Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 31, 2010

Fog in the Workplace—Neptune or Pisces in the Career Houses

©2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

The following is an excerpt  from Donna Cunningham’s ebook, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Volume 1:  Outer Planets as Career Indicators, available at

Do you have Neptune or Pisces in the career houses of your astrology chart—the 2nd, 6th, or 10th or making a major aspect to your Midheaven (10th house cusp)?   Or, is Neptune moving through one of them by transit? If so, you may be feeling in a fog, puzzled or stuck as to finding the right career path.

It’s not very Western to have Neptune, Pisces, or 12th house pursuits as a vocation since those born into Western civilization tend to be more result-oriented and material-minded, even Me-centered. Neptune asks something different of us, something more Eastern. It asks us to be selfless, to sacrifice, and to serve the greater good—and then not to get conceited about it. Of all the planets, Neptune has the least to do with success in the material world, for its concerns are intangible and nebulous.

Pisces, the sign Neptune rules, shares many of Neptune’s issues and can express either its positive or negative poles. When important Pisces placements—especially the Sun, Moon, or a stellium—fall into the 10th, 6th, or 2nd houses, then Piscean qualities color the individual’s approach to vocational issues. Neptune and Pisces are related to the 12th house.

On a psychological level, planets and signs in the 12th depict motives and emotions we hide—even from ourselves—as well as ways we sabotage ourselves.

A 12th house individual who is unwilling to address hidden motives may suffer from addictions, chronic illness, or other self-defeating patterns. As career indicators, Neptune or Pisces can share these pitfalls when used unwisely.

Where Pisces and Neptune are in the birth chart, we are usually at our most impractical, ungrounded, and idealistic—but also at our most inspired. Its sign, house, and aspects show visions we hope to realize in this lifetime. The positive expressions are service, compassion, spiritual seeking, creativity, and imagination—all worthwhile goals and badly needed in our world.

Challenges of Neptune in the Career Houses

When exaggerated, these positive qualities can be twisted into something less healthy. Imagination is wonderful—the basis of arts and innovations of all kinds. An overactive imagination can turn into suggestibility, living in a fantasy world, and self-delusion.

Spiritual seeking is a valuable antidote to today’s pervasive materialism, yet the seeker must also learn to live with the world’s demands. Metaphysical teachings say that we incarnate in order to take advantage of the wealth of challenges earthly existence provides. Exaggeratedly Neptunian types, however, tend to feel put upon by having to deal with realities like earning a living, when to their own eyes they are meant for greatness, glamour, or guru status.
Service—one of our most generous impulses—originates in the heart. Yet, the path to service is full of twists and turns, for if consistently pursued in unwise ways, it is seldom good for either party. It can sap the giver’s energy and resources while also subtly undermining the receiver’s self-sufficiency, until it turns into a relationship based on rescuing and codependency.

People who serve in order to feel needed and to gain a sense of worth may covertly sabotage those they help. When ego or desire for personal gain enter the picture, our highest intentions can become corrupted. Neptune shows where we are most prone to denial, so ego can masquerade as its reverse, spiritual pride. (“I’m the best servant and the humblest person in the whole wide world.”)

Another challenge in dealing with Pisces and Neptune are their fluid, shape-shifting nature. At one moment, the Neptunian part of our being can encompass all that is high, holy, and creative within us; the next moment, deceit, and self-deception can take hold. Neptune’s realm is the astral plane, which is easily shaped by thought and distorted by fantasy.

Self-awareness is a crucial correction for Neptunian denial and self-deception. While the positive expressions of Neptune or Pisces are gifts, rigorous self-examination and honesty can avert the less desirable expressions. The discipline of a regular spiritual practice such as meditation or Tai chi can provide clarity to keep us on track.

In this exploration of the ways Neptune and Pisces color the vocational houses of the birth chart, we contrasted neurotic or even destructive manifestations with the more exalted ones. Let us not deny the very real place Neptunians have in uplifting and inspiring the collective, for without them we would be too earthbound and mired in mundane realities.

Our world is increasingly materialistic and ruled by greed, and the workplace is more and more technological and dehumanized. In such an era, Neptunians’ dreams become harder and harder to fulfill at the same time that their visionary capacities are more and more needed. They remind us of our own spirituality and compassion for others, and they inspire us to be better people.

The Balance We Learn through a Lifetime of Service

It’s never a simple matter to use Pisces or Neptune well, given their nebulous and ever-shifting nature and the all-too-human wish to deny our less-than-holy motives. Neptune is especially tricky to use in a healthy way when placed in the houses related to success on the material plane.

Where these factors are in our charts, however, we learn over the course of a lifetime to cope with balancing spiritual and earthly concerns. Thus, when they are career indicators, the struggle to integrate their energies into the workplace represents a toOPIL v1-2014 smugh yet extremely productive spiritual path. This life path serves not only the people who have this feature but the rest of us as well. Thanks, folks—we need you!!

Note: This has been an excerpt from a longer chapter about Neptune as a career indicator in Donna Cunningham’s ebook, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, Volume 1:  Outer Planets as Career Indicators, available at   (Ebooks $15, or 3 for $35.)

My blogging God, guide, and guru is Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, whose hugely successful blog for bloggers contains hundreds of articles for how to draw an audience to your blog. I subscribe to his daily posts and follow many of his suggestions.  Also search on Google on sites for spiritual marketing teachers.    UPDATE:  I just found a great blog that will help people who have to market themselves in spritual/service kinds of careers. It’s a blog about “attraction marketing” ie by the Law of Attraction. It’s at: You can do this! But if you want to survive, you NEED to market yourself.

Readers, do you  have Neptune or Pisces in the career houses of your astrology chart—the 2nd, 6th, or 10th or making a major aspect to your Midheaven (10th house cusp)?  What has your work experience been like and how have you reconciled spiritual vs. material needs in the way you make a living? Tell us about it in the comment section and read the remarkable stories of others with these placements.

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  1. Great post Donna! I have found that the issue of invisibility comes up in regard to Neptune placements. I had a client with Neptune in the 10th house and even after working for a company for almost 20 years, his boss still couldn’t remember his name. It drove him crazy!

    Gary Hart, a politician running for president back in 1987, had a 6th house Neptune that squared his nodal axis (south Gemini, north Sagittarius). He thought he was invisible when he challenged the press to follow him to prove that he was not having an extramarital affair. Transiting Neptune was conjunct his MC. The press followed him and found him with Donna Rice on a boat named Monkey Business. You just can’t make this stuff up!

    • I’d fogotten that chapter of history, and didn’t know Hart had Neptune square the Nodes. Ballsy!! Folks, Amanda has a fascinating post on the Nodes and current Newsmakers like the Pope and Sarah Palin on her blog’ Donna

  2. I have Neptune in the second and well, I don’t think I am remotely cut out to start my own business with that. Money is FUZZY to me. So it’s definitely a major problem with trying to have a spiritual/artistic career. You can’t do it without starting your own business any more (no infrastructure for such a thing any more, arts are expendable), but I can’t handle my own business…


    • It is a tough thing for a creative/spiritual person to go out there and promote themselves and tend to the business side, but you are correct, Jennifer, it’s absolutely the only way to survive any more. It’s true for us writers, too. I was at a workshop on promotion for writers once, and he said, “Getting a book published is only 10% of the work, the rest is all promotion. Gah! Donna

  3. I think I’ve been battling a major Neptune issue all my life. I have Neptune conjunct my MC, square Saturn (on the cusp of the 1. and 2. house), and also square Mars in the 7th, and Mercury in the 4th. For most of my childhood and adolescence, I wanted to become an archeologist (that Mercury in the 4th), but it didn’t quite happen that way. Instead, I’ve mainly been employed as a graphic artist, but have never held any position for much longer than a year, at most, not for any lack of effort on my part, but simply – rotten, lousy luck. Layoffs, cutbacks etc. etc.

    I now find myself at another kind of career crossroads – and at nearly 47, the ups and downs are getting rather much. I’m not entirely certain whether I should just give up the ghost or simply focus on that one great activity that has become more and more important in the past few years – namely writing. (natal Sun and Moon in the 3rd house!)

    ANd sometimes, I do feel as if Neptune will never let the fog lift, so I can focus on where my talent meets innate ability and passion.

    I’m still looking! And on some level or another, still hoping!

    • My heart goes out to you. It’d so hard for us non-mainstream types to keep doing what we need to do to stay afloat. You never really arrive and stay in a solid position, it’s ongoing. Donna

    • I like to think of the Neptune fog as energy that keeps you in the present. Since it can be difficult to envision the future, I figure one may as well do what all the sages and philosophers advise us: remain present-focused. Some people spend their whole lives trying to get to the place that Neptune people do easily!

      Saturn: where do I build? Neptune: where do I dream? Sun and Moon in the 3rd? The primary ingredient of a writer: tenacity. If you have it, go for it 🙂

    • I also have Neptune in the 10th, squaring Saturn/Sun (1st/2nd) and Squaring Mars in the 7th. I am also 47. My Capricorn rising has always given me the drive and discipline to build something, but my success is always fleeting. I have built a “career” over the last 12 years working for synagogues, but I am never really seen or rewarded for my excellent work. I am frequently the person who sees and exposes that which no one else will acknowledge. I am not well liked in these cases, but it ends up being for the good of the organization. In my last position, I found much fraud, but the board was not willing to allow me to guide them to a more honest path. The rabbi said I was a visionary, but she did not have the guts to stand up for me. I resigned. Sometimes I think I know what Neptune wants of me…creativity, vision, service, and lots of sacrifice. But, does that mean that my partner will always have to be the breadwinner? Do I let go of the need/desire to make money in this lifetime? Sometimes I feel like Mary Poppins…I go from job to job, group to group…waking them up, cleaning up the system, caring for them…but then I must move on…Thanks for listening!

  4. I have neptune retrograde in Libra in the 6th trining Venus/Mercury in Gemini in the 2nd. I am an artist, art teacher and have most success painting pets (6th house). Neptune squares my Mars/Uranus in Cancer in the 4th – so I find my energy is very stop and go – frustrating. Trying to keep to a regular work schedule is very difficult, but I do my best work when I’m painting a commission for someone else – when the work is “in service” to someone who’s lost a pet, person or when it’s a surprise gift to cheer someone else up. Neptune is sextile my Pluto in Leo in the 5th, giving my art a spiritual feel, I think. It’s also widely sextile my 8th house Moon by 6 degrees. Exactly sextile my n. node in the 8th -thus my passion for metaphysics too!

    • That Venus-Neptune trine sounds very helpful, because obviously there is great compassion in the painting of lost beloved animals. Donna

  5. Hi Donna — I have natal Neptune in the 2nd, and transiting Neptune has been in my 6th for several years now. My natal Neptune represents the connecting planet that ties my 2nd house stellium to the 3rd, with Venus/North Node/Sun in Libra and Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter in Scorpio. Since Neptune is conjunct Mercury — ruler of both my Ascendant and MC — I feel the effects there as well. Neptune also biquintiles my MC, which I believe can indicate potential gifts having an interactive nature – maybe it just means I need help in tying it all together.

    I’ve always had huge issues around being seen – my pattern was that I’d quit a job, then several months later the employer would ask me back after realizing that I’d actually been making a significant contribution. As I got older, I realized I couldn’t keep quitting jobs every few years, so I swallowed my pride, bit my tongue (most of the time), and tried to view my circumstances from a more spiritual perspective. Besides that, there were always plenty of people around who did appreciate me and vice versa. Your insights about Neptune and humility really struck a chord with me. How to strike the proper balance between humility and self-respect has always been the challenge.

