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How Strong is your Moon? Here’s the Score!

©7-8-2010; revised 1/2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

The popular series of tests for planetary strength here on Skywriter follow a particular pattern, with points scored and orbs specified for various features of the chart related to the planet in question.

In testing the strength of the Sun and Moon, however, you’ll find differences in the scores, including some bonus points, wider orbs allowed, and other considerations.

That’s because the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are by nature the strongest and most telling features of a chart, and the scores need to reflect that.

The Moon rules the sign Cancer. You’re Cancerian if you have Sun, Moon, Ascendant or several planets in that sign. These are true lunar types. Perhaps the strongest lunar influence of all is Moon in Cancer, since it’s in its own sign. The Moon and Cancer are also related to the 4th house of the horoscope. Having any one of those features prominent will strengthen your lunar side.

The Test for the Moon—What’s Your Score?

The tests in this series aren’t a perfect scientific measurement—that’s impossible. They’re just meant as a simple and fun way to find out the strongest influences in your birth chart.

Note that the orbs and scores are higher for this and the Sun test than for the other planets.

____ Moon conjunct the Sun, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 15 points each; square, trine, or opposite, 10 points each. (Moon’s orbs: 10° for conjunctions, 8° for oppositions, 6° for trines.)

____ Moon conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 6 points each.

____ Moon in minor aspect to the Sun, Ascendant, Midheaven or other planets, 4 points each. 3° orb. Specify.

____ BONUS: Moon conjunct or opposite the Sun and within 6° of the North or South Node, 10 points, because you were born at an eclipse. (For each degree that separates the Moon and Sun, your birth was about 2 hours from the eclipse. 6° represents 12 hours.)

____ BONUS: The Moon’s North or South Node in Cancer or the 4th house, 5 points.

____ BONUS: Moon in Cancer, 15 points.

____ Sun, Ascendant, or Midheaven in Cancer, 10 points each.

____ Other planets in Cancer, 5 points each.

____ BONUS: Sun or Moon in the 4th house, 10 points each.

____ Other 4th house planets, 5 points each.

____ Bonus: Cancer on the IC or Cancer planets in the 4th, 5 points each.

____BONUS: Part of a major configuration like a stellium, T-square, or Grand Trine, 5.

____ Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider important, such as Moon aspects to the nodes or having a Node or Part of Fortune in Cancer or the 4th. Specify.

____Total. 0-15 low, 16-25 moderate. 26-40 strong. Over 40 off the charts!

High Scores?  What are Lunar Types Like?

Issues for the Moon: the home, family, roots, mother figures and being a mother,  nurturing, dependency, security, the emotions, ties to the past and our ancestors, memory, food, the female reproductive system and its cycles, beliefs about the role of women, responsiveness, instinct.

The Moon by nature is traditional and conservative—an ancient, feminine energy that yearns for family and roots. It’s security-minded, safety-conscious, and wants to preserve the past, so it can be sentimentally attached to Mom and to possessions and mementoes that remind us of happier times. It’s home cooking with an old family recipe and going back to our old home town for our high school reunion. It’s how we deal with our emotions, our dependency needs, nurturance, and issues around food.

Many of you will snarl about how UNLUNAR you’re despite a high score on this test.  I can already hear your protests and feel the burn backlash telepathically over the internet.  If your Moon’s sign and aspects are difficult, you may very well hate your Mom, call in a bomb scare to your high school reunion, and generally detest all things lunar.

And yet that doesn’t make those issues any less critical in your life. It just alters the way you deal with them. Whole books have been written—in fact, I’ve written a couple—about how to heal your lunar wounds. What I just wrote was the archetypal version of a lunar type.

(Did I just say archetype? On Skywriter, archetypes are as rare as politicians who give a crap about their constituents and aren’t cheating on their wives. As rare as a freebie that doesn’t wind up costing you more than it’s worth. As rare as an astrology newsletter or article that doesn’t try to wind you up about the nearest eclipse or Mercury retrograde period.)

Here are some reasons you might not be a typical lunar type:

The Moon is reflective, and for Cancer Suns or Moons, lunar traits would be modified by aspects and other chart features.

For example, if you have a Moon-Uranus aspect or were born between 1949-1946, while Uranus was in Cancer, you may be a wild mixture of lunar and Uranian qualities.

Cancer Suns and Ascendants are especially  strongly affected by the Moon’s sign, house, and aspects. A Cancer with an Aries Moon wouldn’t have much patience with either kids or cooking.

A Cancer with Capricorn rising will not readily show the world that tender or sentimental side. A Cancer Sun or Moon in the 9th might be a citizen of the world and even live abroad or far from home for years.

Concerns of the 4th House:  The 4th house is associated with the Moon and the sign Cancer. I often find that  4th house Suns are similar to Cancers in their attachment to the home, family, and roots. Depending on the sign, they may or may not share the moodiness, sentimentality, and sensitivity Cancerians are noted for, but they’re likely to be homebodies.

Some areas of life that are crucial to people with a strong a  4th house are the home and home life, family of origin, roots, family ties, heredity, family influence, the nurturing parent, and the senior years.

So, folks, how did you do?  Were the test results accurate about you and your loved ones? This is a new test, so you’re my beta testers. Tell us how it went in the comments section by scrolling down past this article.

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  1. I will have to recheck my math, but I got an 83. I had better love the moon.

    • Whoa!

    • Yeah, I got a 74 on the Moon. I AM a cancer, with a stellium in Cancer….my total Cancer score (not counting Mars, because no test) is 174; 58 on sun; 42 on Mercury.

      A friend says I am the most rational person he knows. I am also the most emotional person he knows.

  2. My score is 67, quite strong indeed. I do feel it strongly, new moons and full moons, keeps me restless and awake. I consider myself quite intuitive too.

    My 4th House is occupied with personal planets, including Moon.

    Within the time, I started to be better friend with the Moon and it’s cycles.

  3. Hey Donna!
    Does having the North Node in Cancer help? I have a stressed Moon, but FEEL very Lunar! My Mother and I never bonded. I am so wrapped up in lunar activities: the home, food, cooking, emotions, nurturing people etc., but didn’t score very high. My NN and chart ruler, Saturn are in the 6th House. Scratching my head….


    • I’d imagine that you’re working very hard to embrace your lunar qualities. Maybe I should add the Moon’s nodes to the score. Thanks for alerting me. Donna

  4. I have a score of 78 not including the opposition to Chiron.

    I can’t sleep when the moon is full, doesn’t matter if it’s a cloudy or clear night. Anyone else have that problem?

    • I once lived with a Full Moon housemate. She insisted the Full Moon didn’t bother her at all, but as long as we roomed together, I suddenly found myself slamming doors and bursting into tears over nothing at the Full Moon. It wasn’t typical of me, but I was getting flooded psychically with her unadressed emotions. Donna

  5. 54!

    More if the Moon’s Nodes are included, as they are conjunct the ASC-DC axis and Trine Moon and Mars 😀

    • Hi, Mandi, I shoulda knowed you were a lunar type of the best kind! Donna

  6. I got 31. With nothing in Cancer or the 4th I’m surprised I got so high! However, my water moon certainly allows me to feel its presence.

    Thanks for the test!

  7. 41 if I don’t count Moon trine Ascendant with an orb of 6 degrees 12 minutes; 56 if I do. In either case, I was surprised to get such a high score! Some of my moony stuff is problematic – Uranus in Cancer and Chiron in House 4, so I may be a bit of a Moon rebel. However, I’m afraid I do relate to the “moodiness and sensitivity” bit. I should get your book about healing lunar wounds, Donna – what’s the title?

    • My self-help book about the Moon had 2 editions with 2 different titles. The first version was Being A Lunar Type in a Solar World; the 2nd version was The Moon in your Life. Both are out of print, but may be found used at or I also wrote a pop astrology book (also out of print) called Moon Signs. Donna

  8. Hi again, Donna!

    Thanks for your reply. In addition to my above comment, it also occurred to me that my 12th House, Balsamic Moon is also the Apex of a Yod and one arm of a Grand Cross! I must be working the Moon really deep. Feel like I’m on the edge of a break through, because the Moon feels soooo important to me and yet I scored REALLY low! And of course, now my precious and tortured Moon is being visited by transiting Pluto! I so want to work my chart and learn my lessons…
    Thanks Donna for your information.


    • Well, transiting Pluto in the 12th will do it for you, Jan–as deep as you need to go with uncovering and releasing the deeply buried and forgotten lunar issues. For that transit, I’d recommend my Healing Pluto Problems, which IS still in print and available through the publisher, RedWheel/Weiser. Donna

  9. 56. 1 degree away from moon sextile Neptune, which would make me 60.
    I have 10th house chiron opposite Uranus/Mars conj in Cancer in the 4th…lots of fighting in my house growing up, and I rebelled alot. But I’m definately overly sensitive, intuitive and nurturing, love fixing up the home, cooking, etc. Also have moon in 8th making me intuitive as well.

  10. Wow, I got a 59 (includes 6 points for a square to Chiron). And I calculated orbs accurately, knocking out a few extra points for a quintile and semisquare that were just barely outside the orb.

    But I wonder if maybe there should be extra points associated with the lunar nodes. I have Mercury exactly conjunct S Node, and Neptune exactly conjunct N Node. Then I have a weak conjunction, Saturn within 8′ of N Node. Oh well, I’ll leave those points out unless you endorse them.

    This is all very interesting, as I knew I was pretty lunar (maybe even a lunatic) due to my Sun/Moon conjunction (Sun 27′ Taurus, Moon 25′ Taurus). I have seen seen lunar transit charts and find them too much to deal with, the influences change too rapidly each day. But now I’m thinking I better start paying more attention to them. I’m not sure how to do that.

    • When I was learning astrology, I just had a copy of my chart drawn on posterboard, and would move a pushpin daily, until I could do it in my head.

      You might want to install LunaBar on your opening screen down in the corner. It keeps track of the transiting Moon’s degree and phase all the time. (See )

      No, I think adding in all the points for the aspects to the Nodes is stretching it too far. We’d all wind up with 80s. Donna

  11. “If your Moon’s sign and aspects are difficult, you may very well hate your Mom, call in a bomb scare to your high school reunion, and generally detest all things lunar.”

    Hah hah hah. True enough.

  12. 89 flipping points! Yowzer! No wonder I love to take photos of the Moon with my 20X Zoom Lens.
    Oddly, enough, I do not feel particularly Lunar nor do people perceive me as such. I think my Moon/Uranus conjunction on the MC breaks up some of the Lunar feeling.
    However, at the pool yesterday I noticed that I tend to swim like a crab and crab walk around the pool! LOL!
    To wit: Moon in Cancer conj. MC conj. Uranus.
    MC in Cancer
    Trine Jupiter and Mars
    Square Asc and Neptune.
    Venus & Uranus in Cancer
    If I looked more carefully at my chart, I could probably find a few of those smaller aspects.
    According to my calculations, I am a Genius Neptunian Lunatic (or something)because of my strong Neptune and Moon and Uranus scores!

