Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 22, 2010

How do You Use Astrology to Heal Yourself?

©9-22-10 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 We’ve just finished looking at some flower essences that coordinate with the four elements and their more difficult patterns. I’ve been using essences and other healing tools with astrology since the early 1980s, but I’m curious as to how my readers use astrology itself as a healing tool.  

 One of the ways I’ve used my astrology chart is as a warning against various self-defeating behaviors. For instance, I once seriously considered taking up smoking as a way to lose weight. My reasoning (if you’d call it that) was that putting a cigarette in my mouth rather than a sweet would cut those calories I was compulsively counting.

Then I looked at my chart and the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Gemini squaring my South Node in the 8th house. AND my Neptune in the 3rd squaring Mercury on the cusp of the 12th.  AND my family history of emphysema and weak lungs.  NOPE. NOT such a bright idea after all!!  So I never took up smoking.

Skywriter Donna Cunningham astrological humorPaying income tax on my astrology and writing income was always a huge hardship, as it is for many of us in the metaphysical fields. But I never considered going off the books as an option.

One deterrent was that same Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Gemini squaring my South Node in the 8th house (taxes) .

The other was my Sun in the 12th, and that fairly scary old time teaching about the 12th house representing prison. Brrr! From that combination of chart placements, I could tell I’d never get away with it.  So I paid my taxes, come hell, high water, or dire poverty.

It turns out that I was right to worry.  About 10 years ago, I had a medical catastrophe when both hips had to be replaced and I had no insurance (insurance is an 8th house matter).  The premium on the only insurance that would take me was the same as my quarterly IRS payment, so I had to make the scary decision to stop paying the IRS for two years during my hip replacement process. 

When I started making quarterly payments again, the IRS came after me like gangbusters. To make a long horror story short, I’m all okay now, but it was a rough few years.

When I reached 62, as a result of paying taxes all my working life, I started collecting my Social Security pension—a positive side of the 8th house—and it’s made all the difference.

 How about you, Readers?  How have you used your chart to save yourself grief—or to heal difficult parts of your psyche?  Tell us about it in the comment section by scrolling down below this article.

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  1. I have moved to make certain planets angular or to help intercepted houses. I have chosen electional charts to buy/sell a house, and also for spiritual decisions, as well (for greatest impact). I’ve done the void of course tax moon thing too…

  2. LOL! Well, anything that helps us face taxes more calmly is a good thing. Donna

  3. I have a question about Flower Remedies.

    Do they work for people who don’t know they are taking them or for people who don’t necessarily believe in them? In other words, can it work like it did for the plant experiment, where the plants didn’t know whether they were receiving the Remedies (unless the experimenters talked to the plants, like I sometimes do, and told them), and presumably, plants have no opinion one way or another about the effectiveness, right?

    So with people, do they have to be conscious of the treatment and believe it works for it to work? I guess I am wondering about placebo effects and whether someone who is open-minded yet somewhat skeptical should even bother to try it.

    Please don’t think I’m just being a jerk in asking this, I really want to know. With your background as a therapist, you probably recognized that the therapeutic relationship wouldn’t be as effective if the patient wasn’t really on board with the idea of it. At least that’s what I think the conventional thinking was.

    On the other hand, I consider that vibrations are vibrations and energy is energy, so how can it not effect you, one way or another, and how much better then to choose your vibe.

    I would really appreciate your input, Donna.

    • Hi, I’d already talked about skeptics in a comment on one of the pair of articles, so won’t repeat myself. There was an impeccable doctoral dissertation study in the 1970s, complete with placebos that was very good proof that it was not due to belief or disbelief. It might still be on the Flower Essence Society Website.

      As for people who don’t know they are taking them–that is a complete ethical violation of their free will, and I hope nobody does that. Suppose your mate or your mother didn’t like something about you and decided to sneak essences into your oatmeal or coffee or whatever without your knowledge? How betrayed and violated would you feel? Donna

      • I wasn’t suggesting that I or anyone else would want to give them to someone without their knowledge. This comment was strictly to emphasise my queries regarding skepticism and placebo effects–like in a research trial where you don’t actually know if you’re getting the real stuff or not.
        That said, my apologies for not reading the comments on the other posts. At the same time, it appears that at times you don’t thoroughly read all comments either.

