Posted by: Donna Cunningham | August 18, 2010

How Strong is your Sun? Here’s the Score!

©8-18-2010, Revised 1/2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

The tests for planetary strength here on Skywriter follow a particular pattern, with points scored and orbs specified for various features of the chart related to the planet in question.

In testing the strength of the Sun and Moon, however, you’ll find differences in the scores, including some bonus points, wider orbs allowed, and other considerations. That’s because the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are by nature the strongest and most telling features of a chart, and the scores need to reflect that.

The Sun rules the sign Leo.  You’re Leonine if you have Sun, Sun, Moon, Ascendant or several planets in that sign. These are true solar types. Perhaps the strongest influence of all is Sun in Leo, since it’s in its own sign. The Sun and Leo are also related to the 5th house of the horoscope. Having any of those features prominent will strengthen your solar side.

The Test for the Sun—What’s Your Score?

The tests in this series aren’t a perfect scientific measurement—that’s impossible. They’re just meant as a simple and fun way to find out the strongest influences in your birth chart. Note that the orbs and scores are higher for this and the Moon test than for the other planets.

Here’s the Test:

____ Sun conjunct the Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 15 points each; square, trine, or opposite, 10 points each. (Sun’s orbs: 10° for conjunctions, 8° for oppositions, 6° for trines.)

____ BONUS: Sun conjunct or opposite the Moon and within 3° of the North or South Node, 10 points, as you were born around an eclipse.

____ Sun conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 6 points each.

____ Sun in minor aspect (sextile, semisextile, septile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, or sesquiquadrate) to the Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other planets, 4 points each.

____ Sun in minor aspect to the Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other planets, 4 points each.

____ BONUS: Sun in Leo, 15 points, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven in Leo, 10 points each.

____ Other planets in Leo, 5 points each.

____ BONUS: Sun in the 5th house, 10 points.

____ Other 5th house planets, 3 points each.

____ Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider important, such as Sun aspects to the nodes or having a Node or Part of Fortune in Leo. Specify.

____BONUS: Part of a major configuration like a stellium, T-square, or Grand Trine, 5

____Total. 0-15 low, 16-25 moderate. 26-40 strong. Over 40 off the charts!

Total all the chart features that apply. How radiant is your Sun?  Would people have to wear dark glasses and apply sunscreen to stand near you?  Or do you yourself need weekly treatments at a tanning parlor?

High Scores?  What are Solar Types Like?

The Sun’s functions and Issues:  Self-concept, identity, self-expression, self-worth, self-confidence. The Sun is the core of our being, and the Sun’s sign, house, and aspects give us a sense of who we are and what we’re capable of–in brief, it’s our identity. You’d be listing your Sun’s qualities if you described yourself as “I’m the kind of person who . . . ” When the Sun is underemphasized or challenged by difficult aspects, the person can be self-effacing and experience low self-esteem, a poor self-concept or even self-hate.

Traits associated with a strong Sun: Gifted with Solar Power, this somewhat regal individual has a strong need to shine. All the self words are emphasized: self-worth, self-development, self-expression, self-confidence or self-consciousness, self-obsession, and even selfishness.

When the Sun is over-emphasized, the person can be narcissistic, egocentric, make excessive demands for attention, and be a show-off. At worst, the person can have a big ego and an insatiable need to be noticed and applauded, even the center of attention.

Many of you will be perplexed by how UNSOLAR you feel despite a high score on this test. Here are some reasons you might not be a typical Solar type:

 A planet conjunct the Sun can give you a flavor of the sign the planet rules. If it’s Mars, you’re a similar to an Aries with a strong Sun; if it’s Neptune, you’re like a Pisces with a strong Sun, and so on. It’s still a strong Sun, it just looks different outwardly.

The house position of the Sun can give you a flavor of the sign naturally associated with that house, because much energy and attention goes into the matters of that house and they represent an important source of self-worth.

A 4th house Sun, for instance, has similar characteristics to a Cancerian, in that they can  be homebodies and very attached to their families. Depending on the sign, however, they may not have the moodiness and sensitivity of Cancerians.

So, folks, how did you do?  Were the test results accurate about you and your loved ones? This is a new test, so you’re my beta testers. Tell us how it went in the comments section by scrolling down past this article.

A new test will be published about once a month until we’ve covered all the planets.  In case you missed them, here are the tests so far:

Announcement!  Chiron lovers will be delighted to learn that my long-time associate Joyce Mason has published a test for Chiron on  her blog, The Radical Virgo.  Joyce has been a Chiron expert for many years.  Take the test here:    Chiron Quiz: How Strong is Your Chiron?

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  1. Does it matter what house system you use?
    I prefer Koch and equal house.

    With Placidus my scorpio stellium in the 6th house,but with Koch and Equal, it’s in my 5th house. I figure majority rules =-),but I also thought I’d ask what you think.

    SPF20. 50-64? SPF 40!

    _0___ Sun conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 15 points each. (Orbs: 10° for conjunctions, 8° for oppositions, 6° for trines.)
    __0__ BONUS: Sun within 3° of the North or South Node, 10 points, as you were born around an eclipse.
    __24__ Sun conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 6 points each.
    _8___ Sun in minor aspect (sextile, semisextile, septile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, and sesquiquadrate) to the Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven or other planets, 4 points each. 3° orb.
    __0__ BONUS: Sun in Leo, 15 points.
    __0__ Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven in Leo, 10 points each.
    __5__ Other planets in Leo, 5 points each.
    __10__ BONUS: Sun or Sun in the 5th house, 10 points each.
    _15___ Other 5th house planets, 5 points each.

    T= 62 points
    Traits associated with a strong Sun: Gifted with Solar Power, this somewhat regal individual has a strong need to shine. All the self words are emphasized: self-worth, self-development, self-expression, self-confidence or self-consciousness, self-obsession, and even selfishness.

    I can relate to wanting to be noticed,but I’m also afraid to be in the spot light. That’s where the self consciousness comes in. I also have a serious problem with self confidence. I’m always working on my self development and I (ashamedly so)can be selfish and proud.

    Funny question…
    Is it normal for people who have alot of solar qualities to love being in the heat and sunshine? If they don’t, they get cranky and moody?

    I have this too….
    A planet conjunct the Sun can give you a flavor of the sign the planet rules. If it’s Mars, you’re a similar to an Aries with a strong Sun.

    • “Is it normal for people who have alot of solar qualities to love being in the heat and sunshine? If they don’t, they get cranky and moody?”

      Actually, not a funny question at all–I think they do, perhaps just because they were born into the strongest sunshine of the year. It can even be what’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the winter. St. Johns wort is an herb that is supposedly good for that.

      House systems–NOT getting into that! I’ve always been a Placidus gal; everybody makes their own choices (usually to put their planets in the best possible positions). Donna

      • Thank you for responding. I appreciate your words.=-)

        “Actually, not a funny question at all–I think they do, perhaps just because they were born into the strongest sunshine of the year. It can even be what’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the winter. St. Johns wort is an herb that is supposedly good for that.”

        Wow, so I found out something new, cool.=-D
        Thank you=-)
        That’s why my husband calls me solar powered. lol!
        If I don’t get outside and do outdoor type activities at least 3 days a week I get moody.
        I tried St. John’s Wort and it wasn’t very effective for me,but that’s me, hopefully it could work for other people.

        “House systems–NOT getting into that! I’ve always been a Placidus gal; everybody makes their own choices (usually to put their planets in the best possible positions). Donna”

        lol! I can understand why you wouldn’t want to get into that. It’s kind a touchy subject. I apologize for putting you on the spot like that by asking. I was just curious. I realize many people are into Placidus…I respect that.

        Thank you, Robin

      • Hah, I have been totally cranky because our summer has been almost nothing but cool and vaguely chilly (and I live in an area where it is supposed to be 100 degrees every day in summer). WAAAAAAH!

        I came out with 51 (57 if you count Chiron). Of course, that’s because my sun is afflicted/in conflict with bloody everything bad! So my sun is not happy.

      • “Hah, I have been totally cranky because our summer has been almost nothing but cool and vaguely chilly (and I live in an area where it is supposed to be 100 degrees every day in summer). WAAAAAAH!

        I came out with 51 (57 if you count Chiron). Of course, that’s because my sun is afflicted/in conflict with bloody everything bad! So my sun is not happy.”

        You too?=-D
        Wow, cool! It’s nice to know someone else who gets what I’m talking about pertaining to needing to be in the heat and sun.

        I didn’t know you could count Chiron when I took the test,but my chiron is in Aries and in the 11th, I think the 11th is supposed to be more uranian though.
        I’m guessing your Chiron is in leo or in the 5th?

  2. Sun square moon = 15
    sun conj MC = 15
    sun conjunct mercury, jupiter and mars = 18
    sun square pluto and uranus = 12
    sun < venus = 4

    Total = 64

    That would make me a strong solar type, but I also came up very high as a plutonian and think I had a pretty high moon score as well. Jeez Louise, I must be intense:)

    Really like Robin's question about strong solar types enjoying the sun / heat because those are my preferred locations (even though I do love the Pacific NW).

    What's a strong sun, moon plutonian to do?


    • I can relate to that– I came up as strong solar type, and moon type, and Uranian, Neptunian and Plutonian… guess my chart is pretty balanced– intense, but gifted!!! 🙂

    • On this test, you used the following for orbs: (Orbs: 10° for conjunctions, 8° for oppositions, 6° for trines.)

      So that only drops the square to Uranus (8°) for a new total of 58.

      • “Sun conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 15 points each. (Orbs: 10° for conjunctions, 8° for oppositions, 6° for trines.)”

        Those are the orbs ONLY for Sun aspects to the Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven. For conjunctions to other planets, it would be the standard orb of 8 degrees. I didn’t make that clear enough, will correct it. Donna

    • YAY me too! My strongest planets are Sun(83), Moon(52), and Pluto(49). It’s funny cause I can relate, like I love the desert and hot/warmer climates. I feel most energized and upbeat on a sunny day.
      I also have a strong Uranus, Neptune, and Mercury. But they’re in the mid 40’s.
      What does it mean when you have 6 strong planets????

  3. Donna, thanks for the mention and link in this article to my Chiron Quiz on The Radical Virgo. People who identify with the four-legged wise one should hoof it over–not all at once or you might cause a stampede! 🙂 I’m delighted to add one small quiz to complement the many you have done here on Sky Writer. You’ve turned us all into Geminis–a truly quizzical lot!

  4. Hi Donna, 36 for me so another middling. My only comment is that a Leo MH is an unfortunate placement for a Scorpio ascendant!

