Posted by: Donna Cunningham | October 22, 2010

Bailing out the Water Signs–The Emotional Hangover Remedy

©2003 by Ivory Phoenix, E.E.U.   (Experienced Essence User), reprinted from Vibration Flower Essence Blog

I seldom have a physical hangover, but then I don’t need to. My forte is the emotional hangover due to life-long practice at emotional binges — tossing and turning ’til all hours of the night, sobbing, raging, or manufacturing some future personal or global catastrophe. Water represents the emotions, and my astrology chart is extremely strong in the water element through my signs, houses, and planets. 

If you’ve  ever been through an emotional binge, you know that the emotional hangover after a night like that can derail the new day as totally as a physical hangover ever could. The washed-out, cotton-headed, self-despising remnant of an emotional binge can make it nearly impossible to focus on the tasks at hand.

Fortunately, when I am clear enough to remember it, there is a great hangover remedy for emotional binges — Violet Curls by Desert Alchemy® Flower Essences.

I’ve worked on myself and on my emotions with great dedication throughout my adult life — almost any healing method you can name, I have tried. It is just my nature to be more emotional than most folks and to feel things more keenly. After an emotional binge, it almost feels like my energy body is waterlogged with the weight of the emotions that have been stirred up.

The desert is an arid place, so it is not surprising that many people born under the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) get wonderful relief from their watery excesses through Desert Alchemy’s collection of essences based on cacti and other hardy desert plants.

Out of all of Desert Alchemy’s excellent collection, however, Violet Curls is the most dramatic where emotional excesses are concerned — like a form of Rescue Remedy for an emotional binge. Their literature says that this remedy:

“…relieves congestion in the emotional body, easing emotional tensions and re-balancing the emotional center to function in harmony with the physical and mental bodies; oy! mein keppie!uplifts and lightens your mood, helping you to not take your emotions too seriously, but to experience them with calm detachment and clarity.” The Alchemy of the Desert by Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer, p. 294

 My experience is that Violet Curls is nothing short of miraculous. When I find myself in that hung-over state, I mix a dropperful of the stock bottle into a huge glass of water and stir it thoroughly. I sip it slowly while surveying my wardrobe, taking a shower, and otherwise pulling myself together.

Before long, I am out of my funk, clear as a bell, as though the sun had suddenly come out on a very gray day. My energy body no longer feels waterlogged — the light shines through it.

It’s almost as though the emotional binge never happened, except that I retain the clarity I gained through experiencing and releasing my real feelings about whatever triggered my emotional upheaval. (Back in the days when I still had monthly periods, Violet Curls was also a great tonic for acute episodes of PMS.)

Another situation where Violet Curls’ power to clear out emotional congestion is a great balm is during a Healing Crisis — those periods of time when you are actively working on some long-standing issue or blockage through essences and other healing tools.

Often part of the process is to bring up buried emotions that contribute to holding onto the unwanted pattern, and when those emotions are strong ones and from long ago, looking at them is sometimes painful or tumultuous. Yet pushing them back down through alcohol, binge shopping, or other addictions only delays the desired change.

When the emotions are up and in your face to the point where your energy body feels soggy, a tonic of Violet Curls in a glass of water helps speed the release and clearing of those feelings. A long soak in a tub into which you’ve stirred a couple of dropperfuls of the essence stock is another quick yet deep-acting relief.

The Desert Alchemy literature doesn’t focus on the long-term effects of this remedy, just its usefulness in a healing process. Myself, I’ve never actually taken Violet Curls in an essence mixture except for a day or two during an intense healing period, so I don’t know what it would do if I took it for a month or so. Maybe I’d be so healed of my emotionality, I would just waft off the planet into eternal bliss.

Or maybe not — maybe it would just be business as usual, continuing to work on myself year in and year out. But as a long-term essence user, my experience with repeating the same essence on a periodic basis whenever the acute need arises is that over time you get smarter, the same as you would if you took a needed essence in a more systematic way. The length of time you take an essence is in some ways not as important as its appropriate selection — though taking it correctly for a sufficient amount of time is probably the right idea.

Readers, how about you?  Do you ever have emotional hangovers, and what do you do for them?  Tell us about it in the comment section by scrolling down a screen or two.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ivory Phoenix is the nom de plume of someone who for the past twenty years has been a devout user of vibrational healing tools like flower remedies, homeopathy, Reiki, and light work, and who, despite all that, has yet to reach perfection. Go figure.

