Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 10, 2010

Cosmic Piñata #4: Astrological Oddities—or Not?

©5-12-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 The Cosmic Piñata is a series featuring choice bits of information taken from the comment section, questions from my correspondence students, readers’ emails and letters to my astrology columns.   We each aim to be special, in our own not-so-special ways. And one of the reasons we love astrology is  that the chart based on our time, date, and place is ours alone. It’s our cosmic DNA that distinguishes us from all others. I frequently get questions from readers who are excited by things they find in their charts, hoping to hear how rare and special they are.  Here are some of them, along with my answers.  is that the chart based on our time, date, and place is ours alone. It’s our cosmic DNA that distinguishes us from all others. I frequently get questions from readers who are excited by things they find in their charts, hoping to hear how rare and special they are.  Here are some of them.

 An excited reader writes:  “I am seeking a specific answer to how often historically a specific planetary anomaly has EVER occurred.  How often does a chart have no fire at all??? In my chart, there are 6 instances of water, 4 instances of air, and 2 of earth.  NO FIRE AT ALL ANYWHERE!!!  I want to know if this is not common but not unheard of and more interesting as a strange thing but not significant beyond causing me to be an astrological mutant.”

 My reply: Nobody keeps statistics on that kind of question, but based on over 40 years experience in working with charts, it isn’t exactly rare to be missing an element. It’s significant enough in the chart interpretation, but not triple exclamation point significant and does not qualify you as a mutant.

What is exceedingly rare is to have two elements missing—my father had no fire and no earth, only water and air, and I’m quite convinced he was a mutant.

 Missing elements are common in eras when none of the outer planets are in signs related to that element.  For instance, there were multitudes of people born during the Baby Boom of the 1940s with no planets in earth because there were no outer planets in earth at that time. 

People born in parts of the 1960s or the 1980s-90s had outer planets concentrated in earth and water, so many of them have fire as a missing element.

 Often the person with a missing or very weak element will overcompensate by consciously—but never totally naturally—making themselves fulfill the missing function. A person with no earth would then have to work hard to deal with practical, material concerns in a grounded way.  Not impossible, but not easy either.

 Also, if a planet that rules a sign in that element is really strong, like conjunct the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, it compensates.  For instance, Mars is a fiery planet, so having a strong Mars would compensate.  Or a person who has “no water” gets all concerned, but a closer examination of the chart shows Pluto conjunct the Ascendant and Neptune conjunct the Moon, so the person would still be highly emotional.  

 An Aquarian born in the 1940s asks to understand more about the 7 retrograde planets in his chart:

7 retrogrades?  Here’s the thing about retrogrades—other than, say, Mercury, they last a long time and happen during certain intervals of the year, if you watch them in the ephemeris.  

During the 1940s, the slower moving planets were concentrated in the section of the zodiac from Gemini-Virgo, so people born on your side of the zodiac had tons of them.   

 Probably every single Aquarius (and maybe all Pisces too) born on the planet the same year as you had pretty much the same number of retrogrades as you.

It’s then a social phenomenon about your particular generation—having to do with world conditions that impacted many of you strongly, with life-long results–rather than confined to you and you alone.  What’s the worst thing you can say to an Aquarian?  “You Aquarians are all alike.”

 A hopeful reader reveals, “My boyfriend and I have a quintile in our chart comparison.  Does it mean we’re soul mates?”

 A quintile is a 72 degree aspect, within about 2-3 degree range. In the natal chart, it describes your personal “genius” or talent. I don’t honestly think it means much in chart comparison. To me, the conjunctions are the real “juice” of a relationship.

 A reader with Pluto conjunct the Ascendant noted that complete strangers encountered casually often tell her the most personal secrets.

I responded:  I’d never thought of it, but I have Pluto on the Ascendant also well and have exactly the same experience. One of the reasons I was forever hiding in my room when I spoke at conferences was exactly that.

Complete strangers would drag me off in a corner at cocktail parties or accost me in the hallways and dump the most horrifying tales. I learned not to talk to seatmates on planes, for they would wind up telling me every horror story in their family all the way across the country.

That placement is an asset in the consultation room, but fairly wearing in everyday life. I’ve learned not to reveal to casual strangers what I do for a living.

