Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 20, 2010

Uranus in the 2nd—Freedom & Individuality, vs. Financial Stability

©2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

When Uranus or Aquarius planets are prominent in the vocational houses (2, 6, 10),  the career path is inextricably tied to the Uranian quest to develop our individuality and our unique genius, no matter how difficult that may make survival at times. Through our work, we announce to the world, “This is who I am, like it or lump it.”

 Those who present this motto with charm and wit generally get a better reception than those who do it with a chip on the shoulder. Some with difficult Uranus placements prominent are moved by a deep, almost claustrophobic need for self-preservation where their individuality is concerned. They can’t simply conform, even if that sometimes makes it hard to pay the rent.

 “Flying High in April, Shot Down in May”

Uranus in the 2nd natally or by transit is known for its financial ups and downs—even for wide swings between periodically striking it rich and being wiped out. This dramatic pattern is not something to hold the heavens accountable for, but instead we must look at the motives and behaviors that create these ups and downs.

Where Uranus is placed in our charts, we tend to seek excitement, even to be hooked on it. The dreaded scourge of boredom is something a Uranian avoids at all cost, repeatedly precipitating disruptions to the status quo.

Those with Uranus or Aquarian planets in the 2nd are Aquarian where they’re most expected to be Taurean. For many of them, there is a certain excitement in living on the edge of financial ruin.

They may feel an adrenaline rush when they go to the cash machine, never knowing if there will be money in the bank or not—almost like a spin at the roulette wheel.

Will that check bounce, and will the money for the rent come through at the last moment? The die-hard rebels among them can consciously or unconsciously enjoy the game of outwitting and evading fiscal authorities like IRS agents and collection agencies. By contrast, paying recurring bills promptly is deadeningly humdrum.

Dysfunctional–or Crazy Like a Fox?

 With Uranus placements, what looks like dysfunction is often a case of being crazy like a fox—our seemingly erratic behavior in that area of life is calculated to produce results that serve us over the long run.

How does this pattern apply to Uranus in the 2nd? Fiscal upheavals that disrupt the status quo are a way to periodically break out of vocational ruts that threaten to calcify our minds and souls.

A pattern some Uranus-in-the 2nd people fall into is to be fired or laid off repeatedly, work in seasonal industries with long stretches of time off, specialize in a high-risk, constantly changing marketplace, or be self-employed. Patterns like this mean continually reinventing your way of earning a living—and Uranians are inventive.

The “crazy like a fox” part of this pattern is that it develops the Uranians’ capacity to be innovative, highly independent, and sharp as a whip about survival. It also helps them detach from depending on money for security or self-worth. This detachment can also extend to their varied skills and abilities, for they’re not as identified with their work as people with Uranus in the 10th or 6th.   They consider that paycheck just a means to an end.

The brighter ones keep pace with society’s leading edge, and from time to time, their innovations or fascinations precisely fit our culture’s needs or current fads. (Envious onlookers like to dismiss these intermittent synergies as a “fluke.”)

Getting Bored is Trouble! Time to Diversify

 Talented Uranians can strike it rich and make a killing for as long as their invention or creation is popular—or until the niche they created becomes boring.

When that happens, they may unconsciously arrange to mess up so spectacularly that they’re once more out in the cold, just to get out from under a structure that’s now too confining.

The fall from grace can be carefully orchestrated to liberate them from bondage to their increasing respectability.

Depending on natal aspects and how they intersect with current outer planet placements, they may have had their fifteen minutes of fame and never be heard from again—or they may hit the jackpot from time to time with their wild and wooly inspirations.

Uranus transits to the vocational houses or transits to natal Uranus may coincide with these vocational peaks and valleys.

Successful people with this placement are canny enough to recognize that money is freedom. They’re careful about making and stashing away enough to give them the freedom not to have to do work they hate, but they invent ways of making money that don’t entail a permanent commitment.

OPIL v1-2014 smFor multi-talented individuals, diversification is often their strategy to avoid settling into a single, eventually boring enterprise or line of work. They easily pick up any number of marketable skills and stay on the leading edge.  Having more than one way of earning a living is their hedge against the fiscal ups and downs so typical of this placement. If one sideline is flat-lining, another may be doing well.

(If you suspect you’re a Uranian, or if one lives or works with you, you’d want to read the rest of this chapter about Uranus as a career indictor from myebook,  The Outer Planets and Inner Life, volume 1: The Outer Planets as Career Indicators, available at

Readers with Uranus or Aquarius in the 2nd:  Please share some of your financial ups and downs–and the exciting times–with us in the comment section so that we can all learn more about this placement.  Have you learned how to avoid getting bored and still earn a living?

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  1. Donna, it is truly amazing how I have connected with many of your recent articles, and this one is certainly no exception! Wouldn’t you know Uranus is in my 2nd natally? I’m happy to be your guinea pig here and discuss my experience with this placement.

    I have Uranus (retrograde) in the 2nd in Scorpio. While many of the classic and textbook experiences of this placement apply (longest stint at any job has never been more than 2 years, financial ups and downs, unusual ways of earning a living) the flavor has been a little different for me.

    As far as the second showing us how we meet our obligations, Scorpio on this house cusp has helped to anchor the Uranian energy a bit. Though I’ve had many swings from financial feasts to famines, I’ve managed to have never been a day late paying any of my bills in my entire life. The ups and downs have taught me the importance of always putting money aside for a rainy day, as I’ve certainly had more than a few of those!

    The retrograde motion of Uranus in my natal chart has made it hard for me for the most part to connect with some of the typical interpretations of this placement. I spent 10 years in a highly technical proffession which was male dominated, and definately felt like the “odd man out”….what I did not yet realize at that point in time that this was not the only way this energy would play out.

    As I mentioned earlier, the notion of having a “steady” paycheck has been laughable for me. It’s not that I did any risky freelance work or was self-employed, it’s just that if I look at the number of jobs I’ve held in a 10 year period and also periodic bouts of unemployment, my overall finacial picture could hardly be described as “stable”.

    I came to the conclusion after 10 years of trying to make it work that I’m just not cut out for the proffession I was in. I was able to ask myself why, despite my best efforts and being a good worker, that my jobs never wound up being a good fit for me. What was life trying to tell me?

    I eventually realized I was meant for something else entirely. Although I’ve loved astrology since I was an adolescent, up until that point I never considered it a potentially viable source of income, plus it had for me a really negetive association with my mother (a WHOLE other ball of wax!)

    When I found myself laid off from my last job I did a lot off soul searching and knew I HAD to do something very different from anything else I’d ever done before. I decided to take a huge leap of faith and start practicing astrology professionally, which coincided with a trine transitting Uranus in my 6th was making to my natal Uranus in the 2nd.

    The only reason this was made possible for me to even begin to entertain was the fact that I was recieving unemployment benefits – I truely felt this was life’s way of pushing me to do this. If there was ever going to be a time for me to try to strike out on my own it was then, and I feel blessed and very fortunate that what seemed like such a devastating thing at the time (losing my job) turned out to be a pivotal time in my life where the trajectory of my life changed entirely. It was a true blessing for which I am so thankful.

    A large part of Uranus is about being able to heed a “higher call”. I had no desire to be an entrepreneur or to do this professionally – life just prodded me a couple of times and I needed to listen. Now, I find my work completely satisfying, genuinely enjoy the freedom it has brought me, and feel like I am able to do my own unique part to serve humanity. Learning to roll WITH the punches of Uranus is so important – the changes it brings are neccessary and are ALWAYS for the better if we can recognize the higher order at work behind them.

    • That is sooooo Uranus in the 2nd, but I loved that you brought in the Uranus in Scorpio part of it. (So that you can see how long I’ve been involved in astrology, I was already an astrologer and a published author by the time you were born!)

