Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 7, 2010

Why Cancer Isn’t a Popular Sign

©Eons ago by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Have you noticed that Cancer isn’t a terribly popular sign? People aren’t paranoid about them the way they are about Scorpios. Still, there’s a kind of eye-rolling, head shaking smugness–“At least I’m not a CANCER!”

Granted, it’s hard to get inspired over a sign that has a crab for its symbol. (I’m a Cancer myself, and I’d be really, really grateful if people stopped giving me key chains, plaques, and birthday cards with crabs on them!)

And forget about being named for a disease that’s everyone’s worst nightmare!  Not just in English, either, but several languages. (Krebs in German).  What’s up with that?

Here’s what I suspect about our unpopularity.  The areas of life governed by the Moon are primary motivations of the typical Cancerian. A world rigidly organized around corporations and productivity is biased against people who are too emotional, too hung up in the past, too attached to Mom, too fond of food, and too openly insecure. Cancerians who have those qualities stir up unwanted feelings others are trying hard to contain in order to survive their dehumanized jobs.

Due to vast social changes over the past century, we’ve suffered great losses in the lunar areas of life, so we do our best to detach from them. We pretend they aren’t important and decide that people who are trying to reclaim them are losers.

If you label Cancerian traits as bad or neurotic, the neurosis may have less to do with the sign’s problems than with your own. If it weren’t for our families, we Cancers would get no respect at all!

Many of us have difficulty dealing with lunar issues, so we scapegoat Cancerians and others who are outwardly lunar. If we close off our feelings, we call those who are openly emotional weak. The truth is, it takes far more strength to feel than it does to drug ourselves with any of our society’s many addictions. If we hide from the pain of lost family ties, we scorn those who are attached to family and are sentimental about the past.

Many people are depressed around the holidays–traditional family times–and we mourn lost ties. To get rid of the depression, many of us numb ourselves with food and alcohol. Many of us struggle desperately against our bonds to our mothers, so we put down those who remain close to Mom as “codependent.” Sometimes a loving attachment between parent and child can be one of the major satisfactions of life.

So Many of Them–And Such a Pain in the Neck!

Did you know that there are more Cancerians than almost any other sign? Census figures over the past century consistently show seasonal fluctuations in the birth rate. There is a yearly peak of births that begins with Taurus and lasts through Virgo, but the high point is in Cancer.

There’s a corresponding low that starts with Sagittarius and continues to slide downward, with the low point in Aries.[i] So, if you feel like you know loads of Cancers and rarely meet an Aries, it’s not just your imagination.

These figures are for the U.S., but should hold true of other northern hemisphere countries as well. Birth patterns may be different in the southern hemisphere, where the seasons are reversed.

Census statistics also show that the last Sunday in June is also the date each year when by far the most couples get married. Thus, their wedding charts would have Sun in Cancer.

Additionally, more people are born with Cancer Rising on any given day. Due to astronomical factors, there are signs of long ascension (meaning they are on the Ascendant longer) and of short ascension (meaning they are on the Ascendant a shorter time).

According to Nicholas deVore’s invaluable but rare classic, Encyclopedia of Astrology, Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries are the signs of shortest ascension. Aquarius is only rising for an hour and 26 minutes at New York’s latitude, while Cancer is rising for two hours and 23 minutes. (This varies slightly with distance from the equator. At the latitude of San Diego, it is an hour and 33 minutes for Aquarius and two hours and 10 minutes for Cancer.)[ii]

And Another Thing—Cancerians Mess Up Astrological Research!

These variations should be considered in any astrological research–or in the less formal conclusions you draw. You can’t do a project on wife beating or new home buying and conclude that Cancers and Cancer Risings are more prone to either of these than any other sign.

Or, suppose you decide to do a study to validate Cancer’s fabled longevity and Aquarians’ reputed tendency to live fast and die young. You go to your local senior center and nursing homes, gather birth dates, and, sure enough, there are way more Cancers over 70 than there are Aquarians.

Before you call the tabloids with your findings, adjust for these seasonal fluctuations. There were more Cancers born in the first place!

Take a test to measure the strength of your Moon and just how Cancerian you really are, here:  How Strong is your Moon? Here’s the Score?

Update: 10-245-14.   This article has consistently been on the list of most visited articles for this blog.  Unfortunately, it is most popular with those who think every single Cancerian on earth is a terrible person. I’m closing the comments now because I’m fed up with the nonsense.  Donna

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[i]. The seasonality of birth rates was discussed in, “Birth, Marriages, Divorces and Deaths for 1989,” in the National Center   for Health Statistics’ journal, Monthly Vital Statistics Report,   v.38:12, 4/4/90. I read a census publication in the 1970s with the same pattern, so it is consistent over time.

[ii]. deVore, Nicholas. Encyclopedia of Astrology, 1977 edition. New York, NY: Littlefield, Adams, & Co, p.353.


  1. OH, you are so right. I always felt that. I never wanted to own up to being a Cancer or minimally added that at least I have a Leo moon. lol
    Now, there’s a relevation.. feel… we as a group are too insecure! I now love my sign and grew into the cardinal aspects of being a Cancer sun sign and no longer afraid to admit I AM Cancer.

  2. Being a Cancerian…had to quickly respond! I say the sign Capricorn is the msot “unpopular” sign of the Zodiac. Let”s see…Depressive. Saturn, the “heavy” planet. Martyrdom. Work, Work, Work. The Goat (The Devil). Etc. I have the Moon in Capricorn myself and it’s a bummer! Thanx! 🙂

    • So what you’re saying is that people born at the Full Moon during Cancer are the most despised of all. Aw, I don’t think so.

      A wonderful little boy I used to babysit in my teens was a Cancer with Capricorn Moon, and he grew up to be one of the finest men I’ve ever known. Despite a lack of education and through being a reliable, hardworking employee and a natural manager, he progressed from assembly line worker to foreman, to manager, to a high level manager in our home town company, Maytag. (We were a company town in the finest sense.)

      And once, when I was financially ruined due to a catastrophic illness, he bailed me out and refused to take any of the money back. Donna

    • Hi Brittle,

      Well, I understand how there are a lot of negative connotations associated with Saturn and Capricorn. To an extent, they’re true but that isn’t the full picture. Saturn is very strong in my own chart and hits almost everything, but I like how I’m very self-disciplined and thorough in most areas of my life. That’s the good part. I have a sister with a Capricorn stellium (including a Capricorn Sun) and she also benefits from the self-discipline aspect bestowed by Saturn. I do think that Capricorns are like a fine wine though – they get even better with age. :))

      Our mutual sister is a Sun Cancer, btw. Neither of us have ever got along with her despite our valiant efforts because she’s very bossy (Mercury, Venus and Saturn conjunction in Leo) and volatile (Gemini Moon opposition Neptune in Sagittarius square Mars in Virgo). Her Cancer Sun is conjunct Jupiter in Cancer. She’s quite pleasant to be around when she’s expressing the Cancer Sun conjunct Jupiter in Cancer energies. Unfortunately, that side doesn’t come to the fore often enough… I think Cancer Sun Signs alone are fine, but that whatever else (good and/or bad) that’s going on in their charts compounds the emotionalism inherent in the sign and, thus, skews it a bit.

  3. Two Cancer men: The Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela. Two men who have done more than their share to help the world 🙂

    • My greatest heroes, too, Amanda, beautiful souls who epitomize the very best of the sign. Donna

  4. I’m not a Cancer, but with Venus in its early degrees, I’m attracted to the ones with June birthdays. I’ve had a Mom, an ex-husband, a favorite teacher, and a couple of unrequited loves all with their Sun conjunct my Venus.

    What I’ve noticed about Cancers is their very unique set of tastes, values, and pursuits. They have well-developed personalities that are expressed strongly with definite opinions, despite what society thinks. I think this relates to Dane Rudhyar’s concept of “Day-Force” or individuation that’s maximized at the Summer Solstice.

    I’m now reading “Remembrance of Things Past” by Marcel Proust (b. 7-10-1871). He had four planets in Cancer in the 4th house, according to the Astro-Databank. Now that’s a Cancer! Note the title of his famous work. He excels at describing sentiments of his childhood home life. His rather curvilinear writing style, with long, twisty passages and tangential linkages, is hard to decipher, but slow, patient reading yields emotionally rich perceptions.

  5. Had to jump in being a 11degree Cancer (july 4) with a 0degree Cap moon. It’s my only earth planet and without it…I’d be flying/floating away somewhere. I’ve been consistantly criticized for my sensitivity…tried to “live” in the corporate world….where everyone in my office nicknamed me Mom. Finally gave in and use my sensitivity to paint children’s and pet portraits – people say…you paint so sensitively – really get the essence of them! So I say find a way to celebrate your sensitivity instead of trying to “fit-in”, you’ll be much happier. Go with it.
    I once met a guy in a bar and he lied to me about his sign….said he was a Sag. Found out he was a cancer/sag moon. He felt Cancer was such a feminine sign, he didn’t want to own up to it! I think it’s a harder sign for a man to own up to….

    • Kim – God, I can’t believe that guy actually lied about his Sun Sign because he was ashamed! I would have assumed that most guys don’t give a owl’s scowl about what Sun Sign they are, let alone to bother lying about it. God. Wonders never cease…

  6. I love Cancers, but maybe that’s because I’m a Taurus. However, the people that can be frustrating are the ones with Cancer Moon. They are always “switching off” from one mood to another! Just when you think you have them in a receptive mood, they pull into that emotional shell of theirs and retreat into another mood. They are all very nurturing, though, and the world couldn’t turn without them.

    Finally, I have Mars in Cancer, and that’s very difficult for me. That Mars energy get all wet and is difficult to externalize. I’d much rather have Mars anywhere else. If I could change one thing in my chart, that would be it.

    • Cancer Moon here. I am not in the least bit moody. Maybe it’s because my Moon is conjunct Uranus on the MC and that breaks it up a bit.

  7. I think all signs have an inner motive, a deeper drive if you will, that joins together, sums up, and, at the same time, surpasses all possible external manifestations. Like a lense through which we view life’s given fields, which ultimately causes a shift in their meaning.
    I am not very familiar with Cancers, so I may be wrong, but I feel that they’re about nurturing and devotion. And that can vary from providing a cosy home for your family, to being a pleasing lover for your mate, to working 12h days in a project you’ve put your heart in, to creating a “family-like” environment in your workplace.

