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11th House Transits—New Departures in Friendship

©10-25-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 In our most recent Q&A session, we looked at the 11th house—the place in your chart that reveals patterns with friends, peers, groups, and networks. Several of you had questions about transits to the 11th

 As a person with four planets in that house natally, I been through waaaaay more of those transits than you’d ever want to experience. You could say that my life has been a sort of 11th house Master Class.  So here are some descriptions of transits by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. 

 First, you may want to download a reference table so you can plot out the times these planets have transited your own 11th house or any chart you may be working with here: Transit Tracking Table for 1990-2012

 Also, have a look at that house in the chart to see where it begins and ends.  Houses may be anywhere from about 22-45 degrees, so the more degrees in that house, the longer the transit would last. 

 Also check times when a transiting planet wasn’t in the 11th, but was making aspects to planets in the 11th. For the slower-moving planets (from Uranus on out), the transit to a natal planet may last for as long as 2 years, on and off.

Jupiter transits to the 11th (or transits to natal Jupiter in the 11th): Jupiter takes slightly less than 12 years to orbit the Sun, so it’s in a sign—and a house—for about one year.

What to expect during a Jupiter transit to the 11thYou’ll have opportunities to expand—personally, spiritually, and professionally—through friendship and groups. Study groups can lead to intellectual and spiritual growth by exploring advanced topics and world religions.

 You may meet new friends from afar, perhaps in your own travels. People who are knowledgeable and well-placed may befriend you and bring good fortune your way. Reaching out to groups or networks can boost your career or business—after all, the 11th is the 2nd house of the 10th.

Saturn transits to the 11th (or transits to natal Saturn in the 11th): Saturn takes 29.5 years to orbit the Sun, so it’s in a sign—and a house—for about 2.5 years.

What to expect during a Saturn transit to the 11thYou may accept a responsible position in a group you belong to—be careful not to take too much on, as it can be like another part time job. By trial and error, you learn to set boundaries with friends and groups of people.

You may worry about friends who are having a hard time due to illness, aging, difficult world conditions, or as the consequences of irresponsible behavior. Some old friends you’ve been loyal to may leave your life, and you may be too focused on other responsibilities to socialize as much as previously. Old pals from long ago pop up (high school reunion?) and give you a chance to see how you’ve each fared since then.

During this period, you may make good business or professional connections with colleagues and clients through belonging to groups or networks related to your career. Older, experienced, and capable people may be impressed with you and may mentor you—or you yourself may become a mentor to promising young people.

 Uranus transits to the 11th (or transits to natal Uranus in the 11th): Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun, so it’s in a sign—and a house—for about 7 years.

What to expect during a Uranus transit to the 11thThere’s an upswing in your social life as lively, trendy, people suddenly appear and then, just as you’re getting used to them, they’re history. They’re likely to be younger and/or more Aquarian, with more than a touch of wildness and the capacity to shake up your ideas.

It’s on with the new but out with the old, as long-term connections reach sudden endings, for instance when one of you moves away. One or both of you may change in ways the other can’t adapt to or accept. 

 Groups take on a new meaning and new excitement, and you may find yourself drawn to social or political action. You may meet people online who share your interests and find yourself online constantly to keep up with social networking.

 Neptune transits to the 11th (or transits to natal Neptune in the 11th): Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the Sun, so it’s in a sign—and a house—for about 14 years.

What to expect during a Neptune transit to the 11th: Maybe over the years, you’ve given more than you’ve gotten in certain codependent relationships.

If you’ve befriended people with serious problems, you may find yourself burned out, especially if they’re involved in self-destructive patterns like addiction or abusive relationships. If they’re unwilling to change them, this may be a time when their problems get worse, and you decide to cut them loose.  

What’s likely to fill the void is a new or deeper involvement in groups devoted to spiritual development, service, or creativity.  You meet fellow seekers who become brothers and sisters of the heart and share a rich and soulful awakening.

Just be aware that it’s in the nature of Neptune to drift back and forth from positive to negative. Don’t ever surrender your judgment or common sense to group life or to a charismatic leader, or disillusionment will follow. (Look up James Arthur Ray,  a prime example, who is finally about to go to trial.)