    • Yeah, I think you’re right. Leo wants to be seen and noticed all the time, and Scorpio is so private. Donna

  5. Hi Donna,

    my score is 46. My Sun (and Moon) are in 4th House and I am very home centered person as you wrote above.

  6. Not too bad – a 43, which was more than I expected being that I have no 5th house planets or anything at all in Leo (save my North Node in the 10th).

    Funny, but I’ve always seemed to attract lots of Leonine people into my orbit – lots of friends and loved ones who are Leo Suns or Leo Ascendants.

    I do love that infectiously warm, sunny, and good-natured solar vibe they put out, but I think it’s the utter sincerity that touches me the most. Am working on cutivating more of my own Leonine side, along with overcoming my stage fright 🙂

    • You–and others with low Sun scores–might find Sunflower flower essence very helpful. I have an article about remedies for self-confidence in a recent post on Vibration Magazine’s blog here: Donna

      • Thanks for the info, Donna! I’m going to follow up on that and give it a try – my Tarot significator is the Queen of Wands (she holds a Sunflower in her hand in the RWS deck) and Dad did always say that I reminded him of a Sunflower (don’t ask why – he’s a Pisces) Hmm.. maybe someone’s trying to tell me something, LOL! I’ve had issues with stage fright since I was 10 and need to move past it, which is so odd because I’m certainly no shrinking violet AT ALL. That whole spotlight thing just makes me decidedly uncomfortable….

    • Althea, didn’t you have a very high Pluto score? That’s probably why you are not comfortable in the spotlight. I’m sure not.

      • Hey Ms – nice chatting with you again!

        Good memory – yeah, I did score pretty high on the Pluto test. Besides that I have an active 12th with a tight Sat/Jupiter conjunction in it as the focal point of multiple T-squares. I do just fine in social situations and don’t shun groups at all believe it or not – it’s just that when the spotlight’s specifically on ME I feel like a deer in headlights, LOL! My issues are more with my nerves – typical Mercurial jitters, performance anxiety – you know. I am a Gemini after all 😉 I just want performing to feel more natural and less alien to me, specifically with regard to public speaking and am working hard to overcome this.

    • “Funny, but I’ve always seemed to attract lots of Leonine people into my orbit – lots of friends and loved ones who are Leo Suns or Leo Ascendants.

      I do love that infectiously warm, sunny, and good-natured solar vibe they put out, but I think it’s the utter sincerity that touches me the most. Am working on cutivating more of my own Leonine side, along with overcoming my stage fright ”

      I can relate to attracting alot of Leo type people.
      My husband is Aries with a Leo moon and Leo rising.
      A friend of mine who runs his own business shooting weddings etc. is Leo-Leo-Virgo rising.
      I also attract alot of Aries type people.
      The leo disposition is really wonderful isn’t it? =-D

      • Yes it is, Robin. I’m QUITE fond of it 🙂

  7. hi, Donna 🙂

    I’m on the low side for Sun strength, as my Sun is unaspected. There’s a tight semisextile to the Moon, but no classical aspects … I’ve had this described as a “peregrine” Sun, which totally clicked with me, as I’ve always felt like a bit of an exile. Any thoughts on how an unaspected Sun would fit into the mix when judging its strength?

    Thanks as always for your intriguing and insightful posts!

    • Do check for other “minor” aspects, Mary Pat, as people who took part in our recent series on the septile, semisquare, sesquiquadrate, etc. found those aspects powerful. Don’t think you’re insignificant–JFK had an unaspected Sun. Donna

  8. I got a 47 score, but I think my 8th house sun plus a North Node is Scorpio makes me lean towards that sign in what I consider an “ideal’ personality (I’m a Taurus).

    Also, my Sun is quincunx Saturn, which is think makes my self-esteem a bit shaky and makes me think I’m not a Sun-type person.

    Very interesting and enlightening article!

    • I forgot Sun square Chiron; now I’m up to 53.

  9. 56 for this Cancer who loves the Sun. I lay out like a lizard to soak up the rays, but do watch for wrinkles with that sunscreen. Below 80 degrees and I am cold, so that is interesting that you say that a strong Sun could indicate a love for the Sun. I am glad my Sun is strong because they say Cancer is a weaker sign physically, so hopefully that will give me a boost. My Sun conjuncts the Ascendent, so I hope that helps a little too.

  10. I am SPF 40 with a score of 59. The sun trines all three planets in a stellium in virgo at my midheaven. I wouldn’t have considered myself a solar type before this test. I have two oppositions – neptune and asc. which I feel myself working on right now. I thought the oppositions may have tempered my solar a bit.

    I am very similar to Karen above with high pluto, moon and sun — what a combo

  11. Wow, 77, I think that’s my highest score in these tests so far. I had a ton of minor aspects, which I usually don’t think much of but I am rethinking after your recent series on minor aspects. But that Sun/Moon conjunct really piled on the points, as did Asc + Uranus in Leo. I might be prepared to unofficially add points for my Jupiter/Saturn Yod with the Sun at the apex, but that is going way beyond this test’s parameters.

    Now the odd thing is, I HATE the sun. I have rosacea and I’m so sensitive to sunlight, just a few minutes in the noonday sun and I get a really intense sunburn. I avoid the sun so much, my doctor recently diagnosed me with a vitamin D deficiency and prescribed 50,000 units a week.
    On the other hand, I am a photographer and visual artist so my understanding of light is crucial to my work. But it is odd that my skills were “developed” during many hours in the total darkness, in a photo darkroom.

  12. Wow for me (and here’s my moment to shine), I got a whopping 106! For an Aquarius sun, that’s a little confusing. But I have a moon in Leo, Sun conjunct MC and Sun trine AC, so that shot up my score from the beginning. More Leonine energy here than I realized, I guess it’s time to get comfortable on stage!

    • shall I tell you a terrible joke I made up for a standup routine at a conference?

      An Aquarius is just a Leo with brains. Donna (oops!)

      • That’s awesome 🙂

  13. I’ll take an order of SPF10 please with a score of 28. lol I am much more an Outer Planet person with some solar to light ’em up.

    I like being outside but I only want to be directly in the sun on cool or cold days. While it’s hot like it is now, give me Sun with some shade, near water and a cool breeze. lol 12th house Leo Moon maybe? lol

    • I forgot to add that yes I can definitely identify with low self esteem issues. These mid-life transits though tough, are slowly unearthing to the light of day this “self” that has been hidden for so long.

  14. A low 22 on the solar test 😦

    And yes, I never sunbathe and avoid direct Sun because I burn, burn, burn!

    • Oh and at a whopping 65, I think my Sun in Leo in the 5th hubby has got my share of the Sun points!!!!!

  15. 49 and very surprised. Thought I’d pull a much lower total. I do love — crave, actually — a lot of light and go into depression when the days get shorter.

    It’s soooooo good to have you back.

  16. I got a 73 which is low relative to my moon (It was in the 90s, similar to the weather we’ve been getting here on the E Coast). I would have predicted that Sun was much higher than moon for myself personally, I never really saw myself as emotional or in touch with my feminine side, more of a masculine Sun/Saturn/Pluto mix. But maybe the high moon score means it’s just something I don’t have to worry about as much, when it’s time for those things, they come naturally. Anyway all of my scores have been in the “high” category due to a big ol’ stellium in libra with some other groups aspecting from afar.

    Thanks again for another fun quiz!

  17. Welcome back to the blogsphere from your recent move. I really missed you.

    My Sun score was a surprising 66.
    Mostly due to a stelium in Leo (five planets).

    But I fall into the group feeling decidedly UNSOLAR despite a high score on this test.
    I think it’s because of my Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon and the fact that both my Grand Trine and Grand Cross are not overly heavy in Leo fire.

    Luckily, I seem to shine in the eyes of others, but rarely in my own eyes.

  18. Wow, I thought I was Plutonian with a score of 56 and then I got an 80 on this. Well, I am a Leo with a stellium in the 8th house – all those planets in Leo being filtered through a Plutonian lens – or so it seemed to me.

    Perhaps it is a blend of both, after all, neither score is low.
    I am outgoing in most situations and then crawl into my shell (Cancer moon) at other times.

    I also tend to prefer warm temperatures, but not too warm. I am very sensitive to light as well – someone else mentioned that. I am prone to migraines and too much light can give me headaches. My pupils are naturally large. I sunburn and freckle easily too.


  19. 47 Points. Sun in Leo gave the most points.

  20. A tiny little 15, which makes sense actually. I’ve always had a lot of trouble getting my goals to manifest; it seems like a lot of work and struggle, so that a lot of Capricornian descriptions click with me. Yes, strong Saturn too. 🙂 And like a lot of others who’ve posted already, I burn easily, very freckled, light hair, light eyes. But I crave sunlight! I like all the windows open and the sun pouring in. Maybe I’m soothed by what I’m missing? Thanks for the quiz, very insightful as always.


    • Arrgggh. A great test. I slide in with an SPF 8 though. My score was maybe 17? I think? Certainly I have more Saturn, Neptune, Moon, and Capricorn than Sun in my chart. I have freckles, light hair, eyes, no tolerance for heat and humidity (I wilt) and sunburn easily. Lot of Capricorn issues and Neptune too. And manifesting my goals arrrgggh!! A real struggle some days even identifying my goals. Is there help for someone with low Sun in their charts but strong other aspects?

      • I’m going to have to write about healing tools for strengthening the Sun, but the flower essences I linked to are a big help. Donna

  21. I noticed the mentions of light and the sun. Though naturally blond, I almost never burn, even in very heavy sun with no sunscreen. I tan easily and look to have a tan all year round. I love the Sun and am prone to SAD!
    And with Sun in Leo, Libra Rising, Neptune Rising Moon in Cancer and a Grand Trine in Water, I’ve often remarked that I have one of the world’s laziest horoscope charts. When I work, I work hard, but I’ve never, ever seen the point of constant work and busyness.
    I’ll leave that to the Saturn people, thank you!

  22. 34 points, 38 if i count Sun sextile Chiron.
    Sunny enough for me. 🙂
    I’ve got an 8th house Sun and my eyes are very sensitive to light too; i’ve also got naturally large pupils (Various people have asked me wether i was on speed. Usually they were.). Could this be an 8th house influence?

    I’m pale-skinned and freckle and sunburn quite easily as well.