    Why aren’t they popular? Well, blame it on tv astrologers! For these people, all Scorpios are sex machines, all Leos movie stars and all Cancers desperate housewives. They make a living out of recycling insupportable cliches, and, now that I think of it, they’re the reason why I used to be so negative towards astrology in the past years.
    What sign are they, by the way?

  8. Well, Cancers are popular with me! It’s my favorite sun sign. I love Cancers!

  9. I am married to a Cancer and my mother is a Cancer, and I have known many, many other Cancers. In my opinion, women handle being Cancer a lot better than men, I guess because women are permitted to be more emotional. Men who are Cancers can tend to play a bit of the martyr and victim (and they tend to blame their parents for all their problems, no matter what their age), and that is just not so so sexy in men.

    They can also have anger issues (the Dalai Lama, if you can believe it, struggles with this).

  10. Good for you for defending Cancers, Donna! I totally agree that prejudice against Cancer is symptomatic of a society that denigrates emotions, nurturing, mothers, interdependence, sensitivity, and so many other good things!

    I don’t have a Cancer sun but I feel like my Cancer moon gives me a lot in the way of receptivity, imagination and intuition. I wouldn’t be without it.

    I think one main danger with Cancers is that they can feel valuable according to how much they are helping others. But articles like yours help give Cancers a stronger sense of intrinsic value.

    • You know, I don’t have anything in Cancer or the 4th House and my Moon isn’t strong by any means, but I still feel sensitive to everything/everyone around me. I just try not to show it. Kim, you’re right that society as a whole looks scornfully on typical Cancerian traits – emotions, bonds with the mother, and sensitivity, etc are viewed as weaknesses. That’s part of the reason why I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve (even though, yes, I have nada in Cancer).

      I don’t feel that obvious, outward emotional expression has a place in this patriarchal working world. It really is a terrible shame and I would like to see more of a nurturing attitude in my environs from day to day, but I don’t see this changing anytime within the next 15 years at least unfortunately.

      • Are you a Pisces or have Pisces planets, Karen? My husband is a Pisces and very tuned to other’s emotions. I could never hide anything from him! lol

  11. This is interesting that you said Cancers feel insecure and when I posted on another site that if I had Leo rising for my Solar return would I have more confidence that year and I was told Cancer rising is not the reason for lack of confidence. Maybe insecurity is the better word. I don’t know, but I feel Cancer/Cancer rising is the reason for my lack of confidence or timidity. So there. LOL

    As I age I like being a Cancer more than when I was young because I understand myself a little better. I was swayed way too much by my emotions, and the emotions of others around me. I wish I had understood that sooner and I would not have misread so many situations.

    I also have Mars/Uranus Conjunct in Cancer in the 12th and that one is a tricky one. I can go from O to crazy in no time. And not really know how to get a handle on it. But, again as I age I have learned to grow into that also. I do not get angry as quickly, but I still can internalize my anger. And I don’t like getting angry at all…wish I never would get angry.

    I have a Sag Moon which helps me a lot with the emotions. Lets me be a little more easy going.

    Being able to read people easily is great as far as I am concerned…but maybe that is the Neptune coming through as was mentioned in the Neptune posts. I always thought it was from all my Cancer. I can spot fibbers a mile away, and pick up on emotions quickly. I am also the person with everything you need if I am at work, or in my car. Always prepared. And I am the one who will help you out if you ask me. My husband is always saying don’t offer to help, but it makes me feel good to be able to help.

    I love being a person who enjoys the home and cooking and everything else connected to my home. Just wish I didn’t enjoy eating quite so much.

    I don’t like being called moody. As I didn’t feel I was being moody. But, it seems when Cancers do express their feelings they must be too strong for other people to handle.

    Other signs can say flat out they don’t like this or that or don’t want to do something and no one calls them moody. Maybe we say it with a note of insecurity and it sounds whiney. I always hate to be too forceful about what I want, and usually will go along with the crowd and not suggest they do what I want. I want everyone in the group to be happy.

    I do hold a grudge if you mess me up. Working on that one. But, not sure if I will change it in this lifetime. Yes, I am thrifty, and want my security.

    Sorry to rattle on.

    • Gah – a day late to the party! Anyway, let’s give this a shot…..

      I agree a lot with what you said.

      There’s the ability to be too swayed by emotions.

      There’s the ability to misread situations due to emotionality.

      Those are the things I hate about being a Cancer.

    • I have mars-uranus conjunct in house 12 !!

      My asc is 25 cancer & natal sun 28 cancer

      The conjunct receives a trine from pisces moon- house 9

      I think having the sun rising is a factor in what has propelled me into

      the public eye in my life..

      I think the ‘weepy, moaning’ cancer stereotype is way outdated..

      Plus- remember- cancer is a cardinal sign- Much more to us than meets the eye !!



  12. Loved the article Donna. I have a Cancer ascendent and have been blessed 🙂 with a stellium in Pisces. I get the “poor thing” look from astrologers who silently thank heaven for their earth, fire and air planets!

  13. Hi Donna, here in the southern hemiphere, we got more libra and scorpio guys, and between scorpio and cancer i choose cancer! ok i must said that i have a cancer son and he is very sweet and while he is getting older he is becoming more sensitive! i got a cancer moon and sometimes is too emotional;)

    • Good to know it’s different in the Southern Hemisphere, Rosario, thanks for the info. Donna

  14. I think the unpopularity you speak of with this sign is due to society’s implicit willingness to disown the Feminine. We use words like “hysterical” when we see a woman crying and live in a society where Mother is not only expected to be nurturer and caregiver, but also to help bring home the bacon as well. There have been recent studies that indicate women have now become the primary breadwinners in households across the U.S, and while this can be seen as liberating in some respects, I grow concerned about the increasing pressure this puts on women to “do it all”.

    While I’m not trying to imply that there is anything wrong at all with having a career or interests outside of home and family, I do wonder where all of this is going to lead us as a society. Stay-at-home Moms now get looked down upon, as society has created this expectation that every woman can and should want to juggle a career and a family simultaneously. Moreover, the difficult economic times that we live in force many to go out and work when all they may truly want to focus their efforts on is their families.

    I think we aren’t eating as well as a nation because we now have moms-on-the-go who don’t have the time, budget, or luxury of preparing a sit-down family meal like they did back in the day due to the increasing demands placed upon them. With both parents now working, people seem to rarely eat meals together anymore, which I feel is so important because it keeps families connected to each other and involved.

    We now have to send our children to daycares where we pay complete strangers to raise and care for our children while we hold down a 40 hour a week job so that we are able to keep a roof over our heads…We have definitely disowned the role of the nurturer and caretaker in our society, and I think that can only come back to bite us in the ass.

    Personally, I love the Moon and the sign of Cancer. Though I’m no Crab, I have Venus and an Rx Mercury here as well as a Moon/Neptune conjunction that is aspected by multiple planets. The thing I have always loved about this sign is how deeply personal it is. I love how it honors emotion, sensitivity, and femininity.
    Cancer isn’t afraid to dive in, get wet, and experience a full range of feelings, all the while knowing that they too shall pass. There’s bravery I think in allowing oneself to simply just FEEL.

    • I would agree in many respects, but I’d also like to point out that just as we shouldn’t associate the worst of Cancer (“hysterical” behavior, clinginess, etc.) with women, we also shouldn’t jump to associate the best of Cancer (food, nurturing, family, etc.) with women either. The fact that more women are primary breadwinners and families aren’t eating together are not part and parcel of the same thing. It sounds an awful lot like it’s somehow inherently women’s responsibility to make sure that we continue to embrace the best of Cancer. IT’S NOT. Having a penis is not an inherent barrier to cooking food. Or taking good care of your kids. Or crying. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Sweden. SWEDEN.

      (Not accusing you of believing this, Alethea, just pointing out it can be read into that way.)

      • I get you Lucy. I almost put in a comment to this end, but opted not to for the sake of brevity, if you can believe that! It’s SO not a woman’s job to do any of that, especially if she doesn’t want to – the point I make is about the large trend I’ve seen in the devaluation of the more “traditional” role women have played in society. All I’m saying is that women should have the freedom to do as they choose without the added pressure of society.

        Having a dick does not equate to being incapable or incompetant in the kitchen, nor does it mean that men make terrible stay-at-home parents 😉 I’m always happy when I see men stepping up to the plate and filling more traditionally “feminine” roles. Just like I think nothing of hopping on the mower to cut the grass or picking up a hammer to redo the siding on my house, I think it’s having the flexibility to conform or not conform to traditionally prescribed gender roles as each person sees fit that is important. I just don’t want women to feel bad or shamed for having domestic urges and for people to see that there is validity and importance to that component of the feminine as well.

  15. I’m blessed with a Cancer Sun and Rising sign, with a Moon in Pisces.
    My biggest discovery about being so water-heavy & ‘moony’? (Grand Trine with AC, Moon & [out-of-sign] Libra Neptune)
    No one ‘sees’ me. I’m constantly held up to motherly attributes – friendly, welcoming, calm, teacherly, nurturing – that I swear I’m not putting out at all.
    If they only knew… hah!

    • If only they knew what, ej runyon? Please enlighten us!!!!!!
      (If it’s not too much to ask, of course!)

    • We must be twins !!!

      I have the sun rising strong in cancer- H1 & a pisces moon..

      To each his own- I guess..

      When I think of a sign I would NOT want to born strongly under- I think

      Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius


  16. Perhaps one of the reasons people feel uncomfortable about the sign of Cancer is that so many families are so dysfunctional. There are families in which the parents expect to get a lot of nurturing from their children, and if one grows up in a family like this, it’s natural to feel exhausted by the expectations. It seems easier sometimes to just avoid our families than to put ourselves into that energy. I know I tend to stifle a groan when I see some planet is about to transit through my fourth house. But if our families were more truly Cancerian and nurturing, we wouldn’t feel this way about them!

    My Midheaven is in Cancer, and my default setting seems to be on nurture; it’s just when it gets out of balance (as with certain family members) that I need to make a point of protecting myself. But another Cancerian quality that has not been much mentioned in this thread is Cancer’s interest in the past. History fascinates me, and I get a great deal of satisfaction from studying and writing about history.

