Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 2, 2010

The 2nd House and Money Management Patterns

©5-2-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

The 2nd house shows our earning potential, but just as importantly, it reveals how we manage our income. It’s great to earn plenty of money, but if we spend more than we earn, we can wind up as worried and hounded by bills as someone who earns very little. Here are some common earning and spending patterns that can be seen in the chart.

People with the Sun, or to a certain extent, the sign Leo, in the 2nd can be very resourceful and do fairly well, because their core qualities appeal to others. However, many of them are self-indulgent or they overspend on themselves or lavish presents for others because they want to shine, so they may not hold on to what they earn.    

People with the Moon or Cancer planets in the 2nd may be prone to emotional spending at certain phases of the Moon and during certain Moon signs. They spend money on their home and family, but may earn extra money by caretaking others, cooking, or working in family businesses.  

 People with Mercury in the 2nd can have many skills that become money-making endeavors, especially communication skills like sales. Depending on the sign and aspects, they can love fads and the newest and trendiest gadgets, so money doesn’t stick around very long.

 Venus in the 2nd can be a fairly lucky placement, mainly because their people skills or appearance appeal to others. Money generally doesn’t stick around long because it goes into fashion, luxury, or presents for loved ones.

 Those with Mars or Aries planets in the 2nd often are driven to earn money and can do very well, but they tend to spend it fast due to a competitive streak that has them wanting to show up their rivals. Fast cars, anyone? 

Given decent aspects, Jupiter in the 2nd is another “lucky” position, partly because optimism attracts more positive energy than pessimism. There is a strong tendency to spend way too much in the belief that God will provide.

 Having Saturn in the 2nd doesn’t doom you to poverty—I read an article once that showed this position in the charts of some very wealthy people. There is a tendency to be very conservative of money, however, and to worry about it a lot. Saturn gets better with age, and so years of hard work and diligent money management can pay off.  

 There are links below to articles on Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in this house. If I haven’t covered your 2nd house placements, there are enough examples here that you should be able to figure it out for yourself. (I don’t do cookbook!) 

 All is not Lost!  Conscious Change and 2nd House Transits

What if your chart reveals unwise ways of dealing with money?  By becoming conscious of self-sabotaging behaviors, we can change them. If I can learn wiser ways of handling money in my 60s, then it isn’t too late for you either!

 Be particularly alert for those times of the month when the Moon goes through your 2nd, as that can trigger emotional spending.

Also reel yourself in during the month or so each year when the Sun, Mercury, and Venus pass through that house. Mars and Jupiter transits can boost your earning power, but it’s an easy come, easy go interval.

 Finally, longer transits can be windows when financial patterns change significantly—you could either make serious errors with lasting consequences or you could learn better ways of making and managing money. We’ll be looking at transits by the slower moving planets next.

Readers, what does your 2nd house show about your money management patterns?  Tell us about it in the comment section.

 Articles in the Astrology and Finances series:

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  1. As always, enjoying your column so much, Donna. I recently read on another site about Uranus entering Aries and how the last time this occurred was 1927-1935. Those dates jumped at me like a neon sign flashing Great Depression. Do you have any thoughts on that or will that transit be a future column maybe?

    I do think, in my amateur level of understanding astrology, that I’m doing exactly as I ‘should’ — since I’m working hard to build an online business — with Aquarius/Uranus being all about revolutionary ways, internet, electrical, etc.

    I am a little concerned about myself because as I approach retirement age, Pluto will be transiting my second house in Aquarius (no planets, no aspects, just Chrion retro in this house). And yet, this must be a generational thing, too. Makes me concerned that those Social Security woes may indeed catch up with our generation.