  23. first off, welcome back donna! i read your previous post about pdx. you mentioned a bookstore – i believe new renaissance is the one you’re referring to. i love it! whenever i purchase any books there, they smell like candles & incense for months. 🙂

    now for sun score…i am not terribly surprised to find i score 19 (23 if i count a minor aspect to chiron). my virgo sun is in the 1st house with the most major aspects being a square to mars in the 10th in gemini and an almost exact quincunx to jupiter in aries in the 8th. also quincunx to chiron there. my sun semi-sextiles venus in the 12th in leo (my only leonine planet) within two degrees.

    here’s my take: i’m a big chick and have been from an early age. i am often told that i have a “large presence” (physically, but also personality-wise) by friends & family. i attribute this to the sun-jupiter aspect, particularly with sun in 1st house.

    but i don’t feel very special (though in some ways, i want to), i lack self-confidence, and even though i recognize some natural gifts (singing, acting) i really cringe at attention given to these things. i think this is the sun-venus semi-sextile at work.

    like charles, i recently had my vitamin D level checked and it is terribly low! lower than my score here. i, too, am now on 50,000 IUs per week to get my level up. i am not a sun worshipper at all, pale, burn easily, but also have sensitive skin and don’t like feeling the “heat”.

    now i’m going to go take joyce’s chiron test! 😀

    • i forgot to add that i love a LOT of leo types (maybe it’s my leo venus doin’ the lovin’!). my best friend is a sagittarius with leo moon & ascendant and several boyfriends have had leo as either sun, moon or ascendant in their charts.

      also forgot to add that my shyness at attention, yet desire to feel special may be influenced by jupiter/chiron conjunction in aries trine my leo venus in the 12th. venus is retrograde also.

      ok, done talking about me Me ME! :p

  24. 27, not counting a north node in Leo. The only fire in the chart! I wish I had more Leo – I could use more of that wonderful drive and energy. I go really well with Leo people mostly because I don’t like the limelight and they do. I’m like a vampire and shun direct sunlight and heat.
    My sun is trining pluto these days, so that should give a boost!
    Thanks Donna – these tests are really fun!

  25. 74! wow surprise to me, and i have a 12H cancer sun/mercury & 4H scorpio moon/neptune… 4 leo planents & leo rising, 5H saturn… drive up the numbers. My life long quest has been to integrate my leo-ness with my very private cancer/scorpio stuff. am aware of my dualing needs of hiding and needing attention… I LOVE working behind the scenes and sometimes getting noticed but only when i feel i can handle it. not to be taken by surprise…, very confusing at times. Also have strong pluto so very fascinating these tests of yours. food for thought. trying not to be so impulsive and ego driven these days,more patient and discriminating…

  26. My score (carefully counted) is 82! The sun aspects almost everything except Venus,Mercury and Leo Mars ,which is in mutual reception with Aries sun.
    Yes, self confident and all that.. plus some less wonderful
    traits that time’s lessons have modified.
    My 10th house sun conjuncts Uranus so I also have a capricorn/aquarius flavor to my chart.
    I love the sun, the heat of the tropics, and don’t mind being in the spotlight once in a while. All this solar influence seems to have given me
    courage and fortitude over seven plus decades.

  27. 66. And I must say I am NOT a fan of heat – sun is great – but give me winter sun (maybe it’s my Sun in Aquarius). My sun is the highest planet in my chart – conjunct MC and out of sign conjunction with mars. Trines ASC & Uranus. I’m also a firstborn – so yes, I think I come across as very solar-confident, et al.

    Donna – LOVE these quizzes! Thank you – they’re fun! And welcome back!

  28. Donna, how come you haven’t made a quiz for venus,jupiter or mars?

    • All in good time, all in good time. I’m juggling a lot of series at once and having fun with them. Venus should come up when the Sun moves into Libra. And I’m holding off on Mars because mine is probably going to top 100–NOT ladylike at all!! Donna

      • “All in good time, all in good time. I’m juggling a lot of series at once and having fun with them. Venus should come up when the Sun moves into Libra. And I’m holding off on Mars because mine is probably going to top 100–NOT ladylike at all!! Donna”

        You’re doing an excellent job, I can tell you’re having fun.=-D
        Thank you for all the work you’ve done.
        I can’t wait for the venus one, I’m curious to see where I stand especially since my Venus is OOB’s.
        You can be a lady and be strong too, in my opinion anyway.
        I think I have a strong Mars too.
        Especially since my Mars is in Scorpio.=-)

        I guess I’ll just have to be!
        Thank you again, Robin

      • If you are using similiar criteria for Venus, I would probably come out rather low on the scale, even though Venus is considered my overall chart ruler because it my final depositor and scout planet to the Sun.
        However, I am not very lady like. Polite,yes, lady like, no.

      • Hi, Melo, if you’re going to create scores for Venus, don’t use the counts for the Sun or Moon, since they are the “lights” and get more points. It would be more similar to the test for mercury. Donna

  29. Hi Donna,
    Sun conj Moon 15
    Sun trine Asc 15
    Sun conj Jupiter 6
    Sun trine Uranus 6
    Sun sesquare Mars 3
    MC in Leo 10
    Pluto in Leo 5
    Score 60

    My Sun/Moon/ Jupiter conj is in the 4th in Aquarius. I have never felt very Solar, much more Lunar ( score of 75, more with a little wider orbs) and Uranian (54) & Neptunian(44) conj Asc from the 12th, even more Plutoninan as Pluto is opp the Sun/ Moon/Jupiter conj. It was quite a surprise to see a score of 60 for the Sun. Very interesting!

  30. I scored a whopping 71, and was VERY surprised at that! But upon reading your description of the “self” terms used– I have always been talking about self-expression, self-esteem, self-doubt, self-consciousness, self-aware, self-realization, self- development, and have been known to be majorly self-absorbed! I guess I AM a sun type all the way!

    I think I haven’t really thought of myself as a typical solar type though because, though i wanted the spotlight, I would also hide and be plagued with self-doubt. With my sun is in Taurus in the 10th house, I’ve tended to be very cautious and more introverted, perhaps from the earth influence from Taurus and Capricorn. Also, despite having a Leo ascendant, as well, I have Saturn in the 1st house, deflating the ego in that aspect, and also the north node in Virgo in the 1st house, dampening my shine even more at times. I’ve done a lot of healing on this confidence issue, I finally feel as if people are SEEING me, and it’s finally exciting, instead of terrifying!

    I think what puts my score over the edge are the many minor aspects to my sun, which normally I wouldn’t give much weight to.

    Thanks, Donna!!

  31. Ha! Another bare blip at 24! The only planet so far with a lower score for me is Uranus at 13.

    Where would you put 24 Donna? SPF 5 or just a hat maybe? LOL

    “A score of 0-20 points would be considered low, while 25-35 indicates SPF10 would do the trick.”

    Took about 2 weeks of reading astrology books for me to discover that a scarcely-aspected Sun and greatly aspected Moon and Cancer (I’m 69 on your short Moon test) is why the traditional Sun-sign descriptions of Sagittarius simply did not fit me.

    • LOL, A big, poofy hat would do the trick. Donna

  32. Ah I’ve missed your posts Donna! I’ve had another minor epiphany. This time it’s regarding my Leo Mars in the 9th square Jupiter. I now really understand about how Jupiter expands. I define my life through that energy; it brings so much fun and adventure. No matter how much it gives me, I want more, more, more. Definitely need some reins to slow down my galloping, stop, observe and appreciate all that I achieve! Neigh. I’m also wondering how much the trine of Mars to Neptune (Sag again) tempers all that fire…

    This is when astrology clicks for me; I get a full impression of what a planet ‘feels’ like. 🙂

    • Cor, Neptune in the 2nd, Jupiter in Taurus. I’ve never noticed that before either. Rule of three indeed!

    • Me., too, Tizer. Knowing what a planet feels like is a big asset in chart interpretation. I’m a strong emphath, and I suspect that’s what we’re doing when we tune into a planet. Mine got fine tuned when I used to do a lot of astrodrama, where the planets literally speak through us. Too bad it’s no longer so popular at conferences and workshops, but if you’ve got an astrology friend, it’s fun to do dialogues that way. Donna

  33. I scored a wilted and sun deprived 15 points. Time to go to the beach!

    PS — Welcome back!

  34. Hi Donna,
    Long time reader, first time poster here 🙂
    I got 19 for this quiz and I have a burning question about the sun. How are you suppose to work with sun conjunct the south node? It feels like where you’re goin in life is at odds with your soul’s evolution. I’ve always been confused about this aspect in my chart. I have sun in libra in the 11th house.

    Loving your quizzes btw!

    • I’n not a node-aholic, but would venture to say that the message of south node conjunct the Sun is to diligently avoid falling into the lower expressions of your Sun sign and learn how not to be all those negative self words mentioned in the article (self-centered, self-seeking etc.) Instead find ways of using what you’ve learned about being an evolved version of that sun sign to illuminate the growth of others. Donna

  35. Not counting my North Node conjunct Sun (which is just outside the allowable orb), I came up with a score of 45.

    Like others have commented, my eyes are sensitive to the Sun, so if I plan to be outside, I generally prefer foggy days (Neptune conjunct Sun?). I do however, enjoy basking in a Sun-filled indoor space or from behind protective lenses in a nice shaded area. Hot temperatures are definitely not for me.

    Most people who know me would probably be surprised at how shy I sometimes feel. Even my Aquarius Moon in the 5th is occasionally hampered by its ruler, Uranus, in the 12th. Thankfully, Uranus (my one and only Leo placement), is quintile my Sun. I think that helps a lot.

  36. I scored a 79, with your guidelines, everything within orb (I checked), not counting my Sun-NN trine. This is higher than my Pluto score at 53.

    I’m just perplexed. Zuh? I do not feel super solar either positively or negatively. I’m sensitive to light for my circadian rhythms, and I tell myself I am selfish, but other than that, I’m confused. :p

    Three questions:
    1. Why are your points for major aspects to the lights (moon, asc, mc )are much higher than other quizzes?

    2. General question: Can a square to the Sun override a conjunction in influencing the flavor of the Sun if it’s more exact?

    3. Can house placement override conjunctions?

    • Well, yes, crazy-fun…sun opp ura, that´s how people seems to see me. Scored 60. Eccentric…somehow, but also retarded, shy. Maybe because a square to jup/nept, moon in Pisc?
      But love the flow of the sun, nice you brought up that! Need the sun but close to water…what´s better than in a boat on the sea in sunshine?
      Self-expression strong and performing. When a child people called me “sunshine”. Also walking my own way, not very self-confident but have an inner guide, maybe.
      “Love” astro…5 H Leo uranus opposing sun. Married a Leo, ha-haa. Am really colored like lions especially in the summer when tanned.
      My chartruler is conj sun, maybe even more Leo that way, when thinking further?

