Posted by: Donna Cunningham | October 4, 2010

How Cardinal are You? Here’s the Score!

©10-4-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW 

Thousands of readers have used my tests to measure the strength of the planets in their birth charts. Recently it occurred to me that it would be possible to create similar scales to see which of the three modes of being—Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable—dominate an astrology chart. This series is easier for beginning students than the planetary tests were because you don’t have to work with aspects. 

This test for the Cardinal signs—Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn—is perhaps the most important assessment for the next several years. The effects of transits by the slower moving planets—Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto—are stretching the usually stalwart Cardinal signs to their limits. To the extent that you ARE Cardinal, you are also vulnerable now and can be called on to make major adjustments in your lifestyle. 

The Cardinal signs represent our ability to set specific goals for ourselves—hopefully, realizable ones—and to go after them with all the strength at our command until we either fulfill them or reevaluate and direct our efforts toward another specific aim.  Each of the four signs focuses on a different set of ends and goes after them in somewhat different ways, depending on their element.  

 They’re a mixed blessing—when you have little or no cardinal energy in the horoscope, you have a harder time initiating goal-directed activities and believing you”ll succeed at them. Too much cardinal energy can make you so goal-oriented as to lack balance in your life and ignore important needs that don’t directly contribute to your aims. Below is a scale you can use to determine how strong the Cardinal signs are in a given chart. 

Non-Traditional Ways of Being Cardinal 

I’ve added some non-traditional features to the tests for each of the three modes. These features represent ways that, in my estimation, other chart placements that add strength to the qualities of that mode. 

As an example of the extra factors, in this test for Cardinal qualities,  points are added for the strength of the Mars and Jupiter as measured in the planetary tests. Mars is our ability to initiate and go after things we desire; and Jupiter is the energy of outward expansion. 

Mars does rule a Cardinal sign (Aires)—perhaps the most cardinal of all in its strong, vital energy. Cardinal individuals with a weak Mars might be lacking in the kind of drive and momentum that could carry their goals along. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, a mutable sign, and yet its fiery nature and eternal optimism do much to sustain the drive Cardinals bring to their goals  

Add 10 % of your score on the tests for those two planets (linked below). Then, round them off. For example, 10% of a score of 35 would give you 3.5, rounded off to 4 points, but a score of 34 would be 3.4, rounded off to 3.  

Aries is the Cardinal fire sign, but I’ve also added a few points for planets in the other fire signs—Leo and Sagittarius—because their high energy adds a tirelessness that can give a flagging Cardinal sign a boost. 

I’ve also added a few points for planets in the 4 angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th) because those houses describe areas of life that the external world—rightly or wrongly—recognizes as measurable, tangible accomplishments. Strongly Cardinal individuals are all about their accomplishments. It’s harder to measure things that the mutable signs value, like spiritual growth, intellectual prowess, or willingness to serve others. 

And, finally, I’ve added points for the Moon’s North Node being in a Cardinal sign or an angular house, but none for it being in the South Node.  That’s because the North Node is an indication of ONE of our life purposes—the house matters in particular point us toward areas of life where we have substantial work to do. These are areas where we can earn either tangible rewards and/or karmic brownie points for applying ourselves earnestly.  

The South Node, on the other hand, is an area we have over-developed in past incarnations and thus can be tempted to take the easy way out, avoiding the work of the opposite house.  

You will doubtlessly note that the tests for the Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable scores are quite different from one another in what those non-traditional features are. Thus, the results will not be precisely parallel from one test to another. 

I’m comfortable with that and hope you are too. (As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”)  These test instruments are in no way a scientific measurement. 

Here’s the test. As in the planetary scales, include points for each chart feature that applies, then total up all the points for your final score

 ____  The Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), 5 points each 

____   Other planets or Chiron in cardinal signs, 3 points each. 

             Nontraditional Factors–Bonus points: 

_____ Planets in the angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th), 1 point each 

_____ Planets in Leo and Sagittarius, 1 point each 

_____  The Moon’s NORTH Node in cardinal signs or angular houses, 2 points each. 

_____   10% of your Mars score, rounded off. (How Strong is your Mars? Here’s the Score! 

_____ 10% of your Jupiter score, rounded off (See How Strong is your Jupiter? Here’s the Score!

Since this is a brand new measurement, I don’t know yet exactly how many points would make your score strong or weak. I’d guess that below 15 would be considered weak, 15-25 would be moderate, and anything above 25 would be considered strong. 