    • Oh, I totally agree. “Home and family” are why I dislike Cancer myself. (It didn’t help matters that my grandma was a Cancer who evinced the worst stereotypes. Cried at the drop of a hat, lived to eat, very smothery, and refused to deal with anything bad that happened to her. She’d just cry and wait for someone else to take care of her.) Home to me isn’t snuggly warm cuddles and love, it’s a battlefield. My mother constantly needs more nurturing than a Sag moon can provide, most of my relatives don’t give a shit about me and never have, and I just plain hate the concept of family, period. Everyone tells me it’s so wonderful and it hasn’t been that way for me at all. I cannot figure out why anyone wants one! It’s like a nest of vipers you can’t escape.

      Screw that, I say.

      • LMAO Jennifer!! I have a cousin by the same name who is a Sag Sun and my 4th house is in Sag. Your post is a keeping it sooo real interpretation of a 4th house Sag. Thanks for the laugh but it’s spot on!!

  17. It’s my experience that Cancer people are really though when the going gets tough. There’s a lot of perseverance and steel going on under that soft surface. Perhaps as a result of the emotional side of the sign? That a lot of Cancerians actually know how they feel?
    I’ve got the “wet” Mars in Cancer, and I’m terrible at expressing my anger. Sometimes I would have liked to have Mars somewhere else so I could really yell at someone, but mostly I’m fine with it. There’s way too much aggression in the world anyway!

    • I have lived with a Mars in Cancer man. He was terrible when it comes to expressing self-assertion and anger. He was absolutely terrified of any sort of emotion that even smacks of anger or even mere irritation and tried to squash it down in himself and others. He tended to view even the most polite and well-expressed self-assertion as rude.
      However, when he finally did express his anger, it was like sitting under Mt. Vensuvius when it blows! Bow howdy! He screameed, slams doors, stiuck his fingers in his ears and left the room when you attemptted to defend yourself verbally, called names and drug out the past and hit you over the head with what you thought were long dead grievances.
      God preserve me from Mars in Cancer men!

      • I know! Poor you! I was with a man like that too – terrible, especially when combined with a strong Scorpio influence. And I have the same issues. I don’t scream at people, but I can get really mean and I hate that! It’s like the ultimate passive-aggressive thing. I don’t like it in myself, and I really don’t like it in someone else! With this combination it’s really difficult to express the anger, it comes out in all the wrong places and times. There should be anger-management classes for people like us!

      • LOL…I can relate as I have Mars in Cancer…in the 12th, and it is conjunct Uranus. So, at times it could be lookout if I did blow. I have grown into this more and it is easier for me now. But I could never assert myself. It was either I was angry or I was not. No calmness if something bothered me. I got very nervous if I had to confront someone about something, and sometimes the only way I could do it was to just let go on them and over do it. I am so much better now. I have learned a lot as I aged. But, as of right now someone has done something that upset me, and of course, I can’t be forceful to them about not liking what they are doing. I need some Leo. They seem to know how to get what they want. LOL I hope that things don’t get to the point that I just get angry and cut them off. That is usually what happens to me. I burn my bridges.
        I have a Sag moon and I love that as it does give me that ability to keep my distance and not care about some things. My Sag moon is not very nurturing either. I also have Venus in Virgo, so again, not very warm and fuzzy.

  18. Loved the responses from everyone. Especially SWEDEN’s reply. As I have taken care of everyone and everything for most of my life (in the home) I sure do believe in more of a BALANCE. Sweden has one of the most equitable systems. With excellent care for children (most pre-school teachers have PHD’s), that being said, I do appreciate those that feed and nurture at home. That is if you truly love it. OK
    I have two sons. My eldest was never much of a hugger nor does he share his emotions very easily. He has many excellent qualities, humor, high IQ, good looks, and excellent cooking skills. My younger son is a Cancerian. I have always enjoyed being around Cancerians. The ones I have known were quite kind. Plus, they definitely love to share emotions and hug. Did I mention my son LOVES to hug. I so needed this growing up and missed getting it from my mom and dad. So God Bless my little one! Yes, you guys express your emotions well. Yes, you can be sensitive, but when you need kindness, hugging, sharing of emotions, strength of character, I’ll take a Cancer any day!

  19. This is surprising for me to hear that there are so many more Cancers out there than any other sign- I only can think of one that I know out of all the friends/relatives/acquaintances I’ve ever had! I seem to know a whole lot of Libras (but maybe it’s because I’m a musician, and a Libra to boot). I enjoyed the article a lot, with a Cancer moon square to 5 planets in Libra, I tend not to show it and even be ashamed of that side a little. It’s great that I’m not moody like the “normal” Cancer moons, or even Cancer suns, but I think it hinders me from fully experiencing my emotions/feminine side, sometimes. Thanks!

  20. I can confirm Libra/Scopio is higher in the Southern hemisphere. I did a little research into birth rates here in New Zealand and October is a definite peak.

    As a Capricorn, I always thought we were the most unpopular, or at least the most boring. Perhaps it’s that Cancer/Capricorn axis?

    I have to share some love for Cancers. My partner has his Moon in Cancer and is the most loving and gentle man I’ve ever met.

  21. I live in the Southern hemisphere and Mum is a Cancer, while Dad is a Scorpio.

    Although I’m an Aries, I have a Cancer Asc, plus Venus/Jupiter in Pisces and a 8th house stellium. Sometimes the Water wants to be boss, and then the Fire muscles in. Ah, well. 🙂

  22. Thank you for addressing the insanity of our corporate society by supporting emotions and sensitivity. I love Cancers altho I have never met a male Cancer. My youngest daughter is Cancer with a Cancer rising. I must admit she is seems even more sensitive than I…I’m a Scorpio.
    I don’t understand why people are afraid of Scorpios. I read once that Scorpios feel emotions deeper than other signs and I think that must be true. I believe that is why we sometimes lash out at others, because we have been so hurt by something said or done; something we don’t want to talk about because even that hurts. Yes, I read your book “Healing Pluto Problems”…I loved it and it was very helpful.
    Thank you for everything.

    • My experience with most Scorpio Sun people is not that they are mean but that they tend to hold in their feelings.
      I have met two Scorpio Suns that were meaner than any scorpion but they had Aries Rising. Both of those guys were treacherous, vengeful users and most people figured that out fairly quickly and got as far away from them as possible.

  23. I have enjoyed reading the post and the responses!

    I thought I had nothing in Cancer until I ran across Ravenesque’s site on the asteroids. Turns out, I have Vesta in Cancer that is very tightly conjunct my husbands Sun/Uranus conjunction. I think that’s the superglue that’s held together a relationship that on the surface should have never got off the ground, let alone last 15 years. I’ve got planets/asteroids in water signs so I’m sure that helps a great deal as well. Don’t know his birth time but his Moon and Venus are in Cancer as well.

    I think it’s hard for a man with these placements to be themselves just as it’s hard for a women who have “masculine” energies like mine to be really be who she is in this society. This is so wrong and I feel is the main reason why there is so much stress and strife. Labels and pressures have been assigned to gender which have nothing to do with the individuals inate abilities. I so agree with you Lucy and Althea.

    Hubby Cancer says that I Aries Sun am too emotional. That’s really funny to me but I guess that’s Uranus which is a degree in front of his Sun. He can be quite detached, but when it comes to his family or those he has let in his inner circle, he’s very much like what y’all have described of male Cancers.

  24. Wow, I always hated being a Cancer!!. Growing up I did not know one other Cancer or yet, another water sign. My Father was a Leo, My Mother a Sag and my brother an Aries. It was hard to be emotional, sensitive or a cryer in that family. They all hated it. AS a teen I had one friend who was a Taurus. Otherwise all air and fire. But then I have Aquarius rising and a Gemini moon. My 4 children all fire and air. My 3 grandaughters fire and air. I grew up thinking that very few people were Cancer and even today I have met maybe 2. Strange. I’m 62 years old and still surrounded by air and fire!!

    • OMG…was your childhood painful?

  25. I do a regular Introduction to Astrology Course and it’s always interesting when I have a student who is Sun Cancer, Ascendant Leo.
    I have to do lots of explaining to help them understand why on the one hand they want the recognition and on the other want to be in the background (if their Sun is in the 12th).
    It’s a dilemma!
    Thank you for the post Donna, I didn’t know Cancer was the most ‘born’ sign, how interesting.
    I must go through my client data and find out what’s the most popular sign for readings…I did it once before and strangely Aries came out tops. ..

    • That’s me, Mary: Leo Rising, 12th house Cancer Sun, and boy is that a dilemma. I once decided that the only way I could handle having a NY Times Bestselling book would be to write it under a pseudonym and then hire someone gorgeous to do the book tour for me. Donna

  26. I have always thought you could look at the USA and see the best and the worst of Cancer.

    I think this country Mother’s others too much, and feels they need to help everyone all the time.
    Taking care of people can also be a good thing, if you don’t go overboard

    Not doing so good with managing the money lately though. LOL We are missing the security that Cancers like.

  27. I agree with Brigette who said that Capricorn is the least popular, but maybe that’s just because I’m a Sun Cap who gets fed up of everyone saying the Cap is boring.

    But on to Cancer. For me, relationships with Cancerians (I’ve had friends, lovers, bosses, colleagues) have always been great learning experiences. I think this is because with Cancer being my opposite sign, I can often see the best and the worst of myself reflected back through them. Maybe that also has something to do with the fact that I have the Part of Fortune in Cancer opp. my Sun.

    I also think that the Cancer archetype is a very important one during this cardinal t-square time, as it’s the only cardinal sign not represented… with Pluto in Capricorn showing us the collective Capricorn shadow, I think the sign of Cancer can help us find a healthy balance.

  28. I agree with Margaret Thomas. Cancer just feels, it needs no reason.

    Everybody else, though, needs to analyse it and more importantly, TAKE IT AWAY.

    I’m Cancer, married to a Taurus. He believes in ‘taking the emotion out of a situation’. B.S.

    Other signs don’t know how to feel.

    The only thing that’s wrong with Cancer is that they don’t know how to express emotions IN PROPORTION with the significance of the event that caused them to feel emotion.
    Am I making sense? Or is the above just me?

