Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 28, 2010

Astrological Insights into the Gulf Oil Spill

Like many of you, I watched the presidential press conference yesterday.   I watched it on CNN, and the message was upsetting enough, but what CNN did was to run a live feed of the oil spill down in the corner of the screen during that entire hour.   Dramatic, effective, and horrifying…a clearer picture of what’s really happening than any amount of words could convey.  

Like many of you, I pondered the planets…Uranus’ position for the whole time at the unstable 29th degree of Pisces, the Saturn-Neptune quincunx, etc.  But I didn’t carry through with it, couldn’t begin to know what the positions mean in terms of when and how it’s going to stop.  That sort of mundane astrology forecasting isn’t my forte. 

This morning, I got an email from Amanda Owen, who has written an excellent summary about this tragic accident.  (IF in fact, it is an accident, but I’m not even going to go into what I think about that.)  If you are concerned, I’d highly recommend you read the article on her site at: .  And here’s a link to the live feed: .

Let me introduce Amanda briefly.  I have known her at least 25 years, from the time she was a young astrologer, and even then I was impressed with her work–it was clear that it was quality work from a quality individual. 

 Regular readers met her recently when I reprinted her article, Neptune’s Role in Giving and Receiving.  If you’re intrigued by the title, you may also enjoy the excellent discussion we had in the comment section.  Her book on the topic is about to be published, and I hope to entice her to let us have an excerpt or two. 

PS.  Do you wish there was something you could do for the oceans around the spill?  This week’s article in Vibration Magazine’s blog is very timely:  Healing the Earth’s Hot Spots–Putting Essences on a Map.  It describes a technique which has potential, since it uses prayer and the power of intention.   If you don’t own any essences, you can still invoke the essence by writing its name on a slip of paper and anchoring it to the map.   Rescue Remedy is always a good choice in a crisis. (For more about RR, see: In a Crisis? Rescue Remedy Can Help You through It.)


  1. I read Amanda’s article. The quincunx certainly does add stress to the situation to be sure. I wish I would have read that years ago.
    I was enamoured with the mutual reception of Uranus and Neptune.
    On March 10th 2003 Uranus ingressed into Pisces and squared both nodes of the moon. I knew something was coming and that it would not be healthy. Ten days later Operation Iraqi Freedom began and I began to feel the missing leg of the T-Square related to military service and lost sight of health as environment.
    Neptune sold snake oil in Aquarius while Uranus in Pisces felt it was good for humanity. The mutual reception wound up like a tight rubber band cut loose when Uranus moved into Aries.
    During the mutual reception we watched as soda pop commercials were replaced by drug commercials.
    One could obtain any number of sexual enhancement drugs but not a flu shot. The housing boom really took off then as well.
    We adopted a culture that only looked for the potential gains while ignoring the risks.
    With Saturn, Pluto and Uranus in early Cardinal degrees we have the heavy duty equipment to begin the work of restoration if we can only master ourselves first.
    Every 28 days the Moon will conjoin, oppose, or Square these points to hammer home what is at stake. It will also Trine and Sextile as well. It will be the Moon and the personal planets during this transit that speak to us in blunt object honesty. They will tell us it was not true that we were borrowing from the future of our children. We were sacrificing it. Thats the way addictions work. Even national one’s.

  2. “They will tell us it was not true that we were borrowing from the future of our children. We were sacrificing it. That’s the way addictions work. Even national one’s.”

    As a practitioner of Mundane Astrology, I have been chronicling this as well as other significant world events such as: 9/11, 7/7, Oklahoma Bombing, Katyn Forest Massacre & Recent Air Disaster. Before I go any further, as an aside, I’d like to point out something important which has yet to be stated on any astrology blog, book or lecture. You’re above statement is technically incorrect. It should ” They are doing this to us ” All peoples of the earth must and hopefully will someday, come to the full realization and acceptance that WE are not to blame – are alleged Leaders are entirely to blame for this mess. In a TRUE democratic society, people get choices and have the opportunity to vote. If given these democratic opportunities, all of society ( that being WE…) would vote against the continuing use of Petroleum and the various by-products in favor of cheaper, more environmentally friendly / alternative sources – such as Tesla’s Free Energy – to name one outstanding example.

    I have noticed that astrology is essentially useless for the analysis of these and other, pre-planned geo-political events. The April 20th Gulf Oil Disaster, correlated to a Satanic Occult Date which also correlated better, numerologicaly speaking, with every single one of the above mentioned ‘ disasters ‘ or false-flag man made terror events. This includes the 2004 Tsunami in the Indonesian Ocean which killed in the neighborhood of approximately 300,00 people ( depending on whose account and figures one deems to be credible enough to rely upon for accuracy ! )
    For Prediction purposes, its much easier to predict the scope and nature of these world events using ‘ Occult Majik ‘ , because its easier to connect the dots and make sense of it all.
    All the worlds wealthy power elite belong to a network of aristocracy, oil cartels, central bankers, zionists and Freemasonry. The highest echelon of Freemasonry ( which Barack Obama by the way is a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason ) , use – rather ABUSE this ancient esoteric knowledge for the satanic purposes of furthering their Globalist aka New World Order Agenda.
    As above, so below, is the great axiom of alchemy and astrology. Whats happening here on earth is reflected in the heavens and vice versa.

    If one cannot understand what is happening in the heavens above, look no further than in your own back yard – right here on planet earth. There is no question we are living in the End Times – the end of the astrological age of Pisces – however, unless the masses wake up to the satanic globalist agenda, the Age of Aquarius will not be about peace of earth, good will towards mankind, free energy, elimination of war and slavery or corruption in all levels of Government – rather the opposite. We see this as clear as day, as we watch how they slowly but surely remove and strip us of all our basic civil liberty’s, freedom’s and human rights. It’s all rather anathema to the principles associated to Aquarius – the age which we are allegedly on the door step of right now.

    Here’s a little secret for any aspiring mundane astrologer….The Sign which corresponds to Communism , is Aquarius. Barack Obama was chosen to be temporary leader and spokesman of this dying country by the wealthy power elite, because of his strong beliefs in communism – as shown by his rising sign Aquarius – also a helpful tool in making it simple and obvious to rectify his birth chart.

    For more information on the abuse of occult majik and numerology relating to any world event, please go to

    Extensive research into hidden history, freemasonry, geo-politics, hidden history etc…is pre-requisite for a more complete and better understanding of charts such as the recent Gulf Oil Disaster regardless if you are using techniques and methodology taught by 16th Century French Astrologer, Jean-Baptiste Morin, William Lilly or using ancient Babylonian Techniques – in conjunction with Hellenistic influences ( my personal favorite ).

    Sadly, astrology alone will not allow the avid practitonner(sp?) from making any sound or reliable deductions, let alone, any accurate predictions.

    This needs to be done in the manner that the ancients practiced it: Utilizing all the various meta-physical and divination arts in tandem to one another.

    • I’m right there with you, Glenn, and might be classed as paranoid on the subject. My first thought when I heard of the disaster was, “Who did this,” and I went through a variety of possible perps, from, as you say, the oil cartel, to terrorists, to green peace. There is nothing to protect us from it happening again. Donna

  3. Donna,
    No, you’re not paranoid-Just sensitive and highly intelligent. Yes, you were right on the money when you asked ” Who did this “. It doesn’t matter who did this. ‘ They ‘ did it, who ever they are, and who ever they are, are agents of satan, not soldiers of God. Notice how I capitalized God but not satan ? Many astrologers would agree that the recent Uranus opposition Saturn could describe the duality of good and evil: which is inherent in all of us. As above so below.

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