Pluto transits to the 11th (or transits to natal Pluto in the 11th): Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the Sun, but its orbit is highly irregular, and it may stay in a sign for anywhere from 12-31 years. It will be in Capricorn a total of 16 years, until 2024.

What to expect during a Pluto transit to the 11thThe friends you have by the end of this long and potent transit will be your friends for the rest of this life—and probably many more lifetimes afterwards!  Frivolous folks who can’t handle intense transformation periods will drop by the wayside—you’ll grieve, but ultimately conclude you’re better off without them.  Others may disappear due to intense struggles of their own. 

 What you do need to watch out for are people—or groups—who want to take possession of your life, isolating you from other meaningful connections. Be leery of the type who says, “You’re my ONLY friend,” or who steps in during times of crisis and befriends you in your darkest hour, only to come to find out they want to make you over and control you. 

Groups, in general, are tricky during a Pluto transit to the 11th.  Whichever house Pluto transits, you’re likely to encounter politics and power struggles, and in this instance, you may get involved in group politics.  If you’re the type to wear a target on your back from time to time, watch your step and keep a low profile.  Or RUN!!!

Still, healing workshops and self-help groups can have a life-changing impact on your life during this transit, helping you to change longstanding wounds and patterns on a very deep and permanent level. 

 A word to my fellow Plutonians:  I HATED group therapy every single week for the two years I went, but it was one of the best things I ever did for myself. These were people I never would have chosen to get close to and couldn’t cut out of my life after a spat.  But they so often spoke aloud the feelings and responses I kept secret.  Little by little, I found out I wasn’t so weird as I thought, and it made quite a dent in my stubborn sense of isolation.    

TRANSIT TRACKER:  This handy one-page reference summarizes the transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto from 1990-2012. Use it to look back on past transits to the 11th house of a chart and to look forward for the next few years.  Download it here: Transit Tracking Table for 1990-2012.

Readers, can you spot a time when you were having an important transit to your 11th house?  Can you remember what happened where friends and groups were concerned?  Share it with us in the comment section by scrolling below this article.

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  1. I’m having Pluto transiting my 11th right now. It will also pass over Venus and the Sun.

    the first thing I did when Pluto first passed over the cusp was to clear out my friends “list”. all sorts of people were there and never really deserved to be. all those people who used me, and abused my friendship were just cut out of my life with a clarity of purpose I didn’t know I could have. No more doubts about their intentions, no more seconds chances, no more forgiveness passes to ungrateful people.

    It was scary at some point, when I felt lonely. I realized how easy it is to lose a friend and how easily I could end up by all alone. Luckily, I also had real friends that passed this “test”.

    Curious and a bit scared about what the next many, many years will bring.

    • Thanks so much for sharing, Cris. I went through a similar really lonely period when I became aware of my codependent relationships through Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings. (Oddly enough, it was under a TRINE from Pluto to my 11th house stellium!) I came to the conclusion it wasn’t healthy to just rush into new friendships, because I would just form NEW codependent relationships that would work out the same way in the end.

      So I just hung in there for a while, but eventually I formed a new kind of friendship that was based on mutual amounts of giving and recieving, and it really did transform my relationships. And Pluto will transform yours too, have faith in that, because you’re clearly an insightful person and able to work with Pluto’s energy. Donna

      • thank you. I hope I can deal with anything coming my way. but one never really knows for sure

  2. In 1990 had Saturn and Neptune in the 11th my husband of 25 yr was diagnosed with cancer. In 1993 uranus and neptune in the 22th over my sun he died of cancer. my life changed. 1997 saturn brought a new person in my life. In 1999 Pluto entered my 10th house and by the time it left I had no business and was disabiled. In 2002 saturn was in the 4th I had legal problems. with a family member. Saturn in 2006 6th house quincunx 11th I almost died twice in hospital. End of 2008 Pluto enter the 11th my son and I became estranged. 2009 -2010 Neptune on ascendant health issues.

