    By the way, although I’m very neptunian, actually my sun sign is taurus and my ascendant is virgo (thank god, i think). My moon is pisces, anyways.

  104. I tried taking it again, just for the fun of it.. and now my score is 77. Last time I took it, it was 60. I don’t know what I did different, mabye my computer is just bad at math!

  105. This year and next tr-Neptune is conj nat-Venus in Pisces in 2nd, quincunx nat-Neptune which is focal pt of Mars-Nep-Saturn t-sqr, Mars-Moon-Merc in 12th, sqr Neptune in Lib in 9th for total of 48.

  106. 89. There must be something wrong. Going down the list. Pisces 12th ascendant and moon. Tsquare. Other planets in 12th house. Also underlying is progressed and transits chart, Total 5 planets stellium on that particular chart. Sun in Capricorn with Pluto. It has been an interesting few years so far. I started studying metaphysics and astrology, for the past three years. So much to learn. Some great dreams right before Halloween, about a beautiful luminescent white fish who i admired and loved, and it loved me back. November 1 i bought me a mother of pearl white fish pin. I also adore the moon and draw strength love and hope from the moon. I’m kind of a moon goddess. Being patient compassionate spiritual person. I want more.

  107. 48…hmmmm….got tickled at some of the comments….yup…..airhead to the max here… cadet…..learned TM early 30s just to try to get some sort of focus….but it made me too psychic and precog dreaming…..lots of religious experience and investigation….invisible (thought that was middle child issue), martyred a bunch…..boundary issues…

  108. I scored very high (33) but I’m not addictive or a dreamer. Virgo sun, Libra ascendant. I don’t always notice what’s going around me, though. I can live
    next door to a person and never notice what kind of car he drives. lol ( I attribute that to a conjunction of Neptune with my sun.) Whereas
    my husband is very good at noticing what’s going on in his environment.

    I’m not psychic but I often know why a person does what he does. I’m also not a bit creative (saturn in my fifth house). So I’m not a typical neptunian person.

  109. As an inspiring want to be astrologist i try to connect up with fellow beings. This is my first time doing a blog. NOVEMBER 10 AND 11 are beautiful significant good days for me. I am psychic, empathic and telepathic, and spiritual white water. Not addicted on anything.

  110. I have 65 for Neptune… have it it in the ascendant, and squaring a stellium of 6 in the midheaven.and including sun. All your comments are right on. I have been very good with everything spiritual, intuitive, etc. Poor but much better at boundaries. Kept addictions at bay. All your information is excellent. Thanks!

  111. Thanks for this post Donna, timely to read this again. I imagine I read it before and forgot…that happens a lot now! Score is 47; I included Ceres as a planet as she’s in the 1h and strongly aspected and have pisces rising so gave myself a juicy 5 for that – it’s a skinless experience. Neptune is conjunct the MC from the 9th.

    It’s helpful to read of so many people with the same experiences. Active dreamlife, blurring between waking and sleeping experiences, difficulty with feeling what others feel or think (that can get messy), difficulty with telling which are my feelings. Chemical sensitivities, invisibility, difficulty around lots of people, need time alone, can’t seem to get medical diagnoses when body is up to something. Check check check. People are always telling me I’ve lost SO much weight or gained it – actually my weight’s pretty stable. My image clearly isn’t! Better at boundaries these days but it’s a conscious daily effort. Ah but the gifts…wonderful.

  112. Thanks for these posts, they’ve been useful in connecting a few more dots…

    I scored 50 for Neptune [12th house] & 25 each for Pluto [10th house] & Uranus [11th house], which wasn’t quite what i expected. It helps me realize quite how Neptunian my reality is compared to other people, which is what creates most of my grief.

    I have a tight T-square between 12th house Neptune square my 10th house Moon exactly conjunct Midheaven, & Neptune square 3rd house Mercury in Pisces.
    I also have Venus & Sun in Pisces

    I think i’ve experienced most of the best & worst of Neptune over my life & am starting to be able to navigate it more consciously at 38
    It feels like balancing a tight rope between worlds the whole time & having to try to maintain as clear a channel as possible for the spiritual, while trying to remain firmly grounded in the material reality of this side.

