Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 29, 2010

AstroDebate—Which Sign does Venus Really Rule?

©11-29-2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 For months, Readers have been asking when I’m going to publish the Venus test. I evade the question as best I can. “Oh, soon,” I promise, fingers crossed behind my back. “It won’t be long now.”

So, now we’re at the point where there are only 3 left in the series:  the Venus test, the air element test, and the earth element test. I can’t do the air test because you’d need Venus points for Libra. And I can’t do the earth test, because you’d want Venus points for Taurus.

So, yeah, I’ve painted myself into a corner. (Again.) And I have to deliver.  What’s my problem with the Venus test, you ask?

 The trouble is, I simply cannot buy into Venus as the ruler of Taurus. In all my 43 years in astrology, that has just never rung true for me. Libra, absolutely; Taurus, not on your life.

And, sure, I’ve read all the classical astrology rationalizations—Venus as the morning and evening star, lower vs. higher octave of Venus, yadda, yadda.  To be frank, I think those are just ways of justifying an obsolete system of rulerships based on the 7 planets that were known to us at the time it was developed (Mercury through Saturn).

If both are Venus-ruled, shouldn’t they be a good love match? Not so much. Taurus and Libra are quincunx one another—meaning 5 signs and 150° apart. Quincunx (a.k.a. inconjunct) signs are the signs with least in common (like Aquarius and Cancer or Aries and Virgo). Taurus is fixed earth; Libra is cardinal air. NOT promising as partners!

If you have friends—or relatives—with Mercury in Taurus and others with Mercury in Libra, call both kinds up and let them get going on their favorite subjects. LISTEN to them—their speech patterns, their preoccupations, their opinions and politics. Is there ANY resemblance between them at all?  Better yet, get them together and see if they have anything whatsoever to talk about. Bling, maybe.  They both like bling. Who doesn’t?

How I fathom the nature of any planet is to observe people who have it prominent in their charts in one of the following ways, ranked from the strongest on down:

  • Conjunct the Ascendant
  • Conjunct the Sun
  • Conjunct the Moon
  • Conjunct the Midheaven

When I observe people with Venus in those positions, they’re like Librans on steroids— really strong  people persons. They aren’t Taurean at all. They’re all about their relationships, all about charming people into doing what they want, all about their appearance, and all about keeping the peace. I sincerely doubt if you’d find many of them out in the garden with dirt under their nails, but you’d find many Taureans tending plants.

Check out your own chart collection, folks.  Do you know any people with Venus in those positions?  Are they more Libran or Taurean in nature?

So if Venus doesn’t rule Taurus, what does?  People are rushing to find signs for Sedna and Eris to rule, but why go so far afield?  There’s one planet in the solar system we have never acknowledged by declaring it ruler of a sign—our own abundant Earth.  Not seeing the Earth as ruler of an earth sign is part of our general tendency to ignore, undervalue, and exploit our Mother.

Think about what the earth is like at the peak of Taurus: the crops are sprouting, the flowers are blooming, and the grass and trees are a vibrant green.  This is abundance and fruitfulness at its most primal level.

If you’re outdoors enjoying the warmth and fresh air, it’s an intoxicating time of the year, full of the promise of new life. In fact, according to long-term census data, Taurus is the beginning of a big, annual spike in the birth rate that lasts through the summer.

As the fixed earth sign,  textbook Taureans have more earthy qualities than Librans could ever dream about.  Unless other chart features intervene, they’re down-to-earth, practical, and great with money.

I was first exposed to the idea of the Earth as ruler of Taurus about 40 years ago in reading a dusty old typewritten, hand-bound copy of a book by Isabel Pagan. The idea immediately had the ring of truth, and I’ve never felt right about Venus as a ruler of anything other than Libra.

You’re wondering, no doubt, how to find Earth in your chart.  Look directly across from your Sun, to the degree and minute.  For each aspect your Sun makes, the Earth makes a complementary one.  But doesn’t that inescable relationship make sense?  The two absolute requirements for life as we know it are the Sun and the earth. 

 What’s the symbol astronomers use for the Earth?  I found it on It’s very similar to the glyph for the Part of Fortune—another astrological indicator of abundance and good luck.

The next post will be the Venus test.  No fingers crossed behind my back,  I’m ready. You won’t be given points for your Taurus planets, just for Libra.

And, yeah, that’s going to create some problems when we get to the test for the earth element. We’ll have to live with it…chill out our Jupiterian need to have all the answers.

PS.  I just found something interesting  at  in a list of facts about Venus:   “Similar in size, density, and mass, Venus and Earth are often referred to as sister planets. However the surface and atmosphere of the two planets are drastically different.”

What about you, Reader?  Do you believe that Venus rules Taurus?  Or just Libra?  Or Both?   Let’s have an AstroDebate in the comment section.  

NOTE: As a followup, here’s a chance to look at your own Earth more closely:   Mother Earth in your Chart—What on Earth Would It Mean?

AND FINALLY: How Strong is Your Venus? Here’s the Score!

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  1. I’m a Taurus and in some ways I can relate to Venus in that I’m affected by beauty. My son is a Libra and I have to say that is the one sign that I can’t WIN with, I can tangle with Scorpions and come out better off. The thing about Libra and Taurus is that the bull is practical about the things that are worth fighting about. Wasted energy; and Libras just have to have it all their way and I mean all, to the smallest details that a bull would be too lazy to argue.. but Libras sure will. Libras rule with how do they say soft gloves? In the case of my son, with Mars,Sun,Mercury in conjunction, he can be more expressive about what he desires. I think also that Taurus needs another planet but Venus does have affinity with Taurus.. Pleasures, comforts…

  2. Hello Donna,
    How right you are! As I was reading the initial part of your piece, it hit me–before you said it–Earth is the planet of Taurus. Of course! The other bit that came into my head was a piece of scripture (nothing like a good childhood indoctrination! It does seem to give back with selective memories that are quite helpful!) It goes something like this: Wherever is your heart, there lies your treasure. I wonder if that is how Venus got mixed up with Taurus. Venus is in my second house (Taurus ruled) in Capricorn with Sag on the H2 cusp. Although I do love beautiful things, I most love light and its illumination of coloured glass–I am a cheap date. Just give me some pretty glass and I’m happy. Don’t need precious stones or fancy china. Just pretty things made of glass. Venus is all about relationships. She is the goddess of Libra, no question. Can we start a campaign to bring our own goddess, Mother Earth, to her rightful place as the ruler of Taurus?

  3. Thank goodness you have stepped up to the plate to state the obvious! It’s been right under our feet all the time. Taurus is the earthiest of the earth signs and about anything relating to our planet. Libra’s Venus might like designing the garden, but it’s Taurus’ Earth that makes it flourish abundantly. With Sun conj Venus and Moon in Taurus, I’m very aware of the different qualities of Libra and Taurus in my own personality. There’s no way Venus wants to look (or smell) the way I do after I’ve spent a day gardening, although she does appreciate flower arrangements on the table. It’s not even Venus who picks those flowers! That’s an offering from Earth. Gaia, Maya, Earth ~ she definitely gets my vote, too.

  4. I think Venus rules both. Only because I’ve known a few Taurus sun women and they were Venusian (attractive, fashionable, talked about what other people looked like a lot). I only had the birth time for one, a Taurus sun/rising, and she didn’t have a strongly placed Venus. I can see how Earth could co-rule Taurus though.

    • I concur. I have just always thought of it as two sides of the same coin rather than OMG DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT. Gemini and Virgo aren’t massively similar either, but nobody is arguing about them both having Mercury rulership.

      Plus, well, we’re ON Earth. Isn’t Earth supposed to be the neutral party in astrology since we’re looking at how the planets are acting outside of it and how it affects Earth? That’s what really bothers me about anyone making this particular argument.

      • Actually, there is a huge group of people who have been disputing Mercury’s rulership of Virgo for at least 20 years. They’re convinced that Chiron is the ruler–almost to the point where it’s a done deal. Donna

  5. I heartily disagree! I can buy the rulership of Mercury over both Gemini and Virgo. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Taurus/Libra Venus rulership.

    I have Venus in Taurus conjunct the Sun along with a Libra Ascendant. So I think I’m probably a good test case for this question. i’ve been an Architect for over 30 years- I’ve devoted my life to creating and promoting beauty in the built environment. The Libra side is airy and intellectual while the Taurus side builds it, gets it done, moves the earth, gets it planted in the earth. Raw creation…often then refined by Libra.

    A Taurus knows that the sweat of hard creative labor smells wonderful; that the stink of cowdung is sweet, not just because it will make things grow, it just smells sweet- to a Taurus; and that mud can be shaped into beautiful things.

    I put it to you that if you can’t sense this it’s because you’re on the Libra side. There is an imbalance of Libra Venus right now in our country with Saturn in the Progressed Sibley Chart opposing early Taurus. This will be a long term drag for us Tauruses. Hard to make our voices heard.

    As far as your Earth theory, astrologers across the ages have had plenty of time to figure it out and obviously did not come to the same conclusion. And remember they were living with a much more direct relationship to the Earth and its processes.

    Taurus is about the beauty of being alive, of Life itself.

  6. My mother has Venus conjunct the Ascendant and she is all the things you mentioned — social, all about appearances, keeping the peace, etc.

    But she is also very much a dirt-under-the-fingernails gardener. She grows and cans her own food. She starts her veggies under lights in the house when the ground is still frozen. If possible she expands the garden every year.

    She also has a powerful affinity for animals. It does seem very Taurean.

    Her Venus (and Asc.) are in Cancer, which might explain the hominess of it all but I had to comment given the prominence of both her Venus AND her dirty fingernails.

  7. Hmmm…I’m Aquarius Venus conj Cap MC, Taurus Asc. Younger Daughter is Taurus Sun conj Mercury in 6th, Venus in Aries.

    I can easily tell I am NOT QUALIFIED to opine but please ask questions if that would help!

    By the by, would Earth the planet as opp Sun have an effect on Earth the element?

  8. Okay now I am revising my opinion. I have Venus at 3 Cap conj north node. Pluto has been sitting on my Venus off and on for many months. second house (Taurus). I have made major life decisions based on falling in love but NOT with a person–with places–Cape Breton Island; went there for a wedding 25 years ago and moved to Nova Scotia a month later. Still here. In my head, when I am walking along the seacoast I hear “my heart’s in the highlands; my heart is not here; my heart’s in the highlands; chasing the deer.” I LOVE light, the earth, animals, young children–I could stay outside 24/7. (Lived in a tent for five months this year–hated to come back inside.) CANNOT work in buildings where windows don’t open and/or there is no light. I live for each morning’s walk by the ocean. I am out of work for the first time in my life; flat broke; nearly homeless and I have never felt more joy in my live. I am off the grid and under the still point of the cosmos. It is incredibly sensual and romantic a period of my life I am currently experiencing.

