Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 31, 2010

Uranus in Aries and the Cosmic Soup

©5-30-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 It’s time for a taste test of the current batch of Cosmic Soup. What’s that, you ask?  It’s that big vat of feelings and situations simmering on the back burner in our Collective Kitchen all the time. We’re all feeding on it. What’s in the pot changes every day, and we don’t know what we’ll get, but the pot is always there.

From time to time we dip a ladle into it without really thinking about it, and it fills our gut with stuff we stew about, thinking it’s a pot of our own making. Maybe it’s a family recipe, or so we believe, not knowing that the exact same soup is on the back burner of kitchens everywhere.

We brood and curse our luck when it’s a bad batch, because we know we’ll be stuck with that soup for days on end. We can’t just toss a big pot-full like that out, not in this economy.If it’s a lucky soup, we try to stretch it by crossing our fingers and adding more of the same stuff. We call people and invite them over to share it, provided they bring a bottle of wine.

So what’s the Soup du Jour?  It’s a hearty ragout of Uranus in Aries that’s been bubbling vigorously for the past few days. It’s a new and virtually untried recipe—a Tex-Mex mix of chunky meats and hot spices with way too many shakes of the chili powder and cilantro jars.

It’s a bit bitey and adventuresome for many of us, but we’ll get used to it. It might even get our tired blood racing again.

The guys will probably like it better than the gals. They’ll add it to the chili, barbecue, and deep fried turkey recipes they concoct for tailgate parties and cook-offs.

So what’s Uranus been like in Aries for you so far? Let’s compare. I’m eager to hear what you’re picking up about it.

Down a Memory Lane of Outer Planet Ingresses

I have a gift for sensing the shifts in outer planet signs right away, a palpable inner movement. The very first time was in 1970 when I’d only been studying astrology a couple of years. Neptune moved into Sagittarius, and I felt it that very day. January 4, 1970.

I couldn’t describe what I felt—who can express what Neptune is like? But I knew when it happened. And now most of you who were born with Neptune in Sag are already headed into your midlife cycle and are coming into your own in astrology and other metaphysical pursuits. You’re a wonderful bunch, and you’re bringing a lot of depth to these studies.

When Pluto went into Sag, it was a very different saga. January 17, 1995. I cried inconsolably all day. I could sense the deep and terrible changes it would bring to those Jupiterian/Sagittarian/9th house institutions I hold dear. Education. Publishing. Law. Foreign countries. Religions. All changed irrevocably, and all in the name of wealth, power, and the Almighty Bottom Line.

42 years have gone by since I first stumbled upon a storefront in New York’s East Village where Henry Weingarten and Barbara Somerfield were teaching astrology and where I got hooked on this fathomless field of ours. I’ve felt a lot of ingresses—Uranus moving from Virgo through Pisces, an entire half-orbit of the planet of change, revolution, and astrology around the Sun.

The Current Ingress and my Angry Inner Adolescent

 So what did Uranus shifting in into Aries feel like to me?  Oh, I felt it. I just didn’t know it at the time because I was preoccupied with my new laptop computer. I’d had it for almost 3 months, as Uranus meandered its way through the last couple degrees of Pisces. Bought on impulse during a sale, it sat gathering dust on its sleek, shiny black shell.

I was getting nowhere with it and was starting to hate it. I TRIED, but I couldn’t find anything—couldn’t even find the email program. None of my mission critical programs for writing, graphics, or astrology would install—something about 16 bits wouldn’t talk to 64 bits. Even the Windows 7 for Dummies book I bought didn’t help.

I started having empathy for the whatchamacallums. You know, those smugly ignorant anti-computer curmudgeons who pretend to be lamenting their stupidity while secretly preening themselves on their superiority. I’ll remember the word after I publish this.  (Later: Luddities, that’s the word I’m looking for.)

Anyway, I finally decided I had to shell out some big bucks and hire somebody to get me up and running, because my dearly beloved writing and web partner, a 6 year old Hewlett Packard tower was terminally ill. I dropped the new lap top and all my mission critical software off at the home of a very fine computer guy. Uranus was at 29 Pisces 50 something.

His name was Michael, and BTW, I am quite sure that Michael is an Aries name, because I’ve known any number of Michaels who were Aries, and who were named for Archangel Michael, the Warrior Angel, defender and protector of those who ask his help. If you run into Uranian troubles, you could do worse than call on him. The angel, I mean. Though if you live in Portland and need a computer guy, I’ll pass on his number too.

So anyway, he brought back the computer a few days later, and spent another several hours hooking it up to the internet, updating my antivirus protection, and downloading a new version of Solar Fire astrology software.

And while he was there, I got up out of the armchair where I was sitting, drumming my fingers with impatience. I stepped down on my ankle funny and got the worst sprain of an entire lifetime of chronically sprained ankles. Uranus rules ankles, and I have Uranus conjunct Saturn. I can sprain an ankle standing perfectly still. For two days, I was terrified I’d broken a bone in my foot or torn a tendon.

The ankle hurt like a bastard, and it still hurts, and so most of the time that Uranus has been in Aries, I’ve been laid up at home nursing–and cursing–it. And getting used to my new, finally operative computer, just at the Aries ingress of Uranus. May 27, 2010.

The laptop is gorgeous, but for every new thing I learn, there are three or four other new things I haven’t a clue about and have to muddle through somehow. I suspect that’s going to be a signature of Uranus in Aries. Mucho muddling through. New territories to conquer with no map, no Uranus for Dummies manual.

What else I’m noticing is a huge upsurge of rage.  I’m like an angry adolescent, throwing mindless fits of temper.  I woke up one morning yelling, “I hate every effing person on this effing planet!” (Clearly an exaggeration.)

I make it a practice not to perpetrate my bouts of anger on other people. Thanks to the Seth books, a Course in Miracles, and Eckart Tolle, I know it’s just my stuff, 3 parts ego to 3 parts fear to 2 parts frustrated wants. Fortunately I live alone, and no one else has to witness these immature snits. I get on my own nerves a lot, though.

But the friends I’ve talked to on the phone confess that they’re raging inside too. And so I’m thinking that maybe an Inner Angry Adolescent is another of the signatures of Uranus in Aries.  Uranus is associated with adolescence, and Mars–the planet of anger but also of action–rules Aries.  See, teens know when things aren’t right–and they’ll tell us if we will only give them permission to speak.  So maybe we should listen to our Inner teen as well. Because there’s plenty to be angry about in the way things are unfolding.

It’s Here at Last–Are You Ready?

We’ve all been speculating about what Uranus in Aries will bring to the Pluto-Saturn square and the Uranus-Saturn opposition when it completes the Cardinal T-Square. For about 9 months, I’ve watched people with planets in the early degrees of Cardinal signs try to preserve the status quo and the old ways of doing things, even though they just don’t work any more.

They try to patch things up, they hold on desperately to toxic people and situations that don’t serve them, out of fear of change.  Brain-dead marriages and careers have been on life-support because we just don’t know how to say goodbye.  Inertia and stagnation have been the order of the day.

With Uranus in Aries—a Mars-ruled Cardinal sign—I think our personal and collective Inner Angry Adolescents are going to be fed up and slamming a lot of doors.  The doors we should have walked out of long ago.  And so the rage—IF you’re feeling it too and I’m not just personally losing it—is an ingredient in the Cosmic Soup, but a necessary one in order to break the stagnation and arrive at fresh solutions.

Readers, am I reading the Cosmic Soup correctly?  Has an Inner Angry Adolescent shown up for you?  Or, are you experiencing the shift differently?  I’m not talking pet theories about Uranus here, I’m talking real life experiences.  I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.     

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  1. Donna, As always, you are RIGHT on. I am angry because I’m sick of seeing all these folks exposed by Saturn and finally having to show their accountability — which, in my opinion, really exposes the fact that we in America in particular have been sold a bill of goods. Just SO much corruption at our expense. I’m angry at Wall Street and the lies we’ve been fed. It’s not about business and economics and supply and demand. It’s gambling and playing Russian Roulette and seeing how “they” can beat the system, the system that was supposed to be a sure way to grow our money slowly but surely for our old age. How did all these get-rich-schemes get into Wall Street in the first place: hedge funds and such crap as that?!! Well, my husband is an Aries and he is an electrician (very Uranian, eh?) Right now we are thinking and planning and figuring out how we can chuck it all! Yeah, he’s reading about islands off Thailand and ex-pat communities there. Places where what we pay for a month’s rent here could give us room and board for 6 months there. Crazy? Maybe:)

    • Hi, Trish, haven’t seen you around here for a while. Yep, I’m angry about all that too. You and I met when you came to interview me for the local newspaper, right around the time of that ingress of Pluto into Sag that I wrote about. That’s when so much of the lies and corruption started.

