Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 8, 2010

How Strong is your Mars? Here’s the Score!

©9-8-2010, revised 1/2012 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 This test for Mars is part of a  series I’ve designed to measure and compare the strength of the planets in your astrology chart.  These popular tests assign point values to various chart features. (In order to find them, you’ll need to be at least an intermediate student or know one who can do it for you.) In each category used, add the total score of all the factors that apply to that item, and write the total on the blank. Then add up all the items to find out how your Mars ranks.

Would you be considered a Martial—or Martian—type?  You would if Mars and the sign Aries are strong in your birth chart. Mars rules the sign Aries, so you’re Martial if you have Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven or several planets in that sign. Perhaps the strongest Mars sign of all is Mars in Aries, since it’s in its own sign.

(I’ve never been fully convinced that a strong 1st house makes you like Mars or Aires, but for those that believe it, a certain number of points are awarded to 1st house planets.)  I’ll  give these chart features a score and then a description of what a strong Mars says about you.

NOTES ABOUT SCORING:  Here are the orbs I use for aspects and that I use in these tests: 8° for a conjunction or opposition, up to 6° for a square or trine, 3° for the minor aspects. The only exception would be a conjunction or opposition to the Midheaven or Ascendant, and, using the Gauquelin research, that is 10°. These are pretty standard orbs among modern American astrologers. If you’re using a chart done by AstroDienst, please note that the orbs they use are wider than this and I find wider orbs not very effective in these measurements.

Here’s the Test:

____ Mars conjunct, square, trine, or opposite the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 10 points each.

____ Mars conjunct, square, trine, or opposite other planets, 5 points each.

____ Mars in minor aspect to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or other planets, 2 points each.

____ Sun, Moon, or Midheaven in Aries, 5 points each. Ascendant (chart ruler) 10 points.

____ BONUS: Mars in Aries, the 1st, or in the fire signs Sagittarius or Leo, 5 points.

____ Other planets in Aries, 3 points each.

____ Sun or Moon in the 1st house, 5 points each.

____ Other 1st house planets, 3 points each.

_____ BONUS: Part of a major configuration like a stellium, T-square, or Grand Trine, 5.

____ Add 2-5 points for each other factor you consider important, such as Mars aspects to the nodes or having a Node or Part of Fortune in Aries or the 1st. Specify.

____Total. 0-15 low, 16-25 moderate. 26-40 strong. Over 40 off the charts! Off the charts—how did you sit still long enough to take the test?

—how did you sit still long enough to take the test?

Interpreting your Scores—ARE you Martial?

Issues for Mars: what makes us angry or frustrated, how we express or deal with anger, how we assert ourselves, what energizes us, how we lead others, how we use energy, how we “go for it,” what inner drives impel us to take action, what situations motivate us, how comfortable we are with taking the initiative, what arouses competitiveness and the desire to conquer, and how avidly we pursue sexual expression.

No written interpretation can fully explore your individual chart, but briefly, here are some qualities you might find in someone who has a strong Mars vs. one with few supporting chart features.

If you had a high score, you’re an over-achiever in the matters of Mars:  Mars’s sign is very important, but here are some of the traits you may share: boundless energy, drive, desire, competitiveness,  fire in the belly, aggressively seeking a desired end, leadership, initivative, courage, sexually active, athletic, passionate, irritabile, impatient, and rash.

One thing to know, however is this: A strong Mars isn’t necessarily like a triple Aries on steroids. Each Mars sign has its own style of expression, and the house and aspects show where and how it is likely to make itself known. A strong Mars is the 12th house is still strong–it’s just strong in a 12th house way. 

What a low score says about you: If your score is down in the single digits, you may not be very assertive or quick to take the lead. On the other hand, you probably don’t display the hot temper or rashness of the Martial type either.

So, folks, how did you do?  Were the test results accurate about you and your loved ones? This is a new and simplified version of some of my older tests, so you’re my beta testers. Tell us how it went in the comments section by scrolling down past this article.

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  1. 28 points.
    I always thought i had a puny mars, in libra
    but it does trine the sun and moon and I do have Jupiter in Aries(which opposes Mars )

    I am not tempermental…

    • all I can say is that I am very surprised!

      • I think it’s hard for women to acknowledge a strong Mars, as it’s severely frowned on. Would it help if I admitted that my own score on this test came out an exceedingly unladylike 61? I was afraid it was going to be something like that. It’s the strongest planet in my chart–Pluto and Uranus can’t even begin to touch it. I should have done the test months ago before we worked on all those minor aspects–8 points of that score were from the minors. Donna

      • well, I didn’t think of it as ladylike or unladylike, but sheesh, I’m a timid soft spoken person who almost never loses her cool and when I do it’s just no big deal… and I’m not easily bored.

  2. My lowest score ever: 14. All I have is a bunch of quintiles, biquintiles, semisquares, etc. And then 2 points for Uranus in the 1st house.

    I’m prepared to unofficially reduce that score a few points due to my natal Mars in Pisces in the 9th house. Mars isn’t officially in detriment or fall in Pisces, but it might as well be. That is an uncomfortably watery and passive sign for Mars to occupy.

    • Oops, miscalculation. I gave 2pts for Uranus in the 1st, and I missed Venus and MC in Aries. Make that 23, still my lowest score ever by a wide margin.

    • I have Mars in Pisces( Scorpio decanant) and it is exactly opposite the Ascendant. I am definitely martial. Granted it does ebb an flow…LOL

  3. I have 18 pts, i hesitate ALL the time…my mars is intercepted in 6th house…and i am can spend hours doing NOTHING…

    what intrigues me with this quiz, my boyfriend has an aries ascendant, his score is 8….he is prone to switching into an angry mode…not pretty when that happens and he’s not aware of it when it does…he becomes completely different, no point even speaking to him then…actually best is to leave the room or house…or it can get pretty ugly if you feed into it…also he is a drummer…lots of mars energy there , and his score is 8…?

    • Well, the thing to remember about the Ascdendant is that it’s a facade we assume to cope with the outer world and to shield ourselves. It’s not our real self. so when he gets over stomping around and slamming doors, he’s probably different than he seems. Donna

  4. 54! Boredom=death! In case you are worried that I’m too martial, I’ve got the moon in Pisces and Cancer rising. It’s hard to blend the fire and water at times, which is why I avidly follow astrology. I’m also married to a fellow Aries!

  5. 37, with Moon and Chiron in the first house in Aries, and Mars smack on top of the Descendant, so it’s opposite the Ascendant and square my Midheaven. Oh, yes: also Saturn in Aries in the first house (oh, my aching Saturn!). Anyway, I’ve always been taught that Mars on the Descendant brings me people who challenge me, and that’s certainly been true — both positively and negatively. And yes, as a young girl, I was enormously combative. LOL

    Thank you for the quiz!
    xx mm

  6. 15 points, finally one that I did not score “high” for. With Mars, NOT SURPRISING. 5 planets in Libra, Cancer Moon, Pis Ascendant and Nep/Venus/MC conjunction- I’m definitely way less assertive than an 8th house sun/pluto (and merc/jup/saturn) person normally would be. I hate being in a leadership role, hate being in charge. But if I’m really really REALLY pushed over the line (usually with something that is not fair to others)- watch out! My Mars-Uranus-Chiron T square is gonna get you (usually will take you by surprise), and with 6th house Mars in Leo, I’ve got energy to go for a loooong time until I feel things are put right.

