Posted by: Donna Cunningham | August 15, 2010

Chart Patterns for Relocation—What’s Yours?

 ©8-8-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

I’ve been in the  middle of a move myself lately, though just from one apartment to another.  Though I’m still surrounded by towers of cartons, my new life is taking shape. I can see that the Universe has outdone itself this time and created an ideal environment for my senior years.

This move is a manifestation of the most blessed placement in my astrology chart—Jupiter in its best sign and house, in Cancer in the 12th. Sure, it has its drawbacks, as you may have read in Jupiter in the 12th—When Does Good Luck Turn Bad? When moving day comes around, however, it really comes through for me. I always live in a good neighborhood for far better rent than market value.

My usual signature for a move—and you may be getting the picture that there have been many—is Uranus transits to the Moon or the MC/IC axis. That sets off a natal Uranus semisquare to the Moon and Midheaven, with a sesquiquadrate to the IC. Those transits work—as that contrary cuss, Uranus often does—almost to the minute of exactness, so I’ve been nearly always been able to predict when I’ll move. Until now.

One time, after a dizzying, cross-country move from New York City to San Francisco and back, I wound up living communally in a Brooklyn brownstone with three other therapists and a snotty 6 year old. Never live with three therapists—the processing over trivia like who left a dish in the sink is endless.

Seeing the 3rd and last of a series of Uranus transits to my Moon coming up, I gave them a month’s notice, using the date of the exact aspect. They asked whether I didn’t want to wait until I knew for sure where I’d be living. Ballsy astrologer that I am, I declined, saying I knew exactly when I would move.

And precisely on the predicted date, I went to see an apartment in the home of another writer, we clicked immediately, and I lived there quite happily for seven years.

Typical Chart Patterns for a Move

What’s your Moving Signature? A typical astrological signature for a move is a major transit to the Moon, the IC, or 4th house planets.

Under Saturn transits, you may buy and/or sell a home, move due to a career event or an addition to the family, and possibly downsize.

Under Uranus transits, you may move suddenly under what seems like a wild impulse (even a wild hair!), and you may find yourself moving several times before you settle.

Under Neptune transits, you’d be likely to yearn for MORE from your living situation, feel incredibly stuck and yet paralyzed to change the situation, and then may move into a place that has serious hidden flaws. (NOT a recommended time to move!)

Under Pluto transits, you could be making a huge and permanent life change that requires moving, often at a great distance. It may come about due to a financial boon like an inheritance or major career departure for better or worse . Avoid taking on inflated mortgages.

Readers, if, like me, you’re a bit of a nomad and have moved more than twice in your life, have you detected any pattern to it? If not, what were the transits for your most recent move? It may be a pattern that reflects natal aspects to the Moon or IC, as Uranus does in my case. I’d be curious to hear what you’ve observed, so do write about it in the comment section. (Scroll down below this article.)

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  1. Hi Donna,
    2 weeks with no Internet!! How did you manage!!

    My Mum has a Gemini Asc and Sun in the 9th, she’s moved SO many times and lived in Hong Kong, Shri Lanka (was Ceylon) and Switzerland…

    I made my ‘biggest’ move when Pluto started transiting my 4th house…
    Hope your move went well:)
    In Peace

  2. Interesting topic 🙂 Last time I counted I’d moved 40+ times. Slowed down tho – most recent move was five years ago to a maisonette in an apartment block overlooking a park with old trees and a burn flowing through it. Blissfully quiet – good neighbours. 20 mins from Edinburgh city centre with good public transport. Not quite my first house purchase – but definitelly easiest – all slotted into place including getting unexpected back pay which exactly equalled the additional financial outlay I needed. Transitting Pluto conjunct natal Sun & Saturn conjunct Uranus & MC.

  3. Welcome back, Donna!

    Uranus in aspect to my Moon has been coincided with the two major moves of my life.

    The first was Uranus opp. Moon on the IC.

    The second was Uranus (on the Asc) squaring my Moon.

    They were both initially non-stable and I moved to a new place within a year or two.

    The second moves during each transit brought permanance. The opposition brought me to a place I lived for 20 years. The second move is now 10 years in the making.

  4. Amazing info! So happy everything turned out so wonderfully for you! I too am downsizing. House on the market ready to move for the 14th time in my life. Got to look at my chart and check those transits. I’m a leo w/ sadge rising. Hard to stay in one place for too long. Lol

  5. Sounds like a wonderful place Donna. Everything close by.

    Hopefully when my time comes I can find something that good. As a Cancer I do worry about where home will be, and I don’t know if I want it to be where I am now.

    I am starting to feel like moving again, so I will start looking at Uranus transits, and think about the other moves if I can remember the years.


  6. Congratulations on your fortuitous move Donna. Wishing you many years of peace and joy within your new residence and community!

    Your descriptive sharing of your new home and environment sings to my heart..and makes me even more determined to continue to strive for an environment more conducive to my needs and desires.

