Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 19, 2010

Understanding Mercury-Moon Aspects

©1992, 2010 by Richard Idemon

 Donna says: Richard Idemon was my main teacher, and his psychological approach to astrology influenced a generation of astrologers. He was a fascinating, witty, and profound lecturer.  His death at age 49 was a great loss to the field. The Wessex Astrologer has just issued a new edition of his book, Through the Looking Glass, and has given permission to reprint this brief excerpt. 

 The Moon in aspect to Mercury is similar to the Moon in an air sign, because what is important here is dialogue and communication.  I’ve found that the critical thing for people with Moon- Mercury aspects is some kind of articulation of feelings within the nurturing situation.  It doesn’t make any difference what the nature of the aspect is—square, trine, opposition, quincunx or whatever. 

I don’t even believe in good or bad aspects, and I don’t even like using the words easy or hard aspects either. I prefer to call them aspects of acceptance and aspects of resistance.  I consider the square and opposition to be aspects of resistance, that is, the dialogue between the two planets is worked out through resistance.  The trine and sextile are aspects of acceptance:  they find the line of least resistance for communication.  There’s no good or bad about any of them.  The quincunx is a special case, which I refer to as an aspect of paradox. 

 As I was saying, it is critical for Moon-Mercury people to articulate and verbalize their feelings, to be able to talk about their feelings and what is going on inside them. If they are born into a family in which the myth is that you don’t talk about how you feel, then the child will be in trouble. Another danger for Moon-Mercury is a tendency to detach from the feelings and intellectualize them.

As a planet, Mercury represents the desire to label things. Mercury wants to give everything a name because that seems to make things feel safer. Naming something brings it out of the dark night, out of the dark world into light. Accordingly, I believe that certain kinds of psychotherapies, particularly the talking therapies, are advantageous for people born with Moon-Mercury contacts because it satisfies their need to verbalize.

I myself have a strong Moon-Mercury contact in my chart, and I often comment that I don’t know what I’m feeling until I hear what I’m saying, until I put it into words. So, Moon-Mercury is saying, “If you love me, listen to me.   If you love me, talk to me.  Tell me what is going on with you. Tell me what you feel.”

 Obviously, when we refer to specific aspects, we are talking about bits of a chart and not getting the whole picture. It’s for this reason that I can’t give you an exact formula for Moon-Mercury aspects, because the Moon could also be in aspect to other planets besides Mercury, and the house or houses involved could vary from chart to chart. I can get you started, but you’ll have to put the pieces together and do the synthesizing yourself.

 This excerpt from Richard Idemon’s Through the Looking Glass: A Search for the Self in the Mirror of Relationships is reprinted with permission of the publisher, The Wessex Astrologer.  This and his other book, The Magic Thread, can be ordered from local booksellers, from Wessex Astrologer Homepage, and in the USA through Astrology et al Book Store & Metaphysical CenterAstrology Books at The Astrology Center of America,, and Barnes and

About the Author: Richard Idemon  gained a world-wide reputation for his highly provocative and original teaching style. He established the School of Astrological Studies, was a founding member of AFAN, and was affiliated with NCGR and the Jungian Society. He worked as an astrologer for more than 20 years, living in San Francisco, lecturing in Europe, South America, Africa, Great Britain, and the USA.  He died in 1987 at the age of 49.  (See Richard’s page at The Astrologers’ Memorial here: Richard Idemon.)

NOTE: If anyone has a tape of one of  Richard’s lectures, please get in touch with Liz Houle at the Astrologers’ Memorial so we can hear Richard.


  1. My 12th house Gemini Moon is quincunx my 7th house Capricorn Mercury.
    “How do i feel? I have absolutely no fucking clue as long as you’re around. I do know how you are feeling though, and your mother and your lover and your deceased grandparents.”

    No, i don’t talk to my friends like that. It’s true though.