    For 20+ years, I worked as the office and benefits manager for a non-profit that served adolescents with emotional and/or learning challenges (Neptune square Moon in the 5th). With Neptune transiting my 6th, my employer decided to close the business, and for several years after that, my job consisted of managing my dying mother’s care. While we used up a significant portion of our savings in providing for my mom, I did at least, finally receive her recognition and gratitude.

    I’m free now (ha ha), and humble enough to take a job without the “prestige” that my former position offered, but with Neptune in the 2nd it can’t be just any job. I’ve got to believe in what I’m doing, and ideally, I’d like to be valued as well. Sometimes I question whether or not I’ve become obsolete – it doesn’t help that real world opportunities are in short supply right now. I’ve considered the possibility of marketing my art, but so far, it’s just another fuzzy idea.

    Thanks for another great post.

    • OH, God, I remember the eons that Neptune was transiting the 6th….it felt like 3 incarnations in one. My 6th is like 45 degrees wide. It’s really hard to get clarity…you just have to keep slogging through the fog. Donna

  6. Thank you so much for the article. I have both sun and moon in Pisces in the 6th as well as Neptune in the 2nd. I’ve been a teacher for many years, but now facing a mid-life crisis of sorts. I haven’t been able to completely detach from need for ego-gratification…and with strong Saturn in my chart…I haven’t been able to reconcile with selfless work…I want to see a substantial paycheck! I was fired (first time) from my recent work teaching in Beirut, Lebanon. Talk about FOG…it was really an astrological comedy if only I could explain it as such to those over me. I understand 6th house draws ‘uneven’ relationships and I have been taken advantage of time and again. My attempts at standing up for myself draw me enemies and contempt (my Pluto in the 12th?) ….well, it hasn’t been all roses! I would love to start my own business, but like Jennifer above, with Neptune in the 2nd…fuzzy on the money front, although I’m hoping I can call on my Saturn in Cap to pull me through!! All said and done, I wouldn’t trade my chart…I trust the challenges are here for a reason! Thanks again for your post – I feel inspired to look ahead.
    ps: found your site after reading recent blog thread on!

    • Welcome to Skywriter, Lindsey. As I read all these comments, what is really getting clear to me is how very difficult it is for Neptunians to have a clear path in these tough times when it is so hard for everyone to make a living. It never was easy having Neptune in a career house, but now it’s really a morass. A lot of really hard choices, and just making it on a day by day basis. Donna

      • Hi. I also wanted to say, Lindsey, that no one in business has all of the pieces, and with your Saturn in Capricorn combined with Neptune influencing the work houses you probably have enough to make a go of business. You just need to outsource or partner in someone to balance your fuzzy money part. Believe me, there are many people with technical skills who would love to find someone with a vision and the management skills to implement it. And with Saturn in Libra it’s generally a good time for these kinds of business relationships.

  7. Pisces is at the cusp of my 6th house, with Mercury at 29+ degrees of Pisces. While I’ve had happy employment experiences, I generally did end up feeling trapped in just about every job I’ve ever had. My last two jobs, which were the longest lasting, were with nonprofit organizations. I still ended up feeling trapped, and didn’t leave my last job until my health had suffered badly – I had felt a responsibility to stay during an extremely challenging time when I didn’t want to leave the organization in the lurch. I do tend to swallow difficult feelings instead of speaking out, but with my Mercury on the cusp of Aries, there are also times when I get fed up and take the lead in speaking honestly and directly about some kind of intolerable situation. I’m much happier being self-employed, though the money was better when I had a regular job.

  8. Neptune Rising in one, square the Moon/Uranus on the MC and Pisces rules the Sixth House Cusp.
    Jupiter is in Pisces Retrograde in five near six and sits in a Grand Trine. Two planets in 12 – Mercury conjunct Saturn in Virgo are totally lost there,except when I am doing research.
    My ‘day job’ is doing database searches for Child Protective Services at Social Services, a good use for the above.
    At times I’ve wanted more than anything, to give up most of my stuff and go help at risk adolescents in either Appalachia or the Inner City, but my education is not in those areas and I wonder if I could be objective and compassionate, not get too enmeshed in the work. I know I could not be a front line social worker. I would be tempted to kill some of the abusive parents. (Mars in 1 here.)
    My personal talents tend to the artistic such as photography and illustration/design but I have had a hell of a time staying the course in any education and feeling any kind of confidence in my abilities.
    I know I have talent, some of which is quite developed but when I go to do anything involving money or competition, I tend to kick myself in my own bum.
    No matter what I do, I never, ever feel good enough to reap rewards. I always feel something is missing or that my work will be regarded as unprofessional.
    I know I am not the only creative person to feel this way. I have some opportunities that I messed up simply because 1. I couldn’t sustain any effort and 2. I self–sabotaged.
    With that Pisces 6th, I do have health issues.

  9. Thanks for this article. It adds perspective. I continue to seek that after having transit Neptune square my 10th house Venus for over two years. That transit is finally finished. I’m in the middle of a career shift from psychologist to minister/chaplain. Natally Neptune is opposite my MC and Moon. There were more moments of self-doubt than I thought possible. This article hit home.

    • Thanks, Anne, Very interesting documentation of the long-term process that occurs asNeptune transits one of the career houses (10-6-2) or the Midheaven. I hope you saw the article about those transits.

      I’d say self-doubt is ever-present for people with Neptune connected to those houses natally or by transit–and that’s exactly as it should be. When we’re operating blind in a Neptunian haze, it’s really good to have doubts about the rightness of what we do. Otherwise we’re in danger of self-delusion, like James Arthur Ray.

      Humility is an asset and safeguard where Neptune is placed in our charts. But not the kind of self-doubt that keeps us from doing what we’re called to do by our Higher Selves, just the kind that keeps us honest. Donna

      • Donna, I’d be interested in reading those articles about the transits. I have Neptune conjunct the midheaven and Pisces at the 2nd house cusp. Currently, Neptune is squaring itself. I’ve never been sure about career direction and now I’m at a crossroads. Thanks.

      • HI, KB, Links to all those articles are included in the Post “22 articles about Neptune on Skywriter.” Hope they give you some clarity–at least about what the confusion represents! Donna

  10. I don’t have Neptune in the career houses, but Neptune is in the midst of a long transit square my 10th house Mars at 27 Taurus from the 7th house. It’s confusing to my normally straight-ahead Mars (which is also out-of-sign square Pluto by 5 degrees). I’m still trying to figure out how this 10th house Mars in Taurus should function now. Besides the ongoing square from Neptune (and Chiron), it’s getting a sextile from Uranus, will again get a trine from Saturn, trine from pAscendant, and will soon get a sextile from Jupiter! Seems to be getting a workover (pardon the pun). 🙂

    • Well, Neptune is one of the planets that shows us what is happening to the world at large, and to have a Neptune transit to a 10th house planet (especially Mars) right now shows that you’re strongly impacted personally by the economic chaos and confusion the economy is producing. Probably a clue to ease off and not push too hard until things get clarified, because there could be a lot of unproductive (and most likely costly) wheel-spinning. Donna

      • Thank you, Donna! With Neptune, it’s so hard to get clear – this helps a lot and makes a lot of sense.

      • I have natal Neptune in 10th house conjunct my MC. Although my Neptun is very-well aspected (Neptune Trine Mars in the 6th, Neptune Sextile Jupiter in the 7th, Neptune Sextile Pluto in 7th), I am still facing many difficulties in finding job. there are situations that I have no control upon and I was misguided a few times by people concerning job (breaking promises, lying etc.). There is only one thing I have learned so far (I am 35) that Neptune is learning us how to first BECOME the person and then MATERIAL SUCCESS can come. It prevents us from becoming empty egomaniacs based upon career. I think it’s not bad at all. And one thing more, the people who identify themselves as certain title, money, wordily image HAVE ALREADY DECEIVED THEMSELVES… FOREVER.

  11. Hi Donna:
    Great post on Neptune.
    You are an inspiration to us all.
    I have Pisces on my 6th house cusp and find often when I stay at a job just for the money, some physical symptom arises in my body to make me very uncomfortable or, as in the case of my last job, almost totally incapacitated.

    Like many others in the comments section, I am putting my art out to the public in order to make money. Neptune in my first squares Uranus in my tenth and Uranus rules my 5th. My latest inspiration for my art came through the faeries who asked me to make physical gates into this world for them. So it’s not just other people one can serve.

    I realize I am putting myself out there for ridicule with such statements. I bring it up because Neptune in my first house gives me a conduit to connect on other levels besides the physical reality. It’s exactly the fuzziness of Neptune I need in order to realize this physical life is part of so much more. With Saturn in my 2nd – I am willing to live in poverty or very frugally in order to work at that which nourishes me. For me, purposeful work outweighs a regular paycheck – finally.

    • You’re at home here, Temperance. Nobody is going to think you’re weird. And what you’re saying about the Neptune/Pisces influence on your 6th manifesting as illness when you’re in a job that doesn’t suit your true nature is totally textbook. The 6th being the dual axis of work and wellness, it’s true for Neptune transits to the 6th as well as natal ones.

      About the health houses of the chart (6, 12, 1), I always understand this. The body does for us what we can’t or won’t do for ourselves. Most often, it’s to say no to something that we don’t feel we can say no to. Donna

      • What you say about the body saying “no” is so true. I bought my first house and knew I would have to sell it if I left my last job. So I equivocated and stayed two years longer. Most of my friends and family thought I was nuts for wanting to leave a steady job with a good income and a union contract guaranteeing no layoffs. How could I possibly leave? My body finally said “no” for me by creating so much physical pain, I could no longer do my job. Which of course gave me an “out.” I haven’t regretted it. And thank you for the acceptance.

  12. Note on my experience of Neptune transiting the IC and opposite my Moon/Uranus conjunction in Cancer and squaring my natal first house Neptune in Libra.
    For the whole time of that transit, I felt as if I were walking through fog covered by gauzy curtains. At times, I felt as if I were pushing my way through some substance like cotton candy.
    I would get a handle on some idea and just as quickly, it would vanish back through the fog.
    This feeling was very real, very visceral and even visual. It was not purely in my imagination.
    I am not a person prone to hallucinations (not even on psychedelic drugs back in the early 70’s!) or massive and elaborate delusions, so this feeling was very weird for me.
    At the end of the fog, I had a very real experience with feeling as if I had been caught in the undertow of the ocean and was being drowned. But I prayed and came out of the situation with a feeling of relief and renewed connection to spirit.
    Around that same time, I had many psychic experiences and many spiritual dreams.
    I might add that at the time I was managing a small apartment building near a university for whom I seemed to be the group house mother whom the residents projected their feelings onto.

  13. Thank you for the broader view of Neptune. …”Neptune asks something different of us, something more Eastern. It asks us to be selfless, to sacrifice, and to serve the greater good—and then not to get conceited about it. Of all the planets, Neptune has the least to do with success in the material world, for its concerns are intangible and nebulous… Neptune is natally in my 9th House. Being part of both east and west makes for a very interesting inter-species reality.

    As I recover and rebuild bone in my arm, the lessons of my long Neptune transit squared Mars doesn’t make the deluded choices any easier to swallow, though I can have a compassionate approach to being ready and willing for more working-facts.

    How much is enough during these years of Pluto in Cap is a daily mantra and “First things first” is making a real comeback in my life. I appreciate the broader view of Neptune, Donna, thanks so much.

    • Thank you, Mokihana, I sent someone with a variety of sensitivities to look for your blog. How much is enough, indeed, and a worthy antidote of all those years of Pluto in Sag obsession with more, more, more. Donna

  14. Neptune and Ceres in Scorpio/10th

    I had no interest in a career until my Saturn return when i wanted to do more than “readings” with my astrology. So I went to school, got a counseling degree and worked with behaviorally challenged children for several years.

