Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 14, 2010

How Fixed are You? Here’s the Score!

©9-14-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Readers by the thousands have enjoyed my tests to measure the strength of the planets in their birth chart. Recently it occurred to me that it would be possible to create similar scales to see which of the three modes of being—Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable—dominate an astrology chart.

Here’s the first of three such tests. This time it’s easier for beginning students, because you don’t have to work with aspects.

 The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  They represent our ability to persevere and to bring our ideas and hopes into a concrete, finished form and then preserve them.

 They’re a mixed blessing—when we have little or no fixed energy in the horoscope, we lack permanency and stability.  When we have too much, we become rigid and can’t cope well with the inevitable changes life brings our way.  The fixed signs are the stubbornest, and once they make up their minds, it would just about take an act of  Congress to get them to recant.   Below is a scale you can use to determine how strong the fixed signs are in a given chart.

Bonus Points–the Hidden Side of the Fixed Functionastrology test by Donna Cunningham on skywriter

You may be surprised at how high your scores are.  I’ve added some non-traditional features, such as extra points for the strength of Saturn and Pluto as measured in the planetary tests. I include them because both planets contribute a great deal to our ability to bring ideas into form and preserve them.

 Again, these planets are a mixed blessing, in that they can also create a good deal of rigidity and resistance to change. Pluto does rule one of the fixed signs, Scorpio, but Saturn rules Capricorn, a Cardinal sign.

Add 10 % of your score on the tests for those planets (linked below).  Then round them off.  For example, 10% of a score of 35 would give you 3.5, rounded off  to 4 points, but a score of  33 would be 3.3,  rounded off to 3.  (If you’ve lost track of your scores, just ballpark them–3 points for the 30s, 4 for the 40s, and so on.)

Taurus is the fixed earth sign, but I’ve also added a few points for planets in the other earth signs—Virgo and Capricorn—because earth is far more concrete and permanent than water, air, or fire.  It therefore adds fixity.

I haven’t added points for the houses that correspond to the fixed signs (2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th) because planets in those houses don’t necessarily add fixity any more than, say, the 10th does.    

Here’s the test. As in the planetary scales, include points for each chart feature that applies, then total up all the points for your final score. 

 ____  The Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven in fixed signs, 5 points each

____   Other planets or Chiron in fixed signs, 3 points each.

_____  The Moon’s Nodes in fixed signs (found in opposite signs and houses), 2 points total.

_____  Bonus points: Planets in Virgo or Capricorn, 1 point each

_____   Bonus points:  10% of your Saturn score, rounded off. (see: How Strong is your Saturn? Here’s the Score! )

_____   Bonus points:  10% of your Pluto score, rounded off. (see: How Strong is your Pluto? Here’s the Score!)

Since this is a brand new measurement, I don’t know yet how many points would make your score strong or weak–your results can help me determine that. I’d say below 10 would probably be considered weak. 

In this case, I’d say a moderate score is the probably best result—too few points would mean that it’s hard for you to go all the way to a goal or concrete result and then preserve what you’ve created.  Too many points could mean you’re rather rigid and have a hard time adapting to changing conditions. You may get stuck in patterns that become outdated, and may have a hard time letting go of losses or difficult experiences. 

 How did you do?  Since this is a completely new test, you’re a beta tester and your input is valuable. Let us know your score in the comment section down below this article so we can see what the range of scores is on this test. 

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  1. I’ll be the first to give you an idea of score, Donna. My chart is predominately Fixed (1 Cardinal & 3 Mutables to my name). Score includes Sun & 5 other planets + Chiron & Nodes + AC & MC. Total score = 42; this includes my Moon & Jupiter in Virgo. I’m interested in seeing what other scores may be, as I can’t imagine that I’m the most fixed of all in the land! But if the concrete shoe fits…

    • LOL! I’ve got to try this test out on my sister’s chart. Sun, Pluto, and Saturn in Leo; Moon, Jupiter, and Midheaven in Scorpio; Aquarius rising. Donna

  2. Sun, Mercury, Venus, South Node in Taurus; Uranus, Moon, Pluto in Leo; Neptune and North Node in Scorpio. Oh, and Chiron in Aquarius.

    If anybody wants to know about fixed signs, you can ask me, LOL! However, I love the fact that I have so many in fixed. Do others who have similar charts feel the same?

    BTW my score is 34.

  3. Ha – a whopping 16. Not a surprise considering that I have only Chiron & Uranus in Fixed & have no Earth placements at all other than Chiron in Taurus. Even my beefed-up Pluto & Saturn scores can’t compensate for a chart that’s pretty much all Mutable & Cardinal.