      • If I seemed too quick to come down on the question of giving the essences to people who don’t know they are getting them, believe me, many people who discover the essences jump right in and DO exactly that and, furthermore, are quite smug and proud of it. It is a serious boundary invasion and an ethical violation. Donna

    • You’re out of luck with your “you don’t read your comments” comment.

      You said:
      “I have a question about Flower Remedies.

      Do they work for people who don’t know they are taking them…?”

      No further clarification – easy to see you mean giving them to people who don’t know they’re taking them.

      You could have found the answers to your question by reading the official Bach Flower Remedy website btw. Put forth some effort, grasshopper.

      I’ve put my blog URL back. I love a good argument: Cancer Mars Rx 3rd House opp Capricorn Jupiter/Saturn conj in 9th, Virgo Pluto/NN conj in 5th. Send me a comment and I’ll argue with you open to the world until we’re both blue in the face, or until you give up. 🙂

      • No arguments here, folks, if you please. We can have discussions, disagreements, but no flaming. Donna

  4. I’m always trying to figure out the purpose of it all, why we live, die, suffer, why we don’t act our best, why we love something or someone and not another, why we die when we die, why regrets, why there’s evil, why the evil part of us, why are we weak or strong, what is love, why are we not good enough, what is time, what makes us believe, who is really in control, and most of all, what is God and the Universe?. I have at times challenged the power of creation’s wisdom. But in the end Astrology and Spirituality has given hope and meaning to my life, it has also separated me from those around me, and at times has made me think I have used it as a means to scape. But I can’t separate it from my life. While seeing that even the most noble or gifted in spiritual paths have faced the worst of challenges and have endured pains without much rewards compared to more materialistic ways to spend time. It’s my one and only help when things are hard to bear. Astrology helps me understand myself and others. I thank you for lighting our way in this generous way. The beauty in nature and animals helps too.

    • A lovely statement, Jen. It is indeed a magnificent art. I should have mentioned that before I found astrology at age 26, I had ceased to believe in God at all, and I was in a dark, depressed, hopeless state of mind. Astrology was my spiritual awakening, my salvation, and, ultimately, my calling. Donna

  5. This is a great question, Donna, and I am looking forward to learning a lot from the responses you receive!

    For myself, there are two general kinds of ways that astrology helps with “process” and in so doing, opens doors to healing that I didn’t even know existed.
    First, astrology reveals to me dimensions of my basic personality or temperament that are operating without my clear awareness. One recent example, which incidentally I discovered from you, Donna, is the position of Venus in my natal chart–3 degrees Capricorn. I have a baby Venus! -your words, Friendly doesn’t mean friend, captured a dynamism in my life that I have lived, often painfully, since childhood and didn’t even know I was doing it!! When I meet someone new now and they are engaging me in a friendly way, while I am responding to them, in my head I just keep saying Friendly doesn’t mean friend……friendly doesn’t mean friend…….over and over AND WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I’m not like that little puppy wagging her tail anymore!

    I have always known there was a kind of naiivete about me. That is not the discovery. It is the PRECISION of astrology–the way in which astrology shows us not only the theme, but the EXACT dynamic that is operative (or several dynamics interacting through the various aspects)
    It is akin to the difference between knowing there is “something wrong” with my left knee and finding out that I have an anterior cruciate ligament strain in that knee. Now I know PRECISELY what is going on and I am empowered to respond strategically in the service of my personal healing.

    The second way that astrology helps me along my path is it helps me to “situate” myself at any particular space-time and in so doing, I can see more clearly what my options are. When I was a practicing psychiatrist, I would say to patients that the definition of “crazy” is not knowing where you are. That if you are psychotic and you KNOW you are psychotic then you are not “crazy”. Feeling lost and disoriented in life is crazy-making. When I am going through an accelerated process of shifting, I turn to astrology and divination practices first. Sometimes, I just stare at my natal or progressed chart or a chart I have of a particular event in my life, in a state of meditation, and–sure enough–later in the day or the next day or sometime later that week, something will “tweak” and I will “download” a vital missing piece of the puzzle that immediately turns the light back on and I can see exactly where I am and what choices are available in that place. AND I can backtrack to my meditation on my chart of a few days prior and there it is–I have just learned something very specific about myself OR I have affirmed something that I had known but forgotten or lost sight of in the midst of the chaos.