    Now I am a full time astrologer, which must be a path of service, cuz it sure don’t pay, lol

    oh, btw, i found astrology by dreaming planetary alignments and then researching and finding out thats actually what was happening in the sky at the time!

    • Hi, Gary, Welcome. That’s fascinating about your dreams of planetary alignment–shows a strong degree of attunement. And, yeah, sigh, astrology surely doesn’t lend to an affluent life. I just heard of one of our most valuable contributors who is now seriously ill and living on a pittance from social security. I worry about our collective old age. Donna

  15. My Neptune is in my large intercepted 6th house and opposite my 12th house Taurus Moon (sextile/trine Venus/Pluto conjunct in Virgo – square IC/Mercury & my MC) my Chiron is at 0 degrees Pisces in my 10th house (Aquarius MC).

    Neptune, Chiron and Pisces south node are the only things in water, though all of my Water houses are tenanted – I have Moon (Taurus) and Mars (Gemini) in my 12th house – Sun conjunct Uranus (Leo) in 4th house with Mercury (Leo) conjunct IC from 3rd house – and (Capricorn) Saturn in 8th.

    I have never worked out the career thing and forays into the external work place have always ended in illness.

    These days most things I do are from my home with the internet as the filter through which most things pass – it works pretty well. 🙂

    I have an Earth grand trine to keep me grounded and my Leo planets to keep me from losing myself! I am coming up to my 10th house chiron return though, so lets see what happens then.

    I am really enjoying these Neptune posts – thanks Donna. 🙂

    • Glad you’re enjoying them, Susan. You definitely have plenty of Neptune going on career wise. I often see the 12th as a career option, at least when they are service careers. Donna

  16. Dear Donna,

    I came upon your blog after perusing through an old issue of TMA and re-reading your article about Neptune transiting the career houses. It rang so true to my experience that I was compelled to look you up, and I’m glad I did!

    I have Neptune natally conjunct my IC, Mars and North Node, and square (and in Mutual Reception with) my Pisces Jupiter on the Descendant. I just realized through taking your Neptune test that I am a Neptune type.

    Anyway, Neptune has been in my 6th house since around the time I was fired from my job as a flight attendant because of my blog in 2004. I was thrust into the limelight and began an ongoing identity crisis at that time.

    Also at that time, I should mention, Pluto was conjunct my Mercury and Sun in Sag and Uranus was in my 6th house squaring my natal Mars. And to top it all off I had just experienced my 1st Saturn return!

    In any case, I have spent the past 5 years searching for my “true path”, not wanting to settle for just another menial job. I really appreciate your insightful articles and other readers’ stories. It’s making me realize I’m not alone.

    The Happy Ending: I just started a video blog on Energy Health and Self-Healing last month during my Jupiter return ( I think I’ve finally found my true calling (now if I can only figure out how to earn a living from it!)

    May we all find our way through the fog! 🙂


    • To the 2 Ellens–Longo and Simonetti–and everyone else who is trying to wring a livelihood out of Neptune–the best source of information and advice about making a blog support your work is Darren Rowse’s Darren is my blogging guide, god, and guru. His top ranked site has hundreds of articles about how to draw an audience to your blog. Clue: the big bloggers have their own jargon, like we do, (yep, they are Uranian types) and they refer to earning a living through blogging as “Monetization.” Donna

      • I just found a great blog that will help people who have to market themselves in spritual/service kinds of careers. It’s a blog about “attraction marketing” ie by the Law of Attraction. It’s at: You can do this! But if you want to survive, you NEED to market yourself. Donna.

      • Thank you for your sound advice, Donna. I know a thing or two about getting attention on my blog, but unfortunately it’s the wrong kind of attention! Therefore I’m about to embark on a GoogleAd campaign. I’m also going to check out your links–thanks again! Like my namesake below, I’m blessed with an extremley supportive partner.

        Neptune works in mysterious ways!

      • Thanks for the tips, Donna. I know about Darren because my blogging mentor, Yaro Starak, mentions him and features him often. And I’m going to check out that “attraction marketing” site.

  17. Hi, Donna. I have Pisces on the MC with Saturn in Scorpio trining the MC from the 5th. I always have at least two careers going on at the same time; when everything’s working well at least one of them is very lucrative, like being a CPA. But I also left my business to work in an ashram for 10 years on a small stipend. Fortunately right now my partner is willing to support me, which is why I am finally blogging on astrology and seeing where it goes. But, dual as ever, I also volunteer 1/2 time for that same ashram, mentioned above.

  18. I’ll say I’ve got a Neptunian thing going on in my career house! My Mercury/Neptune conjunction (same degree, Libra 22) is conjunct my 17.35 Midheaven.

    And Saturn, 27 Libra, is part of this 10th house stellium, too. My natal Uranus is square this stellium, but I won’t go further.

    I became a psychologist in order to help people who were psychic or having spiritual experiences not be mislabeled (e.g. kundalini awakenings, etc). I never had a whole lot of people in that situation as clients. But I never saved much money because “we” have retirement money.

    Delusion: I deluded myself into thinking that I had retirement money because MY HUSBAND does. But because it’s mostly inheritance and gifts from his dad, it’s not my money in the case of divorce and he can change his will at any time.

    (my N.Node in 2nd house seems relevant here, too)
    Now, in my 50’s I gotten practical about needing to make and save money in my name! Duhhhh….took me long enough!

    • LOL! MY retirement plan was that I would retire and then I would croak! Seriously–mine is not a long-lived family, all dying in their early 60s. At 67, I am one of the oldest ever, and it’s starting to look like I’ll stick around well into my 70s. It took me until I was 62 to start saving for my retirement, but I’m doing a good job of it now. Donna

  19. Just getting around to reading these posts. Took a much-needed Neptunian break from work and the computer!

    I have Sun conj. Neptune in Libra the 2nd, with Pisces on the 8th. Sun and Neptune are sextile to SA and PL in Leo in the 12th and trine North Node in Gemini in the 10th.

    I had a VERY successful business for 12 years illustrating high school and college textbooks. Made in the six digits back in the early ’80s. Then the personal computers came along and my inking skills were no longer in demand.

    Problem with me is hanging on to money (mine and everyone else’s). Only recently (with SA transiting my 2nd), have I seriously started saving.

    I wonder if I might ever receive an inheritance, but am not counting on it. (Oct. 4, 1946, 2:16 a.m., Philadelphia, PA).

  20. I forgot to mention that Neptune has been transiting my sixth for a looooong time.

    Can you say “Walter Mitty?”

    • Hi, Walter…I mean Pat! When an outer planet (Neptune, Uranus or Pluto) is in a career house natally and then goes through one by transit, it’s a doubly important transit, because it forces you to work through the issues of that planet as it related to career and find some way to resolve it and shift from a lower to a higher level. There’s an article about Neptune transits to the career houses on this blog, which you can find in the article “22 Posts about Neptune on this Blog. ” Donna

      • Thank you for your response. And, yes, that is very true! Neptune is going back and forth over my descendant right now, leaving the sixth and entering the seventh house. All I can think about is retiring. I suppose that is because it opposes the 12th? I qualify for my pension in May this year. I also am eligible for Social Security. So, there is a real possibility. I am fearful of the unknown, though, and worry that I won’t do well as a retiree. I’m trying to get a little business going, either selling on e-bay, or doing astrology, or perhaps using my art background.

        Stay tuned!

      • I SORT of retired a few years back, and it took about a year for me to get the hang of it. Kinda lonely and at loose ends for a while. But now I am so happy to be my own person and answering to no one. I keep busy and work pretty hard at writing. Friends accuse me of NOT being retired, actually, but I tell them I’m only retired from doing the things I didn’t want to do any more. I haven’t done a chart consultation in over a year. Donna

  21. I get so much out of your writings, and they always seem so relevant with what is going on in my life. I have a 6th house Neptune in Libra, opposes Jupiter in Aries, House 12 with Neptune on the cusp (N Node in Pisces, H 11), the opposition squares Mars Uranus conjunct in Cancer on the IC, thus squaring my MC. Progressed N Node Pisces on my Progressed MC.

    I started out studying art, but did not have financial resources or family support to stay in that. Have been plagued with bouts of low energy,chronic fatigue that have repeatedly derailed my ambitions–which I have always felt were greater than my physical capacity. Transformed my illness to going back to school, now in an alternative healing modality.

    Have great respect and a good reputation–I must heal from integrity and truth, but the money part is always a struggle for me. I feel I need to make some type of move to bring more financial security, but feel like my feet are in mud–wanting to break out more and return to creative outlets like art, poetry–trying hard to rationalize expending energy there rather than in “practical” things.

    Have felt sabotaged in the work place (when not working for myself) more than once, also the hidden health issues with Neptune in the 6th. I had to learn healing so I could diagnose myself. Thank you, your work is very healing and inspirational.

    • Neptunian illnesses are so mysterious, Lisa. For many of us healers, they are the spur to learning about healing in the first place, and yet they persist even as we do the work with others. Under a Neptune transit to my 12 house Jupiter, I became housebound, needing to have both hips replaced, yet not having insurance coverage. In the process, I became a Buddhist and felt such a sense of grace while studying that path for several years. And learned a myriad of other important Neptune lessons that I’d never have learned otherwise, like allowing others to help me when I needed it. I call Neptune transits like those the “God works in mysterious ways” transits. Donna

  22. Hi Donna. Thank you for your post. I have Neptune in the 1st house in Sag, although I’m a Scorpio rising. It squares my MC. I have a stellium in my 10th (Mars, Mercury, Sun, Pluto), but Neptune does not aspect them, only the MC. I have my north node in Capricorn in the 2nd house.

    I am experiencing my 2nd nodal return while Saturn is sitting on my Sun in the 10th, and Uranus is opposing it from the 4th. (Pluto squares of 4 years to the stellium just completed in December, and I have been stripped down to be rebuilt.)

    Needless to say, career is front and center right now. I am making plans to apply to law schools, so I can study International Human Rights Law. I want to advocate for women who experience gender violence and people living with HIV/AIDS (health). I know you stated that people with 1st house Neptune squaring the MC are more cut out for an artistic career, but I really feel called to this, but with Neptune I always worry about self deception/illusion.

    Do you think with all the Plutonian energy in the 10th, and my north node in Capricorn, that international human rights law is a good way to integrate that Neptune, while still living out the rest of my chart? (I also have a grand trine in Air that is very aquarian Uranus in the 11th in Libra, Moon in Aquarius in the 3rd, and Saturn in the 7th in Gemini). I do also do theater, and have worked in Theater of the Oppressed to bring attention to issues of social justice, and will continue to do so, but as for a career, I feel drawn right now to human rights law. Curious what you think…? Thank you!

    • Neptunian career paths aren’t just limited to artistic and creative fields. Service careers are another typical path. But I kept thinking that Uranus was in the picture too, and then when I read about your Uranus in the 11th–with Saturn transiting eventually, it made sense. The 11th, like AQuarius, can have a great deal to do with social action and social causes. Transiting Uranus opposite your 10th hose Sun means your true self is coming out, and with it your true vocation. Listen to what it tells you. Donna

      • Thanks so much, Donna, for your feedback. It is immensely helpful, and accurate, as I feel so much energy around this, and that finally my authenticity is getting to emerge, as projections from others (that I sometimes even believed had originated from me) about what I ‘should’ do with my life are being shed. Thanks again.

  23. Very interesting article. Thank you for posting the blogs. I scored 37 on the Neptune test.

    My sun is in Pisces in the 6th house (also Mercury). Neptune, Jupiter, and moon in the 2nd house in Scorpio. Pluto opposing my sun. Uranus in the 11th in Leo. My career is in law enforcement/prosecution of child exploitation. So I get to do all the “secret squirrel” stuff, help kids, and don’t get paid crap for it…but don’t care because that’s what fulfills me. (Actually, I would love it if I was paid more!) From reading this article it sounds like that’s a good fit and why it appeals to me.

