Posted by: Donna Cunningham | August 3, 2010

Can Relocation Help the Outer Planet Person?

©8-3-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Since I’m in the middle of an apartment move myself this week, I thought this would be a good time to give you more information about the astrology of relocation.

Outer Planet People (OPPS) are those with more than one of the outer planets emphasized in their birth charts, especially those with the outer planets on one or more chart angles.  If you have an outer planet on the angles natally, locations far east or west of your birthplace can change your life and career in very important ways.

With Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto on the Midheaven natally, for instance your relationships with parents and other authority figures have doubtlessly presented an ongoing challenge in terms of having the freedom to pursue a fulfilling life work.

I hear from many OPPs who have struggled a lifetime with the complications an outer planet on an angle can entail. Having an outer planet on the Ascendant can color their social connections with everyone they meet.  Since mainstream individuals often have little clue about what to do with their own outer planets, they tend to be very reactive and rejecting when encountering a person who wears one of these planets as an outer garment.

Consistently being treated this way can be alienating in the extreme. Moving half a continent away can mean getting out from under familial parental pressures and the projections of everyone around you so that you can start over fresh. Leaving home won’t change all your problems so you can’t avoid the work you need to do on your use of the outer planets, or the same patterns will catch up with you.

Suppose you don’t have an outer planet on an angle natally, but the outer planets are strong in your chart in other ways.  If the outer planets represent our genius—those ways we help ourselves and the collective move beyond everyday reality—then could it not be argued that the OPP needs to move to where those planets are on the line? Should you not, in fact, put that planet on the relocated Midheaven if you want your contribution to be recognized by the world?

Still, you have to ask yourself if you are not biting off far more than you can chew, maybe even asking for a broken tooth or two. If Pluto, for instance, is strong in your birth chart, it will always be a strong part of you, but do you want to make it even more dominant by living in a place where you can NEVER get away from its pressures?

Since Plutonian types are prone to becoming the targets of other people’s projections, would you want to live in a spot where others are continually projecting their disowned Pluto qualities onto you? Is that even safe?

Before choosing to put an outer planet on the relocated angles, assess how purely and how consistently constructively you are using the energies of the outer planet in question. Be honest with yourself, for when you intensify the energies by moving to line on the map where that planet is angular, keeping it all in balance may become far more difficult.  It becomes harder not to crash and burn, dramatically.

You will doubtlessly also find yourself surrounded by others of the same type—a mixed blessing, since it can be wonderful to find like-minded souls. However, you’d also have to monitor your associates’ expressions of those energies carefully, as they can pull you toward the negative expressions.  As long as you are going to the considerable effort and expense of moving, you might instead wish to emphasize a more solidly grounded part of your chart.

The Outer Planet Person—City Mouse or Country Mouse?

Certainly there are individual differences, but it is my observation that the various outer planet types thrive in certain types of locales and are miserable in others, depending on the nature of the highlighted planet. Except for Neptunians, who are extremely sensitive to their environment, OPPs often thrive in larger cities, where they less apt to fall under the scrutiny of small-minded others and more likely to meet like-minded folks.

Uranians love the glitter and excitement of big city life, where they can stay abreast of all the newest trends, like seeing the newest film releases immediately. They love the intellectual stimulation and the concentration of bright, innovative, and often quirky thinkers.

They finally have a chance to have a group around them that thinks the same way they do.  Here, they find true peers who validate their counter-culture ways, so that they can be who they are without shame or social pressure to conform. (They may handle small town life better now with internet access to the myriad of groups and email lists that flourish on the net.) The less evolved Uranian loves excitement for its own sake.

Plutonians, too, may be happier in large cities, where they can have the privacy and anonymity they crave. They are often singled out or ostracized in small towns for their differences and even for their power, since nothing remains a secret in such places. All is judged and remembered. The less evolved Plutonian likes cities for the sleaze, especially the license to engage in sexuality compulsively and anonymously, without continually tripping over their discarded conquests on the town square.

Neptunians may not do so well in large cities, especially those who have become psychically and environmentally sensitive (as often happens under Neptune transits to the 6th, 1st, or 12th houses). Psychic sponges, they can become hyper-reactive to noise, neighbors, crowds, environmental toxins, and other disturbances in the force.

