Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 27, 2010

Are You a Fire Type? Here’s the Score!

©11-27-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Last month, I published a test for water signs in honor of a global effort to raise awareness of the important of keeping our water supplies clean. I fully intended to follow up with tests for the other elements, but got distracted.  Today, we’re getting back on track.  This is a test to see how strong the fire signs, their rulers, and the associated houses are in your chart.  Here’s an overview of this trio of fire-related chart factors:


People who score high on the fire element are likely to be lively, outgoing, action-oriented, and warm, yet often impulsive or even pushy. Enthusiasm is one of their more appealing qualities, though they can blow hot and cold, going on to espouse new enthusiasms on a fairly regular basis.  They’re more likely to be extroverts than introverts, but naturally, other chart features may modify this picture.

Donna Cunningham's astrology testsWhen challenged, they can be hot tempered and determined to win you over to their point of view. Each of these signs, in their own way, can have good leadership qualities and attract followers to their passionate pursuits. 

Passion itself is one of the noteworthy qualities of fire, but Leo (the fixed fire sign) is more likely to mate for life than the other two.

If you’re in the upper echelon of fire sign folks, you may have a genius for enrolling others in your enthusiasms, being an inspiring leader who knows how to make things happen.

 The tests in this series aren’t a perfect scientific measurement—that’s impossible. They’re just meant as a simple and fun way to find out the strongest influences in your birth chart.

The Test for Fire Types—What’s your Score?

____ Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.  5 points each.

____  Other planets (including Chiron) in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. 3 points each.

____ Sun or Moon in the fire houses, the  1st, 5th, or 9th  , 5 points each. 

____  Other planets (including Chiron) in  the 1st, 5th, or 9th house.  3 points each. 

____  10% of your Mars Score (See How Strong is your Mars? Here’s the Score!) Rounded off (44 points=4,  45 points =5). If you don’t remember, guesstimate. 

____  10% of your Sun Score (See How Strong is your Sun? Here’s the Score! )

____  10% of your Jupiter Score (See How Strong is your Jupiter? Here’s the Score!)

____ BONUS: Mars within 10° of a conjunction to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Midheaven, 15 points each. (This is the single strongest factor in making you a fiery person. Other aspects to these points are already included in the planetary scores.)

Total all the chart features that apply.  I’m just guessing on how people will score, but it’s likely that a score of 0-24 points would be considered low, while 25-35 indicates a moderate influence. More than 35?  Strong. 40-64? Very strong indeed! 65 and beyond?  Off the charts.

And, yes, no doubt, there are tons of other factors that could add to your fiery nature. I’m opting to keep this to a few crucial factors in order to simplify the math and  standardize the scores. 

For the purpose of standard reporting in the comment section:  Don’t use the Part of Fortune, the Vertex, Antivertex, Part of Fortune, Sedna, Eris, or the bazillion asteroids other than Chiron.

 For your own purposes, use anything you doggoned well please. If you earned one or more belts in the marital arts, award yourself points.  If you follow fire trucks, give yourself points.  If you were a cheer leader in high school or belonged to the pep club, give yourself points. 

How did you do?  Since this is a completely new test, you’re a beta tester and your input is valuable. Let us know your score in the comment section down below this article so we can see what the range of scores is on this test.

In case you missed them, here are the popular astrology tests:

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  1. I am a fire type, coming up with a total of 48. I have my Sun in Leo and my rising sign in Sag. Counting my Sun, I have a total of five planets in Leo, all in the 8th house.

    Mars is in Leo, one degree from my Sun, adding even more fuel to my fire. Jupiter is conjunct this grouping – would that expand this fire? I also have Venus conjunct my Leo Sun; in fact, Venus and Mars sandwich the Sun! Ahhh, I feel the male and female vibes…and sometimes with great Leonine drama and affection. It seems that looking back, I attracted males that I was unaware were into me. I had no confidence in my ability to attract a man, and maybe that was a good thing!

    I have often identified with and been intrigued by Mata Hari…

    • Hi, Marsha. The Jupiter conjunctions would be accounted for in the Jupiter score. Mata Hari, huh? Intriguing idol. Donna

  2. This was the perfect day to resume the elemental scores Donna, what with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Sagittarius and the Moon in Leo!

    Scored 36 on fire, which edges out my water score of 33, but I guess that’s what you get with having 5 planets in the 1st house (including the Sun and Moon) plus a strong Mars.

