Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 29, 2010

Thought Forms–How They Add to Money Blocks

©2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

As part of this series on finances and how to change unwanted patterns, I realized we could make solid progress by addressing negative thought forms that get in the way of attracting money. If you’re not familiar with thought forms, they’re near-solid objects in our energy fields that we create by repeating thoughts and beliefs over and over until they manifest in the outer world.

When these self-fulfilling prophecies come true, they’re reinforced–“See, I was right!”  Ultimately, they lodge in what’s called the causal body–an outer layer of the energy field that attracts people, situations, and events into our lives. 

I started to write a post about thought forms, but then remembered several I wrote in the early days of Skywriter, when I was lucky if I had 10 subscribers who weren’t blood relatives or close friends. Most of you are new to this blog and haven’t seen that series, so I’m reprinting this introduction to thought forms with a few new ideas about how you can apply it to persistent money difficulties.

thought formsWhat I began to see when Pluto entered Capricorn for a 14-year stay is that we all need to address the negative thought forms that hold us back now so that they don’t crystallize into a solid brick wall. We can, of course, create positive thought forms through repetitive positive thoughts and beliefs, and that’s part of what sustains us when we meet obstacles.

 In the absence of negative thought forms, positive thinking can have remarkable results. In areas where we’re blocked, however, many of us have thunk positive thoughts until we’re blue in the face without results. We’ve visualized, we’ve affirmed, we’ve chanted, and we’ve written abundance checks until we had to order new checkbooks, but nothing budges, and we’re left feeling like metaphysical morons.

 If so, you aren’t among the metaphysically challenged, it’s just that most of these teachings start in the middle rather than at the very beginning. In order to change a negative reality, you need to go back a step. The first stage in upping your manifestation quotient is to identify and nullify negative thought forms. Listen to your own thoughts about key areas of your life where you’ve been blocked–they’re the very opposite of hopeful. They’re thoughts like these: 

  • “I’ll never be able to find a job I like.”     
  • “I’ll always be broke”
  • “I’ll never get out of debt.”
  • “People only want me for what I give them.”
  • “I’ll never find someone who loves me for myself.”

 And so on–listen to your own thoughts about those stuck areas. They’ll seem familiar. You may have been wearing them into a groove for years, even for most of your life. 

 Or maybe you’ve had a bad setback a while ago, and you’ve lost confidence. (For setbacks, try the Bach flower essence Gentian, available at most health food stores.)

When repeated enough times, they crystallize into negative thought forms that keep on attracting failure, rejection, or toxic people and situations into your life.  Each time a self-fulfilling prophecy occurs, the thought form grows more solid. 

Capricorn is the sign of building structures and realizing long-term goals by consistent, disciplined focus and practical actions. Work now to identify places in your life that you’re stuck, like changing your financial patterns.

Listen to your thoughts about that area and let your ears perk up when you hear words like “never” or “always.”  When you find a familiar thought or set of thoughts that represent a deal breaker for your goals, imagine that you’re putting feelers out into your energy field–that thought may have  solidified into a thought form. 

There are links below to more articles about thought forms and how to address them below but ultimately you’re the expert in how to demolish your own. After all, you built them!!  Make up a method. Maybe you aim an ultraviolet ray gun  at it, maybe your angel carries it away, maybe a rocket ship blows it into the sun, or maybe your favorite superhero blasts it to smithereens. In this interval of heightened healing and manifestation powers, seize the day and clear unwanted thought forms out of your life. 

Readers:  Can you identity any persistent negative beliefs or thought forms you have about money?  How are they operating in your life?  Share them with us in the comment section. 

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  1. The really bad one? Money is the root of all evil. Corollaries: I shouldn’t care about money. Only bad people want money. People will be jealous of me if I have too much (i.e. enough) money. People who have lots of money are superficial and not very nice. Whew! Talk about barriers!

    • OH, yeah!! Those are almost universal thought forms, as so many of us have been brought up to believe them. Donna

  2. Hmm-good one!

    The Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus brought up many of these thoughts. My big one is: not having money is more virtuous, “better” than having lots of money.

    Also-same as Margaret-people who have money are shallow and selfish.

  3. I have money problems and I’m slowly realising it’s mostly because I eye money with suspicion and resentment. The classic for me is; you never make enough; no matter how much money I make, they go out faster; I’ll always make just enough to stay aflout (but not enough to enjoy the swim); there will always be more bills coming in then money – along those lines.

    • Oooh! BIG thought forms!! Do work through that series of articles and clear them away. You can borrow my ultraviolet jackhammer if you want. Donna

      • Have put your jackhammer to good use – thank you!

  4. Since I started pursuing my passions for their own sake and not for the living I could make (20 years ago now), I’ve consistently eroded my earnings and my savings. I need to reverse this trend but I don’t want to go back to square-one just for the sake of gaining conventional credibility.

    My tendency is to work hard and be very committed, consistent and careful but I have also taken huge leaps of faith in pursuit of my passions that seem to have thrown all that devotion to the wind. There is a thread of continuity but it no longer fits any of the conventional requirements.

