Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 17, 2010

The Final Neptune-Saturn Quincunx and Its Role in our Economy

©2009 by Guest Blogger, Fabienne Lopez

Donna says:  “Transiting Saturn and Neptune are closely quincunx one another now and are so tightly tied into the Saturn-Uranus opposition that it’s hard to separate out the effects.  This is the last time for the quincunx, which has been in range off and on for more than a year.

Neptune-Saturn aspects can be quite depressing, but the role this transiting aspect has played in our current financial crisis has been largely unrecognized. Fabienne Lopez analyzed it neatly in this article as a guest blogger some time ago, and since the aspect is very strong again now, I’m reprising it today. Here’s what Fabienne has to say.”  

Many astrologers are saying this economic downturn expresses the entrance of Pluto into Capricorn and the opposition between Saturn and Uranus. However, there is an additional astrological aspect that fuels the feeling of economic doom and gloom: the inconjunct between Saturn in Virgo and Neptune in Aquarius. The inconjunct –also known as quincunx — is an aspect between two planets that are roughly 150° degree apart. It’s an aspect that causes irritation, annoyance and discomfort, much like an itch you can’t stop scratching.

Saturn represents restrictions and limitations of reality, as well as practical life with its responsibilities and commitments. Neptune embodies creative inspiration and all things subtle, faith, ideals and spiritual enlightenment. Conflicts between these two planets will underline the strain existing between the world of wishes and dreams and the world of hard reality. 

On the whole, inconjuncts tell us there is no balance. The planets and points involved in a quincunx don’t understand each other. The signs not only are of a different element (Fire, Earth, Air and Water), they are also of a different modality (Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable). For example, Virgo is Mutable Earth, while Aquarius is Fixed Air. The energies are not easily blended, as they represent distinctly different areas of life and needs

 As Elsa P. editor of ( said, “the inconjunction represents the ‘but’ in a story”. (“I lived the American dream, but now I am losing my shirt”) I call it the Yes But dilemma.

Each sign holds two possible quincunxes. For Aquarius, the two quincunx signs are Cancer and Virgo. Each time a particular pair of planets is quincunx, circumstances require the two planets to make adjustments. However, the issues and concerns of the signs involved are so different that any compromise seems impossible. The two most recent quincunxes between Saturn and Neptune are a case in point.

 The last time Saturn and Neptune were inconjunct was in 2003/2004, while Saturn was in the sign Cancer. Saturn emphasized the Cancer need for security and comfort of family life, spurring a real estate boom. Neptune, still in Aquarius, fed the illusion that the economic growth could be sustained indefinitely through consumption. The quincunx prevented us from seeing this blind spot.

 Fast forward to mid-September 2009 when the 3rd of the 5 oppositions between Saturn and Uranus occured at the same time of the Neptune inconjunct to Saturn in Virgo. In layman’s terms, this configuration brought additional turmoil to the economy in general and the healthcare debate, in particular. On one side, Saturn in health oriented Virgo is demanding that the inefficiencies of the actual healthcare be dealt with. Saturn in Virgo is also asking us to have a clear picture of the nuts-and-bolts security that we require in order to feel safe. At the same time, progressive Uranus is clamoring for a solution that would include the 47 million citizens without adequate healthcare.

 On the other side, Neptune in Aquarius still wants us to live the hope of the “American dream” of individual success and wealth amidst severe economic depression, staggering unemployment and huge budget deficit. The inconjunct of Saturn to Neptune acts as a referee, demanding that the American society use more of its resources to relieve the existing social injustices and inequities. However, the discomfort caused by the quincunx seems to be stemming from disagreement about the best way to go about taking care of ALL of the people and what appropriate long term societal adjustments are needed.

 Financial Astrologer, Ray Merriman, says this current inconjunct is asking us to juggle the dream of Camelot with the prospect of the Great Depression  and 9-11 all over again.  Indeed, it seems as if this inconjunct is adding fuel to the widespread feelings of economic doom and gloom.  But we can take up Merriman’s charge. We can juggle between these extremes. The question is how!