    On the plus side though, for the life I’ve lived the flexibility of a Mutable chart has come in handy. I think that being adaptable and willing to adjust my position/mindset has helped me out quite a bit. Not a bad thing when your upbringing meant that you were living in a perpetual state of flux….

  4. Mostly my chart is mutable, with very little cardinal to speak off. I scored 21 or 22 (My Pluto score is 45, so rounding up or down?). I’m not surprised you included a bonus for Virgo. I’m pretty fixed, since I have a lot of Virgo, and Virgo is quite concervative. But fixed is okay, fixed gets things done, it’s rooted and focused, so that’s good. Of course, too much of a good thing and all that …

  5. Wow, I think Jack M and I must have been born hours apart. I have all of his placements, including the Taurus stellium, north node and Neptune in Scorpio, and the Leo planets. The lone exception is the moon, mine’s in Virgo, while Jack’s is in Scorpio. I like to think we are firm, with feet on the ground, not stubborn. We’re not too bad with money, either. My score is 35. Jack, did you count your Chiron in Aquarius? Mine’s on the midheaven.

    • …oops, you did.

      • Cathy, FYI I was born 5/6/57.

      • Cool, I’m 5/8/57. Realized it was days not hours after I posted, since the moon spends about 2 1/2 days in each sign.

  6. My score is 23 higher then I thought but my high Saturn score gave it a boost. Have Moon in Taurus and Pluto in Leo, Asc in Aquarius. I do have a question my cardinal t sq is located in 11,where a have a Capricorn stellium,8th Jupiter and Chiron and 5th Saturn and Mars sit on the cusp of the 5-6 . So would that make cardinal more fixed due to the houses?

    • Hi, Adrienne, I thought about including the houses, but then it didn’t feel right, as the life matters attributed to those houses don’t necessarily make us any more fixed, especially if it’s full of something like Pisces or Neptune or Mercury.

      I think each one of these tests is going to be a bit different, though. I can definitely see the 10th house adding to the Cardinal signs because it deals with our goals and accomplishments. I’m just feeling my way here, new territory. I was thinking that in a scores in the 20s was pretty strong, but we’ve already got one in the 40s and one in the 30s. We’ll see how the scores go. Donna

  7. I scored a 30 due to my Scorpio rising and stellium in Leo. I also have Saturn in Scorpio, and this is conjunct Pluto in Libra. I do consider myself fixed because once I commit to an idea or goal it is always in the back of my mind; I tend to obsess over things. I can’t let things go until I feel ABSOLUTELY ready to (through a sense of accomplishment or closure, thanks to my 10th house Virgo sun). Even in relationships, I’m still a little bit in love with most of my ex’s.

  8. More fixed than I thought = 31

    MC Scorp = 5
    Uranus – Leo, Mars & Nept – Scorp, Chiron – Aq = 12
    planets in Virgo & Cap = 3
    Saturn = 5
    Pluto = 6

  9. 26.6 including 10% for Saturn score (31) & Pluto score (35). 5 planets + ASC in fixed signs but no planets in earth, just Virgo MC

    Scorpio = ASC, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter
    Leo = Saturn conj Pluto

    Have always attributed having a fixed preponderance for helping keep my feet somewhere in the vicinity of the ground. Very tenacious but that may just be the Scorpio.

    I make changes with great reluctance and have a history of staying in decaying relationships and unpleasant jobs waaaay past the optimum time to leave. Cardinal Sun & Moon usually kick in eventually though. 🙂

    Decent money manager just not good at accumulating it.

    What I am good at is things like doing creative projects that can take months to complete. Like counted cross-stitch, turning raw wool into knitted garments, etc.

    Good stuff!!


  10. I have a score of 19 to 21, depending on whether to round up or round down in between scores.

    I am not the typically ‘fixed’ kind, if there is a typical kind for it. I am adaptable, and highly mutable. I find it hard to bring to form tasks that I am supposed to do (eg. writing essays) however it is easy for me to bring to form what I am interested in.
    Then again, I am not a good example for anything, being a mish-mash of everything (high scores for all tests so far). It all becomes relative then, each planet fights for territorial expression in me, and win dominance depending on what tools they use to fight.

    I think perhaps it’ll also be enlightening to know which planets are fixed, so we can pinpoint which aspects of our personalities are more fixated. For example I have Moon in Taurus and Pluto in Scorpio. On matters within the two planets’ domain I am very fixated, almost obsessed, yet Gemini Venus and Mercury makes me have this rather clownish, even anti-establishment character.

    I would imagine someone with Saturn in Capricorn and Mercury in Gemini for example would be very structured about structures, yet mode of thinking is often open-ended.