    Lately that has been happening by working with some of the fixed stars and dwarf planets–not by reading about them so much as placing them on my charts and simply looking at them; at the pattern that the aspects take. The most dramatic example is a chart I made of the moment in time when I was physically assaulted last November. Recently I placed some fixed stars on that chart and was quite struck by how many new aspect lines attached to the ascendant of that moment. I just meditated on that observation; then was drawn to look up the meaning of the particular zodiac degree of that Ascendent sign only to discover it signifies a female (spiritual) warrior. The evening of the assault, I went to an exhibit of paintings done by a woman; I walked in and within five minutes, I had purchased a painting of a woman who is a spiritual warrior. She has a prominent place in my home. In these times of isolation and financial crisis consequent to the assault, that moment of re-discovery of my inner spiritual warrior has helped more than words can describe!

    In summary, I KNOW I would be lost without the gift of astrology. I am most grateful for the guidance and guardianship of the cosmos.

    HOPe this wasn’t too long.

    • No, Judith, not too long, thanks. I get the feeling this article is going to bring a wonderful sharing. Donna

  6. Is such a wonderful healing tool and companion.

    Recently, it’s being very helpful to help me find a new path career wise. I have strong career houses, 10th and 6th especially so being idle for a while has being a hard to deal with. The good news is that the intuitions I’ve had seem to connect with elements I didn’t pay all the attention before in my chart, and that point to the 4th and creative projects: Jupiter rules the 4th and is in the 6th conjunct mercury ruler Asc. NN conjunct IC in sag as well. Plus Uranus (self employment) is in my 2nd ruled by venus in the 5th (creative!) both squared and in mutual reception. Sooo that’s what I’m up to now, putting it together and starting my own thing…the fact that I was able to find reassurance of gifts and guidelines of how to put them in motion has being healing in many levels for me.

    Neddles to say Donna, your articles, links and comments along your blog have being an invaluable source of light in this process!

  7. I’ve always been interested in astrology since I was very young. I have relatives that practice astrology. I didn’t really start paying attention to it and studying it until I moved in 2007 and really found myself in a “what is happening to me” state. I searched our library and found some quality sites online (like this one) and learned so much about myself and am still learning. I feel like a new person after realizing what I had been going through which was my pluto square and now my uranus opp uranus and nep sq nep. I have learned to manage my emotions much better (cancer moon in the 8th) and have learned a bunch about my own family as well as my relatives and why that has been such a hardship. I can’t imagine my life without it now. I’ve really enjoyed reading the other responses also. Thank you.

  8. Also, since I’ve been learning so much about astrology on my own I have been interested in having an astrological consultation. I am not sure how to go about finding a good one though or if there are even any in my area. Do you have any advice on this? Thank you.

    • Many good astrologers are comfortable practicing at a distance on the phone, so if you find someone’s blog or website whose work you like, you might go that route. Have a look at the articles here under the category “Guest Blogger”. Donna

  9. Good question! I guess it could best be summed up by saying that learning about my personal astrology has reinforced my independent spiritual insights regarding faith and healing. Having both Pluto and Uranus in the 12th (as well as a strongly aspected 6th house Chiron opposite Uranus) has gone a long way towards teaching me to let go of false expectations regarding my own physical circumstances and instead to TRY and focus on developing a more philosophical/spiritual perspective. Basically, I’ve had to learn to be willing to lose it all and still be grateful – that’s the only way I’ll ever feel “whole”. I also function (and feel) better when I’m truly serving others in practical ways (as opposed to enabling them) and have become far less dependent on Western Medicine.

    Having said all that, I’ve still learned the value in taking personal responsibility for the care and feeding of this physical body via Pluto in Virgo conjunct Rising, 6th house Chiron, as well as a stellium of 2nd house planets/asteroids/points exactly opposite 8th house planets/points. Over the years these aspects have played out as a gradual letting go of all addictions – smoking, drinking, caffeine, sugar and drama – just to name a few. My Moon square Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter does better without the illusionary quick fixes; practicing ongoing healthy habits has been the way to go. My retrograde Gemini Mars (trine Moon and square Pluto) also requires daily exercise (walking/dancing) in order to maintain optimum good health and a strong mind/body connection. I still screw up from time to time, but I continue to try.