 We can juggle these opposing and seemingly incompatible dreams by harnessing the positive qualities of Saturn in Virgo such as service, dedication, and accountability. These qualities can move us toward greater social consciousness, increase our care and concern for all, and insist on better equality between the socially privileged and the rest of society.

What Fabienne says about herself: I am Brazilian-born, living in the United States. I have a deep-love for astrology since 2003. I consider astrology a practical spiritual and psychological tool; a science; an intuitive art; a gift; a friend; a path of personal growth and knowledge; and now –a means of personal contribution to others.

My brand of chart reading combines a multicultural perspective, intuition, life coaching techniques.  I also have a talent for “stating the obvious”, meaning that I can  help you identify something that is uniquely you but you are not  really able to see. Like a background noise that you are trying to figure what it is. I can point it out to you and you have a ha-ha  moment.  I can be contacted at or 415-648-1932 or visit my website at

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  1. Thank You Donna Cunningham !!!

    I am Still understandin BlogaThon Info and saving Your Great Posts for reading as i can !!!

    This is really Amazing because Sometimes We Know Things are Wrong (Saturn) but we Still Keep Making Mistakes by Fooling Us (Neptune) !!! (And it is Growing !!! I Mean about the number of Mistakes !!!)

    Thank You Donna Cunningham & Fabienne Lopez for This Great Insights, Door Opening, Enlightening !!!

    Thank You Donna Cunningham &Ray Merriman for Giving us Enlightening to See How We can Deal with all this Mistakes !!!

    Best Reagards !!!

    Blessings !!!

    • Jorge:

      Thank you for your encouragement.

  2. Ah! The Quincunx and the challenge of two different energies that share neither the same element or the same modality.

    I have spent a lifetime of learning to deal with the energies of Aquarius and Virgo – having moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo and Sun/Saturn/Venus conjunct in Aquarius – plus Asc, mercury and Jupiter also in Aquarius.

    My solution is this – Listen and Accept. We do not need to understand. My inner life was quite traumatic with lots of frustrations and tantrums until I learned to do this. As soon as each aspect began to listen to the other, things quietened down and progress was able to be made. Understanding may come with time, but for now Listening and Accepting is enough.

    An example of what this means in practice is my gregarious asc/Jupiter/Mercury mix says to the moon/pluto I do not understand your need for solitude, but I accept it and I will limit my socializing and pay attention to when you need to withdraw and just be.

    Likewise my moon/pluto says to the asc/jupiter/mercury mix I do not understand how you can enjoy going out into the world so much, but I feel your boredom when we spend too much time alone and how energised you are by other people and I can accept that for short periods.

    Internally it is a matter of respect and balance. Of respecting that different aspects have different needs and values and of balancing these. And always, always it starts with asking: What is important to you? Then listening and continuing to listen and accept and make fine adjustments to the balance.

    And in truth Aquarius and Virgo may not be so far apart – they both are concerned with the good of the whole – the one through changing what doesn’t work, the other through service – they have a common goal. And that is another key – find the common goal between two aspects and respect and listening become so much easier.

    many thanks Donna for your thought provoking articles.

    • Thanks for sharing, Jay. That’s a very good and thought provoking summary of the dynamic between Virgo and Aquarius–the same pair of signs in the transit. Donnas

    • Jay:
      This is an excellent summary of the quincux. Thank you for sharing and also for the practical advice of listening and accepting this difficult aspect. It is something I will keep in mind with my own quincux (Sun/Neptune).

    • “Listen and accept.” That was something that helped me, too, Jay. With a Cancer sun and stellium in the 6th desperately trying to understand and placate an Acq Asc, “accept” was my final answer, too. Accept. Not just my own quirks, but everyone’s. You summed it up beautifully.

      It was a treat to read your excellent article again, Fabienne,

  3. This is indeed a thought-provoking piece. Thanks for posting it!

    I have this configuration in my chart, and it’s more than annoying. Until recently, it made no sense at all, and it links to nearly everything in my chart. So no escaping it.

    Are there any resources readily available that explain the yod?