    With Love and Blessings! Kachina

  7. Interesting……..Portland is a wonderful city., my Brother still lives there although my Mother has moved on to a retirement community in FLa.
    I almost mived to P in 92, but my wicked stepbrother was a major deterrant, so I returned to Maine.
    Being Taurus & with parents who were trying to outrun their problems by moving rather than addressing them,…. I HATE to move! I would wish to be one of those people who inherits a house from relatives for generations and stays in the same place!
    There were only 2 times I moved by choice. A. apt to house, as a young wife mother. 1964, to center city Philly. ( hubby’s desire, walk to work, & it was trendy. ) 1979-1980 divorced, in possession of that town house, landscape artist, light sleeper….I chose to sell & move to the country, where I found my dream log cabin. Foolishly, business had been good & I mortgaged too heavily. Pluto entered Scorpio in 1984, setting off, ☌ NN 9o ♏, ☍ ☉ 13o ♉ & ♅ 17o ♉, sext. ♆ 23o♍, ♂ 22o♑, ☌23o59′ ☽♏…………
    Reflecting the Transits in ’89, ♇☍☉, ♄ heading for my 8th house ♂, other people’s money was getting scarce, ( free lance artist), ♇ 29o ♋ in the 2nd House……………♇☍☉, expenses were soaring) & 5/3/90, my last client went into bankruptcy ending a 2 yr run of commissioned works that was only 1/2 finished. I was forced to sell or be foreclosed……& sadder but wiser, purchased a fixer upper outright. It still needs LOT of fixing, but it is home………prop taxes are low………Income here has been pathetic! However, the Maine Arts Commission and other State agencies, are dedicated to making Downeast Maine, THE ART, HOT SPOT OF THE COUNTRY, IN THEIR 30 YR PLAN.
    PLUTO DIDN’T ☌ MY☽until the year after I moved, &, while in ♏, continued to tease with possible moves……
    Now settled in for 19 years, my chart is positive with the USA, the State of Maine, the Town I live in……… & unless I win the lottery there is no thought of selling out & moving elsewhere. I am now aware that my destiny is here………..& while my ♊ ASC misses some of the mercurial stimulation of the city ( which I can’t afford) but everything else I need is here.
    More later

  8. Brilliant news … a sanctuary in the sky for many moments of multi-dimensional joy…

  9. Welcome back, Donna!

    I was wondering how the move was going and had my fingers crossed that all went smoothly for you. Glad you’re settling into the new place nicely and that you’re enjoying your new surroundings. May your new home always bring you much happiness and contentment as you enjoy the golden years – you deserve it!

    As to relocation patterns in my own chart, Saturn seems to be the major player. Most all of the moves I’ve had coincided with a Saturn transit to my Moon or IC. However, in my teens a series of moves (6 times in a 3-4 year period!) kicked off when Tr Neptune & Uranus conjoined my IC. Not surprisingly though, Saturn also had his fingers in this one as he moved in to square my 3rd house Moon and later my IC.

    My last move was 7 years ago as Saturn opposed my Moon. I love my little house and have put a lot of work into it over the years. But being that it was a starter home, I would like to get something a little bit bigger (I love entertaining) with an extra bedroom or two in the next few years. If I have it my way, the next time I move I had damn well better LOVE IT cause I plan on growing roots – DEEP roots! 🙂

    I’ve had just about my fill of moving – it’s quite unsettling to us Venus-Cancer types. And with 8 moves under my belt at only 29 years of age, I fully plan to be buried in the back yard of my next (and hopefully final) residence! 😀

  10. Your new home sounds wonderful and I loved reading about it. Portland is a great city. Uranus and Saturn seem to have been major players in my moves so far. At 20 I had uranus on my AC and made a move by myself, which I really needed. Then I was in one place for 17 years and really wanting to move. The next move came when saturn was aspecting both mine and my husbands moon with uranus approaching the IC. My uranus is now at my IC and we still don’t feel settled and have been talking about moving again to a new place in the same town.

  11. Donna, I’m about to turn 54 next month and at 13, I’d already racked up 30 moves. I quick keeping tabs, but I’m pretty sure I’m close to 50 moves by now:) And I’m not even an Army brat. I will check out your suggestions and see if I can detect what configurations/transits has been triggering my moves. KUDOs to you on your new nest in the sky. I LOVE the NW23rd area and can appreciate your view. I have a floor to ceiling picture window view of the Columbia River and the Washington hills. Such views really feed the soul, I think. So happy for you!!

    • Wow, Trisha!

      Jeez, 30 moves by age 13 – were your parents nomadic Bedouins or something? LOL! I can’t imagine what that must have been like for you. I’ve never been a big fan of moving, but perhaps it was because the majority of times I moved it was due to circumstances that were beyond my control. It was all pretty unsettling for me as a kid during those years when Neptune and Uranus transitted my 4th, but it sounds like you’ve managed to roll with the punches pretty well. I’m gonna stop my whining about my paltry 8 moves now … 😉

      Would love to hear what you find triggered your moves and am wondering what natal aspects exist to your Moon/IC if you feel like sharing. I have a very good friend who has always been a “roamer”, much like yourself. She’s moved A LOT over the years and has an Aquarian Moon, a loaded 4th with Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus in it & a Pluto conjunction to the IC.

