Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 26, 2010

What Jupiterians DON’T Know–but Think They Do

©9-26-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Our Sun’s sign and aspects reveal what we do to try to feel special. We become overly attached to certain parts of ourselves to bolster our ability to believe we count for something in this overwhelmingly vast Universe. For Sagittarians, Sun-Jupiter types, and others who score high on the Jupiter test, Knowing things and Being Right are major keys to feeling good about themselves. Some of them push it to the point of becoming obnoxious know-it-alls. Alas, there are some very important things they don’t know.

 The Sad Case of Sophie, the Sophist 

 Sophie, a 50-year-old with Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Sag, considered herself a very wise and knowing individual. Granted, she was well educated, but she seemed almost desperate to prove to the rest of us how much more she knew than we did.

When we talked about something that was troubling us, she couldn’t be bothered to listen to more than a sentence or two before jumping in with The Answer. Not only did she have The Answer, she also had instant advice about what we should do, and she got pretty mad if we didn’t do exactly what she said.

One trouble was that, since Sophie didn’t pause to listen to the details, her answers were way off target more often than not. The other was that in shutting the discussion down, she dismissed our feelings and made us feel like crap for having a problem in the first place. Those of us who value her friendship for her many good qualities have learned not to talk to her about our personal struggles.

 Why I Knew It All, Back in the Day, and Why I Don’t Now

 I have Sun and Jupiter conjunct, and for probably my first three Jupiter returns (3×13 years), I was pretty obnoxious myself. Since it’s in my 12th house, I concentrated on learning all I could about emotional illness and social problems by earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work.

I then discovered (single-handedly, I’d have had you believe) feminism, metaphysics, and astrology, and focused on mastering those to the utmost they can be mastered. It’s not that these subjects aren’t valuable, but none of them equips us to meet and overcome all of life’s major dilemmas and challenges. There’s always so much more to learn.

Then at midlife and beyond, I had a series of transits to natal Jupiter from the outermost planets—Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. They cured me of thinking I knew it all.

What Transits to Natal Jupiter Teach Us

An apt description of these slow-moving transits to natal Jupiter would be A CRISIS OF FAITH. During these intervals, which can last one to two years, all you ever thought you knew for certain—all you avidly believed in—is called into question. Depending on how Jupiterian you are to begin with, they can bring on a bleak despair.

Since Jupiter represents our need to Know and Be Right, the revelation that we DON’T know and have been horribly and humiliatingly WRONG can be quite devastating. To the extent our self-worth is based on having The Answers, we can feel like crap about ourselves.

What we learn from these transits in the end is that we CANNOT have all the answers, not for anyone else, not even for ourselves. And with the hard-won humility, we can be more genuinely helpful to others, because we’re not coming from a place of arrogance.

 The Mutable Signs and What they Think They Know

 I’ve often felt that what the mutable signs—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces—have in common is that they’re all deeply involved in a life-long quest for knowledge. They just have different ways of going about it.

We’ve already looked at Sagittarius and their addiction to advanced learning and to having the answers. Since it’s such a part of their self-worth, the crisis of faith transits to natal Jupiter bring can be quite a trial.  Here’s how the other three mutable signs fit in.

Gemini is curious about everything and seeks new information and experiences avidly. They don’t feel bad about not knowing things—there’s just so much out there to learn that it makes life an adventure. They’re happy to swap tidbits, so everybody gets to know more. A transit to natal Jupiter can help them see they’ll never learn it all, so they often graduate from perpetual studenthood.

Virgo is more discerning about the reams of knowledge out there—having more of the skeptic and critic in their nature. They amass details on how to improve oneself and share them whether the listener wants them or not. Transits to natal Jupiter may teach them that there is no one perfect, lasting answer about how to create perfection—and that most people are sadly uninterested in becoming perfect anyway.

Pisces yearn to know the answers, too, but perceive quite directly how very vast and unknowable the Universe is. They become dazed and awed by those perceptions, so they can come across as spacey and confused. Myself, I think they’re onto something. It’s just a shame they can’t communicate it to the rest of us.

How about you, Readers?  Where do you stand with your Jupiter?  Have you had outer planet transits to natal Jupiter, and what were they like?  Do you know now that you don’t know everything?   Tell us about it in the comment section.   

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  1. When I lost my 15 year career a while back, transiting Chiron was 1 degree from my 10th house Sun and transiting Pluto 2 degrees from my 10th house Jupiter … both approaching.

    When I realized my marriage was built on lies, transiting Pluto was 2 degrees past my 10th house Jupiter, transiting Uranus was exactly conjunct my 1st house Chiron and the transiting Sun was conjunct my 7th house Uranus.