      I’ve always observed that the sign Uranus is in is an indication of the direction the field of astrology will take during that transit, and Uranus in Scorpio was the absolute heyday of psychological astrology. (I do look forward to the shift to Aries to bring new energy, direction, and fresh blood to the astrological scene.)

      I loved what you say here too: “A large part of Uranus is about being able to heed a higher call.” Totally accurate–I think for Uranians their work MUST be a true calling or they never feel it’s a correct fit, just something they do to survive. Donna

  2. Thanks, Donna!

    And yes, my interest in astrology does not center so much around the “predictive” element, rather as you stated about Uranus in Scorpio the psychological component.

    I also wanted to add for your readers that those with a retrograde Uranus placement in any house often have difficulty being in touch with their own need for individuality in that area of life.

    In my case, I was pushed by circumstance alone to go out and be unique and independent in how I earn income. I never had a desire to be an entrepreneur and own my own business – life just tapped me on the shoulder a few times and I stopped and listened. Who am I to argue if it had something different in mind for me? I could continue to fight it and get nowhere, or I could stop my kicking and screaming and just go with it and see what happens……

    I have another family member who is self employed and I always said I never wanted the headaches of owning my own business. I just wanted to go to work, work my 40 hours, and take home my paycheck at the end of the week. Little did I know what life had in store for me….

    • Paychecks are nice. I dimly remember paychecks. But at the point when transiting Uranus made a quincunx to my MH, I got up one morning and suddenly knew I couldn’t do it any more, so I went in to work and resigned from the highest paying job I ever had. Like you say, life took over and Uranus spoke. Donna

      • This post is incredibly old, but I had to share. I also have my Uranus retrograde in my 2nd house in Scorpio. I REALLY relate to the woman’s experiences above. After years sitting in an office, I was downsized. At the same time, my husband got hired on at a great place so I was able to stay home with our children. But I’m a restless Aries, can’t do just that! So after I quilted, canned, homeschooled, and sewed my way through a couple of years, I really got itchy! So I started teaching classes at co-ops for history and cooking and home ec and what-have-you. Made a little money here and there. Very spotty. But the one thing I wanted to mention most is that Scorpio COMPLETELY tempers Uranus here! After incredible money upheavals during my childhood and later teen years when I was on my own, I learned how to pay bills and have money set aside for a rainy day! Bills are only unpaid recently when I’ve become so busy I forget to take care of my spreadsheeted budget. 🙂

        Recently, I looked for a 10 hour a week work from home job to pay for our son to go to military school. That went along for about a month or two. Then the CEO saw what I can do and he rapidly advanced me. My head is still spinning a bit from that, actually. Increased my pay now by $3 an hour from original wages and still going up every month or so. It’s madness. I’m working directly under the CEO now and helping him to run the company as he travels all around the world like a ping pong ball and warning him about signing contracts during a Mercury retrograde…

        Anyway, I also wanted to address the lady below who started studying astrology from the age of 10… that was me, too! I even made extra money when I was pregnant with my first child doing charts for people. Astrology isn’t a career for certain, but it’s a passionate hobby and sometimes money maker which is why I think Uranus fits so snugly in my 2nd house instead of perhaps the 10th.

        Despite my early bad experiences with astrology from my mother (ditto to the woman above possibly?) even after becoming a Christian again I have held onto it because I know it’s accurate and is possibly one of the best signs of God’s existence that I know of.

        I’ll tell you folks one of the earliest bad memories about astrology I had. When I was very little, perhaps 5, my mother and her friend were looking at my chart and they saw the stellium of sun, mars, and venus in my chart in Aries in the 6th house opposition jupiter and saturn conjunct in Libra. For some reason, this bozo looked at me and he told my mother: ‘she’s going to be a very active prostitute’.

        Haha. Idiot astrologers like that make me laugh. Anyway, thanks for this post. It was very insightful.

      • Your examples really help clarify the various ways that placement could be expressed, Gabrielle. Thanks for sharing.

        I hate when astrologers/astrology lovers make that kind of comment, especially when looking at a young child’s chart. One upset young mother wrote to me because a bunch of perverted old biddies looked at her infant son’s chart with several planets in Scorpio in the 8th and agreed that he’d grow up to be a sex maniac. Why on earth would anyone say that to the mother of a newborn? Donna

  3. Uranus in Gemini in the second house, the fulcrum of a bruiser square from the first to the fourth houses, has not been so uplifting as the above example but it has been central to my thinking/intuition.

    I have missed many payments and have refused to settle for routines, for accepting that rainy days may return. One of my first memories from early on, maybe the 2nd grade, was refusing in my heart to accept a routine which both my parents and teacher counseled. Messy as I was I was always an A student.

    The beautiful part is astrology. I have taught basic natal astrology classes and have done many, many readings and I know that I have helped others accept parts of themselves that seemed absolutely unacceptable. I could do this I am now thinking because of this very placement of Uranus- I have simply been unable to become a “good citizen” even when my spiritual mind knows that I am failing those I would not hurt- such as telling the landlord that the rent will be late again!!

    I understand that Uranus in the second is the gift of astrology, a mental gift. I grew up in a village in SW Kansas and was raised in the strict Christian faith-no one,no one ever seemed to think anything other than what was spoken in our schools and church and yet I had learned the astrological signs and had typed everyone in my life by the time I was ten years old. My first astrology teachers were the straight,square women’s magazines my mother brought into our home!!

    Today after reading your article and the response (s) I now recognize this as the gift of Uranus in the second. My first formal class was so mesmerizing that I “studied” astrology in my sleep until my teacher taught me that it was not necessary for me to study constantly.

    Funny that I never recognized the power of my Uranus placement until this morning upon reading what you have offered. HMMM! I was stuck in worrying that people, especially men, don’t like what I have to say. Well the square which Uranus fulcrums is Mars/Venus in early Taurus square Saturn/Moon/Pluto in early Leo and I now know that Chiron is opposing Mars almost exactly but as with you when I was “learning” astrology we did not yet recognize Chiron.

    I hope that I am not being too exhibitionist here but I want to show how Uranus can be so powerful in the second-my life has been gifted by this placement even though I am not so smooth nor flowing an individual. I have broken rules and refused to accept the routine AND I have grown spiritually and i am generous with my gifts willing to share what I have with anyone who asks.

    • Ten years old and studying astrology? Wow, Sparrow, that is awesome! I didn’t find astrology until close to my Saturn return, and by that time I already had a Masters’ degree in Social work and several years experience in that. As soon as I started studying astrology, though, I was headed out the door. But the social work ed and experience was the perfect preparation for my real work. Donna

      PS. My astrological indicators for work in this field are a tight semisquare from Uranus to my Midheaven, a Uranus-Saturn conjunction, 4 planets in the 11th, and a quintile from Uranus to my MH ruler.

    • Hi Sparrow,

      Love the handle – I’ve always been a bird lover! I’m curious if your natal Uranus aspects your Midheaven or any other vocational placements… took me a LONG time to realize that astrology could be a career option for me! It’s funny, but when you see placements in other people it is much easier to recognize the potential effects – sometimes when you’re living your own life and seeing the world thru your own “lens” it can be hard to get proper perspective. How a planetary energy truly plays out may be different from the context we try to put it in when we’re living it…

      Had I looked at this placement in a client’s chart I would have explored the potential for the individual to pursue a truly Uranian career path, but I’m sorry to say because it was my own chart the blinders were up a bit, as I gave it a slightly different context based on my experience. The fact that its motion in my natal chart is retrograde didn’t help as it put me “out of touch” with feeling a need for independence in this area of life. Uranus is also quincunx my natal Sun and trine my Midheaven. For me, I thought the Uranian element was mainly about being a woman in a technical and male-dominated field, but didn’t see at the time that this was just one LAYER of how this would eventually play out….Hindsight is always 20/20.