 In this case, I’d say a moderate score is the probably best result—too few points would mean that it’s hard for you to initiate and go after activities that are focused on your major goals. Too many points could mean you’re too driven—a Type A personality—and need to learn how to live a balanced life with time to rest and play. 

 How did you do?  Since this is a completely new test, you’re a beta tester and your input is valuable. Let us know your score in the comment section down below this article so we can see what the range of scores is on this test. 

Are you impacted by the transiting planets in the early degrees of the Cardinal Signs?  Here are several collections of articles that can help you get a perspective on what’s going on:  Cardinal T-Square Articles

 Earlier Posts about the Elements and Modes: 

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  1. My score for cardinal is 20 moderate.

    then fixed and mutable were 30 and 33.

    I have 3 planets in Cardinal Aries,Libra and capricorn
    Then 2 planets in angular houses
    Then 2 planets in Leo and Sagittarius
    Then 10% Mars was 3
    and 10% of Jupiter was 4

    Thank you Donna! 🙂

  2. I thought this would be truely embarrassing with only Pluto in a cardinal sign, but with all the angular houses and Leo and Sag, I got a respectable 15. When I do decide to go after something, my massive amounts of fixed energy means that I always get there. All good.

  3. 48! I am the Queen of starting projects and ideas like a house afire and having trouble with follow through. I am ADHD but have simmered down in my older years. I used to have energy to burn.
    I also used to have a super hot temper that was quick and furious but have mellowed out through the years.
    I also have a few mutable planets but little in fixed signs. If it wasn’t for my Sun/Pluto conjunction in Leo anchoring me a bit, I might very well have gone down in flames years ago.

  4. 35

  5. 18, which isn’t half bad, considering all the mutable in my chart. I’m not competitive, but I’m very ambitious, and I thought that was very much connected to my strong Pluto. I do, however, have problems with motivation, with keeping the drive so to speak. But I do manage to finish projects once I’m committed to them.

  6. I got a score of 31. With my only Cardinal planet being my Moon in Cancer in the 7th house, I was surprised.

    I get what I want. I always thought that was a product of my six planets in Leo; i.e., all that Fixed energy not giving up.

  7. 13 – I am most Cardinally challenged.

    But, with a Fixed of 34 and a Mutable of 28, once I finally do get going, I don’t stop.

    Now please excuse me whilst I go back to sleep. XD

  8. 25; thanks to the angular house and my planets in Sadge and strong Jupiter. I got 25 pts in fixed, too. My mutable score was was almost twice as high.
    I am not a very ambitious person, I am easily sidetracked, but the things that are really matter to me always get done…eventually…

  9. I scored 12. Yes, definitely hard to get moving!

    • Ah, just saw the other modalities. Besides 12 Cardinal, I got 22 Mutable and a whopping 37 Fixed, which surprised me. I thought I was excessively flexible!

  10. 31.
    I’d thought this score would probably fall a little higher than my mutable score, and sure enough, it’s just that shade higher than 27. Seems to me the estimates of score ranges are pretty consistent across the different tests.

  11. I scored 39, which may be conservative since my angles are conjunct the Aries Point from the Mutable side (28.35 degree Virgo rising).

    My chart has a Cardinal T-Square in Angular houses involving the Sun and Moon, so my Cardinal attributes are anything but subtle.

  12. I have 23 – I’m an Aries as well as having planets in Libra and Sagittarius. My North Node is also in Sagittarius.

    I can set up goals and go for them, though sometimes I can be distracted by a good book (planets in Gemini) or chocolate (hmm, what sign rules chocolate?). 🙂

    • Really good chocolates–Libra, for sure. crummy chocolates–Taurus or Cancer. Donna

      • OOOMG Yes! I was looking for the ‘like’ button here! (Moon/pluto/uranus in libra r smiling)

      • There’s no such thing as crummy chocolates!
        (sun in cancer, moon in libra in the 4th)

      • Oh, yes, there is such a thing a crummy chocolate. I’ve experienced it before. I will only eat “really good chocolate”. (Libra midheaven)

  13. My score is 37
    I am an Aries with Aries ascedant ..
    I don t set goals easily but somehow I am always in the going always..nowhere?

