Posted by: Donna Cunningham | October 13, 2010

Are You a Water Type? Here’s the Score!

©10-13-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

I’d intended to take a break before starting on the tests for the elements, but it turned out that water was the theme of this year’s Blog Action Day.  More than 5500 blogs in 143 countries pledged to publish posts Friday on the subject of preserving the planet’s water supply, with the aim of sparking a global discussion and driving collective action. As a cardinal water sign, I had to take part!

Why water? As their site explains, “Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in eight of us who are subject to preventable disease and even death because of something that many of us take for granted. Access to clean water is not just a human rights issue. It’s an environmental issue. An animal welfare issue. A sustainability issue. Water is a global issue, and it affects all of us.”

 How else could an astrologer support important event than to dedicate the next few days to exploring the element water and the water signs? 

We need to become more aware of the effect those parts of our charts have on us. Hopefully, by doing so, we’ll become more appreciative and protective of the watery parts of ourselves and of this planet.

 Let’s start with a test to see how strong the water signs, their rulers, and the associated houses are in your chart.  Here’s an overview of this trio of watery chart factors:  




The Moon

Associated House 

4th: Home and home life; roots; family ties; heredity; family influence; the nurturing parent; senior years.

 Scorpio  Pluto 8th: Sexuality; money you don’t earn (inheritances, grants, etc); taxes; partner’s resources; death; transformation; healing.
 Pisces  Neptune 12th: Things that are repressed or hidden—secrets  we keep from ourselves and others; self-defeating behavior; chronic or psychosomatic illness; service; retreats from the world; the spiritual quest.


People who score high on these watery elements are likely to be highly sensitive, emotional, intuitive, right brain types. Like water itself, they’re very responsive and adaptable to their environment and are able to ebb and flow with the tides of life. Their emotional temperature changes in reaction to the people and situations around them—they can boil, be mild and temperate, or freeze, depending on the circumstances.  

The Test for Water Types—What’s your Score?

____ Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.  5 points each.

____  Other planets (including Chiron) in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. 3 points each.

____ Sun or Moon in the water houses, the  4th, 8th, or 12th house. 5 points each. 

____  Other planets (including Chiron) in the 4th, 8th, or 12th house.  3 points each. 

____  10% of your Moon Score, rounded off . For example, 10% of a score of 35 would give you 3.5, rounded off to 4 points, but a score of 34 would be 3.4, rounded off to 3. See How Strong is your Moon? Here’s the Score?   ( If you can’t recall your exact score, ballpark it–or check to see if you posted it in the comment sections for those tests.)

____  10% of your Neptune Score (See How Strong is your Neptune? Here’s the Score! )

____  10% of your Pluto Score (See How Strong is your Pluto? Here’s the Score! ) 

____ BONUS: Pluto or Neptune within 10° of a conjunction to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven; or, the Moon conjunct the Sun,  Ascendant, or Midheaven. 15 points each. (This is the single strongest factor in making you a watery person, but other aspects to these points are included in the planetary scores)

Total all the chart features that apply. Since this is a brand new measurement, I don’t know yet exactly how many points would make your score strong or weak.

REVISED SCORING:  Based on the scores that people are posting,  it looks like below 20 would be considered weak, 20-35 would be moderate, and anything above 35 would be considered strong.

 The tests in this series aren’t a perfect scientific measurement—that’s impossible. They’re just meant as a simple and fun way to find out the strongest influences in your birth chart.

And, yes, no doubt there are a myriad of other factors that could add to your watery nature. I’m opting to keep this to a few crucial factors in order to simplify the math and  standardize the scores. 

For the purpose of standard reporting in the comment section:  Don’t use the Part of Fortune, the Vertex, Antivertex, Part of Fortune, Sedna, Eris, or the bazillion asteroids other than Chiron. For your own purposes, use anything you doggoned well please. If your high school swim team won the regionals and you medaled, give yourself points. If you need more than 8 glasses of water a day, give yourself points.   

How did you do?  Since this is a completely new test, you’re a beta tester and your input is valuable. Let us know your score in the comment section down below this article so we can see what the range of scores is on this test.

To have a better understanding of your water element, see these Posts about the Element Water:

In case you missed them, here are the popular astrology tests: Donna Cunningham's astrology tests

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  1. 50 points, and don’t I know it. Cancer Ascendant, Pisces Saturn/Chiron conjunct Midheaven, Sun in fourth, Moon in 8th, Neptune in tight major aspects to 5 planets, and I won’t even start about my moon.
    Go with the flow!