    • Most articulate, Maaike! Despite the 12th house Moon and the quincunx, you do know exactly how you feel! Donna

  2. My moon is in Taurus in the 8th opposing my Mars in Scorpio, trining my mercury in Gemini. I don’t intellectualize my feelings, i replace them with rational sentences. You can’t tell to a person ” i wanna kill you with an axe”, can you?!so i end up saying sth like “i understand why you did that. It’s natural that you want to look good to your boss”. But the feeling is still there, and there’s nothing you can do to change that, so i rarely talk about my true feelings, and i usually avoid like hell conversations that end up with me uttering rationalisations.
    I do intellectualize other people’s feelings though, cause i hate it when people let their feelings get in the way of their will power, so i go “it’s natural that your afraid of radical changes, but move to England already, you want it so damn much!”
    Hope this helps!!

    • HI, VR, I’m a little confused about what you said, since a Taurus Moon couldn’t trine (120 degree aspect) Mercury in Gemini–the two signs are next to one another, so the most it could be would be a semisextile (30 degree aspect). Possibly you wrote the wrong thing. Donna

      • You’re right! Mercury in Virgo.
        I just read your moon-daughter booklet.- GOD YOU’RE GOOD!!!
        I followed the instructions and went straight to Aries. I could practically hear my mom’s voice in my head! Keep up the great work!

  3. Lol! I’m on a roll…
    I think it’s my Gemini Mars Speaking up. I saw on that todays Mercury is sitting right on it.

  4. I have a Sag Moon/Leo Mercury Trine and I love to talk out my feelings. It is the only way I can hopefully figure out what is going on. I also can get very excited and passionate about things I am interested in. Of course the Sag Moon can be a bit tactless at times. It just don’t have a filter from brain to mouth, I just spit out what I think. Thank goodness most people don’t seem to get mad at Sag connected planets as they understand we really do mean well. Oh, and most important, Jupiter is part of that trine. LOL enough said

  5. “How do i feel? I have absolutely no fucking clue as long as you’re around.”

    Oh boy do I hear ya Maaike! 12th house Leo Moon quincunx a 7th house Mercury/Saturn/Chiron stellium in Pisces.

    When I talk about my feelings, those close to me don’t want to “hear” what I’m saying so I don’t talk about them especially the deep stuff. It’s also hard for me to talk about them to others. So when I’m alone I talk to myself to work things out.

  6. Very tight Moon/Mercury square here, in Aquarius/Scorpio. In spite of what’s been written about Moon in Aquarius, I’m usually very aware of what I’m feeling/needing (thank God for my Moon/Mars trine) and am not at all detached when it comes to my emotions. The greater problem lies in my sense of uncertainty as to whether or not I’m entitled to those feelings – a direct result of my childhood upbringing. I give a lot to people and am easily injured by their unintentional (or intentional) slights. Because of that sensitivity, I’ve learned to step back and try to view the situation from an objective standpoint, then ask myself if what I’m expecting is reasonable. Even if it’s not, I still feel it, but nine times out of ten, it is. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that most times if you have to ask, you’re not going to get it. My husband (a Scorpio) has been one of the few people in my life who is willing to listen and work on things with me. And when he tries to shift the focus, I give it right back, good as I get.

    I resent it when people get snarky with me for expressing my feelings, especially since I’m careful not to blame. Most of the time the people who tell me I expect too much are the very same ones who expect the most from me.

    Other times – when it’s not appropriate (or helpful) to verbalize my feelings – I’ll journal, pray or paint in an attempt to find a healthy outlet for my powerful emotions. Thankfully, my Moon in the 5th has provided me the means for creative self expression. As a child, dancing saved me when no one would listen. Good post.

    • LB, I always learn something and relate strongly to your replies with this one going straight to my heart. We seem to have a lot of common placements. life experiences and you are a Virgo rising like me. I’ve got I guess a loose Moon/Mars trine. They are 4 degrees apart, with the Sun conjunct Mars.

