Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 18, 2010

What’s So Rare as a Day in June? You tell me!

An email this morning from my editor at The Mountain Astrologer ended with a joke:  “Pease enjoy the weather while you contemplate the question:  “And what is so rare as a day in June?” (One answer I’ve heard is: “A drink on the house in a Scotch saloon.” 😉

I told her that as astrologers we ought to be able to do better than that, and proposed that we come up with some astrological equivalents. Mine was:  

What’s so rare as a day in June?   A Gemini who’s at a loss for words.

Since Mercury and Gemini are all about wit and repartee, join me in thinking of some other astrological variations.  Share them in the comment section.

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  1. A Virgo with no complaints?
    A Sagitarius without a foot in the mouth?

  2. An astrologer who says, “I’ll be damned, I never saw that coming!”

    • I’m not just laughing out loud, I’m cackling out loud! Donna

  3. What’s so rare as a day in June?

    A Libra that instantly decides where they would like to eat at noon.

    • Oh, God, I HATE eating with Librans (especially Libra Moon, since the Moon rules food). It’s bad enough when they’re choosing a restaurant, but when you get there and they have the menu in hand, it’s agonizing. What’s even rarer? A Libra who doesn’t ask everyone at the table what they’re having, and then try to get one of them to share the portion. Donna

      • I had no idea that was a Libran trait. I’m friends with an awful specimen; he makes waitresses cry.

      • Heeeey, sharing food is love, and you get to taste a variety that way (LOL)

    • Ha, ha, that made me giggle! I know a Libra who when you go out to eat with her has to walk around reading the menu of every restaurant in town before deciding which one to eat in, then always goes back to the first one! She’s the same with clothes shopping! I stopped going clothes shopping with her years ago, it’s a torturous experience for a Capricorn like me, who just goes into one shop, picks something up, says that’ll do, it’s practical and will go with what I’ve already got and buys it. Done!

      • Ha! With my Libran Moon, I used to study menus ad nauseum. That is, until I found a cure for that — turning vegetarian. Now my selections are limited enough to enable timely decision-making! Now if I could just find a way to speed up the decision about what to do with leisure time…

      • LOL! I never thought of vegetarianism as a labor saving device. Microwaves do it for me. Donna

  4. A Scorpio not carrying a grudge. I’m surrounded by them, and there’s always someone/something they want to get back at for the smallest things.

    • You know that revenge is a dish that is best served cold, don’t you? B)

  5. A Libran without a crisis to solve. My spouse and I are both Librans. We find that people in crisis tend to seek us out. We’re both good listeners and others tell us that we provide helpful insights.
    On another note, I’ve never associated Libra with indecision. The Librans I know tend to be pretty cardinal, deciding right away. If however, they sense that someone might not like their decision, they will spend a lot of time repositioning it so it looks okay, if not outright appealing to the critic. Turning a critic into a fan is a definite win for a Libran! Which explains why Librans are good at PR. We may look soft, but there’s usually well thought out strategy operating just below the surface. Aren’t Librans supposed to make good generals?

    • I know that Eisenhower was a Libra, and I think I remember Colin Powell had some Libra. Yes, I think that sometimes Libras seeming indecision is just a way of waiting for validation. Donna

  6. A Libra rising who doesn’t say “We” … even when they’re alone.

    I find that librans are not so much indecisive, but that they just don’t like to miss out on anything. Always the last at a party… they want it all…

  7. A Piscean who doesn’t need to be alone to find themselves!

    Interesting about Libra rising saying We even when alone. When talking to myself I always use We – perhaps it is my moon in the 7th house.

  8. How about: A Libra without a mirror. A Libra without hair products. A Libra without love.

    LB (LiBra) 🙂

    • Oops! Just noticed your “Leo without a hair stylist” comment. I swear I didn’t copy.

  9. A Scorpio who wears his heart on his sleeve?

    A Libra who says, No thank you, you go to the party. I’d rather be alone tonight.

    A Cancer rising person who loves to skydive and do extreme sports!

    I’m a Cancer rising, by the way!

  10. As rare as people with a lot of Virgo not obsessing about their health and diet.
    As rare as a Leo woman without jewelry.
    As rare a Sag who is quiet.
    As rare as a Pisces who is organized and analytical.
    As rare as a Scorpio who lets you know what really they think.
    As rare as a Cancer who is generous with money and tight with food.
    As rare as an Aquarian with common sense.
    As rare as Capricorn with a sense of humor.
    As rare as a Taurus without a plan.
    As rare as a Gemini who doesn’t gossip.
    As rare as an Aries who thinks before acting and has a calm temper.
    As rare as a Libra in plain clothes.
    Did I insult everyone equally here?

    • LOL! Great stuff, Meloh! Donna

    • I think I must be rare Leo, I cant stand wearing jewlery… not even a watch.

      All I wear is wedding ring

      Maybe its my Scorpio rising and Scorpio moon ????

      • Perhaps. My Scorpio friend with many Leo planets never wears jewelry or makeup. I am a Leo Sun, Libra Rising and you will have to pry my cold, dead hands off my mascara wand and my rings and pendants in order to get me to give them up! LOL!
        I do not however have a ‘hair stylist’. I get my hair cut in the same old cut every time there’s a $5.99 sale at Great Clips!
        One time, in my glamorous youth, I did have a stylist. He was a gay French Leo painter, as well as hair stylist and got me an invitation to a party at the French embassy Tres Leo, both of us, at the time!
        By this time in my life several planets have progressed (if you can call it that) into Virgo and my 12th House to yuck it up with my natal Saturn. Arrgghhhh! I am now neither glamorous, nor am I youngl!

      • To MEL810 – likewise with the hair stylist …. maybe our glamour is in our personality !!! I still have my big eyes and big smile, but I also have big heart….

        That shines forth more than any jewlery…. maybe I dont need any to make a statment with added adornments … I seem to be more than enough just by being me !!!

        (trying not to think about the age thing 🙂

  11. What’s so rare as a day in June?

    An Aries who can introduce the main speaker in fewer than 5 minutes lol.

  12. These were great and funny! I learned about the signs just through them and got a kick out of relating them to the people I know.

  13. What’s so rare as a day in June?

    A kiss on the wrist while we gaze at the moon.

  14. Oops! I hit submit before I mention my restrained Cap with gooshy Moon in Cancer.

  15. A Virgo opening his wallet to treat you !!!

  16. Hey, I’m an Aquarius who Sometimes has common sense. Once in awhile? Sheesh! But I have Mercury in Capricorn…
    Gimme a break!

  17. What’s so rare as a day in June?

    Eating the first peach of the season and Gemini wanting to spread the word: Delicious.

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