      • Althea, I’ve looked at my chart at a few of the last moves and I can’t see a ‘pattern.’ I’m not that educated in astrology, just enough to be dangerous:) I have a bit of a complex about moving now. On the upside, it makes me appreciate where I am but I have a lot of insecurity issues:) I waited a year before hanging any pictures on the wall at the place I’m at now because I kept thinking we’d have to move again….Would love any input from you, if possible, but not sure how we can connect. I’d post my email addy if that doesn’t break any Skywriter rules:)

  12. Hey, grew up just two hours north of Portland in a teeny tiny town on the I-5 corridor. 🙂

    Your article is wonderfully timed for my current situation. I’ll be making a life-changing move from NYC to Switzerland in the next few months.

    The last time I moved — from LA to NYC in late-1996 — I had Uranus in orb of squaring my Moon and Pluto quincunx my Moon. And on the day I moved, Mercury had joined in the mix with Pluto. I also had Mars in an applying opposition to my Mercury and in a Waning Square with my Mars.

    So, in looking at the next few months, I’ll have Pluto trine my Moon (with Uranus/Jupiter already moving in and out of a conjunction with my Sun) in mid-December, I believe. And there’s even a time when Mercury and Mars — and the North Node — will join up with Pluto to, all together, be trine my Moon.

    I’ll also have my Mars Return with Mars in an applying square to my natal Mercury. Perhaps that’s the signature I should look for? Mercury with Pluto (again) and Mars being the trigger to it all.

    In early-October, I have a Mars/Venus conjunction on my IC, but that feels way too soon for a move in light of Immigration and the like. Perhaps we’ll be apartment shopping then?

    Oh, and my Secondary Progressed Moon is changing signs from Libra to Scorpio, which rules my 4th House with both my partner and I having Solar Return Moons in the 9th House. That SP Moon doesn’t hit my IC until next summer, but the company my partner now works for in Zurich wants him over there ASAP, so I doubt it’ll wait until next June/July. 🙂

    What a great article. Thanks!

  13. congrats on your new home. I love Portland, OR and we might retire there someday too. Great walk/bike community and a vibrant place over all.

    i wish you the best of luck there.

  14. Dear Donna,

    Kudos and more to you! Moving ain’t easy and you have done a bunch of it!
    I get a real good feeling for your new place. This particular subject above is very very important to me esp. since I am 63 and loooooking , mostly in panic, at the ‘future’. (ha)
    The 2 times I had to move w/in 6 months last year I had Sun square Uranus. Both times it was not my idea. Still looking for stuff I can’t find.
    But tremendously Ok here is new place. Makes a huge difference down to one’s cells!!!
    Stay well,

  15. Wow! Your place sounds amazing 🙂 So happy for you! Thanks for the great article, as always. This one I had to comment on because I have been going a bit crazy for the last 6 months — desperate to move, looking at houses that I’d never (previously) consider living in (I’m an “old house” type not a 70s side-split!!) while also dreaming of a hundred acre farm. Then, suddenly it stops and I find myself staying put … sort of in a not-totally-my-decision kind of way — which makes me nervous considering I am about to have not only Saturn conjunct my moon, but then Pluto square it and Uranus oppose it! (not necessarily in that order! I don’t have my emphemeris in arm’s reach) My moon is 7d of Libra in the 2nd house. In the meantime, I’m gearing up to do renos instead! 🙂

  16. Congrats! That is a lovely neighborhood. I live probably no more than a couple of miles from you in the Alberta Arts area, and I love my neighborhood as well. It is my reward for having stuck it out in much harsher cities for most of my life. Portland is a place where I feel almost entirely normal. I hope this is my last move.

  17. I find this astrocartography article so interesting. Thank you Donna for personalizing it with your story. I have only moved 3 times in the last 36 years, and these have been in the same town. I think that it is because of my Jupiter in the 10th. I’ve been so lucky with employment here. I taught 3rd grade for 33 years and now at age 58, I have found a new love- working in a nursing home, doing Activities part-time.

  18. Hi Donna!
    Everything you write is of interest to me, informative and inspiring. This particular piece was especially delightful. You sound soooo pleasantly contented and deeply satisfied. You are surrounded by a harmonious environment that is simply and completely ordered just for you! You have the peaceful joy, the same as that of a very young woman starting a fresh, new life. I am happy for you.

    I love what Kachina wrote and feel the exact, same way. You, Donna are indeed “singing to our hearts” as she said. I am yearning to move as well.

    Enjoy your new home….


  19. Glad to have you back! Congratulations on the move and the wonderful new circumstances! We missed you!! I’m glad it was for a good reason! xoRegine

  20. Congratulations! That sounds fabulous. I worry about my future living situation (only in my 50s, but single with no children, and Saturn’s been transiting my 2nd!) so it’s great to hear about an option like you’ve found. There’s hope I won’t someday be a bag lady. 🙂 (I’ll keep an eye on Pluto…) Good luck with the rest of your settling in!

  21. Hi Donna I’m glad your move went well and happy to hear that you enjoy your new place.
    It was interesting to check my own chart with regards to my moves – I counted only the mayor ones including three from one country to another one. The only good pattern I see involves Jupiter and Uranus just the first one happened when Saturn crossed my AC and trined my Uranus. Then there is Jupiter conj. Uranus in the 11th exact while transiting Uranus was conj my IC, then Jupiter was conj my IC and again Jupiter conj Uranus while transiting Uranus trined my natal Jupiter in the 1st. In 2012 I will have transiting Pluto conj my IC and progressed Pluto conj my progressed MC at the same time. I dont know if look forward to this or not…and will do my best to be well prepared.
    All the best to you, you’ve really made a difference, I’ve learned a lot and love your site.