    • Hi, Shakti. 1. the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are huge influences–when we describe ourselves in a sentence, we say something like Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, Gemini rising.
      2. No, I think the conjunction is stronger. However a square from an outer planet can be very strong and would probably override something like a conjunction from mercury.
      3. No, I’d say the conjunction is stronger. But then if the sun and conjuncting planet are both in the same house, you’d be getting two planetary influences in that house, giving it a certain strength. Donna

      • So if you have 3 planets in the 10th house, sun, mercury and jupiter but they’re squared by moon / pluto in the 7th house, the moon / pluto square trumps the sun conj. mercury?

      • All of those Sun and Moon aspects are real and potent parts of you that you’d have to figure out how to work with in your life. One doesn’t cancel out the other–you’re stuck with them. Donna

  37. Hi! I scored 64, quite a surprise. I´ve always lived my 5th house Sun Jupiter conjunction opposite Mars through my 6 kids but now, with Pluto transiting opposite it, I´m getting hold of my more solar qualities, a bit late but nonetheless gratifying. I became an astrologer and bioenergetic therapist but I still feel I could get on a stage any time. Romance is also important to me.
    Well, really my 1 degree Cancer Sun is completing the TCardinal square.
    Could you mention something about my Sun being affected by it?

  38. I want to comment on Ana’s feeling that she “could get on a stage at any time”….that is so very solar and wonderful. My astral twin, Ram Dass, who wrote “Be Here Now” once came to our college and lectured non-stop for twenty two hours! ( he also has a 82 sun score)

  39. Well, I scored 47 on the Sun test, which kind of surprised me. It’s not way up there but I tend to think of myself as a wallflower type. Of course, Saturn square Asc doesn’t help with the old self-esteem. Plus, my Sun is in the 8th house – private?

    As for Leo Rising folks, I’ve known several, and find their need to make grand entrances and get LOTS of stokes a bit tiresome after a while, but they make up for it by being warm and generous.

    The ones who really give me the willies are the folks with a 10th house Pluto in Leo square a Scorp Asc and planets (especially Mars) in the 1st H. I had one for a boss – we didn’t last long!

    Best, Amy

    • A 10th house Pluto (especially on the Midheaven) CAN be rather overbearing, but, underneath, it’s all about fear that things may get out of control. Different Pluto signs have different sets of fears and different ways of establishing control of those around them. With Pluto in Leo, it’s all about the drama or about being magnanimous and generous, but yeah, it’s still controlling. Donna

  40. Hi Everyone:

    Fun reading your comments. !Thanks.

    One of miy comments is for you folks who get SAD..( me too)…take LOTS OF Vitamin D. You can take up to 100,000 IU and not get into trouble, although those numbers seem very high to me. In the summer 6000 IU works….in the winter, I double it.

    The second point here :

    My self confidence and self-worth have (in the far past) been in the cellar.Even lower thasn that if possible.

    HOWEVER, when I did get onstage and do Leonine type things,
    My self-worth blossomed and it kept on going.
    Could it be that we have to do whatever our 5th house and Leo planets lead us to do in order to increase that self worth in our lives ??
    PS – I am a mediocre 35. Suits me.
    Feedback anyone?
    Molly K.

    • Very interesting about how acting helped your self esteem, Molly. I have Leo rising, and I’d have to say that my experiences in lecturing and appearing at astrology conferences did help immensely in terms of confidence. For a long time, I was very nervous (stage fright) beforehand, but eventually I got very comfortable with being a public figure and am generally quite poised. Each new venue–like the early days of this blog–does bring on insecurity, however. Donna

  41. Muy fuego! Score=90 (Taurus Sun w/ Nodes conj/opp, Virgo Moon & Leo Asc). I moved to Miami Beach +20yrs ago & rarely think about leaving its sunny heat except for family visits/needs (Moon Score=58). First born daughter w/ an Irish twin of Librian parents; yes, I was loved & spoiled along w/ my Leo sister. Yet all hasn’t been so golden in my Plutonian life. Altho my life has been a pursuit of self-actualization, I believe most negative solar traits are tempered by sun w/in Taurus stellium & its dual trine to Virgo Moon, that’s conj Jupiter + sun’s conj to Venus that also trines said Moon & Jupiter; I thank the universe for those gracious blessings!

    Once again, Donna, I greatly appreciate these strength tests & also for sharing Chiron (it squares my Sun & Nodes by 1degree). I’ve gained another level of astro knowledge & can’t wait for your Venus, Mars & Jupiter tests. (so sorry if they’ve been posted, as I’ve not been able to locate.)

    PS: someone stop my sun from talking & taking over this forum!

  42. I wasn’t doing well in the other tests but I have SHONE on this one. Scored 86 and didn’t count the 9 degree trine to the MC. That would have taken me to 101!
    When I was younger I used to tell people I was a delicate Pisces. Leos seemed so, well… you know… LOL

  43. I scored 61.

    Heavily aspected Virgo Sun…Moon and Mars in Leo…

    Like others, I am torn with wanting to be noticed and wanting to be hidden…I have a very high Plutonian score (including Sun/Pluto conjunct), shy Virgo stellium, Moon & Mars in 8th…I often crawl under that rock.

    I love (love!) the sun and the warmth…love! Since I was little, I would tilt my face to the sun, close my eyes, and soak it in…when I first found out I had a Leo Moon/Mars, I smiled…it made perfect sense.

  44. Donna, after reading all these comments which are fascinating and scoring 74 (not counting chiron), I realize i don’t feel very ‘solar’ but was wondering would my 12H Cancer sun and 5H sag saturn be holding me back? People often think i have much more self confidence and are more out going than i do (leo rising too), i feel very insecure about my abilities most of the time… and HATE to have the spotlight put on me in front of people unexpectedly. am a nervous nilly when i know i will be… hate public speaking for ex… very interesting tests!

    • I’m a 12th house Cancer sun, too (Leo Rising) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Look up the series of articles here about the 12th house–a couple about Sun in the 12th. Donna

  45. Hi Donna,
    I’m sorry to keep asking questions,but I just realized something.
    My sun is in an intercepted house/sign, would that make a difference on the expression of the sun?
    Could it cause it to be delayed in expression and/or development?
    My sun is in an intercepted house/sign and it took me a long time to realize or express that part of me even with as strong as it is.

    I also used your test to check my venus, jupiter and mars. =-) My JupiterRx and Mars are equal at 66 points and stronger than my sun.

    • Hi, Robin, the reason I don’t make a lot of intercepted signs is because that depends on the house system, and with so many house systems being touted these days, you might have an intercepted Sun in one or two systems but not intercepted in 3 or 4 others. That controversy has been going on for the more than 40 years I’ve been involved in astrology, and until somebody comes up with proof that one or the other of the systems is the TRUE house system, I won’t get all excited about an interception. Your Sun is your Sun, and it’s more important what you do with it in your soul than in the external world. Donna

      • Ok. You make a good point. Thank you.=-)

  46. I got a score of 48 points, which is strong-ish, but the reason I am sure I don’t feel THAT sunny is (a) Sun in 7th, and (b) conjunct South Node!! Identity is something that is a large theme in my life though, I have had to learn confidence, etcetera (and sometimes still struggle with that).

  47. I used’s orbs, and scored a 133! When I have time to double-check w/your orbs, I’m sure the score will come down, I hope so! When I was younger I liked attention, but that is so not the case now. I’ve learned that getting attention turns you into a target, too.

    Sun trine Moon, square Asc., conj. MC; aspects to 8 other planets (incl. NN and Chiron); Sun in Leo, MC in Leo, 3 other planets in Leo.

  48. I just love your site, have a question on standard time or daylite savings time,born in chicago,Il-3:20 pm, on 07/11/34- one chart gives me 15`scorpio rising, another gives me 25` scorpio rising- could you help me out on that, a very big thanks in advance-

    • hi, Donald, Illinois is one of those states where the law and actual practice differ in recording whether DST was taken into account, so only a rectification can answer that question. Use the search engine on this site and put in “rectification.” You’ll find a couple of helpful articles. Donna

  49. Again, with the confusion.
    Sun at 69!? That’s ridiculous. Although I attract attention I don’t want, I am fairly self-centered, and I have enormous Jupiter conjunct my Ascendant in Leo, so there’s some truth in it. But my 2nd house Virgo stellium, including the Sun, and moon in Pisces seem to moderate this a lot.
    Adding this to the other planets:
    afforementioned Sun=69
    All very high scores, not including any other tests not invented yet 🙂 This seems an awful lot like my results in career testing. Guess what? They tell me I can do anything I want because I’m good at everything. Not only is that untrue, but it’s not very practical or helpful either, lol. Chock it up to insanity?

  50. I got 108, I got 108!!

    I have Sun rising in Leo, trine MC etc. If I count a semisquare to Chiron, I get 112 points.

    I am indeed very solar and enjoy the Sun ❤

    • I got 78. I love sunshine and hate winter. Aquarius sun, Leo moon and lunar eclipse. I’m also very Uranian 56

  51. 50
    6 Pointers- 4 no.
    4 Pointers- 4 no.
    10 Pointer- MC in Leo
    I better buy loads of SPF 40 🙂

    @ trizer
    Same think here, with MC in leo and Asc in scorpio

    @ Donna, you talked about this combo being difficult in the sense of dilemma between show it or hide it. Can you inform more about how is it like & how to handle it? Or may be some related links.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Scorpios are very private people and do not want the world to know what is going on with them, likewise Scorpio rising. Leo wants to shine and be the center of attention, but usually still wants to look like they have it altogether. hence the tension between the Scorpio Ascendant and Leo Midheaven. Donna

  52. Sun
    opp Moon
    sq Saturn
    sq Uranus
    sesq Pluto
    conj ASC
    sq MC

    Total: 61 SPF 40! 😀
    I’m a Pisces rising with Pisces Sun in 12th house.
    I’m the kind of person who swings between the extremes of narcissism and self-hate.

  53. Actually, I get 118 points if I also count Sun trine North Node. Yay! I’m exceedingly solar powered!

    Pluto is second strongest in my chart and scores a 54 so I’m pretty plutonian, too.

    Next up is Moon with a score of 52, then Saturn with 45. These I feel to be noticeable influences in my chart.

    Neptune gets 15 points and isn’t very important to me but I do have 12th house planets (including the Sun) and Neptune is squaring the nodes.