    Love the tracker table thank you Donna

  3. Pluto has been conjunct my Mercury 2 Capricorn for awhile now and I am seeing things differently. It still has my Venus and Sun to conjunct before it leaves the 11th. Need to find a healing group to help me through.

  4. Wow, I thought transits to the angles like the ones I’m experiencing – and will go on experiencing for years and years to come- are the hardest ones, but this doesn’t sound like ‘friendly’ fire either!
    Jupiter transiting 11th- nothing special really (as always with me and Jupiter) but Saturn was exactly as you describe it. Old friends asking for forgiveness (like they didn’t know I don’t do forgiveness), and many-many new acquaintances, it was as if it was raining friends.
    As for those ‘who befriend you in your darkest hour’, it’s a recurrent theme in my life, in all my relationships. I don’t know why people tend to love me more when I’m down, but I do know that if it wasn’t for my killer bs detector, I’d be in serious trouble. I remember one time specifically, when I was saying to myself ‘As much comforting and soothing as it seems, if you accept this person’s help now, you’re surrendering your power to him forever’.
    P.S. Why oh why did you close the q&a session so soon? Did you sense the vulgarity of my upcoming question, which would be ‘how can I make a buck out of my 11th house venus’? Was that it? (don’t answer that!)

    • Not a vulgar question, but it would have to do with people skills and items of art, beautification or connection, but that doesn’t seem to fit with how you describe yourself. Donna

      • I suppose I could sell my vast collection of moisturisers, body lotions, facial masks and vitamin supplements. And then I could use my people skills to make the virgo spinster in me shut up about it.

      • LOL! I have an 11th house Venus as part of my stellium, and I do OWN those things, but never use them. Nor do my friends.

        In some ways, it’s a wonderful placement, and in others it’s anywhere from a PITA to a real heartbreaker. I could write an article about the reasons it’s not such a great placement, but you’d know all my secrets…and then my friends would have to kill me. Oh, I know, I’ll save it until Pluto in Cap hits the quincunx to it. yike! Donna

      • Well, as an old saying says, ‘where’s a yellow smiling face when you need it?’

      • And where’s a leering, winking one? Donna

    • Incidentally, the difference between a transit to one of the 4 angles (Asc, MH, IC, Dsc) and a transit to/through a house is that an angle is a definite and active point in the zodiac, with a 2-3 degree orb. Thus the transit to an angle might be on and off for a couple of years, creating a distinct set of time-limited events.

      As listed in the article, a transit to a house may go on for years and years. However, but during much of that time, it is background music, establishing a set of conditions under which events do ultimately happen at points of time when the transiting planet is aspecting a natal planet either in or from that house. Donna

  5. Great article especially for those of us who are not well varsed in this area.

    Thanks Mate!

  6. I don’t have planets in the 11 but a couple of key ones in aqu. and reading your post made me look again to my chart…the cusp is in cancer and Saturn is 1 min away from my moon right now.
    When Sat was transiting my 11th about 4 years ago, my best friend committed suicide. She was a year away to her sat return but sat was squaring her moon/uranus in scorpio in the 12th…we were in different countries at the time, and I hadn’t check on her chart…until it happened…she was a wonderful human being and her loss has being particularly difficult to overcome, I’m realizing this t square transit brings an opportunity for much needed healing.

    Sorry if I’m bringing up a darker tone…is kind of a pluto/saturn time for me, my dad would have turned 64 today

    • What a tragedy! It’s so very hard to get over something like that. My main teacher committed suicide because of a terrible fatal illness, and I couldn’t get over it for years–felt ripped off because of the loss of years of contributions to the field.

      (And that was during a Saturn trine to my 11th house planets, if memory serves me right. I’ve had any number of trines over the years to the 11th house planets that were as bad as squares or oppositions.) Donna

      • wow, during a trine! did you find that processing what happend was different that in the case of squares and oppositions? What I’ve noticed in saturn transits is that you have to let go of something (or it is ‘taken’ away from you), but you are also given something in return.