A reader asks plaintively, “What I don’t understand is how come nothing ever happens to me. I just had transiting Pluto conjunct natal Venus – and nothing happened. I’m also having transiting Saturn conjunct the MC. The 1st time nothing happened, and the 2nd time I got a job interview to a lousy job that I didn’t even want. And this is supposed to be pinnacle of my career!!  These are supposed to be strong transits, right? Why does nothing ever happen to me? “

My answer: A lot of times nothing DOES happen externally on the first crossing of a transiting planet over a natal position.  Instead, a process begins internally that more and more impels the person to make a change on the 2nd or 3rd crossing. 

In the case of a Midheaven transit, many times, a job or business possibility will present itself, but then as the transiting planet moves away from the natal, it falls through.  Then on the 2nd or 3rd crossing, a similar opportunity presents itself and the change occurs. 

With transiting Saturn, especially, the opportunity may fall through, but the interview process alerts you that it’s time to put your best foot forward and get prepared for the better job you could be eligible for if you pushed yourself harder. It kick starts the internal preparedness that can take you to the next level.

 A practicing psychic  and former astrology student complained: “Astrology doesn’t work. For me, at least. In February of 1991, astrologer told me I would meet someone. I didn’t. Since I separated from my ex-husband on April 25, 1983, I have continuously heard the prediction, “in two years,” now for over 10 years.

Not that I’m sitting around waiting, but I no longer believe transits, progressions, or horaries mean anything at all. So, I don’t want to hear it again. I’ve heard the last of relationships, marriage, moves, job changes, etc, based on the stars. Now, at 42, I’d like to know why astrology has failed so miserably.” (She gives her birth information, withheld here.)

 My reply: Once in a great while someone like you comes to me for a consultation. Fifteen minutes into the session, not one thing I say has clicked. First, I double check the birth information, to see if I’ve made an error. If not, I suspect that one of several things is going on:

  • I’m being set up (hey, I DO have Pluto Rising!),
  • the person was switched at birth with a baby born a couple of days earlier or later,
  • the person was adopted and doesn’t know it, so the birth record is false,
  • the person is so dense as to be impermeable to the cosmic influences, or
  • the person is so evolved as to be impermeable to the cosmic influences.

 Sometimes, too, it’s a matter of lousy contacts between the client’s chart and my own, so that we just cannot attune to one another. Whatever the reason, I at least have the class not to charge for the reading.  

Your case is somewhat different, in that you’ve seen enough in astrology to have followed and studied it for a number of years. Apparently it’s only the predictive  part of astrology has failed you, perhaps due to that same very close but hazy Neptune/Midheaven conjunction that makes you a psychic in the first place.

 Perhaps the inability to get accurate predictions for yourself has been the bait the Cosmos used to make you delve deeply into these studies–just as many practitioners in the alternative health fields are driven to study the physical body due to some persistent health condition that traditional medicine can’t solve.

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Readers, are there any oddities in your chart?  Or is there something that makes you feel special?  Share it in the comment section! And read more strange stories contributed by Skywriter readers.

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  1. Great insights as always Donna!

    I have the same Pluto and Saturn transits to my Venus and M/C as your reader. It’s been interesting to follow the recent retrogrades as they hit my natal positions then back off again. For me, instead of significant outside events, it feels more like internal pressure building in my attitudes to work and relationships etc, backing off then hitting again a little harder the second time. I’m hoping by the third time around things are a lot clearer!

    • Yes, that’s often how direct and retrograde transits work, Stella. The first or second time can be mainly internal. Donna

  2. SO true about Pluto conjunct the Ascendant! People I don’t know seem to be very comfortable telling me all kinds of really personal stuff, which I don’t mind at all and actually consider an asset.

    You would think that my Libra Asc. would deter that tendency as Venus typically likes to keep things light, pleasant, and superficial but it doesn’t. Having this aspect is a bonus because it lends depth to the personality.

    I also think that having this aspect is why I’ve been able to connect with so much of your work, Donna. Well, that AND the complete and total respect and admiration for what you’ve contributed to this field 🙂

  3. I feel like the poster child for the “cosmic pinata.”

    I have transiting Pluto conjunct at zero degrees to my natal Saturn. Natal Saturn is on the cusp between my 3rd and 4th House (Nadir), therefore oopposing my MC. Transiting Saturn is just about to be conjunct to my Asc., transit Uranus is between my 6th and 7th House. Natal Venus in the 7th (Aries) is about to get whacked by Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto… 02/28/1959, Hollywood, CA, 7:46 PM.