  13. Hi Donna. This series has really been en eye-opener. Not in a million years would I have thought my Moon was so strong! I scored 49, totally unexpected since I probably would have sent a bomb scare to my high school reunion. Whenever I travel I don’t want to go home! I haven’t talked to my mother in 25 yrs, I hate going back to my home town, I avoid relatives like the plague – so this was weird.
    My moon is the last in a 4-planet stellium in Virgo, in av very tight conjunction to Pluto, Sun and Uranus. The Stellium is part of a kite, and I find it difficult to seperate the energies. Which planet is stronger when they all receive the same aspects? So it’s funny that of those planets the Moon is the strongest. Pluto is 48, Uranus is 45 and the Sun I don’t know yet. About the same as the Moon, I’m guessing since I have no planets in Leo or the 5th house.
    I am however a good cook, I love food, I always take care of people in a non-hugging, practical way (it is a Virgo moon). I’m not an emotional person, but I do choke up whenever I see a really soppy film. So I’m busted. Perhaps next time there’s a full moon, I’ll go howling at it.

  14. 52 here. As much as my Aquarius Moon dislikes it when emotions are given free rein in determining behavior, I do still feel them. Strongly. And I never have a hard time identifying my feelings. Ever. As sentimental (and emotionally needy) as I can be, I try not to allow that sentimentality to override healthy decision making. I get pretty pissed off at myself when I begin to fall into emotionally self-indulgent traps.

  15. Well, I scored high: 0 pts!!!! I only have my IC in Cancer but I am not surprised because my Moon is in Aqua-10th house. I am simply happy I have a Moon. When I think about Cancer and roots I think about my parents and where I started my life, the environment that I was raised in.

    It’s a strange thing: with 0 pts scored my roots are my life. I always thought that without roots I am a nobody, they are my starting point in life, I only have one dad and one mum so I have to fight for them, make the best of what I have. So I stuck by my dad’s side through years of alcoholism and now I have the family I always dreamed about: me, dad (Cancer Moon) and mum.
    My sister that has a 4th house Gemini Sun (with no afflictions!) is the missing piece. Kind of ironic!
    She left home when I was very young, made a different family, I tried to keep her connected but she just does not like us!
    So I really love Cancerian values, but I don’t have positive experiences with Cancer types.

    Maybe people need to values their origins more and understand that they have to work at it.
    Bad or good I accepted my roots for what they are and I worked really hard at it.
    I see people that spend their lives running away from their parents and place of birth. I don’t understand that, I would feel like a fake.

  16. 46!

    Reclaiming and reintegrating the moon has been important over the past few years and I’ve worked with some of the more difficult aspects …

    But my south node is conjunct my moon (and MC) and north node in Cancer. I think it’ll take a lifetime, or at least a decade, to really reconcile this … 🙂

    I feel much more connected to the moons recently. Sometimes cannot sleep during the full moon, sometimes much insight during both the full and new moon. My period used to be very irregular and is now corresponding with new moons. It’s interesting.

    • Many planets in gemini,part of fortune-two in gemini-a lot of aspects…..two colleges and a faculty of 5 years graduated with A and also a writer
      -also a very strong moon and Neptune
      i think it is enough-but the most important of all – being a good human ,a compassionate fellow-a true and kind thinker-20 points each

  17. Score of 34. That includes a 1 degree quincunx to Chiron. It does not include the 4 degree square to the North Node in the 9th. Out of the 8 aspects to my moon only 2 are harmonious being a sextile to Jupiter in Gemini and a trine to Mars in Aries.

    Hubby’s score is 35 which is probably too low but I don’t know his birth time. He’s Sun, Moon, Venus and Uranus in Cancer.

    For an Aries Sun, I’m more security conscious and homebody than my Cancer hubby but at the same time, I’m not as family oriented as he is. My home is my castle and sanctuary. I love to eat but really don’t like cooking or the preparation that leads up to it. Nor do I have patience for kids.

  18. 92 and fabulous!!!
    Let’s see: I love changes, I burn bridges with my past, never look back, I find lifelong relationships suffocating, and feelings (as opposed to desires) too fleeting to base your life on (Venus in Cancer 11thhouse 120 Uranus,Venus 90 Pluto), I resent money/money people, I don’t like owning tones of stuff (Pluto in the 2nd, strong pluto signature), I think security is nice but in the end of the day restricting (Gemini MH), I don’t wanna have a family and kids (Neptune ruler of the 7th in the 4th), I adore my sisters but we’re from different galaxies (Uranus in the 3rd), mom is fun to be with (Moon 120 sun, asc, mercury)but not the kind of mom you wanna have around in a hardship (Moon in Taurus 180 Mars, 135 pluto, 135 Uranus), and people say I come across as aloof, frosty and self-assured (Virgo rising, 1st house stellium).

    However, I always KNEW that in my own quirky, obsessive way, I AM a lunar type!!
    I enjoy cooking, dancing (what an emotional outlet!), I like living in beautiful, cosy houses, I love all the people that have been in my life, including those I haven’t seen in ages, I would NEVER talk bad of them, nor disclose their secrets nor do anything that would hurt/harm them, I am always there for those I love, I consider it my duty to spoil them (yes, in a sick, codependent way!), I’m a fool for guys who act like they wanna spoil me, and I get really moody when people don’t satisfy my every whim. I don’t let a lot of people in, cause it would be exhausting
    (given my care-taking standars!), plus I value deep feelings, blind trust and mafia-like commitment, but, once you’re in, it’s an experience!
    To that I have to add that my moon is the handle to a bucket pattern chart, (and my saturn is very weak), so whenever I tried to act against my will (cause sth seemed reasonable, right, safe, rewarding), I failed in a big way!
    It’s been a frustrating, sad, lonely, self-doubting, self-loathing period from hell (I’m going through my saturn return), but it doesn’t matter anymore cause you know what? I’m lunar! Ave moi! (LOL)

    Thanks for the test Donna. You made my day! And thanks for the “As rare as an astrology newsletter or article that doesn’t try to wind you up about the nearest eclipse” part and attitude of this site!

  19. Hello Donna,
    What about mutual reception (i.e. Moon in Libra / Venus in Cancer). Does that count for a Moon in Cancer ? I never know if mutual receptions are a priority in a chart. Thanks.

    • There are dozens of minor facets for each and every planet, so the tests could become endlessly long and complicated and no one would do them.

      That’s what happened to the original tests, and a spread sheet for Excel had to be created to do them accurately, and lots of my correspondence course students dropped out when they got to that part of the course because the math was just too intimidating.

      My goal in creating these simplified tests is to create a base line that hits the high spots about what makes a planet strong in the chart. And for people to have some fun, not break their heads on math. Donna

      PS. Mutual receptions are a good thing, in that they help smooth out the tension in a hard aspect like a square or oppostion. But they don’t add lunar qualities here.

      • Thanks Donna! I scored 70 which surprized me. That is not counting that my sun and moon are in mutual reception and the final depositors of my chart.
        Sun in Cancer 12th/ Moon in Leo 1st. Uranus is on the ASC smack dab in the middle of both. I am very lunar, great cook, love history, work at home, enjoy being a “Mom and Grandmom”. But, I also have Moon conjunct Pluto and Jupiter. I embody “Transformation”. Not scared of trying new things or new ways of being at “home” with the world or reinventing myself.

        How would you score a Sun & Moon in mutual reception? To me it feels like I can switch back and forth. If my moon is having a hard time, I can be solar and vice versa. This helps me “mother” myself. Comforting to have a backup mode.

      • Oh, the mutual reception is a nice thing but probably accounted for by other scores. There are a great many different ways a planet’s influence can be strengthened, but if I included everhy one of them, these tests would be too long and complex and involve too much math. The tests are just to get a baseline of how stong the different planets in a chart are and for fun. Donna

  20. Dear Donna, I am a Sag 4th house Sun, and after being a flight attendant for 8 years, I realized I’m really quite a homebody!

    Speaking of eclipses, a friend of mine’s birthday is this Sat (July 10) and she asked me what the effect of the lunar eclipse the next day would be on her. I said I didn’t know, since I don’t usually feel the effects of the moon (despite scoring around 40pts on this quiz, not much of an emotional, lunar type…moon in Capricorn). So she googled it and got one of those Sun sign sites with the same forecast for all Cancers which told her her career would be on fire this year as a result of the eclipse. This was, of course, what she wanted to hear. Any thoughts on the eclipse? Are you going to write a post on that?

    • Nope, all I have to say about eclipses I already said in one of the posts on the list for the test–something about 2010 eclipses. Donna

  21. Holy guacamole, I got 85 if I did this right. Yikes!!
    I guess I’m one of those blocked lunar types, with 5 planets in Libra square my Cancer moon.

    • That’s impressive, Dizzy. Guess you’ve got some planetary pair counseling to do between your Cancer and Libra energies. Play out a dialogue between them, maybe even writing it. Donna

      • That’s something to try out…though I’ve done similar stuff in therapy before! (ha) Definitely some lessons to learn for sure, as I’ve got NNode in Cancer too conjunct the moon/square that Libra mess. Thanks for the idea.

  22. 43 if I count my Saturn-Moon square (7 degrees); 37 if I do not.

    I guess that I’m not that lunar considering I have Cancer rising and the (Gemini) 11th house Moon is an elevated handle on a bucket formation.

    Moody homebody describes me pretty well. But I’ve detached from visiting the hometown I’ve moved from involuntarily, I’m half-hearted about keeping in touch with family and friends, and I am not compelled to feed everyone.

  23. 82 points for me and the Moon. Brava! Am an unaspected
    Aquarius Sun and my closest aspect is between Merc in
    Aquarius and Pluto in Leo (less than 1 degrees). Im very
    watery and very volatile and emotional, insecure; mom of
    three grown ups who I believe don’t care a wit about me and a widow for 8 1/2 years; live very much in the past.
    Eat for comfort now but used to be seriously and dangerously anorexic when I was young and worked in NYC. Moon in Gem. squaring both Venus and Mars.
    Find music my fave soother as well as reading and the computer; need to be connected to the astro community, at least online. Enough said.

  24. I scored 60 points…with a Scorpio Moon I have had to care for my father, father-in-law, husband and dear male friend while they were dying. Currently I share a duplex with my Capricorn daughter with a 4th house Moon, my son who has a Cancer Moon and my brother who is Cancer Sun, Moon and ascendant. I love to cook for my family….we all love to eat.

  25. I scored about 63 points! I really am a moon person, even though my sun is in virgo. I love cooking, decorating my home, family, all the cancerian things. I also have trouble sleeping during a full moon.

    But the down side is the fact that I hold grudges (sigh), and brood about real or imagined slights. I would love to change that about myself. I have been going through a stressful time the last few months. (Mars transiting natal moon, pluto, mars, neptune and sun.) I dread mars transiting my natal mercury and venus in the 12th.

    • Grudges are a Cancerian trait I used to be a whole lot worse about, but now I absolutely refuse to tolerate that in myself.

      There’s an article on this site about getting free from of grudges, bitterness, etc. here: .

      My first line of defense is to open up A Course in Miracles at random, and it always opens right up to a passage that just stops that nonsense cold. Donna

      • I have intimately observed an individual with this tendency – a Taurus w/ a Scorpio Asc. & a Cancer Moon – who was quite possibly The Mother of All Grudgeholders…..All that fixity and stubborness and a little vengefulness spiked in for good measure, all with absolutlely no inclination to forgive once a percieved “wrong” had been done unto them.

        It was sad, beacuse I know it all stemmed from wounded feelings and hypersensitivity. It was unfortunate that the individual in question had no inclination to work with the higher side of these energies…

        A reader in another one of your articles was telling a story about a Plutonian ex of hers. She said to him “Even God forgives” to which he replied “I don’t.” Reminded me very much of this individual….