      • Oh, it all felt bad, as I did lose so many friends in a variety of ways…moving away, died of AIDS, misunderstandings. etc. Too long ago, most of them, to really recall the internal process. It’s probably not typical of an outer planet trine(although some of these comments do make me wonder!) The thing is, my 11th house does have a triple conjunction of Venus-Uranus-Saturn in Gemini, and so my friends are very unusual (brilliant, funny, inventive) but not exactly on a conventional life path. Donna

  7. Pluto has been transiting my 11th since my divorce in June 2001. Since then, I’ve moved states three times, changed careers and worked for an organization where yes I went through power struggles and felt like a target sometimes, which I was laid off from some months ago. So all of my “groups” have changed; home, work and personal. As far as friends go, I’ve become closer to two who really supported me thru these upheavals. I’ve let go of some really old friends from childhood / college who weren’t there for me after my divorce. Pluto is now knocking on my 12th house door, 4 degrees Cap. While I don’t have any natal planets in the 11th house, I definitely see and have felt Pluto’s transit to it. I love how you wrote about trying to find healthier, more balanced relationships during your pluto transit there, Donna, because those are the exact words I’ve used with people. That I need the giving / receiving ratio to be more balanced (usually I was giving more). I thought this was an effect of my divorce, where I gave 150% to the marriage and my husband gave about 50%. Now I know it was Pluto transiting my 11th:)

    Donna, I didn’t catch the 11th house Q&A blog in time to comment, but would like to personally confirm how right you are about where the ruler of your 11th is located is the venue where you will meet ‘your people.’ My 11th house cusp is 14 degrees Sag and my Jupiter (in Sag) is located in my 10th; all of my good friends have come from work (or school when that was my ‘career’) … as well as the majority of my romantic relationships.

    • Thanks for sharing, Karen. Pluto CAN play rough at times, no doubt about it, but we learn some huge lessons and make some changes that HAVE to be made.

      And somehow in the depths of it, and even in the intensity of grieving, there is also a sense of–mmm, satisfaction? Empowerment? Because we’re fixing things that really need fixing because they weren’t in our best interests or true to ourselves on a very deep level. Donna

  8. Thank you, thank you for the Tracker! Much appreciated!

  9. Just wanted to comment on your observation about group therapy making you feel less weird. I have seen that transits to the 11th house impact how much people feel like they belong to the rest of the human race–how ‘normal’ or weird they feel. It’s not just a connection to a specific group but to humanity sometimes.

    I also see popularity issues surface. One young client developed an eating disorder during a Pluto transit to Venus in the 11th. She wanted to be thin to be popular at school and Pluto went to dire extremes to show her that popularity is not worth dying for.

    I could go on and on about the effect of the mass media on all this and some of the other interesting manifestations of the 11th house I’ve seen, but I think I better quit before I get too long-winded.

    • yeah Victoria I can really relate!

    • Thank you for that example of the transit to Venus, Victoria. It is tragic how terrible yong girls come to feel about themselves for not being like an anorexic model. Donna

  10. P.S. Both Cris and Adrienne indicated that they’re going thru Pluto transits to the 11th with both yet to hit sun & venus. Having lived thru Pluto conjunct my 10th house stellium, the biggest impact will be the transforming affects of it conjuncting sun and venus. Maybe Cris and Adrienne can become email pals and become their own support group and share how it’s influencing them.

    As an aside, I lost my 15 year career that I thought I’d have forever when Pluto transited my 10th house. But what is really interesting now that I’ve discovered Chiron, is that while transiting Pluto was conjunct Sun (by 7 deg), Mercury (by 5 degree)and Jupiter (by 3), transiting Chiron was exactly conjunct my Sun approaching within 1 degree. When I saw that, it was a symbolic representation of the pain I felt when that happened.

    I recently met a man who’s going thru his second Saturn return in Libra, who also has transiting Pluto opposing within 2 degrees his natal Sun & Venus conjunction in Cancer. He’s on his own version of a ‘walkabout.’

    It’s made me realize how Pluto (or Chiron) doesn’t mess around when he’s contacting your Sun or Venus … and it’s better to be aware of how you want to change, how you think you may need to change (or heal) rather than just let the changes happen to you.

