Posted by: Donna Cunningham | August 21, 2010

Cosmic Piñata #7: Astro*Carto*Graphy Stories

©8-21-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Having gone through a major and anything but smooth move this month, I’ve dedicated recent posts to sharing some of what I know about relocation astrology. I was certified by Jim Lewis as an Astro*Carto*Graphy practitioner and did written interpretations for his company.

Over the years, I ran into strange cases among clients. In my travels to give seminars around the world, I also experienced interesting effects of Astro*Carto*Graphy lines directly. Though I’m retired from client work, this is a good time to write about those experiences so others can learn from them.

Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps and the 4 Relocated Angles

 First, here’s a brief explanation of the Astro*Carto*Graphy lines for those who haven’t worked with them. They are lines on an Astro*Carto*Graphy map representing the four angles of the relocated chart, since these shift as you move from place to place.

Just like the natal chart, there is a relocated Ascendant (ASC), IC, Descendant (DSC) and Midheaven (MH), though they never replace the natal angles completely. The Midheaven lines around the world show places where a particular planet would operate strongly in career, the Descendant lines show influences on relationships, and so on.  As an example, here’s Barak Obama’s map:

The map shows places in the world where one of the natal planets moves onto a relocated angle. Thus, there are four places in the world where natal Pluto, for instance, is on one of the angles of a relocated chart. If you moved to one of them, your experience would be colored Plutonian purple, in whatever manner you’ve been accustomed to expressing that.

 (For a detailed explanation of the four angles, visit a library of more than 50 articles about Astro*Carto*Graphy and relocation at Continuum at the link below.) 

Odd Examples of Astro*Carto*Graphy Lines

Rectification via Astro*Carto*Graphy:

 A friend of mine is a genuine citizen of the world, traveling to and living in a large variety of exotic places in her adventure-packed lifetime.  I was never convinced of her supposed ascendant because she had so much pizzazz and was much sought after wherever she went.

When I questioned her further, it turned out that she’d been born in the early morning hours of the date when the time changed from daylight to standard time—back in the early days of DST.

It was entirely possible that the delivery room clock had not been changed in the middle of the night and thus that DST was registered on the birth certificate rther than standard time.  I immediately commenced to rectify her chart through transits and progressions on the dates of the many significant events in her life.

The evidence was pointing to the sign I guessed at, but what really convinced both of us was the difference between the two Ascendants on her Astro*Carto*Graphy map. The lines on the original map were far out in the ocean and other places she’d never been. The rectified map, however, precisely pinpointed places she’d lived or had adventures.

 The planets on the rectified angles made sense astrologically in terms of the events. For instance, one DSC line ran through a part of New Zealand where she’d twice been married.

She embraced the new Ascendant and felt ever so much more glamorous. Shortly afterward, a stunning and life-changing event occurred when transiting Uranus hit one of the angles of that chart. It confirmed the rectification, and so have other major events since then.

A Family Tragedy shows up on the map:  

 Years ago, a client was considering relocation as a way to mitigate some of the more difficult expressions of her close Moon-Pluto-Saturn conjunction. Naturally, I gave her the standard relocation caveat that wherever you go, you take yourself along. Analyzing the chart, we learned that part of what that heavy triple conjunction represented was her two parents, both of whom were concentration camp survivors.

Then we looked at her map, and particularly at Europe, where she yearned to live. Eerily, the Moon-Pluto-Saturn lines for the Midheaven ran through the place where the concentration camp was located.

A Secret Hidden In Plain Sight:

I’ve since learned that Midheaven and IC lines often represent ancestral lineage.  When I was 47—seven years after my mother’s death—I learned a secret she’d taken to the grave.  Her father was half Comanche. When she was young, in the rural Midwest in the 1920s, the fact that they had Native American blood would have been enough to send them to the reservation, so it was carefully hidden.

For myself, I was thrilled and excited to find the reason for many inexplicable things about myself that other people considered weird. Like the fact that I was always in love with some tree or other. Like the fact that I believed God was in everything. As I studied Native American spirituality after the revelation, it all made sense.