    Oh yes, Venus is trine my midheaven in Virgo by less than two degrees.

  9. I think definitly Taurus could be ruled by Earth. I’ve never found anything the least in common between Libra friends and Taurus friends. The only thing is the love of beauty, but in a hugely different expression. It’s a lot easier finding common ground for Mercury in Virgo and Gemini, they seem so much more alike in many ways.
    But I am curious. If you are right, there’s this whole planet energy thing not being explored. How would Earth the planet play out in someones chart by house/sign? How would the ephermeries be calculated? See, your are opening a whole new field here …

    • LOL!! I’m just positing a theory….not taking on a software/publishing task. There’s no need, really, for an ephemeris, as it’s always opposite the Sun, to the minute. Donna

      • I thought it was so weird about that glyph representing Earth. In my part of the world that’s the old Sun Cross – hugely misused by nazis during the war btw. Sorry, I can’t help it. Strong Mercury eq trivia …

    • To me, having a stellium in Virgo, I see myself as an “honorary” Virgo…

      Here’s a few of the many similarities and differences I find between Gemini and Virgo:

      — cerebral
      — mutable
      — long winded

      Gemini is more a surface thinker; Virgo a deep thinker.
      Gemini is more an external curious person; Virgo internal.
      Gemini is witty; Virgo dry.

      There’s actually a whole lot of “opposite” going on in my opinion. 🙂

      I also think Aquarius can not be left out. Mercury is quite kind to Aquarius and vice versa. A nice relationship, for sure. 🙂

  10. I agree with you Donna. I’ve practiced astrology for over 30 years and one of the things I’ve ALWAYS believed after calculating several thousand charts — many of them for both Libra and Taurus natives — is that Venus is Libra’s ruling planet alone. I also agree about the Earth being perfect for Taurus.

  11. Tauruses actually owning their ruler: I’m sure they’ll love this theory!
    I come from a strongly Venusian family: Mom is a Libra stellium involving a sun-venus conj., Dad an aquarius sun conj. venus possibly in the 7th, with an additional taurus stellium. I have a Taurus sun sister, a Libra-moon-part-of-a-libra stellium sister, and a moon conj. venus in the 1st sister. I’m a taurus moon with a strongly aspected venus. I can see the similarities and the differences.
    To me, it’s not about that. It’s about each sign’s very unique path/task in the universe, and a ruler that sheds light to this process. And shared rulers just don’t help this cause.
    I can only imagine how narrow our perception of Pisces must have been before Neptune’s emergence.
    I know for a fact how off the usual misconceptions that my sun sign-virgo- is suffering from are, and I think that the alleged Mercury rulership has much to do with this blur. Yes, here too, there are similarities. We can talk till you all drop dead, but so can Sags or Aquarius. And yes, we like details, but we’re not collecting them, the way gemini amass information, to us they’re the glue that keeps a structure together, bringing flexibility and vitality to it. Anyway, since this is not an essay on virgo’s core of existence, I’ll wrap it up by saying that I hope one day each sign will have it’s own ruler.
    As for Taurus’ ruler, I don’t know which that could be. Earth does make sense to some extent. But it’s a planet with no specific astrological characteristics attributed to, and also, one whose effects we can’t observe by transit. Plus, I like the idea of earth as the center point/reference point of the whole system.
    And last but not least, I like the idea of this debate-so not boring!

  12. I’m wondering why you don’t use Venus on the IC or Desc. as prominent? Are not all four angles of the chart equally influential in someone’s chart?

    • Based on the work of the Gauquelins, which was a highly statistically significant study of over 60,000 timed birth charts, there is a considerable difference in strength between the MC (strongest postion) and Ascendant (next strongest) and the other two angles. You can see the diagram and a good exposition of their work here on Neeti Ray’s Astrology Expressed: . Donna

    • I fully agree with Teri here, especially as these also relate to how we relate to others.

      I think there was an article I read a few months ago about how the IC and DSC are overlooked often as we culturally don’t tend to value the feminine.
      *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

      It’s interesting how these points are seen as oppositions to the MC/ASC respectively, but not the other way around.

      I must say that I don’t relate to the Taurean common sense or earthy traits in general (what might tip the scales here is my stellium in Libra), but I was an avid gardener when I was from 7 to about 13 years old, and that only changed because my parents taught me I couldn’t depend on them to take care of anything living while I was away for holidays so I’d come back to see my plants and pets dead.

      I always had a green thumb, actually. I think part of what gives me this “lack” of practicality in general is having a Sagittarian Neptune in my 2nd and then a Piscean Venus conjunct my IC. I was never really that materialistic … respectively speaking … I mean to say that I’m oblivious to the culture of consumerism we have would be a flat out lie. I actually don’t need the “finer” things in life and maybe it’s the Pisces, but I’ve often strived to see and appreciate many different types of beauty. In fact, I do have this appreciation of simpler things … could be the Sag influence?

      But my question is … would there really be a way for us to single out the influence of Venus when we haven’t looked at the impact of our Earth sign/house/aspects, etc?

      ok, analysis paralysis … I’m shutting up. lol



  13. i have venus conjunct asc (in leo) and i would agree with the ‘libra’ vibe. i don’t relate to the ‘taurus’ energy at all. perhaps way too much fire in my chart… not a lot of common sense or ‘steadiness’, classic fire traits and have the ‘lion mane’ of long thick blonde hair which i am vain about to boot. :>

  14. uh, well, i have a Taurus ascendant. without believing that Venus (mine is in Libra), rules Taurus, nothing else in my chart has any relation at all to Taurus ascendant.
    There’s always the aspect of Venus which is the person luxuriating instead of doing, isn’t that like Taurus?

  15. Oh now this is a fascinating discussion! I have Venus conjunct MC (just 35 seconds between them) and I am Taurus sun sign.
    I actually have more of a problem with Venus ruling Libra. I know it does and understand all the attributions but I cannot feel it in the way I feel Venus ruling Taurus. Perhaps because of my own chart…perhaps because my Mother was Libran and we had nothing in common…
    I absolutely understand your argument for Earth’s rulership of Taurus but for me it is still Venus. I guess because Taurus presides over Beltane, the sacred marriage of god and goddess. Love brings creativity and fertility which is how I see Taurus – a sign of abundance. In some ways I am very Taurean, I take things slowly, like to be comfortable, I am incredibly stubborn (read persistant!) and I am very creative singing, writing etc. I am also very practical despite being a little eccentric (that’s be my Aquarian moon).
    All that said, I think new rulerships can be debated and over time new rulers come to power. As someone above said, through this process we come to a deeper understanding of the signs.

    • Lest us not forget about Virgo here as a possible candidate to be ruled by Earth. The wheat, naked humanity, core truth, growth, purity, mutability, flexibility, healing, being of service, etc… Seems very Gaia to me… 🙂

      • Hi there, flamboyant Lion! Honorary Virgo you may be, but you sure also know how to make an entrance!!
        Though it’s never wise to disagree with the King of the zodiac (joke), I have a comment on your last sentence, about Virgos ‘being of service’. To me service is a piscean quality. I believe the term that fits best the other end of the axis is ‘exhibition of competence’, and as much helpful and serving as people might find this, it not the same thing now, is it?
        A slight shift of meaning you’ll say, not important, just a detail, but if you think of it, it’s because of trivialities like this that we may end up with Chiron as our ruler! And I agree with you, Chiron is not Virgo’s ruler.
        P.S. Who’s Vulcan? Could you share some data? (Please don’t make me google it!)

      • There are two (at least) kinds of service, VR, done with different expectations of an outcome. Pisces/12th house service is without expectation that the other person will “shape up,” and in the spirit of “paying it forward,” so they’re often serving hopeless cases and hopeless causes, an act of devotion. (Mother Theresa type service.) I always say that Virgos/6th house types keep books about their service–they do expect the other person to shape up, and if ever in need of help, expect that the other person will reciprocate. With Pisces/Neptune, there’s the belief that God will provide when they’re in need themselves, and that the help could come from anywhere at all. Donna

        PS. Now we’re veering off track.

      • lol! And I was fooling myself all this time that I’m posting under a nick that means absolutely nothing (just the initials of my asc), but you somehow managed to bring life to it (that mercury-neptune aspect of yours works wonders!).
        Anyway, I have a lot to say on the matter, but I’ll differ for now, mostly coz I’d like for other virgos to be present when I do that, so to see what their take on what I have to say will be. (I think I’m gonna wait for a remotely relevant article to come up, and then use a thread of it to link it to my theories- I put trust in my nick to pull that off!)
        P.S. This is comment #100. This has been a hell of a session!

  16. My first astrology teacher felt the same way and introduced me to that concept 30 some-odd years ago (that “Earth” ruled Taurus). However much it made sense to me, I never knew how to find “Earth” in my chart or anyone else’s…and now I do. It never occurred to me to look opposite the Sun, LOL. Now I have a whole host of interesting things to contemplate about Earth’s meaning in the various houses and signs. Thanks, once again, Donna, for keeping things interesting and lively on this really great blog!

  17. In my opinion
    I think that Earth could be the co-ruler of Taurus ,
    but I think that Venus rules both Libra and Taurus.

    I’ve met quite a few Taurus people who I’ve noticed tend to really enjoy the finer things in life,charming when they want to be,and into appearances.

    I don’t know alot of Libra people,but the two I recall meeting seemed to be artistic.(photography,drawing,clothing)

    I think that the creative energy that Venus provides is just expressed differently in Taurus than in Libra.

    I have Out Of Bounds Venus Capricorn 2’01 7th house conjunct Descendant Sagittarius 29’05

  18. Hmm… speaking personally, I’m not so sure about this notion. I have Sun, Merc, & Venus in Taurus at the top of my chart, Venus conjunct the MC. I have no planets in Libra – in fact, I have no Air sign planet placements at all. But I definitely experience Venus qualities in every aspect of my life: I like things “nice.” I am spiritually moved by beautiful colors or patterns in fabric. Quality makes a difference. I relish a perfectly prepared meal. I am seduced by a lyrical turn of a phrase. I connect more with the beauty in nature (a sunset, the sight of a rich green hillside) than getting my hands dirty in it. I like my roses in a beautiful vase on a polished mahogany table.

