Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 7, 2010

WHAT IF….Virgos Ruled the World?

©9-7-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Here we are—a New Moon in Virgo, conjunct Mercury retrograde no less—and we haven’t done a thing to celebrate our practical, grounded, capable and all-too-often overlooked Virgo brothers and sisters.  The typical Virgo isn’t seeking glory and fame for selfish ends; they just want to get the job done and done right. 

 In fact, they have so many useful qualities that make them efficient and effective, I’ve been wondering lately what our daily lives would be like if Virgos were in charge. 

What do you think life would be like if Virgos were running the show? 

How would life be different?

Would government be any more efficient?

Would our schools be any better?

Would our environment be saved?

How would it change the course of history?  


 One thing I know… 

 We’d have Universal Health Care


 We’d be required to have annual colonoscopies.   

  Or, choose another sign and tell us what life would be like if they were in charge.

 Or, nominate your own sign if you think they’d be better at running the country than the clowns in congress.  

 Tell us about it in the comment section.   

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  1. Donna, I almost died when I saw the pic on this one! Alternate caption suggestion: “Now bend over and say WAHHHHHH” 😀

    As a Gemini, I certainly do appreciate my Virgo cousins. Yes, life would be quite different with them running the show. There would be no more trash on the side of the road or environmental pollution and people at government agencies like the DMV would actually be helpful and efficient instead of being rude and making you wait forever. Hell, if that’s not incentive enough to let Virgos take over the world I don’t know what is, LOL!

    Of course we are speaking idealistically here but I did want to use this as an opportunity to spread the love for an often unappreciated and underrecognized sign. Love to all my Virgo peeps!

  2. If Virgos ruled the world, they could come clean my house. LOL!

  3. Well, with my Virgo sun sharing a Venus-Mercury stellium in the 12th, I would say if Virgos ran the world, sooner or later there would be one hell of a backlash!!

  4. I’m not sure that would be such a great idea. There has to be some allowance for chaos, otherwise people get miserable and rebellious. There would just be to much stress and worry, and no room for fun. Having 4 planets and the MC in Virgo, I feel somewhat qualified. But I did some research (hm), and there has been Virgo leaders doing a splendid job. Elizabeth I and Louis 14 comes to mind. But also Ivan the Terrible and Cesar Borgia, so perhaps not all good. What I found was that there are quite a few leaders with Virgo Asc – Khomeini, Nixon, Sarkozy, Lech Walesa, Churchill, Franco, Brigham Young. Perhaps the Asc charms people into thinking this is going to be great, and then …wham!
    There was a prime minister of Norway for awhile, but he didn’t get re-elected when it was revealed he would like to ban drinking and smoking …

    • Love it, Natalie! Thanks for sharing that research. Donna

  5. If you did not clean your house (or car) you’d e subject of a fine.

  6. Forget about Scorpios – Virgos are definitely the sexiest sign (and, no I’m not a Virgo)!

    • I agree with Jack (and, yes I’m a Virgo)!

  7. I have two planets in Virgo, moon and pluto, but combine that with my Capricorn rising and things get pretty efficient pretty fast. My 3 planets in Sagittarius allow for a little more “live and let live” however.

    To answer your questions Donna, I think there’d be a lot less waste if Virgos ran the world. Ever since my divorce, I’ve DVRed Oprah (her show is free therapy in my estimation). Anyway, she did a segment on “Freegans,” who are people who go through grocery store dumpsters for free food. (Or the side of the road for free anything) Lisa Ling was the reporter and she was literally amazed at what gets thrown out in the name of an expiration date (often before the actual date). Of course, my Moon / Pluto thought, why on God’s green earth isn’t that stuff given to soup and food kitchens in an economy like this, etc.? It’s pretty sad to witness the food system in our own country and what we pay for groceries and then to see people going thru dumpsters. I believe a team of Virgos would come up with an universally more ecological way to grow and distribute the food in the name of good health, all the way from planting to recycling somehow once an expiration date has arrived.

    Recycling of all items (plastics, glass, paper, cardboard, tin and aluminum, etc.) would probably become mandatory instead of voluntary. Again, to me, this would be a good thing. I’ve recycled for 25 years or more. It’s been frustrating as I’ve moved around the country to see how different states / locales handle this issue. It all relates back to using our resources effectively and in a way that is kind to the earth.

    As far as there being a law to clean your house or car, I don’t think so. But I do know that a clean house and car make me feel very good:) That’s where the live and let live comes in; as long as I can do what makes me feel good, so can you … as long as it doesn’t infringe on my right to cleanliness! Cleanliness is next to Godliness in my humble opinion. But I’ve had many friends who think I’m a freak in this area:) I always blamed it on being raised in a house with nine people (order vs. chaos), but truth be told, I just like things clean and neat. I’ve relaxed a bit as I’ve aged, but generally I have a place for everything and everything is in its place:)

    We should all remember that Virgo is a mutable sign, which means capable of change. Less rigid than Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius, who would each insist on things being a certain way from their own motivational standpoints. But in my eternal quest for “peace within and peace without,” the real solution would be if we could see the good and value in everyone / each sign and find ways to utilize it and make everyone feel good in the process of arriving at what’s best for the earth and its inhabitants (two and four legged).