    • I can relate to not knowing how to express emotions in proportion to the situation. Sometimes everything feels the same in terms of urgency, so as I have aged I have learned that some things are just not important as others and if I can’t do anything about what is happening, I need to just adjust.

      Some people even think I am really laid which must be the Sag moon part of me.

      But, when it comes to people things, it is a lot harder to detach. I don’t want to be around people who cause tension. I just haven’t figured out how to shake off the bad feelings I get from them. And if you wound me, it is very hard for me to get over it…ever. Just thinking about someone who hurt me brings it all right back, fresh as ever.

      I think the good thing about my childhood, which was fantastic is that we had all signs accounted for. Earth Mom, Scorpio Dad, then Cancer, Aires, Capricorn and Aquarius children. Nice balance I think. None of us seemed alike as far as I thought. LOL I still can’t do our charts as my Capricorn Mother is afraid of Astrology, so won’t give me birth times. I guess I would pay for the info if I wasn’t such a cheap Cancer. Why pay for something I know I can get for free. 🙂

    • It’s not just the current event that they’re expressing, Lostshoe, it’s the memories of all the similar and connected events they’ve been through but haven’t fully released.

      There’s an article on the list of related links for this one about “Cancerians, Memories, and Emotions” that talks about the amygdala section of the brain, where emotions and memories connected with them are stored. It explains a lot about what you’re saying. Donna

      • Sounds good – will do!

  29. Mercury conjunct Saturn with progressed Mercury in Taurus kicking in so I’m back with more since I’ve had time to think about it. lol

    Now knowing that Cancers out number the other signs and their opposite sign is Capricorn, the rest of us have been subject to the tyranny of the majority. Yeah I’m gonna go 5 blocks around the corner to get next door but…

    From my observation up close and in viewing the collective, the Cancer personality is very clannish and will stick up for the clan/family and it’s decisions regardless of whether it’s right or wrong. That in turn is imposed on everyone else with even the most unaware sensing this and feeling angry but not really knowing why.
    “Hear no evil see no evil” when it comes to the “family” describes this perfectly. Even though there have been numerous warnings that something is not quite right, nothing gets done until something really bad happens. Then a band-aid applied the now ocean wide wound that could have been much less damaging had it been tended to from the beginning.

    It’s also my understanding that the Cancer/Capricorn axis is “feminine” and “motherly” as it pertains to Cancer. However, the actions of the US collective have been far from “motherly and feminine” and more about dominance and control from day 1, under the disguise of motherly actions.

    Now I’m not saying all Cancers are like this as there are some out there that are very aware like Donna. Sadly, those numbers are few, hence the situation we as a collective find ourselves in.

    • I will have to disagree about being clannish and sticking up for family as I look at family just the same as everyone else. They don’t get any special treatment.

      My friend is also a Cancer and she can get as annoyed at her children as anyone else, and tells it like it is. My sil is Cancer and she will tell family when they cross the line too. I always thought we were a lot harder on our families than most. LOL

      The place I would stick up for family is if someone were coming to harm them. Then I think I would do whatever to protect them.

      But, if they do wrong, they don’t have me standing up for them.

    • The clannish quality of Cancer really struck home for me watching George W. Bush and his political appointments, they were all based on loyalty and family ties, remember that one appointment, Harriet Meyers? A Bush crony with no qualifications.

      • I thought Bush was a Leo?

      • GHW Bush is a Cancer Sun/Leo Rising. His Dad is a Gemini Sun/Virgo Rising.
        Obama and Clinton are Leo Suns.

      • George W. Bush (Dubya) is the son, and he has Cancer Sun in the 12th, Leo Rising with Pluto and Mercury. I know this because his chart is one of the examples I use in my correspondence course. George Herbert Walker Bush is the father, and I don’t recall his chart. Donna

      • GHW Bush is the dad. GW Bush is the son.

  30. I will admit having a problem with the Cancer Sun people I have known. My problem is this: emotional selfishness and defensiveness and financial stinginess.
    I’m not referring here to taking care of oneself or to frugality. I’m talking about the utter inability to share emotionally and to short change others financially.
    It seems to run through every Cancer Sun person I have ever met, be they relative (dad, aunt, in-laws) friend, co-worker or foe.
    As I have a major positive Cancerian influence in my chart, I wouldn’t think this would be such a problem for me, but it is.
    Now, I know Donna is a Cancer and she shares her heart and talents lavishly, so I know that not all Cancerians are like the stinkers I have known.

  31. Thanks for sharing this interesting post, that obviously touches a lot of people!
    From what you write about Cancer, I would not see that as a reason not to like them.
    Especially first impressions with Cancer is in my experience mostly warm: they stand out for their emphatic and charming and welcoming nature.
    And they are great cooks usually too! 🙂
    The venom is in the tail: backstabbing. I know that is traditionally Scorpio, but I haven’t had that experience ever with a Scorpio, but every time I became friends or partners with a Cancer, that was consistently the result …
    So yes, I learned my lessons the hard way and maybe more people have this experience ( I personally know a few people who have the same stories and therefore avoid Cancer)
    I hope I am not offending you (mind you: I don’t know you personally, so please Cancers, hopefully you (and I) can turn this around!)

    • Every sign has its evolved and unevolved expressions, and the whole point of studying astrology is self-knowledge so you can rein yourself in when you’re heading in the direction of the negative expressions.

      I have worked and worked on the Cancerian parts of myself that are TOOOOO much, and there are still days when I get into that groove and get on my own nerves with it. Donna

      • Donna, could you please elaborate a bit on this one? What does the unevolved expression of cancer include? Is it true what other people are mentioning? Especially the backstabbing part. I thought Pisces and Gemini were more prone to that (Pisces due to lack of boundaries, for better or worse, and Gemini for congeniality reasons). I would really like to know. I’ve always considered cancers trustworthy.

      • You can read the unevolved expression of Cancer in any bitchy Sun sign book or article, and people’s opinions are their opinions. We all see the signs through the lens of our own experience and thus all have signs we love and signs we love to hate. Don’t take anyone else’s opinion too seriously. Donna

  32. Golly~ so much moaning about Cancer’s oversensitivity, stinginess, smothering. Nobody mentioned how FUNNY Cancers are! Some of the funniest people I know are Cancers/Cancer rising!

    I think Cancer gets droll & wacky like no other. I mean, life can be ridiculous. Especially the people you love- family & friends, people you know, standing in line at the Safeway with ice cream in one hand and a case of _________ in the other. –Cancer can turn ordinary events into stories that are super-charged with a shot of zany. Think Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, Will Ferrell, Dan Aykroyd-. The Dalai Lama always has a smile on his face, and Princess Diana had quite a reputation for practical jokes.

    I think we need all the love & laughter we can get in this world. Not to mention good BBQ and a couple of hugs a day, too! And maybe a puppy… 🙂

    • One of my mentors used to love it when I laughed. He said I had a lunatic laugh that was typical of Cancerians. I still laugh just like that, especially if you catch me off guard. Donna

  33. I’m a Cancer (born June 30) and to be honest, I never, ever welcomed or felt any of my Cancerian traits other than moodiness until I got into my current relationship. I’ve got Taurus rising with Venus sitting right on the Ascendant and the moon in Sag, so all that emotion seemed weak to me. Now, I’ve suddenly discovered my nurturing, caring side–I cook, I clean, I do laundry, and I don’t mind. I consider it a miracle since I never was the domestic type before and hated that kind of stuff. Now keeping a nice house for me and my beloved is a top priority.

    I still have issues with showing emotion, though. Am working on that. 😉

  34. I really can’t feel much of the cancer in me, and I have both sun and mercury in it >_>
    I can’t say I’ve been discouraged from being nurturing, a lot of times quite the opposite, both by my parents and friends. I certainly can’t feel what people are thinking, I listen to problems out of politeness but rarely relate and often find it annoying. If I marry, I want a friendship/intellectual kind of marriage and definitely no kids. I don’t even care much for career, actually went for a second degree after working for a while, and that one is more exotic than practical.

    I’ve tried looking for how other aspects of my chart would result in that – moon in aquarius, mars in gemini (and I love to debate and switch interests), sagittarius rising, 4th house empty, 5 air signs, no earth. But somehow I end up thinking that something’s wrong with those cancer attributed qualities for two main planets to feel so weak.
    I’ll be 29 in a couple of days so it’s not like there hasn’t been time for some cancer instincts to emerge.

    • Hi, Simone, you’re a perfect illustration of how important the Moon sign is in modifying the nature of a Cancerian. It sounds like you’re living your Moon in Aquarius to the hilt, and Moon in Aquarius is similar to the Moon-Uranus aspect qualities mentioned earlier.

      The other way the air element could be coming in is if your Sun and Mercury in Cancer are conjunct one another, since a Sun-Mercuy conjunction adds some Gemini qualities to the mix. Donna

      • It would make so much more sense if the moon can take over to such a degree. According to NASA’s site it also entered full moon about 11 hours before I was born. Moon sextile Uranus in my chart.
        Mercury and Cancer are at the two ends on the sign for me, but Mercury is ruler in 7th house (Gemini cusp), and conjucts the Gemini Mars there.

        Btw I’ve always liked the crab symbol, crabs are totally the cutest! (And I like indulging in some tasty cannibalism hehe).

  35. My daughter is a Cancer. She has a stelium in the 11th. Sun, Moon, Mercury & Mars. She is such a lovely, loving person & has so much going for her. (Looks, education, proffesional position, etc) but is so lonely! Can not seem to find a mate. (Saturn square Venus) She reached her 40th birthday this month. My heart hurts so much for her. I have Cancer rising, so I guess this all speaks of the Cancer traits.

  36. I was wondering if this fits for those with a lot of Moon influence. Do you always seem to have one person who gives you that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach?

    It seems that when I lose someone who gives me this uneasy feeling, another comes along to take their place. And they don’t need to be around me in person, but as long as I know there is the possiblity that they could come around, I get that feeling.

    I have managed to find ways to eliminate this feeling with some of the people, in other words, take away their power over me. But, it seems as if there is always that one person, still lurking.

    Feels like I keep being tested, until I figure out how to take control for myself.

    Any thoughts on why this is? I am high on the Moon score, and high on Neptune.

    Am I just picking up on their feelings…and they just don’t like me…which is fine with me. LOL Just leave me alone.