    Taurean Barbra Streisand is the same way, I might add. 🙂

  19. I’ve always wondered about Venus ruling both Taurus & Libra. I’ve considered the argument that Taurus represents the physical manifestation of Venusian energy while Libra is the cerebral but something feels off. I’ve never felt the affinity you’d expect between Taureans and Librans. Someone expressing the essence of Taurus is generally refreshingly frank about their earthiness. Great food, great sex; Taureans know what they like. They don’t ruminate; they just “do”. Earth fits them to a tee. Librans are those people who experience little frissons of pleasure when they see beautifully made china or fabrics, the same frissons they get from hosting a dinner party or putting order back into a horribly chaotic situation. For a Libran, it’s all about aesthetics. I’d choose Venus as Libra’s ruler in a heartbeat. In case you’re wondering, I have Venus in Libra conjunct the ascendant. My Jupiter’s in Taurus in my 7th.

    • I agree.
      Taurus – physical love. Libra – mental love.
      Taurus – in the bed. Libra – in the head.
      etc. 🙂

      Libra needs its own planet to be ruled by!

  20. Thanks. I have thought for a very long time that earth ruled Taurus . Never read it anywhere. Never heard anyone else say it; but I am delighted that you, whose teaching I have greatly enjoyed, thinks so too. It fits, ever so perfectly. By the way, we are the beneficiaries of a number of coincidences, not the least of which is that Earth Day is April 22.

    • Ah, good catch. Taurus begins around the 20th of April. Donna

    • That’s neat. It’s true Earth day is April 22nd. And Taurus IS the first “new year” earth sign too. 😉

  21. While I tend to lean classically, I can see your argument Donna 🙂 Particularly from a more modern viewpoint of Astrology. But if I were to use that designation, I would rather use “Gaia” rather than Earth – it would seem consistent with the mythology cycles so present throughout! What do you think? However, there is a bit of a snag: everyone who is a Sun Sign Taurus would also be a Scorpio Sign Earth, or “Gaia.” And speaking of which, I hope there is no obscure asteroid with that name to confuse the situation even more!

    • I agree with keeping the mythos consistent but prefer to refer to earth as Terra, the Roman counterpart for Gaia. Since all of our other planetary names were Romanized, this Virgo likes to keep it consistent. 🙂

  22. I disagree, respectfully, Donna. I believe Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus.
    Look up how many glamorous celebs are Taureans. Probably more than Librans. Taureans are known for silence but have you ever been frozen out in a conversation by a seriously silent Libra??? Are they each not very interested in money??

    Also I think that rulership is very debateable, e.g., Jupiter rules BOTH Sag and Pisces,
    really? And then my fave, since I’m an Aquarian, Saturn rules Cap and co-rules Aquarius, really, really? The Mars rulership of Aries and co-rulership of Scorpio is the only one that makes some sense to me. Thoughts…….

    • Hi Connie,
      My take is that the first sign attributed to the planet is the True Home sign. The seond sign is an honoured guest until a planet is found for them.

      Saturn ruled Capricorn and Aquarius until Aqua was found a perfect and lovely home in Uranus. However, Aquarius does share some Saturnian qualities. For example, both Saturn and Uranus (in my mind) are tricksters. They are semi-sextile signs which means they share something in common but are not completely eye-to-eye for sure. But after that there will be extreme differences because Saturn is truly NOT Aquarius’ home, truly not.

      Anyone else know what Cap and Aqua share as a common thread?

      Pisces is definately Neptune, Sag was first to get Jupiter… etc..

      • Seems Capricorn & Aquarius share an interest in politics, Capricorn with government, Aquarius with social policies at large, specifically with reform. Capricorn would like to construct and Aquarius would like to refine or, if frustrated, abolish; but they’re both connected to the world outside of our little comfy nests, so to speak: most don’t venture into politics as a career or campaign for change.

  23. I am someone with 5 planets (conjunct) in Libra, 7th house to boot for most of them. So, I get the venus thing even if I don’t necessarily connect to some of the “traditional” attributes (girly, trendy, loves “bling”, accessories, etc), I do have a love of refinement (wine, fancy cooking, cigars, exotic places, nice classic decor, etc) as well as having a Venusian career (‘specially with Venus on my MC- I am a musician). One thing I can say for sure is that I just don’t get Taurus at all, there’s not really a common thread for me to grab. I have a mom with Aries sun/Taurus moon, and a dad with Taurus sun/Virgo moon. I admit that there is not really much earth in my chart (only Chiron Rx in Taurus, chillin’ in the 2nd), but I really don’t get Taurus often.

    I often felt a confusion over who gets Chiron- for me I could see Taurus, Virgo, Sag as possibilities. My Chiron in Taurus seems like it fits really well- but to me Chiron IS a pretty earthy figure- so having Taurus=earth makes a whole lot of sense to me.

    • Between Taurus and Libra, I would say that Libra is more likely to be the muscian and Taurus the painter. Just saying… 🙂

      • Hmmm, actually from experience, Taurus is more likely to be involved with tactile arts like pottery and weaving. Donna

    • Chiron is an asteroid. If anyone should get it, it ought to be Pisces. Pisces is the spiritual / soul healer and I really identify the pain as soul pain rather than physical pain. And then Pisces would be just a patron of Chiron — not be ruled by it. Some people say Virgo should be ruled by Chiron. I disagree.

    • For some reason I can’t reply to you Donna… I see painting as really hands-on like finger painting (I’m a Leo Sun / Mars!!)… haha… BUT yes, definately earthy arts such as potery and weaving… 🙂

  24. Long ago an astrologer told me that I should not beat myself up not finding creative
    fun in sewing, knitting or needlework. My mom gave up on me when I was young
    since I didn’t seem to have the talent. Having a Venus in Aries she assured me that what I do outside with yardwork and doing more ‘masculine’ type work matches that sign. Correct? I also have Neptune oppposite so I do love music
    and dancing and find beauty in nature.
    Don’t get me wrong I do housework and keep a perfect home with bare necessities. I have been called
    a minimalist. Too many knickknacks make me nervous.

  25. I’m sun Taurus in 7th with Scorpio rising, moon Virgo. Perhaps because I’ve grown up with the idea of Venus ruling Taurus that I disagree with Donna (possessive Taurus?) however I feel there are just as many likenesses between Libra and Taurus as opposites. Taurus doesn’t mind a bit of dirt while Libra might screech at the idea but Venus rules beauty and bounty, adored by both Taureans and Librans.. Earth may come into the equation at some future point though my guess is any rulership change won’t come overnight… UK

  26. Hi Donna,
    I’m wondering what you think about the co-rulership of Mercury? I don’t think Virgos and Geminis are anything alike either and I certainly don’t think they get along all that well. Could we find another ruler for Virgo too?

    • Hi, Toni, I have exactly the same problem with the rulership of Virgo…when you put Mercury on the Ascendant, conjunct the Sun, conjunct the Moon or the Midheaven, the person is Mercury on steroids and very, very Gemini rather than Virgo. So I do question Mercury as the ruler of Virgo, too. After what, 25 years of people campaigning for Chiron as the ruler of Virgo, I am 75% ready to concede that it may be true. Donna

      • I’m with both of you on this one. I’ve got a Virgo Sun, Moon and stellium going on in my 4th and 5th houses with a Gemini asc. I’m consistently caught up in the push pull of Virgo/Gemini. Even though they have some similarities, I find their energies very different and believe in time Virgo will have its own ruler. I lean more towards Ceres than Chiron though.

  27. Hi Donna – Seeing as how I’m a true Libra, I can see your point but am not so sure about the whole Earth ruling Taurus idea. My mother had Sun and Moon in Taurus (Saturn in Libra), and she HATED getting dirty, hated nature and most especially hated camping! She loved nice clothes, fine jewelry, good food, and people who were easy to get along with.

    While I agree that Taurus is the more Earthy of the two, I think Venus has two-sides to her nature; to separate one from the other is to deny Venus full expression. If Libra represents the romantic ideal, then Taurus is the practical effort it takes to make it real. Maybe Libra and Taurus being quincunx represents the need to adjust our Venusian attitudes to allow for the healthy function of both – i.e., learning to respect our most basic physical needs for self-gratification and earthy limitations (Taurus), while incorporating more abstract principles such as justice, fair-play, and love (Libra). Together, they can teach us not just how to live in harmony with the Earth, but how to live in cooperation with other human beings as well . . . to nurture right relationships. Incorporating the two also helps us to move beyond the purely superficial and find beauty in the creations that spring from our god-given resources, talents and spiritual gifts.

    Venus conjunct Sun, Venus/Sun conjunct Ascendant, or Venus conjunct MC, are all aspects that run in my family. Except for me, I didn’t notice any particular Libra leanings, even in the case of an uncle with Libra Venus conjunct MC – he’s your basic “mountain man”, able to live off the land. All of us seem to exhibit qualities of both Taurus and Libra, albeit to varying degrees.

    My Sun/Venus/North Node conjunction is in Libra, but it’s in the 2nd. Having so much Libra in an earthy house means I constantly strive to find the perfect balance between my practical and idealistic needs and often fail. I care about my appearance and admit to loving beautifully designed (mostly non-trendy) clothes, jewelry and décor. I also sing, dance and paint, and place a high value on personal integrity and balanced, loving relationships. Being a city girl, I’ve never really had the opportunity to garden, but I do tend to my numerous houseplants, which I couldn’t live without. I’m environmentally aware and make the effort to separate our garbage (which is minimal) from our recycling/compostable materials and am proud to say I’ve managed to keep the same cell phone for the past 10 years (give or take a year)!!! I don’t mind getting dirty, but am not much of a camper, unlike others in my family with the same Sun/Venus conjunction. I find I do best when I enjoy regular contact with nature, so I often walk along the ocean or in the woods; really, just being outside helps to center me. Btw, I have Earth in my chart exactly conjunct my 8th house Sedna/BM Lilith conjunction.

  28. I have found deeply true the esoteric rulership of signs the most accurate. Gemini and Venus. The actual symbol of a couple hand in hand. Geminis cannot live without a relationship(s). And most of their thought patterns are quick associations with other things – part of how they can quickly speak on so many subjects. They LOVE relationships. They are also very fashion conscious. They fall in love with new beauty second by second. And, they are fickle.

    Taurus and Vulcan. Intensity. Tried and true effort meeting out a glorious reward. Working tirelessly to bring out value in common resources.

