Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 20, 2010

Flower Essences for Difficult Patterns of Water and Air Signs

©2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

This is Part Two of a discussion of flower essences for the four elements used in astrology—fire, earth, air, and water. Also known as flower remedies, these gentle, natural healing catalysts can support people in releasing longstanding emotional blocks and finding new ways to perceive and respond to life’s challenges—an excellent adjunct to other types of healing.

If your chart is overly strong in one element—or conversely, that element is largely absent—you may find that returning to the essences described in these two articles serves to center you.  The odd thing about essences is that they often serve to balance both ends of the spectrum–too much or too little.

For instance, I have seen Sunflower work wonders for people with overly strong Suns (and thus too insistent on being the center, too egotistical, etc) and also for people with challenged Suns such as a Saturn or Neptune conjunction who lack confidence and self-esteem. In either case, it seems to help people love themselves but also to recognize the strengths and contributions of others.

We’ve already seen some possible Flower Essences for Difficult Patterns of the Fire and Earth Signs in Part One.  Below are essences for Air and Water.


The true air sign loves the interchange of ideas and communication with like-minded souls, and so this Communication Age has been tailor-made for them. Instant messaging, business networking, and other advantages of the computer revolution have been exciting for many air sign types. Yet there is always the danger of information overload, of wonderful-sounding but flawed theories, and of being spread too thin to be effective. If your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign is in air, there are many flower remedies to help contend with these distractions.

 HANDLING INFORMATION OVERLOAD: When the mind is bombarded by too much information and other sensory overload, Dill by Flower Essence Services – Flower Essences (FES) can combat that spaced-out, almost dizzy feeling. (Again, we refer here to the flower remedy, not to the plant itself.) Another FES remedy, Filaree, helps process all that data and figure out what is really important and pertinent.

 When the air sign has consulted too many different sources or experts and need to sort out and synthesize the information, FES’ Shasta Daisy is a wonderful catalyst. FES’s Peppermint is also useful when the mind is sluggish and a fresh, new perspective is needed.

 The Bach remedy Hornbeam is well known for helping release mental fatigue, the weariness that causes so many to turn to caffeine to get through each morning. (Bach Remedies are available at many health food stores, but FES offers Healing Herbs, a variety that is of the highest quality.)

DEVELOPING FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION: For those whose thinking is scattered and who are easily distracted, FES’s Madia is useful in disciplining the mind. FES’ Blackberry helps air signs move from ideas—of which they have no lack—into action, so they can manifest their visions. When we need to juggle many details and demands at once, FES’s Rabbitbrush helps us maintain a strong focus.


If your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign is in the element of water, there are many flower remedies to help. In general, Pisces and Scorpio have been the more stressed-out of the water signs over the past several years. Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius squared many Scorpio placements, and Saturn in Virgo opposed planets in Pisces as well.

 Water signs are so keenly sensitive to their environment that many of them have been as troubled by world events and by the crises their loved ones face as by their own personal challenges. Given this same sensitivity, however, I often find that water signs respond quickly and well to the liquid flower remedies. Adding them to a long, healing bath is especially calming and soothing.

 EMOTIONAL BALANCE: Many water sign natives struggle to maintain an emotional balance, neither suppressing nor being undated by their feelings. FES has a pair of such remedies. Their Scarlet Monkeyflower helps process and release the kinds of emotions that we alternately bottle up and then explosively release. As its red color suggests, anger is one of the emotions it addresses.

 People who repress certain emotions altogether and then develop more diffuse symptoms like psychosomatic illnesses might benefit from FES’s Fuchsia.

One of my favorites by Desert Alchemy Flower Essences is Violet Curls, in that it seems to dry out a “soggy” aura, the kind you might wind up with after long, strenuous crying or a bad night of stewing over resentments. For this sort of emotional hangover, I would suggest a few drops mixed in a glass of water and sipped slowly, but a mixture of the remedy used over time is also helpful after a period of prolonged emotional upset.

REDUCING EXCESSIVE SENSITIVITY: The exquisite sensitivity of a true water sign is a gift in many respects, for it helps these individuals empathize with others, respond to the beauty of the arts, and attune to their own needs and the needs of others. In times of stress, however, the water sign may turn into a psychic sponge, bombarded by the suffering of others and becoming worn down in the process.

 FES has several remedies that can help. Their Yarrow is a time-tested general remedy for psychic shielding and for strengthening the aura, but Pink Yarrow is the version most effective when the person is too prone to absorb loved one’s turmoil psychically. Another of FES’ remedies, Red Clover, helps the person to remain calm and centered when surrounded by people in crisis and turmoil. Spraying a mixture of these remedies around the house or office and taking a bath with a dropperful of the mixture dispersed into the water are additional ways of clearing out the turbulence.

Learning More about the Essences

WANT PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF THAT THE ESSENCES WORK?  See   by Deborah Bier, PhD. These photos of an experiment conducted by Deborah and her students were lost for several years. They show clearly the positive effect an essence mixture has on germinating and growing plants. These photos have never been published anywhere before!

 For more information about using essences, download the introductory chapter of my ebook, Flower Remedies: How Plants Can Heal Us here flower essence information-ch1  and order the book at Bach Centre also has a free ebook to download at:

  Vibration participated in the 2010 astrology Blogathon by publishing A Collection of Articles about Combining Essences and Astrology.

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  1. Dear Donna, would you happen to know of the top of your head of any Flower Remedies that would improve eating disorders?