  4. My Uranus is also in the 2nd house, and am an Aquarius sun. Your article seems torn out of my brain. I tend to get bored very quickly with the routine 9-5 jobs, and have worked in more industries over the past decade than most in their lifetime. Before I use to pride myself on being so nonchalant about $, but now I realize that yes, $ is freedom. Even if I dont like that fact, it is a reality. So, as your article said, I’ve decided to cultivate a few spheres of my life so I have an abundance of educational/work skill ammunition to broaden my career choices. Also I’m trying to balance my long term goals with my short term spur of the moment reactions. I use to just go with the moment, which is great fun, but I tended to sacrifice my future for the present…which is not so fun once the future is the present.

    • Oooooo! So well said! Yours truly is also working on diversifying… Got to be flexible and adaptable when Uranus inhabits the 2nd! Roll with those punches!

    • Inaness, vocationally you are definitely a Uranian. I should have put this in the article, but people with the outer planets as career indicators often don’t really hit their stride and settle comfortably into their true path until the midlife cycle (Uranus opposite Uranus being the big one for Uranians).

      It may seem that those earlier career paths are a waste of time, but it’s not true. The outer planets take time and seasoning to really come into their own. And our previous job experiences give us each a unique skill set that seems providentially to come in handy when we come to the Uranian segment of our life path. Donna

      • Donna,
        “It may seem that those earlier career paths are a waste of time, but it’s not true. The outer planets take time and seasoning to really come into their own. And our previous job experiences give us each a unique skill set that seems providentially to come in handy when we come to the Uranian segment of our life path.”

        Yes! So spot on, I can totally see that happening in my life. To a certain extent all my past work experience has already come in handy. A friend always likes to joke that there is, “for some odd reason, a method to my madness.” I try to trust my judgment, even though it can be difficult to articulate where and when my disparate experiences will culminate into a collective career/life path..I feel it. Even though the visual is far off and somewhat blurred, I intuitively know that there is a destination. Though that answer can be very nerve-wracking for loved ones to hear. :/

        I’m curious if other vocationally Uranian types have that sense as well.

        haha! Indeed, the key word is diversification! 😀

      • What about transiting Uranus conjuncting your natal Sun, Mars, and Venus? I’ve never gotten much into predictive astrology. Always been more of a natal/psychology type of astrologer. Just wondering because I looked to see what sign Uranus was currently in (tells you how long it’s been since I picked up an ephemeride) and it’s conjuncting my stellium of sun, mars,and venus and opposing jupiter and saturn.

  5. Hello Donna and everyone.

    I too have Uranus in the 2nd in Cancer, conjunct my SN, square Neptune, widely trine my chart ruler Mercury, and widely trine Venus and my Sun.

    I have occassionally had a typical 9-5 type job, but hardly. For most of my working life I have been self-employed. As a CPA and CFP I had a very lucrative business. After twenty years I quit it all and went to work in an ashram for a small stipend. Now I’m back to work, but mainly I’m blogging and seeing where I can go in the virtual business world.

    I had a child at 22 (Uranus in Cancer?) which forced me to be responsible about money, home (I owned my own home at 24), and stability. As soon as I wrote the last check for my son’s college I quit everything and went to the ashram.

    Unlike some of the responses above, I love money and always have. I haven’t always had a lot but when I do, I’m definitely more happy.

    Right now, for the first time in my life, someone else is supporting me. Which is great but I constantly yearn for my own earned income. It’s hard for me to be dependent on anyone else and this is a big step for me to let myself be provided for. I think that’s Uranus in the 2nd too.

    • Hi Ellen…I also have Uranus in the 2nd (@ 1 degree Scorpio). What you said about it being hard to be dependent on someone else resonated with me. I went through that recently. Had to learn to “allow” abundance in whatever form.

      I also have Pluto on my 1st/2nd cusp…going to read Pluto in the 2nd next. Ever since I was fired from my job as a flight attendant 6 years ago (because of my personal blog!), I have struggled to find the right path.

      Has anyone here actually “struck it rich”? It seems we’ve all been wiped out! 😛

      • Hi Ellen S.,

        As one with Uranus in Scorpio in the 2nd AND Pluto in the first (like yourself) I thought I should respond to your query. Though I haven’t struck it rich (yet) and (as I mentioned in my comment above) my overall financial picture can’t really be described as “stable”, I have managed to NEVER be late paying any of my bills.

        I do find that income comes in waves for me – sometimes I have more than I need, which I put away for a rainy day, other times (i.e. job loss) I find myself struggling. As I have now fully attuned to the Uranian energy in my life and am pusuing a career as an astrologer, I am confident my long-term picture will improve. It’s already looking up as we speak. I’ll let you know what happens 😉

        I read an article written by Lynn Koiner some time ago about natal retrogrades in the horoscope. Since Uranus is Rx in my 2nd, my interest was naturally piqued. In her observations, she found that those with this placement Rx DO find financial stability by following Uranus. They NEED to find a way to be unique, unconventional, and independent in how they earn income. When they honor the Uranian element of themselves in this respect, their financial picture seems to even out.

        So far, based on personal experience I can say this seems to be an accurate statement. She also noted (as Donna has also stated) that it often takes the individual quite some time to get in touch with this component of the Self. I just want to hammer home the fact that it is truly a developmental/evolutionary NEED, even if the individual does not recognize or consiously “want” to pursue a Uranian path in how they earn a living. Uranus represents the Higher Order at work, so its placement can sometimes be a place where we must say “Let Thy will, not my will, be done.” I’d say this pretty well sums up my experience with Uranus. I hope you have found this information helpful.

      • Well, put, Alethea–and true of Uranus’s function whichever house it inhabits in a person’s birth chart…and then the house of transiting Uranus spells out still another chapter in our ongoing quest for identity, as identity is never fixed in stone for all time. We keep reinventing ourselves for as long as we live. Donna

      • Hi again Ellen S.,

        I just wanted to add that I hope you check out Donna’s recent piece on Pluto in the 2nd as well if you haven’t already. Since you’ve stated Pluto is on your 2nd house cusp I’m sure you feel a lot of Plutonian energy in this house in addition to the Uranian element. This can help explain why you might be relating more to the “wiped out” element that the fluctuations Uranus in the 2nd can bring.

  6. Inaness, so Uranian “tended to sacrifice my future for the present…which is not fun when the future is the present.” I am sending you sprinkles of light and love for putting the entire Uranus in the second challenge into wonderful words.

    Donna- yes studying astrology at age 10 but never got through college!! In fact the only mature thing I managed was to mother (Saturn Moon Pluto all together) and to communicate (Vesta N Node Sun Mercury Uranus in Gemini); stayed in a civil service job for income security and ruined my health in so doing and no sympathy requested.

    I am simply one of the single mothers of the lower middle class and I am now “retired” with a pension and Social Security and with enough time now to start over on developing the astrology and love that I was born with into grounded thoughts that will transform into resources I can use to pay that rent on time,etc.

    I am loving this site. You have really come to the point of bringing continuing education to astrologers and for free. I am so grateful to have been reading you all these years. I also appreciate all the dues you paid early so that you are now professionally organized enough to be of immense service to your collective.

    • Thank you, Sparrow. I am loving this blog and the new forms of teaching it provides…all very manageable and interactive. I used to teach three nights a week when I lived in NYC, but the very odd thing about Portland is that it is nearly impossible to get classes going, so as much as I love the city, there’s been no real opportunity to teach here for nearly 13 years. And with Sun conjunct Jupiter and a 9th house Moon, teaching is part of me. Donna

    • Sing Sparrow,
      Thank you for the kind words, and “sprinkles of light and love.” Makes me feel all happy and warm inside. 😀
      Its very inspirational of you to be pursuing your dreams now. I’ve talked to so many people at the end of their so called formal careers who just see their dreams as out of reach, or to late to pursue. I’m a firm believer that it is never to late. If we perceive ourselves from within, out..we are still essentially the same person we were years before. I only feel bogged down by time when I perceive myself from without, in. Its these arbitrary outer prescriptions of self that really hinder the manifestation of human limitlessness.