    To up the stakes a bit i’ve been working in the world of finance & property developing [swimming with absolutely corrupt sharks], while trying to build houses that are as close to the ideal of built beauty as i could get. It was a steep learning curve about both myself & the world! It’s made me realize quite how big the gap is between this current reality & my Neptunian ideal of an integrated spirituality & compassion for all living things. I’m now very focused on trying to close the gap consciously
    Before i was developing i was a successful professional artist & at one point lived in a commune. I also spent my early 20s immersed in the dance scene & taking drugs. Typical Neptunian career path!!

    I’ve found the comments about hypersensitivity to chemicals & drugs enlightening. I struggle with this too, but this helps explain why. Doctors always think i’m nuts when i react badly to standard doses of drugs – i only need about a quarter of normal doses of something like anesthetic. And if i’m stuck in an environment that’s been commercially cleaned [like planes or rental cars] i go red & itchy & can’t breathe

    • Neptune surely sounds like one of your signature planets–the full spectrum of expressions. Donna Cunningham

      • Hi Donna, I have very heavily emphasized Neptune energy in my chart [see above comment].
        In addition to 12th house Neptune in a 1 degree square to Moon / MC [and the apex of a T-square], i’ve discovered i also have Neptune stationary & in the same degree as the [true] nodes.
        I can’t find much of any information on these positions – just a general indication that they intensify the energy.
        I would really appreciate if you knew anything further about the effect of a stationary 12th house Neptune, in the degree of the nodes…
        With thanks for all you do to educate!

  113. The positive aspects of Mars are quite magical – look at Judy Garland with Mars trine Neptune and the Sun and Jupiter sextile Neptune in Leo. Here is someone who was a working girl in a glamour industry. Even Jack Keroac who wrote “On the Road” and gained a popular following, had Mars trine Neptune. It would seem that these are people who “luck into” the flow and work towards fulfilling their dreams without any doubt as to where they are going. It seems to give the inspiration to act and especially knowing when and where to act. In contradiction, Mars square or oppose Neptune might have the inspiration but is confused about how and where to act in order to make the dreams come true. This effect is like someone stumbling around in the dark. I know, because I was born with it.

  114. I’m not as Neptunian as I thought. My sun is at 13 deg in the 2d and my Neptune is 28deg in the 8th along with my Libra moon in the 8th. I do however, have my south node in Pisces and north node in Virgo. That may make me stronger. I understand Pisces in the 2d means lots of past poverty vows.

  115. Wow,I have only quite recently become interested in astrology (chiron return) and although had a very chequered past with various forays into different healing modalities,aromatherapy, reflexology and latterly tarot and palmistry, I now concentrate on the astrology.
    I wanted to share with you how I have suffered in the past with agoraphobia and claustrophobia ,and how with neptune in the first house in scorpio, forming a grand cross (mutable) with my virgo ,pluto and uranus in the midheaven and with saturn and mars in pisces in opposition.Things have been tough and still are.
    I struggle to go out, but I can shop in modern stores for food which are large, I cannot go into churches(which are old) as the energies seep out of the stone walls and overwhelm me, I am unable to go to my children’s school for parents evening as it is a very old grammar school and the walls there do the same as the churches.
    It is so mad.
    Recently there was a family wedding in my husbands side of the family, they must have thought I was mad as I could not /would not go.
    anything second hand , like old furniture or jewellery which I like is a no no, I know the energy from it affects me.
    It helps me to know that I am not the only one who feels like this.
    Many thanks Donna for this site and the connection it gives us all.

  116. My god Julie, those phobias are a hard thing to live with! May the Great Spirit watch over you until the time comes when you can evaporate this Neptune type condition.
    I too have lived with a phobia which I never knew I had until my boyfriend asked me to marry him. We had gone together 3 years and had lots a fun together. But when he asked me I would have killed him…so intense was my reaction. We were both city gang leaders and he knew the look. We never saw each other again. It took me 3 years of inner crying and I have always felt bad over it but the power of the phobia was not to be messed with.
    This occurred again with my first sons father. I tried to force it for the sake of my first son but ended up unable to eat with severe migraine headaches and could not sleep. I got sleeping pills from he doctor and when I did get to sleep I woke from a nightmare of going up a Mt. to get married, drenched in sweat, and heart pounding. I had to tell him NO and when I said that I was back to normal.
    Other times after that I tried again with my second sons father and once again the sea and wind slammed my boat back on shore. Now almost 70 yrs. old during this past eclipse April 4th I started to get a gentle look into the reason for this phobia against marriage but it only slipped through the fingers like water and with no memory of what I had realized.
    If these guys said , ” lets shack up” no problem….its just when they want to marry my phobia was triggered.
    Reading your post got me to thinking that NEPTUNE in your chart has got to be strong and in mine as well….so I re did mine over again and all I can say is I must of had an unconscious resistance to getting a high score because this time it was 75, surpassing Uranus at 72! Weird weird weird!
    Another interesting indicator is that my first son has Neptune conjunct his moon, while the second son has Neptune square the moon and Moon describes the mother.

