Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 29, 2010

Quincunx vs. BiQuintile–an Answer from Numerology?

 (c)7-29-2010 by Donna Cunningham and CJ Wright 

Donna says: In the post about biquintiles, I posed a question that has intrigued me for more than 40 years.   Why do we automatically assume that the biquintile is just like the quintile? 

You see, I’ve never been convinced it is. Have a look at an entirely different aspect connection I noticed in my earliest student days.  Using an orb of 3° before and after the exact aspect, here’s a strange thing that happens in the region between the biquintile (144°) and the quincunx (150°): 

biquintile vs. quincunx 

What is it about that 147th degree? Is it some kind of pivotal point?  If the biquintile and the quincunx really are substantially different, what happens at that meeting point?   Notice that the names both contain QUIN, derived from the Latin word for 5, quinque.   In numerology, 5 is a quirky, restless number that promotes change.

One of my early teachers, Charles Jayne, studied quincunxes and felt that resolving the tensions between two planets, signs, and houses in that aspect required a creative leap. If both the biquintile and the quincunx are associated with creativity/talent, then where is the real-life separation between them?  Are they different, or is the pressure they create the same?  

 CJ Wright of Auntie Moon responded by analyzing the two aspects from a numerological perspective:   

Perhaps numerology has some answers to the puzzle of the difference between the biquintile and the quincunx. I’m looking at the numbers involved and made a few observations that immediately stood out.

The biquintile is 144° (1+4+4=9).

The quincunx is 150 ° (1+5+0=6).

The degree that joins these two aspects is 147° (1=4=7=12=1+2=3).

 I always enjoy seeing a string of 3-6-9 numbers. They indicate “divine intervention” or “blessings” to me. You mentioned that “magic” 147° , which adds to a 3. I’ve always associated the number 3 with creativity, expression, and growth. (I also associate the number 3 with Jupiter, btw.)

You said, “One of my early teachers, Charles Jayne, studied quincunxes and felt that resolving the tensions between two planets, signs, and houses in that aspect required a creative leap.” Perhaps that leap lies in the creativity of the 147th degree? 

For “divination” purposes, Julia Line in Discover Numerology, gives the meaning of 147 as the divine favor of a long and happy life or a long and happy life filled with divine favor. This is divination, so the meaning is a bit mystical, but who wouldn’t like that prognostication?  

 The 147th degree reduces to the numbers 12 and 3. If you align those numbers with the tarot, you get the Hanged Man (12) and the Empress (3). The Hanged Man asks that we look at something upside down to see it more clearly, and the Empress is the epitome of creativity. 

 Interestingly, “quincunx” reduces to 11 and “biquintile” reduces to 55. These are both “master” numbers, requiring special skills to incorporate easily into daily life (also a meaning of the aspects?).

The 11 signals the master teacher and the 55 is the number of the master mediator. Containing two 5’s, there is a high level of Mercurial influence here. I’d add a dash of Uranus to that (the higher octave of Mercury) as an influence of forward movement and reconcilation of oppposing ideals and viewpoints. 

 Donna says:  This is fascinating.  I can see that they are both powerful aspects and do relate to one another after all.  But I have one more question for CJ:  what do the letters QUIN signify by themselves–would this tell us more about what the quintile, biquintile, and quincunx have in common?    (I’ll paste in her answer when I hear back from her.)

 If you haven’t been around for our studies of the previous little-known aspects in this series, you’re welcome to explore them at the links below and to share your findings in the comment sections for those posts. Donna Cunningham Skywriter

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  1. Donna, thank you for yet another thought provoking post!

    Previous to your slew of posts, minor aspects had always left me feeling a bit cold. Now, in light of all the discussion that’s been going on, the wheels are starting to turn and I am starting to believe they may be of more significance than previously thought…

    I have both a quincunx AND a biquintile to my 2nd house Scorpio Uranus (Rx) – both are exact. My Gemini Sun is involved in the quincunx, while my Cancer Mercury (Rx) is the participant in the biquintile. Both my Sun and Merc are in the 9th.

