Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 4, 2010

Neptune Transits to the 2nd-8th Axis—Getting Real about Money

©2008, 2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Neptune transits can create a haze, and while Neptune transited Aquarius, computers, the internet, and other technical developments  made it a dangerous thing to space out where finances are concerned. If you believe that it somehow makes you more spiritual to never look at price tags or ask questions when money is involved, in today’s world, you’re looking for trouble.   Neptune in its own sign, Pisces, is likely to be even more spacey.  

 Have you been living in a dream world where money is concerned?   The longer the dream goes on, the more jarring the awakening, so stay with me while we talk about Neptune transits to the money houses—the 2nd or the 8th.

Wherever Neptune is transiting, it’s there for the long haul. Slow-moving Neptune stays in a sign for about 14 years. Since it moves a little more than 2° a year, ball park figures would be 11 years for a 25° wide house and 21 years for a 45° wide house. The effects aren’t continual—the transit sets up a general mood or trend but is only fully active when forming actual aspects to a natal position.

 Neptune in the 2nd or 8th: Shopaholics Anonymous

  The dual message of the 2nd is that it doesn’t just show your earnings, but also how you spend and manage your money. If you have Aquarius there natally, you may have always snatched up the newest things, the leading edge, the gadgets, and the glitter. The 8th can represent debt spending, and with Neptune transiting there, you may be running up debts while putting on a false front of affluence and glamour.

Neptune also represents addiction, and so in the time Neptune has been in your 2nd or 8th, you may have become a shopaholic, especially where state of the art electronics and computerized gizmos are concerned. You probably don’t wait until the prices come down, because the newest models make you feel so leading edge, so advanced, and even part of the digital elite or the glitterati.

 Heads Up—Scams are Everywhere!

While  Neptune transits your 2nd or especially your 8th, the house of credit cards and debt, you need to be perpetually vigilant against scams. This is also true of people with Neptune in those houses natally.

 Identity thieves and other scammers around the world are more and more crafty and predatory.  They stay years ahead of the curve in terms of programs to steal data, viruses to infect a hard drive, and so on. A stolen identity can be ruinous and take years to put right, so with Neptune transiting these houses, fraud insurance is an important hedge against financial disaster.

In general, being alert to the possibility of fraud is important with Neptune transits to the money houses. Be careful not to invest more than you earn, and do be wary of charming con artists and get-rich scams. If it sounds too good to be true… know the rest!  They say you can’t cheat an honest man, but in today’s world, you also have to be smart, skeptical, and forever alert. 

While you’re at it, read all the fine print in your credit card and loan documents. Predatory lending can leave you in so much debt that it’s hard to get out from under it. There are plenty of  thieves in the corporate and banking worlds, though they’re called CEOs. Don’t sign contracts you don’t understand. 

Mixing Finances–Neptune, Codependency, and Boundaries

 Likewise don’t invest more of your money, time, or heart in someone with “potential” who doesn’t invest as much as you do and more. You can’t save anyone who won’t save themselves—don’t be a rescuer, because a rescuer too often winds up being an enabler.

We’ve spoken a good deal about Neptune, codependency, and boundaries on Skywriter in recent weeks.  If Neptune is transiting your 2nd or 8th house, the hardest lessons about setting and respecting boundaries are likely to be learned in the area of finances and money management. Reread that series of articles with finances in mind—you’ll find the links below.

 More Fortunate Potentials of Neptune Transits

If transiting Neptune is making positive aspects like trines and sextiles to 2nd house planets or from the 2nd to the Midheaven or other natal 10th house placements, this may be a time to capitalize on your creative and artistic gifts. The 2nd often shows profitable sidelines, so you may also find rewards in a home business selling beauty, fashion accessories, or home decorating products.

 In the 8th, the support can come from people who believe in your gifts, but do be careful of the relationship deteriorating over time if you don’t make sure to make and respect boundaries.

 If you’ve wanted to begin a practice in the metaphysical realms, start part time during these aspects. When it transits the 2nd house, an important  concern to work through is that of  feeling so guilty charging for your work that you don’t meet your own needs adequately.   Service to others is a beautiful application of Neptune, but be aware, also, that codependency and boundary issues can creep into service work.

One chapter of my ebook, Counseling Principles for Astrologers explains codependency, how to see it in an astrology chart, and its implications for practicing astrologers in depth. Download it here: 2014 Ch7 CPA. You’ll find a wealth of articles for professional astrologers on Skywriter, starting here: English for Astrologers–No Astrologese Please.

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  1. Neptune is transiting my 2nd house and I got scammed big time a few years ago. Lo and behold, it started when Neptune formed a transiting square to my natal Neptune.

    Oh boy, did it hurt. But since Neptune is also a nodal ruler, there’s some deep karmic lessons that had to be learned and I am richer for it. Plus, my Scorpio resiliency means that I may get knocked down, but I don’t stay down for very long.