    Uranus gets 14 and Mercury 2 points! 😀

    I used Chiron in my calculations but not the North Node, except for that Sun score.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how my Mars does. It’s strong in me since it’s in the 1st house conjunct AC and Sun and trines MC!

    *Shining on*

  54. Hi Donna,

    I know you haven’t gotten through the scoring tests for all of the planets yet, but I’m wondering if you’re planning to do one for Chiron?

    I was doing some research on Chiron today (house placements, based on something an astrologer told me long ago that I recently told a friend and wanted to confirm accuracy). Anyway, through my Google searching I came across the link below and realized after consulting my natal chart on that I have Chiron aspecting 8 planets plus my MC! My gut feel is that a lot of people overlook Chiron (‘it’s just an asteroid’), but based on the aha moments I had today, it’s worth people’s attention.


    • OK, I just saw your announcement about the Chiron test on the other blog. Sorry, I didn’t notice that before. I guess I was one of those people who wasn’t paying any attention to it! After finding the info I linked above and looking at my chart again today, it made me say to myself, “Umm, duh!!” Everything is live and learn:)

  55. Hey, Donna. Thanks for a great quiz! So much easier than trying to figure it out on your own.I got a 54, which is no surprise. It’s tempered, though, by Cancer rising and Moon in Pisces, Sun in the first conjunct the AC.

    I’d think Sun in Leo in the first would add to the sun’s strength, but that its being conjunct the Cancer AC would balance it out.

    What do you think?

    P.S. My copy of your Moon Signs book is…very well loved. 😉

    • Great score, and sun in Leo in the 1st is very strong, even with Cancer rising. Sun conjunct the Ascendant is very sunny, why I gave it 15 points. Donna

      • Thanks for responding. I just took the moon test and got 69! I’m thinking this may be why I’m an ambivert – equally extroverted and introverted. I’m off to take the other tests!

  56. Finally grabbed a moment to do this quiz and was surprised to see a score of 52 for the Sun. However, I do need lots of light & use an SAD light during the winter months. Also have a strong sense of self.

    Only a moderate score for the Moon (24) but the rest (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto) are all strong but not exceedingly high.

    Looking forward to Venus & Jupiter quizzes. Took Joyce’s Chiron quiz too. Love ’em!! 😀


  57. Score 63 for this Leo…except that my Sun is almost a Virgo and here’s a funny little story to back it up. It was my birthday and en route to the Sacred Sun Dance I passed a small park at the roadside on a long and dusty , little traveled road. The Park was situated 20 miles from two towns either side of it. Pulling into the well kept park with little river and trees for shade I saw a sign posted, saying it was the Parks birthday too. On the board was a map of the Constellation marking fixed Star Regulus which conjunct s our Suns.
    After the Sun Dance ; a sacred prayer ceremony ,and after 5 days of fasting from food and water plus vigorous dancing I broke the fast with steak , potatoes and eggs. Not recommended, unless your use to it. .
    I also chug a lugged a pint of olive oil just in case of kidney stone development. Big mistake…or was it?.
    After everyone left except one person, who was camped a big distance away from me, I felt nature call. On the way to the outhouse I fell paralyzed in pain and the camper rushed over and inch wormed me into her car and drove post haste to the hospital 22 miles away. Little did we know but this hospital hated Native American Indians and gave them bad medicine. While my driver was arguing with the nurse I ran to the bathroom and passed kidney stones. The propensity of this hospital to abuse and cause the death of Indian patients later came to light in the courts. But that’s another story.
    Anyway all the adult beds were taken so they put me in the children s ward (Leo) and it was a hospital ( Virgo) On the bed was a white silk lion holding a red heart! The Virgin Lion and the Heart of the Lion which is what Regulus means.

    Was surprised the Sun count was so high and thought it would not amount to that much. It was a happy occurrence for sure and am glad to take part here with you and your fun blogs.I enjoy reading other peoples reports as well.
    Somewhere today I saw a mention of retrograde planets. I have one and its Mercury conjunct the Sun. Its at 25 Retro and went direct when I was 11. Up until that time I intuited everything and if my heart said so than it was fact , no matter what anyone else said. After 11, I started to THINK and ponder my intuited conclusions. My communications became more understood by others and others started to understand my actions. Things became different for sure. Before that I was misunderstood often enough that I gave up talking and just showed them a simple symbol and if they didn’t get that, I let it lay and went my way.

    Do you pay attention to where the constellations overlap the zodiac signs ? By equal house zodiac signs I have Libra rising but the constellation of Virgo rises with fixed star Vindemiatrix. I considered this on the Chiron count which would be 59 with 5 points each. If not , its 49.

  58. nice… 58 for me, now i’ve seen the Sun people lol

  59. i got a 66

    jupiter in leo – 5
    midheaven in leo – 10
    sun square moon – 15
    sun square ascendant – 15
    sun square pluto – 6
    sun opposite midheaven – 15

    i scored pretty well on the pluto test also – 55

    scorpio ascendant
    pluto conjunct moon
    pluto conjunct ascendant
    pluto square sun
    pluto square midheaven
    moon in scorpio
    pluto in scorpio

    ya…im pretty much selfish, self centred, narcissistic, egocentric etc.

  60. I’ve got a 62 and I don’t even have anything in Leo.

    Here’s all my scores so far;

    Sun – 62
    Pluto – 47
    Mars – 41
    Uranus – 40
    Chiron – 40
    Jupiter – 35
    Neptune – 34
    Saturn – 31
    Moon – 29
    Mercury – 18

    BTW, will there be a Venus test as well? I’m wondering if I might score higher than my Sun score since my Venus is;

    Opposite Ascendant
    Square Midheaven
    Conjunct Sun
    Trine Neptune
    Quintile Saturn
    Sextile Jupiter
    Sextile Mars

    And I have;

    Libra Ascendant
    Sun in 7th House
    Venus in 7th House
    Pluto in Libra
    Uranus in Libra

  61. I am looking at this post crying for answers. I have 5 planets in Leo – 4 of them (in Leo) are conjunct my sun (also in Leo). Leo is my twelfth house. Now lets square 3 of those planets (sun, venus, and jupiter) with my uranus which is in Scorpio (thats a heck of a ride). I also have Saturn in Virgo conjunct my ascendant in Virgo, which already makes me introverted and highly stressed. Add to that a mars in its detriment in Cancer (which holds in a LOT of emotion) conjunct a wired up Gemeni moon which squares saturn. Is it possible to have a strong sun introvert inward instead of radiating outward? And will it always feel this bad? I am someone everyone thinks is strong and happy, but I trust nobody, my smile to the world is completely fake and I am completely empty and alone. People are very jealous because no matter what happens in my life I land on my feet, but THAT is not what defines quality of life. I am extremely insecure and depressive, I have a thousand friends and not one of them knows “me” and the worst part about it is the person they see is confident, strong, attractive and sociable so they expect so much more from me. Why am I on this earth if my entire chart locks me up inside myself? Why be in a world with other people if I can never be a part of that world. I just want someone to tell me how to release this energy before it kills me. Im sorry, I know I shouldnt be whining on here, but if I didnt write it somewhere I wouldnt be able to get thru another day.

  62. Hello, Natasha, I’m sorry you’re having such a bad time. I’ve sent you some information by email. Donna

  63. Right, I got a 44 on this.

    So I need to adjust my score rankings now:
    1. Uranus: 46
    2: Sun: 44
    3. Saturn: 40
    4. Mercury: 37

    Natasha, I’m sorry to read you’re having such a rough time. If it’s any consolation to you, I often feel like I’m acting in my daily life as well – I try to look happier than I feel sometimes. I imagine many people do this, so don’t go thinking you’re “fake”. The truth is, we’re all conditioned in society to appear happy all the time, as if life is one perfect, never-ending bloody merry-go-round of joy. Another truth is that that expectation isn’t entirely accurate – it’s just an ideal that isn’t often borne out by reality.

    One good thing about all this b.s. is that we can at least *control* our thoughts and feelings – we can choose to feel happy even when everything seems to be falling apart. The fact, Natasha, that you choose to smile in front of all those idiotically jealous people you know shows that you have dignity like only a true Leo could. 🙂

    Anyway, with your Sun and Venus square Uranus, you shouldn’t – ideally – give a monkeys what people think of you, although your Saturn conjunct your Virgo Ascendant must dampen things down a bit. People with Virgo Ascendants are perfectionists and, with Saturn sitting on top of your Ascendant, it makes you even harder on yourself. Give yourself a break though. Perfect people don’t exist. If we were all perfect, we would never have even been born in the first place because there wouldn’t have been anything requiring correction and subsequent growth (the reward).

    You aren’t as alone as you *think*; it’s just that you probably *assume* you are because everyone else is walking around with the same polished veneer as you, betraying little of what’s really going on. I’ve often felt empty and alone, even when I have people around me, but I find that doing things I enjoy or which I find fulfilling eases that void somewhat. What do you enjoy? Whatever it may be, go ahead and do it.

    You only have anywhere from 70-100 years on this planet, so you may as well spend the time doing what you love. This hit home for me recently after a good friend of mine died at the respectable age of 83, and my mother turned 69 – time is fleeting. I’m 26 now and even I notice its fleet.

    In my (limited) experience, Gemini Moon people are worriers – they over-think things. I’m not putting you down in saying that though. Their moods tend to be very changeable as well. I grew up with a Gemini Moon, and have known many with the same placement. They always have something intelligent to say, however, and are quick forming connections between ideas and people. Your ‘issue’ probably stems from your Gemini Moon square Saturn conj. Virgo Ascendant.

    I think it’s possible for your Solar qualities to be more inward than outward, in so far as you might express the energies via creative pursuits in the cocoon of a theatre class or in the privacy of your own home, or whatever. In my own case, I appear more outgoing (Sun conjunct MC, trine Ascendant) than I really feel (Sun square Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio), or even want to be. Venus conjunct Mars in Aries in the 11th trine Uranus in Sagittarius in the 6th/on D.C. helps me though. Gives me some va-va voom.

    Recognise your astrological shortcomings and strengths in equal measure, try to accentuate the strengths and diminish the shortcomings. You have to take it day by day, hope for the best and, before you know it, you’ll be looking back at how far you came. Nobody, no matter how illustrious their chart appears to be (God, I’ve always wanted a Venus-Jupiter natal aspect!), ever gets the full deck of cards in life. Everybody has to work at it.

    Natasha, I’m sure you’re an honest, insightful person who could benefit from knocking back a few drinks to unleash that Leo sparkle every now and then. 🙂 And I’m sure there are many people who could benefit from the input of an honest, conscientious person as yourself.