As they become increasingly sensitive, they may not be able to handle cities any more and may need to go to a remote place where meditation and other spiritual practices are made easier. They thrive on quiet spaces to immerse themselves in creative pursuits, and they often thrive on being near water.

 Now that You’ve Moved…

 Remember that relocation is not a cure-all for OPPs’ long-standing woes. Difficult aspects and placements in the birth chart represent ways that we create our own difficulties, so analyzing the behaviors represented by those astrological factors is essential to a successful relocation. What you need to consider is that your self-defeating attitudes and behaviors go right along with you when you move, so if the problems you are having in the old location are mostly of your own making, they will be with you in the new one as well.

You may get a temporary break from them, given new people and unfamiliar circumstances where you are on your best behavior—a kind of honeymoon period. However, unless you have well and truly learned whatever lesson is involved and healed whatever wounds or patterns you kept tripping on in the old place, the old patterns will eventually creep back in the new one.

Thus, if you entertain the thought of a move, you also need to examine your contributions to recurrent problems honestly. Take responsibility for shaping a new reality for yourself in the new location through new attitudes, behaviors, and relationship strategies.

Note: This is an excerpt from a chapter on locational astrology in my ebook, Astrological Analysis:  Selected Topics in Chart Interpretation, available at Moon Maven Publications.

Readers, have you ever moved or traveled to a place where one of the outer planets was on the angle?  Were you born in a place like that?  Tell us what it was like in the comment section.

Relocation and Astro*Carto*Graphy Articles:

A great resource: Continuum, the organization devoted to preserving Jim Lewis’ work on Astro*Carto*Graphy and furthering our knowledge of locational astrology maintains a library of over 50 articles on this topic here: This organization also maintains a list of certified Astro*Carto*Graphy practitioners.

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  1. This information is so helpful to me as I have all three outer planets on an angle I believe. Neptune in the 12th at my ascendent. Pluto and Uranus at my midheaven. I can remember as a young child dreaming of my own space/place and being able to leave to be on my own and was out of the house at 17. Have always needed/wanted to live away from parents/relatives. This really helps put those feelings in perspective for me and makes it okay for me, I’m understanding myself better. Also I wanted to let you know I felt very lucky to have recently found a copy of your book, “An Astrological Guide to Self Awareness” on PBSwap! Very excited.

  2. I have Uranus on the IC and according to astro carto-graphy I have been living on my pluto line since birth even with a move from NY to FL.
    I have had Neptune transit my 12th house and is now in my 1st so I can really relate to the sensitivity. I would love to live near the water I find it very rejuvenating
    I did have a vacation where I went to AZ on my Venus line and it was wonderful. I’ll have to a chart to see how that moves things around.

  3. Dear Donna,

    Great article! Once again, you hit the nail on the head! I was just discussing with my husband the possibility of moving to another country, my father’s homeland, in order to make a new start for us. Yes, I do have significant outer planets (Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio in the 11th and 2nd respectively). Though I am a novice to astrology, I am beginning to understand, through your blogs, the importance of feeling “at home” in order to fulfill one’s spiritual destiny. This blog just pinpoints one more important tool to hone in on that discovery.
    Yours is the only site that has explained the intense importance of finding our place in the work force (Pluto in Virgo), and the sometimes frustrating challenges we face (believe-you-me, I know! ), trying to achieve this balance. My next move, finding an astute astrologer to help my husband and I move forward during these intense times.
    Thank you again for your very astute recommendations. Love this site!


    • Hi, Adela, others. The same Continuum site I linked to in the article has a list of qualified practioners, including what states they practice in. You can also get print outs of your Astro*Carto*Graphy maps and even give them a list of 3 places you’re considering for a computer print out of the prospects for those places. Donna

      • Thanks Donna!

  4. Would anyone mind telling me how to pull up a relocated chart? I don’t have astrology software, but have been becoming acquainted with

    • If you go onto, click on Free Horoscopes. Scroll to the bottom and click on Extended Chart Selection. Then, under options, modify the reference place to where you are. You can then go under the Type of Chart drop down menu under Methods and click on Relocation Chart (it’s near the bottom).
      Hope this helps!

      • Thank you very much, Dizzy!