    Neptune is about to enter Pisces, my sun sign. I’ll be interested to read any articles you may have on that. From what I read on the net it’s unchartered territory because the world has changed so much since it was last in Pisces.

    • The chart and career info is quite interesting.

      I haven’t given Neptune in Pisces much thought yet–I sometimes use as an operating mantra when too much is happening at once to contend with it all the old saying, “sufficient to the day is the evil thereof.” (In otherwords, I’ll worry about that when it happens!) Beaucoup transits to ponder just now. Donna

      • Yes, I have been hit by the “beaucoup” transits. I’m Saturn’s and Pluto’s B** right now. I have so many Saturn/Pluto/Venus/MC/IC aspecting at 0 degrees. I feel like crawling under a rock and staying there for a long long time. Life has been very difficult lately. If I were a medical patient I would be the subject of some medical journal article discussing some strange disease for which there is no known cure!

      • It sounds tough, Terri. Zero in on what’s mission critical and let other things go for now. There are about 20 articles on how to work with the Pluto-Saturn square on this blog under the category “A Pluto-Saturn Prepredness Kit.” One tool that’s a good support and inexpensive are the flower essences, which you can read about under “Healing Tools.”

  24. Hi Donna

    I have Neptune in Sag in the 10th, with a pisces rising and pisces on the cusp of my second house.

    I never really felt like I had found my true calling all throughout my 20’s and decided to just focus on making money and working hard instead. After working myself to death and getting ill on various occasions (mars in the 6th in leo) due to work stress, I took a grand leap of faith at the beginning of my saturn return and quit my job taking the next few years to deal with chronic illness and still finding martian energy to move countries during that time.

    I also have a very earthy partner who is willing to support me for the meanwhile, and haven’t been able to work due to external factors (visa etc) for quite a while.

    So I used this time to follow my passions which include web design and astrology, and started this astrology blog portal as a resource for all astrology blogs (eventually:) –

    I have found it fascinating reading the comments above and seeing how others have had a similar path.

    I love my website, but am deeply conflicted about making money in the “real world” and following my passions which include astrology and metaphysics. I feel that if I am in a boring office job which doesn’t let me express who I am or which comes with soul destroying stress, then I might as well be dead.

    I hope I can merge my passions with my career!

    Thanks for a wonderful blog.

    • Hello, Lark, I hadn’t seen your site before, but thank you for putting the notice up about the blogathon–the article collections on the Cardinal t-square that we drew together are meant to be a permanent resource library to help people work with those transits.

      Since you love working on the web, you might find a way to earn money and still come from a place of integrity and service. There is a site that has helped me a lot in terms of building the site as a platform. It is ProBlogger. com, and there are thousands of articles there. I subscribe and get the daily tips in the mail. There are also lots of coaches who write about something called “spiritual marketing.” Donna

      • It is my absolute pleasure for putting up the Blogathon info, and thanks Donna, I will definately check out the ProBlogger website!

  25. Hello Donna,

    I have a X in Pisces – filled with a Sat/Chir/Lilith conjunction… opposed to Plu/Ura/Mars conjunct in Virgo.
    This very strong (and hard as you can imagine!) opposition is linked to a Nept/Merc conjunct in Scorpio in V (by trigone and sextil), which for sure makes me the proud owner of a quite Neptunian configuration carreer wise.

    I struggled for a long time to figure out which direction to follow – and Saturne here for sure didn’t help to improve the conditions! Eventually, even if it took time, I integrated quite well the Neptunian energy : I write crime story novels, fantasy thrillers etc (it’s my full time carreer, several books published and traduced etc…). For sure, the Merc/Nept in Scorpio in V is fully expressed there!
    Yet, since I am not entirely satisfied with the status quo, the current transit of Uranus in Pisces (opp Sat) has its effect : I am now considering a possible reorientation in Astrology… after quite a struggle with my current carreer and the deception (neptune again) it brought me lately…
    Thats a very Neptunian profile here I think… with all its good and bad (confusion, deception, lack of direction… inspiration, creativity, empathy).

    Ps : sorry for my English, but I am French!

    • Welcome, Ibotti, I’m always glad to hear from a fellow writer. I have Mercury square Neptune, and I am often in awe of the gifts of people I know with the conjunction. (In Scorpio? Amazing!) They are much more brilliantly creative than I, and yet they also seem to struggle terribly in writing…the “realities” they write about are often difficult to convey in words. It sounds like you handle it well, yet often struggle with what direction to take…though so do I at times, and yearn to write fiction, but it never sells.

      What such a strong concentration in mutable signs (Pisces/Virgo) can give you is lots of options–writing in a variety of venues and genres until you can make a “permanent” switch. (seldom permanent for life!) Consider it an adventure–a strongly Mercurial type like you and I cannot bear to be bored or stale anyway. Regards, Donna

      • Hello Donna,

        Thanks a lot for your reply, I truly appreciate it.
        I totally relate to your statement about the possibilities offered by the concentration in my IV in Virgo and my X in Pisces (“reenforced” by a Sun/Venus conjuct in VI in Sag) – despite the fact that it’s a very heavy weight for my personal life : before writing fiction, I have been working in communication field, held chronicles in the radio etc… So I have a wide range of possible activities linked to the writing and the communication – yet, my inclination remains neptunian : fiction, astrology, etc… The Midheaven in pisces dictates here.

        I can understand how sometimes uncomfortable a hard contact between Mercury and Neptune can be, but I also tend to think that to produce its good, and like any hard aspect, it needs a point of expression to focus on : fiction, among other things, is a good one, even if it does’t sell so well!
        May I encourage you to keep up the work? 😉


      • Many thanks for the encouragement, Laurent. Blogging has been a venue for me to write more creatively, and I do always hope it will lead me to writing fiction. I did write a couple of astrological mysteries and offer one as a download here in the Free section. I’ll send you one by email. Donna

  26. Anyone else with Neptune in the 10th or natally conjunct your midheaven feel misperceived in the workplace or by society? As if they are seeing you through the fog and projecting onto you??

    Cynthia (Greek for goddess of the moon–with Moon in Cancer, my parents maybe did good?)

    • I maybe shoulda clarified that my natal Neptune is in the 10th conjunct my midheaven (in Libra).

      I also have self-doubt thing, which someone else mentioned having due to Neptune despite my natal Merc being conjunct Neptune(both 22 degrees Libra, which should bring me some truth! Yet I doubt my intuition.


  27. I have a 12th house Sun and Neptune conjunct Moon in the Nadir. My passion is aquatic bodywork and until recently I ran my own spa-retreat. A Neptunian career path?

    I also have Uranus-Mercury in 12th close to the Ascendant and have found myself walking close to the sea wall lately. This post on my own blog ‘Spa culture: a metaphysical perpective’ explains ….

    Your statement below made a lot of sense to me regards my current disillusionment with the spa world….

    ‘Our world is increasingly materialistic and ruled by greed, and the workplace is more and more technological and dehumanized. In such an era, Neptunians’ dreams become harder and harder to fulfill at the same time that their visionary capacities are more and more needed.’

    I feel somewhat encouraged – thank you!

  28. I have a Pisces moon in my 9th house square Saturn (5th), trine Neptune (5th), and opposite Pluto (3rd). I have Pisces on my midheaven, and I have Pisces in Mars in the 10th house opposite Jupiter in Virgo in the 4th. I have Neptune in Libra in the fifth house sextile Pluto and trine my Cancer ascendent. I also have Uranus in Leo in the second.

    I’m a writer. Go figure, I have mercury retrograde in the 3rd. I’ve written two novels and am working on my third–not published yet; but for me, it’s not about publication it’s about the process. I’ve also written ten short stories. For me, my writing is all about healing–mine and my readers. I guess I believe my words have to have purpose: this gets me in trouble on those days when I’m feeling like what I’m doing doesn’t matter. On those days, I tend to do research and/or study metaphysical subjects.

    I’ve worked in corporate America but had to leave. I just couldn’t handle it. It was too greedy and materialist–heartless, too. Like many others, I got sick–really sick. I tried to go back to school; but again, I got sick. I have two associate’s degrees but have never finished my bachelor’s. Like my work in corporate America, my degrees seemed so useless, so mundane. I was going to be a psychologist, but realized that I just didn’t have what it took–that and I’m the queen of codependency. I’m studying all the time. I love to learn. I even got a Fiction Writing Certificate from Gotham. Figured it might come in handy someday.

    Now I write and blog. Not making any money, but it doesn’t seem that important to me. Yeah, it does help that I have a very supportive husband. In reality, he’s my greatest fan. I like working from home. I’m an intutive empath, so I suck up energy faster than that quicker picker upper paper towel. I take care of my family, write, blog, meditate, do yoga, and study. Six months ago, I started studying astrology and tarot. (Can you recommend any astrology schools and/or courses?)

    Sometimes I feel like I’m all over the map and that I’m never going to settle down and get on track. I keep writing, though at times it is a battle royal just to keep my butt planted in the chair. My mind wanders easily, so I have to set a schedule and stick to it. My Virgo IC helps. I think it balances out alot of my Piscean qualities. Yeah, that job in corporate America was administrative in nature.

    I may not be making the big bucks anymore, but I’m happy. I get to write and study. Someday, I might make some money. Who knows? For now, I’m content being me and doing what I love to do. And I’m almost fifty-four years old; I won’t waste another year doing something that doesn’t light me up like a roman candle.

    Love your columns. I’m in the process of reading your “How to Read Your Astrological Chart,” and “Moon Signs,” books. They’re really good. Thanks for all you do to enlighten us.

    Peace, blessings, and much love to you.

    • Thanks for sharing your Neptunian career journey, Diana–you’ve meandered down many Neptunian paths and clearly learned a great deal from all of them. We are NEVER lost; no seeming side road is ever wasted; it’s all part of our life curriculum.

      I love what you said here: “I’m an intutive empath, so I suck up energy faster than that quicker picker upper paper towel.” And that about not wasting another year doing something that doesn’t light you up like a roman candle. Donna

  29. Hi Donna,

    Finding you has been wonderful, you are my muse!

    I felt a need to finally confide in regards to Neptune in my 10th house, so here we go…

    1.)I have always felt like I am a spirit caught in a material world…

    2.) I have serious issues with time and cannot seem to conform with it the way society demands. I think it is only a way to tell us when the bills are due, and when the deadlines must be met. I rebelliously resent its control and feel that time should not be of the essence as it doesn’t even exist outside of our lives here on Earth.

    2.) I have long ago realized that money is not my motivator (although at times I wish it was). What I seek is serenity, and that is hard to find if you cannot afford to pay the bills!

    3.) I am now 43 and you want to hear something outrageous? I STILL CANNOT DECIDE WHAT I WANT TO DO FOR A CAREER!!! There are too many interesting choices, I seem incapable of making a choice and then following through. It is frustrating.

    4.)I feel as if I have been afflicted with debilitating inertia since 2001. How can I go forth if I cannot choose which path I want to take?

    I was born September 3, 1966. I have 4 planets in the 8th/Virgo (Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto), 3 in the 7th/Leo (Venus, Mars, Jupiter), Saturn in the 2nd/Pisces, Neptune in the 10th/Scorpio, and Capricorn rising. My moon is in the 3rd/Aires.

    I am an only child, but sadly have had incredible problems regarding my father’s death in December of the year 2000 and following inheritance. What was rightfully mine as wished by my father, was taken from me because of an evil ex-girlfriend on a mission (a Scorpio I might add) and probate lawyers costing $350 an hour as I was forced to defend my birthright as my father’s only daughter because of her. Resulting from all of this, I have aquired an IRS tax lien which I don’t even understand how I got it and have been afraid to address it, so I just stick my head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist. How could this happen from an inheritance I never got???