  22. Great post. I love how everything worked out for you…it’s a reminder that the Universe does work with us for our highest good. I am an anxious Cancerian that is always worried about living situations but your post really inspired me!

  23. Wow, congrats on this move to your new sanctuary!! May it be a fine fit for years to come (and may the elevator remain functioning!).

    This entry tossed a lot of food for thought… I can say that when Uranus opposed my Sun and Mercury (soon after it conjuncted my Midheaven), I moved 1,000 miles away from home for a new job.

    When Saturn entered my 4th house (and when I starting having difficulty with said job), I just barely sold my house.

    The key words for me is to watch that 4th house (and maybe the 10th, too), and perhaps the ruling planets of those signs (which would be the Sun and Uranus). I don’t think it will ever be a dull moment for me!!

  24. I decided out of the blue to move back to England, so I sold up and left australia. At the time of the decision Uranus had been conjunt my Asc and Sun. Arrived in England with Neptune on my Sun it really felt like I was in a fog and did not know which country I wanted to live in. I saw Sue Tompkins in London and she was very helpful in explaing Neptune on my Sun. Once Neptune moved off it became clear to me that I wanted to live in Australia so after 6 months I flew back and settled in Hobart Tasmania…..Oh and those two transits were going through my 1st house. For me it was the greatest lesson I had in astrology.

  25. Hi Donna,

    You would think I’d have analyzed this given the number of times I’ve moved … here’s just a slice of them:

    June 1994 ~ Seattle
    Sept 1995 ~ Bellingham, WA
    Sept 1996 ~ San Diego, CA
    Mar 1999 ~ Escondido, CA (built house)
    Sept 2002 ~ San Diego, CA
    Mar 2003 ~ Daytona Beach, FL
    Nov 2003 ~ Rochester, NY (sister’s house)
    May 2004 ~ Rochester, own place
    Nov 2007 ~ Rochester, downsized
    Oct 2009 ~ Largo, FL (bought townhome)

    But I haven’t. Of course there was a company move in there, moving because of husband’s wishes, moving after divorce, etc. etc. I have used’s travel map to see my influences (astrocartograhpy) in certain areas.

    I love Portland btw. It is one of the cleanest cities I’ve ever been in; even cleaner than Seattle, which is pretty clean. I have Jupiter on the ASC in that area and absolutely loved it (my husband didn’t) … made the most money I had to date but also gained 20 lbs. It’s just such a beautiful area. Your place sounds divine. I’d put my desk facing the window so that you can look on out the view as you’re skywriting:)

    Best of luck in your new nest!

  26. The most recent move, 10/10/2009, uranus was trine both mars and MC (they’re conjunct) and venus was sextiling them, sun was conjunct my venus in 8th and jupiter was trining venus, mars was conjunct DC and true node was conjunct AC. While I had nothing transiting my IC per se, Uranus at 23.45 Pisces was sextiling IC at 23.25 Taurus..

    Used the extended chart selection in for natal chart w/ transits and set the date to the day I arrived.

  27. You sound so happy Donna and it was easy to imagine you looking out over that new and stunning view. I wish you many happy years and discoveries there.

    I’ve moved a lot in my life, pretty much every two years in my childhood and ongoing until I arrived at what I thought was my final resting place.

    I felt so utterly rooted there, as if I finally belonged. No-one else would have said so.

    But Saturn was moving through my 12th house (perfect for denial) and when it crossed my Ascendant I was like a deer in the headlights.

    Despite many signs, the end seemed so sudden. I felt I had no choice but to flee during an escalation of the increasingly frightening behavior of my now ex.

    Transiting Neptune (in 7th) and Saturn (in 1st) (opposed each other) were both square my Jupiter in 4th. I flew across the Atlantic to the haven of family for several months.

    I returned to the area but not the home I’d loved while transiting Neptune was still square my natal Jupiter in the 4th; Saturn had moved on.

    Both planets have moved now and I am quite clear that I have been working out what on earth happened to me when I lost my footing, my grounding, my belonging.

    The next relocation event in my chart may be during transiting Jupiter’s opposition to my natal Jupiter in May, 2012. I cannot imagine I shall be here that long but who knows…

  28. First of all, congrats on the awesome new digs and great setting and inspiration! I hope it pays fine dividends both in your work and personal life.

    As for chart patterns for relocation, I’ve noticed a few things. Grew up in the same place my whole life until I went to college at age 18, and have moved one or more times a year since then (excepting the last 1 2/3 years), only living within an hour of my parents’ place. I really noticed things were going crazy in my current town after I realized that I had lived in 7 different apartments in 4 years- I called it Localized Wanderlust. I had Uranus trine Moon for a good long time, along with some really prominent aspects in my solar returns for a couple of years (ex- pluto or uranus on my IC, moon on either IC or MC. A scary one was moon exactly opposite pluto exactly on my MC-IC axis, that were square uranus (6th) opp saturn (12th), in 2008- SO wanting to move and meanwhile getting f*cked without realizing it or knowing who in work situations). In my 2009 return I had uranus exactly conjunct my IC, opp to Saturn, square Pluto in 1st. I am finally doing the move of a lifetime to the West Coast, which is going to happen within a week or two of the first hit of my Saturn return. Anyway, my point is that the solar returns here seem to really back up what is happening with transits and natally.