  2. Although I am a Cancer sun I have never seen myself as very descriptive of the Cancer personality. The big score pushing me up to the moderate level is my Pluto/Moon (Leo) conjunction. I estimated my score around 25, so despite how I feel about myself, still a strong score. No extra’s added for my love of water!

  3. I come in at 72.

    Some of that is due to having relatively high Pluto/Neptune/Moon scores. Some due to having a heavily aspected Midheaven/Moon/Neptune with Moon/Neptune in Scorpio.

    • I’ll add that MC/Moon/Neptune are the “nose” in the kite pattern in my chart.

  4. 50 points!


  5. Since I scored so low (about 15) I decided to do my son who was born 10 minutes after the Pisces new moon. He scored 50 points. In scoring him I discovered that this guy who seems so UN Pisces like happens to have Pluto right on his midheaven (never saw that before) which makes him a lot more of a “heavy” than I would have expected.
    He has Neptune on his ascendant (in the 12th house, but ever so close!) in Sagittarius.
    This is my high achiever son. Interesting, fun, thanks

    • Hi Mimi ~ Pluto on the MC would definitely make him driven and controlling. Neptune on the ascendant means that people don’t see him for who he really is; or that he can be somewhat of a chameleon to others. If he has Sag on the Asc and Pisces sun / moon, he’d make an awesome pharmaceutical sales rep!!

      I felt a little bit of an ‘ouch’ when I read, “This is my high achiever son.” Don’t rule out your Capricorn moon son in the success category. People with Cap influences take longer to come into themselves, but I have a Pisces sun sister with Cap moon who is very successful.

    • Sounds like my chart! Sag rising, Neptune on the ASC in the 12th, Pluto conjunct the MC. I am a bit of a high achiever, yes, but when I was younger, Pluto conjunct the MC was always a bit of a mystery to me.

  6. Think this is a wonderful opportunity for blogging around the world of advancing awareness. Of course, you would be at the forefront. As for the water in my chart: oh! dear! sometimes it nearly drowns out the double Leo of me! Thanks for your presence & purpose.

  7. 64, and if aspects were added, it would be a lot higher. Neptune, Pluto and Moon are all involved in a kite, grand trine in water. I was even “made” in the middle of the Atlantic, so I make splashing noises when I walk …

    • The aspects are factored into the scores for Pluto, Neptune, and the Moon, but you’re right, you ought get water rights for that grand trine! Donna

  8. Yay! I love your tests!

    I got a 32 for water. I feel quite balanced element-wise. I guess we’ll see just how balanced, won’t we?

  9. Wow, this score has surprised me the most @ 51! It would be even higher if there were points for Neptune aspecting the ascendant or the South Node in a water sign. Like Wanda, I’m seeing where my only fire planets (Sun/Mars conjunction in Aries in the 8th and a 12th house Leo Moon) gets doused out sometimes. lol

    This test has shown me another reason as to how in the world this Aries and Cancer hubby can stay together for 15+ years! That goes to show there is much more to compatibility than just the Sun signs.

    Man, I wish I had his birth time. I would love to know how he would score on this. With his Sun, Moon, Uranus and Venus in Cancer that’s 16 points already. He has no other planets in water.

  10. 61 here (not even counting my South Node in the 8th), which seems about right. With Pluto conjunct my Ascendant, Sun conjunct Neptune, and Moon square Neptune/Jupiter/Mercury in Scorpio, I never did relate to descriptions of my Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon as being unemotional – LOL!

  11. Score is 63. Makes sense–after all, I have an Aquarian sun–the water bearer! (LOL)

    Interesting that this test and the global blog day on water is happening this week.
    I actually hadn’t thought much about being a watery type until late last week when
    I opened one of my astrology books and found myself reading about the essence of water. I was very moved by what I read–especially the importance of a container for the watery type; whether that be a home base; a committed relationship; a clear sense of self etc. In that reading, I found a poignant validation of a particular kind of vulnerability that I possess. Water is very precious, no doubt about it!

  12. 79 points, before figuring out the 10% of other scores.

    15 just in bonus points (Sun-Nep exact conjunct scorpio; moon exact conjunt asc). Plus planets in Cancer (jupiter) and Pisces (saturn & chiron-10th), and in 8th (venus-capricorn)!