I hadn’t looked at my Astro*Carto*Graphy map in some time, but when I did so again, I was struck by a strange detail. The Comanche reservation is in Anadarco, Oklahoma, and the line for my Moon on the Midheaven runs exactly across that dot on the map. My Moon is in Aries, a warrior-like Moon that can only represent that unsuspected maternal heritage.

A Whole World of Books: 

Authors and business people may find positive Midheaven lines like the Sun, Jupiter, or Venus very fruitful for their entereprises.  As an author whose books have been translated into numerous foreign languages, I’ve discovered that the more popular translations have been in countries where my Midheaven lines are strong. 

My book, Healing Pluto Problems, is one with many foreign editions, but the most successful one was in Germany, where my Pluto Midheaven line runs.  There were years when I received more royalties from the German version than the English one. 

 My favorite location, however, was Brasil, the only country other than Portugal where Portuguese is the major language. Brasilian companies have published Portuguese translations of almost every book I’ve ever written, and as a result, I was invited for three tours to give seminars. I adored the warm, lively, receptive audiences.  I was treated like royalty, received standing ovations, and appeared on television and in the newspapers.

What line does a person have to travel for royal treatment like that?  My Venus-Uranus-Saturn conjunction is on the Midheaven in a north-south band of Brasil that runs through every major city.  

What about you, Readers?  Have you or anyone you know had any interesting experiences with your own Astro*Carto*Graphy lines?  Share them in the comment section so we can all learn more about this fascinating branch of astrology.  

 Previous articles about relocation:

Visit Continuum’s library of 50 articles about Astro*Carto*Graphy and relocation here: If you’re interested in having your map interpreted, that site also has a list of certified practitioners and places to order the computerized Astro*Carto*Graphy maps.

Coming on Sunday, the 29th, a free webinar on Astro*Carto*Graphy.

The last in the Kepler College free summer webinar series will be held Sunday, August 29, starting at 2:00 PM Pacific Time (5:00 p.m. Eastern time). Karen McCauley will be present an introduction to Astro*Cartography and using this method to understand how different locations might affect us or even become prominent influences in our lives. Register now at

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  1. This is very interesting. It says I really need to “go west” to feel energized in many areas!

    Many of my IC lines run through the Caribbean, where my father’s people were from (father? I thought IC was mom!!). Interestingly, Uranus Trine ASC runs through the town where I was born and raised in the midwest, and then takes its course a close west to his island. The line’s exact course is through the Dominican Republic; I had been there and loved the land and its people!

    On the career front, it had fabulous things to say about the Rockies! Maybe I should move to Denver and try it on for size? I’m still quite young in my career…

    For my career, it said I’d do much better in the

    • I believe that the Midheaven/IC axis describes both parents. The Midheaven is the authority function of the parents (and the parent who is the primary authority figure), while the IC is the nurturing function of the parents (and the parent who is more of the nurturer). Donna

  2. Donna, do you have recommendations for astro-carto-graphy experts? I have checked the list at Continuum and to be honest — some of the web pages seem quite “woo-woo.” One of the things I love about you is that you are so grounded. Is ‘life mapping’ the same as using astro-carto-graphy?

    • No, life mapping is quite different. I guess each person who does “life mapping” does something a little different–life purpose, maybe how the life unfolds–but it doesn’t have to do with relocation.

      And, no, I don’t know who to recommend for ACG–the people on the list have passed a very hard certification test, but I don’t know their work personally. Check out the people who wrote articles and if you like what they did, then read their web pages thoroughly. Donna

  3. Wow this is fascinating!

  4. Hi Donna,

    I ordered a number of Jim Lewis’ ACG charts in the past. It really helped me to understand why my existence in Rochester NY always seems like such a hardship; I have Mars on the MC there (well, in my natal chart as well). It was part of what convinced me to relocate to Seattle for a job …. Jupiter on the AC there. And when I moved to San Diego, I have Venus on the MH there and that is where I lived when I married. (And my ex had Jupiter on the MH, so I thought it would just be all love and success:))

    Truth be told, after studying astrology as a hobby for 30 years now, I like‘s “Astro Click Travel” better. It’s free and as long as you select all aspects when you’re using it, it will tell you both your major and minor, positive and negative influences in an area.