  14. I scored 28, and that was without the percentage of Mars and Jupiter! It makes up for my natal Mars in Taurus (slow, plodding), thank goodness!!

    One of the things I’ve also noticed in strong cardinal people is they are busy people (with either drama or the terms of their lifestyle) if they aren’t Type A. One lady I knew spent her retirement by traveling and gambling, and planned to keep doing it until she drops (in her own words!). Another always wandered and moved!

    If you throw in a Mars square, they have to be careful because they may be clumsy (me as a child!) or accident-prone!

  15. My score is 38 due to my cardinal t sq. Now that I’m older and being disabled has taught me to slow down. I do push myself. I had a friend tell me it was alright to do nothing every so often. I am a self starter. My fixed and mutable were both 23 so I get about 95 % of everything I start done. My biggest problem is learning when to let go and cut my losses, when enough is enough.

  16. 26. Whatever that means.

  17. Cardinal Total = 30 (Mutable Total = 33 Fixed Total = 31 … all strong ? )

    Cap Asc – 5
    Libra Venus, Cap Saturn – 6
    Chiron 1st – 1
    Moon, Pluto, Uranus 7th – 3
    Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Sag in 10th – 6
    North Node in Libra – 2
    Mars % – 4
    Jup % – 3

  18. Cardinal: 49
    Mutable: 25
    Fixed: 14

    As described on childhood report cards: independent learner

    T-shirt worn in junior high:
    “In the big playground of life, we all swing alone.”

    Approach to life as seen in rear view mirror:
    “Make as many mistakes as possible but never make the same mistake twice.”

    Good: inspiring zest for life
    Bad: dispiriting disillusionment
    Ugly: impatience (all definitions)

  19. 36, but I see that as good with the high degree of mutability present in my chart as well.

    Motivated & driven, yet flexible at the same time…Useful for all those curveballs life throws at ya! 😉

    “I get knocked down, but I get up again, yeah you’re never gonna keep me down”

  20. I got 29- which is confusing to me.

    I have 5 cardinal planets, plus Chiron & the NN in Aries, 3 angular placements, and decent Mars/Jup scores (24/20)- and my mutable score is still higher (32)!

    Granted, the quizzes aren’t exactly the same. Maybe a difference of 3 points really means “equal,” give or take, like a margin of error in polling?

    It’s a mystery.

    Totally agree w/Alethea’s comments, too.

    • Hi, Kerrie. What I was trying to say in the post is that because all three tests have different nontraditional factors, the scores really aren’t quite comparable. If it was just the traditional factors, they would be. So maybe the thing to compare is the subscore for the first part of the tests. Donna

  21. 37. With 6 planets, Ac & MD in cardinal, it was to be expected. Patience has never been a virtue of mine. I’m always rushing, even when there is no need, & accident prone. And I’m very talented at getting stuff started. Seeing it all through to the end is another matter altogether…

  22. 31 for cardinal, which is good considering mutable score of 45…I wouldn’t get anything done! I only wish I had a little bit more flixed ‘glue’… the scores of jupiter (36) and mars (46) helped, but then again, they’re in mutable signs in my chart. Having fun with these test Donna, they remind me the ones Richard Idemon had in his book the Magic Thread, these are the re-Vamped version!

    • Odd, Sabrina. Richard was my teacher for about two years early on, but there weren’t any tests then…but we were certainly like minded, both psychological. I must confess I haven’t read all of the Magical Thread. Donna

      • Hi Donna,
        I imagine he was a wonderful teacher to have! Is fun that the you’re the only astrologers I recall doing that kind of test, makes perfect sense though. He explains that in the first chapter (I have it in spanish, so forgive my probably sloppy translation back to english)
        basically speaks about ‘functions’ dominant or lacking in the chart, focusing in the planets by sign and house, not aspects: divided in elements, ying/yang , modality, and how planets are oriented by sign and house: personal, social and universal. Is obviously way simpler, but still helpful back then. So is refreshing to get to your tests, it feels like the next level in astrology school!

        p.s I found that book over 7 years ago in a tiny bookstore in an Andean town, just opened it in a random page and got hooked!