  7. Thank you=-)

    My score doing it your way is only 20, I think my lowest score.

    How come you didn’t count Mars in Scorpio?
    I have that.
    Doesn’t mars rule scorpio? Or are you counting it as a co-ruler?

    My score doing it my way is 65 ……big difference lol!
    These are all the traits I tend to have from the higher score description, which is why I thought my score would be higher.

    competitiveness,sexually active, athletic, passionate, irritabile, impatient, and rash,

    sometimes it seems that I’m driven,but it comes and goes

    My lower score traits are
    not very assertive or quick to take the lead.

    Also I tend to be very unsure of myself and I lack self confidence.

    • The idea that Mars rules Scorpio is from the olden days when they didn’t have enough planets to go around (only 7), so they assigned 2 signs to each of the known planets. Once Pluto was discovered in the 1930s and we started to figure out what it meant astrologically, it got clear that Pluto was much more like Scorpio than Mars was. Donna

      • Thank you for explaining Donna=-)

        but what I don’t quite understand is where those mars like traits could be manifesting from in my chart if my score is so low.

        I don’t know if you can answer me on this,but could having sun conjunct mars in 5th(6th placidus) be really strong like that?

        When I was young I was very independant,active and a little tomboyish.
        I still get accused of not being feminine enough.

        Though I think I’m plenty feminine.
        I have Venus OOB as an angular planet gosh darnit and it’s trine my moon.

        It just bother’s the people I’m around, that I don’t wear dresses,high heel shoes and I’m willing to do what’s considered man’s work.

        So,anyway, that’s why I ask.

        Sorry to be venting, just wondering.

        Thank you again,=-)

      • Yes, a conjunction of Mars to the Sun is really, really strong. If I gave different scores for all the aspects to the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, I’d probably give the conjunction the highest score. But then the test would be pages and pages long and nobody would want to take them with all the math. Donna

  8. Only scored 10 points, my lowest score by a mile. And Mars is in Cancer, not exactly an assertive position for it. While I may not be a leader, I am not a passive follower, and am very protective of my family. I have a hard time getting started on projects, but my abundance of fixed earth gives me the stick-to-it-iveness to get things done.

  9. This quizzes are so informative and fun to do. Thank you so much. Question for you: If someone has a high score for a number of planets, how would that play out in their life? What if the high scores are for the personal and the non-personal and outer planets? Would there always be an internal power struggle and or confusion? If so, what would win out in the end? Or would an outside influence/person need to act as a mediator/default energy?

    • Lots of good questions, D. I’d suspect that a person who has high scores for a number of planets might have the kind of chart where there are many aspects, and thus many gifts to put into play. However, that would make it a complex life with much to master and much at stake. I’d really have to see the whole chart, I guess (and I don’t do that any more.)

      If the balance of high scores were in the outermost planets (Saturn on out), that would be what I call an Outer Planet Person, one who is grappling with issues and challenges that are affecting the collective. Usually those are people who will develop skills and interests that would address and even heal some of those broader/global issues for others. If the high scores were in the inner planets, then the life is more focused on personal and relaltionship issues. Again, it would depend on the whole picture from the chart’s signs, houses, and aspects. Donna

  10. 53 – Catch you later!

  11. Yet another middling for me at 24. Seems I have a good dose of everything! My t-square to Jupiter and Asc bumps it up behind the scenes only to be modified again by my Saturn (takes the edge of competiveness, aggressiveness and leadership). I’m not very good at sharing that energy tho – Mars in Leo is very me orientated. And I can’t sit still unless my mind is thoroughly occupied!

    I did wonder why transits to my Mars has indicated new jobs, but your 6th house post made it obvious – Aries rules my 6th.

  12. 39 points.
    I would have scored higher but my trines were over the orb allowance by a degree or two. I consider myself very Aries in that my stellium of personal planets falls in Aries and my Mars conjuncts my ASC. but, Mars is hiding in my 12th in Gemini. This tends to tone down the energy.

    I’m a very masculine thinker. Not sure if I have a feminine bone in my body. Haha.

  13. I scored 28, but that’s because Mars has strong aspects to other planets. I have no fire in my chart. Mars is in Cancer, in the 8th, in a grand trine in water, and sextiling Virgo. It’s working through mud, poor thing. I am incapable of arguing with people. It’s so …. argh. It’s not an energy I can draw from for motivation and assertiveness. I’m not sure what it’s good for, actually. I’m not a pushover, I say no a lot more than I say yes, but I think that comes more form a strong Pluto than the Mars.

  14. All interesting but what about one of those Mars conjunct Pluto in fire–say Leo? Add to that a Jupiter in Aries in the 1st. Honestly, my score was not that high, but that conjunction is something to be reckoned with. I know you’ve written about it.

    • Oh, I’ve reckoned with it for the past 68 years, and there are quite a lot of patterns to continually ride herd on (brooding, resentment, holding grudges), but it’s an aspect that also can bring amazing manifestation mojo, so I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Donna

      • Interesting Donna–so you have this bad boy too. I like it as well–it has some major energy that is like no other in my book. So while I have this Virgo Sun, I feel the Mars/Pluto energy above almost everything else much of the time. Thanks so much for writing about it.

  15. i score 27 and have mixed thoughts on this.

    my mars is in gemini in the 10th and i’ve definitely been known to have a temper, but i am lot of hot talk (that gemini/mercury-rulership, plus virgo ascendant and sun – more mercury) and mars square my sun, trines my mercury in libra (1-degree orb). i don’t lack for words in an argument and have had to learn to curb my thoughts and impulses.

    beyond anger-mars stuff, i think all the mars-mercury emphasis shows up in my writing and work efficiency. people need something done, i’m on it! if i’m typing/writing, i am like lightning!

    thanks for the mars quiz, donna!

  16. My Mars is in Cancer retrograde in the 6th in a very close conjunction with Saturn plus my Mars is Out of Bounds. My score is 40. I don’t like confrontation. I am a self starter and have been a leader and business owner in a mens dominated business.

    I have always had a tough time with expressing anger and tend to supress it, which is not healthy but for many many years it wasn’t safe. I used excercise and meditation to help cope.

    Since both Mars and Saturn are both retrograde in my natal by progression my Mars will finally be in front of Saturn again by progression in 3 yrs as it was in my natal. I have spent most of my life with Mars behind Saturn due to retrograde. When my Mars went direct in my 40’s I seemed to be more phyical.


  17. 43. Honestly, I’m surprised.

  18. 58 with Mars in Cancer

    I have often taken issue with the descriptions of Mars in Cancer. We do have wicked pinchy claws, after all; )

    What I think my high score has meant in my life:

    – If it is a matter of principle or defense of who or what I value, I do not back down but don’t really lose my cool, either.

    – If someone (human or animal) is being harmed or in harm’s way, my impulse to intervene is irresistible. This has proven to be both fortunate and foolhardy.

    – Since I was a little kid, the words “surrender” and “submission” have always made me feel a definite discomfort.

  19. Scored 49, not too surprisingly.

    Mars conjunct Sun, Jupiter and MC in 10th; Square Saturn and Asc.; Opposite 4th H Chiron; Moon and Saturn in 1st.