    Regarding the biquintile between Uranus and Mercury, the forward-thinking description of Uranus-Mercury aspects is something that I identify very strongly with. Tying in with the 9th house involvement, I’ve always felt that my personal beliefs were far more progressive in nature than could be explained by any other placement or aspect in my chart. One of the core things I’ve always believed deeply in since I discovered it in my youth has been astrology. Something in me just “clicked” when I started my studies of this subject in adolescence and it has and will always continue to shape my personal philosophies and spiritual beliefs. Thankfully, I was raised in an environment that didn’t try to spoon-feed me religion, and as such astrology has become the vehicle through which I feel I can tune in to my Higher Self and governs my spiritual understanding of what the word “God” means to me. This has been a blessing for me, for although I hold my own beliefs strongly I’ve always been tolerant and respectful of each person’s right to believe as they choose – just don’t try to cram what you believe down MY throat, LOL! Similarly, I don’t force my own beliefs about spirituality, astrology, etc. on anybody else. In fact, my Uranian side is pretty low key being that it’s Rx – most people don’t even notice it. I do firmly believe that each person has to define their own spiritual beliefs on their own terms, and as long as we can maintain respect for one another it’s all good, you know?

    The effects of this biquintile involvement with my second have been, well, odd. I’ve never considered myself an intuitive person, but once I made the decision to make the leap and pursue astrology as a means of earning income I’ve found at times I get some sharp and lightning-like Uranian insights when I study a chart. The insight I get may have absolutely NOTHING to do with the placement or aspect I’m studying – it’s totally random but has been dead-on for me more than a few times. It’s kind of weird/scary- the thought pops into my head and I’m like “Where the hell did THAT come from?!” I really feel the Uranus/Mercury connection here – my rational and logical mind backpedals a bit and wants to concentrate on the “science” of astrology and not my own intuitive perceptions. However, I do think that I’m getting those insights for a reason, that there’s a message I’m “supposed” to communicate. Oh, and I do enjoy writing about astrology – perhaps with the biquintile there will be a way for me to turn this into a profit at some point in the future with my 2nd & 9th houses involved. Maybe I’ll publish a book to pass what I’ve learned on to others – who knows? I am very interested to see how this will continue to unfold for me as this has all been a fairly recent development, triggered by Tr Uranus when it trined my natal Uranus….

  2. After reading this i feel need to see that number (147) in the sabian symbols (Dane Rudhyar)
    27* Leo and i can´t believe! As i got it in spanish i really can´t translate it all, but speaks about enlightness, new posibilities within a new cicle, certainly i feel this match with CJ Wright says!

    • What an interesting idea, Rosario. All I could find on line was a brief sentence, and I’m not certain which is correct:

      26-27 Leo. The luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky

      27-28 Leo. Many little birds on a limb of a big tree Donna

  3. Phase 147: 27 * Leo The luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky
    The challenge of new possibilities in exalting the threshold of a new cycle
    Keyword: LIGHTING
    I use google translator, i hope you understand! 😉

    • Yes, thanks, it does. Beautiful imagine, and sounds like that 147th degree has to do with illumination, perhaps of the tensions a quincunx/biquintile presents a person with. Donna

  4. I LOVE the symbolism of numerology and astrology! Even a simple natal placement gathers more meaning when you consider even the basic interpretation of the numbers (which is the extent of my knowledge)

    Fascinating post. Thanks Donna and CJ xo

  5. Oh WoW,

    i’m intensively researching the BQ materials becouse of this one synastry i’m working on where i have the two Moons in BQ aspect and i cant wrap my head around it, and finally, i feel like i’ve found some real lead to follow through with the numerological informations pointed out in this article, thank you so much Donna !