    • No, Jen, Flower remedies don’t “cure” any serious illness, physical or emotional–they aren’t magic bullets. They can catalyze growth in working through certain issues. And for each overeater, there are a different set of issues that trigger binges.

      So if a person could identify what they eat/drink/overspend/gamble/etc about, there could be essences that help you get more insight or awareness about those issues or release some of the emotional blockages that lead to overeating. For an addiction or compulsion, essences can be one of a group of tools you work with, but not THE answer. Donna

      • Dear Donna, thank you for the insight. XX

  2. Hi Donna, Any plans to write an article detailing how to find the element strengths in a chart? Could we just mark 1 pt for every planet, or would it be more complex..?

    • Eventually, I’ll do a series of quizzes on the elements. In the meantime, one system has you using 2 points for the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and Midheaven, and 1 point for each of the other planets. You add up the points for planets in signs that are in fire, then the ones in earth, and so on, to come up with your elemental balance. Donna

  3. HI Donna. Thank you for these articles! I’ve used Bach on and off for years, but I’m curious on some of the others you mention. I have a grand trine in water and a Scorpio Asc so the essences for water will be tried! I soak up other peoples feelings all the time. I also have a lot of Virgo in the mix.

    What do you recommend for worries that grows into anxieties – not quite panic attacks, but close. When I let it happen, I get overwhelmed and completely incapable of getting out. I do, but it seems to take a very long time.

    • The Bach remedies were developed during the Great Depression, so there are quite a spectrum of them for various kinds of fears and discouragements.

      They can be quite specific to a variety of character patterns, so it’s important to read the descriptions and see which one fits you the closest. I’d suggest that you go to Vibration Magazine ( and put anxiety into the search engine and follow the links that come up. We have about 500 articles there, and I’m sure that one of those remedies will suit your particular typeof anxiety perfectly.

      I should stress again, that flower essences/remedies are not meant to replace pyschiatric medications where needed. Donna

      • Thanks, Donna. Hornbeam and Chestnut Bud seems to fit my “profile”, so I’m going with those!

  4. Dear Donna, are there any remedies for people who can’t cry? And if there is one, would it still work for non-believers, or should I bend my science bent, first? Thanx!

    • There are a variety of essences for people who hold back or repress their emotions, and, again, you’d have to find the one that fit your pattern most closely. This is where study and skill in making the right choice comes in–an essence practitioner would determine that in an interview.

      Some possibilities by FES might be Scarlet Monkeyflower, Agrimony, Yerba Santa, Evening Primrose, Fuschia, or Golden Eardrops. You’d want to consult a book about them, especially their FES’ Flower Essence Repertory. The link for FES is in the article.

      As for skeptics, they work on plants, children, and animals and, yes, skeptics, so belief or nonbelief doesn’t seem to interfere. There was one study done back in the 1970s that was scientifically impeccable, and the results were very clear. I don’t know if the report on that is still on FES’s website or not. You might also click on the link in the article that takes you to pictorial evidence that it worked on plants. Donna

  5. Right, skeptics, that’s the world I’ve been looking for! Good to know that doubts don’t block the healing powers of the essencies, or shield the energy of the individual, or whatever (again for lack of better phrasing)
    Just checked out the pictures, too. SERIOUSLY?

  6. Hi Donna – just one more! Would Sunflower be good for someone with no fire?

    • Sunflower might bolster the self-confidence, if that’s part of the problem. But again it would depend on what fire functions were lacking. Donna

  7. Hello Donna.
    Just out of curiosity, i want to ask, what will the effect of these flower essences of taken by wrong people. Wrong people in the sense say for e.g. people with lot of fire taking sunflower essences? Will that aggravate the that very quality of a native? or it wont work? This is something when say someone unknowingly uses a wrong essence or preparation is labeled wrongly.

    Does FES website(you mentioned) has the largest variety of these? If not any other options? (options out of the online websites which offer quality products)
    Thanks in advance

    • Good questions. Well, the interesting thing is that the essences seem to be self-correcting and balancing. I’ve been working with them for going on 30 years, and I don’t see them creating an overload of people’s undesirable characteristics. Sunflower is a wonderful example. What you wind up with when you take it–whether you have low self-esteem or are arrogantly full of yourself–is a balanced sense of self-worth that recognizes your own good qualities but also appreciates other people’s strengths as well.

      There can be a kind of difficult but ultimately productive catharsis with essences when too much has been held in. (EG the person who can’t stand up for themselves, who blows up at the people who have been taking advantage when they first start taking Centaury, but then learns more self-assertiveness.) Deborah Bier writes about this here:

      As for FES, it is only one of many fine essence collections around the world. There are wonderful essences from Australia, India, the Amazon, etc, based on the flowers native to that region. I focus on FES in these articles because their essences are made and bottled with great integrity, they thoroughly research their effects before offering them to the public, they have a great training program, and they are easy to obtain in the US and have distributors around the world. You will find articles about many other companies in the 500 or so articles in the free archives online at Vibration Magazine. ( Donna

  8. Hi Donna! great work by the way 🙂
    I just want to ask if there are similiar essences to Violet Curls that will help a person to ‘dry out’? I have all the Bach remedies and a few FES ones so would like to know if i already have an appropiate essence 🙂 I seem to have an over balance of water with very little fire.
    Thank you

    • Good question, Simon. As I go through the list of Bach remedies in my mind, I think not entirely equivalent to Violet Curls. Essences for SPECIFIC emotions (fear, despair, etc) but for excessive emotionality itself, not really. If the Bach remedies were really the be all and end all of essences, there probably wouldn’t have been the need to develop other collections. Donna

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