Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 7, 2010

Pluto Transits to the 2nd or 8th —Money Issues Get Murky

©2008, 2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 You’re entering a phase of financial restructuring if you have Capricorn in the 2nd or 8th houses, because at some points in Pluto’s 14-year trek through that sign, you’ll have Pluto transits.  Words we can associate with Pluto in Capricorn are accountability; facing reality; responsibility; taking stock; cutbacks; restructuring;  and living within our means.

The 2nd house describes money—how you earn and spend it; financial management; profitable sidelines; attitudes and beliefs about prosperity; what you value more than wealth.   The 8th describes your partner’s resources, how joint finances are managed, investor and backers, money coming in other than paychecks (inheritances, grants, prizes, government benefits, etc), taxes, credit cards and other debts, as well as birth, death, transformation, and healing.

 You’ll be meeting some Plutonian players during this transit.  In their charts and in the chart comparison you’re likely to find Pluto and Scorpio strongly featured. Their numbers could include the wealthy and powerful, financiers, control freaks, avengers, sugar daddies, investors or backers, and debt collectors.  On the more positive side, you might connect with powerful healers, therapists, and social reformers.

 If you have Capricorn associated with the 2nd or 8th natally, you’re likely to possess positive qualities necessary to contend with an economic downturn like this one—and the strength to develop them even more fully in times of adversity. 

Among your assets, you may count patience, perseverance, dependability, self-discipline, realism, practicality, organization, diligence, industriousness, common sense, high standards, foresight, and the ability to learn from experience. Like the mountain goat, you’re inherently equipped to scale this particular mountain

 Is Pluto strong in your birth chart?  For another indication of how major this Pluto transit is, analyze how important Pluto is natally.

Briefly, you’re a Plutonian type if Pluto makes many aspects in the chart, especially to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, or if it’s part of a major configuration like a grand trine or t-square. If you have the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or several planets in Scorpio or the related 8th house, this also contributes a Plutonian cast to your life.

The stronger Pluto is in a birth chart, the longer Plutonians have already been working to integrate its transformative qualities and to free themselves of the negative ones.   You’ll find a link below to a test to help you gauge how strong it is.

With difficult aspects, Pluto’s natal house placement may signify an area of life where you experienced betrayals of trust, misuse of power, alienation, and losses or a feeling of abandonment.

Ask yourself whether you’re still repeating these negative patterns as an adult or whether you’ve been in a long process of relinquishing and healing them.  If you’re still automatically going into negative Pluto patterns of relating, you may find y0urself playing them out where finances are concerned during this transit.  The list of links below contain  leads to some strong healing resources that particularly resonate to Plutonian patterns.

What can the current transits mean if you’re born with a strong Pluto?  Let’s say Pluto is strong natally and represents a history of murky family dynamics, but is now transiting the 2nd or 8th. People who are locked into the past could relive the same dynamics and negative outcomes in their finances as were seen in the house arena of natal Pluto.

If you’re still festering with mistrust, resentments, grievances, and hatred of those in power, you can transfer these patterns to your relationships, specifically to how you and people you are enmeshed with handle the issue of finances.

Unhealed Plutonians can be bitter, negative, cynical, and easily offended. A new round of healing tools, on the other hand, can turn the pattern around and bring a new freedom.

 This transit is especially significant if there are Pluto or Scorpio planets in the vocational picture natally—the 2nd, 6th, 10th, or aspecting the Midheaven.

People with these features in their charts are prone to dramatic career turns, for better or for worse, especially under transits to the Midheaven, natal vocational planets, or natal Pluto. Those who engage in self-destructive rounds of hardball may crash and burn under transits to the vocational sectors.

If they’re evolving past those negative behaviors, they’re capable of amazing turnarounds—the Phoenix rising from its own ashes.

Not a Plutonian type? You may not have been born a Plutonian type. However, during Pluto’s slow progress through the 2nd or 8th, you may very well—in self-defense if nothing else—become Plutonian in your approach to money. It’s common for patterns to develop that are similar to people with natal Pluto or Scorpio planets in the 2nd or 8th.  (In the links below, you’ll find an article about that placement.)

Among the less desirable expressions are abuse of power, battles for control, inability to trust others, secrecy, clinging to resentments and grievances, failing for spite, and being a target of other people’s projections. Constructive expressions include transforming, healing, and empowering yourself and others through the lifework.

