Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 6, 2010

PlutoPaloozas, Here’s Plenty of Pluto Posts!

(c)6-6-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Hi, Folks, there are apparently plenty of Plutonians among Skywriter’s readers because my stats went through the roof yesterday, and lots more of you took The Test.  Alas, I don’t have time to be with you today because I’m on a deadline for my column for The Mountain Astrologer.  I thought you might like to see a complete list of my posts about Pluto, where you’ll find out much more about what it means to work with Pluto in your charts and others. 

 These lists are taken from an 11-page index by subject to Skywriter’s 325 articles, with links that will take you to each one directly. Download it here: Skywriter-Articles Index 6-1-2010.

Posts about Pluto: 

Posts for Using Pluto Transits to Change Unwanted Patterns:

Download an 11-page index by subject to Skywriter’s 325 articles here, with links that will take you to each one directly: Skywriter-Articles Index 6-1-2010.

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  1. Donna, do you think there are serious similarities betwwen Pluto-Venus aspects and a 7th house Pluto?
    I know there may be SOME similarities, but is there any relevance for a 7th house Plutonian to inquire about Venus-Pluto aspects?

    • Totally, Elisei. In fact, if Pluto is within 10 degrees of the Descendant (7th house cusp), the person has completed graduate studies in Venus-Pluto patterns. Have a look at the couple of articles about Venus-Pluto aspects to see if you relate. Also look at the post Readers ask: Q & A about the 7th house. Donna

  2. Thank you, Donna. I read some mentions about these similarities but I just wasn’t sure how far they go.

  3. I have Venus in 1st house at 17 degrees Aquarius and Pluto in 7th house at 17 degrees Leo. Have read much info about Pluto in 7th. To me, the opposition seems to have played out as vanity at the Venus position and picking & choosing partners who will fall in love with me (Pluto in 7th). I’m currently on my 4th marriage, and all of them have been happy … until I decided to move on. Power play? Probably, although there have never been overt elements of power in my relationships. Just me in charge, with my smiling Venus face.

  4. Oh gosh, I saw the title ‘Pluto and the transiting Antiscia’ and before I even read it, my heart had dropped completely out of my body. I’d forgotten about the antiscia points, maybe on purpose.

    I barely survived Pluto’s transit over my late-Sag Saturn-Mars conjunction in the 4th house, hot on the heals of squares to my Ascendant/Descendant. The antiscia points of that Saturn-Mars conjunction are also in my 4th House and Pluto has been in partile conjunction to them this year.

    The original string of violence and extreme crimes that were committed during the original transit set (lasting three whole years) were already very covert. How can this repeat at the antiscia be even more covert? (Rhetorical question, really.)

    So, I’ve just begun another three full years’ period of Pluto sending in all the sociopaths and criminals and highly covert manipulators, both through business and family (the non-choice kind). And that when my door wasn’t/isn’t even open and they did not have invitations and were not asked into my life!

    It’s just too cruel of the Universe to expect me to have to go through and survive all that much again (and another two-year aftermath), twice back-to-back in one long continuous string. I mean, really, 14 years straight of being clobbered by Pluto in ways that I have absolutely no contribution to or control over is ridiculous. And just how many times am I supposed to survive attempts on the part of out-of-control male Plutonians to kill me? I’ve done that twice already, but three times, four times?

    Sheesh! I’d much prefer clowns! Where are the clowns!!!??? Send in the clowns! 🙂

  5. P.S. Cancel the clowns. I’ve heard that there are Killer Clowns out there! And it could be another policeman criminal inside. They “hide” in so very many ways.

    If I absolutely cannot avoid encounters with male Plutonians, I’m telling the Universe here and now in no uncertain terms that they must ALL be Plutonians operating from the positive side, not the obsessive sociopathic and criminal negative side.

    And let the idiots know that I now have four big dogs here and a shotgun and I will exercise my Constitutional right of self-defense when pressed into it! Apparently the Constitution is going to be re-written and even further comprised though, as it already has, during this Pluto in Capricorn transit. Sigh.

    Uranus in Aries for sure. I demand my right to live and breathe here without being constantly harassed just because I am a self-reliant independent female. I’ll never get why that irks so many men when I don’t bother them in the least. Live and let live, I say, the Aquarian way.

  6. VirgoRising bad things have always happened to me, perhaps not similar to yours but it has been a non-stop flood. And of course I want to have the opportunity to see that beautiful side of life that movies and love songs talk about, but deep down I understand why all these things happen to me: because I can survive them!
    Some people collect stamps, while others, collect misery, or, in your any case, sociopaths/ criminals! But it is still just a hobby, so don’t get too absorbed by it. Some people cook when they go home, while we confront a demon or two.
    I am not sure if I got the right message through, but in any case, it was an encouraging one for your strenght and endurance.
    If you are still standing, than there’s nothing stoping you!

  7. elisei, I got your message. And, Thank You, I understand. But, LOL, given that it’s all about an excruciatingly long Pluto transit, and this is definitely not a life-long hobby of any kind … are you seriously suggesting not to get too absorbed by it! It’s Pluto and the external persons are highly obsessive criminals!! 🙂 That is only too funny (and I hope you take my message back in the right “way”, too).

    I’ve already experienced the genuinely beautiful side of life, and it is not anything of the life that movies and love songs talk about. It has nothing to do with “others” and nothing to do with material values or money.

    My Pluto score is a 12, so perhaps I am less prepared to deal with negatively operating Plutonians. And, my natal Pluto is 10 degrees and 27 minutes above my Horizon at the Ascendant in the 12th House. Definitely out of reach to qualify for conjunct the Ascendant and to use it personally for power purposes (Evil or Good). I have used it for deeply spiritual purposes and spiritual connectedness/wholeness, but that is it.

    I am still standing but I simply refuse to go through a second round of this illegal criminal nonsense. Being the Aquarian that I am, and with everything else considered, I may just instead be at the forefront of the revolution that’s needed.

    I do sorely hope that your life is not continually flooded furthermore with difficulty. Life is for living … in all of it’s flavors. And the Underworld belongs in the Underworld afterall. I have the stamp of the Pioneer and the Spiritual Warrior in my chart … over and over and over. It is not enough that we survive. We must thrive to be healthy and whole and to grow and develop and contribute to the World, the Earth, and the Universe.

    Very best to you!

    • Elisei and Virgo Rising, we don’t psychoanalyze each other here or tell each other “your problem is that you’re….” It’s disrespectful and judgemental and comes from a “more evolved than thou” place of Jupiterian smugness. The mission of this blog is to create a safe haven where we all can share from the heart and learn more about astrology and how to heal ourselves. No more personal crossfire like that or your comments will be deleted. Donna Cunningham

  8. Thanks for this all-in-one reference of the Pluto articles on the site. I scored 70 on your test. And that’s not counting NN and Chiron, as per your rules – Pluto aspects those in my chart too, as well as the various Liliths.

    Yep, I’ve got a whole lotta Pluto going on.

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