    • Uranus entering Aries isn’t the only–or the most major–connection our current times have with the Great Depression. More importantly, just like now, there was a transiting Cardinal t-square consisting of Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn, only it was much later in the signs. At that time, Pluto was in Cancer, Saturn was in Capricorn, and Uranus was in Aries. Whether it means we’ll have a similar financial crash or not is only speculation, but it’s one of the reasons I think it’s important that we all get real about money and learn to live within our income. Donna

    • Actually, Trish, I often see Pluto transits to the 2nd or 2nd house transits when someone retires. It would be a transition, you see, out of paycheck type earnings (2nd house) to entitlement finances (8th house) like Social Securities, pensions, annuities, IRAs and other benefits. It’s especially nice, of course, when it involves trines to the MC/IC axis or planets in the 2nd, 8th, or 4th. Donna

  2. Aloha Donna My spending habits are very frugal, with natal Sun and Mercury in Capricorn in 2nd house. Always looking for a good bargain on quality goods, I often wait for sales before purchasing anything, and feel proud when I get something I really want for myself at a bargain price. Having Mercury trine my Virgo MC, I learned how to manage money by taking business courses, and then working for accounting firms or in accounting departments most of my life. The Capricorn plus Virgo loves to be frugal and account for every penny! On the flip side, I’ll often overspend when it comes to buying things for others, even when I can hardly afford it. I guess that comes from something I was taught to do when growing up. Sometimes early conditioning is hard to change, but we try. Meleanna

    • Very sensible, Meleanna–but earth signs are good at that. Since going through my own financial crash some years back, I’ve learned good money management skills too, and cranking up my manifestation mojo, I can usually find exactly what I need at garage or estate sales for virtually nothing.

      As a lifelong addict to mystery novels, I used to buy tons of mystery books new, back when they were no more than 5.99. Now that they’re 9.99, I get them for a quarter to 50 cents at yard and rummage sales–kinder to the environment also. What I buy in the summer lasts me through the winter. Donna

  3. Hi Donna

    Although I have a stellium in the 4th house in Libra , its the second house which has really been a key area of changes n my life.
    I have the sun at 28 degreancer (so I can completely concur with emotional spending patterns) and Pluto at 17 degrees Leo conjunct Mercury at 10 degrees Leo.

    As you mentioned in the previous article on Pluto in the second house I have been both a have and have not at various times of my life. I have had great skills and resourcefulness in making and attracting money but my uses of it have been dysfunctional. Using money to meet indirect needs such as being seen as a “good person” by giving to others unwisely, spending lavishly to soothe emotional needs on things that society says are value but I didn’t really appreciate are but two examples.

    Most of this goes back to childhood when I came from a wealthy family who lost all their wealth after the matriach died and we descended into dickensian poverty. My mother was unable to cope with this fall and as a consequence we starved as children. It seems that this very cruel period of my life has left indelible ruts in my neurons which are slowly being filled in by powerful and wonderful flower essences. Thank you Donna for this article
    Love Kate

  4. Hi Donna – With Libra on the 2nd, housing Venus, Sun, Neptune, and Mercury, a better question might be, what don’t I spend money on? As far as self-indulgences go (moi???), home decor seems to be the big one, with fashion and accessories coming in a close second. I also spend money on music, books, art supplies, and entertainment (used DVDs). Sometimes we pay to rent movies from our local video store, mostly because I want to keep them in business. Like you Donna, I love shopping for second-hand items.

    I could care less about fancy overseas vacations or owning a big, expensive auto; even owning a home seems silly, since our rent is much more affordable. And I actually resented it when I had to purchase a new computer and accompanying software; I’m not at all interested in the latest technology. I think my cell phone almost qualifies as an antique, I’ve owned it for so long. I listen to music on a Bose stereo I bought many years ago, and we still own an old fashioned television set, in addition to our flat screen. I do like gadgets, but only if they serve a useful purpose and are not primarily designed with planned obsolescence in mind.

    I donate regularly to charity and I’ve used money to keep my mother out of a nursing home. Come to think of it, I’ve also spent quite a bit of money on dentist visits, since we don’t have dental insurance – would that be Neptune?

    Like many others, we’ve had to make do with less. Our health insurance costs eat up much of our income (yet we still can’t afford to go to the doctor), and I’ve been on a budget for quite awhile now. About the only things I splurge on are the necessary beauty products (no salons though), various health supplements, and the occasional meal out. Just today, the hubby and I treated ourselves to two raw green drinks from our neighborhood health food restaurant. The Libra in me would rather spend money with my love, than at a hair or nail salon – I’ve learned to do it at home.