    • Interesting question, Susie. The Moon does rule the stomach and our connection to food, so lunar types might be prone to sensing things in the stomach as a sort of sign tht something is amiss. Donna

  37. I love Cancers! I don’t think Cancer is even close to being the least popular sign. And anytime any of my lovely Cancer friends feel down about being a Cancer, just think it could always be worse – you could be a Virgo, like myself. Now we are the TRUE least popular sign.

  38. this is a very good topic, popular and unpopular signs. it would be great to hear your opinion on that, Donna. I think most popular are: Scorpios (they’re like scary but everyone wants to be them or be with them) Aquarius, capricorns, gemini, pisces, libra

    neutral: taurus, virgo, saggitarus,

    unpopular: cancer, aries, leo

    p.s. cancer is also a disease in croatian

  39. i have always misunderstood the cancer sign. I am aries and my brother is cancer. After 30 years of fights and misunderstanding, i have now realise that the cancer sign is the deepest, strongest soul and the most respected. I wish i could turn back time

    • How wonderful that you see it now, Sid. Never too late. Donna

  40. Nice article Donna and encouraging vision. Anyway, I think that a human being has to harmonize all influences and tendencies and become a real Cosmic being. It’s true the nowadays society makes you a “non Cancer” even if you are a native one 😦 The hardest thing, I think, is to keep the balance straight, it’s not healthy to be too emotional or too … let’s say efficient & pragmatic. God bless you!

  41. I’m a Cancer with a Virgo moon and Virgo rising. And I LOVE being a Cancer! Sure, it’s tough sometimes. Not everyone gets me. Everyone in my life tells me I’m “too sensitive”. So what if I am? I’d rather be the way I am now – emotional, sensitive – than be heartless and cold.

  42. Why are so many actors/actresses born ib the sign of cancer ??

    I think cancer ( lunar) has mass appeal


    • I don’t recall if I discessed it in the article, but the birth rate has a huge spike each year in June and July, so there are more Cancers born in the first place, so more Cancerian actresses, etc, etc. Donna

  43. I think that this is not entirely true. I don’t know a single cancer who isn’t loved by everyone they meet.. what I noticed though (with my best friends and family members) is that cancers often feel like them or their sign is unpopular. Not at all! At least not in my experience.
    And the crab isn’t that bad 😉
    Imagine having a (mostly) naked Virgin holding sheaves of wheat in her hand. XD

    • LOL!! Speaking as a Crab myself, I’ll keep my shell, thanks! Donna

    • OMG!!! I am rolling on the floor with laughter!!! Thanks, I needed that!

  44. I love being a Cancer. The problem is that everyone else isn’t. 😉

  45. Hi Donna,

    With Venus/ Saturn conjunct in Cancer in the 10th House I have had very close friendships ( not lovers) with Cancer and Capricorn Men. These connections were learning experiences and also rooted in past lives when we were family.
    One each of the Capricorn and Cancer friends wanted to take our relationship to the romantic levels but I could not, due to the repulsion of being too close family and the intensity of that memory.
    Two of the Cancer male friends died young . One Cancer and I vowed ( we were young and in college ) that should one of us die before the other , that the one in the spirit world would come back and tell the other what it was like. He died first and came back one year later and told me why he died young and where he would incarnate , only to die young again. This was so he would learn his lesson well.
    The other ones wife sent me some of his ashes for burial. We had been very close brother and sister in a past life.

    • It’s true, Cancerians make loyal friends, like family of choice. Donna

  46. I just found your blog (which I love), and after taking your How strong is your Moon test and scoring off the charts as a Lunar Archetype, I can relate to this post in a very big way.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for addressing the negative rep Cancers have (second only to Scorpio, probably). I have read countless astrology books and articles that have portrayed us as quivering, emotionally insecure, needy, clingy leeches. To a sensitive Cancer Sun/Mercury/Venus with a 4th house Moon, it hurts. There are so many positive attributes that just get swept under the rug. Granted we are a complex bunch, but you’re right- with more Cancers than any other sign, I think we keep the world (and whole lot of families) in order.

    One other thing I’ve noticed is how similar we are to Taureans. It may only be a sextile relationship, but I’ve often found them to be much closer to Cancers than either Pisces or Scorpio, with so many common traits, including loyalty, love of food and home, close connections to the family, sensuality, strong work ethic, etc. Why then is a Taurus portrayed in such a positive light while their Cancer counterparts are depicted so differently?

    • People don’t like people who are in touch with their feelings. When we’re senstive to their feelings, they think we’re wonderful. When we’re sensitive to our own, then we’re toooooo sensitive. THEIR problem! Donna

  47. I have a question: Are you same Donna Cunningham who wrote Moon signs: Guide to inner life? Also, what is your sign?

    This article is wonderful. I am a cancerian and I could relate to lots of things mentioned in this article. I think cancerians are especially unpopular in USA since where I live, they don’t seem to be common. I live in India where the largest no. of births are in August and I guess most of them are leos because in high school, all my teachers were leo. Most politicians are leo or libra.

    This quote if from an article regarding births in various months: “India and China have the most August newborns at 19.5% and 11.6% of babies born during August respectively.”

    There is one more thing I want to ask: USA is considered a cancerian country and China a libran country. What is India’s sign and what is the basis for country sun signs? Independance day: 15th August, Republic day: 26th January. There has been some confusion regarding whther India is a leo country or capricorn country.

    Great article, great blog and keep up the great work!!!!!

    Thank you for reading my comment. Have a good day!

    • Welcome to Skywriter, PV. Yes, I wrote Moon Signs, and I am a Cancer myself. That’s very interesting about the birth rate in India. I have seen census figures for the US, and for over a century, the birth rate has a huge curve from May to September, highest in July-August. the very low Sag to Aries, with the lowest point being Aquarius-Pisces.

      A country’s birth chart is determined by major historical events like being declared a nation or being granted independence. NIcholas Champion’s massive volume, The Book of World Horoscopes, is considered the modern reference. In it, he gives both India and Pakistan the same birth datet, their achievement of Independence from England on August 15, 1947 at Midhnight (0:00 hours). The charts are slightly different, due to location, Delhi (0 Gemini 53) vs Karachi (17 Taurus 32). Donna

  48. Thank you for the prompt and informative reply. It has cleared by doubts about country zodiac signs.

    I loved you book Moon signs. Keep writing such wonderful articles and books.

    All the best for the future!!

  49. I followed the link and saw the comment about seasonal births. It’s not
    seasonal births that give an uneven distribution of births in the signs – its
    the fact that zodiac signs are actually bigger and smaller – even though they
    are all 30 degrees wide. Cancer is the biggest sign.

    • I don’t know about the signs being bigger or smaller, would like to read about that, but the seasonal birth rate fluctuation is a well-established fact, based on census bureau statistics for over 100 years, and that’s based on months, not signs.

      I have often thought that the Moon is in Scorpio far longer than any other sign, both in its monthly round and by progression. But I always thought that it was a subjective perception because I get on my own nerves so bad while it’s in that sign, and it seemes interminable. Donna

  50. Well, this is news to me! I’ve studied astrology for many years and have never gotten the impression (online, through friends, or reading) that Cancer is an “unpopular” sign. My pick for the most-trashed sign would be Scorpio.

    I wonder if the feeling of being “unpopular” that many Cancers seem to have (according to the article and some responses here) has to do with them being more likely to have the personal planets of Venus/Mercury in Leo, and wanting to be appreciated, at least with regard to friendships, ideas, communications?

    • There could be something to it–the Cancerian shyness makes it harder for them to gain the spotlight. Donna

  51. I always thought Cancer was an interesting sign and feel more comfortable with its symbol being the Turtle. Because the Turtle is the King of all fish Clans just like the Eagle is the King of all bird Clans. Turtle is the guardian of all Women s secrets and medicine in our Native Indian culture.It is the most Spiritual of Clans.
    Woman carries the child in water. Turtle has the strongest heart of any living creature. You can kill a Snapping Turtle and skin it out and yet its heart being severed from the body will beat for 40 days and its severed arm will fight you as you reach for it. Cancer rules over the home and roots of ancestors . If you see yourself and talents you have, look into the ancestral tree and you will find others with the same gifts and modes of expression.
    Fixed Star Sirius ( the dog star) is about 12 degrees Cancer in the zodiac but is in the Constellation of Gemini. This is considered a major star for the evolution of our planet; to do with the grounding of the Ray of Love/ Wisdom. This is the 2nd Ray and the Ray our Sun is on. Motherhood and the image of the Madonna…mother and child at the breast is potent in our psychology. Love and nurture with Wisdom is the first experience for a new life on our planet and if all goes well in this regard the child has a strong anchor for life.It is interesting to note that amongst the early boat people , puritans, that this maternal and natural expression was frowned upon and that by the late 5o’s and early 60’s breast feeding was discouraged. It came back in the early 70’s along with midwifery and women s power in protest circles. A lot of these women gave birth at home and took back their power. Woman is First guardian of Love/ Wisdom.
    That’s just the beginning of my take on the sign of Cancer.