 How long will this transit last? Pluto is even slower-moving than Neptune or Uranus. Due to eccentricities in its orbit, it spends longer in some signs than others—it spent 12 years in Scorpio, but will spend 14 years in Capricorn and 25 in Pisces. Track how long Pluto has already been transiting the 2nd or 8th houses. Note whether the sign on the house cusp is Sagittarius or Capricorn and whether it includes planets in Sag as well

If Pluto isn’t making any major aspects to planets in that house, what I’ve described may be background music to your financial life, but it’s well to start working on any of the financial issues listed here and in related articles, because at the point when it does make aspects, it can affect you very powerfully. 

What’s Lead up to this situation? If the 2nd or 8th cusp is Sagittarius, Pluto has been in that house for several years. For people with Sagittarian placements in the career houses, Pluto’s 13 years in that sign gradually ushered in irrevocable changes in their livelihood and in the amount of recognition and satisfaction they could expect to gain. Analyze what was going on in the person’s finances during Pluto’s latter days in Sagittarius.

  A house transit is a process rather than a series of isolated events; a change of signs ushers in a new stage of that process. A Sagittarian era of expansion is naturally followed by a Capricornian phase of contraction. The era of easy credit and speculation may have fueled unwise over-expansion based on debt financing and greed. We’ve already seen what happened in the real estate market, and the same sudden contraction has been true in many industries in the short time since Pluto changed signs.

 Sag rules our connections to a global economy, and with Pluto transiting the 2nd house, easy credit might have lured the individual into overspending on luxuries like foreign travel, speculative investments in real estate, or day trading. The coming years, as Pluto moves solidly into Capricorn, would require stringent budgeting to get back on solid ground.

 Capricorn—Sign of the Comeback Kings

 If you have Capricorn planets in your 2nd or 8th, what would you do if the absolute worst case scenario happened—a total financial meltdown? You’re the mountain goat—wouldn’t you start at the bottom and climb right back up to the summit? 

Rod Chase, a mentor in my early years in astrology, used to claim that Capricorn –the sign of Richard Nixon and Muhammed Ali–was the sign of comebacks. He also pointed out that Pluto is the planet of endings and beginnings, of death and rebirth, and of the phoenix rising from it own ashes.

The sign of the mountain goat meets the planet of the phoenix—that’s one unbeatable combination!  So I don’t doubt for a minute that, given all the strengths Capricorn is uniquely equipped with, you have what it takes to overcome any present difficulties and come back even stronger but on a rock solid footing.

 Note: This is  adapted from a much longer article on Pluto transits to the career houses that appeared in The Mountain Astrologer in 2008.  See their back issues for the complete version.

Readers, if Pluto is part of your financial picture, tell us about it in the comment section. 

If you have natal or transiting Pluto in the 2nd or 8th, here are some articles that can help: Donna Cunningham Skywriter Mars

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  1. ::raises hand:: I’m one of those having Pluto transit my 2nd house w/Sagittarius on the cusp and Capricorn. Pluto came within a degree of being exactly sextile my natal Jupiter, ruler of the 2nd, before going Rx.

    Have been living quite frugally most of my life and this has not changed. No debts except a 20 yr mortgage almost paid off (April 2011). Always pay off credit card balances every month & our vehicles are paid off. My cardinal rule? Don’t spend $$$ I don’t have.

    I did run up some medical expenses and am having to pay off the balance the major medical policy we have didn’t cover (80% UNCOVERED). But only agreed to have the tests done at my husband’s insistence . . . basically found out for someone my age, I’m healthy.

    At this time, the need to generate more personal income is growing. The “how” is still unclear.


  2. Pluto entered my 2nd house during my last year of high school, and it was then that I began participating in the “4/4” plan; I attended school for 4 hours, and worked at a “real” job for at least another 4. I chose to work 7 hours after school, this in addition to my regular babysitting jobs. It was tough but I made a ton of money.

    Pluto also crushed my dream of becoming a professional dancer (Sun conjunct Neptune in the 2nd), when I realized that I lacked both the talent and technical skill necessary to make that dream a reality – so I enrolled in a typing class (Mercury/Neptune/Jupiter in Scorpio in the 2nd/3rd, square Moon in the 5th and sextile Pluto in the 12th.) My parents had warned me that as soon as I graduated from high school, I’d have to start paying a full share of the rent and household expenses, so I got a full-time office job (with benefits) that first Summer after high school; ironically enough, it was working for an Insurance company.