    Libra and Uranus. Instantaneous awareness moment to moment. Balancing of the highest light into the present moment. Why decide on anything when the next moment will bring even greater awareness? The smile of grace that knows something, but what? Try to probe what it is, get pushed back by debate or indignation. Cool, calm, and collected, unless you need a wake up call. The beauty of light for the purpose of awakening.

    • LOVE your descriptions of Libra and Taurus. Bang-on.
      It’s been said Virgo should be ruled by Vulcan. Makes sense to me, I think. But haven’t researched that much other than connecting Vulcan with Star Trek.

      • Thank you. I’ve applied the esoteric view for years on a daily basis and it’s been very powerful/enlightening. I see the exoteric planets as “guiding lights” for the sign consciousness instead of its essential propulsion and “ruler”.

        Also, Venus is a lot more intellectual than is often understood. 9 times out of 10 a woman in love or with a fondness for another who is not in touch with her will wonder “What is he/she thinking?” “I wish he/she would communicate.” “If only he’d/she’d just contact, I could relax and be less NERVOUS.” Venus cares about communication more than even Mercury. Mercury cares about getting the message across. Venus could talk all day about whatever she wishes because it feels good to bond. Mercury wants to talk to teach and to learn – and to keep the learning/global conversation going. Venus is an active intelligence. What you think, you manifest.

        In the myths, Vulcan was the husband of Venus.

        In esoteric astrology, the Moon rules Virgo. Virgo takes care of everything, every detail. It absorbs everything and carefully sorts through it all, one grain at a time. Moon and Virgo are also about release. Daily release, minute changes, and the impressions you leave behind. Artemis is the most virginal of the goddesses.

    • Also, I’d like to add if I may, that a lot of Sun in Taurus individuals have Venus in Gemini. I looked through a database of famous people to compare Sun in Taurus/Venus in Aries, Sun in Taurus/Venus in Taurus and Sun in Taurus/Venus in Geminis – alot of Sun in Taurus with Venus in Gemini individuals were known for being the epitome of beauty itself and yet when discussing their beauty did not consider it of that much importance to them. And used it in a practical, part of the “industry” type way. The other Sun in Taurus though I’m sure beautiful were not en masse lauded for being symbols of beauty. When I researched Sun in Gemini Venus in Gemini, a lot of them were models and made beauty/fashion of prime importance in their lives.

      • Hi Sky Goodwill – I also love what you’ve shared. My mother was a Taurus with her Venus in Gemini, and although she was truly beautiful, she never saw herself that way. My aunt recently told me the story of how whenever my mother (who was much older and lived away from home) came to visit the family, the neighborhood kids would ask if she was a movie star. She also designed (and sewed) her own clothes, but not her fancy hats (hahaha). She was the epitome of glamour.

      • On the flip side, a former lover of mine, with Mars/Sun conjunct the Asc in Gemini, and a Taurus Venus, wouldn’t necessarily be considered “beautiful”. But he takes great importance in looking appropriate and classy for the situation, and has a love of the fine arts, good wine, food, cars, hanging with millionaires (and billionaires!). He comes off almost as a Leo on steroids with all that Gemini energy up front, but the Taurus Venus pulls it down (a little!) back down to earth. People respond to his image as something familiar, something they can relate to and grab onto.

    • P.S. Lastly, for those interested, I found a sharing online that eloquently expresses my considerations regarding Vulcan and Taurus:

      “There’s another myth which is pertinent to Taurus as well, and describes more the strengths and abilities of the sign. Theseus and the Minotaur portray one of the basic life problems of Taurus. Vulcan (Hephaistos, in Greek) is the god who represents a different side of Taurus’ nature. In mythology, Vulcan is the husband of Venus. He is the divine artisan, the builder, the worker. He works at his forge, which is at the heart of a volcano, and creates on his anvil all the tools and objects of beauty that provide the other Olympian deities with their powers. Vulcan is responsible for making Zeus’ thunderbolts, Mercury’s winged helmet and sandals, Pluto’s invisible helmet, Minerva’s magic shield. Every deity owes Vulcan something, for it is Vulcan who forges from the earth itself the attributes of power. He is an alchemist: from the raw substance of the earth itself he produces gold and precious things. He is an indefatigable worker, with immense strength on his shoulders and arms. He represents the qualities of creative power that Taurus possesses, unleashed and directed toward a useful and purposeful end. If Taurus can only find his purpose, his meaning, some field of work which can occupy his tremendous drive and energy, he is a true artist – whether it is of a piece of sculpture, a symphony, a building, a government. First, of course, he must get that bee sting which reminds him that he can’t spend the whole of his life chewing grass contentedly, while chasing other bulls out of the pasture. Deep in every Taurus is a need to be useful, to produce, to build something solid and permanent and tangible that stands as a testimony to his abilities and to his existence. Taurus is seeking a symbol of his own value, his own worth. To accomplish this, he must make something that lasts. Until he settles into his life work, Taurus is often aimless, or lethargic, or passive, or dependent on the support of others. But his real nature is as much Vulcan the earth-fire god, as it is Venus the beautiful, indolent one. Put the two together – as the Greeks did in their myth – and you have some marvelous offspring.” (source:

      ( The position of Vulcan in the natal chart is always conjunct the Sun and very often conjunct Mercury as well. It is within 8 degrees 20 minutes of the position of the Sun. One should also be aware that Vulcan is not always in the same sign as the Sun. source: )

      Thank you Psychic Jucy & LB for your kindness. 🙂

  29. Methinks that Venus rules Taurus as one comment above said…the Taurian Venus is earthier…However, maybe the earth also rules Taurus.
    How Libran is that?


  30. A few days ago, an astrologer told me that “Venus is a higher power of Earth.” I think that might explain your interest in assigning Earth to Taurus. Yes, we are earthly, but if we didn’t have a higher power like Venus, we’d be earthbound, rolling around in the mud. Now that is hardly the image of a Taurus.

    BTW, I thought the Pars Fortuna symbol was Earth turned 45 degrees. My astro software uses the Earth symbol you put in the article, and the same symbol turned 45 degrees as Pars Fortuna. It does not appear that the Earth symbol has been misappropriated.

    • As always, Charles, you are my best fact checker. I stand corrected, and have amended the statement and added a glyph of the Part of Fortune.

      Hey, listen, I just today decided on a new contest for December, and will have to figure out logistics so it doesn’t wind up like that ill-fated Outer Planet Champion contest!! Donna

      • Gee, Donna, I am humbled. My astrological knowledge is so minimal compared to yours, I don’t see how I could possibly be your fact checker.

      • It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Donna

  31. I thot Taurus took the impetuous fired-up ideas of the Ego (Aries – I begin ) and realized them (I build, give concrete form to the idea).
    I had a Taurus mother, Taurus husband and quite a few Taurus friends, and they are all do-ers, making ideas manifest. Yes, there is an appreciation of beauty, but Venus, it seems to me is more about what I desire.
    I am a Virgo sun, Virgo ascendant, and I discern(!) a difference between Geminis and Virgos. Gems think, and like any/all information, like a human google, whereas Virgo organises and analyzes information with a view to understanding the perfectability of the individual. I’ve read some very good theorizing, esp by Eric Francis, in favor of Ceres governing Virgo; Virgo is the last individual sign and must synthesize all the signs that precede it to birth the first sign of relationship to other: Libra (I balance).
    Very interesting discussion.
    Thanks, Donna

  32. Donna,

    I really enjoyed reading through your article; there’s some really solid points here. I love your work, believe in you; however, to me, Taurus belongs to Venus. Libra is an honoured guest. In fact, I believe that EVERY secondary co-sign of a planet ar only honoured guests.

    The first listed sign is the “home” sign, in my not-so-humble-opinion, and is the rightful owner. In this case it’s Taurus, ruled by Venus. So yes, we still need a planet for Libra AND Virgo. 🙂

    Between the two, I say Earth rules Virgo. 🙂 I have been talking about this for a couple of months now so it’s very apt that you are mentioning it as well.

    I have a stellium in Virgo, 8th house (Mercury in there too) semi-sextile Uranus in Libra and I feel strongly that Mercury is just a lovely host/ess. Virgos need a planet to call home. *grin*

    I’m curious to know if you have heavy air sign placements in your chart. I have heavy earth placements. That might be a bias. 🙂 Your theory does ring to me though… my Moon Conjuncts Venus in Virgo BUT I also have a lot of Libra in me too such as Jupiter Libra so it can be hard to tell…

    I was alerted to this great debate through Leah on twitter(


    • Hi, Jucy, welcome to Skywriter for the first time. Well, since you ask, and since it’s bound to come up when we get to the Air and Earth element test, I do in fact have a stellium of 4 planets, including Mercury, in Gemini and only one piddling planet in earth….Neptune.

      Up to now, that is, because I’ve decided to claim my much-needed Earth in Capricorn in the 6th house. I do relate to that planet strongly when it comes to my work. Donna

      • Thank you for the lovely welcome Donna!! I’m fond of your work, have your books (hahaha!!) and have been to your website many a time.

        This post, in particular, just moved me to reply because a) it was recommended and b) I have been thinking about this subject for awhile too especially as related to the aspects Venus Square Neptune / Uranus.

        I noticed a lot of planets are popping into our solar system as of late… I think this topic is one that is on the radar of the universal highway… soon enough it will all get straightened out.

        I love Gemini’s btw. In fact, I’m ever trying to channel the Gemini in conversation — especially public speaking. They are so effervescent and bubbly and highly likeable. Always wanting to know, curious, pondering, and such. Very nice qualities. And yes, I got a feeling you had a lot of air… 🙂 Thank you for sharing…

        You relate strongly to Cap or Earth when it comes to your work?

        hrmmm…. planets in earth? Is this related to the a type of astrology that uses Earth? How do we find out if we have earth?

  33. I’m very torn by this argument, Donna. Born of/raised by Libra parents, I know the separateness of Venusian energies. My 10H TAU Venus flanks my MC, flanked by 9H TAU sun w/ SN, then Mercury conj in TAU clockwise as well. Then 1H Moon/Jupiter conj in VIR rounds out my chart’s earthiness & the only air compenent is a 6H Chiron in AQU square all that TAU.