    The Pluto in the 8th in Scorpio within me would like to ask if people with rather high fixed scores, also have the tendency towards obsessive-compulsive disorder. Repression of expression manifesting in OCD symptoms?

    • I don’t know that they have clinical OCD, but certainly they can be compulsive, and strongly Pluto/Scorpio people can be obsessive. Donna

  11. My score: 40. That includes 4 points each from the Saturn and Pluto scores. Yes, I am extremely fixed and rigid to the point of rigor mortis.

  12. Hi Donna,

    Since we are talking about fixed signs, can you explain to me how come Uranus, planet of changes and vision, is associated with our dear super mentally fixated Aquarius friends!

    • You note that I didn’t include Uranus in the planets that get extra points for fixedness. I did have to puzzle the question of changeable Uranus’s association with Aquarius in my early days of studying astrology.

      After getting to know quite a number of politically radical Aquarians/Uranians in NYC in the turbulent 60s, I came to see that their positions/beliefs are held quite rigidly–even pugnaciously.

      And yet, they are prone to suddenly shifting to a drastically different opinion/position after encountering another thinker/theorist whose view they come to regard as more enlightened/politically correct. Once converted to the new position, they then hold onto it as fixedly as they did the original one.

      It’s that capacity for sudden, drastic shifts followed by a new unbudgeable opinion that seems to encompass the fixed/changeable combination. Of course, political radicals are the far end of the spectrum, but you can see a parallell in the extreme fashions and fads of the goths and other far-out Uranian counterculture types. Donna

      • I’ve also noticed that the only changes that they accept (Aquarians) are the ones that are initiated by themselves. Thanks for your response.

      • You got that right, France! Especially if it’s one the people around them would find shocking. Donna

        PS. What if….Aquarians ruled the world?

  13. My score is 30

    I’m not surprised. I tend to find it difficult to get started with some things, it depends on what it is though. When I do get started, in general, I want to keep going until I’ve done as much as I can on it.
    Though sometimes I feel more mutable than fixed.
    I tend to make sudden changes that confuse people on a frequent basis and/or I get stuck in a rut and become very predictable, it’s kind of wierd.

    • Score revision, I read that you were talking about not using Uranus?
      I have Uranus in Scorpio so I guess I would knock off 3 points.

      So my score would be 27.

      These quizzes are cool =-D

      • You’d get 3 points for your Uranus because it’s in Scorpio, a fixed sign. What we were talking about was that I didn’t include points for the score on the Uranus quiz. So your score is still 30. Donna

      • Ok. I think I understand. thank you for correcting me on that.
        30 it is. =-)

  14. What about fixed signs that are in/near anarectic(sp?) degree or critical degree?

    Sorry, I forgot to thank you above.

    Thank you!=-)


    • Planets in the 29th degree of every sign? Again, with these tests, we don’t want to include so many minor additions or exclusions that the test is overly complicated and has too much math associated with it, or it would cease to be fun and people wouldn’t want to take them. Donna

      • I’m sorry Donna, you’re right.

        Fun is definitely important. =-)

        Thank you again,
        Have a good day =-D


  15. with a score of 11 it’s what I would expect, I have a lot of mutable and cardinal planets..

  16. score: 25

    aquarius moon, asc & sun in virgo, uranus & venus in scorpio & leo (respectively), nn/sn= scorpio/taurus, saturn & pluto scores add another 7 points to the pot.

    i wasn’t expecting even in the 20s for the fixed score, but i definitely see how virgo planets would contribute a bit and those are the biggies in my chart.

    i think i’m more mutable and, like heidi, i can procrastinate hardcore on stuff i should do (or even must do), but if it’s something i love – no problem being very focused!

    can’t wait for the other mode tests. thanks, donna!

  17. 35. That’s… not great.

  18. By my calculations, I score 78 which far exceeds any one else here – uhoh! Have strong Saturn (42) and Pluto (45).

    All my other planets score strongly too – Moon (58), Neptune (42), Chiron (44), Mars (54), Uranus (32), Mercury (45).

    Will get my astrologer partner to double check when he has time. Might have been too generous with my orbs? Used

    The fixity won’t surprise him but he suggests it’s all about my persistence and preoccupation with the past – inner vs outer.

    I’ve changed a lot of things in my external life (partners, places, work), appearing far more mutable than I am.

    • 78 is huge, probably a mistake, given how low the available points are. You only get 10 percent of the Saturn score (so 42= 4.2, really just 4) and of the Pluto score (45=4.5, so 5 points.) And there aren’t any orbs to consider, since we’re not working with aspects in this quiz. Donna

      • You’re right – actually 44.

        Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven in Fixed Signs 5 x 3 = 15

        Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron in Fixed Signs 6 x 3 = 18

        Pluto, Venus, Saturn in Virgo 1 x 3 = 3

        Saturn score 42 = 4

        Pluto Score 45 = 4

        Total = 44

        My partner Joe Landwehr once wrote this to give me:

        ‘At its best, fixity can be experienced as: a strong, dedicated sense of purpose; the capacity to persevere toward the realization of that purpose, often in the face of obstacles; self-reliance on every possible level; emotional poise in the face of crisis; loyalty to friends and partners; strong values and a deep sense of integrity; dependability and trustworthiness; the capacity for a deep sense of connection to place; a strong conservation ethic in the best sense of that word; and so on.’

        I was born into a highly mutable life style which did not easily accommodate my innate fixity. I can often appear to be mutable in my initial responses to things but perhaps it is just that I have adopted a largely ‘compensatory’ mutable pattern in dealing with most of my life challenges.

        I’m currently working with the idea that my task in this life may be to learn to honor my innate and somewhat wounded fixity and live it in the best way I can.

  19. Only 21, half of this score coming from my Saturn and Pluto scores. Not too fixed over here…

  20. 33 for me.

    But one thing I have never been accused of is being rigid! My mother told me once I shouldn’t be so “wishy-washy”. She said she’d like me better if I “pushed back”. LOL

    I do have stick-to-it-ness. Once I make up my mind to do something, I’ll do it come hell or high water. Or until it’s more prudent to stop and cut my losses. I had never heard of “cutting losses” when I was growing up but it didn’t take but a jiffy to see how smart it could be.

    I do expect this to be my high score for the Modes.

    • *sigh* Note to self: Never compute during a migraine.

      34…correct number is 34.

  21. Total => 25.

    11 points alone are from my relatively high Pluto and Saturn scores.

    I have lots in mutable, too. While it’s true that once I’ve set my mind on something there is no holding me back, I do adapt quite easily with change and the unexpected twists and turns of life.

  22. 15 here, mostly thanks to saturn and pluto scores, plus they square each other.
    They’ve helped anchoring the bunch of cardinal and mutable planets…otherwise I’d probably be happily living in a hut by the beach!
    I share Frances curiosity about Uranus. Does it’s sudden/erratic elements affect the fixed characteristics?

  23. 27 points.
    Mostly from a stellium of 5 LEO planets. Chiron in AQR, plus the percentages added in from the Saturn & Pluto scores.

    My fixity seems to be less with rigidity though, and more with a failure to ‘let go’ of memories (water signs throughout the chart:

    Sun, ASC, in Cardinal Water sign,
    Moon & MC in Mutable Water Sign.
    Only N.Node in a Fixed water sign.

    I’m pretty sure the balance of fix-edness and the equally dominate water signature is the saving grace in my personality.

    • Yes, water can shift and flow nicely, and yet the fixity can add the capacity to hold still too. Donna

  24. My score is 17.

  25. I got 21, but that’s a little tentative since I guessed on my Saturn/Pluto scores. I remember they were on the high side, Saturn especially, but not the whopping scores some people got. Without the Saturn/Pluto scores, I would have gotten a pitiful 12. (I always knew Saturn was my friend!) I feel pretty balanced, so I would expect this to be a medium score, a bit on the low side if anything. When I was younger, I had trouble finishing projects I started. Now, I usually finish anything that’s important to me (I have 3-5 finished novel manuscripts, depending how you count them – one went from being a trilogy to a long standalone novel and back). I start an awful lot of projects, though, more than it’s humanly possible to finish!

    Aquarius and Uranus are not perfect matches, I think. Strong Aquarian types are reformers, and to be effective at all, reformers kind of have to be like the proverbial snapping turtle who won’t let go until it thunders.

  26. My score was 36. Since I have no earth in my chart, planets in Leo and Scorpio contribute 27 points; Saturn and Pluto scores contribute 9.

  27. 40 pts. Sun, Moon, Asc in Leo. MH in Taurus.
    I finish what I start, but I need to work on seeing other viewpoints. Sometimes I think that my husband has lost his mind, I just can’t figure him out!

  28. I scored 15, with 9 points from my chart (Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Scorpio, N.Node in Aquarius, Pluto in Virgo) and 6 from Saturn (2) and Pluto (4) scores.

    Donna, I’m sure my chart would score higher for cardinal/mutable qualities, but I think you could put a 15 in this test in the middle range. I’m generally a flexible person, good at finishing what I start, can fixate on things some times but am pretty good at getting un-stuck when the time is due.