    I should have followed my heart from the get-go in life and been the artist/illustrator I was meant to be. That is who I am since a child, an artist and very creative person who loves color, beauty, psychology and animals. Trying to deny who I am (because according to the family I would not make any money) has left me undecided and stuck …and I’m 43! I still feel as confused as a child, if only I had believed in myself and disregarded my family’s ill advice concerning what I should be in life! I realize its never too late to go forth, if only I could decide…!!

    By the way, my family on both sides are angry and have battled all my life, breaking up any chance of being blessed with a normal family life. My parents divorced when I was two. I lived with my mom and visited my dad on weekends. I am grateful that my dad stayed in my life, at least he didn’t abandon me!

    Here is my family breakdown:

    -My father is a Pisces. He drank himself to death over the years.

    -My mother is a wild Scorpio. I love her very much.

    -My grandmother (mother’s side) is an angry, angry Scorpio.

    -My uncle (mom’s younger brother) is an angry pisces.

    -The rest of the family I never knew…

    -My best friend is a pisces too.

    In closing, I have always said that I feel like a ground-loving Virgo swept off her feet and plunged into a vast Scorpionic, watery sea.

    …any comments, remarks or advice will be accepted with open arms.


    • Hard knocks you have taken, Claudia. I think the principle to be learned–for us Neptunian types–is how to embrace both Neptune and Saturn. If we were meant to only be spiritual and artistic (Neptune), then we wouldn’t be in a body (Saturn) with all the limitations it places on us. If we were meant to only be Saturn, we wouldn’t have this core of yearning for the spirit world we left behind in order to experience life on earth. Somehow we have to give each of those parts of us its due, in balance. Donna

  30. Great thread and article, Donna. I am learning so much from your blogging! I’ve read Moon Signs and Healing Pluto Problems, as well as your column in Dell for many years. You continue to be a great help.

    I have Neptune in Libra in the 10th House, ruled by Libra, and conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. Pisces rules my third house and my Sun in Gemini is in my 6th house. Since I have a stellium of planets Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Jupiter in Cancer in the 7th and Mars in 1st in Capricorn (ascendent shows as either Sag or Cap depending on who does the chart – it’s intercepted, so as I understand 12th house just goes longer so I have both Sag/Cap rising?) But, anyway, was thinking maybe some of those Asc and Des planets may square that Neptune in the 10th (and that Saturn)

    I have been struggling with a real sense of failure career-wise the past several years. I realized that I have never held a job longer than three years in my life!

    My first career from early twenties through early thirties, I worked as a disc jockey at quite a few radio stations. In that field, at least during that time, it was normal for d.j.’s to move around from station to station a lot due to program changes, competitive moves in the market, etc. I was one of the first women in radio in the mid to late seventies due to affirmative action. I loved it and my career culminated at age 30 with success with my mid-day show, at a major rock station in a major city where my talent and skill was also recognized and rewarded with my appointment as music director. It was quite heady, as I interacted with all the major record company players and the rock musicians they represented quite a bit, as well as had some influence in what music “broke” commercially, due to play on our station, as well as other major stations across the US. I had a good ear, and ability to hear a new record and know it would be a commercial hit.

    I love music, which is connected to my father and my mother’s families and was a part of the atmosphere in which I grew up (though so was fundamentalist and rigid religiousity) My current husband of ten years is a gifted songwriter and vocalist and has Neptune in LIbra in the first house.

    I ended up quitting radio due to a personal and spiritual crisis (Pluto was transiting the tenth at the time and Neptune hit the first thereafter) Quite a lot of the personal issues I dealt with at time were related to my father, btw, whose music was such a part of my life.

    I began working in human services at that time, returned to school and got a teaching degree in secondary education/Language Arts and subsequently taught school for five or six years. I also coached high school Speech Forensics at one point, and this was very successful for me and the kids I worked with.

    I then went to graduate school and obtained an MSW and worked three years in child protective services and toward getting my license in clinical social work. I worked emergency response, on the front lines and was very good at it, but found it traumatic and heart heavy work.

    I then made a cross country move and worked for a mental health center 2006-2007 as a clinician with both children and adults.

    Beginning with a shift from radio to human services, I found working with other women very difficult. I had worked with a majority of men in the entertainment business, in which competition was cut-throat and out in the open, something I could deal with and even enjoyed. In human services, teaching, and then social work and mental health, I had bad experiences with female co-workers who were deceptive and dishonest in their relationships with me. This has only continued until at my last job, I was really blindsided by my female supervisor and felt isolated, ostracized, and undermined most of the time. There were issues of deception and dishonest regarding my salary and the entire agency was severely dysfunctional. I laugh and call it the mental health mafia now! It was pretty disgusting. So, I was given a raise at my annual review, asked for more, was refused more, and then politely resigned. I basically let them know I was aware of the salary discrepancies and deception though I did not confront them directly other than asking for a better raise. There were lots of games around this issue from day one and someone put a list of everyone’s salary in my mailbox about a month after I began working there! I discussed that with my husband who advised me to let it go which I did, except to ask for a raise at the end and let them know I was aware but the money was only symbolic to me. I felt invisible for sure and was hoping for monetary validation which I might have seen as a reason to continue working there.

    The supervisor mislead and misdirected me in my supervision of another female employee and, due to my own issues of wanting her approval and trusting her before I knew her well, I was blindsided and humiliated by her very early on.
    It reminded me of a early childhood betrayal by my mother (so I must have projected that mother onto her which it seemed many of her employees did) She was the supervisor for the children’s program, btw.

    In the meantime, I’ve dreamed of being a writer since I was six years old and continue to go back to my writing, though I am often pulled away from writing drama, so to speak, by having to live the dramas that come up. lol!

    I am in transition now. Was offered a very high paying contract to provide services to military personnel which I’m reluctant to take and really can’t take for now. Hope to move back across country in the next six months if not sooner! There are no options where I live now that attract me and I really do not like living here.

    So, Neptune has operated big time, I’d say, in my career history.

  31. I have neptune in my 6th house in sagittarius and a Pisces MC. Plus Neptune squares my MC.

    If you want to count the other things:
    Sun Tri Decile MC, Moon Opposite MC, Mercury BiSeptile MC, Venus Quintile MC, Mars BiSeptile MC, Jupiter Quintile MC, Saturn TSep, Uranus Trine MC, Pluto Quincunx MC, Asc. TDec MC,NN trine MC, SN Sep MC

    I’ve never been able to keep a job for more than 3 months unless I was working for a temp service or doing odd jobs for somebody and then it wasn’t consistent work.

    Most of the work I did was telemarketing and fast food, I hate both. I can’t selling something I don’t believe in and/or understand and I’m not good under pressure at all, I have a learning disability in math and I tend to have dreamy, scattered thinking.

    I decided that if I was going to succeed at all in supporting myself I had better pick something and something I can put my heart into.

    So, I went back to college(after trying 3 other times,lol!) and that’s where I am now working towards a Major in Art and a minor in Graphic Design.

  32. N Jupiter 28o Pisces, 10th H; 11th cusp 29o Aries;
    N Neptune 20o45′ Virgo, 4th H, ( Family members never supported my career, addiction problems, NOT serene Family life, distracted) trine Uranus 17o32′ Taurus; (Koch 11thH, ) ( Placidus, 12th H) & N Mars 22o22′ Capricorn 8th H: sext. N Moon 23o59′ Scorpio, trine N Jupiter, & N Pluto 29o19′ Cancer; in mutual reception to Scorpio Moon.
    Taking in other peoples money doing original, self directed, paintings on people’s walls………Neptune firmly controlled for the purpose of the greater good……… ( Saturn 23o 50′ Aries, 11th H sq. Mars & widely Pluto) Not invisible rather, making me a minor local celeb, to the point where I sought anonymity by moving across the river to NJ. for 2 months until the 11 yr old neighbor boy came to the door selling newspapre subscriptions said ” Say, weren’t you in Philadelphia Magazine?” “Could you paint a portrait of me for my Mother’s Christmas present.”
    My career developed into commissioned paintings at that point including 16 watery marine paintings for one collector.
    With the recession of 1987-91, ( & Pluto in Scorpio, over my NN 8o Scorpio, opp sun 13o Taurus, Moon Scorpio) I was forced to move to coastal Maine, where living was cheaper, so were potential clients. After 17 years of invisibility & scraping by, I got a book illustration assignment;
    1st. NAVAL battle of the Rev War; what else? then a grant to do a series of Energy of WATER paintings……
    After the July 21 2009 eclipse direct on my Pluto, I experienced a fascinating spiritual, heightened awareness journey through doing Reiki healing for a friend from a Beach using water images, sounds etc.
    In addition to the energy of water paintings I want to do a series of Jungian, Plutonian, Neptunian, allegorical images, in hopes of bringing healing energy to many, through my visual images………..
    Yes; T Chiron & Neptune are on my 27o17′ Aquarius MC in the 10th H. conjunct the USA people’s Moon!
    Problem I am so badly financially supported, being a single female, on SS, that projects falter & delay repeatedly, while waiting for the 3rd day of the month SS income that is gone by the 2nd week of the month. Networking & supplies have to wait!
    At this point in our economy the old standby of giving kids art classes is not a go because no-one within earshot can spare even $10.00 a week for kids art lessons! ( what I CHARGED 15 YEARS AGO with no problem,
    Sales are totally flat!)

  33. I have Neptune in the 6th, in Scorpio, ruling my 11th and 12th house cusp. It’s in a tight trine to Jupiter/Chiron in Pisces, and in a tight t-square to a Venus/Saturn opposition. So it’s a key planet for me.

    It’s manifested in several ways – a difficult to diagnose illness which lingered for several years and got a lot worse before anyone gave it a name (its an underactive thyroid). I’m also finding that the conventional treatment doesn’t work without support and assistance from holistic healing such as sound healing and reiki. I’m very receptive to all such healing, and carry it out myself too.

    Pisces in the 11th has meant that friends drain me – when I’ve let them – I’m seemingly everyone’s favourite armchair counsellor! I have to set much tighter boundaries now to avoid being swamped by their “stuff”.

    Workwise, I have to be careful as others’ energies drain me there too – I soak up people’s moods like blotting paper and as I work in a public reception area of a children and family centre, I meet parents all the time who bring in every mood under the sun. And many want to confide in me. I went through a phase recently of not being able to cope with that angle of it, and had to take time off. That repeats a pattern in my previous job – much more high-powered, which didn’t suit me at all. Others were manipulative and deceptive, and it made me ill.

    All that said what I have now is a job I’m passionate about (Neptune in Scorpio!), and the fact that I now earn about a third of what I used to earn when I worked in the city, matters not to me. We’re doing great work, providing a fantastic service to local families, and I love every minute.

  34. Wow, the article and the responses have been so enlightening!! I have struggled so much with finding a career path that “fits,” and it seems with every job I got, I would mysteriously get ill and depressed until I had to quit. I always felt like I was the only one I knew who couldn’t “get it together.” On the other hand, these people have simultaneously admired my artistic and creative side, also probably thinking I’m a little nuts or out there. Now, I see so many of the same patterns in the people who have responded here. What a relief! : )

    I have Sun conjunct Neptune in Sag in the 2nd house (mercury and mars there too), with Pisces on the fifth and sixth house cusps, and Saturn and North Node in Virgo in the 11th house opposing the Pisces in the fifth.