  23. 36 + all cardinal angles


  24. 38. I was looking forward to this quiz! There are several overlapping cardinal t-squares in angular houses in my birth chart *waves at Jen*. All very Saturnal in nature, and all pointing in the same direction: toward a Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in the 10th. Can i add bonus points for that? 😉

    To me cardinal has become a synonym for heavy burden and overcoming obstacles, but i now realise this is just my particular experience.

    • I see it as leadership & strong personality that can handle much in Life

      I’m very glad to be strongly cardinal


    • With the t-squares, you would feel that way, but also if Saturn and Capricorn are a big part of the ts. How was your Saturn score? Donna

      • I can identify with Krista’s comments. My Saturn score is 36 (not counting a square to Chiron or a 10 degree square to the Moon). My 10th house Saturn opposes my Capricorn Sun. A Pluto-Moon conjunction is the apex of my T-Square.

        My life experiences would have been harder to handle without all the Cardinal energy.

      • I didn’t take the saturn test yet..

        Is there a page where the tests are available links ??

        But I do have a cardinal T-square- Jup 13aries- H10 conj MC

        Neptune16 Libra- H4

        Mars12 cancer- H12

        Super topic- Donna !!


      • At the bottom of this post, there is a list of the entire series of tests. Donna

      • Saturn score was low- 27


      • Hi Donna,

        My Saturn score was 48. It’s the strongest planet in my chart. And both Saturn, my Capricorn planets and my 10th house planets are part of the t-squares.

  25. “I see it as leadership & strong personality that can handle much in Life”

    Sounds good!

  26. i scored 27 on this and am surprised. it’s all the other planets in cardinal signs and three planets along the angles, i guess. mutable score still tops the other two by a good 10 points, which is what i expected. i DO like these tests! i think it’s the kid in me who used to beg my mom for those kiddie workbooks on math and english during summers off from school. <—nerdy virgo!

    **note to donna: i went to look up my scores for fixed & mutable and wanted to let you know that the mutable test up above is listed as cardinal test. but once you click on it, it links to the mutable.

    • Big thank you, Erin, for catching that the first day it was up. I did a search and replace while writing it, and it searched one too many things. Fixed it. Donna

  27. 48. I set goals and achieve them. And when I’m working towards a goal. I lose track of pretty much everything else… like when I was working on writing my PhD thesis (which I submitted two weeks ago, to deadline), I would get so absorbed in it, I would forget to eat or move from the computer for hours at a time, ending up stiff and hungry as a result.

    I get very very depressed when I don’t have a goal to work towards. Such as right now, when I am unsure of what direction to head in now that the thesis is completed, I am very depressed and have trouble seeing the point of things.

    I get disillusioned rather easily. I trust my own thoughts/insights/instincts above pretty much everyone else. I HATE receiving advice from friends. HATE IT. Mostly, I suspect, because I have generally thought of their suggestions previously, and because I am so arrogant I think my ideas are always better anyway!

    I am not a team player at all, because other people drive me nuts – too slow, too lacking direction, not focused enough on the end goal.

  28. without the jupiter and mars scores, i scored a 36. I have never had too much trouble getting to goals, step by step, carefully or impulsively. since we were discussing my son (who is stuck – paralysis by analysis) i did his cardinal numbers too, without the mars and jupiter part (sorry, i am in italy on vacation!) his score was 27.. he has cardinal points and a cap moon.. so anyway, the difference between me and him i think should be more significant..

  29. Hello, I just did the test and discovered my score to be 43. Pretty strong, it seems 🙂 I have most of my planets in cardinal signs, but my Mars is fairly strong too.

    It is true that I’m something of the driven type. I find it hard to relax and do things that don’t have an immediate “purpose”. Always rushing somewhere. And yes, I’m an Aries:)

  30. 27. Not bad.

    I don’t see it much, though, because 3 planets form a Cardinal stellium in Libra in the 12th – I need an outside person to be my catalyst.