    If it turns out this is among the lowest possible scores (or below that people are so unfixed that it’s beyond them to write about it and click submit comment), then I’d chalk up my middle-score behaviour to the sign Cancer being very strong in my chart, which perhaps co-operates well with what fixed energy I have.

  29. I got a 17, but this is one of those tests where you really don’t want to score too high. Fixed is good, fixed gets things done with staying power, but too much fixed and you’re going to be super inflexible and zero fun. I have enough mutable in my chart that my Scorpio stellium has learned to go with the flow.

  30. I scored a 36. That is without counting any possible lunar nodes (I dont know where or how to find those). I’m as stubborn as it gets. Works well when its for something positive, but not so great when I’m on a destructive route.

    • Oh, I wish I could show you the symbol. The North Node looks like a barbell that both ends are sagging, and the South Node looks like the reverse. They are in opposite houses and signs, same degree. (Not like you needed more points!) Donna

  31. 14 for me and the only planet I have in a fixed sign is my Neptune in Scorpio.

    This score seems about right. I am definitely less fixed than either of the other two qualities. What is true of my chart is also true of my personality.

    Patience, commitment, and perseverance don’t come naturally to me. Taking action and adapting to change are far easier.

  32. Hi Donna
    I got a 21 score, which seems rather moderate…maybe I don’t see fixed as a quality I want to overuse….too many people in fixed signs or with fixed grand crosses in my life! Change is good!

  33. 28 – Mars in Aquarius, Venus in Taurus, Uranus in Scorpio plus high Saturnian and Plutonian scores. Feels about right, although I could do with a bit of loosening up

  34. To my surprise – I have a score of only 14. I’ve always considered myself to be pretty balanced, practical and organized (Virgo Asc, Venus in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius in 6th house) – but after taking this quiz and the one for Saturn – I’m seeing how the mutable/cardinal qualities of my being predominate (Aries Sun/Mercury/Jupiter; Moon in Cancer). My Pluto score was high (42) but Saturn very low (5!). So I do immerse myself fully in projects and it is very important to me to do an excellent job. But the project needs to be over within 6 months or I’ve lost interest and momentum! And I’m understanding more fully that structure and discipline are not necessarily the same as organization (a Virgo distinction!). And god forbid I feel like I’m being controlled and told what to do.

  35. A score of 41

    Challenges: definitely letting go of what has ceased to be useful or good for me. Relationships in particular always went on for way longer than they should.

    The bonus of such fixity – I never give up – I may be temporarily knocked down – but I come back stronger and more determined than ever. These qualities are a huge blessing for my twin passions of art and writing.

    On the Aquarius/Uranus debate I have noted that virtually all the big changes in my life, like moving from England to New Zealand, later on a career change from english teacher to artist and then my current long term successful relationship have occurred at strong Uranus transits.

    Uranus is my chart ruler and definitely my friend – without it I fear I would have remained stuck and unhappy for so much longer. I have five planets in Aquarius including Sun and Saturn plus AC and south node, I also score highly on the Saturn and Pluto tests, with Pluto conjunct Moon in Virgo.

    I think regarding the test it would be interesting to consider the different types of fixity. I am sure an essentially Aquarian fixed person would exhibit different tendencies than say a Taurean one or a Scorpionic fixed person – and especially a Leonine fixed person as Leo is polar opposite to Aquarius.

    • Good points you are making about the pros and cons of fixity. As for differentiating between the four fixed signs, the cardinal, fixed, mutable balance is but one dimension of the chart, of which there are many. I’d hate to have to create 4 tests for fixed, 4 for cardinal, and 4 for mutable. Donna

      • I wasn’t thinking of four different tests for each modality more of a comment in the section about the scores.

        In a way it goes back to the basics of understanding the energies of the signs – always, I feel, an ongoing study to grasp the complexities and the variety of expression.

        Thanks for the test, it’s got me thinking and certainly connecting more strongly the qualities of fixity to those particular signs – a good reminder.

  36. I have a score of 49. Sun and Moon in Taurus, Asc in Scorpio, MC in Leo, plus Scorpio and Capricorn planets. My Saturn and Pluto scores were both 40.
    I’m terribly fixed and can’t cope well with change. If I do make changes, they tend to be life-altering (like moving to a different continent), but I have to think about them for a long, looooong time before shooting into action.
    Oh, and did I mention I have a tendency to hold on to losses? (this includes viewing ’til death do us part’ as too casual a commitment).