    I’ve used the ACG charts and “Astro Click Travel” for myself and others. The only thing I’ll say is that it’s important to relocate your chart to that area as well, because when I lived in San Diego, while I had Venus on the MC, I also had my natal Saturn within 10 degrees of my AC there and always felt that.

    When I moved back to Rochester after my divorce because that’s where all of my family is, within the first year I felt the familiar hardships once again. But I worked myself back up in a job and was able to move and work from home last year …

    Clearwater had been calling my name for two or more years and I used the site to check it out. All you have to do is Google the longitude and latitude of the area you want and then when you click on the map, click details in the right hand corner of the box that pops up to make sure you’ve hit the right location and to see all of the line aspects in that location. Here I have Mercury, Moon’s nodes and Sun all trine/sextile the AC. And no real negative aspects; that’s why I like this site because it lists them all.

    It’s funny, I just reread it while looking it up and thought, “Hmmm, no wonder I’m considering going back to school for my masters!” Even at 50:)

    I highly recommend that folks use a tool like this before making a major move!!

    This is a great topic to blog on … I’m looking forward to reading what others have to say about it if they’ve been following this as they move about!

    It’s very real; JFK had Pluto on the MC in Dallas (and we all know what happened there … he literally did transform back to spirit form).

  5. Hi Donna!

    astro cartography intrigues me…i was born in Quebec city…my Dad decided to move to Montreal when i was almost 11, my life a a child was wonderfull…and when we moved it colapsed…for years i thought it coincided with my hormones, my period started a month after we moved…and i became a different person..a sad confused girl…it didn’t show ,i’m a Leo :)and i’m smart.. but for the next 39 years i was sad…trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me ..i discovered astrology at 14…and delved in it..but alas..trying to figure my ascendant with tables in books..i thought until the age of 40 ish, that i had a gemini made a bit of sense(my sun,merc and pluto are in 3rd house) but not a lot of sense…i’m a cancer asc.(moon in pisces singleton in 10th) i remained sceptic of astrology… astrologer co worker..told me no way you are a gemini asc..and gave me my cancer asc….then i dove into made more sense….at 49 ..magic of internet..i discovered an article on the least aspected planet in your chart and astrocartography by Robert Couteau..a short time after…i sold most everything..(when the kids moved out) and moved to the Ottawa region when i turned 50..lots of wonderfull things were happening..but …i was still sad…very i got a short cartography report done by Moses Siregar,asking if Quebec city my home town was a good move..the answer was yes..Quebec city is not that far away and i don’t understand..what the difference is here..still i moved here…i feel better here.. but it also coincided with the end of my period…so..was it relocation or hormones..or a combination..there is not a great distance…i was told even more east at least one degree would help financially in his report….i did move here because of what Moses told me.. my life is better…although i am still very emotional…I feel comfortable here..and feel more like myself..but feel still very alone and besides what i SHOULD be doing…

    thank you Donna !!!!

  6. I just wanted to say I hope you have recovered from the Move !

    And thank you for the link to the Webinar !

  7. To Trisha~I know that I am not Donna and absoluely defer to her guidance if you get it, but when Louis mentioned Moses Sinegar~I know of him and he doesn’t seem woo-woo [I know what you mean!]. Now I haven’t had a reading from him,, but he seems quite real. He has a blog and is on Facebook.
    Thank you , Donna for this article~it was quite informative and clear, on a confusing subject.
    Warmest regards to all! Sandra

  8. Great article Donna.

    My question has to do with asking a Astro*Carto*Graph-er my questions –

    If I’m looking for a relocation site (University) that will best foster my creativity during my Graduate school work – what lines are they (and I looking) for?
    MC – because it borders 9th house and upper learning?
    Or something that my natal fifth house planets are on/in? I’m thinking a square (action) to one of those two planets?
    And I signed up for that webinar – thanks so much for the lead.