      If you’re seriously thinking of relocating somewhere, see the article about relocation on the list of links for this article, and get a certified practitioner from at the link in the blogroll. It’s too costly in both money and life force to relocate without a good look at the charts–yours and your husband’s if possible. Donna

  2. Ok, I have quite a situation on my hands! I have custody of 3 grandchildren, whose mother was known as Aunty Mom! She finally became a constant in their lives about 2 years ago, after having 4 other children, one which was given up for adoption. I had told the oldest one not to go with his mom until his chore and homework was caught up. I was at work, and she usually doesn’t pick them up until after her afternoon shift, (she had that day off). When I got home, I called her to bring him back to finish his homework, she said no, call the police. Well, being my daughter I gave her some time. I called her back the next day, and boy oh boy, she told me she wasn’t playing – really go call the police cause she wasn’t bringing him back! I hung up and raged! She has been a drama queen all her life. I still have my granddaughter here, she does not want to go at all, but I gave her brother the chance to join the one that left. He decided to go. I didn’t care if I ever saw her face again. I have raised those kids for 12 years. I was the one who was there when they were sick, I was the one who made sure they went to the doctors, I was the one that dealt with homework, school, and discipline. I was the one that took them to the park and on vacations and to the lake, and bought them video systems and games and I was the one etc…..Well, I thought all that stuff and then after I cooled down, this is what if felt. I hope that I layed a good foundation: To always to your best… Even though they feel that just an attempt is sufficient. To be responsible, honest, dependable. To respect other’s property and I tried to instill values, morals, and standards. I kept them stable, and tried to keep them on track. One is ADHD and the other is learning disabled. So I will tell the judge that if getting to know their mom is that important, what my concerns are and he can make the decision on what is best for them. In my mind, the best would be that I would still be able to make sure their school needs and medical needs are met. she works afternoons, so they are left alone till 11:00 p.m. with no supervision (they are 15 & almost 17) they also have no phone for emergencies, and their grades are failing. She doesn’t take her other children to the Dr.’s Just uses the ER when necessary. So after all that thinking, I find out that she is trying to raise the family to court to testify against me and for her. They all said no. I was devastated. I was just planning on going with my little speech. I told my husband, and he will be by my side. I have prayed and I have to give it to the powers that be. I don’t want resentment from them. This is what they want; I so know their bubble will be burst. She made the comment that she isn’t pushing them now, because she doesn’t want to put pressure on them that will make them want to come back home. This is how I feel Uranus has impacted me; us.


    • Huge issues here. You’re the solid, stable one, so you’ve got assets she doesn’t. Hope it works out for the best for all concerned. Donna

      • Thanks Donna,
        On the upside, things have been less chaotic and messy! I seem to have time to devote to the things I like to do. I also have tried to keep a normal routine of things for the granddaughter. We are moving ahead as if this is what was to happen, no regrets, love in our hearts and hoping that the foundation was ingrained in them. I don’t feel as this is a battle anymore, just a change of life that would normally happen, as in the comment above about children moving on. I have been blessed to have them at all! I am a sag, so the fire burned but for a small amount of time – about 24 hours. I am in a good place. Court is tomorrow, and all will be well with choices and decisions, at least on my part, no matter what is decided.


      • Hi Nanette and Donna:

        I’d be curious to see if the rights of grandparents as caregivers will be explored more or given more credence these next few years. Societies all over the world have had grandparents take over the role as primary caregiver when (for whatever reason, with many being perfectly legitimate as opposed to abandonment or irresponsibility) the parents can’t do it.

        After all, wasn’t our leader raised by Grandma (who, sadly, died the day her grandson was elected president)? And doesn’t Grandma Robinson (quietly) stay close to the First Lady and the daughters?

        In my own chart, my grandparents are DEFINITELY ruled by Uranus!! For some reason, I always had the sense that Uranus was, in a peculiar way, the planet of “grandparents” along with Saturn. Or, maybe with the Uranian influence they were the mostly-good ones that inspired us or gave us cool ideas, thoughts or experiences (like they are in mine :-).

        My grandparents are living to a very old age, and in my family the dynamics are going through a change with it. They (mom and brothers) now have to be able to call the shots and not lean on Papa Rey when the times get tough because Papa Rey needs them and can’t be strong for them anymore! In their late 40s and 50s, the ‘kids’ are finally going to have to become more adult…

        Just my .02. Best wishes, Nanette, and be brave…

      • Kristy, thanks for your interpretation of Uranus! I was astounded at how well the judge was in tune yesterday! She denied custody to my daughter, although I addressed the visitation part, as there was no provision for it. She now gets to have them on her days off. She will also have access to their educational and medical records. I retain physical custody for now. Of course she wants more. We are scheduled for an interview with the court and then their will be an investigation, and then their will be a final ruling. She is moving again, so I don’t know how that is going to affect the outcome. All I know is the judge was not happy with the life choices she has made. She even asked my daughter if she was or had used drugs or alcohol! No is definately the answer to that. She has a head injury that affects her logic and reasoning. The oldest is not happy, but is going try to handle it. The judge caught on right away that Mom works afternoons so there is no supervision for 2 teenage boys at the ripe old age of rebellion!


      • I’m glad for a favorable outcome, Nanette. You know, Saturn is supposedly exalted in Libra, meaning that that’s where it’s qualities are shown at their best. And the scales are the symbol for Libra–and for justice. On the whole, I think transting Saturn’s position in Libra as part of the t-square will prove to be a blessing and a saving grace in the end, for it will bring our relationships to a place of balance of equalizing responsibilities, setting proper boundries, and greater maturity. Donna

  3. I am feeling angry and frustrated and agree with the first comment above dealing with the economy. However, I have Aries in my 4th house and have been experiencing a sense of change in my home – children will be off to college in a couple of years and are more independent, standing up for myself more and my wants/needs and really feeling a stirring inside regarding the new adjustments I will be facing in the next few years to come.

    • Great use of that new energy, Cathie! I do think there are good potentials with Uranus in Aries, I just think it may be a bumpy ride for a while. Donna

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Award because yours is one of my favorite blogs. You can read the details on my blog.
    Keep doing what you’re doing. I don’t always comment, but I am reading everything you send out!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mimi. I enjoy your comments. Donna

  5. Donna, like Mimi, I read your column every day. I may not comment, but I’m reading:) Thank you for the link and suggestions. I will check them out!

  6. You know that feeling you get when you’ve had too much coffee? Kinda nauseous, shaky and alert? That’s how I feel about Uranus in Aries. It’s an uncomfortable change for me personally, seeing as I was used to acquiescing to the things that needed changing instead of fighting my way through them. I don’t know about anger yet but it feels like a lot of people will be doffing the yolk soon with an “Eff this!” attitude. What a refreshing thought.

    • Ah, yes, that wired sort of feeling I definitely attribute to Uranus, even without the hyper energy of Aries, so I would imagine a lot of people will have to get used to that feeling. When Uranus was at about 21 Pisces, it squared my Mercury in Gemini for about a year, and I didn’t sleep more than 2 or 3 hours a night, but boyoboy, did I write!! That was my first year with Skywriter. A great buzz, actually. Dona

    • Hi Charlotte – If you read my comment further down, you’ll notice I also feel as if I’ve been drinking coffee, although in my case, it’s been a good feeling. Weird how we both picked up on similar energies though.

  7. OMG, Uranus rules ankles?! The last 2 days my ankles have swollen up and are the size of grapefruits. There is no obvious reason for this other than I have been on my feet a little more than usual. No way I’m pregnant or have any of the usual reasons for swollen ankles.

    This morning I even got on the Internet to research possible causes for swollen ankles. Never thought about astrological effects on the body. Interesting.

  8. I feel like a teenage brat – I’m raging. And probably projecting on those folk who I’ve bailed out one too many times. feel like yelling at them “Grow up” at their outrage that the cosy life which other folk have been subsidising his changing.
    Alternating between rage and weepiness. natal Mars in Aries being twanged by Pluto too! and Neptune rising. I know this will pass but …

    • That’s the soup allright, Angi. I didn’t mention the weepiness, but yes, it alternates between rage and weepiness (for the world). One of my friends says she’s “s’mad”–somewhere between sad and mad. I think maybe some of it is good–it’s easier to set boundaries when you’re kind of mad. Donna

  9. Great post. Love your prespective on the ingresses. I didn’t feel the Uranus ingress, but I sure did feel Saturn turning direct.