    I have never felt so completely helpless. I feel like the cosmos are whacking me with a big stick! But I don’t know what it’s trying to tell me or which direction to go.

    • You’ll figure it out, Terri. But if you’re new to Skywriter, check out the series of article on how to work with the transiting Pluto-Saturn square. It’s at the top of the categories list and is called: A Pluto-Saturn Preparedness Kit. Donna

  4. Thank you!

  5. **Just sending a little love.**

    The content gave me a little chuckle!

    Uranus seems to be strong when its transits my natal planets. When it passed over my Jupiter in the 9th house, I graduated from college and then traveled overseas where I made connections I still have to this day.

    When Uranus made a long transit over my MC in Aquarius, interesting stuff happened in my career, and yes, my social standing (good, mostly, but with its share of tosses, turns and tumbles). I landed in a career dealing with teaching and information technology in a higher education setting, and it fits like a glove!

    Neptune is right over my MC at this moment. Neptune and I have to work to play nice together. Backroom dealings, hearsay, and bizarre decisions prevail in my current workplace. It doesn’t help that my employer is also one of the most inept state govts in the U.S.

    This weird little planet (heehee) now is in my 11th house and will be opposing my Moon/Pluto conjunct and squaring my Saturn in the first (oh, right, that Cardinal Square). I’m not terrified with what’s to come, but I guess I can anticipate changes in my associations and perhaps 5th house stuff…

    Dana Gerhardt’s article about Uranus on was really helpful in giving me perspective, so I think I’ll survive…

  6. Hi Donna,

    I love your blog and this post! I wanted to write something, and forgive me if it offends. In efforts to better understand astrology, I’ve so far mostly used my own chart, if only because it seems more appropriate to venture a hypothesis here or there (whereas in others, without experience, I really avoid it).

    Thus, I’ve often posted questions about my own chart. Partly because there’s some outer planet activity it seemed like here would be an appropriate place to begin to ask questions.

    I have occassionally felt from you the expectation that I must misguidedly 1) be assuming it’s so uber special and unique and 2) want to jump to many simplistic conclusions based on any possible answers or suggestions for chart interpretation.

    My goal is to begin to build an understanding of what the features could possibly mean, however mundane they may be and your blog really does help me do that. You must see it all, given your work and the way you’re willing to be so public about it . . . but I just wanted to mention that not everyone may be intending their questions this way.

    Finally, your comment about quintiles just opened a new area of chart exploration! The planets in my chart that have traditionally weak placements are also pretty aspected and form the only quintiles, which I never noticed (mercury in pisces and mars in libra conjunct saturn, + neptune squared by pisces sun close to aries). I’ve never understood much about how these planets are working, so maybe this will help…

    Thank you!

    • Hi, Petals, I don’t mind answering general questions, but I don’t comment extensively on individual’s charts, as I’m retired by necessity from doing chart consultations. After 40 years of practice, I am seriously burned out and thus stopped a year ago. My regular readers understand that and respect that as a boundary.

      Quintiles are a wonderful 72-degree aspect (plus or minus 3 degrees of orb) that identify a special gift or talent the person has in combining the energies of the two planets. For instance, a Mars quintile Uranus might be someone who is an innovator and leader in the field of astrology. Donna

      • Thanks, Donna. I’ll more carefully consider future questions to try to make sure they won’t feel like or seem to be asking for your interpretation of specific aspects in my chart.

      • Don’t worry, Petals, We’re okay. I just need to be somewhat self-protective for my health, and sometimes I set boundaries a little too firmly. Donna

  7. When things don’t click between a chart and the person what I think is:

    – you’re adopted.
    – I don’t know enough to give a proper interpretation.
    In my case I think it’s more the latter, lol.

    Oddities in my chart…? I don’t think so… I have lot’s of fire and if it wasn’t for Saturn opposite my fire moon – I’d be up in the air most of the time (now I understand Why I need to have Saturn in my chart).

    Other then that – Well, maybe my nodes. My south node points to the future and my north node points to the past – which it’s kind of weird… but nothing else, I think.

  8. My own chart does not have any wild oddities, but both of my children have exceedingly tight conjunctions in their charts. When they were both born, I was a dabbler in astrology as i am now and I always believed that part of the reason was to teach me, an astrologer, about the stars.. unfortunately, 30 years later, I am still mystified. One has a scorpio conjunction of venus/uranus in his 7th house (12 minutes apart), the younger,
    born 10 minutes after the new moon in pisces also has a conjunction of saturn/jupiter in libra, 4 minutes apart.. I imagined if I’d had a 3rd, it would have had an even more unusual chart than my first two. Yes, they are unusual people..