    Pluto going through my 2nd represented my transition to adulthood, with all of its accompanying grown-up responsibilities.

  3. Hi Donna! I’ve been looking forward to this article, so thank you so much! Very useful and interesting. My natal Pluto is part of a four planet stellium (moon, sun, uranus), in the 9th, early in Virgo, so pluto in cap is trining this. It’s also opposing Mars in cancer in the 8th (I read your articles on magnetizing and am practising my mojo!). My 2nd house is big, from Sag to Aqu – it will leave this house in 2024 – so I guess finances will be important for some years, yes. Saturn is right at the 3rd house cusp.
    When pluto entered the 2nd, I went abroad and made no money, but gained lots of experience. I write books, they don’t sell much, but I keep at it, I don’t think I’m fit for anything else by now. Right now I make more money then before, (not a whole lot, but more), and I see that slowly my earnings are improving. As for management of finances – I wing it. Mostly because I haven’t earned enough to invest anything/lose anything, so perhaps that’s the silver lining. I don’t have much debt, when you don’t make much money, you can’t really get a loan or a credit card, so there’s something I’m really grateful for.
    (I have mercury at 1 degree Libra, in the 10th house, so it will be interesting to see what happens when Saturn hits that. )
    I’m not good with finances, but I am careful, mostly because I worry about it and find it overwhelming. What I want is financial independence, so perhaps this period will bring me that. For now, I work very hard with 3-4 procjects at the same time, figuring one of them will manage earn me some more money so I don’t have to worry so much.

  4. I’ve Capricorn in my 2nd house. Have worked from the bottom up. No cheating. I’m not as “high” as others are, but I feel good. And I’m very good with my finances (have learned a lot about budgeting and enjoying the cheaper things in life).

    Right now, I’m being a little less frugal with myself and enjoying life. Definitely feel freer financially than ever before, and I’ve worked hard for that.

    • The good thing about Capricorn in the 2nd is that as you get the financially solid, you really know how to deal with money and it tends to grow, the older you get. Donna

  5. I have Capricorn in my 8th House, and Pluto in my 6th House. I hate having people pay for things for me, because I feel like I should be in a position to do it myself. However, I’m often in a position where I CAN’T do it myself (first because I was, well, a minor, second because I was in college, third because I wanted to be an artist and fourth because I’ve chosen an only slightly more lucrative career path, academia) and that gives me enormous, enormous anxiety. Pluto won’t be in my 8th House for another couple of years, at which point I hope to be in graduate school already with a similarly 8th-House teaching and/or research fellowship of some kind. But at that point, it’ll also be dangerously close to my Saturn return, so I wonder if part of my Saturn return will mean actual financial independence, either out of good fortune or out of necessity.

    Donna Van Toen gave a lecture at the Cambridge conference on nodal transits, and how the South Node’s position involves something you have to give up while the North Node’s position involves something you’re bringing in. North Node in the 8th House usually has to do with accepting grants or scholarships or just some period of not using your own money for a while. The transiting North Node is in my 8th House, and has been since August 2009. Interesting that that’s when I started my post-bac courses and moved back home!

    • Lucy, I know you’re working really, really hard in school. Something nice to know about 8th house transits is that they can mean grants, scholarships, and fellowships. So keep that in mind and apply for anything and everything.

      If you’re taking care of Saturn, the Saturn return can be a good time of reaping the rewards of hard work and really coming into your own. I became an astrologer at the time of my first Saturn return.

      Donna Van Toen is a long-time respected colleague and knows her nodes. She has a good book on the topic. I’m not sure if it’s in print or not (RedWheelWeiser) but if not you can maybe find it used at Donna C.

      • So happy to hear about grants and scholarships, considering I’m going back to school now and I have no way of paying for it other than grants or scholarships (or loans, but I’m trying to avoid those, and pay for things using my good grades alone).

        Pluto transiting my 8th effectively stripped me of my financial security, though oddly this was by choice – I chose to abandon my old line of work to go back to school and do what I am more suited to doing.