      I have nothing in the 5th and it’s ruled by Saturn. Reading was about the only thing that I could do as a kid. I knew I was more creative but had to keep that aspect of me suppressed, basically being told I had nothing but book sense and that no one would want me being like that. The library was my saving grace. As an adult, my house has been the outlet. I’ve grown so much in these last 10 years, working through my emotions by decorating and doing things that I thought I could never do.

      • Thanks (((msfullroller))) – At 5 degrees, my Moon/Mars trine is even looser than yours, but I feel it so I count it; I think Donna uses up to 6 degrees for a square or trine. It’s funny you mention reading, because I almost included that in my comment. I mostly escaped through dancing and reading, even being labeled a “bookworm” by my parents. I didn’t care – with Mercury/Jupiter on and in my 3rd, books were my friends.

        I notice you have Mercury in Pisces. I have Mercury in Scorpio, conjunct Neptune and Jupiter. Maybe this accounts for some of our similarities as well. If we couldn’t be heard, at least we could escape. That’s probably why I love decorating so much; it’s allowed me to create a safe haven all my own – a lovely, peaceful place where I can read and dance and TALK as much as I like! I think we’re both pretty influenced by Neptune and/or Venus.

      • Yep! I score a 40 on the Neptune test. That’s higher than the Pluto & Uranus tests going back to adjust the orbs on those two if I take out the Jupiter aspect to both at an 8 degree orb. Venus rules my North Node in Taurus as well as the progressed Sun, Mars and Mercury.

        “That’s probably why I love decorating so much; it’s allowed me to create a safe haven all my own – a lovely, peaceful place where I can read and dance and TALK as much as I like!”

        Can I get an AMEN!!

      • Amen! 🙂

  7. Here’s another Moon/Merc square speaking up. When I was younger, I found it very difficult to articulate my massive, gargantuan feelings. I had to learn how to do it and that took quite a while ~ about 40 years.

    I’m much happier since learning how to do it. It’s a skill I’m still working on. It helps a lot.

  8. I would like some information about the “Paradox”
    aspect which is the term Richard Idemon gave to the Moon/Mercury quincunx..for example Taurus Mercury/Sag Moon. What do you think the paradox would be in this combination?

    • There are many different ways of describing a quincunx (inconjunct) aspect, and it was so long ago that I studied with Richard (about 40 years) that I no longer recall what he said about it. The best way to understand a quincunx is to think about the two signs and what matters to them, and see how totally incongruent they are…there’s really no meeting ground. I think Fabienne Lopez does a good job of detailing the contradictions in her article on Skywriter about the transiting quincunx between Saturn and Neptune that has been going on for about a year. (She calls it the “yes, but” dilemma.) Have a look at the article. Donna

      • Interesting.

        I have a quincunx:
        – Sag. Moon (2nd)
        – Cancer Mercury (9th)

        My Sag. moon, as others have said, has to speak the truth! However, my little moon is being Crushed by Pluto and Saturn in a T-Square; plus my Mercury is in Cancer, who is also very carefull about speaking what it thinks.

        So, my impression is: If my moon wasn’t being so challenged probably I would be So Very Rude and would have caused myself alot of damage because of it.

        Sag: wants to speak out;
        Cancer: wants to nurture and not to hurt.

        Most of the times I Hide what I really think and feel – it seems safer.

        Sometimes, also, I seem to know the natural course of things/situations but never verbalize it because noone will believe me (even though I’m usually right). I’v read that this might be a manifestation of the quincunx (along with the “ability” to profetize – and, again, noone believing it. Mercury in the 9th).

        Usually my feelings (ansiety) don’t allow me to think straight.

        (I know I should meditate… it would probably solve alot of issues.)