    • Yes, those are really close conjunctions and might represent a kind of fusion of the two planets. Donna

  9. As I read the questions submitted I remember about 12 years ago when I thought nothing ever happened to me either. Then Uranus crossed my MC and my I discovered my ex was sexually abusing my kids, lost everything financially and worked like hell for 2 years putting my family together again. Then, Neptune crossed my MC, had to recreate my business and that is still fuzzy as it is just now moving away. Then Neptune was conjunct my Chiron, I turned 50 and I am still crawling and have just begun to see light at the end of the tunnel to redefine myself, as I discovered most of what I thought was not true. Uranus just moved into my 11th and I discover that the man I was falling for wasn’t romancing me, but rather romancing the sale(only time in my life I got involved with business contact). So, be happy that your life is settled, because the BIGGEST lesson I have learned in the past 10 years is to be happy with what I have got, and I am well. Now, that being said, I just started Pluto conjunct my Saturn, and life goes on….I have no complaints!

    • Really a rough ride, Robin. I’d call that being kicked around by the outer planets! Donna

  10. No oddities really in my chart.

    But, my question is about my husbands Yod. What do you make of the Yod formation and is it what makes him drive me crazy? 🙂 He has an obessive quality about some things and it is almost impossible to get through to him at times. I know there is much more besides this, but just curious.

    I have also read a little about the quindicele and wonder what you think of that aspect or do you even use it at all? I have never even looked for it in charts, but have a book on this aspect.

    • The Yod is a really strong configuration (aka Finger of Fate, Eye of God) and the planet at the apex is under great pressure, so integrating it successfully can be a driving force in the person’s life.

      To analyze the configuration, you’d have to first take apart and analyze the quincunx (aka inconjunct) to one point of that planet at the apex, then take apart the quincunx to the other point, and finally analyze the sextile. The most important part of the analysis is understanding why the signs of two quincunx planets simply have no real connection.

      It’s a good bit of work, but do it step by step and you’ll be closer to understanding the tensions that drive him.

      I have an detailed article about the quincunx in the issue of The Mountain Astrologer that’s just coming out. Donna

      PS. No, I don’t use the quindecile.

      • Thanks for all that insight on the Yod, and as is my luck trying to figure it out is frustrating. Seems like it is the story of my life when it comes to the husband. LOL I can’t win, and most people tell me to just give up…but for some reason I can’t….or won’t. Venus in Virgo I suspect?

        There just isn’t much information out there on the Yod, so my guess is that most people don’t take the time to figure it out.

  11. What’s the worst thing you can say to an Aquarian? “You Aquarians are all alike.”

    ^^^ That made me laugh out loud.

    I usually don’t ask questions pertaining to “Am I special?!” probably because I guard my uniqueness with my life lol. But since you asked…

    I noticed in the composite chart of my ex(ish) boyfriends chart and mine there is a near perfect grand trine in water signs. Its made up of pluto on the IC, mars on the 8th/7th house cusp, and jupiter on the 12th/11th. At first I thought it meant that were soulmates and all that crap. But now I’ve come to look at it in a different light, more realistically, and almost suspiciously. I’ve heard that a grand trine in a composite indicates an area where you are likely to get stuck, but it can also be a positive thing. I feel like its both a blessing and a curse, which is confusing, to me. I haven’t studied the chart much besides noticing that, but it makes me wonder should we be together, or should we stay the hell away? I know theres no definitive answer just based on that but thats my 2 cents.

  12. I do feel that there are “oddities” in my chart. It doesn’t make me feel special at all though, unless I can once again overcome exceedingly overwhelming odds. And I wouldn’t be the first to do that, so that certainly doesn’t make me special even if I can pull that off yet again.

    I might feel especially picked on and repeatedly and unfairly targeted (which is an actual fact from an objective mundane perspective). But I choose not to give up and I know that everything is only relative and a matter of perspective. There are plenty of others that have suffered more than me, though that does not make that okay either for either them or me! And I just got clobbered yet again a couple of weeks ago by that Saturn-Uranus opposition. So, I’m weary. Only one more of these to “survive” right? But I’m more than ready to thrive again, I’m really tiring of just (barely) surviving.