  37. Correction: score is 39. Sorry I mistyped.

  38. Absolutely interesting thread!!

    Especially interesting to know how the fixicity plays out in relationships, especially if the significant other triggers a T-Square or Grand Cross (have i got this right?) to come and play !!!
    Peace out

    Donna, great as always in opening the doors to another step closer to understanding our charts

    Much love
    (universally of course)

  39. I scored a 25, but as others have said 11 of those points come from my Saturn and Pluto scores (Pluto was off the charts for me). I’m mostly mutable but being a Taurus Sun my core essence is fixed I guess 🙂 .

    Taurus Sun – 5 points
    Taurus Venus and Scorpio Neptune – 6 points (3 each)
    Virgo Mars/Uranus/Pluto conjunction – 3 points
    44 Saturn score – 4 points
    70 Pluto score – 7 points

    I’m curious as to why the Uranus score isn’t included as part of the score, as it is the ruler of Aquarius, which is fixed. Do you not include it because Aquarius is Air and therefore considered less fixed?

  40. My score is 35

    Sun in Aq; Ascendent in Scorp; Chiron/Merc in Aqu;
    Saturn in Scorp; Pluto in Leo; Moon in Virgo; Venus in Capricorn; Saturn score 50; Pluto score 65.

    I did this test after doing my mutable score (26). As I go through these scores, such an interesting picture is emerging; not necessarily about me, although I am looking at it of course through the lens of my own life experiences. I feel like I am getting a sense of the symphony that is astrology. Individual scores, in and of themselves, may lead one astray but as a collective of scores? Well, let the concert begin!

    For example, in my case, with a strong fixed mode; strong Pluto (65) Saturn (50) and strong Mercury (26) , my mutable mode (26); moon (19) and Neptune (22) look relatively weak. BUT in actuality I am a raving (ie off the charts) psychic person who happens to be a scientist and after 52 years of keeping those two worlds comfortably apart, they suddenly overlapped in multiple ways starting about three years ago, culminating in an incident that occurred last November after which I have not yet returned to work. If it weren’t for that strong fixed score, I would not be holding my ground as I am; nor would I be able to discern a pretty bizarre current reality from illusion. So what may look like over the top fixedness for someone else; for me, it’s holding me tethered to home while the winds of change keep a blowin’!

    • “I feel like I am getting a sense of the symphony that is astrology. Individual scores, in and of themselves, may lead one astray but as a collective of scores? Well, let the concert begin!”

      Thanks, Judith, I was starting to wonder about that this morning–how the range of tests might be doing in helping someone get a clearer all-over picture of themselves. Donna

      • Well they’re certainly helping me. Thanks, Donna.

  41. Oh, dear – could it be I have a 45 + 5 from Sat/Pluto = 50 total? I’d better keep up with yoga & strength training or arthritis will set in. I’m old enough to have a mind that goes with the flow, so to speak, and even tho I long for change, I sometimes find it difficult to accept. Very creative “test,” Donna. I enjoy your work. Great thread! Thank you.

    Leo ASC 5
    Leo Chiron 3
    Leo Nodes 2+2
    Taurus MC 3
    Scorpio mars 5
    Scorpio merc 5
    Scorpio venus 5
    Scorpio sun 5
    Aquarius moon 5
    Leo pluto 5
    45 + 5 from Sat/Pluto = 50 total

    Saturn score
    conj MC – 10
    quintile mars/merc 2@2= 4
    Sat in 10H = 5
    Ura in 10th = 3
    total of 22 @10% of 2.2 pts

    Pluto score
    sq mars = 5
    sextile sat/uranus 2@2= 4
    Sun Scorpio 5
    mars merc venus
    in Scorp @ 3 ea = 9
    total of 23 @10% = 2.3 + 2.2 Saturn = 5

    • I make it 42 – you over scored on the other planets and nodes 🙂

  42. Score of 25 for Fixed, but really am of the moderate range, not strong in this quality, though I definitely wish I was. I do admire Fixed personalities.
    -Asc Leo = 5
    -Merc, Jupiter & Chiron = 9
    -Moon Venus Capricorn = 2
    -Saturn = 3 (Saturn 28)
    -Pluto = 6 (Pluto 55)

  43. ooops, just 11 points- and 5 of those from scoring high on the Pluto test (54). Certainly explains my list of unfinished projects!

    • Low on fixed and you scored high on mutable–hopefully when we get to the cardinal signs, you’ll have a higher score on that to boost the finishing potential. Donna

  44. Oh yes, as I expected, a Fixed Queen! I have 40. Seven fixed planets, plus Asc, MC and nodes. Although I my Saturn score is only 19, I relate to this planet very strongly. I’m self-reliant to the extreme, loyal, driven to achieve all my goals. When combined with a strong fixed Mars and perpetual student syndrome, I have to be very careful of mental and physical burn-out. I have to conciously STOP.