    • Dental problems are more related to Saturn, natally and by transit. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. I guess that means I can look forward to spending more money on dental visits with Saturn about to enter my 2nd. Good thing I floss.

    • Hi LB,

      I have Virgo on my 2nd house cusp (which is ruled by Mercury), and Sun conjunct Neptune in Libra in the 2nd house. So, we have a lot in common!! Yes, home decor is important! My Venus is conjunct my IC so there is a double whammy for that. Clothes? I can NOT pass up a beautiful piece of clothing.

      Maybe we should start a support group.

      • Hi Pat – Good to know I’m not the only one. I think having beautiful surroundings (décor) is a way of creating our own Neptunian world. We recently downsized to 450 sq feet, and no bedroom closet, but you know . . . it ended up to be a great thing! It’s actually a lovely space, and I spend a lot less time cleaning! It also forced me to get rid of clothes and other collections that were underappreciated. I have a strict rule now of “one thing in, one thing out” when it comes to buying, and by clearing stuff out, I was better able to see how many beautiful clothes I already owned. It’s been very liberating. And now I get my decorating fix by going to sites like “Apartment Therapy.”

        Btw, I also have a sextile to Saturn; my Libra Venus tightly sextiles my Saturn in the 4th. And I have Pluto in the 12th.

        If we ever did start a support group, I’m sure our meetings would be held in a nicely decorated space (LOL!). LB

    • Hey LB! Virgo Rising here so I’ve got Libra on the 2nd house cusp too but no planets within. NN in Taurus in the 9th. Home Decor is huge for me too. I love for my space to be decorated nicely, but very affordable and be a reflection of who I am, not a showplace or a magazine cover. I’m a diehard DIY’er. Is this a result of Venus in Aquarius in the 6th quincunx Saturn & Mercury in Pisces in the 7th? lol

      Oh man that “Apartment Therapy” site is awesome. When I had cable, “Decorating Cents”, the old shows from about 1996-2001 was one of my favorite shows. I loved the segment where they showed how real people had decorated their spaces. Another favorite was “Interior Motives” on Discovery. It bit the dust quite early but Christopher Lowell the host really showed how to make some of your own decor, re-purpose items, and use thrift store finds to make your place look fantastic for very little money. Now that’s what I’m talkin about!

      • Hi msfullroller – So my NN in Libra in the 2nd must be similar to your NN in Taurus – at least as far as decorating goes, although I bet you’re much handier at the DIY stuff. I’m also an HGTV addict and love(d) all those shows you mentioned. Nice to know that another astrology buff enjoys the Apartment Therapy site; their “Small Cool” contest just ended and OMG, I could spend hours perusing and best of all, not spend any money! My Neptune in the 2nd loves to dream (and shop secondhand.)

  5. I have only one planet in my 2nd house: Pluto, at 29Leo. I went through your other articles, and it looks like the only viable analogy you offer is that I am subconsciously causing myself to fail at money handling (my father was a banker, of course we rebel against what our parents value). But I figured, if money was really important to me, I could make loads of it, I’m smart enough, but I just don’t consider it a priority. And then I got sued this week for $9k and suddenly I’m thinking about money a LOT.

    The ruler of my 2nd house (Leo) is in Taurus, 11th house, Sun 27Taurus, Moon 25Taurus. Any suggestions?

    • HI, Charles, with Sun and Moon in Taurus, you do have great money instincts if you can get past the “fail for spite” syndrome (They both square Pluto). But you ARE a Balsamic Moon and they are more often visionaries than materialists.

      Transiting Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius have been aspecting all three of those planets, so I think in the end you will have dissolved/forgiven the issues with family and will have come to an enviable state of grace where money is concerned. (See there, I DID do a bit of chart interpretation, after all!) Donna

      • ROFL, I knew I could pull you into some interpretations. You’re a pro astrologer, that’s how pros work. You do interpretations, just like a surgeon lives to do surgery, or a pilot lives to fly planes.