    I’m a 1958 Aquarian with Virgo Rising and a Gemini Midheaven (and yes, my chart angles make a grand cross themselves). The majority of my planets/points are configured in a Fixed Grand Cross: Aquarius Sun & Venus in the 5th tightly opposite Leo Uranus in the 11th, tightly square a Taurus South Node & Moon that are tightly opposite a Jupiter-Neptune-NorthNode stellium. The Nodes are sitting right on the cusp of the 3rd-9th houses (Placidus). Moon is just into the 9th and Jupiter-Neptune are at the very end of the 2nd house.

    All that’s left is my Chart- and Midheaven-Ruler Mercury, in Capricorn and the 5th House, making no major aspects to anything except a trine to my ASC. And a conjunction of Saturn-Mars in late Sagittarius in the 4th that got recently clobbered by Pluto (hidden and unjustified enemies in my case), but has no major aspects to anything else. Pluto is in my 12th and is sextile Jupiter, so criminals like to help themselves to money/assets that I’ve worked very hard for during major Pluto transits.

    My progressed Sun just went into Aries finally, but I have not experienced the sense of liberation and relief that I was hoping to do. I’m hoping the upcoming cardinal t-square will be the final “clobbering” so I can at last make some genuine progress and get something productive done without all of the unnecessary interference!! 🙂

    In the meantime, for years I’ve still been doing a ton of volunteer work. There have been no jobs in Michigan for a long time and no pay for years (I don’t get unemployment since I have/had my own business since Uranus conjuncted my Sun in 1997), but what else is a person to do with Neptune transiting the 6th House??!! LOL.

    Thank you for all of your articles and sharing, Donna. Without astrology, perhaps I would really be nuts by now! 🙂

  13. One strange thing about my charts is the exact
    conjunction of my daughter’s sun to her father’s moon and my ascendent.. all 13.20 degrees of cancer We know the time as he( a doctor ) was attending her birth. Her Venus also conjuncts his ascendent. Does this happen frequently?
    And yes, I have pluto conjunct ascendent and people tell me shocking, personal things all the time.

    • HI, MaryJane. It’s common for people in families to have the same planetary placements or the same zodiac degrees in their charts, and for the Sun or Moon of one to be the Ascendant of another. That’s part of what makes close family bonds.

      But for the conjunction to be exact to the minute, that seems rare. I wonder how it feels–maybe a little claustrophobic at times, or maybe like identical twins feel.

      Oh, no, another Pluto Rising person with the same complaint! That’s FOUR of us on this blog. All along I was suffering in silence and thinking I was alone with the airplane=confessional curse! Donna

  14. If Astrology hadn’t been in my life, I never would have truly understood myself or others.
    I have Sun square Moon, a Yod, Mercury retrograde in Pisces, Neptune in the 3rd house, Uranus opposite Venus, Uranus in the 12th ….and Pluto in the 1st (SO true about people baring their souls at bus-stops!) so I think I’m (now) in the right job by being an Astrologer.
    When you’ve lived a whole life and had a lot happen, then Astrology ‘makes sense’ of it for you, it’s easier to help others I feel….
    Thanx Donna, rung some bells again:)
    In peace

  15. Re: No Fire at All Anywhere

    Donna is correct. Your positioning is RARE, but it is not as rare as you might believe.

    In the last century (1900-2000), ALL the planets were NOT in Fire 4.42% of the time. This is likely more often than one would expect.

    Also, of course, don’t forget that the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter can add “fire” to your chart.



    • Wonderful to hear from you, James. Rectification James, right? Should have known you’d have the stats. Donna

    • Interesting to know the percentages on that one – Thanks! I’ve run across this type of scenario before, but not very frequently.

      This reader’s question piqued my curiosity, as I have virtually zip for Earth in my own chart – save lonely little Chiron in Taurus. I’ve found from personal experience it’s been pretty much irrelevant as I’ve frequently been told over the years how “grounded” I am. Having an exhalted and active (though stressfully aspected) Saturn has certainly helped compensate for that lack. It’s good to look for lacking elements in a chart, but as you’ve already said there are other factors to keep in mind….

      Don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone like Donna’s Dad though (yet). No Fire and no Earth at all – now I wonder what the stats are for something like that?

      • Hello Alethea,

        Re: No Fire or Earth

        Well, that would mean he had to be born in 1914 or 1915.