    And like Judith, I’ve found that learning about the various asteroids, dwarf planets and points – especially as they relate to overall health and emotional well-being – has been amazingly helpful in fine tuning my own uniquely designed (and divinely inspired) healing journey.

  10. Yes, I do.

    It explains so many things about me that have been inexplicable, like how I was able to drive myself to the hospital to give birth to my second child: Taurus Asc, strong as an ox. And why it took months for doctors to figure out I was pregnant with my first daughter: Neptune in 6th conj Desc, fog and mystery regarding illness, difficulty in diagnoses. I was exactly halfway through that pregnancy before anyone thought to try the old “kill a rabbit” test. The “mystery disease” list goes on and on.

    I see the extreme importance of watching for addiction: Neptune in 4th, 6th, and 12th Houses in several family members. It perfectly explains why I’ve had good success with diuretics for Meniere’s Syndrome: Libra cusp 6th, rules kidneys. I would dearly love to study charts of people diagnosed with Meniere’s.

    We seem to fall into two categories: those who respond to diuretics (first-line treatment) and those who respond to anti-virals (virtually a last-resort treatment). Wonder what the chart of a person who responds well to anti-virals would look like??

    The shining star has been my relationship with my mother. Our healing has come mostly emotionally and psychologically so far. Who knows what healing lies ahead? We’re both committed to it. I see perfect healing in this life as a probability!

    I asked my mother today if she thought I’d make a good Bach Flower Remedy practitioner and she gave me an enthusiastic yes. My heart sang. I’m retired on disability pension now but I’m gradually getting better. Soon, soon… 🙂

    I have Aquarius Chiron in my 10th conj Ceres, scored a 35 on Joyce Mason’s Chi-Q test and a 265 on the Chi-Res, SN/NN Pisces/Virgo, and was asked by Pam Oslie why I’m not out healing the earth? 🙂

    Soon, soon…praying until then. My full-time job right now is getting well. I hope I can continue to work until the day I die. 😀

  11. Great post. And wonderful comments. xxx

  12. ‘Neptune and me’
    I don’t believe in God, never did actually (my dad is a sworn atheist and my mom is sooo religious she doesn’t exactly help god’s case), so astrology is the closest I’ve ever gotten to what we’d call ‘spirituality’. I became interested in it when a newspaper horoscope predicted with astounding accuracy what was going on in my life that period. I had to learn how this thing works, in order to decide for myself whether it is valid or not! (This summer I found that transiting Neptune was aspecting my natal jupiter through that period). What really impressed me about it, is that it is actually a theory, and a very systematic one- no turbans, no crystal balls, no nothing. At first I was making a really bad use of it, obsessing about predictions, and what’s up next and stuff like that- i’m sure all newbies have been there. Studying is what helped me appreciate it’s true value (though I must admit that I only study through Neptune transits). So, here’s what I’ve learned through astrology:
    1) A good character trait and a bad one are two sides of the same coin. I may be impatient and quick-tempered, but I’m also fast, and I can’t have one without the other.
    2) You are what you are, and what you are can’t change. You can evolve within a spectrum but you can’t change. And that, for Uranus in the 3rd-black sheep people like me, is a huuuge lesson.
    3) Through transits of planets that are not accentuated in the birth chart, you get the chance to walk in someone else’s shoes, and therefore understand him better and respect him for what he is. Before my Neptune transits, and being a fierce, obsessive, arrogant person who always found a way to get what I wanted, I couldn’t understand what it feels like to be indecisive, fearful or weak. I couldn’t get why people waisted time falling on their knees praying, instead of actually doing sth to help themselves. I was either too young or too stupid to understand. Or, I thought that people who weren’t as blunt as I was were just devious, dishonest cowards, now I know that keeping your opinion to yourself is an act of humility and compassion, a display of sensitivity to human suffering. Painful lessons, indeed, but valuable ones.
    4) The day I read your post on quincunxes, Donna, I went catatonic. In order to feel the aspect I went through my chart to see if i had any transiting 150s. It turned out neptune was then quincunxing my saturn, and that in the previous years it 150 my virgo stellium and asc. Which totally explained-with dates- the hardships I went through this decade and also why I felt so decentered and insecure and helpless. (I used to pin all this on Pluto, but it turns out, Pluto is a nice guy-at least to me). To make matters worse, I realised that for the next 15 years it will be transiting my 7th, opposing my stellium.I wanted to jump out of the planet, I honestly felt I just couldn’t cope with it. But after I calmed down I decided to work myself through it. Which brings me to my last remark: Astrology is an excellent navigator through hard times. So, instead of yelling to myself ‘wake up, stupid’-which i often did in the past through these transits, I decided to stop resisting, and embrace all the forgiveness, the intuition, the compassion and the artistic spirituality that comes with the era. It’s a pity I’ll lose some of my iron will, but then again, I’ll also get rid of some of my cynicism.
    And though I still haven’t reached a definitive conclusion as for the validity of astrology, it’s been an enchanting journey, and I’m glad I took it.