      • Hi, Dunya, meditation would be great, but I’m not sure the energy pattern of a quincunx would make it easy… being at cross-purposes might be another way of explaining a quincunx. Another Sag-Cancer tension is that Sag just blurts out the truth (as they understand it) and Cancer is hypersensitive and easily wounded. Does that epitomize the “can dish it out but not take it” type? Donna

  9. You are so great, Donna, your blog is like a miracle, and an ever unfolding flower. Each new one is like a gift and a surprise all at once. I really look forward to reading them and to the thoughts that you inspire. I got very emotional when I read this one. (Maybe it’s my mercury square my moon.) Thanks! ~Regine

    • thank you, Regine. Blogging is a great gift to me, too. I never know when I go to bed at night what I’ll wake up blogging about the next day, so it’s really exciting…and, yes, like an unfolding flower. As an author, I’m really loving the direct feedback and exchanges with readers…something you never get in articles and books published the traditional way. Donna

  10. Enjoyed this blog. Dont have Merc Moon stuff, but I know it is essential to GET IT OUT THERE!!!

    Write it out, talk it out, cry it out, exercise it out…….Journaling is Great for this… for your Dreams to give you the clues .

    As for friends who are upset by hearing /discussing your feelings….they belong in the back row in the balcony of your personal theatre….
    Or standing outside the theatre waiting for a bus….

    I think I learn more from this blog than alla books I have on astro.
    Keep on bloggin,Donna. You are a gem.

    Molly (K.)

    • Thank you, Molly. What I get to do on this blog that magazines never allow me to do is to focus on smaller pieces of the chart. And to find out what I didn’t know I knew because those bits don’t make up a book chapter or article. Donna

  11. What about the conjunction? Accepting? Resisting? Both?

    • Interesting. He didn’t really talk about that, did he–at least in the excerpt we got to use. Having experienced his teaching style, I suspect he would have said, “that depends.” Probably on how well the two planets fit together and which of the two was more dominant. On the other hand, he probably would have said generally accpeting, becuase the conjunctions merge, so there’s not much opportunity to resist. (“Resistance is futile.”) Donna

  12. “I don’t know what I’m feeling until I hear what I’m saying, until I put it into words.”

    So true! I have a 3rd house Gemini Mercury trine my 7th house Libra Moon with lots of Cancer upping the emotional ante.

    Sometimes, it is only with a pen in my hand that I can know what I am feeling and, maybe even, why.

    Other times, it takes my Libran hubby to notice that I am withdrawing into my Cancerian shell. At times like this, I can usually talk it out with him (my Moon is conjunct his Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus).

    Of course, with Sun, Venus, and Mars in my Cancer 4th house, sometimes my Moon is just flooded by emotion and needs a good cry in the tub to release it.

    • Sigh, am I ever there with you! A shower or a swim is all this water baby needs to get her head back on straight. Donna

  13. “Does that epitomize the “can dish it out but not take it” type? Donna”

    LOL: yes 🙂

    Exactly like that…

  14. Oh dear, this is a really hard one for me. I have an opposition between Scorpio Moon is 1st and Taurus Mercury in 7th, both square MC. I’ve been so well trained at keeping ‘everything in’ to the extent that I didn’t even realise I was an emotional person. One day the dam burst and I wasn’t very pleasant. I now have to try so hard to open my mouth about my feelings, especially the negative ones. It’s never going to be easy, but at least I’m concious of it now.

    My saviours have been two friends with Pisces moon – I bless them.

  15. Moon in Cancer (conj. Uranus) on MC sextile Virgo Mercury (conj. Saturn) in 12 and Merucry is Sq. Chiron in Sag in 3.
    I know how I feel but I may have a hard time articulating it to you, especially if it is one of the softer emotions.
    And when I do articulate my feelings, it is often in an abrupt shoutout that tells you things they you may prefer not to hear.
    I am much better articulating things in writing than orally because not only have I had a chance to refine what I think and feel but you can not say you didn’t hear me or understand me when it is in writing!

    • Well, #1, and Richard didn’t mention this, it is harder to articulate feelings than facts to begin with, and #2, writing gives you a chance to ponder and refine what you need to say. At times, I am quite inarticulate in conversation. Donna

  16. Moon in Leo square Mercury in Taurus here. My head rules my heart, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort. Also, when I speak about my own feelings (Leo), my emotions affect my voice, and it cracks or gets rough-sounding (Taurus).