    • I think a good place to go for school in general would have a Jupiter or Mercury aspect to the relocated MH…OR, since you’d only be in school a couple of years, you might look for a transiting planet making a good aspect to the relocated Midheaven. Maybe throw in a Neptune or Pluto trine for creativity. Donna

  9. kristy….I just read in the Huffington Post that Den ver is one of the best cities for job hunting….might work out for you.
    And Louise..I’m not Canadian but I have spent time in all 3 cities you mention. Was invited by a man I was dating to live with him in Ottawa. I too would feel most comfortable in Quebec!
    But then I have a longitudinal Jupiter line up through Maine & into Quebec Province.
    WHen I had to move from birthplace NJ, I had a complete Astrocartography chart for best place in the world. I had to leave on my house hunting trip, before it arrived…..and found a suitable house in Maine and made an offer. The chart was there when I got home and the Perfect place for me was 20 miles up the road from where I HAD DECIDED TO SETTLE! Just one glitch! They had my ASC wrong. I am 20o Gemini & they had 4o Cancer. ( there was a peculiarity about DST in my birth place, corrected by my astrology teacher
    Jacob Schwartz after the fact)
    After 19 years here, with income woefully sparce,
    ( free-lance art) a real struggle with several extended trips to other locations for better jobs…….I am finally beginning to come into my own. Last year I have learned a lot more astrology, and I now realize that my chart blends well with the USA, Cancer, Maine, Pisces and my Town of Milbridge Me. Cancer. WATER! I got a grant from the Me Arts Commission to paint a series of energy of water paintings. I am continuing to add to that group and beginning to get recognition for them. It has increased my spirituality, if not my bank account, & checking the world map on Astrodienst, I see there is a chiron ASC line ( my N chiron is in 1st house 6o Cancer, conjunct the USA venus & Jupiter. I believe I am meant to provide healing through my artwork!) across the southern tip of Newfoundland,
    a mars ASC line over the top if Newfoundland, and a Pluto DS line farthest out into the Atlantic ocean.
    A Neptune IC line runs vertically across the eastern shore of that island, and beyond that a Jupiter MC line. To the west the closest line of any kind runs through western Louisiana, up across the western Dacotas, & it is a moon DS line not fruitful for painting inspiration or profitability! Certainly NOT MUCH WATER!
    Brazil…..maybe I should write a book! I have a Jupiter MC line straight up from Rio De Janiero with a circle at the top tip if Brazil above, Oil country there isn’t it?
    And curiously every opportunity to go to Europe…..I have been on the IC moon line running through the eastern end of southern France/ Monoco, & above in the western part of Germany, Rhur Valley, where I spent a summer through the FSC, and I was commissioned to paint a mural in Cap d ‘aile France, another trip, went to Nice for my cousin’s wedding. As you can see all 3 trips were for a specific purpose not a tourist’s random choice!
    and BTW, the latitude line for my present location is mars 40o N. In NJ I was on a Uranus line, producing an uneven flow of work; feast or famine.
    Astrocartography really is meaningful!

  10. is it just me or is getting a location and/or relocation reading outrageously expensive? i’m all for astrologers being paid what they are worth and acknowledging that we live in a capitalistic society but the fees seem really high. i’m wondering if there isn’t a more cost effective way to get a chart interpreted. are there groups that do it for each other? or some kind of co-op? has anyone had any experiences relating to this that they would like to share? i would really appreciate it! thanks so much.


    • Check out under Free Horoscopes, they offer “AstroClick Travel” which does the same thing. Select North America with all aspects (once you’ve entered your birth chart info) and then click on the area you’re interested in. Google the longitude and latitude so that you can check it. When the little box pops up after clicking on the map, click on details in the top right hand corner and it will show you the longitude & lat in the top (you can confirm it) and all of your influences in the area with their associated interpretations. All for free:)

      • thanks for responding! actually, i’ve used the “AstroClick Travel” section before and, after reading your post, checked it out again today. i’ve been looking for where i could move to flourish in my career, but my MC and jupiter lines are basically in the water! and way up top in cold climates like alaska (a place i’ve always wanted to visit and maybe work temporarily but never want to live there). i’ve lived in europe previously for many years but the interpretations don’t really reflect my experience there. i know they are intended to be broad interpretations and i don’t completely understand the process yet, but they are totally off the mark! again, thanks for the suggestion & reminder.

