Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 28, 2010

Understanding the BiQuintile—Your Input Needed

©7-28-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Since the quintile was the last “minor” aspect we considered, it’s only fitting that we look into its big brother, the biquintile.  The quintile (72°) is 1/5 of the 360° circle, while the biquintile is twice that—144° or 2/5 of the circle, give or take 2-3°.  Why do we use the biquintile but not the triquintile or the quadriquintile? 

 More importantly, why do we automatically assume that the biquintile is just like the quintile?  You see, I’ve never been convinced it is. Have a look at an entirely different aspect connection I noticed in my earliest student days…

 Using an orb of 3° before and after the exact aspect, here’s a strange thing that happens in the region between the biquintile (144°) and the quincunx (150°):

biquintile vs. quincunx

What is it about that 147th degree? Is it some kind of pivotal point?  If the biquintile and the quincunx really are substantially different, what happens at that meeting point?   Notice that the names both contain QUIN, which means 5, and in numerology, 5 is a quirky, restless number that promotes change.

One of my early teachers, Charles Jayne, studied quincunxes and felt that resolving the tensions between two planets, signs, and houses in that aspect required a creative leap. If both the biquintile and the quincunx are associated with creativity/talent, then where is the real-life separation between them?  Are they different, or is the pressure they create the same?

(Before you ask, I do have plenty to say about the quincunx, and, no, I can’t say it right now out of fairness to the August-September issue of The Mountain Astrologer, which has my article about quincunxes, along with many other fine articles.  It’s called, “Heinous Hybrids:  Why the Quincunx is no Minor Aspect.”   If you can’t find it in your local metaphysical bookstore or health food store, order it from The Mountain Astrologer.) 

This enigma is why we’ll apply the same methodology to studying the biquintile as we have the other lesser-known aspects in this series. Look for quintiles, biquintiles, and quincunxes in your charts.  Tell us in the comment section what you find.  Here are some questions to address:

 First of all, do you have any biquintiles, and how do you see them operating in your life?

 If you have both quintiles and biquintiles, do you sense any difference in the ways they operate? 

 If you understand your quincunxes, can you see how they would be similar to the biquintile? 

 For the more advanced student, if you have both biquintiles and quincunxes, what are the degrees and orbs involved?  Do you, for instance have quincunxes that aren’t 150-147° apart but instead are 151-154° and thus could be seen to not have any connection to the biquintile?

 I appreciate your input, folks!  You may be a key to an astrological mystery that has intrigued me for 40 years!

 If you haven’t been around for our studies of the previous little-known aspects in this series, you’re welcome to explore them at the links below and to share your findings in the comment sections for those posts. Donna Cunningham Skywriter

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  1. Hi Donna,

    Having only become conscious of quintiles/biquintiles in the last 6 months or so, I’m still investigating how my Mars/Chiron biquintile operates. Since Chiron is already active in my chart with personal planets and my chart ruler, I feel that I shouldn’t dismiss this Mars/Chiron relationship. I’m thinking that it speaks of actively working as a healer to resolve some of my own wounds. The orb is is 1 degree applying.

    To compare against my Sun/Saturn quintile, I would say that the quintile is definitely active and integrated and harmonious. The biquintile seems a little mysterious and awkward, like it still needs to be teased out.

    Speaking of teased out, I have a Sun/Moon quincunx, but it’s 3 degrees separating. Besides that aspect, my Moon is otherwise unaspected and floating just above the horizon in my 7th house. So for me getting in touch with my Gemini emotions has required some work, especially via other people, but my Scorpio Sun is up to the task.

    • Hi, Katie, since the Sun and Moon are both “lights” and very strong in a chart, I’d say the quincunx works…and there is plenty of disparity between Scorpio and Gemini. Donna

  2. I have the Moon exactly biquintile Saturn, and then Saturn is 147 degrees from Uranus (so it’s debatable both what the Saturn-Uranus aspect is, and whether my Moon is quintile Uranus–it’s 69 degrees from Uranus, so if you want to give a quintile a 3-degree orb then it’s a quintile).

    I’ve always had a big interest in history (Moon-Saturn) and one of my favorite kinds of novels is “alternative histories” such as The Difference Engine or Mists of Avalon. I’m actually sketching out an alternative history novel to write. “Alternative histories” seems very Moon-Saturn-Uranus, doesn’t it!

    Also, I’ve seen some web pages talking about the quintile and especially the biquintile as an occult aspect, since a biquintile represents one “leg” of a pentacle. I’ve had a life-long interest in the occult, which comes from my mother’s side of the family (Moon-Saturn?)–a lot of women on that side, including me, are psychic. So maybe that’s another example of the biquintile at work?