    Combine that with a Taurus Sun squaring the Leo Moon, and you see how that tug of war between my brain and my heart really makes it difficult for me to harmonize both facets of myself.

  17. I have the quincunx and did grow up in a house where it was NOT okay to talk about your feelings. As I got older I found journaling and talk therapies both to be very useful for getting in touch with my feelings. For many years it was a struggle to both understand my own feelings and to communicate them to others but after much work I now feel that I have learned very well how to do these things. Moon in Leo and Mercury in Pisces. I’d like to read that book, I very much like his writing style.

    • I think that’s the thing to remember about Mercury aspects that are difficult, is that communication skills are learned and learnable. I sometimes talk about certain kinds of people as emotionally illiterate…but literacy, too, is a learned skill. Donna

  18. “It’s also hard for me to talk about them to others. So when I’m alone I talk to myself to work things out.”
    Yup, i do that too, msfullroller! To get my own stories straight, but also as a way of clearing myself of the energies & stories of others i’ve been soaking up.

    “A shower or a swim is all this water baby needs to get her head back on straight.”

    I was just thinking something similar, right before i read your comment, Donna. I’ve just started a new job, after long time unemployment, and i’m very happy to be working again, but BOY how i long to take a deep dive in the ocean right now!
    Since the sea is not around the corner, it will be a work-out and then a shower instead.

  19. My husband has a scorpio mercury/taurus moon opposition and he has learned how to comunicate feelings with time, but in very small doses. He expresses his feelings very much like a moon in taurus!

    Richard Idemon is one of my favorites of all time. Truly wonderful and insightful work.

  20. I have Moon on the MC opposing Mercury on the IC, and I think I feel that I’m only ever thinking about what I’m feeling, and not feeling it. I think.

    One of the things I found really helpful was a list of “feeling” words in Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication. There’s a whole section on emotional vocabulary and learning to articulate feelings, which I am sorely deficient in. The book is great- feel free to skip the cheesy poetry if need be.

  21. I have moon 17′ Pisces in H-9 & am strongly moon ruled..

    My moon forms a yod with pluto 17 Leo- H-2 and neptune 17 Libra- H4

    I think this has imparted a quirky, creative nature to me.. & i’m rather off beat

    People either can really communicate with me- or not at all- no ‘middle ground’

    My moon is trine mars conj uranus, asc & sun in Cancer



  22. my mercury is in scorpio 11H quincunx my gemini moon in 7H conj DC…… i grow up in a family where we can’t talk or even show our emotions… and i have difficulty till now to speak about my feelings or even to identify them… i turned to writing instead…
    the mercury / moon is actually part of my yod… with venus in capricon in 2H and the moon as the apex…. interestingly i am now finishing my diploma in art therapy….

  23. I have Mercury in Scorpio (5th) binovile Moon in Virgo conj.IC from (3rd)

    I’ve always had trouble voicing my emotions or opinions for one reason or another.
    There were emotions I wouldn’t acknowledge or I would only experience in my mind.
    When I met my husband he helped me to express myself a little better.
    Though it’s still taking some time.=-)

    Thank you Donna.


  24. Ineresting I wonder if I have a strong mercury moon connection the evidence is clear that I do by what you have written

  25. Right on!! Have have an AIR grand trine Kite (involving: Gemini Moon-Neptune opposition, Aquarius Mercury, & Libra Pluto)
    On a side note:: my Neptune is 3rd house – I found your site Googling info about my natal Neptune).

    As a child, I wanted to be a Writer. My imagination has always played a Major Role in my ability to survive & ignore the cold, harsh facts oif reality.