    My parents are creative & talented aesthetes w/ refined & discerned appreciation for art/beauty/food; my creativity & tastes for art/beauty/food are visceral, all encompassing & all consuming, rather than cerebral & discriminating. Libra’s rationalized art/beauty/food differs from a Taurean’s passion for art/beauty/food. In Ronnie Gale Dreyer’s book VENUS, I found her research of ancient Paleolithic fertility goddesses that ultimately evolve into the Greek’s Aphrodite, followed by the Roman’s Venus, compelling in its support of both Venus’s reign of Taurus & Libra. And I sense that Aphrodite’s lusty myths are more suited for Taurus, while Venus’s lofty myths more suited to Libra.

    Yet, the stable bounty & beauty of Earth nicely frames the Taurean nature, while its polar opposite, Scorpio & its ruler Pluto, hold sway over Earth’s destructive & transformative conflicts. Taurus is grounded by life’s practical & physical understanding of love & war, while Libra ponders life’s differences in aspiration of common ground & justice.

    As I’ve come to agree with Chiron as Virgo’s ruler, it’s probably just a matter of time before I embrace Earth/Gaia as the ruler of Taurus. The earlier mention of Earth Day (Apr. 22) & Earth’s seasons in all their glory only add to support of a Taurean’s affinity to Terra Firma & Mother Nature.

  34. Interesting to see how this has sparked quite the traditional vs. modern astrological interpretation debate!

    I agree with you Donna. Venus owns Libra. Taurus is ruled by the earth. My brother in law was a Libra sun and his daughter a Taurus sun. He was truly Libran in his love for a beautiful environment, gourmet food, nice clothing, fine wine, beautiful women and soft music. And what did he like to watch on TV? Golf, which is played in beautiful settings and where the announcers speak in hushed tones:)

    His daughter is a banker, extremely practical, married an accountant she didn’t really love, both Taureans who shared a love for hockey (and their oldest son has played hockey since he was a kid), built like a bull, hates to cook, is a human GPS (whenever I needed directions back home I’d call her), loyal, hardworking, and loves comfort. Earthy? Absolutely! She’d be the mother screaming the loudest at her son’s hockey games.

    My ex-husband has Taurus rising, as does my older sister. Taureans are sturdy, earthy, practical and sensuous. Of the senses; like the earth.

    But Venus is the muse, ethereal, beauty, refined … sorry, but to me, Libra has the corner on the Venus market.

    No disrespect to anyone, since we’re all a mix of everything astrologically, but it’s kind of like comparing M&M’s to Godiva chocolates. They both have their place; M&Ms are basic and everyday (and everyone loves them!) but Godiva is like chocolate works of art; to be savored and accompanied by champagne:)

    Here she is ‘Venus on the Half Shell’ … the earth’s pearl:

    • Hi Karen,

      Golf, dance, all activity not to get too sweaty while using the the form of the body to get into perfect positions — so Libra… 🙂

      My sister has no Libra to speak off except a house cusp, of course… and she has a stellium in Taurus would totally disagree. I can tell a Taurus by their sensuous lips curved and puffed just so (probably for fully tasting whatever touches their lips! oh la la) as well as other things. She LOVES the finer things in life… Candlelight dinners, fireplace, secluded cabins, as well as financial security, emotional balance, etc… 🙂 She does like to garden mind you. *grin*

      And your keywords fit her perfectly… “beautiful environment, gourmet food, nice clothing, fine wine, beautiful men and soft music”… so… hmmmm…. strange! Because of that, I’m not so sure if empirical data will help too much with this debate…

  35. I’m one of those with Moon conj Venus, hard to say, I love plants but am not too keen to get in the dirt. What I do have a lot of experience with are those whose Sun is conj Venus, and I’ll say that they lean toward Libra regarding pleasantries and peace, being very focused on their look and that of others. I “feel” them to have a Libran topcoat to their Sun sign qualities, but they also love to luxuriate, and the “feel” of things, which strikes as more Taurus, as well as hedonistic tendencies.

    Libra and hedonism? or is that Taurus?

    It’s an interesting bind you have here, and I do agree with your logic, Donna, of the planet Earth ruling Taurus.

  36. At one time the 12 Signs shared Rulership among the Sun, Moon, and 5 visible planets. The Sun ruled Leo and the Moon ruled Cancer, but each of the 5 Planets ruled 2 Signs. As Planets 6, 7, and 8 were discovered, Astrology, which had dealt with the original 7 for thousands of years, was thrown into crisis. How would these new planets be incorporated??? Integrated??? Interpreted??? Each was studied in its particular context (world developments, events, etc. at the time of discovery), its nature was unveiled, and it was subsequently assigned by leading Astrologers to the Sign it best resonated with and whose original Ruler had never seemed to “fit”. Three Signs got brand new Rulers – and now it’s hard to remember which planets originally ruled Aquarius, Pisces, and Scorpio.

    My point here is that, like everything else, Astrology has been required to evolve in response to new information/conditions. Are there more appropriate Rulers for Taurus and Virgo? Short of discovering a couple of new planets, it sounds like a great topic for a future Astrology Conference.

    • Hi Sally,

      Well a couple of new planets have been discovered, maybe more… Gliese 581 is one of them…

      I can see that Mars & Scorpio have something in common but not entirely. As well as the original rulers of Pisces and Aquarius.

      I do find it interesting that Leo is semi-sextile to Cancer and that they are in the middle of the wheel with Virgo and Libra being the half-way point 6th and 7th signs..

      There’s surely a more appropriate planet for Virgo, ask any Virgo who knows their astrology. 🙂 Cheers!!

  37. Thanks Donna for hosting such an interesting discussion. Considering rulerships, looking for Earth or Venus as owning the house with Taurus on the cusp brings some interesting insights. Taurean types I know care too much for pleasure to rule Venus out. I’ll vote for co-rulers — why need a sign have only one?

  38. Earth as the ruler of Taurus makes so much sense. I am convinced: )

  39. Ceres is a dwarf planet – named after the roman goddess of fertility and particularly associated with the earth, with crops and nourishment – a perfect match for Taurus. The greek name for the goddess was Demeter and there is rich mythology there to give depth to this archetype – the abduction of her daughter Persephone by Hades (Pluto) the resultant famine and the new growth upon her daughters return.

    I have Ceres in Taurus opposed to Neptune in Scorpio. Neptune aspects everything in my chart – Ceres provides a wonderful grounding in opposition, helping me to nourish myself and others, get my fingernails dirty in the garden and be in tune with my own and the seasons rhythms.

    As for the mercury debate, whilst it is clearly associated with Gemini, my pick for Virgo is Chiron – the wounder healer serving humanity.

    • Hi Jay,
      I could be wrong but I’m thinking you may not have a heavy dose of Virgo in your chart. 🙂

      Chiron doesn’t seem like my kind of thing at all, even though I am one who serves and heals. Rather my husband, whose a Pisces (also a serve and heal sign), seems like a much better fit. We constantly work with and discuss our Virgo – Pisces polarity which includes the complementary serve & heal function. He’s also a metaphysician. 🙂


      • UPDATE: I just posted a followup to this discussion, a bit of research in which we explore what the Earth in our chart would mean if we considered it openmindedly. It should give us some data to make a decision as to whether it has meaning or not, and if so, is it of the nature of Taurus. See it here: Donna

      • Something more when concidering the EARTH squaring Taurus ASC…have a degree in geography, too. Two sides, the arts and earth… Both being equal important, cry/happy for/about both. ????

      • Hi Abella – I do have a bit of Virgo in my chart – moon conjunct pluto – ironically the only thing I have in Pisces is Chiron.

        If I think about complementary medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture etc, there is an awful lot of detail and patient analysis involved that shrieks virgo. Many of the complementary healers I know have virgo strong in the chart either sun or mars – somehow a centaur just seems too earthy to belong to such a watery sign as Pisces

  40. I am loath to disagree, because I’m normally 100% behind you. I can see the argument for Earth rulership of Taurus, but I have to say, I feel Venus rules both Libra and Taurus.

    The key word is: beauty. That is a Venusian quality.

    Both signs, expressed at their best, make the world more beautiful and deeply appreciate the beautiful.

    I used to work in illustrated books side-by-side with many graphic designers. And where were their Suns? Mostly Taurus, followed by Libra. I’m not kidding, it was remarkable.

    Both tended to be naturally gifted, but the Taureans were often dyslexic and instinctive, whereas Librans were far more likely to read the text and make a judgement.

    I think this backs up what various people have said: Taurus sensual/practical and Libra intellectual/decorative.

    • Very interesting about the graphic designers, Christina. I don’t mind if people disagree–it’s certainly a radical idea. Donna

    • I have a Taurus rising sign and I’ve always loved to sing, I’m currently a singer. I love to eat amazing foods, gourmet, organic, finest quality, ect. Singing has been apart of my life ever since I was a little girl. I only wear the finest clothes, designer labels that are actually very girly, bows and everything. (Not saying every Taurus wears bows but I sure do, & with pride. 😉 I don’t go anywhere w/out looking made up. ;p (this will probably change) I’m extremely vain, lol. I have a great appreciation for music as I am an artist. I think the reason why some “Libra’s” don’t understand Taurus’s is because they’re not supposed to. Air and Earth signs don’t mix. Typically we aren’t compatible, so why would you expect to understand us. Women are usually more competitive with eachother in general, so that is where this whole thing stems from. From my experience Libra’s are charming and love to talk but they always seem to remind me of a lawyer. They might be pretty or pay attention to their appearance but for the most part they’ve seem pretty “stiff” and hard to budge. Once they make up their mind, it’s impossible to change. But I guess the same can be said about Taurus. But I feel Taurus’s are more easy going & Libra’s are more difficult, probably b/c Libra’s are air signs & air signs (I assume) are heavily supported by Mercury, which is a detached and cold planet. Most Libras are destined to become Lawyers, they believe in harmony, fairness and in justice for all. Libra’s falls under the air element, which would make sense since air is about communication. They seem to be mixed w/this “stiff” (mercurial) attitude b/c they need this in order to argue for us and keep the peace. ;p I consider Libras “the peacemaker”.

      Tauren’s are more in love w/earth; things that come from the earth, great food, beautiful clothing, (b/c it makes us feel good). It could be something comfortable, or something that makes you feel like a princess, new shoes, a nice massage, a great CD, a hot bath, or love from our loved ones. Singing, b/c it’s healing and makes you feel good. Gardening, because flowers are gorgeous and they have the power to inspire and are beautiful, they even smell beautiful and in turn this makes us feel good. Though I horribly dislike worms, I’ve debated whether adding some extra one’s to my front yard, only because they are so pretty. But it just depends on how far you will go to access this gift.