      • What is meant by a Course in Miracles? And I looked up EFT and it was an acupuncture treatment.

      • No, EFT doesn’t involve any needles, though I think some acupuncture meridians are involved. For each type of emotion, you are taught how to use your fingertips to tap sharply in certain places that help you to release those emotions.

        A Course in Miracles is a book, or maybe the correct word is a teaching, that helps you strip away false concepts of reality and our attachments to them in order to find inner peace. Ideally, one would belong to a group or find a teacher who helps you work with it. Donna

    • Marianne Williamson said that no one is getting away with anything. I totally believe that. If you can believe that, you can forgive.

      I have decided that forgiveness is just the removal of the emotions from the memory.

      There are many ways to remove the emotions from the memory, the one that works best for me is the emotional freedom technique.

      I hope life eases up for you delphinium.

      • Yes, I had a good experience with EFT too, Tammy. It’s a self-help technique that you can use any time emotions overwhelm you. Good for balance, Full Moon and premenstrual times too.

        You can find sites on the internet by EFT teachers that show how to do it, and there’s an article here about using EFT to release fear. (Use the site search engine.) Donna

      • Thank you, Tammy. I am working on it. Prayer helps so much, but in the end, I have to do the work, not God.

  26. 67

    moon in scorpio in 4th house
    venus in cancer 11th house
    moon opposite sun
    moon opposite mars
    moon square ascendant
    moon square pluto

    never married, no kids, live alone
    only relationship t hat worked at ll was with a Sagitarius with cancer moon.

    • Did you take the Pluto test, Elizabeth? The list of factors you give sounds more like a Pluto/Moon combination. If you’re new to Skywriter, there are about 25 articles about Pluto here that might give you additional insights. Donna

      • Hi, I did take it and thought I didn’t score high but I will redo it. I love this blog!

  27. My 12th house is cancer and that is where pluto is.

  28. What a surprise! I am lunar…w/ an unexpected 52 points…I wasn’t considering this and, turns out,this helps me out immensely. Thanks for the good good blog!! . Encore.!


  29. What did you mean by the senior years being crucial to cancers? I am getting close to those years!

    • Hi, Elizabeth, Cancerians supposedly are deeply connected with roots, our elders, and ancestors. The 4th house supposedly describes our senior years.

      It’s not a bad thing–we all have our peak years, and it’s only because we live in a culture that no longer respects and cherishes our elders that those years are not seen as a rich and rewarding time of life. Donna

  30. My Moon = 26. With no major aspects, its peregrine, which Noel Tyl says is emphasized and can “run away with the chart.” I don’t think it predominates by its weak links, but it’s a troublesome side of my life. It’s in Libra in the 11th, and I just can’t get satisfaction from coworkers, friends (absent), or business meetings (yuck!). But Libra wants to relate, so I’m gonna try “smarter” now that Saturn will be transiting through.

  31. Well Hell’s Bells! I retook the test and did it correctly this time and I AM a lunar type! Got a 43; not as high as some of you out there, but it makes me happy! I love all lunar activities except anything which involves deep H20. I’ve always been obsessed with the sinking of the Titanic. Even printed the passenger list. Atlantis is also of great interest. I want to be Lunar. My job is Lunar. My college degree is Lunar. Martha Stewart may be my secret twin. Two husbands are Lunar. Best friend is a Cancer…..

  32. Yup – 67. Not bad, I guess. So intersting to hear all the feedback from other lunar types who have difficulty sleeping around a Full Moon – I always thought it was me. I was born just a few hours away from the exact time of the Full Moon, so I always chalked up my uber-sensitivity to lunar activity to this.

    Open question to any of you who feel restless on Full Moon nights: What lunar phase were you born under?

    Curiously, although I think of myself as pretty lunar I don’t typically find that my emotional state goes into a state of flux during a Full Moon or an eclipse (unless it’s hitting a sensitive natal placement). Overall though, I would descibe myself as pretty sensitive and very much in touch with my feelings. And very true about what you said in your last article, Donna – sensitvity is almost a curse word nowadays. Well fuck that, I say! 🙂

  33. 78! yeap, includes 12th house sun/cancer, 4th house moon/neptune in scorpio… squaring lots 4 leo planets/rising… I’m moody and at times i feel like 2 different people. A very private person who can turn it on when i need to be really social and glow with all that Leo venus/rising energy… confuses people to say the least and is exhausting too. i’m a psychic sponge and need lots of time alone. full moons are heavy…

  34. Wow! 61 points. I never thought of adding the
    planets that are in the 4th house (stellium).
    Learning all of the time! That’s the wonderful
    thing about astrology. Almost every day there
    is a new learning experience, and it is neverending! Thank you, Donna. Hope your
    birthday was fabulous, Darling!

  35. Hi Donna,
    Wow! I thought my Uranus score was high at 56 but lunar score is over the top at 80! I have 5 planets in Aquarius, including a Sun/ Moon conj in the 4th. I have always been very sensitive and felt things on a very deep level which did not gel with the accepted description of Aquarius (Pluto is also opp that Sun/Moon.)
    The Moon is the most aspected planet in my chart and functions very powerfully for me. I have always felt very lunar but with a very Aquarian twist, wanting home and family but seldom having it. And home/ family was never even remotely “normal.” Really feeling pretty disconnected from family of origin and thus creating family of choice or a spiritual family.The mothering of my own child was a huge part of my life as well.
    I am deeply connected to the Goddess/ Divine Mother/ Earth Mother and feel like that is a big part of the strong lunar/ 4th house energy of my chart.
    I have been a nurse for 30 yrs, currently doing hospice nursing in addition to astrology and other shamanic/ spiritual studies. I think this is also how this energy manifests for me.
    I finally moved from the place of my birth after almost 57 years there ( a few short temporaty moves priorly) and have settled in California. It was very difficult for me to leave the Midwest, I was very attached to the land itself (4th house). But I find that I actually fit in much better in CA (5 planets in Aq) and like it more that I ever could have dreamed.
    Someone once said to me after looking at those 5 Aq planets, “Where are your feelings? You are all air!” It is such a paradox, air & water. I think maybe it is about understanding my feelings better and finding the balance between the two.
    Thanks for all of your great articles and wisdom that you share with us.

  36. I scored a 73 (oh my) and here I am one of those “cranky about the moon” people with most of the aspects being conjunctions, oppositions and squares. Then again, I LOVE old recipes, especially old family recipes and have done extensive family history stuff. And as much as my mother and I fought while she was alive (um, the topic was “Who is boss?” rather predictable for Leo Mom and Aries me), I knew it was a love-fight, not a hate-fight. Oh, and mom was much older than the other kids’ moms and I grew up in her antique shop. She also sold stuff out of my room as part of her business, causing one of the biggest fights, subtopic, isn’t anything of mine actually mine? And you can combine that with my over the top Mercury score and guess the decibel level of the fights, mom saying the reason I talked in my sleep was that I didn’t get everything said during the day (Introverts! Ha-rumph!) and why I utterly insist on home being a retreat of gentleness and not a battlefield. A lot like a packrat’s nest too. But I need to state that I have never called in a scare of any kind to my high school reunion. Really. That wasn’t me. I thought it was funny but it wasn’t me.

  37. Only 24 pts. No surprise as I am not a lunar type. 11th house Moon in Libra trine Uranus. Domestic without being maternal is one way to put it. Not particularly moody either.

    However, I do have many Cancer types in my life and enjoy them very much and vice versa. Life as a Libra balance wheel! 😛

    These quizzes have been so much fun & a great learning experience. Thanks, Donna!


  38. I just checked out the eclipse post that you mentioned in a comment back to a reader. Looks like the upcoming eclipse is at my north node (within half a degree), opposite my moon and MC and south node in capricorn. Seems like a very good time for me to be considering cancer and the moon right now! Your recent posts have been extraordinarily timely in my life … and thanks especially for sparking some thought about these lunar areas.

  39. Looks like a lot of us are surprised to have scored such high lunar scores! I, too, am surprised with my 62…I thought all my sensitivity came from my Pluto!

    It is sometimes hard to sort out what contributes to what reaction in our charts. Thanks again.

  40. 102. Just the planets, sun and moon only.

    Cancer stellium: sun, moon, mars, venus, and mercury conjunct the MC/square AC. Also, moon square uranus and sextile jupiter.

    I am soppingly lunar. Hypersensitive, highly private, fiercely protective. With a 9th house Cancer, I carried too much stuff from home with me (like a crab) when I lived overseas for a decade. And found it very hard to let go of people–even the toxic ones–I was very attached to.

    Even with all that Cancer, I am not home domestic–go figure. Don’t cook, clean, or like homemaking. (Thank goodness for housekeepers!) But I treasured being a stay-at-home mother for seven years.

    Going back to school and now working outside the home has saved me from becoming a smother-mother. Oh yeah, I do have one of those and our relationship remains prickly (She’s a Sagittarius).

    • 102? You’re the champ so far. Moon/Uranus aspects don’t cook or do windows. I have a semisquare and if I can’t nuke it or bake it, I don’t cook it. I sometimes have to dust the top of my stove. Donna

      • Aha! Major epiphany! Donna, thank you so much for that explanation. Glad to know I am not the only Cancer with an ornamental-rather-than functional stove.

      • LOL! I’m glad you could relate to the explanation. And I spent 25 years of my life in NYC, home of the takeout queens and kings. I wasn’t the worst of them either. I knew one writer who had her stove taken out altogether and made room for a desk. Donna

  41. “Issues for the Moon: the home, family, roots, mother figures and being a mother, nurturing, dependency, security, the emotions, ties to the past and our ancestors, memory, food, the female reproductive system and its cycles, beliefs about the role of women, responsiveness, instinct.”

    Hi Donna:

    Thanks for another opportunity to look at my natal chart in a different way. Scored a 45 (unless we include the sesquiquadrature between my North Node and Moon, an additional 2 points).

    I have a Sag Moon in a conjunction with Uranus that is only 0°42′ apart.

    My parents are foreigners, both coming from different countries from each other.

    I’m a fiercely independent person while relying on a family of choice.

    I was a feminist from a very young age, eg. when I was 7, I would question the tendency of writing “men (1st) and women (2nd),” until college where I learned to question the whole concept of gender altogether.

    and my instincts are often to play devil’s advocate or even go as far as using shock tactics when I’m feeling threatened.

    I’ve also been passionate about studying my genealogy and maybe because of having such an overtly mixed background, I’m highly critical of the concepts of “nation” and “ethnicity,” themselves.

    Even with food, I stray from my past, as I always had an affinity with vegetarianism, though, it started in part with ideas against animal cruelty (I’m sure my Sag Moon and my Pisces Venus are actually in “conjuction” here ;)) and has extended to ecological concerns. I had many fights with my parents when I was a child about eating meat until I gave in temporarily to become one after gaining financial independence. I’ve been an off/on again vegetarian ominivore, though, thus far for various reasons.

    So yea, completely and utterly a Lunar-Uranian type. In fact, my score came out to be roughly the same as my Uranus score of 42 … another coincidence considering how different the tests are. 😉

    Thanks, again, Donna, for your wonderful insights.

    – Yuri

  42. What orb do you use for squares? You wrote “8 for oppositions and 6 for trines”, so I’m not sure.

    • Good catch, Tatiana, thanks. I’d use 6 for sure, maybe just a tad more. Donna

  43. 76 if I count the 7-orb square with Asc, 61 if I don’t. Trumps my Saturn score (57) which was a bit of a surprise. I thought about it and I think being more saturnine is all that I aspire to be, while I despise and try to supress all my lunar characteristics (Moon in Cap opposed Saturn in Cancer, both parts of a Grand Cross with axes involved). I guess that something I have to addressa and work on.