  29. Welcome back Donna, we’ve missed you! Still it sounds as if it was worth it, your new home sounds wonderful 😀

    Great topic about relocation. What’s my signature? All of my major moves (except 1) involve one or more transiting outer planets to the MC/IC and Moon which are conjunct in my chart:

    76 – Saturn and Uranus to MC/IC/Moon and Jupiter to ASC – family move
    95 – Uranus to MC/Moon and Pluto to ASC/DC – move to a new city, new job
    99 – Neptune conjunt MC/Moon. My first flat, lived there nearly 8 years, the longest I’ve lived anywhere.

    When I bought my current home in 06, there are no transits to angles, but tr. Saturn was opposite Venus and tr. Jupiter was sq. Venus. Tr. Pluto was opposing Jupiter, the ruler of my 7th house. Interestingly, I bought this house with my partner who’s now my husband!

  30. Welcome back! And it’s great to hear you’ve moved to NW 23rd — surely one of the best neighborhoods in Portland. I live just over the West Hills from you, on NW Cornell Rd. Maybe we could meet one of these days? I’d love to take you to lunch as a “thank-you” for this excellent blog you write.

    I too have Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th (well, in the 11th just before the cusp of the 12th, but it is pulled into acting primarily in the 12th through its conjunction with Uranus there) and even now I am living “in a good neighborhood for far better rent than market value”. I am going to re-examine the transits surrounding the moderately large number of moves in my life, but what I have noticed in the past is an association with transits to the Moon’s Nodes — so much so, in fact, that I have come to take it for granted that such a transit means a big change in my environment. But I will re-check that too.

    I am so glad you’re blogging again — and very glad that your absence was because of good news!

  31. I like the idea of looking at the Solar Return chart; I was just looking at transits to natal chart, but transits to the solar return could factor in as well:)

    Who knows; sometimes it feels like we’re all just ants scurrying around trying to find peace and protection in a very big and uncertain ant hill!!

  32. Oh you have started something now Donna! I’ve lived in this house for nearly 20 years so I’ve never really thought about looking at my chart in regards to moving. Silly, considering I desperately want to move now! Why didn’t I think of looking at the patterns before??? Saturn was conjunct my moon when I finally signed the tenancy. Whilst it offered me the Saturnian security I needed, I would say true to form with Saturn and the Moon this has been a very unhappy home. My progressed Moon was square natal Saturn.
    Now I am looking at Saturn edging into my 3rd house and wondering if when he enters the 4th and square my Moon again, well – maybe then I can move. But I pray it’s not another 2.5 years!

  33. I hit ‘post’ before saying I wish you much love, health and happiness in your new home. It sounds wonderful x

  34. VE conj SU
    ME trine MC
    SU conj ASC
    JU trine VE (on the IC)

    Filled out application and wrote check for credit report today. Paperwork won’t be ready to sign until next Tuesday (ME rx and Full Moon).

    Can someone tell me if TODAY counts (since all the preliminary paperwork was signed today), or next Tuesday when the final paperwork is signed?

    Move date is Sept. 1 when prog. SA sextiles the prog. MC and trines IC.

  35. Congratulations, Donna! I am so envious of your view.

    Major moves for me involve outer planet transits to the MC/IC axis. Smaller moves seem to involve Jupiter. For clients I find that Jupiter crossing the MC or IC is often implicated in moves that don’t involve great distances.

    Hard transits to my moon sometimes coincide with others in my circle moving away from me. The energy of moving gets projected onto others, it seems.

    Oh, and by synchronicity I have a podcast up this week on relocation with an astrologer, Scott Wolfram, who specializes in it. He has his own interesting relocation story. And I’ve linked to these 2 articles in my blog.

  36. Hi Donna – Congratulations on your new home, which sounds lovely. The fact that you have a view is even more amazing; I’m very happy for you. Btw, I share your appreciation of small, well-appointed spaces.

    My most significant move occurred during my Saturn return, which took place in my natal 4th. Since Pluto has been transiting through my 4th house for a long time now, I’ve made several moves; each time we downsize a little more.

    This last move involved giving up the most in terms of possessions and square footage, although ironically enough, it’s probably the nicest place we’ve ever lived in (so far anyway). At the time of our move, transiting Uranus (and Saturn) were squaring my natal 4th house Saturn but Jupiter (ruler of my 4th) was forming a sextile, and the North Node was conjunct my Moon.

    Right now, we’re expecting new neighbors to move in directly above us and with Pluto still going through my 4th, I’m well aware that things can change. Plus, in my progressed chart, my Moon is conjunct Saturn and Venus (in my progressed 3rd and natal 4th) and these progressed planets are just shy of squaring the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. Hmmmm.

  37. Hi Donna – Congratulations on your castle in the sky. I am envious but so happy for you! Can’t wait to read your writings from this new height in inspiration 🙂

    I just counted for the first time that I have moved 24 times in my 40 years of life thus far. I have Moon in Cancer on the MC and inevitably all of my moves have had some kind of transit to the MC/IC axis, most notably conjuction to the Moon or MC.

    I also notice the connection to Jupiter on many moving occasions (Jupiter also sextile Moon).