    Understanding astrology in retrospect is one thing; the real beauty is when you can see what is happening to you right now and work *positively* with those energies. It’s way harder than I thought it would be; I find much of my understanding comes in retrospect.

    • Hi Karen – I agree so much with your last 2 paragraphs. As somebody experiencing t.Pluto in 12th (natal Pluto in 9th r. 11th) opp n.Venus r. 5th & 10th – I am lucky to have made conscious changes to my world, giving up cigarettes and a toxic relationship, and consequently have clarity to work with my outmoded values – but gee it hurts so much – no amount of preparation can prepare you for the emotional pain.

      May I ask where you find where Chiron is transiting? Google?


  11. Hi Donna,

    I just reviewed the transit tracking table and noticed an error with respect to Neptune’s transit to the Sun. It is quoted as 29.5 years (the same as Saturn’s) but given that it stays in one sign for 14 years, a full cycle would actually equal 168 years, would it not?

    • Thanks so much for catching that, Debra, I was doing some cutting and pasting on that part of the article, and changed all of them but Neptune (of course, Neptune confusion!) Anyway, the tables are fixed now, but unfortunately it’s gone out to the subscribers that way. Hopefully, they’ll see it’s an error. Donna

  12. Hello Donna 😉
    I have Moon in 11th house (Aquarius sign), making a square aspect to Uranus and Neptune in 8th house(Sagittarius) , and Gemini Chiron in 1st house Taurus. When I read your post, it makes me think something about my behavior. People around me said that Im easy going, friendly and happy go lucky kind of person. But only those people who are close and dear to me know that is not ‘real me’. Emotional rebellious, intense, violent and ‘hot-cold’ are my true color. I can be very harsh towards them, especially when they hurt my sensitive feelings (I have Pisces Moon). That’s the time I will hurt them back emotionally (even physically!) to release my anger and get even.
    I didn’t want to, those acts makes me so guilty after what had happened. I tried to control it, but always failed. People around me never know this, Im seems a nice and good person for them.

    And another thing, having this aspect always make me try to find my own ‘freedom’ and space. Especially when those people whom I love the most (family, BFF, husband) hurt me really really badly, I will ‘run and hide’ away from them. Try to mend my own feelings and pretend that Im tough one when actually Im not.

    And oh well, Jupiter and Neptune will complete its journey in my 11th house. It’s getting near to my 12th house now. Wondering if my antisocial nature since past 2-3 years has to do with this…. Really, I don’t want to mix around with people that much. I don’t know why….

    • Sounds really hard to live with, that Moon, and I wonder if it’s worse with the menstrual cycle and with the Full or New Moon. Working with a homeopath/naturopath/herbalist might help any hormonal contribution.

      EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping) is a self-help technique you could use right at the moment you sense your emotions going out of control.

      Another self-help tool is Jhin Shin Juyutsu (not sure of the spelling), which involves applying deep pressure to the fingers on the hand, different fingers being for relief of different emotions. Look them up on line. Donna

  13. Neptune in the 11th – in the last couple years
    have had troubles with groups, but was just filling out an application for a watercolor society.. so maybe that will be right for me.

  14. It’s been awhile since any of these planets hit my 11th house, but I can now look forward to Saturn conj natal Venus. This should be interesting. Perhaps I’ll get a sense of fashion, or finally make that move to Tuscany.

  15. Pluto transit of 11th. First thing — I was primed for this — total transformation of my situation as main office-holder, guru, etc. of a non-profit organization. Total loss of position there, totally had to let it all go. That fits with my general experiences of a Pluto transit. Friends? Well, I lost all of my local friends early in the transit; they moved to other states n the U.S. There have been no new friends, so I have given up on finding any connection to my current (and permanent) residence. I’m just saying … there’s no advice to give me. I’m a Capricorn with Gemini Moon, Aquarius rising. Hanging on the Cardinal Cross at the moment. Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide.