    Thanks again Donna for all the quizzes on planetary, modal, and elemental strengths! 🙂

  3. 34…sounds about right

  4. With a score of 25 Im a moderate which makes sense. I can be enthusiastic when wanting to and have never been shy. Have addressed the World Cup in our area…no problem. But there is also a strong “go it alone” hermit side to my nature and have always liked to observe humanity from a distance. Im a 29 degree Leo Sun with Mercury and Pluto in Leo…other than that there is no other fire signs. Many times in different ways I have been pushed or coerced by others to take a leadership position ( Sun in 11th house) but many times have refused it. Sometimes in a spiritual capacity I have accepted to carry certain responsibilities. Other times I have” taken” leadership for a specific purpose and am successful. Am a firm believer in people learning lessons on their own rather than being led by the nose. Its the best way to learn.

    • Just adjusted my Fire score because I did not count the 10 percent of Mars, Jupiter, or Sun scores or the Mars parallel MC; which brings it to 68… Had to go back and do these planets because they got missed.
      I am a Sun Dancer which means close relationship to our Sun. One does not step into the HOCHOKA ( Sacred Circle) lightly. I have seen people who did, and they are spit back out writhing with cramps, diarrhea and some have even died. Of those true spirits they are bathed in Love and purified of dross.
      The sacred fire is an electric fire and one does not rush in without due preparation.Our Sun is on the Ray of Love/ Wisdom but of the seven energies attached to this aspect, ( called Shamballa by some) one does not play games or the tail feathers get burnt.

  5. “or, the Moon conjunct the Sun, Ascendant, or Midheaven. ”

    This is on the test for the Water element as well; a typo?

    • Yes, thanks for catching that. Fixed now. Donna

  6. I was a bit surprised to score higher than I thought I would. I got a 52. What really put me into high numbers was my Sun/Moon conjunction, Leo ascendant, and Aries MC. I always considered myself very Earth and ultra-fixed, but I guess I have to come to grips with my fiery side.

  7. With a 44 fire rating, (moon in Leo and fire Mars and Ascendant) I now realize I have an excuse for throwing all practicality in to the burning all consuming pit of fire for most of my life…
    … even though I am a conservative—scratch that…make it cautious goat, I’ve never went for the money or security… rather for the event of it all.

  8. Loved your little fire image. How I have felt most of my life. Thankful for Neptune to be in the Leo sun, asc., NN conjunction……..or I might have burned self, everyone and everything up until I learned to keep the flame blue enough to warm and not scortch! My score 45. Really liked William’s comment about practicality; always thought it was just that Neptune thing!

  9. 40 here! Not bad for a person with only one planet in fire- Neptune in Sag.
    I do admit to some cheating- i gave me 3 for n.node in leo and 5 for moon in the end of 8th- sorry about that, i guess i’m too fiery to accept a non champion-like score!
    But I’m willing to cut you a deal: I’ll comply with returning these 8 points if you grant me 15 for my moon-mars opposition. I mean c’mon, this is so unfair, first mars kills my sweet and mellow, exalted taurus moon, and, on top of that, I get nothing for it?
    I tell you, this is not an aspect, it’s a massacre! In conjunctions you feel both parties- sooo not the case with oppositions, in oppositions the winner takes it all- and in my case that was definetely mars. Take last night for example: i was very moody/crancy -it’s been raining 2 days straight here, and for some reason bad weather always gets me in a bad mood. Guess what I did about my moodiness. Did I complain? Nope! Did I eat a muffin? Nope! Did I invite a friend out to dinner? Nope again! Instead, I went to the gym and worked out so hard that today my abs hurt! Literally, it hurts so bad I’m finding it hard to even lift my cup of coffee! Pathetic, yes, but, taurus-like? I don’t think so.
    So pleeease, either gimme my 15 points or buy me some candy! Come on, that’s my picture up there with the hair on fire!
    P.S. 40+15=55 (not to be pushy or anything!)

    • Hey, you’re welcome to claim any amount of fire you want to. I wouldn’t want to start a flame war here on this blog! Donna

      • Oh, it’s not fire I’m claiming, only ram-iness! And since you’re a mars lady yourself, locking horns sounds more likely. So until the computer nerds figure out a way to do that through the net, you’re safe and I’m back to blowing my own horn- chasing fire trucks would be exhausting (though much less humiliating).
        (Good to know my goofiness is welcome here! *smack*)

  10. 28 – which is laughably high, really. I have a four planets incl sun and moon cunj in 9th, but in Virgo. I have a really strong Jup, but in Pisces – so there’s a lot of nitpicking and dreaminess, but very little resembling fire. The only thing actually in fire, is the NN in Leo. I wish I had some fire; then I’d know how and when to get mad and how to yell at someone. That may not seem like much, but by the time I know what to say and manage to get out words, any words, the other person is long, long gone … I could use some of the drive and enthusiasm, the focus on things. Although the drama queen is certainly not reserved for fiery signs …

  11. Hi Donna,

    Love these tests. With a fiery set of luminaries in fire houses, and an especially strong Sun, I scored a 47. I’m actually not that impulsive, though, as much as compulsive … I suspect a Scorpio influence.