        My Moon is in my 8th house, so I’ve also had to deal with family issues, particularly involving female relatives. I’m seeing them for what they really are, and in two cases thus far the picture is far from pretty. You may recall me making a long post about relationship-prone people (and those who aren’t); Pluto going over my 8th house Moon has forced me to confront the real obstacle in that department: my early parental conditioning. I had parents who were neglectful at best. They constantly told me I was a bad, evil person, which explains why I chose bad partners. They were a reflection of the way I viewed myself as my parents had instilled in me. I am realizing my choices were products of my parents’ view of me, plus my need for affection that went unfulfilled as a child, the first of which I still struggle to shed this very day (transit is not complete as of yet). While this is a very fearful transit, I am grateful to see that my choices were not because I had “bad luck” or wasn’t relationship-prone – it was because I had a poor upbringing, something I had consciously repressed for years. Pluto is bringing the subconscious (Moon) to light and destroying it.

        I am also anticipating the death of one or more female relatives as this transit continues, and the effects will be devastating on the material plane (Capricorn is an earth sign, and a family sign too), but for me I think it will be psychologically freeing. God willing, I will rise from the ashes a phoenix.

  6. Pluto’s been in my 2nd house since late ’97, and won’t leave until Christmas 2012. Let’s just say – there’s no money and nothing owned except an 11-year-old Honda and a “vintage” computer. Took a few int’l trips, but paid cash. (With my 9th house stellium, it was like breathing!) Spent 10 yrs paying off my grad school loan from Pluto transiting the 1st house. Am now laid off from that career. I had a chance to buy a condo a few years ago, but I passed b/c I felt antsy about tying up what few resources I had at the time. And then I quit that job when it became ridiculous.

    (My natal Pluto is in the 11th, conj Uranus; your comment about projections is right on. I’m not a good group member, totally unintentionally. I also have Neptune in the 1st, and that seems to also “mirror” whoever I’m around. If coworkers are unconscious or aggressive/passive-aggressive in any way, it somehow gets reflected back to them. Unpleasant events ensue. My siblings have the same placement and similar experiences. I’ve wondered if it’s our destiny to serve as some kind of catalyst to get stuck energy moving again or something.)

    I also have Mercury at 1 Cancer in the 8th. I have no insights yet on this reality, but I applied my tax refund this year to next year’s bill b/c of the unemployment situation. Better safe than sorry!

  7. Hi Donna & everybodyelse, new here and kindof new to astrology too:) From your article, and whatever little I can grasp of astrology, my chart will have major activity happening!.. I think ??
    Things, esp on the work front have been so so bad these last few yrs., my saturn&pluto(both in scorp)have been merciless, don’t think it can get any worse, living like a recluse/major ID crisis n negativity.just can’t shake it off!!
    have a sag 8th house cusp with jup & neptune in cappy (8th).Sag South-node in 8th too !! Pluto& mars in 6th. 10th house cusp- capricorn along with my aqua sun& moon in 10th too!!
    wonder, how all this will play out? err..this is kinda good n bad scary at the same time….

  8. I’ve had Pluto in my 2nd house for 11 years, so should have some grasp of this but money really isn’t the big issue. Yes, I’ve had as much fun as possible within my means (oh-so-sensible-saturn) whilst in Sag, but the move into Capricorn has meant completely readjusting my life style, separating my finances from my ex and preparing to go Student again. I just hope the Pluto Pluto square won’t mean the collapse of my financial weak spot – the house. But I’m taking hope that Capricorn will cope with it.

    Even when transitting Pluto hit my natal Neptune opp Sun/Venus, it wasn’t money issues. Just a horrible deep depression, that apparently didn’t have any cause. It’s a relief now to look back and see a link. And it’s also probably helped deal with all the issues from the cardinal T-square – there was certainly real life stuff to blame this time round!

    • HI, Tizer, at some points of Pluto’s orbit, the inevitable Pluto transit over natal Neptune that we all get takes place at about the same time as the progressed Moon’s return to the natal position…about age 27-28. Where that is true, there are two emotional events taking place at the same time, perhaps part of the depression.