    Honestly, I could write an entire blog on this topic. In fact – I have an astrology blog:)

    There is definitely an internal NEED to rationalize & TALK about feelings/emotions. Although I’m a Triple Pisces (sun, venus, mars) & often “shut down” – literally become speechless for Fear I’ll say something I’ll regret later. ONLY with someone I Trust deeply/intimately do I Open up completely & without reserve. Sometimes, not knowing when to shut up lol. And as you see, write run one sentences. I have love of poetry, research, & solitude to study. I’m not about shallow study either. I can spend days on one topic until I feel it makes sense. As a child, I was extremely sensitive. Anything could make me cry even a cross look. As an adult I’m proud of my ability to Laugh rather than cry even when someone attempts to “hurt” me. I’ve come to realize that WORDS & Labels only have significant meaning if we give them the power to do so. Although I’m still very sensitive at Heart, I’ve learned not to show most people. Those who truly know me, understand why my apparent kindness & compassion has limits due to lack of boundaries in my past. Its a surprise I haven’t shut off emotions all together. I’m learning how to be more detached. Its not healthy to identify too deeply with our thoughts – that’s the paradox of mercury-moon: we think with our hearts and feel with our heads.

    • Hi, Ivy, welcome to Skywriter. That’s a great Grand air trine, which should be wonderful for writing. I’ll tell you something my early mentor told me about writing that really helped. He said that if I ever wanted to seriously accomplish anything with writing, I must dam up my Mercury energy, not to squander that wish to communicate on talking and the phone. Today I enlarge that advice to include staying away from emails, texting, tweeting, cell phones, FaceBook, etc. when I need and want to write.

      Check out the related articles on Mercury, Gemini, and the 3rd here by using the onsite search engine at the top right hand corner of the blog. Donna

  26. Hello,

    An old blog but an interesting one for me – thank you Donna for bringing these up again. I have an exact Moon (Taurus) Mercury (Scorpio) opposition. I find it hard to separate thinking from feeling. To me they are one in the same. And I don’t easily verbalise my feelings, not even in psychotherapy!! To exaggerate only a little, I don’t want or need to verbalise, I’d rather express my feelings physically or through food (Taurus things). Seems like I’ve got a long way to go. I’m a very watery emotional person so it’s not as if there are no feelings to verbalise, but because most of that water is Scorpio I also keep my deepest feelings secret. I do realise feeling-expression is something I need to learn to do better if I want to improve my communication within relationships because other people can’t just guess what is going on, particularly if they don’t know me well. It has taken me a while to see that not everyone is intuitive on this level, able to see what is beyond words. I want people just to guess and know without me needing to say it! Writing and other creative pursuits, for me, can be an effective means of sublimation, though I’m bit of a plodding scribe.


  27. E-Gads…what a traumatic start I had in communications as an infant. Its something I have never forgotten!
    My mother thought babies were dead slabs of meat to be fed when appropriate and left alone the rest of the time, pinned to the bed..” Don’t talk to the baby or pick it up or it will get spoiled etc. blah blah blah…”.so everyday, I screamed and screamed until I couldn’t breath, and often fell asleep exhausted because I would NEVER give up! Shes lucky I couldn’t walk or I would have tromped her after tearing her limb from limb; such was my volcanic anger!
    .Moon in Aquarius quincunx Venus conjunct parallel Saturn in Cancer. Moon opposite the exact midpoint of mercury ( retrograde) and Pluto in Leo. Moon in exact trine to Uranus /Mars conjunct parallel in Gemini. Moon 12 degrees before Full.

    Here’s the paradox ; When she breast fed me all was forgiven. I basked in the intense and beautiful radiation of love which poured from her Heart Center. It was pure bliss.
    My maternal Grandmother ( who died 12 years before my birth) answered my call. She always rocked me and swiftly and deftly cut out the silhouette of our Clan sign. It always amazed me because she did this with a scissors faster than an artist could draw it.
    Once in a great while my father would peek at me and this was like the Sun coming up over the horizon. He always engaged my eyes and was sweet and talkative and spoke to me as a conscious being, something my mother was oblivious about.
    After that trauma and I was toddling about and IF someone said the word NO. I threw myself on the floor and relived the trauma of being pinned to the bed unable to move or communicate my feelings. I would be swept uncontrollably away in a fit of screaming and kicking. Eventually I out grew this nasty flashback. But still did NOT agree with NO and always found a way to get my way. The NO word was taken as a personal challenge which I eventually over came this nasty temper by seeing its effect on the astral plane. I truly did NOT want to hurt others on this level..I eventually purified this knee jerk tendency.