    I’ve got lots of qualifications and skills and interests and passions. Too much perhaps! l lost my dream work, venue, partner, and savings in a nasty divorce 3 years ago now. No planets in my 2nd and 8th houses but North node and South node respectively.

    I have Saturn in 5th in Capricorn (Sag. on the cusp of the 5th house though). My Saturn is sextile Neptune/Moon in 3rd, sextile Jupiter in 4th, and trine Pluto/Venus in 1st. The only planets above the horizon in my chart are Sun in Cancer and Uranus/Mercury in Leo in 12th.

    When I read that you didn’t get a real handle on your finances until your 60s Donna, I was quite heartened. I’ve just turned 50, so I’d like to find a way to blast through those negative thought-forms and be successful at being myself!

    • I’m so glad I wrote that about not getting myself straight around finances, then, Sara. I always cringe when I write something that personal, but that’s what seems to help people the most.

      As for leaving the conventional behind, our times and the Uranus-Pluto-Saturn t-square are so extrordinary, the old, conventional ways aren’t going to get us through it. That system is breaking down and we have to either invent a new one or go back to very old forms that got us through pioneer days. Donna

      PS. I don’t know if I’ve shared my mantra/replacement thought form or not, but it’s this: GOD PROVIDES ALL MY NEEDS AT A PRICE I CAN AFFORD. And that’s the truth I manifest.

      • This brings to mind another common thought-form: If I haven’t gotten it together by age X, I never will. And it’s probably the most untrue generalization ever! But people don’t realize how many people suddenly break out of old restrictions as they get older, because often people have been so shamed for not having whatever-it-is together, they don’t talk about their past once it’s behind them.

  5. – you can’t make a living as an artist
    – just when I have some, something ‘always’ happens to take it away (health issue, bill, repairs, etc)
    – people with money are greedy and selfish
    – people with money are lucky

    Sadly, I can list more.

    I’m tired of saying “I can’t afford to…”

    Thanks, Donna, for re-addressing this issue…seems like the time is right for taking care of this.

  6. The current Saturn-Uranus opposition seems to me like a perfect time for blasting away thought forms! Saturn is helpful for setting boundaries and Uranus is a quick-change artist. I’m going to try the Ultraviolet Jackhammer visualization.

    • Excellent interpretation, Margaret! And as it’s on my Neptune, that may be why I remembered that series. Donna

      • It’s on my Mercury (which Pluto transited by square not too long ago), so a perfect time for blasting away thought forms!

  7. Dear Everyone,

    Yunno, none of us have been properly educated in terms of thought-forms and monitoring our thoughts. For most of us, this is new territory.
    I can tell you it works and is a Universal Law…..think and BELIEVE positively and you manifest what you want. If you are conflicted about what you want and/or your belief systems are contrary to getting what you want, you will not get what you want.
    This sounds simple, but it is not. It demands that we be bare-boned honest about what we do and do not believe. And then make a switch over to the positive and uplifting. In other words…FAITH….
    I play music for people. I noticed , way back in the 70’s, that whenever I needed a gig the phone would ring. The reason for this , folks, is I was at that time NOT invested in my career.
    It was something I did while I was waiting for Mr. Right.( Neptune in the 5th and lots of planets in the house of Stupid. ) BUT, having had this experience, I got some kind of idea how this great law works and I got alot of confidence about making work and etc. happen.

    I am still stuck in the swamp about relationships. Can anyone help me deal with my House of Stoopid.

    Molly K.

    • Haha – Molly. I have a 5th house Neptune too….
      Relationships have been my ‘theme’ in this life – so probably can’t help you there.
      (Saturn in 7 square to Venus in 10 and the nodal axis 2-8 – Sth Node conjoined Chiron….. it’s all there. Karmic road blocks – I mean patterns….)
      I like your reminder to just chill about the career thing. Good strategy!
      But then, it is a biggie to shift those core beliefs (as above) – and create something new. So much mental and emotional energy has gone into strengthening them over the years – and hell – it’s not our fault! Well, this personality that is. We just have to deal with the karmic legacy we have come in with. We need tools such as Donna has provided here. You say to be ‘bare boned honest’ about what we do and do not believe – and then act on faith. Mmm, so huge – figuring out how to dismantle these beliefs. But I like your notion that we can do it on faith. Cheers..

    • Wonderful insights, Molly!

  8. Bravo, Donna – another informative and thought-provoking piece! I think it’s very important to talk about this issue of thought forms because in today’s world we pretty much ALL hold some degree of negative/self-limiting belief that we may be completely unaware of. We can thank the media for much of this. This doesn’t always apply strictly financial matters of course as many of us unconsciously tell ourselves things like “I’m not pretty/skinny enough” or “I’m too old” or “I’m not smart/talented enough”. The media constantly bombards us with images of what we “should” be attaining – whether it’s bigger boobs, a skinnier waist, a nicer car, a bigger house, a wrinkle-free and ageless face – you get the picture. It REALLY raises my hackles when I think about all this!