    I hope everything works out for you soon, and for good.

  64. Hello Donna. I just took my first astrology class and the suggested homework assignment was to check out your planet-scoring stuff, beginning with the SUN. My comments: I scored really high for SUN – a 71. This score does not include that chiron is conjunct sun by 1 degree or that the Sun is in mutual reception with Uranus (sun in 5th house in Aquarius and Uranus in 11th house in Leo; the mutual reception is too wide an orb to get points for an opposition (it is 9 degrees wide). But the score is so high because of so many minor aspects….only 3 major aspects: sun trine MC, sun trine moon, and sun in 5th house. that got me 40 points. The other 31 points, are from 5 aspects of 4points each, and one worth 6points(sun opposing pluto), and the 5points for Uranus being in Leo. I wanted to share this with you because I feel very UNSOLAR and wonder if that is because so many of my points are from minor aspects. Or the chiron conjunct the sun bleeds the solar energy? And perhaps my mutual reception situation actually gives more of a Uranus/Aquarius 11th house feeling to my 5th house sun – I think it’s hard for my Aquarius-ness to feel solar. Anyway….it felt like a really useful exercise to me and I appreciate being directed to your site as I begin my studies. Thanks so much Donna.

    • Hi, Isadora, what fun that they’re using my tests in class! I think the main thing that can detract from feeling solar would be the planets that are aspecting it, especially the outer ones that can kind of take over. I would probably allow the Sun-Uranus opposition at 9 degrees for two reasons: 1) the Sun and Moon are called “lights” and can recieve a somewhat wider orb in their aspects and 2) the Sun and Uranus are connected in two different ways–the opposition AND mutual reception. And 3) you feel the connection as real. In any marginal connection, to me, the final expert is the person who’s living it. Donna

  65. 71 score- pretty high. i only have 1 lone “planet” in leo: ascendant. ROAR!!!!

  66. I scored 46 despite a definite lack of fire astrologically. While my Leo friend brims with confidence of I can and I will, I have no such trust. I do not like the spot light, yet I was involved in off-, off -, off – theater and performed on occasion with a lot of trepidation I might add. But in my element, say literally in the water, in public, I had no problem performing Watsu with all eyes on us. Articles in local, national and international news mentioned or showed images of me performing Aquatic Bodywork. In the flow of dancing and or feeling, same thing, but put me purposefully in the spot light, I tend to retreat and get very self conscious. I do love the easy laughter that I associate with Leo and Sagittarius.

  67. I scored a “60” on the Sun test, but I abhor the sun, leaving in Phoenix, AZ. It’s too hot and searing. I am happy to learn that my 9 degree square between Jupiter and my Sagittarius Sun are not squared at all! Yeah! I’ve been so depressed worrying about it for years.

  68. What a fantastic test! Thanks Donna. 😀

    My score is 85, from the following:
    Sun (Aq) opposing Moon (Leo) 15
    Sun opposing Asc (Leo) 15
    Sun conjunct Jupiter (Aq) 6
    Sun conjunct Venus (Aq) 6
    Sun opposing Pluto (Leo) 6
    Sun trine Mars (Libra) 6
    Sun trine Neptune (Libra) 6
    Moon in Leo 10
    Ascendant in Leo 10
    Pluto in Leo 5

    I know I have a constant battle with not being or appearing overbearing, lol, and yet as a child and in my early adult years I had very low self esteem, no self awareness (yes, all the self words, lol) and always looked to others to reflect my value back to me. It has taken nearly 15 years (and continuing) of gestalt psychotherapy to bring me to a state of almost balance. I was an extremely shy/introverted child, loved my Mum totally (but was constantly bashed by her from age 5 onwards), loved my Dad but was terrified of him as well. I was raised by my Mum until I was 14, then taken into my Dad’s custody, remaining there until I was old enough to escape, at 18. He was a very tough cop, and a hard parent and totally cowed me into submission. Yet I was also very proud of him. Go figure! I have spent most of my adult life trying to find myself, and trying to accept that I, and my aspirations to help others, are of value. I am good at what I do, though. ;D So I can relate to the bombastic, overbearing, egotistical nature of my Sun, and yet have this whole other side which abhors that, and is not at all like that. A bit of a paradox!

    • Some of the above may be explained by the close conjunction of my Ascendant, Pluto, and Moon (6 degrees orb span) in close opposition to my Venus, Descendant, Sun, Jupiter conjunction, also with a 6 degree orb span.

    • Quite a story, Marie, thanks for sharing. Donna

  69. I scored a 56; Sun in Pisces conjunct Moon, Venus, and Mercury, opposed Pluto and Virgo, and sesquiquadrate to Ascendant. I always have craved attention, but being in Pisces, I thought that was somehow wrong in my chart, but now seeing how strong my Sun is, I get it. Also, I’m pretty self-involved, self-motivated, but my self-esteem isn’t always strong.

  70. Wow, this was so much fun! My astro friend Lisa and I were talking about Neptune transits to the Sun, mainly Neptune squares. She directed me to your blog post about aspects to the Sun, and I found this post. I scored 65, Leo Sun square Neptune (downer), conjunct Mercury in Leo, quniconx Chiron, plus 2 planets in the 5th (Mars and Neptune). I also now have progressed ascendant in Leo for a long long time! Self-involved, self-motivated both strong, and self-esteem not always–lots of challenges in the rest of the chart with some helpful trines to encourage my Leo heart.

    I loved taking this test, especially because you made the page so cute–sunscreen and all:) Thanks for brightening up my day Donna.

  71. Sun Opposite Ascendant – 15 points
    Sun Square Midheaven – 15 points
    Sun Square Pluto – 6 points
    Sun Sextile Mars – 4 points
    Sun Sextile Jupiter – 4 points
    Ascendant in Leo – 10 points
    Mars in 5th House – 5 points
    Saturn in 5th House – 5 points
    Uranus in 5th House – 5 points
    Neptune in 5th House – 5 points

    Total: 74

    This is weird—because I don’t really feel “unsolar”—it took me a long time to believe it, but my friends and family always looked up to me as creative and expressive. I mean, if I had the money, I would put my whole life into writing and music.

    But I don’t feel represented by my sun sign—Aquarius. Not one bit. Could that be because of my midheaven? Moon and Mercury sextile, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune trine, and Jupiter conjoins it. It’s a Taurus midheaven. Reading about Taurus feels more like reading about me. Same with Sagittarius—all my 5th house placements share that sign.

    And just to make it all more intense, I also get a pretty strong vibe from Scorpio and anything Plutonic, since my Sun Squares Pluto. I have other Aquarian friends with Sun Square Scorpio Pluto, and they come off way more plutonic than they do uranian: secretive, lonerish, hard-driving, but still charismatic and just oozing sex appeal (can’t objectively say if this applies to me 😉 )

    It all makes me wonder… could these other aspects of a chart override the importance of the Sun when it comes to identity and self-expression? Can I really be more Taurus, Scorpio, and Sagittarius?

    • “my friends and family always looked up to me as creative and expressive. I mean, if I had the money, I would put my whole life into writing and music.” That all sounds like a strong Neptune score. Donna

  72. I should totally take that test too!

    Venus in Pisces conjuct my north node makes Neptune the midheaven ruler, plus Venus ruling the midheaven. But Neptune doesn’t make a whole lot of aspects in my chart. Maybe I misunderstood? I thought the Sun ruled creativity to the extent which ego’s involved, but Neptune dissolved ego boundaries to create that which it can receive and intuit in the world around it? In that sense, maybe the Sun and Neptune are as philosophically opposed as the Sun and Uranus…

    Thanks for inspiring that thought, Donna. These tests are a lot of fun. 🙂

    • The Sun is self-expression, it’s true, but Neptune is asssociated with creative arts like poetry, music, painting, imagination, fantASY, dreams, inspiration. Mercury respresents writing, speech, story telling. So creativity is so complex no single planet encompasses all of it. I had so many artistic, creative talented clients and friends in my 25 years in NYC. Donna

  73. “Venus in Pisces conjunct my North Node makes Neptune the North Node ruler.”* My Pisces Venus also rules my Taurus midheaven.*

  74. Thank you Donna . this is a great way to re look at my chart. It is so much fun. I am a Scorpio 4th house with Leo raising. i work out of my home in the healing arts.About to be in my for my second Saturn return so this is a good time to look and see what direction i want to go with the rest of my life. Thanks for the Tests !
    I scored a 43 or a 39 if I -4 for a Sun sextile 5d. Uranus

  75. Wow, I just took this test and got a 63, a lot higher then I would have thought.

  76. What do you mean ____ BONUS: Sun or Sun in the 5th house, 10 points each. Sun in the fifth is 20 points? Sun or Sun?

    • Sorry, it should be:
      ____ BONUS: Sun in the 5th house, 10 points.
      You’re the first one to bring that to my attention. Thanks! Donna

  77. __15__ Sun conjunct Midheaven
    __24__ Sun conjunct Venus, conjunct Jupiter, square Uranus, trine Neptune
    __4__ Sun semisquare Mars.
    __15_ Sun in Leo
    _10__ Midheaven in Leo
    __15__ Venus, Jupiter, Mercury in Leo
    TOTAL = 83
    Also, my Sun (at 22°00 Leo) widely squares my Ascendant (14°08 Scorpio) and my Moon (29°56 Taurus). Weirdly enough, I don’t feel all that solar at all. In fact, I value solitude over attention and freedom over power… I guess I am a bit self-centered, though… :))

  78. Well interesting Oana, you have Sun conj. Midheaven… Maybe you are out in the world a lot ?( Sun & midheaven) So …and Scorpio raising
    ( probability needs solitude) Power can also be behind the scenes ? Ok

    • Thank you Donna! Not, I’m not in the world a lot (almost at all… I’m a stay at home mom and barely ever leave the house, actually), I wish I was (I wish I could travel, not necessarily for the socializing part). On top of it I have NN in the 10th house… maybe I’m going against my true destiny a little bit here… 🙂

  79. Sorry Marcie not Donna , But do not under estimate a Mom raising children at home… Probability one of the most difficult jobs ! My daughter is almost 18 and now looking at collage but i have worn many hats. Life with children will take you many places. So there is a lot to unfold.

  80. OMG, I am sooo sorry Marcie! I feel so stupid for not noticing and calling you Donna! Sorry again! And thank you so much for replying!

  81. It is just fine 🙂

  82. I got 31 for the Sun. What I am really interested in, though, is the sesquiquadrate discussion. But can’t leave a reply there. Venus ss Mars.