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  32. Cardinal – 21
    Mutable – 25
    Fixed – 27

    Moderate, middle of the road . . . sooooooo boring! 🙂

    Same for all the other planets with the exception of a somewhat lower score for the Moon.

    However my very Aries spouse has a cardinal score of 43! (Mars score: 42 & Jupiter: 22)

    So glad you came up with these quizzes, Donna. They have been fun and very helpful.


  33. 53 points… due: Double Capricorn, angular Cardinal Cross,, 9th stellium, Sag Moon/Merc, etc…Perhaps there is an OVERLOAD factor (??) as I am moderately agoraphobic and not at all competitive…not anymore. The “drop out genius” syndrome.
    Many talented super-Cardinal children were pushed to such extremes by the ambitions of OTHERS that they retired to the 12th house realm…and have found peace there, as have I.
    Donna, I was recently perusing my 1970’s bookshelf and Stephen Arroyo’s ‘ASTROLOGY, KARMA, & TRANSFORMATION’…a classic. He quotes so extensively from your work that one can only assume a personal relationship. The published astrological community was so small back then…but some of us remember.
    Have you ever considered writing your personal astro memoirs? Sorry if I’m going ‘off topic’ but you invited extreme Cardinal energy and here it is.
    Best Wishes, Donna, and thank you.

    • Hi, Berta. “Many talented super-Cardinal children were pushed to such extremes by the ambitions of OTHERS that they retired to the 12th house realm…and have found peace there, as have I.” Interesting observation, indeed!

      I wonder if that will happen to the generation born in the late 1980s/early 90s with stelliums including Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn. I did a lot of their charts when they were children, and for many of them, their mothers or grandmothers rushed to declare them as Indigos and expected brilliance and greatness from them. Many of them had a hard time growing up.

      Stephen Arroyo was the publisher of my first book–An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness–and in fact, I might never have written a book at all if he hadn’t written me a letter saying they’d love to have one from me.

      I doubt that people would be interested in my memoirs–they typically yawn when I talk about myself, and the few pieces I have on the blog under the category “memoirs” go begging for hits. Sigh. Donna

      • Thanks, Donna! I’ve also noticed Cardinality connected with the Asperger’s syndrome. Those “walking encyclopedias” unable to make social connections.
        Sure glad that Stephen got you on the writing path. You are very good at it. Gonna search “memoirs” right now.
        Have a great day.

      • Makes sense–they’re all about their interests. Have you noticed those CSI type programs always have an Asperger’s? Bones, the pretty boy on Criminal Minds. Donna

  34. I got 35, so I’m all about initiating and leading, to the dismay of my weak but spriritual Mars (Pisces) and emotional Moon (Cancer).

    Even though I have a low Jupiter score, I think the high cardinal energy actually helps me get up whenever I happen to fall into the pessimistic trap.

  35. Aw, I was busy and I’m late to the game. But a quick calculation, Cardinality: 32 points. MC and Venus in Aries ads a lot to my score. So overall:

    Fixed: 40
    Mutable: 19
    Cardinal: 32

    I’m not sure what to make of it. I know I’m very fixed (triple Taurus will do that) or mutable, but I didn’t expect to be so cardinal.

    • Donna’s most recent post, “Dance of Primal Lights,” came to mind here ~ Ed Asner’s character on Mary Tyler Moore show: it’s as if he’s so fixed that he became cardinal in his fixity?

      • Not my post, Karen, but a guest blogger. Donna

  36. After reading Berta’s posts with great interest, I decided to share my own “cardinal overload” story.

    I have been studying astrology for twenty years, but it has only been in the last few years that I have begun to truly understand the message of:

    – My North Node on my Aries Ascendant, bridging my 12th and 1st houses
    – My South Node on my Libran Descendant bridging my 6th and 7th houses
    – All squaring my Cancerian Mars-Sun-Venus stellium

    I have never exhibited much of the competitive spirit or leadership ability that is so often associated with cardinality but I have also had an equally hard time with working cooperatively or taking direction from others. For good or bad, I have always” done my own thing”, as they say.