  52. Nikola Tesla is a Cancer! ^_____^

  53. cancer is a great sign.i am a cancer and when i was a kid i hated my sign and wish i was a leo..:P but now i’m 19 and i think it’s the most amazing sign.perhaps because i know myself better and i’m more comfortable with the cancer sides of my self.i don’t know if people actually like those who express their feelings or not….when i was a kid i used to express them all the time and the other kids made fun of me..then i sweared to myself that i ll never ever cry again and indeed as i grew older i hid this part of myself showing a tough and strong self to others and now i’m accused of being too cold!i tell my friends i miss them”i’m needy” i don’t”i’m ignoring them”i’m fed up with all these!cancers are sensitive,emotional(in a good way)reliable people,they are caring,a true friend,they are not attached to others as they’re accused, they just bond with the people they hung out,with their friends,their families the things they experience,and-yes-their past, all these are important to them.and in this cruel,unemotional world we live in that relationships are temporary and usually serve sth their love can be interpreted as ”attachement” or”neediness”!cancers are sensitive and romantic but strong characters,with perseptiveness and strong will, without the”i’m totally in my own little world,full of illusions,superiority or inferiority complexes and bou xou xou somebody help me please”attitude of the pisces which all they do is sit around all day and blame the world for their misfortunes.cancers are a dreamy sign as well but they re intuitive,they always read between the lines and this saves them.cancers have a natural good sense of humour and can be a fun company when they open up without all the bla bla bla of the gemini and the superficiality of the libra.cancer women are usually very beautiful and feminine,loyal to their loved ones,they have a natural shyness but they can be both devoted,nurturing partners and sensual lovers.cancers look serious but are sexual creatures more than it saws.cancer women also have a strong maternal instinct and they usually love children and animals.they will be devoted moms and their kids mean the world to them.although this signn is totally underestimated by television astrologers refered to as desperate house wives most cancers are clever,ambitious people but without the me-first attitude of the aries.they are very glamorous and artistic too!many cancers are musisians,actors,painters,shefs,they re creative people.Well..that’s the main traits people should know about cancers!oh..and if you re a guy and want to approach a cancer woman show her you re in love with her,be kind and show her you re a person she can trust.playboys and immature guys turn her off…and if you combine this with being a bit of a rebel she’ll go crazy about you(but maybe i say this cause i have aquarious dont count on it :P”)

  54. Im a cancer and I feel that only people who have committed sins ( tons of it ) get to be born as a cancer … Iv suffered enough… First and foremost, all other zodiac signs possess traits that help them climb the ladder of success in their careers, while cancers being empathetic and home loving are born to serve others… Why is God so terribly impartial ????? I hate him for that …. In a world with dominating leos, arrogant aries and blunt saggi’s its so difficult for a sensitive cancer to live… The only thing that keeps me going is my dream world, where I dream how my life should be in my next birth and wait for the inevitable… Not trying to create sympathy, I have enjoyed the times when I dream, but just think : when other zodiac’s get things physically, we only get them in our dreams… Even when Im upset with someone, I cant openly show it, because I feel what they would think, am I hurting them etc etc , when they openly hurt me … I hate this shit sign cancer … We should have been born in 1700s and 1800s and not in this cruel 21st century … Curse the almighty above …….

    • I agree, don’t know if its karmic or not, but its hard being Cancer in today’s world, the opportunity is definitely there for a Cancer to be used for his/her gifts of giving, while getting nothing in return

      • Tiffany, This site or rather this blog on this site named “Sky Writer” by an astrologer named Donna Cunningham is all about Cancerians (people born under the sign of Cancer) and why Cancer is not a popular sign. As it says in the comment below, many cancers are used for their gifts of giving, while sometimes getting nothing in return. In my case, I have to say that I have received many good blessings in life although I have had to learn how to be extra patient. Also, the most difficult lesson I am still learning about in life is standing in my own truth and also standing in my own power. Basically, Truth is Power. Sad to say, Cancers can easily be abused because of their caring and gentle ways. As I’ve heard you say, “people need to pick their battles carefully”. Cancers need to learn to pick their associates and so-called friends very, very carefully. Cancers are too trusting and too much of a people pleaser. Cancers need to focus on themselves more and not so much on others.

  55. Well, being a Cancer with 3 planets in Cancer, Sun, Mercury and Venus plus 2 more water signs, Jupiter in Scorpio, and my all important Moon in Pisces is tough because of all the sensitive emotions in a world that doesn’t allow us to show our emotions. I do understand how other Cancers feel plus also Pisces and Scorpios. I feel that we water signs carry the major burdens of the whole world.

    But, now, finally, I have to be extra positive because I do believe that most all of my karma that I came into this lifetime to work out is NOW complete. I had major karma with my former husband almost 30 years ago, plus really major KARMA with one older sister and now I am now finally released from the latest and longest karma with my 9 year older sister. I feel like I have lived a whole complete lifetime at the age of 65….thank goodness I look at least 10 years younger than my age! I am finally FREE of my sister’s deep and dark Plutonian emotions. The end of 2012 is a time for me to finally CELEBRATE! Now, I can finally BECOME a true Cancer and stand in my Sunlight……Cancer Sun at my MidHeaven. It feels to me that Heaven is just around the corner!

    • May it be so, Elisabeth. I, too, am a Cancer who’s worked out plenty of karma, and now at 70, feel like I’ve earned the good seniorhood I’m living. Donna

      • Well, I have to say that I have gratefully appreciated all of your informative articles in Dell Horoscope Magazine, your great book about Pluto plus all the other good things you have accomplished that only you could list. Cancers are good people….I’ve always read that Cancers are the most caring people in the zodiac.

        I am glad to hear that your life is going good for you!

        Take Care, Donna.
        Elisabeth Barry

  56. Cancers are cool, and I love being one, wouldn’t change it for another sign.
    But what I find strange is that I have never seen myself as a cancer (home-loving, shy, moody). Is it whatever astrologers say the cancer personality is like is “what” they are supposed to be like or they are succumbed into believing that “that” is what they really are like? And simply cannot be as “good” or as “fun” as a gemini or sagittarius, simply because astrologers say so? Scorpios are “sexy” because astrology says so or Libras are handsome because its ruled by venus and because astrology says so -__-? I know because my sun, moon and mercury are all in cancer. Alot of people get the impression that they are that great because their sign says so or not that great because their sign says so. So no matter how great or how hot or how fun a capricorn can be or tries to be, all this will be denied simply because he/she is supposed to be a stern and serious capricorn? (No one could tell I was a cancer nor did I see myself as one simply because I didn’t know what one was supposed to be like and am still wondering if I am what astrologers say I am supposed to be like).
    Go figure -__-

  57. Cancer isn’t a popular sign because we aren’t allowed to be and astrologers say we are moody, clingy and we have moon faces -__- , therefore we start to believe we have or we are….If the planets could talk, then maybe I will consider believing……

    • Hi Peter, I also have 3 planets in Cancer, Sun, Mercury and Venus and although, yes, I have some characteristics that I am “supposed” to have according to astrology, I also have some that I believe that I have because of my interesting chart. I have a 9th house Uranus in Gemini right next to my fortunate Part of Fortune and then my Venus in Cancer is only six degrees away from my Part of Fortune and only eight degrees away from my special Uranus. I feel that these important aspects help me tremendously to stay more mentally focused on the most important traits of thinking extremely POSITIVE! Yeah, Cancers have a reputation for being the babies of the zodiac but with the right complete chart, they can overcome their delicate sensitivities and march bravely into a very, very POSITIVE environment of their own creation. Ninth house is higher knowledge, positive thinking, and getting your priorities straight in life. I have always put LOVE first in my life. But, LOVE is certainly not selfish, Love can be very sacrificial. I have a very low income because I did NOT put money first in my life, or even second or third. I’ve learned tremendously from my mistakes and I certainly do not count my lack of money as a mistake. It simply was what it was.

      I am at a crossroads in my life and know that life is full of surprises. The most surprising planet is Uranus, quietly sitting up there in my ninth house of foreigners just waiting patiently to surprise me with all the good fortune I could ever hope for and all the LOVE (my Power Point Venus in my ninth house!). I expect the very Best Miracle to come into my life and I feel (feel-theme of being a Cancer) the rumbling of volcano Uranus shifting his feet under the ground. I have worked every planet in my chart and Uranus has been very active for me in 2011 and 2012. I patiently await the happy volcano of Santa Claus surprises coming my way. It will be much better than winning the mega millions lottery!

      Elisabeth Barry

  58. I’m a Cancer through and through. I fit my sign to a T and wouldn’t have it any other way. No one should be ashamed of their signs. Your sign makes you unique. 🙂

  59. im a cancerian and friends and family love me 🙂 but my love life is a mess 😦 all my exes broke up with me saying that im jus too caring -_- my current boyfriend is a july 7 born and he says that he loves but i caught him many times cheating on me but he doesnt wanna break up with me…

    • There are times I think Cancers can be too caring of others, and put their needs before your own. I am sure anyone would like that as you can make them feel warm and cozy. Who wouldn’t want that? But, can that turn into being smothering? You said the others said you were too caring. Were they being polite and not wanting to hurt your feelings by saying it is just too much for them?
      I am Cancer with Cancer rising so I know that it is hard for a Cancer to let go once they latch on to something, and I know about overdoing my desire to help others. For me the trick is to look out for myself first, and think about what is best for me, not just someone else. I also have Venus in Virgo and that was a tremendous help to me when it came to choosing partners. It can be a bit picky, and that is what I needed. Also my Sag Moon helped me to distance my emotions when I needed to. Have you looked at your other planet placements and how they might play into this?
      If you put your needs first, wouldn’t you say you don’t deserve to be treated the way he is treating you, and move on to look for a better fit in a partner. And are you choosing people who need to be babied/Mothered? It is nice in the beginning, but can get old fast.
      My biggest problem with being Cancer is that I feel so many of other peoples emotions and mistake them for mine. And, I think there are other planets and aspects that add to this. Once I learned that I was being sensitive to others and it wasn’t just me being sensitive, it helped me a lot. But I still struggle with this.

      • Very interesting. I just won custody of two little grand daughters and the transfer is to take place soon. The littlest one has Cancer rising but she seems the most outgoing of the two. Shes a Virgo with a Sag. moon , very similar to what you are saying.
        The propensity to obsorb other peoples state is a factor I am now alerted to with her. I too experience this problem , proably due to Neptune on the ascendant.
        Very timely comment for me….thanks Susie.

  60. Being a Cancer, I feel that Cancers generally need ample alone time to chill out from so many negative vibrations. Also, as the lady just above me stated with her reply, I also have Neptune on my ascendant. I know this is strictly a column for Cancers but I would like to hear how others with Neptune on their ascendant handle day to day life. Neptune picks up so much of everything. Plus, my Moon is in Pisces. Yes, I am overly sensitive.

    Thanks, Elisabeth

    • Hi Elisabeth,
      I wonder if the Moon in Pisces contributes a lot to that need to be alone? My husband has his Moon in Pisces and he has to get away and be alone, and has done this from the time he was a child.

      • Hi Susie,
        I totally agree that Moon in Pisces people really need alone time. Us Pisces Moons are so sensitive that they usually can not handle loud crowds or too much noise. I believe our ears are extra sensitive and we have to protect them.