    Life-long struggle to learn patience, curb the temper, and when I do, it seems I also lose my get-up-and-go, my fearlessness. Looking for the center, always.

  20. Ok, I am still perplexed with this. My dear husband has a bad temper. It has gotten him in a lot of trouble over the years. He has his mars in capricorn (which i thought sounded pretty strong) right outside the 12th house (in the 11th).. So I thought i’d do your test on him…
    he comes down as a 9!!!
    He has a lot of energy, was diagnosed as hyper as a child (would be ADHD today) He’s the one that gets bored around here…

  21. oops, not a 9, an 11!!

  22. “Yes, a conjunction of Mars to the Sun is really, really strong. If I gave different scores for all the aspects to the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, I’d probably give the conjunction the highest score. But then the test would be pages and pages long and nobody would want to take them with all the math. Donna”

    Ok. Well, that makes sense why you haven’t done anything so detailed… math is evil. lol!

    Besides, it’d be more work for you too, I mean that sympathetically.

    That explains it for me…. yep….sun conjunct mars.

    Thank you very very much for your help. =-)
    It’s really kind of you to let me know.


    • i like math! 😀

  23. 22. Lower than I expected. I feel conflicted about Mars in my chart, it’s quite the bruiser, forming the most number of exact (hard) aspects. I dislike my Mars squares with Mercury, Saturn and Uranus, the Sequisquadrate with Pluto and semi-square with Moon. It’s sooo..indirect, blocked and pent up. Like a locked up werewolf at full moon, or like a writer with a broken quill.
    The pattern persists, with Mars in my first house in Pisces (without conjunction with Ascendant). Watery sign dissipates fieriness of Mars. Aggressive passive-aggression = Push-over who used to have the motto “I don’t meet competition. I crush it.”
    Maybe the only slightly nice aspect is the exact sextile to Jupiter, jovial personality? Unless it means a magnification of all the hard aspects to Mars already. I wish I had a Mars trine.

    I have not counted the Mars square to my Chiron, probably one too many hurts for an already bruised Mars.

    • ” Like a locked up werewolf at full moon, or like a writer with a broken quill.”

      You DO have a gift for words, Heidi. Most writers have a broken quill or two…it goes with the territory. (My quill breaks when I try to write fiction.) Mercury-Saturn folks tend to think they aren’t gifted. Until they find something worth writing, often in their 40s. Read the article about Mercury-Saturn aspects, and the outpouring of comments from people who have it at: Donna

  24. I came out with a 54. Mars is conjunct/square a lotta shit. Oy. You’d think I’d be a much more successful ballbuster than I actually am.

  25. Hi Donna, thanks for that VERY interesting test!! I came out as a marsian with 71 points, my highest so far, I would have never thought it as I don’t feel that much marsian at all and all my aries planets (sun, moon, venus and mercury) are intercepted in the 12th house and only break out explosively. The first three of them are square mars in cancer in 3 who is opposite saturn in capricorn in 10 (so again very much suppressed). Mars has aspects to everything except Jupiter and AC…
    As a child I was the only one in my family to express anger, which did not go down too well, always the one who exposed the hidden lies (although I still have a hidden lie myself – I was/am always severely obese and really have an issue there but pretend I am “normal”)
    I am very masculine, as a child totally despised everything femine, was/am a tomboy, chose/enjoyed male jobs, leadership over membership of a team anytime, impatient, blunt.
    My main point where I explode ever since I can remember is dishonesty, unfairness and falseness.
    Although I manage to suppress my anger in public (at home I can’t), it eats away at me.
    People who know me always seem very surprised when I tell them I exploded, they often even don’t think I am aries.
    So actually I am very surprised that I scored that high…..

    • Having all that Mars energy in the 12th makes it really hard to express in ways that aren’t self-destructive, but it’s surely worth working on. A score that high that is that internalized is like a pressure cooker. Could and does make you an advocate for the unfortunate. A moving meditation like tai chi, swimming, or dance might help in centering. Donna

      PS. If you haven’t seen them, there’s an extensive series of articles about the 12th house on this blog that begins here:

  26. 41. That’s higher than i thought! Not through the roof, but still.
    I’m actually a pretty high energy person, but i don’t think i show it. Not with Saturn in the 1st conjunct my Cancer ascendant. I can accomplish quite alot, but a lot of it remains out of sight/behind the scenes: my Mars is hiding away in the 12th, and on top of that touched by both Neptune and my Pisces MC. Ugh.
    There’s also a trine between Mars and Pluto and that might just be my life-saver. Very virile couple, but not very ladylike, no.

  27. 46 points… That’s pretty good but hoped it’d be higher. Mars is in the 1st and conjuncts ascendant & Sun (in the 12th) and trines MC in Aries, so it is very strong though my 4th house Scorpio Moon got a bigger score, probably because it makes more aspects :/

  28. Whaaaa? No extra points for Mars in the 1st or 8th? C’mon help me boost my score cause I identify with my Martian component a hell of a lot more than my measly 16 points merit 😉

    I’m very verbally assertive, not afraid of conflict, have been known to cuss like a sailor, generally have a quick temper, am passionate, very in touch with my sexual nature…I guess being a Plutonian over-achiever can account for some of this, but feel I’m much more direct and Martian in my expression than Plutonian. Pluto broods, Mars will just have it out with you right there and then.

    I’ve learned that when something/someone upsets me that it’s better for me to just say something and get it out, deal with it, and get over it rather than let it eat away at me and cause lingering resentment. Still, my tendency to “speak up” is not always appreciated by my family, but this is who I am and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    • Hmm. Well, add 5 points for that, if you like–but only because you spoke up. You’ve done a great job of Mars management, it sounds like, and like one of my Aquarian friends used to say, “F@x$ ’em if they can’t take a joke.

      PS. Upon reflection, I just added Mars in the 1st to the bonus points (5 points). It IS a really strong position. Unfortunately, that now amps my own Mars score up to 66–or is it 666, The Beast? Donna

      • LOL! Love your Mars, Donna, and own it! I adore fellow feisty folk…

        “It’s better to be pissed off than pissed on” 😀

      • Oh, God, I love it! Thanx, Alethea. Donna

  29. 32 all in all!

    Mars in Aquarius tightly conjunct the MC, connecting with Moon and Pluto…not easy, but at least the prominent Mars energy helps make up for deficit of Fire element…Roar!

  30. 30 points. I begun taking these tests, is one of my highest scores. I was very surprised, as my mars is in cancer in the 4th house squaring my Aries sun. I always considered my mars a wimp, having difficulty in getting angry, establishing boundaries and being assertive in general.
    Because of my general assumption about my mars, I did work hard on these mars issues both the good and bad ones. In addition I had really a good example of a nice, healthy Mars in action to observe, learn and follow from my astrology teacher. She is a good nature Pisces, but with Mars in the first house, she knows her boundaries.
    With Mars in cancer I do tend to explode (rarely) at home. But it takes time for the pot to boil. When it does, watch out, it’s a tsunami. Over time, I learned to express my anger a lot sooner than to wait to reach the point of no return.
    All in all I was pleasantly surprised with my score. It’s like a badge of honor. Thanks.