    This led me to what seemed to me to be a rather unlikely career. I taught elementary art to more than a 1,000 kids. I had a good deal of freedom in terms of what I taught but no classroom and extremely limited supplies. I love art and, despite being an only child who had (and has) no desire to have children of her own, I felt a natural connection with my students. It seems that the little patience I possess is reserved for children and animals; )

    Then, I got sick. I lost consciousness at school and, when I woke up, I had the mother of all migraines which continued for the next several months. My optic nerve was damaged, I developed trigeminal neuralgia, and the chronic musculoskeletal pain I had lived with since adolescence became increasingly worse. I tried to go back to my job, but the fluorescent lights did me in. In a few months, I lost my job, my ability to draw and paint as I once did, my marriage, and several of my friendships.

    I descended into my own Dark Underworld (my 12th house, which is ruled by my Scorpionic Neptune in the 8th house). Without the ever-renewing beauty of Nature, my beloved cat, and my best friend, I am not sure that I would have returned to the land of the living.

    I moved into in a tiny studio apt and lived on the tiny income paid by my term disability insurance. I had to get used to the idea that my life might not be lived out in the Big World. It took several years, 101 trial treatments from all manner of healer, as well as writing my masters thesis (damned Capricorn midheaven) for me to come to terms with my disability.

    I have since married my best friend and become a homemaker and caretaker. The limitations imposed by my body have certainly been challenging physically, emotionally, and socially. However, they have also fostered a creative and spiritual approach to daily living that I’m not at all sure I would have developed any other way. Year by year, I find myself living in every greater harmony with the seasons and cycles of the natural world. This oneness has brought me moments of such deep joy in just being alive in this magnificent universe of ours that I can barely contain it.

    • An amazing story, Mari. Maybe it is the cardinality that helps you keep moving through the obstacles you’ve. faced Donna

      • Re: Mari’s “moments of such deep joy…in this magnificent universe”. Exactly. It’s a retirement born not of frustration or despair but an abiding trust (?) in the unseen beyond any religious sense–though the 12th house implications of anchorites or nunneries (“Get thee…”) are obvious.
        We are the Watchers, silently waiting. (Yikes!, I’m waxing poetic). Dame Julian of Norwich is one example, writing in medieval times. Mari, if you haven’t read her you might find a companionship there.
        Donna,- these TV charachters, as you well know, have always been with us as archetypes: the “absent minded professor”; the mild-mannered with secret “superpowers” (Clark Kent?); the hermit with a stash of metaphorical gold.The meek may truly “inherit the Earth” -but not in any material sense. (Darn, I could use the dough).
        Thanks…gotta run,—time to Watch Orion! Best, Berta

      • Hi. Berta, Great comments! I know you’re new to Skywriter, and I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. There’s mimiseries of 9 articles about the 12th house, beginning here: . Donna

      • Thanks for the welcome, Donna. Your site is great,— extensive, honest–(no pop up -NEW!-HOT!- GET IT NOW!- adverts), wide-ranging, inclusive, and MINUS the phony “shamanic” hubris that abounds in so many others.
        Though as a Luddite coping with the 20th… Ooops!, 21st century …I really haven’t pursued the “online community” very far…(bad knees, ha,ha,).
        I was touched by your semi-apologetic reference to your “rural roots”…Gaawd, Donna,…I remember when my grandparents,(respected land-owners, bankers, and pillars of their community)- still used kerosene lamps…and an outhouse…this was the early 50’s’, –when enormous horses, Belgians, still clip-clopped the roads in our “deprived” rural area)…and I am only 58 years old!! Those rural roots were the best perspective to be had. We saw the last of the best really “simple living”…While Martha Stewart and her ilk came of age in urban New Jersey.
        That time-frame was a gift…a bridge between centuries, never to come again…please don’t be ashamed or apologize for it…
        Best, Berta

      • Ah, I can see you’ve been there, done that. We did use kerosine lanterns and burned corn cobs and the iceman did come. Donna

      • Yes, we’ve been there…The ice harvest took place on Rice Lake in 1956…At least, that’s the one I remember best…We didn’t wait for the ice man’s truck…I watched as my Grandpa’s neighbors cut the blocks from the river…all by themselves. A lost art.
        I still don’t know exactly where to reply…If your posts don’t have a “reply” click then I might think that you are all done with that “thread”. So far, so good.
        I will be perusing the 12th house threads you suggested, thank you very much, Best, Berta

  37. How odd, my

    sun, moon, venus, mars, jupiter, uranus and neptune

    are all in cardinal signs yet my cardinal score is pretty low.. you’d think a cardinal t-square or grand cross (orbs..) would earn bonus points, but alas no.. 🙂

  38. 51. And a natal cardinal t-square (grand cross if you include the nodes).