      I’ve seen the Pluto crossing over Neptune in many clients’ lives, and what it does is to bring Pluto’s clear perception of the truth to bear on Neptune’s illusions. If you’re strongly Neptunian and a dreamer, that disillusionment can be quite devastating, but it’s an important passage into full adulthood. At other times, the person bottoms out on whatever addictive or codependent patterns may be present, and that, again, is painful. Since you note that you have Neptune opposite Venus, I’m guessing it may have been the codependent type. Think back on that era and see if any of what I’m saying rings bells for you. Donna

  9. Hi, I just found your site and really appreciate all the information you share. I am fairly new to studying astrology myself – over last couple of years. I am interested in the pluto transit also and really enjoyed the article above. I have pluto conjunct midheaven natally in the 9th house, very close to the 10th. I have capricorn in part of my first house and half of my 2nd house. I’ve always been very frugal and live within my means, however I am anxious to see if anything comes my way career wise with the pluto/midheaven conj. I also have jupiter, uranus right next to my pluto at the end of my 9th and into the 10th. saturn is transiting my midheaven now i believe.

    • HI, Cathie, Welcome to Skywriter. Whatever you’re studying right now, there’s a good chance there are articles about it on this site–just put the term into the search engine at the top or look under the list of categories to see what’s listed.

      For instance, you’ll find quite a few articles in the category “vocational astrology,” including several on Pluto. As a general rule, whenever a planet that connected with the career houses natally (2, 6, 10 and the Midheaven), then a transit by or to that planet in another of the career houses becomes very significant in terms of further career developments. Donna

  10. Omg I totally agree with Capricorn being the phoenix that rises from the ashes when pluto comes about.

    I have, in natal, Capricorn in the 8th house with Neptune setting right in there.

    Pluto started trekking through starting in mid 2006, and it wont be out until 2018.

    When pluto first entered my 8th house everything became a WRECK. My financial aid was screwed up with my school. I had to move home. There were no jobs. I defaulted on my loans. I accidentally over drawn my account before I left and they kept charging over draft fees until I owed almost 1000 dollars. I ended up in the hospital twice because I started FAINTING so I racked up HUGE medical bills (it was related to my heart).

    My credit score was bombing and reached it’s lowest point last january, one month BEFORE pluto conjunct my neptune. That is when the phoenix started to raise in a BIG BIG WAY.

    I became a certified hypnotist and started my own company. I finally was doing better, better enough I started paying off my debts, going from a credit score of 486 to raising the score about 12 points in a months time on average 🙂

    Pluto is no longer conjunct neptune in december, which by my calculations should mean I should be resting at 630 by time pluto is done. Not wonderful but it wouldn’t have my laughed out of the car dealership when I ask to be financed. LOL (that alone will make me happy).


    • That’s a great comeback story, Kendra. Rod Chase, my mentor in my early days in astrology used to say that Capricorns were the comeback kings. (He cited Richard Nixon and Muhammed Ali, Capricorns of that era.) They can get kicked all the way back down that mountain and climb all the way back up.

  11. I have 19 degrees Sag on the 2nd house cusp and this house ends at 20 degrees Cap. So as Pluto transits almost halfway through the 2nd, I can report having had income problems due to a couple of relocations.

    My natal Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in the late 9th. Since Pluto entered Cap along with the recessed economy, I’ve learned to curb my wanderlust — can’t sell the house anyway, which is a good thing to ground me and my finances.

    With transiting Pluto opposing my natal Venus in Cancer in the 8th, I’m just now revisiting investments that I let sit for a decade and revamping my accounts. I hope the Cap legacy of slow, but steady growth will occur as I approach retirement. With a strong natal Saturn, I’m literally banking on it!

    • It sounds like you’re on top of your investments, Terry, which is an asset in these confusing times. Donna

  12. Hello,
    I have Venus 3 Capricorn and North Node 4 Cap. My natal Pluto in Leo is conjunct Midheaven, opposite Sun, square Saturn and ascendent; trine Venus and trine Mars.
    Since early 2007, my life has been a series of personal and professional disasters. I am currently without a job, any source of revenue other than I am renting out parts of my house; my professional life is in tatters; AND I have discovered I am a poet; I am writing like crazy; all sorts of mystical experiences that I can make sense of as a scientist (natal Sun trine Neptune 12th house); I have some pretty exciting hypotheses with regard to consciousness evolution etc. Friends are pretty well gone; husband is divorcing me; very lonely time but very profound time. Definitely learning to trust inner guidance and resources. Very scary at times at a practical level not so much for myself but I have a young child (adopted 3 years ago,)

    • Very rough times, Judith. But it sounds like the extremes of Pluto. I hope it all works to the good eventually. This blog has a great many articles, but it sounds like you’re unfailingly finding the right ones. Donna

  13. Hello again,
    I just added up my Pluto points – 65.
    I’m a bit worried about that “fail for spite” bit, although it feels more like “when it’s time to move on, it’s time to move on”.
    Earlier today, I was feeling particularly lost and overwhelmed. That inner guidance led me to check my transits–today is an exact tr. Pluto-Venus conjunction AND for the first time, I discovered this wonderful web-site. Oh, also, that description of the naive early Venus person–that one stung a bit. And me a psychotherapist!! (I was once told by a supervisor that I was the most naive grownup he had ever met.) No, correction, an EX-psychotherapist!

