Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 16, 2010

Down the Lunar Rabbit Hole–and Halfway to Pluto

I don’t know if you subscribe to the free newsletter, NASA Science News, or not, but it’s been anything but dry lately.  They’re making fascinating new discoveries, one after another.   Of course, they’d  never admit that Uranus stationary conjunct Jupiter in pioneering Aries had any connection to it at all.  Have a look at these stories:

NASA Science News for July 12, 2010: 

 Lunar Pits Could Lead to a Geologic Wonderland

Newly-discovered pits on the Moon could be entrances to a geologic wonderland of underground caves and tunnels. Researchers discuss the possibilities in today’s story from Science@NASA. FULL STORY at

The last issue had a headline that was similarly intriguing.  (Whoever makes these headlines up is  missing a calling as a Sci Fi author!)

NASA Science News for June 18, 2010:

Halfway to Pluto, New Horizons Wakes Up in Exotic Territory 

Halfway to Pluto, NASA’s New Horizons probe has woken up in ‘exotic territory.’ Mission controllers are taking the opportunity to give the spacecraft a thorough system’s check in preparation for its Pluto flyby in 2015.  FULL STORY at

NASA Science News for June 25, 2010:

 High School Students Record Spellbinding Video of Disintegrating Spacecraft

On June 13th, while flying on an airplane at 41,000 feet, high school students from Massachusetts witnessed and recorded the dramatic breakup of Japan’s Hayabusa spacecraft over Australia. Their newly-processed video is a must-see.  FULL STORY at


  1. Hi Donna – I couldn’t find any other way to say hello, but finding myself in need of “Friday Night Fix” – I googled Isabel Hickey (God bless the Internet) and found your name as one of the people responsible for “keeping her alive.”
    Thank you so very much. And HELLO! I know we’ve exchanged hellos through Rick (Levine) but I felt this was as close a one as I could find to extend. Good luck in your writing – your blog is wonderful. With much love and fondness, Heidi

    • Oh, Heidi, it’s been ages!! I remember you and Claudia, and our astrodramas and other explorations with such fondness. We shall have to catch up. Donna

  2. somehow if JFK
    where alive today
    he wouldn’t have your faith in what they say…

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