    Of course, being a cardinal, I had to go look and see if someone has me beaten. ’53’ aka ‘cardinal overload’ has it over me.

    I look forward to Neptune entering Pisces, which will assuage the Cancer and Capricorn energies a bit!

  39. Score of 23. Only my Sun & Mars are in cardinal signs.

  40. Donna, are squares similar to cardinal signs? Or are square more internal, where as cardinal energy is more external? thanks

    • My teacher, Richard Idemon, always said that squares are like Mars, so fairly cardinal. But then there are people (Rudhyar lovers, mainly) who make a distinction between 1st quarter squares (e.g. the slower moving planet in Aries with the faster moving in Cancer) being people who externalize their conflicts and act them out on others, while 3rd quarter squares (e.g. the slower moving planet in Aries and the faster moving planet 3/4 around the circle in Capricorn) being people who internalize the conflicts. They model this after Ruhyar’s lunation cycle.

      TMI? I dunno, I suspect there COULD be something to it, but was never drawn enough to the theory to embrace it. Donna

  41. Err, I scored 60. I have a cardinal MC/AC axis, w/ planets in 1, 4 & 7. And then Neptune in Sag + high Mars & Jupiter scores…

    I don’t know whether to ask if I “win” anything, or begin vigorously insisting that I do, in fact, manage to get stuff done. I have a lot of drive, but a strong Saturn insists on “accomplished” so starting a lot of projects isn’t quite enough. I did have a procrastination problem related to avoiding the boring details that let you finish a project, but I think the Saturn return did away with most of that – haven’t procrastinated in a while. I also finally realised that I probably won’t ever be content the way most people expect to – I’m always going to be just slightly dissatisfied with the status quo, and aiming for a goal just a little out of reach. I think.

    • And that’s a problem how? To me, a fellow Cardinal type, that ever-unsatisfied itch is much of what keeps us moving forward all our lives. Donna

  42. I scored 20. Since I only have two planets in cardinal signs, my planets in fire signs helped me out! I have a really hard time starting tasks, but once I start, I finish them. I like tizer’s comment about squares being cardinal. I have a Mars-Saturn square in mutable signs that energizes me.

    My Sun is Cardinal, Moon is Fixed and Ascendant is Mutable.

  43. 32.

    ASC in Libra; MC in Cancer
    Mars, Saturn in Cancer
    Chiron in Aries
    Pluto in Libra
    Mars, Saturn in 10th House
    Chiron in 7th House
    Pluto in 1st House
    Neptune in Sagittarius

    Mars score was 12
    Jupiter score was 40

  44. Donna, thanks so much for this very interesting test. I scored 41 (before adding in 10% of my mars and jupiter scores).

    I work as a project manager and get frustrated with delays. I write books too, and I’m learning to play the piano, love running, reading, meditation, and it goes on and on… I find it difficult to rest and relax and am just dating someone new at the moment who commented on this at the weekend. I had to laugh because it was true and when I get ill it’s usually because I’ve exhausted myself. I simple don’t understand people who say ‘I’d like to do that’ or ‘I’m really interested in doing that’ and then do nothing to pursue the interest. And watching TV??!!! What’s the point?! Lol. With a very strongly placed Uranus I’m very mentally active too and often find it difficult coping with my racing mind. Thank God for an anchoring Saturn in Cancer in my 4th house making square aspects to all my racier planets.

    For all other cardinals I recommend meditation. The best way to deal with being too active is to actively do nothing! Sounds odd i know but meditation has kept me sane and balanced and more aware of my physical and emotional needs and other people’s needs.

  45. 33 here. I have loads of Capricorn in my planets.