  14. Hello,

    I Have saturn and neptune conjunct(6 degrees) in capricorn in the 8th, with neptune conjunct the 8th house cusp. Uranus is conjunct neptune but is more in the 7th house.
    Ever since I was 16 I was involved in the occult and only just recently have I come to the conclusion that I need to control my life through the will of my mind. All my life I have not been in control, I felt powerless and the occult is how I get control. So yeah, saturn conjunct neptune in the 8th has a huge impact on me.

    I have checked Solar Returns and progressions for when pluto transits over neptune and saturn.
    When pluto hits neptune it will also be conjunct the 8th house cusp. Not only that, in the same year the effect of pluto conjunct neptune will be intensified. The solar return from that year has pluto conjunct the SR ASC, and that SR ASC falls exactly on my 8th house cusp on neptune in the natal chart. Also saturn is exactly conjunct the SR MC in scorpio.

    So yeah I think that will be a hard time…
    Pluto will be trining mercury which is my chart ruler(gemini ASC), while it is conjunct neptune. I guess that should help me in that hard time.

    Are you ready for the big shabaang? lol.
    When my first saturn return is imminent in the 8th in capricorn, pluto will also be conjuncting saturn.
    Also at the same time, the progressed sun will happily square saturn in the 8th. So I will have 3 major aspects at the same time e.g. saturn return, pluto conjunct saturn and progressed sun square saturn.
    Saturn is trine my sun in the natal by 1 degree, so with all those negative aspects I´ll still have pluto trin sun. Lol I guess that keeps me from dying haha

  15. Well, i am a rather typical strong Plutotian type, many planets in Scorpio, sun , mercury, Neptune Ascendant. My natal pluto sits 24 Virgo in 10th house, and i am currently facing pluto transits my 2nd house ( it is very big , sag 28degree on cusp ends aqu 5 degree) . I would emphasize on my financial change ( to the worse) i lost my job , i am currently out of steady income , based on my sister’s and mother’s financial aid. My exhusband is also unemployed , who had a house debt that we cant pay , so i must proceed to rent this house and move with my sister and mom . A really painful period, with a lot of drastic changes as i am scorpio nature and i like to be alone , and not be supervised by anyone. A lot of compromise and pressure.
    on the other hand i had some healing process, uranus touched natal chiron , and i found out that i am very interested in begining astrology courses in order to follow this path in terms of career , and also all my wound have come to the surface and need to be healed .
    wish me good luck.
    pluto is not showing mercy!

  16. I stumbled upon this site as I searched for answers with regards to my pluto transits. You see, I have recently developed an interest in astrology and while it’s been slow going, it’s been an incredibly interesting endeavor.

    This current Pluto transit ( from all that I am learning) is transforming my life in many ways. First, I have Natal Venus and Mercury in late degrees of Sag. in my 8th and I feel that the pluto transit over these planets awakened in me a passion…of the sexual nature.
    In August 2009, as Pluto entered Capricorn, squaring my natal Pluto in the 6th house, it had already made its way through about half of my 8th house. With my North Node conjunct my MC in late degrees of Capricorn, I found myself transitioning from a stay at home mom and making my way back into the workforce (a difficult and necessary yet successful process) A year later, in 2010, Saturn conjunct my natal Pluto (in the 6th) formed a square to transiting pluto. It was here that I was offered a better paying position within the same organization. I have been able to generate income for myself which is highly necessary for I have also been affected “negatively” by pluto in that I am experiencing a broken marriage. Pluto square my natal moon brought about the loss of my paternal grandmother.