    Since those two events, my ‘know it all ~ness’ has decreased significantly. Now I tell people, the only thing I really know for sure or have learned in my life is to always listen to your gut. If your intuition is telling you something, regardless of what anyone else tells you, listen to it!

    This summer I was visiting with friends, one whom I’ve known for about 30 years. I was mortified when she began recounting a story of playing Trivial Pursuit with me in the early ’80’s and what I said when she won. It keyed me into how much I’ve grown, but also what a hothead I was! I’m pretty sure I apologized right then, but your column today inspired me to send her a written apology.

    As they say, “Life is for learning!!”

    • Holy…. that’s exactly what I’m trying to do right now – decrease my ‘know-it-all’ness. I really am working to implement the principle of ‘I don’t know the answer OR I may have AN answer, but it may not be the right one’.

      And yes, Saturn is connected to my Jupiter through Pluto. These three, along with Mars, form a stellium in my 12th in Libra. Just in case anyone was wondering.

  2. I loved this post. Especially the part about listening. I need to learn to be a better listener.

    There is this story M. Scott Peck tells about a school teacher of his in “A Road Less Traveled” that echoes what you said here: “And with the hard-won humility, we can be more genuinely helpful to others, because we’re not coming from a place of arrogance. ”

    I have a Sun trine Jupiter and my third Jupiter Return coming soon 🙂

    • Huh. It’s a Jupiterian party.

      I have the same aspect. And BOY do I need to learn to listen. And listen. And listen some more, just to be sure.

      • 🙂

    • Hi Neeti! Reading M. Scott Peck was a life changer for me. Up until then, I didn’t really understand about a lot of things (but thought I did). I got turned on to his writing when transiting Pluto was conjunct my natal Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune conjunction (in the 2nd/3rd). He put into words what I’d only suspected but hadn’t wanted to believe.

  3. My 10o Cap Jupiter is going to be raked over by Pluto in coming years. And with retrogrades…ugh. I can already feel it.

    It’s hitting me more in the area of belief system than anywhere else. My 9th House is Cap cusp.

    I’m putting a lot of stock into my 17o Cap Saturn to keep my feet stuck to the floor for the next 7 or 8 years.

    Bit of trivia: after Pluto crosses into Aquarius and hits 5o (my Venus), it’ll have conjuncted all my planets. There will be nothing left to purge for the rest of my life. LOL

    • Oh me…I just noticed this…

      In 2020, I’ll have my 2nd Saturn return at the same time as my Jupiter return and Pluto will be right between them.

      I love a good adventure…here it comes.

      • Parin, my 2nd Saturn return and my umpteenth Jupiter return were the same week some years back. I was cleaning up my filing cabinet and my hard drive, and somehow started sorting my writings (published articles, small journals, internet offerings, lecture notes, etc.)

        Before I knew it, I had two new books (my first couple of ebooks) from material never before published in book form, and that started my ebook publishing enterprise. (Both my hardcover publishers had recently died.) It was a wonderful harvest, stock-taking, and new career direction. May it be that good for you, too. Donna

  4. Pluto- Jup.: a bad break-up; a ‘kill-Bill’ approach to it.
    Jupiter return: sad; lazy; setting new goals; serious bad luck while pursuing them; goals achieved; magic
    Neptune- Jup: Bill offered his head; didn’t feel like cutting it off; forgiveness; spirituality;
    Uranus-Jupiter: a love strong enough to save me from the darkness of my soul; stuck to my guns; refused to walk towards the light; a renewed faith in life
    Saturn-jupiter: some months after my darkest hour; resigned; sick for the first time in my life; no needs-no desires-no aspirations; no sadness; no reason to fight; afraid I’ll wake up one day soon and won’t be able to get out of bed; decided to fight for my life; still fighting

    Spot on on Virgos. Jupiter’s lesson: Perfection rests in the creative handling of the flaws.

  5. hm.. So are you saying our “good” transits will have this effect as well (like Jupiter return?) I’m another Sun trine Jupiter having Jupiter returns…

    • Well, the Jupiter return is significant (once in 13 years) though it depends on how well we’ve sown the Jupiter seeds during that cycle. If we’ve sowed well, very nice things can come of it, all related to natal Jupiter, since Jupiter has returned to its natal position. The return can show a maturing of a cycle of hope and growth.