  10. Donna, is it too coincidental that all the links I try connected to Continuum won’t work?! I googled and even found a reference to Robert Curry, with a link to your article about certified astrocartographers — can’t get that to open, can’t get your relocation link above to work, can’t get to work…….is it ME:)hehehe!

    • Oh, Lord, there HAS been a problem for the last week or so, but I thought they’d cleared it up. I’ll write to them again. Donna

  11. OMG, my mars conjunct my ASC, scorpio moon has been fighting the last few days with my Leo Sun son, scorpio mars like crazy and we love each other to pieces. I finally looked online to see what the stars were doing as we are just so RAW.

    great article!

  12. I have had already 3 clients with Aries partners….who have jumped ship and left them.
    Male, female and gay….so what’s that all about?
    No warning, just left them.
    Plus I have an Aries friend (female) who is convinced leaving her husband would be a good idea…I’ve tried to explain to her she just needs to find ‘that which makes her feel free’ not actually leave her hubbie..
    …I’m sure Uranus in Pisces didn’t have the same effect that it does in Aries.
    Now, I’m not saying that every Aries person will leave their partner during this transit, it just means that, as you say, there’s a sort of ‘teen desire’ to ‘putting the self first’.
    This is NOT the sign for sharing….much:)
    In peace

  13. Wow! After what Mary wrote, I feel lucky that my Aries partner wants me to jump ship with him:)hehehe

  14. Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been feeling the rage. For me it feels like a large truth about to be born, bubbling up from the depths where it has been living more or less undisturbed. I keep thinking about that movie in the 70s, where everyone starts yelling, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna TAKE it anymore!”

    I think the difference with this new energy is not any new feeling, just that it is being liberated. As an Aries sun with Uranus opposing that sun and a bunch of other planets in my packed 9th house, I’ve been wondering what shape this energy would take in my life. I definitely feel the need to find new avenues of expression. (For instance, my new astrology blog!)

    Feeling this already, it does make me a bit nervous to think of everyone everywhere feeling a similar pending explosion….!

  15. Uranus in Aries seems to have really cleared my mind. I just feel sharper, more on task. But also, yes, more impatient, more easily irritated. I seem to need more space, more autonomy.

    It does feel a little like adolescence, now that you mention it! I want to do everything in my own way, thank you!

    And I’ve been having headaches.

    This reminds me of when I was experimenting with visualizing colors, to see what that did to my mood and energy level. One day I visualized the color red all day, thinking that would raise my energy level – and it did, but I ended up with a headache. It got better when I concertedly started visualizing blues and greens.

    This feels a lot like that. Too much red, on the psychic level.

    But on the other hand, everything seems possible and I’m convinced I’m going to break through all my hesitations & blocks & fulfill all my ambitions. Yep, pretty adolescent!

    • That’s odd, because I’m a person who NEVER has headaches, and I’ve had them for a solid month, just dull aches, but so unusual for me that I wondered if I should see a doctor (or, having a bit of the dramatic streak) or even a neurologist. However, Aries IS associated with the head and with headaches.

      Incidentally, in the health food stores you’ll find something called a cell salt, and one of them called Kali Phos is the Aries cell salt and good for that wired feeling and for headaches due to mental overwork. I’ve lived on that for about 15 years since the head injury. Donna

  16. I suppose I’m one of those guilty of attempting to patch things up that really no longer work. Not that I’m unwilling to try something new. The environment I work in changes so slowly.
    I certainly understand the feelings of anger, and frustration. No one likes to be cheated. My Asc is at 8 Aries with Sun at 10 involved in a Cardinal cross. I knew it could not last. I feel like a sailor ready to suddenly have to tack into the wind unexpectedly.
    Move too slow and you’ll swim instead.
    I’ve been interested in astrology since I was 11. Self taught, though your books have helped me see through the dust that life kicks up. A big thanks for that.
    I have followed the border situation with “good fences build good neighbors” Saturn, and “Do as I say not as I do” Pluto square in mind as well as its twin in Gaza waiting for the Uranus ingress. I expect a change in the background music now. (From classical to heavy metal), quite a shock.
    All through the mutual reception of Uranus/Neptune we have seen Coke commercials change into drug adds. Now that the influence has waned corporations will be challenged to control the technology at their disposal or perhaps be disposed by it.
    Even so there will be opportunities if we can be alert for them. Too much focus on the negative can cause us to miss them when they come.

  17. Inner rage? Oh, yes. I have a natal T-square of Uranus at 2 degrees Cancer and Mars at 2 degrees Libra, then wide orb to my Sun at 10 degrees Capricorn. Transiting Pluto and Uranus are both touching off firestorms in my postmenopausal psyche (which has less estrogen-influenced patience anyway). And I am as angry with myself as I am with the world around me!!!! With Aquarius rising (also Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius) and a Gemini moon, my nerves live near the surface. I am hoping to maintain some Aquarian detachment while implementing independence where necessary. Since the current T-square hits my 2nd (Uranus), 8th (Saturn) and 11th (Pluto), Placidus system, I am having unexpected financial upheavals, duh. The sucking sound you hear is the sound of me reining in my future financial needs, closely followed by calm breathing and centering … ohm … ohm … ohm …

  18. Donna, I just subscribed to your blog and am having a great time picking through all of your articles! I am an Aries (sun at 5’45). This post is so me except in Aries fashion I am fully prepared to jump ship:) I have been clinging to a job not wanting it to change and hoping it didn’t change when I was miserable and desperately needing it to change and found out last week it would change. I have clinged to this job and the status quo with all of my might since last fall! It took about 3 days of being upset and morning the end of this and now like a good little Aries I am so excited about the possibility of what is next. Truth is, I was so busy just trying to hold on I couldn’t get the bigger picture – I HATED this job. Now that is passing I am so excited about what will come next! All I can think is “I’m finally free!!””
    Thank G*d for Uranus waking me up and shaking me up – I was stuck:)

  19. Oh yeah, and for the third time in as many days, I almost burned the house down by forgetting something on the stove. Of course, my mars in in cancer, and the 11th house no less, so I guess cooking will be filled with peril for the next decade or so…

  20. What do you suppose the effect of Uranus in Aries will have regarding the BP oil spill? Now, that makes me even madder than Wall Street. What a joke…trying ways to plug the hole using ideas I found out wouldn’t work when I was a kid! Hopefully, this will put an end to drilling and prompt us to move on, beyond oil.

    • I feel more than know that the BP situation has brought to awareness beyond denial how our level of addiction to fossil fuels has grown beyond our means to sustain it. The cost not only measured in what we have lost environmentally but in the lives of workers who have attempted to satisfy those national cravings.
      We all know now that the risk is real and the price for drilling does not stop at the pump. It takes courage to meet change. Uranus is in a good sign to meet the challenge. Pluto is going to put us on the “incentive” program while Saturn has to find a way to structure the relationship changes we go through with our world. He does some of his finest work in Libra so while I know it will be hard some days I am also encouraged by the potential of the participants. The rub will be the Uranus/Saturn relationship. You know how Uranus loves it when others try to perfect his creativity. Yet he needs Saturns wisdom to make this real. Uranus can’t do this alone.

  21. I love the Tex-Mex reference, Donna. 🙂

    I certainly felt this ingress, but in a weird sort of way. I spent several weeks being “smad,” sad and mad or “deprangry,” depressed and angry, with a very low energy level. I don’t know if that mood is Uranus in Aries, but I sure haven’t liked it.

    On the days surrounding the ingress, all kinds of 3rd house issues came to the forefront for me. I have Aries on the cusp of the 3rd, but not at 00 degrees. It was a burst of blatant 3rd house activity and issues and made me start thinking more about the whole house system.

    Nothing awful happened, but I did “feel” it ~ like a shift beneath the feet, a cosmic sprain. 🙂


    • smad! thats the word! i have a stellium
      in aries (jupiter venus and asc) and so does my boyfriend (mercury venus mars)- and the little half hearted tiffs we usually have been turned into battles of self control. things have been falling apart and seem pointless (staurn moving direct to oppose) but my reactions are I WANNA QUIT. in fact, the bf just called to say he wanted to quit life.

      change is in order, and while im preparing myself, he is hiding his head.

      so i very smad and headachey and restless. thanks donna for providing me a filter for which to see the world and a little community to share. your 11th house is doing its job!

      • Hang in there. I think we’ve all been caught off base as this energy for Uranus is so very different from what we’d gotten used to. Donna

    • CJ are you an aquarius?