    Transits to my Moon also square my Sun, so most of my moves have been soul-cleansing and life-changing as well. For example, during the past few years while Pluto has been approaching a square to my Sun, my moves have been related to downsizing and letting go of material needs or trying to make ends meet.

    With the Sun in the 7th house squaring the Moon, most of these moves also activiated or were triggered by a relationship change as well, so for me, every relocation event has been a real growth journey!

  38. I was curious about some of my moves, and found that I moved 3 times when Pluto was in my 4th house. I moved out of the house I am in now into another state, then moved back into the house I am in, and have been for almost 30 years. I noticed that Uranus was conjunct my Moon when I moved out, then Saturn was conjuct my Moon when I moved back in for good.

    I have not looked at other planet yet. Those are just what jumped out at me. Will see if anything else stands out. Do those transits seem to fit for moving? Susie

  39. Congratulations Donna on your move. Sounds like a lovely place. My last move was with transit Uranus in my 4th house – and, just like you said, I moved a couple of times until I settled into my current home.

  40. Congrats, Donna, on your lovely golden years residence. I am coming near that time and am casting my needs out to the Universe for when the time comes.
    When we are talking moves here, I assume we are not just talking moves from one apartment to another in the same general area, but rather moves from city to city or state to state or country to country or moves that involve buying houses, leaving the parental home, getting married, etc..
    Hells bells, when I moved to Annapolis, MD in 1976, I moved around that town (because of unstable situations) at least eight times in one year before I settled in an apartment for a couple of years. NEVER AGAIN! That drove me crazy and I have Moon conjunct Uranus natally, so you think I would not mind it so much.
    I’ll have to study the dates of my five or so major moves to see what was up at the time astrologically.
    I do have transiting Pluto conjunct the IC and opposite my natal MC/Moon/Uranus conjunction coming up in the next year or so. That should be a sh*t kicker of a move. Hell, maybe I’ll move to Neptune.

  41. Hi,
    last move when transit of uranus was about to conj my moon, still 2-3 degrees apart. Cancer on IC. Restless and urge to change the living conditions. My moon in Pisces, dubblebodied and now I have 2 houses of my own, when counting the summerhouse as a real home- I feel it is. Stressful, yes, natal uranus sesquiquadrate moon in the 12, but need the escape into solitude. Cancer likes old, both are. Lot of work, (have a T-square with uranus) and travel between thouse two, mars/saturn in Sag and 3H in Gemini.

  42. As a Cancer who is always worried where or if she will have a home she can afford could you elaborate a little on the Pluto transits you say can benefit us as we age. I have Pluto in the 2nd house nataly so didn’t know if that would change what I look for.

    • Yes, I’d think that Pluto in the 2nd natally could be promising for a pension or other benefit to help you in the senior years. You’d watch for a favorable Pluto transit, for instance a trine from transiting Pluto to the Midheaven, IC, or 4th house planet. Donna

  43. Thanks Donna. Your place sounds perfect and I am hoping when the time comes I can find something I like, and can afford and that will be mentally stimulating.

    As a Cancer I also like smaller and cozier type places. I look forward to downsizing and I am purging right now. Would move tomorrow if I could find the right place at the right price. Your astro carto graphy post was right on track for how I am feeling right now and I am really enjoying the reading. Might just find my perfect spot!

  44. Working my way thru your extensive site…wow…you share so much and teach so much…it’s that gracious Jupiter!
    So… in a Portland studio facing EAST?…(from your description)…you wrote, “Imagine watching an eclipse from here”…Hope you have a clear view tonight!
    We may see it through partial cloud cover here in Michigan.
    Have had my bi-annual salt bath…I’m ready!
    Best, B

  45. Hello Donna. Yes, it is an old post but very relevant to my situation. I will give you some background about what happened to me under the Uranus transit trine my Sun and square my Venus simultaneously. The sun happens to be the 4th house ruler. Neptune was also inconjunct the natal Sun.

    I reconnected with an old acquaintance, fell in love, planned a life together with this person, asked my husband for a 6 month trial seperation, scored a good career job and moved to a different town. All this happened very quickly. I was so focused on changing my life for the better, I had felt so stuck in my business and my relationship. I was so in love. Of course, it ended quickly, however I am still in the other location while my husband is waiting for me at home. I have been away from my home and husband since Sept 09. In hindsight, I should have known better, but I had to experience this for myself. The feeling of inspiredness and feeling such passion I had not felt for decades. I was writing poetry and playing music for heavens sakes! lol ( I am 60 btw)
    This just goes to show, how right on astrology is. Why couldnt I have seen that before I leaped into the unknown? I cant figure that one out, I am not a total novice to astrology. You see what you want to see I suppose. lol

    I have a Saturn and Pluto transit in the works. Saturn trine Moon(4th house planet) and conjunct Nept/Mars. Pluto sextile Jupiter. I am trying to find a way to leave this career job that I hate, sell the house and move elsewhere with my husband to start fresh and all those challenges that come with. I am still trying to figure out if it was all worth it?

    Now, my question to you has to do with orbs. Do you feel that the slower moving transits have to be exact or can they inspire when they get within a few degrees or even more, lets say a 3 degree orb?

    I am asking because I am trying to time this. Uranus is aspecting the IC within a few degrees but will not be exact for a long time.