        Yeah, that square pluto always scares me a lot. And I do tend to be a visionary rather than materialistic, I’ve created whole industries and given them away for free, without realizing what I’ve done. I have to be more careful about valuing what I do. I seem to make loads of money for other people, but hardly any for myself. But I shouldn’t complain. There’s an old buddhist aphorism, “Nobody ever got rich by counting someone else’s money, even if they count it day after day.”

        Anyway, I am enjoying your ebook a lot, but I am kicking myself. I started reading about the outer planet aspects to Mars/Venus, then I checked my chart, and all I’ve got are minor aspects like sesquiquadrates and biquintiles that aren’t really covered in the book, darn it. I should have checked my major aspects first, before picking a book to fit them, ha. Well I will dig into the book further, I’m sure I’ll find something directly relevant. And I will have to hunt down your Pluto Problems book too.

      • I like that Buddhist aphorism, but I grew up in the rural Midwest, and I could imagine some of our old farmers saying pretty much the same thing. Earthy wisdom. Donna

  6. This is not a second house thing for me, but it is relevant to this topic:
    I’ve found that EVERY TIME Mars conjunct my Natal Neptune, which is one in Libra, I have bank account problems that are the result of a bank error such as taking someone else’s car payment out of my account.
    Each time the error has been rectified in my favor easily but believe me, I’ve learned to watch my statements more closely than usual when this aspect comes round for me once every two years or so!
    Has anyone else had bank errors during this transit?

  7. Ha! Donna, as tMO sat on my nMO’s lap at 2CAP in the 2nd last night, I turned to husband in bed, to whisper those sexy words: “I know, let’s go to the big garden centre tomorrow”.

    There are definite similarities between me and Meleanna, above. My CAP 2nd house acts very like your description of Saturn in the 2nd, you won’t be surprised to hear. Perhaps compounded by having Venus there too, tightly trine and in mutual reception with a 6th house Saturn. I have a modest personal income. I know what’s coming in and going out. I check. I save. It’s a tithe to my future self.

    This helps me sleep. It is not glamorous and can be restrictive: the astrology conference I’d love to attend this summer? Not going to happen: we have huge, savings-emptying building works planned (hello Pluto). Don’t get me wrong, I love to spend money, it’s just that I have to make sure that it’s there first.

    I too buy secondhand, as well as being less wasteful, it’s honouring the Cappy Saturn age thing. At one time I gave up lucrative copywriting work as the measure of my success was persuading many people to take out loans for stuff they didn’t need. It made me poorly.

    I got all better by taking the charity shop section of a large charity as my client. The pay was minimal but by golly it felt good. I also bought choice things at jumbles and car boot sales and resold them on eBay and book sites. Every penny counted, just as my mum (MO) used to count every penny of her pay packet into different ‘pots’ on a Thursday evening.

    Now, as tMO wanders, innocent-eyed towards my 2nd house Venus, shall we go to that big garden centre today? It’s up in the air: my husband is a Taurus, however, our composite Saturn is … in the 2nd… ‘You can only spend each pound once’.

    Bests, and a belated congratulations on your financial lightbulb moment: it’s one less thing to worry about.

    • Good description of how Saturn/Capricorn works in this 2nd. I enjoy your site, The Distracted Astrologer. Donna

  8. Yes, with Jupiter in the 2nd and conjunct Uranus there is a wildside one day I have and the next I do not. Pluto is also there in the 2nd…but I have 2 teenagers and Saturn is now teaching me BIG lessons….and the other day someone told me to leave all this astrology stuff as there is only God – my god, how can I not be fascinated by my cosmic math, by my wild illogic, by my quest for growth and understanding, by my aspect of the whole.
    Thank you Donna teacher.

  9. I have Jup in the 3rd, but it’s sag on the 2nd house, so your statement about jupiter in the 2nd still hit home. Ouch. I have used that in the past to justify buying things, and it usually works.

    I’ve never been in serious money trouble, although I’ve come close a couple of times. Perhaps because i don’t use much money on shopping or on things to indulge myself. (My car is 26 yrs old). the only thing I buy without thinking are books, but I do wait for paperback editions, I swap books and I borrow at the library.

