Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 15, 2010

What’s Free on Skywriter?

If you’re new to Skywriter, you may have missed out on some of the fabulous freebies offered over the past year or so.  You’ll find a list and links below.

 FREE MYSTERY NOVEL: Do you love astrology AND mysteries? My mystery, Hotline to Heaven is now a free e-book!  Download a copy here:  hotlinetoheaven07. NOTE: Hotline to Heaven is Donna’ s ONLY free ebook.  Any others you may encounter on free ebook sites are pirated.

FREE BOOKLET: “The Astrological Wit and Wisdom of Donna Cunningham” is a 21-page sampler of thoughts and observations culled from Donna’s e-books. Download it here: here. Pass it along to others as you like, so long as the copyright is maintained.

 NEW TO ASTROLOGY? Download a free 11-page Glossary of Astrological Terms.

Free Downloads on Skywriter:

FREE FLOWER ESSENCE MAGAZINE: Donna is also internationally-recognized as a teacher, writer, and publisher in the field of flower essences. For 11 years, she was  co-editor of Vibration Magazine, a free on-line educational journal about these healing tools.

free astrology booklet by Donna Cunningham If this post was helpful, sign up for a subscription, and get a FREE EBOOKLET for Skywriter Subscribers Only: Mothers, Daughters, and the Moon, a 50-page excerpt from The Moon in your Life. Read more about it here: New: Free Booklet For Skywriter Subscribers!

To sign up for a subscription, go to the top right hand corner of the blog and click on “Subscribe.”  Then send me an email with your subscription confirmation or an email post with a request for the booklet in the subject line. If you’re already a subscriber and want a copy, forward the most recent email post to me at


  1. I have learned so much from your freebies. Even for those of us who have been doing this for some years there is always a new angle-no one sees the same thing and astrology is work with archetypes so there is literally no end.
    Thank you for your generosity,Donna.

  2. I read Donna’s Mystery and I can say – this is a good read and worth ‘tithing’ a $ or two instead of getting it for free. Me, I read it while being a poor student, still am. But in return I recommend it to others because we won’t find may books like this on every bookstore shelf.

    Her generosity should be returned – if you download and like it ask her how to Paypal a $ or two in return.

    It’s well worth it.

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed the mystery, EJ. I don’t think I ever had as much fun in my life as I did writing Hotline to Heaven. Jillian and Robert became my imaginary playmates, and as you’ll discover, the charts of major players were discovered after the characters became real to me…and they work, even by transit.

      IF you wanted to do something in return, you could buy the sequel, Angel in Peril, at It would please me to share it with you. Donna

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