    And I have major issues with almost every one of the issues for the Moon you listed, but it would be too uncomfortable for me to dwell on them in public (even under a nick)

  44. Interesting “tests”. I can see from reading some of the other responses that some were surprised they were “so” Lunar. Additionally, I hadn’t thought too much about my Moon-Neptune septile….but now am lost in contemplation. 😉

    I am a triple-Cancer, so I was pretty sure that I was a Lunar type. 😉

    If I can count the conjunction to the Asc (Moon in 1st, 10° 5′ from Asc), then my score would be 77, which is on par of how Lunar I feel.

    Something (I find) interesting, is that when I was growing up, I ALWAYS wanted to be MR. SPOCK. When you are so Lunar, relative to the norm, it makes sense that you would idolize someone who was basically in control of his emotions, but with the “human half” always threatening to burst to the surface.

    Thanks again for giving such food for thought. I have been an Astrologer over 20 years, and had really never thought about my Spockiness before relative to be overly-Lunar, though now, it of course seems obvious!

    Take care,


    • Triple Cancer? And yet you are the unofficial science officer for this blog, James, so you’re also our Mr. Spock. Donna

      • Thank you very much, Donna… I am very happy with assuming that unofficial position.

        Where do I get my ears sharpened? 😉

        Take care,


      • LOL! We don’t have an unofficial cosmetic surgeon yet. Donna

  45. I’m just back from vacation, so I’m a bit tardy taking the test. I came in with a score of 88.

    These tests are the greatest, Donna. Thank you so much for showing us how to look at our charts in this way.

    • 88! of course you got 88, you’re Auntie Moon! My score–which I just got around to doing–was 54. Strong enough, but not over the top like I feared. Donna

      • It makes it easy to see why your “Moon Signs” is the book that hooked me on astrology way back when. I read that and thought, OK, I can kick my shoes off now. I’m home.

      • Aw, Shucks, CJ! Thanks–and thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm about the tests. Donna

  46. 96!

    Every characteristic you listed for the Moon and the 4th house is a major issue for me and/or is integral to my identity.

    I have loved the moon as long as I can remember. So many of the pictures I drew as a child had starry, moon-lit skies.

    21 years ago, I read a copy of your “Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World” that I borrowed from a friend. It resonated so much with me that I began what has become a lifelong study of astrology.

    (Mars+Sun+Venus stellium in the 4th House)

  47. well, how typical. I was thrilled to have finally racked up high points(38) on something only to find that others have more than 2x that almost 3x what I got.
    you didn’t mention how important it is to have the ruler of the 4th house happen to be the moon. I have THAT going too. Thanks!

    • That would mean you have Cancer on the IC, which ought to count some for a bonus because it’s a doubling up of lunar energy. I might just add that in. Let’s call it 5 bonus points for Cancer on the IC or Cancer planets in the 4th. Donna

  48. you wrote:
    Some areas of life that are crucial to people with a strong a 4th house are the home and home life, family of origin, roots, family ties, heredity, family influence, the nurturing parent, and the senior years.

    That fits me to a T.. add in that Uranus in Cancer (in the 3rd, ALMOST in the 4th) and it shows that despite all that I have always been very unconventional. I have sort of made it my mission to find all of my grandparents’ cousins all over Italy (and other parts of Europe) and I have been interested in Genealogy since I was a child…
    And I have a balsamic moon.

  49. “Sun, Ascendant or Midheaven in Cancer, 10 points each.” what about DC?

    The Moon’s North or South Node in Cancer or the 4th house, 5 points.

    Moon square Jupiter, 6 points.

    Moon trine Uranus 6 points.

    Moon sextile Saturn, 4 points. (using this though the orb is 4 deg not 3 deg)

    Saturn in the 4th house, 5 points.

    26 – I’m more on the Spock side of things I guess. 🙂

    • Not on the DSC (7th cusp), no, Jilly, as it’s not a power point in terms of projecting yourself in the world, it’s about who you’re most drawn to for a relationship. (That would make THEM the lunar type.) But I did add in Cancer on the IC for some bonus points, as that’s a doubling up of lunar energies. Donna

  50. I was interested in taking this test, thought I was definitely a lunar person and I got a 60. I am a homebody type and love my own family, but really struggle with the immediate family – have chiron and north node in the 4th and venus and saturn square my moon in the 8th and I can feel these aspects. Visits from the relatives are okay now (a little growth there), but feels like a chore. I look at it like a visit to the dentist/doctor once or twice a year – something I’ve got to do to keep the peace and keep my own personal growth going.

  51. Oddly enough a score of 73.
    I’m cardinal fire w/moon saturn conj in Sag.
    Was the outcast of the family. My mom was betting on a boy to keep her husband – he divorced her when i was 2 – transiting mars conj natal chiron.
    Felt the lack of a family – still do – no children – single. Love being home – it’s my favorite place. The ocean is my second favorite place. Taking into account the phase and sign of the moon is second nature to me now. Have no understanding of how a deity can exist without the feminine. Am a die hard feminist – why hasn’t the ERA passed yet? And love, love, love to get on my soap box. It is my life’s work to integrate intuition and reason. Would that be moon conj NN? Probably.
    Thank you, Donna, for these fun yet ever so thought provoking tests. And I was worried about the lack of water in my chart!

    • The ERA, Iris?? Gads, I don’t want anyone treating me like a MAN! o~0 I’m in the “equal pay for equal work” camp personally.

      I love nothing more than a chivalrous man to open a door for me. The looks on their faces when I smile and say “thank you” is worth the world to me.

      Yeah, I’ve had my share of gender discrimination. One example: when I got pregnant with my first child, I got demoted and lost 50 cents an hour in salary while my husband got a $1 an hour raise. It was ok, though. A few years later that fellow was fired and then whole organization went belly up. I was long gone by then. That kind of company never lasts for long anymore, in my experience.

      • “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

        Hmmm – I’m pretty sure men opening doors for women is not legislated in the U.S. I could be wrong. Is it legislated where you live?

        Or is it all the men who open doors for you would be petty enough to slam them in your face if this amendment passed?

        Legislated equality = equal pay.

        I’m not following your logic here, Parin.

      • The two of you need to get a (chat) room. You are way off thread and verging on abusive of one another, so I’m deleting the further comments. Donna

  52. I sincerely hope I did this correctly this first time. It’s nearly New Moon (migraine trigger for me & prodrome has already started) but I triple checked orbs. When I triple checked planets I saw I forgot to add Uranus in 4th House.

    I scored 54. I’m 1’42” from 69. Just that far is my Scorpio Moon outside orb for opp Asc.

    Did I say New Moon is a migraine trigger? So is Full Moon and Moon in Aries. I’m very Earth-heavy. Seems like whatever happens to the Earth happens to me too. Hmm…seems like a psychic asked me if that was true recently.

    As I was reading the article and saw that it was Cancer-directed, I thought I’d score a 2 or something.

    You have a way of explaining these astrology things that even this Taurus Asc can understand. 🙂 Thank you, Donna. *hugs*

    I can estimate that I’ll score…9? on the Sun test. Well, there’s Uranus again. It’s in Leo and 4th. I’ll wait for the test in August.

    And wow, my Scorpio Diana is 0o conj my Moon. Maybe I’ll go outside Sunday night and dance nekkid and see what happens. XD

    • LOL! That might just relieve the migraines. I’d say go ahead and take the opposition from the Moon to the Ascendant…a Scorpio Moon can take on most anything. Donnma

  53. Oh ha – and yes, I’m happiest when my anus is in my house. LOL

    I wonder if my Mars Rx in Cancer makes me not exhibit many watery characteristics?

    It’s odd, too. Cancer is both my 3rd and 4th House cusps. Mars is opp my Jupiter/Saturn 9th Sag cusp House conj. Family and home are like religions for me. They’re sacrosanct in my opinion.

    I’ll bet you did more than work with families in your social work. I’ll bet you actually *helped* them too. 🙂

    • I’d like to think so. But most of my job as a social worker consisted of trying to get other agencies to do their job. Donna

  54. I scored a 55! Although I don’t entirely fit the lunar archetype, well… it doesn’t mean Moon-related matters haven’t influence my life!

    I have some tough aspects to my moon (square Saturn in Cancer, and the Moon conjuncts Pluto). Without going into detail, I worked with lunar issues over a very long period of time and with some good professionals.

    However, around my first Saturn return, I was able to discern where many of my better values and lunar attributes came from (gosh, the family! Fancy that!). Things weren’t all toughness and austerity… The family really left me with very worthy things as well, as well as their mysterious will to survive through some tough circumstances (Pluto square Saturn at its most stubborn/best???).

  55. I scored an anemic 10 points. No surprise seeing how I have Cancer intercepted and Chiron in the 4th house.

    But that 10 points comes from the Moon conjunct my Descendent (5 degrees). Again, no surprise that I married someone with Cancer rising.

  56. These tests are so much fun! 37 points for me. I guess the moon in 1rst house and 25 degrees of cancer in the 10th don’t add points but give the moon ‘room’ to express. My son scored 61, I can’t help but finding cute 🙂

  57. I got 49…I was surprised since i have no planets in Cancer or the 4th house…but lots of moon aspects. But I am not surprised since I LOVE the moon and like to nurture people (Pisces ascendant) I also have part of Fortune in ?Cancer but that doesn’t count. I constantly do charts for people via Astrodienst…love to do this!

  58. I got a 48 and definitely feel the effects of the moon…Aries moon, Pisces

  59. Depending on the house system i scored 43 (Placidus), or 53 (Koch).

    Cancer rising, Gemini Moon in the 12th.
    One of my favorite novels is the short novel “Kitchen”, by Japanese author Banana Yoshimoto. It’s actually 2 short stories: “Kitchen” & “Moonlight Shadow” (after the Mike Oldfield song).

  60. Hello
    I scored 36 (Placidus) and 41 (Equal).
    So that’s Strong i think.

    All are majorly related to aspects
    6 pointers
    Moon-Pluto Conj.
    Moon-Venus Oppo.
    Moon-Mars Trine
    Moon-Neptune Sextil

    4 pointers
    Moon-Mercury Quincunx
    Moon-Uranus Semisquare
    Moon-MC Quintile

    5 pointer
    Jupiter in 4th (EQUAL house)
    Here is the chart for reference of readers (just in case)


  61. Interesting that I have moon in aries in 2nd opposite mercury, venus and pluto in libra and I have difficulties with my mother and trouble integrating my feminine side.

    It was only after a chronic illness in my reproductive organs (lunar!) was diagnosed a few years ago (moon oppo. 8th house planets) that I started cooking more, growing herbs, keeping house etc, I have been trying to dress more feminine too.

    This means being vulnerable too and in the past I would run from this and was fiercely independent. Now a foray into more dependency and healing from being too stoic and “manly”.

  62. I took the test when you first posted it and got a 14, so I thought I didn’t fit with the conversation and therefore didn’t comment. Seeing all of the high scores, however, made me think that perhaps it’s instructive to see some non-lunar folks here!

    The only major aspect to my intercepted-in-Scorpio Moon is a trine to Mercury. I have, however, always felt connected to Cancer if not personally connected to the Moon – my mother’s Moon is in Cancer and my grandmother had a Cancer stellium.