      But if you’re referring to aspects FROM transiting Jupiter to natal planets, they’re nice enough–boons and windfalls, short-term boosts to the matters of the house they’re transiting at the time. But they’re seldom as life-changing–or leading to the crisis of faith–as transits to natal Jupiter from the outermost planets, which is what I was describing in the article. Donna

  6. On the day of the Grand Cross this past August, transiting Pluto was conjunct my natal Jupiter (seconds apart) in the 8th as well as its cusp and then square my Pluto in the 5th. I am “looking forward” to another Pluto conjunction to my Jupiter in the very near future. When this all passes, I hope I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and to have made it through with all my wits still intact. Maybe if I do it right, I will find a big check in my mailbox or have some soul-transforming sex! Pluto has made me hunker down and dig deep within. Friends that weren’t my “friends” have fallen to the wayside (hidden enemies), and I am figuring out how to go it alone. I am looking for a little peace and now the North Node is 4degrees from my Jupiter and approaching. Maybe all my introspection will finally pay off in the future.

  7. North Node Gemini/South Node Sagittarius can have very similar personality characteristics to your friend Sophie. Someone close to me is going through a crisis period right now, with Jupiter squaring the natal Nodes. It’s very much like the crisis you describe with an outer planet transit to Jupiter.

  8. By the time I hit my mid-thirties my poor twelfth Jupiter had been stomped on firmly. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & last but not least, Pluto, had all conjoined it by transit.

    A natal Saturn-Jupiter square means both my Saturn Returns repeated that square.

    Answers?! What are ANSWERS?! 😀 I sure don’t have any, especially for anyone else. Now coming up with a good question . . . that’s the ticket!!

  9. Currently have the Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction in my 11th trine natal Jupiter(Scorpio) in 6th and Venus/Mars conjunction(Cancer) in 2nd and Pluto conjunct Saturn on cusp 7th/8th house exact.. I am on a “Mighty Adventure” I will ever have in my life. I will never be the same again. I feel like I’m Indiana Jones in a Movie Epic. Ups, downs, twists and turns, I mean cliff-hanging stuff here. And I am over 50!

    I am in the process of shutting my business down that dried up fast and starting a brand new one(7.11 eclipse) involving Astrology/Healing Arts (my real passion in life). I saw the transit coming and it didn’t manifest at all the way I thought. The financial struggle has tested me but almost as if by magic, at the 11th hour I am saved. It’s crazy! I feel so much more in tune with the Universe, Guardian Angels and understand that there are no luggage racks on hearses. All I am taking with me are my memories.

    Many friends suddenly left my life, by MY choice because I don’t want them in my life or to be around them. I tell them direct and to the point now. Can’t take the “fakers and users!” Stopped my passive-aggressive behavior.

    I even had a dream in July, very vivid, about my future mate. I have been single for almost 12 years and hardly had any relationships, but met the man in my dream by complete accident at Starbucks Labor Day Monday and we are developing that relationship, but the catch is that I no longer act out compulsions from my past. I suddenly started expressing myself differently. Still trying to verbalize all that has happened to me.

    It goes out of range in December. I am sure I will catch my breath just in time for the eclipse conjunct my natal Moon on 1/4/10….

    It’s been a ride, but my creativity is off the charts right now and I am pacing myself…..Good and bad, strange and normal, crazy, but I am also the happiest I can remember in a very long time! And so at peace with ME! I have been humbled…..

  10. A-HA! Verrry interesting!

    I was, at one time, pretty much of the opinion that I could solve just about any problem that came along. Then I got married! Shortly thereafter, Uranus squared my Jupiter. Then Saturn conjuncted it. Lastly, Pluto squared it. Battered and bruised–physically and emotionally–thoroughly humbled and humiliated, by the time Saturn squared Jupiter, I somehow knew enough to leave. Easily the worst 10 years of my life. . .

    I’m just moderately Jupiterian (23), but Jupiter squares my Sun natally. . . . Does that incline some people to want to cut me down to size? Or is that precisely what I need?

    • Squares–of whatever kind–tend to push things a bit too hard, even at times stridently, and that’s part of why they run into conflict with others.

      With Sun-Jupiter squares, I’d suspect you might push your knowledge or belief too hard and that’s what creates the backlash. Perhaps it’s not so much the message as the delivery. Donna

  11. The message of this article seems to escape me, as I’m unable to get over the story of Sophie. I feel for her, as it seems to me that she never managed to get the recognition she really needed, for her knowing things and wanting to help. She may have had no sense of timing and no tact, but I’m thinking it had to come from some sense of personal desperation and great need.

    I read someplace that Jupiter shows the type of reward we need. so I guess Sophie really needed someone to tell her she’s smart, or knows a lot of things, or is very helpful. and I also guess her parents did a lousy job at being supportive of her in the way she needed.