    • Hi Lisa,

      I read your post with interest. I have a Jupiter Taurus 7 biQ Saturn Libra 12. Saturn is conjunct Neptune in Libra 12 but the degree difference makes Jupiter quincunx Neptune. My moon is square Saturn Neptune, opp.Uranus. The moon trines Jupiter. All of that to say that I,too, am extremely interested in history and the paranormal and am busily writing and plotting fiction with those themes. I find the Jupiter biQ Saturn enjoyable as I feel it brings a Taurean appreciation to all things vintage. As a teen, I used to fill sketchbooks with pictures of costumey clothing designs. Now I write about characters who wear those costumes. The interest in the occult in my case comes from my dad, an Aries with some strong Aquarius placements. He had astrology books that were pre-WWII sitting around our house. Naturally I read them! Good luck with your writing!

  3. I have three very close biquintiles, all less than 145 degrees: Libra Sun/retrograde Gemini Mars (and Uranus in the 12th quintiles them both), Virgo Ascendant/Aquarius Moon (with Pluto conjunct my Ascendant from the 12th and quincunx my 5th house Moon) and lastly, Gemini MC/Scorpio Neptune (with Mars conjunct my MC from the 9th and quincunx my Neptune). All three biquintiles have a Mercury connection, and in my chart my natal Mercury (in Scorpio) is conjunct Neptune and Jupiter, which is quincunx my MC and squares my Moon. Also, Neptune connects my 2nd house Libra Sun (and Venus/North Node) to my Scorpio planets (Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter) in the 2nd/3rd.

    This is just guessing on my part, but maybe the biquintiles serve to unite planets/points that at first glance seem to have little in common (as indicated by the quincunxes), and in ways that serve my idealistic need to see beyond the surface of things and be of practical service. All of my quincunxes are between 151-153 degrees.

    These biquintiles also make sense considering my previous long-time career working with special-ed kids as the office manager for a small non-profit school; my ability to recognize, then organize and communicate disconnected elements was the key to doing my job well – as was my gift for sensing potential problems and responding proactively. I was able to get along well with staff, parents and students, which seems to be in keeping with the interactive quality of biquintiles.

  4. Hello Donna,

    Since writing about my Quintiles (in the Quintile section) I have done a lot of thinking about them and my Bi-quintile.

    To recap I have
    Sun / Mercury Rx (12 min conj) Sagittarius 11 house Q Mars / Saturn (55 min conj) in Libra 9 house
    Mars / Saturn (55 min conj) Libra 9 house Q Moon Leo 7 house

    Venus Scorpio 10 house Bi Quintile Jupiter Aries 3 house.

    My Quintiles work well – the themes communication, self responsibility, interacting with others, psychology / philosophy and thirst for how people tick knowledge. Along with dealing with injustices that others sweep under the carpet and put into the too hard basket, self responsibility both in group / organisations and one to one situations. People confide in me, I work thru their issues and have often been told (even many years later) I made a difference. Its part of who I am, I just do it like breathing, I accept it as. We all have our talents and this is mine.

    The Bi-Quintile of Jupiter 3rd – Net working and communication, up thru the 10th the relentless need to expose things, not only out in the world but also closer to home, personal life things, I am more compelled to do, it takes effort. It’s like I have no option and sometimes wish I could run away but know I have to address the issues and get on with it. It’s a choice yet no choice – oh yes I could run away and have but regretted it – an inner knowing that it’s not the right thing to do.
    Each time it has had a positive outcome in varying degrees but certainly has put information and knowledge out there which can be useful for the future. Then I let it go – it’s not my call how others deal with things.

    You ask about the BQ and quincunx – I have one Quincunx (Moon Leo 7, Chiron Capricorn 12) which interestingly also hooks into the BQ so the huge mother / father wound (amongst other things) is involved with the BQ.
    The quincunx is difficult and causes / caused much heartache in my life but has given me insights and tools that help others where as the BQ I do more naturally gives me a sense of doing something, making a difference.

    Donna again thank you for such a great forum. Warm Regards Ineke

  5. I have a BiQuintile between my Cancer Sun and Sagittarius Moon. Just this morning I was thinking about how these two bounce me around all the time. When I am home I love it and want to stay, and when I am on the move I love every place I go and fantasize about moving or just traveling all over.
    When I sit in a new place for a while I love it, then as soon as I move to the next place I love it too. It is not a problem for me, but makes me wonder where my head is at. 🙂 I feel like the Sun and the Moon are co-rulers for me. And I can’t really give in to either one of them.