      • Aquarius rising, Cancer sun.

      • heh. it was the making up words thing that tipped me off. 🙂

  22. Hi Donna – I had to give up caffeine several years ago, but on the day Uranus entered Aries, I felt that almost giddy confidence I used to feel after I’d consumed several large cups of strong coffee (oh how I’ve missed that feeling!) Since then, the feeling has come and gone, but there has definitely been a change. I don’t feel at all rebellious – just confident in my perceptions; maybe that’s what adolescence is all about. Natal Uranus is in my 12th, quintile my Sun in the 2nd, ruler of my 12th. Transiting Uranus is sextile my retrograde Mars in the 9th.

    I’m pretty sure I’m one of those curmudgeons you were referring to (no offense taken), since I resent any form of perceived or planned obsolescence related to technology. Many elderly and poor people have been left out in this new digital age and are becoming increasingly isolated. Putting costs aside, many can’t figure out how to operate their television sets – let alone a computer – so many do without. My young nieces and nephew don’t even bother to check emails or phones messages anymore. If you don’t know how to text, you’re out of luck.

    And although I’m unlikely to change my mind about the merits of a system that is not only wasteful but that leaves many without the wherewithal to participate, I am now more determined than ever to master the latest software I was forced to purchase in order to become marketable once again. Believe me, I’m not just pretending to feel stupid. My battle with technology has had a profound effect on my self-confidence since in our current economy, many employers now expect their office managers to also serve as their in-house IT people. I used to love being on my computer: typing daily correspondence and entering data, plus designing complex spreadsheets and various forms for the school I worked for. But this latest software (designed during Uranus in Pisces) has taken away at least some of my autonomy by deciding when and where a new paragraph should go, or which items should be bulleted, etc., etc. It’s all so nebulous and fuzzy; one wrong touch can make a whole paragraph of work disappear. I much preferred the old technology which allowed me to think for myself without the default settings deciding for me.

    But I’m smart enough to EVENTUALLY figure it out, and Uranus/Jupiter in Aries may provide just the cosmic push I need to forge ahead. I think people may begin to stand up for themselves in positive ways – no more merging with the group just to fit in.

    I wrote all this before I read Charolotte’s comments about feeling like she drank too much coffee. In my case, I felt like I’d had just enough.

    • I’m talking about people who won’t use computers at all, so it obviously doesn’t apply to you. I think they’re called Luddites. Donna

  23. My Libra husband is still being a brat about not being able to do things because of an eye operation. And today he had another one of his little temper tantrums when he wanted to do something the Dr said not to do until he sees him this Friday. He has been trying to do the same thing for over 4 weeks, and I no longer have the patience to deal with him

    So, yes, I am seething and shaking and not keeping it to myself. But I do have Mars/Uranus conjunct, so that is nothing new to me. LOL

    If this is how it is now…what will I do when Uranus squares my Mars, Uranus, Asc and then the Sun!

    I guess we just get a taste of Uranus in Aries and then Uranus will go back into Pisces….just to pull the wool over our eyes for a bit.

  24. Uranus at 0 degrees Aries aspects my natal Mars and I was joking with a friend that this will either be a good thing for me or I will spontaneously combust. Lo and behold both my hands turned bright red for no discernible reason, became swollen and hot and felt for all the world as though they they’d been burned. Not quite as dramatic as complete spontaneous combustion, but I did think it was pretty funny that I got flaming hands. My Mars is in Gemini by the way. I do appreciate a good cosmic joke.

  25. I definitely felt it on Saturday. I had an adolescent Aries style temper tantrum while out with friends that night. Seems like it took a few drinks (or more) to lower my Saturn reserve and bring out that Uranus in Aries rage. I don’t recall events very well but friends have said I was uncharacteristically angry and annoyed. I complained vehmently about everything and everyone when usually I keep irritations to myself!

  26. I haven’t been angry but I have felt an extra surge of electricity running through my veins. It’s as if the confidence and extra energy I felt as a teenager, the me before I knew of isolation, depression, and soul-stealing crises, has started to come back. I am enjoying this new me that’s really the old me.

    • Hi, Janice, yes, in many ways it will hearken back to our teen years and the excitement of discovering–or, really, rediscovering–who we really are. Donna

      • Donna – thanks for a great article. Just reading your reply to Janice – it is like the teen years – rediscovering who we really are. Mmm, definitely what I am feeling. But not liking it. My whole ‘direction’ seems to be changing – due to a rejection while Uranus was moving through the last degrees of my 9th house. Aries is in the 9th & 10th – so ‘life path & purpose’ are up for a total reassessment. It’s feeling confusing, I’m derailed and yes, p-ed off about it. I guess I’m angry – though my Mars in Cancer struggles a bit with that one. Like you – I do the ‘eff everyone’ thing. Basically, feeling misunderstood, undervalued and appreciated, directionless, lost….. so much for the awaited ‘new beginning’ energy of Aries – is all I can say. Then again, this is just a taste is it not. Uranus will not fully tenant Aries until next year. Perhaps the confusion we are feeling, the anger, the separations – are part of this process of (eventually) discovering who we really are. There’s lots to sift through in the process…

  27. YES!!!!! So far…..I’m loving the change!! Aries is intercepted in my 12th, so that Aries energy is supressed in my life, which makes it very difficult for me to be assertive, stand up for myself, etc. and I usually try to avoid confrontation-which has caused any number of issues and challenges for me, especially in the last 7 years as Uranus transited through the last half of my 11th house and into my 12th (conjuncting my Pisces Moon, yikes!).
    Even though it’s only been a few days, I already feel like my consciousness has kind of “changed stations”, like on a radio, and is vibrating at a different frequency, enabling me to be a bit more aggressive (and rightfully so!!;-) I think I just need to keep any eye on those impulses to make sure they aren’t facilitating any kind of anger or frustration in a non-constructive way. I also think it’s helpful that Jupiter’s hand is thrown into the mix, at least for a little while (for me personally).
    On a non-personal level, unfortunately:-( I’m seeing/experiencing how that energy affects people who aren’t able to distinguish between the constructive and non-constructive manifestations of it, through road-rage, and just general irritation, impatience, and impulsive blow-ups. Whenever I come across these situations I say a little mantra (I am above no one, I am below no one, Namaste) to send everyone involved good energy;-)

    • I have Aries in the 12th house as well and the change has made me more assertive and like I said, more confident. (Kind of rare for me to actually feel “confident” I have so much in Pisces and blending in is more my speed)
      It feels like a nice change so far. Good luck to you!

    • Ah, yes, that’s one big difficulty–coping with how less conscious people will deal with the upsurge of Uranian energy. If you’re involved with volatile people, say in the workplace, it’s well to be alert to how they may be expressing it. We are ALL of us in the Cosmic Soup, all reacting to the shift, but the majority of people have no awareness and are just REacting. Donna

  28. At this moment, Uranus is a little less than 1 degree away from entering my fifth house.

    The BP oil spill has been lighting my fuse seriously, as my hometown is 20 miles from Louisiana’s coast. I haven’t lived there in years, but I know first hand how much the oil industry has destroyed south Louisiana. I find myself calling people out on my facebook account. I just cannot tolerate any sympathy for BP or any oil company right now. Today, I told myself, ‘you are being a first class sh*t’. But I have reached my boiling point!

  29. Rage?? You betcha…just in the last few days….Today I gots angry because there werent plastic bags enough in the produce section….., that people didnt get off the tennis court in time for me to have a complete hour with the ball machine….and that the ball machine was STILL screwed up……then I remembered….
    Uranus in Aries…..On the up side folks, my house is clean and so is the patio. All the laundry is done. I have the energy of a 25 year old.
    And, Donna, I feel the changes too – always thought that it was my ‘unstable’ body… I know.
    Uranus in the first.

    Hope your ankle is OK.

    Molly K.

  30. I’m pissed about Wall Street, pissed at the government, pissed at BP and all the oil spewing into our magnificent ocean, and I’m pissed that people put their hands on their hearts for “God bless America” ( it’s not the frickin’ national anthem!)

    Rage? Oh, yeah.

  31. I have been waiting for Uranus to enter Aries ever since I first studied astrology.I am so excited by my coming Uranus return! I hope it will be a sort of culmination and starting over of my years as sun conjunct Uranus and all that signifies.
    Yes, I have been angry at objects, people and world events…I have worked like a madwoman and have tripped (excess mars) and fallen while chasing the cat. Fortunately I have restrained myself with my partner (in his absence I rattled some pots and pans) but can not promise to do so when Uranus really takes residence in Aries.
    I must keep the peace as my computer skills are so shaky I depend on Bob to straighten out my laptop errors.
    Donna, have you seen the movie”Michael” with John Travolta as a disheveled angel who invented standing in line and pie>? another aries?