      • Well, that describes my husband to a T. Can’t take him anywhere crowded and if anyone laughs louder than normal he is giving dirty looks to guiet it down. LOL He is also a Libra, which might contribute to that needing everyone to be quiet and dignified. 🙂

      • That’s interesting! I am Libra Rising and I appreciate quietness and dignity. Also, my Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are all in my 10th house with a Capricorn Flavor. Capricorns really like dignity and discipline. Since, my Saturn and Pluto are in Leo, I like to have fun but I’ve noticed that most bands seem to play too loud. My Libra daughter planned everything about her second wedding but I noticed that the jazz band she hired that played underneath an outdoor canopy was much too loud. It was difficult for guests to hear each other speaking during the outdoor dinner after the wedding!

      • Hi Elisabeth,
        I think when you combine all these parts of our charts that point to these same things it helps to explain how we are. If my husband only had the Moon in Pisces, he might not be as touchy about some things, but then you add the Libra and that reinforces that need for quiet and being dignified and tactful. Something a Cancer with a Sagittarius Moon may not always be. That Sagittarius Moon can mouth off without thinking.

      • Hi Susie,
        Gosh! We’re practically becoming pen pals! You are so right. We are all a combination of our complete chart. I’ve learned much more about astrology from observing the people in my family than I have out of any book. I have a niece who is Sagittarius Sun, Venus and Mercury with a Gemini Moon. I am guessing that she is Leo Rising because I feel her Pluto in Leo very strongly. She does definitely mouth off! Her fire planets are strong! She was born with Saturn at 0 degrees of Libra and I’ve noticed that properly using her Saturn has been very tough for her for her whole life. She can be very sweet and kind and is great about writing letters (Gemini) but most all of us in the family know we have to watch what we say to her. She can definitely be a loose cannon! 🙂

  61. I am a cancerian and I am always lost. I suck at everything. I can’t focus. I am reminded of my failures when I see success.

    • Danny, Danny, Danny!!! You need to be kinder to yourself! Keep imagining a ball of golden fire in your solar plexis to build your confidence. Donna

  62. I realize I’m late to the party, but I just found this site. Like Donna, I am a Cancer (12th) with a Leo rising. I have a Gemini moon (11th) and Mercury figures prominently in my chart–the Moon not so much. I feel more like a Gemini or a Leo than a Cancer. But to answer the original question, I used to tell people I was a Leo rather than say I was a Cancer.

    • Oh, Rian, I have to laugh, but I can relate, as I am also a 12th house Cancer Sun with Leo rising. Did people ever guess you were a Pisces? I got that a lot, as Pisces is related to the 12th, and people often will guess the sign related to your Sun’s house position. Donna

      • Well, this conversation is getting interesting. I can’t recall anyone ever guessing that I might be a Capricorn….(Cancer Sun in the 10th house). I do remember someone guessing that I might be an Aries which is the sign on my 7th house. I think my Aries tendencies relate to the fact that I grew up surrounded by Aires women, an aunt that I was close to and two sisters are Aries….(one Aries sister in particular, I have been very close to all my life) plus my mom was born with Mars in Aries although she was an Aquarius. My former husband was Aries Rising and was very assertive. Maybe, this is why I acquired so many Aries traits. I do know that I have been on a life-long journey to work hard on bringing out my masculine energies.

      • We should compare notes sometime! I can’t say as I’ve ever been guessed a Pisces, but I have been guessed Leo.

        Thanks for responding–have a great day.

  63. Hello fellow Cancerians, I believe It boils down to science!
    Cancerians are concieved around October, when the Sun’s powers are waning. I believe this makes for quite a sensitive nervous system in the developing fetus – the sun is at a lower incidence, so there is less impact on the nervous system and less firepower. It kicks in around puberty, when Cancerians realize most painfully that they cannot express themselves as easily as they would like and they feel bombarded. I don’t know about lack of confidence. I just know that I had to do WORK in order to tackle difficult people and situations, where my siblings were there in the moment – no consideration, no processing. I was confused about this having to process stuff when I just wanted to move forward.
    I do NOT like being Cancerian, unless im listening to music, or in bed with someone I love – then its GREAT. Otherwise, I have to program myself everyday to get the most out of the day. I tried embracing it once, and got NOTHING of significance done for myself for months. I have VOWED that no matter what God promises me – I will never incarnate during October/November time on Earth!! Cancer is ok to have on the ascendant or even moon at a push – but not in the Sun. Its overall too frustrating and too much work.

    • I can’t identify with what you say

      I’m a late cancerian- sun 28′ conjunct asc 25 cancer

      I have 3 leo planets & an aries MC with jupiter conjunct in h10

      I am nutururing- but also very outgoing, assertive & a true self- starter

      Remember- cancer is a cardinal sign= there is strength..

      ‘Difficult people’ hard to deal with ?

      Again- I cannot relate- but that might be my merc conj pluto in leo- H2



      • I have to agree with Krista. Of us three sisters, the other two being Cap and Scor, I am by FAR the one with the most/best life experience. 29 deg Can with Leo rising. Mercury plays big too.


      • Just remember Jupiter is exaulted in Cancer and Cancer rules the Home and women. They are they most important key factors in the eveolution of Earth! Hurray for CANCER!!!! Definately no wall flower or boring sign! Cancer rides high in my estimation~!

  64. Thanks for your support of Cancers! I am working hard to help Mother Earth evolve!

  65. Fxxk but i really really hate being a cancer. My moods are just uncontrollable that its irritating, i can be happy then sad then moody then pessimistic then gay, the list can go on…why are we like this

    • Sometimes it depends on if you are picking up others feelings, and you do not realize this. Can get you all over the place. Once I learned that I was picking up on other peoples feelings I was able to let go of the ones that truly were not mine. And, I guess the way I do it is when I realize I am not mad, so why do I feel it right now. If you don’t think it is you, let go of it. Hope that makes sense. Then again, are there other influences that might make you more moody? What else is going on in your chart? Where is your moon? What house placements are things in. That might be more of a clue for you, other than just that you are Cancer, and Cancers are said to be moody. I know many Cancers who are not at all moody. Just as they say Cancers are the most nurturing, and I have never wanted Children. That is somewhere in my chart other than Cancer. And I am Cancer/Cancer rising, so I should be most likely to have kids and I don’t.

      • Good advice, Susie. I think all of us water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) do absorb the emotions of people around us, and then we don’t recognize that they aren’t our own, until we learn to check the feelings out the way you describe. Donna

  66. Wah. I am an Aries, and so feel like crushing Cancer people right now, both in my work and personal life. They stand for everything I don’t, mentally we are not meshing at all. They are betrayers, they are not honest, I want to crush them. They are society, I am Prometheus. You dig??

    • Yeah, well that’s why Aries and Cancer are square. In reply to your diatribe about how every Cancer on the planet is against you, I’m sure plenty of Cancerians would have plenty to say about the bad qualities of Aries as well and horror stories to tell about them. We all have signs we love to hate, based on a few bad experiences with family and lovers, but that doesn’t make every person born under a sign a terrible person. As a professional astrologer with 40 years of working with clients of all 12 signs, I’m here to tell you that Sun Sign astrology based on the birth sign alone, and not taking into account features like the Moon and Ascendant, is a CROCK. Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you, Donna for defending Cancers. We are all here on earth to learn to love one another and that can be very tough at times, especially when a sensitive Cancer has a mountain of karma with a very tough and mostly seemingly cold Aires. On a lighter note, karma is finishing for the majority of the human race and the dawn of a better life is almost here.

      • Thanks, Elizabeth. I’ll be watching out my 8th floor window for that dawn! Donna

      • I was just listening to Lori Toye and we are in transitional times. The End Times are overlapping with the New Beginning. The ascended Masters have told Lori that the Golden Age began in 1899!!! The largest earth changes are expected between 2020 and 2025, not so far away! Love and Faith will see us all through these earth changes.

      • Hadn’t heard that, Elisabeth.

      • LOL…I am a Cancer with Cancer rising, so I have a lot of it going on…and I find that I do not do well with Aires people. But….I should not get along with my Libra husband either….but most of the time I do. So, there are other things besides just being an Aires and a Cancer. I used to be scared of Scorpios until I met a Scorpio, with Leo rising and a Gemini Moon. So, maybe there is more going on that just a Cancer sun. And since Cancers can be a bit sensitive when it comes to picking up other peoples feelings…could it be that your dislike of them is what they are picking up and would explain their attitude towards you?

      • Well said, Susie! Donna

  67. I have three Cancerians in my life and all bad news and hard work. Why do I hate Cancerians immediately? It saves time. Give me a space cadet Aquarian anytime.

    • PS…I forgot to ask…why do you have 3 Cancerians in your life if you dislike them so. Are they relatives so you feel you are stuck? If they are friends, why not just pull away from them? If they are co workers, better to learn to deal with them.

  68. I love Cancers! They are so warm and loving. Yes, a little emotional but easy to talk to. I have a daughter w/Leo rising and a strong stellium in Cancer, Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in the 11th. She is a successful architect , owns 2 home, well traveled, etc. she has gone through a lot in the early years which I contribute to an exact square with Venus in Leo and Saturn Tarus from 10 & 12th house. She is in her early 40s now and, I think reached a happy place.
    I have many Cancers in my life, Cancer on the ascendant, and would like more. I think if you use the positive aspects of the planets instead of focusing on the negative you will find that things will work out better and you will grow into the good parts of your sign.

    • Verna, that is a great what you say about focusing on the positive aspects of the planets. That is what I did when I had all the Leos coming into my life. I decided to just focus on all of their good traits and sort of laugh at the traits that annoyed me and would say to myself they were just being a typical Leo and laugh at it, not let it annoy me. It worked. I love my Leos now. Susie

  69. I am getting ready to become an eagle……compliments of my Jupiter in Scorpio and fly above all the emotional storms of earthly life. I have noticed that older Scorpios are extremely CALM and do not allow the negativities of life,
    all the petty dramas….they have learned to ignore the dramas and be very calm. Jesus was extremely calm.

    • All true, but Jesus wasn’t exactly an elder when he died (wasn’t he 33?), so he was just an evolved soul all the way.

      • I agree, Donna. I believe that he was highly evolved as a very young person and I have read (although I don’t totally know the real truth) that he spent his years from 12 to 30 studying astrology and other spiritual studies in the Far East. Yes, he developed himself to a very high level and was very gifted. He understood pure, unconditional Love. I especially admire his humility, his calmness and his intellect. He had achieved the lofty goal of perfection. It should be an astrologer’s dream to see his actual astrology chart.