  5. Spot on, Donna, excellent article!

  6. I guess you’re going to have to call me Uranian here. I moved from the New York City Area to the west coast and it was a really good fit. In the middle, I lived out in the country in Idaho and that didn’t work either. I have Uranus in the 3rd almost conjunct IC.. do I have this right?

    • i just looked at a relocation chart. the move put Jupiter in my 2nd house and Uranus in my 6th (instead of IC)

      and the sun and moon straddling the midheaven. WAY better than on the east coast..

    • If you’re talking about Uranus conjunct the IC natally, that would be strong uranus–although the test for Uranus scores would be a better indication. But actually, Uranus conjunct the IC natally would be an indication of someone prone to move around a lot–as would some Uranus-Moon aspects. Donna

  7. Well, what another apropos article for me! I decided suddenly 5 days ago that I was going to move from the Philadelphia area (where I have lived for my entire life, 28+ years) to Los Angeles, since it seems as though no change is going to occur in my current location, and I want some change for sure! (job, other opportunities, socially, etc). I’m sort of nervous about it and just checked my relocation chart. My 5 planet stellium in Libra (sat-merc-jup-pluto-sun) in the 7th, with sun in 8th, now lies in the 9th house, with Sun conjunct the MC. My Cancer moon is now conjunct my DC (maybe FINALLY some romance? change at least seems possible). With a Cap asc instead of my natal Pis, maybe people will see me as more of an established, mature adult, rather than as a student or some unfocused, undefinable individual. I scored high on all of the outer planet tests except Uranus (I think I got a medium score) as well as a REALLY high score for Moon.

    • Also meant to add: Natally my Neptune and Venus were conjunct my MC. Now they are shifted to the 11th house and hopefully finding a career path could be a little less nebulous and confusing (or at least maybe I’ll have some hip movie stars as friends, who knows?)

      • One more additional comment- as someone with strong Pluto and Neptune scores (among others) I find it fitting that my plan is to live in a big seedy city, but on a boat in a small, nice and safe marina. Should keep them both happy!

      • Nice when you can keep several planets happy at once. Donna

      • Relocated houses don’t replace natal houses to any great extent. As mentioned below, what’s really important is planets on the relocated angles, for those planets are strongly emphasized. Donna

    • I don’t believe the relocated Ascendant sign is strong enough to override the natal. What works really strongly in a relocated chart–following Jim Lewis’ many years of research into Astro*Carto*Graphy–is any planets that are conjunct the relocated angles. Donna

      • So, Donna, you are saying that having one’s planets move into a different house in a new locale doesn’t do that much and that Jim Lewis’ system (which I have my charts) is referring to the angles ONLY. Does moving a transiting planet off an angle make a difference? Also, you did not list Saturn’s influence as a strong planet on an angle along with the other three.

      • Hi, Rhonda. ALL of the planets–inner as well as outer-are very strong when they are on the relocated angles. It’s just that the outer three can be quite intense and difficult there. And, yes, slow-moving transits to the relocated angles are strong AND fairly long-lasting, but moving away from them for that long would entail quite a lot of money and disruption of your life routine. So unless you are both wealthy and unemployed, you kind of have to buckle down and learn whatever it is you need to learn about the transiting planet. Donna

  8. I am a Natal Moon/Uranus on the MC and Neptune Rising and I can guarundamntee you I would be a freak of nature in my native state of Oklahoma, had I stayed.
    I have Pluto conjunct the Sun but not on an angle.
    The Uranus in me loved big glittery active cities when I was young (I was by turns politically active and socially active when I lived in DC) but now that I am older, I yearn for a quieter, more cozy existence.
    However, I want to live in a small city or town or village that appreciates the arts and the earth and is in or near the Appalachians.
    Right now I live in the capitol of the old Confederacy, Richmond, VA and this place has never been a place I like. I don’t HATE it like I did for the first several years but I will never love it.
    I just have gotten stuck here and haven’t been able to get enough money to leave.
    I don’t have any family to move to and at 60 (next Tuesday) I am at a loss as to where to go next and how to get there.
    I just don’t want to plant my bones here for eternity.
    I am a Moon/Uranus type who loves to travel but loathes moving, even when it is moving someplace nicer. I have some fears attached to moving because of some very negative experiences in losing most of my possessions, my friends and my animals because of abrupt and disruptive Pluto/Uranus moves.
    I lived in Annapolis, MD 1976-79 and had to move eight times in six months because of various problems. Never again!