    As Pluto continues it trek through Capricorn, I notice changes in financial picture where I am becoming more independent and resourceful even as I anticipate the divorce (which has yet to happen). Pluto will cross into 9th house in 2013 where it will spend its last 10 yrs in Cap. I have recently been contemplating returning to school to complete my education and further my career. With Saturn still working its way through my 6th house of service and health, I was wondering if that decision would have a favorable outcome.


    • Welcome to Skywriter–and astrology–Nelle. What a huge Plutonian passage you’ve been through. At the end of it, though, you should be on a sound and grounded financial basis. Donna

  17. Hi! I just found your site. I am interested in the Pluto transits. I will appreciate very much if you can share me some more articles! I do have transiting Pluto on my 8th in the cusp of Capricorn with Jupiter and my north node setting right in there! To add up, my natal Pluto reside on my 4th.
    On some readings, i have read that Pluto began to enter Capricorn last January 2008 and will stay there up to 2024. Last June 2008, i lost my father, which makes me decide to live with my mom, for she’s alone now, and she’s quite old and sick. 2 years after, in July 2010, my mom sold the property left to us by my father. He decided to live with my brother, leaving me with nothing! A very tragic/emotional period for me. My family ( my husband with our kids), has to move to a new place after my mom sold the property.
    I wonder what else i might experience with this Pluto transits?

  18. Hi Donna, my dates are 8th of April 1971 in Vysoke Myto ..actual the Czech republic. I consider myself plutonic-uranic character. I have conj.Pluto-Luna in the end of Virgo and the conj. is exactly on the limit between 4th and 5th house. Moreover, there is Lilith as well conjuncted with Luna and Lilith. Conjunction receives trine from Saturn in the 12th and Mars in the cups of the 8th. Uranic nature reveals T-square Sun-Uranus-Mars with Mars as apex planet. I moved to Brazil and now I like with my second wife. I dont think I am a sexual maniac, I am introverted and recluse. However, from the retrospective I am not a man without sexual experience, on the contrary in last years my sexual intensity has considerably grew. I am afraid of consequences. Outwardly nothing is visible …I think, but inside I am more and more aware of need of alternative and deep sexual experiences, even extra-conjugal. So ethical questions are involved and I think will have to redefine who I am….there is a lot of things that contradict education of my parents and in fact I am feeling as a person who abandoned family to live my own life. I feel more and more strength a courage, sometimes I am doing things that surprise myself…in relation to unknown women and then I do not know what to think of myself. Looking at the chart….Pluto approaching Mars in the 8th, Mars which forms apex of T-square. All this will coincide with NEPTUN transiting native Venus and Uranus transiting native Uranus and Sun. Sometimes I feel as all these transits were already happenning right now…especially neptunian and plutonian transit. In fact all my split-offs with my ex happened because of my sexual insatisfaction. Can you comment shortly all this. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  19. I am experiencing Plutonian/Saturnian issues. Pluto had been opposing Venus in first and I went through a difficult time in my relationship. I also experienced my 2nd Saturn return. When Pluto entered 8th house I iniated a seperation, a new love, a new job in a new location. It was all very exciting due those passionate feelings long dormant being stirred up. The decision to make these changes all happened very quickly ( Uranus also had a hand in this). The changes had everything to do with starting a brand new life with a brand new person, or so I thought. It was all so bittersweet. The new man had too much bagage to make a real commitment (His venus in my 12th) and I ended it quickly. The situation and the stresses associated with everything affected my health (Saturn transit of 6th house) and now I have reconciled with husband and am currently on sick leave receiving benefits from a govt plan. (Pluto also sextiles Jupiter off and on). It was a long fight before the money was authorized but I finally am receiving benefits until I recover.
    I am still far from well but am looking at new horizons and an improved life hopefully. Thats it in a nutshell. I feel I went through a war but am at relative peace with myself. I do hope both the saturn and pluto transits will start to improve my life for the better.

  20. I have been reading the comments carefully because in my future (about 10 years from now) I have Pluto transiting my 2nd house in Aquarius where I have a stellium of Saturn (on 2nd house cusp), South Node, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun and Venus all in the 2nd house. I am very good with money, however, I predict that I will be going through some financial angst during that period and I want to make sure to prepare for it (ascendant cap that’s why I prepare). All of this opposes Uranus, Pluto and North Node in the 8th house. I also have Moon in Gemini (6th house) and Neptune in Scorpio (10th house).