    There was no problem expressing how I felt and I went through a lot of different stuff to do with communications, too much to write of here. Lets just say the last refinement was when as a young adult I realized I was willing people to ACT as I wanted them to ( the heat of the 1960’s political movements) and to parrot what I thought.The moment I realized the intensity of my feelings and desires were literally taking over other peoples free will I stopped , knowing full well this is evil. Free will is a gift from the Creator to humanity and NO ONE has the RIGHT to deny others their gift.
    I learned ( slowly, deeply) how to rein in my feelings and gently suggest intellectually, and point things out, but not to WILL them. Its the feelings that intensify the potency of thought and thought gives feelings, a form to travel in.
    The next great step was refining my intense caring to a gentler form of detached Love. I prayed for this…to feel LOVE as intensely as I did Anger and to transcend anger.There is righteous anger but its NOT the way to reach others.
    Speech is a power and one must never mislead through speech for it to have the power of reaching into the Heart of others.

  28. I love your blog. Came up on it, by chance . There is a lot of insightful points here. Donna, reading about your moon in Sagittarius, quincunx mercury in Cancer, making you cautious in what you say. I have mercury and moon conjunct in Sagittarius (5th house, Placidus) squared by Saturn in Pisces in the eighth house.

    The mercury /Saturn square certainly makes me think very carefully before speaking, as I definitely censor what I say, just in case- so I seem at times, private, shy and quiet ( I have Pluto in the 3rd in Virgo-conjunct with Uranus, so that maybe reinforces being quiet and silent at times, thinking deeply, according to text books!) and also, rather , it reinforces ,complimentarily, tactfulness (given my Sagittarius mercury).

    In any case, I think, this is probably reinforced by the moon square Saturn, which I think makes me feel shy at times, despite having a Leo Asendant, and I’m sure Saturn in the eighth house, lends an introverted angle to it! I can see how these aspects can work on the way one communicates…..

    Looking on the positive sides, my moon and mercury sextiles venus (jn the seventh house) so I think it’s very helpful in overcoming any negative thinking and thought processes, and structure how I speak, study and communicate with a little a bit of know-how from Saturn . As you can see, I love to write…
    I think, with a lot of insight, lots of challenging aspects can be worked on.
    M’mmm, still trying to figure out how to work with a Jupiter/ Sun opposition( 11th house, 5th house, respectively) squared by Uranus- yes, a T square configuration!

  29. My Cancer Moon is quincunx my Sagittarian Mercury – a partile aspect.
    I relate to what is written here, I cannot express my feelings when I am hurt, but I go home and write a long letter and describe what happened – in my eyes. But I never post the letters. Just write it “out of my brain”.

  30. Responding to this older but great post. Moon 28 deg in Cap, opposed Merc 1 Deg Leo, square Scorpio Pluto. Moon also opposed to Sun 26 deg Cancer, Merc retrograde and combust. I don’t know what affects me until I burst into tears over a startling realization or situation. Extremely talkative/precocious as a youngster but out of control emotionally. I have vivid memories of trying and failing to communicate my emotional states to adults, and mostly coming away believing myself inadequate and broken; disowning my feelings became a good coping mechanism.

    When I spend a long time and careful consideration into communicating and have no one understand or even attempt to understand it is painful. I found a life mate with retrograde Pisces Merc opposed Virgo Moon, and we find so much peace with each other about this. He goes through similar struggles to be heard, or even feel like he deserves to be heard, despite being a gifted writer.

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