    • Hello, MF, There is an enormous amount of work involved in preparing diligently for an Astro*Carto*Graphy reading–many relocated charts and workiing to understand each natal position that goes onto an angle, plus the latitude crossings, plus the transits to natal and relocated charts. The reason I quit doing them long before I quit doing regular readings was that there was way too much work involved for the going rate for an ACG reading. Donna

      • thank you for responding. i didn’t mean to imply that prepping for a reading was not a lot of work (and maybe the training is quite expensive as well). however, when i looked at a few websites recently i was taken aback with Astro*Carto*Graphy astrologers charging over $100 for just 15 mins. i’m not sure how anyone could even impart the information in that short amount of time so that a client, most likely not as well versed in the technique as the astrologer, could understand it. but again, please don’t get me wrong — i believe anyone can charge whatever they want for what they do. i didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable or defensive. i was only hoping to get some ideas on alternatives. namaste.

      • 15 minutes? Well, I don’t think I could explain even one line in that amount of time. Done correctly, it would still take the same amount of preparation, unless it was only for one line, but you’d still have to explain how that would work with the natal planet. It isn’t just a Venus line, you know, it’s your own natal Venus with all its aspects.

        However, DIY Astro*Carto*Graphy for fun is one thing, but packing up and moving to the wrong place on the basis of a guesswork interpretation can cost you hugely in money, a year or two of your life, and vital energy. Speaking as someone who’s just moved across town, moving is really, really hard. And getting settled in a new place is an immense task.

  11. From a Mercury in Virgo reader during a Mercury in Virgo RX:
    I am originally from Oklahoma and have been to Anadarko, OK many times.
    You misspelled Anadarko.
    But keep up the good work otherwise!

    • I have often been curious as to what it’s like in Anadarko, but never had a reason to go to Oklahoma. I was fascinated that the series Saving Grace, which I loved, took place in Oklahoma, and the last name for Grace, the main character, was Anadarko. It made me feel like one of the writers or someone major involved was from there and thus quite probably Comanche. Donna

      • Anadarko is home to Indian City USA and the Plains Indian Museum and the Museum of Famous Indians.
        I went to Indian City as a child.
        I am from OKC and wish I had had cable TV when “Saving Grace” was on TV. I’ll try to find it online or on Netflix.
        I wonder what general astrological influence runs through OKC? The Flaming Lips are from there and still live there and they are odd as can be.
        I know OK Day is 09-07-1907, giving the state a Virgo Sun.

  12. Yes, I agree — moving is really hard. I know because I’ve moved quite a bit as a child and as an adult (in this country and transatlantic). However, i’m growing weary of all this wandering and would like to find my true place, where I can flourish in my chosen field and thrive in relationships – what we all want! Hopefully, I can find someone well versed in AstroCartography that can give me some clues of places to consider that I haven’t thought of before. I signed up for the webinar from the link you provided. Looks like fun! Thanks for a thought provoking post! Namaste. ~mf

  13. Oh yes hehe! Lived in my Venus/Saturn line in San Diego, where I always had a relationship, though most of the time it was hard and lots of work – and even career stuff too – work harder than usual for whatever I needed. When I lived in LA, CA for 1 year, on my Moon line, I gained around 10 pounds, not doing anything differently. I lost it when I returned to San Diego, again, not doing anything about it. Mars and Jupiter lines were for my move to Raleigh, NC area and I had NO romantic relationships the whole time I was there and it felt like I was all alone – but Jupiter really helped me with career stuff and I won tickets to lots of concerts – I grew in a different way. I am back at my birthplace of Western MT on my Uranus and Pluto Line – since they are in my 4th, LOTS of feeling uneasy, had emergency surgery where I haven’t yet been the same, learned many healing arts (to help heal myself mostly), and healing my ancestral line, particularly with the maternal one – taken a long time and it isn’t even done! Socially I am viewed as a weirdo and with suspicion since this is a small area (you brought that up in one of your other posts – it is right on!). All my really good friends live far away from me, and I am lucky to have the best husband ever! Looking at the next stage of relocation now, and not sure how it will work yet hehe!