      I regard Libras as Venus’s “air” archetype and Taurus as a Venus “earth” archetype. Seeing as this is what the original astrologers came up with makes a lot of sense for me.

      Taurus would get their hands dirty all in the name of beauty; to watch something beautiful grow, and produce something beautiful and spiritual in return, because it makes us feel good (very earthy). Another reason why Taurus’s like to cook or bake. Anything that is so closely tied to beauty is ruled by Venus.

  41. I don’t support your arguments, I’m afraid. No, just because they are ruled by the same planet, it does not automatically mean they must get along, have similar taste or things to talk about. why would that be?

    I think this duplicity of Venus, in fact, reflects something that has troubled humans since forever: what is more important: love or money? what do I value more: my job or my relationships? what do I want more: to be rich & successful or to be likable?

    To me, Venus rules values. And we do have a double set of those; We’ve always had. So we have the two sides: Taurus, who values money more and Libra, who values relationships more. Of course they do not get along together! When these two sides crash inside each of us, we have a ‘conflict of interest’, an internal dissonance, an inner conflict.

    I, for one, have no problem with Venus ruling both signs. It makes perfect sense to me.

    • Oh Cris, like what you have to say BUT every other sign has a planet ruling them. Virgo and Libra really do need their own home. I’m personally tired of sharing Mercury with Gemini — his home afterall. 😉 I want to stretch and get a better understanding of my own environment. Having said that, I’m always up for a visit to my friend Gemini, a lovely host indeed, as long as I can go back to my own home!! Right now, I just feel “displaced” and “rooming”, a nice room mind you and one I’m very thankful for but it’s a bit too masculine for me. 🙂 So I suspect that Libra feels the same, maybe even wanting a planet a bit more masculine in temperament.

    • Their “own” planet ruling them. Not sharing with anyone… 🙂 Unless they want to, of course.

    • I like that–love or money. Those sorts of values clashes are the scales of Libra. Donna

  42. Hi Donna, this is a very interesting and it makes a lot of sense to me through my own experience. I am a libra myself with too many libras around me ! and my best friend for 20 years is a Taurus and I see important differences between us.

    We always speak about libras and love and it is true that they always wish to love and share but most of the libras I have known cannot really stand people emotions and they often have a tendency to withdraw when emotions are flowing. I think they are always affraid of things getting too trivial. It is true they are really nice people to love but they keep on the mental side. They are more in love with the idea of love. And taurus can better handle this they are so grounded they don’t get overwhelmed. They don’t mind things getting more real and down-to-earth.
    On the food/sex/clothes thing, libras love to taste it and experiment the pleasure of it but again it stays on the mental side. Though for taurus, it is more about tentation. They have some kind of an avidity, it is more something like Bacchanalia… you should see my Taurus friend fall in a box of chocolates !!
    They are much more living on their instincts, libras don’t. They are in a self control most of the time. I think if Venus is a symbol of grace it is because this control over her instincts … for the best or the worst.
    I don’t believe in the theory that Taurus would be the earthy side of venus, the one that gets things done. For me Venus is only inspiration and does not get things done. I gues Earth would.
    Taurus love beauty ?? Of course they do but for what we know until now Earth is the most beautiful planet around here !
    Well, just my feelings.
    But I think if I tell my friend that venus does not rule taurus, I guess she could kill me !!! And many taurus won’t let Venus to libras without fighting !

    PS It is quite scary for me to write in english ! But I always read you here and on vibration magazine and it is really a great pleasure.
    Much love from across the Ocean !

  43. Earth – ruler of Taurus, sounds great and solves the troubles while trying to split Venice 🙂 I have Sun in Taurus and this feels right to me.
    I only wonder, when it comes to compatibility between Libra and Taurus. They do seem very incompatible, but according to my experience with some Libra people I lived with for long – they seem to be very agreeable and compatible with whoever they want (as much as he/she is well behaved and highly communicative:)

  44. Oh my… First Pluto demoted and now Venus un-devoted to Taurus?!

    Nah, I should miss her anima-ted attraction to values in the 2nd, the underlying essence that she shares with others in the 7th. Like yesterday, when she was at 29 Libra 59 – with her signature and values hanging perilously in debate here! – at the cusp of the big reveal in Scorpio: her value to others.

    When it comes to logic and astrology, I’ve noticed a universal truth: Beauty is in the eye of the gazer. For example, the ‘logic’ of drafting the Earth into 2nd House-Taurus duty is too literal and limiting to me. I think life on Earth is about our experience with all 4 elements, not just one.

    PS One reader’s plea: Rally to Restore Taurus Sanity to the Venus Test. 🙂

  45. Yeah but … If Neptune is the higher octave of Venus Libra and Pisces being inconjunct to Libra but sextile Taurus … seems like the cosmic clue for the survival of humanity…

    • Or, at the very least, the survival of the human heart, without which humanity is in deep doodoo. Donna

  46. Thanks for inciting and overseeing a wonderful debate, Donna. Have enjoyed your work over many years, through your books and through Mtn Astrologer. Some further thoughts:

    The Taurus Libra Quincunx is a tense aspect yes but also a creative one- it applies perfectly to Venus it seems to me- raw creativity and then refinement and balance.

    With Virgo and Gemini it is a Square- an argument! Exactly what is needed for working out an idea.

    just to stoke the debate a bit more- here are some famous Taurus beauties: Renee Zellweger, Jessica Alba, Audrey Hepburn (who seems much more like a Libra by the way), Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz and Uma Thurman (who’s father is a well-known Buddhist scholar- remember the Buddha was incarnated as a Taurus!)

    Thanks again

  47. Have read about the Earth and have it in Leo, 5H. The creativity is high. And Earth is squaring my Taurean ASC togehter wiht Venus.
    Don´t know what to make about it but my instincts are high for the aestetics. Spotting allways right in the VALUE situations; hate kitsch for instance. Have some Libra friends and we are quite different. Where´s they pretend in relationships..flirting thing perhaps I´m not so much into it. But people tend to think I´m likewise…thinking here of the opposite Scorpio which might add some colour to the ASC. Not so much into superficiality…prefer quality time or if not, solitue. But I´m a social butterfly when it is needed, ( a princess play, hahaa, leaving my shoes behind when get bored) Venus in Aqua square ASC. The dirth on fingers doesnt really matter, love gardening but also to change my shape from the dirty nails into elegance. Have a degree in History of Arts and that might tell about the more airy responce of my being (Aqua Venus) …all artistry is involved in my nature and appreciate the beaty in nature and human created beaty… from music to architecture. With this I´m unsure how to look into the Venus matter and thus to my ASC rulership. Hmm.. mother is Libra Sun and we are quite alike in many matters.

  48. I saw the post yesterday but I’m not sure yet. My aquarian venus aspects my 3 planets in libra so I should be saying yes! I do like the idea if Taurus and the earth connected, and consider taurus to be the ultimate earthy sign. But still relate with the the idea of it being the most physical expression of venus, while libra is the mental/social counterpart. Still I see the differences, my moon is in libra and my husband’s is in taurus, our emotional needs are very different, and our tastes and styles are different too, but we share our love for really good food and somewhat are able to function in our domestic life. The post about graphic designers rings a bell as well, I am a graphic designer with venus in the 5th, later went to architecture school, while my taurean grandfather was a builder, again to sides of the coin…sorry if I go back and forth…libra is working…very interesting post Donna!

  49. Dah, you’re all wrong (I say, tongue firmly in cheek) Money rules Taurus.

    Or Taurus rules Money, take your pick. I have Sun and mercury in Taurus and I think about money a lot! My triple (Sun, Moon and Chiron) Taurus daughter works in a bank where all the tellers are Taurus. See, problem solved.

    All right, my silliness aside, I’m all for using the newly proclaimed planetoids or dwarf planets – Pluto, Chiron and Ceres as rulers for Scorpio, Virgo and Taurus. Nice and neat and logical.

    (Looked it up in Wikipedia, Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris are Dwarf planets. They classified Sedna as detached.)

    This leaves Haumea, Makemake and Eris looking for signs to rule.

    I’m too young to remember but was there a big flap about Pluto wresting the ruler ship of Scorpio from Mars?

    I suppose we could write a couple of Venus tests, one with Earth ruling Taurus and one with Ceres and see which you like the best.

    I agree that something needs to change, but there are no easy answers – other than money rules Taurus!


  50. Hi Donna—-I feel good about your sensing of Earth as the ruling planet of Taurus—-I am a Pisces(8th house) opposite Virgo in Neptune in the 2nd and ever since I became a student and practioner of astrology it has helped me to know how important it is for me to balance these two energies—–I translate it as my bringing spirit to matter and a lifelong process—it is part of my purpose here—–I also have Taurus in Uranus at my midheaven and it is an indication that I get to enjoy this lovely planet—Uranus of course has been right over my sun recently and has taught me that it is ALL sacred—–so your message has been an affirmation for me particularly:BE HERE NOW—Pat

  51. Donna, I love your topic. I was introduced to Earth (Terra) years ago when I read Mythic Astrology. I’ve wondered for years why other astrologers don’t include it in chart analysis. But I’ll save that soap box for another day.

    I agree that if she was given rulership, Taurus would be the most natural fit. My Taurus is intercepted in the 12th house. I’ve spent several years trying to connect and understand its energy in order to integrate it into my life and get a sense of wholeness. For me, that connection didn’t happen through the Venusian concepts of luxury, art, fairness or relationships. They are all fully satisfied by my Libra energies. Nope, it was getting in touch with the body through Yoga and the earth through gardening. Digging my nails into the mucky, muddy ground brings me a sense of being the Empress Tarot Card (which I’ve always associated with Taurus). So, I’m on board.

    As for the tangent discussions that I’ve seen erupting around other dynamic duos sharing a common ruling planet, all I can say is Hoorah! Maybe this discussion will spark a new movement. I’ve been waiting 20 years for Virgo to become associated with someone grounded. I mean, come on, how can a guy with winged shoes who flits around from Mt Olympus to Hades be considered the ruler of mutable earth?

    • Tinkle of delighted laughter–you’re right about the winged shoes. Not exactly a fashion statement. Donna

    • lol!lol!lol all over the place here!
      I on the other hand don’t get what the fuss with the mythology is all about. An astronomer has a fight with his wife and goes on to name the asteroid he just discovered Juno. And then we’re busting our heads out to find a mythological connection to the asteroid’s manifestations. Why?
      I say find Virgos a ruler that makes sense-natally and by transit- and then go ahead and call him Vanity Smurf or whatever, who cares? The mythological references shouldn’t be that important.