  31. Mine was 40. I also had the question about high scores on almost all of the planets so far so read your answer with interest. Low saturn for me and moderate uranus, but otherwise all high scores so far. I’m studying this about myself trying to figure it out. The main mars issue I’ve noticed is really having to think before I speak with mars in the first in sag and mars opp mercury… still working on it.

    • If your scores are mainly higher than you’d think, maybe you are seriously underestimating what you’re capable of. Donna

  32. I consider myself pretty energetic and proactive as is my husband. We are both Libras, our Mars are exactly conjunct in Sag. I scored 27, my husband 24. My eldest daughter, a Capricorn, who is very outgoing and passionate about everything (her Mars is in Pisces) has a score of 36 while my youngest daughter, a soft-spoken Pisces with a Mars in Taurus, calmer and less Martian than any of us, has the highest score in our family, 48. I was mulling this over and came upon your article about fixed sign Mars. As she personifies the slow-to-move Mars in Taurus energy, it all started to make sense. I have new respect for the sign that Mars inhabits as a result of this exercise. Thanks!

  33. 47 Not counting nodal aspects.

    How much would the placement of Mars by house and sign affect how you see the results?

    I just don’t think a Capricorn Mars in the 7th house is very any of the traits you mention.

    It’s bound up with my Sun which is the most aspected planet in my chart. At this point I’m going to have to say I have some serious disconnect with the way others see me or wonder about the tests because I’m surprised pretty much every time I take these tests!

    I get bored easily, yet I don’t change jobs a lot.
    I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, but a time-motion study of me would put a researcher to sleep.
    I move like molasses, but my dad with a grand kite in fire thinks I’m impatient and wriggly.

    I’m wondering if the placement means that everyone projects their impatience, rashness and anger on to me. Coworkers, bosses and family hate it when I am assertive or express anger. Explaining to someone they need to take their laundry out of the washer because other people use it is the same as reenacting the Shoutyface News Hour in your living room. Telling a boss who had a foot and fifty lbs on me that she’d better not mime choking me by putting her hands near my neck is super bitchy.

    • With Mars in the 7th–the house of marriage and other partnerships–we might wonder if it describes your partners better than yourself. Donna

  34. whoa – 30 baby! No, that’s not my age, that’s my score:

    Mars square Sun – 10
    Mars trine merc – 5
    Mars trine venus – 5
    Mars conj Saturn – 5
    Mars in minor aspect to:
    moon – 2
    Chiron – 2

    Uranus in first house – 1

    Mars is also square my North node – does that count?

    Oh, and a question for Donna – an astrologer told me something wierd recently. She said that she considered a planet at the end of the 1st house to actually be a 2nd house planet, since the planet was in the sign that was on the cusp of the 2nd house. Does that make sense to you? Sorry for changing the subject in asking the question.

    • As for the ‘Mars in 12th’ people – EXERCISE. A LOT. It REALLY helps.

      I’m finally learning this, and am trying to be CONSISTENT about it.

      • Consider the planet like a lamp shedding it’s light…the closer to the next house, the light goes into that house too…Also consider which sign is on each house and which sign the planet is in and is more comfortable in.

    • LS, since the house cusps can change depending on the house system you’re using, I often see a planet that’s within 5 degrees of the cusp of another house as acting on both houses. Try it out and see if it describes one house better than the other, or if both seem to work.

      and, no, I didn’t give points for the Nodes–as mentioned earlier, there are dozens of factors that might strengthen a planet by a smidgeon, but if I put every possible factor in, the test would go on for pages and the math would get so complicated no one would want to do it. If you want to claim points for that, go ahead. Donna

  35. Thanks for the Mars quiz Donna! I’ve calculated using your orbs rather than Astrodienst’s wider ones.

    Total 35:

    Conj sun – 10
    conj MC – 10
    square uranus – 5
    square chiron – 5
    semi-square saturn – 2
    sextile ASC – 2
    chiron in 1st – 1

    If I use astro’s orbs, it would also square moon and mercury, bumping it up to 50, which is more what I would have guessed based on my life experiences. People find my rhetoric combative at times I don’t even intend it as such. Maybe that’s Pluto square Mecury (4°)?

    I’ve always felt very martian with it conjunct sun (8°) and conjunct MC (1°) and living under my mars line in Rochester for the first 34 years of my life. The squares above are exact; 22 degrees Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius.

    Agree w/ the person who asked above about Mars in Scorpio (mine as well) because that does seem to add an extra punch. Your comment about (brooding, resentment, holding grudges) also seems more Scorpionic than Arian, which I think of as headstrong, rash and impulsive.

    I’m going to go back to the other tests and redo based on your orbs to see how much of a difference it makes.

    Having a strong Mars can be difficult, but I always know if I really need to get something done, I can count on my Mars to see me through:) And I’m working fervently on developing a forgiving Mars in Scorpio:)

  36. So now I am curious. What does it mean?
    I have been looking at some other charts in my family. One person, who is a late bloomer, kind of lazy… he’s got a score of 15.. his brother on the other hand; with only 10 points is a hard working go getter, physically extremely strong and working on an advanced degree. Maybe I have the wrong idea about what Mars is?

    • oh please forgive me, the brother has a much higher score,duh, Mars was also conjunct sun and moon…with a minor aspect to mercury.. that brings him up to 32…

    • Mimi, I couldn’t really comment on these seemingly contradictory results without analyzing the charts in question, and as you know I don’t do that any more, being retired. Donna

      • Donna, I didn’t want you to comment on the charts in particular, i was more fussing because the one that APPEARED to have the strong mars was not the one that acted like it!!! So I was basically confused at what a strong Mars does to a personality.
        I’ll be glad when Mercury turns around, I am tired of all these silly mistakes.

        further, I am going back into my family history. My grandfather, a very mild quiet man had a very strong mars (30 points). It took him out of his home, a tiny place in Italy to come to this new country as just a teenager leaving all his family behind. That took a strong Mars.

  37. I scored 35 with Mars in Leo conjunct Venus, Sun, Pluto, Jupiter, and trine my Ascendant in Sagittarius.

    I’m very strong-willed when my back’s to the wall or when I have a goal I want to reach.

    I learned during a guided meditation that there are some things better left alone and not worth arguing about. I’m not sure why I couldn’t see this before, when all along I knew it intellectually. I suppose it finally filtered down to the emotional level.

    I’d guess that 9 out of 10 people who know me would tell you that I’m the most calm person they know. I’ve been told by many that I have a calming effect on them. I think it’s the Mars Venus conjunction in Leo that somehow softens the whole effect. I come off as purring no matter what I say.

    • Let me just say, Marsha, you just spoke into my heart! Especially the “iron will with the back against the wall” part. BTW, don’t you just love it there, being in that detached, killer insticts mode? I have to admit I do. To the point that I can’t say for sure if I’m not subconsciously bringing myself to that position, just for the sake of the rush!
      I also get the “no need to fight all the battles” speech from people very close to me very often (the rest don’t have a clue!), and I too get the point intellectually- it can be, indeed, very exhausting and energy-scattering.
      But, I wouldn’t overdo it with meditation (lol), after all, what’s a warrior without a sword and a battlefield?

  38. HA – 19, the next-to-least blip so far! No questions at all.

    But, 15 of those are opp Jupiter and Saturn and trine Neptune so I don’t feel too terribly deprived.