    On the other side, my opinions can be too black and white and I know the fixidity can be too self-orientated. It’s hard to remember to include others in my focussed journey. It also has an odd affect on new technology; why should I be interested when the old one works just fine?

    I’m glad I’ve got a mutable score of 21. Not a complete automaton!

    Thanks for the quizzes Donna.

  45. Scored a 20. Not surprising at all with 7 points coming from the Saturn and Pluto scores. Leo Moon, Venus in Aquarius, Neptune in Scorpio and North Node in Taurus all within 1-5 degrees of each other so it’s obvious where my trip ups are but my greatest lessons too.

    Looking forward to the 9th house post.

  46. 32

  47. Scored a 46. Oh dear.

    Resistance to change, holding onto stuff for way too long, oh yes. Control freak – I admit.

    Have some of the good qualities too so that’s a relief.

    Wow, DC, thanks for the mirror!

  48. 39.5

    sun/mercury in aquarius = 8
    moon/ascendant/pluto in scorpio = 13
    jupiter/midheaven in leo = 8
    uranus,saturn,neptune in cap = 3
    pluto 55 = 5.5
    saturn 20 = 2

  49. 31.3 and yes once I decide on a course nothing stops me .Sun, moon , mercury and Pluto are fixed signs. Saturn within 10 degrees of MC. I have Libra rising but its also the constellation of Virgo.

    I have been called by the media an” irresistible force” meeting ( the Governors x wife) who was called ” an ” immovable object!” To the chagrin of said media, I think they were expecting fire works…..on a radio interview where she interviewed me.
    Indeed we understood and liked each other and got on just fine coming into agreement along political evolutionary lines.She then and there,unabashedly gave me her public support.

  50. 24.

    Sun in Taurus
    Venus, Jupiter in Taurus
    Uranus in Scorpio
    Moon’s Nodes in Taur/Scorp
    Moon in Virgo

    Saturn score was 24
    Pluto score was 51

  51. I scored 40. Which doesn’t surprise me. (I have Asc in Taurus, along with Jupiter and south node on the same degree with Asc, venus and sun in taurus, moon in cap, conj mc also cap. Uranus in Scorpio, mars in Leo, Neptune in 8th…
    Saturn score was 29, pluto score 18.)

    I do recognize my ability to stay very still internally in the midst of upheaval — the stronger it is the more solid i become! That was really put to the test living by the seat of my pants for my 20’s with just my shell on my back.

    I tend more towards frugality – not piling up on material possessions, and getting excited when i can get rid of stuff. So that’s not exactly true to fixed form. I never gave in homework or course work in on time – (trying to get it just right – to the point of not getting a grade because i missed the deadline!

    I am very loyal and committed, in work, friendships, marriage.

  52. 65.1

    I have a Fixed Grand Cross involving my Ascendant conj Moon in Aqua, Sun in Leo, MC & Pluto in Scorpio, & finally Mars in Taurus. So on the first segment alone I already got 40 points.


    Pluto & Mars in Fixed Sign = 6pts
    Moon Nodes = 4
    Uranus, Saturn, Neptune in Cap, Mercury in Virgo = 4
    10% of Saturn (50) = 5
    10% of Pluto (61) = 6.1

    But I dunno how’s the dynamics of all these planets, because I have a pretty funky chart (?)

    • OOPS. make that 45.1, since I was used to having the first segment be 10 pts each, which in this case is just 5. So knock off 20pts for that. 😀

      (I was getting really worried about that abnormally high score!)

    • I see that you have a lot of high scores, Ariehnox. That’s often the case in a chart that has tons of aspects, such as a Grand Cross. That shows that many of the planets are stronglyg connected and that you’re able to integrate the energies and needs and desires of several planets at once. Of course, it’s not easy to master that degree of complexity–that’s something you grow into in the course of a lifetime. But it shows that you have a lot going for you!

      How do you interpret a Grand Cross. One aspect at a time! A computer printout would give you a start on it, but remember, no computer can synthesize all those factors. Donna Cunningham

      • Firstly, thanks so much Ms. Donna for these wonderful quizzes. It allowed me to see which planets were speaking to me much strongly!

        I’m terribly new in Astrology, so I try to interpret the geometrical shapes in my chart just based on my gut feelings and what little knowledge I have regarding them. I have a Grand Cross, 3 Grand Trines, 2 Kites, and 2 Mystic Rectangles. I don’t know how the last one manifests though, since there are only few resources mentioning it. There also seems to be sharp oppositions from Neptune & Saturn pointing to my Chiron tightly conjunct Venus in Cancer in the 6th house.