  52. I have to agree with SKY GOODWILL about the esoteric ruler ships. My Grand daughter is a Gemini, girly girly and in love with love itself. She prefers everything feminine and beautiful and enjoys a Libra Moon and rising sign. I have raised her since birth. She is 8 now. Because of personal experience with Venus it has shown itself to be a green ray and brings understanding of the big picture.This understanding helps us prevail when circumstances mitigate against it. The Mayan were really intense about Venus and interpreted it differently depending on if it was rising or setting in the chart.
    My youngest son,( her father is a double Taurus born at Sunrise with the Sun opposite Uranus and paralleled it as well. He has a natural understanding on how physical inventions work and has a scientific mind. As a child his colored drawings always gave every angle of the subject accurately. At six he worn a paper thing he made for his wrist, when an retired science teacher stopped me and asked me if I knew what he was wearing. I didn’t. She said it demonstrates how air lifts planes off the ground. He had natural understanding of the way things work.
    I enjoyed what SKY GOODWILL shared about Taurus and its true hes had a hard time finding his niche and is in his 3rd year of college now. He will make REAL on the Earth plane what I dream of. I am heavy on the Air signs with Libra rising. However even though Libra rises its really the constellation of Virgo with fixed star Vindemiatrix conjunct. I always knew I would never marry. Freedom means too much for that so I get sick of hearing about Libra relationships. My Venus in the 10th conjuncts/ parallels Saturn in Cancer( constellation of Gemini) so that can explain that. I am an artist/ painter/ ceremonial dancer. Uranus ruling Libra . Yeah.
    In esoteric astrology they say Libra rules the balance between extremes and is sometimes on one end or the other until it oscillates back to a balance in preparation for the next life. It can go further ahead or backslide. That same double Taurus also has Venus in Aries opposition Libra Pluto and his choice of women has been extreme!
    Don’t know if this helps but that’s my 2 cents worth. Oh in esoteric astrology Sagittarius is given as Earth s ruler ship. They always say our personal earth is the sign opposite the Sun. Earth is a Sagittarius. ??

    • Thank you Barehand. Here are some thoughts in passing. In re: to “Earth is a Sagittarius”, I found this to be naturally true as well. Sagittarians have a deep need and longing to explore every part of the earth. They must travel. And if they cannot through various restrictions, they will read about it, talk about it, learn about it etc etc. For them, exploring a new territory is likened to coming face to face with another part of themselves. It is deeply meaningful and it takes them quite some time to put into words these profound experiences. New discoveries spur them on to want more and more discoveries, and then later they sit in their wise old age pondering on its great power and meaning. They are in love with everything to do with the Earth. They love humanity, they love cities and towns and how they rise out of the dust, they love community for the sake of expanding power to explore and know more, they care about animals and the environment, they need to be more through experience. They are at home anywhere.

      Experience. The Earth=Life Experience. Sagittarius=Experience, the more meaningful the better.

      Earth in the chart to me represents the experience we continually accumulate through living our lives; it is also the fertile unconscious waiting for the Light of the Sun to shine upon it to draw out seeds of personal meaning from experience that will eventually grow into valuable instruments for one’s becoming (the Sun).

      • Also, people forget that the Earth is mostly fire. Scientists provide this analogy: The crust of the Earth is as thin as the skin of an apple. Beneath it is all molten rock, red hot lava. Sagittarians must feel the heat under their feet, as they are always on the move. ; )

  53. Mother was vivacious Gemini with Taurus asc conjunct venus, moon, jupiter married for 60 years to my Libra father. She was stylish, trim, fastidious, made and designed her own clothes (and mine) and curtains, upholstery. She hated anything vulgar, dirty,
    inappropriate,and did not like gardening or the yard ( all that dirt). i never saw her less than dressed,made up, hose and heels, clean nails, hair just so. I believe she was sensual in her response to fabrics, textures and colors albeit not overtly. This seems to be Venus without the earth qualities others have found. Another trait…she did not care for food or drink, except in very small quantities. Charming, flirtatious
    and but her inner life a mystery.

  54. I have Venus conjunct my Asc in Libra. I have Jupiter in Taurus with my Sun/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio. I have gardened since I was a child. Built more buildings than anyone that I have ever known. I refinish furniture and make quilts. I can fix most things on a car, rebuild a bike, strip and repack a water piston pump or fiberglass a canoe. After completing any of these projects, I can dress to the nines and cook a six course meal. This might be because of this t-square I have with Mercury/Mars/Saturn. As much as I love to learn new stuff, I need to know it with my hands. I embrace both Venus and Earth. They are like two different sides of the same coin.

  55. I’m a Venus person (Venus conj. Asc with a couple of aspects, Taurus MC, Saturn-Pluto in Libra, Moon in 7th) and I strongly believe that Venus rules Taurus as well as Libra.

    One consideration for me is that the classical system of rulership has Kabbalistic reasoning behind it.

    Another reason that might be more acceptable to others is that Taurus not only rules digging in the garden (which I somewhat enjoy) but also sensual pleasure of all other kinds (like good food, connecting with nature and sex, all of which I enjoy immensely). Libra themes are central to my life, but I can easily recognize my Taurean urges as well despite having no planet in this sign.

    • Deckard, I realize the Kabbala is a verty complex system that one can study for years, but is there any part of that reasoning about Venus that you can share? Donna

  56. Hi!

    This idea is quite interesting, although I feel I need to explore it further before dis/agreeing. While reading your post, two things came up to my mind.

    First, I actually have two married friends, with Sun in Taurus (he) and Libra (she), and their relationship has always looked like as ‘love made in heaven’; I don’t know their charts in detail, but I believe they both share a Leo ascendant, which brings about a lot of similarities on like experiences (likely they have the same sign in each house cusp). Of course, a couple like this would not be evidence enough to argue against your idea that Taurus and Libra, being in quincux, are in- (or less) compatible. But I question whether the fact that they share a ruler does not make these signs more compatible, at least they both share a love for arts and beauty, even if expressed in different ways, I think. Quite in the same way that Capricorn and Aquarius share a reformist drive, the difference being that the former reforms more in line with established rules and conventions (the socially accepted), and the latter reforms against them.

    Second, and this I think is quite interesting and deserving some more thoughts, in esoteric astrology the sign rulerships include also Vulcano (which rules Taurus) and the Earth (which rules Saggitarius). I mean, the Earth is already being consider in rulerships from an esoteric astrology perspective, so why not to consider it in exoteric astrology as well?

    Anyway, these are only a few ideas on the subject, maybe after exploring it further I will be able to give a more definite and sustained opinioin.

    Last, thank you for such an interesting blog. I regularly follow your texts in the TMA but only very recently have I started to explore your blog. And I am really impressed with it.

    Carla (Portugal)

    • Welcome to Skywriter, Carla. Thanks for sharing the information and joining in our productive debate. Donna

      • Carla – if they do indeed both share a Leo ascendant then their composite chart would also have a Leo Ascendant. It would be natural then that the face that relationship would wear to the world would be one that seeks approval. Thus, you may not be allowed to get a glimpse of the problems in their relationship unless you were very close to them. My Leo ascendant quietly purrs in affirmation.

  57. I have Venus conjunct my ascendant within 2 degrees in Taurus with my sun in Taurus. I scored 50 on the Venus test. My father is Libran – in many ways he and I are unalike and maybe closer in the things that I enjoy but which I’m unresolved about by which I mean he is more practical and responsible – that should indicate in itself that I’m not typically Taurean at all. We both appreciate the finer things, I just don’t know or havent worked out how to afford them (perhaps I should have been born a woman). He made beautiful gardens in our home, I got to appreciate them aesthetically. I turned to the visual arts and writing – I have Mercury also within 2 degrees conjunct my ascendant in Taurus.

  58. “If both are Venus-ruled, shouldn’t they be a good love match? Not so much…Taurus is fixed earth; Libra is cardinal air. NOT promising as partners!

    If you have friends—or relatives—with Mercury in Taurus and others with Mercury in Libra, call both kinds up and let them get going on their favorite subjects. LISTEN to them—their speech patterns, their preoccupations, their opinions and politics. Is there ANY resemblance between them at all? Better yet, get them together and see if they have anything whatsoever to talk about. Bling, maybe. They both like bling. Who doesn’t?”

    This Libra and Taurus had a #1 hit with “Spend My Life With You”. The song became a wedding staple the year it was released. The Taurean woman has been happily married to a Libra man (NBA athlete) for 11 years now and counting…

    These two signs have the love of LOVE, partnership and pretty things in common. 🙂

  59. Tamia (born May 9, 1975 in Windsor, Ontario) is married to Grant Hill (born October 5, 1972 in Dallas, Texas). Her duet partner is Eric Benet (born October 15, 1966 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin).

  60. Whoops. Eric was born in Mobile, Alabama – not Wisconsin.

    Her: Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon, Gemini Mercury, Gemini Venus
    Him: Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Mercury, Libra Venus

  61. I think Venus rules Taurus, Juno rules Libra and Vesta rules Virgo…

    • This sounds good to me.

  62. I too have been troubled by the Venus rulership of two signs that are quincunx. It just doesn’t make sense.

    I am curious, has anyone tried to look at the transits to Earth and the transits to Venus in their charts and see what area of their lives have been affected?

    In this same vein, if Earth is always opposite the Sun that would mean that our value systems are intrinsically linked with our ego and create a tension that must be balanced. Both planets would be affected by the major aspects. Very interesting notion…

    • Hmm, yes the transits would be a good way to test for the Earth placement. I’ll get a chance to do that when Pluto gets up to 12 Cap. Of course, there would be an oppostion to the Sun at the same time, but that would be different enough to show some distinction between the two.

      I was musing this ayem about the fact that we all have Sun opposite earth, and my take on it was somewhat more positive. After all the earth is the only planet at just the right distance from the sun and at just the right tilt on its axis (22 degrees) to make advanced life forms and plants sustainable, so there must be some sort of perfect balance between the two of them that we partake of.

      Oppositions are only negative if we make them so–if we declare that one end of the opposition is desirable and that the other side interferes. As we learn to keep both sets of needs in balance, they are less troublesome. Donna

  63. I have the Sun17, Jupiter13, Mars11, Mercury8 degrees in Libra in the second house with a 15 degree Taurus moon in the 9th. I think you’re right about the Earth ruling Taurus. From my experience Venus is more etherial, Taurus is more pragmatic than that.