    I’m so interested in the tests for the rest of the inner planets. I think recognizing which of those are influential and then following them will be a really instructive experience. Thanks, Donna!

    • Hi, Nicalyse, sure, it’s good to hear from someone who hasn’t spent most of their life in orbit around the moon! The rest of the tests will come one at a time as they present themselves to me, but they are sure to do that as time unfolds. The Mercury test is already up online, of course. Donna

  63. I scored 0…and my moon is unaspected save for a 1 degree trine with my north node.

    I’m so “non-lunar”, I may be hugely lunar! 🙂

    • Remarkable, Julie! If 108 is the lunar champ so far on this blog, you have to be the anti-champion! Donna

  64. 78. I have a Capricorn Sun in the 4th house, just for fun. ‘Conquering the world? No sorry, I’m chopping pineapple.’

  65. Hi Donna, I scored a 75, and am a Homebody with a capital H. My chart contains both positive and negative lunar aspects:

    4th house moon trine Sun, square ASC, conjunct Pluto, and square Saturn (ouch!)
    Mars in Cancer
    Jupiter in 4th house
    And so much more…

    I love to cook, was a kitchen designer for a while, enjoy decorating my house, gardening, etc. Don’t have any kids but love to spoil my husband, cat, and any house guests we may have. Am told I am very sensitive, and used to experience frequent emotional storms in my younger days. LOVE history books, archaeology, and visiting my hometown and family. I couldn’t escape fast enough when I left home for the big city at 23, but now find myself longing to live a little closer to my family back home.

  66. Donna I have Aquarius Chiron rising intercepted with moon in Pisces 1st house opposite Virgo-Pluto in the 7th house. Would this make a strong moon similar to a 1st house moon in Cancer.? Also this my natal chart, I was born in Scotland and we immigtated to San Francisco where I still live. We moved here on March 15, 1962. I was born on August 29, 1958 at 7:45 pm in Dumbarton Scotland U.K I am a little confused as to when to use a relocated chart,particularly with transits. I have read all your books, love them

    • It doesn’t sound like the Chiron is much associated with the Moon, but the 1st house Moon opposite Pluto is plenty powerful on its own. I’ve just posted a story about Moon-Pluto women on the blog today.

      The relocated chart doesn’t ever take over entirely for the natal, it just gives information about what chart features are highlighted in the new location. However, transits and progressions to the relocated chart’s ASC, DSC, MH, and IC do work. There’s an excellent library of over 50 articles on relocation techniques at Donna

  67. I was wondering, with respect to all your scoring posts, what’s the effect of the planet being in the first house but not conjunct to the ascendant?

    • All planets in the 1st and 10th not conjunct the Asc or MH add some strength because they’re angular. We could go on forever adding more of this and that to the tests until they were so complicated as to be useless to math-challenged individuals.

      As I’ve mentioned many, many times, when these test were first created for my correspondence course, I wound up having to do an Excel spread sheet for all the combinations and permutations. The result was that most of my students quit the course when they got to that lesson.

      What I’m striving for in the tests is to hit the highlights of what makes a planet strong in a chart, and for people to have a bit of fun with them without becoming totally overwhelmed by the complexity and the math. As I say in most of the tests, for your own purposes, add anything you doggone well please without asking me for permission. Donna

  68. Either 80 or 72 (depending on if you count the aspects to chiron and north node). Moon/Pluto conjunct in Virgo squaring sun/mercury and MC and a bunch of other planetary aspects as well. Very high for someone with no planets in Cancer or 4th or 5th houses. Do have Cancer Descendant, but didn’t count it.

    As far as admitting I’m lunar, I do it freely but in an explanatory manner for why I like things so orderly, organized, clean and my penchant for psychoanalyzing everything and everyone:)

    • Redoing it with these orbs: (Orbs: 10° for conjunctions, 8° for oppositions, 6° for trines and squares, and 3° for the minors) my moon strength comes in at 45.

  69. I scored 113.
    I’ll just be over here scratching my head and looking for a calculator to recheck my math.

    Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter all in the 4th ( aries )

    Sun conjunct Moon,
    Moon opposite MC ( pluto libra 10th ),
    Moon conjunct Mercury,
    Moon opposite Pluto,
    Moon trine Neptune ( Sag 12th-1st house ),
    Mars ( 7th house Gemini ) and Saturn ( 8th house Cancer ) both in Cancer.

    Now where did I put that silly calculator ??

  70. All these tests are really cool! Thank you=-D

    I scored 44

    Strong. 40-64? Very strong indeed

    if you have a Moon-Uranus aspect you may be a wild mixture of lunar and Uranian qualities.

  71. I am really shocked at how low my score is (19 pts), even though I am not very cancerian. My pisces moon is 20 hrs from eclipse, in the eighth house in pisces, and opposite a 5 planet virgo stellium, but the orb is from 19-10 degrees.

    My moon is an overwhelming influence on my life, but I’m thinking that maybe due to the fact that it is only within tight orb of a quincunx to my jupiter rising, and the fact that I have so many apparent neptune issues (squares abounding from sagittarius). It’s a theory anyway. Very interesting tests though!

  72. Moon trine mars, sq saturn and opp the sun.
    No planets in cancer and my 4th house is empty as well 😀

    Total: 27

  73. I ended up with 37pts! Also have a Scorpio Moon (8th House), Aries Sun (1st House), and Pisces Rising (1st House)…

  74. Well..i didnt do this test…but doing it as i had to calculate my Mutable Score 😀
    Alright…i scored
    6 pointer*3 +
    4 pointer*6 +
    = 42
    So, 40-64? Very strong indeed!
    Onto Neptune Score now!

  75. My score was 57 but if you factor in that I was born 12 hours before the full moon then the score would be 72 ( one fifth of the 360 degree wheel). The moon is interesting since its dead and slowly disintegrating. It does reflect the Sun and sometimes the earth when we have a red full moon eclipse. As a disintegrating body it would shed substance towards earth, feeding and strengthening the elemental s here.
    I have noticed my fingernails are fragile at the Full Moon but very long and strong by the new moon? Thus by this it could be the full moon reflecting the Sun would be less physical and more attuned to spirit or bathing in its illumination and reflecting it to earth. The moon determines our body and ancestral connection…memories . It is the body and type we have earned from past lives. Our astral plane emotional baggage and karma earned.
    My( almost full Aquarian moon) mother( her moon was in Taurus) was a friend and she always reminded me of the mask of Hollywood. One happy , one sad. She was positive by day and suffered by night. During the day she told the best jokes ( she was a Sag with mercury in Scorpio) but at night she cried herself to sleep. It broke my heart but there was nothing I could do to bring her out of it. At least she told original jokes that would make you laugh yourself silly. She also did cartoons and poetry to herd my brother and I back into line. She was admirable in her capacity as a single mother supporting and caring for her children. She was honest, kind to the unfortunate and lived with integrity. She passed on in 1976 and it was a profoundly hard time for me. I had been the type to look down on myself bawling for any reason. But when she died it broke it all loose and I cried everyday for a year. My moon is quincunx Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer. The moon is in perfect opposition to the Leo Mercury/ Pluto midpoint and here I would guess the fact that we were sent to Indian boarding school from 1st grade through 4th accounts for this separative aspect. There I did battle and took beatings for 4 years to protect the other girls. The moon also perfectly trines Uranus which is conjunct Mars by 3 degrees. I love my mother, her ancestors, the home. I find women s medicine teachings are profound; which I learned later in life from my Native North American Ancestors. My home for the time I raised my 2 sons was in the heart of a 6 million acre national park ( compliment of my fathers ancestors) consisting of islands and water.We were the only ones allowed to live there, being Grandfathered in. Our place was a 4 hour canoe and portage from the place I parked my car. I love the Lakes and being in nature.The asteroid Diana is in my 4th house trine the, Jupiter Chiron, Neptune conjunction in the 12th. Urania is conjunct my moon in Aquarius and trines Pallas in 1st house Libra, but I did not count them for this test.

  76. I scored a 72. I’ve got lots of aspects to the moon. My Moon’s in Pisces and boy do I feel it.

    I was wondering if the Moon being the most elevated planet in your natal chart would make a difference?

    • It would be strongest if it were conjunct the Midheaven. As I mentioned, there are dozens of ways a planet can be modified, but in the interest of keeping the tests–and the math–simple, the ones in the test are the highlights. Donna

  77. I re took the test- as I was distracted the first time

    96 for the moon score..

    I’m a walking breast !!!!!


    • 96? I wouldn’t even have thought that was possible! I relinquish my title of the Moon Maven to you! Donna

      • I didn’t think it was possible either !!

        And the depositer is my natal moon in Pisces



  78. I know I’m late to post my result, but just for the record, my score is 84.
    Would have been higher if you allowed a 9 deg square orb to the Sun and a 6 deg sextile to my Venus.:)

    I’m all about oceanic motherly love. Love being a mother. Love water and the ocean. The moon takes my emotion on a rollercoaster ride every month though.

  79. How did I miss this? A 71 for me, which is no surprise.

    Donna you are so wonderful to do this series for us, it has helped me enormously in understanding my chart/history/life better!

    I think of you as an instrument of a divine Universe that sent us an uber-competent and kind helper to get through this life. Thank you so much for all you do and have done.

    • Thank you, Pip. (She blushes and bows.) Seeing as you and wild Rose and some others are getting scores 50 and above, I think maybe the estimates of what constitutes a high score are too low. Donna

  80. 50 points – way more lunar than I realized! But I do, actually feel like a lunar person in many ways. It’s just that a lot of the moon connections in my chart involve “minor” aspects and the Midheaven which I came late to appreciating as an astrologer.

  81. I ended up with 22 points. I was hoping that I would come in under 15. But at least it is only 22. If I had more water than this, I would die.

  82. I got a 78, which might explain why, despite having only Uranus in a water sign, I love the sea and all other forms of water, am too close to my mum, sentimental as all hell about my family and my family’s past, and very few people can tell that i’m a leo because i’m ‘too sensitive’… hmmmm

  83. p.s. also i love entertaining friends at home with home cooked dinners and a pleasant environment 🙂
    so how would you say the different planets interact? ie, if more than one is really strong?

  84. To my total surprise, I scored 72 for my Moon. Being an Aries with a Cap AC and my Moon conjunct Saturn, the lunar qualities may not be so obvious. My Cancer Moon also takes a lot of hard aspects, so expressing my Lunar side is not always easy. But although many people consider me a career type, I take great pleasure in my home life and care of my kids … and all my friends (and even students!) are a sort of extended family. But with the Saturn conjunction, it’s loving care without the smothering (I hope!)

  85. I can’t find a quiz for the strength of our Sun, Venus and Mars. Did you do one for those planets, Donna?

  86. Hi Donna. My Moon scored a 50. I have no cancer in my chart, so it is all major moon aspects. However, I did not count the fact my Moon (Taurus) is in my Midheaven (Aries). What influence/strength would that add, if any at all?

    I think my personal identity has some lunar traits, but I don’t think my expression is very lunar at all. However, I have many other strong influences and significant aspects.

    Also, my latest discovery. What might you have to say about my Saturn-Neptune Sextile. I read something from Aleister Crowley today who thought it was fortunate. What do you think? Thanks.

    PS: I didn’t like what he said about my Neptune and Uranus in my 6th house. IDK about my Saturn.