    Namaste ~ Peace Out 🙂

  8. I think they already rule a country. It’s called Sweden!

  9. I think we are starting to witness this already as the Pluto in Virgo generation comes to holding the reins of power in the world. A lot of correcting and fixing the Pluto in Sag messes.

    • Great point, Lise! I happen to think it’s a generation (the Pluto-Uranus conjunction) with a lot of potential to make a difference. I recall the first young astrologer (about age 18) I met many years ago. He said, “You Pluto in Leo folks had the party; we’re the clean up crew.” Donna

  10. Also as one with several planets in virgo at the MC I think I can relate. I think it would be a very serious place and very down to business, but maybe get too caught up in details and waste time worrying? I loved Karen’s post and have similar ways. Lisa has a great point. I am looking forward to any positive changes that will come about.

  11. Being a Sag with Jupiter in Virgo i would love to see the choice given to peeps as to how their taxes were spent ie health, education, small busines loans or war…
    maybe then we’d stop the war-mongers …
    …and removing all pixie dust from voting machines with triplicate voting and paper proof trails to be counted by 3 separate agencies…
    …and a third party of real humans with hearts, minds and souls to rise above all the corruption and tweedle dum tweedle dee politics from less than human, self-serving a***holes…
    …and all secrets kept by church and state to be revealed… like free energy and the cure for cancer etc…etc…
    …and with all this awakening will bring the knowledge of just how important a role astrology plays and will be taught in all schools …

    • Aye, Aye, Captain, I’m with you on those wishes! Donna

      • And an Amen from the peanut gallery!

  12. Hi Donna – Thanks for the making the point that evolved Virgos play a special (and necessary) role in our lives. My Virgo Ascendant conjunct Pluto (along with my Chiron in the 6th) would definitely like for us all to take a more mindful, conscientious approach to daily living as well as in our interactions with fellow human beings. And while I don’t think Virgo is necessarily better equipped than any other sign to rule the world, I do wish society placed a greater value on what Virgo has to offer, with less disdain for the “details”. I agree with much of what both Alethea and Karen have shared.

    Speaking from my own unique Virgo/6th house perspective, much as I’d love to live in a world with Universal Health Care, I’d also like to see us focus more on prevention through education (and personal responsibility) and less on an over reliance on the medical profession to test then cure us. I like what Dr. Andrew Weil (North Node in Virgo square Saturn/Uranus) has to say on how we can improve upon the currently flawed Western medicine model and begin to embrace a more integrative approach to medicine.

    As far as government goes, I’d like to hold government officials – including politicians at the highest levels – accountable for sharing the most relevant and contradictory details of their reforms. No more broad statements designed to mislead an uninformed and trusting public.

    If Virgos did rule the world, we’d probably live (or at least have the option to live) in more connected yet self-sufficient, environmentally aware ways (villages maybe?), growing our own vegetables in community gardens (run by Tauruses) and walking, biking or taking public transportation much of the time. Ideally, we’d have well developed systems in place that supported our desire to live frugally and recycle. Necessary technology would be useful, well-designed and made to last. Like in the old days, people would keep their televisions and phones for decades, not months. And as technology improved, no longer would it be necessary to discard our old computers. Instead, our existing computers could be updated through a simple and far less wasteful process – the Aquarians would see to that.

    • Preach it Sista!!

      • LOL! With Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury conjunct on the cusp of the 3rd, I just can’t help myself! 🙂

  13. Donna, I have an idea springing from this series:
    Why don’t we all write down what each sign can contribute to the world and how they could intergrate together as a whole?
    (Says the person with Mercury conjunct Saturn in Virgo in 12. My Virgoian skills are deep thinking and research.)

    • It sounds like an article for you to write–or maybe a book! Okay, everybody–take up the challenge. Donna

  14. We would be stewards of this planet! We’d give protection to every tree, brook, mountain, and beast!! Hiking and environmentalism would become part of the school curriculum! Heck, we may even manage to get Sags involved with that one!

  15. What if all the signs worked together holistically to improve our world?

    It might go a bit like this:

    -Aires would get an idea and charge gung-ho off to initiate action on realizing it.
    -Taurus enters the picture and says: Hey, Aires, sounds like a potentially good idea but do we have the resources and funding to implement it? Is the idea practical in the long run?
    – Gemini says: Let me run this idea through my many connections and we can talk about it. I have some other ideas that we could consider, too. I’ll write them down for you and email them to everyone.
    -Cancer says: How will this idea play in Peoria? How does it feel to you? How will implementing such an idea affect everyone’s home and family? Can we use this idea in the home?
    -Leo says: Cancer has a point! How will it affect the kids?
    But I must insist that implementing this idea be creative and fun. A little glitz and glamour to jazz it up would make it even better. And I’m just the person to run this show.
    -Virgo says: Someone needs to see to the details and clean up loose ends. We’ll need an accountant or bookkeeper. And while were doing all this hard work, we need to make sure we remain healthy and take our vitamins!
    – Libra says: Balance between the extremes: that is the key. I’d be perfect to arbitrate the discussions and make sure everyone has equal input and is treated fairly. Now if only we could make up our minds!
    – Scorpio says: Does the idea have depth? Is it transformative? Can we rout out and discard the outmoded garbage from the past ideas? I’m just the person you need to investigate this matter.
    – Sagittarius says: Perhaps we need to educate ourselves more before we implement this idea. Is it philosophically sound? Is it expansive enough to incorporate future growth? Let me chat with my foreign colleagues and see what they say. I think we could gamble on it.
    – Capricorn says: Business first, people. I am a good administrator and will make sure the idea has a solid structure and longetivity before we proceed. And let’s now forget how it will affect the seniors!
    – Aquarius says: Is this idea humanitarian? Will it go towards the greater good? Let’s set up a computer program to start the implementation.
    – Pisce says: Let’s meditate and pray on it before we go ahead.Let’s see how our intuition reads it. Let’s create art and music about it. And now before we go any further, I need a nap!

    • Wonderful, everyone! Now let’s get to work! dbl Virgo here;)

    • Wow, Meloh, very nicely done! I like it a lot. Donna

  16. Love it sis~M, you need to write more often. waiting impatiently for you to come up with another series

  17. I decided to think about how it would be if the signs DIDN’T work together and evidenced only their worst traits:
    I used its rather than him or her when referring to the signs.
    And now the reverse:
    Aires blares out: It’s my idea. Me first! Move it or lose it, dumbass!
    Taurus digs in its heels and says: I’m not bullish on this. Not one red cent will come out of my pocket. You can bank on that. I’ll stall it in committee forever.
    Gemini has a BlueTooth stuck in its ear and is texting while driving. Hey, did you see what Celeb X just twittered about? Let’s gossip.
    Cancer moans: My stomach hurts. I’m going to go crawl in my shell, lick my wounds and just ignore this idea until it goes away. I want my mamma!
    Leo roars out with drama: What idea? Here’s an idea: Let’s talk about me and how wonderful I am. I’m gonna laze around in the sun while you suckers do all the work.
    Virgo bitches as it goes on manic cleaning frenzy: Not one of you is perfect enough! I need to go to the doctor, AGAIN! All these germs you brought in must have caused my illness.
    Libra can’t make up it’s mind what to say and just sits there fixing its hair and makeup.
    Scorpio says: I’ll get you all! I’ll dig up all your dirty, sexy little secrets and use them to my advantage.
    Sagittarius isn’t available because it ran late again because it didn’t watch the time while running its mouth on the train to the track to bet on the ponies.
    Capricorn just sulks and vows to ruin your business when it has the time, which it won’t because it is a sullen workaholic.
    Aquarius detaches and can’t relate to anything or anybody and would rather play with the computer.
    Pisces gets drunk/high and then sleeps it off after an entire evening of cryings in its cups about “poor little me.”

    • Excellent, Meloh. You summed it up beautifully. Donna

      • Love both of your posts Mel, I think you really touched on the heart of the signs, good and not so good.

    • LOL Mel! You are right on point with both sets.

    • I so enjoyed both your writings. A great interpretation, and made me laugh.

  18. I have Venus in Virgo and Saturn in Virgo. Needless to say I did not ever fall for the scruffy looking bad boys. LOL And with my Virgo Saturn in the 4th you do not…. I repeat…do not mess up my house! Only I can do that. LOL

  19. I’m a ’66 baby with that Uranus/Pluto conjunction conjunct a Virgo Ascendant and relate to yall’s posts with Virgo placements.

    I’m very much a live and let live kind of person unless what you are doing is something I’m gonna have to clean up later and infringes upon my freedom. Then the control freak comes comes out. lol

    I think if we ruled it would be a much, much better world. Biased I know. 😉

  20. Health systems would definitely be more about service and less about profit (and definitely better designed!). The balance from the piscis side would make the contact between patients and doctors/nurses a lot more human and compassionate. And there would be more emphasis on preventive medicine. (probably too many colonoscopies too…who knows!)

  21. Thanks to all for the kind compliments on my musings.
    With Chiron in Sag in III,one of my life scripts, if you will, is to bring about healing through humor and philosophy.

  22. If Virgos ruled the world…

    A Leo wrote and performed the first version of “If I Ruled the World”. Then a Virgo rapper re-imagined the Leo’s version:

  23. If Virgos ruled the world, there would be hardly any compassion for humanity. Anyone who did not meet the “standard” set by them would be punished. Children would suffer. I would move to another planet.

    • Hmm, sounds to me like you must have had a Virgo parent–maybe one of the ones born with a Pluto-Uranus conjunction. Surely not every single Virgo alive today is like that?? Have you met every single Virgo in the world, or just a few stinkers? Donna

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