    About the “QUIN” issue, i dont know it’s this the answer you’re searching for as i think it’s a common faq, but pointing it out neverthless cant harm, the “quin” word is the root for number five in latin language . . So, if i’m following through right with this thread, all the “quin” astro aspects should be measured and evaluated from the point of view – as – emanations of the number/principle “five” . . Does that make sense ? The five by itself as we know is very appreciated energetic configuration in manny traditions, just to name, (originally) wiccan of not pentagram figure which by itself basicly and most bluntly token reperesents the universal biological design of the mobile living beings (four limbs + the head), the five elements in the chinese system, and “the devil is in the detail” isnt it interesting that the focal element of our solar system and therefor of the astrological system too, is by our counts of zodiac’al progression in it’s natural house and constellation in the 5th position ?

    Now, the western numerological system has the “deca” meaning the 10 count as it’s basic frame, and the 5 happens to be right (in) the middle of it. Numerology and sacred geometry should also answer why there are no less and no more than three of the “quin” aspects, but i havent personally gone there jet so i dont know precisely although i have a hunch about that . .

    In what there’s to be found around of interpretations, there is no clear delineation between the Q and th BQ, and pure logical sense tell’s, whle they arent the same – they cant be/mean the same, period. The second info linked to the BQ is “occult power”, a meaning derived from the pentagram spike the BQ naturally shape, and that’s cool but dosnt really tels much either. But the issue should be adressed pentagram-related obviously, in particular, relating to it’s division to spikes i.e. carring elements that form that “power”.

    I’ll go now on brainstorming modus now . .

    I fex have a ‘thing’ for martial arts and we’re comming on the chinese elemental pentagram through that discourse . . In sum, some of the martial art schools developed their teachings through capitalizing on one of the five main elements (i.e. BQ spikes), at the expense of the others. Though, should be pointed out clearly that with martial arts we are aiming for the ofensive/defensive/explosive/destructive mainly, not balance, creativity or so on . . The results of such overemphasizing are blilant from the martial viewpoint, but the increased/forced overall destabilization is felt as peril in the hands of non experts and non propperly trained for such feats, eaven to the extent of life threatening self inflicted damage and wounds.

    Another thing i brainstormed thinking through this article right now, and it’s just a thought and it’s just collateral by meaning, i dont stand for it as a definitive yes, regards the Quincunx. So, we have two initially oblivious energies thoward eachother, but that have to be made aware of each other, aknowledged and come on cooperative therms, disregarding the struggle. Now, there is this one well known psychological process that is analog to the opposition aspect in astrology, the projection, but has this one shared element with what i am thinking about, and that’s externalisation. Following the line, for what we’re unable to become aware of with our own sthrength, we externalize one element of it, delegate it to someone or something and reach thoward that, or that comes after us for putting up the ‘play’ that’ll allow us to work the issue through. Basicly, the premise would be that, the Quncux as an aspect, cant be worked through within ones own psychological make up on individual therms, but it plays out as an ‘shared aspect’ issue by manifestation. Does that make any sense ?


  6.  Interestingly, “quincunx” reduces to 11 and “biquintile” reduces to 55. These are both “master” numbers, requiring special skills to incorporate easily into daily life (also a meaning of the aspects?). Please explain how the biqiuntile reduces to 55 ?

  7. I am glad that you encourage people to share thoughts and feelings. I feel that there is quite a bit of me that does not get shared or revealed in normal, routine interaction with others. One of the patterns in my chart involves two quincunxes to my natal sun, each with an orb of about one third of a degree. This forms a Yod pattern with the natal sun at the apex of this triangle formation. The two planets that quincunx my sun are Neptune and Pluto. Among other things, spirituality for me is vital. Also, looking for and seeing things that are below the visible surface has been a lifelong quest.
    Does anyone else have quincunxes to the sun, or a Yod?

    • That’s a really tight Yod, all right! It’s not common, but Neptune and Pluto are very slow moving and were sextile one another continually for more than decade. So, there were probably many born in those years whose birthdays put their Suns in the degree at the top point of the Yod, and in the same degree number as Neptune and Pluto.