    • Tough one, Katie. Unfortunately, we all have to be on our toes always now–so much deception and fraud rampant in the world. Donna

  2. Thanks for the article Donna….Very relevant for me – with Neptune transiting the 8th. From a protracted and heinous separation – from a man who said “I don’t care if the lawyers get every cent – as long as you get nothing!!” to my face – and then proceeded to act on that – to facing life ‘out on my own’ – supporting my four children, with no job to speak of (having been an at-home mum for 16 years – then)..
    Neptune hasn’t fnished with me yet – (still 15 degrees to go)! At least now I am aware of my vulnerability to being conned (ripped off)… It happened again three years after the separation with a so-called ‘co-author’ – I ended up writing the entire book, but she was able to claim 50% of royalties (due to the contract we had signed before I found out she couldn’t write!) You talk of boundaries – and this is exactly what was at the core of this episode. I trusted. I had no boundaries. I’m still learning – I keep on getting rude awakenings – but my Piscean/Neptunian spirit doesn’t seem to get it. I’ll probably keep on trusting …. Ah, the life lessons around that subject – money….
    It represents SO much… I can see why you have devoted so much astrological energy to it – because it is huge. Even when we think we are ‘not materialistic’ – the fact is, we live in a material world – and spiritual though our orientation may be – we have to survive here. It’s a bugger. I hate it. (All that 2nd house drama natally)…. But that’s life.
    I’ll keep trying to wake up – develop some boundaries… Time to stop believing, I think, in the essential goodness of my fellow man. So many are out for themselves – and where money is concerned, have no integrity (my ex for one. He continues to deny supporting his children, even though he is loaded – and my settlement – which I sweated blood for – continues to dwindle, as I continue to help them out…..) will I ever get it!!!
    Sorry to rave… But thanks for the opportunity.

    • Neptune transits through any of the houses ARE an awfully long transit, Linda, but at a certain point, Neptune stops making aspects from that house to natal planets, and “all” we have left is the cleanup operation…and the invaluable lessons. Donna

      • Thanks Donna,
        Yes, I didn’t think of that… It has left them alone. Good.
        I just read under your latest article you have South Node in Pisces
        in the 8th – me too! Mine is opposed (exactly!) to Pluto.
        I’d like to hear more of your thoughts on that nodal position.
        I see it as my major life theme – my need for ‘enmeshment’….. karmic – this reluctance to be anything other than merged.
        The Neptune transit has been long and hard – but perhaps on some level, it has helped to ‘dissolve’ some of those old karmic patterns. I’m beginning to understand, if not realize, this deep need in me…

  3. Neptune in Scorpio transited my second house during much of the mid-late 1960’s.
    Boy howdy….Without going into too much detail; my father ripped me off, didn’t support me, stole insurance money.
    I tended to hook up with people who wanted me to pay their way, despite the fact that I didn’t have a pot to pee in and barely had a window to throw it out of.
    Much money and time was spent on medication and hospitals and doctors/shrinks.

  4. Linda NZ Thanks for what You say i am starting that period in 2011 and i will keep what You say in Mind.

    I Think also if one energy can generate a problem it also has a solution; maybe Neptune can be used by Using Our Intuition someway i dont know how by now; so You can prevent from tricks, scams, etc. !!!

    Thank You Donna Cunningham !!!

    Neptune is ready to get in my 8th House fortunately i am a Taurus and Jupiter is in 8th House with Good aspects i hope that will help but i will be Alert as much as i can because Neptune will be Opposing Pluto so i will have to make some Plans Hope they help and Work !!!!

    Hope i can Redirect all This Energy so i can get more solutions that i need from all of this Wisdom & Knowledge from Astrology, metaphysical realms, etc. And Keep improving because i know something is going to come so i can put all the pieces i have; so i can share all i am working on !!!!

    I Feel inside as if You were talking to me with this articles i dont know why but that is the way i feel it Thank You Anyway !!!

    Thank You Again Donna Cunningham !!!

    Blessings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Heck, I was born with Neptune in Sagittarius in the 2nd! I am awful, and I mean awful with money! I’m getting alot better. I’m learning a huge lesson. Money confuses me sometimes, I’d rather not deal with it, or think about it too much.

    Love the blog Donna! I’m a huge fan! 🙂

    • thanks, Nicholeh. If you have Neptune in Sag, you have many, many years to work this through–just don’t wait until Saturn gets to Sagittarius to focus on it!! (Don’t worry, that’s years from now.) I waited until Saturn got to my second the second time around, and that was hard. Donna

  6. hmm, i already feel the shadow face of Neptune in my second house but that brings nothing new, i have pisces governing it. Do you think my life is going to be changed positivelly, because i really need a miracle of God right now to find a job where my gifts are really noticed and apreciated and i speak from learning my natal chart because i have Lilth in my 8th conjunct South Node… and Neptune is going to oppose it, what do you think what is the perspective in my case, will i dye without ever knowing recognition and true apreciation for my resources? My Mercury is natally in Leo and conjuncts Sun with 3 degrees(i was lucky!) at birth, my Neptune is 12th house Caprico and squaring Mars from 2nd, Aries.

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