  6. I found no quintiles for the previous posting but have two exact biquintiles..
    jupiter conjunct ascendant biquintile sag moon and venus biquintile leo mars. These placements seem to account for my
    obsessive creativity and high spirits. I am always making something and have been since early childhood (often to the dismay of my mates). Very helpful in my long teaching career and a consistent source of personal joy.

  7. Hi Donna!
    Mars Q 1* Aplic Uranus (Genm and Leo) expeditive ( the one who everyone calls in a family emergency)

    Moon bQ -1*Ap Kiron (Can and Acu) emphaty (but this works with the people i choose not everyone )

    Venus sesq O* Ap Kiron (Lib Acu),

    Having a cancer moon and Jup &Nep (escor) in the 7th is difficult to have clear who is the one who speaks! 🙂

  8. My BQ’s are Mars in Capricorn , 8th house BQ Saturn in Leo, 3rd house. And also Chiron in Scorpio, 6th house BQ my Gemini ascendent , conjunct the North Node..

    Mars is strong in my chart…it is conjunct my Sun in 7th house Sag,
    supposedly exalted in Capricorn and
    co-ruler of the 8th house. And the ruler of Capricorn is what is involved on the other end…. Saturnin Leo ,3rd house . I am consumed by my work which is entertaining and playing piano – connecting in any way I can – to others (3rd house)…..Whenever I need work ,I think about it alot with all the emotion and gusto I can gather and shoot it all out to my music angels.
    And I get work. I am tempted to point to this BQ for that gift. Never mind that the Sun rules Leo….even though Leo and Capricorn may not be congruent, I lucked out here.

    With my other BQ, I am not so sure
    it is a great gift..
    I have many strange chronic health problems…..w/ Chiron 6th house, Scorpio BQ my ascendent in Gemini…I am unable to stay in an
    unhealthy relationship, and unable to keep a job I hate…because I will literally get sick. Of course I know that this is good in the long run, but it has been a rude earthquake – awakener ….also I am being forced to take impeccable care of myself.
    If I deviate with anything off my diet and/or lose any sleep I pay BIGTIME. …..(.I would love a box of malted milk balls right about now.)

    And yes, there is a HUGE gap between the Scorpio me and the Gemini me….the quickness of Gemini,
    & it’s insatiable curiousity, combined w. 4 planets in the 6th house Scorpio….which likes to penetrate to the core. But I have not suffered from it like I have w/ Venus square Pluto….I think BQ’s are great gifts. I go back to the 5 pointed star- the Pentagram and its spiritual significance…


  9. I love the “Input Needed” thank you, as I do learn a great deal! On to Biquintiles!

    I have Venus in Cancer in the 2nd bQ Aquarius MC, can we say “luxury?” As a double Gemini I am a simple person, but with this aspect I get to enjoy luxurious places and situations. I am a pilot and my latest escapade into the world of luxury allowed me to get to fly a Falcon 7X, which is the fastest most luxurious, expensive private plane in the world. Retail is $60M! But what a ride! I have met Prince’s, Heads of State, found myself in $5000 a night hotel rooms, hung out with celebrities and had experiences I could only dream of…..A blessing for Robin!

    Saturn in Cap on the 7th/8th cusp bQ Uranus in Leo in the 3rd. My thoughts and point of view are usually seen as “out there” but with Saturn quincunx my Gemini Sun/Taurus Mercury in the 12th, I have to watch my words in how I express my thoughts. I can easily offend, in most cases shock them. I have learned through time to pose my radical thoughts as questions to provoke thought in others. I also have a very heightened sense of intuition I think because of Uranus in the 3rd.

    Neptune on the 5th/6th Scorpio cusp bQ Gem ASC allows me to act as a chameleon at times. I change my “look” at least twice a year, enjoy good health, but have the oddest things happen. Neptune is quincunx my 12th Sun/Mercury above. An example would be the time I bent over to look at a Yucca plant closer, someone bumped into me, and a point on the Yucca plant stuck in my eyeball, thus a trip to emergency room to have it removed. Bizarre, surreal health circumstances happen to me, so I am careful of my body.

    The Venus bQ is a definite “goodie” from the Universe, but the Saturn/Uranus and Neptune/ASC while offer benefits, I have to be VERY aware that I am out of step at times, so I have to pace myself to the “mood” of the times and others. Otherwise, I can easily offend! As a Chinese Astrologer told me once, “it’s lucky, but not so lucky.” So, now while I am taking these “leaps of faith” as I call them, I am aware now of the “not so lucky” effects of my choices!