  16. What’s the difference between Transiting Pluto and Natal Pluto in the 11th as regards friends?

    Also, I’ve noticed that since I have a 7 degree moon pluto conjunction (in 11th) that I always attract people whose Pluto is exactly on my moon (increasing the 11th house pluto effect). Also, these are the people who were born in the year that the Pluto Moon transit was exact for me.

    Anything to say about what outer planets we attract from someone else’s chart falling in our 11th?

    • One thing I’ll say is that the situation you describe with people born the year of the Pluto conjunction to your Moon is that that’s a common phenomenon. If an outer planet transited one of your inner planets, then the people born that year are likely to play a role in your life…and you in their’s (one generation’s connection with another). It’s not just one such person but almost any time you meet someone born that year, there will be a draw. Donna

      • Thanks, Donna. I was asking about the phenomenon in general, as it took me awhile to realize that these people we attract were born the years that we had probably our most traumatic experiences in life. Interesting.

  17. Thanks…am learning a lot
    call me a sensitive but my huge empty Pisces cusp 11th with Uranus and Jupiter transiting has brought a huge influx of friends from the spirit world …and anyone out there who feels lonely and/or friendless … dogs are full of unconditional love and a tree will give you energy and wisdom …

    • Awww! I shoulda thought of a dog for the Neptune transits–good suggestion, Captain! Donna

  18. Moon & Neptune in the 11th in Libra, and I too survived one Saturn transit (now on the second go-round), Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. Very educational and have absolutely NO desire to repeat any of those last three even if I am a better person for them. 😀


  19. Since Neptune and Uranus have both been in about the same place, I’m having a little trouble separating them..
    For example, I went back to school in 1999 and then quit after a year and then returned again to school in
    2004/2005 and got my degree in June 2006.
    (my 11th house goes from 14 Aquarius to about 14 pisces)

    What I find interesting is that I have been consciously seeking to make friends in the last 4 or 5 years and except for a few friendly voices on ilne, have not succeeded. (Thanks Neptune?)

  20. Interesting! I can relate: I divorced my abusive 1st husband when Neptune was in the 11th. I was a member of a spiritual group at that time, too. (But I guess I’ve always been a member of a spiritual group. . .)

    When Uranus transited the 11th some of my friends moved to other parts of the country.

    Now Pluto is having its way in my 11th. Yes, I’ve dropped some friends; but what concerns me most is death knocking on the door of several of my friends.

    And what about the effect on my 2nd husband???

  21. oh, YES, Mary, that’s it. My best friends all moved farther away! that happened during this time too.

  22. I have been reading all the post and wondering. I have Pluto in the 11th and Saturn squaring the 11th and Uranus will move back into Aries and squaring the 11th. The 11th is part of a 7planet cardinal t sq so my prayers have gone out for wisdom and a smooth transformation. That all going on with Neptune on my ascendant in Aquarius.

    • It’s a lot of transits, but the t-square will only be active on the 11th when it directly involves natal planets. Donna

    • Hi Adrienne – if I may comment? Pluto in 11th will be quite intense – your friends and/or groups will be Plutonic and the catalyst for great change. This can be a great experience. Although with Neptune over Ascendant you may need to be careful of how others perceive you – with Neptune here you may project a dreamy, gullible quality that leaves you open to predator/controlling types. You may draw others in that will manipulate you or who try to appeal to your Neptunian ‘facade’/phase. You may find others attracted to you that may not normally be. Enjoy… Malinkar.

  23. Saturn transiting my 11th house! I had some striking realizations about friendship.

    First, I noticed how many fair-weather friends I had. It also corresponded with a career disappointment (I had bad experiences during a long internship, which derailed my hopes to teach at that time). After this ‘failure,’ a lot of my “friends” seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth; however, the true ones stood by me! Since, Saturn has to do with lessons, I guess I can say I learned how to discern who is a true friend and colleagues and who isn’t!