    • IF your Moon is within 10 degrees of the Midheaven, even though they are in different signs, you get extra points for that conjunction.

      A sextile is not that important an aspect, and when it is between two of the slower-moving planets like Saturn and Neptune, everyone born on the planet for several months around your birth probably has the same sextile. Donna

  87. I’m sorry, anther question. Would you count, for example, my Moon’s trine to my 6th and sextile to my 12th. Would they even ever matter?

    It’s interesting. I otherwise have 3 planetary squares with the moon, strong trine with Jupiter, and also harmonious aspects with the sun and mars, both very tight. Is that fortunate or unusual?

    • Do you mean a trine to the 6th house cusp and a sextile to the 12th house cusp? No, because the intermediate house cusps are not active in the way the 4 angles (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th cusps) are by transits or progression. AND they vary with the house system used, whereas the 4 angles do not.

      The many aspects to the Moon are part of why your Moon score is high. It’s not rare to have one or more planets with many aspects, and given that it’s a mix of hard and soft aspects, it’s neither fortunate or unfortunate, it’s a mix.

      Enough questions, please. I am retired and no longer do charts for individuals. Donna

  88. My scores are starting to scare me. LOL Just when I thought I couldn’t get any higher, I got flipping 96 for this! (I scored 73, 61, 50, etc for other planets; lowest was 29 Jupiter)

  89. 57- stronger than i ever imagined. i don’t like to think that i’m emotional or expressive in the emotional sense, but i do feel deeply about a lot things and people.

  90. What fun! I scored 45 for being a lunar type and 46 for being a solar type, the kind of balance I have felt all along given my Sun and Stellium in Cancer in the 8th house, with strong Uranian and Plutonian influences. Not included are extra bonuses such as my first job at the tender age of 14 selling pralines and ice cream. A few years later managing an alternative Tea House and then in my twenties involved in a Macrobiotic Restaurant. And before that I had started a decade worth of intense exploration of primal feelings, therapy and theater. Demanding work in psychiatric clinics where I loved the hands intimacy of feeding, cleaning and caring of patients. Evolved later to expertise in massage therapy and aquatic bodywork. My relationship to food, no I will not even go there. I look like the epitome of Cancer, but act not always accordingly and never had home, kitchen and kinder as my touch stones.

  91. 85 points.. i do feel strongly lunar.

  92. Well it did not look like much at first but then i scored a 52. I have my Sun in the 4th house and Saturn/Neptune. Only Uranus in Cancer. Moon opp. Mercury. Moon Quin. Pluto & Neptune sesq. Moon. So I do work out of my home & I do have a hard time deciding on what stuff to let go of…I love getting out of my home because i am here a lot. I bought my home suddenly at 31. I have one daughter I am raising alone. Now my Saturn/ Neptune Return. Maybe More Surprises!

  93. Oh and i was born at a full Moon and I do love the Moon cycles

  94. OK Sorry Gemini Moon… I added another 15 points I have moon opp. Venus 6.4 So now 67

  95. As mentioned above- I scored a 96..

    Hell- I AM the moon.. Neppy too..

    Love Donnas’ threads


  96. 100 points evenly.

  97. I scored a 73.

  98. I got a 76, I’m not even that sensitive though, people tell me that I have no compassion for others and I’m heartless.

  99. moon trine ascendant——————————-6

    moon trine venus————————————-6
    moon trine uranus————————————6
    moon trine neptune———————————-6

    moon semisextile midheaven———————-4
    moon semi-square nercury————————4

    sun in cancer—————————————–10

    mercury in cancer————————————5

    moon-venus-uranus grand trine——————-5
    moon-venus-neptune grand trine—————–5

    Wow. Hahaha.

  100. 53 – People tell me I’m too sensitive -.-

  101. Gah, I scored a 97 and I don’t even have ANY cancer placements. My mid heaven is in cancer and my moon conjuncts my ascendant 4th house Neptune, Venus, and sun. Might I mention several squares to my moon and a few sextiles too. Also other things. The list goes on and on. Thank you Donna. Although I don’t know what to do with my self, it seems as though I’m too introverted for my own good. I’m also I find myself angry at my mother a lot and find myself fighting my moods more than I’d like. Oh and did I mention my name Chandra is derived from Sanskrit meaning MOON. Fated? Maybe.

    • Okay my math scores were wrong. I scored a 114. LOL is this normal?

    • 114? Huge score, Chandra–maybe the top score of all time. No, I didn’t know Chandra meant Moon–fascinating! I recall a lecture decades ago about how our names reflected the major signs or planets in our charts. My Leo Ascendant was in question at the time, and all three of my names had some connection to the Sun. Donna means lady (as in lords and ladies), Rae is like the rays of the sun or Rah the sun god, and Cunningham means the home of the king. Donna

      • How fascinating! I’m gonna have to start paying attention to name meanings now.

  102. I have Cancer Moon at the Midheaven, inconjunct Sag. Mercury, Uranus in Cancer, Venus in the 4th, Chiron in the 4th conjunct the IC (I forgot to calculate that last one in–how many points is Chiron?) so that’s 50 points plus whatever Chiron is worth. I have a Sag. sun in the 3rd, so I like to travel but I prefer to go to a place and then camp out there, rather than doing the whole grand tour. Tension between Sag. (professor) and Cancer (hands-on healer)–not particularly successful at either. One way to my heart is through my stomach. Venus and Chiron in the 4th are going to be transited by Pluto over the next however many years; Pluto is currently still going back and forth over my IC.

  103. Well I have made the test and I got 65 for my moon…It is not a surprise for me. I know I am a “feeling” person. I have the ability to “sense” how others feel, I can even realize their deeper feelings better than them sometimes (especially when they do not want to face them) and I have managed to create the ability to control my own feeling so that they can be positive for me and others.
    Recently I have realized how important it is for me to express my thoughts publicly, knowing exactly how to create a good aura around me…
    And finally I have realized that real success is what can make us really happy…and give us fulfilment.
    I have a suspicion that what life is trying to teach us is that “we do not really chase our destiny, but our destiny is chasing us”
    Best regards to everybody 🙂

  104. Moon square Sun-10
    Moon Conjunct Jupiter-6
    Moon square Neptune-6
    Moon square Uranus-6
    Moon square Mercury-6
    Moon Square Mars-6
    Moon trine Saturn-6
    Moon sextile ASC-4
    Moon semi-sextile Pluto-4
    Mars in Cancer-5
    Pluto in 4th house-5
    Moon,Jupiter,Mercury,Uranus,Neptune,Mars in Tsquare-5
    Moon sextile node-2

    My score was a 71

    I’m not surprised i scored a high score, I always been a emotional type and i always go for what i feel than what i think is right. Seeing how my moon is badly aspect i think it speak for itself me and my mom relationship

    This are my other score for the other test i took.

  105. 51….obvious from my attachment to home and motherhood

  106. Really surprised, i have 41 points, its the third planet in strenght (after Venus 57 and Pluton 46) but i never felt really moon, of course i have some cancer caracteristics (a relatively strong 4th house with Venus and Sun), I’m a person that enjoy staying home, I’m close with my family, I enjoy knowing about genealogy stuff and who is who cousin, i like helping people with their problems (but I’m not a fanatic, I do it only if it is not complicated for me). I don’t really feel that I’m lunar, I never felt like emotional person (moon in geminis). I always thought that I was more Sun person (but I obtained only 29 points).

    • All the characteristics you list make you a lunar type, but of course those qualities are modified by the fact the Moon is in Gemini. Donna Cunningham

  107. 29
    hi, I got a 29… Strong… I have got my moon in pisces (8H).. But I hardly ever feel lunar or even feel the presence of my pisces moon… I am aries sun and mercury (9H)
    I hate being at my parents. I’m 22 and shifted into a rented apartment as soon as I got my job. I also plan to move abroad in the future and I’m always attracted towards guys from different cultures (5H Sag i guess).

    But I love to swim. I can swim for hours and not get tired. That’s the only lunar thing I see within me.. How else can this moon affect me? I never would have guessed that I have a strong moon… Please let me know

  108. 125 point…

    Ok, well, I have a tight stellium in capricorn, 7 planets(including the moon and sun) and all are in the 4th house. Midheaven also in cancer.

    I can’t say exactly If I ever felt this influence in my life.

    I can be very moody, and emotions sometimes overwhelm me soo hard that I find it hard to act natural. I use to get stuck in the past and refuse to accept the present moment. I can’t say a bad word to anyone, and I love harmony and beauty. Above all I love my family, a lot! One of my dreams is to have a beautiful family life, with a loving but still, successful husband and 3 kids. There is another odd thing I’ve seen at me, a scare of people – don’t quite know where that comes from.

    I am very confussed when it comes to my life, I prefere to stay in my mind and daydream.Now I have to decide what university course to choose, but I don’t know.
    Please, can anyone give me any clue ?

    What jobs do you lunar people have and enjoy?

    My overall score:

    Moon – 125

    Venus – 68

    Neptune – 65

    • Hi, EVy, for a greater understanding of the Moon’s place in the stellium, see my reply to becca, who has the same stellium combination as you. Donna

  109. I’m unsure whether to disagree with my result. I scored 57. However my 10th house moon is in its detriment in Capricorn; my score is only boosted so much because I have Capricorn stellium and a Scorpio stellium and Capricorn MC/ARIES AC (all these conjunctions and squares.. argh). Maybe it is just that I find it difficult to channel my moon energy due to the fact that I am very Capricorn, who knows. I am a deeply emotional person but only in the way that when I am emotional it is always very strongly negative emotions, and my heavily Capricorn chart has taught me to suppress my emotions from a very young age which I guess my score being 57 tells me why that’s such heavy work!

    • Hi, becci, you’re part of a huge group of young adults with Capricorn stelliums, in which Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are conjunct one another and any of the inner planets that fall into that sign and house, so the picture is very complicated and hard to describe in a few words. With the Moon in Capricorn involved in the picture, it’s very hard to feel secure or nurtured. Having the Moon as part of the stellium indicates a strong feminine presence in the area of life shown by the house position – the mother or a mother figure, grandmother, aunt, or mentor. It describes an important female role model for women with stelliums as to what the woman’s role is supposed to be. With the Moon in Capricorn aspecting Saturn, the mother may have been older at the time that the child was born or have been a career woman, but surely not the warm, fuzzy, cookie-baking stereotype. This woman is likely to have been ambitious and intent on success, both for herself and for her offspring. If this woman believed in the talents and abilities shown by the stellium, she can be an enduring ally.
      If there were losses and disruptions in maternal nurturing, as you might expect from conjunctions of Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn to the Moon, the person may feel cut off from a solid base of security and work all the harder to establish themselves.

  110. Scored 72, my highest score until now. Mars and ascendant in Cancer, moon opposite Sun within 6° of the South Node (I was born during an eclipse), Mercury and Pluto conjunction in 4th house.

  111. I got 133 points :oo I assume thats quite a lot? I have always loved moon and my astrological sing is also cancer, i think that my elemental would be water?

  112. sorry, i made a little mistake, the number was 115 😀 i understood one part wrong and now realized it again 😀 but what would you guys think? Could i be water, i always wanted to be, and I feel connected to it too.