  10. Venus in Aquarius BiQuintile Uranus and Pluto in Virgo:

    I can see the quincunx type awkwardness/need for adjustment in this one. The Venus and Uranus want space and freedom in relationship, the Pluto wants a deeper, intense experience. (This same pattern is also shown by Moon-Mars in Aquarius Sesquiquadrate Uranus-Pluto).Yes, I can see how this one could feel quincunxy, especially as Aquarius and Virgo are naturally in quincunx by sign.

    The only quincunx I have to compare it to is Sun Capricorn Quincunx ASC Gemini. I can feel this one ~ the Capricorn reserve and seriousness vs. the Gemini gregariousness and lightness. These conflicting urges were more stressful when I was younger, but I can switch between the two more easily these days.

    With both the quincunx and the biquintile, there’s a sense of trying to reconcile something unreconcilable.

    Moon, Mars and MC in Aquarius, all BiQuintile Jupiter in Gemini:

    Don’t have much of a take on this one. Could it be that it’s less awkward because it’s in two signs that are naturally in trine? Not sure.

    • Hi, Mandi, there are two different conditions for Biquintiles, as you note. Half of them are in the trine sign, and thus in the same element. For instance, if you had Mars at 0 Aries, the biquintile planet would be at 24 Leo. With both planets in fire, it would be easier. But if you had Mars at 16 Aires, the biquintile planet would be at10 Virgo, the quincunx sign and element. That should be harder. Donna

      • Ahhh that makes sense so my BQ is Aries / Scorpio so the more challenging BQ and not as natural and easy as a Quintile, one that takes more effort but not so challenging as my Quincunx. My BQ is certainly demanding for me and takes energy and effort to deal with that part of my personality. It goes like this sometimes ‘Do I really have to face up to this and do something about it or will it go away, leave it to some one else, and of course it won’t go away so don’t bury your head in the sand, get on with it’.

  11. Confession time.I am really confused here.

    I use for my charts…and I just did the math. My Chiron, 6th house Scorpio is almost quincunx the ascendent in Gemini….Its 2 degrees short of a Qu……this makes it a Quincunx even though show s a BiQ in the aspectarian……….If one uses another house system, it becomes a BiQ…..

    Does anyone else find the BiQ’s to be helpful and the Quincunxes to be like
    finally finding the ladies room and then not having tp?



    • The problem with AstroDienst charts is that they use really wide orbs–like 4 degrees for minor aspects instead of 2 or 3. Donna

  12. I noticed I had 2 quintiles (Saturn & Chiron and then Mars & Midheaven in Aquarius). Now a biquintile? I found Pluto with my Midheaven! I would’ve passed off the Mars quintile, but with Mars and Pluto in aspect to my Midheaven, I thought it warranted some attention!

    I can only guess that I had an unusual amount of ambition in establishing my getting my education for my chosen careers. I came from a single-parent home and had to rely on grants, loans, and work to fund my education. It took a long time to finish it, but it was done! Most of the places that hired me partly did so because of the name of the institution on my diploma. Coincidentally (or not), I chose that place because it was ranked as one of the top schools in that field and I paid a whole lot more for that!

    Yes, I’ve stretched myself to establish “my standing,” but then again, I didn’t inherit much of one at all (thanks to my parents who both had huge problems in their life). I wanted to improve what I was given. It just wasn’t in me to settle (even when I told it to shut up), and I never knew why…

    • Hi, Kristy, I identify with your story, coming from a poor family and having gotten through school with scholarships and working. I also have a Mars-Pluto aspect, and call it the aspect of a magician. Here’s an article about it: Donna

      • Thanks, Donna. This was a good article; I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my talents, especially regarding work and my creativity, and the article gave me plenty of food for thought!!

  13. I have on BW in my chart: Sat 6’1” aq 2nd bq Moon 10’58” Virgo in 9th. I looked around and found that a key word for this aspect was solitude – which fits very nicely. Being a writer, I can’t do my work unless I am alone. There might also be a bq between the South Node at 8’49” aqu since it’s conj Saturn – I have no idea what that would mean since I’m a bit fuzzy on the Nodes.
    But the Solitude word made me look up Greta Garbo (remember: “I want to be alone”), and although not a BQ, she had a square between the moon in 12th and Saturn in 11th. Perhaps that’s the more extreme version …

  14. I have one of my sun (8th house) to Uranus (3rd house) according to Astrodienst, it is -2 so I think that means it’s not exact.

    That uranus in my 3rd house has to do with short journeys and siblings. since it’s almost in the 4th house…4th house seems to point to my rough childhood. But having this little aspect to my sun, is it good? I’m not sure. I’m sorry that I can’t add to this better.