    • Wonderful exposition of what you’ve learned through the lens of astrology, VR. Thanks! Donna

  13. First, I’ve learned with astrology that whatever you need to experiment, you will! Meaning, that there is no escape for our egos to skip lessons and especially during important transits, the energy of the planets will always find their way to you one way or the other. In this way, astrology is of great comfort to me to accept things (as a human, I mean that my tantrums of resistance does not last as long as before LOL!) , challenging me with my perception of the “reality” , like it or not! Second, astrology is a great way for me to engage conversation with others, Believers or skeptics, the conversation is never dull.

  14. I use Astrology to help me understand the part I play in attracting or causing my problems and negative experiences. It also helps me identify the kinds of changes I need to make (in attitudes and behaviors) to avoid or solve them, as well as the strengths and abilities I can call upon to make changing a little easier.

  15. wow, i love all these responses.

    well, i have said this in other comments here on the blog, so i will try to refrain from repeating too much but i “happened upon” astrology at a very young age. i was drawn to the occult section of Walden Books or whatever store it was at the mall when i was all of 11 or 12 years of age. i can remember hiding a book on ESP in my nightstand drawer for fear of anyone in my family wondering what the hell i was doing! shortly thereafter, i discovered sun-sign astrology and it just went deeper and deeper over the years. i even went to “astro camp” (my nickname) in the napa valley region before my first saturn return and studied under steven forrest.

    sometimes i think about all these things and wonder WHY? HOW? why did i go this direction? what drew me to the occult section (now renamed “metaphysical” if anyone’s noticed!) at so young an age? nobody i know in my circle of friends and family has EVER had any interest in astrology beyond maybe reading their horoscope in the daily paper, if even that.

    now that i’ve uncovered some childhood traumas that occurred right around the same age i discovered this other world, i cannot help but deduce that somewhere in my being, unconsciously, i was searching for myself through astrology. and honestly? even with all the studying and insights i’ve definitely gleaned over the past 20+ years, i am still on a quest. sure, i’ve branched outside of myself – i track family members, friends, look at transits, progressions, solar returns, deaths – oh, death is a BIG one for me (jupiter & chiron in 8th house aries aspecting nearly ever single planet in my chart and also being a focal point in that sector). i am just on one big lifelong quest to understand myself, my relationships to others, and everyone around me. it’s fascinating.

    i *see* things in my chart – so much potential – but if there is one big lesson i have learned it’s that not everything pans out as you would like or as you see. i feel like i have a lot of self-knowledge here, but applying it is the act of free will, first and foremost, and sometimes there is something in me that just isn’t ready. but always i am seeking and observing and learning! i love it – good & ugly, the challenges, the triumphs.

    also, i have found a way to introduce astrology to people around me who might be skeptical or just ignorant in a way that isn’t overwhelming and it’s always an interesting topic of conversation! my friends are amazed at the insights i have just looking at symbols and geometry on a piece of paper or the screen.

    but back to the original question about healing yourself or dealing with the challenges in life through astrology – it helps me every single day – in ways i’m positive i don’t fully understand in language. it’s a GIFT to utilize astrology in one’s life!

    • Erin, you say, “i *see* things in my chart – so much potential – but if there is one big lesson i have learned it’s that not everything pans out as you would like or as you see.”

      That’s true of all of us, I think. The delicious thing I’ve learned in my mature years is that we can develop our chart potentials at any age, and that there are parts of us that are put there specifically for development in maturity. It’s like those time-sensitive genes that only get activated at particular ages. Also, sometimes there are karmic agreements and responsbilities that have to get handled first before we blossom in various ways.