    And Mars is sextile Asc in 3rd House so it’s there if I need it. That’s not on the test but I gave it to myself. I do employ it regularly. XD

    • BTW thank you so much for clarifying which minor aspects to use.

      They’re also the ones for the other tests? I might go back and recompute just for the halibut. Looking over my scores, I can tell I’m an OOP except for that 69 Moon.

      Onward to Venus and Jupiter!

      • Yes, they can all be used on the other tests, but I don’t have time to go back and fix all of them. Donna

  39. I scored a 27. I have Mars on the Ascendent and Venus in Aries Midheavean. I also have Saturn Capricorn at 29 degrees. My dad was a Colonel in the Military and I grew up on base in a warrior subculture. My Mars on the Ascendent is in Leo.

    Lots and lots and lots of lessons on leadership. I am still learning.


  40. 26 here. I have never been comfortable with my Mars in Cancer conjunct Uranus energy. I do not know how to control it. My anger is usually written all over my face, if not coming out of my mouth. LOL

    I want one of those confident, put them in their place type of Mars. No one takes my anger seriously because it is too emotional.

  41. 31 with an additional 2 points for a right on the border minor aspect to the MC. Not to surprising even though I’m an Aries Sun with Mars also in Aries conjunct and trine my Leo Moon. I guess because that conjunction and the Leo Moon are in the 8th and 12th houses respectively. Brooding, explosive anger especially about matters of the heart…hell yeah!

    I agree that most folks don’t like it when this energy comes out as it is not readily visible. I think the Virgo Ascendant and Pisces planets cover up the Martian energy. Most folks are really surprised when they see me upset. I’m still struggling with self-confidence and aggressiveness as I’ve stifled this part of me for many years. Pretty much had to as a kid.

    Athletic & competitive when it comes to sports, yep, as a kid and an adult. Very much a tomboy but I don’t mind dressing up in high heels and a dress. I still don’t do makeup. Babies, kids and all that kind of stuff is not and never has been me. Used to be afraid to admit that, but not anymore!

  42. Mars in Leo on Ascendent – I have always felt like I was a “Noble King” put I put it down to an ancestral thing.

  43. 55 and not surprised at all of the result…

    I’m an Aries, Mars is the higher Planet on my chart, On the apex of a T-square between the Sun and Uranus, exalted in Capricorn, conjuct to the MC, trines Saturn and the Moon…

    For a woman it is not easy to live with such a strong Mars, but have learned to deal with it and helps me to be in action when its needed and to achieve things/goals I want.

    Thanks for all the tests Donna!

  44. 49, sag with epic temper and crossed eyebrows… lol

  45. Had to come over and do Mars when your fire question asked for 10 % of the Mars score. Obviously ( retro merc) I have got to straighten out that Fire answer!
    Its 38 for Mars in the 9th house. I did a lot of fighting in my youth and loved it as a sport and for the adrenaline rush. At 65 years old I am in Karate.Got to keep the energy flowing.
    Mars conjuncts Uranus by 3 degrees and by that proximity quintiles the Sun and trines the moon. Then there’s the fact they are also parallel each other, Mars/ Uranus and parallel to Pluto in the 10th as well.The parallel to the Venus/ Saturn conjunction parallel I did not count because its off by 0ne degree and one must be precise with Pluto and Uranus.
    I ran a girls gang in the cities in 8th grade and did O Gitcee Da ( warrior protector) duty for four years in Indian boarding school which made me pretty oblivious to pain. Could transcend it at will and would never give up in a good fight. Lets just say I’m undefeated.
    Then its not exactly fair because I have other occilt things at my disposal and if I am righteous and defending the weak and innocent I can not be defeated. This power is unthinkable to mis- use for fun or bullying. Mars trines Pallas in my first house.

    • Am trying to find the least aspected planet and redid Mars =42

  46. 36, pretty high
    But since I have wide Mars-Saturn conjunction (9°, I didn’t count it in score) combined with asc=mercury/saturn, I’m more reluctant than others.

  47. 35, high. Mars conjunct pluto in scorpio in the 4th and squaring moon and ascendant. I am not big on many of the martian traits as many make me quite uncomfortable but I have much energy available if I want it.

  48. 52. all the tests I’ve taken so far are high! 61 Pluto, 50 Saturn, 45 Fixed, 39 Uranus.

    • OMG no, not 52 at all! I got my numbers mixed when I was calculating for my Cardinality. And in fact… My Mars totals to 73. O_O

      Mars square Sun, Moon, Asc, opp MC = 40
      Mars trine Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury, opp Pluto = 25
      Mars sextile Venus, Chiron, quintile Jupiter = 6
      Moon in 1st house = 2

      I’m the last person to expect this score. o_o I could acknowledge that I might have a strong mars, but to this extend is just…. WOW.

      • so tell us. Do you have a good job? are you a hard worker?
        are you very strong?

  49. 42

  50. __10__ 5 minor aspects.
    __1__ Uranus in the 1st house
    TOTAL = 11
    My poor Mars in Cancer… :)) I’m not very action oriented and/or agressive.

  51. got 16. bummer.

  52. 57 WOOOOO

    it would be even higher if there were points given out to Ascendant rulers being placed in Aries…


  53. Well thank God, I now know where all this energy comes from…with a score of 44 and a mars conjunct the MC in the 10th/sagittarius this was like a therapy session for me. I have often said being a professional athlete would be an ideal job and now I know why. Just happened upon your website recently and some very enlightening stuff! Thanks Donna

  54. mars trine ascendant—————————–10

    mars opposite saturn—————————–5
    mars square jupiter——————————-5
    mars square pluto———————————5

    mars semisquare midheaven——————-2

    uranus in 1st house——————————3
    neptune in 1st house—————————-3

    strong. whoooh. i even doubt it! :))

  55. 37 – I feel Martian all the time =.= Aries Moon, Aries Ascendant, Leo Mars :l

  56. 51 so far.

    But if a Mini-Trine, which makes up half of a cradle in my chart, counts as a major configuration, then the score is;


    But I’m an Aries, so the high score isn’t a surprise.

    As for sitting still long enough to take the test, that’s probably because of my Capricorn Moon.

  57. 80, and it’s a a squaring leg of a t-square as well as a singleton and the focus of a bucket.

  58. Mars in Cancer and retrograde, yet, I scored 37. o//

  59. I may have gotten 57 more or less…

    I have a grand cardinal cross in my chart. Four squares. Mars in Aries in the 10th, right at the top.

    But it squares my Moon in Cancer in the 12th. I’m emotional and anxious and it can be a fight/flight situation. So weird when two extremes are pulling on each other.

    Mars also squares my Neptune in the 6th (saturn is there too) and opposes my Mercury in Libra.


    I am Martial in the sense that I cannot stand injustice and will fight to the bitter end to achieve it. If there is no equilibrium in my mind (Mercury Libra) then it drives me and my emotions tend to isolate me or make me lose focus at the same time.

    yurk. But I like my strong Mars (even if it makes me unwilling to be walked on, which can be tense). Venus is in the 1st, in Cancer, so I guess it balances me out.