  64. Wow this is some debate. Although I can see that Taurus is the most earthly of the signs I still think Venus is a strong ruler. Venus for me represents beauty of course and it is at it’s maximum in Libra. Refined, elegant, clean…In Taurus she is more down to earth, less airy. Taureans also like refined things, beautiful objects etc. but in a practical earthy way. I just cannot think that the ancient astrologers did not study this. With all the experts surely one of them would have come up with a solution. We are on earth and the charts we analyse are geocentric are they not? However, I have a very hard time to relate to Earth as I have no Earth in my chart except for the DSC Capricorn and there are no planets there. My Sun is 2 degrees Cancer (12) therefore the Earth would be at 2 degrees (6) Capricorn. I hate gardening because of all the insects that are found in it, it grosses me out. For me it is so easy to see Venus as ruler of both Taurus and Libra I can feel the difference but I have trouble expressing it especially without maybe offending Libras or Taureans. Librans are more ephemeral, if I can use this term, they can easily change depending on the circumstances. Harmony at all cost! But then again, Taureans also want harmony and they will take a long time before exploding because they want peace. Well in other words I am not convinced that Earth is the ruler of Taurus.
    I find this very interesting.

  65. I forgot to mention that Venus in my chart is conjunct Sun, Saturn all in Cancer and Mercury in Gemini and they are all in the 12th house squaring Neptune in Libra in the third house. Just wanted to add this to my previous comment.

  66. I have Venus conj AC both 5 Leo.
    I am definately about beauty and peace. Appearance is important to me. I do almost anything to keep peace including taking advantage of my dominant mutible traits to keep the peace, preventing people from arguing.
    Libra 3H so cummunication I need to keep peace and avoid people with negative vibes.

    Taurus traits I don’t feel any of them except organization at work (taurus 10th H)

  67. Hi, everyone! Hi, Donna! It’s such a good blog and topic!
    Venus definitely rules Taurus, I’d never doubt it. Moreover, it seems to rule Taurus more than Libra.
    Arguments: Libra’s co-ruler is Chiron. Taurus is located in Eastern Hemisphere, in 1st part of zodiac, it has only Venus. It’s like with Jupiter ruling both Sag and Pisces. Pisces has a co-ruler, while Sag not. So I think that as Taurus goes 1st and has no co-rulers, his planet is Venus.
    Libra is a masculine sign and Venus is definitely feminine, so Taurus is more suitable. Libra likes harmony and I know it, but it’s sometimes very distant. Venus is more earthy.
    Libra is rather intellectual and peace-loving. It associated with law, Justice in Tarot. Tarot is based on astrology in many parts. Venus represented here by Empress, a true goddess, nurturing, mothering type surrounded with flowers. I love Libra but it’s very “airy” for Venus.
    I also think that Venus is very practical and it goes very well with other earth (practical) and water (intuition) which are feminine, feeding and intuition are feminine traits. If not Taurus/Venus and 2nd house, where in chart to look at money issues?
    I see Libra people as more intellectual. Venus rules both signs like Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, but 1st is more important for Mars.
    Anyway, we should not diminish the power of Venus, that’s why I’d prefer go with both.
    Sorry if grammar’s bad, I’m not a native speaker. Greetings from Russia!

  68. I might be a good test for this. I’ve got Taurus sun conj Taurus Asc conj Taurus mars conj Taurus st. Merc conj Taurus Chiron.
    Furthermore, Venus in the 2nd aka Taurus’ natural house (in Gemini).

    Granted, Venus is also conjunct N. node and exactly opposite my pre-natal solar eclipse, so there is THAT Venus influence, but you might argue that that alone- Venus conj N. Node- wouldn’t come across immediately, especially not in my early life and especially considering Libra content is about as minimal as it gets, including being an intercepted sign, no personal planets in the 7th and just one opposition in my chart. No strong aspects to Venus besides trine to Pluto and widely opposite Neptune.

    So, is Venus my ruling planet, or Earth?

    I grew up in a family packed full of artists and musicians, with lots of land, farming, garden-tending, and resource-awareness. I resonate with and produce functional or wearable art (I add a creative and attractive spin to otherwise simply functional items), art that highlights and acknowledges the materials and resources utliized in its making, singing and photography.

    I love food but Especially sweets, as does Libra. I can be very lazy, however much I try to fight it. I’m regularly called attractive and have been offered modeling contracts in the past. I used to be asked, constantly, if I were a dancer because of “something about me.” My focus tends to be on making people feel at ease, making them feel valued and loved and heard. I’m periodically called “the nicest person” someone knows, and as a rule have always been told I’m so “nice” “sweet,” etc. Making people feel VALUED is what makes me feel best. Not enlightening them, not challenging them, but making them feel at peace and inherently valuable. I don’t personally like to garden at all, though I do love the Look of plants, I’m very affected by and sensitive to beauty, and I love animals, in all their purity.

    I can see your argument for Earth, but Taurus is already the 1st therefore the most fundamentally-Earth Sign, so the real argument here is whether Taurus and Venus go together, not Taurus and Earth.

    If my apparent ruler earth is at the end of Capricorn right now, it’s right past my MC, and nothing career-related has been going on; quite the opposite, I’m spending all my time at home. So, I don’t know if it’d be correct to pay attention to transiting earth through a chart (though you may not have been doing that). It’s location might reflect where conscious attention lies, however.

    So it continues: what is Venus, what is Libra, and what is Taurus?

    Libra wants everyone’s Opinions to be heard; it emphasizes a conceptual art. Taurus wants their fundamental self-worth Validated, and emphasizes a functional art. How can I make this thing that exists feel worthy of its existence? The goal with both signs is towards equanimity and fairness. I am Extremely focused on fairness. Also, Hades abducted Persephone while she was working in the field. Scorpio wants to turn the Venusian notion of fairness on its head. I think myths and stories should be brought into this debate more, if we want to start arguing fundamental flavors. I could go on but I’ll leave it there.

  69. In your favor, though, in all the charts I’ve seen of people in my life, I rarely see Venus in their 7th or 8th. I almost always see Mars emphasized in their 7th/8th, which is conjunct my Asc. …on a related note, though not so related to this post: Scorpio is on my DSC, and the people I attract tend to have Weak mars, not strong. They Always have Pluto in hard aspect to the sun or conjunct an angle, however (including IC but excluding DSC). In other words, that’s a good argument for Pluto being the ruler of Scorpio, not Mars.

    • This may have already been pointed out, but it’s well-known that Taurus rules earthly beauty and values, while Libra rules conceptual beauty and values.  I’m surprised there was any question of this.  Taurus is the Venus body and Libra, the Venus mind.

  70. I am not going to pretend to be an expert. I am, at best, a smart amateur. However, based on the boatloads of Taureans in my orbit, and based on a nearly equal share of Librans, having Venus rule both has always made me scratch my head. I don’t believe Venus rules Taurus (just as I’m skeptical about Mercury ruling Virgo), but I’m not sure what does.

    I will say this, though; whatever it is, it must be loyalty personified in planet form. My double-Taurus brother has saved my bacon more than once, and my Taurus-heavy son (many planets there and a 28 Aries sun) is one of the most loyal, loving people I know — and people who aren’t his mother say similar things about him.

  71. I have to agree with earth being my planet.. I’m a taurus sun with a taurus moon.. My brother is a libra with libra rising.. I absolutely hate my brother and his politics and everything about him and he is a politician.. Of course i love him cause he is my brother but other then that theres nothing in common between the two of us.. In Linda Goodmans book sun signs, even she didn’t buy that taurus was ruled by venus except she was thinking taurus was ruled by a yet undescovered sign of pan horus.. I however have always thought it was earth cause I love the earth and everything on it from the smell of rain to the smell of freshly fertilized grass.. My brother thinks that is the worst smell ever lol..Yes we both love beauty but as you said the earth and venus are sister planets but our ideas of beauty are different he likes expensive beauty like cars and houses and movies.. I love natural beauty like flowers and sunsets and landscapes.. I must say in conclusion representing the taurus as a sun sign with a libra sun sign brother, taurus is not venetian it’s earthly and damn proud!!

  72. I strongly disagree with this article. I see Venus as the ruler of Taurus, Mercury as the ruler of Gemini, Ceres as the ruler of Virgo, and Pallas as the ruler of Libra.

    Gemini is pure Mercury: quick witted, smart, fast paced; nowhere as detail oriented as Virgo is. Plus Virgo/6th house is associated with service, how does this exactly match Mercury? Venus is definitely an earthly energy: sexual, sensual, seductive, adoring earthly, material pleasures. Venus is NOT intellectual at all. Let’s not forget that Libra is an air sign. Pallas Athena was the goddess of justice, arts and skills. This totally fits Libra. Pallas Athena/Minerva (unlike Ares/Mars, her opposite) represents fighting for justice and for others (7th house). Libra is a cardinal sign, it is not soft or smooth. As for Demeter/Ceres, she was the goddess of harvest, agriculture, seasons, grain and corn. She was associated with Virgo even by the ancient cultures.

  73. My chart is dominated by Libra. I have Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, and my part of fortune in Libra. My Sun is 5 degrees away from Libra as well. In my mind Venus totally rules Libra. Venus is about appreciating beauty, aesthetics, art, and music. The Venus temperament is diplomatic, abiding, yielding, and peaceful. I am extremely Libran in many ways and I have no interest in Taurean activities like gardening. Personally I would rather laze around than garden, maybe because I am a warehouse worker who is on my feet all day, so all I want to do when I get home is chill out. Taurus is totally ruled by the Earth. Taureans are producers. Taurus represents growth, birth, and fertility. Libra intellectualizes romance whereas Taurus is sensual. I have this discussion all the time with my friends and most of them agree that the Earth rules Taurus while Venus rules Libra.

  74. I do disagree. With the two largest asteroids in our solar system: Ceres and Vesta, pronounced Dwarf Planets, along with their brother Pluto as well. Lets give them rulership over Taurus and Virgo. Ceres is the Goddess of Agriculture and Crops, why not give her rulership of Taurus? Then there’s Virgo, shouldn’t Vesta be her rightful ruler, Goddess of the Hearth and Celibacy? I think that would be way better and if you haven’t noticed the glyphs of these two Dwarf Planets resemble in some way, the glyphs of these two signs. Besides, have you ever crossed a Taurus and a Virgo? There tempers do flair. It’s Ceres and Vesta in action, true Goddess in there right.

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