    My money seems to disappear into the great unknown of monthly bills. Usually I’m okay, but it’s always a balancing act, isn’t it? I do have better career aspects now then ever, so I do believe things will pick up but probably not until later this year.

  10. I think “LB” is my soul-mate, moneywise!

    I have Virgo on the 2nd house cusp, with SU conj. NE in Libra, which sextile SA and PL in Leo in the 12th.

    So, so, so hard to NOT spend on art, beauty, music, etc. etc. etc. I did a “Quicken” report last year and found I was spending $200 a month on clothes. That’s right–$200!!! So, my New Year’s resolution was to limit myself to $100 per month. I have an Excel spreadsheet, Quicken reports, and all sort of other things to rein myself in.

    Is it working? Nope.

  11. Sun in Virgo in my 2nd house, but square Saturn in Sag on the 5th house cusp. Never have enough money (and really, for awhile I was living below the poverty line), but I’m pretty conservative with spending. I do have to feed my Leo Moon/Ascendant now and then, though! And my Venus/Pluto conjoined feel much better having money.

  12. Although I don’t have any second house planets, I have Scorpio on that cusp and I think its Pluto rulership males me very resourceful and able to make do on fairly little.
    I’m another one who likes second hand. I feel ecologically better and every visit to the shop or yard sale,etc. is like a treasure hunt!
    When I spend it tends to be on books, cds (Amazon addict) and my hobby/avocation which photography/Photoshop/electronic design.

  13. Good analysis and comparison of the planets. I really enjoy your posts so keep them coming 😀

  14. hello
    my second house cusp is pisces!!!!

    yes ..i am little careless about my bank account.,If some body close points me out that i need to be more practical ,need to take care about my money,then only i am able to notice .

    I have given away money to people ,who needed it.
    I have a feeling that ,I have got enough ( for…. a day /month??.GOD knows!!)

    but I can be practical when I pay attention.

  15. My spouse and i ended up being really satisfied that Peter could deal with his analysis while using the ideas he discovered out of the weblog. It’s not at all simplistic to simply happen to be making a gift of hints which men and women might have been making money from. We figure out we have the website owner to be grateful to because of that. The explanations you’ve made, the straightforward website menu, the relationships your site help to create – it’s everything excellent, and it’s leading our son in addition to our family do think that issue is satisfying, which is especially serious. Thank you for everything!

  16. Nice read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing some research on that. And he actually bought me lunch as I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!

  17. Hello Donna!
    I dont care if I am going to embarrass you but I AM YOUR BIG FAN!!!!

    I have Leo on the second house cusp and Jupiter , Mercury, Mars(virgo) and Venus(virgo) in 2nd house in that order. In some other article of yours I had read on stelliums and something about the Alpha dog!! I figured out that mars must be the one for me…whenever I am feeling emotionally down..I need to spend! it re-motivates me to work hard on something! or atleast go window shopping! Spending money on delicious food makes me feel so good and I am forever hungry( cancer rising)..If my stomach is satisfied I can really get back to my job or somehow inspire, motivate my stellium to work on something!! And that really needs a lot of money….

  18. Greetings, all. I am late to this, but want to proclaim how helpful the Saturn transit to my 2nd has been.
    When Saturn crossed that 2H cusp my income fell as I moved to working freelance. It has since recovered, but not until I had learned to value every dollar and use it wisely.
    Last year, the Tax Office caught up with me. A letter from them so freaked me out that I rushed it, unopened and unread, to to the nearest branch of H&R Block. The kindly accountant who sorted out the problem then had to deal with my full confession — that I had not lodged a tax return in 17 years.
    I’m now up to date, have recovered more than $10,000 in overpaid taxes, and thanks to Saturn’s lesson will be diligent with my financial admin from now on. Thanks, too, to that elderly, rather taciturn accountant who patiently sorted out what for me was an overwhelming situation.
    And thank you, Donna, for such a lucid article that makes good sense of the cosmic forces.

    • What a nightmare! The IRS doesn’t play! So many astrologers live off the grid, and they worry me because the consequences can be terrible.

      I’m glad that you came through it okay. Donna

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