    But, I have no wish to go off on a tangent about all of this – suffice to say that negative thought forms are a pervasive problem now more than ever. I think it’s an important issue to address and is glad you wrote a piece on it.

    What I do want is to also provide a cautionary note about the hazards of going too far in the opposite direction as well. I worry about some of the self-help “gurus” running around out there who try to teach us that if we want something badly enough all we have to do is be positive, vision board it, and it will simply manifest. Don’t get me wrong – positivity is SO important to have and tools like vision boards DO work. I’m just saying that if something DOESN’T manifest, some of these “gurus” are quick to find fault and say “You must not want it bad enough” or “You must still be holding on to some blocks” .

    You guys are probably going to flog me for this but I’m going to say it anyway – I believe that sometimes the answer from above is just “No.” And I think that when the answer is such, there’s something to be learned from that too. There’s nothing wrong with you if what you want doesn’t manifest despite your best efforts.

    I’ll give you a case in point on this. I have a family member with Neptune in the 2nd square Jupiter in the 11th. He is a great guy and I love him to pieces, but is one of those terminally positive types that does believe you can manifest anything you want simply by keeping all your thoughts and words positive, making sure not to make statements that contain the words “not”, “no”, or “never”, writing abundance checks till your arm falls off, and vision-boarding your days away.

    While some of this is fine in moderation, true to Jupiter he over-does it to the point where it is detrimental. He won’t talk about some of the difficult things that are happening in his life because he genuinely believes that if he talks about his troubles he is only feeding into them and is thus helping to bring them about or magnify them. I believe this is a major contributor to the severe anxiety issues he’s been dealing with, as does another family member who has a PhD in psychology.

    It’s gotten to the point where you can’t really talk to him about anything that’s going on in your life that is unpleasant. If you’re stressed out with something and need a shoulder to lean on he tries his best to be positive and uplifting when all you may really need is just to vent. If you do need to vent he quickly excuses himself like you’re carrying the plague, and has distanced himself unnecessarily from others because of this. Having to let off steam or needing a shoulder to cry on is normal and healthy, but because it’s not “being positive” he avoids being around it because he thinks it’s either toxic or contagious.

    Sorry this comment has gotten long, but your piece really got me thinking and thought I should present the other side to keep it all in balance. It was something I thought was important for us all to consider so that we don’t unintentionally go too far in the other direction.

    • Lots of thoughts to ponder, Alethea. I think what my point is, and it doesn’t come across completely in this particular article but in the series as a whole, is that there are so many who try the metaphysical tricks, er, I mean techniques like visualizations, affirmations, vision boards, etc and they just don’t work for them. So they conclude they’re bunk.

      But when they don’t, it’s not that you’re metaphysically challenged, it’s often because you have to clear out the thought forms first. And keep checking to be sure there aren’t more. I do think that the media create and reinforce them because of the power of special effects, emotional impact of visual images, etc.

      And, yes, there are things we just won’t manifest because God doesn’t give us what we want, but what we need, and what we need to clear our karma and achieve our life goals. We can’t stamp our feet and pout and hate God when we don’t get everything we want…lots of people have a mad on at God now whereas they really have only themselves to blame for their financial plight.

      I think we all “manifested” way too many material goods while Pluto was in Sag by putting them on our credit cards and going deeply into debt. It was how all that fake and arrogant Prosperity Seminar stuff got going, and now people are learning the Pluto in Cap lesson about bills coming due and living within our means in a sustainable way. Donna

      • Absolutely – I couldn’t agree with you more! I get your angle on this 100% – all I wanted to do was add in a point in that I thought was worth cosidering given that I’ve also seen it go the other way too.

        Abundance is a state of mind, but like you said, we don’t always get what we want – we get what we need. If it’s not the will of God, the Universe, or whatever you want to call it I think we have to be able to accept that too.

        Hmmm – your Pluto in Sagittarius synopsis just triggered another thought. I think we have to be very careful when attempting to manifest something that we are not subconsiously doing so as a type of power trip. For my family member I think this issue may stem from feeling helpless and a lack of control in his life – by controling his thoughts and actions in a “positive” way in order to manifest something it gives him a handle on these feelings. A very Plutonian thing indeed!

  9. Boy did thinking about this open a door in my head. I bought into my family telling me making art my hobby and get a “real” job to make a living. I have a degree in Art and got very high marks.

    At sixty something, I have no idea YET exactly what I’m going to do after I obliterate that negative thought form. Quite a lot of anger there too . . . all those years of beating my head against a wall of my own making w/a little help from the parental unit. Yikes!

    Great post, Donna. 🙂


    • Definitely opened a door, Diane, and not by just a crack. Folks, this business of finding and demolishing thought forms can really create a breakthrough for you. And if it doesn’t do it right away, keep on seeking out more general thought forms (Uber-thoughtforms, if you will) that may be applying not just to money but to many areas of life at once. (Like, “I’m not entitled to happiness,” or “Nothing good ever happens to me.”) Donna

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