    • I think you are just going to have to travel a bit and see where you enjoy yourself or feel drawn. Also, researching or asking others about their experiences. You can’t always have it both ways unless you are wealthy. It is hard to keep a home behind and go elsewhere but can be done if you have rental space on the property you have. Sometimes you just have to decide which is more important to you: your possessions or to experience something new. Right now it appears that it is your possessions.

  9. I don’t agree much with relocation astrology, I have to say and i say it will all due respect.
    I don’t agree with it because, firstly, it states the obvious: moving out is like taking a vacation, a prolonged vacation. It is natural that a new environment, one that you like, will produce pleasant effects on a person.
    Secondly, like you said, Donna, a person can relocate but it cannot erase or change the natal imprint. I have Pluto on angle and in challenging aspects so people have always projected – I awoke ugly feelings many times, but I also know what is inside me, it’s a war and it would be stupid of me to expect others to be peaceful when I am in a non-stop battle. At least for now! It is an inside war and I will take it with me wherever I go. New York, Beijing, or Paris cannot change my insides.
    Thirdly, I am not adept of ‘walk-away’ attitude. Stay and fight your battles, you are here for a reason – this is what I think! Relocating because people ostracize me, igonore me or whatever is just not something I would do. No place is perfect, no life is perfect, so what do I do – I relocate forever? I want to look like Angelina Jolie – where do I relocate for that? I want an easy heart, I want the heaviness that I feel in my soul to go away and I want to forget the images that wound me – where do I relocate for that?
    So, I respect the people that believe in relocation astrology, but I personally find it similar to a placebo treatment that creates bumerang side effects. Plus, we all have lessons to learn, if I leave where I am now because of them, will they disappear or will they appear again in different costumes?
    I hope I wasn’t out of line, I just thought it wouldn’t hurt for the ‘other side’ to speak as well.

    • Hi, Elisei, I fully understand and appreciate the points you’re making. It falls under the truth that, “wherever you go, you take yourself along.”

      Some people, though, relocate to find career opportunities that will make the most of their talents. A gifted actor who happens to be born in Des Moines isn’t going to get any roles. I, like many others, left my rural home town so I could get a splendid education. Other people have no choice but to relocate, especially in today’s economy, with plant and company closings.

      So there are valid reasons for relocating, so long as we understand–just as you point out correctly–that our key issues and life lessons aren’t going to go away just because we moved. Donna

      • and i’m a good example of this. I left a very disfunctional family behind…
        and I suffered for losing the closeness of my grandparents.
        so you might be better off in one area, but suffer losses in another.

  10. hi- great article, miss donna! i am a big fan of relocation astrology, after having observed its effects first hand, over and over.

    I was born with Pluto on the Asc but in the 12th. Very Piscean feel to it. Cosmic cesspool if you will. For over 20 yrs.

    Then I moved to a place where Pluto went to the 1st, near the Asc. Yikes! <are u crazy girl?). Being Pluto ruled, I thought I could handle it.

    Well i have so far, but it's been intense! Like a super fast cleaning out of the ol' innards or psychological complexes! I have no regrets. Still, a bit scary at times.

    My daughter (something you didn't mention but seems to have validity) has her Sun intercepted in her birth chart.

    When we moved down here, it "came out", and boy did it. Much healthier for her ego (she was getting lost lost lost)…her confidence has soared. So that's kinda cool.

    I love relocation astrology. I can feel it, whatever is on the line, when I travel. I just think that is so cool. 🙂

    • hello cindy,

      interesting that we both have 12th/ascendant Pluto-cosmic ****storm indeed-what were your experiences with the Pluto near the 1st? am moving and this is what will happen.thanks.

      • hi simone; just seeing this reply so late, sorry. the experiences for me of Pluto moving to the 1st where — a lot of hidden complexes that “rose” out of the depths and *splashed* in my face. very difficult @ times, few times almost didn’t “make it”. the Abyss hovers…

        also power and money control in relationships, all to the forefront, trapped feelings, feelings of being “crushed”…sounds awful, rite?….

        the GOOD stuff is this: Heightened bliss states and acute perceptions and a kick-ass intuition that amazes, being continually “blown away” by just Being…are just some. I would not change it for anything. I would recommend a spiritual mindset to dealing with this energy placement! 🙂

  11. It’s always seemed strange to me that most of my close friends (and husband) come from the same part of the world, so I did a relocation chart for that location. There my North Node is exactly conjunct the Ascendant, which is also conjunct my Venus/Sun; obviously this makes my South Node conjunct the Descendant. Having Venus/Sun/North Node conjunct the Ascendant is a lot less intense than my natal Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, square Mars conjunct the MC!