  83. PS – As an Aquarian Sun in 4, not a lot of solar power…

  84. I scored 83. 🙂

  85. My Sun has a total of 81 (12th house) and my Moon 80 (2nd house). I am a Cancer Ascendant Cancer with the Moon in Leo (2) and in mutual reption with the Sun but they are semisquare each other. I find this web site extreemely interesting. I have been stuying Astrology since 1990 but I still have difficulty synthesysing a chart. I think I am too lazy. Astrology is my passion. Donna thank you for this information. I dowloaded the test page but I could not download each individual planet tests. Is there a way to do this? I am going to continue to score my other planets. I love this!
    Paulette Rabe

    • I am working on a PDF file that would have all the planet scores tests in one file to be printed out. (Or cut and paste if you want them in a word proecessing file). Slight technical difficulties. However, in the meantime, you can click on the individual links to the tests, then cut and paste them from the post. Donna

  86. Thank you so much for your promt reply. I just notice that the time on my comment shows as 7:51Am which is wrong. I am in Montreal and it was 10:51AM. I tried to cut and paste but was unsuccessful. Oh well that is life I guess. Back to work now.
    Paulette Rabe
    PS Not sure that I am entering the right website

  87. Hi, great site. I just discovered it and I did the sun test first. I got a score of 56. The only thing that I am not sure about but for me it makes sense though is that I do not have the sun right in fifth house but it is within the five degrees of the 5th house cusp. I am not really a home body but i do feel that I like having a nice home but that is cause I have my scorpio in venus right on the ic.

    I have no conjunctions to my sag sun. Just three huge squares well four if you count chiron. I have a semi sextile to my venus in scorpio
    I have a trine to my ac in leo. I have two planets in the 5th house both in cap, mercury and moon. I did have a problem with my self confidence when I was young but I got over that in my 30’s. I love the stage and I do music.

    It seems to make sense. I want to try out your other scoring sheets. This a great way to learn more about astrology.

  88. My strongest planets are Sun(83), Moon(52), and Pluto(49). It’s funny cause I can relate, like I love the desert and hot/warmer climates. I feel most energized and upbeat on a sunny day.
    I also have a strong Uranus, Neptune, and Mercury. But they’re in the mid 40′s.
    What does it mean when you have 6 strong planets????

  89. sun opposite ascendant———————–10

    sun square jupiter ——————————-6
    sun trine saturn———————————–6

    sun semisquare venus————————–4

    venus in 5th house——————————3

    not so strong for me. still, nearly moderate. haha.

  90. Moderate 😛 with a 23. I guess Sun doesn’t really reflect me!

  91. Sun square Moon——->10
    Sun Conjunct Mercury——>6
    Sun Conjunct Uranus——->6
    Sun Conjunct Neptune——>6
    Sun sextile pluto——–>4
    Sun semisquare Venus-4
    Sun quincux ASC——>4
    ASC leo-10
    Mercury in 5th house——>3
    Uranus in 5th house——->3
    Neptune in 5th house——>3
    Chiron in Leo——->2
    Sun,Mercury,Uranus,Neptune in a stellium in Capricorn—–>5

    I find it hard to believe I’m dominated by the Sun seeing how im such a night owl lol and the characteristic somehow dont fit me lol

    my score is 71

  92. Thank you very much, Donna, for your reply on the Pluto post!
    To my surprise I found out yesterday evening how strong my Sun really is (very good for balancing the outer planets’ influence).
    This insight made me see the light – right on time for Sun crossing my ascendant 😉

    • Sun conjunct Mercury (6)
      Sun sextile Moon (4)
      Ascendant in Leo (10)
      Uranus in Leo (5)
      Sun in the 5th house (10)
      Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn
      in the 5th house (15)
      Part of a Stellium
      in the 5th house (5)

      ‘off the charts’ (55)

  93. 56 points just on the obvious things, did not calculate others. So, why is my confidence and current luck not as great as it could be? could be that I have Neptune conjunct, and 12th house stellium of Sun Mars Neptune?

    • Yes, the Neptune conjunction and 12th house planets would greatly modify the Sun’s expression. I would imagine, since Sun and Neptune are conjunct, that your Neptune score would be high, maybe even higher. Donna

  94. Hmmm. 40 points… plus? (I only gave myself 2 for the trine to NN) which surprised me! I’d always thought my Cappy Sun was weak, with only 2 major aspects (opposing Leo moon and conjunct Cap Merc) and, though part of a Capricorn Stellium, he’s stuck all alone in the 8th house, away from any angles. I’ve never thought of myself as a solar type and I definitely don’t like a lot of sun! Hate the heat, hate the beach (except in winter);Winter and Autumn are definitely my seasons.

  95. 81 sun points (of the obvious kind) for this cancer with around 50 in neptun and uranus just below. Am I proud 😀

  96. I got nine points. NINE points. haha. My Gemini sun is peregrine in the 12th house, though. I have Pluto in Scorpio in the 5th, and two minor aspects to my sun from the Moon and Ascendant. And, I see it, too. All this 12th house, with a peregrine sun… sign. My life has been centered around others… for most of it.

  97. 55 points in the sun, by a very non-Leo leo. Except that I navigate by the sun, always seem to know where it is, learned this when I was in the southern hemisphere.

  98. Sun trine Asc = 10
    Sun con Uranus = 6
    Sun squ Jupiter = 6
    Sun semisq Pluto = 4
    Sun biquin MC = 4

    Asc in Leo = 10

    Sun in the 5th house = 10
    Uranus, Neptune in the 5th house = 6

    Sun con Ras alhague = 2
    Sun trine NN = 2
    Sun in fire sign = 2

    Part of T-Square = 5

    Sun = 67 😉


    Sun = 67 = very strong
    Moon = 37 = strong
    Mercury = 45 = very strong
    Venus = 37 = strong
    Mars = 45 = very strong
    Jupiter = 80 = very strong (strongest)
    Saturn = 33 = strong
    Uranus = 43 = very strong
    Neptune = 16 = Moderate (lowest)
    Pluto = 48 = very strong

    I think that it is right (+-). Sun + Uranus (I can’t separate them, because of exact conjunction and parallels), Jupiter and Pluto as strongest elements in my chart.

    Ps: Is it normal to have this high score in almost every cases?

    (and sorry for my english 🙂 )

  99. Thanks for the post for writing “How Strong is your Sun?
    Here’s the Score! Sky Writer”. I actuallymight undoubtedly be back
    again for far more browsing and writing comments in
    the near future. With thanks, Arnoldo

  100. My score was 26 so just about got into the strong category. My score would be low if it wasnt for my Sun in the 5th House.

  101. 76 points! not bad I think

  102. Sun opposite Saturn = 6 pts
    Sun opposite Uranus = 6 pts
    Sun opposite Neptune = 6pts
    Sun trine Pluto = 6 pts
    Sun semisextile Mars = 4 pts
    Ascendant in Leo = 10 pts
    Venus in Leo = 5 pts
    Mars in Leo = 5 pts
    Uranus in 5th house = 3 pts
    South Node in Leo = 3 pts

    = 54 points

    I’m a Cancer Sun with that Capricorn Stellium in Saturn/Uranus/Neptune opposite my Sun with a lot of Leo in my chart as well as a Gemini Moon/Mercury/Jupiter.

  103. I scored 76 points. My Sun is part of a 3 planet conjunction in the 9th house in Taurus along with Venus and Mercury. Now these three planets are intercepted in my Natal Chart. I do believe that my Sun is my Alpha Dog because Jupiter is in the 5th house Aquarius and the Sun is squaring Jupiter. The Sun is at 0 degrees 9 minutes and Jupiter is at 0 degrees 47 minutes. If my Sun is my Alpha Dog how would this have played out with this interception?

  104. SUN 92
    MOON 87
    SATURN 71
    MARS 54
    VENUS 41
    NEPTUNE 41
    MERCURY 32
    PLUTO 30
    JUPITER 23
    URANUS 21

    Is it possible to have such high scores and what it means, if it is ?
    I have 6 planets in Capricorn( Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune ) and and asc. in Virgo, which makes trine with 4 of them ( Sun, Moon, Saturn, Neptune ). I have also Stellium in Capricorn ( Sun, Moon and Saturn ) and T – square ( Plutol in Scorpio, Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Leo ). 4 planets in 5th house also Node is in 5th house, 3 planets in 4th house, Juno and Lilith are in 4th house too.

    • Hi, S, yes it’s possible to have several high scores when planets are involved in major configurations like a T-square or stellium and especially when there are many conjunctions. All of your planets in Capricorn make up a stellium, a 6-planet group. With the Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricortn, it is likely you were born in 1988 or 1998, as that extremely rare conjunction was within a 10 degree range every single day of 1989 and five months of 1988. That means that every single person born on the planet in that period of time had that conjunction. For those born in the winter moths, there were additional planets in Capricorn.

      I’ve been making a special study of your group for some time, and will be leading a 4-week seminar this fall limited to people born with that pattern, as a way to understand this combination and how it affects important life tasks people face as they enter adulthood, such as finding where you fit in, your career path, and important relationships. If you think this seminar might be of interest, sign up for a subscription to Skywriter and you’ll get the notice. You might also want to take a look at my workbook on stelliums, called The Stellium Tool Kit, under the tab on my front page marked “Stellium Information.” Regards, Donna

  105. For your data: 24, or moderate. My sun has only two aspects — trine midheaven and semisextile Mars. My Leo ascendant gave it a boost. Hope this helps you. I definitely find it enlightening and am grateful to you for having these tests online!

  106. My Scores are: Sun – 107 points; Moon- 104; Mercury- 58; Venus- 82; Mars- 78; Jupiter- 109; Saturn- 61; Uranus- 84; Neptune- 35; Pluto-24.

    I just have 2 conjunctions in my natal birth chart ( Sun conjunction As in Gemini; and Jupiter conjunction MC in Aquarius). But the thing which I found in my natal chart is that I have many major conjunctions- 1 STELLIUM ( Sun, Mercury and Venus in 12 house); 1 GRAND TRINE in fire signs ( Venus in Aries in 12 house, Moon in Leo in 4 house, Uranus in Sagittarius in 7 house); 2 KITES ( 1st Kite- 4th point in Jupiter in Aquarius; 2nd Kite- 4th point in Mars in Gemini in 1 house); 2 TRAPEZES ( 1st- Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus ; 2nd- Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter); 1 CASTLE ( Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus); 1 PENTAGRAM ( Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus); 1 GRAND CROSS in fixed signs ( Mercury in Taurus in 12 house; Jupiter in Aquarius in 10 house; Saturn in Scorpio in 6 house; Moon in Leo in 4 house); 1 MYSTIC RECTANGLE ( Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus); 1 YOD ( Sun in Gemini in 12 house make 2 inconjunctions with Neptune in Capricorn in 8 house and with Pluto in Scorpio in 6 house).