  35. Oh, career-wise I’m trying to get into non-profit/charity work now. Fingers crossed!

    • That sounds like the perfect Neptune/Career blend, Stef. Glad if this post and the comments from others with these positions are helping you see that you’re not alone and that the things you’re struggling with are part of the typical path. Donna

  36. Thanks, Donna. Somehow knowing that you’re not alone and that there are other people out there going through something similar makes it that much easier. It’s a relief, and so yeah, thank you for this post. : )

  37. Update: continue to benefit from posts here. I relocated in late August and, tho our house in the other state has not sold (a financial worry and stress) I am so relieved to be out of there! It was remote, isolated, small small town and I felt so trapped (by the sea btw a waterfront home that we bought on a whim – now we feel we were enchanted) Now feel I can begin to move forward, tho still foggy on how and what to do. I keep thinking to fall back on my education (lcsw) but intuition tells me it’s a fruitless path unless I can find a strongly alternative venue for it. Meanwhile, I am confronting my own self delusion and loss of my self/center, as I stopped caring along the way and am trying to rescue myself I guess. Googles an old love last night out of the blue and discovered he died at 62 only weeks ago in another country of prostate cancer. He was a Taurus, Cap rising. I am shocked. So focus on the now and day by day for now…

  38. I can really relate to this article and all the comments. I have Pisces on the MC with Neptune in Sagittarius in the 6th squaring it. I never knew what I wanted to do as a child. I’ve had a couple of good, well-paid jobs doing financial work but became very disillusioned with both of them and eventually left. I didn’t share the values of my co-workers and didn’t believe in what I was doing but was very confused about what else to do. I’ve seen various career advisors and read lots of books on finding the right job though I’m coming to accept now that I will never find the perfect job that will last all my working life, I just need a job where I feel I’m doing something worthwhile for now. On the plus side, my previous jobs funded me to spend my spare time studying astrology and counselling and reading up on all the things that interest me. I’m now working as a teacher after completing my training which is good for the time being, at least I feel that I am doing something useful, even though my pay is much reduced!

  39. I have Pices in the 10th, with Saturn on the MC. I wait with trepidation as Neptune moves ever closer to my natal Saturn. I should also mention I have mercury, Uranus,
    Sun and moon plus pluto all in Virgo. All will be opposed by Neptune. I have just finished the Uranus transit and now have Neptune to look forward to. Ever since I was a little girl I knew I would be in healthcare, and I have been for 24 years. Working at the same hospital performing neurological testing, which for the most part has been very interesting. But I’m getting more frustrated by healthcare as a business. I’m interested in helping others. Not with what kind of insurance they have or the correct billing codes. I know at my core I was put on the planet to help others that will never change. To do so would put me at odds with my calling. My challenge I believe is to try to give the quality care I believe in. This can be very difficult in the setting of factory type healthcare. Thanks Donna for all your work especially for those of us born in the 60’s. Lots of people will be dealing with Neptune conjunct Saturn somewhere in their chart. Mine just happen to be the 10th

    • I so understand your frustration with the health care industry (starting with how it could ever deteriorate into an industry! It’s a noble calling, NOT an industry.). We had a tragic and outrageous situation here in Portland this week. A man crashed his car in the Emergency Room driveway because he was having a heart attack. People ran into the ER to tell the staff the man needed help, but they insisted that they couldn’t go out and get him, he’d have to call an ambulance to bring him in. So naturally he died. It’s all rigid procedure to avoid litigation and the insurance companies making the medical decisions.

      This HAS to be agony for a generation with such major placements in Virgo. Donna

      • What will be amazing is that some administrator will have a focus group on the subject of how to fix the problem. What a waste. Am I a cynical Virgo or what. By the way love the website. Have one of your books. And read all your articles in TMA. I believe my Uranus transit blessed me with studying astrology. Please keep writing about the 60’s generation we need all the help we can get.

  40. I have Neptune in the 6th in Scorpio, square to an opposition of Jupiter vs. Mercury/Venus at the verge of Aquarius and Pisces on top of the 10th – which is precisely where Neptune is passing right now and FUZZY is definitely a word to describe how I currently feel about 1th-house issues… That’s how I came to this page… I have ten more days or so to go for Neptune to finally pass my natal Mercury at 28’32” Aquarius so I’ll welcome any feedback or intellectual support before I melt away in this fog completely…

  41. I meant 10th-house issues of course…

  42. Great article!
    My Neptune in Scorpio is tightly conjunct midheaven in the 10th house, trine my Pisces sun and Chiron in the second. Mars is in Cancer, sixth house. (Grand water trine) Capricorn rising with Saturn conjunct Jupiter in the first house. Sun and Chiron oppose Pluto and North Node, making a kite. Saturn helps sometimes, but is square Venus in the 3rd. I wanted to be a singing missionary when I was girl. Studied music and journalism before getting a degree in anthropology and then going to law school. I’ve been a musician, dental assistant, hotel clerk, writer, photographer, legal clerk, grant writer and policy consultant (about domestic violence & sexual assault) until I burned out. Now that I’m 50, I’m a housewife, musician and gardener, trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I have certainly been a spiritual seeker over the years. Help.

  43. Oh, and my moon is conjunct Neptune in the 10th, too. How could I forget that one! Thanks.

  44. Hi there neptunians,

    I have Neptune in capricorn in the sixth, squaring MC. Neptune makes wide squares to sun and moon and a tight trine with mars.

    I relate heavily with everything that has been said here, and must admit have a sense of relief that its not just my incompetence and laziness. ( That virgo stellium is hard on me!).

    Im only in my twenties and having seen that the path doesn’t seem to change all that much as far as that lost in the fog feeling goes, I think I will just concentrate on my daily meditation practice and live in the now (while trying not to rescue people and get sick at work, he he). Maybe its the remedy 🙂 I guess I thought I could wrestle Neptune to fit into a neat little productive box with my virgo prowess, not so.

    Thank you for this amazing article and for everyones posts, they have helped to quiet a sense of turmoil and desperation.

    Peace to all you Neptune Folk 🙂

  45. I have a Pisces Ascendant Squared by a powerful conjunction of Neptune/Jupiter in in Sagittarius square my ascendant (1983 Child). Thankfully I have a powerful Saturn and Sun/Mercury in Capricorn to balance these Neptunian energies. A prominent Neptune and a Pisces Ascendant makes me quite intuitive and even psychic at times. However I do attract people that have a strong emphasis of Cancer or Pisces in their charts, Cancer and Pisces are strongly connected to Neptune. I also attract Gemini’s and Virgo’s which would represent my decendant and nadir. However I’m quite grounded that a lot people don’t expect unless they know me well. I have a great business sense and have a healthy bout of realism. Perhaps a conjunction of Saturn/Venus in Scorpio in the 8th sextile Mercury in Capricorn in 10th helps! I predicted the financial crisis with an intuitive Cancerian friend in 2006. Everything we talked about in our college days has become reality. Neptune and Jupiter if focused by Saturn/Capricorn in a chart can give a strong sense to predict outcomes of the future realisticlly. I have Saturn semisquadrate the Ascendant and Semi square Neptune/Midheaven. Saturn is universal realism, whilst Neptune is sublimal and even desceptive if poorly aspected. I have had bosses with drug additions and shady dealings. One was a solar Pisces, another a Cancerian. I returned to university completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in the Sagittarian subjects of History, Politics and International Relations. I then completed a post graduate diploma of Teaching and Learning. Peers, fellow Adults and outer family except for my Parents did what they could to sabbotage and persuade me not become a schoolteacher or a nurse. A dream of mine since childhood. I became a teacher… the rest is history! My father is a multimillionare and a Managing director of a major company. He is divorced of my mother and extremely detached of myself and my two other siblings. My siblings and I all have Jupiter next to the midheaven combined with 10th house suns. My brother has a Pisces Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Midheaven. My sister has a Leo Sun, Jupiter and Midehaven with a power emphasis of Virgo in the 10th with Mercury, Venus and Mars. My sister has a Sagittarius ascendant. My sister and I are most alike in personality. She has Neptune on her Capricorn in the 2nd house cusp. She has always resented my Fathers selfishness with his wealth. I have resented his selfishness with being with his family Sun/Jupiter/Neptune conjunct in Sagittarius/Capricorn with a Sagitarius midheaven. My brother has strong Neptunian empahsis with a Pisces sun, Mercury and Jupiter conjunction on the Pisces Midheaven, with a Taurus ascendant and moon conjunction. People think he is most practical and helpful when he infact the most selfish of the family. My brother has been quite mean and judgemental towards me until recently. The tables turned so to speak. My brother has realised my study has paid off and I’m free of the reins of our Father. He has been a lot nicer and respectful to me as of late.My mother has finally realised that my brother is selfish and quite lazy! My father (as foretold by my Capricorn sun) is tough, frugal with his money. As a young man I struggled to juggle low paid jobs and my Father used to joyfully laugh at my predicament. My brother ignored my father and saved 11 thousand dollars to get an IT microsoft certified course, for network programming. I must say it has paid off. He is on 90’000 a year now! My father is a twisted man, takes pleasure at the pain of others, particulary of his Adult children. He has backed away as he finds it difficult to see his eldest son as sucessful in the world! Recently he began to start picking on my Leonine sister. I managed to minipulate my father and use child psychology I had learned from teaching, to point out subtly the error of his ways. It has worked, thus far. I made him feel really guilty for belittling my sister and subtly pointed out that he ‘doesn’t really know’ his own daughter and that he may push her away for life! He has completed a 360 degree turn. He is now finally starting to support her in tertairy education. Neptune rules emotional blackmail and minipulation along with her brotherly sign of Pluto. My father displayed the negative canotations of Neptune at times, otherworldly, selfish, absent, manipulative and emotionally draining. My father is always overseas and lives between Australia (my home country) and the United Kingdom. He even has managed to ‘buy’ himself a new family (as my brother refers to it)! We all feel very seperate from our father, so much so that he is not a father but a paternal lawgiver, that is distant, foreign and judgemental. My sister and I feel exactly the same way about our Father. Whilst my brother admires him in some ways and dispises him in others. In a way though I can’t help but feel sorry for my Father, he is a hollow person to do what he does. However my harsh father has created an exceptional teacher that knows what it is like for children who get little love, appreciation or even worse neglected by their parent! I have vowed not to be as detached, mean or twisted as he is. I think so far I’m achieving that goal and got myself a sucessful career :-)!

  46. Hi
    I read your article, trying to figure out why my fortunes are so messed up. I have neptune conjunct my south node in my second house which is trine my sun and trine my saturn and chiron forming a grand trine. If you add my pluto and uranus conjunction in the 12th house, I have a kite formation. I have had many issues throughout my life and always wondered why my money is always gone. I cannot save a penny at all. There is always something that happens to take it. From doctors to car repairs. I have no savings. I always hate the jobs I do, which has been manual labor jobs. I am now getting older and want to have a job in the metaphysical field. I have been studying that for about 9 years now. I am involved with an occult group and I am pretty proficient in astrology. It is nice to have someone that has the same views as I.
    Thank you.

  47. Hello to All
    Can some body help me in vocational analysis of this Birth Chart of A Young Boy
    04th Nov 1992 at 16:20 Hrs at New Delhi India

    Administrative Capricorn at Midheaven and its ruler Saturn in 11th House disposited by Uranus which is Conjunct Midheaven , Saturn and Uranus is in Mutual Reception.

    Moon in Pisces in 11th house disposited by Neptune which is conjunct Midheaven Neptune is disposited by Saturn which in turn disposited by Uranus which is conjunct Midheaven.

    Sun in 7th
    Sun in 7th is Square Saturn
    Pluto in 7th as Final Dispositer

    Venus is Unaspected in 9th (Ruling 2nd and &7th ) in Mutual Reception with Jupiter in 6th Ruling 9th
    Jupiter is widely Square MH and widely Trine Saturn

    Moon Square Mercury

  48. Neptune near the mid heaven is like sitting beside a camp fire. If you move (poke or fret) you’ll draw smoke to yourself. Sit with it, fire gaze and delight in being!