    • Oh, having a Uranus aspect to the Sun is never a bad thing, I believe. It just makes you different than the average bear, Yogi. Donna

  15. Hi Donna,
    I have a T-BQ; Scorpio Mars exactly quintiles Virgo Neptune and they both bi-quintile Venus in Aries; 11th to 8th to 3rd respectively.

    I could play the piano by ear nearly the moment I sat down at one (age 3) and remembered Astrology (as far as Signs went) by kindergarten.

    Venus is the ruler of half my chart; 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th Houses and my Sun, Moon, and decanate of ascendant. I became a professional astrologer in 1975 and have never been interested in any other work except ministry.

    I’ve never been sure exactly how this T-biquintile has manifested except for the musical talent, but I think it has to do with energy, libido, sexuality, and all that good stuff.

  16. “First of all, do you have any biquintiles, and how do you see them operating in your life?”

    I have Sun Bq Asc and Venus Bq Jupiter.

    I’m not sure how they operate in my life.
    Perhaps my Sun/Asc allows my suns qualities to be more creatively expressive through my ascendant and maybe Venus/Jupiter causes my venusian creativity it be amplified.

    ” If you have both quintiles and biquintiles, do you sense any difference in the ways they operate? ”

    No. Then again, I haven’t known about Quintiles/BiQuintiles for that long.

    ” If you understand your quincunxes, can you see how they would be similar to the biquintile? ”

    No, I don’t

    • I noticed I never posted the quincunxes in my chart….mercury quincunx chiron rx, mercury quincunx ascendant,mars quincunx chiron rx,mars quincunx ascendant,pluto quincunx mc….

      Quincunxes in my chart may explain why I have had to develop a less intense more humorous perspective on life in order start becoming more successful as a person. Also,they may partially explain (especially the mercury quincunx asc in gemini) why I have ADD and odd learning styles.

      • Thank You Donna for taking the time to process and post these articles so that everyone can learn from them.

  17. Hi Donna,

    I love your blog! It’s so informative. Lately, I’ve been studying my minor aspects because I have many of them, so perhaps I’ll be able to shed some light on them and learn some more about them here.

    1. Do you have any biquintiles, and how do you see them operating in your life?

    Yes. Sun BQ Asc (0 degrees). Moon BQ Venus (1 degree). Neptune BQ Chiron (1 degree).

    I’m very intuitive and I easily attract a wide variety of people who need healing. They always see me as their Ms. Fix It. I can easily spot problems and help others, but I’m not very good at following my own advice. I “know” better but resist listening to myself.

    2. If you have both quintiles and biquintiles, do you sense any difference in the ways they operate?

    I have 3 of each. I notice that I attract people who have major aspects between the planets that I have in quintile. Otherwise, I don’t notice a difference.

    3. If you understand your quincunxes, can you see how they would be similar to the biquintile?

    No quincunxes here.

    • Hi, Jara, Welcome to Skywriter. Thanks for sharing about your biquintiles–we didn’t have that many of them in the project. The Sun/Ascendant and Moon/Venus sound like great assets, and it sounds like you have a feel for what they mean. Donna

  18. Totally missed this post last year, Donna. But glad to have found it still active now that I finally took notice of my Q’s and BQ’s. I have seven of them. And my 3 daughters have around 5 to 7 of them each as well. Without getting too complicated about this, my general observation is that the optimism level that fuels the creative intellect out of the planets involved is linked to these aspects. I grew up thinking I was weird because of my crazy thoughts and ideas, but later on it became my strength whenever I can foresee the ‘endgame’ situations or conclude how a situation would end up. The need to create is always there, build something out of nothing, create joy in the middle of sorrow, project abundance in times of hunger, fake confidence when the self-esteem is running low, and so on. The aspects reinforces our ability to bounce back from setbacks and disappointments. I think it speaks for resilience. And anything occult comes naturally to me, which I can see in the girls too. In fact, I’d like to think that for each q/bq, a guardian angel is assigned to it. I strongly believe as well, that indeed these are the gifts from the cosmos. When I’m stuck in a single train of thought, I now look up to my q/bq’s and seek a way out!

    • A lovely formulationm KK. Yes, I do believe my 2 quintiles are a great and God-given gift and that I’m able to express them in a powerful way. I have 12th house Sun quintile Neptune in the 3rd, and my self-exploration comes out in my writing. And my Mars quintile Uranus makes me an innovator and pioneer in the field of astrology.