    • Hi,
      I’m sorry for not responding sooner to your post but only just have the reason come to me for your resistance to marriage.
      I have found with myself that my ‘issues’ are bound up in past life memories.
      If I was not so sensitive in this life I dare say I would not have noticed, as you rightly say neptune brings sensitivity.
      I think/feel in one of your past life you were marched up a hill one day and forced to marry someone.
      That’s why you resisted so fiercely in this life.
      It could have even been a life or death situation.
      I meditated one day in the last few months and asked my guide why am I this way in crowds and old buildings?
      I am aware I need to be able to see the exit and get out of either crowds and old buildings but very often you can’t so don’t enter.In a past life I was a gladiator and went into an arena,lions I think, but there I saw people I know from this life and my daughter in this life was my lover in that one.
      there was no exit and I was brutally killed.My subconscious is ‘keeping me safe’.

      • Sounds like you’re very psychically attuned to past lives. It is so helpful in understanding current life patterns. Neptune does have its uses! Donna

      • Yes neptune sure does give enlightenment, I just wish once I get that, that the phobias would ‘disappear’ but so far no luck in this department.
        One day was sitting in my comfy chair with a preseli bluestone in my hand and thinking why do I have all these irrational fears when POOF in my minds eye came this vision of this Lady of the night running in cobbled streets of London for her life.. She was scared to death though I don’t know why..The detail of the dress , the squalor and the smell was better than HD.
        A couple of months later I bumped into an old friend who in this locality is well known psychic counsellor , we had a cup of tea and a chat and were discussing this subject when he came out with this..his description was exactly like mine , even his choice of words.
        This was my great granny.. She was indeed a lady of the night.
        I had asked ‘the universe ‘ where the fears had come from?
        so far I only knew about the gladiator life, then now I realise about this other life as Nellie.
        I have done extensive research on the ancestry website and have validated a lot of this information.
        I came back I believe to this line to address what Nellie (I) got wrong. In London in 1901.
        my neptune is in the first in scorpio, I have saturn ,mars, chiron, lilith and mercury in the fourth in pisces,Agoraphobia ,I believe. then jupiter in eigth in gemini and pluto /uranus conjunct in virgo on mh.
        not sure how much of my issues are neptune or the pisces fourth house generally or if lilith is heavily involved.I feel she is as way back in 1993 had a bout of same issue when I was stalked, burgled by ex boyfriend who thought he could ‘grind me down or win me over ‘.Needless to say lilith got activated then as I was Powerless, abused, underdog or whatever you want to call it.
        Extensive therapy got me right over next few years until five years ago daughter was abducted by her father and brainwashed, Did not see her at all for 19 months due to this and my lilith took its second hit in my fourth house!
        needless to say I should have seen it coming..
        Lilith with no power go inwards..agoraphobia is the result in me as it’s that watery pisces fourth house.
        Although I now know why and even how this happens to me thanks to astrology I don’t yet know what to do about it.
        my chart is such as is my life is.There seems to be no way out.yet.
        hope this helps others to understand lilith a bit better in relation to neptune and pisces..the only good thing to come out of the last five years has been this amazing awakening of my deep hidden talents that without all the pain and loss I believe I would never have discovered.
        Thank heavens for small mercies.
        muck love to all my fellow neptunians

  117. ps/ My Neptune is 4 degrees from the ascendant in the 12th house, conjunct Chiron and Jupiter, square the Nodes and MC. Part of fortune right on opposition Jupiter and in Pisces.