  7. OH! Ellen, desiring your “own” would sound like that Uranus in Cancer in the second. And then thinking HMMM conjunct the S Node-so….maybe you developed that, the self made resources, long,long ago and this time you can relax there (owned your own home at age 24? I rest my case!! Just speaking lightly.) Someone else is covering your expenses now? HMMM what is going on with that N Node in the eighth?
    Well I sure loved thinking about your Uranus in the second in Cancer.

  8. Hello Donna,

    Excellent article, no surprise. 😉

    I certainly resonate with your comments. I have Uranus in the 2nd (in Leo, at Regulus) and it makes only two aspects…a square to Mars (ruler of the Midheaven) and a quindecile to Jupiter.

    You mentioned seasonal work, which, when I was younger, was right on the money. I worked in an ice plant as shift manager. We worked like crazy for half a year (I can remember doing double shifts on MANY occasions) and the other half of the year, there was NOTHING. At the time, that suited me just perfectly!

    Later, I got a very well-paying government job and made my way into management. Where others might have held onto this “sacred” position for LIFE, I just walked away from it all, BECAUSE IT WAS NOT ME. (How Uranian is THAT statement!) I wanted to move overseas and practice Astrology. (Something I had done for MANY years in the states, but never really with full steam, since I had my “career” sucking up most of my time, energy, drive, and for sure, my enthusiasm.) Once having made the move, I can only say that it surely was the right move to make. Unsettling at first? Of course. Ultimately paying off? Thank God!

    With Jupiter trine Sun (ruling 2nd), I am not really a (fiscal) security type of person. I know that I will always be taken care of, so it takes the pressure off. (something that is good, since the 2nd House Uranus has certainly had me with more money that I knew what to do with as well as wondering how I would make my bills at other times) To many, it would be a tremendous pressure, but to me, it just seems the natural ebb and flow of circumstances in my life.

    Certainly, if things start to get boring, or I don’t feel particularly individually appreciated, the longing for something else will begin…and likely followed up with decisive actions aimed towards building a more personally satisfying future.

    If not too debilitated, Uranus in the 2nd usually works well for those who are running their own businesses. I sure hope that’s the case. So far, fingers crossed, it’s working!

    Very interesting article, Donna!

    Thanks for all the regular food for thought that shows up in my mailbox!



  9. I have Uranus in the 2nd in Libra which is trine my 6th house Aquarius sun but yet I work at a boring office job which I’ve had for 13 years! But I have Saturn on the MC which is trine my 2nd house cusp. Just shows you need to take the whole chart into consideration!

    Still, I am making some big changes soon and hope to harness that 2nd house Uranus in order to make a move into something more independent and less corporate! Wish me luck!

  10. *Raises hand* – another Uranus in 2nd house here. For me I am powerfully motivated to be self employed. I’ve always hated any kind of ‘normal’ employment with a fiery passion! Money = freedom is definately a motto for me.
    Studying to be a professional astrologer whilst holding down a day job has been the only way I can give reason to the day job. Coupled with my 9th stellium in Aries, my work and my ‘gift’ (which is how I see planets in the 2nd) is clairvoyant/intuitive/visionary work. The tensions of Uranus meant that for several years I was unable to work due to chronic anxiety (my Uranus is in Virgo!)- mostly caused by feeling not ‘free’ enough to simply do what I want to do.
    Having studied astrology for around 20 years it is only now, just as I passed through my Uranus half return that I found the freedom within to truly follow my path – happily working towards self-employment, embracing my individuality and no longer feeling like I have to ‘conform’. The blocks were on the inside, not on the outside! Of course my Taurus Sun may grumble a bit about not having a guarenteed paycheck but that’s another story:-))

  11. Good lord. With Aquarius ruling my 2nd house and ruler Uranus conjunct my natal Venus, truer words could not have been spoken. “For many of them, there is a certain excitement in living on the edge of financial ruin.” Ha.

    Still waiting to hit the jackpot though!

  12. Thank you Donna for such a helpful article – and everyone for your comments! Good to know I’m not the only one! I have Uranus in Leo in 2 (Pluto’s there as well – just to darken the picture somewhat – oh, and my North Node – conjunct Pluto – just to really hammer the lessons home)…..
    I have semi called myself an astrologer since the early 90’s – but am always conscious of this shadow around ‘announcing it to the world’ – I hide my light so to speak (Pluto?) – and constantly feel the need to get ‘into the real world’ – so I work as a freelance writer as well. My lack of commitment and self-belief (which is again, a 2nd house issue – self worth) – seems to hinder my progress constantly. It’s good to hear something positive about this placement because often I have this underlying anxiety about my financial situation. I have never been poverty striken – and was married to a wealthy man for 17 years -(now I’m supporting myself – and my four grown up kids! – just can’t stop being a mum). And my financial situation now is a not so rosy…… I’m waiting for Uranus to take an upward turn sometime soon. (Law of attraction – self worth issues – ie ‘I’m not valuable’ – so the universe responds in kind??)
    Can I ask Donna – how does one address this core issue? (Sure you can answer that in a sentence)…
    Thanks again, for some useful insights

    • In a sentence? No, my dear, it’s a lifetime worth of temporary solutions, all bearing the stamp of Uranian exploration of the true identity. You have been on that path, have found a variety of solutions, and you will doubtlessly go through many more such experiments for the remainder of your life. It is all okay. Donna

  13. Thanks Donna. (I meant to add a ‘haha’ to the bit about ‘one sentence’… )
    Interesting…….Yes, on we go. Uranian exploration of true identity – wouldn’t that be more Sun-Uranus? I have the two inconjunct – so it fits either way.
    Do you see Uranus in 2 as being fundamentally about ‘true identity – as and in, a Uranian way (working as an astrologer, having a particular attitude to money etc. ) is this really about ‘who we are’ at that basic (Taurean) level?
    Unless you want to move onto something else….
    Thank you

    • I’d say more, Linda, that earning a living is part of the path you take in the quest for your true identity. The many and varied ways you will earn a living in the course of your working life will all add more facets to the mystery of who you are, in the same way that a person with Uranus in the third might find it through writingl Thanks for the question–I don’t think I’ve ever articulated that concept before. Donna

  14. Can I just add (after re-reading your request for comment) – that yes, I feel routine to be next to death. I have never stayed in a job for more than a year (!) yikes. I am now self-employed (or self unemployed as I call it) – working from home, writing,doing some astrology. I relish the freedom of being able to get up any time and go for a bush walk, or go into town, meet a friend for coffee, attend a yoga class (which I do most mornings). My time is my own and I love it. I’m listening to the birds in my garden and appreciating the sun streaming in and making everything look so green and beautiful outside.
    But the flip side is feeling that’s not so nice – is it guilt? or anxiety? – all I know is it is definitely related to money. I should be generating it, doing something in the ‘real’ world, making more effort – but somehow I just can’t give up what I love and do it! I live on trust that I will be okay….
    It’s a strange one.

  15. Im so thankful I found others with a Uranus in the 2nd as I dont feel so alone when it comes to my employment history. I also have a natal pluto in my 2nd along with Uranus in Libra, though not conjunct.

    Recently, I had a hysterectomy that didnt go so well and as a result has forced me to take time off from my job which I absolutely hated anyway & planned on finding a new once my surgery was over, I was determined to stay until I found something else, as the money was really good. Now, there is just no way that I can go back there. The job sucked the life out of me & the energy was very dark and prison camp like. While I have been home trying to recover I have begun contracting my self out & really like it & feel that is the way I should head toward even
    though the $ isnt enough to support me @ the moment, I know in time it will, I am just very scared.