    • yes, 115 is quite a high score and would make you a watery sort. Donna Cunningham

  113. Moon opp Mercury, Saturn = 5
    Moon square Mars = 5
    Moon incon Neptune, Pluto = 8

    Mercury, Saturn in 4th house = 10
    Lilith in Cancer = 2
    Moon as the highest planet in chart = 2

    Part of T-Square = 5

    Moon = 37 🙂

  114. I have a very strong moon, over fifty points. My mother was my nemesis when I moved away from her home and started my own family. Whatever dealings I had with her were fraught with tension, drama, and outright conflict. She passed away in 2003, when I was 58 years old, and, for the first time, really, in my life, I felt peaceful. Her energy had agitated me. But as the years have passed, I realize more and more how many gifts she gave me, creative talent, material abundance, and the gift, during my childhood, of being able to express myself through art, cooking, dancing or playing, without ever having to clean up the messes, as she took care of the house and its material well being. I felt, as an adult, that she was just too strong, too strong of an energy for me to be able toactualize myself and be the person I wanted to be and learn the lessons I needed to learn and do the actions I needed to perform, for myself. Mom is represented very well by the T Square of the Moon in Pisces in the 10th House, opposite Mercury in Virgo in the 4th, both squaring Mars in Gemini in the Twelfth. The Moon is also the apex of a Yod pattern, with Quincunxes from the Moon to Neptune in Libra in the Fifth and Sun in Leo in the Third. All the aspects to the Moon have tiny orbs, with the orb to Mars being the largest at 2 degrees.

  115. There were a few just loose trines (to ASC, Uranus, and a grand trine with Sun and ASC), I’m not counting, so I ended with 52 (otherwise would be 72). I actually identify quite strongly with the “Issues of the Moon,” in that my home, family, mother and grandmother have always been very important and very influential in my life; I also liked the “ties to the past and ancestors” and “beliefs about the role of women” parts because a) I majored in anthropology and archaeology, and b) I am a proud feminist.
    I was so surprised by my 52 though, because I never really thought Moon was that strong in my chart nor did I realize how strongly it’s played out in my life. I have literally no Cancer or 4th house planets. Cancer is just barely on my IC, and I do have Chiron in the 4th (though that wasn’t in the test), but that’s it. I guess my Virgo Moon just has far more aspects to the rest of my chart than I ever realized. Go me?

  116. My score was 58. I have a Moon Pisces, like 5 4th house planets and my Moon is trine to a few planets.

  117. Thank you, Donna! My score is 54, and if Chiron come to the picture too, so it’ll 59! And Moon rules my 12th house, in 5th house. I have a bunch of mental children, but rarely show them for others, the way they enjoy it always hurt my felling. Sometime, I’d got a crazy fan, they ate, lived and breathed with the stories, but… they didn’t think there was some boundaries between us and bring me troublesome here and there. Do you think Neptune also rules the fan girls thing? Or they belong to 12th house? 🙂

  118. Hi Donna,
    I just posted on the How strong is your Pluto page. It seems I have a strong Moon influence as well, I got around a score of 53 (if I did everything correct).

    I have a Cancer Moon (in 8th house… I find myself to be sensitive, moody, and harsh towards loved ones), Moon opposition Uranus, Moon opp. Neptune, Moon trine Pluto, Moon trine Scorpio ascendant, Cancer in south node.
    And somewhat unrelated, I have Pisces in the 4th house to add to the whole water/water sign planet influence I have going on.

    I find it funny that I have strong water influence/water sign planets in my chart and having a Leo sun. I find the ego of a fire sign and the emotions of water influence makes for a difficult person haha.

  119. 99 ! not surprising at all

  120. I’m not really surprised I’m lunar and scored 73 to boot, despite my Capricorn moon. Luna seemed determined to say, “detriment, my foot” and aspect “all of the things,” to use current Internet vernacular. I think that Capricorn moon (and Cancer ruling my 12th?) makes me more reserved about sharing my emotions with just anyone, and I seem to get really tongue-tied when trying to express them because I never want to hurt anyone else, almost to a fault. (I’m also fire-heavy, and mindful of the dangers of playing with fire.) I’m very sensitive to others’ emotions and a challenge of my life is to be empathetic without letting my empathic tendencies drowning me.

    You wanted specifics on the minor aspects, so here they are: sextile Saturn, Neptune, and Chiron. If you prefer the latter be moved into a different category, that knocks my score down a few points. I don’t know if it’s worth noting that my moon invited itself to my grand water trine (Jupiter — which it opposes — Saturn, and Neptune). Not sure if that makes it part of a kite. It’s also part of two cradle configurations. I counted those as major aspect patterns, but if they don’t count, I lose 10 points. 🙂 Now that I sound like a Virgo stereotype I’ll stop. 🙂

  121. Ha, only 25 points, even with the Cancer Moon and conjunction to the DC… (though out of sign). Might be more if the test also considered Sun/Moon midpoints which I have in Cancer.

    • You could use the bonus point feature on the test. Donna

  122. I just did this test for all of the ten major planets. 9/10 were off the charts! My chart is full of aspects: trines, squares, conjunctions, and has a stellium in my sun sign (virgo) and a grand trine. But it’s not all joy and rainbows because Saturn is square all 4 planets of my stellium.

    Anyhow, my strongest planet is the moon! With 73, it’s way ahead of the next planet, Mars with 64 (now that one was a surprise). My moon is in capricorn but it’s in a grand trine with my sun and jupiter, and conjunct neptune. Also my ascendent is cancer. I’ve always been very emotional and so I had a feeling I was lunar.

    My weakest planet is Uranus, and 2nd weakest is my Sun!! Wow – that’s good to know. But it still had a score of 42.

    Anyhow, I know this is just a tool to help me better understand my chart but I found it very helpful and illuminating, so thank you very much.

    • Glad you enjoyed, Earthy. When you have a number of big scores, it means you have the capacity to juggle many energies and demands at once. Donna

  123. Hey thanks Donna, I like the sound of that!

  124. total moon =more than 100
    conjuctn. 48
    trine 12
    south node in cancer 5
    sun and moon mars and mercury in 4th 35
    jupiter asspecting 4th=?
    what that means moon is on boom..

  125. 33,although i am not emotional :))). My moon is only afflicted with MC and makes a semi square with sun.

  126. Wow… amazing. I’ve always considered myself to be very Cancerian, even though I have no planets in Cancer. I used to wonder how that made sense. Apparently I am very lunar in other parts of my chart… got a 55 on this test! Very cool.

  127. scored either 50 or 55- it most be common to have strong planets- this is my fourth test and they have all been strong WTH.

  128. I have moon conjunct saturn

  129. I have a score of 63
    But by strength of a planet, it means how much energy this planet directs right? I have 6th house Moon in Scorpio, that’s why my emotions are usually very intense and mood swings comes in really frequently. Does it mean that my moon is exceptionally weaker than my score?

    • No, wherever it is placed, 63 is a very high score for the Moon. Donna

  130. I got 61 and I’d never have guessed! I always thought of myself who’s not very moon oriented, but when I read your description, oh my god, you are so right about all the moon issues! I even smiled when I read the part about people protesting..
    I also just finished all the planet tests that you posted and these are the scores I got:
    Moon 61, Pluto 60, Saturn 52, Mercury 45, Uranus 42, Neptune 36.
    I didn’t count T-squares, Grand Trines, etc, because I’m not sure how to find those. If I ever find out I’ll update though..
    Thank you so much for posting these tests, they were very informative, enlightening and fun at the same time! >:)

    • I looked into how to find T-squares and other major configurations and I came across a possible Grand Cross in regards of the moon. However, I cannot decide if it’s a Grand Cross (5 pt) or two T-Squares (10 pt).

      This is what I found: Moon (in Aries 29º 18′ 3″) opposite Uranus (in Scorpio 6º 41′ 16″). Saturn (in Leo 0º 19′ 54″) opposite Mercury (in Aquarius 7º 59′ 58″). All 4 planets squaring each other too.

      I thought for a Grand Cross the 4 planets have to be in 4 different elements and mine are not, because both the Moon and Saturn are on the cusp of their signs. Would you please let me know how I should count this one? Thank you!

      • It’s a Grande Cross, because orbs can be extended with a configuration like that, all aspecting each other. When you have planets at the beginning or end of a sign, there may be out of sign aspects—see my recent post on that, and we’ll be going into planets at 0 and 29 degrees also. Donna

  131. Thank you so much Donna! This will change my scores on the other planets too I’m guessing (not just the moon)..
    So this should make it a 66 then. I also have a Chiron conjunct moon, but I didn’t add that one.

    • Chiron conjunct Moon should have some effect. Perhaps add a few points under “bonus scores”?

  132. I sure will and thank you!:) I learnt so much through your tests.

  133. I scored a 62, but I never much related to the Cancerian types… Leaving me quite perplexed. Although, I recently checked all of my planetary and sign dominants and left with Aquarius dominant sign ((beyond words relatable!)) followed with Aries, ((Pisces, Cancer)) with Moon dominant planet, up next being Mars. With a Pisces sun, I understand the relativity to the water elements, but my chart is highly air, next fire followed by water and left with no earth what-so-ever. I do love the moon and agree that on full moons and new that I am restless and behavioral, and I entirely correspond to the entire ‘mood-disorder’ facade that Cancerians seem to entail along with ruling the substance of LSD, but, I believe in this case all of my Uranian//Aquarian influence cancels out most of the sappy, over-emotional, familial-based etcetcetc parts of your average Cancer. Still, intriguing how high my score was based on how I feel I relate to my chart. Interesting to say the least!

  134. Happy (very belated) New Year!! 🙂
    Mother of the moon..I’ve scored 89!!
    My moon is in capricorn-so a cold place to be (probably that is why I felt saturnian-because saturn is also the chart-ruler- but he scored only 55 points). But maybe I made a mistake with the does a moon square mars with an orb of 7, still counts? I don’t see the square orb of the moon there…also- I don’t know if moon.neptune.uranus counts as a stellium because they are only 3 planets,but still -they;r all close by degree,sign and in the same house. Moon will be still leading.
    Now I know why I truly have issues with sleeping when it’;s full moon- or the pms syndrom feels cyclic like the moon.
    I am born a disseminating moon- wonder if that’s the time “things work better for me?”

    • The Moon-Neptune-Uranus is a triple conjunction, which is as strong as a stellium. The square’s orb is 5 degrees and can stretch to 6, especially if the Moon or Sun is involved. Donna

  135. Thank you for replying.
    But just curious, do you use these orbs for the sun/moon (and the rest of the planets) for natals,solars etc.? I like it when orbs are reduced- just makes easier to focus on the big picture (but somehow I fear losing out details).
    So are the orbs indicated Only for calculating the score of the planets?
    For usual charts -the orbs are increased? By example allowing a 9th degree opposition to the sun?
    Hope you don;t mind my (silly) question.

    • Those are the same orbs I use in interpreting charts. Usually, aspects to the Sun and Moon can receive a wider orb, perhaps as much as 2 degrees.

  136. Thank you again for your patience. (I heard about having a tight conjunction,square etc. it resembles a shout. If that aspect is very is more like a whisper,and a whisper means: I am here,but you cannot hear me very clear.) Leaving the stellium and the 7th orb aspect to mars- moon score is 89. The sheets are very helpful!

  137. Scored 81. 😀 No wonder though, I’ve always considered myself lunar and this didn’t surprise me. Though I do have Moon-Uranus and Moon-Neptune sextiles, and those are part of the aspects that explain why I’m not your typical Cancer. Cooking, nurturing, family life, nostalgia of the past etc. aren’t my things, if anything, they feel agitating and supressing. I liked this test a lot, I got yet more insight into my natal Moon and general help into my quest for finding out who I am.