    • I’d stay away from Saturn, Mars, Uranus and Pluto lines myself. Interesting that both San Diego and Raleigh had both positive influences (Venus, Jupiter) and challenging ones as well (Saturn, Mars) … just like life itself:) I’ve found the same w/ most locations …

      You were brave to move back to your hometown w/ Uranus and Pluto on the IC. I briefly lived in Daytona Beach helping my brother while my sister-in-law was dying of breast cancer and I moved three times between March – November; was on Uranus line there. Way too unstable and jittery for me! It was just hard altogether; I was coming off a divorce and my brother was watching his HS sweetheart die.

      Good luck to you in your search for a good spot; how does Seattle or Portland look for you?

      • Ah, Karen, you are telling me hehe! And if you ask me I am brave to continue to stay after nearly 7 years now. Came here originally for my kids, and it was very good for them, regardless of our sacrifices.

        ARGH, I take it back with my Venus/Saturn and Moon lines – those were actually AstroLocality lines, which are different. They were still in effect though.

        Saturn Line is in Portland, Seattle and really the whole coast of Northern CA, which I guess is too bad for me – guess I only ought to visit there? 😉

        Well, haven’t decided on what to do yet, since hubby’s lines are very different than mine. I wonder if composite lines work hehe! 😉

  14. What if my astrocartography lines are all in the middle of nowhere? Also, they seem to explain nothing of my life so far — every place I’ve lived and been drawn to has nothing going though it… And everything else is out in the ocean or in places I’d never consider even visiting. Have you come across this situation often with your clients?

    Do you think it means anything? Even in my natal chart, there’s nothing very close to my Ascendant or MC/IC lines. Is this just a resource I don’t have (much) access to this time around, or does it mean more that that… Like, possibly, that I *should* be considering living in places I’ve never been drawn to…? Or, possibly, am I freer this way, living without those lines anywhere in sight?

    • How sure are you that your birth time is correct?

      • I’m pretty certain the time is exact. No daylight savings involved, straight fro m the birth certificate, and corroborated by my mother in her letter-writing at the time… No reason to doubt it… Unless having no planets near angles is a reason, and located one’s having nothing to do with my life, is a reason in itself?

        But this happens sometimes, doesn’t it?

  15. Fun, fun, fun and very enlightening!

    If I follow my Venus-MC line it goes like this:
    Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Malta, Tunisia ~ seriously, I have been to ALL of those places…. The line then goes through Algeria and Nigeria, but I think I will give them a miss 😀

    Jupiter on the ASC in Iceland where I went for my honeymoon.

    Saturn and Mercury on MC and ASC respectively in East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda), where I have travelled extensively. Totally coincidentally, these countries are also now connected to my work. Although I don’t actually travel to them now, I have a lot of contact with them, esp. Uganda.

  16. I’ve never looked into this, it’s interesting. Things that jump out are California that broke me and partly instigated all my current internal changes moved Uranus and NN onto my IC.

    Nepal, which I loved as a place and people, was incredibly lonely for me. My Moon Mercury opposition is shifted onto MC/IC. It was also the location of my one and only minor indiscretion – Mars is on the Desc. Ahem.

    I’ve always longed to go to New Zealand, but haven’t managed it as yet. Interestingly it shifts my chart by 180 and so puts Uranus and NN onto Desc and Jupiter onto Asc. I really want to know what that would feel like!

    I also loved Hawaii, but no lines pass nearby.

  17. This is really interesting. I used the travel click. I don’t know if I’m doing it right but it shows I am in my best location for career my MC Jupiter line runs right through the area I am living… but I have yet to see it happen 🙂 However, all my planets are retrograde up there at my MC and I did hear that retrograde planets sometimes make things take a while to come to you, any truth to that? Anyway this was really interesting and encouraging I am where I should be, feel that way to really. Hope you are settling in and starting to feel at home Donna.

    • Hi, Cathie, the lines do take a while to settle in, approximately a year. However, it would probably also require a transit to set off the natal planet as well. It also depends on the condition of the natal planet, because you don’t just have a generic Jupiter there, it’s your own natal Jupiter. If natal Jupiter is difficult, then that’s what gets expressed on the line.
      And, yes, thanks, things are settling in here, nothing left to unpack and my favorite pieces of art on the walls. Donna

      • Hi Donna,

        That’s an excellent clarification you made about what is expressed through the lines is your own natal planet with all of its aspects:) Interesting that you picked Jupiter in your example as well; while my ex had Jupiter on his MC in San Diego, what I neglected to factor into that equation is that his Jupiter is opposite Mercury, Venus and Uranus and square Mars in his natal chart. Rather than being a beneficient, it highlighted tensions in his natal configuration. In fact, he has what is referred to as a basket configuration in his chart and Jupiter is the handle … duh! And that’s how a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing:) But he’s been there for 14 years now, so he must be handling it!