    I have transiting saturn sitting conjunct on my natal pluto opposing transiting uranus in my 8th house, so I am just telling myself this is that time when it was time for me to change the way I support myself, even though I wasnt mentally prepared for it.

    I too have always loved astrology & spent many years studying it & would spend all my time studying it, going from lecture to lecture (4 planets in Sag & 2 planets in Gem) if I could.

    Anyway, it was so refreshing to read everyones post here, I dont feel so alone now.

    • Yeah, Uranus transits come at a time when you just can’t go on with the old way, because it’s just not you any more. I often compare it to an earthquake–it seems like a sudden jolting shakeup, but under the surface, pressure was building up along the fault line for a long time. Then there are aftershocks as we progressively adjust to the new way of being. It will be all right, just take care of yourself untily you heal from the surgery. Donna

  16. Hi, thanks for writing such a good article on the placement of Uranus in the second house. It made me understood myself more. I had Uranus in the second house in Scorpio.

    In the past few years, I could not fathom why I tend to get bored with routine 9-5 jobs with a stable paycheck easier than everyone else despite only being on the job for three months (internships, temp jobs,etc). I found myself liking to have the freedom to going around a variety of jobs instead of sticking with one. I’m currently in my first real permanent 9-5 job, going towards a year soon, and I have already find myself taking time off work frequently. I like my job, as the environment is good, but I just know it is not my destiny to stick with the it throughout the rest of my life. I could not visualize working for the sake of money. I had this notion calling out to me “GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING THAT IS MORE YOU” more and more often, but I’m still trying to figure out what is that “something”.

    Currently, I’m trying to make myself stick with the same job for two years, as I understand that I still need $$ to pay off my bills and I need the work experience. Besides that, I’m making plans to learn a new skill, hopefully, to direct some of this restless energy away and movtivate myself to look forward to going to work everyday.

    • Easily bored with routine jobs? Uranus in the 2nd? Oh, yeah, get used to it!! You will probably go through more jobs in a decade than others do in a lifetime. But I always say that Uranus placements are where we’re crazy like a fox. What happens is that you learn new skills on each job, as long or as brief as it might be, so that you become over time skilled at many things and can create a self-employed enterprise where you can use those skills in diverse and interesting ways. It equips you to keep solvent in an unstable economy too. Donna

  17. Thanks for the article. I have Uranus in the 2nd house of Aries square Pluto in 6th house of Cancer and Saturn in !2th house Capricorn. I also have Moon in 2nd house trine Venus in Leo 6th house and MC at 2 Sagittarius. When Pluto transited my MC in 1990 I gave up my free lance career in interior design and learned computer skills. I have currently been employed at the same law firm for 10 years. But as I need more hours/income I am contemplating formally studying astrology (which I love) and becoming professional. My birth info is 9/15/32, 5:01 PM in Elsmere, KY. I would appreciate your comments.

    • Hi, Marion, I no longer do individual charts except through my Dell Horoscope advice column, but you’re welcome to write to me there. Donna

  18. WoW.. Jawdropping ! I read this some weeks back but just got time to post my experience and questions.
    My Details:
    Uranus – 2nd house/Sagittarius
    Opposition – Mars & Sun & Chiron
    Trine – MC & Venus
    & Sextile – Jupiter & Moon & Pluto,
    (SUN- Gemini, ASC- Scorpio)

    My Experience:
    I fully relate to
    1) Not being tied down and always fearing getting bored. HATE The DAILY RUT (as big as these letters). Try to extract 48hrs out of 24 when i am really doing something. (I read somewhere here only, i think, about how bad such people will feel if they get paralyzed..gosh)
    2) Being Self dependent, Self employed and being my own boss. I have been self dependent from the age of 23 (just crossed silver jubilee) and on same self-dependency path.
    3) Love to do what, when and how i want. (as the other guy said above). “Time is priceless” as they say it and i love having that thing for whatever i want.
    4) “This is who I am, like it or lump it.” Sure. You got to be real in life. I am not a camouflaging hyprocrit. Be what you are !
    5) This was really amazing, as donna pointed– i am a Tech-freak, computers, internet -my lifeline, gadget-lover. I am the most sought after person(in family in relatives) when some1 needs to buy something related and for all the answers.
    6) Yes my earnings are all associated with my work with computers and using the power of communication to make money.
    7) Yes, i usually have multiple means of earning.
    8) Financial ups and down- In these yrs of self dependency, sure, there are too much ups and down esp. 2009. In fact at some point they were frustratingly difficult. “Flying high in apr and shot down in may” exacts fits. I have got relatively stable though after this yrs Solar return and trying to also. May be.. IDK.

    But sometimes i this feeling of Uranians being independent and doing things the way not being done, may be seen restlessly by say family elders or people around, say parents. But dont see why one can’t invent things. Things get afresh and something new is seen in this world when we want a change . Ain’t it?
    Whats wrong?
    Just that USUALLY people don’t work that way, doesn’t mean you have to be a SLAVE of your boss or 9-5 Job rut and leave the time for you and your family/friends from 5-9 (just in case you have the power/tension-less mind, left for that)

    Q1. Presently i see the Uranus has progressed to my 5th house (not 6th) and is retrograde. Would like donna to comment on what progression of uranus to 5th house means?

    Q2. How does Venus in 6th (aries) related to this 2nd house uranus? (esp when its Trine)

    Q3. BONUS: Somewhere donna mentioned about higher education issues with Uranus in 2nd? was it donna? Well sharing my experience, sure i graduated from something which needs a lot of after graduation degrees and certifications to get really established in this world, the conventional way (which ages you by that time). But I applied my communication skills and knowledge of grad. to use computers & internet for providing consultation. And i love it that way and aint planning to get some more paper degrees either! Is that a bad characteristic of Uranus in 2nd or something applied thoughtfully in life?

    Would love your views 🙂

    • Dear Fxguy, you surely are Uranus in the 2nd through and through. I don’t comment on individual charts as I am retired from active practice…and my own Uranus likes it that way. Donna

      • Actually i tried asking the way, other can also get help, if you answer.
        Anyway can you kindly inform what Uranus is 5th (Aries) is all about?


      • We’ll get to the 5th house eventually, but wherever Uranus is, it brings the qualities of Uranus to the matters of that house…the kinds of things you mention. For the 5th, Uranus would be applied to relationships with children, romance, creativity, recreation, and risk-taking. Now be Uranian and put the pieces together yourself. Donna

  19. Uranus transiting 2nd has been funny.

    Started 2005, when I got unsatisfied with my first job ever. I was gaining good money however. 2006 I discovered a new vocation, and in 2007 attempt to quit my job, but instead in 2008 I moved abroad to a different workplace. Still unsatisfied because I was working in same field/project, but earning good.

    In 2009 I quit and stop receiving money and now I am for 1.5 years without any income, but I manage not to have spent much, so I still keep almost my original savings. Instead of did unpaid jobs that I truly loved and it still like that. This is now as Uranus squares natal Sun, obviously!

    Jupiter entered second house and one of former bosses proposed me to earn some good grant, but I rejected this (Uranus) because my old field does not satisfies me.

    Now I finally found a possible new stable and exciting job, already on a new project but no income. While parallel I applied to an unpaid internship abroad, just a mere 3 months to learn something new. Do I worry about it? No, excitement in my life is most important thing.

    But sometimes I feel pissed off, because I know my value but I still don’t know how to sell it.