  46. […] losing focus in the diffuse awareness of the Twelfth House does not and did not feel natural to me. With a score of like 65 on Donna Cunningham’s Cardinal-o-meter, I flip flopped like a fish out of water. Not until Saturn entered the Twelfth House did I realize […]

  47. ALL my angles are at 0 degrees cardinal signs, AC/DC at 0 degrees 25′ Libra/Aries and MC/IC at 0 degrees 30′ Cancer/Capricorn, yet my cardinal “score” is 21. This is due to not having any angular planets I’m sure. I’ve read that having your DC at the “Aries Point”, (which I do) is very significant. One of my strengths has been to be a catalyst for change, which I do very unwittingly, I don’t DO anything, but just being there initiates change. I have also found myself working for organizations in the midst of a change, my presence seems to “keep things moving”. I am an initiator, I get things going. This is how my angles at 0 degrees cardinal signs has manifested in my life so far, so I see myself as being very cardinal, despite the fact that my Sun/Venus/Mercury/Mars are all in Scorpio.

  48. Man, I’ve got a fair score of 45, only based on those 7 things you mentioned, without including aspects and etc… it suits me all right, loving projects and teamwork and always coming with the ideas and plans and wanting to coordinate everything or simply be regarded as one of those who “must be followed”
    I’m a Capricorn with Capricorn Asc, NN and Chiron in Libra, 6 planets in the First House ;))

    My other scores are:
    27 Fixed
    23 Mutable

  49. Thirty-one. Color me surprised. I have little in Cardinal signs, but when one adds in the factors of the angular houses (my first is a tad busy), the Aries MC, and the 10th house Node (along with my Martian tendencies), I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised … especially considering my Cancer Jupiter and Cap moon, too. Next!

  50. Cardinal: 48 (including intercepted Aries Ascendant)
    Fixed: 23
    Mutable: 23

    This explains all the unfinished projects (on a huge scale) and the impatience I have with sitting still. Stuff gets done, it just takes years and years to complete some of the more massive and ambitious stuff because I’m so busy making up more things to do.

    Thanks, Super-cap stellium. 😉

  51. I scored 35 with just my
    Sun : Capricorn
    Moon : capricorn
    Ascendant :Libra
    MC : Cancer

    Chiron : Cancer
    Uranus : Capricorn
    Neptune : Capricorn
    Saturn : Capricorn
    Mercury : Capricorn

    With non traditional factors
    My neptune, uranus, saturn, moon, sun, and my north node in the sign capricorn are all in the fourth house. Jupiter in Leo. I didn’t bother to even see what my mars or jupiter score is. Lots of cardinal in natal chart!! 🙂

    • Hi, Patience your Capricorn planets are part of a giant stellium, one unique to the years 1988-89. The Uranus-Neptune-Saturn conjunction is so rare that the last one was in 1301 and the one before that in 625. Every child born on the planet in 1989 and half of 1988 had that conjunction, over 138 million born in 1989 alone. Those, like you, born in the winter of those years had as many as 7 Capricorn planets. I have been much concerned with your unique group, and wrote a book on stelliums of all sorts (The Stellium Handbook) with you in mind. There is one chapter dedicated to the Capricorn Stellium group. Read more about your group at . There is also a group on Facebook dedicated to your group, which you can learn about on that website. Donna Cunningham

  52. My score is 35. I have 6 planets in Cardinal signs, including 4 of my personal planets, and a Cap N. Node.

    Cardinal signs run in my family, especially Cap and Libra. Most of my friends, boyfriends, and love interests were also heavy on Cardinal placements. Strange, since we aren’t usually supposed to get along so well with each other, haha. In fact, I used to have a big thing for an Aries man who had 8 planets… all in Cardinal signs!! So many Cardinal placements made him more stubborn and determined than your average Fixed sun. He left me fascinated, irritated, and fascinated again all in the course of one day, haha!!

  53. Well I’ve only calculated my sun (cancer), moon (Capricorn), ascendant (Libra), MC (cancer), North node (Aries). That should be enough to know my point will be over 25 I suppose. Had a rough time understanding myself, my life and my surrounding. Always started something put it aside and started something new again leaving it aside and so on… I turned 30 this year and grateful, having a little knowledge about astrology specially NN and Sn. Helped me alot patiently renewing unfinished business and focusing on it. Yay!

  54. 10 haha

  55. Score 33

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