    I have a friend who’s just like Sophie and now I know I was mean to her the other day when I told her I didn’t need her stupid stories and advices, I needed emotional support. I’m gonna try to find some way to be grateful for what she can give, as she’ll never be just the way I want her, because I want it. and it wouldn’t be fair either.

    I’m having Jup-Ur in the 1st square natal Jupiter in the 4th right now. My new apartment’ renovations cost me a lot more than I expected. And along with the money and the months that pass by in a rush, my career seems to go down as well, as I have no more time, energy and resources for it – Jup rules my 10th.

    yeah, I didn’t expect this. I thought it might be fun to make-over my home (Jup on the 5th cusp). I missed the practical details (Gem Jup opp Sag Mercury), but somehow I managed to keep it manageable (Jup sextile Sat). So I think I’ll land on my feet. But I will never ever buy another home that needs major work. Ever!

  12. Ha, ha. Guilty of Sophism, oh yes. Fortunately – or perhaps not – my Plutonian friends have no problem telling me off if I don’t pay attention. I’ve become better at just listening to people, but I have to admit not many people bring their problems to me. Now I know why …
    Right now I have transiting pluto trining my sun and sextiling Jupiter, so perhaps thats helping.

  13. Since my stellium with jupiter snug in the middle is in virgo I had “perfection” issues and found fault with everyone else, mainly family members and let them know it in subtle snide comment ways. Saturn transited over that stellium the last few years and I have been “shown the light” I feel. I love the comment from above from VR
    “Spot on on Virgos. Jupiter’s lesson: Perfection rests in the creative handling of the flaws.” I am learning to rest easy with my own imperfect life and mistakes also and say it is okay.

  14. My Jupiter is in Scorpio, so I have a deep desire to understand what goes on beneath the surface of things. I didn’t score very high on the Jupiter quiz (26), but with Neptune and Mercury (ruler of my Virgo Ascendant) conjunct 3rd house Jupiter, I definitely like to share what I know! And while I’m well aware that most don’t care (which as you all know, is VERY frustrating for me), I choose to share for those that do, hoping they’ll find some morsel of benefit – at least in my internet comments; this is particularly true when it comes to practical matters. With my Jupiter influences (and conjunct Mercury), I can be very chatty. But I’m also a good listener and am frequently the person people turn to when they have a problem or need information. What I don’t know, I’ll research – lol! I’m good at saying “I don’t know, but I can try to help you find out, IF you’re interested.” Even then, I know there’s lots of misinformation out there and everyone (myself included) makes mistakes.

    My Jupiter/Neptune conjunction USED TO think in more spiritually idealistic terms, but I’ve been disillusioned and disappointed enough over the years to have learned that some things remain a mystery. Uranus and Saturn transits were biggies for me, but Pluto’s transit over my Jupiter (and Neptune/Mercury) was when I really started to get it. People and situations don’t always behave as we’ve been taught to believe; life is complex and filled with contradictions. So now I just try to encourage without offering magic solutions to complex spiritual problems. There may only be one right path for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right path for everyone else. I’m just wise enough to know that I’m not all that wise. 🙂

    Like most people, I’m annoyed with people who speak from an uninformed (or inexperienced) perspective, yet think they have all the answers. I think my 4th house Saturn in Sag probably plays a role in that.

  15. Scoring 45 on your Jupiter test, I am a Sagitarrian know-it-all. Preachy, self-righteous, and impatient I have lost many people in my life by being so &^%!* – ed obnoxious …..finally learning to shut my mouth and get in the back seat.
    Besides, most people do not want to hear what you have to say so SHUT UP, ALREADY!!!!

    Love the blog, Donna. Also, the inside skinny on Jupiterians……I see the light. Hallelujah. !!!!(Until the next big Jupiter transit..ha ha)..


    • LOL!! I honestly wasn’t trying to do a crusade to get my fellow Juiterians to get off their soapboxes, but it great to see so many taking it in the right spirit it. I myself (Sun conjunct Jupiter) had quite a learning curve in terms of humility where saving people from themselves was concerned.

      I can clearly recall one transit to my natal 12th house Jupiter (It might have been Pluto squaring it.) that I realized there were people who were NOT going to get better, no matter how much I learned about how to help them do that or how hard I worked to do a good job. There was considerable grief to contend with when I accepted that awful fact of life. Donna

  16. Hi Donna, I would like to subscribe and receive the copy of your excerpt. Thank you. I have always found a certain type of Sag irritating, but in general have also found other Sags enjoyable, fun, and very good conversationalists….overall, they seem to have a hard time backing down from a perspective – just an observation of the Sags i have encountered.