  20. Great article!

    I have Uranus in Leo (Leo cusp) in the second. I don’t like working for others, although I am a legal secretary, but have worked temp for years. I’ve had problems keeping a job, or finding work throughout my life. Although I am a hard worker, I am undervalued as a worker, and on the pay scale. As I become older, the excitement of financial instability has worn out its welcome.

    It’s old, and so am I!

  21. Donna,

    I have;
    *- Uranus in Libra in 2nd
    *- Aquarius on cusp of 6th

    there is less than 1 degree opposition from uranus in 2nd to mars in 8th.
    but my saturn in 10th is kind of stopping both by sextile with mars and trine with uranus.

    now for spending habits and vocation.

    oh I have a splash, so there are so many aspects, with virgo rising, puts gemini on MC.. there is a lot of Pull in Various directions. 😦

    the one thing I am thankful is my Sag in 4th house, conjunct IC, I keep on learning, and got higher education in many fields, double Masters and PGD on top of my professional degree.

    all this is confusing.. I am interested in so much it is confounding.

    I do a regular job and then I do consultancies from time to time, and I have a Cardinal T-square, with Mars in 8th, Venus in 5th and Uranus in 2nd.. I want to own my own business.. I dont know how, when… but it is a deep seated ambition.

    I do change jobs quite often,, while people once they get used to work and truly understand what is there to learn in a job, must feel at home. I, on the other hand, after 6 months of mastering new skills and job requirement, find it confining. usually I change it around the mark of One Year. By that time, people are known, work is mastered and I am thought of as a Great, brilliant executive/ manager.. and then I QUIT IT.

    in spending habits, I am true minimalist, want sparse and well matched simple living, A LOT Of money in bank, is what I want.. Money in Bank gives me a sense of Safety, for the times when I will invariably need it.

    I spend on my children, music, cds and books.. (venus conjunct jupiter in 5th, maybe)

    I have virgo rising, which is very CRITICAL to adeventurous thinking, I am always torn between the need to experiment and need to be prudent and realistic. I am dying to bid for big consultation work, but for that I would need to give up my 9-5 job, and it scares me to give it up.

    .. do you think, it is my cardinal T-square??? or saturn reigning mars and uranus??

    • A very complicated picture with the 2nd house, which makes it hard to find the “right” way to earn money–diversity is a good track (having a number of different ways to earn money so you are freer to say no to things that don’t suit who you are). Ultimately, having money in the bank gives you freedom. Donna

    • @sexy-sag

      i got the a similar combo.

      *- Uranus in Libra in 2nd
      *- Aquarius on cusp of 6th
      gemini MC, sagitarrius IC
      ergo got Virgo ASC , with my moon

      I got venus in cancer 10th house. so I easily get hired, but not all the time
      sun in 11 th that gives me aquarian qualities.
      thus I get technology related jobs.

      but I got Neptune in 3rd house, opposite of MC
      this makes me hard to focus , and daydream during my job.

  22. to make even more … Uranus in 2nd in Apex point of my Kite, formed by Sun (sag), moon (leo) and Mars (aries) trines in 4th, 8th and 12th house. because my Uranus is exactly opposite Mars and is sextile to both Sun and Moon.

    … now astro is no more easy for me. lol

  23. When I was 16 I got a job with the government. Was labelled for a promotion within 6 months. I hated it – took of for the summer, just bumming. Got back home, seriously deciding what career I wanted, my sister (knowing my love for animals) suggested dog grooming. I had never heard of it but I was in immediately. Picked a shop out of the phone book that looked really professional, and the guy told me I was calling at the wrong time of year, call back in March. I worked office temp, waited until March and called back (I basically hounded him until he hired me). I was manager within 3 years, had my own business for 15. The career lasted for 25 years, and I loved it all! Many people have commented when I told them about the government job I left “Wow, that’s crazy! You could have had a pension by now!!”. I don’t care. I’ve now gone back to college for graphic design. Somehow ended up in a really cool job in an arts centre that is more office work than graphic design. I feel like I’m back at 17 again. I recently gave my notice to leave end of May. Haven’t a clue what I’m gonna do, but I just know it’s going to be amazing. It’s career deja vu (thanks Saturn return!). I just went through 7 years of absolute financial hell during Uranus in Pisces (we’re talking rags, sister) so I’m expecting the opposite for this transit. Scorpio Sun – Jupiter (3 degrees) opposite Uranus (4 degrees) natal – I sense a whole lot of keys turning in locks for the next little while.

  24. Yes, this is me…Uranus second, but also Pluto in the second! Double whammy. And also 4 natal planets in scorpio, and only 8th house placement is north node pisces, and a stellium in the 4th house-all conspiring to leave me broke-lol. Both pluto and uranus in second descriptions fit me to a tee. I figure there is some method to this madness, though, however painful. I think marching to your own drum also works to change societal patterns, just in simply living differently, and eshewing calcification of the soul. As for pluto in the second, I also have an insight that, at one level, if you can be conscious enough to see the pattern in a different way, it gives a transpersonal perspective. Perhaps the family pattern made you realize your self-worth does not come from money or some external security, and therefore you are better able to ‘be Uranian’ in the world. The world of finances is so tied to professional work, that had this pattern not been established, it would be potentially harder to let go of survival fears enough to take a risk, and go with the flow, as well as adding inventive and experimental energy to the world through uranus in the second [or whatever house uranus is in. or visa versa with pluto] So, they could really work hand in hand. The freedom need with uranus in the second is so strong, it’s amazing! it really has impacted every area of my life, too. Trust is the operative word with this placement, for me. And it’s hard not be envious sometimes of those who have a more, ahem, ‘harmonious’ seeming placement, where money and order seem to flow! But, you keep with it and see where it takes you, because,well, what are the alternatives? lol.
    I definitely think the placements are always indicative, and ultimately supportive of, an individual’s intended life path/purpose when they came to the planet, though. It may seem detrimental, but there’s a way to make it work for you, in the synergy of the chart.

  25. Uranus in Leo and in the second house opposed my Aquarius Sun in the eighth is truly a recipe for ups and downs. My attempts to earn a traditional living have failed all of my life but my ability to survive by earning a living in unusual careers has saved me. The “easy” has been hard to accomplish but doing the “impossible” has been easy and my way of maintaining!

    • Amen to that, John. I have Uranus and Saturn conjunct squaring the North node in the 2nd, and my choice of Uranus-ruled astrology as a career may not always have sustained me economically, but it never ceases to be fascinating and fun. Donna

  26. I am so glad I found this article!

    I have a boomerang in my chart and I’ve been trying to figure out what it means and what I need to do. So far what I’ve read is that I need to focus on the planet that converts the Yod into a Kite… and that’s my Uranus in my case.

    It’s like this: Uranus is the midpoint between the semi-sextiles Jupiter (3rd house) and Mars-Saturn (conjunct in the 1st house)… and on the tail (where the quincux occurs) I have Venus-Sun conjunct in the 8th house… very close to my North Node and Chiron. Very complex, I know!

    What you say in your article sounds a lot like me. I studied Graphic Design but have never worked on that field…. when I finished Uni I worked in a call center, then I was an Au pair in Scotland, then I went back home to work as a EFL teacher, then I went to London and worked in a restaurant and after as a nanny, now I am in Germany working also as a nanny. I have never paid taxes or anything like that, I don’t follow those rules, I find them stupid, lol.

    I would love to hear your wise input on my boomerang chaos!


  27. Hello there, there hasn’t been any comment on this post for ages, still I will give it a try and hope for a response. I wanted to know what happens if you happen to have both Jupiter and Uranus in Sagittarius in the 2nd house, which is the case for me. Which of the planets will be stronger? Or will I turn totally crazy? 😉

    • When Jupiter and Uranus are together in any house they will influence each other. Jupiter is the planet of expansion while Uranus can be unpredictable. These energies offer a “double edge” to them because it could be sudden luck and quick riches but it can also mean over expansion and sudden loss. Using this energy wisely is the key. Don’t be overly exhuberent and use caution with these energies. It’s not a sure way of handling this dynamic duo but it can help.