    I would welcome your thoughts on this. thanks Ely.

    • Hi, Ely, I often say that out of character things we do under Uranus transits may seem crazy to us and to others who are observing us, but in reality, they are CRAZY LIKE A FOX. We make abrupt and drastic changes that are not the end point, but will ultimately lead to changes we need.

      I also note that when people fall in instant love and relocate to be with somebody, the relationship usually doesn’t last, but it served as a bridge to help them make an important transition they never would have felt able to make on their own.

      So, I hate to say it, but if you think you’ll really be starting fresh with your husband, take time to just go be with him for a month or so to be sure it’s not just the same old tired relationship before you uproot yourself again. Do that before Uranus is exact again, because transiting Uranus is pretty exact. Donna

  46. You have got something there Donna. It is getting late in life to be guessing, so I just have reconciled my relationship and have decided to just do the best I can. To start over now and put up with all the idiosynchrasies of other live in partners could just be irritating as heck and starting over with someone new is going through all that getting to know one intimately usually has many eye opening moments and not all of them good ones. ha ha ha.. know what I mean????
    so, I am going back to a known entity and re joining with a fresh perspective.
    yeah.. i am so aware of going back to the old and tired and yes, you are right.. we will have to wait and see.. at least my perspective has changed and I am working hard to work toward that aries nn of mine to be assertive and independent.
    At least I have time with Uranus moving slowly.. so lets just see what the future brings.
    I will be going back to the homestead soon and living together again and it will be a time of testing the waters.
    thanks for your reply, donna.. very much appreciated.
    love ely

  47. Just came upon this blog post randomly so I will give you a quick update.

    Transiting Uranus is now exactly trine IC and semisquare the MC but will not be transiting my 15Leo Moon for a while. We are primed to move from here and have our house listed. Uranus already a few seconds past the IC axis, but that could be slightly off. I vacillate between the feeling that it will happen very fast or I think, ‘what is wrong with this place that is doesn’t sell’? We will be moving back to the Pacific Coast area and I am soooo Looking forward to this. I have been divesting myself of possessions in preparation for moving. Transit Pluto has been sextile my 11th house Jupiter and opposing Uranus in Cancer in the 2nd. Transiting Saturn will be squaring Leo moon but not until November! Hope as heck we dont have to wait that long. I want to be Outta Here! On another note, Pluto is transiting the 8th house and I am fighting for a disability pension right now until I turn 65 in a few years. I want to move so badly I can taste it. Hope you are well and enjoying life. Cheers Ely.

  48. Hello Donna, I have a transit coming up its 10 degrees away so I’m pretty sure I will start to feel it soon. Transit Pluto making its way to my IC which also has natal Moon conjunct the IC in Capricorn…So I am worried as to how this will affect me : / to be honest I hope I another country..I’m looking forward to it : / feeling hopeful. But I have also seen a pattern, doesn’t it usually mean when transit pluto conjuncts moon nataly could mean the loss of a parent. I’m not ready : / (my moms mental health is not good) I don’t think no one ever is, if thats the case, so I am really hoping for that move : (

    • Hi, FB, I wouldn’t necessarily predict a parent’s death from that transit–after all, Pluto does make an aspect to your Moon and IC once during the transit of each sign it crosses. But I’d be pretty sure you’ll make a major geographic move, probably permanent. To find the best locations for you world-wide, I’d suggest you have a certified professional in relocation astrology. To find the list go to That location also has a library of over 50 educational articles on relocation astrology. Donna

  49. Thank you so much, Donna for the link I have been reading up the articles and they are very informative. I have been contemplating on some locations however I have noticed, that when transit pluto conjuncts my IC and Moon (when conjuncting moon I have read pluto takes away anything I rely on emotionally as well as loss of parents) and Uranus my DC I also see transit saturn conjunct natal Uranus in the 2nd on the cusp 3rd house sagittarius : /
    I found this link and it worries me, I hope it doesn’t interfere with my relocation plans that year.

    Could I have you opinion on this please. Also as far as transit saturn conjunct uranus in the 2nd perspective.

    Thank you hope to hear from you.

  50. Hi, FB, I couldn’t comment without seeing and analyzing the whole chart, and since I retired from doing consultations about 7 years ago, I’d suggest you look for a certified Astro*Carto*Graphy consultant on the site dedicated to relocation listed above, Donna

  51. i am contemplating moving where my North node would be 6 degrees into my 1st house and near my ascendant – Is this good?

    • When you’re relocating, you need to take the whole chart, Astro*Carto*Graphy map, and transits into effect. Not something that can be answered in the comment section. Go to for a list of practitioners who are certified in this technique. Donna Cunningham

  52. Donna, thank your for Healing Pluto Problems btw, it helped me through so much. On this subject. In my last move, my sun left the 5th house, to the 6th house for 3 years, then to the 7th. I’ve never felt less creative, less like myself & more stuffed into a shadow in my whole life dedicating myself to the pursuits of someone else.