    Thanks for this article, Donna – it’s helped me to make sense of something that has always baffled me.

    Good luck with your move. 🙂

  12. Aloha Donna, I really appreciate your insights on the outer planets to angles of relocated charts! My birthchart has no outers on angles, but a move to Florida produced my natal Neptune smack on the MC/IC line. I strived to fully develop all the positive Neptunian energy, within and without, and had some success in metaphysical work. Then there was a short relocation to LA area, where natal Pluto hoverered around my MC/IC line, and that experience was much harder to deal with. All kinds of intolerable situations came up, and I felt extremely isolated, fearful and anxious about financial issues as Pluto moved from natal 8th to 10th of relocated chart. Even tho I lived in a very nice upscale community, some of the nastier Plutonian issues came up over and over again. So it wasn’t a healing process for me, altho I would love to use my Pluto in that way. Added to that was natal Uranus conjunct relocated Decendant, and the constant noise of LA life finally got me moving on to Hawai’i, where natal Sun falls on the IC of relocated chart, and that is an absolute joy to live with. So I think that relocated charts have a lot to offer in understanding how we relate to different areas on Earth. Many thanks, Meleanna

  13. Dear Donna,

    41 years ago I moved from New York ( right above ‘the city’ ) to Colorado.
    The move made incredible differences
    in my life. I became healthier ( less humidity = fewer allergies and less asthma), I became more athletic-minded , more health-conscious…and much more open. I started having fun and enjoying life!!!

    Oddly enough, my roomate in college was Jim Lewis’s step-sister…..and she had my astro-cartography done
    before I really knew anything about astrology. It showed Pluto line running all thru the East coast….so huzzah…I escaped!!

    The Venus line runs through Hawaaii (sp?) and maybe Alaska and Vienna.
    Jury is out so far until I visit these places….

    Mega OPP,
    Molly K.

  14. Interestingly I find Pluto is conjucting my relocating MC, while Neptune and Uranus are conjucting my relocating Asc from 1st and 12th side, although natally, these outer planets are in the 3rd and 4th houses. Hopefully something unusual will happen in my life.

  15. My natal chart has Pluto (in close conjunction with Jupiter) in the 9th house. In my birthplace, I’m known as a perennial scholar, but I couldn’t find work there.

    I’ve moved all over the country, but have settled in a city where the Pluto/Jupiter is in the 10th, close to the MC. It’s here where I find a relatively steady (for a contractor) supply of professional-grade work. I feel that my business-related skills come to the fore and are valued by others here, all while I retain my basic 9th house tendency to view life philosophically.

    By the way, some of my contracts in zones where Pluto is at the MC involved work in the energy (nuclear, electrical) industry. Isn’t Pluto affiliated with energy sources?

  16. I found you via-
    LOVE the gothic look 🙂
    I cannot find how to subscribe to your blog here on WP- please help this newbie.

    • The subscription button should either be near the top or the bottom of the right hand column. Donna

  17. Uranus conjunct Pluto on the ascendant. Plus Neptune is Quintile the ascendant. Along with a 12th house Moon, no wonder why I love to be around water and quiet environments. Neptune is in the 3rd natally and transiting my 6th house. But I still want to be close enough to the city.

  18. When I moved to Sacramento, CA from the Midwest in the early ’70s, I found my true home, even with Uranus on the IC! Not traditionally considered a signature of a very stable home environment (that might have been more literal, in my case, moving to a State with earthquakes), here’s where I found my true tribe and have lived for over 37 years. I’m very outerplanetary (Ur square Sun, Nep square Moon, and Pl square ASC). Sacramento is known for its quality of feeling like a “big small town.” While it has the advantages of a city, my Neptune Moon gets satisfied in the mix by the friendly people, more “spread out” nature and the fact that even in the heart of the metro center, it is a city of trees and feels more suburban than urban. Of course, the fact that its name literally means Sacred City counts a lot for Neptune! Here’s where I’ve found my unique family of friends, discovered my spirituality, and began my studies of astrology.