    Keep in mind that the last transit of Uranus in Aries was during the “great depression”….not a cheering thought.

    • MaryJane,
      I also wondered about the last time Uranus was in Aries and wondering if we are going to have the same problems they had during the great depression? I have money in the stock market and have been seriously considering getting it out when Uranus is back in Pisces and before it goes direct. I am really gittery about this matter and can’t seem to figure out what to do. I am too old to ride out another drop in the market. And I don’t have any confidence in the people who control the market or the government who is supposed to control them. LOL My hope is that people are finally starting to get it and things will be different this time.

      • I will give folks my one and only stock tip I have ever written. Buy stock in antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. There were millions of people on them BEFORE this crash began, and that’s all doctors know how to do is sedate people to the point where they can’t confront their problems with a clear head. So I’m sure a lot of doctors are going to be writing prescriptions every day now. There’s no pill that will cure the oil spill, get people back to work, or stop the foreclosures, but they’ll get out the prescription pads anyway. Donna

    • Well, it wasn’t just that Uranus was in Aries, it was that during the Depression, just like now, it was in a Cardinal t-square with Saturn and Pluto, only in later degrees. I don’t think Uranus caused the depression, though, I think it represented the independent, self-reliant spirit that got people through those bad times. Donna

      • Yeah…that makes me feel better about what is coming. Maybe Uranus will bring out new ways to deal with all the problems we are having right now. Like the oil, and the government. And maybe the big changes people are finally making with each election is an indication of how things will start to change. I personally think we should vote everyone out after every term, so they can’t get entrenched in the system. New blood every term. LOL

        I also keep thinking that Uranus might bring in changes to other governments Cuba. Time for Castro to finally give up and get some changes going in Cuba. I think of this because I live in Florida and I know that people want to be able to go to their homeland again, and I think make it a great place again.

      • It will be reshaping countries all over the world. Donna

  32. I’m not angry as such, but really, really impatient and giddy. I also have the light headed feeling you have when you stand on a cliff or a bridge and look down … My career has been so slow the past 15 years, it’s been like climbing backwards up a hill, but I’ve stuck with it and not given up. And now Uranus will soon oppose natal mercury in the 10th at 1 degree Libra (which will also conjunct transiting Saturn), so I feel a great deal of anticipation. I work now for 10-12 hours a day, and just can’t wait to see what happens. I’ve already had a great surprise just a few days ago, and I just hope they keep coming!

    • giddy, yes, during Uranus transits. That, my friends, is EXCITEMENT, and as children we are taught to squash our excitement, so we tend to convert it to anxiety. Donna

  33. Funny, I’ve also bought a new laptop recently although I did it during Uranus backpedalling into Pisces (and waited till Mercury goes out of retrograde). I managed to get used to it although Windows 7 still puzzles me. Apart from that, I haven’t noticed much new yet, despite having Mercury in late Pisces and Sun, Asc, and Jupiter in Aries (Sun is also a part of the Cardinal Grand Cross). Perhaps because all of them are hidden in the 12th house? I’ll wait and see.

  34. Yes, I felt Uranus in Aries too. With my Ascendant at 1 degree Libra and my Mars at 2 degrees Cancer, I am getting hit in the face with the Uranian/Martian conflicting energies. Hope I don’t end up in a fight or an accident.

    My only hope is that when Uranus hits the 13th degree of Aries it will form a grand trine with my natal Moon and Saturn. Until then, I walk around ready for anything!

    • Hi, Jack, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but there’s an article on this site: Uranus in Aries: A heads-up for the Accident Prone. It includes warning signals and don’ts. Donna

  35. It’s interesting, because while Luddite is now used to describe someone who doesn’t have the faintest idea of how to use technology, the term comes from textile workers in the 19th century who would actually break into factories during the night as the Industrial Revolution was starting and DESTROY machines, because they were angry that their jobs would be sacrificed. O hai Uranus in Aries, angrily destroying technology.

    I do want to hit people who think astrology is stupid. I always do, but especially when astrology is right and they still insist.

    Personally, I’m feeling an awesome jolt of teenage energy. Transiting Uranus is activating a pretty potent T-square in my natal chart, one that has already led other astrologers to comment on how young-and-innocent-seeming I am. So that energy is getting a work-over. I’m feeling a lot more social, a lot more attractive, having all kinds of weird different sexual urges and body sensations and stuff. Not threatened and upset by sunshine like I usually am. It’s kind of like a second puberty, without being nearly as horrifying-looking as I was during actual puberty.

    • Happy Summer, Lucy. Use your time off from school to enjoy that teen energy to the max! Donna

  36. I just discovered your site recently although I have followed your work forever. Great, my students love it when I quote you.
    I am a libra with early degree neptune conjunct mercury. I have been angry with my departed ones. Isn’t that a sterotype?
    I have been getting so organized and busy I’m afraid that I am becoming OCD (fat chance with a Taurus moon)
    Blessings to you

    • Are you the astrologer located in orem, Utah

  37. This rage is a universal, multi-dimensional energy manifesting through the spirit world …
    Did anyone see Obama meet the wrath of GOD yesterday?
    I’m excited to see the creativity that will be stirred up …

  38. Hi Donna:

    I had to laugh at your post. Today is my first day of unemployment. As a middle degree of Aries sign, I thought naively that the ingress would spare me since I have nothing in the early degrees of the cardinal signs. Big mistake as I found out. At 29″58 of Pisces, I lost my job for the third time with the same company. Even if the popular saying tells me that the third time is a charm, I was pretty upset. Why me? Why not one of my colleagues for a change? Any body else in the company but me!
    At the same time, I felt that the afore-mentioned job was really distracting from astrology as it provided me enough of a security to be complacent. Also, observing the late Pisces around me who had surprising events recently and how those events turned out for the better after the initial shock, I cannot help feeling optimistic for my own situation. Or I am just kidding myself with this tidbit.
    Also thank you for reminding me of the health consequence of Uranus in Aries. Like you, I am also one of those people who can twist their ankles standing still. I twisted twice this week.
    But definitely the electric energy of Uranus can be felt.

    • Here’s hoping it opens up some space for you to widen your astrology practice, Fabienne. When I was starting out–well to be honest, for the first decade–I would alternate between having an astrology practice, then needing to have a part or full time job to catch up on the bills, then quitting the job to focus on my practice, then getting behnd again. In the end, I think the jobs (in social work settings) were part of my on-the-job training for being an astrologer/therapist. I even feel the jobs helped develop my diagnostic and writing skills, because in social work jobs, you spend a lot of time writing assessments that nobody reads. Donna

  39. Yes, I definitely feel the rage. The government in my country decided to cut the salaries in public adminstration with 25%, threatening with even more extreme measures. This considering that they did not pay much before either.
    People are angry, scared. Institutions have turned into tombs and it will continue like this.
    However, from everyone I know, I seem to be the most affected – AGAIN, everybody has a safety net. I guess when I chose this life for myself, I thought I was going to be Superwoman and I could do everything by myself – pretty bold!
    And the T-square only involves Pluto on my Neptune – generational.
    I feel a terrible rage against something bigger than myself and this rage makes me overcome the hardships of the present. I feel that I have done my job in my life to the best of my abilities and the rest from here on is not up to me.

  40. Astrology Unboxed, your attitude is definitely the right one. This is an opportunity – for sure. Two months ago I was saying goodbye to a lady whose contract was terminating and there was no LEGAL way to keep her anymore.
    Everybody tried, everybody wanted her to stay – she is a teacher and she lives for her kids, but it seemed to be no way out. I knocked on every door and went to every person that had decison-making power and you know what? Somebody found a way!!! And the deal she got is a better one than before.
    I thought about quitting several times, since there is no use for me to be where I am now- it only inflicts pain, but my parents depend on me and the universe does not seem to throw me any bones.
    Who knows what our cards hold for us?

  41. I have been quite angry the last few weeks and yet I have no energy to do anything that could help make the situation better. I sit confused, depleted, raging inside.

    I know what to do I just have no oomph.
    Want, NEED Oomph!