      • Thanks, John! Too long ago, but I like your answer. I do feel the frequent urge to break out and feel lucky about doing so.

  28. Perhaps jupiter means you often get money, just as you need it. You always have something to fall back on? Maybe both planets bounce from one to another. You may have periods of financial insecurity, but you always find your feet?

  29. I have Uranus-Pluto(Virgo) in the 3rd house(Placidus) but it’s on the cusp, so i think while I feel I am more 3rd house Uranus, I think I have some effects or residues of the 2nd house. In Koch, it’s in the 2nd house, but I don’t feel it’s me entirely. Can having signs just on the cusp influence both houses? I’ve often wondered about this.

  30. Wow this is soooo me!! I have Uranus, Jupiter and Scorpio in my second house and Uranus in Sagittarius if that means anything…based on the natal chart I got from
    In the last 10yrs I have gone through sooo many different jobs, each lasting me at the longest 2yrs and then I leave and move on to something new. At one point I was working in three different jobs and it was exciting for me until I got bored of working under people telling me what to do and what I am not allowed to do it is just so restrictive. I just can’t stand doing my job the way someone else tells me to, I have my own way of doing things and I still get it done. Now in my 30s I am realising how important it is to work for myself to allow me my personal freedom, I just can’t seem to conform to the way others are earning their living, it’s way too boring and makes me feel trapped. I show my personality through the way I dress, I like my own style and my own way of expressing myself and that also means in my workplace also. I guess it hit me end of last year that I really need income from different avenues if I want financial freedom. Right now I am working for money but I feel I am capable of making money work for me in the future because I am frankly sick and bored of being a slave to those notes to pay my bills….that piece of paper with a number on it is a very stressful thing and if u have plenty of it and learn how to manage it then it’s easier to feel free again and not be in debt ever again. It’s damn tough though when you can’t help yourself during that moment when you get bored and think no way this can’t be for me, I do not fit here, my actions and thoughts are not for this place, there has got to be something else out there for me…

  31. It’s not easy being a Uranian type, is it, when it comes to work? Our principles, our right to be ourselves, even in a job situation, our freedom, and our need to keep exploring the outer reaches of knowledge. I identify because the closest aspect to my Midheaven (career point, 10th house cusp) is a tight semisquare from Uranus. Donna

  32. hi there.

    i’ve Uranus in the 2nd natally.

    freedom still out of balance with financial security at 41.

    don’t want to even think what 42 has in store.

  33. What about 2nd house uranus conjunct other planets?

    I have a moon/uranus/mars conjunction in my sagittaurus 2nd house, and it squares my virgo sun in the 10th house (MC is in leo though).
    I struggle with how to channel this energy.The virgo part of me feels nervous about this energy and tries to controll it, but the conjunction always “wins” as I break free from every restriction.

    I have always had a strong plutonian influence in my life, but after doing your tests here I scored high on both pluto and uranus. Pluto I know and have worked with for many years but uranus is much more difficult. I don’t really understand how to work with it. (Whereas Pluto forces you to work with him wheter you understand him or not) How can I learn how to work with uranus, instead of having it working against me?

    • Every planet has both positive and negative uses, so read everything you can find on Uranus. What you have is called a triple conjunction, and you might like to see my ebook on stelliums and triple conjunctions, The Stellium Handbook: an Owner’s Manual for People with Stelliums or Triple Conjunctions. Download a sampler of the book on the tab about stelliums on the front page of Skywriter. Donna Cunningham

  34. Thank you for this great article, Donna! It’s great to read everyone’s comments as well.

    I have uranus in the 2nd house in Leo.

    I graduated with high honors in Political Science with the burning desire to become a “ski bum” in the mountains of Colorado. I was very fortunate to receive a no strings attached scholarship, money I didn’t apply for (!), which funded my dream to move to CO. I waited tables for two years, skiied as much as I wanted to, and met my future husband. Together we moved back East. I waited tables for a very short time and then got a job for Boston University in their Admissions department. This let me travel, give speaking presentations and counsel prospective students and disappointed parents, which I loved.

    After two years at BU, I grew restless and decided to try the challenge of law school. I needed more meaning in my work and thought law would fulfill the desire to help empower women and minorities. But baby fever in my third year of school changed my trajectory. I did graduate, pass the bar and get a job in the legal world, albeit a temporary gig. I was a law clerk for a judge — the perfect job for being a new mom as she let me take case work home with me. I loved and needed that independence. After a few years I was getting a bit bored, and my judge said she had to “kick me out of the nest.”

    By now I really wanted to be home with my kids. A job in travel/PR writing landed in my lap and my husband was okay with me working part-time. It was perfect as it paid well for writing and I could work when my kids were napping. Three years later the company was bought out and they had their own writers, so they let me go. This led to me truly searching for my passion as I knew by now it wasn’t law and I needed control over my schedule. I really wanted to do my own thing. I found the book The Artist’s Way, which catalyzed a spiritual awakening and everything changed. I ended up doing a short stint in stand-up comedy (never would have planned this!). I made almost nothing to emcee gigs (50-75 per night), but it was great therapy and it changed my world, inside and out. From there I went on to train in Expressive Arts Therapy and Soul Coaching and began to teach classes out of my living room in ‘reconnecting with your spirit.’

    A few years later my marriage ended and I found myself needing a full time income. I took the plunge and opened my own coaching practice, still teaching, and last year I published my first book. Income has been up and down and I have to say I really struggle with that part. I would much rather earn a regular paycheck! I love following my soul and feel compelled to do so, but trusting that Spirit will provide is a continual challenge. And this is what I teach as I learn myself. Perhaps it is perfect.

  35. i have a doubt, my uranus is at 13deg Cap at end of second house, third house begins from somewhere between 15-16 deg. Which house should i consider it to have an effect on, i recently read somewhere that planets at end of a house are considered to be in the next house. any truth to it?

    • Can mean you are finishing business in that house with that planet.

    • House cusps are all so iffy, Aeon, because it depends on an exact birth time (for every 4 minutes of clock time, the cusps change one degree) AND what house system you’re using. In practice, I’d look at the descriptions of Uranus in the 2nd vs. Uranus in the 3rd to see which you identify with. Many times, a postion that close might resonate to both houses, or eve combine them in some way. EG, you could earn money in jobs in the information fields. Donna

      • Hmm. Its hard to pin down cause I have all planets except one having a party in the first three houses. In second house i have four of these guys, starting from mercury and mars in first six degrees, then sun and uranus in last six degrees. In third house I have a neptune right at the start within 1 degree, and saturn somewhere in the middle. Considering I am working in the IT industry and I like it here, I think its the combination of both as you said.

  36. Hello, I have Uranus and Neptune conjunct in my second house which is in capricorn. My 6th house is venus in taurus and 10th house MC Mars in Leo. I do feel an adrenaline rush everytime I look at my bank account, which I like and laugh at hahah. Money comes as easily as it goes. I easily earned large amount of money or lose them.

    Either way I dont feel emotionally content or disguise with either case, I feel neutral. Right now I’m trying to manage my money so I’m making a “plan”…. I also plan on diversifying myself and it makes me sad the thought of working at the same job for more than 5 years… I see ppl that stay at their job for so long as sheep and sad people with a chronic dependency to the system.

    That being said, I don’t want to be that because I’m in this world for more everyone is but few realized. My question is concerning my career path or aspects in 2nd, 6th and 10th house would writing and life coach plus a non profit organization be advisable for my placements?

    I have pluto in scorpio in 1 and 12 house with Jupiter in Libra 11th house.
    Thank you!!