    • Yes I too remember past lives and know I did a series of lives alone or died young in the military ,which made me very independent and self sufficient and I think this ii why I never had much of a sex drive….to drive me into relationships. It must have atrophied with no use. Also while alone I perfected my art work and can entertain myself with studies. On the other hand I had one really bad experience with marriage in one lifetime but also one super good one; which I consider perfect…so go figure.

  118. I scored a 59!

    Neptune conjunct Asc-10
    Neptune square MC-10
    Neptune trine sun-10
    Neptune opposite Mars-5
    Neptune square Mercury-5
    Neptune trine Saturn-5
    Neptune sextile Pluto-2
    Neptune sextile Node-2
    Neptune in two different t-squares-10

    • Oops, I forgot to add that I have Neptune in a cradle aspect pattern too-5… That ups my score to 64!

  119. Although I consider myself artistic and a dreamer, I didn’t think I was that Neptunian. Well I scored 48, and I didn’t count something like Vesta which is in my 12th house but it isn’t mentioned in the article. Also I have a question: why don’t sextiles count as major aspects?

  120. Did the tests for my friend and he has a total of 81 points for Neptune with the second highest 74 points in Jupiter. With the cardinal and element that makes him Neptune in Aries overall and his natal Jupiter is already in Aries. Thanks for your quizzes!

  121. i got 72 on this.

  122. According to my chart, it’s 74.

  123. 52…

    Neptune conjunct Moon 10
    Neptune trine Sun 10
    Neptune trine Ascendant 10

    Mercury trine Neptune 5

    Neptune sesquiquadrate Midheaven 2
    Neptune sextile Pluto 2

    Venus in Pisces 3

    Grand Trine 5
    Kite 5

    Neptune is also currently transiting my Venus also. I’ve noticed that my favorite kind of music is very “Neptunian”…

  124. What is this? All my planets except Jupiter are “off the charts” with Neptune taking the lead at 83 followed closely by Saturn at 78.

    Moon 76
    Chiron 69
    Pluto 62
    Mercury 50
    Uranus 43
    Mars 43
    Venus 40
    Jupiter 32

    • Having Many aspects between planets tend to produce high scores and signify strong potentials. A person with lots going for them.

      • I just hope these potentials will considerably hasten the completion of my human experience. Thank you for the quizzes Donna. They were very informative. 🙂

  125. Well, my score was a 64. Safe to say I’m neptunian to the core. It’s true. Lots of the good and a bit of the bad. There’s no denying it.

  126. Hi Donna – I just found this post because I was researching the Saturn square Neptune that is coming on strong for September-ish 2016. My natal Saturn is square to Neptune, and after doing your test, I scored 52 based on what I could find. I’m sure you could shed more light, but I already know I’m a walking bag of deep water. The past two weeks have been like a dream. I cannot focus, living in a fantastical daydream, utterly exhausted. What the hell is going on, because I’m not drinking and don’t use drugs. Feel like I’m stoned and living in between worlds. It’s got to be the square getting stronger? Or I’m just slipping off into the ether? That’s what it feels like. I actually questioned my sanity a little bit today. HELP

    • Just hang on, Pamela. The transit will pass soon enough. There are some posts about natal Saturn Neptune aspects on this blog. When a transiting aspect in the sky echoes (is the same as) a natal aspect, it often activates those qualities for a time. Donna

  127. Holy Neptune! I knew I had a strong Neptune signature but this is nuts. ESPECIALLY considering recent transits!!!

  128. I scored over 50. I have a 12th house stellium with Sun, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and North Node in Capricorn. Neptune rules my 2nd house and is in a semisquare with my Sagittarius MC. My chart is Capricorn dominant with Aquarius rising and mixed with the Neptunian energy is something I’m doing my best to navigate. I am very content living in my head all day 🙂 Yoga and meditation have been life changing for me. I am beginning a practice in energy healing and study astrology every day. My dream is to heal people and animals. Love & Light -A

  129. Fun test, 48 here. Speaking of forms, I think it flows into the artistic for me and an affinity with religion. I am not religious, but I do get and attract religious- Christian- people. In Europe, Christianity is not too popular nowadays, so it may also be an affinity with the underdog (which I guess is a good fit with Neptune). I definitely have savior fantasies, but apparently combined with a dose of sarcasm (I wonder where I get that from).

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