  49. Sag sun, Virgo moon, Virgo ascendant with Mars in Scorpio, Pisces in the 6th at 0.05 and 4 squares with Pluto. Work? I’ve got finding work down to a science. Gaps between lay offs, merges, relocations, downsizing, management changes, etc., have been filled by cancer, a few serious bouts with multiple sclerosis, assault, and recently assessed developmental, physical and neurological learning disabilities. Next up: peer counseling training this June if it isn’t canceled, if they don’t lose my application and if the program doesn’t fall apart. It’s been a blast :.)

  50. Hi, I have Neptune in the 10th house and went to school of Social Work and have been working as a Counselor for 3 years. But…I have also worked in publishing and as a reporter/editorial worker. I wanted to be a Psychologist originally but didn’t get accepted at any schools when I graduated so I got stuck. Now I have been changing between Psychology and Journalism for the last 6-7 years. My resume looks like the resume of a crazy person. Back and forth.Lol. I also have very good artistic skills and have played with the idea of becoming a Graphic Designer or Illustrator. It’s very exhausting and frustrating. The bottom line is that all the things I love to do (writing, painting, counseling) don’t pay very well and I live in New York City. It’s so funny because I never followed astrological charts before so when I learned about Neptune and the houses a light bulb went on. But now, I’m left with, okay, what do I do? Time passes and is unforgiving. Do I do it all? :-p

    • Vickie, it’s important to also keep an eye on what’s in your 6th house. This is because it concerns every day work and also health. Unless we take care of our health (as Catherine was saying) and honour the 6th house we will not accomplish our desires and responsibilities in the 10th. The sign of your 10th house will also give you important clues.

      Beware, Neptune is nebulous, and being the trickster of the zodiac loves to play with our egos! Neptune is complicated because it also concerns religion and spiritual growth. This means that its influence should not be interpreted entirely in terms of career, but from the perspective of your life’s journey.

      Remember too that the 10th house is really about our status in the world, how we want to be seen and what we want to be admired for, meaning all the effort invested in the 9th house (higher education) etc comes to fruition in the 10th, or might, depending on what aspects it positively or negatively. It is also important to factor in the sign of your 10th house.

      Where we are supposed to be going, the souls journey in this incarnation, is pointed to by the North Node. We must leave behind the comfort and familiarity of the South Node (opposite end of the same pole), and transform the activities we have developed there so we can make way for learning new skills and travel light.

      South Node activities come to us easily, we’re good at them but they will start to feel boring, stale or stifling if we don’t move on toward the house where our North Node resides.

      North Node activities or interests tend to make us feel a bit out of place, out of our depth, but they are powerfully attractive, fill us with joy, a sense of newness, in fact they have a way of drawing us out of the comfort of the South Node!

      One of the responsibilities of the Sun in the chart is to fuel us with energy, determination and courage for the journey. The journey of course is not only for our growth, it is for us to look back at the end and know that we have been a light in the world, helped other living beings, learnt what was required of us to learn in this incarnation and have dealt with our karmic debt, or at least a good chunk of it.

  51. Yesterday found out the peer counseling program may be put off until summer next year :.) Gemini in 10th… Trying to determine work related aspects I have overlooked, the next step in natural order, and what significance does 0.0 have on north and south nodes.

    (note: what I thought was a Pluto square is actually Mars square Uranus. If it better clarifies, I was born 11 24 59 at 01:25am in Rantoul, IL)

    Wondering what might be pursued or focused on to become self-sufficient again. I am 53. Starting over and over is keeping me worn down despite eating well with doctor prescribed supplements and physical therapy. Peer counseling with veterans seemed to be the ideal solution because they come to me unsolicited. Is this inappropriate? Is there something else I must learn before helping others more effectively? I’ve given up hope on romantic relationships and wondering if that was a mistake since even peer counseling is aimed toward rebuilding ourselves as a whole person as much we might be. Have I reached a temporary wall, or is trying to work at all where I’m going wrong? If so, am I supposed to strictly volunteer, which would keep me on disability, and should that not be a factor? I am so lost.

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
    Sun Sagittarius 1.16 Ascendant Virgo 26.30
    Moon Virgo 10.20 II Libra 22.21
    Mercury Sagittarius 1.36 R III Scorpio 22.34
    Venus Libra 15.08 IV Sagittarius 25.58
    Mars Scorpio 23.21 V Capricorn 29.30
    Jupiter Sagittarius 10.19 VI Pisces 0.05
    Saturn Capricorn 5.11 VII Pisces 26.30
    Uranus Leo 21.04 VIII Aries 22.21
    Neptune Scorpio 7.36 IX Taurus 22.34
    Pluto Virgo 6.05 Midheaven Gemini 25.58
    Lilith Gemini 11.30 XI Cancer 29.30
    Asc node Libra 1.59 XII Virgo 0.05

    Sun Conjunction Mercury 0.20 487
    Sun Conjunction Mars 7.55 140
    Sun Conjunction Jupiter 9.03 86
    Sun Square Pluto 4.49 -22
    Moon Square Jupiter 0.01 -209
    Moon Trine Saturn 5.09 69
    Moon Sextile Neptune 2.44 70
    Moon Conjunction Pluto 4.14 230
    Mercury Conjunction Mars 8.15 103
    Mercury Conjunction Jupiter 8.43 71
    Mercury Square Pluto 4.29 -16
    Mars Square Uranus 2.17 -59
    Mars Sextile Ascendant 3.09 38
    Jupiter Square Pluto 4.13 -27
    Saturn Sextile Neptune 2.25 71
    Saturn Trine Pluto 0.55 66
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 1.31 37
    1468 -333 1135

    Chiron Aquarius 22.32
    Ceres Sagittarius 24.44
    Pallas Sagittarius 5.42
    Juno Scorpio 23.43
    Vesta Scorpio 10.07
    Fortune Aries 0.00
    South node Aries 0.00

    • Catherine, have you ever heard it said that when you are out bush walking and realise that you are lost, the most important thing to do is to sit down, and wait. People will find you better if you are still. 🙂 Besides, it’s a good way to conserve energy, keep warm and rest.

      I know you were speaking metaphorically but the same applies to life decisions. Regular practice of relaxation followed by meditation even starting with five minutes per day, and gradually increasing sitting time, will make an amazing difference, so too will prayer. The benefits are truly amazing!

      In stillness we are reminded to live in the moment, to relish the exquisite space between the in-breath and the out-breath.

  52. What a great article! Thank you! According to the equal house system, Neptune is in my tenth house; and I have struggled in combining my spiritual and material needs in the professional sphere almost all of my life. I hope my English is okay, as it is not my first language. I’m in my late thirties now and have not yet found a solution to the problem of finding a meaningful occupation, which makes me earn a living. On one hand, I am very ambitious: I would love to save humanity or to contribute to some other great course, instead of being a mere drop in the ocean by working as an administrative clerk for a small NGO, for example. On the other hand, I know that a position of influence requires lots of years of hard work in jobs which are not rewarding at all in terms of money and recognition. And discipline is not really my strength. Getting up early each morning is a torture for me. I am single and childless and I like it that way, because I need a lot of time on my own, to withdraw and to daydream. My energy level is not very high, which means that my wish to have some kind of larger than life career for the good of humanity is much more likely to remain just a dream than to become reality. As I have a strong and vivid imagination, I have decided to give novel writing a try, even though I know that making it big as a writer is about as likely as becoming a hollywood star. Despite my lack of self-confidence, I have decided to pursue novel writing for a while and to see whether or not I’ll receive positive feedback on my writing attempts. I won’t pursue writing forever if I should find out that my skils and talent just don’t suffice.
    In addition to having Neptune in the tenth house, I’m a pisces ascendant… a heavy burden to carry. 🙂 Well, sometimes it is really hard, without wanting to sound pathetic (after all, we all have our challenges to cope with). If my writing should turn out to be a success, I would like to write articles, columns and also books on the topics of spirituality, life after death, the meaning of life and to help people to develop more self-esteem as well as empathy for each other and animals. Such a career would probably be paradise for my Neptune and my pisces ac. 🙂 If, however, I’ll realise that writing is an impasse rather than a possible source of success for me, I will be quite at a loss. My life won’t be over, but being employed and staying in an office from eight to five is so hard for me, and I would love to leave employment behind forever. In my past I worked in geriatric nursing, was told that I do a good job, got lots of appreciation and had the feeling that I did something meaningful, but nevertheless I suffered. All that heavy physical labor and all that routine day by day. Administrative jobs have caused me even more suffering, because the feeling of doing something meaningful was missing and the working hours (why not say prison hours?) were the same each day. However, as far as colleages are concerned, I have been lucky most of the time (but I went through bullying at school).
    And with regard to bosses, my experiences are mixed. The majority has been okay, which is most likely due to the fact that I quit before my internal struggle to maintain discipline became obvious to colleagues and employers. There have been two cases of being let down by bosses, though, despite commitment and really big efforts of my part.

  53. Hi Donna etal – Lively exchange here.

    I have a T▢ with a prominent neptune; ♆/♀☌ in ♎ @MC ▢ ♃/♅☌ in ♋ @8th Chiron ☍ @ 2nd cusp ( ▢ ♆/♀ and ☍ ♃/♅)

    I can say the thing that had marked my public (MC) life most has been obscurity and freedom with an aura of strangeness; the middle invisible child. The one thing that seems consistent for me is a wish for my work to be noticed with an abhoration of the personal scrutiny that is inflicted on a noteworthy personage (that may be the ▢ to ♃/♅). There is a wanting for my output to pre-seed me into the world where I can then follow behind, invisible and yet able to engage from my hidden vantage point via that output. There are other expressions besides like what looks like entropy and lack of ambition from the POV of others but which is more the call of the trans-corporal where output is measured only in it’s ability to bring transendence and joy to the creator (the self). I have always enjoyed the company of ghosts and spirits of an aesthetic bent and in that world I am a star among other stars and most of the time it is that presence whose attention I most seek . So ♆@MC is like a cat harnessed to a plow..

    • Quite a challenging collection of energies to juggle! Did you ever get a copy of Tracy Marks’ book on t-squares? She is an amazingly kind and loving being. Donna

      • Hi Donna, no but I will go find it (the book). I have many mitigating factors in my chart that I can fall back on. other, kinder aspects act as helpers when the going gets squirrely. The toughest period of my adult life was during ♆☌♅ @late♑ in the ’90s which hit the T☐ in the financial breadbasket (as it were). When they went mutually receptive after that things took a truly magical bent and the angles they makes were less harsh. I would say ♆ can mimic ☿ in it’s ability to take on the coloration (if not the texture) of the elements it’s mixed with…like soy protein taking on the flavour of whatever you mix it into as an extender. The chamelion as deceiver. Anyway .. I was introduced to astrology at a very early age and cut my teeth on the Devore Encyclopedia by the age of 15 or so. It gave me a picture of the long count early enough to to know the waiting game and to play the odds as they arose over time, wherein I know to wait out a transit. Even if my feet are hobbled, that which is being is eternal and deliciously ineffable.