    • Don’t despair, Rosa, sometimes we just need to process our losses and get to a place of clarity, and that can take time, so let yourself have it. Jupiter will be joining Uranus in Aries on the 5th of June, and it should help to get some wisdom and some oomph. Donna

  42. Hi, Donna. What I’ve been hearing from people is they feel fatigue. It really surprised me until I realized that I’ve been awake every night lately and especially on that Full Moon when Uranus moved into Aries. That electric energy is depriving many of us of sleep. I’ve had to seriously decrease my caffeine intake because of how wired I feel already, and that does make me angry!

    • I have a 0deg 6th House Aries Sun, so Uranus is sitting right on my sun right now. On the day it entered Aries, I was knocked out of bed at 4AM with the stomach flu keeping me in bed all weekend. And I thought my new yoga routine would keep me healthy forever.

      I guess I’ve been feeling that rage too. I’m angry at the BP situation, news of people’s marriages gone sour (is there no hope for good relationships any more?), mad at the fact that for the past 3 years, I had gone through a divorce, loss of my home, near bankruptcy, a frustrating job, but that it’s not over yet.

      There’s more about to come with Uranus in Aries and the cardinal grand cross! I will soon have to move in with my brother so I can save money to help my daughter go to college, and yes, that empty nest — I’ll have to face it too!
      I was starting to feel so desperate, wondering if this will ever end, then it occured to me: this is Aries – the energy that I am so familiar with. I AM. I CAN turn this around and be brave and creative. I can make it my own by looking at what I have and devising an ingenious plan to come up with something new for my life (Aries + Uranian energy). I am an Aries, after all, and that means I can learn how to be brave.
      So, I’m going to use the upcoming Saturn in Libra energy which will oppose my Sun and transiting Uranus (1) to learn how to improve my way of relating to others and (2) to continue to practice yoga as a mean for finding balance amidst chaos.

      Hopefully, those two new skills will help me deal with my work situation better and also make better use of my time redesigning the empty nest.

    • I think there are several reasons for the general fatigue–Mars’ long retrograde and slow turn around, followed by Saturn’s station, followed by Uranus in the last degrees of Pisces. We’ve had so many shifts to process and none of the outer planets clearly rooted in their new signs yet.

      As for being wired, did you see the comment that mentioned the cell salt Kali Phos? That’s like a brain nutrient and so very helpful with mental fatigue and wired-ness. You can get it at the health food stores. Donna

  43. Great post, Donna, and reading all the comments is such an education. I’m actually feeling a pleasant upsurge of energy, which comes with a mood boost, although I’ll admit to being a little sleep deprived – can’t seem to stop doing stuff when it’s time for bed, and then I seem to wake up a little too early, although I’ve been sleeping well in the meantime. Maybe my husband is the one who should worry … I’m an Aries. 🙂

  44. Hi Donna. This post hit the nail for me, and I’m glad to see that it’s not just me and my mother that feel “on edge”. I’m not sure if it’s my own Libra Sun (or Pluto/Cap in my 1st house) but although I feel highly irritable and prone to being rash, particularly with anyone that threatens my household, my home and all those things I consider my anchor (Uranus/Aries in 4th house)… I keep an eye on it. With 4 planets in Libra, I just tell my friends and family how I feel and tell them to tell me if I act irrational or am in any way unfair… And hope for the best!
    In terms of regular approach to Uranus and the rest, and maybe because I’m really a Sag rising I actually look forward to a bit of a shake up in my life. I try to spot opportunities and changes that I can make. Otherwise, I try to remember to Adapt Adapt Adapt, and that I wont be happy unless situations are fair or I work on making them so… and to keep myself in my business (as Byron Kathie says) and others from invading into my business. 🙂
    Hope your ankle heals!

  45. Loved the comments on the coffee effect! Being a pisces, and uranus passing by 6th house, the last few years felt like that for me so I’m actually kind of relieved! I felt strongly the ingress of pluto and saturn. with uranus so far I’m mostly excited and curious, definitely very future oriented.
    p.s speaking about ankles, mine has being swollen like nobody’s bussiness. right on the headaches too!

  46. “What else I’m noticing is a huge upsurge of rage.”

    Yes! YES!!!! I thought was just me! The days preceding Uranus ingress I felt the tension, the build towards release. I felt like pacing. A lot.

    But then Uranus finally entered Aries on the 27th and then I felt this release of rage like I wanted to throw the biggest temper tantrum of my life. Everything was pissing me off and still is.

    I’ve meditated, but it only has a temporary effect. Just need to learn to handle this new surge of energy.

    • Yes, at 0 degrees of Aries, it’s a raw fire energy. Fire ranging without being channeled can be destructive, but channeled properly we can build things with it. Donna

  47. Hi Donna, I have Jupiter at 1 Cancer and Venus at 3 Cancer. Pluto’s Capricorn ingress in my 8th house opposite them brought a new health insurance opportunity that will result in a much-needed surgery, and a commitment to save at least $100 each month to purchase medical equipment. Uranus’ ingress into Aries in my 11th resulted in extra expenses that limited savings this month when friends of a friend showed up on my doorstep with nowhere to go. Clearly there was a 3 degree orb. I spent a fortnight fighting their apathy, despair and confusion and getting the right social services to them. The result will be a new home, health care and counseling, but it was like pulling teeth to get them to believe anyone would help. Instead, they seemed to be trying vainly (with infantile wiles) to get me to replace their parents (Cancer) and take care of their every need. I could only buy into that for a few days. Also, my sister from Seattle just called and said she’d be here in two days! I cannot get hold of her to tell her I really don’t want her to show up right now, and it is flustering. The next major aspects will be Pluto conjunct my Mars in Capricorn in the 8th and Uranus squaring it. I am planning to have the surgery done as soon as possible in hopes that I can avoid having it happen during either of those peaks.

    • It sounds like you’re already experiencing the being pulled in several directions at once that comes up with a transiting t-square or grand cross–transiting planets making aspectsall at one time. There’s going to be a lot of that going on everywhere, and we have to learn to stay centered and assess priorities while flying by the seat of our pants. Not sure how many metaphors got mixed in that sentence or two, but you get the picture. Donna

  48. Fabulous post, as always Donna!

    I can certainly relate to the ‘smadness’ and ‘depranger’ (to quote CJ’s brilliant new words!) – lots of that at home.

    I’m actually really, really excited about Uranus in Aries, it will sextile my MC, Mars and Moon in early Aquarius and square my early Capricorn Sun for some good time – already feeling it. I have been talking for some time about my life circumstances feeling like a ‘prison sentence’ (my hubby and I have been seriously battered by the financial crisis) so I’m hoping this transit will grant us some parole! And I’m also hoping it will re-energise and re-enthuse my hubby – there’s nothing sadder than a depressed Leo!

    As far as teenage-style tantrums are concerned, I just this morning had an email from a Mars in Aries friend asking me how Uranus in Aries was going for me so far and I wrote back to her: “My Mars in Aquarius seriously wants to tell everyone to go *!* themselves, cos I’m fed up with their bulls**t” Oh dear!!

  49. All this talk about anger and rage and frustration…I don’t know if you’ve heard the news from the UK, but today a taxi driver in the north of england went on a rampage with a gun and killed 12 people randomly, injuring many others. He then killed himself. Nobody knows why. We’re all in shock here and our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones and all others caught up in this tragic event.

    • Terrible, Mandi. We get too many such events here in the States. Donna

  50. Hi Donna,

    Regarding Uranus in Aries and boy energy-I have Pisces on the 5th at about 21 degrees. Over the last few years, I had problems with a close friend’s son now 13, as he exhibited more and more deceitful, impulsive behaviour including taunting and bullying kids, then turning on the charm. He has been suspended from school for fighting and has used the Neptunian illusions and deception to advantage. His parents never saw any of the bad stuff, he was their golden child. That all happened in the last weeks of May when Uranus was in the last degrees of Pisces. Now that Uranus is in Aries, he has come to the attention of school authorities. My son started hanging out with a different friend who is so Uranian, in your face, impulsive, funny, charming and challenges authority. Now this kid got into a taunting match with my son’s other long time friend and it got physical. It also involved a lot of epithets. But it went too far and the Uranian kid got way out of hand. This kid does martial arts with us and holds a second degree black belt. All this unbridled male energy in the house of kids! We mostly know this kid from the dojang, but he is now in school with my son. Also, I noticed a lot more spectacular accidents; we saw a medical helicopter land on the freeway right as we drove in the opposite direction last Friday. A car had rolled off the bridge on to a bike path below. I’ve noticed more close calls with two or more simultaneous hazards. People are much more aggressive in traffic, and I am avoiding making left turns or situations that are based on people observing the traffic lights.

    It’s been a wild ride so far, and the fun is just beginning!