  60. Mars squ Moon = 10
    Mars con Jup = 5
    Mars trine Venus, Pluto = 10
    Mars squ Mercury, Saturn = 10
    Mars sex MC = 2

    NN in Aries = 3

    Part of T-Square = 5

    Mars = 45 🙂

  61. Got 16 :/ have a tight aries stellium 3 deg orbs, and only one aspect to my virgo mars rx which is a biquintile to jupiter

  62. Ok just took the Mars Uranus and Pluto tests…like who cares about any of the others…LOL
    So I scored strong on Mars and Uranus…Always knew I was Martial even though it is in Pisces and people poo poo it. …But Opposite the asc. conj Desc. and Venus and wide conj to Jupiter in 6th..I think that Jupiter aspect( excess over the top) along with being Opposite ascendant…. that being a direct channel of expression …says it all. So I would say in my case I find the scoring very accurate.
    The Uranus I also find accurate. As Uranus in the 10th deriving much energy from the Sun/Moon opposition (Uranus being in trine /sextile to said planets)
    I however have to wonder about the Pluto. I Only scored 14 points. And talk about a stinging accurate tongue also adding to that combativeness..and penetrating insight. Scorpio rules the 3rd.
    But wouldn’t it factor in being in direct opposition to my ascedants ruling Planet?
    Virgo rising /Mercury in 5th in Aquarius …with the opposition to pluto almost exact? So I guess I’m not that much of a wishy washy Pisces. LOL
    Sun jupiter mars venus =Pisces
    Virgo = moon and Asc.
    Esoterically all that Pisces is deposited by Pluto…maybe too far out
    So maybe there needs to be added some scoring with asc. rulers and such…?The ascendant rulers and their aspects pack a lot of punch…
    This might have been covered in some of the other responses but my eyes started glazing
    Hahaha Can you see the horns?

  63. My score was 22. I am not surprised as I only have an Aries in my 8th house. I have a conjunction and opposition to 2 planets though. My sign for Mars is Capricorn too which isnt too bad but its no Aries, Sagi or Leo.

    • Are you kidding? Mars is exalted in Capricorn. It is a fine and wonderful place for Mars. Its energies made concrete and put to work so to speak…with plenty of ambition and drive…..

      • You are right I dont mind that sign in Mars if Im honest.

  64. 60 points

    And I have 2 T-Squares in my chart All dealing with my Mars, Pluto, Sun, and my ASC. They are all in hars aspects with each other.I would have a grand cross but my Sun doesn’t touch my Pluto

    My Sun is in Leo, Mars in Taurus. And people find me intimidating lol. But my Moon is in Libra so I guess that softens me up

  65. 35 points. Well colour me surprised! I have mars in Leo (retrograde) in the 12th house my only fire sign and only 1 air sign. Most of my planets fall below the horizon.

    I have a hell of a time taking action. Self expression is near impossible; Procrastination is my middle name. It can take me years to lose my temper – but when it goes, look out! because here comes black-out rage.

    I also feel inhibited because I’m surrounded by fire signs who run circles round me, exhaust me and leave me feeling like their is no air left in the room for me.

    This gives me hope, maybe I’ve got some chutzpah buried under all my muddy waters.

  66. This was unexpected (although I can see the personality resemblance now)… I’ve got a score of 63!

    Mars in Cappy, First House, conj ASC and others, sextiling other things… and one semi-square to Pluto. 2 Planets in Saggi, 5 other planets in the First House (Moon too); South N. in Aries.

  67. How on Mars did I get such a high score (45)? I am one of the least confident, impulsive and Mars-like people I know. I hate being a leader, and much prefer the role of the consultant as long as the leader listens to me and respects me. It is true I have a very powerful temper but I never, ever express it. I just keep it in and suffer while feeling my blood boil almost literally. I’m not kidding, there were times I’ve felt like a volcano ready to burst and kill the person that made me angry in a violent way. But I am very good at restraining myself, which I suspect is because of my Mars in Capricorn (12H). I’m also a very (very!) sexual person.

  68. 54! Even minus 10 out of trine Sun 6.01degrees, it’s still over 40…

    I didn’t expect the score to be high…
    I consider myself as very weak, unconfident and indecisive…though I notice bad and short temper which I try to hide. (Moon in Aries)

    Well, I have Mars in the 1st house with Neptune. Neptunian influence might soften its energy… Besides, north node is in Aries, this might be the issue I have to learn…

  69. I scored a 35! Makes sense. I have my Midheaven in Aries and Mars Conjunct my Ascendant in Leo. I also have Mars conjunct Venus, Mars Sextile Moon, and Mars square Pluto.

    I like the fire in my chart. I definitely like to lead and get things done.

    Also my score may have been higher but I don’t know enough about astrology to know if semi-sextile, semi-square, bi-quintile, and inconjunction are “minor” aspects that I should have tallied up as well? I have several of those. Adding those, my score becomes 45.

    • Me, too, Juliana–Midheaven in Aries, Mars in Leo conjunct the Ascendant and lots more–a very unladylike score of 70. (Psst. Don’t tell anybody!) And, yes, semi-sextile, etc. all ount as minor aspects. Donna Cunningham

  70. 67. Yikes! Nothing else comes close. It’s in Leo, conjunct Uranus, and part of a tight fixed T-square, opposing Saturn and squaring Mercury which is probably why I could sit still long enough to do the test….probably why getting anything done is a challenge for me! I have to physically move around to keep energy moving and flowing, or I get tense and irritable and blow up. I struggle with my sense of personal power, with feeling that I have power and choice, as well as using it responsibly so I don’t accidentally trample those around me when I think I am right. Learning to listen first is helping. It’s also in a tight square to my Sun. It’s about learning what I truly want to do, versus what I think I should do. Wow. I had no idea Mars was this strong for me. A lot of my life has been spent holding myself back, trying to control my Mars instead of letting it control me. It feels a lot like the Chariot card in the tarot deck.

    • The Chariot Card? Absolutely, Susan. My Mars is embarrassingly strong–like 70–and I can relate to your struggles. But it does make me unstoppable, even now that I’m in my 70s. Donna

  71. Hi Donna – I just did all the tests, and discovered my planetary signature is Mars in Aries! I am so surprised. I am going to have to go study the chariot now for sure. This was a lot of fun, and illuminating – and this after having studied astrology for many years! The tests, especially for figuring out the qualities and modalities, were interesting, and helped me in a way others from long ago books didn’t. Thank you.

    Have a goal helps to focus that Martian energy, doesn’t it? I like to think of Mars in the old tv series Hercules with Kevin Sorbo – that Mars was sexy, passionate, lustful, and determined to get what he wanted. I don’t like the warlike aspect though. You said above that you manage your Mars by having lots of things on the go. Do you still find that true now? I’m finding that being still, and practicing silence, is helping to calm down so I can find what I truly want now, as I enter my 50s. I want my life to reflect who I am, and what interests me – and that is a Mars in Leo statement! lol I like how you say your Mars keeps you unstoppable even now. There is something to be said for how Mars keeps a person going throughout life. Yes, definitely the chariot. Thanks so much!