        All the planets not in Fire or Earth happened only 0.1% of the time (last century)…



      • Well, if I tell you my father’s full name, you’ll be able to guess when he was born: Walter Woodrow Wilson Cunningham.

        Where or how do you get these statistics, James? And would you have the time to write about it someday? For instance, what percentage of the time were 5 or more planets retrograde (and when). Donna

      • Hello Donna,

        You asked where I get these statistics.

        Since these questions involved a NOT… ie. planets NOT in Fire… I used Solar Fire and had it tell me (in the last century) just how much time that was compared to the total time. Solar Fire gives the percentage, so it was no work, other than giving it the boolean conditionals to match what was being surveyed.

        Something like (Sun NOT in Fire) AND (Moon NOT in Fire) AND etc.

        There are many functions in Astrology software that we miss because we don’t use those functions in our normal work. Janus has a feature where you put in the positions and it tells you the Chart Details for that chart. Sometimes in Astrology books, an author will show a chart, but not give the birthdata (for confidentiality or perceived confidentiality). If you have special techniques you like to use, or want to see the positionings/aspects in a favored format, then you HAVE to have the initial birthdata. Janus allows that with only needing the placements…

        The retrograde question is more difficult because you are asking about a certain NUMBER of retrograde planets, so the query would have to have large groups of ANDs that are each connected with ORs. In other words, would take quite a while to calculate that, unless someone knows a shortcut. I’m all ears. 😉 Okay, not ALL ears. 😉 😉



      • Wow. I OWN Solar Fire and had noooo idea. This is the sort of mathematical/statistical process about which I bat my eyes in awe and quiver. I was Phi Beta Kappa in college in Psych and Sociology, but skated perilously close to not graduating at the 11th hour because of the require course in statistics. The Department Chair gave me a graduation gift of a D- in that course, because if it was an F+ I wouldn’t have graduated.

        The other day I was thinking of writing a piece about all the levels at which my Neptune in the 3rd operates. This is one of the levels. (Fortunately, it’s a huge asset in my writing career.) Donna

  16. The the writer of “I’m also having transiting Saturn conjunct the MC. The 1st time nothing happened, and the 2nd time I got a job interview to a lousy job that I didn’t even want.”:

    As someone who rectifies charts regularly, I would also mention that birthtimes (even documented ones) tend to be at least 8 mins off on the angles. (meaning the average “believed” angles are 2° off) If I had very many transits to the angles that didn’t seem to have a correspondence in the life, I would first check to make sure that the perceived birthtime is, in fact, correct.

    There are many that can help you in this quest.

    Failing that, you might want to look at Uranus transits to the angles…then find when appropriate events match the symbology and then correct the angles. It’s a rough rectification, but might get you much more in the ballpark, since Uranus usually “acts” in a tight timeframe.



  17. Actually
    I always feel left out when i hear people talking about grand trines, crosses, and all those other cool things. LOL
    i want a QUINTILE! (can you get me one?? )


    • Are you sure you don’t have a quintile (72 degrees) or a biquintile (144 degrees), which amounts to about the same thing? How you find quintiles is to first find the sextile point (E.G. 10 Aries to 10 Gemini) and then add 12. (Plus or minus 3 degrees of orb). For biquintiles, you find the quincunx point (e.g. Aries to Virgo) and then subtract 6. (Plus or minus 3 degrees of orb.)

      I can’t spare any quintiles (Mars-Uranus or Sun-Neptune) because there are days that they’re all that keep me going. But I see them offered to the highest bidder on Ebay from time to time. Of course, they tend to be used, grubby, and almost always involve Saturn. Donna

      • thanks for the giggle. I’ll look again

  18. I have only a few things in my chart that might be considered somewhat rare or unusual: I have Pluto conjunct my Sun within the same degree within a couple of minutes.It’s in 11th House and is trine Chiron in 3 within 1 degree.
    My Lights and my Ascendant all have conjunctions from Outer Planets.
    Another thing about my chart that might be considered somewhat unusual is the amount of rulership and co-rulerships and their house in opposite house placements. Sun in rulership but in 11. Moon in rulership but in 10 (MC). Mercury (Virgo)in Rulership in 12. Topsy-turvy, so to speak!
    Jupiter in Pisces – co-rulership
    As someone once said on Saturday Night Live:
    “Well, now, aren’t we special?”
    LOL! ;>

    • That’s a doubly powerful conjunction, both because it’s Pluto to the Sun and because it’s so close–and probably the closest aspect in your chart, which is considered a very important aspect.