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  1. Donna: Thank you for this insight. Wondering how or where i would get any of the essences in my new location. We water babies (with a little fire mixed in to make bubbles) can really do a trip on the body.

    • Hi, Wanda, I know you’re new to Portland, and, as it happens, Portland has a number of places to get essences: New Seasons health food stores and New Renaissance book store being on our side of town. If you can’t find the ones you want there, try the websites of the essence companies and order online. Donna

  2. Thank you Donna, from another watery/airy baby! I wish I knew about this one while saturn was transiting my 12th! Still I’m amazed of how the essences work…the literally flow through you.

    btw, I’ve being enjoying the podcast inmensely!

  3. I am curious as to whether flower essences would work for me ?
    Homeopathy, for example, has no effect on me whatsoever, good or ill.
    I am allergic to many herbs/flowers, well many drugs. I tend to have odd or reverse reactions to many of them.

    • Hmm, Meloh, I can’t say for sure. If homeopathy has no effect, then concievably flower essences wouldn’t either. However, what confuses some people about both of these types of remedies is that the kind of response people have to them is in no manner similar to regular medications from MDs–e.g. they don’t have a sedative effect or an immediate cessation of physical symptoms.

      What MAY happen first is something called a healing crisis (explained in one of the articles on the essence list), which is a kind of catharsis that releases suppressed emotions or precipitates sudden insights that can be unsettling, as the truth often is. Then, over a few days or weeks, there are new understandings of why a certain pattern is present, and people may decide to let go of that pattern.

      So, if the person is only basing their evaluation of whether the remedy is having an effect on the medical model, they might come to the conclusion that nothing happened. I don’t know if that fits your experience or not. Donna

  4. My chart -or at least the way I interpret it- is basically a combination of three influences, virgo, scorpio and aries- all three venus’ signs of fall/detriment that is- so to me emotions are like the elephant in the room, I just pretend they’re not there most of the time. Except for days like this, with the full moon and all, when it’s all coming back to me like a tide or something, and I look like the gentleman with the pink cup up here. I’m definitely going to give the essences a shot, I like the idea that without having to invest any time you get such huge results.
    And, Donna, I listened to one of your interviews, and may I just say, you sound like a sweetheart!! Totally adorable, calm, sensitive, caring, polite, a bit reserved/distant, (but in a positive light, like ‘I’m just doing my thing’ distant) with a touch of playfulness in the voice, like ‘careful! I may crack a joke anytime’. You mighty Crab you!

    • LOL! That’s the Lion (Leo Rising) covering up the Crab for you. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast about flower essences. (It’s on the list here Donna

      • Hi Donna,
        I looked for your podcast on flower essences that was referred to here, but I could not find it… I looked in the list of 55 podcasts but did not see it. Am I looking in the right place? thanks, Regine

      • It’s on a list here: (I can’t seem to make a direct link work.) Donna

      • Thanks, Donna! Very interesting interview, I enjoyed listening! And the Website is a also a great source of info… Thanks ~~Regine

  5. Hi Donna

    I have a question about emotional hangovers. Is it possible or common to be in a hangover state even when the emotions are considered good ones, but maybe less familar in one’s life? I too have been the ’emotional one’ ever since I can remember, having both wreaked havoc externally and vice versa as it played out inside me. Still work regularly on using (or trying to use) my emotion for best purpose, i.e., information, action, etc..

    Just curious about your opinion and/or experience.


    • HI, Barbara, that is a good question, but not something I’ve experienced. Would, for example, being blissed out feel like an emotional hangover to you? Or being in a state of sexual fulfilment? Or being very excited by positive new experiences?

      I do know this about excitement, that it is close to anxiety on something like a color wheel of emotions. As children, we know about excitement, but adults come down hard on us, telling us to settle down, not be so loud, all the way to actual punishment…until we finally learn to suppress excitement. Instead we tend to experience it as anxiety.

      I think many of us, in general, have terrible experiences in which joy or fulfillment are swiftly followed by loss or betrayal, and so we come to be afraid of happiness. We fear that the good things will be followed by bad ones. I don’t know if any of this hits the mark of what you’re talking about. Donna

  6. I’m Water and Earth – when I’m moody, my name is MUD. XD XD

    Rough day – going for the BFR Elm now.