      But 7? It’s hard to imagine! Donna

      • And I used to find it strange why I always see patterns or predict progressions about things happening around me – too many quintiles with Uranus! A lot of people find me strange, about how I can discuss a subject, any subject like a pro. I think quintiles give one an in-depth understanding…the last piece of the puzzle that would elevate the whole understanding into a new level. No boring discussion with me. I can discuss the nuances of art and the depths of an artist’ psyche then switch to a political subject in a split-second. What I find interesting though is that I can get into a child’s train of thoughts and even babies, you could say I’m the perfect nanny! When I’m around, it’s like the girls are in their best behaviour without me even needing to raise my voice which I rarely does anyway. So the nanny would find it thought-provoking. Honestly, I also don’t understand why somebody else’s baby would try to catch my eye and coo with me! Shouldn’t it be the other way around? It happens a lot inside airports, malls or other public places. I find myself being ogled with excitement by babies and toddlers as if they’ve found their long lost toy in me. What I don’t understand is that their attention gets transfixed on me for an extended time. And the thing is even if I keep a straight face, the babies are so entertained whenever I return their attention.

        I think I have a gift with children. But having a solid finance career prevented me from exploring that side of me. One thing I can say, these quintiles and the ease of identifying patterns of circumstances make it easy for me to uncover fraud in the workplace and nip it on the bud.

        I think the study of quintiles should be explored even further. In fact I would be keen to say that if we introduce astrology to a non-believer, we should wrap it up with these ‘cosmic gifts’. Like the fairy godmother who can’t undo the ‘curse’, but instead armed the child with beauty and charm to counter it.

  19. My aspects are (10 including POF and North Node):

    Sun bq Moon
    Venus bq Neptune
    Jupiter bq Uranus
    Jupiter q Part of Fortune
    Jupiter bq Asc
    Saturn bq Neptune
    Uranus q Part of Fortune
    Uranus q Asc
    North Node bq MC
    Part of Fortune bq Asc

    with asteroids:

    Sun bq Ceres
    Moon q Ceres
    Uranus bq Juno
    Part of Fortune q Juno
    Part of Fortune q Vesta

  20. I’m interested in the golden yod, (two bi-quintiles to a planet < with those two planets quintiling | so forming an isosceles triangle <|)

    I always look strait for quintiles in charts, they seem to represent the most spectacular traits of people

    • I have the golden yod as you define it:

      Moon bq Sun, Ceres bq Sun, Moon Q Ceres
      POF Q Uranus, Asc Q Uranus, Asc bq POF
      Uranus bq Jupiter, Asc bq Jupiter, Asc Q Uranus

      I haven’t really thought about this until now. There are traits that I’d rather not discuss here but other people observe in me like an epiphany. And btw I have Sun conjunct Asc in Leo.

  21. One of the manifestations of these group of quintiles would be my love of food and the idea of feeding as my expression of affection and loyalty.

    I also have this thing about eating in restaurants. Many years ago, I always frequent a food joint owned by a friend. She noticed that her inventory normally runs out and sales spiked when I’m around. She’s the one who pointed it out to me, about the beeline of customers in her restaurant on that area of two blocks of eateries.

    It has been a private joke for years but I really didn’t take it seriously. These days however, I am already conscious about it. I use it to shock some of my friends and amuse them at the same time. I take them to an empty restaurant and before we receive our orders, almost 3/4 of the empty tables would be filled. Problem is I personally hate a full restaurant, it is such a distraction so I’m always on the hunt for obscure and not so popular ones – to no avail. Even the coziest, most private coffee house in town gets more than half-filled ruining the ambiance for me really.

    Even my daughter made her own silly experiment because she noticed that I cannot just leave my food or drinks around the house, somehow an ant or two or the entire colony find its way there in a few minutes. She did the same thing on the same spots with the same stuff but no ants turned up. Her conclusion was just as funny as her experiment – that I must have a sweet-tasting saliva!

    I’m not a chef but I can cook up a storm! Though I always have a knack of turning an ordinary dish into an extraordinary fare, I rarely eat what I have cooked. I can only enjoy my food if I prepared and cooked it only for my self. This is what I find strange. I can cook for an army but I don’t eat a morsel of the food.

  22. I came here after reading your previous posts on the quintile and quincunx – both of which I have in my chart, but which I find nebulous, hard to define or analyse at all, I can’t find anything in me to say that would help at all.

    The bi-quintile, however, I *think* I feel very strongly (always hard to know since the BQ planets also make strong ‘traditional’ aspects in my chart). My strongest BQ by far is between Uranus (Leo, 3rd) and Mercury (Cap, 7th – and by default, Ceres, which conjuncts Mercury by 1 degree, but I don’t know enough about her to define what effect she might be having).