      • Oh, my, his chart? I’ve been involved with astrology since 1968, and that debate has gone on….and on….and on! Kinda like the debate over the true US chart.

  70. I’m posting a comment in retrospect since July 2010… I say either pick on all the signs or none at all! Better yet follow my ending suggestion. Each sign has it’s good and not-so-good aspects. Astrology is not meant to be a “popularity contest” anyway. I think this post and it’s ongoing discussion, regardless of which sign were talking about, is in poor taste. Let’s quit while we’re ahead on this one! Suggestion: Why Cancer (choose any one of the twelve here) is a popular sign?

  71. Cancers are one of the best signs I know, other than me being one obviously 🙂 But anyways, definitions of signs as stated on the net all goes with the libra popularity, leo boldness and attention seeking yadda yadda. The librans and leos I know are as shy as hell and though the scorpios do get the chicks, they tend to put in a bit more effort than others and work very hard to get them (like any the other sign) but end up borrowing money from friends to maintain or keep their girls. Not very seductive or controlling if you ask me. I’ve seen capricorns get more attention than a “sexy” sign and plenty of needy, emotional and SHY geminis at that too, go figure.
    Yes, the sun sign counts but so do the other planets and putting them altogether then do you get your personality, and not just because you were born in a certain sign, which then counts for who you are.
    Cancer+1 here, don’t like it, tough 🙂 I love my crabbiness

    • LOL agree with you on that. I have learned to love my sign too. I was always told I was too sensitive as a child, and never knew what they were talking about. Now I understand it better. And, I don’t get all bent out of shape now if people complain about this or that when it comes to Cancer. Every sign has it’s good and bad. I can handle it now. I am Cancer/Cancer rising. My Moon in Sagittarius helps out a lot in this mix. I love it.

  72. I hate that I can’t live without people. I depend on others to be happy. I love my star sign most of the time but at times I hate it. Mostly for the moods. Little things can affect me soo much 😦 , it sucks.

  73. I am a Cancer and a Cancer rising. Cancer and Mercury in my 12th house. Moon is in Sag in my 5th house. Neptune in Scorpio in my 4th house. My mom gave me away when I was seven years old. Yes, I have had a rough life but that’s okay. I love it that I am able to feel and that makes me an amazing healer for others and myself. I love it that I care completely way down deep in my soul. I have many friends who are cancers and family members who are cancer as well. The Universe gave me an Aries daughter with Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in Pisces in her 8th house. Thanks Donna for this blog. 🙂

    • That’s a terrific perspective, Ronda. We’re a doggone good sign. Donna

    • I am a cancer ASC- 25′ & cancer sun 28′

      Remember- we are a cardinal sign & stronger than we think we are

      My moon is in pisces in H10

      I am one good actress

      I think there are more cancer or cancer planets actors than any other sign

      I really don’t understand HOW the subject of this thread started


  74. No;; I am happy to be moon in cancer.. And I prefer indian vedic astrology.. where each zodiac sign is further divided in nakshatras(constellation)… which is very unique and able to differentiate two cancerians or aquarians.

  75. Me having cancer moon: capricorn sun: scorpio venus : leo mars with asc aries. and got natural gifts of high intuition ; energised; good strength of mind; imagination etc. and I am very well respected and popular in my college.

  76. I feel this might change, especially with the Homestuck webcomic that features characters loosely based on the zodiac, the main character in the zodiac arc is based on Cancer and is by far one of the most popular of the Zodiac characters.


    I run into your website trying to understand why there is a lot of negativity towards the sign of the crab. If anything I think cancer is just the average human being with all its emotional reactions , fears, joy, sadness, anger, lust etc.People can’t handle all those things at once.Also, we have an unbreakable shell that tough exterior that people talk about is not about how cancers try to act tough but rather how STRONGLY protective we are of our inner world.People who are not allowed a place in that shell will react badly and that’s because the crab don’t think they deserved it. Crabs are don’t move without their shells on.

  78. I actually LOVE LOVE LOOOVE, bring a cancer. When yhu think about cancers and scorpios including see the most different zodiac signs out there. No one knows anything about us really. they only see what’s on the out side. I consider cancers to be the most strongest so zodiac signs out there. people talk so much about the cancer is being annoying but they’re always friends with them. cancers have that outgoing personality that people love and they can always make someone feel at home or happy. sS honestly cancers rule.

    • Hi Cancergurl999: I am a Cancer and I understand what you are saying. I cannot speak for all Cancers but I know that my life has built me into a very strong person. Most people that I connect with really like me and want to be around me. Even, if they tell me that I annoy them, I know the real truth. I am good at projecting real LOVE.

    • I agree that what they see is what is on the outside. We can hide a lot inside. I guess with me my sensitivity showed on my face when I was younger. I learned how to hide it as I got older. Guess I was a soft shell crab and now I’m a hard shell. LOL I do love being a Cancer now. I think I have a lot of empathy for people (not sympathy…empathy) LOL I agree that most people enjoy having me around also. I think my Sag moon helps them like me also…as they don’t seem to be upset when I do or say something really stupid…and I can. They know I am don’t mean any harm. I am someone who is almost always willing to go along with what people want to do. I really do like to make others feel good…and that makes me feel better.

  79. Thanks for helping with the sun and moon in the fourth house. I never fitted anywhere properly before Whenever I read Cancer character it is me to a tee. I know I am a Virgo rising, Sagittarius sun sign, but my Moon in Scorpio is in Four with my Sun and my Pluto in Cancer. My children and grandchildren are always telling me to come out of the past and join the present, but I love the past and especially my life in the early years. My darling late husband was a Scorpio rising with Pluto in Cancer, and he was so Cancer! A wonderful person, caring, loving, a great cook himself and in fact when I recently read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs book, there we both were in the Cancer section, every little bit of it!! My great grand daughter is a Cancer Sun sign and we seem to have a special bond! Love Cancers!!

  80. Well, first of all it scares me how accurate how accurate and true these sun signs are. Apparently I am a cancer and have ALL of the traits that go with it. I am pure cancer. I absolutely hate being one and wished I was something else. I always self-pity, very timid and shy, lazy, and even this article complains about it. Signs like Sagitarius, leos, and Gemini are much better off. I honestly am convinced cancers are the worst thing to be, especially if you are a male.

    • I happen to like Cancer men–especially such admirable ones as Tom Hanks, Nelson Mandela, and the Dalai Lama. Donna

  81. I’m a cancer and let me just say that if the world had only this sign it would be so much better!

  82. Unfortunately, most of my dealings with Cancers, both male and female, have not been positive (I’m a Leo Sun but my Moon is in Cancer). Worked under two, several ex-toxic friends and a not so dear relative that no one can stand.

    Most of the Cancer Suns I’ve dealt with were incredibly mean-spirited, selfish, negative, moody, immature, petulant, treat their loved ones/friends and others around them bad and create/hold unnecessary grudges/feuds. They also love to start drama and create storms but then cry when it rains, especially when they get wet from their own self-created weather. I have witnessed this personally many times with practically all of the Cancer Suns I’ve known.

    I can get the emotional and sensitive part (my Cancer Moon speaking from personal experience, believe me I know what its like to hurt down to the bone), but the vindictive, spiteful, passive-aggressive part, which I’ve seen MANY Cancer Suns emulate, I really don’t.

    I also don’t get why Cancers turn over the milk bottle and purposely dump it all over the floor then cry over spilled milk (or better yet, accuse another person of making them do it). I don’t know if I just dealt with ‘shadow’ or unevolved Cancers or I just happened to have the misfortune of dealing with Cancers with darker signs in other aspects of their charts. Or I just haven’t been lucky enough to meet a Cancer that embodies what seems to be really awesome qualities just yet. Not trying to hate, of course, if anything I’m trying to gain understanding, especially from other Cancerians which would help immensely. Especially since I tend to attract a lot of Cancers in my life.

    • Wow, that hurt! I am a Cancer sun with a Sagittarius moon. 3 of my planets are in Leo so in my 2nd house. I have always been told that I am one of the kindest people. I think it has to do with where your planets are in your houses and the aspects. My cancerian niece is one of those hateful people as was my ex best friend but I believe it is all about where your planets are in your chart…

      • I sincerely apologize if that was taken as disrespectful, as I do not intend to say that ALL Cancerians are like this, as I’m sure many are not. I guess I was just unlucky so far in my dealings, that and I’m sure other circumstances/aspects were at play, some of which have little to do with sign (or sign placings) themself and more to do with the soul’s character in general. Judging by what you tell me about your niece/ex-best friend I think it just might be ‘shadow’ or unevolved Cancerians (or maybe the infamous Scorpio Moon? I don’t know the charts but I do know a lot of what I’ve seen and experienced were negative traits attributed to Cancer Suns). It’s sad too because in practice, I actually like Cancer’s positive traits, as sensitive, emotional people with a crazy sense of humor and love sound perfect They mesh well as a Cancer Moon/Leo Sun myself.

      • It’s all good. Life is too short to send ugly energy to others Wishing you a grand day and I hope along your journey that you meet other Cancerians that are filled with sunshine. 💖💖💖

      • I used to feel the same way about Virgos. They just rubbed me the wrong way, and it seemed like every man I dated was a Virgo. Maybe I had some lesson to learn in tolerance, but it was sure a thorn in my paw. Anyway, I guess I must have learned– Virgos can stay.

        Signed, a Cancer/Leo

      • I have felt this way about many Gems & Aquas- flaky, flighty, unstable

        You just can’t generalize- its foolish

        Asc 25 cancer- natal sun 28 cancer

        ~~~~works for me


  83. I’m a taurus girl born on May11 and my best friend is a cancer born on July 18. She’s so caring and loveable. That’s what I know and love about cancer.

    • Thanks, Joyce, for the good words about Cancerians. I’m a Cancer myself and wrote this post in order to defend–not defame–Cancers. I’m closing the comment section now because I’m fed up with the haters who seem to believe that every single Cancer on earth is a horrible person. Donna

      • Thank you for finally closing the Cancer column, it’s unbelievable that you would even have one so cruel on your blog, especially for such a tender hearted sign.


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