      The other thing is that outer planet placements and aspects take some seasoning via life experiences (including some rough ones), and thus people who are strong in the outer planets often don’t fully come into their own until their 40s and beyond. The midlife series of outer planets aspecting themselves in transit is a major turning point. Donna

      • Without replying to the overall question directly, Donna your comment about certain astrological things happening later after some life has been lived … “there are karmic agreements and responsbilities that have to get handled first before we blossom in various ways.” is what I have really learned recently. Astrology, like life itself and ourselves, is constantly changing and evolving and what we see in our 20’s when we look at our charts as novices, will change in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s etc. My *aha moment* recently about the importance of Chiron in my chart, which I never thought of before as a basket but recently realized that Chiron is the handle of the basket, is an example of this. And my amateur astrological eyes have been looking at this chart for at least 25 years …

      • Donna,

        I love this “The delicious thing I’ve learned in my mature years is that we can develop our chart potentials at any age, and that there are parts of us that are put there specifically for development in maturity.”

        I’m working on an article/post digging into The Composite Chart as a navigational tool for two old dears (that would be P & Me) journeying with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. It’s not an easy write, and is definitely something to do at this mature time of life. The potential I see in a composite of 6o-something folk is different than I would have looked at it even ten years earlier.

        Glad I found this … found it as a way to ‘take a break.” Wow a concept.

        Thanks so much, and wow talk about commentary!

      • An interesting use of the composite chart, Mokihana–to find an environment that sustains both of you with your environmental sensitivities. Again, I’d be looking at the 1st and possibly the 3rd (as well as the 6th). the 3rds because it should show any toxins in your neighborhood. Donna

  16. Jeez, how appropos is the title of this post! Just went to the doctor where I found I had a really bad case of strep throat. I haven’t had to go to the doctor in 10 years for an illness (had a flu or two and a broken foot, but no illnesses since I got mono 10 yrs ago). I really don’t know how to use astrology to heal my physical self, that’s for sure!

    I know the “healing” referred to here is more of the brain and psyche but I was racking my head last night to figure out some classic indicators of physical illnesses, especially those via transit or progression. Anyone have any thoughts?

    • Taurus rules the throat … do you have any natal planets in Taurus that are currently being aspected by transiting planets? Strep isn’t that serious of a health issue. For some reason, Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” popped into my mind when I read your comment … is there someone in your life that you need to say something to which hasn’t been said yet? Sometime throat issues have to do with not saying or communicating what you need to say. John Mayer’s song, “Say What You Need to Say” comes to mind here. Yoga teachings indicate this as the throat chakra as well, which is about communicating something. What is blocked or at dis ~ ease for you here?

  17. All the time when I sense I’m off track. ots of healing over the last two/three years with transitting Neptune squaring natal Venus. Spaciness/ being disconnected is v familiar with Neptune is Scorpio rising to a late Libra Ascendant.

    Astrology kind of drew my attention that I might just be a bit addicted to some substances and people. And that might not just be the healthiest expression of these energies/traits in myself. The late great Al Morrison remarked that everything was ritual to me and he was spot on. Living on the spiritual side these days rather than the spirit in a bottle.

    Felt out of sorts for a while – stiff, achy, bloated. Changed my eating – more good oils – less dairy & wheat. Not keen on anti-imflammatory pills for myself – seem very sensitive to man-made drugs. Gone back on herbal combination from herbalist as menopause central heating is back again. And aching disappeared overnight as Saturn opposed my Mars in 6th.

    Trying to use the Pluto suggested transformation energy of square to Mars to change some health detracting habits like recognising I might just have a bit of a chemical inbalance and St Johns Wort is healthier than carbs.

    Nice article. Must reflect some more.

  18. Astrology for me is two things, a instruction manual and a timeline.

    (Natal) I came with an instruction manual. What a blessing and a gift!

    (Transits) This too shall pass and this is when it will pass.

  19. Tammy mentioned instruction manual in her post, and that’s how I feel about it. We always say children doesn’t come with a manual, and it’s not true. I’ve been interested in Astrology since I was 14 (Linda Goodman was translated into my language), and it has given me a lot of peace. Whenever I was in dispair about myself, I would look at my chart and feel that this person can’t be all bad and hopeless – very useful during my horrible teens. Now I use it very much for timing of things, for knowing that there is always more than one way to do things and that I have endless resources at my disposal.