    • To come up with a satisfying career, you’d need to look at the whole picture–2nd, 6th, 10th, Midheaven, planets in those houses, and aspects to them. That’s not something you can do in the comment section and come up with a quick and easy answer, but rather in a consultation with a professional astrologer with a good background in vocational astrology. I’m retired. Donna

    • I too have Uranus-Neptune conjuct in Capricorn in my second house. I also get the adrenaline rush checking my bank account.. I check numerous times online everyday, lately I feel it’s become an OCD compulsion. I also find it interesting you mentioned you are making a ‘plan’. I’m always creating spreadsheets for my budget and trying to plan my expenses ahead of time (seems like the Capricorn influence to me 🙂 ).

      Unfortunately when under stress I resort to retail therapy and will often end up using my allotted grocery money for shopping.. anyone else have this issue?

      • Madeline, I do the same thing. Well, I used to obsessively check the bank balance until I made myself stop. I also created spreadsheets to manage our budget and I currently use the same one I created about six years ago. Sometimes I even make projections. I manage our credit steadily and even though my work would be considered unusual (I work part time from home as operations manager for one company and creative director for another doing blog posts, podcasts, and creative agricultural writing) between my husband and I our income has gone from about $20k combined ten years ago to $82k this past year with no college education between us. He went to art school and I didn’t make it past 9th grade. I’m a self-taught kind of person, though. School just didn’t work with my personality. 🙂

        I figured the obsession with our money was more from growing up in incredible, mind-numbing poverty and not wanting our children to suffer from not having electricity, food, and water because of the irresponsibility of the adults who are supposed to take care of them. However, looking at this post about uranus in the 2nd has sort of helped me reshape that notion. Maybe it was just in me all the time or maybe I had those experiences to be what I am now. I’ve always looked at astrology like God’s planning chart for our lives anyway so who knows.

        Like you, though, I also sometimes spend on stupid things when I shouldn’t. My thing is going out to eat because I’ve crammed myself in a corner with lack of time (probably on purpose up there somewhere) and I tend to convince myself that we need certain items so I can have the rush of going out to buy them and getting the very best quality item at the very best sale price. We didn’t ‘need’ a Vita-Mix. We didn’t ‘need’ an Excalibur dehydrator. The kids certainly didn’t ‘need’ any more clothes than they already have. I didn’t HAVE to use that coupon, etc.

        We’d probably have thousands and thousands in savings if I hadn’t done that. As it is we’re fairly comfortable despite handing out money all the time to our relatives who are less fiscally responsible. We’ve been in some lows but because I plan ahead our lows NEVER include losing power, water, food, or not being able to pay our mortgage. Thank God.

        I have Uranus in Scorpio in the 2nd house all by its lonesome and it doesn’t make any real aspects to anything else in my chart. It’s hard for me to see the Scorpio-ness in all of that but then I’ve never understood that sign much anyway.

  37. I can really relate to this! But I thought it was all gemini that got me bored easily with stuff (gemini moon). wow! I never thought uranus in sagittarius in the 2nd has got anything to do with it. Thank you Donna for this amazing article. I am still trying to figure out astrology as of today. My sun in the 4th lead me to this path lol all of those “who i really am” questions in my head. So, I’m still in my first months of work, I’m not that bored yet since we get to travel and I get to learn different industries on a weekly basis. But already, I am trying to restrain myself cause somewhere inside my mind, something’s telling me not to follow all these work procedures and just get on with the issues. lol And so far I can still control that rebellious thought. As for money, yeah I do want to live in financial uncertainty! haha I have heard a story some time in my childhood days that I really hold unto. The idea behind it is basically spending everything you have this day and have faith that tomorrow will bring you enough to live on. I wanted to try it! So much! The uncertainty, the thrill, the thought of what I will do to survive! I think it would be great to try it. lol And I don’t know if it means anything but neptune does conjunct uranus in the 2nd (plus ceres, pallas and my node is in there). And sagittarius is there so maybe I’m just too optimistic and delusional with all these financial stuff? And now I’m imagining how the future will turn out… XD Do keep up these great stuff!

    • Hi, Lizzie! You sure do have a case of Uranus in the 2nd. But, as someone with four planets in Gemini, including Uranus, I can relate to the intolerance of boredom. Glad you’ve found astrology–that’s one thing you’ll never get bored with. Donna

  38. I have Uranus in the second in Virgo and the best jobs I’ve had have been writing for high tech and electronics magazines/PR companies. I quit that to work for myself and travel and consequently I’ve been poor ever since. However, I did win 10K when transiting Jupiter was conjunct my Uranus. that is coming around again soon so I’m hoping it will bring me more luck. Transiting Uranus is nearly conjunct my Jupiter too (in the 9th house) and close to conjunct my midheaven so I hope that means a major upswing.

  39. Hello everyone,
    Great article and great comments too!
    I have Uranus in Sagittarius in 2nd house. It also squares my MC ruler Moon in 11th. I had 4 jobs until I was 24. I felt unlucky one with the jobs (despite of normal salary) so I decided that my new project will be the family. And it was for a while. Though I did some work from home to earn a little bit and to be financially independent (it didn’t go very well by the way). Astrology came into my life with progressed Sun hitting my natal Uranus. So, I began to study it (psychological astrology mostly, since I have strong Pluto in my chart and Scorpio Sun). But I don’t feel like I am ready to practice it yet (I would like to, because I have transiting Uranus square my MC and progressed Sun conjunct progressed Uranus at the moment). But I need money – it gives me more self-worth and freedom (not just financial). So I am turning into real estate agent (Cancer MC) – job with more freedom for my actions. However astrology is still on my mind.

  40. Couldn’t have been more accurate 🙂 I have natal Uranus (capricorn) conjunct Saturn in my 2nd house (sagg). I have been a freelance writer for a little over five years now and although I do love the work I consistently have fight off the urge to burn it all down and start again new– or take off to Mexico and open a Tiki Hut Bar… I know you get the picture lol

    Within the realm of writing I’ve done everything from content to blogging to film scripts to biographies. I’ve been a re-seller on Amazon and Ebay, I’ve owned an all natural beauty line, and I’ve done both freelance makeup artist work as well as photography. Life was all fun and games on the financial front until I got divorced.. which is when I really began to embrace the power of Uranus in the 2nd. The only problem is.. with Saturn playing it’s part in the mix, I also have to deal with the consistent stress associated with my incredible fear of poverty, and being a single mom just makes it that much worse.

    My progressed Uranus did just station RX though.. so it will be very interesting to see how that one plays out 🙂

    Awesome article, you were right on the dot!

    – L

  41. At wits ends of being financially unstable I decided to take another look at my second house which rules money. I already knew I have Leo in my 2nd house that causes me to spend lavishly! I knew Uranus was in Leo I just noticed its also in my 2nd house. Now I wondered what does this mean? Some of what you written about is so true for me. Unfortunately it’s not so romantic in real life!

  42. I can’t believe it. I thought there is something wrong with me. I change jobs all of the time just like most of you never had one for more than two years. My interests lie in astrology and psychic phenomena. In Kansas there is no room for a psychic establishing their place in a religious state. After reading some of these posts and having someone doing a natal chart Online I have found out why I feel connected to many of these posts on this site. I have Uranus 28 degrees in Libra going retrograde. I have seen other sources saying during my year of birth that Uranus is in Scorpio. I also have Pluto in Libra both planets in my first house. I feel like a misfit. My interest in astrology is growing. I would like to find out more how to make it a career. Doing something like this in the state of Kansas is very rough going.

    • Not an easy place to be an astrologer or other metaphysical practitioner, for sure. You might want to get an Astro*Carto*Graphy map, they plot your chart around the globe to see where your planets are most favorable. Find out where to get a map and a certified practitioner to interpret it at

      Donna Cunningham

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