    Luckily an interception mean my MC is aquarius…or else I’d be drowning in points!

    This preponderance of water must explain why emotionally water soothes my soul or calms my spirit. The pool is the place where I feel the most at peaceful and free.

  13. 31..scorpio sun/8th house planets. I thought it might be higher.

  14. 63

    If it wasn’t for my Aquarius Moon and my Saturn squares all this water probably would have overwhelmed me by now. I have a Sun/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio that sextiles my Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo that makes me one of those OPP people. *sigh*

  15. 57

    With the Moon, NN and Midheaven all in Cancer, I feel especially watery, lol.

    Someone told me that too much water in our chart could make us irritable and overly sensitive. I think it applies to me to some extent, except that I have a lot of fire to cancel out the water (internal tug of war)

    Have you found that to be true?

    • Oversensitive, for sure. But irritability doesn’t ring true–could come from some other factor, like lots of fire or a strong Mars. Donna

  16. 32. Think I’m going to re-name myself Jack (master of none).

  17. 43.
    I’m very much an air-water type. Both my 8th house Sun and 12th house Moon are in air signs. The thought of lighting up the dark has been on my mind a lot lately.

  18. wow, i didn’t even expect 30. i figured lower. my biggest factors are planets in the water houses and a strong moon score – who knew? on the other hand, i have always been drawn to water and aware of the emotions water can help draw forth.

    and most importantly…i drink about 16 glasses of water a day!


    i really do, though. it’s my #1 choice of beverage. 😀

  19. Yowzers, got 67 if memory serves me correct. Like my moon score, definitely wasn’t expecting that high.

  20. 42 here, but 15 of those points come from my moon / pluto conjunction! Higher than I thought it would be:)

  21. 71 points. Not too surprising for a Scorpio with a Pluto score of 48 who has Scorpio on the 4th house containing five planets (3 in Scorpio, 2 in Sag). 30 of the points are due to Pluto conj ASC and Neptune conj Moon.

  22. I come in at 80- scored lots of bonus points for high scores for Moon (65), Neptune (66) and Pluto (59) plus have Pisces Moon conjunct Pisces Sun and Pisces Ascendant. Off to swim some laps!

    • Wow, Jo, Sally! There are some big scores piling up here. Maybe I figured the points too high–like on those conjunctions. Though no matter how I redid the points, the top would still be high for those conjunctions. Donna

      • Just wait for the Air score…I’m heading for a hugely low score there!

      • October 14–I’ve revised the scoring to the following, based on what people are posting. It looks like below 20 would be considered weak, 20-35 would be moderate, and anything above 35 would be considered strong.

  23. Oh, forgot to say, I hacve a grand water kite involving ASC/Sun/Moon/Chiron (Pisces)- Jupiter (Cancer)- Neptune (Scorpio)through to Uranus/Pluto in the 7th in Virgo.

  24. 34 for my water score.

  25. I’m all wet! I scored 79!
    Water (waterfalls, lakes, streams, the ocean, a pool, even a bath or shower) does soothe me.
    I retain bodily water much too easily.
    I like to do art and photography with water as a big part or theme.

  26. My score is 34. I guess I’m not as much of a water sign type as I thought.:-)

    • I have a friend who scored 55 and his chart is dominant Fire, it’s interesting that he scored so high. He also has a grand trine in water, his sun and moon in leo conjunct in his 12th house and stellium in leo in his 12th house.

      My chart is dominant water, so I’m surprised I didn’t score higher.

  27. 44. In spite of having only one planet in a water sign! I’ve NEVER thought of myself as emotional; guess I’ll have to rethink!

    • Hi, Mary. Many people think because they don’t have much in water signs, they aren’t emotional, sensitive, etc. But it’s generally the influence of the watery planets that contradicts it. Donna

  28. My score is 45.. Do you find watery folk sensitive to scents (both good and bad) and music, as well as drawn to bodies of water?

    • Probably yes to all of the above, but the exact sensitivities do vary by the individual. Donna

      • oh this made me laugh. When my Pisces son was a little boy he was convinced that mom and dad could smell EVERYTHING and that his nose didn’t work right. tee hee. I had to show him that his nose did work just fine..