  20. My way of using astrology for healing myself is pretty simple by now.
    I started being interested in astrology at a time I was very upset for a long (and this was very unusual for me). I was looking for an explanation and a way to help myself.
    Astrology, the way you write about it, seems to offer many good explanations, which makes me less worried – we aren’t doomed, certain transits aren’t inevitably terrible, they all orbit and everything changes, but we participate too. It made me a lot better to know these things and my interest to learn more

  21. … is like a newly discovered hobby which fights undesired moods effectively .
    This way of healing with astrology works with no matter what birth chart and is completely suitable for beginners, but I do hope to find other ways later 🙂

  22. ok, I hope this answer is what you are expecting. When I know there is going to be a saturn transit to one of my natal planets, I EXPECT to feel really tired. Same is true of the last day or two before the full moon.
    I watch Mercury a lot and will not buy stuff if i can help it during the retrograde periods (Except when Merc is conjunct sun!).
    The bigger transits, the life changing stuff, mostly it is beyond my comprehension, I often feel like a deer in the headlights. HOWEVER, I am holding off retirement until AFTER saturn gets out of my 7th house, so I guess I use it like a travel guide through life.

    • Hi, Mimi, if you know that your energy is low during Saturn transits, then you’re wise to rest. Another constructive Saturn thing to do during those times is to evaluate which of your endeavors/patterns of use of energy/money/time are really productive of your goals and which are wasteful or no longer so relevant. Saturn is the work smarter not harder planet. Donna

  23. Astrology has been like a road map for me in my external life and internal world. It shows possibilities on where energies may be concentrated and in what form.

    I believe we have degrees of free will; we can’t completely control what enters our path though I know many in the metaphysical community will disagree with that notion, and how we handle these unknowns make all the difference in their outcome. Astrology is a tool for getting a sense of these things, at least in my perspective.

  24. Have found it a lot easier to forgive others by understanding their charts…

    • Me, too, Captain. When I first started studying and understood my mother’s chart for the first time, I had the lightbulb moment of seeing that the reason she treated me the way she did had nothing to do with me, but instead was Zelma being Zelma. It helped me feel a lot better about myself. Donna

      • Donna have you ever explored the Cancer connection to their mothers? It is true for both men and women in my experience; the mother is important for all signs and people, but Cancers really seem to get the ‘motherlode’ here (pun intended). I have a Leo brother and sister with multiple planets in Cancer each and they are both still tied to our mother’s apron strings on a emotional level even in their 50’s. Your work is so voluminous and while I’m familiar with some, not all. I’m sure there are many folks who could benefit from any research you’ve done in this area.

      • Um, do the two books I wrote about the Moon count, both with chapters about mothers? (The Moon in your Life and Moon Signs) Or maybe my free booklet for Skywriter subscribers called “Mothers, Daughters, and the Moon?” Been there, done that, decades ago. Donna

      • Yes, they do:) Thanks for highlighting them … readers of your blog may find them helpful!

  25. I will confess that a lot of what I get from Astrology is after the fact, I have found myself having told someone a good deal about myself (and getting good attention from it) only to discover that the Moon had just crossed my ascendant. (blush!)

  26. I keep an eye on when major transits of my natal planets are coming up, and I try to use that energy for healing. I know a lot of people dread certain transits, and I’ll admit that some of them (like Pluto transits) are not usually much fun – but when I consciously flow with the planetary energies, I can see myself changing in positive ways. For example, during one Pluto transit, a very beloved pet cat died, and I was able to sense his spirit departing from his body, and also to sense his presence in spirit on several occasions after his death. I mourned that cat – but at the same time, I learned something very precious because of the way I experienced his death.

    To me, it seems a shame to just hang on and take comfort from the knowledge that a transit will eventually come to an end. It’s almost always possible to actively use a transit to create improvements of some kind in my life. (Even with Neptune, though I can’t always see what they are at the time.) Seeing that I’m making a positive use of a transit’s energy can be very reassuring – without astrology, I would be flying blind and, even if I made the same choices during the transit, I almost certainly wouldn’t feel as much confidence in them.

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