    And I’m very passionate, lively, optimistic, etc. I’ve also got a high metabolism which I’ve been told is connected to fire … and air. I suspect my score for air will be even higher …

    Speaking of which, I was curious if you knew much about the connections between astrology and the physical body. I’m not sure if it’s connected to the element of fire, but as an example, I tend to get hot quite easily … been that way all my life so I don’t get as cold as many other people do.

    I’m also curious as to how you’ll deal with the Mercury/Venus rulerships of earth/air signs, and I’m looking forward to that article you mentioned explaining your theory that Taurus is, in fact, ruled by the Earth and not Venus. Something that’s never crossed my mind.

    Anyway, once again, thank you for these insightful posts.

    Happy Holidays from Germany,


    • Yes, I do think high fire scores (or maybe Mars and other fire influences in the first) can be connected to high body temperatures/metabolism. I know it’s true for me.

      As for the Venus/Taurus problem, I’ve apparently painted myself into a corner (one of my strategies for getting things done that I don’t want to do), because I now am running into the problem with all three of the tests that are left in these series: test for Venus, for earth, and cardinal. I may have no more moves but to put up or shut up. donna

  12. Hi Donna…
    These Scoring Events are fun AND helpful! I had previously scored 3 planets plus the Fixed element between 40-50 and expected Fire to be similar. Fire calculated out at 54 (12th house Leo Sun, conjunct a Leo Ascendant at the leading edge of a Leo stellium of Sun, Asc, Venus, Pluto, South Node, and Mercury.)

    I had to calculate the Sun Score to add that contribution and it returned a 93! Sheesh! I think I had read previously on your site that Sunflower is helpful for a 12th house sun. Is that correct?


    • Yes, you owe it to yourself to try Sunflower…lovely remedy. Donna

  13. Just curious, how come there’s still no How strong is your Venus test?

    • See my iconoclastic replay to Iconoclaste. Sigh. That’s my next move. Donna

  14. My score is 39 strong…. higher than I expected it to be…higher than my water score which was 34 strong
    I tend to be shy,quiet and introverted,but I can also be aggressive,tempermental, proud and outgoing when the mood strikes me.

    I have 4 planets in my 5th house including my Sun in Scorpio.
    My Mars 4-Sun 8-Jupiter 4

    Very cool test:-) Thank you!

    • I was looking at the tests you gave and just realized that I completely(don’t ask me how I missed this) missed the 15 points for Sun conjunct Mars….wierd.

      Anyway, my score is 54, which I guess is strong.

  15. 25. Hot enough for me.

  16. Hidden fires! With Mars and the Sun in the tweflth house – sun conjunct saturn and also in the airy detached sign of aquarius – I’ve never associated myself with those sunny, confident, social Leos – though I love having them as friends.

    But passion can take many forms. To find one’s fire I think a good question to ask is: What am I passionate about? Finding out where one’s passions lie is the key to finding the fire in our belly and the joy and creativity that is also a part of the fire element.

    My passions are typically those of the twelfth house – the realm of psyche – the soul journey – the hidden and mysterious – the underlying soul messages of fairytales, poetry, astrology, dreams.

    Am wondering, if a client is feeling passionless (and I’m talking hypothetically here as I’m still studying) whether a closer look at the house, sign and aspects of the sun is indicated – the passion could be being blocked or disguised? To my mind the sun is more about passion and creativity than mars – the drive, or jupiter – faith and optimism – would you agree?

    • If passion is defined as fire in the belly for achieving some beloved pursuit, it might be a combination of Mars and the Sun. As discussed in the recent Q&A session about the 5th house, “creativity” has lots of separate elements and indicators, everything from the 5th to Neptune to Venus. Donna

  17. 45 w/15 pts for Mars conjoining the ASC

    1st house Venus in Sagittarius & 9th house Saturn/Pluto conj in Leo but with my Sun, Jupiter, Mercury & Mars in the 12th I don’t feel particularly fiery. Not exactly a social animal. Growing up my mom had to practically drag me into the car to go visiting even though I usually enjoyed myself after we got there.