    • Sorry that you feel that you’ve lost your creativity, Lex. It’s still there, you just need to make a space for it in your private life….and perhaps find a way to use those gifts on the job. Donna

  53. Hi Donna, Thank you for the great article! I have moved to a new state and am staying with a friend while I look for my own place. I’m going on month two and still haven’t found a suitable apartment. The upcoming new moon solar eclipse however is falling in my 4th house. I notice it’s happening at 21 degrees Virgo, which is the exact degree of the my north node in Virgo. I’m wondering if this would be considered a major transit to my 4th house? Jupiter will be transiting my 4th as well but not until late October. I am so ready to find my new place, nest and put down roots!

    • Hi, Betsy, boy that process of getting scheduled can take some time! To me, an eclipse is like a cosmic highlighter pen that puts a particular house–and the matters of life that house governs–under a spotlight for several months.

      If the eclipse touches a planet or the natal nodes, that means that an important development is underway that can be a new start in that area.

      Since the 4th AND the Moon both have to do with your roots and home life, the eclipse and the situation you are in and the unsettled conditions, are to be expected and are bound to take some time. The conditions described by an eclipse only last for a few months, gradually fading out.

      And, research studies show that a major move like that is one of the top 10 stresses people can face, and that the process of really settling in to the new environment can last up to a year. So, what you’re going through –both astrologically and personally– makes perfect sense with the eclipse. Don’t worry, it will all slowly settle into place, especially as you don’t mention any slow-moving transits to your 4th.


      • Hi Donna, thanks so much for your reflection and wisdom on what is going on! It feels great to get your take on it.

        What I didn’t say is that I have moved 3 times in the past 3 years, and that was before this move to a new state! I am not usually a mover, I like to nest in and stay for at least 5 years. (Cancer moon in the 1st, Cancer rising.). So I have had major stress with all of these moves and it’s been reflected in my financial flow (bringing more worry). I am doing my best to stay in the higher vibrations. I found a yoga studio and I’m taking long walks on the beach, which is why I made this major move back to where I grew up (again, my roots).

        Having learned lessons in discernment from the past few moves, I am now being much more sensitive to my own needs and not settling for just any home. I hope I’m not being too rigid in my choice of town and abode, but this time I want to be somewhere I can stay for awhile and I need to love it.

        One last thing … you mentioned no slow transits to my 4th. That’s true. I did have Uranus transiting my 10th for a long time but it’s now moving into my 11th.

        Thanks again for your support today!
        Feeling grateful,

      • Hmmm. Maybe a little work on the root chakra would help. We Cancerians tend to be shaken by uprooting.

        Another thing that might help you feel more settled is the Bach flower remedy Walnut, which you’d probably find at a health food store or new age bookstore. It’s for times of transition, and with some of my big moves, I’ve needed to keep taking it for about a year, off and on.

        (If you’ve not worked with the remedies before, download the introductory chapter of my book on the subject. It’s on the Free tab on the front page of Skywriter.)

      • Thank you, Donna! You are right, I’m sure. I will download your chapter and look for the flower remedy Walnut. I have used some flower essences before. That’s a great suggestion. I appreciate your caring heart very much.

        Many blessings to you,

  54. Hi . Gosh.. we ve been meaning tomove and relocate elsewhere for years. Ive had transits to my 4th house planets..all tbe heavy hitteres. Then Uranus to the Asc/ IC etc. Ive done Horary at which I am pretty good and nothing is happening. It is making no sense and astrology is completely losing its credulity for me. Frustration is an understatement. What gives man? What can it possibly mean to be held hostage by property?

  55. Could you please tell me what in my chart would cause me to be so nomadic, making so many moves since 2010? This wasn’t my intention when I chose to leave the town I lived in for 10 years. It feels like something that just happened out of my control. I’ve moved about 15 times all over the east coast USA, including 2 attempts to move back to the area I grew up, which I found is too expensive now. In the past year I’ve had to move 5 times within the city I am currently in due to horrible roommates. My attempts at settling down in one place have repeatedly eluded me. I have studied astrology for years, but have never studied transits. Now I’m learning about transits, but am confused about what to look for in my chart. This has been an unusual 5 years. I’ve never lived like this before, which is why it feels like something out of my control. I want to learn what transits are causing this so I can see how much longer this will last and if this is something I will experience again in the future.

    I am a late-August Virgo with Virgo rising and have Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Virgo. I’m guessing the move of Jupiter into Virgo and the eclipse today has something to do with wanting to bring an end to this nomadic life and be settled. When I think of the last move of Jupiter through Virgo I was settled in my own apartment with a full-time job. I felt secure and happy, but after a while the feeling of “there’s got to be more to life than this” hovered over me, until I got a passport and traveled overseas. The feeling of wanting to both be settled in one place and wanting to travel overseas has recently come up again. What kind of transit causes this feeling?

  56. Relocation seems to be such an incredible useful technique, although I still live where I was born. So I analyzed many places and found quite a few, where my life should improve much. But I don’t have the transits for a move. Currently only transiting Neptune trines my natal Moon. My natal Moon is also my only planet in Four. So I shouldn’t move? I can’t use the great technique of relocation astrology (I put already a lot of work into it) to improve my life?

    • Almost forgotten: Mercur rules my (Third and) Fourth house, but gets a square from Neptune currently. So I really better don’t move?

  57. with pluto sweeping my 4rth conjuncting planets and with uranus raging on the 7th I was keep moving. When both planets move on I am pretty sure I would be exhausted to move more lol. Also, a natally strong 3rd house suggests many moves.

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