    • Yes, Sue, at 71, I am still going at things hard…go big or go home type of gal, even though my stamina isn’t what it used to be. My Mars is in Leo, too, and my mentor, Rod Chase, did surveys of US Presidents and boxing champions and found Mars in Leo the most frequent. Makes sense, as Leo is a fixed fire sign. The fixity helps me persevere toward my goals. As for temper, I think that it takes a lot to get me mad, but once I’m mad at somebody, I stay that way a while. As for lusty, I’m an old lady now, thank goodness!! Donna

  72. Well, then. I have either a 58 or a 55, depending on where I place Chiron (Mars trines it). My Mars is in Leo and in my 12th natal house. (I’m a Leo ascendant, but that’s placed at 8 degrees so, there you go.) This was surprising and now I’m wondering whether I should go get fitted for antennae. It does make me realize I probably need more physical activity than I currently get to burn off the excess energy!

  73. I’ve scored almost 60. I have a Pisces Sun and Leo moon! I can get very easily upset and provoked. Usually I would think that people with Pisces Sun are calm and flegmatic, but with Leo Moon and so many hard Mars aspects, I can hardly call myself a typical Pisces person. I have a lot of energy and no idea where to focus it. And yes, I’m very easily bored. I need to see things happening. Most of the time I try to stay out of trouble and out of situations that could get me into trouble.

    • WOW I’m a Pisces too ..with a Virgo moon and I am anything calm. I know a lot of Pisces and they seem to have great inner strength…Some more easy going than others. But not necessarily calm.
      Where is your Mars? That would make a difference and also how many planets in fire of a strong placed Uranus, Pluto or Saturn. Even Jupiter
      ( depending on Sign) Could have a big influence…being ruler of Pisces along with Neptune. Neptune could a make a person idealistic so maybe willing to fight for ideals too,

      • I have Mars in Aries, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Libra and Uranus in Scorpio. Neptune is in Sagittarius. I have a Cancer rising and with it’s ruler (Moon) being in Leo (barren sign), it looks like I won’t be having any children, which doesn’t surprise me at all. But I am a bit worried about my career.

  74. What gives you the most joy in life? Make that your career…
    Where is Venus and Sun?…
    I wouldn’t say no kids…I never really cared( don’t have ’em) But people who really love them either have them of are in child care in some manner..And Cancer is usually some where..Sun Moon Venus…What are the Moon’s aspects?Sextile Libra planets? Sag?
    Once again what do you really love to do? Don’t over analyze…(notice anal in that word..LOL) Look to yourself…don’t analyze stuff too much..been there done that ..Ok so maybe I still do a little..LOL( I’m 62)

    • Venus is in 9th house pisces and Sun is in 10th house pisces. Moon is opposite mercury, inconjunct Venus, square Uranus, trine Neptune, sextile Pluto, square Chiron, inconjunct Ascendant, semisquare Jupiter and semisquare Saturn. Moon is in 2nd house Leo. Also, with Saturn and Jupiter being in Libra and badly aspected, I’m afraid of bankrupcy in the future. If you leave me your e-mail, I can send you my natal chart.


      • OK here it is sort of en-cyphered d lippitt at citlink .net Just close up all the spaces and make the correct at sign…I don’t think it is that bad…but send it and I’ll take a look..

  75. 75! Mars sq sun, opp moon, sq Asc, sq mercury, sq uranus, conj MC (opp IC) , trine saturn, trine venus (grand trine), Asc in Aries so mars is ruler of chart as well. Yes I have some anger/energy problems at times… ! 🙂

    • I think you’re the first person to get a higher Mars score than mine. Don’t tell anybody, but mine is 70. (Very unladylike.) Donna

      • Your secret is safe with me! It does feel unladylike (esp as I am Libra with Venus in Virgo, I want things to be very restrained and neat!) In fact, I think my score is even higher as I left out mars sq chiron. I feel exhausted listing all these mars aspects….

      • LOL! I know, it wears me out, just thinking about mine! And just recently I discovered a bunch of “minor” aspects to my Mars (or, to be more energetically correct, aspects FROM my Mars). Those “minor” aspects are killers. I already knew about the semisquare from Mars to Neptune (eeew!) but pretended it didn’t exist. I DID claim the quintile from Mars to Uranus, as God knows I have an absolute genius for pissing people off.

        But now I have a septile from Mars to Mercury that explains why I’m always cutting or burning or scraping my hands and why it’s not a good thing to provoke me and why the world is a better place for my never learning to drive. And I have a brand new novile (40 degree aspect) from Mars to Jupiter. It sounds good, but you have to wonder whether amping my Mars energy up any further isn’t close to critical mass. If you hear of a volcanic eruption in Portland, Oregon, it’s probably me. So I haven’t had the nerve to recalculate my Mars score. Nice talking to you, Jos–always enjoy a person with a sense of humor about their chart. Donna Cunningham

  76. I scored 52 if you count Mars as a ruler of Scorpio (therefore my ASC ruler), but only 42 if I only count Pluto.
    That mars is in Taurus in the seventh house. My pluto is in Libra in the twelfth. * It really isn’t my fault everyone else is so hard to get along with,* LOL.

    • I have mars in leo (conjunct north node) in the 6th house, and I am a 1st house aries sun. Ive been trying to figure out my mars but dont get the leo/6th combo. It’s boring! I have a grand fire trine sun/mars/Neptune mc. Any ideas anyone??! Am keen to understand this in light of the full moon tomorrow which conjuncts my mars/nn.

      • Mars is great in Leo, adds a certain amount of showmanship and spirit of fun, with leadership potential in terms of enrolling others in your enthusiasms. So the 6th house might seem rather boring, as it’s the day to day job tasks, but having Mars and Leo there could energize it. Donna, Mars in Leo in the 1st, trining the Moon and Midheaven in Aries.

      • Thanks donna! I am fun loving and have always fantasized about performing in some way! It’s just that the 6th (and neptune midheaven, pisces ascendant) demands I channel it into service. I will keep brainstorming..! Thanks again, fellow showy martian 🙂

      • Who says service can’t be fun? If it’s done well, and not in a co-dependent, martyr way. I think of Patch Adams, a pediatrician who dressed up as a clown and entertained the sick children in his hospital. Donna.

      • Hmm… codependent/martyr. I have definitely been channeling it in this way. But today on the full moon conjunct my mars I ended a destructive relationship. Lets hope I can now start expressing my mars in healthy ways rather than in abusive relationships. Youve certainly connected a piece of the puzzle there, donna, thank you. x

    • Issac. I have a maybe similar situation…How close your Mars is to the descendant . I have read and feel it very accurate that the Ascendant is like a large receiving antenna. Planets in the 10th
      (closer to midheaven) and also planets in 7th ( closer to desc.) and to a minor degree the 4th house get picked up readily by said antenna. So mine is exact conj. to Desc. and I am martial even though it is Pisces. and in your case …I wouldn’t want to make you mad…so to anger but when angered…watch out. LOL

  77. Donna, I love your quizzes and the thought you put into this, but I just can’t get on board with giving Mars exclusively to Aries arbitrarily because some people have recently decided it sounds much more like Pluto belongs to Scorpio. I think most of us accept Pluto as a sub-ruler of Scorpio and I think that goes far enough. 🙂 At least with the Venus test, you acknowledged that people might think it belongs to Taurus and might think it belongs to Libra, though there also, why it’s a choice between the two is kind of baffling to me.

    From everything I know about Taurus, I think it should be ruled by Saturn, but I’m not going to go changing that because I think it fits. 😉 Of course, that said, yes, I also do things that are unique to me in the practice of astrology (for example, my orbs are determined by the planets involved, not the aspects, and if people don’t stop this new habit of describing the sextile as a minor aspect, my head is going to explode, and allowing only 6 degrees to it just because it’s a sextile….this gives me apoplexy….lol).

