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Understanding Mercury-Uranus Combinations—It’s DIY Time!

©6-25-2010 by Donna Cunningham—and YOU!

Mark this date in your ephemeris.  Somebody brilliant is going to be born today, maybe a whole Who’s Who of geniuses.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun at 0° Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn and squaring Uranus and Jupiter in Aries on one side and Saturn on the other in a formation called a Cardinal Cross. Imagine how unusual and complex that mind will be—it might even be the one that invents the technology to help us save this planet.  

 Today we’re continuing the process of analyzing Mercury aspects to the slower-moving planets.  Mercury-Uranus aspects can be quite brilliant, but in a whole other way than the methodical and disciplined Mercury-Saturn scholars we were looking at recently.

Uranus, however, is about being independent, and so this is a DIY post.  It’s Do It Yourself time, folks.  These Skywriter articles aren’t just aimed at giving you another aha moment about your own aspects or another canned interpretation to memorize for the next time you see it in someone else’s chart.

 We’ve all heard that Native American saying, “Give a man a ___________ and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to __________ and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

What I’ve been doing, little by little, in this series of articles about Mercury, is demonstrating how to gather and assemble the pieces that go into making an aspect or house placement what it is. If you’ve been following them, hopefully, you’ve been absorbing the method behind them.

What I propose to do today is to present the pieces that pertain to Mercury-Uranus combinations and ask you to put them together and share your interpretations in the comment section. 

 Writing interpretations is an excellent method for learning interpretation. One of my early astrology gigs was doing written interpretations for the chart service at American Astrology Magazine. It was so helpful in learning how to articulate the pieces for clients because I could type a bit, go away and think about it, and then write some more.

If you’ve wanted to become an astrologer, you might start by doing written interpretations for family and friends as keepsakes.  I still have a 25 page hand-written interpretation of my chart that my mother did about 45 years ago.  

 Pieces You Need for the Mercury-Uranus Puzzle

These are the ways that you might see a Mercury-Uranus influence in your own chart, listed in order of their strength:    

  • Mercury-Uranus hard aspects (conjunction, square and opposition)
  • Uranus in the 3rd, especially within 10 degrees of the IC
  • Mercury-Uranus trine less compelling, minor aspects just a smidgeon
  • Mercury in the 11th
  • Gemini planets in the 11th
  • Mercury in Aquarius
  • Uranus in Gemini
  • Aquarius planets in the 3rd
  • Aquarius on the 3rd cusp, no planets there
  • Gemini on the 11th, no planets there

Here are some of the major meanings of Mercury and the 3rd house:

  • How we perceive things—all 6 senses and which ones dominate
  • Our thinking and reasoning patterns
  • Speaking, listening, writing and other forms of communication
  • Learning patterns—how we learn best
  • Education through high school, short-term coursework
  • Sisters, brothers, and their influence on us
  • Aunts, uncles, cousins, and other near relatives
  • How good we are with our hands
  • Our sense of humor
  • Neighbors and how we relate to them and our immediate surroundings
  • Short journeys, commuting, and day trips

Issues for Uranus and Uranian types: Individuality, finding your uniqueness and where you fit into groups, friendship, eccentricity, inventiveness, technology, independence, freedom, sharp, sudden breaks with the past, becoming your own authority, adolescence, pop trends, shock value, political and social movements, especially radical ones, freedom, equality, science and technology.

How Uranus’ Sign modifies the picture: It modifies the picture in significant ways, showing where the person with it strongly featured is unique and likely to deviate from the norm, yet to become an innnovator. Uranus in Leo, for instance, has lots of showmanship  and charisma with a unique style.

 At the same time, the sign has a collective significance, determining some of the issues the collective is wrestling with, and where the individual might take a maverick or rebel stance. The Uranus in Sagittarius generation is likely to have experienced disruption in higher education or disenchantment with stale, old academic styles and to establish methods of self-education through the internet and sharing digital textbooks and information. 

Worldly matters associated with Uranus and Aquarius: Social and political movements, especially radical or extremist ones, freedom, equality—and elitism, revolution, rebels, counter-culture, splinter groups, sudden social change, divorce, earthquakes, lightning, and electricity, science and technology, pop trends and fads, especially those designed to shock, computers. 