    • Glad it was enlightening, Quill. It’s quite a high score for the Moon. Donna (Cancerian) Cunningham

  138. I got 50 pts on this test. Makes sense. My intuition told me to take this test and lo’ & behold. My moon is in 8th house virgo. I’ve always loved the moon. Both my mom and sister are Cancers. I love women (not in the sexual sense) but for some reason have had a hard time loving myself as a woman. I was born under a full moon 🙂 Moon, moon, moon, I love the moon. My moon is also the handle of what looks like a “bucket” shape configuration in my chart, she sits all by herself in that part of my chart. Amd when the moon is out.. it’s inexplicable how wonderful it feels. I can literally feel her rays shining through my soul.

    • That’s some Moon you’ve got there, Adinah–and a well-loved one at that! I am a Sun-Jupiter in Cancer, with my Moon right up on the Midheaven, and I understand what you’re saying about the Moon itself. I live on the 8th floor of a high rise, with big picture windows, and each night, when I see the Moon go through its cycle, I am filled with love. Donna Cunningham

  139. I’m a 100..
    which makes a lot of sense now.. I’m an Aquarius Sun in the 11th house but my moon is in Cancer in the 4th. I enjoy socializing but I’m the definition of a homebody.. I prefer to have everyone over in my home for comfortable socializing. I love being a host and feeding peope and going all out in decorating.. You should see my Halloween parties. The stress is always worth it when I see everyone happy and having fun. ❤ haha

    My results:

    Moon Opp. MC ~ 10pts
    Moon Sq. AS ~10pts

    Moon Opp. Venus ~6pts
    Moon Opp. Saturn ~6pts
    Moon Opp. Mercury ~6pts
    Moon Opp. Neptune ~6pts
    ^ all of these planets within a 10° orb in the 10th house including the MC^
    Moon Trine Pluto ~6pts

    Sun Inconj. Moon ~4pts

    Moon in Cancer ~15pts
    Jupiter in Cancer ~5pts
    Moon in the 4th house ~10pts
    Cancer on the IC ~5pts

    Moon is T-squared a stellium of planets with the AS being the Sq. ~I didn't know how to count these so I just counted them all as one (5pts) ..but I guess if you did count all of these individually, my score would then be 115.

    What I DIDN'T add to the score, but noticed others did:

    Moon Sextile Part of Fortune
    Moon Semi-sextile South Node [Moon Inconj. NN (which is conj. Sun)]
    Chiron in Cancer exact orb on my IC

    ..and yes, my mother (moon) and I have never seen eye to eye, which has effected much of who I am.. if you were wondering. Also my menstral cycle has been Funky since the first day I got it.. which lasted two whole months without stopping.. And has made me anemic. I'll save you from the other deets. And it's impossible for me to sleep through the night the fuller the moon is.. Sometimes I will randomly wake up and have an intense urge to clean or do something. I get my best work done in the middle of the night as well. Anyways.. just a little insight into how the moon has/effects my life. Thanks for this beautiful quiz. ❤ It was fun figuring it all out and sharing. Much Love!! ❤
    Also my other scores:
    Pluto ~47
    Uranus ~40

  140. I took this test because my moon is in detriment (Capricorn) but it’s still very powerful (my score was 48). It makes sense I don’t at all “feel” like a Capricorn moon with the only exception being a certain “Stern-ness”.

    Moon aspects:
    I was born in 1988 so I have moon conjunct Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.
    Moon trine sun (taurus)
    Moon trine Jupiter
    Moon trine MC
    Moon sextile pluto

  141. I got a Lunar score of 72. I have also used your tests to calculate my scores for Neptune and Pluto, which were 49 and 39 respectively. 🙂

  142. I got a 4, lol. I have a nearly unaspected moon, which is an air singleton. The only aspect that I have is a moon quincunx mercury. Gemini moon, Scorpio mercury. I don’t feel lunar at all, makes sense.
    On the other hand, I got a Pluto Score of 81 and a Sun Score of 72, my two strongest planets. The darkness meets the light…

    • That may be one of the lowest Moon scores to date. Donna

  143. Lol I got 19! Not much of a surprise since I’ve always known I wasn’t much of a sentimental XD. It might seem like a bit of a paradox because while I am quite sensitive, I’m not very emotional.
    If progressions count, however, my punctuations should be stronger, because right now I have my progressed moon conjunct progressed mercury and my Venus-Pluto natal conjunction, all in the DC, and I’m lately feeling kind of moody.
    Also I have a question: does a planet opposite IC count? Because my Mars is conjuct MC.

    • The points for Mars conjunct the Midheaven take care of the opposition to the IC. Donna

  144. For an Aquarius with a Gemini Moon I got a 71 (no aspects to Chrion and not including the moon’s quintile to my north node). I have my Sun, Venus and Uranus in the 4th though, yet no planets in cancer.

    It surprises me, but I’ve gotten really high scores for most of my planets.

    • Looks like I was wrong. At the time I didn’t really know about orbs, so it drops it from a 71 to a 70 (added extra aspect patterns I missed lol). Still pretty high for super airy me ^-^

  145. Hi Donna,
    I have a bucket shape natal chart with my 28 degree Aquarius full moon as the handle in the third house. Does this add any extra emphasis on my moon score?

    • Yes, Sara, that’s important enough that you should give it some bonus points, like maybe 5. (You’re the first to write me and ask about that, but it makes me wonder if others have had the same question but didn’t write.) Donna

    • Yes, it certainly would. You can add bonus points (5 or so) for anything important not covered on the test. Donna

  146. Got a 90….. wops.. added 5 points because I think it’s a plus to have exalted Moon in Taurus

  147. Unsurprising my score is 83, as my Cancer Moon in the 9th is part of a stellium with Uranus/Jupiter (all 3 in the same degree), opposing Sun, Mercury, Chiron in Cap, square Neptune, trine Saturn and Mars in a Grand Water Trine… yeeha… no wonder I wrote a poem called ‘Moody Moon’ just before I started to awaken to her potential! She has been such a great and terrible teacher… yet now as I approach maturity (second Saturn return + conjunction to Venus in Sag over) with Pluto soon to be exact on my Sun I LOVE being a lunar being. I deeply appreciate my sensitive intuitive nature, although I have to say that Full Moon on Christmas day was surprisingly emotional and I’m still learning not to take life so incredibly personally. I’m thrilled to have come across these strength tests so will be dipping in more. Another beam of light shining in the darkness…Thank you!

  148. Moon Opposite Mars = 6
    Sun Opposite Moon = 10
    Moon Inconjunction Mercury = 6
    Moon Inconjunction AS = 6
    Moon Inconjunction Saturn = 6
    moon sextile NN = 4
    moon sextile chiron = 4
    Moon Quintile MC = 4
    Moon BiQuintile Venus = 4
    part of fortune in cancer 4
    house 7 cancer = 2
    moon in house 7= 2
    = 54

  149. Oh, My! I just realised perhaps my calculations were done whilst mercury was rx or I had a neptunian transit for the day! I am re-doing all the calculations. My moon is not an 89 score! Rather a 71 and still high. But throwing that crazy uranus vibes in the mix, and neptune as well.
    My mercury is equal to my moon,both 71. I always considered the gemini/cancer more like a nutty combo. The irony when you find out it is you who’s a nutcase and have the crazy bucket.
    All in good spirit! My childhood friend has this combo.:)

  150. (Without any Extra bonus points)

    Sun – 77 points (over 40 = Off the charts!)
    Moon – 80 points (over 40 = off the charts!)
    Mercury – 40 points (26-40 = Strong)
    Venus – 47 points / Taurus 58 (over 40 = Off the charts!)
    Mars – 30 points (26-40 = Strong)
    Jupiter – 62 points (Over 40 = Off the charts!)
    Saturn – 36 points (26-40 = Strong)
    Uranus – 39 points (26-40 = Strong)
    Neptune – 42 points (over 40 = Off the charts!)
    Pluto – 29 points (15-30 = Strong)
    Chiron – 46 points (Over 25 = Centaur through and through!)

    Oh help. No wonder I feel like I’m stretched over too many energies. -.-‘
    I feel like I’m always on fire.

    I always felt like I had one of my strongest relationships with Pluto, but maybe I only noticed it because it was not as strong as the others and therefore different.
    I’m a Sun Taurus, Sag Ascendant with a Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus in 5th House with Moon, Mercury and Venus in Aries. *sigh* I just want to charge at things, so thank god for my Mars in Pisces. Jupiter on MC in Virgo helps too.

  151. I scored a 73…but I’m assuming having my Uranus in my fourth house is what’s causing the edginess :p

  152. I got 91 points! This make me scared. What does it mean to be such a “moon person”? I also had 69 in Pluto (which is in trine with my moon), and 44 in Mercury

  153. I scored a 66 with cancer in jupiter a conjunction with sun and moon, 2 trines 2 squares uranus in 4th house and another conjunction

  154. I got 65 points! despite having only Fortune & Juno in Cancer & no planets in IC.

    Majority of my scores are off the charts though even my Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus scores are high even though they are among my bottom planets along with Venus while Pluto & Moon are in the middle. These are as follows:

    Sun = 48
    Moon = 65
    Mercury = 64
    Venus = 29 (lowest)
    Mars = 47
    Jupiter = 38
    Saturn = 64
    Uranus = 39
    Neptune = 81 (highest)
    Pluto = 30

    • Moon being the 2nd highest score here & the 4th strongest planet overall in my chart, I can say that while I’m not sentimental & have a tendency to ignore my emotions (being a Saturnian & having a moon square saturn aspect) but I do love lunar things like cooking, home, family reunions that I look forward to every Christmas. I’m modest, homebody & shy plus reliability & security are everything to me.

  155. Would you include Chiron as a planet when doing this? And how would I add having north node in cancer and south node in the 4th house? Without Chiron, I have 65 (70 if you can include the ascendant in the t-square) and with Chiron I have 77 (82 with the t-square). If there’s any extra for what I mentioned, can you tell me if it works? (To be honest, I don’t need to get anymore Lunar than I already am

    • There is a place in the test for chart features not given on the test, where you can add bonus points for factors you consider important.

  156. My wife scored a 57, 4th house in cancer, mars and Saturn in cancer, mars in 4th house. She has a lot of full moon rage and wants to address it. Do you have any suggestions for reading materials?

    • My book, Moon Signs has many hints on managing your Moon. It’s
      published by Ballantine Books/Random House. Donna

  157. Well, I used to think I loved my Leo Moon right on my Midheaven in my 10th House – now I’m not so sure – I got a 59 score. Sag Sun, Scorpio Rising, Mars Rx in Cancer in my 9th and Lilith there too at 23 degrees, and my Leo Moon squaring my Neptune in my Ascendant Scorpio, trining my Eris in Aries in my 6th house and opposing my Vesta in Aquarius in my 4th house.

    Interestingly I’ve just been looking into family constellations and the 9th House being grandparents – my maternal grandmother was a Cancer Sun. Usually people think of the 4th house as mothers and the 10th house as fathers but in my case – my father was an Aquarius Sun (my 4th house) , and my mother was Leo Sun (my 10th house).

    And I’ve had mother and grandmother issues since childhood which have translated into adulthood as being unwilling to trust women or make friends with them or work with them. I’ve always gotten along better with men and have always known instincutally that our whole family have some kind of multi-generational trauma or issue that has to be resolved in my generation.

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