  29. 44, which is really surprising to me since most of my planets are in earth signs. Then again, those planets are in water houses. And I do have both Saturn and Chiron in Pisces and Neptune in Scorpio.

    These tests are so much fun. 🙂

  30. 37, not too high or low. I feel balanced in terms of the elements in my chart, I think. Probably a tad more air and fire than water and earth.

  31. 60

    Looking forward to your tests for other elements!

    BTW, on one of the astro forums someone suggested the following method: if your strongest quality is, say, cardinal and your strongest element is water, than “your real sign” would be Cancer. What do you think about it? Of course it’s a gross oversimplification but it could give some interesting insights for somebody who thought of themselves all their lives in terms of their Sun sign.

    • Hi, Tatiana, I happen to think that method has some merit. Even by the grossest measure, which is just to count the number of cardinal/fixed/mutable planets and then the number of planets in the elements, you can find the emphasis. For me, it comes out to Aries (cardinal fire) rather than my sun sign, Cancer (Cardinal water). Donna

  32. 37 and I feel it about that much.

    Almost all of my Water is introverted or otherwise out of sight–Scorpio and below the horizon. Three years ago, I’d have argued with anybody who said I had any emotions that I was aware of. Boy don’t I know differently now. o~0

    I expect I’ll be Earth as high scorer, with Air just a bit below Fire but neither one anything to write home about.

    Of course, I do drink a lot of water every day and have a little creek in my backyard so maybe I should add a few for them…. 😀

  33. Only a score of 28. I do know that being by water has always help me to rejuvinate myself. Saturn and Mars both malefics in Cancer. Don’t know if that’s a help or a hindrance.

  34. 51
    seems like enough water – for a pool or drowning 🙂

    I feel it comes mostly from a bonus and the fact that the same 3 planets which are in Scorpio are in the 8th house too, because the 8th house is there, which makes 18 points if I look at them separated. It seems easy to have a high score here.

    Maybe if water score is measured as a % of all the elements could be a meaningful value too, but this would work if the sum of the score on all the elements for everyone is nearly the same, which I’m not sure about.


    • The total wouldn’t be the same for everyone on these tests, due to the bonus features, but it would be on one where only the planets in the various signs were counted. Something to think about for a future set of tests. (I’m already wondering what tests to do when the elements are finished.) Donna

  35. 70
    However, 30 pts are from Moon conj Neptune & Pluto within 10 degrees of MC. Also have 5 planets in the 12th. ASC, Mercury, Mars & Jupiter in Scorpio.

    I was surprised to see this. Always attributed my sensitivity to emotional environment to Moon conj Neptune and being right brained to my 12th house Mercury. Makes sense as both of those are water type factors! Ha!

    Good one, Donna! Thanks!! 😛

  36. I have 29.

    Cancer asc, a stellium in the 8th house and a conjunction in the 12th.

    There’s a bit more water than I realised, since I had considered my chart a fire / air one with a ‘bit’ of water.

  37. 64, and not surprising: sun in cancer in 12th, moon conjunct pluto, and so on. With mercury in cancer conjunct my asc, I often find I’m projecting my moods or thoughts.

    I’ll bet my air score comes in 2nd; it’ll be interesting to see if it’s higher.

  38. My score is 74. I have always felt very watery even though the majority of my planet are in air signs. I have 5 planets in the 4th house including a Sun/ Moon conj, 2 planets in the 12th with Neptune conj the Asc.
    This validates my own life experience of being a strongly water person.
    Thanks, Donna.

  39. Yikes! At 95 without the 10% sections…sun and moon conjunct neptune and a sun moon conjunction all in scorpio already put me at 45. Mostly water planets all in water houses. Wouldn’t recommend that much mostly bottled (i.e scorpio) emotion and uber-sensitivity to anybody but thanks to the study of astrology I stay sane.

  40. Wow I’m a bit surprised at scoring a 54. When most people look at my chart they always comment on how airy I am and unwatery. My high Moon, Pluto and 12th house planets pushed the score up. Guess you have to look deeper to see it.

  41. I got a moderate score of 28. I didn’t think I’d even score that high. Oddly enough, I never did the Neptune score, which I needed to complete this score, so I had to go back and do that one too. A lot of the water score came from Neptune, which probably has other unscoreable strengths, like my Mercury opposite Neptune exactly on top of my lunar nodes.