    Water score was 70 . . . and that’s the element I most relate too. 🙂

    Waiting for air & earth tests. Love ’em!!

  18. 71! woohoo off-the-charts!

    i’m just excited because this is the highest i’ve scored for one of these tests.

    virgo sun / moon leo / scorpio rising. many planets in 9th house leo and 1st house sag.

    most people don’t know i’m fiery till they come close and feel the warmth 🙂

  19. I’ve learned so much through these quizzes that was “hidden” in my chart. I’ve always thought I was much more cardinal (29 pts) w/5 cardinal planets, but my mutable score passed it (32); and my expectations of water, water everywhere (49 pts), 6 water planets + watery ascendant, were surprised by 36 in fire. 36? I only have 1 fire planet plus a usually thwarted Leo MC. Didn’t even count an Aries NN. Very, very thought-provoking stuff. Thank you, Donna!

  20. 40 for Fire. I will still score highest in Water, even after you do the Earth & Air Quizzes. Five Planets including the Moon in water and the MC and Neptune in 1 and planets in 12 secure that score as the highest.

  21. A piddly 27, 30 if I add a 9th house NN! lol 😉 Honestly though, it’s not surprising as my 8th house Aries Sun/Mars conjunction and 12th house Leo moon is quite hidden from surface observation. My Neptune score was a 40!

    I’ve been looking forward to the 8th house post!

    • Damn, I must have had the light turned down because I completely missed the bonus points for Sun conjunct Mars. So my score is 42. Whoa, that’s as high as the Neptune score.

      Whew! I can go back to my theme song from back in the day!

      “Fire” by the Ohio Players! 😉

  22. I am so surprised I scored 30 on this one, I only have neptune and chiron in fire signs. Is interesting what was said above about high body temperatures and mars, it definitely applies to me. When I’m excited about discussing a subject I get warmer fast and blush, so embarrasing. and when I’m working for a while and get up, I always leave the chair really hot, there is an old saying in my country that it means a person will live for a 100 years…not that I’m looking for that!

  23. 65 here, but 30 of those points come from Mars conjunct Sun and Mars conjunct MC. That’s higher than I thought it would be:)

  24. 56 Points here! Yaaaay!
    Fire rules.

  25. With a Taurus stellium of Sun, Mercury & Venus, along with a Fixed score of 42 overpowering a Cardinal score of 16, it appears to me that my Fire score of 45 suggests passionate laziness! Yet, my 9th house Sun (score 90), Leo ascendant & 1st house Jupiter (score 46) keep me the life of any party; but oh how I know how to rest up before & recuperate after each fete.

  26. Donna, your overview box sparked my imagination with a trio of fiery, uh, F-word phrases: act First, show Flair, pursue Foresight. I think we all carry the Flame, some more directly than others.

    Thanks for the Fire Drill: I discovered 29 points of flickering moderation in my chart.

    I might suggest adding Mars or Jupiter oriental to the checklist for a Fire emphasis.

  27. My score is 26 due to the help of the 10% of Sun, Mars and Jupiter. I only have one planet in fire that is Pluto in Leo. Would you consider that a singleton? Would that make it weaker or stronger? My MC is Sag don’t really know that people see me that way but I do love to learn.

    • A singleton planet isn’t weaker or stronger, just more important as the way to put that energy forward. Donna

  28. Hello Donna,
    Would it be possible some personnal planets should weight higher in comparison to outer planets since they make many aspects to themselves and others rapidly? I was considering me a kind of fire person but the score is only 9. I have mars, uranus and venus conjunct in Leo with many aspects to other planets and moon. As you know, theses planets are the master of 4 houses; I notice I react often as a fire person especially in my relations. But I have nothing in the 1, 5 and 9th houses. Is it possible? Thank you in advance,

    • If you have that many aspects to Leo planets, why is your score only 9? Did you add in the % points for the Sun and Mars? Donna

  29. 21 – not surprising at all. I do like sunny days and being warm, as if I’m drawing in much-needed heat.

  30. Score of 63, only 3 points less than my Sun at 66. Dang.

    Kind of weird to be a Taurus Sun and have more fire than that…

  31. 26

    sounds about right. the test for air will probably be the biggie for me.

  32. 29 points: 17 for Saturn and Pluto conj Leo Asc trine Mercury and Mars in Sag; 12 for “10%” scores.

    Hey Donna, I like your custom Icon!

  33. 16 points! I think I will probably score the lowest on this one. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. It has been something that I always felt that I have been lacking.