Examples of Uranian occupations: astrologer, astronomer, aviation, computer programmer, engineer, group leader, electronics specialist, industrial design, inventor, scientist, telecommunications worker, x-ray technician, webmaster. 

Matters related to the 11th house: Friendship, relationship to peer group, group membership, networking, social consciousness, activism, aspirations


“Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It…”

…is to pick one or more of the Mercury/3rd house functions and combine it with various qualities of Uranus.  Figure out for yourself how a person with Uranus in the 3rd or aspecting Mercury learns best, thinks, and communicates. Consider what kind of siblings the person had and what the effects were.  Or, explore any of the other functions of Mercury or the 3rd that intrigue you.  Then, write an interpretation and share it in the comment section.  Are you in?  Don’t hang back if you’re new to this–we only learn through having the courage to try.

As a model, here are links to more Posts about Mercury Aspects:

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Recommended Reference:  Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future is a collection of articles on CJ Wrights’ Auntie Moon about Uranus and its role in the transiting Cardinal T-square.  It includes several articles about Uranian forms of communicating and connecting like Second Life and Facebook. 

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  1. This person has Mercury (15 degrees) conjunct Uranus (16 degrees) in Leo. Ascendant is at 20 degrees Leo (Tropical Placidus). Uranus/Mercury is square Jupiter in Scorpio in 4th.

    She had a liberal and cosmopolitan childhood, and was encouraged to pursue scientific training. Still, she is challenged and compelled to break free of the family psyche and to express unique insights into the collective unconscious.

    Her exploration of alternative healing practices, astrology, altered states of consciousness, new cultural paradigms etc. – and to speak for these in the face of conventional science and culture is perhaps no surprise.

    • Good work, Sarah! I’d add that there’s a good potential for charisma and communicating in an entertaing way. Uranus in Leo has lots of showmanship. (Barak Obama) I should add to the post that Uranus’s sign modifies the picture in significant ways, determining some of how it’s expressed and where it is unique. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. It is true that in speaking to an audience or teaching (yoga and dance) the performer/ entertainer rises very effectively over the horizon. It feels more as if this is channeled in response to need (towards service) rather than a personal need to shine.

        Uranus/Mercury in Leo and Sun in Cancer in 12th are the only above-horizon planets in this chart. Mars in Leo in 1st gives this a boost no doubt. Oddly the native (me) rarely seeks out these opportunities but can certainly rise to the occasion.

        As you say below, astrology is wonderful for developing detachment and learning not to take these gifts and challenges personally.

  2. Born with Mercury and Uranus in Gemini with a 6 degree conjunction in the second house. Bright but probably not a genius still this has shown me how to have a life free of the limitations my Saturn/Moon/Pluto in the 4th would have indicated, Brutal but effective.

    When I see Mercury and Uranus linked in a chart I know that the native will use that mind to chart a course. Depends on the houses and other aspects to see if it is a personal or a collective course. Aspects to other planets and/or angles will explain the unique expression of this sharp intelligence.

    • Excellent interpretation, Sparrow..and very good additions to what features modify this aspect. Donna

  3. Born with Mercury-Uranus (And Saturn/Neptune) conjunction in 11th house, however the orbs itself are wide and is somewhat inaccessible to uranus but very often, with my mercury in 11th house gives me insight when a person is speaking their life, I detach my personal views and literally go into that person’s pov and see what this person sees and usually becomes merge with my pov.

    I’m aspiring astrologer and I just realized there are different outlooks to life and how they process it and I realized how meaningless to be “normal” in society but yet it’s hard when media/consumer allure us (collective) this is the “right way” to normal lifestyle.

    • What an excellent aspect and house position for an astrologer! I think part of why astrology helps us to evolve so well is that it does give us some detachment that helps us not to take everything so personally. Donna

      PS. If all 4 of those planets you mention are in the 11th, that article on stelliums may speak to you. It’s about my own 11th house stellium and the insights I gained into other stelliums during a crisis.