  42. I have a score of over 55 (can’t really remember my Pluto and Neptune scores so I didn’t even include them but I know they’re high).
    I have plenty of Scorpio but most of all Moon in the 12th conjunct the Ascendant and Neptune conjunct the Sun make me extremely watery. It’s not surprising at all, considering how my emotions are always in the top layer of my life.

  43. 73 for me. A Scorpio stellium including Sun-Neptune conjunct, plus Moon-Pluto conjunct, with Cancer ASC, Pisces MH. Add me to the water clan!

  44. 40 here. Cancer rising, moon in Pisces, oriental planet (Merc.) in Cancer conjunct the ascendant. So, probably higher actually.
    Chiron in Pisces, too, which feels like a double whammy for some reason I can’t articulate. Maybe if my air was stronger. lol

  45. I was hoping that my score would not exceed 20, but it was 22.

  46. 33, mostly from having Moon conjunct my Ascendant. I suppose more water focus now that I have 5 progressed planets in Scorpio and progressed Moon in Cancer.

    • Oh, wow, yes, that would up the ante on water considerably. I wish there was a way to add that to the test. Donna

  47. 30 is the score…even higher than Fire which is surprising. I have never liked the emotional realm or the astral body. Its the toughest hill to transcend namely because that’s the abode of most of humanity who are awake and on the trail. Its full of dreams and illusions. The illusion of pain is real enough but a nasty place to be. Unnecessary. Of course TV and movies brainwash people to ” feel ” they are NOT GOOD unless they own a new car, a hot tub etc etc such people are solar plexus people. Pure detached spiritual love for Life itself is pure freedom from the slippery chains of the astral realms. All the elements are necessary to life and to be respected on that account alone.

  48. Dratz…41.9 ….when redoing, the score changes? Still surprised about being watery.
    Air is my real element and the wind spirit uncle my teacher.

  49. 85…45 with just the combo I have — Sun, Moon, and Pluto all conjunct each other within 10 degrees (5 degrees is the actual separation)….all within the 8th house no less. Strange, I don’t feel very Watery.

    • No deep and powerful emotions and insights? You might also read this: . Donna

      • I get insights bordering on clairvoyance sometimes, like I can see something coming before it happens, but I don’t know how to access it at will. Other times I get this really strong sense of deja vu especially if I dreamed the sequence beforehand, but things like that don’t pan out for years sometimes. It’s like I skip ahead too far you know?

        I can’t say I don’t have powerful emotions either. I have some Cancer planets (Mars + Jupiter) but the planets where Sun, Moon and Pluto reside are in Libra, plus my Ascendant is Aquarius. I try to keep my emotions in check but every so often, someone learns how to press my “angry button”, so that when I feel it, I really feel it. If I like someone, I really like them. Because of the Air, the feelings sometimes get translated into thoughts or images.

        Donna, I read that article you’d linked. The only thing that stood out was the fear of abandonment, but not by my mother just in general. My mom has been mainly the responsible breadwinner and my dad was the one threatening suicide. After his death from a heart attack back in 2000, my relationship with my mom became stronger. I think though we were too attached, as for some reason I hated living on my own when I did it temporarily. I dreading it now as I look for a new place because she plans to move out of state in 6 months.

      • Ah, what a terrible thing to go through. Well, the Sun as part of that Sun/Moon/Pluto conjunction would account for the father being the one who abandoned you. The father is represented by the Sun (also partially by the Midheaven and Saturn.) Donna

  50. 51.2
    That explains why I have very few qualities of my airy sun sign (Gemini)!


  51. I’m frustrated. Read two posts on the 8th house and both are closed for comment! Gah! So I figured I’d emote over here. Most of my planets are in the 8th and 12th houses. Thank God my Neptune is 1 degree out of range of my Asc or else I’d be melting in a puddle right now…or evaporating. I scored 42.

  52. 57.

    Pluto conjunct ASC
    Sun, Venus, Jupiter in 8th House
    Moon in 12th House
    Midheaven in Cancer
    Mars, Saturn in Cancer
    Uranus in Scorpio

    Pluto score was 51
    Moon score was 50
    Neptune score was 23

    • Big water score, softsokk! And it sounds like you wouldn’t have scored all that high on the traditional test that just counts planets in water signs. Donna Cunningham

      • Very true. Color me surprised, and blue (wet)! 😉 4 planets in Earth, including Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Moon – 3 Taurus and 1 Virgo.