    Anyway, in terms of planetary rulerships, it takes a much longer consensus over a much longer period of time to make a change like that, or should, otherwise the practice of astrology becomes muddled and arbitrary, and if you’ve ever tried to defend astrology to someone who think it’s all bunk, you know that those are two adjectives that really don’t help us out.

    • Read your post with interest..
      Can’t swing with the Taurus/Saturn deal…But 3rd decanate ruled by Capricorn/Saturn(Mars exalted here too.) Being a fixed sign it does have a plodding type feel sometimes. And remember Venus is in it’s exaltation in Pisces….I think the decanates have a decided influence as do the exaltations.
      Libra is ruled by Venus but also Saturn is exalted here too. Interesting combo

      • It is interesting as combos go. 🙂 I think you see my gist to some extent though. I can understand the Venusian connection to Taurus because of its sensuality, but the sign also has a predisposition to negativity and pessimism, something of a pragmatism that can tend to be carried too far, and many Taureans I’ve known while awesome people, really have trouble with being light about things, which is why I see the Saturnian connection to it. I think your point about decanates is solid.

      • I don’t really know too many Taurus people. But the ones I do know I think of as solid and kinda home body types. My cousin is decidely not a pessimist. Solidly setting about to achieve his goals. I can think of several Taurus rising people and not pessimist types either.
        Are there other markers in the charts? I have Saturn in the 1st house and it is in Libra and even I am not a pessimist..LOL Loads of Pisces and Strong Jupiter and Uranus. And I notice I attract Saturnine people too.
        What about esoteric ruler Vulcan?…the blacksmith with a hammer! I would look to other influences..Do you have the charts of these pessimists??Is it psychological fears chattering from the subconscious? I find that psychological junk can clutter up the true expression of the chart. Like in synastry…you might be extremely compatible with a person but if the person is immature or messed up it destroys the ability of the relationship to function.
        Basically the spiritual grow the level of the person.
        As an aside. I think of Cancer’s as the pessimists of the horoscope…sorry if not PC here. Showing my prejudices. LOL
        I will be on the look out for this in the future though.

  78. I got 80 on this which doesn’t even take into account Mars being in Scorpio (part of a stellium with Sun, Mercury and Venus)! I’m pretty Martian but thankfully years of personal development have helped me connect to patience, well, most of the time anyway 🙂

  79. I’ve got 81!
    Still surprised even I’m Aries sun and Aries Asc and got Sun, Mars, Venus in Aries.

  80. mars exaltation?

    • That would strengthen it, for sure. That kind of placement is what the bonus points are meant to cover. You’re the first, in all these years, to ask about an exaltation of a planet–maybe most readers aren’t familiar with them. Makes me think–I oughta get points for my Jupiter exalted in Cancer. And also, Jupiter is supposed to be at its best in the 12th also . So, that would be a total of 10 extra points for my surprisingly low scoring Jupiter. Glad you brought that up. Donna Cunningham.

  81. I only scored 6! Minor aspects. I’m not very assertive but I don’t give up on what I want easily. My Mars is in Cancer, the poor guy

  82. I’m still a learner here and got sun and moon in Aries 10th house and mars in 11th. I do chase till I meet the end. I don’t have anger problems but if situation calls for it.. Saves me regret of not kicking ass later. 😊

  83. 75 points! Mars is my ruling planet in Capricorn 10th Hse conj Midheaven, Sq Asc, Sq Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Opp moon and part of a grand trine with Venus and Saturn. Aries Ascendant. Phew! Exhausting aspects :-/

  84. And for mars in scorpio??

    • Well, I don’t believe that Mars rules Scorpio because the sign is far more like the traits of Pluto. But you can always use the bonus points for anything you think is a major influence. Donna

  85. I scored a 32. Mars conjuncts my descendant, does this get any extra points?

    • A conjunction to the descendant is the same as an opposition to the Ascendant–the two points are always 180 degrees apart. Donna

    • Consider the Ascendant as a radio receiver…It’s going to pick up Mars on the descendant loud and clear..I have it too..even though it is in Pisces..I am pretty darn martial..though a wishy washy one!! LOL I’d give extra points. Are you athletic/competative? Do you have a temper?

  86. Got 46! No surprises, considering I’m a Scorpio with Aries ascendant and Mars exalted in Leo. What I do find surprising, though, is how pretty much ALL the planets in my chart got high scores in these quizzes. Seriously:

    Sun = 28
    Moon = 46
    Mercury = 31
    Venus = 42
    Mars = 46
    Jupiter = 25 (the least favored)
    Saturn = 48
    Uranus = 51
    Neptune = 28
    Pluto = 42

    Just tell me, is this even common or my birth chart’s a crazy mix of everything?

    • It’s not unusual for several planets to be high scoring. It often happens when the person has many aspectd rather than few in the chart, and often there would be a bunch of planets to aspect one another, as in a major configuration like a t-square, grand trine, or multiple conjunction. Donna C.

  87. I’ve got 59, wow. Well not bad, I like it.

  88. I got 30 for Mars. It’s conjunct MC exact and also Uranus which is the ruler of my Asc and Moon, and it’s in a Fire sign. I always felt Uranus and Mars are my dominant planets because of that, it’s pretty obvious in my chart. I don’t have a lot of squares and oppositions like some people though, so my scores for all planets are lower, but I doubt other planets would come close to these two.

  89. Hi Donna, help me please:
    Virgo sun
    Aries ascendant
    Aries moon
    Mars trine sun
    Mars in Capricorn in X house
    Node north Aries
    Mars sextil Jupiter

    How about it?
    Thank you

    • All you do is add up the points for those chart features, as given in the test. Simple math. Donna

  90. I got a whopping 80 on this one, and I’m not surprised. I’ve been raised in a very martian family and have serious anger issues that I have trouble sorting out from time to time.

    Luckily I’m in Martial Arts and am putting my energy through other various physical activities. It helps keep my anger under control since I can start going off and slamming fists on tables in seconds. I try to keep it under control though, mainly because I don’t want to have to pay for damages XD

  91. 61 points, im a scorpio ascendant with mars in scorpio in my first house, most of my points came from the first two parts.

  92. 55 + minor aspects. = somewhere near 60. Only reason why I am still not mad is that Saturn also is strong in my chart .

  93. 40. Good thing for fitness, sex and other healthy outlets. Had no idea it was my Mars influence. lol Other aspects in my natal state I’m good and initiating endeavors but quit easily. If only I can cure that. Mars putters out on me I suppose.

  94. Mars score 47 points. I’m an Aries Sun but Mars is not even among my top 3 planets (though my Mars is in Leo). When I was still not that familiar in astrology, I always thought I’m a typical Aries because of my stern, independent nature but as I immersed myself with several articles & books about astrology & saw my birth chart, I realized that I don’t exactly have the characteristics of a Aries or even other fire signs at all (except for a few Leos but that’s probably because of their fixed nature) & that Mars is not even among my strongest planets. Those stern, independent nature & other traits that I have which I initially thought was Arian/Martial turned out to be Saturnian influence with Saturn as one of my dominant planets (and here my Saturn score is 60 points).

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