  4. This entity has Mercury 0 degree Capricorn [7th] inconjunct Uranus 1 degree Leo [3rd] sextile Neptune 29 Libra [6th]…whose full time bliss is found in the silence of other worldly communications …

    donna, I cannot believe you can’t get published…
    maybe what you have are film scripts?

    • Not film scripts, no, mystery novels. Believe me I submitted them endlessly and got glowing rejection notices, but was told the market was too competitive, astrology wouldn’t fly, yadda yadda. Now they’re all dated. Enough about me.

      One of my teachers said that a major way we resolve quincunxes is through humor, and I’d imagine especially with a mercury/Uranus quincunx. It’s only that Mercury in Cap’s sense of humor can be quite dry. Donna

      • “Captain Sensible” great name for Mercury in Cap.

  5. I’m going to arbitrarily pick Mercury in Scorpio and House 3 square Uranus in Aquarius and House 6.

    Someone with Uranus in Aquarius would be part of a generational group that wants immediate social change. This group would be quite impatient with any of the flaws they see in the society around them and would tend to want them fixed yesterday.

    A person with this Uranus placement in House 6 would tend to express this through health and employment issues, and would likely have a hard time keeping a job because of intolerance with any flaws in the way the workplace functions or is set up. Self-employment might be a good option for this person, and a Uranian occupation such as, for example, medical astrology, acupuncture or another alternative health care field, would likely appeal.

    However, with Mercury in Scorpio and House 3, there can be a temptation to communicate in a vindictive and hurtful manner if the energy is expressed negatively. Mercury in Scorpio can be secretive or it can be inclined to expose other people’s secrets. Health care professionals need to communicate clearly with their clients, and they also need to keep their clients’ confidences, so this Mercury placement could wreak havoc with a person’s ability to succeed in a health care field, if expressed negatively.

    The square aspect is an indicator, I feel, that a person has chosen this lifetime to make an especially large jump in spiritual growth in the area indicated by the specific energy of the square. There will be difficulties and pain as long as the energy of the square is used in a negative way.

    A positive way to express the energy of this particular Mercury-Uranus square might be, for example, to investigate and expose medical wrong-doing as a reporter or blogger about medical issues. Someone with this Mercury placement could also succeed as a psychotherapist when the Scorpio energy is used in a positive way, perhaps a therapist who works especially with people who have chronic illnesses.

    With a Scorpio Mercury in House 3, communications are likely to be an important area of focus in this person’s life, so it would be valuable for this person to work at purifying the negative expressions of the Scorpio energy so it can manifest positively. Scorpio can be deeply insightful, and a Mercury Scorpio’s communications have the potential to be a powerful force for good in the world. As a therapist, for example, this person could have the potential to transform clients’ lives dramatically for the better; as a reporter, to transform the medical system dramatically for the better.

    • Excellent interpretation, Margaret, and all the more so because it was a made up example and not of someone you know or your own chart. Hitting all the right points! Donna

    • Hi Margaret (and Donna) – I have Mercury in Scorpio on the cusp of the 3rd (conjunct Jupiter/Neptune) in a wide square to Uranus in the 12th.

      My observations regarding the sloppy/dangerous medication practices of the Senior Care Facility that housed my mother (as well as my subsequent detailed complaint to the State Licensing Board) led to a full-scale investigation, which ultimately resulted in a complete (and mandatory) overhaul of the facility’s practices. I also successfully advocated on behalf of all the residents in order to stop an illegal rate increase.

      It’s no small thing to have one’s claims substantiated by the State, and of course the facility retaliated by trying to evict my mother. Through research, I was able to prevent that as well. I’ve just begun exploring the alternative health care field, hoping to put my energies to use there. I wanted to validate your insights with my own real-life example since it so closely resembled your hypothesis.

      • Very good example indeed, LB because it shows how you went beyond your own personal concern to force them to make changes in how they administered meds for all…typical Uranian social action path. Brave gal!

        Oddly enough, this morning I was musing about how nursing homes are designated as 12th house locations, along with hospital and prisons, and how very little freedom patients in nursing homes have, almost like slavery. Donna

      • Wow – that’s almost eerie!