    The Mercury-Uranus BQ is exact, less than 1 degree, and I think I feel it in my strongly intuitive thinking style.

    I have a slow capacity for logical reasoning (Mercury conj Saturn?) I really have to *think* to think logically and I’ve more or less given up on trying. I have a Jonathan Creek mind (I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that show, sorry if not, but I’ll try to explain). I get by on flashes of brilliance – I take in a lot of information, I’m a constant reader/watcher/delver for information. Facts build up in my brain, a kind of information soup, which simmers there and waits – I seem to have a lifetime of stored information to hand, someone asks a question, I have the answer – don’t know where it comes from, there’s nothing conscious about the process at all, stuff is just *there*, in an instant. It’s a reliable and accurate process and I’ve come to trust and rely on it and rarely try to ‘think things through’ any more, I just let the answer ‘happen’, out of the blue. For example, when I’m thinking through a sticky point of plot, say (I’m a writer), ‘ve found the only way is to feed the relevant information in and let it stew a few days, then out the answer pops, seemingly without any active input from me.

    The only aspect I can find in my chart to explain this odd quirk of mine is that Mercury-Uranus BQ. I’m almost certain it can have nothing to do with Mercury’s conjunction to Saturn or the Sun – or any of Uranus’s many aspects (please let me know if I’m wrong about that!). The odd thing is, I have Mercury conjunct Saturn in Capricorn (3 degree orb): I have 5 planets, my DC and POF all in Capricorn – I’d think this should all strengthen my logical-analytical side, but that BQ *appears* to be overriding all of the above.

    I’d love to be able to compare-contrast that BQ (I have others, but the Merc-U one stands out most strongly for me) with my quincunx’s and quinties for you (exact ones are Venus Q Chiron/Mc and Mars qx Moon), but I can’t get a handle on how they might be manifesting for me at all. I’ve spent a couple of days musing on it, but all I’m getting is a big nebulous cloud of nothing. Could just be another logic breakdown I suppose, I read more and let it stew and see if anything pops out later. 😉

    Sorry for the long, late post. I just got thinking.

  23. I have Jupiter in Capricorn in the eight house bi-quintile ascendant in gemini….

    What this means? I am not sure. There is no dictionary that gives words that give clues to solving mysteries.

    Who am I? Just someone trying to figure out what this bi-quintile means. Please respond if you are interested in asking the appropriate questions to figure this out….I am under the impression that it means I am super honorable akin to a samurai, but I maybe wrong like the practice seppuku.

    Also…I have moon in Pisces quintile Chiron in Gemini conjunct ascendant, and I also have vesta quintile neptune conjunct my sun in capricorn…I am told neptune in the early eighth i suicide aspect. If this is true, it explains why I fantasize about glorious kamikaze into alien space ships in the name of mankind.

  24. Hi Donna,

    I don’t have any quincunxes in my chart, but I do have what is called a ” golden Yod” which is Mars exactly quintile Neptune and both biquintile Venus in the 3rd. Venus is the ruler of my Sun in Taurus, Moon in Libra, and the decanate of my Capricorn rising.

    Mars is opposite my Sun and Neptune is square the Moon’s nodes and Venus is involved in a T-square with Jupiter in 1st and Pluto in 7th.

    I’ve always thought that my chart was complicated as it includes an out of Sign grand sextile and all those trines.

    I believe that quintiles show possible talents and the Golden Yod shows talent in the Arts of some sort. Indeed, I played the piano by ear from the first moment I sat down on a piano stool around four years old.

    I feel that the T-square over-shadowed the Golden Yod because I was only interested in marriage.I believe that the archetype of that longing and eventual manifestation is Persephone and her imprisonment. I lived that archetype for 30 years of my 55 year marriage.

    I’m living another archetype now and I bet you’re able to guess who.

  25. Hi Donna,

    I have the following planetary aspects:

    Venus in Aquarius in the 2nd House Bi-Quintile Lilith in Virgo in the 8th House [Discovering the joys of coming to know my Inner Woman archetype – my Anima – and balancing that Quirky Beauty with the Dark Goddess in Virgo in the 8th House of Death, Transformation, and Rebirth … and Virgo’s analytical capabilities in the Shadow / Underworld embodied in in the 8th House are part of my developing disciplines toward exploring the realm beyond the ‘Gates of Hades’ … interestingly, the Hades archetype has made himself a regular feature of my dreams over the past 8 years]

    Uranus in Libra in the 9th House BiQuintile Saturn in the 4th House in Taurus [With Taurus traditionally in polarity to Pluto … to me this aspect is about establishing and evolving physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self-reliance via a personal life philosophy based on experiencing the symbols of transformation I am attracted to – very 8th House Plutonian!]