    • Backing down from a perspective–good way to put it. Here’s how you subscribe: go to the top of the right hand column on this blog and click on the subscribe button. Then send me the confirmation email and I’ll happily send you the booklet. Donna

  17. Hi Donna, I can relate to what you say here, esp. about the mutable sign quest for knowledge. I have Jupiter in Gemini in mutable reception with Mercury in Sag. They form an (almost) grand cross with Saturn and Chiron in Pisces and Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. Yes, knowledge, information, communicating, knowing is a primary focus in my life, both my greatest joy and my biggest insecurity.

    I remember some years ago visiting a boyfriend’s parents and I overheard them saying about me “she’s got an answer for everything that one!”

    Still, the tight Mercury-Saturn square makes me all too aware that quite often a load of old nonsense comes out of my mouth!

    When tr. Pluto opposed my Jupiter a few years ago, I got money ~ two big pay rises 😀
    When tr. Uranus squared Jupiter last year, I started my blog.

    • LOL! No doubt I’ve also been accused (falsely, I assure you!) of having an answer for everything. With your near miss of a mutable grand cross, did you ever read Zipporah Dobyn’s writings about the Mutable Dilemma? Donna

  18. ahhh so much to say…so little time!

    I also can relate very much with this post. Jupiter in Piscis conjunc mercury in aq, aspecting nept in sag -mutual reception- and saturn and mars in gemini. So is like having my jupiter’s feet in pisces, one hand in sag and the other in gemini.

    So here is how that mix has being for me (so far):


    I tend to do the know-it-all, but never liked that about me, so I work on balancing it (sat). Coming from a family were everybody is a bit like that (IC in Sag) I’ve learned that actions (mars) and time (Sat, again by aspect and transit) tend to better pointers for what or who is right.

    Jump from student to teacher, or both at the same time.

    Always asking questions. I’m probably annoying that way too.

    Love, love, love to share information and learn, but feel overwhelmed but how much I DON’T know, very much like you explain it in your post Donna. That sometimes makes me insecure about my work abilities (6th house) even though I realize that others around me know as much and don’t worry about it, and they’re just fine! maybe I should just relax.

    Not very good synthesizing in writing, but I can do it visually, painting, sketching or with models.

    I make small vows of silence every once in a while…not easy for me.

    A lot of information, inspiration, answers from dreams.

    Inclined to philosophies that are universal, that include more than exclude.

    I get deeply emotionally upset by injustice, and find it very hard to understand.

    Right now both Neptune and Chiron are few degrees from natal Jupiter, still early but I feel good potential towards lessons in humility and compassion…and I can’t stop painting trees!

    Hope is helpful and not too long!

  19. In Uranus’s first conjunction w/ Jupiter in Aquarius (in the early 9th house), I earned my Bachelor’s degree!! In its second contact, I continued my studies– in London!! On its third contact, I traveled to Germany (with a friend I met in London!).

    In my recent Jupiter return, I traveled A LOT and I did not expect it! I had great times and enjoyed myself. I liked the Dominican Republic so much that I went back a 3rd time. One of its locals asked why I did that (he was puzzled), and I said in my improved Spanish: “because I like your people. They are so friendly and warm. I like this island, too.”

    Oh, yeah… My natal Jupiter trines my Pluto conjunct Moon in Libra (5th house). At least that powerhouse does something nice to my chart!! (lol)

  20. Well, I’m a Sagittarius with a forever curious Gemini ASC. I am the biggest know it all I know. I LOATHE appearing stupid. To make maaters worse my natal Jupiter is in the ninth house and forms a close trine with my ASC (Peoe think I look down upon them and think they’re stupid, just a little true). I haven’t had a Jupiter return yet but now that I’ve read this I’m dreading the day it happens. I know a lot. Honest. I guess I’m Jupiterian whose got it bad eh?

    • Unless you’re younger than 13, you’ve already had at least one Jupiter return, so you’ll survive several more. Getting wise to the fact that you don’t and can’t know everything is a GOOD thing! Donna

  21. I too have Jupiter conjunct my Natal Sun at 7 and 8 Scorpio in my 2nd house. When Saturn went through Scorpio and crossed my two Natal planets I got two raises, was published with regularity, and my life felt rich with meaning and purpose, and very stable. Saturn and Jupiter were kind to me during those years.

    • Saturn brings what we deserve, and it sounds like you’d earned those raises. Donna

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