        Way to go, LB. You deserve a prize for excellence in the use of a Scorpio Third House Mercury square Uranus! Squares can be so good, when one learns how to use them effectively.

  6. Mercury square Uranus: Nothing you learn with ever be enough.

    • How true, Charlotte! One of the gifts of this aspect is that the mind is ever active and eager to learn; one of the curses is the immanent threat of boredom and the chase to avoid it. Donna

  7. Hi Donna. My subject has Mercury 17 deg in Aquarius in the 11th house and Uranus at 16 deg in Libra in the 6th. I would say this type of person probably keeps up with her friends regularly through Facebook. She may even enjoy being a moderator of an online discussion forum, perhaps on some esoteric or metaphysical topic.

    It would also be no surprise if her job includes brainstorming new kinds of computer software or networking systems designed to better facilitate a company’s telecommunications systems, or may be the author of her own blog writing about how gardening with your loved one reduces the risk of heart ailments.

    In any case, this person is a natural networker, and is the one others will likely turn to for a new way of solving a problem with the standard methods fail.

    Thanks for having this blog! I’m a new astrologer and interpretation is something I’m currently struggling with, so this a great way to get some practice.

    • Marie, welcome to Skywriter…and to the profession. You did an excellent job with the interpretation, bringing in both planets and both houses accurately. There are many articles on this blog meant for the practicing astrologer–check out the category on the right hand side of this blog, “Pointers for Professionals.” Donna

  8. I have Scorpio Mercury conjunct Uranus (by 1 degree) in the 1st house. I think that both the aspect and the house placement are the archetype of Do It Yourself.

    The main obstacle that I have seen time and again with hard Mercury-Uranus revolving around the cardinal houses is a certain isolation in one’s various relationships. Such isolation is due to one’s thoughts/ideas being so radical or eccentric that others simply cannot connect on a personal level.

    • Dear PP,Clever “handle.” I think the isolation factor is compounded by Scorpio planets being in the 1st, and yes, having Uranus there in the 1st makes the ways you are different stand out like a sore thumb. It could be, too, that a certain “chip on the shoulder” attitude intimidates people or makes them feel like avoiding you.

      As one with Pluto on the Ascendant myself, my healing work on myself over many years (now age 68, almost) has gradually diminished those barriers, and weirdly enough, people who don’t know me well now see me as a grandmotherly type. (They wish!!) It can change, PP. Donna

    • PP, I can relate to what you said though I would not have first thought of that since I have Mercury opposing Uranus with other planets conjunct both sides of the opposition. Saturn is conjunct Mercury and Pluto conjunct Uranus rising in Virgo. I would have attributed the DIY part to the Saturn/Pluto opposition. This is in the 1st and 7th houses.

    • PP: I also have Mercury-Uranus conjunction (Libra -3 orb) late in 1st house and Pluto conj Sun & ASC. (Also in Libra.) ME/UR is on top of my Sun/Moon & ASC/VE midpoints and some other Arabic Parts so it one of the “harder working” areas of my chart & usually a synastry point for me. ME/UR also trine up to my MC. I love astrology of course, “out there” topics in general and the internet. Ideas are constantly flowing and I’m always researching and never really bored. I am not as much of a gadget nerd as some folks but am intuitively good with certain aspects of electronics and I love to listen to the radio and podcast type things. When I was young, I wanted to be a talk show host. Quite often, I did interview people! I do not blog about myself personally but I do network & market online but follow many, many others from time to time.

      Uranus in the 1st can be challenging but it lends a lot of magnetism and flair to the personality. I think Uranian folks stick together because they are so unusual. I get along well with Aquarians (sun or Rising) other Uranian types w/ Mercury/Uranus aspects and find that in some of my favorite connections, it’s in the Composite as well. People with Uranus in 1st often pair up with those who have Uranus in 7th or Aquarius Rising.