    My natal Neptune quincunx Saturn in Aries in the 6th at the point, quincunx Uranus/Pluto in Virgo, which is sextile Neptune in Scorpio in the 1st.

    Suffice it to say that I’ve experienced a lot of conflict at work over the years. It recently occurred to me that maybe my boss/job/organization etc. (Saturn) can neither understand nor appreciate either my imagination (Nep) or my innovation (Uranus), though they can relate to each other. Which is funny, because I’ve been in education. You’d think imagination and innovation would be appreciated! Kerrie

    • I have this yod as well and it is certainly a thorn in my paw. My Aries Saturn is in the 1st house, Uranus/Pluto in the 6th, and Neptune in the 8th. Just thought I’d commiserate; )

      • Hey, thanks. It’s always good to know you’re not alone, isn’t it!

    • Kerrie, follow the links at the end of this article, as you’ll find some relevant articles about Neptune-Saturn natal aspects and natal Neptune as a vocational indicator. Donna

  4. Oh, bless your heart, Donna! Thank you for reprising this. It helps to explain something I overlooked and the very thing that brought me back here a week or so ago.

    Saturn and Uranus transits, especially by conjunctions, oppositions, or squares to my chart, have historically always been times when I’ve been able to find good work/business opportunities. So, last August/September and again this April, when I finally found and obtained long-term contract work that I so very much needed in these harsh economic times, I was so happy and relieved. But both of those fell through when the clients defaulted on their contracts within weeks, even though both expressed a high level of satisfaction with my work.

    I haven’t been able to fully understand why the Saturn-Uranus opposition was having that affect for me this time. I’ve been so puzzled by that and it’s hard not to feel somewhat defeated and increasingly concerned every time that happens.

    I’ve been highly aware that Neptune, ruler of my 7th, is transiting my 6th, but I totally missed the fact that it is quincunx Saturn transiting my 1st. That helps to put that into better perspective for me as far as their defaulting (Neptune). I think Saturn-Uranus got them for me, but Neptune was too involved in it and supplied the defaulting aspect of it.

  5. Fantastic article Fabienne.

    When you talk about “the strain existing between the world of wishes and dreams and the world of hard reality” it really hits home, I think for a lot of people, myself included. My hubby and I are currently having to use some of what I call our “dream come true” money that we’ve been saving, in order to pay the day to day bills!!

    Quincunx aspects often manifest in relationship difficulties – where one partner does one side of the Quincunx and the other partner does the other side and it’s hard to find the middle ground. Do you find that too? Certainly, this current economic climate is putting a great strain on relationships.

    Thanks Donna for re-posting it here.

    • It makes sense–conflict over money is very high on the list of cause of marital problems. Donna

  6. Yeah But …
    what if these inconjuncts are gateways to the part of our brains not presently switched on to the bigger picture … the opportunity of rising beyond compartmentalized thinking to allow a multi-dimensional in-flow?

    • Very sensible, Captain. Donna

      • LOL – love this exchange!

  7. Loved this article and the keen insight into the Saturn-Neptune quinqunx. This influence has been rather passed by in astrological circles, everyone lamenting about Saturn-Pluto, now Saturn-Jupiter, Saturn-Uranus. I always love research involving Neptune.

    Donna, you probably know this, but we lost JFK with Saturn in Aquarius square Neptune in Scorpio. It seems that no matter the configuration of Saturn Neptune, there is some death or denial of a dream.


    • It is surely a difficult and powerful aspect, Patricia, whatever angle it forms. I and many of the people I know are responding to this transit with deep grief and frustration, both about personal limitations and about the difficult world situation. Truly a bummer, even in this “minor” aspect! I’m so glad Fabienne wrote about it. Donna

    • Sad to say, it looks like we are losing another dream in the midst of this Neptune-Saturn quincunx. We were very much enamoured with Barack Obama and with the First Family in those early months of his presidency, an echo of those Camelot Days in the Kennedy years, and now he cannot do anything to please us. Whatever he does, he is criticized by both the left and right. Donna

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