      • I do hear from so many astrology lovers that went through very tough times while Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn were conjunct in the late 1980s-early 1990s. Well, guess what–the people who were BORN with that conjunction in their charts and who have to live with it their whole lives are now old enough to be looking to astrologers for answers. That’s one of the chapters in the book I’m working on about triple conjunctions and stelliums. I really feel for them…but there are no simple answers for them. Donna

      • Yes … it would seem they did not manifest into physical looking for simple answers. They are an interesting bunch in that they also grew up with pluto in scorpio, rendering them diggers for truth, especially the ones that have that pluto trine. I believe we pick the issues we want to explore before we sign up for 3D. thiers’ is a great adventure, harmonizing and bringing forth new, powerful paths to coalescence. I kinda feel a bit anticipant to see what they do with it, like a much touted block-buster not yet released. I have some ideas about it…like they will orchestrate the massive shift away from $ and the commodifacation of experience (like college, etc.) We are already seeing that in the great DIY leap forward. Remember “reality TV” that sprang up during the mutual reception of ♅and♆? Now it’s youtube and the “this, too, you can do” show and tell…Well I view youtube in and of itself is a manifestation of that ♅☌♆. Such gracious power these youngsters demonstrate already. They auger in a new age, tranforming “spectator” into a verb! Already brilliant! ..But I would be enamored… what with so much of my own chart riding in tandem with that stellium/conjunction.

      • Perhaps you will be among the people who inspire and support them. I agree with your assessment–I believe many of them belong to a soul group of very old souls that have come here for a purpose, perhaps to save the earth itself after we have plundered it so badly. Donna

  54. addendum..I also atribute ♅ in ♈ now bringing the DIY thing up front and center.

  55. I meant to say Pluto sextile, not trine.

  56. I have Neptune in my 6th and Pisces on my MC, ruling my 10th, obviously. This article has knocked the wind out of me, like a kick in the gut. I don’t know what to say… but I did want to register the effect.

    • Wow, Kelsey–I hope it did not wound you–that was never the intent, only to say that you took on a big job this time around…and wouldn’t have done so unless you were up to the challenge. Donna

      • No, Donna. No more wounded than I already was. 😉

      • Whew! I know that I have sometimes unintentionally wounded with what I write…and the downside of writing rather than speaking directly to the person is that you can never see how they react.

      • No, no, no. Do not worry. The feeling is very Chiron-like, like having an open secret that may be alluded to but is never simply named. And the sensation of hearing it named is odd. I had done research on Pisces MC many moons ago, but I tried not to pay attention to the Neptune in the 6th because I can see and feel it and I’ve an idea what it means.
        A present example — Pluto’s doing an opposition tap dance on my Moon in the 1st House, and I have not researched it because I already have a pretty clear idea and there are other factors. I’m scared of babying the hurt, almost… or blaming it. I feel it, but I’m surviving it all just fine.
        I don’t think that anything you write could hurt me. You’ve nothing to fear. Your work is amazing!

      • Thanks, Kelsey, that means a lot. Donna

      • PS — I’m sorry I gave you a fright.

  57. I too have a Pisces midheaven and Neptune in 6th (directly opposing a 12th house Moon, ruler of my vacant 2nd house!)

    Just when you thought conditions couldn’t get any foggier along comes a transit of Neptune exactly conjunct my MC. (Funny that Kelsey mentioned Chiron, which is also transiting early degrees of Pisces. They’re also now currently retrograde … so ready or not here we go, again.)

    I realize my post is very late but I have a question for Kelsey (or any others with the Pisces-MC/Neptune-6th) Do you also have Chiron placed somewhere between houses 9-11? Is your Neptune part of a Yod or other major configuration including Saturn?

    • My progressed MC is in Pisces, conjunct North Node/Ceres in Pisces in the 9th House. My Natal Chiron is late Sagittarius/conjunct Glalactic Center in the 9th house. My Natal Neptune is in LIbra in the 6th house, like yours. Natal Neptune is sextile Pluto in Leo, House 5, both form a Yod to my Natal North Node Ceres in Pisces House 11.

      I have worked in health care a long time (1981), since 2000 have worked in an alternative healing discipline. This is as much a life mission as well as a career. I think it is as much about resolving my own inner wounds and self cultivation for personal healing and growth. As I evolve, it is part of my service to share that with others.

      With the progressed Nodes now on the progressed MC/IC axis, it is a culmination time, and no matter how difficult things can be (economically) I feel I am true to my path, and doing what I am here to do.

      Transiting Pluto is moments away from touching my natal Midheaven (2014), touching off a grand cross. Hard to describe all of that briefly- challenges for sure, but I have been forced, and have been making changes for awhile.

      In the late 80’s, 90, the Saturn, Uranus, Neptune conjunction went over my Midheaven. In terms of career only, I went from more of a marketing job back into patient care ( allopathic)–this progressed Neptune/North Node sees me fully entrenched in an alternative healing career.

      Thanks for your work and bright spirit.

      • Interesting how well your progressed MH works, Lisa. I don’t generally work with progressions, as transits tell me the story I need for events in people’s lives. As a writer with a Gemini stellium, I do keep track of my progressed Mercury, because when it shifts signs, it marks a change in my writing career. And I can’t help but know where my progressed Moon is because it’s always in the same sign as transiting Saturn–it’s some sort of cycle called Saturn chasing the Moonbeams–and it started 28-29 years ago, the last time Saturn was in Scorpio.

        But my progressed Midheaven, I haven’t a clue where it is, but now you’ve got me intrigued.

        I’ve been trying to think of a project for Skywriter readers like the one we did a couple of years back about the meaning of the minor aspects. Maybe we can do one on progressions. Donna Cunningham

      • Hi Donna,
        I am only an amateur at this, and didn’t look at progressions for a long time, too complicated as it is. I think they reflect the interior evolution and emotional development–we all change a bit, grow up, mellow out (or not!) with time. I would think Progressions are important or may be of help with people who are more self aware, or want to live with more consciousness.

        As with anything else, when key elements of the progressed and natal chart meet (with close orbs), or significant changes regarding the angles (like my natal Nodal axis on my progressed MC/IC axis, I do think it reflects a significant event. As we develop on the inside, it will be reflected back on the outside. Our inner world creates the natural attraction in the outer.

        My progressed Venus, Jupiter, and a number of the goddess asteroids went retrograde in my Progressed Chart. Especially looking at the Progressed Venus retrograde (the 40 days in the desert)- did especially get my attention. I did not know it was retrograde for years, and I discovered this at the time it was just going direct. There were emotional issues that were percolating at the time, that were best explained by looking at that very dynamic.

    • Anyone with Neptune in a prominent or key aspect needs to make every effort to eliminate fluoriosilicated water from his or her diet. Then work to eliminate accumulated fluorides from the body. Unless this work is done life in the fog will only thicken!Remember fluoriosilcates are highly toxic neuro-toxins hell bent on destroying health, cognition and IQ.

  58. Saturn Aries- Investigating Pisces transits of 10th, Jup 12th
    Sun in Gem(12)- Mars /Lib (4), (moved 47 times in 47 years)
    Ven/Jup in Leo(1)
    Meteoric coach career stalled after 12-0 season wherein I wound up unpaid, and let go, and boss who never opened the playbook won US Coach of Year, (2nd time Ive been Moneyballed” to a NATIONAL degree. Pair of asthma comas engendered a video career, which pays more than football, 2 stalker based evictions and thrust into medical services black hole during Merc Ret, 25 days to choose and launch a career. Natal return of Mars, and Jup coming hope those help

  59. Hi Donna,

    I’ve been trying to make sense of my chart and your article certainly clears up a few things. I’ve got Sun and Jupiter in my 12th house in Gemini, MC in Pisces (vacant) and Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (in Capricorn) and Moon (in Sagittarius) all in the 6th house. After changing my mind a million times about my career, I’ve chosen to go back to school for Spirituality and Counseling (there’s actually a masters degree for that :D:D). So, yeah I would love to be a great spiritual leader and my long term goal is that …. or maybe I’m being delusional (pun intended:p). Whatever the case, I certainly feel the Neptunian effects in every aspect of my life, which I’ve learned to deal with positively (after many years of trial and error and painful experiences). What I can’t figure out is how to interpret it all together; the 12th house, the stellium in the 6th house and MC. The way i understand it is that this lifetime has a lot to do with work (the 4 planets in the 6th house) in a Piscean “career” as Neptune is also in the 6th house. A few sources have mentioned that sun in the 12H can indicate spiritual person. I would really appreciate your insight combination as I am having a hard time piecing it all together.

    Ps. my natal chart is very polar opposite, along with the planets mentioned above I’ve got Mars and Venus in the 1H, Mercury in the 11H, Chiron in the 12th and Pluto in the 5H

    • Hello,Kirra. That’s an important question you’re asking, and one that really cannot be answered in the depth it deserves without seeing where that planetary combination fits into your natal chart. To do it justice would go far beyond a brief reply in the comment section and would require a private consultation with an astrologer. I retired from chart consultations several years ago in order to focus on book projects, but can send you a list of astrologers whose work I know and respect.

      If finances are a consideration, you might consider submitting your question to Eileen McCabe, the advice columnist at Dell Horoscope magazine. Like myself, she has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and many years of experience in both astrology and counseling. Read more about her work and how to submit a question here:

      Donna Cunningham

  60. This is interesting. I have neptune in 10th conjunct MC at 2′ (too close for comfort). Career path was confusing for me for a long time. I wanted Glamour so decided to pursue surgery, Pluto was in transition over 10 and after a struggle with my psychological issues I gave up & opted for psychiatry. (Fits Neptune)
    I have 7th house in Virgo & saggi on 10th. I also have Uranus in 9th or 10th depending on house systems.

    Neptune squares my Pisces ascendant making my image & career choice nebulous & confusing. I am glamourous to the eyes outside but myself find routine/jobs spiritually taxing. I would personally opt for a spiritual life path some where in the deep woods.

  61. Thank you, Donna, for the article and all fellow Neptunians who contributed in the comments. I’m Cancer rising and also on the cusp of 2nd, Pisces MC, Neptune in Sag in 6th loosely conjunct Mercury opposite retro Jupiter in 12th. Moon in Capricorn in 6th exactly square the NN in Libra in 4th.

    I have always felt as if I was born with a spare set of eyes that wanted to look somewhere beyond and nobody around me seemed to be using them or even acknowledging there is a ‘beyond’. I drifted and daydreamed my way to an artistic self-employed job (love working from home and using imagination) that financially waxes and wanes (mostly wanes) in Moon-like fashion together with my hope, satisfaction and motivation. Now transiting Neptune stands on my MC, transiting Saturn on my Neptune and the fog thickens. But strangely, with further career and work confusion in the ‘real’ life, something else is happening. It’s as if I never tried to see in the fog because everybody said you can’t. But now I’m seeing that the fog isn’t really a fog. It may be the ‘beyond’ I was always looking for. A different kind of reality which we need to see with a different set of eyes. Will it be ‘useful’ in my career, will it bring me financial independence? I don’t know. But it feels like finally finding home. Interesting times…

  62. I have retrograde Jupiter exactly conjunct my Pisces MC (it trines the moon – end of the 1st, some say in the 2nd – and Venus – in the 6th- and it squares Saturn in the 6th, and Uranus-in the 7th).

    What I have noticed in my work experience so far is that…

    In most cases I don’t get the job I am applying for, but instead I get a position that wasn’t advertised.
    HR managers also seem to try to put me into finance positions, even though I am a mess dealing with money, and I don’t have a finance background at all.
    My job changes occur because of external pressure. I have never been fired, if I leave a job it is generally due to something unexpected and beyond my control.
    My supervisors tend to like me a lot. I have heard some of my previous supervisors still praise me after years of having left the job…
    I have a nagging feeling when working that I am screwing up all the time, even when I am not.
    I am also a perfectionist, and I want a task to be perfect, so I tend to review it over and over again.
    I noticed it seems I am way nicer to people at work, than to my friends and family, it is sort of my default mode when I am working.
    I don’t have a career, I feel stuck by not having any idea of what to do with my life in that sense. I have thought of many options before, but it seems time is running out and I have to figure something that is financially stable soon. Transiting Neptune is getting closer to my MC, which “thickens the fog”.

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