    The stellium in my 2nd house of Aquarius has already been through many trials including Pluto in Scorpio squaring my 2nd house in the 80s (I had to learn to say no because I literally had no self esteem, partly because I had way too much empathy for others and difficult parents). Next, Uranus conjunct my 2nd house (where I started my business after my parents (who were ironically psychologists) fired me after I helped make them millionaires) followed by Neptune conjunct my 2nd house (where I become empathetic again and learned to relax and quite frankly became a little lazy). Currently, I am going through Pluto conjunct my ascendant while Uranus in Aries (4th house) squares my ascendant.

    Life has been one Long lesson for me! When does it ever stop?!?!

  21. Hi Donna

    Have been studying astrology for the past 40 years and have many of your wonderful books – I would like an objective view of Transiting Plutor(in my 11th) trining my Moon in the 2nd (Moon ruler of my 5th). This I would think should be very beneficial and fortunate for me as have been going through a negative period with Saturn conj my Sun in my 8th. Pisces Asc 7 degrees, Taurus Moon 9.22 degrees, Libran Sun 25.42 Libra (in 8th). Look forward to a comment for you as have read your books for many years. Kind regards, Alex.

    • Sorry, Alex, I don’t comment on individual charts, being retired from that, but yes, it’s an opportunity, but much depends on how comfortable you are with powerful people who have lots of money. Donna

      • Donna – very much appreciated and I really hope you are feeling much much better now – Kindest regards Alex xx

  22. Hi, I’m not so good in astrology but I got to know that next year my Pluto will transit in the second house for 15 years!! I don’t know is a good thing or a bad thing…what I have to look for to know this???

  23. Donna…this and your related articles are just the tonic for me.

    I’ve Sun Opposition Pluto in the 2nd House…and yes, my parents couldn’t manage their finances for love-nor-money(!)

    Thank you!

  24. Wow Pluto is currently in Capricorn at 13 degrees. It’s squaring my natal sun in Aries exactly. Both 8th and 10th houses are strong in my chart since I have a 10th house stellium with sun, venus, and midheaven placed there. I have Uranus and neptune in my 8th house , both Capricorn.
    I am currently making huge financial changes. Uranus, neptune, sun, venus, mars and libra are all part of a grand cardinal cross in my chart, all affected by pluto in this degree of Capricorn.
    It’s been bringing strong earth energy into my chart, exalted by the faCT that Capricorn is the only earth sign in my chart. I’m feeling all my child hood leaving me, accurate since Capricorn is ruled by saturn, father of time. Facing a lot of responsibilities and issues with parents.
    Its a really interesting time, with neptune conjunct my mid heaven in the 10th.
    I never interpret my chat this deeply because I’m in tune with the world’s plans for me and all these transits I feel them before I know about them.
    This isn’t a difficult transit for me since plutonian energy is normal for me, ND I’ve been deaLing with the grand cardinal cross tension all my life.

  25. A fascinating discussion is worth comment.

    There’s no doubt that that you ought to publish more about this
    topic, it may not be a taboo subject but typically people
    don’t discuss such issues. To the next! Many thanks!!

  26. Great helpful article on this Pluto transit in the second house. I’m Plutonian, with Pluto in a T-square in my natal chart, conjunct my MC and opposite my moon, square Saturn (in my 8th house).Every time I’ve overcome my fear of making loans, so being “dependant” on other people’s money, I always gained financially. But this has required sustained work over long period of time (Capricorn). I’m about to start again such an investment and I’m experiencing fear, but… I have to do it because I will get empowered from this. It’s also taking my responsibilities for my earnings.

    • I’m glad the article helped, Elsa, and it sounds like you already have a good handle on how to deal with these issues. Donna Cunningham

  27. Capricorn 13 degrees on my 8th; I was down-sized at work on 4/30/16 by new management after 9 years when Pluto was 17 degrees Capricorn (inconjunct natal Pluto). I am non-Plutonian.

    Retrograde Mars opposing my sun, transiting my 6th,must have had a lot to do with it, but the Plutonian influence you talked about explains my out-of-character thoughts of resentment, revenge, and hatred I’m feeling for the new management.

    I have also recently made investments that I have been putting off for years

    After reading your article, I see very clearly where these uncharacteristic thoughts are coming from as well as my need to let go, re-invent, and move onto something better on firmer ground.

    This give me hope that I’m not “cracking-up.”

    Thanks much.

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