    Very good article – thanks, Donna!

  7. Donna! Here’s a question: Is it primarily Water types who feel like they get the most benefit from essence remedies?

    Maybe Fires might not feel like essences are for them for some reason?

    You most assuredly would know this answer!

  8. I had a moment of epiphany this morning, watching L.M.Presley’s interview to Oprah on u tube. If you take out the fact that this must be by far the strangest love affair of all time for a second, and just listen to what she says with their charts in mind, I mean, it really got me thinking.. First of all, I could totally relate to both parties. On the one hand, the Virgo who either plays smart or ices people out whenever they refuse to play by his rules, giving them no reason at all for that, and on the other hand the run-over-by both-Mars-and-Pluto Moon, that just can’t make the distinction between acts of affection and acts of revenge, and constantly confuses being hurt with being angry.
    Anyway, what hit me is that no matter how resonant all this sounded, it also sounded stupid. Which made me realise that we all have emotional habits and patterns of behaviour that feel totally reasonable and/or inescapable when it comes to our own lives, but once you get the chance too watch them in act in other people’s lives, the insanity of it all becomes so clear, you feel like you’ve been hit by a lightning! As I was watching this, a part of me was going ‘yeah, I get what you’re saying’, and yet another one was more like ‘jesus, why were you doing that to yourselves, noone should have to live like this’. You should watch this; it’s really interesting.

  9. Oh boy, with Moon conjunct my Ascendant and Uranus, plus Venus conjoined Pluto crises, I really should look for this remedy! The hangover can last more than into the next morning. Seems like some people can have a good cry and then go on with things, but I have to avoid indulging because it’s like a bottomless well down there.

    • Hello, Leslee, been there, done that myself. There are a couple of articles here that will help with a really soggy emotional body–must add them to the reading list for this article: talks about the amygdala. Its functions are complex, but it’s connected to strong emotions and certain compulsive behaviors associated with them. It also talks about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a simple, effective self-help method that allows quick release of negative emotions by tapping meridian points while focused on the emotion you want to clear. Popularly known as “tapping,” it was developed by Gary Craig. Read more about it and download a free manual at

  10. Thanks, Donna. I will have to look into this more as soon as I get a chance. The therapist I used to go to umpteen years ago used kinesiology (and flower essences) in her practice, and a friend of mine used to do tapping, too, so I’m aware of the power of these practices.

  11. OK. I just got imported a set of some 15 1 oz bottles of some 9 different type of essences.
    Its was a BIG ACHIEVEMENT for me as no one actually helped me out in solving my payment issue as my international CC’s were not getting accepted, due to some weird reasons. After 15 days of correspondence with FES, Iherb was advised by them in end and i got through them (no full range there)

    I have had gone through guidelines like

    Click to access using-flower-essences.pdf

    I am not sure few things:

    1) Total number of essences to be taken at one time by a person should not be more than 4? is it? what if more?

    2) Usage guide is too confusing.
    What is the best way? what is adequate? All the below all OK for usage?
    a) 4 drops qid from stock bottle.
    b) 4 drops in a glass of water to be sipped throughout the day
    c) Spray (4 drop volume) on body instead of ingesting

    3) I also read about diluting the stock further and making another bottle and using it. Does this work same as using drops directly from stock bottles?
    i know this ain’t a medical formulation, but wouldn’t dilution dilute the effectiveness too?

    4) Are the bottles received from FES are called stock bottles?

    5) When can we usually think of watching-for/evaluating the results/effects? 4 weeks at least?


    • I’m glad that you persevered. Most of your questions are answered in the free downloadable chapter from my ebook on flower essences at the very bottrom of this article: . Additional information about why and how you mix them in diluted form (into dosage bottles) is found in a FAQ here: And yes, the bottles you get from FES are the stock (concentrate) bottles.

      You can see some changes in a month, yes, but I hope you’re not expecting essences to be a magic bullet, because they catalyze changes in our ways of thinking about and dealing with certain problems so that we approach them differently. But they would not “cure” a serious emotional problem like depression. The search engine at Vibration Magazine is a good resource, as it gives you links to over 500 articles in our archives, including many remedies and kinds of applications. That’s Donna

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