    Great forum. Thank you for making it happen!!!

  51. It was late March 30-31 (depending on time zone), 1927 when Uranus last entered Aries. Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct for their first round that July-August 1927 at 3 and 2 degrees Aries. The rest of the sky was quite different of course.

    The thing that most epitomizes the best of Uranus in Aries (and the Jupiter conjunction) to me is Lindbergh’s accomplishment of the first solo air crossing of the Atlantic. His nickname “The Lone Eagle” really captures it well. There were also many substantial communication/technology/air ground-breaking “firsts” in 1927. This included the first demonstration of TV, using phone lines to send television from D.C. to New York. Quite a few networks (radio, TV, film, etc.,) and airlines/airports began in 1927 or accomplished major “firsts”.

    Uranus was at 8 Aries (Retrograde) in late October 1929 when the US Stock Market crashed.

    I came the closest I’ve ever come in 52 years to being depressed in mid-May, following the most recent long partile quincunx of Saturn to Neptune from 4/24/2010 to 5/19/2010 at 28 Virgo and 28 Aquarius. Of course the latest Saturn-Uranus opposition from 4/24/2010 to 05/01/2010 from 28 Vir to 28 Pis happened as well. But it was the quincunx that got me, and towards the end of the partile.

    I’m feeling much much better with Uranus in Aries (I’m an early Aquarius with my progressed Sun now at 00 Aries). I spent the 27th of May and all the days thereafter steeped in a very productive technology mode, delivering some complex coding/programming. Even for free, it feels very good, and much better than having all of my time wasted on jobs that fall through, people that lie, and clients that default.

    I’m still frustrated with everything in the “world” going on, of course. But I’m feeling less personally frustrated. I’ve been very busy letting go of all things past over the past several years … my frustration has been that all attempts to begin the “new” have been too early. Timing is everything. It’s not the first time I’ve had to wait patiently, and wait and wait for the skies to be ready for the “new”.

    • Oh, yes, Uranus in Aries has a lot of the pioneering spirit–I seem to recall it was there in certain historical eras of discovery and exploration, so I think a lot of exciting innovations will happen during this interval. And, man, do we need them! Donna

  52. Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks 🙂

  53. So Donna, how does Jupiter in Aries feel to you?

    • LOL!! I’m so tired from all the Uranus in Aries tantrums I spent the afternoon sleeping! I don’t feel Jupiter usually, just the biggies Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. But Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so it’s probably really setting off the Uranus energy. Did anyone else feel it? Donna

  54. ah. I don’t feel it, but the Uranus in Aries tantrums ARE nuts, yes…There are certain members of my family (not nuclear thank goodness) who I am starting to believe are certifiable!!!!!…

    I keep hoping i’ll feel something GOOD. 🙂
    (I thought Jupiter was the biggest of all!!)

    • Jupiter’s the Big Guy, yes, but surprisingly light on his feet, so he moves way faster than anything further out in the solar system–about 13′ a day–and speeds through a whole sign in about a year. By contrast, Saturn moves 4′-5′ a day and takes 2 1/2 years to move through a sign, and a planet like Neptune moves maybe 2′ a day and spends 14 years in a sign. The slower moving the planet, the longer and stronger its effects on us.

      Jupiter gives gifts, yes, but not the huge ones. I call it the over-rated benefic. A scratch-off lottery ticket that gets you $50, not the big ticket that wins a million. For that you’d need Jupiter in combination…oh, with something like Uranus! So given that they’re together, there CAN be some lucky breaks when they touch on something, but there can be breaks of other kinds too, not always ones we like. Jupiter just expands what it touches. Donna

  55. I know someone with Chiron in the 7th at 1 degree of Aries… talk about a messy divorce!!! the husband has filed but won’t leave! they seem to be stuck in the twilight zone – where time stands still and they are locked in a nightmarish embrace of fury spite blame and vengefulness. incredible..

    • Sounds perfectly horrible. The staying, blame, and vengefulness sound more like the Pluto-Saturn square. I’d say a motto of that combination is “’til the last dog is hung and the bitch is on the scaffold.” Donna

  56. you made me look. HE has chiron at 0 deg aries too, in opposition to his natal Uranus at 3 degrees Libra.
    and he has Jupiter at 5 degrees libra.(time of birth unk)
    OW OW.
    kind of like the 4th of July, huh!

  57. Donna, Do you ever have any blind spots when it comes to “diagnosing” your own chart? I rarely have a problem looking over my clients’ charts for ailments, but I’ve been ignoring how this Uranian shift is kicking in on me until I read all the ankle posts above. I was so busy thinking that my foot/ankle problem was transiting Neptune conjunct and Mars opposing my natal Mars, I couldn’t see the obvious Uranus connection! Achilles heel, anyone?

    Check out these symptoms. Suddenly hit by a feeling as if the back of my knee were struck by lightning (Uranus), then a hot sizzle (Aries) ran down my kidney (Pisces) meridian to the back of both ankles.

    Since then my ankles are varying degrees of swollen and achy, with occasional loss of sensation in the foot. At times my right inside ankle appears covered in criss-crossing veins. Lovely. I keep waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel with this feet focus. Any thoughts, please?

    • Hi, Tbyrd, Oh, we all have blindspots when it comes to our own chart, which is why it’s important to have friends who know as much astrology or more to call on. My knowledge of medical astrology is limited–usually focused on the underlying emotional/life issues. What you’re describing sounds like it could be–or become–serious, so you really should see a doctor. Donna

  58. I’m not angry, I just want change. I was sat looking at the Italian Alps last week, watching the sunset and wanting to cast my cards to the wind, just walk and see what life gives me. I still feel like I want to throw away my careful plans and take a complete U-turn. I feel very unsettled and don’t know which way to go….it’s most disconcerting.

    • Are you unsettled, or are you maybe excited? They’re quite close together on the color wheel of emotions. Donna

      • Susie, I like the Uranus-turn!

        Donna, OK I’ll admit that I’m feeling excited now, plus a good dose of jitters. But Uranus is making a grand trine to natal Saturn and Moon, so it’s going to be a funny mix for a few months yet, plus some more t-Saturn from the July opposition. I’ve got over the cold feet mostly now and I’m grabbing my plans again. It’ll give me change alright. It was the future lack of money and hard work that just didn’t sound like much fun after an already tough 18 months. But I think that Uranus in Aries could be the perfect antidote, the energy I need to get through. Not to mention that Uranus has just entered my 5th house – now that I’m really looking forward to! Aquarians provide me with so much fun and laughter…

  59. First of all thank you for your wonderful articles which I try to read as often as possible.
    I was getting quite nervous and anxious with the upcoming of Uranus in Aries since my Saturn, Sun and Lilith are in Aries in the 9th house and of course I belong to the generation Pluto, Uranus in Virgo in the 2nd conjuct my Moon but…. everything went absolutely fine.
    Actually I find myself speaking my truth more and more calmly and without aggressiveness (well most of the time) when people overstep their boundaries and feel great doing so, no more guilt and no more trying to be the nice girl. If they don’t like what I have to say well too bad, they shouldn’t have tried to step on my toes to begin with
    But things started to happen when Saturn turned direct.
    Three friends whom I love dearly but had not talked to for a while decided to contact on that same day.
    I am looking for a piece of land to build a spiritual center and things were a bit stagnant but I blamed it on Saturn retrograde and was patiently waiting for the end of May and right on schedule… I was able to go and see two beautiful pieces of land. When both owners came to me I silently laughed as I was watching the workings of the stars !!!
    I also got a new computer, just opened it up and everything got set up “by itself” even though it’s in a foreign language (9th house)
    On the downside, yes I did get a major headache on June 3rd
    So that’s it for my little input
    Thank you again for your insights and that sense of humor… I love it !

  60. I feel like that too tizer. I am thinking of things I want to change. Saying you want to make a “U” -turn was cute as it makes me think “Uranus”-turn.

    Maybe we will starting making plans for change now, and when Uranus goes retrograde back to Pisces we can use that time to get prepared for when Uranus goes direct and maybe we will make some of those changes then.

  61. headaches! yes. I thought i’d finally gotten rid of my headaches with a new (more liquids) diet this winter. Then they just started up again two weeks ago like they’d never been gone.

    And now my jaw is pinging yikes!! what next?!?!?!.
    Ironically I’ve been so focused on my up and coming Jupiter return (12th house) that i forgot that Uranus AND Jupiter are transiting in opposition to my miserable little natal mars in the 6th house at 2 degrees. I am ready to go home and hide under the blankets…

    my ankles are still lovely though.. thanks for asking. 🙂

    • Me too with the headaches. Migrain-like symptoms, but not as intense or lengthy.