    Is it a good or it is a bad thing, if someone like me has a many major configurations in the natal chart?

    • Not good or bad, TA, it’s just what is. It means that you’re a complex soul with all the strengths you need to master and integrate many different energies in this lifetime. And, yes, it’s complicated to juggle so many connections between planets, and it will take a good many years to learn how to do it well, but you’ve got what it takes.

      I’ve made a special study of stelliums, and you’ll find several posts about them on this blog. I also have a book in progress about them, due out in the fall. As for T-squares, Tracy Mark’s book on the subject would be invaluable. Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you, Donna, for the interpretation and for the information about the stelliums. They are very useful!

  107. I scored a 76! I don’t really see much about how I can actually improve on myself after finding my score though? I don’t feel like I am the person I want to be and I’m not sure what to even work on anymore. And I could live in the rain. When it starts to rain I think any idea sounds better- even going to the beach. Maybe I’m too much sun for me to handle and I need to be watered down lol.

    • Me too! I love the rain, an dI got 72!…Maybe rain balances out something here…?

  108. I think this is great….but in what world is a sextile a minor aspect?

    • In the world of professional astrologer who worked directly with clients for over 40 years. I would laboriously describe sextiles to clients and their unenthusiastic response was usually, “oh, that.” A supportive aspect, yes, and God knows we need them, but not a major player with the kind of huge impact on the person’s life you see with a conjunction, square, trine, or opposition. Thus those aspects earn a higher score on the Planetary Strength Tests. Donna

  109. Oh wow, I always knew I was a solar person (leo ascendant, sun in sag in 5th house), but I didn’t realize by how much–61 points. I definitely identify with the positive and negative solar traits, but I’m not really sure what to do with my conjunctions–saturn, moon, and venus all conjunct the sun. I am hoping that just means I have a fabulously integrated personality, but I guess that’s my sun talking, haha.

  110. Hi Donna,

    What would you say about an individual who score on average of say 60 on all planets, vs an individual scoring an average of 20 on all the planets?


    • Hi, Porpitaa. That’s common among people who have several planets tied together by multiple aspects, say in a T-square or multiple conjunction. It means that you have the ability to juggle several strong planets in a way that people with few aspects learn to do. If most of the high scoring planets are the outer planets, then you are a person who will learn to deal with those planet’s energies over time and become quite exceptional. Donna

  111. 72! Ok then…

  112. Sun in Leo in 5th conjunct Uranus, Moon Conjunct Asc in Taurus
    Sun: 100
    Moon: 64
    Saturn: 38
    Uranus: 63
    Pluto : 29
    Neptune: 43

    Got here because of a Saturn return (58 years).
    Thanks for the tests and the enlightening comments on people’s responses.

    Can relate mainly to Sun / Uranus but like you said: fairly high scores on all make for complicated personalities… Used to do programming, but always into “renewing society” advocating change (vegetarianism, eco whatever, astrology, meditation) only to move on again when others are catching up with me…

    Moved from Water/ Air – Moon /Uranian Holland to Fire/ Earth Sun / Saturnal Portugal and feel half here, half there most of the time.

    Thanks again for your efforts to share all these insights.

  113. Hi Donna,
    I scored a rather low 17
    It’s no surprise since my sun is almost unaspected (with a quintile to mars and a quincunx to saturn), however it also forms a quincunx to my ascendant. Could this count as a yod sun-saturn-ascendant, thus strengthening my sun?

    Thank you for your articles, I enjoy reading and learning from them!

    • Well, I don’t necessarily see the Ascendant or Midheaven as points that form major configurations, but you do get score points for planets that form aspects to those angles.

      There are articles on quincunxes and yods on Skywriter, so use the search engine at the top right hand corner of the home page to find them. Donna

  114. Hi,
    I scored…12. I’m not surprised. The only fire I have in the chart in the MC in Sag so I didn’t expect much a Sun score 😛
    Sun conj Júpiter (6); Venus and Mars in the 5th house (3+3)

  115. Hi,

    my results:
    Air 48
    Fire 36
    Earth 31
    Water 21

    Mutable 35
    Cardinal 34
    Fixed 23

    Mercury 67
    Venus 55
    Sun 53
    Chiron 49
    Pluto 47
    Moon 45
    Mars 42
    Saturn 40
    Jupiter 37
    Uranus 32
    Neptune 17

    Sun in 3rd in Capricorn conjunct Mercury, Moon in 11th in Virgo, AC Libra, Pluto in 1st in Scorpio

    Thank you very much for these great tests! I have already read your really amazing book about Pluto problems and just discovered your website. I’m just getting started to understand Astrology better and I really enjoyed this quick overview of my horoscope.


  116. 46 points. i didn’t expect this.

    i have mercury and pluto conjunct sun in 11th house house; so i have gemini/virgo, scorpio, and aquarius qualities?
    what a weird.. combination.

    since my sun is in scorpio, i’m a quiet person- so this is emphasized. i do look detached and seem like enjoying my own company (when i sometimes don’t). when in class, i often ask and answer questions. i’m both fast and slow learner.

    nice article, Donna.

  117. Wow that was interesting. I never felt too solar only because I have so much Pisces and Scorpio. I do have a rather close conjunction to ascendant but my sun is in Pisces in 12th and squares Neptune exactly on my mc. I scored a 43. It’s funny because I’ve always tried hard to avoid the spotlight but the harder I tried the more intrigued people were lol! In my mind i always had daydreams of being important like a super hero or actor haha. Funny enough, as quiet as I am my piscean nature led me into a career in massage therapy which later led to me befriending a lot of famous clients! Very odd. I also had developed a reputation for being a psychic (yes very odd but word of mouth because I slipped up and would say things I saw and before I knew it I was actually being paid for it possibly the Neptune on mc? I was not actively pursuing that as a career!) I washed myself of all that stuff to focus on art in whxih I am much happier. (The massage and psychic thing had this weird savior complex people imposed on me which i did not like!)Sorry for the long post I just thought I’d share that i have a strong sun and it manifested in a strong Pisces quality I guess? I also DESPISE being cold! ^____^

  118. My husband scored a 78!!!

  119. strong sun here, a mere 71. i think i just scared myself with this test as my mars came in at 71 too.

    • The 70s are high scores, but not unheard of. You should see some of the Pluto scores! Donna

      • pluto score was 58 but that wasnt a surprise as i have a stellium and a triple conjunction in 6thhouse/scorpio.
        thanks for these tests, they have made me look at my chart in a different light.
        do you have an ‘alpha dog test’?

      • Not a test, exactly, but do look for the article about the Alpha dog. Use the search engine at the top right hand corner of the front page of Skywriter. Donna

  120. thanks again!

  121. I’ve got 76, a fairly high punctuation. Not bad 🙂

  122. __10__ Sun conjunct the Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 15 points each; square, trine, or opposite, 10 points each. (Sun’s orbs: 10° for conjunctions, 8° for oppositions, 6° for trines.)

    __0__ BONUS: Sun conjunct or opposite the Moon and within 3° of the North or South Node, 10 points, as you were born around an eclipse.

    __36__ Sun conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 6 points each.

    __0__ Sun in minor aspect (sextile, semisextile, septile, quincunx, quintile, semisquare, or sesquiquadrate) to the Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other planets, 4 points each.

    __0__ Sun in minor aspect to the Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other planets, 4 points each.

    __35__ BONUS: Sun in Leo, 15 points, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven in Leo, 10 points each.

    __5__ Other planets in Leo, 5 points each.

    __0__ BONUS: Sun in the 5th house, 10 points.

    __3__ Other 5th house planets, 3 points each.

    __0__ Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider important, such as Sun aspects to the nodes or having a Node or Part of Fortune in Leo. Specify.

    __10__BONUS: Part of a major configuration like a stellium, T-square, or Grand Trine, 5

    __99__Total. 0-15 low, 16-25 moderate. 26-40 strong. Over 40 off the charts!

    This was not what I was expecting at all.

  123. Hey! Would you consider a Grand Cross that involves the Midheaven to be an actual aspect pattern? Right now my score is 91, but with the addition of the grand-cross it would be bumped up to 101; which includes the Mystic Rectangle my Sun is involved in with Chiron.

    • Nevermind, some of those aspects didn’t fit within the orbs lol

    • Yes, the Midheaven is as strong as a planet. Donna

  124. Well, that was interesting. I scored high to off the charts on almost everything. The Sun was my highest at 84 and my highest element was fire at 56. This was a bit surprising to me. The thing that got me interested in astrology in the first place is I read about Cancers, out of curiosity one time, and that was me, almost completely spot on. Now that I know a bit more, it is really not surprising. My Asc is in Cancer conjunct the Sun and Mercury. So all these years I have thought of myself as a watery moon-child. However my moon is in Leo and part of a Leo stellium and part of a 2nd house stellium, (there is quite a bit of overlap between the two stelliums). I think my strong Mercury in Cancer makes me long winded and I, of course, don’t approach my point directly.

    My scores:
    Sun – 84
    Moon – 76
    Neptune – 57
    Uranus – 50
    Mercury – 48
    Mars – 34
    Saturn – 32
    Venus – 27
    Pluto – 28
    Jupiter – 15
    Chi-Q – 21

    Fire – 56
    Air – 47
    Water – 37
    Earth – 23

    Mutable – 36
    Cardinal – 31
    Fixed – 29

    Thank-you or your quizzes. They gave me some insights to my chart. I have a bit of trouble seeing the forest through the trees. That is my typical way of learning things. I get to know all of the details I can about the trees and can get completely overwhelmed. Then one day it all comes together and poof! I can clearly see the forest. I don’t seem to have gotten to that magical moment yet in chart analysis.

  125. I related to this one more than the Saturn test. I definitely can relate to all the solar key words. My sun is aspected by everything except Mercury and the moon. This includes Ceres, Chiron, and Pallas Athena.

  126. Hi Donna. Your book “How to read your astrological chart” has a cheat sheet on this topic, but when it comes to the Sun in the 5th it says “5th house not entirely true to type”. I didn’t quite understand what that means…Could you explain it, please?

    • It means that the 5th house doesn’t make you like a Leo–depending on your Sun sign, the qualities of that sign are more descriptive of how you deal with 5th house matters like romance, creativity, and how to relate to children. Donna

  127. Understood. Thank you.

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