    • Yes, Saturn in general but especially in the 11th is the lesson that “less is more,” quality vs. quantity. Donna

  24. Not what I was looking for, but so useful, as always.

    Saturn in transiting my 11th, and conjunct natal Pluto right now. It’s given me the determined concentration to get through a tough year of re-training without imploding. After 2 years of being hurt by some friends, I’ve just decided to let them go. Unfortunately Pluto is not letting leave my mind just yet, you know what it’s like… I *really* hope that I’ve been giving Pluto enough respect cos Pluto Pluto square is still 1.5 deg off exact and I don’t want to be swallowed whole, again.

    As as aside, I was looking for anything you’ve written about Saturn to Neptune aspects. Any pointers Donna? If not, I’d love you to write something. Thank you.

  25. Uranus has just entered my 11th and will be there for A LONG TIME (I’m talking LONG; It will be in my 11th until it hits 9’27 degree of Taurus). I did meet a few new people. They just came into my life WITHOUT an invitation. They weren’t my cup of tea but I gave them a chance and grew to like them a. But, just like you said, as soon as I got used to them they just fell off the face of the Earth. I’m pretty excited to see what this transit brings. I hope to attract Uranian types. I’m pretty Uranian myself, I took your test and Uranus scored the highest with 45 points. I also heard that Uranus brings BREAKthroughs. Maybe I’ll have an epiphany and BREAK myself from Saturn’s limitations in this house.

    Jupiter is also in my 11th and has about 5 degrees before it enters the secretive 12th. It will be there until Jupiter hits 18’22 of Gemini degrees where it will conjunct my ASC and leave the 12th. I’m in for A LONG journey with this one too. I don’t have any planets in the 12th so this transit shouldn’t be too bad.

    For the most part though, I haven’t felt the affects of Jupiter in the 11th. Oh well. Maybe next time.

    I noticed you have natal Saturn in the 11th too. What’s that like for you? For me, I VERY FEW friends. None of them are trustworthy. Most people my age hangout and enjoy their youth. I like to stay at home in my nice cozy comfort zone. I also have an Aquarius Midheaven. I heard these people tend to be ostracized from groups. Or they just don’t “fit” in. Haha that couldn’t be truer for me. (After all I am taking up Astrology, which is a PRETTY wise vocation for me, eh? haha) But back to my question (Sorry, got side tracked, Gemini ASC here, which explains my over analyzing and over informing, OK I’m done) How does Saturn express its’ 11th house limitations for you, Donna?


    • Hi, TAE, Uranus transiting through the 11th ought to be pretty exciting–you will discover many new facets of yourself and your possibilities in that time due to Uranian types being around as a catalyst.

      As for Saturn in the 11th, it’s gotten better over the years. when I was young, I was older than my age, and awkward around my peers as a result. I had a lot of support and love through older friends who thought I had a great potential (mentors are common with this placement). My friends as time went on were the more serious (but not dull) sort of people with a good work ethic in their chosen field–and I had really good friendships with coworkers and with colleagues.

      Now, instead of having older friends, I’m the older mentor to a bunch of really special young people who are studying astrology and essences and others of my interests. I dunno–I like Saturn in my 11th, but do go through occasional periods of feeling like I don’t have any friends, even though it’s patently not true! Donna

  26. Hi Donna
    I am so glad I found your site…how refreshing to learn from those with real problems, and to have a mentor with self-honesty such as yourself.

    I am Leo sun. I have Scorpio Neptune/Moon conj in 11th r. 7th/3rd – moon also conj south node by exact degree – Pluto rules my 11th. I feel I have continuous learning about trust, betrayal and boundaries. It begins with my father’s betrayal of my mother, and I guess I saw her as a victim, although very hard-working, so not helpless. My ex-husband betrayed me and then went on to betray his children by wiping them from his life – which you can imagine what that does to a Scorpio moon mother! This will take some healing time for us all.

    Whilst I am very close to my mother, I choose to live away from her in another State. I realised we had problems with boundaries during my late 20s. This is the Neptune/Moon/South Node conjunction. She wants the best for me, although I often feel she projects her own fears on to me – and we have had similar relationship outcomes – we both have 7th house Suns. She has Mars/Saturn in Cancer in 11th op. Moon in Capricorn in 5th.