    I have a strong Venus and Air so I will really be looking forward to your other tests Donna.

  34. Oh ha – 24 for this Sag Sun! Higher than I guessed it might be. I fully expect Earth to be my high score and Air at the low end.

    Donna, you wrote: “0-20 points would be considered low, while 25-35 indicates a moderate influence”

    Where would 21-24 fall? Towards low or towards moderate?

  35. I scored 43, with 15 points for Mars exactly 10 degrees from the MC, so squeaking under the limit on that one. I did not count SN in Aries, though! My fire is strong with Leo Moon and Uranus conjunct Ascendant (trine Saturn in Sag), but overall it’s generally tempered by lots of earth, including Virgo Sun that gets bothered by that wild Leo Uranus/Asc/Moon stuff (which is likewise bothered by the spoilsport Virgo Sun).

    • Hi Leslee! Though it’s highly unlikely that you’ll come back to this post anytime soon to see this, I love what you wrote about one theme of the chart bothering the other!

  36. whew! my score is 65! thanks mostly to mars conjunct asc and the sun. I am very enthusiastic, but my water score is 51, so that waters me down a bit. But a I am a VERY emotional person.

  37. 18.

    Neptune in Sagittarius
    Chiron in Aries
    Pluto in 1st House
    Mercury in 9th House

    Mars score was 12
    Sun score was 10
    Jupiter score was 40

  38. What about aspects to Mars, Sun and Jupiter: would they not factor in?

    I noticed you included aspects for the relevant planets in the Air test, but none here (nor for the other two elements).

  39. I got 60 here is FAR above any of my other numbers lol. I am a Cancer Sun and Asc…but my Sun/Mars are Conjunct with my Asc in the 1st. My Mercury is in Leo…and I have my Nep/Sat/Plu in fire houses/signs. This score did not surprise me at all. I’ve always highly identified with my Sun and Mars Conjunct Asc…and never really saw myself or felt like a Cancer…esp with a weak Cancer Mars. I am anything but and have NO problem going after what I want.

  40. 17 here. I am happy to have a score, other sites say I have no Fire at all but they do not consider my Sun in the 5th House etc.

    Sun in 5th House
    IC (4th House) – Sagi at the 9th degree
    Venus and Saturn in the 5th House

    I do generally lack Fire though compared to the others. Although, the points above as well as having plenty of Cardinal in my chart would help that. ,My Sun score was strong and my Mars was moderate too. It was onyl Jupiter which let me down.

  41. 52 score here 😀
    preceded by Air, with 43

  42. Forty, which tied with water. I’m not surprised to be strong Fire (a Leo ascendant, three planets in Leo, and an Aries midheaven will do that to a person), though. On the surface, I can’t help but wonder if I’m going to evaporate. 😉

  43. It’s one disaster, I have 0% fire element

    • People do survive having a missing element. They find ways of compensating, or they learn how to do the things the missing element represents consciously–sometimes through their mistakes. Or they form alliances with people who do have strong fire to do the fire-work and trade for the elements that are strong in their own charts.

      For instance, my only planet in earth is foggy, soggy Neptune, so I have had to learn all the practical skills the hard way. But I am richly endowed with friends who are really strong in earth, and they help me so muc. Donna

  44. Wow taking these tests was so illuminating! I have been going through much of your site today. So much great information.

    I call myself earthy kathleen but I went through and took this test. The results:

    earth – 43
    water – 48
    fire – 53
    (didn’t test air yet – but I know it’s very low).

    so earth is not actually my major element! amazing!

    I picked the name because of my stellium in virgo. But my mars is conjunct my sun and my neptune is conjunct my moon, and both definitely have a major influence on me. hmm…honestly while some things about me are earthy, I do think I am more watery and fiery. so looks like a rename is in order. ha.

    • Interesting, Kathleen. Yes, the dominant element can give you a whole different perspective on your chart. I am a 12th house Cancer Sun with a stellium in Gemini, but my Mars and Fire scores are off the charts…practically unladylike! Donna

  45. Hello Donna, your tests are always appreciated!

    My score is 65…

    I’ve added extra 5 points since I was diagnosed with Pyromania, I’m very connected to this element on a spiritual-level as well, lol.

  46. I’m particularly a poet and a short-story writer, I found myself associating the Fire element with emotions, metaphors, and imagery quite often.

    Words like ‘blaze, flame, incinerating, combustion, burning’ always walk hand in hand with me, and I attach them with ‘deathly passion’, hehe.

    Knowing on an astrological level that Fire is influencing me big time makes a perfect sense.

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