Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 4, 2010

Breast Cancer—Can Astrological Research Help Identify At-Risk Women?

 ©11-4-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Suppose that we knew the natal and transiting patterns that the charts of women who developed breast cancer had in common.

What if an impeccably designed research study found astrological signatures that were statistically significant? 

 If that happened, it would be a major discovery that not only would go a long way toward validating astrology but would also help identify at-risk women.  If you knew that the signatures were present in your chart, you’d make sure to do breast self-exams each month and have regular mammograms to watch for any lumps that might develop. 

A promising study is already underway through AstroInvestigators, a group led by Alphee LaVoie, the research chair for NCGR. 

 They’ve collected and analyzed close to 300 charts of women who developed breast cancer, along with the data on when the cancer occurred and the results of the treatment. They’ve already detected patterns and tested them on new charts with some accuracy.  However, for an astrological application of this magnitude, they want to expand the study to 1000 charts. Alphee asked me if I could help them find more examples, and so I said I’d put the request out on Skywriter. Astrological research is extremely important for our field’s credibility–not to mention our knowledge base.

Readers, do you have birth data on any women who have had breast cancer?  Or, can you prevail on anyone who knows anyone? As closely as possible, include the dates of diagnosis and treatment as well as the outcome. Names are not necessary. Email the data here:

Here’s more about the group, who call themselves the Gators, from the The Astro Investigators :: Home Page:

The Astro Investigators are a group of astrologers dedicated to the scientific scrutiny of long held astrological concepts. Our home base is the Astrological Institute of Research (AIR) headquarters in West Hartford, CT, USA, and we work with colleagues throughout the world. With the aid of AIR’s research software, we formulate hypotheses and gather and analyze data to determine the statistical significance and validity of chosen axioms.

Most scientific disciplines employ four discrete steps when researching phenomena in their sphere of knowledge and The Astro Investigators have adopted these fundamental guidelines in their research work:

  1. Observation of a phenomenon.
  2. Formulation of an hypothesis to explain the phenomenon.
  3. Gathering data concerning the hypothesis.
  4. Analyzing and interpreting the data gathered to see if it supports the hypothesis.

Reports on Some Previous (and ongoing) Research Projects:

I hope you’ll help with this important study if you can contribute–or collect–any data.   They would also welcome new members to AstroInvestigators.


  1. Will spread the word, DC!

    • Thanks, Neeti, between all the networks you belong to, there should be some good examples. Donna

  2. My sister-in-law died of breast cancer in 2003; she has a twin, I’ll see if I can get the birth time. I know the basic chronology of the major events since her diagnosis. I have another friend back home who’s been battling it since 2000 … I’ll see if I can get her birth data as well and submit it. This is excellent research to do … God Bless the astrologers who are doing it!!

    • Thanks so much, Karen. If you can get data on both twins, that should be an excellent differential diagnosis. (The undertakers who buried my dad were identical twins, except one had had colon cancer and had also been in the army while the other had not. He had Mars in Virgo closer to the Ascendant.) Donna

  3. I have a friend who has had it two times so will try to get her information. I know she is a Libra Sun, and her most recent diagnosis was probably 2 months ago.

    • Thanks, Susie! Dates of diagnosis, approximately, and what the treatment was each time. Donna

  4. This is really interesting and a great opportunity to add to the continued growth and evolution of astrology.

    I shared my Mom’s birth information.

    • I tried to send birth information to them but the email came back. I tried several times again and same thing happened. What email address did you use to send your Mom’s birth information?

      • Yes, Robin and others who wrote, there’s some sort of problem just now on their website. Their webmaster is addressing it. I’ll get back to you with where to send it–I surely appreciate your willingness to contribute to the study. Donna

  5. Re-Breast cancer…statistically, breast cancer, (1) depends on your season of birth, (2) Jupiter-Moon-Venus or Sun-Neptune-venus. You can email me at JDE

  6. We have published the theory for health problems on our website. In all cases of breast cancer, first requirement, i.e affliction of ceres or earth by interamnia or sedna is bound to be there. This can be easily checked by you, and required software is available on website .

    apart from this, one more planet is to be identified, which indicates breast cancer.This work is pending with us due to paucity of data. In case you check the first portion, then please send us the data file for working out the second planet. Yes astrological diagnosis is doing wonders.
    best wishes,
    rakesh singhal

  7. Can astrological research help…? in majority of the cases, yes, but not with traditional methodologies. Ceres…? Not even closer. Wishful thinking? yes.

    • after this post, we have furher developed this topic. number of celebrity cases have been posted at wiki at

      We are looking for more data, so that traces of doubts also go away.

      IN lifescape astrology, Earth and Ceres relates to body and health. when they make adverse angle with Interamnia or sedna, different type of health problems crops up.

      for breast cancer, pallas is the key determinant.

      so for breast cancer:
      condition 1.
      either pallas or earth should be making adverse angles with interamnia.

      condition 2.

      there should be aspect between pallas and earth or pallas and ceres.

      Once you get tuned to lifescape astrology aspects, you should be able to spot breast cancer in a glance.

      we hope to get more data soon .

      best wishes,
      rakesh singhal

  8. Sir, you do not sound very convincing in your statements.
    May I duplicate your data, with Pallas or Ceres?
    Please sent data.

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