      (That was the Church Lady, played by Dana Carvey.) Donna

      • Donna, I’ve been told how powerful that conjunction is for years and when astrologers and astrology students look at my chart the first two things they see are that conjunction and my Moon/Uranus MC Conjunction within three degrees (Uranus being directly conjunct the MC)
        But for the life of me, I can’t seem to understand what is supposed to be so powerful in me. I just don’t see it and neither do my friends, once they get close to me. Only some strangers or bare acquaintances pick up on it.
        Even psychics miss!

  19. Yep,I have Pluto conj. ascendant and am the sphinx.I hear all kinds of secrets from the seatmate on the plane etc.,the sorts of things I would never tell anyone but God.

    • Or maybe not even tell God if you thought it would meet with disapproval! Isn’t it interesting, the things we learn on a blog? Because it’s a wider audience, by asking the right questions, we can gather lots of data and examples. Donna

  20. Hello Donna,

    As far as rarities go, I have a kite formation, which involves Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune in trine, with Pluto opposite Jupiter.

    Something else that stands out is that I have four planets in their “traditional” rulership. Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Gemini, Jupiter in Pisces, and Saturn in Aquarius. (I use modern rulerships mostly, but traditional astrologers have commented on this positioning from my chart…)

    One other thing, it is generally good to have the Asc and MC ruler in positive aspect with each other. In my case, the Moon in Cancer (@ the Ascendant) is in sextile with Mars, the ruler of my Midheaven. Personality and direction in life being in harmony is how I would initially read this…

    Since you’re talking about “specialness” in a chart, something that many miss is the very important quindecile aspect (Tyl-definition, 165°). Think 15° more or less than an opposition, and you have it. The planets joined in this way have a compulsive, united expression, that often MUST be expressed even when they are seen to wreak havoc in the life. For me, my Mars and Neptune are in quindecile and spiritualized direction (positive expression) have been very important as has erotic fantasy (positive/negative, debatable). Additionally, Jupiter and Uranus are in quindecile and the quest for my own particular “take” on spiritual topics has been a cornerstone. Additionally, studying Astrology, and practicing it are things that certainly feel compulsive to me. A few times, I have tried to ignore it, but it won’t let me! 😉

    Take a look at any quindeciles and see if they don’t express their (planetary) interaction come Hell or high water… I thank Noel for bringing this important aspect to my attention. (I think he might have gotten it from the very respected German astrologer, Thomas Ring)



    • The Kite is a very gifted formation. Back in the late 1930s-1940s, when slow-moving Uranus and Neptune were trine (first in Taurus-Virgo, then Gemini-Libra) for close to a decade, there were tons of people with planets in Capricorn or Aquarius who were born with a Kite involving Pluto, but I believe it has been much rarer since. Since yours involves faster moving planets, it’s rare indeed.

      I haven’t worked with the quindecile. Donna

      • I have a kite with Jupiter in the 10th, Mercury/Pluto in the 2nd, Moon in the 6th, with Neptune at the apex of the kite in the 4th. I am still waiting to find the gifts. Maybe because Neptune is at the apex (hope I am stating that correctly) I am hazy as to the gifts.

        Getting a job was always something that just came my way, therefore going out to look for a job has always been nerve-racking for me as I never got experienced at doing it.

        I do feel that the Trine gave me a very easy life, and I will never complain about that one.

        But, with too much ease can come an inablility to act, as you just don’t feel the need. There is no push to do something. So those of you who want a trine, there is good and bad to everything.

        I just hope I was good in a previous life so got a break with this one!

  21. HA! I’d give my left arm for a Kite – hell, even a measly old Grand Trine would do 😀

    I’m pretty much a case study in T-squares.
    Have Moon/Neptune conjunction opposing a Sun/Mercury conjunction squaring a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, all in cadent houses (3,9,12).

    Not special so much as unusual – have seen other charts that are similar, but lack the full 3 pairs of conjunctions. I think the fact that they come in pairs in this formation is particularly important for me because I’m a Gemini with Libra on the Asc. – nothing says “dichotomy” and “reconciling opposites” quite like this!