  62. well, Helen Thomas’s retirement sure sounds Uranian… Hey?

    • I looked her up on line, and she was born August 4, 1920 in Winchester, TN. Moon in early Aries, so probably getting Jupiter and Uranus near her moon. Natal Uranus in early Pisces, so another of those Uranus in Pisces characters like Betty White. Donna

  63. Oh! my gosh! God’s wake-up time for me while i have not been paying attention. Haven’t really looked (nor wanted to look) at that Uranus into Aries thing. Was too busy looking at Pluto opposing natal Pluto conj. Venus at 5 degrees Cancer. That seemed enough transformation and transition of my being. Well: we cannot stay unconscious as long as we may want to. Little Aries energy in my chart and Saturn in late Libra. Very suddenly i have FELT the Uranian energies (natal Pisces) like rarely before. It even took awhile for me to recognize WHAT i am feeling. So angry and rebellious……..aimed at CoDA tendencies i thought were long-ago healed. Ha!
    S’MAD! What a great image to really come to see. Loved John’s commet on the oil spill. Very Aquarian and Uranian insight. As an old astrologer, i have long studied and expected the Wake-up calls that would occur to enlighten we humans on what we must do to change our individual (and COLLECTIVE) lives. With every “call” i also have studied how often we DO become compassionate, loving and caring……….but seeminly for too short a time. Slowly, oh! so painfully slowly, one by one we have been awakening to our need to change and be willing to DO.
    Donna: i feel eternally indebted to your work & how it has continually pushed my consciousness.

    • Wanda, you know I admire your enquiring spirit! Folks, Wanda has been in my life long-distance now for maybe 10 years though we’ve never met in person, a metaphysical minister and student and observer of spiritual studies for decades. She’s of the same marvellous Uranus in Pisces generation as Betty White and others we’ve been looking at lately, and forever willing to continue growing and evolving. Donna

  64. “… to seek out new life and new civilisations – to boldly go where no man has gone before.” Seems like THE motto of Uranus in Aries…

    Uranus, that computer whiz kid who reads science fiction, in the sign of the pioneer – should give a boost to space travel programs (well, I can dream, can I). Or perhaps individuals like Virgin Galactic will take space travel out of governments’ hands.

  65. My angry adolescent was very quiet for a long time in my life…but recently has not been able to tolerate very much .. and spends a lot of time muttering to the dog on early morning walks! I can’t keep doing what I’ve been doing…I know it deep down inside and it’s not so deep down anymore…it’s freeing…it’s high-spirited…it’s also a little sad knowing that I spent so many years trying to conform to a career institution made of fools …I’m hoping that Uranus in Aries will help me kick-start the students I teach into appreciating their innate creativity….and impress upon them the absolute necessity of NEVER allowing anyone to infringe upon or falsely label or take their creativity away…I think Uranus in Aries will indeed help with that …thanks as always for your insight [Donna]…thanks so much for the Pluto book…I am a Plutonian and would probably not be here today in this form were it not for your understanding of Plutonians …

  66. I love your post and have read it several times. My favorite line is, “… impress upon them the absolute necessity of NEVER allowing anyone to infringe upon or falsely label or take their creativity away.”

    You are so right and that is something I am working on. Being strongly Neptunian; it is easier said than done. My best to you.

  67. Funny stories, Donna. Very interesting how you can feel the outer planets shift. Are you an outer planet person?

    I was deathly afraid of Uranus moving into Aries, but this is the most at peace that I’ve felt in a long time – while watching people far away from me implode. Weird. Everything that I’ve been planning to do for the past several months but felt too lethargic (or scared) to try, I now have the energy (and guts) to try. Natally, I am quite Uranian and have two planets in cardinal signs that are squared, so these cardinal squares in the air are a piece of cake. 🙂

    • I guess you’d call me an Outer Planet Person. Yep. The shift from Pisces to Aries has been a rough one, but I think we’re all going to feel better, more proactive as it settles in. Donna

      • That’s good news! You seem more keyed into this change than me. It seems to me that many people have been angry for awhile, but more of the “woe is me” variety. Do you have any advice for how we can help angry people translate their rage into positive action?

        A more specific experience: For the past 3 years, I have been talking to people about political issues with the purpose of persuading them to act on their frustration in organized ways. Before, I would get a lot of venting from people who believe they were “deceived”. They would even yell at me for suggesting that “deceit” can’t happen without blind trust – almost as if the expectation was for me to empathize with them or else I’m a traitor. Now, I’m noticing that more people are open to hearing how all of us are part of what’s broken in the system, which means that each of us can do something to fix it. When I can help others focus their anger on action rather than on feeling sorry for themselves, it helps me feel a lot less angry and helpless. So far, the ingress seems to be shifting our expectations of accountability from the collective to self. It’s no longer everyone else’s fault. Now we’re starting to see how our own actions (or lack there of) have been holding us back.

  68. Hi Jara,
    I felt the same way in the beginning, and now I find I am able to do the things I have been putting off. I guess Aries is giving me that push. Sometimes too quickly. LOL Uranus will square my Mars/Uranus conjunction in the 12th and my Sun in the 1st, so I will have to read up on that one.

    I am planning on getting my IRA money away from a financial advisor who has made less money than I could have on my own, and I am finally ready to tell him I want it back. Something I wanted to do for 3 years and just couldn’t. Well now I can, so thank you Uranus in Aries.

    For me I hope all the unrest in the countries is a good thing for them in the end. Maybe this is the push everyone needs to make the changes that will put them on the right path.

    If you are the Jara from 4Astrology, nice to see you here. Haven’t talked to you in a while.

    • Hi Susie! Woooowwww. It has been a long time. Yes, it’s the same me. 🙂 An Internet reunion is Uranian! My email address has changed, but you can find me at my blog by clicking on my name.

      If I remember correctly, you’re a Cancer, too? We’re supposed to have a good nose for what can make us money. I would imagine that the transit to your Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 12th and Sun in the 1st would activate the awareness (or pressure) that you need to act and also give you the confidence to do it. You may even get an idea or opportunity to invest your money differently than what you had originally planned. Are you normally spontaneous or cautious? Sporadically both?

      I’m also hoping that the unrest here and overseas will lead to reformed systems that offer a more equitable distribution of resources. So far, Mars in Uranus feels like the storm that waters the seeds and brings sunshine afterwards.

  69. Where the hell was I when this article was written? Donna this is one of your finest blog posts ever and as usual there is so much here I almost do not know where to begin.

    First, thank you for your personality, wit, writing acumen and honesty. I want a second helping of your soup as well as some to freeze and take home with me!!!

    I am writing from 3-1-13 and I have a nept in the 12th sister who has finally been given a laptop for the first time while also severly injuring her foot the same week. I have waited years for her to join me in the digital universe and had to be patient..waiting out her (usually-from-the-town-library) electronic responses and or misinformation about technology. Right now she has informed me she is unable to open any of my attachments,,,and.. (me, now STEAMING IN IMPATIENCE!!!))) I had just sent her some super important docs and videos..ones we could really share instead of just hear about…,I ended up just chuckling at my exasperation, finally convincing myself with a handful of the “Oh wells! “How typical of her” etc etc.

    Sometimes you just gotta say “Whatever!” I have tantrums re impatience and boredom that are ridiculous and at 53 yrs old the amount of energy lost to these little girl episodes cannot be overlooked. As Aquarius rising I want to innovate this penchant and finally once and for all transcend the instant reactions I have whenever I get bored or under stimulated and impatient..there has got to be a better way!!

    Well you, my 12 house Jup/ Sun MAVEN of electronic Astrology are one of them. I cannot thank you enough. You touch my heart with a shared language and sensibility and you bring a roomful of fellow astrologists with you to the dinner party. God Bless the day you were born..please stick around on this earth as long as you can okay?

    • Thank you for your kind words and for sharing such an insightful look at your own patterns. With my Moon in Aries, I’m not the most patient of creatures, and one of my signature flower essences is Bach’s Impatiens, for people who get mad at how slow others are to catch up. Donna

  70. With Uranus transiting my natal 3rd House Mercury and Chiron, I’m experiencing, on an almost daily basis (no jesting here folks), ‘eureka’ moments on the why, what and how of my internal dialogue (inner communicating and thought patterns), together with epiphanies as to how these inner patterns have positively and negatively affected how I communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings with others.

    A deeply humbling and enlightening time, friends.

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