        Since I have such a strong Saturn, Pluto, and Mars, I don’t want to be in a place that will emphasize all of that even more than it already is in my natal chart. For folks who don’t have strength in those planets, they might find living under those lines makes them more achievement oriented, or they can stand up for themselves better, or would be willing to do the work to transform in some way, etc.

        On a totally different subject, a thought came to mind today as it’s been monsooning here in the Tampa Bay area again and I’m watching the garden I planted in May sit under water. I was thinking about all of the flooding everywhere; in Pakistan right now, over the summer in Tennessee and just last week in Michigan or Missouri and I saw on Yahoo news today that there’s flooding in the Northeast right now. There was news of a huge sink hole at a Taco Bell somewhere in GA recently as well. Even in talking w/ my BFF in San Diego this summer she says it’s been unseasonably cool there with heavy marine layers, cloudy, rain, etc. (which is highly unusual). It struck me that Uranus has retrograded back into Pisces and Jupiter is about to do the same. Do you think all of the ‘water stuff’ is related to these planets revisiting Pisces? It seems as if there’s bee an awful lot of floods, mudslides due to rain, etc. What’s your take on this?

  18. I was just looking at Tiger’s transits to his natal chart based on the announcement that his and Elin’s divorce is final today. Decided for the heck of it to relocate his chart to Orlando; someone needs to tell him to move! He’s got Saturn tightly conjunct his MC, Chiron on his DC, and Uranus is 10 degrees from AC in Orlando. Don’t have to say anything else; it completes the picture that has been painted!

    • Hi Karen

      You’re really good at this! I noticed in your posts it seems you have an innate understanding of how to put all the apparently disparate elements (at least to me) together and come out with an interpretation that makes sense (or at least correlates to real life).

  19. Thanks mf! It’s been my avocation (hobby, passion) for 30 years but not my vocation. I totally defer to those who have done it for a living since they’ve done more and seen more (usually I spend 10 – 12 hours a day working for some corporation).

    The Mountain Astrologer is a good magazine that you can learn from; I used to subscribe to that when I lived on the West Coast.

    Also, I use all of the free stuff at religiously … they have excellent free daily horoscopes based on your natal chart, but I’m a subscriber so that I can see transits daily. I have my entire family, friends, lovers, etc in there (like 37 charts or something). I learn a lot from just looking at them … sometimes if a friend calls and is going through something, I’ll jump on to astro to see “what is up w/ them astrologically.”

    Plus I read a lot of other astrologers’ sites and blogs …. as Donna wrote recently, “yes, I just discovered some new things about my chart after 40 years.” Here are some of the sites I use a lot:
    holiday mathis on or
    Rick Levine’s horoscopes on
    Mark Lerner’s cosmic calendar on
    and now Skywriter!

    Life is for learning and it’s a long life:)

    I also believe all knowledge is interrelated; I call myself a psychologist / sociologist because I like to see how it all goes together and astrology is one of the tools that allows us to see why “As Above, So Below!”

    We’re all searching for answers, meaning and why things are the way they are and for me, astrology has always been a tool to help understand myself and others better. I always thought if I did it for a living, I’d combine it with psychology.

    Happy Pisces Full Moon to you … listen to your intuition!

    • Hi Karen! Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I am familiar with some of the resources you mentioned but not all of them. I will definitely be checking those other sites out.

      By the way, and if Donna doesn’t mind, would you like to take a crack at looking at my astrocartography chart? I would love to have your take on it. Just for practice sake, of course, and because I think you’re really good at synthesizing all the different elements. If you’re open to it, and since I respect that Donna doesn’t allow personal interpretations on this blog, my email is sepiauraATaolDOTcom. Hope to hear from you!