    Talk about balancing opposing forces. I have the rational, logical, “intellectual” side of who I am oppsiong the sensitive, emotional, intuitive side.
    The fact that these planets all square a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in the 12th in Libra to me highlights the necesity to reach a balance and use both harmoniously as this has been a continual problem for me that I’ve been working on……

    Brain says one thing, feelings say another. Which to listen to? Have erred on boths sides over the years, following my feelings when I should be following my intellect and vice versa! Very frustrating indeed, but have gotten MUCH better with it. Kind of had to – shooting yourself in the foot sort of loses its novelty after a while, if ya know what I mean 😉

  22. I’ve got a kite and a yod, but not sure it’s so special. I should think lots of people in the sixties, with uranus and pluto conjunct, also had stelliums and kites like me. Venus is also without aspects but I don’t think that’s very special either. Makes me a periodic romantic, though.

    • Ah, the Mid-60s–yes, of course, because there was a conjunction of Pluto and Uranus in Virgo opposite Saturn and Chiron in Pisces, which trined Neptune in Scorpio. Now THAT might be quite a gifted Kite. Donna

      • My stellium is opp jup and chiron, Saturn is the focal of the yod – must be because it’s the beginning of the sixties.

  23. Oh – just though of somthing you guys might want to check out.

    I was on the other day and they’ve had a “Mystery Chart” series up on the boards. You guys should check out Mystery Chart #6 (I think that was it..) which should win some kind of prize for having “The Most Major Aspect Configurations I’ve Ever Seen”! It’s VERY interesting – now THAT is something truly rare and special!

    • Sounds like an interesting chart. The one I find most interesting is Bruce Willis’s chart. I call him the Man Who Has Everything. I use it in my correspondence course, because there are two separate t-squares, a couple of Grand trines (one out of sign) and a Yod. I think there’s an article on him somewhere on this site. Donna

      • Ooooo – Mr. Bruce IS rather impressive! Thanks for sharing.
        I think this one may still give him a run for his money, though!

  24. I just realised my ascendant has no aspects at all – except a conjunction to the Parts of fortune in the first. Is that odd?

    • I don’t know if it’s odd or not, but it does make it harder for any of the planets to show themselves easily and naturally in your personal life.

      Let’s see if I recall my parts correctly. Does the Part of Fortune conjunct the Ascendant mean that you have Sun conjunct Moon? Donna

      • It does.

  25. Hi, Donna. I have no earth in my chart and yet I had a child by 22, built my own home by 24, had my own business at 24. People describe me as reliable, steady, and responsible. I don’t have a particularly strong Saturn. I guess it’s overcompensation, as you say, but I really loved doing all of these things. One thing though: I have always had very strong relationships with Taurus people, from sister to son to lovers and each within the same few degrees of the sign.

    I also have a weird chart because there’s nothing hard in it: no oppositions, only one square but it’s wide, separating, and out-of-sign. But especially my early life was extremely challenging.

    So, I don’t know. I love astrology, and write about it, and study it but sometimes it doesn’t hold true for me personally. I guess I choose to think I am “so evolved as to be impermeable to the cosmic influences.” That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    • LOL!! That’s good, Ellen, and no doubt if I looked at your chart, I’d see something that compensates for the lack of earth and Saturn emphasis. Donna

  26. Oddity: heres something I couldnt really figure out.
    I am starting to believe my rising is pisces/aqua cusp since my timing is not obvious- may be half an hour off. and I feel I relate to both descriptions.

    But: pisces has to do with my self-loathing. All the things I have hated about myself are pisces related: martyr, taking on others opinions around me, wishy washy, flimsy, escapist, depressed, going to extremes, unable to present myself confidently, relying on others like I’m a kid.
    But then my aqua has to do with the way I really feel I am. Not the illusion. I am confident, eccentric, like to push bounderies, dress and wear my hair unconventionally, do things just to mess with people and the system, quircky weird sense of humor, awkward with showing feelings/romance.

    I don’t like to have astrology rule me in any way. So for the sake of my own happiness I choose to believe I’m solely aqua rising. But based off of description I fit both. I’m rebellious but sweet, and yielding. A part of me believes the yielding pisces aspects have to do with the way I was raised and not having a healthy lifestyle. plus my mars in libra might have something to do with it.
    Other than that it is not my personality to be like pisces at all, but I’m attracted to its qualities and believe others see them in me though I’m not proud of that. Something in me prefers to be more objective and not labeled that way. So there is a constant tug and pull maybe between pisces and aquarius.

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