        And I snorted at astrology for so long because of Taurus sun sign descriptions. Even with including Virgo Moon descriptions and Libra Rising descriptions, it all still left me ‘dry’ – because I’m one of the most sensitive and tenderhearted people. I FEEL *everything* and the sensitivity and ‘feelings-ness’ feels like a tender spot I have to protect – (much the liability, that soft spot) – all throughout life.

        Your test helps immensely. I came out with Water the highest element in my chart–by an easy 21-30 point lead (depending on how you calc Earth element) – and here I am (or was), so “Earthy!”

        I feel relieved, to have ‘evidence,’ honestly. Once upon a time I was going to officially abandon ‘Taurus’ for ‘Pisces.’ lol

        Thanks, again.

  53. 33 for water.31/34 for earth. 38 for air. 40/55 for fire. Sounds pretty balanced, if anything, more balanced than me. *grinning in despair*

  54. 82! I was expecting it with Sun, Moon, Asc, MidH, all in water and Moon conj MidH and Sun conj Pluto. That’s fifty right there! 😀 Then again, I didn’t need this test. There have always been aquariums, waterlillies, and glasses of water around me my entire life.. I study marine animals and teach kids about the ocean.. I’m super attached to my mother.. and my dreams/nightmares border on the precognitive. Cheers for the test!

  55. ok, what about moon conjunct the IC? My score is only like 32 without it, but I feel very watery. I have sun, mars and mercury in cancer. I Definitely have recluse like tendencies. I’m an artist and a writer. I’ve been the tormeted profound artist for sure. The need for solitude is important. I’ve always been kind of the strong silent type, but feelings run deep. Don’t know why I’m asking this b/c if I feel that moon conjunct the IC is significant then it probably is. I also have neptune conjunct the descendant. I wish my chart were more cut and dry and obvious. But I think I know in my heart that it is. Thanks, me

  56. 42 and my highest. Other sites say that Earth is my highest but I believe this one more because you take everything into consideration – not just signs in planets.

    Moon in Pisces
    Jupiter in Cancer
    Pluto in Scorpio
    4 planets in 4th House

    I have a high Moon score too.

  57. A nice, round, droplet-shaped (?) 40. My moon score is by far my highest, and well, the water houses like a good party. I’m very intuitive and highly sensitive, not just personally but to the emotions of others. I’m not surprised to be water-strong. I have a strong fire component in my chart and am eager to take that test next to see which is higher. (My air score will be abysmal, but I’ll take it for research purposes.)

  58. I scored 64.

    Pisces Rising. Neptune conjunct Midheaven. Pluto conjunct Moon (orb of 1 degree) in 8th House on cusp of Scorpio. Venus in Pisces trine Saturn in Scorpio. Moon sextile Neptune (orb of 4 arcmin). North Node in the 4th house in Cancer. Grand Trine Venus, Saturn, North Node all in water. Stellium in 8th House (Moon, Pluto, Saturn)

    Neptune score 43
    Pluto Score 42
    Moon score 29

    These tests are fun!

  59. I scored 79)scorpio MC conjunct Pluto,Neptune conjunct Asc,Venus in Cancer,Jupiter in Scorpio,Saturn in Pisces,scorpio Pluto.4th house Sun,8th house Moon,Sun trine Neptune,Moon square Neptune in 12th.Uranus also in 12th house.
    Moon score 38
    Pluto score 60
    Neptune score 63)Thanks for the tests!

  60. 70

    Neptune: 4
    Pluto: 8
    Moon: 6
    3 12 th H Planets: 9
    Scorp Sun/MC: 10
    Scorp Chiron: 3
    Pluto conjunctions: 30

  61. Wow! Those high planetary scores and the bonus points, jacked this one right up. 116 What?! Is that even possible? I’ve always said my Conj Saturn and Asc. in Capricorn were what keeps me grounded and steady. (and couple Virgo planets) Knew I had a lot of water and would be high but that high…😮

    Turns out fire and earth were also in a fairly high range 60s & 70s. (which I also didn’t expect) Don’t have figures in front if me. I think was 30s. But being that I only have MC, node and Chiron in air – not at all surprising. Thanks for doing all these tests. Facinating!

    • *Air in 30s.
      And those 3 are in aspect to other points in the chart. Sorry don’t see an edit option.

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