      I have a friend w/ Uranus conj ASC square Mercury who wanted to be business partners and she drove me crazy!! She was so rebellious and erratic. She could not buckle down or compromise to save her life, even when it was her idea & for her benefit. She was just so contrary! I have to laugh because I suddenly had some inkling of what a pain I was. It is hard energy to get cozy with. Uranians suffer badly from feeling out of step or misunderstood. They need a lot of freedom & unconditional acceptance but if you can grant that, they will be your dear friend forever.

  9. Oh, and has it changed Donna! When I was younger I was purely negative Uranian/Plutonian, which is not such a lovely combination. However, as you say, working on healing one’s self does work wonders. My relationships are much more positive now, even if people think I’m too eccentric for my own good! 🙂

    I attract people (clients and otherwise) with hard aspects between the personal planets and Uranus and/or Pluto like moths to a flame. Hence, my observation of isolation in primary relationships, which seems to be especially prevalent when Mercury or Venus is involved.

    P.S. What better handle for someone who has Sun/ASC conjunct Pluto? 😉 Thanks for the wonderful comment as well as fantastic astrological texts!

  10. I have mercury scorpio 5th semi decile uranus scorpio 5th.

    I don’t know if this makes a huge difference or not, it might be what helps me to think more creatively.
    I know that I get flashes of insight,flashes of creative ideas(that’s increasing,yeah!)and cool inventions that I could never afford to follow through on =-( .

  11. Mercury in 1st trine Uranus in 5th; Uranus conjunct South Node; Uranus “bottom” of T-square with Sun and Neptune: Quick and joyous learner who gets personal pleasure from intense periods of study; goes too fast for just about everyone else and can be perceived as a nervous, sometimes spacey chatterbox. With the other aspects, may be able to leverage that intense energy to solve problems but will seldom get credit or make friends because of it!

  12. According to my observations, it isn’t true that minor aspects are unimportant. A minor aspect with a tight orb can be felt strongly. I have a Uranus semi-square Mercury with an orb of 0.49 and feel it strongly. In addition, Uranus is in the 3rd house.

  13. I have an Uranus 17 degrees in Libra in the 3rd house opposing my Mercury 15 degrees in Aries in the 9th house. Aquarius on the cusp of 6th & 7th house. I was not a very good student in school, simply because I did not have patience for HW. I wanted to know/learn everything in a quick way, without putting a hard work into studying. I hated to read books, because they were too long. The only books I tolerated are with short stories and large print.

    As I grew older I started to gain more desire for knowledge. I was a good student in college, because I tried harder. Still till this day (I am 41 now) I don’t read regular books like novels… too long to wait to find out the end of the story. However, I enjoy reading instructional books, anything that teaches me to do something, like computer books for example, or where I can read different parts in a book like astrology or motivational books. I learn from doing things, I am a visual learner. I have to logically understand the material in order to absorb it by my brain. I never stopped studying and I know I will always study something to the rest of my life.

    I got introduced to astrology when I was 39 and got hooked on it. The way I think – logically, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, can not make up my mind, and can not choose if there are too many options. The way I communicate – I like to joke a lot and I have a talent to make a short story long; I like to tell stories. I like and understand/learn technology fast.

    I have a brother who I have a very rocky relationship with. We don’t speak with each other for a couple of years now. I have a wonderful but very eccentric aunt who I have a great relationship with. My married life is good, but I require a lot of freedom in relationship like – don’t bother me, you do your stuff, I do my stuff. The 6th house Aquarius I did not figured out yet. If it pertains to everyday job, then I would definitely prefer running around and meeting with people type of work.

    Donna, I hope to hear from you about my post. Thanks a lot!!!!

    • Hi, Lena, thanks for sharing how your Mercury-Uranus aspect works. Though the details are very individual, the over-all picture matches Mercury-Uranus aspects work. Donna

      • Thank you!

  14. Hi,
    I have an Uranus 29*Scorpio in the 3rd house square Mercury 0* Piscies. This Mercury is conjunct Mars 25*Aquarius and they are both in the 5th house. I would really like to have some interpretations of yours, because this is really important for me, as I have an Aquarius sun sign and Uranus is the ruler! Besides, Mercury rules my 12th house in Virgo… Many thanks!

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