      Also, did anyone have a chance to listen to the Kelper webinar on Sunday about relocation and Astrocartography maps? It was very informative and I learned a lot. Thanks for the link Donna! 🙂

      ~ Marie-Francoise

  20. WOW ,Fascinating about your moon line. I have never thought to look at mine. Its incredible! One of my Moon lines ( Nadir) runs through the Ocean mouth of the St lawrence seaway through a large Island! Its where the Ojibwe migrated up the St Lawrence seaway into Minnesota from! Then it runs through South America where I have past life recall of Ancient Temple ceremonies where I had some deep spiritual experiences and duties as an Elder Woman. Then it runs down to some islands at the tip of South America where an ancient drum came from, to me now. Spiritual teachers among the Ojibwe did a special ceremony and said the things from other places that come to me ( ceremonial musical instruments ) are mine from past lives and I can use them.
    On the other side of the world, towards the North west coast of China and down through North korea .
    It so happened that just before Tianimen Square confrontation, a Chinese artist traveled through the Twin cities and painted a portrait of me in my Horse Dance Dress and said I looked like one of their minorities in Northern China and he was going to show them my portrait. I have also been mistaken by Japanese as Japanese and hired by them in a Japanese restaurant . When they found out I was Native Indian they laughed and said it was fine I could still work there and they stopped talking to me in Japanese. They were a joy to work with. I have always appreciated Asian culture. Also I take Ty Kwon Do which is Korean martial Arts.
    Native Indian Cultural records from before the first Earth destruction tell that the Asians are our brothers from long ago and that they were Sun Clan who were sent traveling East towards the Rising Sun and that the horse was invented for them to travel fast. As they traveled east islands sunk behind them. So they and the horse originated on the North American continent. Today Archeologists have discovered ancient rudiment bones of very small horses on the North American continent. It was said we could tell who they were because they wear the ancient 4 directions haircut like Indians and prophecy says their skin color and eyes and will have changed. When Nixon opened the doors to China I was at a dinner for the first Chinese visitors and the women wore this haircut. They also had on the old 1920s suits while the men wore the Cardigan sweater of the era. It was the last time they saw pictures of white American culture and they wanted to show their women were liberated and equal to men. Mao brought that in. The Chinese attended this banquet as ONE MIND while the Americans there were in their INDIVIDUAL state of consciousness and watching them interact was a real Avaunt Guard Art show for me. As a scientific Palm Reader I examined many Chinese hands and was amazed that everyone of them had musical hands. Also sensuous. Its rarer in the majority of Caucasian hands and since its more pragmatic that should be no surprise.
    Interesting that my Mars/ Uranus line runs through the north coast of France where I died in my most immediate past life. I have Scot Ancestors from lands taken over by the English but I believe they migrated there from the North coast of France….I have had strong visions and and experience from that area as well. I also know where my Druid roots come from there and where my stone box is buried if I choose to pick it up. It was the recovery of these stone boxes from lifetime to lifetime that showed the people who they were, ( Druid teachers); back in days gone by..Perhaps all the Astrocartograhy lines show where we have been?
    I have some current Astrocartograpy line stories but your talk of the moon line opened a whole other chapter for me. Thank YOU! Now I am going to have to take a more in depth look at this!

  21. I just realized, after re-reading your article, that I am one of those people born in that confusion about CST as opposed to CDT time. When I was born in 1950 in OK, there was no CDT.
    For many years, chart readers, who mostly did charts by hand, didn’t seem to glom onto that fact and gave me a Virgo Ascendant as opposed to my real Libra Ascendant.
    If you know me at all, Virgo Ascedant just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, other than my loving earth colors. Nothing in my personality or appearance would say Virgo. Any Virgo tendencies I have shows up in my Mercury/Saturn conjunction in 12. And that is quite enough Virgo for me, thank you!

  22. Great post and great comments!

    I’ve lived for three years under a Moon/DS line, and another three years under a Jupiter/IC line. Both lines show very well my prevailling experiences in those places: relationships in the first situation; increased well-being, renewed faith and feelling of optimism in the second one – and, last but not least, the fact that I moved there to work in the publishing industry. 🙂

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