  19. to Joyce: yes Uranus on the IC and studies of astrology!

  20. Hello Donna,

    Excellent article! This is an under-rated topic.

    ie. relocational effects on the birthchart are generally more important than most realize

    In my case, I moved from where I grew up to a spot that put Jupiter on my MC (I got a very well-paying government job without much effort). There, Pluto was on my IC and it IS where my Mother (eventually) died and a place where many of my darker elements of my roots had to be worked through. Additionally, for many years, I felt trapped there…as though I wanted desperately to be somewhere else, but the “gravity” was holding me there. (Also, Pluto rules my 5th house, is it a coincidence that I had 5 of my 6 kids there?)

    This indirectly shows the power of making an outer planet angular. It might be an important move for the collective destiny, but it also might have extreme ramifications on a more personal level.

    Certainly, if I had a debilitated outer planet that, in classical astrology, appeared to be more of a liability than an asset, I could not recommend making that planet angular, unless dealing with those issues relating to that planet is one of your ideals. ie. something you wanted to work on even if you realized that it might not be so pleasant

    Again, Donna, thanks for a great article! I applaud your well-rounded approach to Astrology….anything that works, indeed.


  21. I am lucky enough to have studied A*C*G with Jim Lewis when he was alive. It was after he had developed C*C*G and it was a fascinating class. What an amazing opportunity that was. He was a great man and a wonderful teacher. I’ll never forget him. (Also, he had a friend who was a jazz singer…amazing voice…and she came in to our class and sang There’s a Place for Us from West Side Story. Which Jim said was the A*C*G theme song. )

    I live on my Pluto MC line at the moment, and did so once before, about 15 years ago. Pluto lines aren’t easy, but I have a great deal of Scorpio in my chart and know the energy quite well. Also, my natal Pluto is very well aspected. Even so, it’s rather like doing the Scorpio dance with a place.

    Every time I live on Pluto, death becomes very impactful. There have been inheritance issues. (Although to be a balanced reporter, note that natally, I have an 8th house which makes this unsurprising.) When I was younger, I had people trying to get me to act or model here and all sorts of opportunities to be in the public eye. (None of which I was interested in. I’ve become more and more of a behind the scenes person as time has gone by.) Now that I’m older, I tend to be in the under-the-radar mode of Scorpio most of the time, some by choice, but there are still people wanting to encourage the fame aspect of Pluto and offering various opportunites.

    People also tend to think I’m interested in them in ways that I am definitely not. So it’s definitely possible to be sexualized on this line, even if it’s the last thing on earth you’re consciously vibing. (An example is that straight men constantly think I’m hitting on them. I’m very lesbian. So it’s in their heads, not mine.)

    Pluto lines also have a tendency to hold the person there and this has happens here for me.

  22. Thank you very much my friend, you are very kind in sharing this useful information with? others….
    The details were such a blessing, thanks.

  23. wow.. this is what i am searching for.. nice post, i need something like this so interesting to read

  24. Hi Donna

    I notice this is an old post. It’s been very helpful!

    I have uranus (12th house – only close friends, relatives and people know my passionate study of astrology) conjunct the ascendant and have thrived for years in London (UK).

    My north node (1st house) conjunction to ascendant is even closer here in London with the relocation chart. Here I found more like-minded souls and changed careers to fulfil a therapeutic vocation.

    Yet after 9 years here, my neptunian side (pisces sun, and moon and sun in hard aspect to neptune) needs quiet!! I am more sensitive now (age, my training) and have gone back to my earlier more introverted nature after fifteen years of travel, three international relocations and other adventures.

    Your words regarding neptunian and uranian types are inspiring to me. A move to a smaller town is a possibility in the next year, which will be hard to adjust to (I like big city cultural and social offers) yet also a breath of fresh air.

    My progressed sun ( at 26 aries now) will move into taurus in a few years so a natural environment will help I guess.
    As long as my wifi/internet works perfectly!! 🙂

    Thanks for the post

    • I’d expect someone comfortable with cities to thrive with Uranus conjunct the Ascendant. Donna

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