    My two children to ex have inherited Neptunian Moon (from me) in form of Pisces Moon conj Saturn (from my mother) – my son in 1st house and daughter in 7th house – ouch! I am very affectionate, and want the close relationship I had with my mother, but my children have great difficulty with this (how ironic) – perhaps they will see me as the hard-working mother rather than the emotionally austere mother?

    Setting boundaries is something I find I am constantly doing in my adult life, particularly at this point in time. I am currently in the midst of t.Pluto in 12th (r.11) op Venus, whereby I am redefining my values by breaking away from my mother’s and my friends’ values. As a result I feel alienated from my friends who have been my substitute family (Neptune/Moon in 11th) as I live so far from family. This is partly a result of our lifestyles, all working hard, but also choice on my part as I feel I now need to be heard (Neptune r.3 & Saturn in 3rd) and those in my life still see me as I was. I have recently given up smoking and do not drink and party as I used to. This has given me clarity I have not had in years. So I see people differently and they would experience me differently also.

    Some years ago I had t.Pluto conj my Moon in 11th, which is when I met my ex-husband (he has Pluto/Moon conj in 12th) – unfortunately I also had Neptune over my Asc at this time so I was projecting something vulnerable. During this Pluto/Moon transit I lost my mother-in-law from previous relationship (n.Pluto 9th) which was devastating, and began to study astrology and psychology (n.Uranus/Pluto conj in 9th). I also bought my 1st home. I am now a psychologist, with astrology my passion in life.

    A few years ago I had t.Neptune sq my n.Moon/Neptune, during which time I could not wear contact lenses due to some allergy developed – this miraculously disappeared after the transit – it stayed around for about two years.

    Thanks for listening

  27. PS – I have Saturn just entering 11th house which is probably the attrition of friends also. Not looking forward to the conjunction to Moon/Neptune! Malinkar

  28. I have Saturn currently transiting my Scorpio 11th house and forming a conjunction to my mars. These past few months a few of my friends decided to rent a house and kept it a secret from me, so now I am feeling the need to become extremely independent from them but because of Saturn pointing out some of my character flaws I am able to plan more practically rather than jumping to revenge as a defense.

  29. With Sun und Jupiter conjunct in Gemini today (my 11th house) I send you the best wishes for your new book about Stelliums!

    • Thanks, Martina, for your good wishes–and for a great reminder to make good use of that conjunction today. You may know that I have a stellium in Gemini in the 11th. Donna

  30. Neptune has been transiting my 11th house since highschool, I feel like I’ve always had a difficult time making friends and when I do its always bad choices. Neptune transiting is probably not the only thing to blame but it definitely hasn’t made it easier. Its almost out now, I’m actually looking forward to it getting into my 12th house when it reaches 15 degrees pisces even though that’s gonna be another intense one. But with all my slow moving planets concentrated from the 8-10th house, they’ve all been pretty intense. Can’t wait until they all clear the 12th house and get into the ‘lighter’ parts of my chart.

  31. hi Donna

    This Pluto Opposite Mars/Pars in 5th. is it the end of my creative life? should i change my career? i used to make music… but now i… can’t even feel anything.

    • You can end it if you like…but that’s the coward’s way out. The Pluto aspect to Mars can bring a tremendous power and intensity to the work, deeply focused on it, and a big part of this is to delve into your emotions and passions in a way you’ve never done before. It just takes time….Pluto moves so slowly that it’s about 3 years back and forth over the same degree. Donna

      • i feel you

  32. I have Sun Mercury Venus in the 11 the with south node conjunction . My partner and I never married we’re friends for 16 years and lived together 10 . My planets are Capricorn and node is Sag. When Alzheimer’s started he signed all his rights over to his sister since we weren’t married. The long and short of it I have been told not to call or see him. So Pluto in Capricorn has pasted over my Mercury but is now and has been on my Venus for years . It has been very painful . My Sun and Venus are conjunct so Pluto is in aspect to my Sun also . It will be many years before Pluto is done with me. Thank you for putting words to what I was feeling . I not only lost him but his children and family also.

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