        Here are the results of my planets:
        Sun 90
        Moon 96
        Mercury 39
        Venus 40
        Mars 73
        Jupiter 29
        Saturn 50
        Uranus 41
        Neptune 49
        Pluto 61
        Chiron 47

        After I took your quizzes, I’ve come to be thankful and appreciate my Grand Cross a lot better. I’ve realized that it’s always been protecting me from the great strength some (many?) planets have in my chart. I could only imagine that if one of them were on a slightly different degree and did not form a grand cross, I think I may have been blown away by these cosmic influences pretty badly. It firmly plants me smack at the middle, and if one of them is acting up, the other three would help me put myself back right into place. But just like any over-protective parent, it doesn’t allow for much growth.

        I think the Grand Trines are also making me feel that I have everything I need inside this enclosed cosmic space the planets have bound me in, so I am not as progressively driven and active into achieving my career goals (that’s why I was surprised my Mars was actually THAT strong), and is actually looking forward for a quaint life in a small country home, ever since I was very young. But despite all of that, I still want to have something I could be proud of in terms of career, as if my Sun and Mars were grumbling on their wee corners, trying to coax the other two… But Pluto only agrees if everyone does; and Moon & Ascendant in Aqua is trying to be the stubborn nut in whatever proposal the others make. Pluto is also telling me to transform, as he’s the key planet in the 2 Kites, but alas, I’m still inside the fortress of the Cross so it’s hard to follow his beckons.

        So I guess before settling in, I should learn on this lifetime how to expand those boundaries; taking all 4 corners of the Cross at once and extending them simultaneously, allowing to plant myself on a larger acre of field.

        I don’t know if any of these even correctly makes any sense, as I may have mixed up the planets’ characteristics even… but right now that’s how I feel with all these. :> It’s all thanks to these quizzes that I realized the opportunities, strengths and lessons the planets would gladly provide to help me in my journey. 😀

      • I’m glad you enjoyed them, Ariehnox. It’s going to take many years of studying astrology and of observing yourself through the lens of astrology to fathom the meanings of all those aspects, but that’s why astrology is such a deep and rewarding source of insight. You’ll find articles about many of those aspects and the houses involved–the elements too–among the offerings on this blog. You might begin by using the search engine for the site, which is on the top right hand corner. Have fun! Donna

  53. I got a 22 on this without my Saturn and Pluto scores (Saturn was at least a 30, probably a lot more than that, and Pluto is quite prominent on my chart, so I probably should.) I have a singleton Pluto in the 11th because it’s my only mutable planet. It’s trine to Saturn and midpointed by Uranus domiciled in Aquarius. How many points do I get for that? I also have a Grand Cross and like Ariehnox I have some ridiculously overpowered planets – Uranus scoring 92 if you count Chiron aspects. :/ I think the Grand Cross is what causes the scores to go so high, especially on my chart where I have sooo many aspect patterns it’d be nice if they weren’t mostly in cardinal signs with a fixed Asc.

  54. 41 for me! Mercury, Moon, Sun, Mars, Saturn in Aquarius. Neptune, Asc in Scorpio. MC in Leo. 😉

  55. I got a score of 39, I have several planets in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius, North Node in Leo, practically a grand cross with my Uranus in Scorpio. I definitely feel fixed but I also have a lot of Uranus in my chart and a far amount of mutability so I crave change as well!! It’s nice to see so many others with heavy fixed charts here too 🙂

  56. 27 here. The lowest as the other 2 are joint first. My Sun is in Aquarius and my Pluto is in Scorpio. My Ascendant is in Virgo. My North Node is in Aquarius. My Saturn score was really high too. Pluto was moderate.

  57. 15 only for Fixed. No personal planets or angles in Fixed.
    Difficult for me to finish projects but so easy to come up with new ones. I do finish them eventually, thanks to strong Saturn, Pluto ? Also, probably because of the high Cardinal score (36) . The highest mode for me is Mutable 40.

  58. OK, being a 31 Fixed didn’t surprise me. I knew it would be high just by counting astral bodies. Leo ascendant, three planets in same, Taurus/Scorpio on the nodes. Adding in the Virgo/Capricorn factor (my Sun and Moon, respectively) and the Saturn/Pluto percentages (four each), just amped it up. Letting go of difficulties and not always being able to quickly see an alternative are areas where I’d say being strongly fixed is a difficulty for me. On to Mutable!

  59. 35.9, but I think planets in succedent houses should count as well.

  60. my score’s 17!! really not that high compared to everyone else lol

    • That means you’re really flexible–and in today’s world, you gotta be! Donna

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