    Pluto in Virgo in the 8th House Bi-Quintile True North Node in Aquarius in the 2nd House [Leo in South Node the 8th House: transforming my self-serving, egocentric tendencies into community-oriented endevours]

    The Bi-Quitile is about developing self-mastery through actively promoting change within one’s self.

    Hope this a. helps, and b.makes sense!

    Best wishes,


    • Richard, thanks for contributing your observations. As for the Uranus-Saturn biquintile, I like the sound of it–and astrology may well be one of those transformational life philosophies for you. I know my Uranus-Saturn conjunction did that for me, hugely! Donna

  26. Hi guys, I wanted to ask: what do you all think is making a sun-pluto biquintile?

  27. My venus is bi quintile to my ascendent. I’ve been investigating but I’m not having much luck in finding what this means. One random source said it involves physical beauty and gives the personality a lot of charm. Apparently people with this aspect usually get their way with people without much effort involved. If anyone knows anything about this, please share!

  28. I have Sun bi-quintile Uranus and Pluto. So far, I absolutely LOVE it.

    My will-power and sense of self is remarkably STRONG. Once I’m captivated in my vision, I cannot stop. I got to admit, sometimes I do feel for a little ‘adjustment’ at times, but I think it’s since the bi-quintile drives my consciousness INSANE (it definitely does) and it gives me a lot of rapid ideas and insights. A Bi-quintile is double the quintile, after all. Double the creativity, power and INNOVATON. That’s why it’s considered a lot more ‘persuasive’ than the Quintile itself.


    I have my SUN CONJUNCT SATURN in Aquarius, BUT, sun in 8th and Saturn in 9th houses respectively.


    IN ADDITION -there is a GRAND TRINE formed by MARS (cancer – 2nd house) – JUPITER ( Scorpio – 5th) – MOON (Pisces – 10th).


    • I don’t do chart interpretation in the comment section, Chandu, and I am retired from doing chart sessions. Donna

  30. This is a great post.

    However, I am still very confused regarding how I could help myself with information.

    I happened to find this post out of desperation. I am having a horrible day taken by self-doubt and disappointment with my lack of accomplishments. My hope is that recently finding that I have Bi-Quintile between my Jupiter/Virgo/6th ans Saturn/Aries/1st would provide me with a light in this dark tunnel.

    Donna’s post is specially interesting because that Jupiter is in conjunction with Pluto/Virgo/6th. And that Pluto is in a quincunx with Saturn. Therefore, it seems that there is a sweet spot (147) between that Pluto and Jupiter.

    Therefore, if anybody is curious and would like to take a look at my chart. Here is my info: September.22.1968. – 6 PM – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

    Alex L.

  31. Hi Donna.

    I have the quincunx between moon & saturn/pluto conj.

    What i want and what i have to do, are not effectively possible, at the same time without being superman.. or super ***hole. The way i am and the responsibilities i have to perform do not deliver the same operational dexterity, they are fundamentally incompatible at every turn without appearing to be coy in a serious situation, or too serious in a playful situation. The balanced results i believe, are that i am now capable of displaying the facts with a sense of humour, when things are getting very tense, which can throw my wife, partners off, some like it, some detest it, but it shows maturity enough to enjoy the gravity of concerns still underlining the fact that we cannot take it too seriously because there is a solution everywhere, which the cap/canc-types both appreciate. Well done lex, pat on back. took after sat return to figure that one.

    The biQuin between Mars & Ura is very acute. I used to at the last moment without self-consultation, do the most unexpected thing, which resulted in distant travels with nothing, to interesting locations where i often met with spiritual/eccentric/crazy types that would enlighten me somewhat leaving me humbled to some degree. At the cost of losing a project, friend or burning a bridge of some sort never to look back, except to sigh that i made a booboo, and then laugh that i wouldn’t understand myself better if i didn’t do it. So, good/bad vs bad/good. being married has grounded my burning desire to run.
    Although that’s also a paradox of sorts.

    My Mars is otherwise un-aspected, the square it makes to Pluto is periodical, and i’ve had to try to see the difference between it and the Saturn square Sun, which was a struggle as you can imagine, as they could be similar since saturn too is a cruel planet, but i associate that more with my actual father. I believe the pluto square mars is something from personal intimate relations, and although possibly business too, the culprit is always mars, i.e my actions.

    Please take a look for yourself 29/07/83 20:15 JHB, South Africa

    So much to learn from self, i look forward everyday.

    Thanks once again.

    • A good interpretation. Thanks for sharing it. Donna

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