      Maybe an example will make this clearer. Let’s say Pluto is at 5 Leo and Neptune is sextile it at 5 Libra. Then the an exact quincunx from the Sun to both Pluto and Neptune, it would have to be at 5 Pisces. (Actually, aspects in a Yod could be as much as 3 degrees apart.) There would have been many people born that day around the world.

      Then the following year, Pluto and Neptune might have moved only as much as 3 degrees further, so let’s say the exact Yod would be at 8 degrees of Pisces when the people with it were born. (Again, it would still affect people as much as three degrees–and three days–either side of the exact Yod.)

      And the next year, Pluto and Neptune be about three degrees later, and the exact Yod would be when the Sun was at 11 Pisces. And so on, for as many as 10 more years.
      So the long, roundabout answer is, yes, it is a rare occurrence AND when it happens, there are huge numbers born around the world on those days. I’s just that not very many of them have heard of a Yod or know to write to ask about it. I think the awareness puts you a bit ahead of the game. (But no, don’t ask me to interpret it. I’m retired.) Donna

      • Thanks for the reply, and I hear you about not wanting to interpret the Yod! My Yod has Saturn midway between Pluto and Neptune, opposite the sun, with a one half degree orb, so it adds another dimension to things.
        I like to study astrology and do some readings when time permits. . My AC is cancer with moon in Scorpio, 4th house.
        Astrology has always spoken to me in a deep spiritual way. My Pisces sun is in my 9th house.
        I have read several of your books. The Moon in Your Life is one of my favorites. I keep an extra copy to lend to some clients. I sense that you have a strong lunar/4th house/cancerian influence!
        . I feel a strong connection to the moon on a day to day basis. I sense that the Yod is something whose influence is so broad and all encompassing, and powerful, that it is hard to see objectively. I do sense that there is something or someone who has been a strong guiding force in my life. In some non objective way I can sense the presence of the Yod influence, but I would have to be hard pressed to put it into words. Yet by trying to express it in words, I think that somehow, the essence of the Yod would still escape me.
        ( Gemini rising could possibly see things more objectively. But then Gemini may not be drawn to contemplate such things. )
        Astrologically, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn have very strong influences for me. But, again, to put into words just how they blend is challenging, to say the least. I do feel that the quincunx, esp. with a tight orb, is not a minor aspect at all!
        Thanks again for everything!

      • That’s the conclusion I came to also, Jeff, that it’s a major aspect. I’ve only experienced it via transits, and the conflicting pulls are really hard to reconcile and balance.

        So I can scarcely imagine what it would be to have that kind of pull on you continually, much less two of them to the same planet.

        My teacher, Richard Idemon, called it a “push me/pull you” kind of inner conflict. Donna

  8. How do i obtain a Philippine copyright meant for my fictional articles and books?

    • It’s very complicated, Leonel. I’m going through this myself for translations of some of my newer ebooks. If you are self-published, you’d be handling it yourself, but if you have a publisher, they own your copyright and it would be their rights department that would handle it.

      Apparently you need an agent that specializes in foreign rights, and getting an agent is a big project. There is a directory of literary agents on, and I’d suggest you get it. Best of luck! Donna Cunningham

  9. Hi there
    I think it was so interesting reading about the numerological aspect on thie ‘quin’-degrees… I couldn’t help recalculate the “master number” pattern mentioned.
    And I am very sorry to break the good karma of the ‘quincunx’ number.

    Quincunx reduced is 6 (however if you had replaced the ‘c’ with a ‘q’, then it would be 11!)

    What I did then find out is that the word ‘quintile’ is 44 (another master number).

    And what is more “funny” is that the numbers added in ‘inconjunction’ (the alias of quincunx) gives 72 – which is the degree of the quintile!

    So in this peculiar way it all seems connected even though 🙂

    • Thanks for adding more on the numerology. I think the quintile does have some qualities similar to a master number. Donna

  10. Hi. I have a Moon in Gem @ 20deg Biquintile Venus in Scorpio @ 15deg aspect natally at a 1deg orb. I don’t know how to interpret it though.

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